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Archives: May 12, 2005

The Specter of Violence in America

Corporate News Media - Incompetent, Criminally Negligent or Complicit?

McKenna survives trip to Fox's den

Withheld videotape lets DA buck justice (AJC re: taser death)

Tragedy of the Mental Commons

War On Terror (South Florida Sun-Sentinel re: Luis Posada Carriles)

How US lawyer hopes to defeat Venezuela's extradition claim for Posada

Herbert: The Young and the Jobless (Good column - Great Stats)

Chávez gaining support across region

Seymour Hersh: Iraq 'Moving Towards Open Civil War'

Political animals sniff the winds of change

Dr. Hager's Family Values

By definition, a terrorist (SF Chronicle)

And You Thought WWII Was Over? (Conason on Bush slam of FDR)

Catching up with the past on evolution

Single Standard For Terrorists

Protest at the space weapons ground zero - Vandenberg Air Force Base 5/21

FYI Scientific Integrity Roundtable at UCSB 5/20

Protesters question Ryan's solvency plan for Social Security .. (WI)

Students Protest Gas Prices (Scranton PA)

Critics say satellite TV beams Arab, Western `poison' into Iraq

Bestiality admission on Alan Colmes radio - Audio

Rocket Fired From Lebanon Lands in Israel

Any thoughts on this?

The Nation: Failing the Electoral Standards

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Thursday

TN DUers meet with our SOS & state legislators to discuss VVPB & MRMR

New US Count Votes Exit Poll Study Shows Vote Embezzlement is ..

Got election fraud graphics?

Updates on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rulemaking available at:

Move On: Rep. Howard McKeon's Connections to Tom DeLay

Schwarzenegger wants to restore $1.3 billion to transportation programs

Grenade story?

MOGAMBO GURU: Looks Like The Beginning Of The End

Need help with a response to a LTTE

Christian Social Engineering

Congress passes Gestapo ID legislation

WTF??? A shadow? or a turd????

tom tomorrow on the majority report now

Saw my first military recruiters in action at the local Sonic

Free and Fair Elections: What can WE do to ensure we have them?

There is one helluva a storm in our country tonight...


Just heard on PBS, McKinnon talking about "Wandering Home" Organic Gardens

BBC World: 70 attacks a day in Iraq

Striking Difference of 9/11 and Today's Events

Roscoe Bartlett on Peak Oil, now on CSPAN-1.

A Republican talked about Peak Oil on C-Span.

Today, Bush signed another ANTI-FREEDOM bill.

Bush not told of scare till after bike ride

Georgia Interior Ministry: Grenade story a "total lie"

There are several hunderd thousand foreign fighters in Iraq..

WTF? 1st press briefing in days, not one ? about the Iraq/Brit memo!

Are newspapers obligated by law to protect a source?

My Life....Bill Clinton

so forgive me if I'm skeptical about the terrible dangers...

When officials go "OMG our nuclear facilities are so vulnerable."

Marijuana Policy Project gala fundraiser

Why the heck was Bush biking in the middle of a damn work day?

You know its a bad day when

Thank you Andy. I don't know you but my life is in Perspective

Bush on bike ride....not told until later.

US towns brace for base-closing wave

I wonder if Bush knew that Georgia was a country

Is Larry Flynt the only "journalist" we have in this country ??

Okay, a grenade, a rogue plane, and a letter from the Democrats

Why wasn't Bush/Cheney invited to the DeLay dinner?

Robert Plant on Charlie Rose PBS now

Pressure Mounts on Other Airlines to Seek Pension Relief.

Have you guys seen this? Great blog from a 26-year-old Iraqi woman...

Do you buy this story on the plane incident?

'70's Hippie Forwards THIS Wingnut Crap

People who want to torture inmates...

Wanna be on the radio right now?... open phones here..

How many DU'ers have walked a picket line? I have, although

Luis Posada Carriles´ Sinister Links with the CIA: documents released

Funny that there is this major offensive in western Iraq, yet...

The GAO points out bush's LIES for the LIES they are.

LOL--Jon Stewart making fun of cable news channels

Aircraft incident over D.C. Was it a counter-terrorism exercise?

Concerning the occupants of the WTC on a certain September day, I wondered

Tonight's Law and Order (teeny spoiler)

Grover Norquist compares Dems to "fixed" animals....grrrrrr

Grenades, airplanes and fires

I listen to AA on XM... and I hate Alan Colmes

Letters to TIME in response to AnnTHRAX cover story

Is it doomsday for pensions?

So, are we having an official Burn The US Constitution Party, Mr. bush???

Poltically Active Music Groups

America; losing freedom and democracy under the bush regime. That's FACT.


United Airlines workerkers strike!?!

79 killed in suicide bombings TODAY!

Run, you magnificent bastards! Run!

Question to the savvy...bout Senate Rules?

Army soldiers mistakenly blew up the car of her husband

republican pundits truly are IDIOTS.

One of America's few remaining REAL journalists, Molly Bingham on IRAQ

This asshole gets my vote for jerk of the month

Republicans = The Party of "No Conscience"

I'm in the process of creating a symbol for progressives

Okay, I'm weird. I LOVE the new GOP ad, "The Party of NO!"

Seymour Hersch

Chimps paintings priced at $1500

Inside the mind of a serial child molester - Parents should read this

All that popping, screaming, and twisting of arms is coming from...

I was nearly run off the road by a freeper!!!

Leviticus Nation of Oklahoma

If A Sick Person couldn't afford health care

Concepts the U.S. finds useful in launching resource wars and wars

President Dwight D. Eisenhower calls bush "negligible" and "stupid".


Proper attire for a state visit?

Chimp's Art for sale

Dean Seeks Prog-Dem Peace Pact

FINALLY! CNN: Bush asked to explain UK war memo

Check out the approval ratings for all 50 governors!!!

A note of personal thanks to all DUers from *libnnc*

CSPAN Schedule Thursday May 12

Those 2 girls that got murdered. I wonder what they

this thing about the Real ID Act passing unanimously in the Senate . . .

Who was the judge in the United Airlines pension revocation case?

A meeting of Imperialists Anonymous in 2010

Nightline Story has me wondering why Limbaugh isn't in Prison

Seems The Smoking Gun Memo Has Finally Broken Through

Bologna sandwich for me tomorrow night.

BBQers get ready for summer

Good ol' Conservatives!

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Principled pragmatism (election reform)

Recruiter Leaves Threatening Voice Mail Message for Potential Recruit (cli

Report: Chappelle in mental health facility

Dennis Miller Says So Long to CNBC (also known as cancelled)

Anti-U.S. Riot Turns Deadly in Afghanistan

Iraqi Insurgents Go on Rampage, Kill 69

Americans Seek Bodily Salvation Through Jesus Diet (Guardian)

Senate Panel Probing Bolton Down to Wire

Canadian consul told Arar not to fear deportation

Arms Makers Find Being Cash-Heavy Is Mixed Blessing -NYT

UN nuclear talks break deadlock over Israeli arms (Israeli nukes)

Bolton probe continues on eve of vote (Dems Consider Filibuster!)

L.A. mayor's race signals new ethnic alliances

Bush Was Amazed to Spend V-E Day in Russia

Senate defies White House on highway funding (+nix helmet law, tolls)

Security, sovereignty at issue in U.S.-Iraqi dispute over building

Chimpanzee's artwork on the block

Suspect in officer's killing may have tried to slip onto LAX

D.C. Mayor Says Officials Unaware of Alert

Internet, Radio Blamed for Discrimination

Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent

CNN carries Downing Street Memo story

Venezuela and Other South American Countries Meet with Arab League

Daughter Seeks Release of Haiti's Ex-PM

Chávez gaining support across region

DeLay Allies Seek Dismissal of Charges -WP

Luis Posada Carriles´ Sinister Links with the CIA

BBC Workers Vote for Strike Over Job Cuts

'Dennis Miller' Cancelled

Army soldiers mistakenly blew up the car of her husband

Defense rests in Hanford downwinders case

Report: Chappelle in Psych Facility

WP: A Bloody, Devastating Day: Violence Kills 72

Hubbard: Bush Plan May Shrink Survivor Aid

Former homeland security head dismisses charge Canada soft on terrorism

Bill Would Bar Women From Combat Support

Students boycott popular clothing store

One Month's Toll in Iraq: 67 Suicide Bombers

Shooting of Unarmed Motorist in Compton Sparks Protest -LAT

WP: Memo May Have Swayed Plan B Ruling-outspoken evangelical Conservative

Military Judge Convicts Anti-War Sailor

Parts of jet engine fall in neighborhood

Colonel Reprimanded Over Abu Ghraib Abuse

Few Republicans in House Are Expected at DeLay Event

The Frist Filibuster Hits Washington (Princeton students / DC)

US robot builds copies of itself (BBC News)

Just another day in 'stable' Iraq

Bush not told about plane scare until after biking

How Do Japanese Dump Trash? Let Us Count the Myriad Ways

Fire in the U.S. Capitol building right now(11 pm)

WP: Demise of a Hard-Fighting Squad - Marines - 60 % casualties

WP: GOP Seeks More Curbs On Courts

Spokane wants state, feds to investigate mayor

Galloway faces renewed claims over Saddam oil/US Senate

Bush asked to explain UK war memo

More great stuff from the Political Compass people

A stupid random question...

