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Archives: May 19, 2005

Bookcast with Zell Miller on

Lampley - To Roger L. Simon: the rest of the story (Newsweek)

Ted K's 5/18 speech - list of Rules Senate will break to nuke Fillibuster

Why would anyone enlist now? (mentions Downing Street Documents)

Is the United States above international law?

Galloway: The man who took on America


Lingering legacy of Korean massacre - 1980, hundreds of civilians

Our Newspapers ought to do this!

Let's see if I've got this straight...

Gonna Need Emotion

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Thursday

rBr: The Bush voter equivalent of WMD. There's no there there.

Michael Keefer: The Strange Death of American Democracy: Endgame in Ohio

Okay, just to guilt those who can afford it, I just donated. nt


Anyone here familar with Veritas????

Anyone here played around with SMS server 2003?

Ok Bloggers and Web Gurus... I need your help!

Several protesters arrested outside hotel in downtown Houston

Stop Bob Perry's boy from being confirmed to Builder Commission

Ted Rall understands the depth of the Social Security discussion

Is Frist starting the nuclear option now?

"Faith & values" group planning prayer vigil for end of Filibuster

The Genocide Awareness Project is on my campus

Paul Keene, Organic Farmer, Dies at 94

Vandalism With A Message

CBS kills 60 Minutes Wednesday

Do you think the biggest reason for the fillabuster is payback?

Didn't someone say earlier that they felt the tide was turning?

Full audio/video of the Senate hearings and Galloway's

Politics of "protect the children"

Ignoring the canary (Conyers)

The conscience of the king.

I can get AAR on Windows Media Player but not Real Player.

Anybody else impressed that Galloway was allowed to

my boss thinks clinton PERSONALLY killed many people

Hey Skinner, Elad, What's traffic like these days?

'sewage blending', a yummy Republican cocktail....

Why Does It Take 6 Months Before Video of Committee Hearingss

So what's the latest phone scam?

How does the Majority Whip threaten his bushbots?

Anyone know anything about the Cato institute?

Husband is still getting Air America on Sirius.

"The Nuclear Option" on the table due to a lazy President

The nuclear option will reveal our worst enemies

the world will be safer once the bush vampire family is vanquished

Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress

How a "nuclear" option victory could come back to bite Republicans

There was a post with best rebuttals to filibuster lies...

Just had to bring out this oldie but goodie for today

Bush telling Egypt to have free and fair elections?

Predicted offensive space weapons by Bush well before 2004

Found a site that has a countdown on days 'til * leaves office.

SURPRISE! US House moves to scale back color-coded Terra warnings!

Why should Donald Trump have more say about what goes on downtown than me?

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church

Congratulations, Mayor-elect, DemocratIC, Hispanic VILLARAIGOSA!

Four Days Into the DU Fund Drive and They're Halfway There

Bush's "...if I were dictator..." statement - anybody remember it? Link?

Reporter to McClellan: Who made you the editor of Newsweek?

Maybe if we could drive into the heads of every RW we know

Worst Dictatorship in the World Poll!

Does anyone have the Bush Family/Star Wars clip ...

35 Greenpeace Activists Handcuff Themselves to Range Rovers

Interesting Email on Malloy & question

White House Ire Moves Beyond Newsweek - Faux

Bush likely to back weapons in space - Guardian

Bush and the live grenade - things are really looking bad!

$$$$$ Republican senator delivers $1.5 Million for a bus stop

QUESTION: According to Kennedy, a slew of rules will be broken if the GOP

A great quote from Riverbend

May 18th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$170,612,406,404

Senate filibuster debate: from the surreal to the absurd

bush wants to sell hawaii

I just heard on Air Merica that Montana legislated paper ballots..

"Senate Intel Cmte set for secret PATRIOT Act expansion"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

Voters Dissatisfied With Bush, Congress

I have just finished reading George Galloway's speech

What I've Learned on Free Republic -- And a Question on Religion

Good news with voting machine's!

Congressional Dems east capitol speech on CSPAN2 now - rebroadcast

Michelle Malkin retracts story, apologizes

Repeat sex offenders or violent criminals

I have the feeling that change is in the air. Do you?

Russert: "I say a prayer every night for President Musharref of Pakistan"

Woman Receives Desecrated Quran In a Newsweek with a Finger In It

Would someone PLEASE give Bush a BJ?.......

Religious Right Hate Group Says Majority Vote Overrules US Constituion

Are Republicans giving religion a bad name?

Wanna send an email to Galloway? I did:

CSPAN Schedule Thursday May 19

200 plus posts in my Norm Coleman thread and that's all the naysayers got?

A Message and Action Alert from Code Pink

Where is the dirt on Sean Hannity?

Nuke Option: A Charge Bush Kept with Council on for National Policy?

Cowgirl Condi Visits Iraq- Picture This

They read Newsweek in Afghinstan?

1/2 as many vote for American Idol as vote for American President

Rice, Straw asked about Downing Street document

Do any of you watch Olbermann ?

"No Bush Left Behind Act --- Uncle Bucky Bush"

George W WHO?

GOP Chair's E-mail: "Had you been a good Democrat and not a socialist"

i need help finding jon stewart clip difference between england

"Liberal Scare Tactics" prevent conservatives from Enlisting

TR vs GWB - Battle of the Repubs!

For misinformed individuals who mistakenly think Galloway was "pro-Saddam"

Guess who's running Frist's "nuclear options" war room....

They really are watching us (Mark Morford)


There's NO Oil For Food scandal; are Americans mixing up illicit oil sales

ARS -- Angry Republican Syndrome

Michelle Malkin: Abu Ghraib abuse was overhyped by media

* wired again?

Please donate to Voters Unite.

Left vs. Right

Kilgour rules

The Conservative Party of Canada attracts reasonable people.

Hey, remember when Canadian politics were boring?

Peter MacKay "didn't see it coming"

New Hampshire Repug phone Jammer wants trial by Republicans only

If You Want to Win in Sports, Wear Red

Alliance@IBM Urges "Day of Action" to Protest Layoffs

Paul Keene, Organic Farmer, Dies at 94

ACLU to Police: Show You're Not Spying

US mulls ban on women in combat

Bush Proposes Special Corps to Aid New Democracies

N.C. Department Deemed Racially Hostile

Report: Ex-AIPAC officials briefed Israel Embassy official

U.S. actions in Arar case called 'extremely troubling'

Wendy's finger suspect loses bid for lower bail

Morgan Stanley faces $850m payout (BBC News)

Fresh Claims About Abuse of Iraqis by British Troops

Cuba dumps Windows for Linux

EU Move to Block Trade Aid for Poor

Judge releases files on 14 Orange County priests

Castro Says Arrest of Posada Two Months After Arrival in U.S. Was a 'farce

For Dead Sea, a Slow and Seemingly Inexorable Death

WP: Report Calls Payments By FEMA Questionable

WP: The Killer Instinct

Landless March Biggest Ever to Reach Brasilia

Protest held against death penalty (VT)

NYCLU Threatens To Sue City If Central Park Protests Are Banned

Gay Marriage Issue Before The Cherokee Nation Supreme Court

Details of a Private Jail in Afghanistan (Audio: Peter Bergan Interview)

Faking babies (Guardian)

U.S. and Iraqi Military Forces Detain Journalists, Whereabouts Unknown

'If the Troops Return, We Will Fight Them'

National Campaign to Educate Public and Elected Leaders on NCLB Law

NYT: Pennsylvania Ballot Fight on Evolution Ends in a Tie

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1625)

Senate Democrats accuse Bolton of misleading them (Reuters/Yahoo)

Mini Oil Boom Bites the Dust in Greece

5 officers to receive Taser award

Rabbi's family said to kidnap, beat teen

WP: Fiery Words on Filibusters, But Also Talks on a Deal

E&P: McClellan To Press - You're Out Of (My) Control

Protesters Picket Schwarzenegger's Rocklin School Visit

Desecration of Koran Had Been Reported Before

GOP Aides Say New Patriot Act Obliges Bush

Report: Muslim World Largely Anti-American

Italy collaborating with the enemy, says U.S. Army official

NYT: As Vote Nears, DeLay Attacks Bill Expanding Stem Cell Research

ACLU demands Denver comply with no-spying rule or ...

U.S. Gives Anchorage $1.5 Million for Bus Stop ("Uncle Ted" Stevens)

NO MERCY FOR (former hoboken mayor) RUSSO

Report: Muslim world largely anti-American (there's a news flash)

Wal-Mart struggles with deeper problems (K-Mart Type Problems)

Bush acknowledges problems in post-war Iraq

WP: From Senator's 2003 Outburst, GOP Hatched 'Nuclear Option'

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church

NYT: Generals Offer Sober Outlook on Iraqi War

NYT: Latest 'Star Wars' Movie Is Quickly Politicized (Moveon to run ads)

British MP Galloway says 'blew away' U.S. committee

U.S. protecting accused bomber, Castro says (El Salvador to seek Posada)

Standing ovation for Galloway

Porn Star & Porn Director Invited To Meet With Karl Rove and Bush

Early Version of New Patriot Act Gives Administration Everything

Star Wars: This Time it Could be for Real; AF Pushes for Weapons in Space

Haitians march to demand Aristide's return (5000)

African leaders meet on Sudan. Want no outside help.

