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Archives: March 9, 2005

Ian Williams (The Nation): Bush's Perverse UN Pick

US wants to set Israel Loose to attack Iran

U.S. General Refutes Iraq Shooting Info

The Rude Pundit-Cruelest Legislation Ever

Eradication of the (HIV) SuperBug, by Martin Delaney, Project Inform

I think we better make a stink over Wolfowitz if appointed to World Bank..

Nightline tonite: bloggers (Gannon, Easton, Rather, etc) n/t

DKos-Profanity, Propriety, Censorship and Semantics

You want a rabbit?

Who killed Dan Rather? (Bloggers claim first scalp)

MBNA ad with Gladys Knight

"Radio Ratings Here! Get yer red hot ratings here!"

Goldman lifts growth forecasts for Taiwan, S Korea

The Stock Market is the Ponzi scheme Bush is trying to save.

My husband shot the president, dead suspect's wife says

Terrorists love lax gun laws in USA

Michael Jackson witnessed lied on the stand....

Can you please lock and possibly archive a post in the Lounge

Another question about the DU Groups...

Is there any reason this thread was locked?

Is the alert system down?

I agree with bluebear.

are the links ever going to be long again?

Guns and Butter interview with Jim Hoffman

Belleville N-D City gives veterans right to buy lost pension time

Alton Telegraph: Illinois Power to cut pollution at five plants

Daily Chronicle: Sycamore hopes to draw people downtown with French Market

Christine Cegelis posts at Daily Kos: "You Have to Run Twice"

Favorite Illinois MLB teams?

Jesse Jackson: Republicans maneuvering to get Voting Rights Act killed

I'm an activist newbie -- Is Common Cause a forceful group to put

KOEB Tuesday

Vote paper trail gains support

AIUSA and Taser International to Go Head to Head @ Claremont College, 3/9

Sacramento area DU'ers....

Schwarzenegger Selling Access to Policy Meeting After D.C. Fundraiser

Farm Animal Forum in Boston, March 13-14

Question re: Windows and Passwords

Uh, wrong move, Gov. Doyle....

Dumbass fireman from LaCrosse needs a dog

Chertoff means "of the devil" -- and...

tin foil hats on rethug heads???

Bob Schieffer's brother is Tom Schieffer ambassador to Australlia.

Remember all the "It's YOUR MONEY" soundbytes about taxes?

Take a guess how the investigation into shooting of the Italians will end

Front page of Milwaukee Journal Skilled worker shortage feared.

Wastewater approved for AZ mountain-SACRED to Indian Tribes

Send President Clinton a get well message

I'll tell you who CBS reminds me of now: Winston Smith from 1984.

If they try and make 2008 about Hillary and Condoleeza Rice...

Political observations of Bobby D.

Yikes this something to think about...

"Liberal Values, American Values" video online

Anti-Bush Slogans

BuzzFlash Blasts the NY Times

So has Gannon/Guckert given any interviews to liberal bloggers?

Soldier who denounced abuses in Iraq given psychiatric exam

Ticket Agent Recalls 9/11 Hijackers

Email from co-worker


Frontiers of Free Enterprise.

Limbaugh Overrated

How would you answer this quote?

sports board trashing Mrs. Heinz-Kerry...laughing about putting out

Finally seen the video of Bush's finger salute

Why are so many turning to the DU Lounge?

James Baker Calls out Repubs on Global Warming

Next week is the Ides of March!

Cartoon-"Dinosaur Blog"

"Gannon/Guckert Fact Sheet"

just checking in

Lots of posts of RW talking point tonight

Update on - looks like there might have been some foul play

some rethugs are just delusional. all dem women hate men?????

Rep. Barbara Kennelly to Deliver 2MM SS Petitions to Sen. Harry Reid

When you listen to Mike Malloy

Senator Clinton Discusses Election Reform!

I cannot believe that I am dating a Southern Conservative Gal!

Who else misses "Newsman Matt Drudge"?

Mount St.Helens Unexpectedly Explodes - more info

America's Crumbling Infrastructure Eroding Quality of Life

Iran: New oil, gas fields discovered

Brian I-exposed-a-marked-man Wms. is on TDS....n/t

Can someone please help me fine the sanity?

Not a good day here, we had to shoot another doggy.

What Is It About You That Makes You Uniquely American?

U.S. Citizen Jose Padilla: Imprisoned Without Trial for 2 Years 275 Days

Sometimes I wonder

Nightline tonight, 10:30ish CT. Bloggers! Anyone

Why the Double Standard for Corporate vs. Personal Bankruptcy?

The Daily Show Guest (3/08/05) Brian Williams, Corrects Jon S....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Anyone here a fan of Ian Masters and his radio show Background Briefing?

I Just Don't Get it at all. (Rant)..short rant.

Bumpersticker: "I'm a Democrat. Stop lying about me."

Newspaper Humor: A Classic Recycled

"Iraq is not Iran!"

Latest Radio ratings here

I'm sick of the conservatives playing "victim"!

Wal-Mart wants you dead

CBS News tonight (March 8) Dan Rather

Do liberals and conservatives have anything in common?

So 13 dinos voted AYE. How many repubs voted NAY?

Condom-Pushers ... Want it All

The treatment of foreign women in rich Arab/Muslim countries.

Does America Need a SOCIALIZED Medical System?

Nightline...blogger coverage.

CBS offers misleading Pro-privitization predictions

10 questions for Jeff Gannon -- please help

Are you a 'left wing fundie'?

Have any of you heard of the Codex Alimentarius?

"I Killed Innocent People For Our Government"-Jimmy Massey

Five Mainline Protestant Leaders Call President's FY06 Budget 'Unjust'

Nazi Comments

Which possible 2008 candidate is most likely to unite and appeal...

What if 10 million families file bankruptcy this year? Or this Quarter???

I need some photography advice

On the morning of 9/11, how many of you wished Clinton was still Pres.?

The 2004 Presidential Election - was it rigged?

