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Archives: May 14, 2005

Naval Dissent, a Statement of Eloquence, and a Light Sentence.

The Halliburton Shareholder Meeting Alternative.

A bigger threat than the bomb

The United States of Facism? Slowly but Surely, That’s What ..

Zealotry: A growing danger to American freedom (Indian Country Today)

Stop the Crime of the Century

Galloway Hounded by AIPAC Cell in Congress; Bolton Tied to Same Cell

YOUTH COMMENTARY: Growing Up With A Gay Dad (SFChron)

Protesters set up camp on island (UK)

Tent U activists reiterate demands (UC Santa Cruz)

Homeless: 1O % Tax Rate - insane

Peru Protesters Block Roads in Canyon

The mystery of the disappearing salmon

US Dept of Energy: 1 gigawatt of solar energy by 2010.

TOGO: No Latrines or Clean Drinking Water for Refugees in Ghana

Hey look! Bush finally found someone to replace Saddam Hussein!!!

AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran

Judge Allows Public Release Of Evidence In Payne Stewart Crash Trial

One Truth from the bush WH

Olbermann: Rebuild the Twin Towers as they were - (VIDEO)

David Ray Griffin evidence Bush admin complicit in 9/11 - update & links

PA flunks Unilect Again - North Carolina still to use

Today's Daily Voting News

Bill Maher show tonight -- he actually brought up the 'most if not all

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Saturday

Freeper Logic: aBr, the Alzheimer Bush Responder Hypothesis


Questions and Answers about my blog, "Move Left."

Janeane Garofalo is talking about Tim Pawlenty, governor of MN

PDA / PPC newsletter update for Texas

Is Gov Doyle caving on voter ID?

hardball asked question about not telling* of threat of a right winger

OMG! I just saw a picture of the finger on Olbermann

I don't think they'll ever get rid of abortion and here's why

I just realized this is Friday the 13th

So whose the mystery man in the blue suit?

Protests across Muslim world over Koran report

anal rape of wife by Dr Hager...bushco appointee to FDA...FAMILY VALUES

Air America Question

Helen Thomas: Credibility matters little to Brits, Americans

"Closing bases to save money"..... SINCE WHEN?

What is with this arbitrary base closings?

Celebrate Bear Awareness Week....

Should people be

Coming from a "Rural" upbringing, I found this article both.........

Does anyone else visit FR as often as I do?

Does anyone know what

Arcata CA city council condemns war against Iraq.... he BLIND, DEAF OR DUMB????

Westboro Baptist Church picketing near me

My 65 year old boss joined the peace corp to go to Mozambique

So yeah I just got a letter from Citi Cards

The inevitable commentary justifying the Waynesville pastor ..

DCheney under Bush I closed many military bases

My LTTE, local paper, Social Security Insecurity

This reminds me of one of our Kerry or Hillary threads!!

The Judge Who Exonerated Cheney is on Exxon Payroll

Why I think Bush wants to privitaze or faithbased everything

NOW is doing a story on Iraq vets tonight.

How to end homelessness (and more) A letter to the right.

The Abortion Bluff -- Stuff of Legends

Anybody have the complete, updated list of repub perverts,

Will the 2008 election be a reforendum on bush?

'The Shooting Game': Kindergarten in North Korea

UCLA Psych Dept. SURVEY on Political and Economic Attitudes

May 13th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$169,474,894,471

Frank Gaffney and James Guckert, heads together in a serious conversation

Even the B*sh Administration thinks Little of the M$M Press..

A new hi-rez "Impeach Bush" graphic

Who is our common enemy?

Please disregard

$250 Billion / 24 Million = $10,000+ per Iraqi we have spent so far

Three super-important articles in WaPo tonight!

Pardon my strange cat question but I wonder what Merlin ought to be

To defeat the enemy--one must first understand Greek mythology

Blair sets up first battle with rebels over ID cards--Independent, UK

DU researchers. We need to find out who "the man" is

How did the same state elect Al Gore and Bill Frist?

Will Base Closures Change Minds?

Inmates object to visit fee ($50 for visit with kids)

Ideas for an energy policy for democrats.

Repukes love the military, that's why they are going to close down bases.

Suggestions for Topics to speak on if Dems filibuster:

At DeLay's attaboy rally they were singing "If I had a Hammer"

Phillips Academy Andover Notable Alumni...

Do you think we're now living-being ruled under a dictatorship

Saskatchewan-Montana border is imaginary,yet we are worlds apart.

Florida & Texas big winners in BRAC(military base changes)

DU On, 3 out of 5 stars (249 reviews)

Olbermann just superimposed base closings with red/blue states!

Have you noticed that the latest rebuttal is, "there was an election..." ?

No, this is not a parody...

Is anyone watching Bill tonight with Gore Vidal?

Larry Gelbart, MASH writer, isn't a fan of Ann Coulter.

Does anyone else watch "Strong Medicine" on Lifetime

Question concerning a possible draft

Military Base Closure = Payback Pork And Payola - The Three Way Screw

The question that BEGS to be asked is

The PEOPLE vs. BUSH’s War : Testimonials, Put the war on trial

Question for any nurses, doctors, health care workers...

Something in the air? Lots of converted Repubs....

To you "fundie evangelicals" out there, please explain the following:

Saletan: Creationists are becoming us.

Great Maher tonight! Some great DU items discussed!

CSAPA Schedule Saturday May 14

I wonder if there was any of this on the History Channel

What really happened with the plane scare incident on 5/11....

DU Project: Why are these bases (red states) being closed? Please help:

What would YOUR Utopia look like?

Do you have Windows XP installed, and is it crashing regularly?

Wow. Some of these editors are getting really antsy!

Bill Frist picked the wrong neighborhood...

"Demos have No ideas"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Group Hug

CNN: Bush asked to explain pre-war memo! Savor this moment!

Brand New Distressed American Avatar Images For All! Get 'em While Hot!!!

Why do people like Ralph Nader and Jane Fonda switch sides?

in the near future, how will we explain the bush jr. years to the kids?

From this vet to those of you with "Support the Troops" magnets...

Jim Clancy and Zain Verjee?

Olbermann: Rebuild the Twin Towers as they were - (VIDEO)

Racism on the DU. What do we do about it?

