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Archives: May 2, 2005

The Unreported Vietnam-Iraq Parallel

Golfing with Tom DeLay

Sex As a Weapon: Decoding the literature of the Christian's men's movement

Krugman - A Gut Punch to the Middle

From 'Gook' to 'Raghead' By BOB HERBERT Published: May 2, 2005

King George, Prince Abdullah, Global Warming, and the Torture of Jefferson

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Playing the loyalty card

Cuba's Second Revolution

Demonstrations, Rallies, Vigils (State-by-state listings)

We need to act on this: "Iraq bombshell this morning" the US media ignores

The ACORN organizing model

60 Minutes - Video

BBC (May 1): Iran issues nuclear warning to US

BBC (May 1): Envoy holds first talks on Gaza

Griffin 9/11 lecture video available for free download

Do any of you remember the day 9/11 happened and they

Question with Bush

LA Times editor defends lack of coverage of evoting story

Last Chance for Paper Ballots from the NY Legislature

Gov’s death crusade: Foes battle over capital punishment

Care to play? DU this thread.

A poll to have some fun with.

C-SPAN2 tonight is really good: LA Times Book Festival panel talks

"Orwell Rolls in His Grave" on AGAIN right now FSTV 9514 DISHTV

There's a West Nile vaccine for horses--is there one for people?

Enron: From Wall Street darling to disaster movie

Amy Goodman on Cspan 2

Ok just now for about three minutes, DU pointed to GWU's website.

Shell Profit more than $ 2.5 million an hour

Ramblings from a Fristian

June Seen As N. Korean Trigger Point--A Times

John Pilger documentary- must see

Griffin 9/11 lecture video available for free download

When was the last terror alert? And when was the last time...

Try a total media/internet blackout for three days.

May 1st-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$166,796,867,410

Now Martha is being investigated by the feds for walking on her own. . .

Draft U.S. paper allows commanders to seek preemptive nuke strikes

Lovecraft's "The Cats of Ulthar" -special dedication to Senator Bill Frist

Project Mohole: Drilling through the Earth's crust.

Bush is a ‘philistine’: North Korea

What's wrong with the small town news in America?

Repubs like to say that Democrats will do anything to regain power...

Bush has plans to sell Grand Canyon National Park, Statue of Liberty , ..

What can we do about health care NOW??????

US grievances against Syria mean pressure will not ease

As much as I hate Republicans, a moderate Republican at this time...

The Vietnam "Spit" Myth Debunked - finally...

Desperate and sinking fast, WH implies Clinton would love SS plan!

It seems Iraq is an even bigger mess than we thought

Eileen Byrne is gun fanatic

Black Girl handcuffs white woman a celeb

U.S. Releases More Than 80 Afghans From Military Jails (after 2.5 years)

Rumsfeld (Offers) to Free Saddam Administrators If He Stops Insurgence

Revelation - 666 is not the number of the beast

Franken disapointed me. He let conservative say Prog. radio is more harsh

Judge people by their actions and results of their actions, not words.

Traditional media eagerly eying blogs to boost revenues, profile

I am reading an article in UTNE

Translation Capacity Still Spotty After 9/11

Question with Blair and CSPAN

Cheney earns another $194,852 from Halliburton

Greg Palast Reports from Ecuador (news, links, videos)

Obesity May Raise Risk of Stillbirth, Infant Death

Bush is on thin ice … but it’s not due to global warming--(economy)

Ashcroft joins K Street legions

Should cable TV get out of the "news" business ??

Arthritis Symptoms Worse in African Americans

Anybody watch Coldcase?

Will the Wilbanks issue (runaway bride) teach the media...

“Probably the back of the insurgency has already been broken.”

Microsoft Weighs Reversal on Gay Rights, Gates Says

Iraq insurgency is desperate and their time is limited!!!!

Kids given home remedies don't get shots

May 1st & the Haymarket Martyrs

We need a Freethought PAC -counter the spread of religious fundamentalism

List of companies that outsource?

Rumsfeld Offers Saddam A Deal!?!?

'His authority was extraordinary. He was charming' - Hitler's nurse

General question to the Fund-A-Mentals

A survivor's story . . . (True story with happy ending)

Press secretary: Admits Pickle has never WATCHED Desp. Housewives

The Economics of Peak Oil

Cuba/Venezuela Sign Historic Agreement : A New Road For Latin America

The economy, the economy, the economy. Did I mention the economy?

I was at the April 30th NYC anti-theocracy conference - ask me anything

Did any of you see "60 Minutes" tonight?

Caption the new * photos from Friday's dog and pony show

My PHOTOS from the Soulforce rally outside Focus on the Family today.

Iran war forecast - I wonder what % chance there is of war with or on Iran


Tell me, did Saddam ever launch a missile into any sea in a test?

Who Wrote Pickles's Jokes?-----------LENO's Writers?

Analysis: Bush "Mandate" in doubt

Surreal or Schizoid? Manic media manipulation or....?

'Mission Accomplished' Two Years Later- A Photo Essay

List of War Profiteers' Sites Around U.S.

US hoping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December

Embattled Methodist Minister Speaks at Gay Rights Celebration in Philly

Arch-conservative Ann Coulter dating a Democrat

Thousands March For Peace In NY - Anti-Nuke, War Protesters Take Manhattan

WP: Declassification Board: Named but Unfunded (Gov't Secrecy Panel)

WP: For Bush, Doubts About A Mandate

S Korea Plays Down Missile Test by N Korea, Says Not Nuclear Capable

Senator Clinton defends college funding in commencement speech

Germans take to the streets in May Day demonstrations

Obama praises civil rights pioneers to 10,000 at Detroit NAACP

Mass. Court to Address Gay Marriage Issue

FEATURE-High rents may close Kabul "nest" for street kids

Workers Around World Rally on May Day

Business Inaction Could Lead to Cybersecurity Law

U.S. targets Iran, North Korea at nuke arms talks

A Megachurch's Leader Says Microsoft Is No Match

Snow's Road Show Takes Treasury on a Path Less Traveled

Pa. senators at center of divide on judge nominations

New Iraq Could Become a Nest of Corruption--Sydney Morning Herald

Ashcroft and aides form consulting firm in Washington to advise companies

With Little Fanfare, a New Effort to Prosecute Employers That Flout Safety

NYT: A Promise Unfulfilled: Iraq's Oil Output Is Lagging

NYT: In California, Governor Slips From Heights

WP: Iran Plans Defense of Nuclear Program-U.S. is set to Deliver Ultimatum

Frist: Showdown with Democrats over court nominees may be 'inevitable'

Plane carrying Honduran president goes down in sea

Group to Launch Ad Campaign to Help GOP

Frist Begins Mideast Fact-Finding Tour

Afghanistan's President Urges U.S. not to kill so many woman and children

Iraq Troops In Drugs Scandal

White House Challenges DeLay Allegations Ahead of Probe

Republican Chairman Exerts Pressure on PBS, Alleging Biases NYT

DeLay's 'Salute': A Wave Goodbye? (W.P.)

