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Archives: May 13, 2005

The Destruction of Iraq's Educational System Under US Occupation

MRC studies that "prove" media's "liberal bias" collapse under scrutiny

We are listening to the bell toll in Iraq

Iranian Students End Sit-In, Economists Urge Change

Iranians hold their noses as they pick new president

Krugman: Always Low Wages. Always.

Let's Face It- The State Has Lost Its Mind: John Pilger

Guardian Utd (Thursday): The film US TV networks dare not show

Bush impeachment talk swirls in media

Robert Rubin: Attention: Deficit Disorder

Celebrate Tom DeLay's Career in Influence Peddling - Letter from DCCC

Mike Malloy gave me an idea...

Soaring birth defects and cancer in Iraq as a result of Bush policies!

Sign-up for PFAW's Rapid-Response SMS -alert nuclear option response team

Army punishes colonel over Iraq prison abuse scandal

Neither Iran/world to gain if nuke dialogue with EU stops, warns Moscow

Hamas rejects late PLC elections

U.S. Anglicans eyeing divestment criticize Israel W. Bank policy

9/11 Air Response: What's wrong with this picture?

Why couldn't one pilot on 9/11 switch his transponder to the hijack code?

(mid week humor... ) Bush Wins Papal Vote Recount !

Dupe delete

Warning! OSSI polling/voting systems-new from owners of Christian Undergd.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Friday


Election Official Threatens To Defy Special Election

Boston law banning Native Americans puts journalism convention at risk

Dr. Watson and the Registry question.

Homestead Exemption: anyone heard about a bill to kill it: See inside:

Willie's Story (Priscilla Owen the heartless corporate whore)

rethugs Hold Tribute to DeLay, Dems Work to Strengthen Ethics Rules

Tom DeLay: "What a rotten bastard".

WP readers complain about no mention of secret memo

Guys, what's "Dean of the Senate?"

May 12, 2005

What is RR talking about with a mule?

Heading to the snake pits this weekend...

The only hope for bush is $25/barrel oil and he knows it.

Parents, have you fielded calls from military recruiters targeting your ..

Will the Republicans spin the story of Bush not being told about the

our nation is under ATTACK! (but don't tell the president)

When, in the Course of Human Events...

Are we sure that MonkeyDolt and Daddy Warbucks Cheney

What are the inmates of Freeperville saying about Bush not being told about

Did Senator Voinovich read today's Doonesbury?

Baked Potatoes

So, how do we improve our standing in the Middle East?

Steve Nash

If you missed Senator Byrd today - C-Span 2 now

Ralps has started the Malloy Thead. Don't post here.

June 9-10: Election Reform Lobbying Day in DC: Come help!

If there is justice in the world, Bush would be impeached.

whatever happened to the granade that was tossed during the bush

Peace Corps helping to foment "velvet revolutions" in fmr. Russian areas??

Evidence about Bolton debunked ? Repugs lying again ?

What's going on in NYC metro today??

Sheriff entrapping people in my town - how about yours?

Jon Stewart coming up, 10pmCT. Tracy Ulman!!

anyone else watching the Imelda Marcos biography on PBS now?

How is the Fundie-right justifying aligning themselves

The Graph... (Over 1,600 Dead... Death Rate Now @ 2.5 Per Day)

What Happened To The 'Blue Slip', And Can't Boxer Slip It To Justice Brown

I have extremely good news about the hybrid auto my wife and I

Has United Airlines paid any dividends to stockholders in recent years?

Do you think that the discovery of a genetic switch for the aging process

I'm running a hypothetical scenario for a paper. How do these look?

Machine Readable Passports Required For All Visa Waiver Program Travel

Countdown to May 17th - One Full Year Of Legal Same Sex Marriage In US

Lionel talking about impeachment

Gangstas R US! So Sayeth The Judge.

HE said it!!!!....he said it!!!!!!.....Jon Stewart said it!!!!!

What happened to Air America?

Did Pat Buchanan not think of a nuclear armed Nazi regime.

Student suspended for attending prom in a dress

Why did they not tell * about the DC incident?

Homophobic Spokane Wa Mayor Outed by Investigative Journalism

Al Franken will be on Real Time with Bill Maher tomorrow night.

Report reveals brain drain fears

Harvard Presents- Abu Ghraib: The Play

$4.7 Trillion Pyramid-Why Soc. Security won't be enough to save Wall St.

I wonder who scores the benzedrine for the Air Force pilots?

China Says U.S. Impeded North Korea Arms Talks

What happed to the (un)censored Army memo about the Italian bodyguard?

Okay, anyone here from Chicago? What's going on at Lincoln Park Zoo?

In my inbox this morning: Walmart - good corporate citizenship?

Internet Calling's Downside: Failing to Link Callers to 911

REPLAY NOW: C-SPAN2 Senator Byrd coming up -- Frist on now

Janis Karpinski, exclusive interview on Nightline - on now

Jon Stewart reports on Jeb's "shoot first and don't ask..." law - (VIDEO)

Nightline VCR ALERT: Angry former Gen. Janis Karpinski speaks out

Gitmoize - verb - def. - to torture as in Guantanamo

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, anyone scared what Bushco has up it's sleeve

Evangelical News--As Bad As Fox

A dirty, greasy cockroach stalker (Delay) is talking about "class"?

Characteristics of a good leader

Stripes letter: US contractors in Iraq should wear civvies, not BDUs

May 12th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$169,279,695,896

Maybe we could be a little more attuned to the MSM timetable

Mike Malloy made a very good point....

New DC Law protects protestors (ACLU)

Who is "Ken"? I want to shake his hand.

Was Voinovich a true hero today?

DU Poll on Bolton

Walmart's in trouble. Justice at last!

Heard a brilliant speech by Biden on CSPAN radio today...

The Media ...... Poodles? ....... or Punked?

Joey boy from MSNBC

is this the Iraq version of the Tet Offensive?

Real ID-- part of the Republican phase out of social security?

DeLay Tells Audience That Democrats Have 'No Class'

You can help ditch John Bolton. Please read, take action, and KICK this!

Thursday night Mike Malloy truthseekers check in

A little Blast from the Past

Season of birth affects age of menopause

Just A Friendly Reminder - Asshole Ken Lay Is Still Free And Walking!

Yes, UAL employees should strike for the good of the country,

How do we go about "schooling" ourselves about systematic manipulation?

Need link to Larry Flynt's Bolton press release, please!

You know I never considered John Edwards a serious contender

Who is the farthest-to-the-left progressive author/speaker/activist?

Drug Prohibition Continues To Enrich Terrorists - Now In Iraq!

Are they not going to show the mighty BYRD on CSPAN?

Local news investigating fundie mega-church (Nashville).

So I suppose the republicans will say flushing the Koran in the toilet was

McClellan got grilled today with questions about alert -bush looks bad!

Byrd coming on CSPAN 2 now. 12:39am EDT.

Making abortion illegal will not make it go away. It will just make women

Christian Underground (CU) ? ... wonder where they got the idea ?

what is your biggest worry in today's world?

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 13

My comment to PayPal

Simple, quick question about Andy's situation.....

Nightline: Janice Karpinski says Rumsfeld knew about Abu Ghraib - (VIDEO)

Must Read from Paul Craig Roberts.

The Religious Right is An Anti-American Terrorist Movement

Scott McLellan's Plane Briefing - Raises Some More Tinfoil Questions...

Cool Dem Billboards!!! Check it out (from kos)

An Appeal To U.S. Antiwar Movement To Organize United Demonstrations

A Planet Full of Hitlers

Abstinence speaker tells kids 'condoms cause cancer'

ABC gives up; admits covering Iraq is "just too hard."

U.S. anger over war memo is slight

Baked Potatoes

Canada the brand is getting an extreme makeover

Sailor who wouldn't deploy to Iraq gets three months' hard labor

judge strikes down nebraska gay marriage ban

Indignation Grows in U.S. Over British Prewar Documents

White House Leaves Disbled Benefits Open

Attorney General will not investigate Spokane mayor

Schumer Recommends Anti-Choice Judge

Iraqi Insurgents Unleash Deadly Bombings Despite U.S. Offensive

Three killed as Afghan protests over Koran spread

CNN: Report paints grim picture of Iraqi life

Pa. Papers Spar Over Congressman Coverage (allegedly choked female friend)

Pa. Papers Spar Over Whether to Report Incident Involving Married Congress

Bush suffers blow on choice of U.N. envoy

A Defection on the GOP Side (Bolton)

(Texas) Parental Consent Bill Dies

North Sea Fish on the Move to Cooler Waters

Russia Accuses West of Spying Fomenting Unrest

Worst Anti-US Protests Spread Across Afghanistan (into Pakistan)

Indiana Jury Convicts Couple Accused of Letting Newborn Die

Army's Top Recruiter Says 2006 May Be Biggest Test

NYT: Republican Moderates in Senate Sense Intensifying Pressures

Conservatives Honor DeLay With Gala

WP: For Female GIs, Combat Is a Fact

Shelter for homeless families may close

Bush Donor Set to be Envoy to UK

Uzbek militants seize jail, freeing hundreds of prisoners

China Says U.S. Impeded North Korea Arms Talks -NYT

DeLay: Democrats have 'no class'

Two US Helicopter Gunships Reportedly Downed in Qaim

British defence forces in deep crisis

British Intelligence Warned Blair of War (WP)

Blair backs possible UN action on Iran

Unions Threaten to Strike Over United Pension Plan

Startling revelations over possible UK-U.S. conspiracy

Abu Ghraib figure blames superior for abuse

Air Force Removes Chaplain From Post-Officer Decried Evangelicals' Influen

Here's a story about Homer and Marge.

