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Archives: May 15, 2005

Join the 14 Per Cent Club! We Won!

DU: A Scientific Perspective/ An Interview with Leuren Moret

Other Voices: Trust and the Unnamed Source

Retirement's Unraveling Safety Net -WP

War by Other Means

Obasanjo-Bush tango over Taylor's sins

The Interview

Nuclear power

The Nobility of Slaughter

Iraq is a bloody no man's land. America has failed to win the war.

Class in America: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide -NYT Series

Earthly Empires (Business Week on the Evangelical Megachurches)

Another interesting convo with my Bush-sycophant co-worker

Military Bases Top EPA's Toxic Waste List

Nuclear power (UK)

Revealed: the safety ‘failures’ at Dounreay

Government report gives new wind to green energy (UK)

Close nuclear leak plant for good, says Sellafield

Israel lets PA police carry arms in W. Bank

Diebold To Buy Federal Election Commission! (satire)

Urgent Alert! Need help from NC'linians in these Counties/Verified Voting

DU's Own "Sonias " Hard work and Article... Kudos to Her!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Sunday

Saw a great bumpersticker today--anyone know where to get it?

Does your bank use Diebold ATMs - please let us know!!

I can't believe this sh*t from Mitofsky...again.

Anyone else find today's convention disappointing?

Missouri Legislature Passes Anti-Adult Bill

Congressman Mike Capuano, in a speech at MA Democratic State Convention

Interesting things..futurists

Remember that great graph documenting the ebb and flow

My daughter and I just got home from our very first pedicures

KY Rep wants to make it Crime to In Vitro Fertilize more than 1 Egg

The Vincente Fox gaff about blacks reminds me of a few others....

Letter from Bush to Blair

About all the bracelets (Not Me, Truth, Livestrong, etc.)...

Karel's show starting now 10PM Eastern

Wis. Stun-Gun Study Removes Taser Official - Funded by DOJ

25 US Troops have died in Iraq this Week.

Base Closures - another perspective

BULGARIA offers three military bases to US

Url change for the Army Enlistemnt Forms

So there was no doubt a certain joy when kids were around someone like

Only They Know What The Truth Is.

Virtuoso Patriotism...

Re 5/11:"Bicycle Race" by Queen

Looking for information on the recent extention of service commitments?

The Fourth of July 2005 (US Census info)

Marines: One Arab speaker per unit in Iraq

I wonder what would happen if Presidente Fox of Mexico openly called * a

Kids for Democracy

Why the fuck is nobody in the media talking about the Koran riots/upheaval



Financial Times: Fastest Fall in Real Wages in 14 years

'Protocols' Left Bush Out of the Loop

What could mankind achieve, working together toward common goals?

Had an idea for a bumper sticker or magnet

Had an idea for a bumper sticker or magnet

Q & A with peak oil author...

I wonder what high profile types you would like to see speak out AGAINST a

Ukraine had same exit pollers?

Lonely Students Show Weaker Immunity: Study

I'm going to see Lewis Black tonight

So What's It Going to Be Then?

Ladies & Gents- Meet The Richest, Meanest Man In Bedford Falls

Sometimes Father's are assholes...

Bill Maher @9pm on HBO. Worth the watch? Frankin's on. nt

Trouble in Yemen....another US "ally"....over the Koran desecration....

Promising Author Egolf Kills Himself at 33 (Leader Smoketown Six)


The sixties were a backlash to the fifties,is it that time yet?

If the climate is changing, where do you buy property?

When did the First Amendment stop being a Democratic ideal???

Deval Patrick: Address to the Massachusetts Democratic Platform Convention

I'm baaaaaa-aaaackk

Kraft attacked for backing Gay Games

Why I asked for a Special Counsel to Exmn Torture & Prison Abuse Scandals

"Occupation: queen."

When will the US-Iran war commence?

School Lockdown: Input Please!

Anyone have an update on Andy?

Could we possibly have a civil war?

UK film at Cannes says terror fears exaggerated

Tinfoil hat time: Fingerprint Replacing Debit Cards

Study: Religious stories in the media are from too secular a perspective

May 14, 1970 - Jackson State University

MUST READ: A Brilliant Tom Tomorrow Toon

I wondered if there was really a sense of joy when Bill Clinton was in

Al Franken: In the Senate or on the air?

Sunday London Times: Israel Plans Strike on Iran

O.K., This really made me feel OLD...

Comfortably Numb (((Warning: Graphic)))

Vicente Fox: Mexicans take jobs "that not even blacks want to do."

Case Not Closed: We do not know what happened on 5/11 - 10 Questions

John Conyers: The GOP's Attack On Voting Rights

Strange thing happened at the grocery store...

Voters Unite! Fundraiser

Gagged, but not dead (New article by Sibel Edmonds)

Best way to prepare chicken for chicken salad?

Cheney visit raises funds, ire - Democrats rally together (Louisiana)

Chavez Says He Could Call for Vote on Using Part of Central Bank

Uzbek unrest spreads to town on Kyrgyz border

US Troops Kill Iraqi Civilians

Ukrainian PM accuses Russia of suspending oil deliveries

Base Plan Undercuts Sprawl Battle

Karzai seeks control of US-held Afghan prisoners

Blair will stand down by mid 2007

WP: L.A. Blacks Leaning Toward Latino Mayoral Hopeful

Galloway accuses senators of 'smear'

Government report gives new wind to green energy (UK)

Revealed: list of sites to take nuclear waste (UK)

Residents question grand jury Taser decision (Williams case / Atlanta)

WP: Pentagon Probes Detainee Reports Of Koran Dumping

WP: Retirement's Unraveling Safety Net

AIPAC campaigns for Iran sanctions: By ASSOCIATED PRESS

After Editor Ouster, Some US Catholic Theologians Expect More Scrutiny

NYT/AP: 3 Endangered Monkeys Die at Chicago Zoo (zoo under review)

UN worried about escalation on Lebanon-Israel border

Democrat to break ranks, unveil retirement bill (Wexler, FL)

