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Archives: April 2, 2005

Vermont: Douglas, feds in talks to make state a prescription drug haven

Hypocrisy 101: Tom DeLay's involvement in the Terri Schiavo case

Texecrable: Tom DeLay is a certified stinker (Fredericksburg)

Tom DeLay should not be re-elected due to lack of ethics (Battalion / TX)

Bush gets his hawk in World Bank role

Washington events for April 4 - 8

Spoofing the Conservatives

Europe unhappy with Bolton appointment

A Christian Minister Speaks Out with Clarity and Conviction

Eating fossil fuels

Bush’s barnstorming on Social Security plan not working (SL Trib)

Who's Osama? To Fox, Schiavo's A Bigger Name (my article!)

Why Our Food Is So Dependent On Oil

Terri Meets Her Maker (by Steve Horowitz --

Addicted To Oil: Too costly to drive

Fake News You Can Really Use (April Fool's Day Special Edition: enjoy!)

Why we'll never see the second round of Abu Ghraib photos

DeLay Must Go (From Balloon Juice)

Martin Schram: Republicans now seeing the truth — and danger — about DeLay

End to organ donation?

It’s Ironic Terri Schiavo Died of Starvation

The Gates of Hell Are Open in Iraq

The Mythology of People Power

On the National Press Club Panel, Clowns, Freak Shows and Uncle Toms

My Letter to Wonkette

Bill O'Reilly, Alec Baldwin, and Whoopi G. on Maher tonight

Bolivian Exporters Fear South American Free Trade Zone

BBC (Friday April 1): Mugabe's party sweeps to victory

U.S. Protests Spanish Arms Sale to Venezuela while it Arms Latin America

US lines up action against Cuba in UN rights body

Israeli Court Eases Rules on Converting to Judaism

Friday KOEB meeting

From Selection 2000 to 2004 (NEP): Voted, Died, Reborn, Did Not Vote

WBCN is planing new SYSTEM OF A DOWN LYRICS-help spread to other stations

Computer help needed please

Why are these darn spyware programs still legal? I've just spent the

CHIP Advocacy Day April 6 Austin.

I picked up AAR this am in Paris

If you live in the TOWN of Middleton, WI

Pornster Nina Hartley Publishes Guide to Satisfying A Repressed Republican

Quick message for anyone here who would defend the pope or the church

Just in case you don't read info from each state, this is unbelieveable!

Fox News: Tom Delay Demands Pope Be Put On Ventilator

Wait a Second! I thought Reagan caused the fall of Communism

Mike Malloy at the Raven Cafe on Sunday..........

Do you think when the pope dies that Fr. Andrew Greeley will be swept

Sandy Berger must be dragged out into the street and flogged...

Question for Catholics here, re: Papal Audience.

The Pope doesn't want extreme measures taken to preserve his life.

WOOOOHOOOO!!!! The Carlyle Group hits that elusive $10 billion goal!

Pope opposed Iraq war and death penalty unlike flotsam Repukes Bush -Delay

What happened to HIPPA?

E-mail I got about Wolfowitz

The soldier of the future?

This is April Fools day and this is my 1000th post, ask me anything

A new tactic against the RW

Must read article re: rw media and our current state of affairs

They should turn out the lights in that poor Pope's room & let him sleep.

April Fool's Day "Fake News We Could Really Use" [enjoy, all!]

How is it that US Catholics are the most liberal in world .......

MOLLY IVINS: "More closely a policy is associated w/Cheney, worse it is"

Shouldn't Hannity be broadcasting from outside the vatican tonight?

"The Pope is actually in really good health"

How would simple Scottie spin the Pope's present condition?

Nancy Reagan comparing 'Ronnie' with the Pope. Larry King.

SO... is the pope dead and the Vatican waiting to tell the world

Just Got a Call From My Aunt RE:Fauxs Bill O'Reilly

Mitch Hedberg Stand-Up on Comedy Central Right Now

Did anyone see GOD AND MONEY?

F*CK FAST FOOD / Nobody Ever Held a Gun to my Head

commission cleared the Bush - Blamed Clinton

Putting the Jackson TV cameras to good use for peace

Terri Schiavo and "A wa"

Come on Gang, Join in a Bush Cheerleader Yell…..

How much money will the Army waste advertising itself?

Just saw a commercial for Anti-Land Mine Campaign on CNN Intl.

Whiny Rep. governor of Mass. CONCEDES DEFEAT on stem-cell bill

Let's pretend that John Kerry was President of the US,

Medicare Payments to Health care Providers

"Visionaries" contain/direct "hate" rather than project/incite "hate".

PA lottery # this evening...666

Chickenhawks:: Politicans Platoon

Non-Catholics who have been bawling all day, check in

Wonkette is an "Official Liberal Blogger" her!

You stole the election but you can't steal my social security!!!

YOUTH NIGHT ON MALLOY TONITE! - - Must hear radio!!

Breaking: CNN cannot spell.

I guess there is no use for me to post anymore!

F*CK FAST FOOD / Nobody Ever Held a Gun to my Head

Are there any DU threads about the HBO show on Air America?

DeLay -- What about federalism?

Cable coverage of the Pope

Michael Moore has been very quiet

So, Isn't It Sorta A Big News Story That So Many "News" Orgs Were WRONG

I am not Catholic, but I will mourn the Popes passing

Maybe Jeb should send his doctor to confirm the Pope's diagnosis

'I will be happy to make up more stuff'--nuclear project e-mails

Hellaburton workers beat up fellow worker

The "culture of life" nation has been on continuous death watch for 2 week

Please help me compose a response to this DUers

Belgian police use Bush-Chimp comparison in training exercise

Right Now

That Fucking Weasel O'Reilly Is On Bill Mahr!

Does anyone have any near-death experiences to relate?

Say what you will - I admire the people who've stood out there all night

Why the hell is Paula Zahn so cheerful???

Where do you find it most rewarding to pray?

Vatican press office closed now - hmmm...

Time for the Mike Malloy Friday Night Hoedown

Need Help Finding Info on Bush's Use of Drugs/Alcohol!

Bill Maher is back! He pulled a great line on O'Reilly:

Hellaburton to Launch brainwashing ads

Freakerland has jumped the shark

For all those who consider John Paul II a hopeless reactionary

Who the hell is "curveball"?

11PM eastern - Why is KO on MSNBC now?

Death Hits "Refresh"

Fool me once, shame on..shame on you? Fool can't get fooled again!

Do you listen to Air America Radio?

Who will mourn the passing of the Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth?

Unions Protest Bush Scheme in SEVENTY cities yesterday (surprise!)

DU has a Religion and Theology Forum

Wouldn't it be fair to insist that before * can go to the Pope's

Just quotes the brother of Michael Schiavo's live-in girlfriend

Do you take Star Trek as serious as the bible?

A Pope & Presidents: we display, you decide...(photos)

I need help finding the Party affiliation of the Judges in the Schiavo cas

Larry King is interviewing the guy from The Passion Of The Christ

Kudos to the Illinios governor for passing an emergency contraceptive bill

All you lovely, God-blessed lurking bushkissing freepers, this is for YOU!