Holocaust Survivors to Lobby No10 over Darfur

Girl in Disney Abuse Photos Found Safe

Fighters Remain in Iraq-Syria Border Town

Ex Abu Ghraib prison chief lays blame for abuse methods

Anti-gay group plans picket

Inmates object to visit fee ($50 for visit with kids)

Brazil landless march on capital, U.S. embassy

Ohio Anti-Adult Bill Goes to Extremes

Do you think we're now living-being ruled under a dictatorship

TOGO: Human Rights group Says 790 Killed in Election Violence

UPS pilots authorize strike

US Plans to Expand Military Presence in Azerbaijan Close to Iran

(CNN) FBI: Internet porn victim safe

In Mexico, Government Said Eying Muslims

CNN: "Homes: U.K. went cold; U.S. could too" (Real Estate Bubble Bursting)

Dems rally around the clock to save filibuster (Stanford students)

Call to Drop Murder Case Against Marine

German attorney to lead Hariri killing probe (ex-Lebanese PM)

F.B.I. Questions Journalists in Military Secrets Inquiry

U.S. Had Doubts About Lesser Case Against Terror Suspects (Detroit mess)

WP: Bush Refocuses on Domestic Priorities (Social Security, Energy, Taxes)

Mo. Legislature to Hold Special Session on Abortion

North Korea proposes talks with South Korea

"Liar" links to Blair (British prime minister Google bombed)

Legislators Scramble to Reassure Constituents -WP

White House Re-Imposes Quotas on China

Military Training of Large Scale Held in Cuba (prep for invasion by US)

Italy Sent Troops to Iraq to Secure $300 Billion Oil Deal: Report

WP: 'Protocols' Left Bush Out of the Loop

Rebuffing Bush, 132 Mayors Embrace Kyoto Rules -NYT

Wal-Mart To Apologize For Ad in Newspaper

Dem. Congressman Offers 1st Soc. Sec. Fix

Evangelical Doctor to Leave FDA Advisory Panel (David Hager)

US Senator got more than he bargained for when he stopped .. to buy shoes

I never thought I'd see the day GD was calmer than the lounge...

I'm leaving DU

Pad Thai the cat is Leashed (Picture warning)

Are you elevating the discourse here? Or are you purposely being a nudge?

So "National Treasure" is just a "DaVinci Code" ripoff?

I do not want to be a member of DU

Since I've never said it before...

Woo hoo! I found HAIR (the '79 movie) on DVD!

Enterprise is now on.

The past is the past.

Once more, with feeling...

I'm A Joker, I'm A Smoker, I'm A Midnight Toker...

Some people call me a space cowboy. Some call me the gangster of love.

So.... Has the FUN started again?

Things that were supposed to be big but never really were.

Last Enterprise on

Okay, I'm back, what'd I miss . .

anbody else watch the Stoller report (on ny cable, a real estate show)?

A Pastor's Greeting (Joke...)

Just saw "Walk on Water", really good and serious film from Israel.

How much do you tip crabby drivers?

MissMarples is that you from SC?

Anyone ever use coal tar for itchy scalp/psoriasis?

I want a new Don Henley CD; just not one like the last one.

That does it. I'm putting all of you on ignore.

I'm anxious to join the 700 club... Ask me anything.

Tonights kitty games.....

Where's My Bread? Where's my Circus?

Gratuitous Friday Quinn Picture

my little UNITY helper

Anyone else excited about tonight's Real Time?

Anyone watching Elvis? Priscilla's face looks frozen---

"margarita" song - help us figure this out

And now, "Fill in the Blanks", with LL Cool J:

Can I have a jug right now?

Look! There goes an eagle now!

Ok let's have some fun you are boring the dog.

Peace man

How much do you tip cab drivers?

Maybe, it's just my weird anxiety thinking

Tomorrow, the restoration begins...

Is it just me or...

Welcome home, Trumad!

the only thing worse than a DUer under 18

Is there an AOL chat tonight?

Oh, HEyHEY....Oh-h, HEyHEY...?!

I just had a really cool idea for parties after sport championships

I heart DU.

Join the DU Army--A Clique of One

Well, the Enterprise finale SUCKED...

I think i have the same receding hariline as Steve Nash...

Dear movie writers/directors:

Hey, is the fun back?

Did you?!?

anyone else still in the habit of ignoring the first thread in the lounge?

Your thoughts on this one, please: gambling w/ other people's money

Was Butch over the line?

Note to Self-


I am so clique-ish, that sometimes I post stuff that only I can understand

Hi folks, George W. Bush here. I'd like a second to address some things.

I'm PISSED!!! I can't find CatWoman's clique!!!!

Cat survives blow dart attack

Ask me anything, I love LSD in the country.

Can I have a rug right now?

Only my parents would wait until the family is pissed up to move the organ

I'm having a Popsicle and you're not!

Can I have a tug right now?

Don't forget your free Junior Frosty at Wendy's this weekend

Sweet Tea

LoZoccolo has been TOMBSTONED!

Which ann coulter blog is better?

Ask me anything...I love DSL in the country.

Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya...

Screw screwing - I'm screwing a screw!

Since everyone is starting their club, I'm only speaking thru the cone...

My name is Martin. I am a soldier. I am a clique of one.

Screw it...

What's your favorite movie of all time?

Can I have a bug right now?

Holy Shit!

Screw it, I'm frying a clam

This is not my day .

I know a cat named "Way Out Willie"...

My ankle clicks when I walk...

Screw it I am starting a gaming clan

Fuck all that other shit. I'm starting a Secret Society!

How Long?

do you aLL Like my new avatar?

Favorite activity with Bud

Screw all this...I'm starting a Quilting Circle...

Screw all that other *other* shite, I'm starting a horde!

Who is in the "stranded on a desert island" clique?

Resistance chant

Screw Cults, I'm Starting a Clique n/t

Question: Is the love you take

You can't herd cats.

I'm thinking of getting this for the kids downstairs...

Having watched the Star Trek: Enterprise series finale, I must say...

Fuck it all - I am going to go watch a movie.

Fuck all that other shit, I'm constructing an alternate universe.

It looks like the Red Sox game is going to be a weird one

In defense of sniffa

OK, let's fry this again.

Sometimes....? Windshield or Bug.... what's it been like lately for you?

My daughter went to Cedar Point...If she doesn't call me to tell me

"Will You Buy My Donkey?" - kids games. Cracking me up.

You ever check out websites based on DU picts like this one?

Ok, let's dry this again

Is it wrong to drink alone?