PETA accuses lab of animal cruelty

Just because I'm so pissed about it...

The DU Donations pic of Bush needs to be "smirkier"...whattaya say?

Okay, LOST is getting creepy

All right. 2 1/2 days without a ciggarette

DU would be nothing without...........

Led Zeppelin would be NOTHING without John Paul Jones. NOTHING.

Canadain DUers: Which trait best describes you?

bush and crack

Norm Coleman is _______________

The Beatles would be NOTHING without Noel Gallagher. NOTHING.

Bi monthly Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) Appreciation thread

So there I was............

JJ's post about earworms.... gives me an earworm.

*sigh* Trumad's back. Seems like old times.

If you went to a restaurant,

This will help for earworm. Kylie Minogue.



My Al Franken Pic made the front of!

I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.

I love you all

Kilgore Trout Rules .....

Help Me. I drank the Kool-Aide and I'm watching American Idol.

Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me

Thank you anonymous person who gave me a star.

Has Anyone Else Here Only Seen The First ORIGINAL Star Wars Movie?

Heres the thing

Christian Bale as Batman...what do you think?

Wendy's finger suspect loses bid for lower bail

Who (else) here has the knee-jerk reaction of projectile vomiting

I'll be in Boston tomorrow, if anyone's around...

Hey, what's that song in the new iPod commercial?


First change made by the German Pope

Have you ever seen a man as happy as the Myth Buster Guys...

I love it when two different threads marry up and form a new thread.

I'm so ready for Star Wars Episode 3-Revenge of the Sith

Who is going to the 12:01 showing of Revenge of the Sith tonight ?

Bucky has Satchel's watch!!!

I don't care if he joins the Dark Side ...

Revenge of the Shit

Hey: The last installment of 'Revelations' is going to be on ....

ok, i'm going for a hike by the river... anyone wanna come?


Actors Seen In Old TV Shows Before Their Fame:Jack Nicholson/Andy Griffith

Revenge of the Syph.

I feel so androgynous

It's sorta freeing now that I am without a star.

I feel so anhydrous.

Chase credit card commercial has the lovey-dovey tender family music...

Cali is in Colombia

in all seriousness...anyone know for sure who's off idol tonight?

March Of The Penguins - Movie Trailer

DU wrestling fans! Who is your favorite pro-wrestling supergroup?


Kale is a green vegetable.

Padre juggernaught rolls on! Sweep Braves, 7th straight win!

Anyone watching the special on Star Wars on A&E?

listening to Air Merica and surf'n DU.. it doesnt get better than this.

I'll take you with me everywhere I go

'The Riddler' Frank Gorshin Dies at 72

Kali is a Hindu Goddess

Now we know why Eeyore was so sad?

ABBA is way too catchy.

"At first he was in fatal condition..."

Help with a scar?

What is the term for a group of gerbils?

Just so you know

If the Death Star was made today...

Does anyone know anyone who actually MOVED to Canada after the election?

Loaf of Gerbils? That's not funny?

The scene on Lost when Sawyer told Jack

haha!! Which one of you DUers did this?

So Lounge...

a question about see you

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Does anyone remember the TV show called

So Losenge

MAN! Revelations sucked terribly...

WORST pro-wrestling supergroup

Animal Lady on Leno.

Ever find a deceased relatives hidden stash of cash?


MSN just hijacked my home page..!!!!

Oh Look out world I'm about to be bad!

One post away from 600 posts ask me anything!!!

Who else cringes when radio hosts "open up the phone lines?"

Does Pop Culture break up good bands, or worsens them in some way?

Anyone a high school drop out who later graduated college?

OMG! They just opened Harvey Birdman with a 'Cops' video of Shaggy...

I think my cat has had another stroke,

I want a snack dammit!

Blue Dog

What kind of metal was Han Solo frozen in,in the Empire Strikes Back?

I just received a PM from Skinner.

I want a snark dammit!

If you were George W, Bush and got on your daughters internet

"Arrested Development" Renewed! Yay!

I want a Smack dammit!

Best MST3K Season?

Topic: A BA or MA isn't worth as much as a BS/MS.

I just figured out what bothered me about Episodes I and II

I'm approaching the 700 club. Counsel me.

10% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow is composed of dust mites,

Are you normal? A self test.

Would they rather I had explosive diarrhea on the sales floor?

who here ACTUALLY likes star wars.

The Disgusting Chick Tract of the Day

i am DONE with school. done done done done DONE!!!


why do people in this country hate cats?

Favorite William Holden movie?

I want a snake dammit!

OMG Tomorrow I turn 60

What's your favorite dialectal accent?

Fess up, guys - which one of these movie roles can bring you to tears?

American Idol SPOILER


What's for dinner?

There's a bird on my balcony giving me the evil eye

Cool, Sign Language taught using gif. animation.

No Matter What I Post I Am Always Too Liberal Or Not Liberal Enough!

Has anyone been to Robert McKee's Story Seminar?

Used vehicle history without paying? I was able to get this info free in

Who has seen "Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room"?

I flipping love Lost. *spoilers if you haven't watched it yet*

It's My Birthday! Guess My Age!

I need reassurance!

I Miss The Dancing Banana

I reject your reality and inject my own...

Finally, a Bush Dog Chew Toy!

What does XOXOX mean in a card or email?

I have one star to give away ($35 to DU) to the first good DUer

I MISSED LOST, my favorite show tonight, anybody got a vid file of it?

Do you need a star? If so all you have to do is win this contest.

Wow, I got an invisible star!!! That is the SPECIAL star, right??

You'll Never Walk Alone

Okay, I admit it. I'm Google dumb. I need astronomy help.

Transgender surgery..

Bengal cat up for adoption

Dedicated to the person who gave me a star: "Hope"

For Eve, though I never knew you.

LOL - Does this sound familiar to anyone?

New favorite pic (Nasty)

Dean Report

Finally remembered to look up The Original Whizzinator.

KOEB (5/18/05)

Shouldn't we be shoring Dems up to keep their promise and shut the Senate

today in history

Extremist Corporate Whore at Center of Senate Fight

Aw shit, the grenade bullshit is back

RW Logic After The Filibuster is History...

Anyone listening to CSPAN 2?

It's a sad day on DU when a thread on stopping genocide is hijacked

The Republican Definition of Bipartisanship

MSNBC/WSJ Poll: We can now say "we told you so". Don't.

Why It's Important to Support Productive Input From UK and Others

Condi Rice as 'The Undead'

C-span VIDEO from today's Senate (Sen. Schumer, Boxer, Etc.)

Are Republican moderates worth a damn

DUers, wanna help me out here?

Is there a video of the Galloway hearing?

Baltimore's (RC) Cardinal Keeler to boycott Guiliani commencement

Anyone listening to CNN, Larry King, w/Russert? I just

Discussion on Arlen Spector's speech.

Did anyone hear the Fresh Air interview today with D. James Kennedy?

If The Downing Street Memo Shows He Lied Us Into War....

Abuse alledgedly committed by British troops

RNC Gala Sets Fundraising Record With More Than $15 Million

Should Democrats parrot Specter's request ?

BRAD BLOG: Religious MI College Students/Profs Object to Bush Appearance!

If there ever was a time - It is now!

Congressional Dems east capitol speech on CSPAN2 now - rebroadcast

Pelosi: Dems Will Not Be Intimidated by Arrogant Power Plays

Drinking Poop is Bad for Us

Hey Bush when will you apologize?

Here Is Why The Republicans Will Loose In 2006 and 2008

The people will not stand up like before until the draft comes back

Bush doesn't like activist judges, so why the hell is he nominating them?

Bush White House wants Newsweek to go on Arab TV and apologize...

Is it just me or has FUAX News become more blatantly partisan & desperate

Email George Galloway if you feel so inclined - I did:

Do you agree with Galloway that we were right and they were wrong?

Democrats discuss "deal" on judges

My letter to CNN came back stamped "Return to Sender"

EMK calls out "venomous incitement from Republican members of Congress..."

Newsweek Hypocrisy

GOP Chair's E-mail: "Had you been a good Democrat and not a socialist"

Musings of an Intellectually Shell-Shocked Kansan

Where the *bleep* is the Democratic leadership of this country?

Independent (UK): “How the oil-for-food programme was exploited”

The nuclear option, gays, and Roe v. Wade...

Best book to give to an open minded conservative who is starting turn

Democratic Congressional Unity

AIDS kills 'one in three' in South Africa

Frist, Black Pastors to Hold Press Conference Near U.S. Capitol

Funny but important - Ridicule/criticism of Bush Admin in MOVIES and TV

Slavery Today

Bernard-henri Levy: Curious timing on the arrests by Pakistan

Almost Unnoticed, Bipartisan Budget Anxiety

It’s not enough to blame Bush for the bloodshed

Iran Intel Brief. Road to War? Next step up to EU

Bush wants another Rathergate from the Newsweek flub

Greg Palast: Cowardice in Journalism Award for Newsweek

Votes Lost Because of Computer Programing Errors - PA.