Photographic proof Freepers are FOOLS

Are you familiar with the Peace Alliance? - Dept of Peace group

Frankly I think we should stop holding Bill Clinton as some savior

Reminder about Andy Stephenson

Lies and Death Surrounding Spin (Jessica Lynch/Nicola Calipari)

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Ma5) Speech in Support of US Dept of Peace (HR1673)

damn gas prices

I'm tired of Alan Colmes' brand of liberalism...and I have an alternative!

If the US Constitution was based on God and Jesus's laws

Should cats be required to be kept on its owner's property or on a leash?

House New Democratic Coalition supports bankruptcy bill.

Hey bearfan (and/or any other Fort Worth, TX Du'ers)

Does anyone make their own breadcrumbs?

RW newspapers and race-baiting

Jackson accuser's brother admits lying under oath

US: Two-ton cocaine load shipped under Saudi prince's protection

US 9/11 expert - lead suicide pilot may have been involved in plot earlier

Merrill Lynch Fined for Fund Violations (13.5 Million)

Clinton to have new Heart Surgery

Witness describes years of sexual abuse in Wesson household

NYT/CNET: Instant Messenger Worms on the Prowl

Bush's uncle loses arbitration case

Broward voters authorize Vegas-style slot machines

Pentagon's Global View, ...Looks Abroad For Competitive Defense Contracts

Nevada Assembly votes to abolish death penalty for juveniles

Gas mileage stickers deceive, says AAA

U.S. Eroding Inmates' Trust at Cuba Base, Lawyers Say

Manager demoted in letter hoax

U.S. Says Afghanistan 'Wise' to Co-Opt Strongman

Dollar Falls in Asian Trading Ahead of Trade Data

Congressmen probe contracts with Alaska native firms

Hsieh backs constitutional retaliation - TW/China Bastards

Police deployed to block planned Kathmandu rally

Personal Accounts Tank in Polls, GOP Says

US: Two-ton cocaine load shipped under Saudi prince's protection

Terror war 'may breed more terror'

F.B.I. Ends a Faltering Effort to Overhaul Computer Software

The Triumph of Socialized Medicine Right here in the USA. (and "flakts")

LAT: (Boeing CEO) Dismissal May Spur New Exec Romance Rules

Pakistan facing civilian dictatorship like situation: Benazir

Bush senior no agent of charity

Russia confronted Rumsfeld with threat to quit key nuclear treaty

Vatican asks Rice for help in sex abuse lawsuit

Commodity Prices Rise to 24-Year High on Rallies in Copper, Oil

Large explosion rocks central Baghdad

Without warning Mount St. Helens emits cloud of ash

Report: Women 70% of World's Poor

No ransom paid' for Sgrena

A New Kind of Crowd for Gov. (protests follow Arnold to NY)

Harsh words for US anti-terror strategy at Madrid conference

Gay Group Hosts Fred Phelps

Feminists creating their own party (Sweden)

Actions by Delay Cited in Lawsuit -NYT

Airline industry fears oil will go to $60 a barrel

Bush has mandate for Social Security plan, Cheney says

Eruption At Mount St. Helens

Chemical-laden towels a threat

WP: Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Can Protect the Heart("strongest evidence yet")

Poll: Sen. Clinton Gaining Support

Data Is Lacking on Iran's Arms, U.S. Panel Says -NYT

Blair Broke Code to Keep War Advice from Cabinet..UK

Anybody need a little extra $$ ?

I don't like Josh Grobin...

Jammin' some Pete Yorn

Top ten vote getters will go head to head

Off the top of your head Who gives a fuck.

Off the top of your head, best toupee?

Two questions

Everybody got this broken feeling like their father or dog just died

Punxatawny Phil's days are numbered

I just got two big red burn marks on my left hand, dammit.

I'm addicted to Starburst fruit chews.

It could be worse. Wait. Oh shit. It can't. Never mind...

Off the top of your head, best game show?

What is with all this the top of your head stuff?

I'm going to watch The Two Towers. If you don't like it, too bad.

What is it that Andy Summers used? That Pete Townsend used?

Do You Wish You Had a Tail?

Thanks, PeteinNYC!

Tommorow Wendy by Concrete Blonde

Tax question--about student loans....

Thanks, PeteinMA!

Josh Groban rocks my lobster.

Wait! The Bankruptcy Bill!! It's a cookbook!!

Has anyone over seen

I love voting! I just voted!

Coolest 1960's TV show theme song, WINNAH TAKES ALL!

I was wondering where I had left that damn grenade

On Being an Un-Consumer

Holy crap I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere tonight.

Shouldn't Kirstie Alley lose some weight before doing the Jenny Craig ads?

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Did you know that its International Womens Day?

free song from iTunes...what to get

Best Leonard Cohen song.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Dolenz

Emily tries, but misunderstands...

Why do you like "Strangers with Candy" so much?


Ode To A Hot House Tomato

anyone find it funny that you can't spell "demonstrators" w/o demons?

The one TV theme I've been searching for years and years for

Mt. St. Helens erupts again.... link with pics.

The DU Sigline Dance

Poor Skinner must get a million PM's per day

My Mom got bitten by a bug in Peru, don't know what -help!

Someone here has given me a star.

For all those Internet Dating Site mavens

Bayern Munchen vs. Arsenal tommorrow, need a time translation

South Park: it's the Chicken Lover ep

Suspect with knife hit by Police car

"Super Size Me" sounds like a really stupid movie

Anyone ever get into real estate investment?

Off the top of your head, best breakfast cereal:

I didn't start this thread. I never started no threads.

'Polite' drivers who back up traffic

do you foresee a civil war between the Lounge and the GD?

Anyone seen DrWeird?

Watching/listening to "Red Rocks Live, Neil Young" >

Did anyone else see the Zogby poll about actor to play Bush?

Holy Batshit....that wind is really howling out now............

I want to start a thread so people won't talk to me...

The Mamas and The Papas

Anyone a secret shopper?