Getting Pumped for Rob and Amber's Wedding

Ever see that cartoon with the noseless child aardvark with a pet dog?

Is beer and nachos a balanced diet

Anyone planning on being a broad this summer?

LOST is on, discussion thread

if I look at DU on my break, will you guys diss me?

Has anyone seen the remote to my CD player?

If I took a break from DU, would you ladies want to kiss me

Ever see the cartoon where the stomach drives a red car and eats magnets?

It's Wednesday, and finals are OVER!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!

I have another mess of big sea scallops to cook for dinner tonight...


"Babies shouldn't wear tube tops or fishnet thingys Mom"

puff, puff pass!

Watching the "Sandlot" just made me realize

Can allergies prevent somebody from getting drafted?

When is Blizzard going to release Starcraft: Ghost ?

OMG my kids are driving me bonkers...

Funniest ad for speakers I've ever seen.

Did anybody read the synopsis for the Enterprise finale?

A new poem- "Sparrows of a Grey and Cold Spring Morning"

I don't care about you prog rock haters...ABWH KICK ASS.

LOL!!! Yahoo board discussion about the plane flying over WH

New Yorker cartoon caption contest

"_____________, I am your father."

Fun is...


Mothers' Day's Over - I Need to Rant

Jane Badler, then and now


Now that everyone keeps telling me to shut up, I'm taking a break from DU

okay, so I'm watching last night's Daily Show's rerun with my son. . .

has anyone been foLLowing reveLations?

Should I post drunk?

Do you use the bodily function list?

I Had A Serious Brain Fart In Class Today

ahhhh midweek vodka martini...

I spent $1200.00 on my dog; $1200.00 more next week.

well, it's either start a flame war or go make dinner....

Americans Seek Bodily Salvation Through Jesus Diet (Guardian)

I give out ZombyLove like sweet nuggets o' yumminess

Until Now, I didn't know that there are buildings on Diamond Head

Area 51: Fact or Fiction on TLC.

Listening to a great old Mancini side! Mancini '67!

Like gasoline and oil on a madman's face.

I noticed that WebMD is giving out advice

If I drove a stake through DU, would you

Goddammit! Why do I bother tuning into Law and Order anymore?

If I took a steak through DU, would vegetarians hiss at me?

Which do you use?

kicking squeeling gucci little piggy

There is a freaking opossum in my utility closet!!!

Flags in North America to be flown at half mast

If I took a streak through DU, would you guys diss me?

Tell me what you think about whiny "I'm leaving DU" threads....

If I took a streak through DU, would you guys piss on me?

Do you use the buddy list function?

Chimpanzee's artwork on the block

I knew it! I knew Dennis Miller was doing that commercial!

If I took a break from DU, would I miss you guys?

only one more post to 1000

My sister's kid's combined tuition bill for next year is $80,000

A tiny little rant about my centrist/RW co-workers...

I'm an atheist.

Is it just me, or is it roomier in here?

Malloy is raging tonight!

So, what do you 40-somethings think of this new new-wave revival?

A friends's jacket got caught in an escalator.

anyone else having a problem logging on to stupid bloody Hotmail?

If bicycling on an exercise bike 30 minutes a day is healthy,

Are General Discussion and General Discussion: Politics scary or funny?

I'm KeepinItReal in Prague...Ask me ANYTHING!

Uh-oh ... my gold star is gone!

Anyone watching Law and Order?

Report: Chappelle in mental health facility

Researchers build a robot that can reproduce

My 900th's time for an "all about me" vanity post...

I nominate for worst network movie.....

His name is Pat Paulsen

My mom needs cardiac ablation--anyone have it done?

Where did the term Bunnypants come from?

Buckminster Fuller Institute- happened across this web site

I wish they would take the good actors from all the C.S.I's

It is bedtime for me

Ways of Man Are Passing Strange

I learned something today

DU chat

Favorite old song. Pre-Fifties. [I wasn't even born yet.]

Review of the Finale of Enterprise.

Report: Chappelle in Psych Facility

Pick my pen-name


I am the official "New Number Two" of the DU Lounge. Ask me anything.

Holy Pomp and Circumstance, Batman!!

Possums rock!

anyone else have a four day weekend coming up....

My life is like the newstand scene in the Men In Black

There's a freaking batarang in my utility belt.

My Senegal Parrot is masturbating with his Booda Comfy Perch!

If I took a break from DU, would you guys miss me?

iTunes users - help?

a neighbor has the 'dixie' horn beep

Fighting terrorism, one pair of lace panties at a time (not a joke)...

I'm 35 and just got an Army Reserve recruiting brochure mailed

Twins at birth

I finished watching the movie "super size me"

What musical instrument is it?

Let's see: boyfriend, song.......what will she steal next?

I am so excited.

If You Could Go On Any Show, Call Them Dicks And Get Them Canceled...

'Dennis Miller' Cancelled

Now That I've Reached 16,178 Posts, I've Decided to Take a Break From DU

G'Night, Grandma

Car won't start -- I've had it for two weeks!

Sex offenders living in your neighborhoo? Check here to find out...

***Rare Pictures***Minnesota Hooping Bugs***

Has anyone seen the kickstart to Mrs Matcom's

I give out RabrrrrrrHate(tm) like death-bringing nuggets of chthonic bile

I heard this joke which I don't get.

Should I bother watching "The Last Samurai" on HBO?

Possums will...Mess. You. Up.

'This is how science is done' (Feynman letters)

Telephone Company Using Their Support For Marriage Bans To Lure New Custom

For your viewing pleasure.

Best and Worst officials in a professional sport

This is just sick (dog attacked in Iowa)

***Rare Pictures***Minnesota HOOPING Bugs****

Good thoughts, prayers, light and love requested

Data Security Hearing: ChoicePoint

You know you're a Kerrycrat if...

I only have to walk up one flight of stairs between commercials

KOEB meeting Wed. 5-11-05

And next up for bid on eBay...Keith's image discovered on TOAST!!!!

Why is this news?

Nuclear Option

Ever heard of I'm confused by this site, is R or L?

correlation on hyped up terror alerts and negative press on bush??

We had a terror scare today, and it's the 11th--

Maher: Balance Brings a Better Talk Show

PROVE you give a damn about "the people" rather than the candidate.

When do we leave Iraq?

self deleted

Republicans = The Party of "No Conscience"

When we win back our government, can we abolish the GOP?

The Specter of Violence in America


Who exactly are we fighting in Iraq?

Da Plane, Da Plane,

Lame Duck...

Anyone know how to get a website a link on

Ohio is a GOP cesspool (AmericaBlog)

Santorum & Savings Accounts

Why do we think the Civil Unions strategy will work?

Question: When did they start testing pilots for drugs...

Report: Anti-Muslim hate crimes up sharply

Garrison Keillor: I don't worry about right-wing radio

Open Mic Night tune to learn: Idle's FCC Song

Seattle P-I: "Fuel Economy: Tax the guzzlers"

US: states, federal government prepare massive Medicaid cuts

From Baghdad to Brasilia ....the OTHER New World Order

FDA Received 'Minority Report' From Conservative Doctor on Panel - WP

Niman: Welfare to Wal-Mart

bolton is "professional"--so he will get the needed vote!!

An America growing apart?

Another Significant June Date? (6/25 N Korea Nuke Test)

When the US explodes -- what then?

U.S., U.K. Voters Don't Care About Credibility

The Salvadorization of Iraq?(The New York Times Magazine)

Keys to the White House Point to Turnabout in 2008

Global Eye - Miami Vice - By Chris Floyd

National Rifle Association still armed and dangerous

Our daily instruction from Baptist Press News

Army gives Halliburton $72m bonus

New Ad: Senate Republicans are Out of Control

High schoolers unfair targets of military recruiters

World leaders attend meeting that they won't talk about -The Hill

My Anti-War Flyer

You can help stop Wal-Mart!

Unionists from around the globe back Chunghwa Telecom's worried workers

America: What Went Wrong? (and other stories)

AFL-CIO: 3 min. downld 4 newslttr: someone tell them, some DU-er in AFL

The Hockey Stick Controversy New Analysis Reproduces Graph

UK Breaks Pledge For Funds To Help Poor Nations Face Climate Breakdown

21 Of 36 Species Move North From North Sea As Water Warms - BBC

New Species Of Rodent Discovered In Laos

Surface Ozone May Pose Problems For Food Crops As Warming Grows

"Methane Burps": Massive attack of planetary indigestion looming?