'Nuzak: What the mainstream media are giving us is elevator news'

Isikoff: Consider the Source

Armageddon: Bringing it on

Forty Years of Extremists

In this mornings paper hidden on the back page-----

Blue-Collar Kids (or those who really serve our country)

I just submitted a guest column to the Seattle Times

Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington

What in God's Name is Going On? (Al Franken)

Chris Hedges (by way of TMW)

Filibuster fight reflects anti-Christian bigotry

The Religious Right: Pushing A Deadly Addiction

The Republican Revolution is dead

Molly Ivins strikes again!!

The case against Galloway was "forged", asserts a British paper

Climate Signals ("perversely"-Bush wants more science)

Filibuster fight reflects anti-Christian bigotry

Britain's Galloway Turns Into Media Hero

Reps. Kucinich & Abercrombie Pen USA Today Op-Ed Calling For US Withdrawal

Support Operation Truth - Benefit Concert (NY) & Ad

"It sounds like someone's squeezing his balls!"

"National Guard to have fewer soldiers" story pulled by Birmingham News

Why does the media ignore the the nuke fillibuster implication on "rules"

Someone tell Randi .. 'should have refused illegal orders'...however

President Hugo Chavez will launch Televisora del Sur (Telesur)

Amazon destruction accelerating

The Merrimack Valley is Ground Zero of Mercury Pollution

More Ozone-Destroying CFCs Than Projected Still Entering Atmosphere

Sewage Spill Total For Florida In 2004 - 56 Million Gallons

Portugese Drought Will Cut Grain Harvest By 70% This Year - AFP

10 Radioactive Containers Of Radium, Cesium Found Dumped In Siberia - AFP

WHO Confirms Ebola Outbreak In Congo, 9 Dead So Far - Reuters

Dead Sea Projected To Fall Over 400 Feet As Inflow Disappears - WP

US Doubts Possibility Of Post-Kyoto Climate Agreement - Reuters

Alcoa Warrick Power Plant (Indiana) Named Nation's Dirtiest

Drinking Poop is Bad for Us

"Combat Terrorism" by causing it

Lu releases White Terror names

Chen is not the root of US-Taiwan tensions

US Mulls ban on women in combat -- BBC

Hamas suffers election blow in north Gaza

Germany to pay Shoah restitution to N. African survivors

From Ghettos to Frontiers - -book review

Finding a roadmap to teach kids about Mideast

Poll: What level of complicity?

Dear Mr. Kerry...

How Could The 9/11 Hijackers Fly 757s/767s But Not Know How to Work the

Could Mark Warner, Gov. of Virginia, be the next Dem Prez candidate?


SANCTIONS DROPPED against Case OH Folks.... But it aint over folks...

Mark Crispin Miller to speak at OSU on 5/23/05

one open slot at Camp Wellstone-washington DC

come to Washington, DC, on June 9 & 10 to lobby the Congress to pass a law

Bob Koehler: " The Counter-Recruiters"

Ohio Supreme Court Won't Sanction Lawyers(election challengers)

For those still worried about MSM and US population

For the record: the new exit poll evidence

Ohio Election Reform bill being introduced (yuck alert)

1994 Election Fraud? Baucus remarks will make you wonder.......

My email to George Galloway re: his testimony and stolen election

Was Chuck Hagel involved?

Should we tell Michael Moore what's up?

Please help explain to Common Cause they must stop pushing paper TRAILS

We Got TROUBLE in River City, Folks...

CA Contractors & Oilman Host Texas Shakedown

George Skelton: Governor Is Digging Himself Deeper over School Funding

California's maximum weekly UI benefit FIFTH lowest in nation

(Uncle Tom) Ward Connerly's donors revealed

Senator Kennedy's address to the party convention.

if wesley clark would run ....

Okay, so I'm new here...

so.. out of the now , what (four??) dfl u.s senate candidates.......??

How a minority, Reaching majority, Seizing authority, Hates the minority.

Update on AA affiliate WANR, Warren-Youngstown

Is Bob Ney on a House committe involving Casinos?

GOT THEOCRACY? What happened to me today at a pastor's breakfast>>>

on my way to columbus, help please

Democracy Fest--need a room?

Should we DU KLIF 570AM?

Dallas precinct training is off to a good start!

Hey Texas! I was just stopping by...

Former Gov. Bill Clements warns TX Republicans not to have a showdown

Cross-posting w/LBN: UW-Stout chancellor denies ROTC application

Oh, crap, somethng I overheard here at UWSP

Local Columnist takes on cat hunting...

Has anyone seen/read *anything*

Bernie Ward: Kill Michael Moore? - Glenn Beck -- streaming

Generals Offer Sober Outlook on Iraqi War - NYTimes

Will Pitt has updated his blog at PDA

ATTENTION: Please read my latest blog entry.

Well, at least the Force is with US.

Aw hell - Frank Gorshen died

A website for Democrats in 2008.

Republicans want to expand Patriot Act to strip courts of power

Star Wars III: My take - Palpatine is George HW Bush (spoilage)

"Bush likely to back weapons in space "

Bad Bill of Sale + Refund = IMPEACH / IMPRISON

Frank Gorshin Dead At 72.

Senator Boxer on Lou Dobbs - dodges ambush

I don't care who the messenger is.

If an atheist makes a million dollars off fanatical christians . .

It's natural to go from victim to victor.

FBI, ATF address domestic terrorism

I liken the Rightwing successes in the past few years to the successes

Great DailyKos Diary: "My Bitch Slap To The Class of 2005"

A question: Will we ever see the word "Aggression" used for the

So This Is How Liberty Dies...

How dumb people can be

Now that we know the Brits "sexed up" the case, who killed David Kelley?

Courier-Post on UK Memo: "No Way Something This Blatant Can Be Ignored"

Independent UK: "Galloway - The Man Who Took On America"

The neoconazis are getting USED to having their way now,

George Galloway's testimony in the Senate.

My latest, "favoritist" Eisenhower quote

UK Letters To Editor: "Galloway Made Me Proud to Be British"

Capitalism-democracy imploding: corporate bail outs, airline bail outs,

Hall of Shame. Texas Legislators raise their pension, cuts teacher benefit


Fox News in Ratings Free Fall

Hypothetical Question

how idiotic to blame bush's problems on Newsweek & Star Wars

Will Pitts New Blog is up......Wow

what would Jesus eat diet. No, I am not kidding

Horton Hears Whos

Are President Bush’s nominees for federal judgeships

Raw Story interview with Sen. Dick Durbin

When AND If Democrats regain Congress

Help from smart DU'rs

Citco - Humans for Hugo

the zombies are becoming unstable and dangerous

We should have DU Awards- This site could make a difference!

"The Readers Aren't Interested"

WH and the Senate leadership is starting to negotiate with the BRAC Report

NEW : "EPIPHANY" Keith Olbermann

MOGAMBO GURU: Empires Do Not Always Die Gracefully


Cat 'owes' $1,500 on credit card

Alan Keyes' daughter missing?

Did Sen Salazar say Bush wanted to be a dictator yesterday?

TEXAS JUSTICE: New trial is denied to man whose lawyer slept in court

Handy-Dandy List of GOP Fetishists

Newsweek; The Silver Lining. Their cowering under the bush jackboots

I called Senator Sessions a liar on C-Span this morning, sigh....

Just got an e-mail response from Manuel Miranda.

Iraqi death toll spirals upwards

Jane Fond's latest film banned from Kentucky theaters

Help needed- the judges in question.

Black Caucus on Judicial Nominations CSPAN NOW

Limbaugh & Hannitty never had the balls to serve in the military

New Progress for America ad blitz in support of Priscilla Owens

There is a similarity between our shopping malls and newspapers.

Vanity Fair's "Man in the Hood"- It's about MUCH more than Newsweek

Find out where your DNA has been.

Christian persecution in this country

New era of Hearst like reporting and Barnum hijinx...

I see the Bible and the Quran as equally useless

If you gave Hannity a haircut and an enema he'd disappear.

Glenn Beck's threat against Michael Moore - audio needed

Gary Bauer afraid of Christians being persecuted.....(victimology)

Wondering about Viagra

Libya lobbyist holds seat on top U.S. Energy board

With all due more talk of impeaching the Chimp!

A challenge to all D.U. er's

Faux News - "Why Do Democrats Hate This Woman?"

I'm convinced that at least ninety-five percent of the freepers are trolls


Driving down a major Saint Louis

What do the RW'ers know about Persecution?

from the moderate democrat

Damn Liberal Media!!!!!

Happy Birthday Malcolm X

Winning Hearts and Minds in El Salvador

cnn Hyping Zarqawi again with a profile, & BARELY mention Osama

is dubya expendable, now that he's a turd in the punchbowl?

If anybody wants to protest Wal-Mart, their shareholders' meeting

Campaign Underground

If it were not so apt, It would be funny -JOKE

Score one for blue corp. vs. red corp - Netflix takes over WalMart Rentals

Iraq War Hero Struggling To Get Navy Paychecks

Representatives Kucinich & Aberdrombie Call For Withdrawl From Iraq

Ahh geesh, the Schindlers were just on a CNN interview.

I love the Rude Pundit!!

Connection between Iraq war and "the nuclear option": Lust for Absolutism

Army recruiting propaganda getting more sophisticated.


Bob Koehler - thread on the counter-recruiters - important stuff

The Bush Gospel

For the sake of our arguments: Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit

Sexual abuser Don Sherwood live on CSPAN now

Could this be the future for Liberals?