I'm moving in with my boyfriend this friday- Ask away!


"I'm so glad we had this time together"

American Idol Sucks!

If Mel Gibson released an uncut version of The Passion...

I have these things that look like baby flies

Ok I admit it, I lied. We did not get to 73 degrees today only 71.

Ayatollah ya not to step in that Shi'ite

Anyone else love "pot stickers"?

I shall Beat this Beet!

Baron Munchhausen versus Arsenio Hall tomorrow

Reminder to "American Dreams" watchers like me on DU:

this shit has GOT to STOP! (tree branch down)

grrrrrrr I hate it when people use my version of iTunes

What percentage is "the benefit of the doubt"?

Would They Really Let a Republican Win the "West Wing" Election?

progmom is missing. Call the Lounge police.

The rock and pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweet.

Help! How do I locate someone

Photoshoppers: Kleeb and I have a request.

just checking in

I think I can help the military reach its recruiting goals

Anyone else love "pot"?

Have you ever been dropped on your head?

I have TWO tests on Thursday, Ask me anything.

Do you know the Dude Who Knew?(tm)

May have to stop posting for a little bit.

Anyone seen Forkboy? I miss that Wisenheimer!

Talking about the Dean Scream on Nashville Star

Asthma-has anyone ever developed it

get out the popcorn! i sense a fight!!

I am watching "Paper Moon" dubbed in French.


my sweets just wrote me an email, yippee

Flesh Gordon vs. Barbarella

I told you, my name is DURAN. Duran!....What's so funny? Tell me, no?

Holy Shite-the Wind is SHAKING my HOUSE!

I really want to watch Futurama at 10:30 but I have to get up early

So it was either get three hours of sleep and risk missing class

I have returned from the Texas Panhandle. Tell me what I missed!

Insane in the Membrane!

The weather in Connecticut is fit for neither man nor beast!

Jos Stewart sucks tonight. A whole show about Martha Stewart?

Reassure me please

Anyone watching History channel's Modern Marvels? All about sex toys! an internet weekly television program for

One of the worst weekends of my life...

DU mechanics... A question....

Does anyone know something about the web site Grammatika?

My friends used me and I let them

Would you support a DUer if they ran for president?

Newspapers.....good punchline!!

I enjoy cooking, but........

Who is your nemesis?

MUSICIANS AND MUSIC LOVERS: Check out this Usenet posting!

AIEEEEE my post count has been reduced to 27!

My dead Guniea Pig will have to spend extra months in the freezer

DU Car Experts: Is my starter going out?

A fellow comes up to me today and asks


going to bed now nice ladies and gents

Should I give up on 100 people signing my petition?

This is a winter night that you only see in commercials.

Anyone see the Family Circus today?


I received a photo of George and Laura - What should I do with it?

Laugh 15 minutes every day.

news from Modem Butterfly?She posted earlier about going to


I just painted my whole fucking room (ceiling too).. ask me anything,

What type of shoe do you wear daily?

Odd Things To Hear When You Put A Seashell To Your Ear

What are you having/did you have for dinner?

The Illinois legal system is my bitch!

A memory of Los Angeles in 1990

This is the first cat picture I've ever posted on DU:

Future Bush President whose election would REALLY make you move to Canada

In the attics of my life

Where is the oddest place you have ever been hit on?

What does a Scotsman wear underneath his kilt?

Are there any seniors here?

Anyone else drop acid?

Update on my cat Nightmare

I got my new piano!!!

Am I not paranoid enough in regards to retinal scans?

Not a good day here, we had to shoot another doggy.

Why can't I drag purchased music to my ipod?

President Clinton has scar tissue around his heart

Jim Morrison film 1964


How old are you?

God damn my roomie just pissed me off "Professionally speaking"

Just watched a very sad movie, but a good movie.

Let's see your room or your record collection

I need help! All four car doors are frozen shut-----------------

JEOPARDY! categories you'll never see.

Anyone else love "pot smokers"?

I cannot believe that I am dating a Southern Conservative Gal!

Hardy Boys Mysteries you will never see

What's your favorite live album?

My 1000th post and I just want to say.....

Which, In the Pledge, is more in danger of being obsolete

Jury selection to begin in trial of pretzel that tried to kill Bush.

I just shaved my .... uhhh.... .... CAT!

Anyone Want To Read About My Hillary Dream?

Starbucks is good

I was in a good mood tonight until....

I want to start a thread so people will talk to me...

My bum hurts and I'm lonely, say hi to me!

I want to start a thread so simple no one will talk to me

Do you still think Michael Jackson is guilty?

Eowyn - hotter than Arwen, not as hot as Galadriel.

State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

Least Qualified Authors Ever

What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to you?

picked up "New Seeds of Contemplation" last night

Five Mainline Protestant Leaders Call President's FY06 Budget 'Unjust'

Romanowski nearly cries on witness stand

Oral Roberts Lost!!!!

Miami Hurricanes continue to dominate the Wonderlic intelligence test

My poor Vinny

I am tired of people posting this mess

Kerry press conference tomorrow

Mike Malloy is spouting Lefty Freeper Junk, Again.

Stupid Dem bashers

Fun for everyone!!

Kerry is kicking ass

I've missed you all!

Yo! Intelligent folk! Info please regarding Clinton and NAFTA and Unions

Surf at Waimea Bay, HI.

Keith's Mug on a Mug

DU researchers: Shadowy anti-gay entity needs exposing

Could Hillary Clinton Have What It Takes To Defeat The Democrats In 2008?

A new DU game---Who am I?

Doyle proposes sales tax on Internet downloads

Help On This - New License Plate Saw Today - MO

Why Bash Democrats When NeoCONS Are KILLING US?

TNR: "Moderates" abondon Dem principles by caving on bankruptcy bill

the poor just keep getting to raise in min wage du this

Repuke Petition In My E-Mail

Was NPR whoring for Bush tonight or what?

War with Syria in May? Another Bush countdown started.