Blair Will Win Election Despite Iraq Row -- Poll

WP: Frist Protest at Princeton Is Lesson in Art of the Filibuster

Despite what you think...

By a mile.

Paw REALLY knows what OSB costs now!

bush, the failure

I love it when a woman winks at me.

1 hour until Family Guy!

New Family Guy episode

Only in America......and on Discovery Health...competitive

separated at birth?


Family Guy is coming on!!

What happened?

Ohhh American Dad is coming on next!

Just for a giggle

Final Made it to My 100th Post!

New Simpsons is on!! (STAY OUT of this thread, West Coasters!!)

Ok i want to toot my own horn

Which is the best of the movies I saw this weekend?

Anger turns to frustration

'American Dad' thread

I think I might be sobering up

How do you handle it when,,,,,,

Heard there was an Internet radio station that only played songs from 1972


mmmm....Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Good night Y'all

I Need a MOD's help, who's around, please?

Bollywood 'Oscars' Honor Baywatch Star Hasselhoff

Sunrise Over Myrtle Beach, SC - April 21, 2005

Free Fax service if you want to fax anyone in Congress which does work

Can anyone tell me how to make a decent meatloaf?

RX: Dick is a Killer

Any Windows experts out there?

Happy Greek Easter--who else has had a few?

I (indirectly) got zinged on Family Guy!

Word of advice to all you youngeons now graduating college

The Middle Wife

No frivolous 1000th post for me...and I quote John F. Kennedy:

You might want to check out the LBN forum for a major news story

One of the great advantages of going for a B.A. instead of a B.S.

Tonite's South Park is insane

I just figured out the Secret of Life!!!!

I want Robot Chicken!

Geez Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sure was a mighty

Who watches INTERVENTION on A&E?

ok ms. yivver... if you are stilo awake

what's it cost for a screen door?

did anyone watching Crossing Jordan catch the Beatles

Please wish me luck for tomorrow

For those of you who can't stand going into GD...

I want chicken. I want liver. Meow mix meow mix. Please deliver.

Inside outside. Leave me alone. Inside outside. No one's at home.

I'm tired of working on my take home final

Thanks to SoCalDem for my new sig pic!!!

So I got my Mother's Day Present early.

I've challenged Progmom to a jello wrasslin' cage match

Mmmm...skim milk...

Oh, good grief. Sammy Maudlin propaganda in my e-mail inbox tonight

Are you sick of BELLADONNA and her humiliation of sundog???

Change of plans!! Sundog and DarkLeftist want to wrassle now

Jogging update. I sprained my Goldarned Knee!

The Gay Ranchero by Internetweekly, good movie poster

Are you sick of HOWARD STERN and his humiliation of women???

Question for gay male DUers: The Irony?

Internet connection inexplicably slowed down

TSA-Seized Purple Sombrero is up to $67...

There's hardly anybody in LBN at the moment. Is everone in the Lounge?

We need the "No Nukes Concerts" to return.....

Dill pickle chips.

I watched an assload of movies this weekend.

Oh, good grief. Maudlin Christian propaganda in my e-mail inbox tonight

In honor of the release of HHGTTG I give you: Vogon Poetry

How many threads do you have bookmarked?

You can't tell me what to do Tony! I'm not a baby any more!

OK, this Hallmark movie is making me run out of hankies

What can you do today as a music major?

Anyone just watch Cold Case? IMHO that was brilliant TV

Anybody watch "Family Guy"?

Do you rub your eyes when they itch?

Are you sick of HOWARD STERN and his humiliation of men???

Does Jeff Gannon use botox?

Don't Ever Judge a Chili Contest

New pet viciously attacks owner. (Kitty pics).

ZombyWoof condemns you to HELL you SINNERS!!!!!!!!!

Arch-conservative Ann Coulter dating a Democrat

Interesting Google Satellite Maps

Are you Loungers waiting for "Someone Else" to donate to Andy?

Does anyone else watch Wonder Showzen?

Who's drinkin'?

Stay-at-home-Moms deserve high pay, analysis shows...

They prayed for me at this morning's church gig...

I don't want to go to work tomorrow

Are you lonely? If you answered yes, well...

Why I joined the Air Force... Because I'm smart, that's why

OSX Tiger

RIP: My 35 inch Proscan TV has just passed

The Crazy Cat Name Thread

Crazed killer sheep roam celluloid farm

Beer poll


Bible-reading marathon planned on Capitol steps (Bismarck)

Odd question: Did Jesus commit a form of suicide?

My photos from the May 1 Soulforce protest outside Focus on the Family.

How the hell did this get related to the gay community?

The NBA's Most Underrated Player: Tayshaun Prince

Attention Reiki Practitioners & Other Healers

New old catnip

It's a little quiet in here... LOVER'S HAIKU TIME!

My photos from a protest today against Focus on the Family.

Mother protecting eggs

60 Minutes report on Gitmo right now... n/t

Money talks when Saudis visit Texas.( and Clinton w/ Saudis in TX, too )

If Bush's negative numbers get high enough, is there any chance the media

Repukes now out in open about taking over PBS

Interesting article on who would have been more electable?

The One Term-inator

Who saw "Question Time" on C-SPAN earlier?

ann Coulter on Fox now-really upset about the pic

Just what is wrong with being polarizing?

Document Signed by Pres. Adams Proclaims America's Government Is Secular

Anyone still missing Daschle?

Outsourced Barbie!

Bush slipped a secret 'Sunset Commission' into the budget bill

Demonstrations, Rallies, Vigils (State-by-State listings)

Rehabilitating Tommy

CSPAN Schedule Monday MAY 2


Obama addresses NAACP 50th Annual Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner

Sen. Slick Rick Santorum to push Weather Service OFF the internet...

Anarchy in Baghdad

Okay...You've Convinced Me....Wes Clark is THE 2008 Candidate.

Here is link to tell Governor Dean what you think.

Justice Sunday Emcee Does Business With The Klan

DU Approval Ratings: John Edwards

Who would be the best running mate for 2008 Pres nominee Dennis Kucinich?

Life and Liberty in Iran

Cartoon: The Day he Became Generalissimo NoMojo

The secret Downing Street memo

In Iraq, an Echo of Algiers

Iraq: 'Mission Accomplished'?

Right Risks Backlash From Fears of Theocracy - Phil. Inquirer

At Los Alamos, Blogging Their Discontent

Hidden Angle - NPR, PBS

a stemwinder sermon from a Unitarian prophet

Sunday DFP: The crisis is in health care, NOT Soc Sec ... stupid!

What kind of New York Times Columnist are you

A Town Called to Duty, VT locals struggle to cover Guards' absence

They shoot journalists, don't they? (Another fab Pep Escobar column)

A Liberal's Death Penalty Mea Culpa

Social Security: Help for the Poor or Help for All?

GOP Chair of PBS hired White House staff to search out "liberal bias"

"Free Presidential Translator" (Susan Shafer,

Good Picture! Pepper-Sprayed Activists Awarded $1 Each by Jury

Professor Pollkatz has updated his approval chart...