Just out of curiosity, what's the all-time record...

Clique screws, I'm culting a start

Star Trek is no more, as of tonight. Inevitable?

Am I a shameless self promoter?(re: my new sigline)

The chick in the Middle is a big assed media whore

Screw cliques, I am starting a cult.

Wow, you can really pack a lot of stuff into your sig line

If a non-troll, non-member of one of the "cool" cliques fell

How many CD players do you have?

People, I just have to say...

Your attention please...Paging Stephanie to the White

You know what this place needs????? (dial-up warning!)

Samuel L. Jackson on Letterman!

DU chat

Screw the cliques, clans, cults & hordes., I'm starting a Borg Collective

Flight attendants strip to save pensions

I was the instigator of the Lounge coup back in April of '05, not Zuni!

It's Official - I'm Outta Money

Silly English Kniggit!

Which one are you?

All right. Ever since my coup was overthrown, the lounge has gone to shit


CSpan 2 now...repeating today's SS hearings/Senate Dem Policy Committee

I'm starting a gang of four-- we will be VERY INFLUENTIAL....

DU Chat, RevActs included, oh yeah and key lime pie



Here's looking at you kid.

Ever had a great group of songs pop up on TV???

Wash your blues away


fuzzy math

I'm listening to Robert Plant's new CD and it's fricking AMAZING!!!

SCTV is on TV land right now

Common and the Last Poets

Is running 4 miles and then eatting half a pound of peanut M&M's bad?

more PC virus fun...

I'm lovin' it!

Hi everybody!

Real Time w/ Bill Maher was the best tonight (I think of the season).


Lord Darth Vader on the No-Spin Zone: "Four More Years of Vader."

Should I make the effort?

New holiday slasher movie proposals...

Bouncy Ball

Finally watched The Incredibles

Any fans of Stephen King's Gunslinger novels?

So, who saw Deerhoof tonight?

You know what I hate about Republicans?

New mandatory dress code

If nothing else, at least "The fun's over" got knocked out.

Things Republican Talking Heads Say To Their Shrinks

Bad ass mother fucker...

I'm a little drunk and very confused.

Well forget it...

Absolute truths

Man, my jokes are failin fast on here tonight

Do you like to visit old cemeteries?

Okay, 'fessup, DUers...who's drinking?

Does anyone else remember the HBO series, "Dream On" with Brian Benben?

Has anyone seen "UNLEASHED?" I have 10 minutes to decide. Help

It's official, I got a job!!!

That's it. Fuck it.

Was Sparky over the line?

You can stuff your sorrys in a sack mister.

Raise your hand if.....

I played a little joke on my cat and now he hates me

Which clique should I join without the other members' approval? n/t

Caption this!

Yeah, ok, I know but...System Of A Down: BYOB ROCKS!!!!!

Ugliest US state flag

Like to watch free television?

RIP Star Trek

Can I have a hug right now?

I'm starting a gang of screwing clique cults.

Screw cliques and cults, I'm starting a religion.

Hey hey mama. Said the way you move. Gonna make you sweat.

So do you eat the ice cream?

It's a miserable friday night, I'm so lonely, and no one will give me a

I had a dream this forum was taken over by Lesbians....

I'm PISSED!!! I'm not in anybody's clique!!!!

Who were 'sniffa' and 'The Princess'?

End every sentence in this thread with "up my precious butt"

She's got your eyes

The Lounge needs some loosening - MARTINIS on me!!

Best Kravitz!

"Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West"

Who is in the Oasis clique?

Scenario: the cab ride is $10. You want to give $2 tip. You have only a 20

Post a Funny Picture

Where are you from? And are you here to stay at DU?

I am Eugene Mirman

Post your favorite lounge memories here...

OK, here's a painting by my daughter...It's more luminous in real life:

My first several months here....

OK the following cliques will be broken up until further notice

What's this "site which cannot be named"?

What was your worst experience getting lost?

Pity party time: Whose day sucked more than mine?

If you're new or newer to DU, post here and get to know us...

Hey Lounge Lizards, Check Out These New Avatar Images I Made For You!!!

Politicking from pulpit is a no-no (Greensboro NC)

traditional indian songs bring demons??? WTF??

I'm a bit confused about Christian fundamentalism

Navajo president vetoes gay marriage ban

Kraft Foods boycott by Focus on the Family for supporting Gay Games.

And in sports news tonight...

Pad Thai the cat is Leashed! (Picture warning)

Tired of hearing people say...

So, the convention is going well, it's full of Kerry people

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one

Hate-spewing wingnut Phelps coming to my area

New Keith video from dzika - Rebuild the Twin Towers as they were...

Native American Groups Oppose the “Nuclear Option”

HuffPost: "Don't Mourn. Organize"

Ohio Anti-Adult Bill Goes to Extremes

To win, Democrats have to keep pointing out that...

Barbara Boxes George Allens ears over Bolton

Inform public of Downing Street Memo and then what happens ?

CommonDreams: Bush Mendacity Will Shock Historians

Filibuster - MSNBC Poll

Larry Flynt, John Bolton, and Forced Sex - Interesting read!

Can we get the moderate repubs to jump ship? Become Independent or better

Mayor of one of the NE towns just outed Bush as being from "around here"

Lieberman, Landrieu, and Nelson-turncoats on Bolton?

Democrats to Get New Think Tank

Here's a little talking point for the Dems re: Social Security

What if the "fixed" memo got "Cheney's Gay Daughter" level media coverage?

Nuclear option

Japan Considering Exit Strategy From Iraq

Potential Congressional pickup for Dems: Illinois 18th

How stupid does the media and Rumsfeld think we are? '06 has begun.

Honour and martyrdom

Wolcott SPANKS Podhoretz!

NYT OpEd: Start a War, No Money Down! (Matt Miller/Center for Am Prog)

The Reluctant Empire

Dahr Jamail: Amman, Iraq, and Al-Qaim ("micro-version of Fallujah")

Teens seek debate vs. Limbaugh

The Bush in the Bubble

Related to United Pension

Drudge Manifesto: Worst Book I Ever Read (actual title!)

Peace winds like a ribbon

Just How Gay Is the Right?

Mommy, Is Aunt Sally In The Rice Puffs?

Solving the Media Puzzle

Matt Miller (NYT): Start a War, No Money Down!

The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

The Missing NY Times Front Pages

Should the Army be allowed to block Air America on the Internet?