Cegelis is running again in 44% against Hyde last time.

the DISGUSTING bankruptcy issue in congress

From now on anytime that the media wants to make it about...

Future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Petition

Here's an apt testament to Michael Moore:

31 voted to filibuster the bankrupcy bill while 42 voted for the choice

So, when does the rioting and open class warfare start?

For ya'll who think Kerry isn't doing anything

Mainline Church Leaders Denounce Bush Budget Punishing Success in Colorado (2001): New Democrats Support Bankruptcy Reform

Yet more proof that W is an idiot...

check out these guys trashing Mrs. Heinz=Kerry...:(

GOP TRICK: min wage bill increases sub-min wage sweatshops

Michael (reflections on the trial)

Chertoff means "of the devil" -- and...

Still Upset About the Election?

Duck Necrophilia...

Margaret Wertheim (LAT): Let's Shoot for Quality Teachers, Not for Mars

NY Times gets snarky over Bolton

Kristof: Homegrown Osamas (Matthew Hale)

Actions by Delay Cited in Lawsuit


What rise in freedom?

Third of MoD arms sale unit works for Saudis - Guardian

Are ‘rent-a-cops’ threatening security?

Tax cut war drums...

Every bloodbath has a silver lining

BuzzFlash Vs. The New York Times

Bush Supports Dictators While Selling Democracy

Justice cannot grow in a cesspool

Dominance in Iraq Lost 3 Months After Invasion.

Bush Turns to Cheney to Sell Private Social Security Accounts

Greg Palast: I'd Rather Not Say Good-Bye, Dan

When liberals lie down with wolves (Alterman and Wolfowitz)

Kerry's gang trying to grasp defeat from Reid's victory

GIs Against Torture

For Bush, No Boasts, but a Taste of Vindication

The Nation: Because it Works

In just 24 hours, nearly 100,000 of you made your voices heard by signing

Vermont, Montana, Oregon and now Washington Governors; Recall Natl Guard

Liberals and the Anti-War Movement

News on Randi's Return.

Z Media Institute applications extended to March 15

Supply side recession seventies style "Stagflation" on way?

The Three Faces of Alan Greenspan

I just don't get the concept of savings.

What happens when you CC debt goes into collections?

The Debt-Peonage Society - Paul Krugman

I decided to file for bankruptcy today.

Longline Fishing Decimating Seabird, Turtle Populations - ENS

Jordan River Reduced To A Trickle Of Sewage - Guardian

Global Nature Of Rapid Snow & Ice Melt Shows Global Climate Shift

Natural & Human Endgame In The Western Amazon Forest - NYT

Category 5 Hurricane Heading For Queensland - Reuters

Tax reform question

Mexico's Gulf Coast in Peril from Global Warming

Canadian Researchers - Climate Breakdown Powering Bigger Forest Fires

Possible Instability In Larsen C, Amundsen Sea Ice Shelves - AP

Customers Say Hybrid Cars Are Passing The Test Of Time - Det. News

We want to arm these people??

Regarding Kirstie Alley


Looks like Bev Harris is back...

Possible solution to "Blue_roses" problem

Why does my browser close when I click on some posts?

Please list the Bob Kincaid show!

I had a post deleted.

'Micheal Jackson is considered to be the King of Pop'.....

Michelangelo Signorile 2-6ET link is now FEE BASED

Are press releases exempt from the 4 paragraph rule?

All Those "Fat Actress" Threads in the Lounge Are Getting Ridiculous

'my posts' and 'logout' are too darned close when you're drunk.

Just got this email ... and I wrote back...I did not request d new passwor

How many active DUers are there?

Please correct article "The Bankruptcy Bill and Indentured Servitude"

can you delete my post in this thread?


OK Skinner I have really had it

so will pitt is allowed to make accusatory vanity threads about other DU

Proposal: DU Baseball Group

"Chronic Health Conditions Discussion and Support" as

Day After Report, Author Says Israeli Democracy Is at Risk

Family seek report on Israeli killing of film-maker (James Miller)

Chicago Tribune: Trump dumps lofty goal for tower's spire

Chicago Tribune: 5 horror scnarios for salvaging CTA

Chicago Sun-Times: Cicero's uncivil war

1,000 posts! Thanks, Illinois forum!!!

Pantagraph: Corn byproduct promising as aid in medicine

Peoria Journal Star: Old money fails counterfeit test

SI: Vocal Minority: Sierra Club member protests power plant construction

Chicago Sun-Times: Even Stroger doesn't know if he'll run again

Chicago Reader: Birth of a Pundit

Virginia: touch screen switching and lots of other problems

HEADS UP: Nightline tonite: bloggers (Gannon, Easton, Rather, etc)

Were exit polls for Senate and Governor races also doctored?

Anyone know ETA of bu$h at Battelle in Col OH today?

Just a reminder

Velvet Revolution in Bush's Hometown Paper

Wednesday 3/9 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

U.S. State Department gives advice for identifying misinformation!

I've had my head in the sand for the last 4-6 weeks.

Dennis Kucinich just pissed me off

DEADLINE for letters to Calif. Election Panel re: Diebold coup-Thurs. 3/10

Why can't someone just sue Diebold for fraud and let the chips fall?

BBV: Election System Hackability Proven

NY Times (Unattributed) Editorial: Virtues of Optical-Scan Voting

Election Forum Regulars, KOEBies & small "d" democrats: come to Nashville

Hey all you L.A. groove cats, this is dying fast in the Lounge.

Increase protection for home in bankruptcy

Anyone else watching the L.A.'s mayor's race.

SF Gay Freedom Band-concert in Contra Costa

New Senate Chart: Boxer +30, Feinstein -27.5

Californians can block credit card solicitations

Dem, Doris Matsui gets 71% and the Redumblicans are in a tizzy

Update - Youth Pastor Pleads Guilty

Cedar Falls High School Tigers Boys Basketball Team is going to STATE!!

I was push-polled and pan handled by Gingrich last night .