NYT: Senators Say Bush Lags on Terror Panel(to oversee privacy, civil rts)

Chavez Says U.S. Trying to Weaken Government by Spurring Infighting

Thousands Try to Flee Uzbekistan Violence

WP: It's All Up- or Downhill From Here (Byrd on Senate floor)

Tears As Ga. Guard Deploys (4,300) To Iraq (Most since WWII)

WP: 'Martyrs' In Iraq Mostly Saudis (Foreign Insurgents mostly Saudis)

Bush optimistic on U.S. economy

Uzbekistan 'on brink of revolution' as protests against President spread

Anger as US backs brutal regime

NYT: After Its Epidemic Arrival, SARS Vanishes

MI6 boss 'tried to sex up' Iraq study

TX: SMU (professor) blogger unmasked, unemployed

MOVE Marks Police Bombing Anniversary

Revenge of the Magnet Ribbon

Redneck Child

Freewheelin' Frank sez......

I just want to say one word to you.

Is Kenny Chesney holding?

Wow; alot of new (for The Lounge, anyway) posters I'm seeing today..

This is the greatest song and HARDLY ANYONE knows about it!

Is Kenny Chesney bowling?

Jullie Andrews has class

This ain't no PARTY, this ain't no DISCO, this ain't no FOOLIN' AROUND!

This isn't rock & roll...


Does anyone else get depressed when....

I Love Hey Nonny Nonny!

There was a god/an underwater god who controlled the sea/

Is Kenny Chesney balding?

Why don't we have musical films anymore?


There was a god/an underwater god who controlled the sea/

You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need

Any Scissor Sister fans out there?

WTF is 'Agent Mike?'

My daughter and I just got home from our very first pedicures

I Love Black Churches

Wax on, wax off.

Any fans of "Third Rock From the Sun"?

Bikini wax. Bikini wax. Bikini wax. Bikini wax.

ACK. I've been bitten by the entertaining bug

cat and dogs

Best way to prepare chicken for chicken salad?

I just finished chasing my cats while popping bubblewrap

Anyone here live in tornado alley?

opinion on MSM is easy, how about MLM?

Sobriety Test - Funny Video


I Don't Remember Tracy Ullman Being That Obnoxious!!

So what is everybodies poison tonight?

New DU Group proposal

Sniff 'N' the Tears

Will Ferell hosting SNL tonight

Anyone ever done hypnotherapy to unlock traumatic memories?

Riddle: you are in a prison.

Did any DUers burn their draft card in the 60s?

"The Anvil" was boring, here I am.

"Army of Darkness" on Sci Fi

Reprise: What ONE Word Best Describes A Freeper (Clean Version)

Do you think home computers will, as with corporate WANs, become thin?

Name the movie from the screen grab (pic)

What is Real Estate supposed to do in Baja Mexico in the next ten years?

Apples or oranges?

It's time for 20 QUESTIONS - What song is playing in my head?

You know who's hosting SNL tonight, don't you?


Good to see Will Ferrell back on SNL

"Good, bad, I'm the one with the gun."

Oh this bird is in for it.

celebrity jeopardy!

The combo axe/rake was a bad idea.

Wish You Were Here

I have just come up with a perfect solution for our country's woes:

Perhaps the Lounge should lobby for a seperate forum...

Who wants to form a glee club?

Hello people

Good night strangers. I love you all.

Dear gods! Stand back! He has a BLOG!

It's dinnertime DU!

Who wants to form a pee club?

They are good til they get addicted.

WOULD YOU respect Bush if he put My Pet Goat in his Presidential Library?

Police blotters,always big fun,

More Cowbell!

Rick Berman and Brannon Braga "Bushed" Star Trek.

Let's celebrate WOD!

Ohhhh, I feel wispy like the wind... ask me a question

My First Drunk DU Post: I Freaking LOVE Tequila!

Jet Propulsion Laboratories Open House was fantastic today!

The bridge is out.


Did any DUers burn their bras in the 70s?

The early bird may get the worm.......

Nice rack!

Paris...GO AWAY!

If It's Legal, Does That Make It Right?

Have you seen the cat?

I work for a small company and there's a new job opening up...but...

so Lounge, what's up tonight?

I just got back from Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Ask me anything.

I just sneezed

DU chat tonight, free pie

Check out the reviews for "My Pet Goat" on

Smokers...whaddya smoke?

Marijuana banned as a performance enhancing drug?

'The Day After Tomorrow'

20 year high school reunion, ugh!

OMG I Just Got A Scary E-Mail From University

Help. Need to buy two gifts for brothers' baptism tomorrow.

SHOGGOTH appears in New England

Favorite songs with slightly disturbing lyrics

Let's play the Generic Post Game again!

I need a single-malt recommendation

I bartended in a 'Lounge' for 3 years to get through college.

Why should 'ease of use' be a factor in buying computers?

Well he was a good athlete til that one day.

Let's hear some encounters with the unexplainable!

Say what you will about Yahoo, a free email account with a gig of storage

Alright then, favorite musical...And why?

KGs computer question of the week.

I gots an iPod prollem....can yuz help me?

Name your top five female vocalists.

Jogging on roofs

now they've done it...

Wow! Who knew?

We're going back stage at Sesame Street - I am excited!

A modern classic...

Uh oh...

oh man...

Listen all of you. Listen all of you.

OMG! They made JOHNNY DEPP look like LAURA BUSH!

DUers with iTunes: I need help

Should I be Pissed?

All's you have to do is walk in for a piece of big meat.

Ha! You just try to grade finals under these conditions!

"You rebel scum."

Philosophy Question: If It's illegal, and you know it's right, is it wrong

CTHULHU appears over Chicago!

Random song Lyrics for tonight, "Welcome me Love"

My wife's cousin has recorded some songs. Wanna hear em?

How much make-up is too much?

I must ask... I must ask... What does Agent Mike need the most?

Does anyone else think it's morbid of a web site created just to

Anyone brew their own beer?

The sound a body makes when hit by a golf club.