Britain, Kyoto, Renewables and Nuclear Power: Reality intrudes.

Chinese spy ring broken; intel major was key figure

Africa's crises `fail to be addressed'

Taiwan is independent

Sharon: I've made up my mind to lead Israel towards change

Haarertz editorial (Thursday): It's in our hands, and in our power

Settlers refuse to leave Palestinian villages

Top aide to Abbas: Postpone elections

50,000 flock to Gaza settlements

Over 200 volunteer in Iran to carry out suicide bombings in Israel

Question on the "plane" that hit Pentagon

9/11 for dummies

Can anyone help with Italian?

Does anyone remember 4 off course planes in the air at the same time,

The Cessna Incident - too simple or too much a key problem ?

Anyone ever seen the police report from Athan Gibbs' death?

lbn thread re milwaukee arrests

Were there pre-election polls which showed which way new voters

Have you nominated the "nominate the Election fraud thread" thread?

I started a blog to follow these virtual conversations

"Court Eyes FEC Role in Campaign FinanceCourt Eyes FEC Role in Campaign Fi

Need help getting on


Common Cause on EVote Machines action alert

Ignore the RW spin. Calc the SAMPLE-SIZE for any MoE and confidence level

(the sharksuit) time to gang tackle Seqouia voting systems

Wasn't Steven F. Freeman's book supposed to come out this

Conyers: Academy Chicago Publ. Prints "What Went Wrong In Ohio"

Sequoia lawsuit: Sequoia removes lawsuit to Federal Court

Woo Hoo! The MSM is cluing in and I hit 1000 posts!

DU needs a direct mail campaign

"Coingate"/Lucas County BOE Investigation connection: smoking gun?

Voting Integrity has a new Champeen: Jim Lampley. New post up.

Arnold in Fresno today, fund raising

Geroge Skelton: Governor Doesn't Get to Write the Whole Script

Sac Bee Pulitzer prize winner steps down amid accusations

GEO (Graduate Employee Organization) and UMass reach contract agreement

The 2006 political season is on - just got my first telemarketing call

At park, hope turns to sadness

Project I'm working on: Buying Blue at Westgate Mall, Brockton

Mass Democratic Party Platform has missing and flawed planks

MA Senator Barrios Shifts Tactics Reports the BosGlobe re "gay marriage"

KSTP billboards

No-new-taxes pledge cracked today

Republican TV tax ad - everyone's take

Ohio House panel OKs election reform bill

Governor Taft-proposed Medicaid rule would let state take homes

Southeastern Ohio Preps talking about Ted Strickland for Gov.

Petition signers fight proposed Lorain Wal-Mart

So I just got a *handwritten* note from Bill Keffer, my rep.

Poll shows Perry slipping

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Texans best friend in Washington, could use your help

Judge postpones decision on campaign indictments (DeLay cronies)

Lamar County doing away with indigent care

Milwaukee election fraud update

Unborn babies affected by stress of 9/11 attacks

US weighs rules for N Korean missile strike

Bill Would Bar Women From Combat Support

Any new news on the Gannon-John Gosch connection?

Faux uses Todays plane scare to Bash a democrat

12.3 Million People Around the World in Forced Labor/ Slavery

Whats Howard Dean saying about ALL the dems voting in Real ID?

Mine Kills two US Marines

Official US Troops Wounded in Iraq 12350

Where was Bush midday when they thought DC was


Your Other? Some fun questions

How I reacted upon hearing the news today about the "enemy" plane rumor - Cheney suffered heart attack

So, who thinks * was really riding a bike in a nature preserve for an hour

two fer thursday - new toons (5/12)

Help requested.

France: Animals to get official status in civil code!

Republican Chairman" "I believe in Family Values" (divorced 4X)

JJ's: Giving Christianity a bad name

The Young and the Jobless (what are we to do?0

Seminole GOP chairman, five times married, wins suit over letter

Has there been a single day in Iraq without a car bomb?

FAILURES: Iraq War, SS Plan, Economy, Terror War, Security, Diplomacy

Corporate pension bailouts are yet another welfare program....

this is the time of the conspiracy theorists. every action is suspicious

"The film US TV networks dare not show"

Tinfoil Hat Speaking - But This Small Plane Thing Could Be Black Ops


Another Papal miracle.....

Here's hoping that Andy is doing ok.

Riggs National Posts First-Quarter Loss of $28.7 million

A message from Pres Eisenhower

Support UAL employees--demand Tilton's resignation!

Newspaper that exposed hypocrite Mayor Jim West is mean!

Another alert - Bolton hearing on C-Span 3 at 10 EST

Baghdad marketplace bombings are becoming a blur...

How popular is CSPAN- ->3? Bolton only on 3??

In The War Against Cuba, The Truth Dies First

Bolton confirmation hearing up on CSPAN 3 Now!

O'Reilly steps on it again.

Eisenhower quote rings so true today!

Eww! Proof that Bolton is a anal sex loving swinger! I need a shower.

Republicans War on Ideals

MSM Totally Ignores REAL Threat To Bush Yesterday!

So what happened with the Kansas evolution "hearings"?

Two seemingly disparite headlines-

So I get up this morning and turn on the news

if W's going to keep us safer, how'd that plane get into the

House schedule for Thursday

What Passes For News

Live stream link to Bolton hearing on C-Span3


Ok i got this list of what dems should do from a republican.. so i need ..

On one hand, I hope Helen will nail Scottie to the wall on the memo thing.

Desperate houseseller

Someone explain: this little Cessna was surrounded

Help! I need to rebut a right winger on health care here vs. Canada

Bill would require parents to OK child's body piercing

Security issues over the past week - what's really in store?

The Christian Right and "Personal Responsibility"

The Georgian Lovefest for Bush Boy: Did US taxpayers pay for it?

Ohio Marine squad "decimated" in 2 separate attacks this week

Voinovich Rocks!

Election Fraud News (May 11, 2005)

Did anyone hear the woman calling to support Bolton on Springer this am?

Squabbling already happening with the Bolton nomination

In some ways they're just like us .... only far worse

Pour lemon juice in the wound. United Airlines now tries to cut pay

so let me get this straight (yesterday's scare in DC)

Now this is interesting

kerry looks weary

Tier man leaves Army as conscientious objector

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport

Lugar is currently talking about what a great guy Bolton is!!!!!

Xian Uses Religious Experience to Justify Discrimination

It drives me nuts when Lugar just sits and stares a kid that

President Cheney couldn't fuck it up any worse than dubya

Election Fraud News (May 11, 2005 - REPOST)

Biden tearing Exec branch & State Dept a new one on lack of cooperation...

The old saying "Good Guys finish last" well it is true

Anti-Bush Message in new Star Wars movie?

Tit for Tat Local Ltr to the Editor "this CONCOCTED war"

Set to die, inmate asks to give liver to his sister

The Daily Show revealed some Wisdom from (USDHS)

WTF happened to the old Dennis Miller?

Andy Borowitz is FUNNY today

I haven't watched TV NOOZ all week, and I'm much happier

Extreme Meth Makeovers.. should posters be in every school ??!!


Winning the hearts and minds...

Frist aides appeal for calm (on scrambled call to activists) -The Hill

A proposal

"Animal sacrifice could spark shark attack"

God told landlord not to rent to fornicators?

Voinovich sounds like he's going AGAINST Bolton!

Stem Cells and Exploiting Women

Did anyone just see Connected and if so...

CNBC cancels 'Dennis Miller'

Question on the "plane" that hit Pentagon

Buchannan on Imus: WW2 not worth the effort..

Bolton Nomination Thread#2 - Voinovich looks like a NO!!!

another paid journalist - Dave Smith $9,375 of our tax dollars

Christian School Teacher Placed On Leave Due To Premarital Pregnancy

Voinovich says he'll make up his mind later today on his vote

Sy Hersh Gem :

True difference between Liberals (intelligent) and conservatives (morons)

Insurance agents storm Capitol Hill; lobby, pay and pray

Okrent: Times' WMD coverage "very, very bad journalism" (Miller alert)

Is This Enough to Report a Church for Politicking?

Bumper sticker idea-- If you enjoy your freedom,

Frist doing the Nuclear pitch on C-Span2

Bush Bicycles While Baghdad Burns >>>

national id

yet another sign of the decline of western civilization . . .

email from Sen Carl Levin (D-MI) on "nuclear option"

Woman disciplined on job for being 4-mos preggie and only 2 months wed

Experts: Iraq on the verge of civil war (from Newsday):

Could John Bolton save the filibuster?

Chaffee votes yes.

An idea I have

Bush -- it's all about the bike, and not just yesterday

A force capable of a counter attack is a formidable force.

WTF? Buzz the WhiteHouse and they scamble pilots to...

Bolton Nomination Thread#3 - Dodd thanks Voinovich for a Senatorial moment

Democrats Aren't Budging as Social Security Review Opens - Bloomberg

If Bush nominated Goebbels and Mengele, would they get floor votes?