I just came from participating in a focus group

What did Arnie Carlson announce?

Should Tom Daschle replace Mark Dayton?

Proof Michele Bachman is simple.

The Ohio GOP website has a new feature

Attorney General Greg Abbott in death row clash with Bush

Study finds poor Texans would bear brunt of tax changes

Please support Texas Veterans Assurance Act.

New Houston Democrats Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recommend reprimand for pharmacist

WITC Tech Center bears Obey's name

Illinois Forum dissin' on us

Surprise, Surprise, Gannet owned Press-Gazette backs Voter ID.

HOUSE NEW DEMOCRAT COALITION (& PAC) - DINO's by any other name.

There's somethin' happenin' here.What it is ain't exactly clear.

It just hit me: The pugs are revising the bankruptcy laws because

Help remembering a video/website

say anything

AirAmerica never critical of Gropinator: Bobby Kennedy won't allow?

Mike Webb program - has anyone been able to access the stream audio?

U.S. Troops show Asia their "softer side"--performing circumcisions

Damn, Never Thought About This (Bankruptcy Bill AND SS Privitization)

Bush Rewarding Business Cronies With Proposed Legislation

AirAmerica Reporter Jeff Wiser trying for job at FOX?

Need some data on the number of

the 'cannot be displayed' are too often.

Bankruptcy bill "GLIDING" toward Congressional passage

Fund started to appeal Donna Frye case to CA Supreme Courtt

we all know the bush family is about oil control, but...

Anagram of "Alberto Gonzales."

DU Ratings for this Article on Yahoo News Re: Poll on SS Personal Acc

I hate Brian Williams, he is such a slimebag.

High-Tech Leaders: U.S. Risks Losing Edge

Which Left Wing Radio Talk Host is the worst?

BTK Killer=Mr. Lahey

"Faith-based charity" -- how much do Bush & Cheney contribute?

The Bankruptcy Bill, Examined........

Our Most Embarrassing President Ever

Clinton's heart situation.....rare or not rare?

The Debt-Peonage Society

The Federal Reserve controls most of our economic existence.

Good News! Doris Matsui wins in California

Protest Bush in Memphis

Anyone notice a pattern to today's world editorials? Fine propaganda.

What is the difference between the Vietnam War and the Iraq War?

Democracy Radio

Arghhhhh - C-Span WJ This Morning

The daily whip - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 2005

Good Morning - Iraqnam

Nancy Skinner

[Another] Sad day for America: (S.256)

Talk about a diplomat

Has anyone picked up "Crossing the Rubicon" Michael Ruppert

Did the Dems trade keeping SS for the bankruptcy bill?

How a Contractor Cashed In on Iraq

There is a real "crisis" in Bush fiscal policy - not with Social Security

Senator Grassley, thy name is hypocrite.

What is the justification that the US government should pay for clerics?

A Bankruptcy Lawyer's Response to the New Bankruptcy Bill.

"The Bush Family Recipe" - - - A Local Letter to the Editor

Sibel's spring 2005 offensive

I'm not afraid of "terrorists", I'm afraid of GWB

Americans want social programs, not bombs

Bev Harris: can someone fill me in please

Stephenie Miller is great this morning

"Tax bill called best for richest" Top Headline Today's Houston Chronicle

New Action Alerts: March 9 -- DU these, please!

Rush must have given new marching orders

Bronze Age shipwreck loaded with jewellery is found off Devon

Political discussions, can anybody share experience

My Letter to Gov. Schweitzer of Montana

Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans---And The Blueprints For Change

Message to DU from Stephanie Miller's Producer

Hello to DU from Stephanie Miller's poducer

Barbara Boxer is up...

Mexican officers brought to book

The 10 states with the HIGHEST bankruptcy filing rates are all RED states:

Californians can block credit card solicitations (edit)

Will they be able to attach your "private accounts" when you go bankrupt?

Did you hear Boxer now? She's talking about Bankruptcy bill amendment

I live in Columbus, Ohio

Reminder: has launched

US to pay up for stolen Jewish loot

America's Infrastructure continues to crumble - ASCE report here:

Reporters Testify That Lewis Libby Was NOT The Plame Leaker! Was It Rove?

All of you parents of children coming to age

Bush, God, and the Media - using religion to control American politics

A Conservative Asset Manager talks about private accounts...

Crumbling nation? U.S. infrastructure gets a 'D'

Interview of Giuliana Sgrena in the Guardian & BBC article re: checkpoints

Idea for a powerful anti-bankruptcy-bill campaign

FR's take on the bankruptcy bill...Dittos for Krugman!

For all who have worked on stopping the bankruptcy bill

New Google Search - US GOV.

Has your insurance company contacted you yet for your "annual review"??

Senate to declare moral bankruptcy today?

Malloy is on fire tonight

What day of the month will DU hit 66666 registrations ?

Halliburton shares the wealth! back to the system.

A question regarding the bankruptcy bill

The media is in Bushmoonie overdrive pushing the meme, "Bush is right."

Which athlete/entertainer should we start to groom?

Tell Us Something We Don’t Already Know: U.S. Infrastructure Gets a 'D'

Withdrawn thread

Death Penalty to be Abolished (Add-on to Bankruptcy Bill) !

Question for DU estate Attorneys

Bush uses nine year old to push Social Security ruination

Bill would add nickel to pay-at-pump gas purchases

Report: Afghan opium a 'threat to world stability'

Who's paying for Bush's Social Security/Titanic ads?

Tinfoil Time: Why Clinton Is Sucking Up To Poppy

Did anyone listen to Ari the liar on Fresh Air last nite?

"The Missouri River is running out of water." and what that means

When did Usama become Osama, and why?

Thank goodness the republicans are looking out for the little guy

No Spider Hole?

"personal responsibility" is a conservative buzz-phrase

Andre Eggelletion:Thieves in the Temple

I have a strange question for some DUers -bear with me, it's political in

Damn, Karel is on instead of Bernie

Footage of Ramadi Available on Palm Beach Post

What do you do if you're broke and can't declare bankruptcy?

