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Archives: May 10, 2005

Last Chance to stop Real ID [Natl ID }

Residents Worry About Rocket Fuel in the Inland Empire's Drinking Supply

WP: Stereotypes, Not Policy Changes, Drive Criticism of Hillary Clinton

Bush clear-cuts a forest plan

Pushing PBS to the right (Most Americans don't see a lib slant)

Iraqi Families Looking for Their Sons in the American Secret Prisons

Connecticut execution protesters go on five-day march

OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!!!

Israeli hospitals used old and mentally infirm as human guinea pigs

Shootouts challenge Abbas authority

Hamas gains on Fatah in Palestinian town elections

Alleged photo of aircraft engine NOT from a 767

Does anyone know how many of the 9/11 hijackers bought one-way tickets???

Just How Many People Were on UA93?

Confusion reigns with voting machines

Gag me. The guy taking Diebold money is a Dem.

Carol Moseley Braun gets it -- understands electronic voting issue

FEC Cases over time ????

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Tuesday

The "Nash-ional" conference audiotapes -- get an early listen ...

Support Voters Unite!

Alameda takes first step to putting pot club in hospital

'Extremely Critical' Bugs Found In Firefox

Just got back from meeting Nick Lampson who's running against DeLay

Dallas County Democratic Party has a new chair!

shouldnt we pass a bill to stop Mary Denny from wedding again?

Al Edwards on Daily show NOW - re: cheerleader eroticism

The Dragon in My Garage

Bumper Sticker Sighting : Saskatoon, Canada...

I saw a van today... wish I had a camera with me.... plastered

Paul Krugman and John Tierney on Social Security

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday, 2 lines

Specter on C-Span

So I guess attacks are only news when THEY want it to be news!

Just a and works of Howard Zinn on TV 8:00 pm central,

How many DU'ers work for MSM?

I'm thinking of buying "The Roswell Report"

I wonder how many DU'ers work for MSM? Anybody care to admit it?

Faux 24... The TV show... Arab terrorist using an ALIENware computer...

Silly Freepers -- tricks are for kids

I always wondered why Faux news didnt report this more

www. eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch. com

Wow, I got to Morocco and all hell breaks loose

Rainbow flag unfurled at elementary school event

scary thought...

Lie about a kidnapping = everyone wants to know

Terrorist Suspect Seeks Asylum in the U.S.

Best one paragraph summary of why SS reform sucks

Another scary thought...

NeoCONs are parasites. They want fellow human beings to destroy eachother

The Way Out of Iraq

Can you, I mean CAN you

Bush Tries to Coax North Korea Into Negotiations With Offer of Direct Talks

So is somebody gonna adopt that Dog?

Johnny Cash Anthology on my PBS station now


So did Andy have surgery today?

I have a few questions regarding Osama's head.

Abortion Surveillance --- United States, 2000

Are prescription contraceptives free?

If the "pro peace" or "anti war" faction even had time to arrange a "No

Put the 'smoking memo' in context with the rape of Iraq

May 9th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$168,597,816,000

The REAL Reason We Invaded Iraq (Evolution Debate)

OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!!!

LOL - Scarboy- Spokane Mayor story - Did the Newspaper go too far?!!


Remember those 100 insurgents killed today? Didn't happen that way

Did Andy have surgery today?

On a more serious note, I wonder what anyone thought of Australian style

Abu Ghraib's Pfc. England, civilian (pro bono) lawyer split

75 hours of community service for $1740.00 theft? (Isn't that a FIYAB)?

Ghosts. What are they? Have you seen one? What do you think they are?

Cornerstone environmental law, NEPA, under fire in energy bill.

Your UFO Experience here:

Interracial marriage poll

Democrats open fire, citing numerous GOP senators who have blocked nominee

OK - can we start fucking using the word LIE from now on!!!??

Atlanta courthouse shooting suspect Nichols converts to Islam

I love Mike Malloy

Did cities like Nashville,Mobile etc vote red or blue?

The Daily Show has the Iraq War Smoking Gun, why won't they use it?

Do countries winning wars quash media coverage like the US is doing?

Pardon my "name the possible Iran war" post for I was just in a mood for

Tin foil hatteers

Aircraft Carrier USS Christian Soldier to be comissioned in October

Bombshell:Saudis boobytrapped oil with dirty bombs to prevent invasion?

Joni Mitchell: Bush should have THIS song on his iPod

Why does England have a better democracy than us?

I "GET" it! I'm weird because I care about the rest of us.

Interfaith marriage poll

Please read this, if you haven't already...

What makes right wingers so sick? MiniAmandaRuth wants to know

hehehehe... some rightwing nutcase just called DU..

My new fave bumpersticker

ABC News Covers Rightwing Baptist Church Controversy

The stupidity of the Right Wing astounds me yet again!

How many religions have you personally checked into?

The tax exemption for churches used to exist for a reason.

So what did Bush do to Putin that made him cry today?

Wow. What a rationalization of the East Waynesville Church ..

Faux : Cleaner air is bad news


Weird beyond comprehension.

Jeff Gannon loaded Bush's iPod

Local Western NC paper publishes 34 LTTEs on Waynesville Church

Anti Abortionist bestiality. Is this for real?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

The man who trained Jeff Gannon 'fesses up

I will see you all on the other side of this thing

March for the uninsured

Which category applies to YOU?


CSPAN Schedule Tuesday May 10

"The Iraq War Is Unjustified"-- By BamaLefty

Help me keep my sanity! I'm begging you.

I'm sick of the fucking triangulating on the samesex marriage rights issue

It's ok to kill "Insurgents" and "Militants"

David Frum is such an ***. He claims, in defense of Bush's anti FDR

I wondered when everyone will think a war with Iran would start and what

Here's One Thing Frustrating About The "Gay" Issue

A question for blue voters living in red states.

Know your BFEE: Sneering Dick Cheney, Superturd-Superrich-Supercrook

scallops, veggies, and greens....

So I have been experimenting with this silly little dish

Canada vs Ukraine tommorow morning.

Cuban terrorism suspect seeks U.S. asylum

NY fire chief criticizes terror response plan

Algerians Remember Massacres Of 1945

Author, activist found dead in city was ‘rising star’ in literary world

San Fran Hotel Workers Arrested While Demanding Contract

UARC protesters end six-day sit-in (HI)

South Bay civil rights group asks San Jose to ban tasers

War Reporting an Issue in Suit Against ABC

The man who sold Jerusalem

U.S. to pay for illegal aliens' emergency care

Teacher With Criminal Past Accused Of Abuse

New insurance benefit likely for GIs hurt in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S.: 100 insurgents killed near Iraq-Syria border

NYT: Bush Free Trade Pact (Cafta) Faces Trouble in Congress

Bid to put limit on pepper spray: 8 Humboldt County activists ask judge ..

Marines Recall Combat Vests After Tests

Frist, Reid intervene in Intel row (Rockefeller bucking Roberts)-The Hill


Clients paid for Abramoff's attention to detail (tee times, Gingrich book)

Politics Prompt Church Tax Questions

NYT: St. Dept. #2 Said to Put Restrictions on Bolton(Armitage muzzled him)

Iran Confirms Uranium-To-Gas Conversion

Canada government faces crucial test on Tuesday

Tories say they could topple government Tuesday (Canada)

Those frugal Republicans: $1.5M for a bus stop in Alaska

OPEC Not Planning to Hike Output at June Meet: Chief Founder Eyes Journalism - looking for "talented amateurs"

CBC stands by Wal-Mart (tension w/labor over lobbyists) -The Hill

US 'playing with fire' on yuan drive

Cuban Terrorism Suspect Seeks U.S. Asylum (posada)

Conservatives push ecoterror laws

Cheney Fundraising for Colo. Congresswoman

Bush dances after arrival in Georgia

NYT: Cocaine Users Face Greater Risk of Aneurysm

Blix Says Washington's Own Nuclear Moves Lose It Support on Iran, NKorea

GM sues Chinese automaker for copying ( China is LOL )

Catholic Diocese in Canada to Sell All Its Churches to Pay Sexual Abuse Cl

Marines surprised by insurgent's preparation for attack

WP: Powell Aide Cites Armitage Battles With Bolton

Christian Rock for Muslims

WP: Women Returning to Democratic Party, Poll Finds

Intruder Attack on Cisco Computer Net Broad (military, NASA, research)

Church ousters spark national reaction

Departing From Norm, President Gets Wiggly -WP - FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court (Sibel Edmonds)

Poll question: Should raspberry be the official American pie?