Nancy Grace: Defender of Justice!!! (Act 1, Scenes 1-3)

Is Rove psyhic!?

Irate parents tell military recruiters where to shove enlistment papers

Why Our Food Is So Dependent On Oil

Which is the most important news story not being covered in the media?

Today was my university's Patriot Act protest

The Funniest Attack On Kerry... EVER

Post Your Favorite Shot Of The Pope! Here's Mine! (My Nod To Mopaul)

Neil Young is recovering from brain aneurysm!!

For those upset about the Pope-bashing who are asking for understanding...

A DU Thread in Unabashed Support of Our Troops:

I heard this on the radio today - holy ****!

Whoopi: If Kerry had put his nuts on the table we would have won

sweet lemon?

The annexation of Canada...

UPI Hears: Insider notes from United Press International

Former Republican Mayor of Los Angeles Backs Democrat in Runoff

Senator blames Clinton administration for U.S. intelligence woes

Pope lingers near death as millions around world pray for him

Hydrogen-Powered Truck Unveiled At Honeoye Falls

Taser: 1Q Sales Short of Expectations

Sen. Kit Bond Clinton is to Blame for Wmd's

Democratic Lawmakers Say "no" To Privatizing Social Security (OK)

Rochester School District Not Complying With Recruitment Requirements

Rock legend Neil Young recovering from surgery after brain aneurysm

Clerics Urge Iraqis to Join Security Force

US sales drop at GM and Ford, foreign rivals gain

Fed's Bernanke Chosen to Lead Bush's Economy Panel

Boxer blasts Bush’s SS plans (Truckee Senior Center )

Your guide to an unusual solar eclipse (in US April 8th)

The Pope ended communism

Pat Buchanan Doused With Salad Dressing

IEA to Call For An Emergency Oil Plan

Religious Leader in NewZealand

Rebuffed governor is attacked by both sides

Crest Communications Urges FCC to Reject Tyco Bid to Sell Fiber to VSNL

Another union vote at Wal-Mart in Quebec

EU may counter U.S. passport rule

Government drops legal action in Arar matter

Bush Intel Panel Sees Difficult Task Ahead

World Bank may tighten security under Wolfowitz

Democrats Use Bush Tactics in Social Security Debate(hold townhall meeting

Others Aware of Red Lake Plans, Officials Say (20 others may have known)

Sydney Morning Herald- Get Your Foot Off The Gas-It's Black Gold

Americans Urge Action On Middle East (poll / Harris )

Venezuela's Indigenous Protest Against Coal Mining in Their Lands

WP: DeLay Wants Judiciary Comm. to Review Role of Courts (re. Schiavo)

Record Number of Teror Warrants Approved

Tulita (oil, gas) strike said to be biggest NWT find in decades

FBI finds explosives in Nichols home

Lott delays vote on base closing nominee

Whitman's Moderation in Opposition Won't Win Her Fight Within GOP

Limbaugh: Medical records protected by state law

WP: New Ethics Rules Cost NIH Another Top Researcher

U.S. Continues to Push for Containment of Venezuela’s Chávez

LAT: Europe’s Boys of Jihad (Iraq is "motor" for younger recruits)

NYT: Bush Sidesteps Lott's Effort to Delay Base Closings

Quad Cities (Illinois) talk radio making left turn starting Monday

Ill. Druggists Must Dispense Birth Control

Ex-CIA Chiefs Rebut Bush Panel Conclusions

Neil Young recovering from brain aneurysm

So, what are you wearing to the Cleveland meet-up?

Bitch Pills

I'm a Boy!!!! I'm a Boy!!!!!!!

Have you tried the Google Gulp?

The Pope is dying without having canonized Reagan!

Wayne and I met someone famous last weekend


Bush: Pope's passing presents opportunity for democracy in the Vatican

Pinky or The Brain

What new drink should I try tonight?


Fox News: Tom Delay Demands Pope Be Put On Ventilator

A Joke To Lighten The Mood.

Has anyone heard form Xultar? I miss her already,

Buh-bye, DU!

Bread's song "If"...a special dedication to a real lady, Barbara Bush.

Has anyone heard from Xultar? I miss her already,

How can Microsoft talk of 'freedom to innovate' when it also guards its

I can convert PAL video to NTSC on my computer. Ask me anything!

I hate it when DU gets all snarky. :(


dupe delete!

Need ebay advice.

Dolly Parton Promises More Growth for Smoky Mountains Theme Park

Why in holy hell is Graham Colton OPENING for Kelly Clarkson?

Should I get drunk and stay up late again tonight?

OK, DU, I'm coming out now.

That Burger King omelet sandwich commercial scares me.

another tragic loss : RIP Frank Purdue

Finger length and male aggression.

Does anyone know how to get cat urine smell from carpet

Any fans of "Slacker" or "Waking Life" here?

Is it a requirement for mailmen to be able to read?

I feel for this guy

This kid is smart.

I know I said I was leaving, but one last thing:

Get your living will in order

Anybody watching the Barrett Jackson car auction?

Anyone ever been to the Devil's Tower.

I saw this license plate today...

Do you think I am being overly suspicious?

Real Time with Bill Maher

Why the Pope has always given me a headache (funny story)

Get your living will in order

I've been watching you!

I just got stood up for my "man" date.

Post here for semi-weekly Moon Zappa appreciation night

Become an Alpha Male

what do you like to drink with chinese food?

Live from New York

When was the last time you liked a song by ... ?

Post here for semi-weekly Zak Starkey appreciation night

Let's create a micronation.

Sweet Sirius had chemotherapy #3 today.

Watch this post sink like a stack of lead coated bricks...

C'mere you and let me plant one on ya!

1100+ Sf of house, 2 bedrooms, rugs, chairs... a lovely yard in the back

Oh my GAWD...I have a GD post with over 100 replies...

Computer help needed please

I got a thread deleted this am

Why is it that Rev_Act's Dupe thread gets 129 replies

So what's the deal with the Elks?

If you could give anyone one good taser shock

yvr girl thinks she's smart, but we can break the code.

Should I take up violin again?

If the answer is no

Did anyone 'lose' their dear Golden Retriever recently?

Jessie says,"Hey, what's up?"

Will I be able to play the violin after my surgery? n/t

New Playstation game.

Please take this HBO Survey on Carnivale'

" Animal laughs no joke says expert"

I'll probably hit 4000 posts over the weekend.

I think there is only one Oasis song that sounds like the Beatles.

I had a post crack 3 digits

Official Battlestar Galactica season finale countdown thread

AP "Most e-mailed photo" of Spain's Prime Minister & Colombian Ambassador

Another DU cat crosses the rainbow bridge

Bush admited he made a mistake with IWR today.

Bill Mayher starting Whoopie & O'Rilley on tonight

When you see somebody wearing black plastic eyeglass frames, you think...

BYOB - System of a Down's new song

The Perfect Weekend Thread....

LeftPeopleFinishFirst is the love child of JimRob and Bill O'Reilly!

Someone please remind me what I was going to write

How many Oasis albums do you own?

A Pope Joke (NOT 'evil' in any way)

Finance minds: Who knows what an FID is?