It's all about the jobs....

Amy Goodman's 'Empire'

Dance on the grave of the Dennis Miller show here

Vote on Bolten in 1/2 hour!

Kennedy: Just days left until Frist unleashes the "nuclear option"

questions about the "MEMO"

Just when we thought we couldn't look any more ridiculous in MO

United FUCKS employees out of pension - still trust Bush/SSI scam?

America: What Went Wrong? (and other stories)

Bolton Nomination Thread#4 - Obama: Bolton is not impressive at all

So, what happened with Bolton? -nt-

Transformation of the Iraqi economy is picking up!

King of Jordan to pardon Iraq's deputy PM over $300m bank fraud

Ridge reveals clashes on alerts: stuff is really starting to hit the fan

Soaring Birth Deformities and Child Cancer Rates in Iraq

Sending the nomination to the floor without recommendation.

Step up Republicans !

I received death threats and hate mail for this back in January...

Bolton reported out of committee without a recommendation

Four dead in Kandahar

Bolton Nomination Thread#5 - Voting now

What does "without recommendation"

"US Terror Alerts Were used as electoral weapons"

Paul Bremer, George Tenet speak to printers convention

I bought a poppy from a young veteran today

My letter to my local teevee station

Armor Issued Despite Warnings

Bold Prediction: Dennis "Don'tGetIt" Miller gets show on Faux...

"Commonweal" on the Pope's firing of Rev. Reese from Catholic magazine

Woodcroft giving religiously insane Schaffly a soap box...

Alterman's statement on Novak's chickening out of a debate on media bias

Did you see all the little piggies running from the wh to save themselves

Frist versus Nostradamus

CSPAN schedule for tonight?

Bolton going to senate for vote - Voinovich won't vote for him.

What is the radical right-wings obsession with anal sex?

Another take on the idea for a call to march on washington d.c.

Ben Nelson says he's inclined to SUPPORT Bolton

Huffington Blog Series: "Conservatives" and racists sitting in a tree...

If there truly was a messiah among us today, the NEOCON fristians

shall we call yesterday's Cessna fiasco "5-11"?

And so it begins

Saw DISGUSTING Judicial Ad on CNN just now

How about starting a Flowers for Byrd

Bay Buchanan: You CERTAINLY don't want President making security decisions

Keys to the White House Point to Turnabout in 2008

Podhoretz on The Anti-Bush Star Wars

CNN gave about 20sec. to British memo as a fockin' BLOG ENTRY REPORT.

Don't worry! The corporate media is keeping Americans informed!

Picture of the newest liberal and my mini me

Blumenthal: Blair fatally misread Bush

I've been trying to decide if today was a good day or not

Indian Brain Drain Reversing....

Wolf just covered fact that Bush was not notified of evacuations

USS Nimitz deployed last Saturday.

Judy says CNN will carry fighter pilot press conference at 5 Eastern --

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Amendment ruled unconstitutional

Matt Taibbi on the meaning of Election 2004

Yesterday's reaction to the plane proves once again, bush isn't president


bush and the rebublicans never want us to retire!

Man offers to return finger found in custard

PDA: Whatever happened to good corporate citizenship?

Crossfire cancellation - when is that glorious day?

Bolton Nomination Battle Becomes 'Bash Gays Day'

Movie Sometimes in April very pertinent to today

DU for Liberals only?


CNN: What did the President know, and when did he know it...

O'Reilly Losing Viewers

Bush.....The War President

Bolton: now is NOT the time to quit fighting

You gotta see this amazing photo of the new Pope....

Syria, Iran, Korea; Grenade, Wayward Plane, Recruiters, Budget

Sen. George Allen (R) Virginia deflecting at Bolton Hearing

I no longer believe that John McCain was tortured in Vietnam

¿When was the last time the US actually PAID UN dues?

What If Every Church Had Been A Peace Church?1

GM's Pension Mess

HELP KARL ROVE: make up the next "runaway bride" distraction story

Our Democratic Leaders could learn a thing or two from Sen. Byrd

Even Scarborough rips Bicycle Boy Not Being Told

Peggy Noonan recounts her harrowing brush with death

If Bolton is not a pansy, what is he?

Here's the latest on what's going on in Central Asia (the stans)

Summer Fun--Visit the Military--Real things rather than TV


This is how to engage children while reading to them......

Mom stabs her kids 200 times each -- almost no national media

What if Kerry took a page out of Nixon's 1972 playbook?

Are we heading toward civil war?

Do you think the government monitors this discussion board?

Impotent husband must pay damages

BWAHAHAHA -- OOPS (Drudge caught using phony picture)

How did "Socialism" get to be such a dirty word in the US?

Army Recruiter Stand-down? Why isn't this big news??????

Los Alamos: UC was the only bidder, so the Feds upped the mgt fee to

Has anybody thought of creating an independent news agency/channel?

So I can fly a plane into restricted airspace, evacuating the SENATE...

WTF - All branches of government evacuated. The President is not informed?

A Republican Conservative Says U.S. Military Can Be Defeated

Air Force Academy chaplain spoke out in NYT today -- fired!

If nothing else, the airplane incident should tell people, once & for all,

How long will the War in Iraq® continue?

Free Republic meltdown: Senator Voinovich: Back Stabber

A Tribe Apart: Jews of the American South

Afghanistan is erupting with anti-American protests.Condi urges calm . . .

Worst case scenario

MEDIA ALERT: Barbara Boxer on Hardball NOW

MSNBC poll on John Bolton

Anyone know what's up with Baghdad Burning? (Riverbend's blog)

So they don't shoot down the plane? But they do shoot...

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Amendment ruled unconstitutional

THIS is site responsible for Anti-Filibuster ads

West Side Highway COLLAPSED!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!

Please, thank Senator Byrd

Red Alert - Do you know where your President is?

Nuclear Option Response - People for American Way

Have you ever been defrauded on EBAY?

Sen. Allen: "We don't need a milquetoast at the UN, a Mr. Peepers"

How will Chimperor Codpiece leave office?

Nuclear Option Rapid Response: Sign up, DUers!

The Repuke Talking Points on BOLTON: Call the Anti-BOLTON "Pansy"

Could they do an attack again??

WTF??? Parents pray for baby, it dies, now in court

Tom Delay Tribute Dinner - CSPAN, 8PM

Decatur (Alabama) Daily: "The White House is LAUGHING at us"

Frist's "nuclear option" is NOTHING compared to the "Thermonuclear Option"

Homicides up 18% in my town. How about yours?

My husband had a horrible reaction from the insomnia drug Lunestra

Let's face it folks, we're getting Frist-F*cked.

Is it true that the senate voted unanimously for the Real ID Act?

Freepers are getting mighty violent these days.

Wise words from a Republican..

My LTTE Re: the memo

Will Memogate get any legs??

LA Times picks up the Smoking Gun Memo

a lil plane flys over & our government runs out the back door panicked

New Army Commercial On TV. Join Reserves- It's Not The Army

O'Reilly: Think back to Joe, Morton, Rush, Dennis and others on TV.

For the love of God, Mr. Bolton. SHAVE!!!

Polite observation...

dennis miller vs. lewis black in a steel cage match no holds barred

Do watch any shows on CNN, if you do which ones?

Scotty just slip : "Fighters don't NEED authorization to interc

Ret Gen Karpinski pointing finger at Gen Miller and Rumsfeld

Petition to investigate British Memo: Please sign!

Has anybody in the media yet uttered the phrase "Civil war"...

O'Reilly Caught Lying & Making up Quotes !

This Country Is About To Explode.

We don't have a capitalistic society...look at what happened to United.

I doubted Andy and this is why...

In case anyone doubts the donations were not for care here read this!

Could this be a compromise on the Death Penalty issue?

So ya think Faux Moos is the #1 news channel??? You'd be WRONG...or

LOLOL!!! "Army to offer 15 month enlistment instead of 4 years"

Should all high speed police chases be outlawed?

OK * wasn't told because he was "bike riding"

NYC Freedom Tower will be just another Tower of Babel.

Democrats are contemplating rolling over once again

Toons for Thursday

POLL: If you are considering leaving the country, WHERE TO?

POLL: Are you considering/planning to leave the US?

National Historic Preservation And Endangered Species Acts Under Attack

DUMB QUESTION: Did Dems believe Bush WMD lies?

Weight of Evidence: It's Still Unhealthy to be Fat

Alfred Russel Wallace vs. Charles Darwin

Hmmm.....Might This (Mine)Conspiracy Theory Hold Water About Yesterday?

Ed Schultz just said Dean had his head up his ass

Watching CBS News...Looks like Bushco is unraveling.

Toyota posts record sales, profits as US rivals slump

Michael Moore should start a cable network

Which "news" outlet will throw up on the Kool-Aid and break ranks first?

Look out for your SUVs repugs.

I 'm so disgusted and beside myself

Was WWII worth it?