Donnie and Marie

Ok I'll admit it:

My cute new Sandals gave me blisters...

Britney and Kevin, apparently planning a trip to the movies...

My cute new Sandals flew that Cessna over DC...

52,416 dead in Toronto, Ontario, CA

Should I buy some mace or pepper spray for my trip?

All that's in the damned fridge is stuff for sandwiches...

SW:ROTS premieres tonight in SF

Humanzee - OK I have to laugh

Constitution Thread 2: for the usage mavens...

Has anyone noticed DU is on 69,499 registrations?

I have a serious spyware problem. (Win XP)

This says it all: Top Broken Promises

Somebody just died on "The O.C."

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions round of 18 (possible spoiler)

Just finished eating dinner....who else here HATES onions?

Watch it, pal! I'm armed with X-treme Jello™

Lewis Black is on Comedy Central now!

Do ya know what we need, man? Some rope.

How excited are you about the new Star Wars movie?

LOL. What an IDIOT!! too funny

Fuck the drama here. I was just almost run down by a motorcade.

I'm so best friend from out of town is coming to spend...

Music duet you would most love to see happen

Who is gonna watch ER tonight?

HAHAHA! My cat was just trying to catch a "bounce" icon!!!

Which Song Is Worse...

I wondered into the GD and started a thread...I got my ass kicked....

Where's the Malloy thread???

Just watched "The Corporation". What a laugh fest that was.

Yay! Tomorrow is my day off!

Time for "Post a line from the Constitution like another DUer":

Whoopsie, I broke the poll thingy.

Best. GD. Post. Ever.

Post here and I'll shave my head.

Lounge stressing you out? Take this stress test.

So it's been tough on the @ ole DU today...well lets predict when

I know you don't REALLY want me to leave....but I have to go to bed.

English Portfolio didn't turn out as well....

I want to acknowledge and embrace all those who touched me.

A dork is a whales' penis

The Wrath of God that Never Came

But, I want to be Wonder Woman, dammit!

Let's have a thread where only nice things are said.

When the President talks to God

Baked Potatoes



Freak Kid To Mom: Let's Play Jesus Says!

Who's watching The Daily Show? Guns for Tots program.

I'm so sick of the Apprentice lying!! They said "Season Finale"!!

Does anyone here need a hug or a kiss? I've got lot's of them!

Schubert and Sullivan

"Without a Trace" sucked tonight !

DU Chat tonight, RevActs included in the deal and free pie

Went to a co-worker's funeral today.

Post a pic from your photo library

I have a confession to make


I love Traci Ulmann but this interview with her is killing me.

I rode my bike 5 miles into a 13 mph headwind.

Ewww! Unplugged Kid and TV, now in the office with more games

I'm just...

Which stain is least offensive.

Listening to the Bee Gees.. ask me anything..

The Anvil of a Tornadic Cloud east of Lubbock.

BUSH Got TICKETED in Romania

ARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!! I've just entered...

This Jim Lysinski fucker on TDS is insane

I don't have a confession

How many stories does your house have (not counting attics or basements)?

Ground control to Major Tom

Straight Outta Compton: Explicit Content Only

Who's supposed to be in bed?

Quick Quiz: What does the Jeb in Jeb Bush stand for?

I'm headed! *wave* Will report back in tomorrow because I am

An Example Of Me Being Mean To Someone Who Said Hello Online

May I brag? I got two cool gigs coming up!!

I'll listen to your confession in this thread for the next hour.

Our lips are sealed

"Look out of any window..

"Even in the quietest moments, I wish I knew.....


Who has ever seen the Bushman of San Francisco?

it's internet connection is fucked.

KC is getting knocked around.

John Kerry Bamboozles DU.

Attention music freaks: you must listen to the group known as Zero 7

I am a vibe WHORE- I have 2 finals tomorrow- give me VIBES yo!

just a reminder

I miss dupe...

Always with the negative vibes, Moriarity, always with the negative vibes!

How little people know about music.


Do you hate pouring milk from a brand new jug into a bowl of cereal?

What happened to AAR?

The love that dare not speak its name

This needs to be said. Phil Collins sucks!!!!!!

Steroids in Sports: Who Cares????

jpgray's DU Almanac

Okay, Ladies. You see an otherwise cute man...

I think all of you should add "-rrrrrr" to your DU names

It's Friday the 13th!

who won on The Apprentice?

On the bright side, could the world REALLY hate us MORE if Bolton gets in?

This needs to be said. The sky is blue!!!

This needs to be said: Barfupalungus Pterodactyl Smegma

What should I listen to?

What is the most obvious troll name you have seen on this or any

Jimmy Kimmels show stinks

Survivor Castoff *Spoiler*

www.BTEfnet has been shut down (along with a bunch more TV torrent sites)

Can't sleep! Clowns will eat me!

Butterfinger Crisp vs. Take Five



Denizens of the Lounge, you fail to grasp the meaning of Tae Kwan Leep

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

Are you a good dancer? How would you rate yourself from 1 to 10?

Whose kid can out-weird mine?

Put it there!

What the lounge looks like in the wee hours of the morning (dial up):

"Prisoner transfer from cellblock 1138" - number-based movie quotes!

Bed... now... fuck... eom

So, 12 litres of gin later, I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach.

Saturday is just going to be SO much fun!

More Anvil pics of the bigger of the two Tornadic clouds

Tornadic Clouds that were near Lubbock Tx. tonight.

The anvil and inflow boundary of the storm that I posted earlier...

One last pic, but interesting cloud formation

There are no excuses for intentional alcoholism in the Lounge

Anchor (Rita) Cosby off Fox News (Immediately)

Good God!!! Another Tornado Warning for Lubbock County.

Name Someone The Bush Administration HAS NOT "Brought To Justice".

My Sister Was Showing Me Her New Honda Hybrid Last Weekend...

Jesus Christ Bamboozles John Kerry

I am bored... excuse my vanity... but...

Who/ what/ where do you love?

Octapussy will be my DU name in another life. What will yours be?

DS1, DemMan and other ex-Marine types...

"Clinton is responsible for the current epidemic of oral sex among teens."

Ever have someone break your heart?

Ok. I Just found my first gray eyebrow hair.

Hi Guys and Gals...

When is everybody's Birthday?

The Big DU "Blow Out"- Insanity? Full Moon?Exploding Gas?

Poll: Pro-lifers may have edge in future Supreme Court battle

Student sues high school for prohibiting pro-life shirt

Americans seek bodily salvation through Jesus diet

Fed. judge overturns Neb. marriage amend.;

Hey east coast baseball fans

David Robinson

All this 2008 talk is getting depressing

Pro Kerry Diary just posted at Kos

"no one loved Kerry?" Why are we the most active DU group?

I have written a new Patriot Diaries post re: Kos

Oh good grief, this beats even Kos!

Is this some freeper religious junk on Kerry or a pratical joke?

Insider/Outsider or building grassroots?

Have you noticed....

A photo especially for F. Gordon

Time frame for May contest (not a submissions thread)

And the winner of the Puppet Auction?????

You guys I know this has nothing to do with KO but........

KOEB - Thursday May 12

Keith's auction is over, but the eBay Puppet Bidding Wars have just begun!

Giant Billboard of Keith in New York!

Really hoping for an answer to this question. Posted it in

C-Span 2 NOW- repeat of Reid and hopefully Byrd

Reid, Byrd, & Cat Killer on C-Span 2 Now! (7:45 cst, 5-12-05)

The Princeton Student Protest Live web cam at cspan, link

All you need to know: Britney Spears is pregnant!

Sign-up for PFAW's Rapid-Response SMS -alert nuclear option response team

C-Span 2 Cut Byrd Off! WTF?

Dean says 'high road' is best for Democrats- May 10th Boston Globe

Lawmakers lament lack of funding for science agency

House panel approves $82.5 billion veterans bill

DU this poll on Bolton:

If you think DINOs are a problem now...

Billboards in South Dakota

Conservatives Honor DeLay With Gala

Senator Frist, Reid, Byrd debate has started on C-Span 2

New Bumpersticker, Fundamentalist Right and Sin

NYT: Hillary and Newt "Agree to Agree"

Edwards v. Giuliani '08 ?

