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Lesson from a Total Defeat for the US

Rich: Conservatives (Heart) 'South Park' (Great column)

duplicate - delete

Iraq, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief

Power corrupts, and how!

Capitol Minds

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Corporate/neo-con def. of Freedom...

Christian fundamentalist bigotry reigns at US Air Force Academy

Unmentioned Energy Fix: A 55 M.P.H. Speed Limit -NYT

"What's the Matter with Liberals?" Thomas Frank, NY Review of Books

Neil bush and Ratzinger {newbea pope}had business ties???

Dems not allowed in Real ID Act conference...

Me TV Wiki

Build your own tax policy

Risk assessment, reality and how fear and irrationality kills.

UK teachers' boycott may be overturned

Israel blacklisted by U.S.

David Ray Griffin

Stephanie Tubbs Jones/Hillary Rodham Clinton - Count Every Vote

This thread will probably get locked but I need your help

Damn it. I have a good idea and no one is contributing.

You guys are the most creative, brilliant, dedicated, persistent people

How's the Brewtown meetup going?

Pics (3) from 7th CD Convention

Anyway to see the 9/11 thing from this morning?

Thank CSPAN for airing Prof Griffith's speech: 9/11 Omissions/Distortions

NYT's (brief) LTTEs, RE: SS Pitch-not a one

Fresh Attacks In Iraq Kill 11

DemUgrnd Triva Question

on a lighter note - cows and politics..

Drug Diversion Scheme Shut Down; Public Warned to Check for Affected Meds

If it is illegal to advertise hard liquor on TV

Why Is This Ignorant Nation in a "Reverse Revolution"--why, why, why

Study: Outsourcing Losing Luster

OOMMMG. Robertson on THIS WEEK

Who would like to see a Top 10 Liberal Heroes?

Ponder free thought

Snips from Marla's Journal... Paradox of Beauty and Tragedy

How would you turn down a petition you disagreed with?

Have you noticed the quality of the posts deteriorating....?

NYT Bends Over, Yet Again, For Karl

Air America Expands Weekend Line-up

April 30th: The Cost of the War in Iraq- $166,566,666,250

I think that our dead soldiers deserve more than to be ignored for

Less than 100 ......

Official White House Correspondents Dinner thread: CSPAN 10PM

Idea for Andy inspired by the "Frank Must Die Kid"

Recovering addicts/alcoholics: What do you tell your kids?

David Ray Griffin

Fascinating CIA website - "World Fact Book" - all countries - "faq" style

15 million posts is awesome....I pledge $15 for Andy Stevenson in honor

US Iraq Death Toll 1586

To celebrate 15 million posts, we should contribute $15 to

If Quebec can secede, then why can't the South?

I'm convinced that we won't see meaningful leadership until something

If nothing were to change....

What an honor to have your pic taken with Cynthia McKinney!

Just sent some feedback to

Most effective way of stopping Buzis agenda?

I sent a letter to CNN about their 'news' coverage

Bill Maher, for those who missed. 9pm CT, HBO.

Hey Skinner, You should make the 15M post and dedicate it to Andy.

Cracks in decaying shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten second disaster

You might as well block CNN from your tv --

OMG, CNN just interrupted Larry King to announced the runaway bride

If you were getting the death penalty which method of would you choose?

Moonies just came to my house.

Rush lead away in handcuffs?

Why is it National News any time a White Female Disappears?

Delay/Abramoff Russian Hotel Bill

Guest Lineup for the Sunday TV News Shows

Turn CNN off, its garbage. Iraq is in flames damnit!!

IF you believe in a higher power,...

Jane Fonda's assailant - Is he REALLY a Vietnam Veteram?

New show on AAR announced on Laura Flanders.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: How Funny Do You Find This Image?

The Fish and Wildlife guys just killed a cougar in my area.

School tells only Hispanic kids :"Clean bodies/clothes", no gang clothes

Social security - More about killing SS or enriching corporations?

Was IranContra an act of treason?

"Scientists create animals that are part-human" Your opinion?

Best response to fake secret service kicking Dems from SS events?

Your Guide to Inventing A Minority Perp 101!!

Malaria's winning in Africa (A child dies every 30 seconds)

Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war (BUSH LIED!)

Another story to lift your spirits

Scariest movie trailer ever? I saw one the other night.

Is the U.S. losing the war in the 'INFOSPHERE'?

Dear Skinner, Earl G, Elad and the rest of my

most expensive zipcodes are in Blue States

Watching this FDR movie on HBO is getting me depressed

This is sick. . .CNN has reporter on plane with runaway bride. . .

CNN may have hit rock bottom tonight.

One scary search engine

Canned chicken stock?

Shielded by corpses, infant survives Baghdad suicide bombing

Iraq, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief

U.S. military deaths in Iraq reach 1,580 (At least)

Cracks in decaying shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten second disaster

Italy furious at report clearing U.S. soldiers over death of agent

Guerrillas kill three Iraqis in attack on Falluja

U.S. warning of North Korean nuke tests

Death toll rises as Iraq insurgents strike at will

Untangling a Lobbyist's Stake in a Casino Fleet (Abramoff/murder)

Army pair's tactics eyed-Student-led sting ensnarls recruiters

Iranian Arabs held in Syria

Beach drops Speedo ban

34 arrested in Critical Mass bike ride

Iran says it may resume nuclear work

Terror is the hot new major on campus (Unemployed Duers)

Blair told war was illegal in 2002

Shiite Leaders Prepare for Insurgency Crackdown

Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty faces review

Bill Directs Compensation for Oil Leases

U.S. Sees Drop in Terrorist Threats -WP

Minutemen wrap border stakeout

Father: Bayh considering White House run

Shell Profit at $2.05 Million an Hour

Ten U.S. soldiers killed in last 48 hours in Iraq

Deal with Left Helps Canada's Liberals in Polls

British military chief reveals new legal fears over Iraq war

Inquiry Finds Abuses at Guantánamo Bay -NYT

Iraq on brink of civil war, Pentagon strategy questioned

Iraq war sparks recruitment crisis - UK

Untangling a Lobbyist's Stake in a Casino Fleet

Mrs. Bush Steals Show at Reporters' Dinner

Missouri river at risk of drying to mere trickle

Coke + chocolate = FIRE ...