Voter Paper Trail Action

How did you learn about Jesus? (non-christian responses too please)

As a Democrat, what is the most important issue to you ?

F*ckus On The Family's Hager; sodomizing wife-rapist (and Coulter, too!)


What is the reddest state in the US today?

HRW: Dozens sent to Egypt to be "interrogated"

When the US explodes -- what then?

Has corporate media or any Dem politician brought up Larry Flint's

Yeah, OK, tell me this isn't turning into Vietnam

Smoketown, PA

Without 100% fossil evidence some claim intelligent design?

Ok for all the naysayers and so there is NO misunderstanding.

Hey, let's talk HOUSING BUBBLE

If I'm called to get a national ID card I will

Top 100 countries in the world to live - US no. 13 - Ireland no 1

I should be a republican, but I'm not....

Bush Spent Two and a Half Hours on a Bike Ride Yesterday >

Credibility no longer counts - Helen Thomas

Message for all

Condescenda Rice cleared it all up last night ... (photo essay)


Are we heading back toward large extended families living together?

I think it's time we finally organize a march on Washington...

Now this is a great billboard campaign by Grassroots Dems

So Someone Asked if it's OK to be a Liberal and be in the Military

peas and hominy


Lamb Kabobs

How do you feel about MSG?

Debate heats up over Morgentaler honorary degree from Western Ontario

CBC (May 12): Parliament shut down for 2nd day

Glenda Jackson - Somewhere else to go

Galloway named in US Iraq oil report

KFC ad draws record number of complaints (UK)

Japan seeks clues to fate of Iraq captive

E-Mails Show Prosecutors Feared Detroit Terror Case Weak, 'Vindictive'

Colombian President Launches New Party

Anti-US protests erupt in Kabul

Breastfed tiger cubs die of dehydration

Pakistan says not to hand top Qaeda member to U.S.

Dade officer involved in cover-up of 1980 beating death seeks redemption

Reported anti-Muslim cases in Florida increase sharply

NYT: New Panel Will Study Medicaid With Eyes Toward Big Changes

EPA: Toxic Pollution Levels Fall 6 Pct.

Ill. panel OKs malpractice House bills

Cleric accused by the U.S. of terror travels Indonesia, preaching jihad

U.S. Senate to examine FEMA aid fraud

Six marriages? A smear!

New Zealand `bioterrorist' makes threat of infection

Poll shows Perry slipping (Texas)

Seminole GOP chairman, five times married, wins suit over letter

CNBC to can Dennis Miller's show

Germany Approves EU Constitution

WP: Demise of a Hard-Fighting Squad - Marines - 60 % casualties

CNN- Bush asked to explain UK war memo! - (View All)

Clinton, Gingrich Unite on Health Care

Surprises, protest greet utility (LBN but cute -- follow the Rat

Insurgents Bomb Baghdad Market, 21 Dead (Thurs.)

Minutemen plan Texas patrols

Conservatives Honor DeLay With Gala As Ethics Questions Linger

Man leaves striking clue in family's murder-suicide: song lyrics

Bond Denied for Dad Accused in Double Slay (killed daughter/friend ov $40

UAL losses mount; United union threatens

Christian School Teacher Placed On Leave Due To Premarital Pregnancy

Trade Pact on Slippery Slope

Anti-U.S. protests spread - Afghanistan

Bolton's chances brighten as vote nears

India's enigmatic tycoon goes undercover

India's enigmatic tycoon goes undercover

Europeans warn Iran on nukes.

GEO (Graduate Employee Organization) and UMass reach contract agreement

Credibility no longer counts - Helen Thomas

Americans seek bodily salvation through Jesus diet

Mine kills two U.S. Marines in Iraq (# 1611 & 1612) and 14 wounded

CNBC cancels 'Dennis Miller'

NYT: New Limits Are Proposed for Research on Stem Cells (Romney, Mass.)

Archbishop: Pope's election made me shiver

Spain's concentration camp hero is exposed as a fraud

LAT: Trade Pact (CAFTA) on Slippery Slope

Some cases from 'Atlanta child murders' to be reopened

Pastor who sacked his flock for voting Kerry is forced to quit

Song may be clue to slaying of family

When you were born influences when you reach the menopause

Cubans to U.S.: Don't Shelter Terror Suspect

Tourists help, harm Peru's Machu Picchu

AP: Iraqi brigadier general killed in Baghdad

Wal-Mart profit misses forecast; outlook weak

Ex-guard for Nazis citizenship revoked

LAT: British Documents Stir Protest in United States (Memogate)

Looks like Voinovich is going to spike Bolton!

Iran won't respect NPT if nuke rights denied: Rohani

Probe of Scrutiny of PBS is urged

Voinovich Says He Won't Back Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to UN

Protester Strips in French Senate

Unions announce BBC strike dates

Salmon farm escapees threaten wild cousins-WWF

Secret Service confirms investigation continues in Town Hall

Buchannan on Imus: WW2 not worth the effort..

GOP Seeks More Curbs On Courts (Sensenbrenner AGAIN).. he is the

Leaks plague battle against Iraqi insurgents

Repsol Willing to Invest `Heavily' in Venezuela, Manas Says

Homeless Man Dies Saving Miami Woman

Frist going NUCLEAR on CSPAN2 right now!!

Strike Talk Grows at United Airlines

Smoketown, PA

N.Y. Governor to Announce Ground Zero Plan

U.N. Nominee [Bolton] Asserts His Independence on Intelligence

US soldier pleads not guilty to wiring Iraqi at Abu Ghraib prison

Russia Said to Uncover Spying by 4 Nations

Russia Says It Uncovers U.S. Spy Activity

34 Closed Military Bases Are on EPA's List of Worst Toxic Waste Sites

Leaks plague battle against Iraqi insurgents

Iris Scanning(on Drudge)

Republican Senator Declines to Support Bolton

(WA) Firms can no longer take life insurance on workers

Panel Votes to Ban Women From Combat (to me, they are already IN

IMF says Iraq too dangerous to open office

Hussein Gave Oil to French and British Officials, Senate Panel Says

Galloway to defend himself in US

Schumer Nominates Conservative Anti-Choice Judge

Season of birth linked to menopause

What Are North Koreans Up To? U.S. Intelligence Agencies Can't Agree

News veterans discuss consolidation issues (Champaign News-Gazette)

Maytag Shareholders Chide Co. on Move Plan (moving plants overseas)

Jet diverted over US terror fear

Lawless Iraq is 'key drug route'


Sailor Who Refused to Ship Out for Iraq Sentenced to 3 Months Hard Labor

U.S. official says North Korea wants to be a 'Pakistan'

Baghdad shaken by fresh attacks

Local pilots panic capital (Cessna pilot campaigned for Bush!)

Reuters: Car Bomb In Baghdad Kills At Least 10

'Chappelle's Show' in Limbo as Star Disappears from Public Eye (NPR)

NYT: Air Force Chaplain Tells of Academy Proselytizing

Fort Lewis soldier dies of injuries from Stryker convoy bombing (1613)

Afghan capital students protest over Koran report

FBI Nabs Troops, Officers in Drug Sting

Consumer Still King. Wal-Mart Slipping?

Copley home to creation-based science museum

Norway to expel Kurdish leader to Iraq if situation eases (Mullah Krekar)

Afghan candidate killed in ambush

NYT/AP: Stocks Are Flat After Retail Sales Data (Wal-Mart warning)

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq attacks (#1613, 1614, 1615)

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Roadside Attacks; 2 Iraqi Security Officers Dead

Italy's economy plunges into recession

Security Whistleblowers Demand End to Retaliation

HISD may alter math-science requirement:Students may cut high school load

Arrest warrants issued in alleged voter fraud case

The Washington Times: US campaign against Venezuela fails

Man Leaves Striking Clue in Family Killing

US military removes Abu Ghraib figure from command

Frist aides appeal for calm

Social Security Hearing Takes Partisan Turn

Stocks Tumble on Wal-Mart Warning

Nazi book-burning ad offends local veterans

School District Sued Over Bible Ban

3 More Anti-U.S. Demonstrators Killed in Protests - Afghanistan

MSNBC FLASH--Retaining Wall Collapses on NYC Parkway


WP: On a Bicycle in Beltsville, Blissfully Unaware (1 hr, 24 minute ride)

White House Defends Handling Capital Alert

U.S. lawmakers seek Wal-Mart pay data

Experts: Iraq verges on civil war

Voinovich Slams Bolton but OKs Senate Vote (link)

Wired Iraqi prisoner photo done in jest: lawyer (Abu Ghraib)

ChristianSciMon: Search For Patterns In Insurgency (No Pattern!)