Rich: Just How Gay Is the Right?

DailyKos: "My Pet Prez?: Even More to the Story"(Proof * Is a Prop)

The Number One Threat to Progressive Politics in America: Bob Casey

I can't wait to see the lower prices. lol

Kristof: Liberal Bible-Thumping (On Book Sins of Scripture)


Do you want to see what worthless IOU's REALLY looks like?

Tell the truth. Economically are you really any better off?

Clearwater Festival 2005 . . . Croton NY, June 18-19 (referral post)

Atlantic Ready For Industrial-Strength Storm Season - LA Times

Hog Waste Spill Fouls Prime Scottish Fishing River

Leaked Documents Show Can. Liberals Censoring, Hiding Fish Farm Problems

Rural Towns Across Australia Running Out Of Water

Rebuffing Bush, 132 Mayors Pledge Emissions Cuts At Local Levels - NYT

Pacific Lumber May Be On The Ropes - SF Chronicle

Eco-friendly community is no longer a dream in Berea

Personal nuclear power plants: New battery lasts twelve years.

Communications trucks will soon blanket the state

What happened?

Another Tack: Sacrificial phoenix

Opposition to U.K. boycott of Israeli universities increasing

Headsup for GD- P thread: David Ray Griffin - links and an update

911 and destroyed evidences

911 and missing people

WOW -- Another flight 93 SMOKING GUN

Alan Gutierrez' blog is GONE!! UH OH!!!

Can someone explain this RBR inconsistency?

OH Amendment: Secure Voting and Vote Counting. Pls comment.

Koehler and Jonathan Simon, brief mention in 5-14-05 Seattle P-I

Help get Conyers Report onto Library shelves!

City Clerk sought /received a court order to open the voting machines


Moyers to address PBS controversy Sunday at Natl Media Reform Conf.

Suppose it Could be Proven That the Vote Count Can't Be Trusted...

The Problems with DRE Voting Machines- from OVC

Bill Maher: Dirty Election, Gay GOP, UK Memo, Iraq, 5/11 & more - (VIDEO)

Rosebud! Someone has your BushCheated with the "cast of players"

Response to ESI's conclusion re exit polls as evidence

New USCV Scientific Study Released: Hypotheses of Fraud Remain Credible

Interesting numbers in Wisconsin.



A spiritual focus on fair & honest elections, from Garybeck & me

Is there ever going to be an LA DU gathering ever again????

Urgent Plea from MassEquality

Lucky us! Fred Phelps is coming to Massachusetts June 5th + 6th

Gannon/Guckert. Lets make a list as to why we're not Neo-con Freeptards.

Help help help help help!!!

The 46 best ever freeware utilities

Ohio Anti-Adult Bill Goes to Extremes

Saw "The End of Suburbia" last night.

Good news, "the Great Cat Hunt" has died.

Head's up for WPR show

america realizes that bush isn't in charge, & is apparently fine with it

Suggestion for speaking venues (Will Pitt, no gray hairs here)

Recent Iraq Images

As Rich-Poor Gap Widens in the U.S., Class Mobility Stalls

Well after having a crapload of my posts removed tonight

War! What is it good for?

I wonder what would happen in a debate between * and a former Tehran

"Have you noticed we have not had a raised alert since the election?"

Americablog: NCFR Asks Universities To Break Rules, Too

geopolitically, i'm an idiot. but what would happen if

How much Federal Funds have been cut

Ok....Time for truth...If you could have 9

I wonder if this should be a "de rigeur" post September 11 aviation safety

Why did they close the bases??

I'm so scared...if they really

Just wondered as to how accurate any information or "factoids" about a

Happy Bush Knew Day

Okay I wonder what would happen in a debate between * and Bruce Laingen

My Dream for DU

Lawmakers investigate the won't BELIEVE this one!

I wonder if anyone again wondered where a certain United pilot was when we

Bush on his bike

Um...? "Pakistani officials said the army had stepped up the hunt ..."

gee it's been 3 days since we've had a 5-11 type event! are we safer?

Did anyone get the Zogby 400 question

bush's biggest failure: Osama IS STILL AT LARGE

Damn still no frontpage news of the UK War Memo

Saturday toon (5/14) "Circle the Elephants"

Bush finds Red Alert amusing... my LTTE

can they turn a pig into a saint with bush, like they did with reagan?

Pulling out ALL the stops. Justice Dept. enters court nominee fight

turner regrets losing cnn

Watch the "liberals" be blamed for the base closings

Here is An Iraqi With a Job! Body Parts Collector!

Bush in his gym in middle of day when gun shot outside WH. I remember

Campbell Brown...intolerable whore

What the FACTS will show 10 years from now.


antecdote: republican insight on base closures.

My son is half-Arabic and all-American

So what happened with the "Scary Cessna Just a Drill" story?

Anyone know if Al/Team Franken will write another book?

The true purpose of torture by Naomi Klein

Does anyone know which court ruled that Bush electronic "voting" machines

have you all heard that wolf blitzer plans to take over the judy woof-woof

Even Mother Goose and Grimm knows the score :)

Mayor, others blame BUSH for Portsmouth Navy Yard closing

The entire country is a monument to black slaves.....

How do we repair racism in 1 week?

Hey Admin. (espec. Skinner) and other liberal website..

Army of Darkness . . . Attack of the Evil Doers . . .

"Find out what Democrats eat"

Would you favor Proportional Representation for Congressional elections?

BOOK TV Schedule - May 14 - 16

If I was promised a story in a book I buy and

bush provides entertainment to North Korean children

Why hasn't a Dem sponsored a bill of impeachment?

The 5 People You Meet at Religious Conferences

Anyone have strong feelings one way or the other about Bolton's

Remember this? : Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil

Iraq is falling apart - Do you know where your President is?

Could the Real ID Act and 511 be an excuse for setting up a Police State

Body Counts

Class-action lawsuit filed against MBNA

The two most unpopular governors

Don't Disturb the President Just Because America is Under Attack -

Reader complains about memo story being buried at the Washington Post

Some humor for your day...

Has Bush addressed the nation about 5/11? I don't watch the news much

Did Bolton do Dick Cheney's biding to suppress info by outing Plame

Unbelievably Shocking Letter in Saturday's Toledo Blade

Repugs are Morons,

My Letter to the Editor (RE: Cannon AFB closing)

House Members call on Gonzales for War Crimes Probe

"These are bad times to get old." United Airlines seen as bellwether

Clearwater Festival 2005 . . . Croton NY, June 18-19 (referral post)

Medicaid? Let 'em eat roaches.