If I could return...

is there a site for uploading things to your cell phone?

9PM EDT Sundance Channel: Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral

What's more evil? Choice 1 is 'all cats'...

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train on Tonight at 9 PM EST

More evidence shows homosexuality is not a choice

Ok, so I saw "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" yesterday

Bad news from the IRS

Are you with me Doctor Wu?

"Michael Jackson Puppet Theater" on eBay

Please, HELP with John Hawkes, "The Cannibal." Please!

Topless protesters picket Eddie Bauer

One solution for the rising costs of health-care

I think Quasimodo's drunk again


I just don't feel very motivated to post a thread

Do You Go to the Movies Much?

Atlanta gays, I partied at Russell and Randy's Saturday night!

My cats are behaving quite psychotically

Every time I get stoned, Zomby Woof yells at me!!!!

Yipes. 'acupuncture' and 'voodoo doll' threads, both on page 1...

Have you ever made a Voodoo Doll?

Ever Feel Like a big pin cushion?

Is James E West ready to go to prison and then burn in hell

Gas prices went back to pre-smooching days. WTF happened?

Renee Zellweger marries Kenny Chesney???

Another thing I'll miss about Pittsburgh

Brazil will not be on the Censervo Itinerary anytime soon...

"24" is almost over.

WOOOHOOO! Astros Win! Eleven game losing streak broken!

I saw the most wonderful thing on my porch today!

Potential poll idea.

My dog had acupuncture yesterday...

Well, this is an Effed-up BREMER

I bet this guy is having a bad day

Well, this is an Effed-up HUMMER

There's a dead bluejay by my deck

Well, this is an Effed-up BIMMER

Words of wisdom for the night...

Well, this is an Effed-up KRAMER

A Birthday Wish

What's the last movie you *really* wanted to see?

Didja ever wonder if your pet's size and your's were reversed...

Is Bob Dylan 'The Man'?

My dog is green.

Does anyone wanna see my new house?

Johnny Cash Anthology on my PBS station now

Gael García Bernal Makes a Very Pretty Lady!

Post here..I will give you a secret fruit.

Day 5 off Lexapro. I no longer want to stick pins in my eyes.

Attention Dark_Leftist!

The Bravery is such a derivative band, absent of anything distinctive.

I honor of my 3000 post I'd just like to say.......

Well, this is an Effed-up BEEMER

Please recommend a Val Kilmer movie!

Woohooo! Fight Club just came in from Netflix.

Poll: Duck v.

Nanny 911 - 23 boys

..Did '24' just start taking ad placements or something?

Everyone! Stop posting! "24" is on!!

The cheerleading law story as covered by TDS

Well this is an Effin' BUMMER...

Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day

Supplement question for my fellow bodybuilders...

Hardware people! Can you recommend a mouse for me?

What if Bob Dylan and George W. Bush met?

In case you haven't seen this....

Everybody! Stop posting! "Antiques Roadshow" is on!

DU chat

I want to go to New York City tomorrow...(suggestions needed)

I'm eating dinner at 10 o'clock at night - ask me anything!

Scarborough changes blog name to from "Congressman" to "Regular" Joe

There'll be a catfight tonight

OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!(Not my pretty cousin!)

Calling Out CatWoman

What if John Lennon and Millard Fillmore met?

So, my daughter told me yesterday

Hey guitar nuts: is Muscian's Friend trying to make me cry?

Fight! Fight! Fight! Dancer vs. Gymnast

Anyone else having trouble with eBay?

"When The President Talks To God" - Bright Eyes

Pistons kicked some booty tonite

Your efforts will be well rewarded. Be patient.

AARRGGH! Ebay totally down right now...

Do you make me proud?

Robert Plant On Letterman

The roads are not safe.

Gannon/Guckert's no hooker! He was posing for ART.

DU, you make me proud

Oh MY! I think I'm Jimmy Carter's love child!

Does anyone here know of a free filehosting site?

I sweat under breasts

*The tin foil hats will be our downfall!*

Michael Mann is bringing Miami Vice back

Agree with any Intelligent Design proponent you meet

Ever see that cartoon with the prehistoric Honeymooners sitcom theme?

Time for Medium!

Ever see that cartoon with the poorly-animated people living in a sea lab?

Ever see that cartoon with that bill who wants to become a law?

Ever see that cartoon with the dumb bipedal moose and the flying squirrel?

Ever see that cartoon with this guy's soul fused to a suit of armor?

They mostly come at night...

Ever see that cartoon with the dog and the teenagers who solve mysteries?

Ever see that cartoon with the milkshake, the fries and the meatball?

Ever see that cartoon of me shutting all of you up?

I already got progmom to get progdad to measure her mouth

This thread is sponsored by the new Star Wars movie.

Outlook Express Question

Increase in Landshark Sightings Troubles Experts

Am I selfish or just patronizing?

Lewis Black is making my sides hurt

A riddle


I'm watching "Salvador" on IFC, who else is watching?

Paper cut or lemon juice in the eye?

So......any money experts around here?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the new logo of the "pro-life" movement

Wabbit season or duck season?

Damn, I've been working a lot.

Ravel's Bolero

What Size Shirt Do You Wear?

OK, so I'm a pill-- please, don't rely on medical or vet advice from DU!

My 5000th post...

How far can you open your mouth?

Am I way off base here?

Best movie watching experience

LOL! The Smoking Gun got access to the whacky letters regarding

J-Lo's music would be great...if she didn't sing

Worst Pain you've ever felt?

Cat vs Dog

It's all about me.

Hey SNIFFA! Feet!!

Favorite Caruso quirk on "CSI: Miami"?

Did Rupert Murdoch recently bash the media for not being 'decent'?

Favorite Homestar Runner character

They look so peaceful and calm.

Name one singer who's voice hasn't changed in the last 20 years

Watching the first episode of Deadwood

Regarding Dog Beating/Threats....YES I AM A BITCH

So who's going to Disneyland for its 50th Anniversary?

Are lower back tattoos on women trashy?

A cute picture I took yesterday...

What's Your Phobia?

Lets play Identify the Person in the Photo

Name the best portayal of a real person by an actor in a film

When's the last time you swam?

will someone help me ID a scripture?

Astronomers witness black hole formation

A Choice or Not?

NYT: Gay Men Are Found to Have Different Scent of Attraction

It's a vast right-wing conspiracy against Manny Ramirez!

I would love to see the O's take AL East n/t

Is the Story About Jason Giambi True?

This fourth inning is making me all hot and bothered!

Pistons up 13 with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd

Cardinals Fans Check In

Do you ever watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet?

More kitty pix

The Other Mass Dem Convention Story

Kudos everyone

Does any Democrat politician with presidential ambition support gay

Most Active DU Group

Kerry to receive honorary degree from Boston University

Theme (NOT a contest) : Serendipity

Conyers Live Web Chat Tues May 10 @ 3pm

Hillary being attacked by judicial watch again

Ohhh - "Dole Report" - inside info. from Mrs. Viagra

"I Will Not Kill" campaign

Well, Don't You Love It! -- Corporate media...

Frist Filibuster: Hour 325 and still going

How long a wait is reasonable for a response from the Administration

Afghan Tribal Leaders Back Long-term US Military Role--VOA

Anyone else notice that the NYTimes referred to "insurgents" as "rebels"?

The power of good is stronger than the power of evil

Who is/was the smarter politician?

Afghanistan's Joan of Arc

DNC: Dean Statement on Bush Judicial Nominees

Standing-Up in DEFENSE of the President Franklin D. ROOSEVELT

Heard on Chris Matthews tonight that Shrub now blames FDR...

Notable Third Party Candidates only - who would you vote for President?

Kennedy's speech about the Supplemental and Real Id.



Karl Rove has failed the Republican Party.