Bush the Wonder Boy Fights for Social Security Reform

Zimbabwe's Very American Election

The press takes a pass (Jeff Gannon)

No-risk death penalty? There is no such thing

Early voting should be made easier (Fl - Why do repugs hate Voters)

Saved by the Carrots...

Childrens' diets linked to disorders

Pete Seeger Is 86

Anti-gay laws reveal our inhumanity

fighting the THOUGHT POLICE: maybe partying will help

Bush Plan Aids Poor, Squeezes the Rest (safety net only for the poor)

Wes Clark: War didn't and doesn't bring democracy. Washington Monthly

The 21st century atheist

Online Discussion with AlterNet: The Future of the Progressive Movement

Vigils Throughout the U.S. Will Mourn Aid Worker Marla Ruzicka and ..

Media continued to distort impact of Social Security means testing on ..

Warren Buffet on trade, US crash and residential housing market bubble

Sea level rise of 140 feet due to Global Warming?

Return To Drought Possible For Australia - Warmest April On Record - AFP

Environment Invisible In UK Election - Guardian

Spain Sees Driest Winter On Record - Reuters

Spain must stop global contamination through mercury trade

Water 2025 - preventing crisis and conflict in the west (US gov site)

U.S. Air Force Leads the Nation in Green Power Purchases

Indian Biologists - Tigers On Verge Of Extinction - Reuters

Bob Hunter dies

Monthly Energy Chronology - 2004 (tons of info)

Warming Atlantic Basin Likely To Stoke Hurricanes' Strength

The New-New Democrats and ecology

Greg Palast reports from Center of the World, Ecuador (May 1)

Five Years and Flunking: .. federal agencies .. flunking .. security

The Exit Strategy Myth and the End State Reality (interesting reading!)

Bush blames Clinton for N Korea nuke developments -

International Law Not Fit to Print: The New York Times & Israel/Palestine

IDF Kills Islamic Jihad Terrorist Who "Escaped" PA Prison

BBC (May 2): Sharansky quits over Gaza plan

Israeli Arabs: 'Unequal citizens'

Anti-Semitism with a `caring' face

Bin Laden is one of the top ten most wanted fugitives, no mention of 9/11?

The Treasonous Presidency

Paul Thompson 9/11 Timeline

9/11, a little bit too convenient for the Bush Administration

New Flight 175 Footage: No Pod?

The Mother Of All 9-11 Link Lists

He knows this election was stolen

Can somebody point me to the study about exit polling

Sign MoveOn's Petition to Repair the Vote!

judge allows a type of statistical analysis to prove vote fraud

51% IS NOT A MANDATE - Especially When All the Votes Were Not Counted

Need some help

(NY) How Albany picks a new voting machine

video of the stickers on Kerry ballots in Ohio?

Rangel and Watt come to Jeff/Jackson Dinner in NC/On Vote Reform..Silent!

Six months later, most people don't know about the stolen election. Why..

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Monday and Tuesday

Boston Globe Editiorial on Election Reform (5/2/05)


Why people don't know about the stolen election - 17 techniques

The Reluctant Gore Responder (RGR)

Hollywood Vs. Arnold

Ask LA TIMES to add election theft columnist

CR Gazette adding Ann Coulter to opinion page

Volunteering at Deval Patrick Headquarters

Boston DUers: could we meet up on Memorial Day weekend?

Adobe 7.0 with Yahoo toolbar.

Ohio City/County Jails are overcrowed; forced release of many!

Any Akron DUers know the Red/Blue status of Papa Joe's in Akron?

Anyone in the Frisco area?

Attention Aggies...saw this sticker in Houston Sunday:

Dem Fest: Old 97's in New Braunfels, Friday & Sat.

I'd Like Dirt On Mark Green Please

Bush isn't interested in spreading Democracy

Does Jeff Gannon use botox?

I have a frightening scenario to propose! (Kinda long)

May 2nd 2005

I had a scary scenario in a dream...plz. read.

I find it laughable that a capo of the Bush mob is being considered

The United States is afraid of true democracy,anywhere on earth.

Any chance DeLay will go to Jail?

Which of the two would you say was more unique?

How can we at DU ignore all the important news?


you think the defeat of LA incumbent Mayor Jim Hahn will eventually push

not white? funny name? no cuLture of Life for you!

What would make people around Bush so mad that they do not see

Wow Laura's got a good joke writer

To The World, We Americans Are nothing more than Xenophobic Killers.

Would you vote for or against the European Constitution?

Question about Faux and the FCC...

BREAKING: School Mistakes Large Burrito for a Weapon....

Jerry Springer is broadcasting from Manchester, England today

I think I am in love with Angelina Jolie and Wendy Mallick.

Search as I did, I could never find the word "Aggression" to describe

Simple question about gas prices-

Movie: Hotel Rwanda

Pres Clinton to make an "announcement" on Good Morning America tomorrow

Bank Employees selling customers INFO to BILL collectors in NJ

About to be on Stephanie Miller

GOP Aide: Frist doesn't have the votes for filibuster ban

How many people wish that their bride or groom had been a runaway?

Anyone else getting timed out when contacting Raw Story?

Why is Bush being held to a lower standard?

Who saw Tony Blair sweating like a pig on Cspan yesterday?

What would happen if everyone who holds CC debt

Giving BJs to the powerful is a congenital defect of our "journalists".

$7 of YOUR MONEY-That's all it really cost.

Anecdotal observation about Faux News viewers

New spin: It's *LAURA* who's the smart witty social one

Two Stars and Stripes letters

Anyone see those new commericials for "One" the African Relief group


Battlefield nuclear weapons!!!!!! WTF? Did we know this? I didn't.

OMG - You've GOT to see this. Smigel's "Conspiracy Theory Rock"

MAY 2 2003....

New York Times...Laura Bush really doesn't watch Desperate Housewives..

Will George Bush Burn in Hell when he finally meets his maker someday?

Teens adrift at sea rescued after 6 days

Howard Zinn on Diane Rehm at 11AM EST

Update on Shefali Begum, selling her eye to feed her child

Does anyone have any pull with one of the major networks?

We NEED more judge ads

Liberal bias (media) has to be corrected?

Elizabeth Bumiller is a WASTE of space!

Herbert's column today may be the start of something

To fight the Right

Jack Cafferty, an anchor on CNN Live, just ragged on the Corporate Media

Funny bit from Larry Beinhart, author of "The Librarian" on "warons"

Number one rule to being a successful runaway bride

So just where is this "Bible Belt" really?

Great video of Bush portrayed as Fifty Cent

Welcome Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Abortions Tied to Subsequent Preterm Delivery

Kent State - 35 Years Ago on May 4th

Some still loved Hitler even when the third Reich was being

John Bolton, Wimp. A Vietnam hawk who remained stateside.