Sean Hannity is a thin-skinned, whiny little bitch

Fight the good fight

The U.S. used to be #1

I say we cancel all our credit cards! Maybe then they won't be able to buy

Who's The Terrorist? by Ward Churchill March 9, 2005

Because it came up somewhere else: The Meme

Ron Reagan just did a great bit on the right wing and gays.

Interesting passage on FDR...

Hugo Chavez: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Letter from my New Democratic Coalition House member re: bankruptcy

It will be DECADES before the Bankruptcy law is changed again.

Need help with a freeper re: Const. Law

MBNA agrees to lower interest rates based on new BK bill/risk model.


Lebanon is a VERY strange case!

I wish the Daily Show could quit having corporate asskissers on

Okay, here's your chance to back up your purge rhetoric

Lebanon Returns Pro-Syria Prime Minister after Protest.

A new study heralds a "bright" future for backyard mechanics

More working without health insurance - 70% of Mass. unins. have jobs

CNN: President to 'Capitalize' On Concern Over High Fuel Prices


Richmond, VA: Health officials step up surveillance for avian flu....

Could the bankruptcy bill be ruled unconstitutional?

I wonder what this bankruptcy bill will do to all the people

Could the Bill of Rights get ratified today?

Reversing Democracy?: Pro-Syrian forces to be re-instated in Lebanon

"some sectors of the economy benefit when oil prices are high"

Finally, Someone Gets It! Re: The V. Plame Case.

HEADLINE: Chimpy will make chicken soup out of chicken shit!

Dems Voting For Bankruptcy Bill Today

Do you know anyone who didn't vote last November?

Dems voted for Closure on Bankruptcy bill yesterday?

BlogCall 2 (Vote switching software scandal) Archive posted!

My 1000th post and I just want to say.....

How will the republican party of today be remembered 100 years from now?

Caption this * pic

How do I put somebody in my ignore list?

People like this actually exist (graphic photo)

Laura's Body Language (BagNewsNotes)

The Definition of Chutzpah

In Praise of Ted Kennedy

Petition - Don't let Cheney "go nuclear"

Gannon Wrinkles 15

The real story of Joe Biden's sell-out on bankruptcy

Bush has mandate for Social Security plan from the BIG DICK

U.S. : IRA Must Disband NOW!!!

SCENARIO: Kerry gets the nomination again in '08.

Tinfoil hat theory regarding Dem's supporting Bankruptcy Bill.

Why isn't the plight of poor women from Asia in Arab countries not

Why are we still in Iraq?

Rick Santorum is an Idiot

Wal-Mart pushes for Longer Trucker Work Days

Which was a worse sell-out, War Resolution or Bankruptcy Bill?

A question about outing....smearing Ron Reagan

Dennis Kucinich Is Coming Up On Sportscenter

In response to bankruptcy bill, take the Credit Temperance Pledge...

Buxh in Columbus preaching "conservation" and alternatives. (CNN)

Democrats missed a golden opportunity with this bankruptcy bill

San Diego limits permit to 170 pairs of boots, for more than 1500 DEAD!

Entries from the Bill O'Liely GLOSSARY

How the Medicare Bill might cause sick and elderly to declare bankruptcy.

What were "indentured servants"?

Mercury in DC schools: question

Were CBS's Bush TANG documents EVER conclusively proven to be fake?

Question: What happens when CC debt goes to collections?

PHOTO: need caption....condasleezzy rice....gawwwddd awful....

Which Democratic Senator do you hate the most?

Starved Teen in Cage - WTF? is up with these weird FLORIDA abuse cases?

Senator John Sununu's (R-NH) Ugly Remark about the AARP

WAPO: Tax, Spending Cuts Packaged (courtesy of BuzzFlash)

List of bushiganda to date?

BusinessWeek: Are Bloggers Journalists? on Yahoo News

Did you hear today?

I would take bullet for Jon Stewart

MSNBC's 1-2-3 punch: Matthews, Scarborough, Carlsen

I am so sick of the MSM...

Smirky and the new aggression theory (photo).

Just watch. In a few days a new poll will magically support *'s Social

Disney pursues Christian market: "Passion of Christ for Kids!"

Please rate this article and keep this kicked

Bush looks red, puffy, and deranged today >>>

CNN's next poll - Should poor jobless folks be forced to do housekeeping

I did not realize Santorum was really from VA. Is this true?

CNN (Breaking): Wide Spread Abuse Of Women In Sudan Found

"We don't do Lincoln Day Dinners in South Carolina...."

Who fights for you?

CIW to end Taco Bell boycott - agreement reached to workers

U.S. Infrastructure is Crumbling

From an email from a Canuckian...

What I don't understand about Syria, how can the US be threatening attack

Why is Jon Stewart pandering to the MSM?

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA (Even more clear what happened)

Political Road Rage

Is there any issue that the Democrats would unite for ?

I was wrong yesterday in saying there were 13 Democratic traitors..

FUNNY!: Chimpy captured on video "exaggerating the truth" about Saddam

Can I ask my fellow DU'ers for some intelligent advice?

I think Dan Rather will get back at Bushco

Email from Greg Palast: I'D RATHER NOT SAY GOOD-BYE, DAN

A lie many DU'ers believe

all info on DOBSON focus on the family org

After listening to the sad tales of abuse, torture and rape of women

This is my plan

Proof that the draft is coming ...

Bush does deserve some credit in Lebanon

U.S. State Department gives advice for identifying misinformation!

Let's see what DU's got RE: Great American Think Off

So let me get this straight. The wife of a Presidential candidate

Rapture Ready Crowd Upset At Gays "Desecrating" Israel

Blogger in the White House

The DU Democratic Senators Hall of Shame

Interesting... ABC News is about to do a report on cellphone jamming

Soldiers dying for lack of $20 tourniquets

Republicans worship modern-day "moneychangers" with this Bankruptcy Bill

I Plagiarize Jeff Gannon the Plagiarist

CNN poll: do you support legislation to make it harder for people

Gannongate Wrinkles 16

the msm never uses the words "bush" and "fault" in the same sentence

All rise. The Honorable DUvian Judges presiding; this court is in session

"Trial by Fury" The Presumption of Innocence (Nancy Grace)

Taming Capitalism... Have Progressives Given Up?