The stereotypical shortcomings of the male gender...

Rename Hilary Swank:

How do you pronounce, "DEMI PARURE"?

Air America Expands Weekend Line-up

What are you wearing right now?

why do i suddenly have a java icon in the notification area of my task bar

Anyone "Pied" Hannity Yet?

That bride ran away because of them there homosexshuals

At what number do you think the post frenzy will start?

in just over 24 hours: NEW Family Guy!!!

The DU A-B-C Game!

Son of "Movie lines that make me laugh"

Boston Globe FEATURE Living Arts Story: WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!!

The Lee Atwater Invitational Blame Game

Weird optical illusion (not epileptic)

Fuck the Spam Filter - I have sockpuppets!

2 more hours.

What do you think the topic will be of the 15millionth post

Colonel Angus! What brings you to these parts?

I put a spell on yoooouu!

I feel like pie

I feel like fie

Get over here and get me some ice cream!

How will we know which one is the 15,000,000 post

There's a media-whore parade on CSPAN right now

We have a new addition to our family...

Brother Sky Blue was on the Laura Flanders show just now

What happens if a troll posts the 15M post?

Philippines dish "Kare-Kare"...peanut butter, ox tails, tripe, eggplant

I'm going to my neighbor's to drink beer.

Here in Atlanta, it's been non-stop Jennifer Wilbanks

This is one of the most random things I have ever seen


How many DUers will get caught by the spam filter in their effort to

Take a guess on my sexual orientation.

I feel like pi!

What time, e.s.t., will the 15 million post be made?

I want to see "Spamalot"

Base 10 is stupid.

Anyone walking in the March of Dimes Walk America tomorrow?

Ever offer to volunteer somewhere and then regret it after a few days?

I won a prize!

Do you mind if I have some of your TASTY BEVERAGE, to WASH THIS DOWN?

I had a huge early dinner tonight and now I'm hungry

Anyone visit the Emergency Room lately and note the bill?

Wanna know something? I have the hots for more of the gay DU men

We're going to have to move you to the basement...

I wipe the Pyramids off my shoes before I enter my house.

The Runaway Bride's eyes in all the photos --

Refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh..

I've never noticed until today; but DU makes 5 posts every 10 seconds.

This thread is not about miscegenation, it's about John Coltrane!

Better Leading Role Performance: "Ray" vs "Ali"

Have you heard about the Pet Buddy? What do you think?

I caught you a delicious bass.

It's getting close, and about 68,855 people are about to get a phone call


BREAKING: mike_c tries for the 15 millionth post on DU....

My semester ends in two days!

I'm tired of waiting to find out it is!

I will never forget what I was doing during the Great Post Race of 2005

$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$

I just spent the last minute or so clicking refresh in the lobby...

Who won?

How's got it?

Holly crapamolie it's close now!


Okay, fewer than 1,000 republicans left!!

less than 50


What would you do if you post the 15 millionth message,

It's over ....who won?

Almost there!!!

Ok folks, it's over, there is nothing to see here, keep moving.

Recount! Recount!

I am, for the first time ever, watching "South Park" on TV

I'd like to say a word of appreciation

Ok, who won?

How shallow can you get?

Who won? Who Won?

Shall we go for 20,000,000 while we're all fired up?

Something profound goes here

Micky DU's-- over 15 million served

Highest degree of maintenance required: Jenna Bush or Jessica Simpson

Bah! 15 lousy million, ya'll can have it. I'm holding out for 20 million

Ayone goin' out? Can ya bring me back a chili dog or two?

Who will be #15 million?

I want a recount.

How jealous are you going to be of the person

"Warm lamb tongue vinaigrette, with hedgehogs

Hooray! 15 million posts.


Do you have an invisible pet?

So how was your post performance...

ARRRGGGHH! I can't think of the name of a movie -- Help me, please

I have an idea better than

Everybody breathe out now.

whoisalhedges can't post stuff like this without an explanation...

What time is the GiovanniC press conference?

Diebold is checking the results now

Gannon on Maher tonight

I got a new ferret!

are we there yet?

Owwwww, thermonuclear tooth!

OK, folks, the 15 milliionth DU post was clever, witty, and timely,

Has anyone seen The Yes Men? If not, do. Those corporate

I feel like poi!

just when you thought it was safe to enter the lounge... MORE BOSTON PICS

What the hell is wrong with Nancy Grace?

Songs I NEVER thought I'd hear in advertising

I am PUI.

This should have been the 15th million post

Thank you James Toney

There is not enough vodka in the world to wipe the imprint of this day

Should I bink dreer while I heen my clouse?

Should I drink beer while I clean my house?


Should I drink my house while I clean beer?

Am a scaring anyone yet?

Simple joy of life #4566A: running in the rain

Who doesn't give a rat's ass about Cats or Dogs?

Hey guys, if this was your fiancee, wouldn't YOU run away?

The pie is out of the oven

There's a thread in GD on the runaway bride...

I'm looking at Howard now

Soon'z y'all finish thet BEER, we can get down to some serious COW tippin'

I started practicing yoga today. Ask me anything! n/t

I still make feces in the mirror! Do you????

"Dead Like Me" has been CANCELED!

Cats vs. Dogs: 120 to 37. Cats rule!!

Should I drink beer while I clean my horse?

mommy, my feet hurt

I have a new love

And let me tell you another thing...I Like You!

Who does the spoken lyrics of "We Want Your Soul" by Freeland?

About to graduate with my MSW

I hurt from coughing....

My runaway bride story.

I just watched a great "All In The Family" episode

So, I'm finally moving out of my parents house (again)

My cat and I started practicing yoga today...ask us anything!

How badly to you want to win the Great Post Race of 2005?

I still make faces in the mirror! Do you????

I'd like to be the fruit loop in your bowl of milk.