Leaked Iraq Memo Should Be Catalyst To Impeach George Bush

Looks like there will be some more mass graves in Iraq soon

Wonkette: Bush Twins Unemployment Index: May Edition

This is one drug law I agree with: Sell pseudoephedrine behind the counter

Pope proves himself to be a showman ... and a cat man

No reason to extract wisdom teeth

Bush backers Battle over wetlands

Korea invades Carlyle Group Office

What's Wrong about being Right: And Right about being Wrong.

CNN Spamming Blogs ? Stealth tactics to drive ratings ?

Missing: official transcript Laura *'s speech to WH correspondents' dinner

During "roast", Laura said her and Lynn Cheney are Desperate Housewives

Mission accomplished. Really.

Ignorant, arrogant and oblivious. Got a better definition of George W.?

Mfg. growth weakest in 2 years: factories "gird for slower growth"

How did this get by me? Credit Card Payments to Rise

Honduras President in Plane Crash

In case anyone still doubts that W knows all about Peak Oil...

Is Getting Out Of Iraq Tougher Than Getting Out Of Vietnam?

The Crimes and Bigotry of Radical Islamic Cleric, Pata Nostrebor

When will Americans

Genetic Mingling Mixes Human, Animal Cells

Cheney in Georgia today

Thom Hartmann talking about Andy NOW!!!!

Republican Racism

Hannity interviews runaway bride fiance

mods: please delete

Some Optimism from Brother Dave Barry

Sovereign nations bid for inclusion in Olympic Games. (IOC says no)

I Just Got An E-mail from John Kerry about Healthcare for KIDS...

CNN: Laura gives Bush Family "no respect" at DC dinner - (VIDEO)

Sometimes you just feel like giving up

American Dad

Ohio GOP's "Coin-Gate" Scandal Grows and Grows

9/11, a little bit too convenient for the Bush Administration

Helen Thomas is in her old seat!!!!!!!!!

Robert Oak, did you hear that Sean Hannity got the runaway bride scoop?

we need to Declare WAR on the U.S. Healthcare System!

Absolutely Hilarious letter to President bush re: German * poo-flags!

US May Allow Nuke strikes over WMD - hunh?

Republicans Love the 50's..They could embrace ONE aspect, and "save" us.

Obesity a Problem Among the Affluent

US Govermnet uncensored report on the shooting of Nicola Calipari.

Update on Shefali Begum, selling her eye to feed her child

Donna Frye fined $3k for using too-small type size in campaign mailers.

HAHAHAHA -- I love it when Matt Drudge gets taken

Abortion's Mann Act: A Bi-Partisan Assault on Teenage Girls

Why conservatives feel they "connect" with South Park

Privatizing of the World!

Officer Subdues Man With Taser Gun...

Goddamn It!

Bernie Sanders Senate campaign site has launched

Kucinich '04 sticker seen on "The Family Guy" last night!!

Been gone for over a week - what happened to Blackrock contract

Proof! RW Tactics = Stalinist Communist Tactics

Let's privatize all law enforcement agencies. As well as the presidency.

Visa Gives Up Triple Crown Sponsorship...will sponsor the Derby.

Lyndie England question...

Using LOGIC you can tell that the Bush Administration is not at the top

who saw guckert on maher's show last week?

Will oil strike $380 a barrel by 2015?

Credit Card Fine Print Can Cause Debt Disaster

Maybe we need to force the Anti-Abortionists to provide for families

Olympia Dukakis on Social Security

Kerry Hits the Road

PHOTO: The Dutch prepare to welcome Bush to the Netherlands

Now that I have a picture in photo bucket...what can I do with it?

Sigh. Florida developers lobby to change Everglades boundaries

Surprise! Army misses recruiting goals again!

Schiavo Judge To Be Honored

NOW Action Alert

Would Jesus ask for bin Laden's head on dry ice?

Update on Shefali Begum, selling her eye to feed her child

Was Bush In America When He Was Sexing Up Abdullah?

Hilarious Bush Quote

His name is Lowell Bergman.. I saw him interviewed on the Berkeley Channel

OMG!! A real life Bob Boudelang!!!! This is priceless....

Wolf Blitzer is such an idiot

Evolution on trial as Kansas debates Adam vs Darwin By Carey Gillam

If the "Jenga Republicans" could get away with it what WOULD they do ?

Anyone here in or near the Las Vegas area PM me...

Looking for report on faith-based initiatives.

caption Rumsfeld with Spiderman

Bush in my town tomorrow.

News: "Schwarzenegger backs Minutemen"

A Polish Seminary Student and the Jewish Girl He Saved...Karol & Edith

if you can't say anything nice about Laura Bush, say it here

Let me get this straight. Schools that have high test scores get more $$$.

Lets get behind Ethanol 85 it was only $1.83 in

***DU Media Watch****Post ANY mention of British Memos

please ban all "fluff and hype" media stories from DU

Working the political and public destruction of Pat Robertson.

Why isn't the Blair bombshell sending shrapnel to the Bush administration?

Any other gals here spot red flags in runaway bride story?

My son sent me this email a minute ago...

What the Hell is this crap?

And another thing you rich celebrity assholes and your fans!

May 2nd 'Mission Accomplished'-A Page of Bush Quotes

'His authority was extraordinary. He was charming' - Hitler's nurse

ATTENTION: We have raised 90% of the money Andy needs

Ohio's City/County Jail's are overcrowded....many have to be released.

American cruelty...Herbert NYT editorial

Anyone else here like Dave Emory?

I need accounting/bookkeeping help, QUICK!

GOP Chair of PBS hired White House staff to search out "liberal bias"

Time Traveler Convention Planned for Saturday, May 7

Quick Chickenhawk Question

some lame ass jokes for our oh so funny first lady

Conservative Christians Not Laughing at LAURA BUSH's Comedy Act

I guess W is try ing to prove he still likes girls?

Eight bombings in Iraq Today

E&P to Jonah Goldberg: You're an ignorant twit

Gay Marriage, Terry Schiavo, Runaway Bride have replaced "Terra Alerts"

Strip-searched teachers sue who were arrested at a Bush Campaign

Brian Wilson at Faux answered my email

The mass media choose which fluff they promote and to what purpose

I've Had A Real Change Of Heart. I Used To Hate Republicans!!!

U.S. Military Says It Has Lost Contact With Two Jets in Iraq

CBS News: how far will recruiters go - High schooler does reporters' job

The Atheist's Manifesto

I couldn't be the only one to see the sickening irony and disconnect!

runaway bride story goes on and on.

Laura Leno Bush??? WTF?? She read pre-wrriten jokes

Is It Anything? Pickles's Joke Writer Landon PARVIN & the Runaway Bride

What can be done about parents

Getting out of Iraq is easy...

Why Haven't We Caught Osama bin Laden?

Freepers see the light...

Dawkins blames "retarded" American religion for anti-evolutionism.

As more states opt out of federal education funds-

A redneck idiot I encountered at a hospital today

Why isn't anyone talking about raising the Soc. Sec. cap?