Did you see West WIng Wednesday?

I guess there is no use for me to post anymore!

Question about crushes

I am starting to agree with Bush about Social Security

You know, Frederick fucking Chopin...

Question? How long can you soak navy beans in water before they go bad?

I think perhaps we should give Bush some credit for Iraq...

I've given up on the Democratic Party

elshiva is the lovechild of Michael Moore and Andrea Dworkin.

Who here thinks that "poop" is too cute a word for what it is??

Anyone do podcasting?

Help finding a song

"They've got equipment and stuff, so they don't die."

I have just ONE WORD to say to all of you, and I really mean it!

What current rap/hip-hop should I be listening to now

Did Alec Baldwin get his divorce yet?

My cat would rather stay outside than inside, and she refuses to eat...

I have been thinking, Norm Coleman R-MN is not all that bad

Ok everyone, I got the job at ACORN. I go to louisville, KY

Stop wounding an innocent man! Tom DeLay is Innocent as newborn child!

Waaaaah - I wanna be someone's love child!

LeftPeopleFinishFirst is the love child of Al Hedges and Thomas Kincaid!

Bush finally admits to dodging National Guard service

OMG my mom said some drunk asshole attacked my uncle in a victoria garage!

I want to bear Tucker Carlson's Love Child

Who got "got" for April Fool's? Or who pulled off a good prank?

Kitchenwitch is the love child of Rabrrrr and Thomas Kinkaid.

I want to have a torrid DU affair and have a love child

Ever notice sometimes just the word yawn,makes you yawn?

Check here to see what other people are saying about you

name not needed is the love child of Kleeb and CO Liberal!

Mike Malloy with 13-17 year olds.

I now have a star! Ask me anything!

I just ordered The Who's "Tommy" off BMG. Ask me anything.


Astronomy Picture of the Day. Water on Mars!

Pole Poll

The better Texan?

I saw Sin City tonight....

how did you meet your spouse/significant other?

Bon or Brian?

What Would Your Pope Name Be?

Anyone listening to Mahler tonight?

If you could recommend ONE band..................

Guess my blood glucose. Win a prize.

My uncle just died 3 hours ago

Paris: I chickened out going up to top of Eiffel Tower. Did you do it?

Holy cats! I just got into a fistfight with my neighbour!!!! (long rant)

How do you deal with stress?

LOL...I dyed my hair today and my birds think I'm a monster.

Be like me. Have a color in your user name. Who would you be? :^)

DU Group Proposal: White Space Appreciation Group

Best. Kitty pic. Ever.

Can people with less than 1,000 posts count?

For 2 seconds just now i forgot my mom was dead. I was trying to get

I was just told by the Vatican that as a protestant, I am not

F*CK FAST FOOD / Nobody Ever Held a Gun to my Head

Post here for semi-weekly Keith Moon appreciation night

I had rouladen for dinner tonight..

Bizarro World conversation with an insurance agent today

It's official - BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is the best TV sci-fi show ever!

"Was Hitler American?" Actual conversation with my 6 year old....

HELP! I'm steppin' into the Twilight Zone.......

Bill Maher redeemed himself tonight. GREAT show. Except for O'Lielly.

Where do you think you're going after death...To hell or heaven?

Hands up if you have serious anxiety/depression/panic disorders in life.

I have to tell you about my friend, Lisa.

Hi there, just got done watching two PETA videos

For all you believers out there: If you could be the next Pope, what...

Can non-catholics go to confession?

Your guide to an unusual solar eclipse (in US April 8th)

We need a derogatory word....

I am Gay and in a very long term relationship

Has anyone "lost" their dear Golden Retreiver recently?

Is there anyone out there who knows how to get rid of a curse?

Help me find my glasses. Please. They are lost.

Whoopi Goldberg trashing Kerry on Bill Maher

Kerry & Air America Radio

KOEB PROJECT: Please post news stories that are HOPEFUL in this thread

Bolton Nomination to UN & Senator Feinstien Letter

Olbermann: Priest on now says Pope denounces ALL use of death penalty

discusion of DeLay on PBS Jim Leher News Hour NOW-good so far

Freepers are having a March in DC on April 7th to protest judges

Does anyone have the current status of the Pope?

PBS Newshour is going to cover DeLay tonight >

the vigil is calm, solumn-respectful--not like the people we saw outside

Is the vote on the filibuster happening today?

Nanci Pelosi's April Fools

Watched the rerun on the Centrist in politics tonight on Cspan, some

Fool me once, shame on...shame on you? Fool can't get fooled again

"in the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey" flash animation

Happy Anniversary Air America Radio!

Fox News prematurely pronounced the Pope dead/Video

ALF, ELF Make DHS Terrorist List, Right-Wing Vigilantes Omitted

OWL (Older Women's League) Launches Social Security Matters Campaign

Drop the Hammer: New anti-DeLay campaign ad

2008 President: Lautenberg-Byrd OR Byrd-Lautenberg *Profiles in Courage

Why isn't Clinton saying anything about the Pope? He met him too!

Debaters punch holes in Bush’s democracy rhetoric

Now is the time to talk about abolishing the death penalty.

Chimp's looking a little hungover today.

Scarborough and the Schiavo / "Liberal Bush-haters" connection

True Majority Action and DFA are teaming up. Video excerpt.

Know your "filibustees" (facts on Bush's troubling nominees)

CSPAN schedule, 4/2/05

Quick and easy guide to DeLaygate

Is Bush the most dishonest and deceitful politician of your lifetime?

Would we be better off politically if Delay remains in place?

"thislandwasmine .org" ad just ran on MSM "must see" Video at site

So now the Pope was the "Great Communicator"? Hmmm...

No Democrats expressing concern for the Pope?

Losers in the early 1900s suddenly ran the table in the 1930s

GM Seeds: Biowarfare in Brazil

Petition against RFID chips.Please sign asap!

Conason: It's all the CIA's fault

Schiavo, Elian: Tears and circus

'Culture of Life" is a Culture of Fear

Area husband pretends to give a $ # ! T - Satire

One more(and my last) Schiavo post

UK sells more arms to China...

NYT: A New Church? Not in Their Backyard

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran - Scott Ritter

Go Slow With End-of-Life Bills (Lakeland FL)

Private choices made in a political circus (Seattle PI)

We Can't Remain Silent by Bob Herbert

Many fear mixing of politics, religion

Threatened judges, threatened freedom (Roanoke Times)

DeLay needs a civics lesson (Denver Post)

Pentagon Redirects Its Research Dollars, NYTimes April 2, 2005

NYT & WMD: Profiles In Timidity

SAVE TITLE IX - The Foundation for Equality

Good News and Bad News for Title IX

Montana House against Pat Act

The Party of No Principles

NYT: A New Church? Not in Their Backyard

Boundaries of bad taste stretched far

Proponents fear Bush administration might gut Title IX

The writing's on the wall for wary Taiwan

Nick Coleman: For Red Lake, prayers, then politics as usual

Europe's Boys of Jihad

What's wrong with this letter to the editor?