Spokane Mayor-Gay? - Bash at our own risk - its the same old story

Bush's war longer than WWII! Pass it on...

Baptist Press says Jesus told us not to take each other to court:

Let's not spend one ounce of energy on the right !

Civil Rights Leaders on the Nuclear Option: Don't Believe the Hype!

What the heck is Zogby trying to say here...

Kos has really been coming down hard on Kerry

The REAL Reason We Invaded Iraq (Evolution Debate)

National Weather Service Duties Act of 2005 — Santorum Bill S. 786

The Not-So-Secret History of Filibusters NYT Op-Ed

NYT- Behind Failed Abu Ghraib Plea, a Tale of Breakups and Betrayal

The rise of the ozone mafia

Mixing of politics and religion is in dangerous territory

SOCIAL SECURITY: Problems AND Solutions. Good read!

David Griffin: ALMOST Perfect About 9/11! tvnl

The Marines’ flawed body armor -Marine Corps Times

Schram: Where's The State Investigation? (Mayor Jim West)

Sanctity of Marriage and National Security

A Tentative Strategy for Ending the War

Bolton sabotaged U.S. foreign policy repeatedly

Soaring birth deformities and child cancer rates in Iraq

Render unto Caesar, or you're out

LATimes The Big Yalta Lie

Mark Shields Inside Politics

Why I Support John Bolton by Larry David

Molly Ivins: They lied to us

The Influence of Fools: Why Liberals are Mad at the MSM

Fax DeLay, contact Republican legislators TODAY to save Social Security

Protestors rally against military recruiting at East High School (NY)

How many DUers have had LTTEs published and never been contacted

The conservative mole who's a Pittsburgh anchorman and taught Jeff Gannon

Media Monopoly is Good for You-Cnet

Jay Marvin Show - Perhaps we should list it on "Listen Live"?

Chinese oil company may make an offer for Unocal

I think I am going to buy some of those worthless IOU's (I-Bonds)

Biologists Project Grim Summer For Chesapeake Dead Zones

Report Slams Cod Fish Farm Plans For British Columbia - ADN

Whooping Crane Population At Post-1941 High

Melt Rate Of Everest Glaciers Spikes - Melt Altitude Up 100 M In One Year

The rise of the ozone mafia

EPA Blocks New Lead Paint Rules, Now Wants "Voluntary Standards:

State Water Board - Pacific Lumber/Maxxam's Problems Self-Inflicted


"Last Chance for Civilization" from the Home page

Investors Debate Climate Change at U.N.

We want to built a new earth friendly home and need advice.

Terrific interview with Kenn Kaufman

Guardian/George Monbiot - Junk Science

47% Of East, Gulf Coast Residents Plan No Hurricane Precautions

Toyota Open To Sharing Hybrid Tech With GM - Reuters

Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century

Take back immigrants: DPP - TW/CN

Head of journalist group slams UN

Taiwan opposition leader in Beijing for talks

Defense Jobs in N.VA at risk

Military Police to investigate cameraman's shooting injury

The Independent (UK) - The man who sold Jerusalem

Will Gaza Strip Become 'Hamastan,' Israeli Minister Wonders

Israel shuts Palestinian vote offices in Jerusalem

UA93-- seven crew members and four hijackers

'Did US block captures "[of Al-Qaeda} in Afghanistan after 9/11?

David Griffin: ALMOST Perfect About 9/11! tvnl

Best summary of the 9/11 air defense issues...

Conyers chat today, 3 pm

Huffington launches news site

Is anyone connected to the Conyers/Slaughter Online Chat?

Need Assistance-Opportunity

Sam Irvin and Peter Rodino, we need your lion-heartedness

Reminder: Conyers online chat begins at the top of the hour

Investigators Find Evidence of Voter Fraud in Milwaukee

John Conyers says call your senators now! Vote on REAL ID expected tonight

RNC to DNC: In 2006 the glue will set and cement the fix

New Election Fraud Article in NH paper - comments welcome

Women election stats, 2004 --HELP!


Conyers online chat update/report

HELP find the smoking gun...

Who... besides us, believes there was election fraud...

Stop Diebold - Call to Action - Sacramento 5/19

Am I wrong, or is everything basically stalled/hosed up re: reform?


Is DNC a victim of date rape? Did Ann Coulter slip Howard Dean Rohypnol?

Jim Lampley: The Biggest Story of Our Lives


California Daily Ledger

Al Franken bringing live radio to the Crest (Sacramento)

San Diego County - Special Election for Vector Control Assessment

DUI Checkpoints - impounding cars even if driver wasn't drinking

Los Angeles vicinity DUers... I'm moving and have a house full of nice

Search continues for missing pregnant woman

Globe LTTE: Reform our election laws

96.9 Romney Radio Ad: We have a surplus!

Kennedy un-decided on Real ID Act- CALL HIM NOW!!! Vote could be tonight!

Air America Minnesota

I need some techy support/advice.

DLC Convention In Columbus In July("focus to be policy debate")

Environmentalists point to concerns in budget

Blackwell put off decision on machines

Fingerhut would run for governor?

Breakfast w/Kos and Jerome at DemocracyFest

Rafael Anchia speaks on Moreno in the House

Who's called Cornyn and Hutchison about Real ID

WPR at 8 o'clock this morning

Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day

The Andy issue -- I haven't been on in awhile

Bush on CNN NOW.....stammering like a drunken chimp

Let folks know how long this war is going on.

Heads up: Bright Eyes anti-Bush song on the Tonight Show repeat

No Health Care for You - retirees see benefits slashed

EPA Abandons Rule on Lead Poisoning from Home

Police used taser on driver-woman 8 months pregnant

[accidental dupe-please delete]

LA Weekly: Deadline Hollywood -- Arianna's Blog Blows

TDS Opening Scene ... Putin kicks Geedub's ass?

you know what we should've done after Watergate?

"Car Bomb Explosion Kills 7 in Baghdad"

Stacking the Courts - GOP to Religious Extremists: "Get Lost"


Bill O'Reilly Hemorrhaging Viewers? (Americablog Poster)

Need it Get Much Worse Before it (Ever?) Gets Better? Your Opinion Here..

Save and Print: Repuke Senators and the judges THEY have blocked!!!

I was dreaming that Bush's face was the head of the golden calf and

Are all Republicans latent sexual scumbags masquerading as

The price of drugs and why we pay so much....

Perverted Democracy

Conyers' Web Chat TODAY -Ask questions at 9am -Chat begins at 3pm -eastern

Wonder about gas $$ in other countries? Everything is relative, I guess

Gay Men, Straight Men Respond to Scent Differently

Recruitment in the shit can third month straight

dispatcher forced to quit because she wouldn't marry live-in boyfirend

AP: Jesus Christ in Legal Battle for W. Va Driver's License

have you ever actually watched the 700 Club? these fuckers are dangerous

The man who sold Jerusalem

All * , all smiles, all the time!!

Graph Showing Resistance Attacks Are NOT Waning....

* has a Russian mandate

When will we start seeing healthcare related shootings?

This is just a simple post to wish Andy well


self deleted

Self Delete

And Jesus said, 'Go ye forth into every nation & conquer it".

Vatican orders probe of Mexican order's founder

GOP-man (new toon 5/10)

Short, sweet LTTE re: Social Security

MI5 seeks 'older, wiser women'

Report: Capured #3 terror suspest likely an Al-Qaeda clerk (not cleric)

Pat Robertson: "A Modern Prophet"???

Reports of sexual assaults rise in the military

CSPAN2!!! Discussing rules change fillibuster--Shumer on now

I need an article on the effects of "fronts" on oral hygene


Is there not one drop of decency in these "Famous Hospitals"?

As one by one our corporations bite the dust unable to compete in

Two US Soldiers Arrested for Selling Arms to R-Wng Col. Paramilitary Grps

Bush calls Georgia 'beacon of liberty' - guess they won't be invaded by us

Electoral Scorecard - IDEA FOR RED/BLUE Website

V.D. Frist just mentioned Iran and the UN in the same sentence.


Oooops....Another Rethug sex scandal

The Unified Theory of...



So now we refer to the enemy as "alleged insurgents" ?

Caption this * and "Vladimir" pic....