WSJ: Social Security May Cost Santorum His Job

Why I'm not that upset with Voinovich.

Letter from Pat Roberts re: torture of prisoners

Press poodles attack McClellen, ankles injured in attack

What Is Your Favorite Nickname For "Frist"?

Newt Gingrich may try to run for President in 08

Jon Stewart reports on Jeb's "shoot first and don't ask" law - (VIDEO)

Nightline: Janice Karpinski says Rumsfeld knew about Abu Ghraib - (VIDEO)

Tom DeLay: "Democrats have no class"

New to DU

Think tanks & journalist funded by ExxonMobil are out to convince...

Its official: Repugs are the official party of the SBC

WP, Kurtz: Daily Dose of Death (Iraq story "secondary status")

Another off course pilot

The politics of '24' are fine -- on TV

One scenario: Chief Justice Scalia? (CSM)

NYT- Plenty of Harm, Lots of Fouls (Bolton)

A Leak's Wider Ripples - David Ignatius (Plame)

Thumbing their nose at Uncle Sam-Chavez calls * a 'dickhead'

A Socialist in the Senate? (Sanders)

Torture's Dirty Secret -- It Works

Texas town's faith-based prison plan questioned

Pass the Reynolds Wrap

Check out "Rude Pundit" bashing O' Really

Iraq: how we were duped, The Age, AU 5/14/2005

Bolton Battle Reveals Extreme Polarization

A Real Deal on the Filibuster (Please DU this story!!)

Blogging for Dollars (Top marketing firm pays bloggers to shill) (GNN)

You shouldn't be a part time mommy.

A Terrorist Comes Home, an embarrassing challenge to the Bush admin.

New Progressive Website/Liberal Radio News Broadcast

Mississippi Delta Grassroots Caucus, Washington DC 5/17-19/05

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition Call for united mass action

Save the Filibuster- Use MoveOn's Media-blast tool, write to your papers


MPAA drafting broadcast flag regulations for Congress

Daily Kos reveals GOP smear of Ried in FBI/Filibuster file -& media says?


What the hell is up with Lou Dobbs?

The Influence of Fools: Why Liberals Are Mad at the MSM

American Prospect: High Wage Manufacturing

Question: If California has been sooooooo leftist (the "left coast")

Senate panel issues bill updating U.S energy policy

US Will Not Adopt UK Climate Measures: No Incentives For Low-Carbon Tech

Even Carbon Taxes Won't Make Southern Company Cut CO2 By Much

For fuel cell innovation, the tank is half full

Lack of vision on policy clouds energy future - Kammen, SF Chronicle

"Clean House, Clean Planet" by Karen Logan

US Delegation To Climate Summit Not Convinced Action Necessary - Reuters

Energy-saving advice?

Japan bolsters its defense after surge in Internet attacks

Indian activist has hands chopped off by irate youth

Govt workers to get biometric ID s...

Germany to extradite CIA spy to Switzerland

Soong makes pact with Hu in Beijing

Uzbekistan has makings for 'perfect storm' of upheaval

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport

IDF hits back

U.S. Anglicans eyeing divestment criticize Israel W. Bank policy

Nakba Day marked by pilgrimage to abandoned Israeli Arab villages

Hutchison (R-TX) Sponsors Weather Modification Bill (S.517)

WTC.. 5 Men celebrated in NJ ?? FBi arrested them..later released ?

LA City is changing Inkavote ballots for next Tuesday. Fill in by hand

Tired of begging Sen Nelson of FLA to act like a dem!!

Florida a leader in election reform (Didn't you know? :puke:)

Velvet Revolution: Democracy or Divestiture May 21st?

Does anyone have information on California's SB496

What's the word on Andy? How's he doing?

Internal memos from state elections directors, SOSs, & others, 2001-2004

On the day after the 2006 election....

Brad Blog: Jim Lampley for this week's BRAD SHOW lineup

Wisconsin State Journal article on voter-fraud.

The GOP's Attack on Voting Rights by John Conyers (Tom Paine)

STOP Diebold in Ohio (Working Thread) on Strategy

To Believe that Bush won.....

California Daily Ledger-5/12/05

Court case on behalf of Frye votes is dropped

Boy Claims Abuse on Church Bus (Dubuque, IA)

Iowa First in the Nation Status - Des Moines Register

Call to action in Lowell

Briton compares Coleman to McCarthy!!! HAHAHA

John Conyers: Strib's article on Secret Downing Street Memo is the worst

sorry if this is a dupe, but firefox 1.04 has been released.

The mighty MODEL M!

have to use my 10+year old Pavilion..when i click >tools>internet options>

Ohio Military Base Closings

Cockroach King DeLay and his Court of Vermin

Bob Perry the Hypocrite. A must read

Abortion bill crumbles in House

Texas Kills Again: Verified Paper Ballots Suffocated in Calendars Comm

TX schools new start date in September---mandatory, no waivers.

Texans can now ship wine legally

Gwen Moore Fundraiser in Waukesha

Sen. Carpenter to GOP: “Index the Minimum Wage Instead of the gas tax."

Walker being investigated by the state elections board

List of proposed base closings in Wisconsin

Will Scott Walker pay any price?

WI wants 19 year old - who enlist - to be able to drink

Friday Night HBO Real Time / Bill Maher

LTTE I wish I had sent..... (pre-war)

How does one go about paying tribute to Tom DeLay.

Speaking of Chan Chandler...

I went to working nights

If DC came under crisis or threat, I wonder how Bill Clinton would have

Where was James Guckert during the Wednesday "attack"?

Remember this scene from "Good Will Hunting"? Sounds of truth today...

REAL ID passes 100-0. Does anyone even care?

Enough of the damn "runaway bride" ...

The Mobbed-Up, Money-Grubbing Moralist From Florida

Queen of the Diatribe (Larry Gelbart skewers Coulter)

Syrians watch as battle between Marines and insurgents rages on border

bush & his Cabal need to toss their COMIC BOOK collection.

BEST radio interview...EVER! Tom Laughlin, star of 'Billy Jack'

RED ALERT - hamsters (new toon 5/13)

What's going on with and who is Drew Bond?

Could somebody set up an age poll

You ever wonder what it would be like to be a neocon?

How many really care about how Darth Vader became evil?

Pretty soon, Bush will qualify as one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

Funny bank teller question about my button

Memogate finally makes my local (Hartford Courant)

The Delay Love-fest. A Couple of Observations

The irony of the "war on terror" is that religion, the thing this country

they've proved we don't really need a president, why keep pretending?

how many americans have died in the last month?

Will Bush even seek a Warpower Resolution if he decides to invade Syria or


Will I see you in September?

God's Own Party

Conspiracy Theory--of the "Papal" Variety

If Women want to go into Battle, I say let em'

Someone spoke out against the mantra behind closed doors

Hey Kids! sign up for our NEW "Only 15 Month Hitch"!

Propaganda for Base closings already started: Check this DOD article....

Pope Benedict's creature comforts

Death of a Military Blogger

Maybe someone here could help me out... a medical question about my newborn

WOW! CNN playing Stewart's "I got Voinaviched!" clip

This is F'ing COMEDY, the Tom Delay Tribute replay on CSPAN. . .LOL

Abu Ghraib Tortures "Just a Joke"

If anyone has a list of the base closings - please post!!

BRAC 2005: Rumsfeld Recommends 5 to 11 Percent Cut in Infrastructure

A quick analysis of the military breakdown: Top 5 lists

Let's thank Senator Bryd for yesterday's stirring words!

Base closure breakdown

Walter Reed to be "Realigned" -5,067 jobs cut civilian and military

Senate Rules and Judicial Nominations

Why Upset About Judicial Nominations? (do other 95% count??)

How many people is Bushco pissing off with the base closures?

MediaMatters: MSM Has Ignored Doubts About Captured Terrorist's Importance

tom delay says democrats have no agenda, and no class.

Base Closure List - anyone feeling "drafty"?

Here in Chicago, the Trib had an article about the Blair/Bush memo...

NYPL's Durand Painting Sold to Alice Walton ($35M; to Bentonville museum)

The Army has a bridge to sell you: "Offers Possible Recruits Time Options"

WTF? Is that Kansas thing about the Dinoaurs a joke?

Of heroes and ultimate sacrifices.

" "FBI Nabs Soldiers, Police in Drug Sting"

Where can I find the best of Daily Show on the web?

Miami Vice

Houston Chronicle slams O'Reilly's "No Facts Zone"

Reform Jews, Adrift in a Sea of Black Hats

lawmakers object to fake penis for drug tests

Spread of leprosy caused by slavers

Are they closing the bases so they can sell them for oil refineries?

A Friday media threesome

A proposal for a NEW "first in the nation" primary state

Enron and Bush run government...same MO?

Are the insugents using a new, devestating strategy?