The new doll everyone will want this Christmas.

Those friggin' high paid teachers

Books- A universal truth (as revealed by Opus the penguin)


Hi There Boys and Girls! Tell me your stories about local TV hosts!

The Genesis Awards were on tonight.

On our arrogance in believing our "God" is the only one

hello, meet my friend

Rainbow Sashers plan nationwide protest calling Pope ‘liar, homophobe'



Another irrelevant thread

One passing though on Kos and Kerry

Need Help

LUTD on the Kos attacks

How did we overlook this?

I'm upset and I dont know why

Remember when * visited the SS trust fund file cabinet for a photo op?

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett on peak oil

Lance Mannion: (People are) No damn good

Global Genocide.

Anything Democrats say or do about the Repubs is treated as "just politics

want to close the conservative/progressive divide in the party?

How do you answer this one?

A blast from the past

How much would it cost to fly a reporter to London to interview...?

the Party of "NO"

Ann Coulter: McCarthy's 50 Year Clock

Our Iraqi policy is doomed. Look at the numbers.

Promising Author Egolf Kills Himself at 33 (Member of Smoketown Six)

Email from Sibel Edmonds: "Gagged, but not dead!"

7 GOP Senators Key in Filibuster Fight

The Fall of Arnold

CNN POLL: Do you approve of a ban on Senate filibusters?

Freepers Are PRO Murderous Dictatorship In Uzbekistan

Clark: " Base closings will isolate military"

Would you support this issue to be on the ballots of all 50 states in '08?

Byrd makes Frist look like a fool

RANT ON --- The COLD WAR IS OVER --- the Military wants to move SOUTH

Who still loves John Kerry?

Barney Frank rips Dean for saying DeLay belongs in jail

Examine the essence of public ethics

CIA leak tests journalistic ethics

NYT OpEd Just How Gay Is the Right? More than hypocrisy - it's pathology

Who's Preying on Your Grandparents? (beware ins. cos. pushing annuities)

HOLY COW The Rise of the Christo-Fascists

Where the Action Is: Feuding inside the GOP over John Bolton

"Meet the Poor Republicans" -I'm calling Brooks out on his blatant lies.

This is cool - NYT audio & visual summary of the Bolton Hearing

Open Letter from Sibel Edmonds: "Gagged, But Not Dead"

The Devil's Cookroom (Jamaica Observer on the Caribbean)

Bolton will harm credibility of US

Conyers Looks for News in the Wrong Place

Is Fake News Better Than Real News?

Stop the Crime of the Century

Bolton Supporters Finally Get Honest:: It's about blowing up the UN

The Pope's Sins of Omission

'They will burn in hell for what they have done to me'

The President's Man

Chaffe and the Bolton Imbroglio

Spokane mayor's plight isn't about his sexuality

U.S., U.K. Voters Don't Care About Credibility - Helen Thomas

Did Bush Break the Law Biking At Patuxent Wildlife Reserve?

Embarrassing disclosure (Christian Coalition)

Building permanent U.S. bases in Iraq sends wrong signal

G8 protection leaves police at breaking point

Some useful links to David Swanson's activist articles

Various US Groups Protest AIPAC Annual Conference on May 23, 2005

City hedge funds head for domino collapse

Irish Sea Dolphins Rich In Tasty Hexabromocyclododecane - Times

Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Accelerates Deforestation On Sumatra

Ah-nold Takes Developers' Cash While "Reviewing" State Environment Law

David Bellamy Booted By UK Conservation Groups For Global Warming Lies

Jason Leopold: Experience Shows Oil Spills Likely If ANWR Developed

Got an SUV? Look what I've got.

World's 146 Ocean Dead Zones Growing Rapidly - Gulf Zone Biggest Ever

4 Israelis hurt by rocket in Rafah; Mofaz warns of Hamas growth

Palestinians mark day of catastrophe

The Brownshirts of Our Time

Various US Groups Protest AIPAC Annual Conference on May 23, 2005

Two of the bin Laden Brothers Tell Unsuspecting American Couple in 1987

The 9/11 conspirators must be laughing their asses off..

David Ray Griffin will be on live around 6:20 PM Central

At AAPOR, ESI presentation on 2004 New Mexico exit poll

AAPOR? ESI? Does Not Prove Fraud?

At AAPOR, ESI says Ohio exit polls do not necessarily indicate fraud

VOTERS CHOICE, version 1.3

Jim Lampley on AAR Politically Direct right now!!!

Gathering to Save Our Democracy - mp3s from Nashville Teach-In

Pittsburgh: Mandate to replace voting machines raises concerns

A Canadian's response to DRE machines and HAVA implementation

Interesting conversation with newsroom personnel last night.

Recount case transferred from Southern District to Northern District of OH


Election Projection from a year ago tomorrow--does this make sense?

It's time for the academic community & congress to challenge MSM/Mitofsky

Lazy Sunday post, California problems spreadsheet link

Do you like Pie?

Remote hacking unbelievably easy --Great article from Voters Unite

Please thank Bill Maher for featuring election fraud on his show!

Did M/E provide detailed exit poll data to ESI?

==>For TruthIsAll: THANKS! The DU Elections Creed

Troubling disclosures of Diebold payments to 2 prominent Democrats:

Prob (86 of 88 screens switch K to B): 1 in 79,010,724,999,066,700,000,000

"Recall Arnold...HASTA LA VISTA BABY!"

will most elected Democrats vote (this year) to invade IRAN

Howard Dean on NECN tonight

Text of Deval Patrick's convention speech

March to end the racist poverty draft - May 21

"Air America Minnesota" flyer

Intense Auroral Activity Sat Night.

Tired of Firefox?

Critical Flaws in MSIE

A computer gaming support question:

I cant delete Spybot 1.2, it seems to have taken over functions like Tools

oil computer

Laptop shopping. Help me decide.

List of Ohio's dead soldiers(66), Iraq and Afghanistan

In the Columbus Disgrace today (Ohio)

Citizens for a Progressive Ohio

Are there any .....