Americablog: Against Own Rules, NCFR Involved w/ White House Website

Has it spread elsewhere?

New and exciting uses for your TASER, or other stuff.

Probe Charles Taylor

Hillary Clinton is rockin' on CSPAN! NT

USWeb remakes the Art of the Shill into the Art of the Shull (heads up)

other than the "Hatemail Bag" which I love.....

Camp Gannon???

Should we put Stuart Levine under a microscope?

Legislating Science - Today's The Connection on NPR

Vets (espicially recent ones) how are you dealing with buddies being...

Judith Miller and John Bolton

Stories about medical bureaucracy do not surprise me

During the Nixon years, he tried to appoint a rightwing nut case called

Two Authors Ask about "Ask Not"

Expletive gets through on 'SNL'

I'm getting "spoof" mail about my PayPal and EBay accounts daily

When does the war in Iraq end?

So I was looking at the Firefox website..

Newshounds: We watch Fox so you don't have too...

*********** IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT ANDY STEPHENSON (2nd try) ***********

Bizarre sex habits of the extreme right wing.

We are all brothers and sisters in arms...

Dr. Dobson Thinks I'm a 'Nut'

CNN today: Fake law enforcement/Homeland Security badges bust

Is anyone else having trouble getting Thom Hartmann, when I

Outsourcing as a means to lowering our medical costs.

President Frist? How bad could it be?

you might want to avoid Yellowstone

Oops we are on the other side of the border, hey might as well stay here?

Junk Science . . . George Monbiot . . .

Very important business in the House of Representatives

I would like to say a heartfelt "thank you" ...

Whoa... breaking from California. Deputy DA & entire family found dead

A Defend America Propaganda EXCLUSIVE!

The Biggest Story of Our Lives (Election day and Bookies)

piles of naked dead bodies

worth repeating . . .

OUTRAGE!!!! Fox hired to guard the hen house in arsenic clean up case.

Did Countdown cover the UK memo?

Is low intelligence a prerequisite for being a religious fundamentalist?

A Rose By Another Other Name

Some good news, for once...

34 Nation South American-Arabian Summit Opened Today In Brazil

Spokane Mayor Jim West & the subject of Closeted Politicians on msnbc

Sacarborough apologizes for misstating facts

Anti-War Steve Nash Wins Basketball's Most Valuable Player Award

Help needed re: Cuba and Bin Laden.

Everything you need to know about NASCAR and NASCAR Dads

Top ten things conservatism has contributed to humanity.

Pressure grows on Blair to resign... if it happens, will it build to Bush?

Hey Georgia, you can have him!!!

A Great American Has Died: Peter W Rodino, 95

Coming up: "Some-Say" Judy Woodruff on "The Money Side of Blogging"

ARISTIDE: "Haitian people right now are waiting for your help."

Pressure grows on Blair to resign... if it happens, will it build to Bush?

Randi Rhodes should be careful....

Um...why is 'Dummocrats' on Google News?

Blair Faced Lies - Arrest Blair Now

Go Durbin!


Isn't about time to repeal the Cuban Readjustment Act?

Dallas fake drug scandal examined

Iraqi Women Under US Occupation

Something Refreshing to read: The New Power Generation

Study Details High-Tech Industry’s False CAFTA Promises

Rumsfeld Meets Saddam: Transcript of Prison Conversation

Put on your tinfoil hat; a teenager told me the origins of Republicans

Orin Hatch is such a liar

"Follow the money trail to the right for lifers"..Schiavo brother speaks..

OLeilly has really been pushing the left wing press theme: Hillary

What's Randi talking about?

Anyone have experience with the Girl Scouts ~ beyond eating the cookies?

Invading Iran: Yes or no?

I'm grading exams right now: Here's the first talk radio remark...

Is all that keeps us from democracy the media establishment?

Bilderberg Strikes Again

An unsparing rejoinder to the "support the troops/oppose the war" position

Conservatives are going to throw a TRIBUTE for Delay? wtf?

By April 2004, 600 American soldiers had been killed in the war

A call from Oklahoma to Iowa

Wars of "Goodness"


CEO Pay is Still on Steroids

what is this mule thing that randi rhodes is talking about ?

Justice for Bhopal - Protest Tomorrow at Dow Chem. near you!

Flaws found in Firefox

Has Keith moved up in the ratings???

society really loathes child murderers, & bush has killed thousands

Email and LTTEs needed to The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (UK MEMO)

breaking news: false news story posted on du

Does the MSM really think Michael Jackson is that important?

I'm having an Argument with a friend about CNN

Invading IRAN (got it right this time!); Should we; yes or no?

On Dignity.

Caption this Cheney pic...

During the third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart led his own troops.

I'm Thinking of Becoming A Socialist

Evil swinedogs approve another $82B for Iraq/ Afghanistan

Grenade lobbed at bush in Russia, did not go off...breaking news

Because George Bush is President and I don't have a job.

Syria question

a Poem, from Judge Roy Moore...(no shit)

14 US Troops killed in three-day period in Iraq

What I have been working on to help get Democrats elected

Change in tone from ABC's Nightline?

A reminder on threatening the president.

Married twice. Actually, three times. Gays are at fault.

What is your opinion of free republic?

Border Patrol

This is IT

So much for the next generation of N. Koreans liking us.

Link here: Grenade Thrown at Bush in Georgia

Information regarding special interest groups, lobbyists, etc

Do we deserve the government we have?

Behind Failed Abu Ghraib Plea, a Tale of Breakups and Betrayal

Forgive my colossal ignorance

Do you believe the Official number of U. S. casualties in Iraq?

DNC: Dean Statement on Bush Judicial Nominees

Why DU is better than the media: Grenade story


Two, Count'em, TWO Good Signs in Local Letters to Editor

I can't even come up with a title for this post.....



Daily Show nearly overtaking Hannity/Benedict Dennis in ratings toilet

Does ANYBODY have a legit news link to the grenade story?

Grenade Tossed At Stage With Bush & Doesn't Explode

One of my patients at work is Ukrainian. 83 yrs old. His wife was...

2 stories, submitted without comment:


This is a good example of hypocrisy A short Rant

Major Radio Station discusses secret memo for THIRTY MINUTES

Does Chuck D still do Air America?

We all should hold on tight as these next 4yrs are going to be Hell,

Secret Service did NOT learn about Grenade tossed at bush till later

Pushy Bush makes himself center of attention in Latvian press conference

How does Europe like being preached to by George.

United Airlines wants to renege on employee pensions--

OH YEAH, I just scored a ticket to the Al Franken Show!

Judge in Oklahoma City is hopping mad at the FBI. re: BOMBING

In Honor Of All Of Bluebear's Ongoing Fine Work - Bush In Georgia (Photos)

"Marines Recall Thousands Of Combat Vests" - They May Not Stop Bullets!

Anyone here ever lived in Walla Walla Wash. or go to Whitman?

What is closer to your view of homosexuality?

One thing I rather dislike about current the Selective Service System

Media Matters: Readers Complain; Post Mum on Lack of UK/Iraq Memo Coverage

Two interesting comments from a US story on "the memo"

Clemons: Cracks in Pro-Bolton facade? Other names being floated

Breast Cancer Risk Less When Mom Smoked in Pregnancy

Which Of These Two Uses Of Jesus (As Symbol) Do You Find More Disturbing?

Why Didn't The Biblical Prophets Foresee Oil, Black Gold, Texas Tea???

Get On Board With The New Vision Of Democracy! (Toon)

My letter to the right-wing rag known as the Boston Herald

Why are big city suburbs so red?

One thing that bothers me - RW anti-gay loons are all "closeted"

Phone Carrier Company Using Anti-Gay Sales-Pitch??

Imagine the devastation of our economy if GM and Ford either

1 thing I hope NEVER to see

For all who whine that the DNC is spineless and “should do something”

What does everyone make of the Huffingtonpost blog?

LA Police art show raid...a hoax?

For Our Nation's sake, they should just keep bush AT HOME

sexual perversion profusely thru out all repug org

Us 10 miles from Syria

The UK Guardian is Murdoch's paper, right?

Unedited: Marine Taped Killing Unarmed Iraqi (NPR)

Have you ever heard of Modest Needs? If not . . .