Isn't anyone going to welcome me to DU?

Come play with me in this thread

Underwear is overrated - Observations

Should I get a dog?

FUNNY! Senior Citizen Dress Code -- just sent to me by my cousin!

Direct-to-DVD and cable starlet Misty Mundae or first lady Laura Bush?

What's YOUR nerd score? Take the test

Hitchhiker's Guide the movie

Constantine just showed up at my door...

You can get any thing you want

Satan's Laundromat

Now THIS is funny.....for those who missed it.

It's a boy!!!!

Did I mention that I documented my DU DUer stagger last weekend?

So, should I sue?

I miss JimmyJazz.

WTF??? I Posted This New Graphic in GD And It Got Me Called A Racist...

Beach drops Speedo ban

Hey guys, if your fiance ran off, would you still want to marry her?

Ali's on TNT

Military Recruiters Really Are Getting Desperate

what song are you listening to right now?

Did you remember Poland today?

Food memories - foods you liked growing,places to eat, etc (and a link)

Cats or Dogs? Democrats or Republican?

Bush Joke

Want some cheesecake? It's goooooood :)

Ok... so... wouldn't it be freaky if I was really nsma...

I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite--GOSH!


10 Things DU Doesn't Know About You.

Are you sick of 'OK, the fun's over' being at the top of the Lounge?


The disadvantages of having a Giant Hairy Pussy (w/pics)

A couple Milwaukee meetup pics... and where's RetroLounge??

Milwaukee Meetup - What Are They Hiding?

More Milwaukee Meetup Pics

AR Sample Letters

Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist (What would Jesus filibuster?)

"McChurch" Teaches Clergy How to Super Size Their Dying Church Membership

Shape-shifter Bike Transforms As Rider Pedals (from three to two-wheel)

Table-top fusion 'demonstrated'

Bird flu mutates and now more infectious

TO finally managed to piss off his quarterback

Happy Birthday Oberon!

I got a new ferret!

A Very Merry Month of MAY - Nolle's Astro-Report

George W. Bush's Horoscope, Post Election

"Carolina Cowboy Church" set to open

VN War ended in disgrace on 4/30/75..

Is that John Kerry's voice in "We Want Your Soul" by Freeland?

Never did I ever think I'd see him

Posting this here so as not be be involved in a debate elsewhere!


Sob! I'm not winning :(

What the hell happened to the "war on terra"? Guess it expired on Nov. 2.

NE-Gov: We've already lost

Whoa--did my eyes just deceive me or was that

Did Bush call on all the White House correspondents the other night?

Apparently "In Your Face" is at White House Policy.............

DoD Pays Tribute to Departing Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz

Another great quote from *'s Press Conference....CAPACITY

a statistical snapshot of world's economic, political, & cultural climate

YOUR economic viewpoint...?

Peak Oil folks: Have you heard about lightening as an energy source?

You must be RACIST if you think an arab society can't be a DEMOCRACY!

LIE-berman Quote of the week

Contact CNN to tell them to start doing their job!

Afghan Army Gets Armored Personnel Carriers

Sunday Morning Talk Lineup

Freeper's letter to Citizens For Legitimate Government (LOL!)

CSPAN Sunday: Krauthammer , Dowd, Goodman, Franken

Bush is rejuvenated by his performance at his press conference...

George W. Bush's Horoscope, Post Election

So... Bush was lying about Iraq and here's the proof

Was Bush A Splasher?

The must-see movie "The Yes Men" out on DVD! Watch it!

Watching Hotel Rwanda, can't believe we let it happen, Sudan?

Daddy doesn't always know best

Kinsley: In Praise of Bush's Honesty (Honest)

Cynthia Tucker, AJC: 'Must filibuster Justice Brown'

Religious Right Seeks Judiciary That Dissolves Church-State Separation

Elephants apparently can forget - San Jose Mercury News

NYT Magazine- The Way of the Commandos (Iraq's Counterinsurgency Force)

Dereliction of Duty Regarding Iraq - By Scott Ritter

The high price of inflation: It always seems to start at the gas pump

Tories speak Blair's language/Kos article in the Guardian

Support Our Troops (Pentagon Lip Service re: Up-armored Humvees)

Great editorial in the Stevens Point paper!

Alabama’s “Values Voters” - Stephen Foster Black

100,000 Dead Iraqis Probably Accurate.

NYT Magazine - A Lobbyist in Full

STEPHEN J. MORRIS: The War We Could Have Won (NYT)

George Lucas on Star Wars, Fahrenheit 9/11, and his own legacy

It's in the middle of the room like a lump of Santorum, covered in flies

Kent State students discuss 1970 clash

Publish yourself and be damned

Mike Malloy now on XM Radio

" bias? It's in the eye of the beholder..",by paper's "reader's rep"

Pat Roberston - 1992 Presidential Election

Are the needle's days numbered?

Stylish porn on a shoestring budget yielding big profits

After 6-Yr Delay, EPA Investigates Smelting Slag In WA Reservoir

SUWA Denies Blocking Utah Drilling - 4,000+ Permits Issued, Five Protested

Exploding Toad Debate Rages On

Powell's Continuing Fall Reveals Hidden Glories Of Glen Canyon

Stop Global Warming Virtual March on Washington - Non-Partisan

Up To 11% Of US Mercury Emissions Drift From Nevada Mines Into Utah

Has Bush already decided to attack Iran?

Hamas grooms itself to win in upcoming elections

Church Plans Divestment Vote Over Israel Issues

Thomas Cahill and the Poisonous Post 9/11 Atmosphere

The War on Terror is ultimately a religious war.

The begining of the end for the Bush Administration?

Simple Math demonstrates that the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication

100 Leaders Sign 911 Truth Statement

Hey where did that great post on seismic spikes and molten metal go?

Indira Singh sings out

Welcome to all new 911sceptics! What are we doing now to make a change?

Counterpoint to Fox News Needed

I'm still here, but just haven't been able to do the "daily thread".

Rove in Cincinnati on May 2nd...