Robert Fisk seems to think that the Syrians killed Hairiri.

Arabs buying up Fannie Mae Debt and Freddie Mac CNBC

Former Marine: Saddam's Capture Fictionalized.

Where did Liz (AAR-Unfiltered) go?

I was watching some stats on a TV at work yesterday about consumers..

Dear Canada

What has happened to the Al Franken show???

Australian politician goes on record about peak oil and gas

Pseudonymous Bloggers Unmasked as Wingnut Operatives

Rush Limbaugh says "America's poor are living better than the poor..."

Anybody see and hear what John Gibson (FOXnews) said about Giuliana Sgrena

What freedoms and rights do u wish we had in the USA

BlogCall3 with John Byrne and Larisa Alexandrovna: Tom Delay story

House member Conyers says he fears for the American democracy

Time to Go, Joe! The facts about joe's voting record:

The microscopic straw the poor-haters are clutching at:

I'll tell you something. If I lived in the USA, right now...

Stem Cell Research - Educate me on it.

I owe this forum an apology

Anyone see today's POLITICAL "Family Circus" comic?

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Sweet: USA Next / Jarvis sued for $25 Million

I am really getting scared about peak oil...

Strange news from my brother last night...Navy issues

Photos of Sgrena's ambushed car

So, what happens now when people can't pay their bills?

author Lois Lowry on book banning: The Nazis did it, the Taliban...

The answer to how much money Bev Harris really made thanks to Randi Rhodes

Bush Lies to Media and they abruptly cut him off CNBC

I'm sending positive thoughts/vibrations to Andy right now, join me?

It's A Miracle! Dubya Saw A Rainbow In Romania! What Does It Mean?

Here's what's for dinner in my house tonight!

Paul Cellucci is...

Toys: Daily-Mail-o-matic, Blunkett policy maker and more!

Here by request: Who's your MP?

NATO Plans Military Training Colleges in Iraq

US troops get training to avoid friendly-fire attacks on British

Actions by Delay Cited in Lawsuit

Are ‘rent-a-cops’ threatening security?

Utah Bill Signed, Illegals Lose Licenses

Casey: U.S. troop level in Iraq expected to hold steady for 'next several

Graham Says GOP Erred By Focusing on Accounts

AFP: Iraqi Policeman Killed, 3 Wounded in Basra

Rep. Matsui's widow captures seat (D) California

US war veteran calls for support of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims

Police Find 35 Corpses, Shot and Beheaded, in Two Places in Iraq

For Bush, No Boasts, but a Taste of Vindication

Large Plume Billows From Mount St. Helens


F.B.I. Ends a Faltering Effort to Overhaul Computer Software

Exiled Moguls Surface in Israeli Probe

FBI looks on as terror suspects buy arms

Zim 'mercenaries' release delayed

US volcano Mount St Helens erupts

Bush Says Tsunami Aid Benefits U.S.--Bush uses the people to shore

Matsui headed for Congress

Lebanon Set to Name Outgoing Karami as New PM

Gas Prices Likely to Hit $2.15 by Spring

Blair broke code to keep war advice from Cabinet

IRA's Offer to Kill 4 Draws Outrage

2 Ad Campaigns on Social Security Go Head-to-Head

Documents Suggest Bigger DeLay Role in Donations

Telegraph UK: FBI Looks On as Terror Suspects Buy Arms

U.S. panel critical of intelligence about Iran

NYT: New Film Lets Germans Laugh With (Not at) Jews

NYT: I.R.A. Avowal on a Killing Ignites Storm

WP,pg1: Harassment Claims Roil Habitat for Humanity

Frank's ad will defend same-sex parenting

McDonald's Says It's Time To Exercise - NYT

Many Filipino children poisoned

Villaraigosa takes early lead in Los Angeles mayoral race

Shareholders sue ChoicePoint

NYT/AP: AOL to Launch Internet-Based Phone Service

Food poisoning kills 29 children (in Philipines)

Neo-Nazis admit plan to bomb Jewish community centre

Sadr militant to take up anti-US battle in Iraqi National Assembly

NYT: Fringes vs. Basics in Silicon Valley (high-tech worker exploitation?)

NYT: Surging Prices for Commodities Reflect Global Growth

Rice Will Confront Resentment Over U.S. 'meddling' During Visit to Mexico

Bolivia: waiting for Morales move

LexisNexis Reports Theft of Personal Data (WaPo)

30 Iraqis slain near Syria border as Baghdad truck bomb kills four

Chavez: Our oil reserve does not belong to Mr. Bush (AP)

GOP leaders: (Mont. Gov.) Schweitzer (D) harassing freshman lawmakers

Indian Navy arming submarines with missiles

ChoicePoint hires chief privacy officer - Carol A. DiBattiste

AP: Hong Kong's Leader Plans to Resign Thursday

South Africans Exhume Bodies

Syrian Army Evacuates Bases in Lebanon

Lebanon Returns Pro-Syria Prime Minister After Protest

Chicago City Council to examine (citywide) wireless access today

LAT: Golf, and Playing by the Rules (DeLay, Ney, Feeney lobbyist junkets)

WP: La Raza Puts Weight Behind Gonzales: Wants to Work with Bush

Commission Says US Lacks Intel on Iran Arms (Presidential panel)

Bush has mandate for Social Security plan from the BIG DICK

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 9 March

Matsui Wins Democratic Special Election for Husband's House Seat

Tom Feeney Now Linked to DeLay Ethics Scandal!