Every Wed. Norquist Has RW Media Propaganda Meeting in His Boardroom

18,314 Americans die each year for a lack of health care.

Art Show in L.A. closed by Police

GM's situation is far worse than what is being reported.

Appeals Court Sides with Cheney..Unanimously...Imagine that!

Soldiers Survive War, Then Die On The Roads

About the Andy Stephenson situation

Could someone please explain NASCAR to me?

Dems fight back against the nuclear option - here's how to TAKE ACTION

Has the American model of economic growth become irrelevant?

NY Times: Gay Men Are Found to Have Different Scent of Attraction

WTF!!?!?! ***Halliburton*** is getting a BONUS?????

A message from the Dems! I believe they've had enough.

Republican Perversion Poll

I've come to the conclusion that the Freepers/Zell Miller are right...

Bush criticizes activist judges, then appoints them!

Largest pension default in American history: United Airlines

religion :a choice or not

The way media is treating smoking gun memo PROVES they're WITH the fascist

How much are you paying per month for health insurance?

Zounds. The Huffington blog is throwing elbows right out of the gate.

Toons for Tuesday, Caution graphics heavy

Is being in the military, and being a Liberal bad?

Is there a world religion, which, in its basic texts, does not

MNA 1630: Day 3 of MissionNOTAccomplished is 21 deaths away

How do I grill potatoes?

Got my first CSA share this week.

Is Stephen Harper stoned or what?

Toronto Star (May 10): Liberals offer opposition three days

Toronto Globe and Mail (May 10): Tories, Bloc overpower Liberals

Great Buddies

Canadian DUers: Please critique this article

BBC (Tuesday): Election result raises PR demands

What LibDem voters saw may not be what they get .....

Liverpool given Champions League hope (The Guardian)

U.S.(Spokane) mayor takes leave amid online (gay)-sex probe (Reuters)

Canada-US goodwill slipping: poll

Sleepless in Silicon Valley

(Washington Times) Cartoonist says he didn’t want to offend Pakistan

Police gunfire hurts 2, hits neighbors' homes

Suicide car bomb kills at least 7 in Baghdad (Tues.)

Independent UK: Electoral Reform in Britain - Why It's Time For Change

Iran vote sign-up starts as nuclear tensions rise

Senate's tax plan favors the wealthy (Texas)

Cheney Fundraising for Colorado Congresswoman (Marilyn Musgrave)

(National Security Archive) Papers connect exile to bomb plot (Posada)

Homeland Security's Security Questioned

Taliban's Omar rejects Afghan amnesty-spokesman

Reuters: Suicide Car Bomb Kills At Least 7 in Baghdad

Park tribute to 9/11 Britons

Jean Bertrande Aristede on Democracy Now right now! full hour discussion

Man to face Omagh charges

US urged to find Cuban suspect

Hillary-haters seize on trial of fundraiser in bid to smear Clintons

Aceh Reconstruction Comes to a Near Halt

America's top paper rethinks its journalism

AP: U.S. Troops Battle Insurgents (In West 3rd Day; 4th Marine Killed)

1805 law against cohabiting challenged in N. Carolina

4 Pistols Confiscated From Iraqi President's US Security Guards At Summit

Behind Failed Abu Ghraib Plea, a Tale of Breakups and Betrayal, NYT

U.S. to Expand Prison Facilities in Iraq

Myanmar junta clamps lid on bomb blast stories

EADS, Raytheon in Pentagon bid?

AP: Poll of Repub Voters Show Majority Approval of Stem Cell Research

No. 2 at State Dept. Was Said to Put Restrictions on Bolton

Israeli hospitals used old and mentally infirm as human guinea pigs

Vatican pair convicted over 'cancer' radio

Senate Democrats' Soft-Spoken New Leader Reveals Sharp Tongue

Japan Won't Pull Troops Over Kidnapping

LAT: Student's Slaying Fills Baghdad University With Rage

WP: More Repellant: CDC Lets in 2 New Bug Sprays (West Nile response)

U.S. pays for care of illegal aliens

Jesus Christ in Legal Battle for West Virginia Driver's License

Appeals Court Sides With Cheney in Lawsuit (Energy Papers)

Chicago about to purchase Diebold voting machines with no paper trail

Health board member charged with shaking down hospitals

GE Announces Environmental Initiatives

Spokane Repub mayor on leave; allegation Gay advances & child molestation

Captured Al-Qaeda Kingpin, Al-Libbi, Is a Case of 'Mistaken Identity'

Hearings may affect bioscience industry

Pentagon Seeks Promotion for Academy Chief

EU-Russia Sign Package Reinforcing Bilateral Relations (Great Europe)

Blix criticizes U.S. nuke policy, Bolton

NYT: A Puzzle Finally Makes the 'Cosmic Figures' Fit

The home office weighs in on the Carolina 9

Stress treatment for 25 veterans of Iraq war is 'tip of iceberg'

US court dismisses Cheney energy task force case

Growing pains strain Iraq's fledgling army

NYT: Public TV and Radio to Receive Big Grants (ideological initiative?)

Saboteurs hit oil facility in north Iraq-spokesman

Accents an Issue in Va. Governor's Race

Holocaust Monument Dedicated in Berlin

State Department Offers Bolton Material

LAT: Over 50 and Out of Favor: Advertisers, TV Networks Fixated on 18-49

Bush says Georgia is an example of freedom to the world

Afghan singer beaten to death in Vancouver

WP: GE Determined to Show 'Ecomagination': Program Sets Pollution Targets

Nepal rebels attack military post, 30 killed

RawStory: DeLay Defender Says 3 Abramoff Fundraisers Went Unreported

Alameda County (CA) considers government-run marijuana clinic

Iraqi police vent anger at US after car bombings

Homeland Security Considers Alternatives to Color-Coded Warnings

Navy officer on child porn charges

Italian Troops May Stay in Iraq until 2006

Bush Administration Urges China to Try Harder to Reopen Talks-NKorea

No. 2 at State Dept. Was Said to Put Restrictions on Bolton

America's top paper (NYT)rethinks its journalism (The Guardian)

Reporters Insist Others, Not They, Be Targeted in Leak Case

Ukraine's U.S.-Born Justice Minister Admits He Has No Master's Degree

Rafsanjani joins presidential race in Iran

States May Disobey Driver's License Rules

Marines Recall Combat Vests After Tests

Iraq to mediate with rebels through Sunnis

Appeals Court Sides With Cheney in Lawsuit

U.S. anti-drug smuggling efforts declining

Reid to Frist: Let's vote

U.S. Soldiers Accused of Dealing Ammo in Colombia Flown to U.S.

Virginia to send snipers to Maryland for trial, governor decides

Halliburton Lands $72 Million in Bonuses

Breaking on CNN: Governor of Iraq's Anbar province abducted...

Halliburton gets bonus for Iraq work (Reuters)

ABC Report: Grenade thrown near President (Prior story had no link)

Sprint to layoff 550 more positions

Gyanendra’s 100 days of despotic rule

Army Recruitee Tells Of False Promises

GM Recalling 300,000 Trucks, SUVs

Oil prices leap, outage adds to fears

Marine on leave attacked in Manitoba bar

Marine on leave attacked in The Pas (Manitoba)

Possible voter fraud found in Milwaukee (4,500 more votes than voters)

LAT: Study: GOP Making Gains for Now (Pew)

United Airlines Seeks to Terminate Pensions

About the son killed in Iraq? He made it up

Russia to build more nuclear reactors in India

Father Charged in Mother's Day Double Murder

Chafee Gives Reluctant Support to Bolton

Ex-Gov. Cuomo Settles Libel Suit (v. Palast)

South American, Arab leaders hold summit

Army, Marines miss recruiting goals again

Swiss wrap glacier to slow ice melt

Crisis devastated middle class


Judge Orders FBI To Turn Over Records In Oklahoma City Bombing Case

Appeals Court Sides With Cheney in Lawsuit

Toronto Globe and Mail (Tuesday): Tories, Bloc overpower Canadian Liberals

Reid to Frist: Let's vote

Arnie's not mad at the moon

Afghan editor slams US practice of using warlords (Prey on women and kids)