I really hate to complain about the weather but

Post yourt own bumber sticker ideas

dupe -deleat

Stroke victims

HOPE: just talked to far right dad, disgusted with Bush on CAFTA

Repukes And The Fillibuster- A Must Read!

IDEA On why this BuShi* continues

tombstoned again, with no explanation . . . I give up . . .

Concerning the song "Bomb Iran" to the tune of "Barbara Anne" that was

UAL scrapping pension plans -- Nate Clay live streaming

United seeking accords Airline, union negotiators meet over weekend

this isn't exactly news, but for those who don't already know . . .

Concerning my Clinton and joy post, it was inspired by that picture of how

so I went to the XM site to see the Air America Schedule

Is this study skewed?....Or is there something wrong with Hyundai owners?

Former Navy Seals turn evangelical

OK Kids, time for "Name that Tune"...

Closing US bases!

just what ARE the things we are "Better Off Not Knowing"?

I now understand the methods behind their madness.

So Now that Operation MATADOR was a huge success

George is going after Mcain over the UK memo.."THIS WEEK"

what if you were a P.O.W. & your Muslim Captors put a Bible in the Toilet?

Attacks in Iraq are NOT "recent or temporary"


Hey Skinner could you put a link to

Still only two threads about UK war memo, WTF

Get your very own RUNAWAY BRIDE ONLY $24.95

Is NSA’s Internet Task Force testing its muscles?

Did one major newspaper cover the Bush/Blair memos!?!

They are going to show Byrd F-Up frist again!

Need clarification - re: UK memo

Respond to bible quote: What would you say about this?

Did anyone get the impression that Carter and Clinton were the both the

Wal-Mart To Apologize

describe the god that the bush lovers believe in

Kyl: "You guys don't need to demonize Bill Pryor"

What's the matter with GM and the other American manufacturers?

Wal-Mart stock and morale battered, woes pile up

Jesus versus the Old Testament: conflict and paradox

Base closings save luxury hotel in Hawaii for military brass

are republican parents asking their kids to join the military now?

I have never trusted Republicans. And I never will.

Lawyer Apologizes On Behalf Of Deputies In Compton Shooting

Who're the most LOYAL and to whom?

Feds admit Agent Orange death (Canada - US sprayed in Canada)

My LTTE about BRAC

Look who ExxonMobile funds to bash 'global warming'

Jackson trial asks the other burning question: where did his millions go?

Watching a commercial about kids with cancer and a thought comes to mind

Are we going about this all wrong?

Man who tried to kill Castro is in hiding and waiting on Bush

US-style uniforms for yobs in new disorder crackdown

Millions to link up for world's poor

at DeLay tribute they sang Seeger's "Hammer" LOL

Back on Osama's trail

Have any US officials visited Iraq when it WASN'T a surprise visit?

So I was watching Canadian Bacon yesteday

'In case of attack, don't bother the president' how did we sink this low?

Wow. I knew Byrd was speaking, but I DIDN'T know that Frist

Morocco Slum Producing Suicide Bombers


Anti-immigration Group Inadvertently Protests Anti-immigration Sentiment

Orphans for Bush

wtf? On the Coral Ridge Hour: God Hates Welfare and Socialism!

anyone interested in a new DU group? Home Based Biz

It's not just time for a boycott of the RW

Need help from some radio experts....

Re-living BushCo Lie # 4,844

Amazing! CNN just aired a SYMPATHETIC story of 2 Iraq War Deserters.

I am aptly embarrassed now

Brian Wilson on Faux just got it right

F the MSM, they are sucking bigtime right this very second

The watchers are out about the panties in a wad post...

Why the cane, Rummie?

FYI: Iran Special Weapons Guide (FAS Org)

My letter to the MSM regarding the Downing Street memo


Trove of Jackson Pollock artwork uncovered

LOL...the only thing missing are the training wheels!>>>

The Future Of Organized Labor by Ralph Nader

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security..."

Eisenhower's prediction about Bushies

Novak compares filibusters to Nazi death camps


What's going on in Afghanistan ?? and Uzbekistan ??

Al-Qaim - I knew it - another Falluja

Looks Like condiliar uses Mercs for Her Protection....

Rice "surprise" visit to Ameriraq! Happy Times are Here Again!!!

Rudepundit: O'Reilly imploding

'38 Bodies Discovered as Rice Visits Iraq'...actual headline from AP

the "memo" is actually minutes of an official meeting...

Scenes of US "Victory" in al-Qaim. Operation Matador ends...

They fixed the intelligence but forgot to fix the facts

Condi in Iraq on CNN - "The hatred of freedom in the ME

"Apocalypse Now"!-Oh, the Hypocrisy!! As Condi Rice claims that

Bankruptcy double standard?

What Media?

What kind of Idiot says. . . "He's our commander in chief . . .

Why do so many people hold dichotomous views? Liberals too.

Ah - Freepers Celebrate Robertson: "Muslims Can't Serve as Judges"

say it BACK to them & see how THEY like it, You're not a REAL Christian

Heard someone say last night that Midland, TX, is rolling in money...

I have figured out what Bush's strategy is in the Middle East.

OMG! Woodward just speculated on

You cant be both christian and pro choice

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the "Last Battle" of Vietnam....

Self delete...

Here we go again. "Schinder-Schiavo volunteers" butting into another case

David Ray Griffin will be on live around 6:20 PM Central

NGO Public Service (No Group) - Red Cross Conv in San Francisco

Rice "This war came to us, not the other way around."

I see now why GWB only consults his "heavenly Father"

Blow The Whistle, Lose Your Career (another whistleblower shot down)

Something to remember about Watergate (and the Blair memo)

Radio Left

We are Literally Made from Stars

White Rose Funding Drive In Progress

Can we all please stop saying "pro Life"

Reid and Frist are having dinner together tonight

Why is listening to poll numbers a bad thing?

News Dissector Blog is Out of Service - he needs suggestions

Should President Vincente Fox apologize for his racist remark?