Draft - remember the claim that 2 years not long enough?

The Influence of Fools: Why Liberals Are Mad at the MSM

Have a link to the base closings broken down by military branch?

Have a link to the base closings broken down by military branch?

BUSHABLANCA; starring the MSM! The beautiful friendship continues...

OK, who was Georgie Boy banging in woods so he couldn't be disturbed?

The difference between Iraq and Vietnam

Best question ever yesterday

In this the friggin David Gregory press conference???

Please give me some good news.

Limbaugh appointed Asst. Head of Water and Science DOI

Rita COSBY Buh-bye to Faux. Shrub Takes 3Mos to Read Book. More

I can't wait for tonight's "Inside the Blogs" on CNN!!

What news sources do you rely on? Tell me EVERYTHING.

Who is this yahoo sitting in for Springer?

Columnist[John Podhoretz]: New 'Star Wars' is Anti-Bush

latest on Ohio's coingate

Some folks just love a good 'Goose Step.'

Gary Shapiro: "Let them Eat Cake". (No, Gary, you can eat ME!)

Who is the lead-fisted somabulent mixing Franken's show today?

Here's the sad state of my perspective.

Ray McGovern: Bolton's Yellowcake

Who is this dumb ass on Air America right now?

recession caused by all those aborted not paying into the system

Do you know what your children are reading?

Kent State shootings worth remembering

Limbaugh The Bully humiliated by students' challenge

Did anyone catch Malloy last night on Depleted Uranium?

On CSPAN Sen Leahy told Orrin Hatch, God Bless You Orrin...

Does anyone remember 4 off course planes in the air at the same time,

Anyone hear the current polling data on Shrub's ratings?

RE Base closings - let me get this straight...

Republicans have built such a platform of lies, they vote against banning

Milwaukee DUers beware!!!

Base closings....Have they run out of distractions?

Pants worn by Jesus on Ebay:

Cool sites with loads of anti-* bumper stickers

"Porn-Free" Hotel Directory - Thank you, Fundies!

So I got into an e-mail debate with John Podhoretz...

What is your local newspaper and rate its political leanings

The Fall of America

MP3: Depleted Uranium: America's Latest Crime Against Humanity

Miami Vice: The Sleazy World Of Jeb Bush

Firefox users: major security update is available

Microsoft's Share of Browser Market Slips, Firefox grows

LETTER TO LA TIMES: Why did you downplay Brit Iraq memo?

Military Operations Near the Syrian Border

The conservative Legacy?

Collected, uh, wisdom

Any bird lovers on DU?

I don't think American's "don't care" about Iraq.

Confusionist O'Reilly lies about Sen. Boxer's statements re Condi.

Quick, I need a bunch of folks to review my letter to the editor.

Where are all the repugs and the terri shivo nutcases go?

from Afghanistan to Pakistan people are celebrating Bush's policies

Chomsky Torrents

Houston Chronicle editorializes AGAINST Bill O'Reilly

Just Say No!

cover story: "Tag It!" - electronic design magazine 5-12-05

51 Members of Congress Call on WalMart to disclose wages

Hey our base closed but look on the bright side, gay people cant marry!

Sr. Chinese Diplomat, Sr. Russian Lawmaker: Korea Nuke Crisis US Fault

Hatred toward gays is what is driving republicans/evangelicals now.

ACLU Applauds New D.C. Law Protecting Protest Rights

Calling All Hillary Fans: Help me with this email...

Fascism and "Confusionists" - How's my framing?

Any news on the investigation of the fake SS guys??

ON CNN now. They located the guy who owns "the finger" - Wendy's Chili

List of proposed base closings and realignments

CREW: Norquist had to buy 5 tables for DeLay at his dinner

Navy Judge Finds War Protest Reasonable!

CPB's Inspector General to Pursue Probe of Chairman

'K Street Carnival O' Corruption' to Debut Outside Tom DeLay Tribute Dinn

What is your consumer confidence level?

Why does Rumsfeld want to close Walter Reed?

MSNBC to move Olbermann out of prime?

Did the anti-gay amendments outlaw 2nd marriages?

A bill to make the "Law of God" supreme

Just one more vote and a post that means a lot to me will go greatest.

Anyone have a video clip of this or a credible source for this quote

A Little Help With My New Avatar Please! I'm Techno-Stymied!

Hutchison (R-TX) Sponsors Weather Modification Bill (S.517)

Washington Post Runs "Smoking Gun Memo"... buries it on page 18

Will justice be done?

DU-Are you "Rapture Ready?" can help!

Pablo Paredes statement to the court

David Hackworth, Vietnam Vet and Military Analyst, Dies At 74

F*ck you very much, bush, for your "SUPPORT" of the troops. PLEASE DON'T

Naomi Klein: Torture's Dirty Secret Is That It Works

start mailing Toilet paper rolls to our politicians..with- this is what my

Clinton Joins the enemy

From Ruined Credit to Bankruptcy, Uninsured Patients are Paying Too Much

Brian Lamb deflects CSPAN Journal Caller Question on Iraq/ Brit 8-mo memo

What's wrong with this CNN article on Iraq (re: unemployment)?

Our goal in the Middle East is to spread death,destruction and misery.

Air America now has 55 stations plus 2 satellite stations

bush's failure to find Osama 'should be' STORY NUMBER ONE but it ain't

please check out this link on the Christian Mafia, it explanes a lot

Is it just me or does NOBODY pay any attention to the House?

do small aircraft pose a threat to our beloved president?

Joementum gets screwed by BushCo - Closing CT base

The Influence of Fools: Why Liberals are Mad at the MSM

this is the kind of idiots i have to deal with over at my

Business network CNBC cancels Dennis Miller show (Yea!!)

"If you can cause enough doubt on evolution, liberalism will die."

Larry Gelbart blasts Coulter

LOL!!! Taser says "our products don't hurt hearts!"

Anyone have a link to the breakdown of base closings by military branch?

We're half the friggin country, why wait for the MSM

Abraham Lincoln nailed it on the head with this

I just got into an argument with a right winger

BREAKING NEWS: D.C. Small Plane Incident Was An Exercise - Scott McLellan

Checkout this interesting photo, and some of it's features.....

Caught a story on CNN about dild... er, Delay

Who do you regard as a 'leader'

If You Were Going To Create A Fourth Branch Of Government,

Black & Decker

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport


John Bolton Ad on Televison

Republicans ride to the rescue of closing bases

Bu$h uses base closings as bargining chips against Filibuster ??

LIVING dog dissected for HS Bio class (by a substitute teacher no less)

It appears that Chimpy is trying to shift the balance of power

LOL! Joe LieberBush forced to criticize Bush decision to close CT base

All major US newspapers are hiding the Blair/Bush memo call and complain

Do you use paper towels in your home?

$50 bln more asked for US Iraq, Afghan, terror wars

Grover Bites It

e-buke: Internet's Most Gracious Method of Telling Someone That They Are

It's civil war in Iraq...and the insurgents are likely to win, say experts

Hot damn - - Spread the word!

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country"

Rawstory: House Dems Seek War Crimes Probe

5/11: What if....

Tom DeLay's district gets Hammered on base closings.

Hyundai buyers don't want Sirius radio because of Stern.

Hooray! Matt Drudge & Sean Hannity on June 2 in Phx

have the terrorists won? a c-span question

Bush "wired" - good clip from news conference from a couple weeks ago

In case you're afraid of the Lounge. Hurt by Johnny Cash

If YOU were a representative on 5/11, would you have left the building?

The * misadministration is so unbelievably

Now that the memo is getting some attention, Bolton's sexual grossness

The progressive movement that supports the progressive political party

Is WWIII imminent?

Just so you know...Waynesville Mountaineer finally prints story

Did you know that

I don't get it. The NY Times STILL refuses the Downing Street

Judge declares Iraq War "illegal" in Paredes trial

If we have to discuss the base closings, we won't be discussing the memo!

Screw Scott McClellen, I want to hear about 5-11 from bush's own mouth

Shocked: Heard British Memo mentioned on Michael Savage Show (!)

My Kid Brother is safe and sound from his tour in Iraq

Billboards Popping Up In Houston and Galveston

Is It Just Me Or Is Our President A Bit TOO Freaking Relaxed???

one of the better MEMO stories is from the CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Any Questions about Waynesville?

Dr. David Hager: Blocker of Plan B contraceptive, accused of raping his ex

" America is over."

Bet you didn't know we got terrorists lurking in the library...

Looking at DU at work and saw a post about 5/11 was a test by the prez

Anti-Evolutionist fantasizes govt. sponsored Inquisition of evolutionists

Officials weighed shooting down D.C. plane

Breakdown on base closures

If the WH plane was an "exercise", what exactly is the WH planning?

Predictions about Bush if you're interested...