Is it just me...or does Carol Linn on CNN anger you too?

An Open Letter To Democrats: Listen To Galloway And Learn Something

Lynn Woolsey KICKS A** On The House Floor (Speech Here)

Who will liberate Iraq from the American Occupation?

Help needed calling my Senator - embarassed to admit this.


A perfect example of why I hate the sports culture in this country


Seeking Suggestions for Conference Invitees

5 Ohio justices step down from rare-coin case

John Edwards Speech to William & Mary Law School Grads

Hey, look over here at the shiney thing, look! look! Oooooh!

Look Out, Iran Is Next!

Could Mark Warner, governor of Virginia, be the next Democrat presidential

* @ Republican National Committee gala, what should the banner really say

Victory -- marijuana will remain legal in Alaska!

interesting if frightening call to the Shultz show yesterday

"Neighbor, how stands the Union?" from 'the Devil & Daniel Webster'

Congressman Dan Lundgren admits blood for oil in the Middle East.

Should the Democrats now bother working with an unpopular Prez?

A Message From Sex Guru Dr. Annie Sprinkle

Do You Believe The Draft Will Start Around June 15th

New Ribbon Slogans -

Florida Graduations Can Be Held at Church

Should the US put weapons in space? Poll. 47% say yes!

Israel declares emergency for landing of plane with 294 passengers

Does anyone remember

BBC: March to free Niger's slave pair

What will replace the USA?

Talabani Iraq President a former terrorist?

So, they don't even tell GW when a grenade comes his way?

Nuzak: What the mainstream media are giving us is elevator news

Bill Maher -- Was Jeff Gannon having Sex with someone in White House

MSNBC QOD: "Do you think Mrs. *'s trip to the MidEast will help improve.."

about hatred

Thoughts on Gannon-gate

Pozen Blasts Bu$h Privatization Plans (Progressive Indexing, remember?)

they did 9-11 too soon, they should've waited till the second term

Desecration of Koran Had Been Reported Before-Wa Post

Kellen Winslow Jr. stock tanking faster than Enrons

How did Isikoff from Newsweek get a confidential FBI file on Clinton?

With GOP legislators controlling everything, Dems should just go home,

Pat Roberts still owes us "Phase two" of the WMD investigation

Are journalists finally starting to revolt?

What was the real motive behind the live grenade report?

It seems the left has finally grown a set!

Kerry speaking now (1:40 central) C-SPAN2

All Crime is Now Terrorism. Plus: The Latest on Paris Hilton

Bankruptcy question

must read interview Terry Moran - Hugh Hewitt

ACLU: U.S. Soldier Instructed Iraqi Detainee to Dig Own Grave

What the...??? Gas prices just shot up 0.15-0.20 today

The lies that led to war...

Neocons accused of buying influence of Reporters Without Borders

Caption this!

Newsweek finds bad stories aren't equal

Senate debate on Nuclear Option...

Those poor kids

Threads about Unscientific Polls on DU

1346 Days.

I don't know who I'm more pissed at, the Republicans or the Democrats

Rawstory: Lautenberg to invoke Star Wars: Let's not let liberty die

Flush Bush (Kristen Breitweiser 9/11 widow) on Huffington Post

What was Hitler's version of the Patriot Act?

My letter to Lamar Alexander

John Kerry is my President!

Lautenberg up now.

Shrub will never hear Kerry or Lautenberg or any arguments from Dems

John Kerry on the floor.....I think he'll make some good points

It's not about the Sex, it's about LYING US INTO A GODDAMNED WAR

The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces

Kerry up now on CSpan 2..."raw grab for power"

Ok now time for Iran

Save The Republic! New MoveOn ad and flyer to download:

Who is the best Democrat in the Senate?

Can I be a Christian Buddhist Jedi? I think I want that to be my religion

yeah, send our 1st Lady to Jordan, Israel & Egypt, that'll fix everything

An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton by Andrea Buffa and Pratap

Why do I taste vomit in my mouth

How DARE George Lucas Attack our Emperor & his Glorious War?

Biggest Waste-Sterroids

best letter to editor about downing street memo i've read

Don't believe rumors you hear today about Rush Limbaugh getting shot.

The thread about the Book of Judges led me to research it (long)

Banderas says New York is more dangerous than Buenos Aires

2 Days of Listening Leads to Observation

If I hear 'up or down vote' one more fucking time I'm gunna scream

Pain in the ass,Tony Blair


Dems final "Bolton Report" released - "he lied" to Congress

Why are the Stupid Drawn to Republicanism?

Randi just said she's going to Congress to testify against media bias!!

Santorum on CSPAN2 :"It's about majorities.", "elections have consequences

Please give me the email addresses of CONSERVATIVE people, church leaders

Doesn't one of these female judges, that Bush is nominating,

And another one; INCOMING; 1 US soldier dead

"Step Back from the Ledge!!!!!!"

Oopsy daisy, Scotty! Newsweek retraction made things worse!

Name for the current war on terror, Iraq, and Afghanistan. WW-III?

Santorum is up....turn off the sound!!

To quote my kids--"Are we there yet"?

For some of you older fellows that remember..Today is Ho Chi Minh's B-day

Reality bites Rich Lowry

Kristen Breitweiser puts Newsweek in context

If I were a pug--I would be offended that they would break my

CapitolBuzz: Extremist Primary (An educational cartoon)

Question: Are the DEMS worthy of your ten bucks today?

98,000 Americans still die each year because of medical errors

An interesting bias I've noticed in news reports...

Living documents.

I wish everyone thought like me.

Cool anti-DeLay billboard spotted in Texas

Pics of Galloway's name added to the forged documents

Why are we wasting time talking about the Nukular option

So what do you think of Al Franken and his electability to the Senate?

Theory: The 'Nuclear Option" crisis is the end game of a conspriracy that

Just walked in from work... Frist on C-span 2 saying...

Oh Boy! Credit Cards with radio-frequency chips are here!

How'd you like to be the lady who's bill is up now?

if he walks like a banana....

The C-PAc Countdwon 8 minutes to budget vote! Canadians discuss!

Republican Click-on Hair?

1629 US Troop Casualties in Iraq.

DU this poll about pickles...


If MM had threatened Glenn Beck, how long before the MM arrest?

Reid & Frist speaking together on the Senate Floor

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: They LIED. The 2 articles here PROVE IT beyond any...

Unsubstantiated FEAR, UNCERTAINTY and DOUBT

Bracing For The Flames I Say, I Do NOT Believe That It IS Prisoner Abuse

Out of Curiosity How did this Administration Fix the Energy Crisis in CA


Day 8 - Bush refuses to face reporters

The things that impressed me the most about George Galloway.

Absolutely Amazing "round robin" Kidney Xplant story

Pentagon lets troops watch kids' graduations

There's been plenty of accountability over Iraq....

Kahn Being Interviewed,...CNN!

Do people know they can file a W-5 and not wait for EIC refunds?

USAirways and America West are officially merging.

(Lt. Gov.) Aiona (R-Duh!): God's love can transform Hawai'i

Freeper BIL just said Afghanistan is suing Newsweek for

" Antarctica scientists get big ice cube delivery"

"Lake disappears, baffling villagers"


St. Laura

How will this administration be brought to it's knees?

Porn Star to dine with Bush

GOP leader says Dems trying to assassinate judges,(was this for real)

Preserve the filibuster-please sign this petition!

From "Save the Republic"

So does this mean ANYONE can file ethics complaints?

Wolf Blitzer = Marketing name? & other misc. MSM BS

Blockbuster tests higher DVD rental fee

Episode III... very timely for the current political climate

"Charlie Wilson's War"

Nukular Option Theory #419

'US is world's middle finger'....Pepsico president

Ummm...suddenly I feel...unsafe. Very very unsafe...and rather ill...

So. Laura is going to " make a speech before the World Economic Forum"

Sam Seder talking about the national debt...

ABC News to Air 'Resurrection' Defense

The social security tour: news or propoganda?

Dubya is a strong, intimidating presence.....

Caption the Drunkard in Chief

Bob Koehler: " The Counter-Recruiters"

"Charlotte (North Carolina) is a HARLOT!"

Ohhhhh Nooooo! Republican Senator Hagel exposes his HYPOCRISY!

The REAL reason for the "nuclear option"

The things that impressed me the most about George Galloway.

So now we are going to have to pay for weather information??

Encounter with the Patriot Act.

Sen. Bill Nelson just said on the Senate floor that it looks like NO deals

Alex Trebeck for president!

Would somebody please post a link

OH NOOOOO!!! Rightwing HYPOCRISY exposed!!!

The Constitution doesn't cover this. What would we do?

How do we respond to freepers when they say Dems have 0 ideas?

Why Jenna Won't Join

Are Liberals the new "Jews?"

Buchanan on Lou Dobbs said Repukes at war w/one another.

Oh how it must burn * to have a 43% approval rating knowing

Salon: Juan Cole Gets It Right ("The Lies That Led To War")

Do you approve of Laura Bush as First Lady?