College Conservatives raffle off an assault rifle

Iraqi Seed-Saving Under Attack

Larry Franklin rehired at pentagon..

ACTION ALERT: Wednesday April 6 at noon local time.

Venezuela's Media Minister Andres Izarra replies to the Washington Post

High oil prices force cut in Asia fuel subsidies

Starting Monday, Fish Labeling Reveals Country Of Origin, Wild vs. Farmed

Australian MP Addresses Peak Oil, Soaring Prices

Native American Company Brings Solar, Wind Power To Remote Navajo Pueblos

Marburg Virus Death Toll In Angola Hits Record 127 - Reuters

After Ice Shelf Collapse, Antarctic Glaciers' Flow Rate Up 200-600%

Study Projects Windpower Growth At 26% For 2005 - Reuters

Dolphins flourish in North Sea (global warming)

Oil Companies Squealing For Billions In Protections From MTBE Lawsuits

Environmental Defense Will Sue EPA On Newly Published Mercury Rule

Chevron to Develop Venezuelan Oil Field

MOFA hires PR firm to help with US-Taiwan ties

Beslan: responsibility of slaughter points towards the Anglosaxons

Lost tribe dreams of return to Israel after 2,700 years in exile

I just remembered two incidents before 9/11 that have taken on a more

can buildings grow 30%

911 and coincidence

OKC Bombing Help wanted

911 and probability

Students not allowed to vote in Louisiana, like some other states

PredictaVote™ - the first 100 percent voter-free, predictive voting system

KOEB - Saturday announcement: Blogging in the Clubhouse, 6 to 10pm

Bills in FL aim to replace Paper Ballots with 'Marksense'. Comments?

Lynn Landes rips on Democrats' paper trail proposals

Saturday 4/2 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

ConyersBlog: Voting Rights At Peril in Georgia, Indiana, other States

Carter not the guy to study elections (WTF?)

What do you think Kerry would have done,

Must See-- Our Own Election Protection Activists Fight for California

A DUer's Handful of Reasons to Come to the "Nash-ional" Conference

Please Help Stop the "Governator's" Special CA election in November . . .

Another Exit Poll Mystery: Party ID. Can you solve it?

Bay Area Democrats - Go Support Phil Angelides, George Lakoff, Barbara Lee

How many people here knew Brown was Gov who decriminalized homosexuality?

Quad Cities - you are getting AAR!

soul asylum!

NE Ohio Meet up

Effects of Global Warming on Texas 4/14 Sherman

Is Delay estranged from his mother?

Ok everyone, I got the job at ACORN. I go to louisville, KY

Bush finally admits to dodging National Guard service

Cartman fights to have Kenny's feeding tube removed

Stupid but nevertheless serious question.

FDA seeks input from public on food labels

Introducing...the NeoLib

Question with Al Franken

US army to produce Mid-East comic (book) to win the hearts of young people

Is your State forum useful/productive?

Your next tv. It will be flat, ultra high-tech, and made in Asia

Scientists, priests, you can't trust anyone anymore it seems

Help: Minimum wage Question, I Think im being screwed!!!!

I wonder what everyone thought of Bush's or *'s speech where he said to

Drug companies exporting clinical trials to India, China & Poland.

i do believe the system still works ...

If you could interview George W Bush what would you ask him?

I love watching Keith Olbermann for hours on end

Vatican City Websites: For Now and Next Few Days

What have Christians contributed to society?

Vatican Spokesman: Nothing has changed since last night's announcement

Anybody else annoyed by how ill informed the reporters are about

Announcement from the Vatican in twenty minutes!

NOW on pbs last night

How will John Kerry be remembered?

SUV Owners! With near 60 Dollars a barrel, do you regret getting an SUV?

Faux CNN different breaking news on pope

Cspan female caller from OH - self-identified "christian"

PEACE Is What We're Striving For Here


If you missed it: 2004 Exit Poll Analysis Points to Election 'Corruption'

Energy insanity-republican framing...

Is the Pope's Refusal to Go to the Hospital Akin to Choosing to Die?

TRY THIS AT HOME..Counter-recruitment at Halliburton Houston (Phoenix ..?)

The rise of the irrational,dogmatic and demagogic has undone

The Pope won't let go

Where do you think you're going after death...To hell or heaven?

Obituaries In The News

an old Negro Spritual for the Holy Father

What happens when a pope dies?

What is the chimp's* biggest* secret?

as much as I hate religion, I just can't bring myself to hate John Paul II

Did Wolfowitz turn down the World Bank post?

Veterans Group Calls on Congress to Impeach Bush & Cheney

How is a new Pope selected? Is that person ready to take over the minute

ordain women? just wondering.....

Order OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S. (Martial Law Alert)

What's the difference between "grave" condition & "very grave" condition?

What happened to the steel industry in the 70's is being repeated with the

The war in Iraq was in retribution for the attack on WTC and Pentagon...?

DU mental health pros question for you re: Pope/Schiavo

saturday toons

After looking at several new earnings bombs, AIG, Delphi, GM,Ford

By far the biggest crime against America by Bush and his gang is the

Is New York State going Bankrupt?

Erotic festival blames northern males for inhibiting women

What Happened to "Ring of Fire"?

For some chuckles

Shots fired during seal protest

Does the pain of Peripheral Neuropathy ever go away

The Gates of Hell are Open

Gay Folks Have A Tough Time Grieving For This Pope

On the evilness of the * administration

Is our country so self-absorbed that we don't pay

Notice any differences between crowd at St. Peters and Pinellas Pukes?

Korean bloggers making a difference (

to those that dont want to talk religion ANYMORE

Is the Pope Polish?

Is our system, political and economic, rotten to the core? Like the

I am now officially unemployed.

So does Bush go to the funeral?

What could be done to fix Ford & GM?

Are our troops still in Iraq?? Is anything going on in the world?

Will HBO's "Left of the Dial" every come out in DVD?

What happens when Rev Moon dies?

Pat Buchanan Doused With Salad Dressing

Yesterday I learned you can't recall the pResident

"Practicality was not the Republican customer's highest priority" LOL

Catholic DUers, which would you rather see?

watch what you photograph . . . a sad commentary on the times . . .

The draft- - (found this posted on another site)may have some validity

Did Sandy B. stuff papers down his pants?

NYT: Your Car: Politics on Wheels (Subaru is the new Volvo?)

The privelaged in this country whine a lot

A History of Secret Human Experimentations

Judicial Activism, it does exist!

ACTION ALERT: Wednesday April 6 - re: Debt Slavery Bill

The Pope ended communism. Let's hope the historical record is set straight

Scott Ritter on Air America

Sean Hannity, What A Chicken!!

OK isn't what Lott was trying the same tactics as filibustering a nomination?

Want immediate news? Go to this site --

Please read and post your thoughts ....... one more American dead in Iraq

Why wingnuts want to "acknowledge God" in government

National Press Club reinvites bloggers to watch Gannon/Guckert panel,

Is it too late for some protest pics?

So is it gonna be POPETV for the next week or what?

NYT: The crowd swooned like schoolgirls catching...glimpse of the Beatles

Why is the seal slaughter called a "hunt"?

Why Americans are stupid: All Peterson, all the time.