Quarantining dissent How the Secret Service protects Bush from free speech

The Earth is LESS than 10,000 years old

Sullivan Bayou's last letter to his wife (during Civil War)

Barbara Boxer letter to George Bush about the budget.

will bush be able to escape the law by saying 'I had no clue' like Reagan?

From the moment first plane struck north tower of the World Trade Center

What is your drainage basin?

Not sure how best to say this...

Religion addicts??

What's going on with the gullibility level here?

If Iraq War a success, would average Joe have benefited?

Kucinich is on Springer right now

How does closing all of these bases IMPROVE homeland security?

Can Someone Confirm Lieberman's Position on Bolton?

[HUMOUR] The Official Cobb County Table of Elements (big pic)

A message to the State of Connecticut

5-11 changed everything

Watch the Pat Robertson Video when he didn't know camera was on

$50 billion more? What happened to the $82 billion we gave you 3 days ago?

What was Guckert aka Gannon doing at Delay Tribute?

New Progressive Website/Liberal Radio News Broadcast

What the media has taught me about politics in the last seven years...

Jeff Gannon attended the Delay Gala last night

Do you think the FBI will be at my door?


CNN Crossfire: "UK Memo Proves Bush Fixed Intelligence" for War - (VIDEO)

Army Recruiter caught on tape threatening youth with arrest

Plame Perjury Investigation? (via Laura Rozen)

What is plan B

Hi, my name is Stacy, and I'm a recovering Republican...................

Base closings: Farewell, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Should Supreme Court Justices REALLY Have Lifetime Appointments?

Judge lets United not pay worker pensions - corporatist activist judge?

Waaaaaah, DeLay is RIGHT! I wish I had CLASS like the Republicans do.

Iraq; WORSE than Vietnam.

Women in Combat: What's YOUR position?

John Conyers: Three New Stories on Secret Downing Street Memo

The REAL Andy Stephenson scandal

May 11th Red Alert -- something bothers me about this

Toons to end the week

Dear President Bush: I am praying for you

Texas Legislature Approves New Cheerleaders Uniforms. (Action needed!)

Is the Iraq war a success?

New UNION forming for NonUnion Workers and Retirees (AFL-CIO)! Must Read

Attention Eeyores! Your negative attitude helps Bush get away with this

Tom Friedman: The Voice Of The American Establishment

There should be a monument honoring Black slaves.

OMG - my parents LEAVE the Republican Party!

Ok, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" fans, call to action!

42% of Canadians are Functionally Illiterate - I'm calling bullshit

Was the Butler inquiry mentioned in news coverage about the Iraq memo?

Life as PLC could end in RIP for Man United

Israeli hospitals used old and mentally infirm as human guinea pigs

Official tipped for intel personnel job

China Says U.S. Impeded North Korea Arms Talks

Republican Moderates in Senate Sense Intensifying Pressures

Court Eyes FEC Role in Campaign Finance

Taiwan rejects China offers as hopes for talks dim

South American, Arab Leaders End Summit

Senate panel issues bill updating U.S energy policy

WP: Immigration Measure Introduced (by McCain, Kennedy)

Iraq Car Bombings Kill 21, Injure 90

U.N. survey finds Iraqi dissatisfaction

AP: U.S. Assault Intensifies At Syria Border

Antitax activist says he got $1.5m from tribes

Therapies Shown to Cure Breast Cancer: Study Backs Aggressive Regimen

British Intelligence Warned Blair of War (bush blair memo in WPost)

Senate Democrats move to block Bolton UN nomination

Friends in High Places (Terror suspect linked to Bush, Rove, Clinton)

U.S. Assault Intensifies at Syria Border (Myers: up to nine years of war)

U.S. Convoy Hit by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad (Friday)

U.S. officer blames superior over Abu Ghraib abuse (Karpinski v. Miller)

NYPL's Durand Painting Sold to Alice Walton ($35M; to Bentonville museum)

Six Ohio Marines Killed in Iraq

NYT/AP: Stocks Mixed As Consumer Confidence Drops

Four more die in Afghan anti-U.S. protests

Man taken off jet isn't the one on no-fly list

(Gas pipeline) Explosion reported in Northeast Texas

The Pentagon's Base Closure List

WP, Kurtz: Daily Dose of Death (Iraq story "secondary status")

NYT/AP: Officials Weighed Shooting at Errant Plane

Pentagon to close 911st near Pittsburgh, Willow Grove

Bush donor set to be envoy to UK

Olympics hero in drugs row

REUTERS: Tragic Fire

WP:Corporation for Public Broadcasting Inspector General to Probe Chairman

Baker says Web post was meant as humor, stresses his objectivity (Gannon)

U.S. Convoy Hit by Roadside Bomb in Baghdad (new..developing)

United, Unions Progress in Contract Talks

US woos soldiers with early exit

United, Unions Progress in Contract Talks

China: Bush Belligerence Caused N. Korea Crisis - NYT

IDF hits back

Zanzibar imams halt gay wedding

Heroin routed through Iraq

U.S. dims hopes for G8 progress on global warming

UN denounces ad campaign by US vitamin distributor

Cleveland to lose 1,103 military-related jobs

Pope Puts John Paul II on Fast Track to Sainthood

John Paul on sainthood fast track

NYT: Microsoft Will Offer Virus Defense (competing with Symantec, McAfee)

Anchor (Rita) Cosby off Fox News (Immediately)

U.S. Embassy Rejects Spying Allegations

Pentagon Proposes Shutting Walter Reed

Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona.

Russia says 'spies' work in foreign NGOs

Sword attack over child brides

Baghdad, 135 car bombs exploded in Iraq in April, up from 69 in March

Galloway may face probe by Scotland Yard

Israel says Iran will have nuclear bomb know-how soon

Judge Allows Suit to Proceed Against FBI Agent Who Shot Maryland Man

Farmers affected by high cost of fuel

AP: Demoted General Says Never Arrested In Alleged Shoplifting Incident

Nine die in new anti-US violence

GOP Congressman Comes to Pelosi's Rescue

Disney reportedly to outsource 1,000 IT jobs

U.S. Offensive Intensifies at Syrian Border

Finger Traced to Woman Who Blamed Wendy's

Sen. Frist vows vote on two Bush judicial nominees next week



One scenario: Chief Justice Scalia? (CSM)

Top Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for purge of former Baathists (SCIRI)

Breaking News: Groton base on closure list

Amanpour Leaving Stint at '60 Minutes'

Karpinski: General Participated In Abu Ghraib Torture

China's Child Labor Emerges From Shadows: Deaths of 5 Girls Draw Attention

U.S. (Dem) probe sought of (Hager) memo on 'morning-after' pill

'Tortured' maid charged by Saudis

Fourth Grader Suspended For Not Answering A WASL (test) Question

Evolution Dominates Campaign in Pa. Town

Iraqis throw rocks at troops

Military, law enforcement caught in FBI drug sting

Italian women captives killed: British hostage in Iraq urges Blair

Iraqi leader extends state of emergency

New Iraqi gov't extends state of emergency for 30 days

Iraq's ministries struggle to serve

Ed Schultz tears Dean up one side and the other

Expert faults U.S. lack of planning in Iraq (Cordesman)

One killed as Uzbek soldiers fire on protestors

Blast halts Iraq oil exports to Turkey (Friday)

Blast halts Iraq oil exports to Turkey

Marine with local ties dies in Iraq (3 months after being wounded)

Soldier describes wiring Iraq abuse victim

John Paul Put on Fast Track for Sainthood

Shake-up rattles supplier in Troy (Stockman - Reagan's Budget Director)

Everyone's a winner in girls' 400 relay - (High School Sports)

San Diego Union Tribune: Court case on behalf of Frye votes is dropped

Protesters Demand Government Resignation in Uzbekistan

U.S. Carlyle Group Abandons Plans to Invest in Russia

Iraq's Chalabi wants to be cleared by Jordan, not pardoned

Fighters Remain in Iraq-Syria Border Town (Al Qaim)

Bush, Cheney Reports Show Wealth

BBC: 'Thousands' flee fighting in Iraq

Pressure 'keeping bin Laden quiet'

[Cdn Dr who refused to prescribe birth control] stripped of licence

Taser says stun gun is safe

Democrats Move to Slow Action on Bolton (Boxer is awesome!!)

Broker system problem causes erroneous stock quotes on Nasdaq

Costs of war on terror causing pilots to reduce flying hours

Chile ex-spy chief reveals abuses (BBC News)

$50 billion more asked for Iraq, Afghan terror wars

Pentagon base closings hammer New England

Pope names San Francisco Archbishop as orthodoxy chief

New German Holocaust Memorial Vandalized

Anti-gay group plans picket ("God Hates Fags" attacks Ellen essay)

Saudi ire at Koran 'desecration'

WP: Amtrak Faces Serious Cash Crunch, Senators Told

Whole school board replaced (Texas)

Frist Going Nuclear Next Week

Pentagon Proposes Shutting Walter Reed

Senior Al Qaeda leader killed via Predator Drone (Now With Link!)