WTC plans that Trump is supporting

Jefferson: The Earth Belongs to the Living

Snit Hume shrieks "What about Piss Jesus"

Malcolm X Was Born 80 Years Ago Today

the rules at Falwell's college

Newsweek's suggested SS "fix"...raise retirement age and curb benefits

Winger caller on CSPAN gets schooled by Dem lawyer on fillibusters

MSM is in trouble. Sucks for them.

Originator of Bush's Soc Sec plan says "drop private accts" requirement


I just called the police Re: Glen Beck threat

The Case of the Missing US Media Headlines

Why May 19, 2005 is a very special day...

Why Is This New NYT Downing St Memo Story Not On The NYT Website?

Suppose there was no Iraqi war...

Ahhhhhhhh HA!!! I just had a lightbulb-goes-on moment!

Remarkable Howard Zinn Documentary on the Sundance channel

Radio News America now accepting Op/Ed Submissions details here.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count; NO we're NOT missing "thousands" of US dead

Outing myself as a Conservative

Burr, republican from North Carolina says he wants to be held

Our Republican Congress....reduced to Karl Rove's talking points

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 20

Must-read article about military recruitment: abduction/conscription?

Returning U.S. soldiers suffering epidemic psychological disorders

Regarding Domestic Terrorism

Hey conservative "journalists" you better watch the hell out.

Religious Spam: "Muslims for Jesus"????

Pentagon fights PTSD with video games

War with Iran?

Animal activists top FBI terrorist list

Will it totally confuse people if I put my DU sticker on my black SUV?

Newsweek, the Quran and the "Green Mushroom", FAIR Alert

Well, I've pithed away an ENTIRE evening looking for dirt on Galloway.

Santorum uses Adolf Hitler analogy for filibuster

The Journal of Psychohistory addresses "The New 9/11 Scandal"

I am REALLY disappointed with my fellow DUers!

George Galloway Links

People at work are all abuzz about the Galloway testimony...

Should children who lie about being sexually abused be put on a registry?

twofer thursday toons (5/19)

Rep. Conyers' petition to support an investigation into the UK memo

Offshoring. Why it is not just immoral and unethical. But utterly illegal.

House Committee Votes Down Legal Rights of Police Officers

This is IT, folks! The BIG STORY that is going to BLOW THE LID OFF!!!

I have five questions about November 22, 1963.

Credit card 'late fees' and lost mail

White Rose Funding Drive - Half Way There!

Update on AA affiliate WANR, Warren-Youngstown, OH

Got Theocracy? My experience at a "Pastor's Breakfast" this morning>

US General in Iraq: "I think that this could still fail"

Fox News in Ratings Free Fall

"'America' ceased on Dec 9 2000" -- ALL the CNM* covered it.

Running Google/Yahoo Score On Downing St Memo - 78 - 380 - 94

Guess what was just delivered to my house?

I have a rump roast

Better Than Bouillon - Ham Base flavor

so I have twelve pounds of rhubarb............

Tapes show Harris urged OPP to act against native protestors

Totonto Star: Minority government still likely, poll shows

The Queen is in town today.

CBC Newsworld - Question Period in the House (Live)

Canucks, place your bets. Election - yes or no

Parrish has appendicitis - may miss the vote

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash, with a message for the Conservatives

Stephen Harper is an attractive doofus, but still a doofus.

Rona Ambrose - the Cons new "Hottie"

Toronto Star (May 19): Gagliano joins Chrétien in move to oust Gomery

Tutor wins $500K lottery prize in NS

Bite your tongue Paul Martin! I like all the screaming in Parliament

Government survives two confidence votes

No matter what happens... this photo will always be out there

Galloway on BBC's Question Time

EU move to block trade aid for poor

U.S. protecting accused airliner bomber, Castro says

Shanghai detains more than 1,300 in widespread raids

Two die in violent Congo protests

Tempers Flare Over Plan to Name Officials with Draft-Dodging Sons

Students microwave family cat

Anti-Tax Group to Run Pro-DeLay Ads.

Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs


O'Malley accuses Ehrlich of smear campaign

Political tensions rising in Guinea-Bissau: president


Reuters: Rafsanjani Urges US To Begin Thaw In Ties

Downing Street Memo on Blitzer

Bush acknowledges problems in post-war Iraq

Sadr urges Iraqis to trample on US flag over Koran desecration

Ukraine's Yushchenko blasts govt over fuel crisis

Parrish may miss budget vote due to bout of appendicitis

`Fifty' Nepali rebels killed

NStar cuts benefits

Lefkow blasts anti-judge rhetoric

Bush facing rare chance to shape Fed

Gunmen in Iraq Kill Top Shiite Cleric's Aide

Generals Offer a Sober Outlook on Iraqi War (scotty could tell

At Home In the Rubble: Fallujah Reborn as Giant Gated Community

General strike against occupation in Iraqi city of Ramadi

Pakistan says Iran gas pipeline the easiest option

Plan Would Broaden F.B.I.'s Terror Role(Patriot act II)

Nonpartisan Testimony Gets White House Edit

Deal in lawsuit reveals donors ("Uncle Tom" Ward Connerly)

Nine Iraqis killed, three injured in US air raid

BBC: Iran opposition accused of abuses

NATO won't deploy military bases in Georgia

Bush wants another Rathergate from the Newsweek flub


Uzbek troops retake rebel town

Pomp and Politics in Grand Rapids: Bush visit brings controversy

Biases revealed in US House of Representatives (against US code)

Gunmen in Iraq kill top Shiite cleric's aide


Pregnant grad told to skip ceremony takes the stage

Early Version of New Patriot Act Gives Administration Everything

Guerrilla expansion alleged

Uzbekistan Unbound

Ohio Supreme Court Won't Sanction Lawyers(election challengers)

Congress May Limit Combat Roles for Women

The 'wave' of the future (New Contactless Credit Cards-Bad Idea?)

Uzbek opposition fears crackdown after rebellion

GOP finesses stem cell bill

Venezuela Government Plans Satellite Launch In 3 Years -Report

Police: Law enforcement officer threw kitten from moving car

Activists Pressure Both Sides in Judge Debate

Pssst! Did you hear what this town did?

Montgomery Mother's Stand On Sex-Ed Begins at Home (no homo talk)

GOP Targets Spending Limit (seek to remove campaign donation limits)

Zoellick holds talks in Baghdad

Female business owners gain more political clout

Ohio Supreme Court Won't Sanction Lawyers - Arnbeck, Fitrakis, Truit +

Pistol-packing journalist fends off attack in Manila

Straw signals Britain may abandon vote on EU treaty

Senate Panel Rejects Better Mileage For Gas Guzzlers - Reuters

U.S. says Syrian meeting plotted recent Iraqi attacks

Leading Indicators, Jobless Claims Fall

ACLU asks for jail for Tangipahoa (LA) school officials

Portland taxpayers to pay for campaigns

Iraqi Oil Minister Assassinated

Reid: Bush, GOP Seek to Reinvent Reality

Calif. makes energy conspiracy accusation

Reid: Bush, GOP Seek to Reinvent Reality

State of emergency for jet landing in Israel

Cuban Militant Could Be Deported (Posada)

U.S. says Syrian meeting plotted recent Iraqi attacks

Reid: Bush, GOP Seek to Reinvent Reality

New hearing for soldier over Abu Ghraib charges (Lynndie England)

Kuwait's 2004-05 budget's surplus increase three folds


U.S. sees no sign of Iran abandoning nuclear aims

Alabama National Guard to have fewer soldiers

Pension Issues Snag United, Union Talks

Out of control...Parents behavior, obsession with sports gets worse

U.S. to set new limits on clothing imports from China

Yahoo - Graduates fear debt more than terrorism.

Mass layoffs increase in Missouri, stay flat in Kansas

Far-Right NPD Prints Paper in Poland (neo-Nazi hypocrisy)

Forces 'May Have Killed 1,000 Uzbek Civilians'

"Iraq's Sunnis accuse Shiite militia of killings"-- Daily Star, Lebanon

Computers Seized in Data-Theft Probe

U.S. Claims Over Iraq Siege Challenged (Al-Qa'im)

U.S.: Religious Humiliation of Muslim Detainees Widespread

Iran derides 'demeaning' anti-nuclear incentives

Florida Court Summons 100 Israelis to Testify in Islamic Jihad Trial

DynCorp Again Wins State Department Contract for Narcotics Eradication

(Six) Afghan aid group workers killed

Cuban bomb suspect charged in US

Filibuster fight reflects anti-Christian bigotry

Feds late with plan to check passengers before planes take off (no-fly)

Kucinich On US Space Weapons, Control Of the World

Cuban (Posada) Charged With Entering U.S. Illegally

Two Houston Police Officers Fired

UW-Stout goes against students and lawmakers to out ROTC

RNC Raises Just Over $10 Million in April


News briefs from Southern California (Another Taser Death)

NJ reservist convicted in Abu Ghraib case soon free

Bush May Risk Court Deadlock With Unpopular Choice


MacKay 'banged up' by Stronach's surprise move (CANADA)

Jury Asks Falwell About Church Donation

Greenspan slams Freddie, Fannie again

Pinochet Suffers Stroke

U.S. Congress debates medical coverage for impotence

U.S. Rules Out Giving Incentives to Iran


Cuba Ejects Polish Officials

Black Vandy grad trying to buy out 'Confederate' name

Md. Cardinal to Boycott Giuliani Speech

Canadian government survives confidence vote

The rising economic cost of the Iraq war ($600 billion by 2010)