We did it! DUers donated $25,000 for Andy Stephenson's

I am not putting down Wyoming but I just noticed it has

FUNDRAISER 4 ANDY ~ HeLp AndY aND geT AnTI- bUsh BUttonS tOo! ~check'm out

My god breaking news on CNN regarding Runaway Bride

Now here's a 14-year-old with brass

James Dobson is the most dangerous religious right fanatic in my opinion

I Work With a Bunch of Ignorant Racists (Rant)

Can you explain David Blaine's 'Voodoo Ash trick'?

Poor ol' Pat Robertson, nobody understands him.

Pope Benedict XVI Is A Rightwing Politician, Not Just Conservative

Hard to believe that Randi is defending the runaway chick.

Did ClearChannel Kill Lollapalooza '04?

Should Lynndie England Register as a Sex Offender?

Conservative Christians Not Laughing at First Lady's Comedy Act

Count Every Vote Act

Secret Service Searches Home of Protester

Conyers writes dKos about damning memo from UK about Bush's fabrication!

It is feasible that both sides of today's conflicts are being controlled..

Clear Channel Killed Lollapolooza cause of the anti-bush theme!

dKos "bombshell" "scrolled away into the aether" (it happens at DU, too)

My new mantra: DIRM -- Does It Really Matter?

What oath does the SS take when they are placed into

So many DUers don't ahve health insurance.

I'm really sick and tired of Bush being blamed on the south

Randall Terry beseeching his buddy Jeb to intervene in abortion case

What would you say if faced with the Bush twins?

What should be done about Wilbanks (The Runaway Bride)

Anyone else hear? 2 F18's missing over S. Iraq.

Saw My First FreeRepublic License Plate Holder

How Long Until RushieContin Gets Arrested?

Prayers are Answered One Way or Another.......

Bush "knew how to make money"????

This Picture Sickened Me...


The right punishment for the Bush Mob after exposure?

Pat Robertson: Judges worse than Al Qaeda

Scarborough apologizes to FAIR.

Obesity a problem among the affluent

Is that Bill Cosby on the phone with Randi right now?


If you buy drugs, you support Terrorism!

"Gannon believes God bestowed a White House assignment on him..."

Would You Vote For Or Against The European Constitution?

Mom Ticketed After Rushing Burned Baby To Hospital

Twenty Million Working Adults Lack Health Coverage

Where are the pages withheld from from the 911 Commission Report?

Former top Education Department officials join Fordham Foundation

Hybrid Vehicles: Who Owns One? Who Plans To? Who Won't?

From 'Gook' to 'Raghead'.......... sounds like nam to me

Attention All Nurses!!!!

Everyone Lala-rawraw is at the hospital...

Stand Up Next to a Mountain (story for Andy, and for all of us)

Has anyone had their silver/mercury fillings/amalgams taken out? Worth it?

Peace Park, Building the "Iraq Wall " in the NC Mountains

anyone like boiled peanuts?

Can someone help me? Where would I go to find out info

UK agreed to Iraq war in July 2002 no matter what (no diplomacy)

Don't vote for the war criminal Labour party, vote LibDem instead

Airstrip One lives: The World According to Google

What's the best U.K. television news?

3 Car bombs strike Baghdad, killing eight

In Mexico, some stories can't be told

Afghan ammunition dump explodes, 28 dead; 70 wounded

Car Bomb Explosion Kills Six in Baghdad

Afghan munitions blast 'kills 28'

US hoping to start its withdrawal from Iraq in December

'His authority was extraordinary. He was charming' - Hitler's nurse

Will oil strike $380 a barrel by 2015?

Iraq killing won't harm Italian-US ties-minister

China exports 400 buses to Cuba (China's largest export transport deal)

Bush staff chief asks Democrats to cooperate

British Soldier Killed in Southern Iraq, Three Explosions Rock Baghdad

NYT: Desperate White House Wife, Episode 1: The Ranch Hand

Romanian Leader Says Journalists Alive

Ecuador’s govt gets support from OAS

Group launches anti-filibuster ad campaign...DEMS abuse the rules..

Oman jails 31 for plotting coup

Senators aim to break code of silence on UN scandal: Times

U.S. military widening use of tourniquets

Push For Bush Judges Hits Airwaves

Afghan unrest on the rise


Annan Seeks Iranian Restraint, U.S.-Russian Nuclear Cutbacks

Revealed: Blair to upgrade Britain's nuclear weapons

High Court to Review Law Penalizing Schools that Bar Military Recruiters

Manila's police crack down during May Day rallies

Conservative Christians Not Laughing at First Lady's Comedy Act

Report Calls for Clampdown on Prison Sex

US Says Wrong Body May Have Been Sent to Fijian Family; Son Died in Iraq

Warren Buffett loses $310m by betting against the greenback

DeLay probe has pitfalls for both sides (immunity, witnesses, documents)

The oracle speaks (Warren Buffet warns of Real Estate Bubble)

UK soldier dies in action in Iraq (BBC)

Power Grid In Iraq Far From Fixed - New Government Inherits Huge Task

Navajo head vetoes (anti-)gay marriage measure

By chance, Boy Scout meets guardsman he sent packages in Iraq

Japan PM apologises over World War Two Dutch POWs

Taiwan President seeks talks with China

GOP Wins Election Challenge in Washington

Why LA Black Leaders Abandoned Mayor Hahn

Five Danish soldiers plead innocent to charges of mistreating Iraq inmates

First Lady's Comedy Skill Well-Kept Secret

Titanic Relic Draws Heavy Bidding (CNN)

Iran plans defense of nuclear program

Abramoff Breaks Silence About Investigations

Frist: Pullout must allow for Palestinian statehood

Air Force Space Leaders Deliver Positive Report On US Combat Capabilities

Two Navy F-18s feared down in mid-air collision in Iraq

Former US President Carter: US Is Principal Non-Proliferation Treaty ..

Saddam's Lawyer Claims Assassination Plot

Tougher Penalties Needed for Prison Staff Who Have Sex With Inmates, Report

Oil giants empowered, majors weakened (Exxon etal oil grab not so easy)

A Town's Hidden Threat, asbestos...may alter future of affluent community

RawStory: Dems sit tight, await DeLay investigation

Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush Signs Lunsford Act

Off the meter: A $35,000 Cab Ride in Baghdad

Retail gas prices fall for 3rd straight week (to $2.27 gal)

Religion may rule in Iraq after all

US could be out in 2006: Iraqi minister

House GOP Split on Social Security Timing

Feds can't find SSI checks (TN)

Greenpeace co-founder Bob Hunter dies

Iraq issue erupts as Britons set to vote

San Diego council endorses special election for new mayor

Mustang slaughter prompts investigations

130 dead since Thursday in Iraq


American International Group Review Shows Loss of $2.7 Billion Due to Error

Blair promises new nukes

U.S. military misses recruiting goals amid Iraq war

Black Leaders Want New Million Man March


Evolution on trial as Kansas debates Adam vs Darwin

Iraqi press under attack from authorities in Iraq

U.S. newspaper circulation slumps 1.9%

Doubts About Mandate for Bush, GOP (Wash. Post)

Khmer Rouge to face UN tribunal (The Guardian)

Philippines most murderous for journalists

Afghan women raped, strangled (warning message on them)

Kenneth Clark, 90, helped end school segregation

Venezuela's Chavez Vows to Fund Companies That Empower Workers

Time Warner employee data missing (600,000 affected)

Rice to N. Korea: U.S. Can Defend Itself

Army Recruiters Face Investigation

Judge Gives GOP An Opening In Election Challenge

Bush defends plan to limit Social Security retirement benefits

Poll: Support lags for Social Security plan

Kuwaiti Lawmakers Can't Come to Decision on Partial Voting Rights for Women

Rep. Conyers calls for deeper inquiry into secret Iraq attack plan

Insiders call (John) Edwards a contender (Clinton number one)

Aristide's ex-PM refuses to leave Haiti

McCloskey, other GOP elders seeking opponent for DeLay

Breaking - Two F-18s Feared Down in Iraq

Hey, wait a minute...this isn't ATA

Fortunately for Sundog and DarkLeftist, I have to go pass out now

Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw...