Dean delivers Sanders a boost

The $100K teachers

KC police must now justify Taser incidents (Horn-honking granny etc)

Putin lambasts Baltics, sours Russia-EU summit

AP: Ethnic Rifts Tearing at Al-Qaida

Calif. prosecutor, 5 relatives found dead

Somali bombing linked to groups associated with al-Qaeda

2 Marines die after indirect fire attack (#1608 and #1609)

Congress Approves Additional $82B for Wars

Hillary-haters seize on trial of fundraiser in bid to smear Clintons

Blair Faces Growing Chorus to Quit

Iraqi police vent anger at US after car bombings

Taliban radio back on the air

Wounded Iraq vet missing from Fayette home (MSM won't cover this)

Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years

Mother of sextuplets faces loss of Medicaid-funded nurse

Marburg outbreak now devastating all age groups

Police used Taser on pregnant driver (Seattle)

Grenade tossed on stage w. Bush; the grenade did not explode. Details fort

Cuba (Prime Minister Alarcon) calls United States the 'Fourth Reich'

Judge Rules United Airlines Can Terminate Employee Pension Plan

New US laser weapon tested for Iraq

Halliburton gets $72 million bonus for work in Iraq

Pastor Accused of Running Out Dems Quits

India is so hot....i am frying....Ask me something to distract me....

"You mean, I'll never know what it feels like...

Without Ennio Morricone's iconic theme music

Anybody here seen the old movie "CRASH" ?

Anybody here seen "CRASH" The directors cut?

Don't knock the Guawck!

"windmills of your mind": what were they supposed to be milling?


I haven't had a skin rash in years.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers Were at the best place around


A great local editorial cartoon about the Texas cheerleader thing

SWM. IT Consultant. Lives north of San Francisco. Looking

West coast shift's coming on...

What in the world is a reborn virgin???

Name one sinner who's vice hasn't changed in 20 years.

"Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"

Well, THAT was a productive study night

What movie is this from?

Hi, I'm Carson Daly, and I'm a major tool

Any DUers who play at Party Poker?

What movie is this quote from?

What ever happened to Zack de la Rocha???

I already have my Star Wars Tix....

dog treats...a must have...

I do not avoid women, Mandrake. But I do deny them my essence.

I haven't pinned hash in years.

Why limit yourself to just chocolate...

Chocolate Cake

GOP-man (new toon 5/10)

"Jesus Christ in legal battle to get license"

'Bewitched' Statue Bothers Salem Residents

Am I pussy whipped?

3 Men Devour 12 1/2 Pound Monster Burger In 1 Hour, 11 Minutes

Caption: go on my son kick him in the nutz....

Chicken Ticketed for Crossing the Road

Caption: Poot's wife glad she had that anti-rabies jab....

Reminder:Sam Seder is sitting in for Jerry Springer on AAR this week.

ACLU Fighting North Carolina's Cohabitation Ban

JP2's baseball card for sale

Ecstasy can block cancer growth

My email box is buzzing this morning....

SugrabushSquirrel. Why? Oh Why?

Who wants to be on my buddy list?

Why is it that when everyone else gets offered huge chunks of money

Caption: storm cloud gathers over Junior's driving debut

How are you today/tonight?

The McDonald's BLT breakfst bagel....

I think the Atkins diet made my cholesteral go too high

'Orgasm Day' Now An Official Holiday

Now what's wrong with trashy?

Thank You Very Much, DS1, for making me paranoid about using

Goddamn fundies believe that schools are teaching their kids to be gay

Are wrinkles on a woman trashy??

Are men on a woman trashy?

Boy George blows in and blows up

A candidate we can all support: Bat Boy 2008

are women who don't conform to my standards, trashy?

16 days til we leave for vacation.. one of our stops

It's a ***MIRACLE***!!

Is trashy the new "barefoot and in the kitchen"?

Abandoned baby saved by dog

Sick of email spam. Help!

Girl singled out for mono sues teachers (Mono is a 'whore' disease)

Is trashy the new prudish?

Police Storm The Wrong Home - Home Of Fellow Officer

The pecan roll is haunting me

Some info from people who had the same surgery as Andy

College Classrooms Invaded By STREAKERS!

First comedy, then dance. Our next gift from George and Laura?

I need some computer tech advice/support.

the greatest mysteries

Rubber gloves save woman from lightning

"You big dummy!"

My favorite part in Top Ten Conservative Idiots this week:



WTF is the Lounge's obsession with Trashiness today?

Attention, attention, Trash Gordon approaching!

If This Is Freedom....

Trash vs Garbage

Why did the chicken cross the road??

Attention TinFoilHatters-A how to

Lower back tatoo's , do you know hetero men who have them?

Mah Kee Nai Yo?

USATODAY Poll: People Using Prayer To Kill Pain :eyes:

I don't want to wait for our lives to be over, I want to know right now ..

Trash, Thrash, or DS1's rash?

It is 58 degrees outside

I love my tattoo!

Trashy Women

GD Watchers: Did you call?

What do you have pierced?

Who writes these stupid f-ing horoscopes???

It's past 1:00 a.m. Neighbors noisy. What to do?

"I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie...(Bad College Video)

What is the least scary movie of all time?

When it comes to polls....

Jesus Christ in Legal Battle for West Virginia Driver's License

Poll question: Are misogyny and sexism trashy?

Johnny's in the basement

Cheating on a corporate ethics quiz

Yahoo! message boards: Bush a "Head in a Box craving, WMD Liar"

I just found an instagodwin picture I made a while back...

Goddam, that GD Room is HELL!

The local Rethug Party is running ads on our AAR affiliate!


Jesus Christ in legal battle to get license

My Earworm this morning... well... off and on this week so far.

Doe, a deer,

Let's settle this once and for all... Trashy vs. Trashy

Ok. How do you like this song?

Breaking: Police have made arrest in murder of two Illinois girls

Was anyone here raised on a farm in Georgia?

Remember the post yesterday about the guy that stomped those geese?

Is trashy the new Schiavo?

whenever i see 'skinner's' name

Cell phones

What's the most proper place for a tatoo?

If George Washington was the father of our country

If man is 5...

Hey man. I just thought I 'd say what a groovy place

Do you take any dietary supplements and/or vitamins?

I just received a pity cookie!

Are waste diversion programs which seek to reduce landfill use trashy?

Help! There's a furry orange growth on my arm!

the cafeteria threw me a curve ball

Morse Code Mosquito in the Telephone Line?

Beans beans the musical fruit.

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 10, 2005

Mmmmm.... chicken & dumplings

SM. 47 yr. Delivery Driver. Lives south of downtown Lincoln Ne. Looking

I don't know a thing about things, ...

So I'm working "McHappy Day"

Mosquitoes In Moccasins Stomping All Around

FROGS!!! Frogs juming on frogs, snakes (!) and anything else that swims by

The Tuesday Afternoon "Check Your PM!" Thread

Well, shut my mouth and call me Mary!

Hot Sauce lovers-**the HOT SAUCE OF DEATH**

There's a sex offender in my trailer park

Do people at work think it's normal if you talk to yourself?


The Rolling Stones are playing Matcom? WTF?!

Wendy's is having a Frosty giveaway this weekend!

***UPDATE*** Child Accident/Surgery: May 10


Interview in a few hours - SEND ME GOOD VIBES!!


Smokers: box or soft pack?


anybody else getting spam from Nigeria about a lose $8 million for you

I'm feeling absolutely RUTHLESS

Firefox extension available: "Abe Vigoda Status 1.0"


I'm on the phone with Maytag...Wish me luck.

CONFESS!!!!! What gives you gas? (and I don't mean a gas station)

In my prison cell I think these words....

The life and habits of double posting a DU thread

Okay I'll admit it; I like fast women!

So, I took DU's advice and watched, "Caligula" this weekend

Hey ladies, check it out...

WOA!! Store 40 CD's On Your KEYCHAIN!!

My Time Zone is better than yours!!!

A bag of condiments heavier than my suitcase

Do you ever go look at your post count and cringe?

Should I get a lower back tattoo?

Fainting goats are so funny!

This song never gets old for me

Here is a good bushism

Calatrava wing of Milwauke Art Museum hit by taggers.