Iris Scanning To Begin At Orlando International Airport

Daughter enraged him, suspect says

Iraq Attacks Kill 79, as Resistance Escalates (US ends Operation Matador)

Iraqi Families Take Refuge in the Desert

Firefox Update Plugs Security Holes

Intruding Pilots Released Without Charges (yesterday's DC Cessna)

U.N.: Iraq Emerging As Drug Trafficker

IRAQ: People flee al-Qaim as fighting continues

Russia spy chief says foreigners plotting uprisings

Panel Sends Bolton Nomination to Senate (with out recommendation)

Bills could grant legality to 10 million immigrants

U.S. Army offers shorter enlistment to recruits

Federal judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional

Byrd, Frist Spar Over Filibuster Changes

U.S. probe sought of memo on Barr's contraceptive

[sodomist]Dr. Hager's Family Values[bush's "family values" app'tee to FDA]

Quality of Life Deemed Poor in Iraq

(Condi) Rice: Gun Rights Important As Free Speech

Seventeen U.S. soldiers killed since Saturday

UPS pilots authorize strike

Galloway accepts Washington call

Post 9/11, Muslims experienced backlash

World Facing Energy Crisis Say Oil Producers

Sharp words traded at evolution hearing (Kansas)

Sailor Pablo Paredes Who Refused Duty Gets Hard Labor

Military, Law Enforcement Caught in FBI Drug Trafficking Sting Along South

Obese workers getting smaller pay Stanford study ties lower wages to highe

Rumsfeld: Base Closures to Save $48.8B (Sounds like he is dictating which

Indignation Grows in US over British Prewar Documents (LATimes)

There's a freaking yak in my utility closet!!!

Man-sized coffin

So what's the difference between "board shorts" and "swim trunks"?

Be a dear, and follow up here.


I Wrote A LTTE Yesterday

Listening to Aerosmith's "Rocks". Ask me anything.

I have nothing to say.

'Possum said knock you out!

I have skeletons in my closet.

Check out Comedy Central right now

I have a dead skunk in the middle of my road

President Bush is an artist? -per CNN, his paintings have sold for $1,500!

So what is your favorite food court eating place in a shopping mall?

My 1000th Post!!

I'm a bit tipsy, but not rip roaring drunk.

How many of you live in a smallish town/city in which Walmart is...

Does anyone love Satan?

The Buddha of Suburbia


Turtles (a joke)

Just saw Garden State

Oatmeal cookies NOW!!! Cold glass of milk NOW!!!

I hurt a good friend's feelings.

Here's a little snippet about * from my interview with Robyn Hitchcock

Lamb Kabobs

twofer thursday toons (5/11) new

I've finished work for today.

I HATE the smell of sugar coated STRUDELS in the morning!

sicne the DU public demadned it...

I.Q. What do you think? What's yours?

Hey, maybe Pope Bene ain't so bad afterall.

The Zoo....with 24 First graders...


I Would Not Want To Be A Prisoner In Africa

I'm getting a VW Beetle (old style) for one reason only!

where my Locked threads at!?

?????-Is it hard to rescreen a screen?

Resistance is futile - self-replicating robots created

McCauley Culkin Says He Was Never Molested By Michael Jackson...

Alert the media!

Another Papal miracle.....

I'm feeling a little down in the dumps and could use some cheering up

Van Tassel's Integratron - Voices From Venus

Shoplifter Requests 10 Second Head Start Before Cops Are Called

Help CNN Name Wolf Blitzer's New Show! Unofficial Contest!

Did Will Pitt Sleep Lastnight?

I'm quite the bitch this morning.

Burglar Enters Home, Eats Meal, Soaks In Hot Tub, Leaves License

I thought Friday the 13th is tomorrow!!!

"Make love? But no one's done that for hundreds of centuries! "

Kathy Griffin May Be Losing Her Eyesight (3 Lasik Surgeries?)

Periodic table just a theory! (pic)

animal sacrifice could spark shark attack

Bear carcass dumbfounds those at school site

Should children who torture small animals be punished?

Male Student Suspended & FINED For Wearing Prom Dress & Wig

Pay For CEO's Is Out Of Control - My LTTE Published!!

which headphone is better?

Check out some of the parties running in my riding

NYC DUers: let's get together for lunch

What ever happened to Chuckie "The Lil'est Freeper"?

I have something perched above my chamberpot lid

Who watched South Park last night?

Look at my Kelso biddies. Aren't they cute?

I have a raven perched above my chamber door.

Finally - a picture of where Matcom posts on DU from home for breakfast

impotent ex-husband must pay damages

Tomorrow brings many horrible memories for me.... :(

CNBC to can Dennis Miller's show

Two Terrific Bumper Stickers:

What is your favorite Air America Radio radio show?

Mindless, though cute, fun.

I just don't get it. Crystal meth.

lawmakers object to fake penis for drug tests

cat shenanigans

Where can I download shrub's speeches?

Unemployed Bush Ho Dennis Miller OR Herman Miller ergonomic chair

Just Leaked, the New SATs

Salons SitePass. I hate it because I can't find it.

Question: What good is spyware blocker?

Okay, now I may be wrong, but this just doesn't look like a kitten to me

Do people look at you funny when you wear your lobster bib at McDonald's?

"I 'preciate the good people of Georgia's welcome. Where's Zell Miller?"

i heard a Republican that was busted for sex with a donkey..??!!

For Stephanie: Remedy for homesickness

Attention all planets of the Solar Federation!

I have "Pink Cadillac" by Bruce Springsteen in a never-ending loop

This post IS intended as flamebait!

Do you get pulled over even if you have a Police VIP Supporter Sticker?

What's for breakfast?

"Guerilla war struggle is a new entertainment"

Internet monitoring at work: look at this bullshit

Blogger gets stalked by anti-Linux "journalist" for defending Linux

Happy 80th Birthday YOGI BERRA

Do you know meteorological stuff? Shorthand on NOAA site . . . .

dogs love snow . . .

Daniel Knauf speaks regarding the Cancellation of Carnivale'

Puppy Love

I'm an idiot, just locked myself out of my apartment building

Protester Strips in French Senate

I am going to Burqa's'R'Us - can I pick anything up for anyone else?

Americans seek bodily salvation through Jesus diet

Look the hamster is moonwalking

I'm so excited

I'm an idiot, just cut off both my hands..

The page you requested cannot be displayed.

Marquette University needs your help. Suggestions for a nickname?

"Bill Gates advice to kids"

Going to Olive Garden for lunch - can I bring anyone anything?

Firefox Fix

Please tell me it's almost lunchtime. I am HUNGRY.

Should we all become born-again xians?

As I listen to The Cure's "Disintegration" I am reminded...

I just love cumulative things. Don't you guys? Say something.

The Joe Thorton Worship thread!

Favorite ingredient in hot dogs?

I've decided to make it with Meatloaf tonight. Post your concerns here!

need a grin?

which should be my sig line?

Say it, Say it, Say it

What color are your eyes? What color do you wish they were?

MSNBC: Bedbugs "use a barbed proboscis to suck their blood meal"

Post...ANYTHING you WANT here, SHATNER-speak

A tribute to all Canadian DUers but especially Yivvers.

No more posting for me...

Anyone else going to the Dylan/Willie Nelson concert?

Well, they painted Kari Byron silver on Mythbusters last night...

who's into Black Hat Feng Shui?

In a past life I was a boy scout and did not help an old lady cross street

Ex-friend posted the following on her online journal:

Could someone please just send me something dirty??

Discovery Channel scrambled a horse's dong.


who's into Black Flag Feng Shui?

Top Ten Mock vocalists, male division:

Norm Coleman really makes me sick

Food Network scrambled a horse's dong

Help! I'm trying out and I have a question --

That's one small toke for man...

If you can't dig on Lord Quas...

Conservation action yesterday

111,111,111 * 111,111,111 = 12345678987654321

Eisenhower quote from Taegen Goddard's Political Wire

Overall, do you like your looks?

Holy crud Martin Brodeur just made the most amazing save

Why do I take sniffa's posts seriously

Hey WillPitt!!

A bird that can "moonwalk".

Holy crap!Did anyone else know this?

Interesting Admission from Dana Priest re: Iraq War Planning

Van Der Graaf Generator reunion concert

Top Ten Rock vocalists, male division:

Have you ever used a "twizzlers" as a straw?

For all you meth-minded people out there...

Bad, tasteless SUV joke ahead. domain name


And it's one, two, three, What are we fighting for?

I do coke so I can work I can make more money...

Anybody familiar with AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition?

A veterinarian friend says that mules do not vibrate

Al-Zarqawi injured in Iraq! Gonna get him at last! Again! I think...

i won the eL-gordo sweepstakes prize!!

Famous Blue Raincoat

I.G.Y.-dedicated to Bush supporters everywhere

Physics question? Man we're going to start a flame war today.

Oh. My. Gods.

Which place makes the best sandwich where you live?

Topless Sunbathing OK At N.C. Beach

My reading group is in Best of the Bay Area from SF Weekly!

Not so SERIOUS tattoo help needed.

Separated at birth? Or long-lost son?

"When the Antichrist comes, they will be wearing purple"

when did oscar and matthau get together?