I Got this letter back... Election Commision (signed Robert Pastor)

Sequoia lawsuit gets interesting; your input possible & needed

The Nashua Advocate Poll: Only 8 Candidates Remaining for 2008 Nomination

2004: Doesn't it essentially break down to 3 legal arguments

Kathy Dopp's Most Recent Post Concerning Lizzie Liddel's Criticism of USCV

Watch "Don't Forget November 2" by Common Cause

Great line-up, dedicated reformers: CASE Ohio Teach-In

Mandatory counseling if you have children and are getting divorced?

Getting script error on AAR page.

Rove in Cincinnati on May 2nd....

Anyone hear of a Bill (introduced or passed ) outlawing "time-outs" in day

A Story of Texas

UnFreep this poll!

Is it true the the "cold-feet" bride-to-be claimed black or Hispanic men

Remember the NBC news crew that filmed the US soldier killing the wounded

Disfiguring Eye Disease Dampens Mood

Business Guru's Help!

`I did it out of love': Felony charge for father who spanked son with belt

Should I get a dog?

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon

Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report

Oil prices and Faux's reaction

Study links midlife weight, dementia risk

Mom's Psyche Related to Child's Feeding Problems

Did Clinton cause RBS - Runaway Bride Syndrome?

Iraq update: May 1, 2005

Third Straight day of attacks


Texas Finest! - The Minute Man Project

God, god, god, nobody mentions the Devil anymore

High Blood Pressure Staves Off Muscle Pain

How can the Bible help us, here in the 21st century?

Is it likely that the U.S. has created and maintained a terror network of

U.S. Sees Drop in Terrorist Threats..........hhhmmmmm

Children Are Still Dying in Fallujah. *warning graphic*

We have there an or something?

A small revenge on Coutler for a Muslim

Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion

New soap operas for Faux Moos viewers.

Ok, so officially when was the last TERROR ALERT??

If you were going to write about my experience....

Microwaved Eggs Can Cause Eye Injuries in Kid

Has anybody else noticed the MSM REALLY wants Jennifer Wilbanks

Pictures released from pentagon War Dead

Jennifer's Eyes Tell Me A Story

Will YOU Plead The 5th When They March YOU Before Congress?

MTP has the mindless Andrew Card. SFB.

Burn Them?

So who was # 15 million?

Italians Seek to Close Website Showing Pope as Nazi

Politically Direct debuts today AirAmericaRadio 2-3 PM EST

Pat Robertson just called Justice Ginsberg a Communist

The battered American syndrome.

Russert is grilling Andy Card pretty good on MTP.

Card says it "appears" that N. Korea testfired a missile.

Vietnam: The Music of Protest

Ex-DEA Agent: 35Yr Drug War Will Never Be Won

Best Caption Contest Ever!

Why Are Reporters Playing It Safe With Bush? by Ralph Nader

Do You Think That North Korea Has A Working Nuclear Weapon?

Rs vs. Ds who Served thier country

Thousands Swarm Streets for Wisc. Party (Mifflin Str)

Chris Matthews Show Just Showed ** Strolling Hand In Hand

Vid Clip of Laura the Lump at WH Correspondent Dinner

Vatican to Evaluate American Seminaries

How about a Big Oil windfall profit tax to fund SS?

Agricultural insecticide risky for farmers

Card is going to be on Wolfie up next....

Anybody From The NYC Area Driving To The Media Reform Conference?

Chuck Hagel just made a Freudian slip on Face the Nation

Look at this whopper from Andy Card (on MTP)

How do Americans handle trauma and emotional upset?

Jeff Gannon Wrote 41 Articles for GOPUSA

Robertson is a rascist!

I call it BA-cklash. Yup. When it all explodes in ther faces with


$250,000 Party in my honor, an architect & decorator for the condo,

Ann Coulter farked...

Can Dems Become The Party Of Abandoned/Invisible Americans?

Now that a lot of our software is outsourced, how can we

Went to PNAC website earlier

Capitalism run amok - We are more than consumers!

Jack Abramoff, connected to a murder?

"Fascist theology in this town see God on the side of the US. ...........

Reminder.....New AAR show, "Politically Direct" on now (1:00 pm Central)

Another retirement crisis?

Breastfeeding protects from AIDS

Iraqi National Security Adviser...WMDs existence is 'splitting hairs'.

USDA Forest service develops partnership to plant up to 20 million trees

Christian Fearthink.

John Bolton, Wimp

SC House delays debate to play ever-important BASKETBALL GAME!

Sun. morning: RW-Christian lying, fornicator coverage 24/7

The Environmental Movement...Are you like me?

ATF, ICE break up major contraband cigarette trafficking ring

Democrats should support the sanctity of marriage.

Back by popular demand, Al Franken on Sundance.

Happy May Day!! (It's more than just a nice Spring day.)

Hillary Clinton about to be interviewed on "Air America Radio." nt

did anyone catch Rich Lowry on C-span this morning?

MSRNC to IMUS: "Over the line --- Displeasure"

"Filibuster Frist" at Princeton, webcam...120 hours now.

An Audio Reminder of the tissue of lies that is the Iraq War.

Car Bomb Blast at Baghdad Funeral Kills 20

why is Pat Robertson against John McCain?

"Orwell Rolls in His Grave".. perfectly BRILLIANT documentary

Teachers: Do you ever say something controversial or 'wrong'

A decent freeper among us

My email to CNN


Is the Bush White House really just a "house of cards"?

Torture in Uzbekistan--A Report from the NYT via Truthout:

May Day.

Roswell Report

I nominate Andrew Card for top 10 idiots this week

USDA advertising on Oxyrush, plugging food stamps


What is Osama Bin Laden's educational background?

For my 1000th post I have three words for you....

If Bolten makes it out of Committee, will he pass the full Senate?

The Greediest Generation ?

The 25 Most Popular Progressive Websites: How They Rank

Gore speech on CSPAN right now

Where's Ken Lay?

"When is Hannity going to see me" - Bridegroom asks

MTP Andy Card is swinging the BS

DU has 15,000,000 posts. How many of FR?