What is a billion

Something I have noticed on MSNBC

The Pentagon states it will save $7 billion /year from these base closings

As Many as 200 Killed in Uzbekistan: Map and CIA Information on Uzbekistan

Industry group Center for Consumer Freedom brainless:

A must see ..... P.R. goes bad for *

Good Congo/Rwandan website, part of an article about terrorist group

To all the Freepers lurking here---

Are we in the beginnings of the New Crusades ?

Frist double parks, gets ticket, gets protested, pays $520 for shoes

Ted Nugent's Kamp for Kids . . .

The National Conference for Media Reform is Sold Out!!!!

Sears Mastercard runs a scam

Bush must be sent into exile!!!!

Start a War, No Money Down! -'The Republican Guide to Wartime Tax Cuts'

The Aachen Peace Award (Germany) 2005 is given to Roy Bourgeois (USA)

Remember, we have the RIGHT to remove a corrupt government

try this on for size

Yet another story of a repug turned bush hater

Bumper Sticker: The Troops Need Phone Cards Not Magnetic Ribbons

"After the oil is gone"

Campaign reform

The sick bastard Phelps wants to picket a 12-year old.

My sincere appreciation

The Knight Shift blog has a great anti Bush bumper sticker idea

Going to Camp Wellstone in Seattle. Anyone evere been?

Magnetic Ribbon Post

So many frauds have been perpetrated on the American people....

UK film: terror fears exaggerated

Are base closing necessarily bad?

HNN-Headline News Network-sister network of CNN -Could Soros and friends

We are all over the Middle East

Bush/Cheney bumper sticker spotted

what's up with democracy now

What do the fundies think about gambling?

"Concerned women" say sexism, racism behind 'phony filibusters'

This was on the FRONT page of, amazing

Is anybody interested in forming a DU Labor issues group?

Banned From The Blogger News Network (a.k.a. "The Bunny")

Just a Reminder


Bill Maher: Dirty Election, Gay GOP, UK Memo, Iraq, 5/11 & more - (VIDEO)

Peak oil ain't just about cars and heating

US is losing the Iraq war by body count

Today I am actually quite happy: Bush's buddy is going down!

I support Bush!

two women dressed in moslem attire and a young man also dressed in moslem

Spread the word: Fur donation for Humane Society

Iraq now a transit route for Afghan heroin

Are we spread to thin?

The Delphi Corporation, a GM spinoff, is on its deathbed.

Miami Vice

What is it with Judge Owen and Judge Brown?

Fun Anti-Bush Promotional Mailing From A Local Vendor

One industry after another the financial scandals are growing.

Tavis Smiley has a new weekend 2-hr radio show. Here's who's carrying it:

Remember the Scud Stud and all the other reporters on location

Giant "Pornographic" Sculpture Raises Eye-Brows in Small Red-State Town

What are Bush's latest numbers? I haven't seen anything for a couple of w

The problem - Why they win and we lose

How on earth did leftism come to be associated with hedonism?

"The oil industry has so much money, they don't know what to

Project Thread: Unanswered Questions On The Official Account Of 5/11

Fax our Dem Senators about the filibuster.

We need an OPPOSITION Party.

UK film: terror fears exaggerated

Was Jesus Christ Gay? Right-Wing "Christians," Watch Your Back!

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Want some good radio for a change?

Is there a thread about Vicente Fox's supposed racist comment?

a conservative told me I don't know the meaning of "sacrifice"

Seriously Life Enhancing Made In USA Costco Product!!

And in other Credit Card Scam news today...

Hannity does it again

Brad Show on Raw Radio (election people should tune in)

When I shook Al Franken's hand, he looked very, very tired.

I've figured out what bothers me the most about this administration.

What Kind of Website is Not on The Internet ?

Base closings list...........??? Red vs Blue state bias.

Goebell's Playbook : Assassinating the Intelligensia

Idea for weapon in fight against recruitment of our youth into military

Do you get tired of arguing with STUPID Freepers?

This picture of Frist encouraging Free-Speech should be on the Front Page

USAFA Chaplain who Ratted out the Evangelicals is Being Sent To Iraq!

It is MASS MURDER, bloody death by the "pro-life" criminal - ARREST HIM*

Bill Mahar had a great line last night...

Happy 100th birthday, LAS VEGAS!

Join The Unitarian Jihad

CSPAN caller from Clayton, Ohio

Moyers to address PBS controversy Sunday at Natl Media Reform Conf.

Another Fox blonde on MSNBC?

My Brother-In-Law .........

Smoke Pot- Not E-mail

Does Walmart own Lowe's?

May 14th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$169,691,091,659

A crowd watches Bush & Laura from the Truman balcony

Does anyone know any deaf people? They can't hear Bush and must judge him

Up to 500 Dead in Uzbekistan

"IMPEACH HIM" (email I sent to all Senator's May 13)

I know it Spring in the south because there are Christians at my door

DU Poll - Am I wasting my time?

POLL & PICS: Pick title of Ann Coulter's next book

How deep is our hole?

A Message from RFK, Jr:

Baking science question - eggs

BC DUers: STV-BC the animation

Ken Clarke ponders Tory leader race (BBC News)

NYT: New Biotech Drugs Are Producing Gains Against Cancer

WP,pg1: Retailers (major chains) Restrict Some Cold Medicines (meth)

Judge blocks construction of homes near Tahoe

GuardianUK: Al-Qaida Detainee May Know About Plans To Attack UK

Saddam spies 'offered to help Chirac get re-elected'

Bulgaria to host three US military bases: minister


Costs of war on terror causing pilots to reduce flying hours

Marine who shot Iraqis should not face murder charges, investigator recomm

Two Saudis killed in militant operations in Iraq - (Anonymous phone call)

US drone plane kills Al-Qaeda leader in Pakistan: report

Florida's Wexler first Democratic to offer Social Security fix

Study Says Tasers Don't Cause Heart Rhythm Disturbances

Landstuhl Army Hospital mortuary expands

Hundreds dead' in Uzbek violence

Nine U.S. troops,100 rebels killed in Iraq assault


Mufti offers family hope on Iraq hostage

Taiwan's Chen wins poll, boost on China stance

Pakistani police baton charge mixed marathon runners

Senior Chinese Leader Meets With Fidel Castro

Beheading of OPC leader: They must pay dearly for my son’s blood— Father

Pakistan denies report U.S. drone kills Qaeda leader

Witness: Soldier Didn't Mistreat Prisoners

Dahr Jamail: Amman, Iraq, and Al-Qaim ("micro-version of Fallujah")

Uzbek soldiers 'killed hundreds'

Washington Times cowers and apologizes for hurting Pakistani feelings with

Drudge Manifesto: Worst Book I Ever Read (actual title!)