I won lunch with Mary Landrieu tonight!!


Drudge posted TWICE yesterday that the Pope had died!

Is there still a chance the Pope could pull through?

The Washington Post proves they now cater to the Hard Right.

Army Officer Convicted in Iraqi's Death Is Freed

"Well done good and faithful servant! . . .

HOLY CRAP. Popevision channel #3 turns back into MSNBC to cover Iraq

47 states have a way to refuse women health care and information.

Army Officer Convicted in Iraqi's Death Is Freed

Two phrases to remember when thinking about this administration.

Y'know, as popes go, John Paul II was fairly good...

Jane Fonda apologizes!?

CNN International on CNN now? Abu Ghraib under attack?

Iraq quagmire: not an Intelligence failure but orchestrated Press Failure

Idiot Son in office, peace loving Pope gone. The world is fucked now.

The passing of a great and decent man

Reagan seems small, insignificant, and on the distinctly evil side today.

For those who don't want to mourn the Pope

What relationship did Carl Bernstein have with the Pope?

Let's not forget...the Pope told Bush "stay out of Iraq".....he was right

Has Anyone Ever Seen This Anywhere? Politics & Religion Comparison

7 to 4 odds that Faux News

I believe that a man like Karol Wojtyla would have been admired

How long did that monkey speak? 30 seconds?

The further along we go in Iraq

Talk about prophesies

Anyone else think the Pope was really gorgeous as a young man when he was

There was a time when I thought the twenty first century will be less

Who was the Pope in 1964?

Professor thinks pie-throwing by liberals leads to shootings

email to FOX; Pope death coverage interrupts

EEgads..I just heard that the nihilistic, narcissistic

Has the US ever put flags at half-mast for other Popes?

The Reign of Stupidiots

Hospice staff doc's parents refused to believe her assessment

The days when America was a moral and material leader are over.

An unstated assumption in our MSM is that our leaders are virtuous men

So, what would Karol advise that we do to stem the Fascist dictatorship

Will Bush be "Reaganized" in twenty years?

bush statement

It is my hope . . .

Lest we forget the Pope stood up against the US embargo on Cuba.

"I'm not nice. I'm good. But I'm not nice."

Anne Coulter makes a fool of herself

So, when Cheney attends the Pope's funeral...

Where were you when you heard the news today?

This web site (DU) beat Drudge on news of Pope's passing.

The Pope told Idiot Son he started an unjust war. Otherwise known as

How did they complete Terri's autopsy so fast?

Cheney disagrees with DeLay on retribution against judges

the Pope - good teachings & bad teachings

it's true, many bornagains see Catholics as NON Christian

Scathing WMD Report: Nothing We Don't Already Know...

I am of two minds about Pope John Paul II

What is a mystic? Carl Bernstein keeps referring to the Pope as

Did anyone ever think that a time will come when Nixon would be

Freeper Internet Memorial for Pope

Tom Delay, make sure your seat belt is fastened ...

Love this picture...

How come neither the Pope nor any of the religious fundamentalists

If you want some laughs... about hiding statues

Freeper posts "Communist Goals of 1963" on bipartisan forum--entertainment


I hope the new Pope

GD Page 1 - 17 Pope threads, 1 Abu Graib

Keep your eye on the BFEE right now.

Clinton statement on the Pope

The most important statements regarding the Pope haven't yet been released

Have there always been topic of the week flamewars here?

How do you find out market share/ratings for radio stations?

In the upcoming Pope-a-Rama...

Clinton statement on the Pope

Insurgents attack Abu Graib: 18 American casualties!!

Lady Diana and the Pope

Who Knows German. found this site about bush, but the last half

Please explain to me what "It's God's Plan" means.

I hate this "Culture of Life" bullshit

I heard the other day Tom Delay is estranged form his mother

WTF is wrong with Tweety anyway?

BREAKING: POPE DEAD (AGAIN). AP With Vatican Confirmation.

Official "Guy James Show Thread" Please keep kicked!!!

Christiane Amanpour asking tough questions on CNN right now

bush's "culture of lies"

Just remember this picture

bush* just went to the WRONG Catholic Church....the CENTER of

Freeper in H&R Block on Terri Shiavo

Who should be the next pope?


Idiot Son soils every event he invades with his anti-gravitas and bumbling

Isn't it high time we stopped calling them "conservatives?"

Body of Soldier's Widow is Found Dead

Is Vatican City a sovereign country?

The Pope chose to die

Sounds bad to say but you know Bush is just loving the news today..

To all my Catholic friends at DU...

Terri Schiavo Cremated !!

Who are the front runners for the next Papacy?

Take the Bush/RW Sex-Test here:

I miss President Clinton...

Does the Catholic Church allow women to be priests? If they don't,

When you change your clock tonight

Action Alerts 4/2/05 -- DU these, please!

Albertsons grocery stores are racist in their sale items

Help me figure something out re: "Men in Black" (book about Supreme Court)

OK were 18 soldiers killed or just wounded?

Bush just arrived at St. Matthew's Cathedral (DC) for Mass.

These Words Seem Appropriate...

Photo op! Photo op!

I Hate Chris Matthews

What would you MOST like too see in a new Pope?

Clinton apologized for MK Ultra's excesses - no wacko conspiracy

Is it realistic to hope that the next pope may be a lot more liberal?

Statement from John Kerry

John Kerry for Pope?

So, I keep thinking of 'Top Gun'... (Professor: Beware New Militarism)

An important site

not too many will mourn when daddybush and w pass on...

What will be up next for CNN and all the rest after Terri and the Pope?

Would Lou Dobbs want Minutemen surrounding his neighborhood?

An interesting observation: Red Lake vs. Columbine

Amy Goodman in Portland today.... I'm going.... anybody else?

Scott Ritter on Air America

"Challenge Authority" - Pope-bashing goes with the authoritarian territory

DNC statement on the Pope

Proposal Would Allow Killing of Wild Cats

BREAKING: Abu Ghraib Prison Under Attack! 18 US Casualties Reported


The Pope and the lie and myth of "suffering".

Who will stand up and say it?

Christians bashing Catholics and the Pope on C-SPAN...

E&P 'Operation Truth' Profile : 'In Iraq War, Sometimes 'Truth' Hurts

Can someone provide me a link to the right-wing moronic protester

If the Pope had been liberal, would he be getting THIS MUCH coverage?

The Pope was a product of the Times he grew up in

Is Bush bad for big business?

Why don't we put a FOR SALE sign on all our journalists?

Who will Bush & the Republicans blame the stock marked fall,

What's Christian about denying women birth control?

Remember this? Pope fears Bush is the antichrist

"Pope's reign is over. It was magnificent,but was it really Christianity?"

Does this seem true?

PHOTOS: Photographers capture stunning contrasts of grief

Did both Reagan and the Pope truly "defeat communism" as they are saying?

First order of business! Take back the media!!!

Recruiting DU agents!

What have I become?

How did many of the liberals of the 60's and 70's become Neo-cons?

Pic: Elderly woman sleeping during * SS pitch in Iowa

I had a friend ask if I had anything against the Pledge of Allegiance

george bush is attending Mass

If He Had The Power Who Would Bush Choose To Replace The Pope?