US captain staged mock execution in Iraq: new documents

Pelosi: 'We Must Expand Opportunities for Women Serving in the Military'

Allstate won't renew 95,000 Fla. policies

Fay Vincent Resigns Catholic Board Seat in Protest of Editor's Firing

US Airways, America West to Merge

Astronaut Asks Congress to Investigate Threatening Asteroid

Finance Expert Questions Private Accounts("Democrat"Bob Pozen)

Parks' Sex Offenders Stance Draws Concern (offenders are concerned)

AP: US Officials Met W/ North Korean Officials In NY Last Week

Scientists Create Customized Stem Cells

Muslims dispute Zarqawi over killing innocents

'Worst pile of crap architecture I've seen.' (The Guardian)

Drunk Driver Sobs at Sentencing,Then Makes Nasty Comment to Victim's Daughter

Patriarch denounces U.S. evangelicals in Iraq

Amazon Deforestation Up 6% In 2004 (2nd-worst year on record)

Bias Claim Against Reporters Group (Cuba - Reporters W/o Borders

Female TV Star murdered in Afghanistan (after Mullahs got her fired)

Building Cameras Catch Philly Killing On Tape

Ehrlich Vetoes 'Wal-Mart' Bill (Maryland)

Clinton-memoir too long (urges Dems not to move "hard to the left")

D.C. Gun Law Ban Attacked (Allen wants handguns legal in DC)

Newsweek: Consider the Source (Cult Terrorists WH Source on Iran)

5 Ohio justices step down from rare-coin case

Two U.S. soldiers die in drive-by shooting

FBI, ATF address domestic terrorism

WHO confirms Ebola outbreak in Congo, nine dead

Wal-Mart, Netflix in DVD alliance

Red Cross told U.S. of Koran incidents

Boys, too, suffer long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse

Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?

Nazi's had a Messerschmidt flying saucer

Thank you for being a friend

I just heard the greatest clip on the news! RE: The Queen

Gezzzzz Louise, I need a sesious ear and mind bath


Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah so THERE!


I just saw Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon and I have some q's.

For the security conscious

Is THIS the reason Newsweek publishes rankings of "The Best High Schools?"

I suppose everyone is at the movie theatres tonight! LOL

Advice? I'm going to repost something I deleted earlier.

Star Wars Urban Legend: True or False

3:26 am...midterm in less than 12 hours...

First report after seeing "Revenge of the Sith" (NO SPOILERS)

I'll show you something scarey!! Famous models/actresses

Rock Stars: Then and Now

Remember during the 80's and 90's

Is it just me, or do Boohbah heads look like uncir...

new toons (2) 5/19


HAHAHAH!! *GASP* OH MY GOD. A must see:

I should be in bed with my wife

DU'ers That Have Dropped RW Friends, et. al...How Is That Going For You?..

There's an evil guy on my balcony giving me the bird!

Weather geeks! Is it possible that TS Adrian can go across Honduras...

Is the greatest page really the greatest?

Cute little skunkies!

so today I talked to a rescue group about becoming a foster mom for cats..

Is Anyone Awake? I Wanna Bitch About W....

Cats don't have opposable thumbs. Boon to mankind or downright shame?

i love will pitts new blog today!

MATCOM, check out this odd news.

need HELP with question about sig line

'Upskirt Camera' Planted In NY Subway Causes Bomb Scare

Question about CA License Plates

Woman Kept 246 Dogs In Her Home

Cat 'owes' $1,500 on credit card

Any financial planners here?

If I ever snap and become a serial killer...

Woman Cut Husband's Penis With Scissors

Anyone disappointed by Revenge of the Sith?


Alligator Found In Virginia Reservoir - LOOK OUT UNDERPANTS

Rumors true: HBO confirms Carnivale cancelled. No 3rd season.

Cyanide victims think 'poison' warning a slogan. Take THAT! Matcom.

Potential Grovelbot replacements

What should I do today?

Which method do you prefer?

Soooooooo, Who Has Seen IT????? (SW)


Day 4 of the plague - ugh! make it go away

I finally did it!

Republicans cry as Bush takes a nose dive in the latest polls.

Wisdom of the ages

Anyone else read McSweeney's Open Letters

Radiohead - No band even comes close

thank you...

Revenge of the Sith is INCREDIBLE

Can someone PLEASE explain how this could happen?

Workers Find 193 Year Old Bottle Of Whisky

Hey matcom, how are you feeling today?

I'm having rice with soy sauce. Not bad.

You don't think I'm insecure do you?

Has anyone seen Grovelbot today?

Help calm me down! I'm getting ready to have a big fight with my

It's time for Christmas! Ready?

Noah Wyle will be doing

1,500 Pound Camel Sits On Woman Painting Her Fence

I wear my sunglasses at you?

Gilligan Recovering From Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery

MORE breaking geek news

Got a Star I Didn't Earn

Memory Gems

Update on the Andy Stephenson situation

Star Belly Sneetches

Is it just me???

Teen, (17!!), Not Allowed To Wear His MARINE Dress Uniform To Graduation

For Whom the Bell Tolls, in smilies

Frank Goshin - AKA "The Riddler" in the TV Batman series dies.


Should pregnant Marines be allowed to "walk" at high school graduation?

Funny commercial

What are some good methods of stopping an aggressive dog?

Alysha Cosby rocks!

Want a DU star but can't afford to donate? Say the pledge

Enough of the enough of the pregnant high school graduate already!

Malcolm X born May 19, 1925

Pregnant student defies graduation ban


Dupe: Apparently she announced her OWN name!

DU Veterinarians, we gotta talk. I'm considering going back to school

need some columbus (oh) help

What are some good methods for stopping an aggressive rethug?

Pssst! Did you hear what this town did?

My Wife Is Out Of The Hospital. Whew!

The pregnant high school students meets w/ the run away bride!!

Compliment a pregnant high school graduate here! [View all]

STAR WARS and DU: Here's a modest proposal

A big, fat, juicy...

Hey, guess what? After four years on DU, I am BRAM STOKER!

Pregnant High School Graduate Forced To Wear A BELL Outdoors!!

Is it "Mirror, Mirror" or "Mere, Mere"?

OMG... "Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge" Is Renewed! AND...


The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome

Hey, guess what? After four years on DU I AM my own STALKER!

Pregnant High School graduate walks loud barking dog

Why was Bush flipping off that camera?

OK Since we don't have ATA and the grovelbot kidnaps avatars

Pregnant teenager just saw Star Wars!

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 19, 2005

Student gets high at pregnant school graduation!

Okay, catch me up on the gossip and goings on

Are you dyspeptic? Just wondering.

Women In Tight Shirts To Deliver Lunch To Construction Workers

Pregnant teenager watches "Fat Actress"!

Pregnant Pause at Teenagers' High School Graduation

I'm my own stalker

Why is the new Star Wars movie called "Revenge of the Shit"?

Are you dyslexic? Just wonderbra.

Now listen to Stalk Stalk's greatest hit...

I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can

Any new movies out this week?

Let's Give Them Something To Stalk About...

Woody Allen molests pregnant teen

Library Mystery;Someone Packed Shelves With Yellow Pages

A am a prattling jackanapes.

149 and counting

Nude Car Wash...

I'm a little homo, short and stout. Hypno's my handle, d'you wanna see my

Pregnant Teenager elopes with Runaway Bride

Live webcast of transgentilization surgery today...details and link

Women in unarmed combat

OMG give me a F***ing break. I'm getting so tired of the BS about

My wife is trying to find me a Round Tuit.

What did that womp-rat ever do to you?!

Runaway bride in underpants sees Star Wars while stalking pregnant teen

I feel like I've been living in a cave for the last week!

We haven't been focusing lately. That needs to change

Hey, guess what? After four years on DU I have my own STALKER!

New internet hoaxes: pharming and evil twins . . .(beyond phishing)

I want to stalk someone! Any volunteers?

Unwed Aborted Fetus Takes Stage At Graduation, Demands Star Wars Tix

Student gets pregnant at high school graduation!

I'm getting spammed

I keep thinking it's Thursday

I'm Getting Pammed!

25 Lines from Star Wars improved by substituting the word "Underpants"

WTF ? " Teen charged for trying to drive nails into ex-gf's palm"

Rather the Romaines or the Animals lover

How are gasoline prices where you live?

State the oblivious about another DUer here.

BREAKING: Star Wars is not Shakespeare... news at 11

Today, it's startin' to feel like the old it was ...

"Legal Eagles" on AMC?

Don't you think we need arch-enemas here at DU?

entreatment for music--please give me your suggestions!

Anyone seen the Bush rap video?

Don't you think we need arch-enemies here at DU?

i have to confess.... (sorry Star Wars fans)

All Ramones, all day on XM Fungus 53!!!!

Favorite version of "What a wonderful World?"

I'm home alone with sox toys!

What should I do to keep busy at work?

Selling my soul in a buyer's market. Who wants to own my soul?

Got an Up From Zero DVD today from the Dept. of Labor

state the obnoxious about DUers here:

SATIRE:Key Conservative Christians Pull Support from *'s Judicial Nominee

Mrs. Grumpy Grumpily took my post number!