'High death toll' in Uzbekistan (President says 30, witnesses say 200)

Reuters: Iraq Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier; 8 Iraqis Shot

DR Congo parliament adopts new constitution

Pass Christian veteran police officer faces sex charges

Appeals court OKs forced military extensions

LAT/AP: Justice Dept. Enters Ct. Nominee Fight (Reid, and Saad's FBI file)

U.S. textile makers praise re-imposed quotas on Chinese imports

US forces encircle Iraqi town

Wayward pilot was ill-prepared, FAA says

U.S. military urging Iraq's government to act against the insurgency

Story generates national attention (Jim West - sleazeball mayor of Spokane

Bulgaria to Offer Three Bases to U.S.

Cuba 'bomber' sought by Venezuela

Uzbek Information Vacuum Heightens Tension

Resident: Firing unnecessary (Tasered and they blew up his knapsack!)

Resigned Pastor Denies Endorsing Candidate (waynesoro bc)

Cardinal: Sainthood will take time

LAT: The Next Salvo in the Battle Over Base Closures Is Political

Religion Makes Inroads in Corp. Arena: Believers Carving Workplace Niche

U.S. forces wrap up major offensive near Syrian border pronouncing success

Race flu may kill your pet: CDC probes possible link to humans


AP President: Media Must Build Trust With Public in FOI Fight

Coalition Warplanes Fire Near Fallujah

$350m Cocaine Seized in World's Biggest Drug Bust

Former paratrooper fighting for disability benefits

7 GOP Senators Key in Filibuster Fight

Truck Discovery Shuts Down Brooklyn Bridge

N.M. Governor (Richardson-D) Criticizes GOP Congress (Dem radio address)

Britain pressured to replace guards' bearskin hats

Scandal dooms `bank of presidents' Riggs Bank

Iraqi U.N. Envoy Weighs Violence at Home (NPR)

Base Plan Would Alter Military Landscape (to Sunbelt, West; super bases)

LAT: Eastern, Gulf Coasts Primed for Severe Hurricane Season

Syria Establishes Military Build up on Iraq Border

Ms. Rice’s positive and negative populism

Democrats Consider Revamping Primaries

WP: (D.C.) Pilot Was Ill-Prepared, Froze in Flight, FAA Says

Rebellious Dutch ready to say No to Europe

(Homeland Security)Communications trucks will soon blanket the state

Four Marines Killed in Operation Matador

Sugar Is Latest Supermarket Demon (artificial sweeteners safe?)

Man dies after Taser shot

Gathering of Dissidents (Cuba) Raises Hopes - and Worries

Operation Matador ends with 9 U.S. Marines dead

Congressional letter to save the life of Haitian Prime Minister .. Neptune

Bolton Embarrassment Latest Setback for Bush Hawks

KR: Elections may have made things worse, not better

Culture shock for foreign priests ("too much individualism in USA")

Discredited doctor's 'cure' for Aids ignites life-and-death struggle in So

Gunmen Assassinate Top Iraqi Official

Clark criticizes planned base closings(and Bolton)

Saddam Writing Memoirs From Jail

Roommate is guilty of covertly taping sex (Utah Airman/selling tapes)

Karzai demands action on Koran abuse

Better Interviews Said Key to Exit Polls

North Korea Distrustful of U.S. Overture

Former Saudi charity head to sue Rice in U.S. court (Reuters)

LAT: Jurists Picked for Showdown on Filibuster (Brown, CA, Owen, TX)

NYT: Old Foes (some environmentalists) Soften to New Nuclear Reactors

'Downing Street' War Memo Gains Traction in U.S. Press

Cleveland to lose 1,000 defense jobs

U.S. Ally Fires On Its People

Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years

So after all that has happened here in the lounge, I was thinking....

Whom told me about DLG

3 2 1 .............

'Crazy Cabbie' gets year in prison ( most entertaining right-winger ever )

I don't know if this has been discussed but will Andy S have to pay taxes

How ya doin bro?...where ya goin'?...where ya been'

I know all this "Clique" stuff was funny and all

Dammit! Bouncy Ball kicked over some Martinis!!


'Last Tango In Paris' Just Started

If I've ever been a jerk to you in a post

What ONE Word Best Describes An Effing Freeper?

Any Doc Savage fans?

Don't you just hate fucking freepers?

Tell me if this seems unreasonable of me.

alllright...who wants a taco?

I'm new here...uh...anybody know where the cool kids hang out?

DU Chat...progmom and yivver on the webcams

Can I get a student loan

Escape from L.A. on USA now...Armageddon, permanent

Want to listen to Taco?

Boy the Lounge is dull today.

Woo Hoo! Back in Cambridge for the first time in two years!

DU Chat, come gather ya freaks

What's your personal motto?

Nooooooooo Johnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wow - you know you are loved when....

I am convinced that Bill Maher hangs out in the Lounge.

It's official, I got a blow dry!!!

Just finished with International Science Fair 2005.

There is no lower form of music than the re-mix.


I love my Hummers , so there!

You know what makes me feel better?

Technologically illiterate - need help!

So, what did I miss?

Today's Biggest Dumbass?

Just got back from a karaoke bar ask me any song, but I'm stone and drunk

the lounge is not usually this active at

Shakespeare summed it all up:


Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

I'm pullin' the wig off down the shelf

Circling the Elephants - Saturday toon (5/14)

Greyhound Meet-Greet Bloomsburg PA

D'you wanna be in my clique, my clique, my clique?

What'cha listenin' to?

What is your favorite Christ allegory?


Holy Toledo! This is impressive.

Wow - you know you are moved when....

Good news, the "Great Cat Hunt" has died.

another low week....will they ever stop?

Bond. James Bond.

I'm gonna try to get a job next week

Get This:

Spam found poetry for today

Do homosexuals get offended when heteros call non-sexual stuff "gay"?