Coulter loves it when liberals weep and move to Canada.

It's been awhile. Are Democrats still alive out there?

Forbes Bush's hates means testing, Reich argues for it?

I Am An Atheist And I Am MARRIED

Heart patient dies day after completing 2,400-mile bike ride

If HIllary Clinton Had Peformed The Same Sketch

Their aim is to prevent civilized discourse on any issue at all costs.

Meet The Press ( this morning) ....I agree with N. Korea

Andrew Card: "We'd like to see more cooperation from the Democrats."

My email to Senator Boxer, etc...


Andrew Card is so funny on CNN International

News Headline about Bush

So the Repugs love to tell us that no new oil refineries...

"Spring Forward" is an interesting book....CSPAN had the author on

OK, now Bill Maher is starting to piss me off.

Laura's Speech- I feel deeply Sick

Metapost: I think DU should also have chat rooms. Here's why:

Scott Taylor, former Canadian soldier.on spreading democracy in Me

Why I enjoyed Laura the Lump's speech

ABC pandering to Evangs to!!

Florida Girl Told She Cannot Have An Abortion

Will Michael Steele (R-MD) be an idiot of the week? - (MAHER VIDEO)

About Pat Robertson's "bearded Muslims"....

special on guantanamo on 60 minutes now

Spitting on our troops

I am listening to a replay of "Meet the Press" on AAR!

Bolton-another war hawk who skirted out of Vietnam service

"60 Minutes" doing show on Gitmo - NOW!

Labour Campaigning as "BLAIR-BROWN" - Brit DU'ers?

Sunday Monitor - now on

Waaah. Lucianne Goldberg weighs in on Ann Coulter's TIME photo

Should the CSPAN daily schedule continue?

cpsan 2: Now American Media

Anyone get a call from the "census bureau"?

"White House stepping up defense of Tom DeLay"

May I direct your attention to...

Violence in Iraq Claims More Than 100 Lives in Past 3 Days

NEWS: "Credible terror threats at lowest level since 9/11"

The point the pugs make that keeps pissing me off is

How Far Will The Army Go?

Maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel

Andrew Card on Bush's handholding with Crown Prince Abdullah

We, Dems...the party of "The People" the party of the "Disenfranchised"

cedric the entertainer jokes with white house press: Puke:

Ann Coulter according to Ted Rall (hilarious!)

Does your employer still offer a pension plan?

Outback Steakhouse and minimum wage - a rant...

Laura Bush Has Officially Gone Off the Deep End

"Bush's Mandate"

Coulter dating 20somthing country singer Rob Ryan (Dem)

What is the deal with Arianna Huffington?

The Nashua Advocate Poll: Only 8 Candidates Remaining for 2008 Nomination

Andrew Card says Bush was holding Prince's hand because....

From: Soldier X - Subject: You Can't Eat A Soccer Ball

Another fallen American Hero (Marine) who probably won't be Honored

Guys thanks for all the support...

I think DU's view of Bush is wrong in a lot of ways

Do you think the neotheocons are evil, or just wrong?

Lawman Likes Eye In The Sky As Monitor

Osama brought us all together, but can he do it again?

MUST READ: Bush's War on the Press

Fighting the Right - The 'Neophyte Agenda'

Issue for Dems? US Children: 18% below poverty, 29% w/o health insurance.

Question dealing with Blair

Abramoff, More Federal Investigations, Ties To Gang-Land Style Murder

Forum Idea

if a heterosexual couple goes before a justice of the peace

New AAR Sunday show .....politically direct

One of Sudan's chief committers of Genocide to be a guest in DC

OMG, Fox News just had (and still does) one of their 'FOX EXCLUSIVES

Happy Beltane/May Day to everyone n/t

Ivy League colleges lead boom in student-run porn magazines

All this death in Iraq is getting to me.

Would you support SS Privatization if Wall Street paid transition costs?

Military recruiting center attacked

Of Kangaroos and Corporations

Please help!

"When is Hannity going to come see me" - Jilted Bridegroom

PTSD: “Almost every (VN) vet friend I have right now is totally disabled,"

"Why can't I make my own decision?" (13-year-old in FL who wants abortion)

Fuck bill gates.....

For the religious DUers - tell me how you tithe (if you don't mind).

why the fuck is pat robertson in this anti aids & poverty t.v. spot?

How About A Movement Where Straights Refuse To Marry

These children are Real! Their Agent Orange Deformities are REAL as well.

My generation (child of the boomers)

The Luckiest Generation

Should Bill Clinton host a tv show...

Unmentioned Energy Fix: A 55 M.P.H. Speed Limit

Fundies would FREAK at new Disney statistic

Just a great moment here in my mom's house

Americans are so weird; I really believe people in Duluth, GA

Good News!!!..............5/01/2005 edition

"Iraq bombshell this morning" re: Bush's prewar planning.

Vietnam veterans; Debunking a Spitting Image

What Does That Mean

Kosher salt versus pickling salt

Can cooked meat still be tenderized?

Leader of UK forces in Iraq slams Blair for going to war

Troops' families demand public inquiry into war

A Party Election Broadcast worth seeing?