As rich-poor gap widens in U.S., class mobility stalls

3 of 4 White Men Get Short Jail Terms in Beating of Black Man

Senate Democrats Ready for Bolton Nomination


Connecticut Executes Serial Killer

Soldier describes wiring Iraq abuse victim

Class Dissection Of Live Dog Outrages Parents, Students

Bush urges tax credit for home builders (blowing the bubble bigger)

UK is in the grip of a nationwide mumps epidemic

Oddly, Hillary and, Yes, Newt Agree to Agree

Teens seek debate vs. Limbaugh

List of Proposed Military Base Closings

Indonesian Muslims protest U.S. Koran abuse report

Fears of trade in children as 300 boys disappear

Housing Bubble Exists Regionally

Wal-Mart stock and morale battered, woes pile up

Ford's CEO giving up his pay

Reid cites FBI file on judicial pick (Repubs Outraged)

I paid off my lawyer

Have you seen Junior's Grades?

Tired of the "beaver's march" post staying at the top of the Latest page.

send lawyers guns and money

Ha! Has this ever happened to you?

When the beavers march. The clowns sway in the forest!

"Mmm...It'll be sweet when you go up in flames, ba-rothah! Have fun, now!"

Not Feeling Enough Loathing? Turn On C-Span Now!

You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me.

I PROMISE not to post any thinly-veiled innuendo threads for a while.

Well my baby. She don't want me around.

Da do do do. Du da da da. That's all I want to say to you.

I'm seeing the light! I am being resurrected. 3-2-1 .........

I have a very obnoxious bass

Why are you addicted to DU?

Report: Chappelle in Psych Facility

I have a very obnoxious boss .

Just a castaway, an island lost at sea, oh

Michael Moore has a nice pic of Junior returning from his bike ride.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Poetry Corner

moby's music on the weather channel

All our times have come. Here but now there gone.

Giant steps are what you take. Walking on the Moon.

Everybody hurts

Ever wish you could attend your own funeral to hear what your friends

Jesus Spotted in Ultrasound

Did you have "wilderness years?" Care to share them?

HAMSTER ALERT - (new toon 5/13)

I need car help really bad.

Type yourselves

Enterprise finale tonight-who's watching?

It's Friday the 13th

Everything I gave is what I need

Dammit! I hate being sick!

i have a theory

We've been dissed, people!

I'm taking a bicycle ride - if the world is about to explode....

How many really care about how Darth Vader became evil?

Too smart for the 1st grade : Joke

happy birthday darth vader

Deputy's Gun Fires DURING Gun Safety Class In School

Jaquelinn Susann fans check in - what's your favorite JS book

Funniest "Morning Sedition" ever!

Man steals $100k from charter school...principal

Golfer AND His Stepmother BOTH Get A Hole-In-One On SAME Golf Hole

What are we all listenning to?

If I see one more "Cute Schoolgirls Fcuked Hard" email I am going to hurl!

Cadbury gobbles up Green & Black's

Detroit area posters-did you see the Highland Park fires today?

Court Rules AGAINST Penis That Tells Jokes On TV

Coffee? Apple? F'eh... try an ICE COLD SHOWER!!!

Anyone familiar with the plot to the first "Shrek"?

Stolen kittens returned!

UFO Lands In Virginia Back Yard

Saw "National Treasure" on DVD last night. Liked it more than I expected

"Cat wakes up after taking a nap on top of the air conditioner"

Check out this pillow I got for my sofa:

Breaking News: Fox drops pretenses and registers domain FoxNews.Gov

I just want to say

Which Corey is the best Corey for you?

You see guys?! Kevin's not really dead!!

Is there the post for funny DU T-shirts still operational?

Friday the 13th, Bosshog Birthday Eve

Damn..I love working for myself!

Speaking of Cleavers................

Are you a procrastinator?

OK, I finally have a picture that I want to try and post...

There's only like 2 blueberries in my muffin - where's Robert Deniro?

What happened to detective green on Law and Order?

$56 MILLION Lottery winner "too busy" to pick up winnings (day job)

Is "Special Patrol Group" an appropriate name for a hamster?

Exodus. Farewell, USA - Hello, Old Europe!

what music did you find drove your parents particularly insane?

Do you really believe Dave Chappelle is in a SA Mental Hospital?

When I grow up, I want a job writing Yahoo! News headlines...

Something funny.

Impotent man told to pay ex-wife

Sex Show (Political Fundraiser)

If Little House on the Prairie Had Internet Access

Freeper Spoiler

If you haven't seen this, you're stulturally

Anyone know the name of the new IPOD commercial song?

Get Me A Bromide...

Bleh...Coke with Lime sucks.

I'd like to renew my denunciations of the Beach Boys and their "music"

Here's something you never thought you'd see

Get Me A Moe Bride...

And moving on....What are your plans for the weekend?

If you haven't seen this, you're culturally disinclined

Fun Poll: Do you consider yourself descent or indescent?

Everyone check your inbox right now. Is there anything in there?

today is my 33rd wedding anniversary and i forgot about it ....

Countdown to 1000. What would you guess my 1000th post will be?

Smilie update?

How do you like my new look?

"Do you care if it falls?"

Can your health Insurance Kill you?

The lounge needs some "happy tunes" - preferably with cowbell, but

Canadians how much are cigarettes and beer up there eh?

Man v. Chick - a geography competition

Countdown to 1000. What would you guess my 1000th post will be?

N.M. Man Arrested for DUI for 20th Time

I've Burned 150,000 Calories In The Past Three Months

Olympics hero in drugs row

I'm so nervous about smoking opium. is my 33rd wedding anniversary and i forgot about it

Squeeze the perp's shoes until he lawyers up? Sipowicz lives.

You know your coffeepot needs cleaning when

2005 Security Update to Firefox Now Available

OMG I just alerted on my own post

Why are some people obsessed with the penis size of

Check this NGO a friend of mine has joined (helping poor families in BR)

Can smoking Ophra kill you?

How's everyone's Friday the 13th so far

If you had kids

Take this test you hippies!

I don't know if this belongs in GD, or here, but

Help remove Earworm! Need name of song.

ugh.... apartment hunting in the NYC area SUCKS!!!!

Crap. Michael and I are sending $600 to a Republican

So the Doofus in the cereal commercial who refuses to get fired...

Root canal appreciation day was May 11, 2005

I have an obnoxious trout.

Can smoking Oprah kill you?

Is it prejudice to think that a woman's rightful place is in the kitchen?

What's with the donkeys?

Can smoking opium kill you?

Any Nine Inch Nails fans here that bought the new "With Teeth" CD?

Good day ! and pneumonia question

Of all the settings on my washing machine, the one I really WANT

my sentimental melody

what's with all this duplication?

another reason never to shop at Wal-Mart

I've decided. The worst song ever, in the history of mankind is...

Hiya to the moderators!

Hey you tree huggin' hippies freaks ..... take this test!

Bumper sticker we saw yesterday: "You should learn to laugh at your

Let my inspiration flow

Well, My Wife May End In The Hospital After All

Star Trek warps into the Sunset

So, I tapped this seasons first bottle of my home brew Pale Ale,

Police Fire Bean-Bags To Subdue 85 Year Old Delusional Woman

I found them, I found them... hey Progmom!!!!

If you haven't seen this, you're culturally stunted...

REUTERS: Tragic Fire

I'm going to the bar. I'm going to get twisted.

I changed my Sig line.

Nancy "Nostrils" Grace draws flak on cases

ARGH - damn alarms - ask me anything, but you might get mindless abuse

I'm freezing my ass off.

Anyone heard of

Songs that remind you of home?

My daughter is fishing and getting married on Lake Erie today

Advice on where to post something...

I just saw a Cessna flying overhead.

Just a couple of friendly reminders.

OW! Paper cut...

Friday the 13th is a good day

Runaway Bride -- the untold story (in pictures)

Wound question

I'm so nervous about being interviewed!

Have you ever dreamed your pet had a human job or did a human

let's all praise the awkwardness of sardine sandwiches and human soup!!

Funny how I find myself inlove with you. If I could find some ....

Anti-Gay Telephone companies?

Hey! I just got hot wax on my keyboard!

Screw "Star Trek"....I'm not going to miss it

Poem by Fluffy the cat.

Light a candle/send some good vibes to BullGooseLoony.

What are you going to do this weekend?

RandomKoolzip: God of Rock and Roll

ROTFLMTO - - Maurice LaMarche on Al Franken

Should scalping be illegal? (Tickets that is)

Sucks to be you- I am going to the beach!!!

Grape + Apple = Grapple

Well, spank my ass and call me Sally!

Now we have "Patriot" toilets?

Had to take a cab home from my daily 5 mile run due to wild thunderstorm.

can someone verify a picture for me?

You know what is interesting? Cannibalism.

BBQ time. I'm looking for a recipe to marinade vegetables. Does

Put a message in the bottle, throw the bottle in the water.....