Fake Weapon No Threat to Fake Leader, Security Officials Say

Is There ANY lower form of music than MUZAK.

My new desktop pic...

Can anyone guess what my 1000th post will be? Countdown T minus 3

Countdown: T minus 2..........

So what do you want on your Tombstone?

Camptown races song that Foghorn Leghorn whistled...

My OB visit this week...*hormonal rant*

Girls would turn the color of an avocado when he'd drive down their street

Um, is the fun...not over?

how do you Like your kisses?

How Would You React If You Heard bu$h Was Just Impeached, and Soon To Be

How can a person tell that someone has been "tombstoned" or kicked out of

Is there any way that shrub can blame the base closings on

Happy Birthday George Lucas, Cate Blanchett, David Byrnes and Tony Perez!!

Media reform conference taking place in St Louis is ignored

I think we should have a "Dear Skinner" forum

Anyone here see the movie "CRASH"? It is awesome

made up ads for cheap ass booze....

At least the fun isn't over anymore.

How's come Skinner get's 700+ replies and all mine sink to the bottom

"Styx" with JY and Shaw and Chuck Panozzo

Don't make me pull out the hickory switch!

421 members

E! Online: "Jackson's Bed of Unconditional Love"

somehow I have the feeling next week I need to REALLY workout

A few years back, they did a series about how the children

Paris Hilton: "We did see her eat a couple of them at the shoot."

Wendy's Founder Fingered

How quickly can muscles atrophy?

I Finally Rented "Sideways"

So trasked I can't see, askm ean thing

You simply have to laugh when a thread is so big,

If you're on medical leave, is it okay for your company to contact you?

Turn it to AMC...will see UFO accidentally shot behind Wayne and O'hara

Something I posted in GD. Wanted to ask you all as well.

Can't we all just hit the bong?

Neighbors are having a garage sale featuring crap the dump wouldn't take


I just figured it out!!! Trumad and Sniffa are the same person.

Need help...what's the most effective over the counter medicine for UTI?

Blastoff, 1000th post!: Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!!

how do you Like your kisses?

Have you ever posted on a sports forum?

I really need to learn the answer to someone taking offense to

does someone smeLL something?

Did you know that "hide the thread" doesn't work on Skinner's threads?

wiLL someone heLp me make an avatar?

Can you hear me now?

i would hate to be walking down a street and be assaulted by bush.

What the crap is this thing?

But is the fun still over?

Clearwater Festival 2005 . . . Croton NY, June 18-19

Hot sauce cashes in on bride's cold feet

A new distraction.

Dude... a show of hands of the hungover. Any survivors out there?

a beLated euLogy for my dearLy departed paL...*sniff*

What is up with my friend?

Progmom is taking requests from this thread! (she's a little late today)

Hail to the Chief Presidential Jack in the Box

twister anyone?

Bad at graphes...

It's time to say something nice about...

what's your favorite way to relax?

The stages of milk.

The Devil lives in Anarbour, Mich.!

Who has the world's biggest hole?

Goddamn Lurking Scum Suckers

New political party?

Any cauLdrons I can stir for you foLks here?

Handsome Boy Modeling School Modeling School is rockin da hizzous

Takes a lot to keep my Hummers full

Have you ever tried to explain the Lounge to someone who hasn't seen it?

What are your favorite nonpolitical sites?

That Republican smell

For the actors out there. I am a tree.

The MSM has always been predatory

I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, At your desire

kLeeb needs a new keyboard

I love Bonanza reruns on the weekends

When you think about your own death: relief or tragedy?

For Sale: 1 Keyboard...

Who has the world's biggest mole?

Well, Bert has gotten busy...

I had no idea there was a professional lacrosse league


DU help needed! Can someone please fark me?

Hilarious quote I just heard on 'Firefly'

How deep is your love?

Re-instate Sniffa, please

Du Forum Roll Call! Sound Off Now!

Anyone grilling today?

looks as though

Anyone really enjoy the movie Don Juan De Marcos?

What the hell is that?

Guess my low electric bills are coming to an end

I can type again

I am not a bank

How old it TOO old for sealed, packaged smoked salmon???

Lets say DU forms a itty bitty sitty committee...

tALK about irony

Would you rather converse with Laura Bush or Walt Disney's frozen head?

6 dozen eggs in the frig, 2 dozen on to boil, just got 13 chicks, wtf?

eating half a jar of peanut butter = not good

Why can't people take "no" for an answer?

Dissent is alive and well in Houston Texas.

I am making pad thai, anyone care for any?

My wife and I had a box of Mrs T's pierogies, boiled, then added to a

Calling Kleeb


American Tune

Biography of Kinsey on A&E right now

Have you ever felt smugly satisfied in posting something

Do I have a future?

Post Here If You Want To Be My Buddy. I'm Peopling My Buddy List.

Wow, just found a pic. of my first long term girlfriend online - she looks

In bankruptcy, do you lose all of your possessions?

Happy Ending Pet Photo Essay (Warning dial-up users - Lg. images)

Simpsons fans: which season should I order from Netflix first? n/t

What is the strongest evidence/argument for life after death?

Us and Them

Turner Classic Movies: My Fair Lady is on now

FINALLY! An Old Navy commercial I like!

Worker's unions

Need to take a drug/pee test?

Verily, I say unto you, the end is nigh

Do I have a past?

Light rain with thunder, 64º

Hitchhiking. Power.

I love you like a BALLandCHAIN

At last!! Beautiful weather!

I made a special trip to the grocery store and the mailman didn't take

I think my neighbor has anger issues...

I'm in sinus heLL

Out of curiosity - any fans of "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking"

So what ever happened to ASchwartzeneggar's unidentifiable


Oompa Loompa Song:

reverie in wood and cinderblock.

I just spent 3 hours taking my final exam.

I Love My Nonni!

My faith in humanity just dimmed a little...

Seven worst Rock Replacement singers.

Is it safe to be here?

How long does it take to become an "official" Yankee?

lounge is pretty slow today...

It's DU Woodstock - Who are You?

square feet of your home and how do you heat it?

What stereotypical lefty things do you do?

I found my stepfather dead on the toilet seat

If I Were Banned By The Administrators, Would You Lizards Defend Me???

Ribs. They're what's for dinner.

Need help finding Swamp Rat picture gallery!

Does anyone else hate windows xp?

Do you ever feel like an ignorant Peon and that the world . . .