Guardian: British military chief reveals new legal fears over Iraq war

Iraq on brink of civil war, Pentagon strategy questioned

Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war

Florida girl has abortion blocked

Missouri river at risk of drying to mere trickle

Never Shy, Bolton Brings a Zeal to the Table (Major Kiss-up by NYT)

Security fears put New York ground zero tower on hold

Syria to resume ties with Iraq

Cinema Owners Seek to Curb Phone Rage

Family, friends, comrades honor Hmong war veteran

Vietnam: The Music of Protest

Congress passes budget bill that hits Medicaid hard

Pope has had second stroke

U.S. military inching to resumption of executions

Rumsfeld offers to free Saddam during secret Iraq visit: Report

Bird flu mutates and now more infectious

Military probe finds prisoners abused at Guantanamo: NYT

Thousands Swarm Streets for Wisc. Party (Mifflin Str)

Karzai's Judgement Questioned Over Appointments (Afghan warlords)

Bolton's Nomination Is Questioned by Another Powell Aide

Iraq, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief

Blair admits early discussions on Iraq war

Insurgents Unleash Third Day of Deadly Attacks in Defiance of Iraq's New G

Untangling a Lobbyist's Stake in a Casino Fleet (Abramoff)

Bush Social Security plan would have big impact on most Americans

Economic Growth Hits Two-Year Low

Ivy League colleges lead boom in student-run porn magazines

Deserter or hero? Iraq vet tells all

Hillary Clinton makes Ohio stop(vote reform forum,Count Every Vote Act)

Iran issues nuclear warning to US

N. Korea missile test raises new fears

Spy agency's practice queried Release of names raises concerns

Ecuador's government gets show of support from OAS

Spitzer Sues Intermix Over 'Spyware'

Car Bomb Blast at Baghdad Funeral Kills 20, Raising Three-Day Death Toll..

Iraq expects foreign troops to pull out mid-2006

Two who put Moussaoui on FBI's radar speak out

Nine Killed in Third Day of Iraq Attacks

LAT: Stalin Has Foot Back on the Pedestal

Heart patient dies day after completing 2,400-mile bike ride

Muslims March against UK Terror Laws

Labor rallies nationwide blame gov't for poverty (Philippines)

Italy Report on Killing Goes Public Monday

National Day of Action: 12,000 say no to VSU (Student Leader / Australia)

May Day marked in Asia-Pacific with rallies, protests

Italy Says Its Report on Agent's Killing Will Shed Light

1,700 sex slaves a year lured to Japan (from So. & Central America)

Bush takes on still more political risk

Polish medics accused of killing patients and selling the corpses to under

Why all the hubbub over Bush's nominees?

Protesters rebuff UH president’s offer: A sit-in to oppose ..

Translation Capacity Still Spotty After 9/11

GOP gives more power to federal government, States blocked on industry rul

Microsoft set to quit MSNBC news channel

Tougher act sought for whistleblowers

Two Teens Rescued After Six Days at Sea

Activists march on May Day to highlight workers' rights (China)

Cubans Demand U.S. Expel Terror Suspect

Rice Ducks Venezuela Spat After Attacks Backfire (Reuters)

Iraq Expects Foreign Troops to Pull Out Mid-2006

Ex-Haiti PM (under Aristide) reportedly flying into exile

Militant Tape Shows Australian Kidnapped in Iraq

Togo remains tense; German culture center torched

New Bolivian Hydrocarbon Law Snubs Transnationals (stops privatization)

Iraq raid nets Hassan murder suspects

Card urges Democrats to work with GOP (Dems caving in???)

500 gay rights supporters protest outside Focus (on Family in CO)

Anti-Nuclear Activists Rally in New York

Report: N. Korea May Have Fired Missile

(China's) Lenovo completes acquisition of IBM's personal computer business

Twenty killed in attack on Kurds

Northwest says outsourcing long has been safe

U.S. has new trade war (Canada & EU impose penalty tariffs against US)

Bill would bar suits blaming restaurants for obesity

Soldiers Rescue Man Blackmailed into Suicide-Bombing Mission

Iraq may triple oil output by 2012

Draft U.S. paper allows commanders to seek preemptive nuke strikes

Protesters march against Nepal's king in Kathmandu, demanding democracy

Clinton criticizes Bush energy policies

Italy media reveals Iraq details

What must we do to teach our kids about communism?

I'm just gonna leave quietly..

OK, the fun's over.

APPROVAZIONE, il divertimento sopra.

O.K., der Spaß rüber.

OK, l'amusement plus de.

Home from the Cleveland meetup ...ask me anything..

APROVAÇÃO, o divertimento sobre.

AUTORIZACIÓN, la diversión encima.

Good night, my darlings...

Police on your back?

More cowbell video (in case you haven't seen it lately)

Isn't anyone going to welcome me to DU?...too

Random Engrish of the Day

Has anyone seen SNL tonight? I'm on the West Coast

Since there is no ATA..

Drink and socialize or be lame? My dilemma...

Discuss the music that you got as a teenager that was the bomb....

Big ol' jet airliner.

I'm no one,

what is reality, who is real?

When Arnold finishes as governor, he can be a tour guide

I was down on a frown when a messenger brought me a letter

Who Here Supports the Dismantling of ATA?


Wish me a happy birthday, so I can go to bed.

Microwaved Eggs Can Cause Eye Injuries in Kid

Why would someone you work for feel disappointed

Get yer speedos out: NJ Beach repeals 30 year Speedo ban

the swirls in my coffee remind me of "Starry Night"

I like it when my doggie licks my face, does that me a bestialite?

I'm buying a 2005 Hyundai Elantra tomorrow

Grapes of Wrath is on AMC right now if anyone is interested

A Kiss Is Just a Kiss

What other Liberal sites do you visit with Messege Boards and Forums?...

I hope that was supposed to be a joke . . . .

Damn Commies UNITE!

Ann Coulter farked...

Public Radio Group?

Montana kitty is dreamin' right now...

I exploit you, still you love me...I'm the Cult of Personality...

did you ever accidentally put someone on "ignore"

Backing slowly away from the computer...

Have you seen bvar22's amazing cat?

Five o'clock shadow... maybe you should change your name.

What do you NOT have to do today?

If I told you we're doing karaoke at the Maryland cookout in June...

Cinema Owners Seek to Curb Phone Rage

What if one of my cats is an illegal alien?

Do you belong to the elite Lounge clique or are you a Prole like me?

I do hearby declare, for all to see and read...

Best cover version of a great original song..

Blessed Beltain to our pagan DUers

If you are addicted to DU, please post in this thread.

Ahhh how easily I excuse myself...

Are You a Republican?

Are you a Lumpen Prolemocker Lounge Amphibian?

pssst....matcom eats quiche

When you're a boy

I'm a woman of filth..... ask me anything

Let's play a game: name two things that do NOT belong together.