Official DU Happy Birthday to George Carlin...68 years young!

Howie Mandell needs to be de-barked

If there's a task that must be done,

So I am now the owner of my mom's car.. it's out in the driveway

Frist just slunk away from Byrd like the cowardly weakling he is.

I hit 700. This is my 701! Pay homage here!

To all the women of DU

seven days since my carpel tunnel surgery and the hardest

Advice if you are planning a trip to New Orleans

I've got to get out of the 700 Club. Here's another Physics ...

SERIOUS tattoo help needed

Simba ALWAYS knows when I have to do something.

Woo-Hoo! Off to the UK

Tears work well.

I've decided to make meat loaf tonight: Post your recipes here!

Would anyone like a bowl of goober peas?

I'm ashamed to admit, I just discovered an Xmas present from 2003

I just paid 8 bucks for a haircut....ask me anything!

Jack Nicholson & Adam Ant: Seperated at birth?

For all you math-minded people out there...

Dennis Miller's next gig?

Headlines We'd LIke to Read, May 12, 2005

I just want you all to know something - I saw something last night here

Now I've seen it all here on DU.

i feel icky

Aye Carumba! El Salvador vs. Mexico

A special message to all my friends at DU.

THAT"S IT, after blah posts, I'm LEaving-i love you even if you don't

Today's Lounge Sponsors....

Why is there no dry ice in Afghanistan?

And now, a dirty joke.

Is the Lounge always this weird on weekday mornings?

bear walks into a bar, says to the bartender

A horse and a bear walk into a bar

It's getting tense in here. Think I'll go to GD:Politics for some calm...

Best TREK villain ever?

How do I reject a job offer?

How can I handle my unneutered/unspayed cat until next week?

I think I should open a kissing booth

How do I get to the picture gallery?

Is there anyway to convert MPEG-4 files to MP3?

Air America Radio site down?

three vampires walk into a bar (warning)

For all you math-minded people out there...

Ah... Nachos.. just the way I like 'em!

Liberal Baseball Players?

OK, everybody! I will very soon be the proud owner of the painting in

should there be a Lounge rehab?

Why do you get less wet in the rain by .......

I just squashed a spider. Any problems with that?

Were you born an asshole?

Important microwave question


LAAaaaDIES!!... oh LAAaaaDIES!!!

i'm NOT leaving

A horse walks into a bar...

Hey Math geeks - beat my score

I think we all need a group hug!

A horse walks into a bar. Bartender says "Why the long face?"

So I turn 28 tomorrow...

The smell of freshly baked chocolate cake....

Neil Horsley! Neil Horsley! Neil Horsley! I just love saying that.

Took the afternoon off to get stuff done, but I just wanna sit around...

I GOT MY STAR -- Thanks, Skinner et al!

Considering Obi-Wan's past experience with Wookies...

Would you like to enter ze kissing booth??? ENTRE!!!!!!!!!

Why certain Universities shouldn't do their dance moves:

Anyone want to help me refute my Bushbot coworker on Soc. Security?

Capybaras - - the world's largest rodent!

I think I should open a kissing booth right next to yvr and see who wins

Just checking...

Is "roust" a real word? your i tunes question...heres a better answer...

523 songs and counting to be converted to MP3

Can you bring a camera/accesories w/bag as a carry-on, commercial flights?

I think I should open a hissing booth

Hey how do I make the columns smaller in iTunes?

What it all boils down to is:

Kirby dance!


Die Ärtze fans, check in!




Did I miss something this afternoon?

I prepared 1 of my gardens & planted tomato plants, don't ask me anything,




There was a bust up in the lounge

The DU Lounge: Too often, it's not a very friendly place.

I was bruised and battered

Best on-screen fist fight over a pair of sunglasses:

The fun is STILL over


Looking for some financial advice from all you gurus out there...

It's going to cost 25% more to drive the New York State Thruway !


The Wolf and the Lamb


What's for dinner?

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Bill Gates Says IPod Success Won't Last

Who else gets bent out of shape every time someone writes 'looser'

a refrigerator without a drip pan??

The Lounge is full of player haters, I'm off to GD!!

For everyone who DIDN'T wait for the voice of authority...

Post here and I'll say absolutely nothing.


Have you ever been to a restaurant...

Do you know anyone who says, "Don't let your meat loaf?"

I'm leaving. All this intolerance

George & Pootey cartoon

Why Do Cats Sit on The Window Ledge?

Why doesn't any one re-run Wonder Woman

should i get this as a tattoo?

A slightly-less-than-clean joke


Enough with the drama.

Wow, one of my neighbors is breaking up with his GF loudly.

Did you have a nickname growing up?

Anyone going to watch survivor?>

Not to be a spelling Nazi, but...

NC DUers: Get together is Saturday!

Police Chase Ends with Suspect Shot on TV - Video

Has anyone been in a dramatic play?

Fox claims "Dennis Miller Quits CNBC"...NOT "Dennis Miller FIRED by CNBC"

Hey SKinner..I know you're going to lock this but the mistake was

Dear Mr. Vernon -

Can you tell the difference between a programmer and a serial killer?

Is it safe?

The Monte Hall Problem.

I feel pretty,

So if I invite you all over to my apartment...

In 6 hours, 40 minutes, it will be Friday the 13th. Ask me anything.

I'm in the 700 Club and I don't believe what's happening to me!!

have you ever just completely lost any sense of motivation?

Cats focus on movement

Did Will Pitt ever sleep with the turkey and stuff? What about his psycho

Satellite Radio and iPods

People Have The Power

Jesus of Suburbia

For all you Lounge sleep therapists who gave me advice yesterday...

Archaeological Sites Or Cell Phone Towers? You Decide...

Just found out why Chappelle is AWOL from new season


DU chat

A Serious Request


There was a lizard in my apartment today.

What's your least favorite word?

Post here and I'll call you the name of a piece of furniture.

Any "Tanner '88" fans here?

Tell Us... What's Your Favorite Beatles' Song? Pick one... or two.


My first truly grumpy thread...It's "Jon" Stewart, not "John" OK?

Ok, now I've got it! From Longgrain to me...

Oh great. Just great. Just frikkin great.

There are no excuses for intentional assholism in the Lounge

i just baited a freeper. any problems with that?

Cartoon movie song that makes you cry the most?

My Sister Recently Found Out That Daryn Kagan Is A Rushfucker!

I'm considering solar water heater with a propane tank-less backup.

Whoa. I just hadmy long wavy kinky crazy hair cut short!!


Dave Chappelle Checks Into South African Mental Hospital

What kitchen gadget do you have that you have NEVER used?

I think I have to move

I disagree. There most certainly ARE stupid questions.

Letter from Walgreens about their policies and my reply...comments?

Doggie love.

$2,299 for a tone arm? To play vinly records with????

Ohio DUers! Picnic/barbecue meetup the weekend of June 4th!

Boston/Cambridge DU meet up

Hey slutticus...about your going away party...

What's the most idiotic thing that you've EVER heard someone say?

I need your good vibes...


'Chappelle's Show' in Limbo as Star Disappears from Public Eye (NPR)

"I have a small penis" bumper stcker to secretly put on their SUV's

SO! To lighten it up, how about POST YOUR PICTURE Thread XXIXV?

This has been one helluva week here at DU. Who wants a beer?

I feel it's time... Say something nice about DU/another DUer!

Favorite musician/ musicians from Texas

Does anyone have answers to this website

Archbishop: Pope's election made me shiver

Consumer Reports Rates Diet Plans

Something we need to do - when it comes to light about a pharmacy

Stuff of sci-fi nightmares? An army of robots that reproduce

DREAD: centrifugal weapon could deliver stealth firepower

StuffStuff of sci-fi nightmares? An army of robots that reproduce

Plastic sheet saves Swiss glacier from meltdown

Weight of Evidence: It's Still Unhealthy to be Fat

Chinese come from Africa, just like the rest of us

MA Gay State Senator Tries A Risky Political Tactic re same-sex marriage

School poster urging tolerance of gays riles suburban Detroit parents

"Holy War" - article on anti-gay movement by Southern Poverty Law Center

Nebraska Gay Civil Rights Bill Defeated

Reporting Crimes...

Gay Mass. Senator's Bold Move To Divide & Conquer

Federal judge rules Nebraska gay marriage ban unconstitutional

HHS Revises Anti-Gay Web Site

Spain's PM Tells Catholic Church To Keep Out Of Gay Marriage Debate

Wang (Taiwan) leads NY Yankees to solid win received a standing ovation

"George Steinbrenner: Jerk? Of Course. Great Owner? Absolutely"

(Tampa Bay Bucs owner) Glazer wins control of Man United (BBC)

I was called crazy for suggesting that the orioles may have shot this year

From now on, I will act as if the Red Sox and Yankees don't exist...