I just heard raccoons outside my window


Anybody here wanna exchange YM?

buzzed in the late night

Who's seen the "K Street" HBO series?

FUN with Anagrams!!

Bonnaroo v. Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Deadwood predictions, anyone?

I just flew in from "General Discussion", and man...are my arms

I'm watching THE HOT SPOT. This is a MUST See.

What can you do today as an English Major??

anyone up late doin' papers?

anyone up late doing poppers?

self deleted dupe.

bill maher's bit on contstantine was fucking funny!


The Lounge is the best place on the Internets

A radio station I am trying to stream but cannot get it to play suggests

Some asshole just called me.

Don't Panic

So, who is awake? I've got a secret if you've got a decoder ring

It is beautiful summer weather outside

george w bush playing cards

My brother's not getting laid off...yet

Hey GOPisEvil and all Aggies...saw this sticker in Houston Sunday:

BREAKING: School Mistakes Large Burrito for a Weapon....

I heart progmom's sigline.


My hubby is a happy camper.

We got through the month of April without

I came to a decision

I got to shake hands with history on Saturday....

Speaking of "too much time on their hands"

Oh man is it a Monday!

American suckers-you are the only people working today-MAY DAY!

HE's got the looks that kill!

Do you find "Employee of the Month" plaques demoralizing?

I got a "free" tank of gas!

Today's Top 10 Conservative Idiots


Waiting to get my shit pumped this morning....

Have you seen THIS deck of george w bush playing cards?

May 2nd, and it's 45 degrees here...

1st anniversary is paper, what is the second?

Favorite Martin Short character?

The Lounge, t'ain't the way it used to be, folks. COME ON!

Man Completes Cross Country Bike Trip - Dies

I'm going on an interview today. Got any tips?

My wife was surprised that I had a "thing" for Selma Hayek

Common Errors in English - A huge list

It's not mine, but this is an awesome photo

Am I an evil parent?

Women Exercising In A Subway - "Strapaerobics"

Wyoming Men Cited For Making Snow Phallus


Wireless computer (mouses mice)? are overrated.

What's on top of the table next to your bed?

How will enforced Republicanism change Sesame Street (& other PBS shows)?

Taiwanese rookie pitcher impresses in Yankees victory

US boys survive six days at sea on jellyfish and seawater: BBC

On computers, is it "mouses" or "mice"?

Did "Hitch Hiker's Guide" suck or what?

Goofiness to lighten your day...

My 16-year-old son never watches TV

So I'm walking down the stairs at the Oklahoma City Canal on Saturday...

What kind of New York Times Columnist are you

There's a Surfin' BIRD in my house!

Which Firefox Theme Are You Using?

Who wants to see a picture of me?

Washington Bureaucrats Make Way for Ducklings

Now I've got the hiccups..

Defend your taste in crappy TV!

Do you get pissed when you don't get 'the wave'??

Have you seen this Barbie!

Going to heavan

MAN! The employees at my work who take the health plan just got FUCKED!

There's an Effin' BIRD in my house!!

So, my cube-neighbor is arguing with her boyfriend AGAIN

Attention: You are all being put on notice.

AOL Treats Fla. Emergency E-Mails As Spam

I've enjoyed the time I've spent here but alas ..

1 in every 138 Americans is behind bars..................

PETITION - seeking an ***OFFICIAL*** Day of Rest for the Wicked

Damned coppers

hi there, DUmmies

I overloaded ImageShack!

Did we ever find out who won the 15 millionth post prize?

Ain't the Lounge the way it used to be? Yes or no?

What the hell is a cheese lounge?

Sea water, raw jellyfish or faith.

Lounging is just a waste of time

I'm done!!!!!!!!! C'EST FINIS!!!!!!!!

When I say pianist, you think...

Crap... my husband got accepted into the prosthetics program..

***$25,000 in less than 4 days?!?!!! DU ROCKS***

Tell me how to instill fear in my yard

Oh great! Now I got a murder wrap

Help me, please. I have lost my will to post

The Echo and the Bunnymen re-issues: they are the shit.

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be.

This is one damn good salad!


The best anti-war song you've never heard

Snow flurries in Milw. dammit!

I can't decide what I am: Lounge Elite or. Lounge Riffraff

Tell me how to distill beer in my yard...

"Masked an Anonymous", interesting film about music & civil war in

Jenna Bush caught changing at the beach

The "Runaway Bride" Bridal Registry, in case you haven't shopped yet

I see the mods have a sense of humor

Gardenburgers are REALLY good.

I just ate eight sheets of blotter paper

i think it's time for a sick/goLf day

So... what's for supper everybody?

For $32 you can watch Shawshank Redemption on your Phone

The lounge is not changing, it's evolving

I toss a damned good salad.


Sing everything you ever stole in A-minor

Visit Arkansas and Tour the Holy Land!

If it were possible...would you switch genders for one day?

Where the hell is Robb?

Oh, Matcom

Tofurkey is more vile than used bong water!!

Tell me how to install sod in my yard

I'd like to change my tune on Family Guy.....

what IS a Dingbat exactly?

Things You Wouldn't Think of Putting in a Cocktail

Cream is playing right now in London

Ever notice? You never see GOP stickers on cars in library parking lots.

Did The Lounge drop some acid?

why wasn't this thread locked?

I need $300,000 and laid back job

The olive appreciation thread. What's your favorite?

I make the best turkey burgers in the world

Vogon Poetry Generator

Now here's an aerobics plan I could get into!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive

Did anyone ever own this board game?

I'm really social with these "anti-sicko" people out there

Imagine being nose-to-nose with this person.

How do I love Canada...Let me count the ways

so, PBS is going neocon - what wiLL it Look Like

Man Offers Steak To Pay Undercover Officer For Sex

DUers : Your Redding Stories....

I have eaten way too much pizza this last week.

I'm really sick of these "Anti-socialist" people out there

'Google Maps' Unravels Mystery of XNASA Legend.

Horse Bush Touched Inappropriately Identified...

I'm really sick of these "Anti-social" people out there

Sound off if you're going to the West Coast Meetup!