HOORAY!!! Simba is eating again!!

Aaargh,!Can you handle another spanking thread?

Volunteers Needed For The Secondman Project

David Hasselhoff, "International Star Of The Year" (Bollywood "Oscars")

WOW! Only 993,395 more posts until we hit 16,000,000!!! Did I say WOW?

My friend sent me a copy of her living will last night

Are you a pervert? Do you find society is discriminating against you?

Laura Bush: I'm a 'Desperate Housewife'

make the phone stop pLease!!

Can you cancel specific cable channels??

So ... Who Had the 15 Millionth Post?

Communist Dog performs Voodoo on misadministration

"12 Monkeys" on SiFi NOW!!.........n/t

My most freakish nightmare ever...

Tasteless Dubya flash cartoon

Politically Direct debuts today on AirAmericaRadio 2-3PM EST

OUCH!!! Editorial Cartoon In Today's Boston Globe OUCH!!!

The 'Barbara Bush' rose bush


I think I need some hair of the dog

Coulter's got some splainin to do

I think I see some hair on my dog.

forget jenna, i have a pic of barbara

Oy vey! It's May Day and I have a migraine...this is what I've done

$250,000 Party in my honor, an architect & decorator for the condo,

Poor Kleeb can't get online: He says hey, and he misses y'all already.....

Has anyone ever donated plasma?


How long till fundies attack this ad:

Which Family Guy character are you?

Texas Repubs curb Willie Nelson honor

"bad news...the fog is getting thicker..."

My cable here at school is really pissing me off!

New Puppy has joined the Tripper household.....

Polls for photography contest close in 15 minutes, get your votes in

Oh yeah, who called it?

While the World Burns, George Bush** sleeps at the Ranch

Are YOU utterly psyched about the new Family Guy tonight?! I am!!!

Happy May Day !

Describe your perfect day off

For May Day: Working class themes from the Bob Dylan Songbook

********** 15.01 MILLION POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! **********

Beach Boys drop Speedos

Welcome to All Things Scottish. If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!!

Stop Global Warming Virtual March on Washington - Non-partisan

hey it`s mayday!

So after three years my friend is getting divorced.

As in all true things... It starts in the streets

Name a band of which you have never seen their faces

What is the longest thread in DU history?


Mayday! Mayday!

This is NOT a sex thread. It's oh so much better...

When I have had enough of Bush and feel down for this country...

I feel like an ass

Wow, I can post.

Do I get an award for being the 15,010,780th poster?

"Orwell Rolls in his Grave" Showing at 4PM EDT on FSTV

Noel Gallagher is the Pai Mei of rock.

Anyone else becoming a fan of the show "House"?

Miguel Tejada is the best player in baseball.

Caption the photo

Let's think of a DU Lounge marketing slogan

I saw my first DU bumper sticker Mystic, CT...

Einstein's Theory of Relativity, plus a "Sin City" Jessica Alba photo

Last night's Padres game only lasted 1:58.

I'm 7 away from my 4000th post. Ask me a few questions.

The Freeps hate me because I'm a Liberal Libertine

Blessed Beltane!

Today's Laugh. But So True...

"Beer is Proof that God Loves us

Name a band without an original member

Headlines We'd Like to Read, May 1, 2005

This is controlled debris.

Revolutionary_Axe really bothers me...

Something that really bothers me...

I didn't realise Dick Cheyney was so popular,

Fleerg, Flibblegrr deebler pleh pleh pleh

As a longtime fan of satirical/subversive animation...

"W" has the "Smirk," but Jebby has THIS heartbreaking little POUT:

Is there any drug, legal, of course, that makes exercise pleasurable?

Marine Recruit Dat at Petco Park. They gave them the worst seats

432 posts from 9000 and I'm drinking whiskey. Ask me anything.

I am so f'ing awesome

Yay! Jeff Gordon is winning in Talladega.

Go to another thread and post a subject line at random in this thread

Spyware scum ass gets his ass sued by NY State

Things I learned today.

I'm obsessed with B.O.

Are you a salesman?

Bverness update: My head is well on its way to mufffy

Oh no!

I'm flirty smurf, who are you?

10 Things You Don't Know About DU.

Stratford or Shaw festival

My friend just got a new 5 month old puppy, her first.

I just cleaned out my fridge. Ask me anything.

Bush is a like a pure bred dog and Clinton is a mutt

Freepers = Poltergeist

What do you have to do today?


Matcom is using his Kitchenaide

For my 1000th post I have three words for you....

What name should I go with


Has anyone here ever been TRAPPED?

crap, Im out of whiskey

Is it just me....(internet related)

Are you a dead salesman?

I haven't cleaned my refrigerator. What does yours look like?

MY 1000th. POST!

If you're chatting with people online

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and a picture of Salma Hayek

How we spent our weekend

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the YAWN of the Century!

La la means...?

CNN haiku

Results on the cop visit on the dog beating

10 things you WISH DU didn't know about you

Fellow atheists - what do youthink of this?:

What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW!?

OK, this is frightening.

Calling out Bridgit II !

Everyone with sundog still in their sig check in

Woody Guthrie

Everyone without sundog still in their sig check in

AAAARGH! Watching St. Elmo's Fire! I wish I could

We're in trouble. They've found our weak spot. (picture)

I will never marry.

So, how old is Mike Wallace, anyway?

Navels: are you an innie or an outie?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

National Weather service is proposing to change its forecast icons...

"60 Minutes" is going a show on Gitmo tonight

Post here to get your Smurf name!

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

Is this creepy looking?

Best 80's Movies -- Any Genre

I'm obsessed with B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) by Outkast.

Gimme a line from an Elvis song, baby.

how do we know anything is real?

Guess what bride is registered at Pottery Barn? You guessed it...

stray cat heeelllllppppp!!! Please!

I am a Domestic GODDESS!!


The music of my youth is disappearing.... :-(

Let's throw down the gauntlets - quiz: are you a human being?

Still not over her almost one year later.