I need to know if this is true (WMD report)

Poll Question: Which Was The Most Immoral U.S. Led War In History?

A Trojan Jackass for the Anti-War Movement

Bush using Pope's death to advance his "cult. of life" agenda

On the passing of Pope John Paul II

The psychics were right about the Pope & hopefully will b right about Bush

Watch for this now: The SCLM will keep linking up Chimp with the Pope.

Let's create a religion

THE SEVEN P's OF MEN'S VIOLENCE - Michael Kaufman, Ph.D.

Can I keep uncooked pizza dough overnight?

Barmen facing £80 fines for "serving drunks"

Move Against Leftist Mayor Sets Off Protests in Mexico

Maynulet is discharged from service; gets no jail time in death of Iraqi

World Bank President Visits Pine Ridge To Boost Entrepreneurism

Report: Colombia drug war failing

Bush Order Allows Isolation of Those with Bird Flu....

Rescuers Dig Out Quake Survivor, Thousands Need Aid

US Wants Greece to Send Weapon to Iraq

US vigilantes begin border stake-out

U.S. Forces Say May Cut Combat Equipment in Seoul

Ex-CIA Chiefs Rebut Bush Panel Conclusions

Insurgents kill seven in ambush (Afghanistan)

Drive-by slaughter claims 30 (Rio de Janeiro)

Italy Suspends All Weekend Sports


Taliban kill three truckers near Afghan border

US vigilantes begin border stake-out

Iowa shipping CEO gets 33 months for South China Sea dumping case

Order OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S.

Lost tribe dreams of return to Israel after 2,700 years in exile

Soldier Competent to Be Tried in Grenade Attack

Car Bomb in Central Iraq Kills 5; Gunmen Kill Education Official in Baghdad

Priests turn to unions in pay row

Ms. Wheelchair loses after she's seen standing

77 Moffitt patients get excess radiation

America's religious right lashes out at judges over Schiavo

3.4% Surge Pushes Oil Above $57 (concern summer gas demand will be met)

Record Number of Wiretaps, Searches Approved Last Year

Briton jailed over US poison threat

Ill. Governor Orders Prescriptions Filled

Pentagon Redirects Its Research $$$ (to classified, short-term projects)

Torture and repression exposed in holiday paradise of Maldives

Vatican to Issue Stamp When Pope Dies

Ex-Democratic Leader Joins Battle Over Judges (Dem radio address)

Vatican Says Catholics Arrested in China

Cuba's Cardinal Makes Rare TV Appearance

Catholic leader apologizes after crash (alleged DUI)

NYT: A New Church? Not in Their Backyard

Italian tipped as next pontiff

AIG in deeper trouble, legal experts say (destruction of records)

King County (WA) discovers 87 more untallied ballots

Official Calls Bush-Chimp Comparison Bad Taste

Governor George Pataki turned down a chance to be a United Nations ambassa

Soldier charged with shaking baby, causing brain damage

Bush Appoints Base Closing Commission

Clinton Collaborations Common Among GOP -ABC News

Gov says he's sorry for his 'natives' comment

NYT: DaimlerChrysler to Scale Back Mini-Car Unit (Smart car)

FAA rules Boeing must modify 800 jets

Iraqi Sunni clerics deny decree on police

Iraq blocs agree on parliament speaker

Now even Hollywood's outsourcing to India

A Master of the Senate's Ways Is Still Parrying in His Twilight -NYT

Fort Worth Diocese agrees to pay $1.4 million in abuse case

Berger admits destroying materials

Bush using Pope's death to advance his "cult. of life" agenda

Bush Vows to Correct U.S. Intelligence Flaws (Reuters)

Justice Ginsburg Backs Value of Foreign Law

S.C. lawmaker asks Giuliani to repay $100,000 speaking fee

The grapes of wrath: depressed French wine producers bomb Government offic

Army ready to call some missing IRR members 'no-kidding AWOL'

Terri Schiavo autopsy completed

Marines Take Up Fight on Postwar Stress

24-Year-Old Arrested in Dragging Hispanic Man Behind a Car on Easter

Pope Starting to Lose Consciousness, Vatican Says [VOA]

Body of soldier's widow is found

Bishop 'loses his cassock on the stock market'

Even at the end, Pope John Paul imparts the lessons of dying to his flock

Iraqi Politicians Complain Of Flaws in Interim Law

Terri Schiavo Cremated Amid Family Feud

Airman sentenced to 19 years for sodomy

NYT: NASA Starts Planning to Retire Space Shuttle

Wal-Mart Pursues Asian Americans (slower sales growth, Asian-language ads)

Bush Calls Pope 'Champion of Human Dignity' (Reuters)

Bush Hails Pope as 'Hero for the Ages' (Reuters)

Australian navy helicopter crashes in Indonesia (earthquake support)

Police believed behind massacre in Brazil

'Broad conspiracy' behind nun's killing in Brazil

Ex-Democratic Leader Joins Battle Over Judges (Reuters)

Refused kiss costs girl, 15, her life

Bush to Address Nation on Pope's Death

Hurricane expert sees new storms on horizon

Florida wants to ease U.S. school standards

Pakistani police disperse Islamist strikers

LAT: 'Curveball' Debacle Reignites CIA Feud

NYT: Pace of Job Creation Slows Markedly

(MT ) House condemns Patriot Act

Help Wanted: China Finds Itself With a Labor Shortage

Pope is dead

BREAKING: Insurgents attack Abu Ghraib

Quiet American behind tulip revolution

U.S. Forces May Have Beaten Iraqi General

Chilean likely to win vote for top OAS post

Polish communist says doesn't care Pope dying

Frist takes aim at use of filibuster (Charlotte Observer)

"Cheney is cold on Kofi" (disagrees with DeLay on judges)

Minutemen Prepare to Lay Down the Law (rally coverage)

NYT: Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule

Maher's New Rules Hilarious!

Oasis bootleggers: does "Lyla" provide insight regarding Sally?

I am my parents' love child

The latest dance craze-- the Booby Dance! (picture)

Breaking News: Mary Cheney is still a Lesbian.

I don't want a love child. Can't we just get a love puppy?

XP users. (I'm new to it) How do you stop your computer from shutting down

My G'3 mother wasnt a slave and all these copycats were inspired

That's it...I can't stay away...

Joan of Arcadia tonight

Have you ever seen the British TV Show called "The Spitting Image" ?

Did Dookus find Molly?

whats wrong with the 700 club?

I just dropped acid...

I'm having gender reassignment surgery.

Just want to say a quick "hi" in between battling computer viruses.

This animation brought me to tears.

quick question for ya'll

Now at least I can say I've seen a Rome sunrise

Steve Carel's (Daily Show) "The Office" on CNBC now....

If you can't say something nice, don't say something here

its 10:42 PM and my new neighbors upstairs

"Latest"page gone?? Only find Greatest/latest now. So Latest is stale,

HELP! I have DU butt!

Will high gas prices be good for the environment??