Mammography Enters The Deadly Depths Of Deceit

Is Latin really a dead language?

Copycat of(copycat mocking melodramatically presented problem) thread

Thursday's date will be 05/05/05

Which environmental vessle is your fav?

Question for those disturbed by bad grandmas....

I have the major hots for Hugo Chavez

Bread and circus home..

we did it! we raised over $25,000 for andy's surgery! wowee!

What should I cook for Poker Night.

I need Hi-speed internet advice

How many people wish that their bride or groom had been a runaway?

Locals Furious Over "Bad Ass Coffee Company" Name

Woo hoo! I got TWO excellent birthday gifts!

Anybody here seen my old friend?

Write the "Jennifer Wilbanks" song, to the tune of "Eleanor Rigby"

This is my 800th post! I'm so glad to be here at DU!!!

Google Map Your High School

Question for those disturbed by bad grammar

Post something cool from Google maps

Benefit Concepts Independent Insurance - Don't go through them!

School mistakes huge burrito for weapon!

What can I safely invest my inheritence in, for one year?

who the hell is pat obrien?

$27,104.63 ! See flyarm's message #1437

Bush/Condi joke


Funniest thing i've seen in months

Test your skills: The official urinal position choice test

Am I GD Riff-raff? My post just got moved from there to the lounge..

To all people who talk to themselves: Shut the fuck up.

Are some posters here Lounge Elitists?

I'm just to weird and random to be anyone's parent

It's not that some people in the lounge are better...

Just for fun

Random flaky thought for the day.

How accurate is your watch?

Rev is a meany...she is hoo

MEMORANDUM: Use the word "rad" more often.

The opening bit on "Family Guy" last night

Jobs at GSA

Do you still have a favorite stuffed animal?

I am NOT the f-ing Computer Tech Guy!

Jesus would pocket his Costco coupon savings and leave!

Nerd Power!!!

Somebody please improve this wiki article for "Lounge"

Naked Matcom Goes On Rampage, Sticks Appendage in Kathy's mojito

Man Tries To Pay For Pizza With Pot - Arrested

Naked Man Goes On Rampage, Sticks Fingers In Light Socket


Who here believes matcom reads the Wall Street Journal?

The Descent of Man from Science Made Stupid (Good fun)

Why does JJGG think We'd be offended by pornogaphy

For Red queen - pic heavy

Why the replies to the "Gannon" thread?

I need to know something

I LOVE indie band radio!

When is Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day?


Wowww, jewelry-lovers, you will be ADDICTED

Google Map has some secrets

I hate seeing men cry

When I see a message delete of a post I never read

anyone wanting to see U2 in Tampa and need tickets?

U2: Lamest Band Name Ever?

Zell Miller, feelin' a little under the weather. Should we not spunge him?

The circle is closing fast (email I just received)

Funny Bumper Sticker Spotted Near Tampa, FL

Take a look at these stud-muffins......

Well, I gotta go shopping

Signs you're living in the present:

Thanks ADMINS for being so Quick on your lil tootsies! I love y'all!

I went to an art fair this weekend

I went into fart air this weekend

my date loved Sin City

its official...

Nipples (rant about censorship in breast cancer story)

Lady Next Door Is Doing Chemo Tonight - Kid (22) Is Doing Beer Bongs

I feel kind of weird asking this.

Origin of 'Okay' that you Prefer

I'm thinking naughty thoughts


I adopted a new puppy yesterday!!

Fellas: would you still want to marry a woman who pulled a runaway bride?



This post at SW's Energy Gap (blog) pretty much sums it up

i'm eating white chocolate / macadamia nut cookies - AND YOU AREN'T

Zippy D. Doodah

What's a good digital camera in the $300-500 range?

The cubbyhole in my desk has an occupant.

Wierd, mesmerizing,

kind of a neat find re: my grandfather's service in WWI

Dennis Hopper is a BUSH SUPPORTER!!!!!

Runaway Bride releases Wedding Photo!

Do you think you have a nice looking bass?

I know I don't get serious in here very often but I want to say thank you

Lily and Pad Thai (cat blogs reposted from Pets Group) w/photos

Best first song on a debut album in rock & roll history

My Dog Just Ate Another Sock

'Family Guy' Bounces Back Big for FOX


My son just told me that he won't be hanging around with me anymore.

anyone wanting to see u2 in chicago and need tickets?

How do you obtain a money order in Euros?

The Lounge ain't the way it used to be, folks. COME ON!

A prominent DUer posts with panties on his head

Best breakup song?

What do your pets do while you're at work?

Which Major League Baseball team is in the worst position in everything??

Are you depressed?

This will give you a memory blast...

Concept for a new forum or group (serious)

What Color Is Your House?

Anyone ever REFUSE to give SS# when applying for a CC?

Chris Gains: Hot or Not

I feel naked without a star!!!

PICK one of my Super Hero names for Bush, or post your own

Lounge Elite vs. Lounge Riffraff

Pursuant to the old Savings Bond Threads - I bonds now pay 4.8%

"Kung Fu" with David Carradine

does anyone know about height and sight requirements for the Air Force?

Five thousand two hundred and eighty feet

What is "Igor's Revenge"?

Anyone one know anything about Dual Citizenship? A friend told me

I just thought I should report in...

Pick an afternoon snack

The Power of Nightmares...

Dog and cat diaries

My Nilly cat died today.

never marry a man with a crazy mother

Now that I have a picture in photo bucket...what can I do with it?

I'm drinking a mojito at my local watering hole. Ask me anything

(copycat mocking 'generic problem melodramatically presented' thread)

Lamest move that you ever put on someone that worked

Why do some people write "an historic" and not "a historic"

Autofill non-sequitor time

Women Exercising In A New Way - "Stripaerobics"

CHALLENGE: Beat Lorien's Cat Thread for Best. Cat. Thread. Ever.

do you get pissed when no one does 'the wave'

Maslow's heirarchy of needs.

Tom Cruise: Scientology, has the only successful drug rehab program

37 flippin' degrees in St. Paul right now

Message to Chelsea FC fans:

I can kick, and I can twirl, and I can kick again!

Idea for a new forum....A Deleted Posts forum...ok hear me out

Is it just me or is older guys talking about teenage models creepy?

What things did you do as a kid that kids shouldn't do today

Post here if you aren't who you say you are.

LSU Dean Caught With Child Pornography

I hate middle-aged women who don't know how to behave in resturaunts!

These kids today--but this really disturbed me.

The Lounge's lack of breeding is giving me the fear

speaking of blotter paper-question

(generic problem melodramatically presented)

Pa. Eatery Offers New 15-Pound Burger


I hope someday to meet Ryan Turtura and have a chat.

Urgent help needed

A Polish Seminary Student and the Jewish Girl He Saved...Karol & Edith

War and religious fanaticism are the same

Vatican condemns Spain's gay marriage law


The Riddle of Salvation

ABC to Run Focus on the Family Ads During Prime Time

Army Receives First Fuel Cell Military Truck from GM.