What tune is this dude playing?

Spam Found Poetry for Today

Bear, The Wonder Dog!!!

Why in the heck will it take 2 weeks for me to get my washing machine

I Never Knew That There Were So MANY Different Ways To Spell "Viagra"...

David Lee Roth receives military training

Can smoking okra kill you?

Holy guacamole! $300 for CAT TRESPASSING?

Whatcha drinking tonight?

Gawd forgive me...but I HATE...HATE... HAAAAAATE... my TV!

Need help with a potluck:

Hey, quit staring at my

Why is the human brain so stupid?

And who says that revenge isn't sweet!!!! For all cookie lovers .....

I'd start a "newsmakers that never were but should have been" but

I want some PMs. I never get any.


What shall we use to fill the empty spaces

I am going to whine a little here. Ignore me if you wish.

Suddenly, the l's have gotten smaller.

When Evil Is Cute

"Newsmakers" that once ruled the media but now long since forgotten

Well when I grew up and went to school

You know you still like Def Leppard.

Ever turned your PM ability off after posting something nasty to someone?


I am mad at my dog

Hugs and kitty pictures.

Awwwww... Picture of my pet inside...Too cute

Finger Traced to Woman Who Blamed Wendy's

If Shell Beau gets PM's, I want mine too

us and them


Obviously people who go to kitten wars have no taste in cats

"Wind Up", Jethro Tull. Ian saw religious hypocrisy 33 yrs ago.

My cats new addiction.

Who will be the NBA champ this year?

They weren't paying attention.They were making love while that young boy

Sex-abuse farmer killed by family and fed to dogs

Going underground

I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.

I'm a progressive populist, can you FEEL ME?

So, our property is infested with "glassy-winged sharpshooters."

The lunatic is on the grass.

What does it mean when someone posts and there is a # and

For a little levity

If you don't eat your meat. You can't have any pudding.

Today's show has been brought to you by the letter 'L'

SoCal: Very visible corona, check it out

I used to wake up in the morning

Never thought I'd be worried about posting in the Lounge

Umm, Happy Birthday.


My elder daughter's name begins with 'L'.

My opinion on why Enterprise was cancelled.

The "last" word on cliques...

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #61

someone explain why L is getting locked?

Money, get away


Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Better version of Proud Mary.....

The Lounge definitely has a Pink Floyd feel to it today

Ok, time for the PM to JVS what the hell is going on in the lounge game

what the ell is going on here?

Double toothpicks.

Double Hockeysticks

Ok everyone needs a LAP!

Any bird lovers on DU?

Will someone PM me and tell me what is going on. Not Who but Why!

Why junior wasn't told of the cessna...

Look who's crawling up my wall

Gay Chat Profile Used To Snare Bank Robber

I hope there are a lot of PWI threads tonight

See me... Feel me... Touch me... Heal me....

Since when could you click on the column headers in black...

Another beautiful day in SoCal! You've gotta love it!

how long do you keep the "donor" status after you have donated?

It's LoneLy in the Lounge, it used to be LoveLy in the Lounge

Arghh. Think I'll go to work and check back tonight.

The whole system's breaking down...

Here comes Johnny in again


"The first drink of the day!!! (ba-da-da-da-dum!)", DU's Friday song

Well, okay then.

Who did the Men in Black hire after this guy retired?

I hope this thread means we have permission to speak freely.

Uh... so the alphabet has only 25 letters again?

We need to have an honest open discussion here, no censors

Skinner why did you delete your thread :(

When is/was Andy Stephenson's surgery?

Because I can, the Numa Numa guy, AGAIN

And these are the:

The bumperstickers that have my conservative hubby freaked out *g*

I'm sorry.

The inspirational and "illuminating" story of Ashley Sue, Clanton Alabama

Let's break into the bar a bit early today, 'kay?

I found out a way to get hundreds of posts to my threads in 1 minute

FINALLY, we now know why the British have such bad teeth!

What do people think of Huffington's new blog-central place?

New robots can replicate themselves... 50% out of work in 50 years.

Let's all sing a song! C'mon everyone. Now let's get HAPPY!

Who was James Bond's boss before this lady?

Libertarians, Librarians, Liberians, or Libations?

Here's a picture of my kitty Ozzie! She'll cheer you up!

C.U.D.D.L.E International- Promoting Cousin Marriages

My inability to use smileys caused all this, didn't it?

Time for some idle chit-chat: what's your favorite toothpaste?

So.......... Did I tell you about the birthday party I attended recently?

Ok everyone needs a NAP!


My Kid Brother is finished with his tour in Iraq

Old stuff: First rumour of Microsoft Windows on the Usenet

No one knows what it's like to be the bad man.....

Check this out, quick!

The fun is *not* over.

If you commute here's a cute solution to high gas prices

The infrastructure has been abandoned, it's denizens are in GD/P.

Has anybody bought on of those blue bracelets?

vegetarian eticut question

I picked up the new black Prius today - it came in yesterday

OK, I have some "issues" here at DU.

The fun's not over anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very touching football story......

OKAY - I've been away for a few days - what the heck happened here to

let's all praise the awesomeness of sardine sandwiches and noodle soup!!

Is the fun no longer over?

Do you use paper towels in your home?


Who likes their under-$500 24-port unmanaged gigabit ethernet switches?

Tiger Woods MISSES the cut-

How often does your company's internet/WAN cabling require service?


What if 80% of what we think about nutrition is wrong?

Remember that part from the miniseries /V/...

Does anybody else just not give a shit?

Firefox question concerning how it displays web sites

Got spyware or virus on your windows box? Microsoft has a cure!

Chick Tract of the Day: Jack Chick battles Homosexuals

be careful when typing those e-mail addresses . . .

After having seen the documentary "Supersize Me" - I can never


Whoa...just had a feeling of Deja Vu.

My Zero 7 appreciation thread

Go freep an Amazon book by Bush-appointed OBGYN

The DU Lounge is where everybody knows your name.

Smackin' down a DU Troll. Therapeutic? Patriotic? BOTH?

Proof of Elija Woods' sexual orientation

I feel like going on Yahoo and causing a ruckus

Useless Post....

A challenge:

The Otter! Have we forgotten our friendly Otter?

HTML style help?

The usual - my threads are sinking like stones

Come on, neighbors - move your bloomin' cars!

I'm sleepy already and it's only going on 5 o'clock.

Which network teaches our youth the most useful words?

So It's ok to have fun now?

We can fun now!

Trek in a couple of minutes

I'm not gelling!


The Oxymoron thread, post yours here.

Man - I'm in TV heaven. Upgraded my Comcast to the new DVR

When you enter a room where the sign says "The fun's over"

I need to ask a very serious question to my fellow DUers:

chuu chuu chuu ahhh ahh ahh

Has anyone seen these?

Who let the magician into the lounge

The Yak! Have we forgotten our friendly Yak?

Do people think my Subaru Outback is an SUV??

OK. I just found my first gray nose hair.

We need some giraffe and squirrel love.(Look HERE!!!!!!)


When did you first realize you were a liberal?

It is time for a good ol' fashioned MOON!!!!!!!

I heard the "Trash Can Sinatras" on The Majority Report about a week ago

So, I was fired today. Should I bother to look for another teaching job,

Why would a TRUE liberal post on a conservative site?

If you don't have a Y chromosome, and drive a sports car

Really REALLY stupid neighbor.

Hi guys!

Goodbye, DU (no drama)

Ask Me Anything ..... Just Got DSL, Way Out In The Country

Where is Osama Bin Laden?

Look at this face!

Progmom can be quite demanding!

"The Order of Death"

Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day

Friday the 13 -an overview

So Trumad isn't back still...

Sorry, I just gotta vent. The last two months...

DAMN! Sneezing like crazy - eyes are itching and feels like there is

R. Crumb freaks! Who remembers Pam Goodvibes?

Are ther enough kitty pictures in the lounge?

Ughhh... business sucks.

Does your last name end in a vowel? Racist pig told me that if it does

Who else is going to get drunk?

I have a headache.

hey kids, get your COOL 5-11 Commemorative Aerial Attack Animation!

I'm off to drink and have an orgy.

Stunk or Droned?

I finished my essay!

Are you part American Indian? If so, what tribe?

BlondieK143's "Say something nice" thread needs to last a long time

Walt Disney's cure for what ails DU

Let's start a new clique.......

Jane Fonda on Bush: "If I were alone with him, I would really like him"


DU: A Short Course

Happy birthday Saturday to LynneSin

Philly area DUers: Last weekend to see my production of "Bat Boy"!

In honor of my Kid Bro finishing his tour in Iraq - THE BAR IS OPEN!

Does everyone have their bundles ready for the mail?


NEW SWIFTBOAT AD!!! Will they ever stop!!!

Things seemed OK earlier... now, not so much.

*hissy fit, unreasonable outburst, dramatic declaration of leaving DU*

I’m Sick of the Ugliness

What's the difference between a Republican and a Libertarian?