What are the most important live albums that were ever released?

does anyone else find "OK, the fun's over" at the top of the Lounge

A command for all in the Lounge.

Good night you all...

Once On This Island . A musical

I am officially volunteering as campaign manager in Dookus for Pope


My pick for the Republican nominee in 2008

What's your screen name in Cherokee?

I am watching Food Network and it's making me hungry!

Sin City the movie is AWESOME!!!

I missed the Trinity Dance Company

Anybody really love the "OK, the fun's over" Lounge Welcome mat?

Pour some water on me and give me first aid for burns

Breaking NOW hard on Faux - Pope is Catholic!

I can't believe this still happens to me.

I am listening to the Robert Downey Jr. album

For cool!! They have a female Thai chef on Iron Chef tonight

Bush releases statement about The Pope.

So Laurel & Hardy were on TCM all day today?

According to MSGOP

KitchenWitch broke my

The dreaded STD!

General Discussion is scary

I am afraid I may have broken DU again

Corn & Cheese

mahah ?

I confess. I am ready for the kids to go back to school...

If DU ever has the free name change thing again.

Nigerian email scam suckers, with a new twist!

Talking Heads, I need your advice.

Coeds aren't really coeds, right?

Why don't i get any pies on my threads ?

hi dad

I just passed 4000 posts tonight

How drunk does one have to get to choose to be on Girls Gone Wild?

so its 4:36 AM eastern...why are you up?

Ms. Wheelchair stripped of title for standing up

saturday toons

I escaped the '700 club', and I just now noticed!

Supporters of Gore, Lieberman, and Bush open their lunches on a high beam.

Greetings from Prague! The weather just nicer with each day!

Neil Young had surgery Tuesday for a serious brain aneurysm.

Cat Haikus


I don't want to alarm anyone but I just saw something out of this world

Jonesing For Neil Young Tunes!

Tender Crisp Buchanan Cheddar Ranch (Photoshop)

Why Did God Make Mothers?

laughing my ass off

I just put the pork spare ribs in the crock pot-who's hungry?

Help: Minimum Wage Question; I Think Im Being Screwed!!!!!

weekend dinner menu - how many of you should i plan for?

Anyone else have a really short attention span?

When you change your clocks, don't forget the air in your tires.

*** South Florida Meetup is Tonight!! ***

Night Shift workers

CAUGHT! A cat food stealing racoon.......

I just got 3 hours of sleep. Ask me anything.

My husband hates

I love Thomas Kinkaid paintings.....

Too Much Politics In The News....Too Much Death...

Why does Daddy drink muddy water?

How do i use headphones on my computer?

Beautiful day here in Kansas City but everything seems

I wonder how much radiation I'm getting?

"Don't flush." or "How high's the water, momma?"

Someone having fun with news photos...

I went on Yahoo just a few minutes ago...

Yay! I am Organized!!!

Help me choose the music for my show tomorrow.

Call it democracy (Bruce Cockburn)

Greetings From Switzerland

WEIRD: The perils of sockpuppetry


Question: If Antonin Scalia is appointed pope can he still be Chief

Flashback: Remember this 26 year old joke?

My cat laughs at you

Microwaves vs. Stove tops

I want a big, juicy steak.

Either it is raining or a flock of 10-pound Robins are flying over

Time for Progmom's show...........

UGLY PUPPY!! Warning: Do NOT Play With The Puppy!

Speaking of Jazz.

My Kitchen Smells AMAZING!!

If you ain't the lead goose chick the view never changes

Any decorator types out there? I need advice...

Wook at the puppy!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my head hurts!

Did you guys know that Stephen King killed John Lennon?

I am now officially unemployed.

Why did the Vatican want the crowd to be quiet today? I thought

NOW tell me that these crocs aren't FREEPERS!!!

Snohomish High School bans "Snohos" T-shirts

Here's a few suggestions for dealing with a few things that annoy you.

How can you tell if a car battery can hold a charge?

Syringe found inside drink carton

Idiotic bumpersticker of the day nominee

Average Price of Manhattan Apartment Tops $1.2 Million

Garrison Keillor has a terrible nose whistle.

Mindless crap. Got any snake games?

What's the phrase, it's on the tip of my tongue it applies to medical case

I got to meet Al Franken tonight! (picture included)

The "hey, that's kinda cool" make your own liqueur thread!!!

Have you had a drink yet today?

Breaking: Pope John Paul II is still not dead.

Anybody ever scrape old tile off the floor?

I really should never venture into GD.

OK, the Sun's overhead.

Does anyone know if you can watch St. Peter's Square on webcam?

Reply to this post!

For Seniors and Senior Wanna Bes

I changed the look of the Comments section of my blog.

I think that John Kleeb should be the next Pope....

He's Gone - lyrics by Robert Hunter

Is the Pope the next General Fransisco Franco?

A sign of spring in Chicago!

The Headline Said "Rome Braces For Pilgrim Influx"

pleasantly SHOCKED at work yesterday

The next pope will be named...

thunderstorm coming!

I'be godda code

ROFL! The Numa Numa song.... American Idol style.

Requiem Pope Giovanni Paulus II

What are the odds that an African or Latin will be named the next

Things NOT to discuss at a Japanese Steak House

Pope dies. FreeRepublic blames Clinton.

Anyone else find the Pope's passing depressing?

I'd like to thank everyone offering condelences

oasis rocks

Ted Baehr's (Christian) Movieguide's review of 'Sin City'

Foo Fighters New 2-CD will be released in June!

I'm sad.

"I hear their menstral cycle can attract BEARS!"

Alyssa Milano ROCKS THE TROOPS!!!

"The Pope Must Diet!"

Was the NPR Segment on Maple Syrup an April Fool's Joke?

What's the chances of getting a more socially liberal Pope this time?

Jeez - the first Condolence I'm hearing on MSNBC from an

Make your OWN hot appetizers!

My smilies are not working!

Why do I almost never get replies to my personal ads?

And I thought the flag was down because * crapped his pants

My grandmother died from Parkinsons and Alzheimers. How come

Damn Funny

I want a HearseUV

Do we have the technology?

I'm gonna go make nachos

Who is this Pope person everyone is talking about?

My day at the store:

Papal elections still use paper ballots

Gee, no more Schiavo threads?

Apart from walking, what can I do to quickly save myself?

CONFESS!! Who here dated a cheerleader in high school?

Here's What's for Supper: Ultimate Roast Chicken

If Ratzinger is the new Pope the church will get even more----

The irony within a T-shirt I'd seen today:

Power of the Internet: Make your own KFC chicken!!

Have you ever seen this OPTICAL ILLUSION? (Link inside...)

I have...*snif*...a star?

Self delete

Freeper: I hope the Pope is reading our threads!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the best sites for Bittorrent movies?

what level will you be reincarnated at?

Illini are getting whistle-whipped

progmom on the air - noon eastern time!

NYT Breaking: President Bush announces Karl Rove as new Pope

What should I do for my Catholic love one??

Know of any kick-ass housecleaning ideas for the SLOTHFUL??

I just entered the 700 Club - Ask me anything

Which President do you think had better taste in music?

Jimmy Carter. A fan of Jazz.