Microsoft Gay Workers Unconvinced By Company's Rights Position

Phelps Klan Protests At Ousted Baptist University

Gay Rights Supporters Mark Anniversary (Philadelphia)

Mass Supreme Court Hears Bid To Halt Gay Marriages

Microsoft Gay Workers Unconvinced By Company's Rights Position

Supreme Court To Hear Military Case

Philadelphia Rights Celebration Hailed As Unqualified Success

MA Justices Grill Anti-Gay-Marriage Foes

Two progressive Rabbis on Same-Sex Sexuality and the Torah

Navajo President Vetoes Gay Marriage Ban

Vancouver '10 Olympics logo offends some

Ray Allen is a stud and a half.

Anti-Gay Rocker Returns To Baseball

tom brady for president

Should I pull the plug on the chicken?

Can someone point me to a thread on *?

So, one of the most strident "religious" DUers...

Unit ordered NOT to ask Rumsfeld about uparmored humvees

Great list of Kerry recent accomplishments

Yet another anti-Kerry thread

anyone watching the million man march anniversary ?

In The Northwest: Kerry's back and, he tells the P-I, in 'fighting mood'

Why is "Peak Oil" a fount for neo-apocalyptic, libertarian fantasies?

I guess it wasn't funny: Kerry LTTE in Globe today

some news related to Teresa on the Heinz Family Foundation awards

Meetup: Let's get it on!

Laura Bush stand up comedy thing

Suggestion for future contests. . . prior to final contest, move all pics

Another idea . . . depends on how people feel about their work though

Dockside today

Unofficial May Contest Theme idea thread

Please help -- scanning negatives and making digital positives?

Milwaukee meetup pix posted in lounge!

A new BLOG w/ a shout-out to Rev ... 5-2-05

KO's network may have a new name (says Drudge): "NBC NEWS CHANNEL"


DU your Senators about the right wing death attack on the National Weather

Books on Jimmy Carter?

When was the last Bin Laden video...

Iraq now a land of anarchy and forced confessions (NY Times)

We need to stop calling it an Insurgency...

NY Times reveals Laura Bush's comedy writer...

Business Week: "most Americans like Bush, think he's a strong leader"

So tied to one candidate you see every issue as a primary refight?

What is it with these "sons and daughters of sharecroppers..."?

Two good articles in the Philly Inquirer on the religious wrong & the GOP:

Ooops! Copy-and-Paste Reveals Classified U.S. Documents

Will Iraq turn into a client state of Iran?

I've got some free time in July. What say we march on DC and take back

What if Laura Bush's poll numbers fall too?

TIME: Any Kerry Supporters On The Line?

So, it's Kerry supporters that are attacking Dean for thinking it's

Here's some good news

DHS chief floats idea for collecting private citizens' information

Iraq war 'will haunt Blair's legacy like Suez'

‘Top secret’ plan for Soviet invasion is not so illuminating in Blackpool

New Kunstler article: Oil or Social Security?

Homeland Security Introduces New Procedure to Expedite Honduran Removals

Statement by Secretary Spellings on Recent Legislative Action in Utah

Census Bureau Selects Texas County for 2010 Census Test

"If you did something stupid enough to be on msnbc-you should be

Sharansky Resigns Israeli Cabinet Post

From July '04 to March '05, >> 15,257 attacks against Coalition

The NPR Hourly Newscast report about the Pentagons Screw-up...

Enron - the documentary....I urge you to see it and take someone - pay

Toon: Support the troops, send them your ribbon magnets for Humvee armor

Just needed to post something-

Should we and if so how do you form a 3rd party of populist ,

ALERT: Save PBS from partisan operatives

Repukes may change rule started in 1977 so Coburn can keep his practice

The high ground R's are staking out is to be "The Majority Rules"

I Finally Saw "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"

Dividing us

Florida's New "Shoot if you feel Threatened" Law on NPR "TOTN" Now!

Why don't we, here in the U.S.A., have a May Day (5/1) Parade?

Please help Kerry push his agenda for our children!

WA Post wallows in hero worship: "Laura Bush's Coming-Out Party"

TIME: It's Worse Than You Think

DNC Web: John Bolton on "the real distribution of power in the world."

PBS is under attack- Major censorship and partisanship!

Notice that Laura's skit is being "scrubbed" by the MSM to remove the

Any lawyers know the legalities of tow truck companies?

Regime Finance and Procurement (iraq, oil, and redacted US companies)

David Wade smacks down Boston Globe for anti-Kerry piece

13 year foster child wants abortion, but Jeb wants to force her to have i

Dean Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

A Time for Disobedience

Fox slams 9/11 miniseries, which details "stupid the government was"

GREAT VIDEO CLIP: See Sen. Hagel blast Bush's "Mission Accomplished"

A Question regarding Social Security????

Doubts about Mandate for Bush, GOP

Next time shrub says he has liberated the Iraqi people/women/kids

So why is the US "bully" such a wimp when it comes to N. Korea?

The repukes have not read the Federalist Papers they love to "say"

During last year's Wisconsin primary Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich as

SS & the Great Demographic Tsunami

I'm so thankful for DU

Enlighten me: What was so funny about Laura Bush's speech this weekend?

GOP playing Race Card on *'s judicial nominees

John Kerry: On The Road for Kids First Act

This doesn't even need a caption . . .

cnn saying the classified version of Italian doc is on the Internet

Filibusters killed anti-lynching bills in 1922,1935, and 1938.

The geopolitical balance of global power - a question

Probably nothing, but this caught my eye (well both eyes I guess)

LA Times:Boxer makes fool of herself on filibuster.

CNN: Laura gives Bush Family "no respect" at DC dinner - (VIDEO)

Helen Thomas is in her old seat!!!!!!!!!

VA Gov Warner just repeated Dubya's mantra- "SS will go bankrupt in 2042!"

Ironic: Kerry is touring to get benefits for children, while * tours to

Civilian Preparedness - Authority to Deploy

Fed Set to Raise Interest Rates Again

WHAT?! Goldsmith claims FORGERY in UK press re: Iraq War Memo from Blair

Lindy England to plead guilty??? A 5' tall little girl takes the wrap..

US-backed death squads viciously attack and kill demonstrators in Haiti

"We are going throught the land untying the donkey"-Minister Louis Farakan

* says not enough people are paying into SS. Earth to *: Create more jobs

16th Amendment (IRS) never ratified?

FCC requests meeting May 9th w/American Family Assoc. Re: Cellphone Porn

"Others doubt the promise, even the justice, of our own country..."

I support the DNC Chairman. I supported (blank) during the primaries

How Will Karl Rove Smear Clark?

Website rankings for likely 2008 contenders:

Clark: War didn't and doesn't bring democracy

52 Republican Senators represent only 18% of the US population

I like the idea of means testing for social security

Operation Meow: Frist goes down NOW

Topic: Karl Rove is not a genius.

Rep. calls for deeper inquiry into secret Iraq attack plan(Conyers)

VIDEO CLIP: See Senator George Allen Get Blasted by Russert on FILIBUSTER