Flea killer question

Pit bull roundup begins in Denver, Colorado

Found this in Best Friends Magazine

Photo in the News: Dog Nurses Tiger Cubs in China

My husband had a horrible reaction from the insomnia drug Lunestra

Starting Over

i experienced a 'shift' the other day

Has anyone heard of or played this computer game?

You are the Light of the World.....

John Kerry on the Bolton Nomination

Bolton Hearing 5/12/05

John Kerry: It's Time to Reign in the Spin

don't miss this photo essay thread

Tom Delay Tribute Dinner on CSPAN ?

What is passion?

Hey, we got a win for the good guys today

Christ. They are still posting Skull & Bones threads here.

Okay, I've pulled this stuff out

Kos slimes Kerry once again

Faces of the Tidepool.

so, it is light and shadows?

On the off chance May Flowers was going to win,

Anyone reading the questions on the MJ Puppet Theater Bid

Daily Countdown e'news ?

New Blog! "Rebuild Them"

Someone needs to say it.

How low can you go?

Your Other? Some fun questions

DC Mayor said city officials were unaware of alert until "all clear"

The "Memo"

LAT: Experts At A Loss On Investing

Most ridiculous event of the day

Obey on cspan-talking of budget Repugs tax giveaway to rich and war

Our "Founding Fathers" past...and present.

McCrery - C-SPAN "We'll get together in conference to present a unified

OTA Video Short "Store Wars"

Post on a democratic website, get kicked out of a gwb event by fake SS

GOP senators caving on Bolton

Official: Thatcher's Neo-Con slush-fund Foundation closed down

July 4, 2005 Independence Day: How will you celebrate? Ironic suggestion

* nominee Hagar a wife abuser too?

Contact your Senators today RE John "Super Freak" Bolton having trouble with streaming video - Bolton hearings

"Coingate"/Lucas Cty OH BOE Investigation connection: smoking gun?

MSNBC: "Bolton's chances of winning approval appear to brighten"

Recruiter Leaves Threatening Voice Mail Message for Potential Recruit

"I really don't believe he is the best man we can send to the UN"

A White House Adrift

Sorry, but another observation re: the Cessna

Is c-span 3 on Dish?

Will The Bolton Carnvial REALLY Keep Going?

James Wolcott: "Dirk Diggler to the UN?"

"Newsview: Bush Seeks to Regain GOP Support"

Bolton nomination going to the Senate

"Jolie Hails 'Strength' of Sierra Leone"

Attention Freepers - The Army is down 16% of recruiting goal

Is there a diagram that compares Bush**'s poll numbers with terra 'lerts?

So where's all the DUers who want to kick the Dems in the ass??

Senator Kennedy's Speech on the Nuclear Option

Senator Byrd speaking on the Senate floor now....

"Presidential Panel Hears About Tax System"-- not good

Anybody hear me on Thom Hartmann a few minutes ago?

Fox posts PDF doc of "Democrats' concerns over Bolton nomination"

women, know your enemy: smirk's man, W. David Hager

Florida readers, do you know this PERVERT????

Democrats have a serious problem "framing" the issues....


Spanking the Donkey is out

the politics behind the bushgang's open borders

Unlikely alliance as HIllary shoots for the White House

wonder about Jordan's King no longer - he's smirk's man

"Conservatives to Honor DeLay With Gala"

What has Reid been saying????

Pentagon secretly keeps track of attack statistics

Fox "continues to addict countless millions, like cheap beer or drugs"


John Kerry on the Bolton Nomination

Boxer just challenged the chimp!

Can someone explain jobless claims versus unemployment rate?

Is Hagel going to vote against Bolton?

Stupid rants are over! Hahahahaha....

Frist . . . Bolton . . . .Frist . . . Bolton...What The Hell?

Rumsfeld's mystery contingency operations

"Do you want to confirm judges or do you want to pick a fight?"

I wish Brian Schweitzer Won in 2000

Gore to discuss climate change at 2 UN World Enivornment Day events

Which polls are the most pro Bush?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 11/8/54

I never thought I would utter these words...

Posada, involved in Letelier/Moffitt murder, wants US asylum

Saving PBS From the GOP

Boxer just slapped down Coleman

Bolton vote on what channel....acccck....

Bolton hearing resumes at 10AM

but, but, but -- they already GOT an up/down vote! these are the REJECTS!

So, when we start another preemptive war because these

Over There - Why U.S. troops won't be coming home from Iraq anytime soon

I actually agreed with Scarborough

Salon: Everything you wanted to know about the "nuclear option"

The Senators will vote for Bolton and rush to wash their hands....

Will Bolton Go Down in Flames Now? (Group Sex, Wife Abuse)

One year ago: "Bush Photo with Teen Shows Conviction and Compassion "

Bolton names perspective chief of staff for UN office

bush/blair secret memo mentioned on Inside Politics on cnn--

Senator Byrd "preaching" on the Senate floor right now

coming up--Should Jr. have been told of the Red Alert--on Inside politics

Social Security Hearing Takes Partisan Turn - Guardian

Does anyone have a link to a copy of the Senate session

Latest Wingnut Dirty Trick.....

Well, this makes it official: Gun all out for Chafee's seat

Franken about to talk about the "smoking gun" memo...

League of Conservation Voters: Stop Sweetheart Deal For Polluters

I wish we would get this kind of stuff on the main stream news (audio)

CNN is getting ready to report on Senator Byrd's "stealing the show"

Ridges Announcement

The real issue on the Bolton vote is not Voinovich, but this:

Roscoe Bartlett (R) Maryland just mentioned Michael Ruppert

New DSCC ad: "Frist and DeLay, Out of Control"

This isn`t choir rehersal, it`s war.

Boxer telling Fox--"you got it all wrong"

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

"Frist & Delay - out of control" I just got this email from Harry Reid

If the "nuclear option" is bought to the Senate floor

Priscilla Owen donated $1000 to Bush, $875 to Valero Energy (!) pac

This idiot Republican tries to invalidate british memo

Anybody see Bernie Sanders on Democracy Now this AM ?

Is the term Entitlement Attitude the new buzzword

NCFR bans own research on Same-Sex Marriage from Gov't Website

Step Right Up! See The Voinovich soft shoe dance act.

Conversation with Senator Byrd's Office:

will voino-bitch vote "yeah" or "nay" on the floor now?

doesn't it feel like GWB has been "president" longer than Clinton was?

Frist going NUCLEAR on CSPAN2 right now!!

Army spends $100 million/yr on recruiting OUTREACH--rodeo's, concerts

U.S.-Iraq Battle Touches on Syria Border

Rumsfeld: Base Closures to Save $48.8B (over 20 years)

Bolton reported out of committee without a recommendation

Bush doesn't read the papers

McClellan completely misses the point..."Presidents" NEED to be informed

Sent an email to Bob Kincaid with our threads about Senator Byrd

DNC: Top White House Economist Contradicts Bush

Do you think * understands how much he is hated?

How is it that we can't stop a party...

RW talk radio on all strong stations in Central/W PA. Not one Dem-

Google Howard Dean and Find Him MIA

Wash Note explains What is About to Happen: When 10-8 vote is a 9-9 vote

How many times have you voted in Presidential elections?

Do you like our Democratic donkey emblem?

If the plane had actually attacked the Capitol, who would ,,,

Abramoff, Lobbyists, and Extremists Pay Tribute to Tom Delay's Record

Republican on C-SPAN2: "Bush is trying to kill Social Security"

Latest outrage: the far right are moving to discredit FDR

Schumer Nominates Conservative Anti-Choice Judge

Please, someone who knows what Dean's been up to,

Please thank Senator Byrd.

Sans Kerry Bashing, why isn't Kerry as prolific and angry as Boxer, Reid.

Does anyone else think allowing Bolton confirmation might be a smart move?

Hahahahahaha!! Still chuckling....

Need help with repug from another site, I'd like your comments

What is the outlook for the Senate for 06?

The real picture, on the ground in Iraq - Will Pitt

Iraq Veteran on why US should leave Iraq . . .

Bob Kincaid talking about Byrd in the Senate today!!!

What' s behind all of Kos's attacks on Kerry?

Which way is Voinovich going to go?

Regarding the Bush sign in Orlando Florida - it has changed

John Kerry: It's Time to Reign in the Spin

DU the newest NBC poll, not the one from this morning. It is

Ok, DU, I'm convinced now that Universal Health Care is a winning issue

Bush on CNN right now giving away more of

Just Another Day in Iraq, ho hum ...

" "D.C. Mayor Says Officials Unaware of Alert"

So what will you be doing in 2006? Running or working on a campaign?

Big Dog: Dems must learn to fight dirty. Like them.

Why can't we all just buy diesel fuel converters and be done with it?

Senator Byrd on the floor!

What happened to Lugar? I'm so disappointed!

What DU can do in response to Sen. Kennedy’s alerts about nuclear option

"Bush Overnight Guests At-A-Glance"

Rawstory!!! Bolton won't answer questions about divorce & forced sex