If Will Pitt says he verified something...

Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved

Caffeine addicts: what's your usual caffeine delivery system?

Any tulip gardeners?

Anybody here going to Bonnaroo?

The Rolling Stones are playing Moncton? WTF?!

Trashy trashy bo bashy.

New DU Coloring Page - Can you guess who they are?

Sweet dog picture to pick up your spirits

How's your salad?

Sad, Wimpy, Little Repubs. A Poem.

BREAKING NEWS! - Renee Zellweger, Kenny Chesney Tie Knot

Fundie youth on my street! Suggestions?


Willing to Fight

I'm ready to try to understand hip-hop music. Give me some clues.

if sniffa says he verified something..

You are stranded on a deserted island: You have the following with you -

How would you use the Weinermobile vehicle for a day?

Anyone else suffered through a bad case of the Mormons?

Did anyone know that this song actually had words?

if sniffa said he viLLified something

EARWORM: The National Geographic Theme!

My Republican dad has his copy of *Snake Bites*

Veronica Corningstone Kleeb's true identity revealed!

What is your greatest achievement?

All is back to normal - You may all resume snarkiness

Serious question - please no snarky responses

If it weren't for being snarky, I would have no personality whatsoever

Did you take care of that thing?

What's your theme song? (redux)

The Antidote For Mr. Scorpio's Earworm

What's the best way to tell a woman that Burt Reynolds would be

Hey, is that guy from Three Amigos the same guy from Cloak and Dagger?

CO Liberal has forced my hand. Behold: The Nuclear Option!

Hannity & Colmes tonight: Stallone will "tell you how live your dreams"

Body mutilation or artistic expression?

God I am never doing public speaking again and intolerance makes me ill


The antidote for ALL earworms:

Rolling Stones Or Cream?

Margaret Cho Wash. DC - 5/14 EXTRA TIX

What is your greatest bereavement?

Ready... set...... DANCIN' BANANAS

Enough with the phony Lesbians!!!

OPERATION _____________

" Of the demonstrably wise there are but two: those who commit suicide....

I will not enter the race for official DU Lesbian

Joni Mitchell: "Why I 'hate' music"

I humbly admit my supplication to DU's Official Lesbian


i didn't know we were having a pageant....

Allow me to be the latest to post this familiar lament.

I got an earworm for ya - It's a doozy

I don't care who's Official Lesb. as long as you buy the first %&!* rounds

Is anyone else offended by the Hardee's frisco burger commercial?

What is your favorite board game?

If matcom and JimmyJazz are vying for DU's official Lesbian

Happy Birthday Fred Astaire!!

I'm afraid we may have to start a Draft Kleeb movement

This is the tattoo I am getting

Johnny Dowd

Anyone disturbed by nonchalant attitudes regarding official lesbians?

If I get a tattoo on my lower back and....

GREATEST movie by former Saturday Night Live cast members

grilled bar-b-cue chicken,

OMG!!! I just saw this at

Who's going home a having

Who do you favor for "DU Official Lesbian"?

Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo

I Humbly Submit MY Application to Become DU's Official Straight woman....

Anyone See "The L-Word" Last Week

OK, let's play the challenge / password game.

Does everyone understand the concept of a Self-Service Parking Garage??

Dumbest. Headline. Ever. "Police Beat: Man tries to take city bus".

More Jamiroquai

I humbly submit my application to be DU's official triskadecaphobic.


I confess!! I've been outed as a lurking Rush Limbaugh!

What is your favorite scary movie of all time?

What is your favorite lesser-known arcade video game?

Goodbye Cruel World......

Ack! I have to switch anti-depressants.

Ok fine, I throw my hat in the ring for this lesbian thing

Terriers are my very favourite breed

Damn Rave Parties!

Terryas are my very favorite queen!

OK so maybe I'm being touchy and I know I will get flamed

Moe killed a Black kingsnake today!

Actress Bai Ling gets cut from Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith

Tonight's movie post

I know I'm not the first to remark on this, but when can we....

I Humbly Submit MY Application to Become DU's Official Lesbian.

G'night all

I Humbly Submit MY Application to Become DU's Official Executioner

One of My Managers Is Soooooo Hot

In Living Color season 3 DVD is now out...

I Humbly Submit My Application To Become DU's Official Lesbian


I've decided to submit my application for DU's "Official Pain in the Ass."

For those of you hyped to see the upcoming Star Wars TELEVISION series:

To ALL The NON-Lesbians Whom I Have Offended With My LESBIAN Posts

Ed Wood and the art of moviemaking

Am I the only 29 year old who likes Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in?


Breaking News: Grenadine lobbed at bush in Russia, did not drink

OK so maybe I need to be touched so I'll stop flaming.

Grenade thrown at Bush in Georgia.

psst - the reichstag is on fire again

Tblisi seems to love Bush.

I am very very needy for DBMS qry help! :)

I'm done with finals. Please kill me.

I want to go to the Media Conference HERE in St Louis but


The Sun! The Sun! For the first time in days!

Question about farm raised salmon

So who is the official gay man of the DU lounge?

9:45 TEE TIME !!!!! 9:45 TEE TIME!!!!!


Anyone here over 35 buy the new NIN CD?

Mollusk swimwear



I Humbly Submit My Application To Become DU's Official Bisexual

OK so maybe I'm being touchy and I know I will get flamed

Dear Lord

I don't like copycat threads much so I'm loathe to do this, but . . .

I command you to take me!!!!!

Which of the following short films would you like to help me make?

Feds Probe Phony Boner Meds

Who was the better Tricky Dick? newfaceinhell and I are for

If WombyZoof says he hattened the batches, then

CT Scans Show What King Tut Looked Like

Berling Crawfish on the Bayou tomorrow


I submit MY application to be DU's offical Culture and Civility Ranter

I went over 500 posts and didn't go all on about it. Discuss.

Somerset man arrested on charge of riding horse while drunk

I saw gwb doing some kind of dance thing on the news this morning and

Whan a womman doth comport herself in such a manner of dresse...

OMG! Have you heard? There are GAY men in the lounge! I did not know!

Did you have a set of Jarts?

Momma, Baby, Sun, Flowers! Life Is Looking Pretty Good!

I may be a dick at times, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate DU

Awright, I'll go first: Chile Rellenos.

"we never say this is going to be our last tour"

I Humbly Submit My Application to Become DU's Official Pyromaniac

Oh My F*cking God!


Does anyone else find Vladmir Putin hot?

Elektronik - Supersonik

Lets make head cheese...

I'll Tell You What My Morning Has Been All About...

I think I'll start my own blog

Two bigot encounters in one night.

Ask your Official Lesbian candidates questions here

Bushfish....Get your Bushfish here!

I can't sleep

Freeper Poems ...for the newly departed DU'er

Test the waters by smelling out a partner - kinda gross

Boston Pics!!!!

"Hang on Sloopy" Ringtone?

Jesus Swimming

The Passion of the Olympic Swimming Pool

Super happy fun Genesis argument!

Redheads Becoming Extinct !!!

If ZombyWoof says he battened the hatches, then

Deputy Sues Hospital After Being Injected With Glitter

What music are you listening to right now...

Anyone disturbed by nonchalant attitudes regarding eating disorders?

So the phone rings...I pick it up and get: "Hello, we have an important...

DUers who have ADD/ADHD: What did you have to do to get treatment?

I'm going to Paris for Thanksgiving! Yipee!

I get to be a Nielsen TV ratings home!

What Did Your High School Excel In?

I command you to adore me!!!!!

Get me da hell outta the 700 club!

So what are you "Officially" around here.

Save the Whales!

Favorite Simpsons Moment

In light of near extinction of all red heads everywhere

Save the Welsh!

How are my cats to compete with trash like this?

What's your favorite liberal TV show?

My FReeper encounters this morning...

Modest Mussorgsky Swimwear

Modest swimwear

So, women are trashier than men?

Well, I did it, and now I'm scared to death....