CNN poll on international page, I have mixed feelings about....

Is the Democratic Party inherently feminist?

What Do YOU Know About Brian Schweitzer?

Venezuela slaps U.S. medical firm with antimonopoly fine

Dennis Prager and Robert Novak Trivialize the Holocaust

There is no conceivable scenario that promises a turnaround at GM.

I will agree with the repukes' stance on abortion when they do this:

When Bolton goes to the UN he will redefine the term Ugly American.

There is STILL no story on the UK memo in the New York Times

When we lost hourly work to Mexican labor, we said we still have our

Army Stand-Down Day, re: Recruitment

Question from me

Is the US GOVT negotiating for the release of Jeffrey Ake?

I am glad that Jane Fonda is laughing all the way to the bank

Time: Bush Approval at 46%---Unchanged

Are you listening to Laura Flanders

Bill Moyers blasting the media on Sunday Salon

Bill Moyers, Molly Ivans On Laura Flanders AAR Soon

How Immature are we?

Scary intrusion in public school from a right-wing nutcase.

Mayor resisting calls to resign (Spokane pervert Jim West)

Hear Bill Moyers on AAR RIght NOW! Laura Flanders

Forget "MSM", forget "Corporate Media": Use the "P" word

Enron, the movie, again

Brazilian Government Introduces Free Contraceptives for All

Why I Support John Bolton by Larry David


Newsweek APOLOGIZES for Koran story error

An SS Officer Remembers: A bookkeeper from Auschwitz

Directory of anti-choice OB/GYN's

PHOTOS: Bush likes touching bald heads

With regard to the "Old Hag Syndrome"

A story that demands a LTTE

Links to MSM articles about the Downing St. Memo:

Condi on CNN: "Democracy is a foreign concept to Muslims"

I'm trying to remember the name of a book.

Did Voinovich cry after testifying?

Embargo of the RW - Important Information

Is Fundamentalism a psychosis?

Cockburn: Iraq is a bloody no man's land. ...

Jason Leopold: Experience Shows Oil Spills Likely If ANWR Developed

If you are willing to WORK, we can beat this mess we are in!

Narcissism and Feminism...

So what about Uzbekistan?

I'm sorry, but I am just LIVID regarding Condi's remarks!!

Article from poli sci prof...

New York Times: Who would miss United Airlines?

Is Donald Rumsfeld sexy?

Body Counts; unlike in 'Nam, Pentagon only trying to fool everyone else

Navy Judge states it proved that wars in Iraq and elsewhere illegal

KOCE (Orange County) PBS is a true oddity.

Framing the issues: how conservatives use language to dominate politics

"The Whore Lived Like a German"

I am about to give up

WP ombudsman blasts e-mailers, but says they're right about Memogate press

May I pick your brains?

Could Canada going off the religious deep end too?

I Guess Kissing Bush in Public Doesn't Help.

Did LBJ Sneak Into Viet Nam?

Religious zealotry may be "necessary" to be a "good soldier"

Anyone else have a "point system" at work? sick pay

Had A Thought About Health Care.

The BBC last night showed an American flattened mosque

Keep fighting. Let your Dem senators know you aren't a cash cow...

Alleged Rapist Hager, Outed in Nation Expose, Will Leave FDA Panel

Sweet Jesus, how much more can we overlook?

"Accidentally Declassified" Pentagon Memo Full Of GRIM STATISITCS On Iraq!

The killing of America and the rise of the World dictatorship.

(Military) Brawl outside Saarbrücken (D) club is under investigation

I am feeling like the coolest old leftie lawyer right now

DU is letting the UK memos go down the memory hole!

"This is how liberty dies - to thunderous applause," Star Wars Politics

instead of all the lies, why don't they just tell the truth about the war?

Who evokes the most hatred amongst DUers?

Bushco. Connected To The Massacre Of At Least 500 In Uzbekistan.

Condi-"This war came to us" on CNN Int'l website

Check out Rice's latest get up

If you've ever read an Ann Coulter book..

'Wars' Raises Questions on U.S. Policy (New Star Wars Movie)

Downing Street Memo: Time To Deluge WashPost's Gettler With Praise

I Redesign The Hideous "Bush Fish"

For a long time we have been fed myths about the nature of our society

Priest Denies Gays' Supporters Communion

Smirk of a madman [photos]

What do you think of a school district that pays $45k/yr

is this legal -- can help wanted ads ask for certain religous backgrounds?

"The Byrd Option"?

Just how fucked are we?

Frank Rich: "Just How Gay Is the Right?"

Heads UP GDers! Elections forum is ROKKEN! Be there!

I'd like a few moments of your time to talk about Andy Stephenson

CAFTA will be voted soon, the vote will be very close and DU doesn't care

Ken Livingstone: Labour must listen to the left

US-style uniforms for yobs in new disorder crackdown

Promising Author Egolf Kills Himself at 33 (Member of Smoketown Six)

Wildlife Groups Axe Bellamy as Global Warming 'Heretic'

Diyala Governor Survives Baqouba Bomb Blasts That Kill 4 Iraqis, Injure 37

As Nations Lobby to Join Security Council, the U.S. Resists Giving Them ..

AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran

In Afghanistan, the Taliban rises again for fighting season

Senators Say Bush Lags on Creating Terror Panel

AP: US Forces Wrap Up Major Offensive; Pronounce It A Success

Rice makes a surprise visit to Iraq

Doctor Reports Seeing 500 Bodies as Violence Flares at Uzbek Border

'Martyrs' In Iraq Mostly Saudis

Diyala Governor Survives Bomb Blast in Baqouba, Iraq

AP: Kidnapped Iraqi governor freed

Clark Criticizes Planned Base Closings (also Bolton is a bully)

MOVE, supporters mark fatal '85 bombing

Breast cancer drug may help prostate - study (Reuters)

Sex and funds trial damages Hillary hopes

Briton named in New York blast mystery: Sunday Times

Air Force Academy Removes Chaplain After Officer's Criticism (!!!!)