Help me, please!

Any The (International) Noise Conspiracy fans out there??

A Fun Poll For Game Lovers!

When will Bush's expression change to "Uh-Oh"?

Did Al-Zarqawi really say this?

"Lesser Panda" what kind of a name is that?


Runaway Bush

Caption this!

Panda self-esteem sinks to an all-time low!

Pregnant Wookie devours songbird at Graduation Ceremony--Newsweek


Pregnant Panda dumps Netflix Graduates to Walmart Bootlegs S Wars -Tazered

Neal Horsley says, "When my mule has a headache, a Lesser Panda will do."

11 Year Old Girl Pitches PERFECT Baseball Game (Struck Out ALL Batters)

Just saw Episode III.

Them Toad Suckers

President Bush, Obe-Wan never told you who your father really was...

Pregnant Netflix Employee Tazers Lesser Panda for Gardenburgers @ Walmart

Ok, if NetFlix=Walmat, anyone know GreenCine?

I just got a shot in the arse. Ask me anything.

Pregnant Lesser Panada strikes out 18, skips graduation to see Star Wars

Need some good vibes this morning

Has anyone read the Star Wars: Fall of the Republic treatment

Today's Dumb Headline: "Sumatra Quake Shook Earth's Surface"

Did the anti-Christ save the Galaxy?

I was just on the Tom Hartman show as a call in

Attention: If any of you post on the Babysite. Please PM me

Lesser panda evolves opposable thumb!!!

Help!!! Anyone see Alias last night?

La Mamma Morta

Anyone here have experience with adult ADD?

What's the difference in hourly wage from when you had your

Is anyone still watching "Fat Actress?"

Is it "there there" or "their their"?

What, did you just fall off the Giraffe truck?

YaaaaaaaY!!!! It's Air Show Time Again!!!

Out of control...Parents behavior, obsession with sports gets worse

Speaking of Star Wars

"President Bush gestures to reporters trying to ask him questions"

Lounge! Never fingers! my fingers are tired!!!

I am almost at a 1,000 posts. Who wants to help me get there?

Got Boys??? Then you'll like this as much as I did.

Is it Domino Effect or Domino Affect?

First change by the new pope

Is this something to be concerned about?

Are you Dyslexic? Just wondering.

Good news! Doc gives the OK for my run on Saturday

For my 15,000th post - a star to the person who can name the song from

The Grovelbot has got to me!

To quote from Shirley Valentine - "I'm going 'round the Bend" tomorrow...

Nute Gunray=Reagan+Newt

What's all this talk about Star Trek?

Arrested Development will return in Fall

So I guess most of you liked Episode III

12 Year Old Boy Ordered To Pay $200,000.00 For Vandalism At University

Wwwwwwwwipe out! ___ _______OUCH!

I turn my back to the wind

Ever have a dream you swear you've had before?

Blockbuster vs. Netflix mail rental movies.

BREAKING WIND: Rush Limbaugh shoots Rush Limbaugh!

Pleeeeeease help me ! I need an avatar !

My Rival

I just watched "Riding Giants" Now I wanna be a professional surfer!

Breaking!!! Glenn Beck caught shooting up with Rush Limbaugh

I'm applying for $10,000 in free stuff from the government -- wish me luck

I can't open any threads even remotely mentioning Star Wars anymore.

Got a question about mp3 file conversion... anyone know how...

I'm such a sap. I actually had tears in my eyes last nite after watching

The ultimate in Pop Culture referencing: The Picture of Everything

If you haven't read this yet, you need to read it now

Move over, Chanel and Jordan: Mayor of DC has his own cologne.

BREAKING; Glenn Beck shoots Rush Limbaugh!

O.K. fitness types, this may be a dumb excercise question but...

"Liberty University"

Music Group "Split Ends": Any Info?

Who doesn't give a shit about Star Wars, new or old? (No Poll!)

I had lunch today with another DUer.

Star War fans: Aren't there going to be more movies?

The Apprentice

To Zion, By Lauryn Hill

Is it better to have loved Lost

New species of monkey found

What is the correct spelling for Commander Cuckoo-Bananas?

I had lunch today with another DUer.

Place your bets here. What will the subject be of NSMA's 50,000th post?

Want to see a funny, clever, and cute film? Go to Store Wars....

EUREKA Finally, a church I can belong to!!!

Rate Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Let Me Die In My Footsteps....(sing along)

Did someone really shoot Limbaugh, or what?

She just hit 50,000

I love this SPAM right here.

Can I get some recommendations on photo sharing software?

If You Could Launch George Bush Into Space Where Would You Send Him?

I always knew liberals were immoral.

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

Do you ever get jealous when you see someone else post something clever?

I ate another DUer for lunch today.

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets In Ring-Fight - Never mind

I've set up a LIVE WEBCAM in matcom's office... He's not in right now, but

Well, if it's the onset of summer, it must be time...

There's nothing for me here now

I have 2 juicy steaks marinating in the fridge right now...

Damnit matcom!!

I just washed a booklet of stamps in my laundry

What an absolutely crappy day. It's raining cats and dogs...

Public proposals of marriage: Yea or nay?

Rove=Sidius, Bush=Vader

I'm home alone with six boys

Blockbuster review from BuyBlue website(for those of us cancelling Netflix

So I just got my first digital camera. How do I post photos to DU?

Woo hoo! The dancing old guy is back!

Why Don't Long Movies Have Intermissions Anymore?

Dang! I didn't know they cancelled JOA :^(

Here's some big love for DU, best internet community I have

A terminology discussion: Is it Secretary of Defense or War?

What is the rudest candy bar ever?

Is DU running slow again for anyone else?

So what kind of pictures should I post?

Is DU running fast again for anyone else?

How does the "Pit and the Pendulum" end?

Okay...I'm in a Red State and off to try to see "Revenge." I think 8:00

I ran out of dishwasher detergent...

I CONFESS! I thought Miss Venezuela was a shoe-in to win NOT Miss Colombia

WTF do I have to do to get some attention around here, be JimmyJazz?


Pizza Call (could this be the future?)

I'm burned out. Help me prioritize

ABC news showed how bootleg "Revenge Of The Sith" DVD's were out.

Remember the "where'd it go?" feeling you had with your 1st paycheck?

Don't understand Canadians and Hockey? Neither does this guy

Well - I seen it. And I liked it!

Do You Su DoKu ?

The elephant in the room

IconBaby is a...


Alright, I'll admit it! I'm a POPINJAY.

Check Out This Roadside Anti-Bush Sign! (Which DUer Lives In Waldorf, MD?)

I recognized almost nobody on GD, GD Politics and BN tonight...

Hemingway. Great writer? Or he sucks?

Which Form of Prisoner Torture is Most Effective?

How do you ask for a raise? And how much?

Good & Evil - Politics & Conscience (+Star Wars +Spoilers)

Math help needed (night before a big test); A.K.A 'ATTENTION MATH FREAKS!'

An affair with a married man...

If you needed a reason to see the new Star Wars - here's the best one ever

OMG!!!! The best news since it looked like Kerry was going to win!!!!

Nevada Governor Sign's Anti-Pimp Bill

Your opinions please

We're over halfway to 1000 donations.

Has anyone ever had those garden burgers? Are they good?

George The sadistic Mo-Fo!

What was your first paying job? What was the hourly rate?



Should I get a haircut, or should I let it keep growing?

Help on Congressional Record


Don Henley or Glenn Frey?

Joeybee12- 9000 posts!

Declare your love (like, appreciation, passing thought) for a DUer here!

This is post 8,986--help me get to 9,000, so ask me any...

Damn dog!

You were all correct and I apologize.

State the obvious about another DUer here.

Mary Carey, PORN STAR, to dine with Georgie and Karl Rove!

if he walks like a banana....

Compliment a fellow DUer here!

I Had a Pleasant Dream About (GASP) ann coulter!

This one is kind of a shocker. John Popper from Blues Traveler

WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! What is your DARTH NAME!??!?!


And the winner is....

Our little girl is all grown up! Lavender Brown has eloped! See:

Lousy English that aggravates the hell out of me....

I've never had a cannoli. Am I deprived?

Ever had a pet named BUDDY? Got a photo or a tale? Post it here.

Police: Law enforcement officer threw kitten from moving car

DUs unusual pix if you have'em or tell us about them.

Just got back from seeing star wars

Be careful folks

Rent From Netflix? Now Your $$ Will Also Go To Wal-Mart

A website for Democrats in 2008.

No wonder FOX cancelled FIREFLY:

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Adrian upgraded to Hurricane.

Who loves, To Sir With Love?

"My doctor's nurse "accidentally" ordered the WRONG DOSE of

For those who saw the opening of Star Wars, which was the most important

Watching "The Jazz Singer." What a piece of crap.

Bits of Paris, from me to you. (CAUTION: Busy-Sketch-Heavy!!)

My 50,000th post: A conundrum- TURN ON YOUR TV NOW!

Ladies & gentlemen, the Administrators of Democratic Underground! (Photo)

Food Fight!

Weigh in here please!

So. Cal Rally and teach-in June 5th, addressing Christian Right

Can eBay Help Build a Pagan College?