Christians Rock for Muslims

www dot eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch dot com domain for sale

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Scriptural PROOF the Old Testament & Bible is NOT to be taken literary

Pheromone attracts straight women and gay men

Ancient Musical Instruments Found

Creation of Black Hole Detected

Launch of solar sail spacecraft delayed for a few weeks

New species of mammal found in Borneo

Dinosaur age tree unveiled

Cheney Raises Cash For Anti-Gay Amendment Author

New Hampshire Gay Marriage Commission Finally Begins Work

Montana University System Gay Benefits Exclude Many Same-Sex Couples

World Churches Meet Over Gays, AIDS

Massachusetts Anti-Gay Amendment Resurfaces

Bush’s house homophobe

A Long Way from Mariel: Gay Marielitos and their story

Lawyers Gagged In Trans Teen Murder Trial

Europe snubs Balco-linked (Marion) Jones

Fantasy Baseball Players

World Cup Ice Hockey. Any way to watch it on the internet?

Wang takes the mound...

I just buried Big Tommy

AAAAAiiii!!! New kitten is driving me NUTS!

Life's tough being a cat

Dog Saves Abandoned Baby

Kitty hates good food!

Foster cat destroying carpeting, cat experts, ideas?

'Are Fundamentalist Christians Stubborn, Stupid Or Stuck?'

Coercion at Town Meeting

Coverage of Mass gay marriage

The Note Links to Kos Kerry Bashing

Gove. Dean Lectures on divisive Primaries (Irony anyone?)

What? No talk about the USA Today?

Need links to blogs defending Kerry

So I ended up reading that satire aloud

Defense of Kerry posted on LUTD

So WHY are we the most active group

Kerry Bumper Stickers

I bought a USA Today to see the ad--

Are we clear on what the Gay Marriage thing is?

My brain hurts.

More from MA: Dear John: Come home at once, we miss you

Daily Bolton

Quitting Smoking: Need Kerrycrat Support

Time for some wildlife...

So, I'll be at the Mass. State Democratic Convention this weekend

Who should host the monthly contest?

Another opinion worth exploring...

TOO FUNNY: Romance Novel conference - it's more than bodice-ripping!

A few Keith-related bits from TVNewser

A big shout out to scrubbie from Seoul, Korea.

scrubbies unwavering leadership is similar to....

Theraputic Thread. Fill in Blank: F**K _________________!!!

"Reid Offers Olive Branch on Bush Nominee"

"Lawmaker Backs Federal Judiciary Watchdog"

"Homeland Security's Security Questioned"

"Senate Defies White House on Highway Bill"

" State Dept. Withholds Bolton Papers"

"Politics Prompt Church Tax Questions"

"Marines Recall Combat Vests After Tests"

What if the Repugs succeed in getting rid of the filibuster...

An idea whos time has come

"Poll: GOP Voters OK Stem Cell Research"

Framing the Debate - Control the Language

U.S. gets bill for immigrant health care ("undocumented aliens")

Ben Nelson-NE C-SPAN re: Senate compromise

"Records Show Lobbyist Abramoff's Influence"

Propaganda overdrive on Fox: "Tens of thousands turn out to greet Bush"

Senator seeks to relax small business contracting guidelines

NEWSFLASH!!!!! Dean wont be running for President in 2008

Why This Deafening Silence On Delay All The Sudden?

MSNBC: More military recruits needed to "really cope with a long war"

"Conservatives push ecoterror laws"

Chicago about to purchase Diebold voting machines with no paper trail

Chicago about to purchase Diebold voting machines with no paper trail

On C-Span Maxin Waters

WTF! MSNBC Frontpage has finally gone & done it for me

DU amazes me

Help Keep our Courts Independent ...

At what point did you stop being shocked by this Administration?

Wikipedia has a link about the supressed UK memo

MediaMatters: Fox Echos Repub Fallacy Judge Is 1st Top-Rated To Be Blocked

The Democrats should buy George Bush a flute...

Frist: Democrats block deportation of murderers, rapists, child molesters

The Democrats will never take back the House or Senate unless...

GAO: Postal Service must revamp operations to stay solvent

Walter Cronkite: "Democrats: What Do They Stand For?"

oil baron insanity in Colorado

Holland: smirk kicks reporters out when the youth ask questions

Hillary on the Senate floor

Governor's race pits Appalachian accent against bland one

I need a primer on W's 7 resubmitted judges

Raw Story exclusive at noon: Abramoff fundraisers unreported for years...

USA Today, page 4

Appropriations bill with REAL ID Act slated for Senate vote tonight...

Sad, Wimpy, Little Repubs. A Poem.

Since the MSM are keeping secrets

"Their number is negligible and they are stupid."

Feinstein on Senate floor listing Clinton judges who never got hearing

NYTs new slant on reporting - says it all

What is wrong with the kids?

link to see whos in Delays pocket for $$$

Reid is on Cspan making suggestions to move forward -

"Follow the money trail to the right for lifers"..Schiavo brother speaks..

GOP Plan to "Fix" the Dems

Well, Patty Murray, if you are so incensed about the Supplemental

Brad Blog today

"Black Voters Reject Plan on Dallas Mayor"

PLEASE VISIT John Conyers Blog re: The Downing St Memo

Guardian (UK) Newsblog: A British take on the US "Real ID" Bill

Overlooked part of Downing Street Memo

John Edwards' advice for 2008: "Don't listen to Mary Beth Cahill"

Did you know that members of the Clinton Administration

Interesting history repeating Spanish-American War and Phillipines

Conyers' Web Chat TODAY -Ask questions at 9am -Chat begins at 3pm -eastern

Time for a new term: THEOPUBLICAN

Congressional signatories of Conyers' letter?

MUST READ BOOK in connection with UK memo, the story of the decade

Poor tom delay is having trouble sleeping

Rove in Maryland

Chertoff's right to waive ALL LAWS. End of judicial review. No relief

REAL ID Vote likely tonight or tommorow - ACT NOW!!!

Say NO to CAFTA - Tell your Senators & Congress to vote NO!

The Distrustful Mindset

You know if you follow the bouncing neocon ball....

Bush, the GOP, and most Russians hate Muslims

'Pretend Warrior' is mocking DU again

Bizarre Sex Habits of The Extreme Right-Wing

New GOP Talking Point > the "Secular Left" vs. the "Religious Right"

Karl Rove is so sad, so sad, so sad. Thinking that all it takes is to

SAN DIEGO RADIO STATION talks about the MEMO for 30 minutes!

Chafee not looking as vulnerable in RI anymore (new polls)

Daily Kos: "Reid to Frist, Let's Vote."

A grenade was thrown on stage where Bush was speaking in Georgia

Sometimes, the most interesting stuff comes flying over the transom.

Flash: B**' has a three word vocabulary !!- Picked up a new word !

Rupert Murdoch donates to (D) Gov. Richardson NM re-election..

"Accents an Issue in Va. Governor's Race"

Highlights of the Conyers Slaughter WebChat

DLC convention in Columbus Ohio in July("focus to be policy debate")

Conservatism As Pathology: Are Bush Voters Literally Insane?

Thomas Friedman's new book "My Head is Fat"

Sibol Edmunds to Take Her Case to US Supreme Court! (She lost on Friday)

Gov. Dean breaks party lines to support Bernie Sanders...this is good.

Anyone supporting Real ID/approp bill is opposing all these groups

How Conveniently They Forget--WE helped Iran go "nukular"

Crawford, Tx news>>>>Karl Schwarz Running For President

If the Social Security surplus had not been spent ??

Chicago about to purchase Diebold voting machines with no paper trail

Donate to send Princeton students filibustering Frist to Washington, D.C!

Question about electronic voting

Pence Leads House Conservatives - Dominionists making their move?

Water in a time of community unrest

Wanna puke?

What do you say to the 'Iraq is better without Saddam today' crowd???

Letter to Jonathan Klein, new president of CNN

"Sen. Harry Reid Reveals Sharp Tongue"

The "Stop Hillary" movement isn't selling...

Alright, Dean. The memo. It's time.

Possible weapons-grade plutonium type idea I'd like to run by you- REPOST

Take the Pew/NPR survey to find out if you're a liberal

Would Someone Keep a Running List of The Demo's that speak out

If the "SS surplus" had not been collected from paychecks in the first place,

the MSM: what are your views ???

...and no impeachment hearings...