Condi-"This war came to us" on CNN Int'l website

America's drugs plan in tatters as cocaine and corruption flourish

Man who tried to kill Castro is in hiding and waiting on Bush

Russian spies are trying to steal our secrets again, MI5 warns the Governm

Clerics threaten holy war over alleged Quran desecrations

Dave Chappelle Says He's Not Crazy (Yay!) wants to hear his "own" voice

JORDAN: Tensions rising in Iraqi refugee camp

30 Bodies Discovered As Rice Visits Iraq

Who's Preying on Your Grandparents? (beware ins. cos. pushing annuities)

AP: Bodies of 13 Men Found In Sadr City

US-style uniforms for yobs in new disorder crackdown

Mayor resisting calls to resign (Spokane pervert Jim West)

2 hurt in crash fault police (High Speed Chase of Stop Sign Runner)

NYT/AP: Gates Foundation Puts $2.3B Into Education

Zap-happy (re: Tasers)

LAT: Polio Is on the Rise Again Despite Global Effort


Increase in 'Dead Zones' Starving the World's Seas--Independent/UK

One year later, nation divided on gay marriage

US bishops ask Vatican to retain abuse rules

BBC: Locals expel Uzbek town leaders

Anti-West Rhetoric Exposes Jitters, Experts Say

NYT,pg1,lead: Some Sunnis Hint at Peace Terms in Iraq, U.S. Says

Sunday London Times: Israel Plans Strike on Iran

Trigger-happy US troops 'will keep us in Iraq for years'

Newsweek Apologizes for Quran Story Errors

China lambastes U.S. trade limits

Miners to be memorialized in monument (Labor vs. Business)

LAT:L.A. Violence Crosses the Line(gang spreads to 33 states, 5 countries)

Lawyer says Saddam Hussein to write memoirs

Wesley Clark slams Bolton, military base closures

Witnesses describe bloodbath outside Uzbek school

Wal-Mart apologizes for ad

Deal sought in showdown over Bush's judges

Bin Laden henchman ‘seriously wounded’ (al-Zarqawi)

LAT: Corporate America Pulling Back Pension Safety Net

SEC Targets Pensions

Internal struggle has huge implications for U.S. (Egyptian Jihad?)

Insurgents greet Rice with car bombings, murders and chaos

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong

WP: Safety Of Capital Evacuation Reviewed (is/was it neccessary?)

After US. offensive ends Saturday, gunmen released the governor of Iraq

Alaska could lose 5,000 defense jobs

Okinawa protesters form human chain outside US base

Blair can expect comfortable retirement

Dr. Rice Surprise Visit to Iraq finds pile of bodies

Reformists jailed by Saudi court

Exchange of Fire Started at the Border Between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan,

Jewish groups support Bolton as UN diplomat

Uzbekistan lashes out at Straw

Warrants out for former Iraqi ministers (corruption, re-Baathification)

Iran Parliament Urges Peaceful Nuclear Use

Mass rally staged against US missile deployment (S Korea)

Venezuela Declares Ranch Lands Idle, Will Give Them to Poor Farmers

Cracks appear in DeLay's home district (Chicago Trib)

Texas Bill to Ban Suggestive Cheers Stalls

More churches blend politics with religion

162,000 Iraqi security forces trained: US official

Both Sides Predict Win in Filibuster Fight

America's drug plan collapses in chaos

U.S. Special Ops troops preparing to train foreign soldiers in Africa

Newsweek says may have erred in Koran report

Bolivia on the verge of a political crisis (Financial Times)

British MP Galloway to testify before US Congress on UN oil-for-food scan

Venezuelan President Says Soldiers Have Orders in Event of Assassination

Bystander shot by cop dies

Venezuela to Stop Reimbursing Oil Companies' Costs in Dollars

Dean rips DeLay at (Massachusetts Democratic) Convention

(Sen. Pat) Roberts a key to filibuster decision

Some in U.S. get delayed cancer care-studies (Some=Blacks)

Cannes premiere of `Star Wars' raises questions of U.S. imperialism

McCain: I don't agree with British war memo

Southern Baptists Told To Probe Public Schools For Pro-Gay Positions

I just barfed.

So who else is watching pulp fiction on showtime right now?

Play golf with the Grim Reaper.

when do the bars close in your area?

i think i might have dropped a bombshell in GD:Politics

Anyone see SNL tonight, or at least the opening sketch?

Well, I think the lounge is in proper form once again!

Thank you everyone who voted, This thread is on the Greatest page.

Finally - whew!! - my work is done for the night!!

Do animals have accents?

A hopeful night

Something feels so strange tonight it's not wrong but it's just not right

Dammit to hell! That bastard Lucas DID change the final Jedi scene!

Name your top five prime numbers less than ten

Looking for a cool movie? Monsieur Ibrahim

Heidi Heidi Heidi Hi!

Wet beavers!!!!!!!

I met a true hero tonight...a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

serious question: Why don't men shave their armpits?

medical advice on the internet

I saw the movie Crash tonight.

Confession time: I like Jar Jar Binks

I didn't know Soul Train was still on TV

Now that all the easterners have gone to bed

While Condi brags about being an "expert" on the Soviet

Anyone else seeing the Northern Lights tonight?

OK Kids, time for "Name that Tune"...

The Tavern Across The Street.......

Rock. Paper. Saddam.

Proof - There IS Intelligent Design out there

Your most recent item purchased online?

Get your very own RUNAWAY BRIDE ONLY $24.95

Chappell's show cancelled. (and a typical corporate amerika response)

What's your favorite "WTF?" Bible verse?

Get your very own RUNAWAY BRIDE ONLY $24.95

Sunday morning entertainment: Idiot Son of an A$$hole

What's your favorite internet radio station (besides Air America)?

alt country fans: break out the clue sticks

My favorite picture from the Ft Bragg 3/19/2005 Pro-Peace rally

Vegas, baby! (100 years old)

New Dave Chappelle Interview (In S. Africa, but not in hospital)

Want better gas mileage on your pickup truck? How to cut drag by 22%

Birmingham City Beats Arsenal 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need all the advice I can get

Happy 57th birthday Brian Eno!!