As Vote Nears, DeLay Attacks Bill Expanding Stem Cell Research

New African monkey discovered

Texas Gay Marriage Ban Revived

Strong Start for Gay Political Candidates in 2005

Polish Mayor Cancels Gay Pride

2004 Not As Bad As Thought Gay Group Says

Auto Glass Maker Settles HIV Suit

WI Lawmakers Hire Conservative Christian Law Firm To Fight Gay Benefits

Cardinals and Orioles --- are they gonna meet in september?

Preakness thoughts anyone?

I can finally post here (pictures)

Rescued Dog Needs Surgery

Is anyone familiar with Dr. David Morehouse & remote viewing?

Some new usefull info for debates with creationists

Jesus Raves

Senate Debate for Thursday, May 19th

Thursday Bolton

Kerry: The Merrimack Valley is Ground Zero of Mercury Pollution

Iran Hearing today: Heads up, this is the next target

Kerry statement scheduled for replay

Kerry Floor Transcript

What is wrong with these people?Now they attack my Governor!

He speaks out, yet people still bash him

Kery speaking now

Firefighters in action photo

Bonus "Countdown Puppet Theatre" Ebay auction ending soon.

Can I get some KOEB love for 1 more who died in *'s insane war.

Well, my first class of Precinct Chair training

Why is Laura going to the middle east? What about the gangs?

Wasserman - the nuclear waste option

CuckooBananas orchestrated nuclear option?

Which Republican Senator is the wimpiest?

Wow Galloway Sure Shut Up The Freepers RE: Oil For Food!

AP: Frist Could Lose Out If Sen. Achieves Compromise Over Filibuster

Didn't we promise not to militarize space?

NBC/WSJ poll reveals 'angry electorate' - DUH!

Congress grows a spine. No more cheating, lying, and maipulation to win.

Dems need to hit the populism note NOW!!!

U.S. gives Anchorage $1.5M for bus stop (a gift from Uncle Ted Stevens)


Please help Florida Democrats!

RNC Email on Election Theft re: Christine Gregoire

Grenade near Bush 'was live'

Franken on Coleman "What in God's Name is Going On?"

Happy Birthday Malcolm X

Anyone else listening to the Iran Hearing (Senate FRC)

Rosen: Trading military bases for constitutional rights

Are FOX News in a Rating Free fall?

"Good person" "Fundamental fairness" "Extreme fringe groups" "84%"

Raw Story interview with Sen. Dick Durbin

Benefits of the "Elected Class"


"264 acts of sabotage against the petroleum infrastructure in 2004"

General Colin L. Powell associates with America's Promise

Repugs are trying to destroy the Senate just as effectively as Al Queda

CSPAN -2 Thread...

Newsweek's flub and Bush's

A culture of death

Rep. Mel Watt live CSPAN now

Applaud the congressional black caucus

Where Are Our Commercials?

So, If Cat-Killer Loses On The fillibuster, Then Cheney in The Presumptive

Fox on Frist: "a devastating effect on his potential run in 2008"

My mail's probably going 100-to-1 against [Social Security] privatization

Procedural Senate Question

NBC/WSJ poll reveals 'angry electorate' (35% say we're "on right track")

THU. OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

Matt Miller: Can CEOs lead on health care reform?

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Do You Think Mrs. Bush's Trip To The MidEast ...

John Conyers, Jr. D-MI

Oregonians...Sen Gordon Smith is on Cspan now. He is WRONG re fillibuster

A suggestion to fund Social Security

WSJ: Approval of Congress Erodes in Survey

Hypocrisy Alert: Bob Novak, Look in the Mirror

Bush EPA Official Admits Helping Developer Destroy Wetlands

I asked 14 people: "heard of Galloway?"

I'm confused about the filibustering on college campuses and

Alabama Sen. Sessions-Ricky Shroeder or Stan Laurel look-a-like?

I have an idea...

Call your senators today

Listen again and smile! Galloway A REAL MAN

Kennedy Speaking on CSPAN 2 now. He is getting wound up (nt)

The Greening of Salt Lake City (SLC's fight to stop global warming).

True Majority names 8 Senators who aren't sure how they'll vote.

Heads UP -- Byrd speaking on Floor of Senate!

Brilliant piece by FAIR

Anti-gay group offers 1 million free bumper stickers- They're FREE!

from a little corner of Long Island, buried in a "psychics" story:

Kick ass and take names...

Listen to TED KENNEDY on C-span 2 -- he is wonderful!!!


Is it just me....

KERRY IS SPEAKING re: fillibuster on C-span 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

CAFTA, Slave Labor, & Outsourcing

The Answer to Reliance on Foreign Oil

WE want them to have "up-or-down" votes, too ...

Kerry is up. n/t

Senator Lautenberg D-NJ on C-Span2 now....

There is a pause in the senate filibuster

Finally, our party is taking a stand and not backing down. Now we will

__ Byrd on C-Span2 NOW---

Does the Senate operate under Robert's Rules of Order and does that mean

THU. #2 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster


Senator Kennedy's address to the Massachusetts Dem State Convention

Since the Impeachment idea

didn't repukes violently oppose up or down vote

Exile-Loving Democrats

Armageddon: Bringing it on


I know we are supposed to be nice and all that slurp when we

Boston Globe: Gannon / Guckert allegations were "never proven"

Malcolm X's Birthday..

NRCC now attacking Nancy Pelosi with distorted "facts" (Party of No meme)

"The Difference between the GOP and Democrats"

Filibuster question's

MSNBC Poll: Will Pickles' Mideast trip "help improve America's image?"

Is Rick Santorum a whiney little bedwetter?

Reporters challenge McClellan on soruces, Newsweek

Rumsfeld on Faux yesterday, blew off a question about Bin Laden

Is it me, or does it appear that the death by 1000 cuts is in progress -

Marbury v Madison v Cheney

The official Rick Santorum is a ........ thread

Tom DeLay: Savior of the Democrats?? (Rolling Stone)

Nazi Legacy-Chile: "Guru of Sadism, Safely in Jail

Listening to Lott this morning

Which bu$hie Might Be Most Likely To "Tell All" Someday, Hopefully Soon?

GOP senator chairing debate not paying attention, signs autographs

Shumer is reading the name of all 208 of W's nominees that passed

Up next: Discrediting the Blogs

Kerry and McCain ... a question

Doesn't Max Baucus's voice remind you of the narrator of all the Disney

Republicans -- The party of the Liberals (?)

Keith Olbermann will discuss Red Cross reports of Qu'ran abuse tonight

(Moronic) Letter To The Editor (in my local paper)

Santorum plays the Hitler card

So this Pastor thinks he has the right to say this and keep a tax

They say nothing -they see nothing - they hear nothing...

Yet another analysis on why we lose elections (big pic inside)

Mary Carey, porn star to dine with smirk in W.H.

Is John Kyl correct?

Rick Santorum: Sphynx or Simply Confusing?

Real reason why military bases are being closed.

The Tale of the Tape...Big Dawg versus Snot-nose Fake Cowboy

I just submitted a guest column to the Seattle Times

One reason none of these nominees are qualified...

Can anybody tell me...

Breaking News ...... Iraq sliding into Civil War ....

GOP's Current Position Mirrors Democrats' Spot In 1993

Join the Fristifilibuster at 3rd and Maryland S.W. TODAY

Outlawing couches on porches - what the hell?

Preserve the filibuster-please sign this petition!

THU. #3 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms & Filibuster

It looks like almost all the Repubs are going to fall in line...

Reply to "Downing Street Memo" question from Repub Congressman

Follow-up email to my local paper RE: my dust up with Domenici's office

Revenge of the Sith is All about the Bush administration-Discuss parallels

Kerry giving his 2 cents on CSPAN 2 now and kicking their asses

% Vacancies of District, Circuit, and combined courts (1977 - 2003)

My letter to Sen John Warner (Va.)

See how close your reps are to DeLay here

'Nuzak: What the mainstream media are giving us is elevator news

Downing Street Memo on Blitzer

Senator Harry Reid stands up for America. His speech was magnificent.

Could Mark Warner, gov. of Virginia, be the next Democrat prez nominee?


Why the UN is doomed

My email to Senator Brownback

Janet Napolitano Avoids Howard Dean

"I am tired of being lectured to about moral values by a corrupt party,"

The OFFICIAL Johnny Isakson Accomplishment Thread

If The Shoe Were On The Other Foot In The Senate......

Reps. Kucinich & Abercrombie: USA Today Op-Ed Calling For US Withdrawal

Violent animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists

I just called Domenici's office & I am SHAKING WITH ANGER

Was Lucas trying to tell us something about Bush and Bin Laden?

Focus on the Family is selling "Son of Sam" found Jesus! audio C.D.

Republican House refuses to PROTECT AIRLINES ! ! !

Halliburton Protest Photos and Great Video

Why is John McCain a whore?

Absolutely WONDERFUL George Galloway entry at Wikipedia - fave quotes

Time Machine: Look what we've lost

John Kerry’s Floor Speech on Priscilla Owen’s Nomination

Earth to DC, Earth to DC, DC call home!!!!

The Fractured Black Caucus: RW taking over the CBC?

I am scared.What are we going to do if we lose the filibuster?