What? No Opus Dei threads??? And what about Mel Gibson?

My cat discovered a new way to lounge in her kitty cup today

Illinois vs. Louisville official game thread

Techie question here!!! Please, compassion for the hopelessly stupid...

Which one of these things is the worse thing a republican can do?

Who is DU's naughtiest cat?

Just opened my rejection letter

yummmm.......... I Can Smell Dinner Cooking

For some reason I don't care about basketball today

There's a furry purry kitty on my lap

Wow- I had a wild dream last night- It seemed so real.

Hey- can someone do me a real quick favor?

I don't want to see the Gecko do "the robot" anymore.

Will the Pope's death get more or less media coverage than Reagan's death?

Every day I get in the queue (Too much, Magic Bus)

anyone watching CNN?

Birds in the fireplace

A Modest Proposal To Solve Online Pirating Problems

I have the whole house to myself!!!

CONFESS! Who here wants or wanted to date a cheerleader in HS?

Still 2 hours of April 1 on West Coast?

Best bumper sticker I've seen this week

Don't forget to set your clocks back 37 minutes this afternoon!

My condolences to all Catholic DU'ers

Skinner's wonderful statement on the Pope

More annoying: Kenneth Branagh or Richard Branson?


Is it harder to make friends when you're over 40 ?

I just tried the dark chocolate M&Ms

Recognize ths actor?

When you change your socks, don't forget to air your toes.

I think that John Kleeb should pants the next Pope


I'm the Bartender in Hell. What'll it be?

Flintstones moment...

David Cross, Samantha Bee, and others on some radio show (RM audio link)

Any fluent Portugese speakers around?

I think I am getting the hang of this DU thing

Sound as if some of the Americans over in Rome expected something...

Why do I almost never get replies to my threads?

Turn me on to some trippy music


125th Bob Boudelang Today!

I know you guys are too smart to fall for this, but...

Would the people who are actually here this morning, stop in and say hello

Quick Psychological Test ...Find Out Your Big "ISSUE"

Recommend your favorite country artist/band!

Why do I almost never get replies to my threats?

March Madness "Louisville vs Illinois"

I ran into one of my crazy ex-girlfriends tonight. Ask me anything.

Are the Cardinals convening now - or do they wait until after the

Need some good book suggestions....

Does anyone ever feel like all the other threads

The Pope is dead - for real this time!

St. Malachy's Prophecy Says Next Pope to be Called “De Gloria Olivae”

Question dealing with Ipods

How do you steal with dress?

Equal Time For Bob Boudelang Give New Meaning To Movements

The Oasis threads were a big joke.

My cat just caught his first-ever bird and I handled it terribly

What state were you born in?

What's your very own personal Hell?


HEY! YOU! Get outta MY YARD!

Shots fired during seal protest (by the hunters, of course!)

Vatican to Issue Stamp When Pope Dies

Vatican Says Catholics Arrested in China

Catalytic Conversions: Howard Dean gets religion (Sojoke Satire)

"Well done good and faithful servant! . . .

When the new Pope is elected he changes his name...why is that

Bonhoeffer: a martyr for our collective soul

I'm in Prague and don't care about the Final Four!

Red Sox place Schilling, Miller on 15-day DL

If We Are Such A Religious Nation, Shouldn't Tonight's NCAA Games...

Double play to be bought into cricket

Ice hockey fans input needed

Has anyone here used cosequin for their pet?..

I am very sad about the Pope's death

No Sympathy, No Apology

God damn it! and other exclamations

Did any of you catch this exchange?

jane Fonda apologizes..

Whoa. Look what I just found on Yahoo News:

Interesting small news item

Has anyone seen this thread?

wisteria belongs here


Dem club meetings

A small rant

The Pope is Dead

Liberalism before the 60s

Statement from John Kerry

Late senator's estate unsealed by court

Cat Parts

Post somethin' funky

Almost 400 posts? How about a fresh thread for Saturday? :)

John @ Americablog Chews Out National Press Club on Gannon/Guckert Panel

What would the Republican do--if they controlled the 3 govt branches?

Bush hard at work reading WMD Report this weekend

President Dennis Hastert - If foul language offends you, do not read this!

Has it ever

TX: The Young Conservatives and the Racist Games They Play

BBC calls Zimbabwe elections "massively and blatantly flawed"

Chicago Reader: THe Man Works in MYsterious Ways

Love the headline--the Brits are onto bush's 'intrusion"!!

Check out what my wingnut Governor is doing to my state!

Do we really need Media Matters anymore?

For the record; why 'Judicial Tyrrany' is a BOGUS phrase...

A DUer's handful of reasons to attend the "Nash-ional" conference

Which scandal will the Bush & Co. administration have to contend with?

"St Rudy" Giuliani asked to repay S.C. fee

How come the public hasn't been fooled by Mid-East Democracy ploy?

Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood

Trade War: US vs the rest of the world

Bill O'Reilly appears with Bill Maher/ Video

Deadly force bill passes House ( NRA wrote the bill)

Did anyone just hear what Matthews said on MSNBC? Wow!

Impeaching Bush In 2007

Did Hannity Use Fake Nurses?

Ironic that the Pope dies on the day Abu Garib, whose

Message from the ABA about recent attacks on the judiciary

Deficit reached $666 Billion in 2004

Is Tom Delay Threatening Judges? Ted Kennedy Questions Delay's

Will GOP Moderates Look Left?

Reform, Reduce, Destroy (On Grover Norquist & tax policy)

Chavez notes Popes disagreement with illegal war

Officials say Bush-chimp likening in ‘bad taste’

Dowd: "Curveball the Goofball" or Another Intel Report Not Worth Reading

Matalin: Mary Cheney was responsible for all Cheney's campaign attacks

Former American Amb to Vatican( Democrat) doing great job

Should we pound it in their neocon heads that the pope was anti-war?

How about a retailer's conscience bill... which would allow...

DFA's Social Security Radio Ad Hits the Airwaves... audio here.

How do I get a list of Senate Demo's who voted for Shiavo bill?

I can't believe this idiot Chimp is politicizing the pope's death!!

The Right-Wing Schiavo Shell Game.

Are Republicans Using Moonie Techniques?

Were The 60s Actually The Decade Of The Right's Triumph?

I'm Pro-Life. Are you?

Are people actually emigrating from the USA??

Very chilling statements tracing Bush's ploy to cull Christian votes...

Republican/Democrat Fundraiser - No, this isn't an April Fools Joke.

C-SPAN Weekend Alert: Weekend Program Info for Fri. 4/1 - Mon. 4/4

good bumper sticker

The pharmacists' war on contraceptives is deadly serious...

Pharmacist "conscience" clause might include more than birth control pills

Most hated Repub is ?

Kerry & Clinton must stop their support of Bush's War on (some) Terrorism

AWARENESS check.. The 2004 election... what do you believe?

Was the Pope right about Bush being the Anti-Christ?

Wes Clark - Testifying on Iraq: April 6, at DC for HASC

"Religious conservatives have been hijacked by the Republican Party."

Does everyone know that Clark had the balls to

Strange combo of bumper stickers spotted in Greenville, SC.