I'm rediscovering the thrill of Vinyl

Today's spam e-mail found poem

I'm rediscovering the thrill of the Divinyls

Ipod techies - Would a full memory reduce recharge ability?

Question about old cameras.

Is this were I suggest a group? How bout a group for ...

Ugh! "Sunday Morning" is devoting the program to the "high life" and

I'm rediscovering the thrill of my *CENSORED*

I'm watching "Atomic Twister" on the USA Network

What's your favorite Beach?

Good old down home Red Neck philosophy.......

Jim Lampley on AAR Politically Direct right now!!!

I must have some wires crossed

So, did anyone else catch the message in that "TV Fun House" cartoon?

There is a pile of top soil in my driveway. Who wants to come over and ..

Testing. Testing. Testing.

I'm serious. I'm going out and getting a couple of donuts. I'll be

On Sundance Channel now...No Secret Anymore

A question for dog experts

Phyllis Schlafly hasn't lost it.

R.I.P. Daimon (the "fruit bat") March 1989-May 15, 2005

"Costas NOW" doing a story on Tony C". Tony Conigliaro.

I'm rediscovering the thrill of Vinyl

Are all republicans hatemongers?

Question for the more advanced Windows people.


For all teachers at DU

Oh my God. George Bush killed Kenny.

Watched "Jesus Christ Superstar" Last Night...

I watched "Primer" last night. Any geeks who liked it?

Stephen Wolfram: Genius or crackpot?

I don't wanna Hear about it Later. I don't wanna, baby I don't wanna.

9700 posts Baby!!!! Cruisin' woards the Quintuple digits.

Go to WWW.PFAW.ORG to help stop the Nuclear Option!

double tip ? ?

So you think you know everything?

I need to develop an unhealthy, unrequited crush on someone...

Any Jim Rome fans here?

The Second Coming: Presidential Trivia thread Part II.

Not all Baptist's are hate mongers.

How many Boston Celtic players have led the NBA in scoring?

Which song titled "Cry Me a River" do you like the best?

Damn. Denzel Washington is an amazing actor. I'm watching Malcolm X

The best music/musicians when thinking about Science.

"We're hot, we're clean and we're lubricated"

We haven't had a "things you'll never hear republicans say" thread lately

WWHHHEEEEEE!!!! Six Feet Under season #5 starts June 6th

I love the band name "Cradle of Filth". What names do you like?

"I Do Not Believe The Liberal News Media"


John, Paul, George or Ringo?

Vintage anti-war posters (1970)

What is that awful smell??

Who buys/reads a Sunday newspaper?

If you had a temporary or permanent disability happen to you,

Ugly cars

Finals are over, but I'm reading about the Seven Years' War, am I weird?

Rare unreleased footage of CTHULHU over Chicago

Where are the "Second World Countries" ?

Has anyone else here ever failed him?

Dave Chappelle Says He's Not Crazy (Yay!) wants to hear his "own" voice

This is how liberal I am:

Want to know why I think the lounge is returning to normal?

'The Power of Nightmares' may be shown in US cinema not TV

I layed off for 24 hours

I exercised today. Ask me anything.

Free image upload sites?

Website with audios of political speeches?

I am become death (picture)

"When good ostriches go bad!"

There must be SOMEBODY else who doesn't get Monty Python

Sorry but I think Lucas has the right to change his work

What cruises have you taken?

Any fans of the band Muse here?


Are there circumstances where you cannot 'turn the other cheek'?

?sdrawkcab gnivom er'ew gnileef eht teg semitemos uoy oD

If you need an exorcist, I'm for hire!

Why is it that when people address you as "friend" on DU....

American Dad poll

Just where is our future, the things we've done and said!

Michael Eric Dyson is so right on...

Right About Now, The Funk Soul Brother

Does anyone have an opinion on the new Weezer album?

My cat brought a live mole in the house the other night

Interpol - Evil

I started reading a book and fell asleep three hours ago.

"For Dummies" (tm) books...

Why is it that everyone gets free shots when I'm the designated driver?

Don't Ya Hate That Bright Red "EDITED" Line?

Okay, I'll confess. I have absolutely zero, as in zip, zilch, nada,

My eyes.... enter a forum and boom out of nowhere.... Ws smirky mug

George Lucas on ** and Star Wars

making bourbon chicken, how much should I drink

Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here.

when's the next fundraiser?

Reminder: Survivor finale on tonight at 8pm, CBS.

Tell me what you know about these plants.

There's a delightful documentary on right now about Sammy Davis, Jr.

Wisconsin group drops cat-killing plan

Roger Waters or David Gilmour

driving without pants: legal or not?

Whoa! It's gone! But it will be coming back quite soon now.

"Ignore" feature:

A moment of silence, please, for Erik's DeliCafe sammich, The Barn Buster.

When's the next Schick razor?


"The Full Faith And Credit Of The United States Of America"

We watched the Terminal last night...

New Shakira song

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

What happened to U2?

Is Condoleezza Rice sexy?

If you had the info... and verification to take just one single GOP figure

Free food!

My liver aged 10 years this week-end.

The doc that my brother is going to see...... has a page......

Favorite episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond"

What radio/internet shows do you listen to?

80's Metalheads! Free concert!

Anyone else sort of disappointed in "Kingdom of Heaven?'


How did it get to be Sunday night already?

idiots guide to enchiladas

Donald Trump is........

Have you ever found a personal note in a book at a used-bookstore?

400 career home-runs for Manny!!!

I know some folks have thin lips - but this man is LIPLESS!!!

Anyone know how to do a rain dance?

One week from tomorrow

For Rev_Acts, and any other Constantine addicts...

I excorcised today. Ask me anything

Rank the Star Wars movies from favorite to least favorite

Has anyone else here ever failed gym?

Is anyone else getting ten thousand spam emails in German?