Well, this sounds wrong...

Bush Wins Papal Vote (Reuters)

Why all the to-do over the beautification of John Paul?

Bumpersticker just seen on a big SUV here in NC:

How can you be sure you are not dead?

Lowell George ROCKS!!!!!!

10 things within 10 feet

This is both alarming & disgusting

So who is starting their garden today? I'm planting nasturtium...

Good news/bad news thread

PICS - From my walk the other day - and 2 of my sugar gliders.

Great Cat Names And Their Origin (BUT...whatever happened to 'Pyewacket')

Cat Carnage! Oh the humanity!

High School Car Washes: Charitable Fundraiser or Teenage Sex Romp?


I am so sad--My cat got out (and he may be eating a songbird right now)

Ok. "We" feel left out! The official Agnostic thread!!

Big huge concerts you've attended? (Woodstock, etc)

Hey "Oldbies," Tell Us About Yourself!

cars that should *never* be revived/remade:

Think your toast is great? "Keith Olbermann in my pants!"

Now that things seem to have calmed down a little bit...

Spotted while lurking on FR:

Distressed Announces The "So Sue Me Bitch" Line Of Swamp Rat Avatar Images

Time to post you favorite Chappelle Show's quotes!

Spitting on the Sidewalk

A serious question.

Texas Musicians II

Lets say DU forms a Hippie commune


Favorite "Sports Car".

Pick the breakfast cereal MOST LIKELY to be eaten by an EFFING FREEPER.

Let's see how this PETA thread turns out

An atheists screed for your perusal.

Personal Nuclear Power: New Battery Lasts 12 Years

Boston College "Compromise" refuses to ban anti-gay discrimination

Urgent plea from MassEquality

Anti-gay Assholes have events planned in Mass., media blitz tomorrow

Moslem Clerics Charged In Gay Beatings

S.F. Archbishop appointed as Grand Inquisitor- gay marriage 1st priority

Ricky Henderson, future HOFer, signs for his 30th year in baseball.

Help! I keep stressing out my cat!

Any lately predictions?

Jehovah's Witnesses visited me today


John Kerry in his own words

Pic Thread. Not Kerry but other National Dems!

Is John Kerry a good Catholic?

Wow General Discussion politics is going crazy....

Just got home from visiting Kerry

Y KEYBOard is essed up

For Elshiva, with love

A campaign to have Keith's WTC proposal adopted would be good.


What did DeLay mean by dem's have no class? I must have missed it...

David Ray Griffin evidence Bush admin complicit in 9/11 - update & links

Reid cites FBI file on judicial pick

One for the GOOD GUYS - St Louis newspaper will stay PROGRESSIVE

Gannon/Guckert at the deLay pukefest

* on the verge of a breakdown

I'm sorry but when did we become a direct democracy?

The true purpose of torture (US style)

Seems Like John Conyers Has Been On A Mission Lately

Commander in Chief, our bike riding Rambo

So how much national attention is the Jim West story getting??

John Conyers: "Ohio 2004: Ignoring the Canary"

Tom DeLay -- Bible Villain

TX House- No Dems or minorities on school panel

Campaign slogan help

Yep! as expected the truth will not be faced!

Part of my letter to Nelson and Hagel on the Bolton nomination:

Dems maneuver to delay Senate vote on Bolton for UN post - Chi Tribune

Just a note to Steve LaTourette R-14, OH.

I commend Wexler for submitting a plan

The far right sites are silent on BRAC (military base closures)

U.S. To Expand Prison Facilities In Iraq

I just heard Deval Patrick speak for the first time

Frist Senior Aide uses a "scrambling device" during Conference call...

Do conservatives ever march?

Is George W Bush a ruthless or a benevolent dictator??

What Was Al Franken Talking About Last Night Regarding Santorum?

Who will bring us a national health care and transportation system?

Sex is taboo for the Democratic Party.


The Party of Hypocrisy: The Republican Tool Kit

Molly Ivins writes about Downing Street Memo and on how to get out of Iraq

The American economy is a lame horse....

A NeoCons spin on the Downing Memo

ABC News Fakes Another RW-Pro * "news" story!

Would you support a senator who said this?

Don't Bush and his supporters/apologizers realize

So, when do we go to Mars??

The killings in Afghanistan must be getting to the Bushies

Back on Osama's trail

Are we going about this all wrong?

Link to DNC's conference call briefing

Need some info for a * debate

Bush is the President of the Red States of America

15 month Enlistment Scam

Check it out for the song parody of Beck's Loser...

Did Kerry "lose" because he was a "liberal" ?

Politician quits over wine stunt

Same sex marriage adopted as plank in Massachusetts platform

Progressives get a huge win at today's Mass State Convention

Want to e-mail your senator

The Iraqi and Afghan war is bleeding us badly.

The advantages of having a "moderate" Democratic president....

A small victory in a swing state

Workplace politics...toxic and dangerous ( a manager's point of view)

Do NOT let them villify Dean

Howard Dean gave a wonderful speech

Army War College Closing

Would any REAL American?

Do any of our '08 Presidential hopefuls speak Spanish?

Frist is having Reid over for supper tomorrow (The Hill)

CNN Poll: "legitimate targets for U.S. military strikes outside war zones"

DUers, you have got to understand the politics behind the base closings

How I felt about John Kerry.

Bush radio address: "The American economy is the envy of the world"

Total News Blackout Accomplished! D.C. Tribute to Marla Ruzicka NEWS?

I think Hillary critics should read this ...

WANTED - Populist Caucus, Regardless of Party

Dear Tom Friedman: Let Me Get This Straight on Nuclear weapons

question about the last whitehouse plane scare

132 U.S. Mayors Embrace Kyoto Rules...Bush Administration Back-Peddling

Q about Iraqi "liberation" that no one has ever been able to answer.

Up to 500 Dead in Uzbekistan

Bill Maher: Dirty Election, Gay GOP, UK Memo, Iraq, 5/11 & more - (VIDEO)

John Bolton Lied Repeatedly Under Oath

Renew your support for "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MSNBC

BUSH-whacking of Military Bases BIG GAIN for TX & FLA ! ! !

My response to Kos' most recent Kerry zap

Should the GOP be Outlawed?

What I've learned on DU: Circular firing squads and yaks.

LAT: Military base closings will shift troops to the South- POLITICS!!!

The Maryland Miracle or killing our democracy one state at a time.