"Mealy-mouthed, sniveling whippersnapper"

DU Group proposal: Ask the Fake Administrator

***** URGENT! MUST-READ! *****

Do you know anyone who has Hepatitis C?

internet radio rocks

The Great Lakes DU Meetup-the aftermath (pictures)

Kleeb needs a Hug and some Help with his Homework: An Antiwar Poem

Are you an introvert? Do you find society is discriminating against you?


I just saw my neighbor. nut nut on the right

Here are all my Milwaukee meetup photos (Lots of Photos)

What is the difference b/t white, yellow and red onions

Pope has had second stroke

be skeptical of much of modern psychology and to look first to the Bible

Schools nix request for classes on Bible

Bible knowledge can give students an edge

What's the best/most accurate Bible translation?

How can the Bible help us, here in the 21st century?

Are the needle's days numbered?

Soulforce to Protest 'Focus on the Family' Headquarters.

What is the disparity between the reality of HIV & the hype surrounding it

Yes, I think Joe Dumars made a mistake by drafting Darko....

(key Armstrong team member) Ekimov injured, may miss Tour (de France)


Yankees----"Notes: Torre setting modest goals"

Pad Thai: "Lily is dissin’ me and it isn’t fair." (w/photos)

Stinky dog problem -- any advice?

The Soothsayer Says

HaHaHaHa: Greatest Caption contest ever?

Anyone think I should repost my thread with a different heading maybe

Please discuss my original post! My thread was unlocked!

Kerry Endorses Villaraigosa: A Day of Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

Washington Whispers on Kerry 2008

A Trip to the Zoo


It's times like this I wish polling was secret or nonexistent ...

Great relief is mine: Disaster averted.

For those interested, DFA blog notes by the staff and Jim D.

Remember this? FBI: Moussaoui not involved

Walmart shareholders to vote on corporate poltical giving transparancy

What do you think of this bit of BushCo military wisdom?

Cspan guest - Freak from the National Review is a liar

Question about the White House Correspondence Dinner

Congress passes budget bill that hits Medicaid hard

After Hillary serves her terms as President, what title will be used to

I'm sorry but when did the Democrats go shopping?

Bolton's Nomination Is Questioned by Another Powell Aide

"Bush's approach to any problem is to chop it down.

Suggestion: march all across the country in a symbolic 1600

Wow, leaked memo in the Independant

Iraq 2009

What will Voinivich have to pay for standing up and will he...

Andrew Card blames Clinton for North Korean nuke presence on MTP

N.Korea Says Bush Comments Show He Is a Philistine

" I Call Him "Truthteller Supremo"

"Twaddle" - don'tcha just love that word

Who was that slimy repuke on MTP?....

As casualties soar, America's women face reality of front line

U.S. Takes Brakes Off Nuke Arms Race

This Week & Pat Robertson

seems the asps are alive and well in Egypt (two were female)

you know the prisoner cloaked in black, on a box, attached to elec.

Iraq War will be known as the biggest international error of our century

'J. B. Stoner, 81, Fervent Racist and Benchmark for Extremism, Dies'

Politically, people want their cake and eat it, too.

Is anyone else here planning to attend the Take Back America Conference?

Why have David Ray Griffin posts disappeared from DU?

The Repubs have ALL the ANSWERS: All others know shit....

Did N. Korea just make the Bush admin. blink?

Bush on SS - steal from the middle class -- give to the rich

MSNBC: "U.S. Faces Fewer Terror Threats...Lowest level since 9/11."

All Hell Breaking Loose In Iraq

Can you imagine how many Republican Senators secretly DESPISE Bush and

MSNBC "Bwahaha" headline: "What else can go wrong for President Bush?"

Just saw a great ad for Tim Kane for Governor of Virginia. on TV

09/17/01: Bush responds to the question "Do you want bin Laden dead?"

Why is Laura referencing "Desperate Housewives"? Doesn't her "base"

Saudi Prince 'Bandar Bush' Linked to Oil-for-food Scandal

California now has the highest number of west nile virus cases in the U.S

Dick Durbin says Democrats won't shut down Senate if Nuclear option used?

On C-Span2 now a panel at 7PM EST on the American media, including Arianna

Early 2008 Polls: McCain 45% Hillary 38%; Giuliani 42% Hillary 40%

Should the CSPAN daily schedule continue?

Will Michael Steele (R-MD) be an idiot of the week? - (MAHER VIDEO)

White House Correspondents Dinner

The only scum lower than Georgie Porgie Bush is

Pat Roberston goes looney on This Week -Video

CSPAN now.. British citizens calling Blair a liar to his face

Spitting on the troops

you know who I feel sorry for? Al Gore. MY GOD!

Would you support/vote for whoever the 2008 Democrat nominee is?

The NRA opposes Republicans on the filibuster issue?

Wow! Amazing! My Red State Dem Connections ABUZZ with that C-span

401K "Newsletter" dismisses claims of crisis!

Chuck Hagel just pissed all over the Iraq adventure

Kerry Endorses Villaraigosa: A Day of Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

A serious question for DUers and Democrats....

Bayh, Clinton, or Lieberman

Blair pulls white rabbit out of election hat!

Who are these people on MSNBC talking about unlikeable John Kerry

Interesting conversation in a gun shop today.

Chuck Hagel wants to run for President in '08.

Clark wins the Calculus Guy poll

Sen. George Allen. Tough to beat in '08?

Just FYI on cable news political talk

If Bush had been president during the Civil War ?

This is the kind of person we need running national energy policy.

Seniors and Extension office funds to be cut

George Allen (R-VA) sticks his foot in his mouth

Ivins:If Dems aren't going to stand up for regular folks, to hell with 'em

I luv Thom Hartmann! Andy/US healthcare comments!!!! KICK IT!!!

Political Bumper Stickers

Lieberman may vote to confirm Bolton

Left-wing Clinton Haters are WRONG.

Russia: we could have defeated the Nazis alone

Guardian: How the UK was persuaded that the Iraq invasion was legal

H. Res. 170 struck down in committee

I was right about the Gannon story. The DEMs gave Bush another free pass.