The Huntress - KITTY PIC ! ! !

Baby boomers...are you baffled by new technology?

I just donated 10 bucks. who'll match me?

How about some dog pictures? (Since I don't have cats)

Are predators more intelligent than prey?

Who liked the Beach Boys? Most of the things they did yes!

OK, here's proof of Longgrain's integrity!

Website: "Which Religion is Right for You?"

On The Turning Away....Inspired by another thread in GD....

More Hummer pics

Get Your "Runaway Bride" (Jennifer) Action Figure TODAY!!

der Verpackenhandschuh hat zurückgegangen!

Want to help de-freep a discussion board for a Liberal radio show?

Seen the Grand Canyon yet?

I'm sorry, but Natalie Portman looks GREAT wish a shaved head!


"This is how liberty dies - to thunderous applause," Padmé observes

Doin' my part to soften the Lounge... Meet Yokodawg and Nellybelly

Seen Grand Rapids yet?

"First Ten Minutes of cool looking movie on-line"


On Cliques and Elitism...

Trash in my yard from an open window. Should I....

I just bought a ton of stuff from Clinique. Ask me anything!

We're going on a mini vacation tomorrow

For a species that is mortal, why do we fear the following:

In Living Color

What's your favorite Beach? Salt or freshwater.

Can we talk about the new Ben Folds CD?

What music have you listened to lately?

Watched "The Passion of the Christ" Last Night...

so what it it with me and the letter 'J'

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Hasidic Reggae: No kidding!

Volcano Fernandina erupts in Galapagos Islands

Increase in 'dead zones' starving the world's seas

Gulf Stream will stop

One Hell of a Dog needs a Home!

Allow me to repost this here................

Eight cable channels.

Hearings and Appearances this week

My Passionate support of John Kerry

MA State Convention (Oh no! Not more. Yes, more. Much more!)

Convention: First Impressions

May Photo Contest Theme: LIGHT AND SHADOWS -- Submit entries here.

KOEB Weekend Meeting Thread :) RevCheese Edition !

Bush ratings: Dissapprove 53%, STRONGLY Disapprove 36%

Mission: Impart Faith in Christ

Love The "Fast Facts" RE: Uzbek Uprising

Mitch Mc Connel is a @#$%^&* liar

BB: A funny thing happened on the way to John Bolton's confirmation

Can anyone tell me

were sending a care package

Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq

Andrew Sullivan: If Bush beats the blather, his placemen win

Scott County prosecutor miffed by Fox `lies'

Sex and funds trial damages Hillary hopes

just sent emails to my Congresspeople about supporting John Conyers Letter

Mexico's Fox Draws Fire for Racial Comment

Blogging ain't enough

STEPHANOPOULOS!!! No "In Memorium" !?!?!?!

Old news, but I'm still LIVID . . .2000 thievery

MoveOn Action: Stop the Attack on the Filibuster


Neil, Jeb & George =

Maybe we have the wrong approach to the Media

Did any one watch "Face the Nation" this morning?

video - Ted Kennedy shuffle

Jailed Leader of Police Unit Lays Blame on Pinochet

Harry Reid resembles Harry Truman, physically and politically.

Bushco, Inc. LIE # 10,666

He will continue to break the furniture until you take away his "hammer"

will most elected Democrats vote (this year) to invade IRAN

HOLY COW The Rise of the Christo-Fascists

Ted Kennedy says there should be "no compromise" on the filibuster issue..

"There are still people out there who would like to inflict harm..."

Prob (86 of 88 screens switch K to B): 1 in 79,010,724,999,066,700,000,000

Double Standards At The Pharmacy Counter - Tom Paine

Go to WWW.PFAW.ORG now! Stop the Nuclear Option!

WOW! Condi says we can WIN in Iraq with "a strong political alternative!"

Jim Lampley on AAR Politically Direct right now!!!

Air Force Removes Chaplain From Post( Air force academy)

Why can't we just block judicial nominees in committee?

The sacrificial Yak. You might as well tell us now.

Washington Stories: This town needs a dirt-dishing, muck-raking, scandal-r

Condi on CNN

Which of the moderate Repubs in the Senate has to run in 2006?

Dean Rips Delay

Why can't a senator vote nay for war appropriations

Alaska Progressive Talk Forums

Survey: Should Democrats be able to use the filibuster

Bush bashes FDR about Germany: here's another view from Germany

Mitch McConnell Calls It "The Byrd Option" Six Times On Fox News Sunday

BB: Assure Access to Prescriptions

POG Shuts Down Military Recruitment Center in Oakland

Poll: Which is more effective in labelling Bill Frist?

A Socialist Democrat in the Senate?

More stupidity from Jonah batboy

New strategy for the "Downingstreet memo."

NYT,pg1: Frist v Reid re. filibuster("neither has working sense of humor")

Don't call it Iraq. Call it VietNam...

Feingold praised for fiscal discipline

How do you define a chickenhawk?

John McCain IS a real doo-doo head.

Repubs always have to have an enemy before they can unite....

New Star Wars Movie Raises Questions on U.S Policy

Novak compares filibusters to Nazi death camps/Video

Amidst doubts, CIA hangs on to control of Iraqi intelligence service (KR)

Bob Schieffer's opinion at the end of "face the nation"

Ky. Rep. Lonnie Napier only wants one fertilized egg at a time Bill

Reagan/Bush Democrats

why are we pissed at kerry because the american people

Snowe and Collins On Knees. Joe Dead.

Hillary in 2008 is NOT inevitable.....

will most elected Democrats vote (this year) to invade IRAN

Blair admits July 2002 meeting, does not deny any of its content

please DU this poll!

Various US Groups Protest AIPAC Annual Conference on May 23, 2005

Did I fall into a parallel universe or something?

Seeking Info on Georgia Redistricting

I Refuse To Vote For Anyone Who Voted For This War - What Are My Options?

Who will be the Republican candidate in '08?

My Passionate support of John Kerry

in 3 days holy war will start against US unless smirk apologizes

This really bothers me