Yes! A new Chick Tract!



More Presidential trivia.

OK, let's try this again.

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Pit Bulls Being Confiscated in Denver - How do DU'ers feel about this?

About the teacher who dissected a live dog....

John Paul on sainthood fast track

Is there a place for the supernatural in the public school curriculum?

Ancient African Skies (Kenya) ......19 stone pillars a calendar?

Saturn Moon's Bizarre Geography Revealed by Spacecraft

Heavenly signs that scared Roman rulers help astronomers study the Sun.

British students invent antigravity machine

DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans

Tsunamis in Lake Tahoe?

Study: 5-HTT genotype influences depression response to stressful events

Eccentric Worlds: Strange Orbits Puzzle Astronomers

How to Farm Stem Cells Without Losing Your Soul

That 'Prozac' Man Defends the Gravity of a Disease (book review)

Hate Acts Against O.C. Gays Up Again

Government's NCFR witholding positive information on same-sex marriage

Did the Anti-Gay Amendments outlaw remarriage for straight folks?

Canadian Anglican Bishop: Same-Sex Blessings Will Continue

Stonewall Democrats slam Kerry, Ignore FDA sperm rules

Phoenix vs. Dallas

Will Yanks survive first West Coast swing?


Yard Cat....

Pet Lovers Unite - Travesty in Utah

Heavenly signs that scared Roman rulers help modern astronomers

House panel approves $82.5 billion veterans bill

Burial at sea of (Blackie) -------

Known as America's most decorated living soldier ......

The Extremist War on Moderates

You thought it was over?? Friday Bolton

Why is this/that?

Support for banning Bush’s fake-news segment is now bi-partisan

What to do to deal with our cynical minority at DU?

Norquist busted for taking tribal money (B Globe 5/13/05)

Kerry's statement on millitary base closings

Did John Kerry really say this?

Opinions Please

Flower Since it didn't win the poll...

MSNBC to move Keith out of primetime?

Official "Write MSNBC about Countdown" thread is up in GD!

Countdown: Friday May 13, 2005

Ok Bleever, I'm listening to Stephanie Miller for the first time and she

The Daily Show tonight - another great show! Replay soon, at 1:00am EDT

Anyone who has pro - bush bill boards in their area - I have an idea

What is wrong with this picture?

FCNL: Honor the Promises to American Indians

My letter to editor/publisher

DeLay-lovefest recap on NPR

Can't the president figure out that he just needs to kill the.....

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!!

Labor Secretary Rushed To Secure (Cessna-Free) Location (but not *?)

Eisenhower to Bush: You're just plain stupid.

Who should be regarded as a better diplomat?

Americablog Keeps Pressure on NCFR

Senator Biden is on The Today Show right now n/t

Replay of Byrd?

Good job people -- Washington Post covers the memo

WaPo's Pincus:Blair Was Told of WH Resolve to Use Military Against Hussein

Repugs blamed Clinton for base closing when in fact THEY and Cheney

When does the Bolton vote go before the full senate?

C-Span Today, W Post Vs. American Spectator

Anyone know where I can find those anti-Bush billboards from God?

This Tyrell guy from American Spectator is one hateful dude.

big important Pentagon base consolidation press conference on now

Ohio should be the first Democratic Primary state in the union

Bush, political capital and John Bolton: The Guardian

A Tribute to Tom DeLay

Please thank Byrd for his words in the Senate yesterday!

Okay...My question is, "Who is lying?"

with the largest military budget in the history of the known universe

"Shock Jock Hosts N.J. GOP Hopefuls Debate"

US hawks put Annan's job on the line

Who's going to compile a list of base closings vs Dem representation?

5/11 and 9/11 proves that when Repubs control WH we don't know who is

Bush* and Blair as Ali G....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Jacko dances on SUV roof II: "Liberals skewered at tribute for DeLay"

Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon and George Bush

Rummy coming on at 10:30

HA! C-Span callers very upset about losing their government/military $$$

Ap article on Byrd and Frist

I'm going to give Senate both barrels, says defiant Galloway

Critics are fuming over governor's 'smoking tent'

Judge Who Let Cheney Off Linked to Major Oil Companies

Tell Conyers to keep demanding answers from Bush!

CLAIM vs. FACT: Bush on Internet Privacy

The Bolton challenge-- It's all about Castro (!??!?)

Just Watched C-Span

My Prediction: Bolton will be voted Down.

Attention: Deficit Disorder

"Leader Frist"? In my local paper

Base Closings: When do they blame them on Big Dog?

The "BlogsForBush" crowd sees no alternative to bombing Iran

In Praise of Condoleezza Rice

Washinton Post has some new perspective on the "memo"

Where are the Dems?

Flowers for Conyers!

A Chronology of US War Crimes & Torture, 1975-2005

to all the Rap Stars & anyone who wears Bling...DO YOU KNOW AT WHAT COST?

Did they lie about Bush's "bike ride" a couple of days ago ??

Ldotters oddly quiet on base closings

Pablo Paredes statement to the court

Wolcott: "Permanent War for Permanent Fuckwits"

Nuclear Option - a big step toward destroying our independent judiciary

Gay Marriage Ban Struck Down in the Heartland

9/8/04, Cheney: Vote for Kerry & "the danger is that we'll get hit again"

3rd day of riots against US in Afghanistan (Gitmo)

Who has been attacked more on DU political forums in the last week?

Democrats seek to stall pension-takeover deals - Market watch

Gays and Kraft food - Targets of AFR Hate

Trent Lott's Hometown loses Naval Station

In case anyone want to call Charles Clayton - the Bush Billboard guy

BASE CLOSINGS?!?!? how are we supposed to fight this war on "terra"

How many recess judge appointments did Clinton make?

Kerik slime starting to rub off on Rudy. Good.

evesdropping on a right-wing interview. GET A LOAD OF THIS WHACKO!!

Nigerian email scam: another type of email scam

Idiots on MSNBC whining about name calling

I read a post the other day in regards to CSPAN

Anybody have a list of the bases targeted for closure?

Bush's latest approval numbers

bunnypants not informed of violation of air space for 72 minutes?

CNN Crossfire: "UK Memo Proves Bush Fixed Intelligence" for War - (VIDEO)

DKos: Frist may try to expel Reid from Senate

Thune in trouble now :) - SD air force base affected

Beyond 'red-blue,' parties are riven within - CSM 5/13/05

Bin Laden should release a tape of himself reading "The Pet Goat"

Smoking Gun Memo, what to do next

Stop crying about base closings. We close one here, open one in Iraq.


They are gonna smear Harry Reid today and this weekend. Be ready.

Anyone beside me like Harry Reid in '08?

If in October 2004, a 2001 video was discovered

Base closing in Conn.= Design to help re-elect Lieberman...the biggest


Would you have approved war with Saudi Arabia after 9/11?

Did the Pentagon just add the Straw that will breaks the Camels back?

caption frist

The freepers are delusional about the NUKULAR option!

Bill Maher "Real Time" line up

Latest Freeper BS

Will the Base Closings be the Final Straw for Bushco?

Great Quote: Ike(Eisenhower) predicts future for GOP (11/8/54)

DeLay on Democrats: "No ideas. No leadership. No agenda. No class."

"Waffle-powered Howard" and other bedtime stories

Trying to Make Sense of BushCo's Base Closings

And What Will Appear In the Friday Night Garbage Dump?

Rawstory: 'WAR CRIMES'

I'm beginning to believe that picking any random person off

Ohio DUers Any chance Taft is going down in CoinGate?

Question about IRS, can DUers help ? Has audit been politicized ?

Salon: Hearst News Service links "bike ride" and "My Pet Goat" delays!

Thune Fails to Keep Ellsworth Off List

DNC: White House Moves Disability Benefits to The Chopping Block



Thou Shalt Not Have Other Candidates Before Me (cartoon)

Just saw the "up or down vote" ad.

Sex preference discrimination protection on Colorado governor's desk: HELP

DU This Poll!!!!

Reporters 'MOCK' McClellan -- No Need to Notify Bush Re: WH evacuation

I laughed and sneered at Brian Lamb this morning

Check out this flash on the takeover of PBS and NPR -

A new name for the MSM or 'Corporate Media'

I'm in the paper re: the Filibuster!!!!

Are base closings a form of backdoor draft?

Moment of Truth: On the judicial filibuster

John Conyers: The GOP's Attack On Voting Rights

WaPo columnist: Is Fitzgerald Now Going After Perjury In Plamegate?

Kos on "How I feel about Kerry"

Norm Coleman compared to Sen. McCarthy by British legislator

Any DU Members running for office?

Ed Schultz tears Dean up one side and the other

Could any of the other candidates have done better than Kerry?

Is this for real? Boxer has placed a "hold" on Bolton?


REMOVE GEORGE BUSH DAY - Wednesday June 1st!