Bankruptcy Bill Set for Passage; Victory for Bush

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Touring anti-war exhibit limited by San Diego county permit(Eyes Wide Open

Father 'stressed' after Iraq duty (UK-Murdered Terminally Ill Son)

Venezuela's Chavez Accelerates Sincor II Talks With Total

Lebanon May Reinstate Pro-Syria PM

Congressman urges probe into company's role in war

Lawyer of German-born Turk detained at Guantanamo says he was tortured

Lebanon's ex-PM nominated to resume post

Hale Lawyer Says He Wouldn't Pass Message

U.S. troop level in Iraq expected to hold steady for 'next several months'

US not example for nuclear non-proliferation: Sam Nunn

Police: Man Broadcasts Toddler's Rape Live Online

Bankruptcy bill still needs house approval/Kennedy fights 4 single parents

Subpoenas to Be Sent in Baseball Steroid Probe (House)

Dirty Oil deals - Cooper Cameron is out of Iran - is Halliburton next?

Killing of Chechen leader was "crime" -Poland

Student who lied about rape is charged

WP: Dan Rather, leaving by the high road

Turmoil over terror laws

Personal Accounts Tank in Polls, GOP Says

30 Americans Among Those Injured By Truck Blast (Contractors)

Italians fume as US delays reporter shooting probe

(WTF is it now?) Patriot missile crews head to Israel for joint exercises

Sen. Heinz's will to be made public

U.S. citizens' data possibly compromised

Stocks Plunge on Soaring Oil Prices (Dow off 99, oil near $55/barrel)

Many Overseas Worried by Bush's U.N. Pick

Rights Group Urges UN to Condemn U.S. 'Torture'

China to Use Taxes to Fund Social Programs (must read)

Venezuela Journalists Denounce U.S. Campaign

US Welcomes Kosovo Resignation, Appeals for Calm

AFGE Calls on Thomas Saving to Resign (Social Sec.) Trusteeship

U.S. Bullets Found in Body Armor of Dead Bulgarian

Miners trapped after South African earthquake

Reuters: Boosted by (Pro-Syria) Rally, Labanon's Lahoud Meets MPs

Bush Not Planning to Tap U.S. Oil Reserves

McCain: With focus on Middle East, readiness of Pacific forces suffering

Haiti situation still explosive

Report: Nation's Infrastructure Crumbling (falls from D+ to a big fat D)

Bomb Hits Baghdad After Headless Bodies Found

Nev. Lawmaker Seeks Opinion on TV Contract

Slain Agent Had U.S. Operation Permission (Berlusconi)

NYT: Senate Gearing Up for Fight Over Oil Drilling in Alaska (51 votes?)

'Clear Skies' Bill Stalls in Senate

US report acknowledges peak-oil threat

IMF urges Opec to raise output capacity (Fin. Times)

Bill Would Ban Gun Sales to Terror Watch List

GAO Official: No Crisis in Social Security

U.S. Misses Soldier Reimbursement Deadline

Cop Uses Taser Gun On Man Who Refused Urine Sample: Man Was Strapped ...

Retailers want 16-hour trucker workday (Walmart)

USA Next sued for $25 million over anti-gay anti-AARP ad

US, Taiwan fear power balance may be shifting (To China)

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Tokyo coming to terms with bombing 60 years later

U.S.: IRA must disband now

Does anyone else watch Dallas?

Hey guys, did you hear?

here come the MOONINITES!

Found this Diane Arbus pic...

So, if I had to spill my Miso soup, why couldn't it be on the leather

Taxi cab confessions is on now...

I want some easily-removable stickers to put on cars that have Bush/Cheney


"Hey, nice tits!"


I looked, actually looked at poverty today.

Don't you hate it when your threads get locked,

I hate it when the internet is slow!!!!

Good night, sweeethearts.

One of those "WTF?" stories...

dj shadow or dj krush?

Oh god! Help!

Isn't it wierd when you can't remember a face you see often?

I think I've come down with a touch of something.

Here's a little song I wrote about Connecticut's weather


For your enjoyment, The Surrealist Compliment Generator

Post a pic of yourself doing something highly illegal...

Why do cats declaw people?

I can't believe what my wife said!

Vitamin B12 Shot?

Let's play poker!

41 posts from 1,000! Ask me anything!

Jimmy Jazz hurt herself today, to see if she still feels...

And if Jimmy Jazz has a son, she's gonna name him....

Good night DU lounge wizards.

I've heard JimmyJazz does a lot of traveling.

Charo: love her or hate her?

So, who's gonna win the Brier?

BTK Killer=Mr. Lahey

I gotta say after living for a year with pretty well no TV

Even if Metallica suck now (which they do)...

Where is the oddest place you have ever been hit?

Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Stolen While Driver Gets Donuts

YEAH!! -14 (wind chill) this morning!

THIS Is What The Boston Area Looked Like Last Night (PIC)

We need a GOOD MORNING thread! Guten Morgen!!

Which Nigerian Spammer Are You?

Clash-related pic for Jimmy Jazz

If there's a band that rocks more than Pink Floyd I'll eat my underwear

Good morning DU from Family Vacation Central !

Carbos: Love them or hate them?

Is that a cucumber in your video or are you just happy to see me?

I kicked ass in poker last night!!!!

Where Does He Fit In???

I kissed ass in poker last night!!!

For DUers Throughout the English-Speaking World: Question About a Name

Man Gets Apology From Police As They Return His Marijuana

Hey an interesting image came to my mind as I was reading late breaking

Former Dentist Accused Of Squirting Semen In Mouths Of Female Patients

Looking for an old classmate? Try Here.

The other day they waited,

2 Year Old Survives For Two Days On Syrup, Onions After Caretaker Dies

Mother, Grandmother Charged In Diaper Rash Death (Toddler Dead)

Boston DUers vs. Chicago DUers: Who Can Drink More?

Word to the wise

I'm listening to Leo Sayer right now - envy me.....

Why oh Why must we copycat every threat posted in the lounge

matcom has too much time on his hands

Cue oh Cue must we copycat every thread posted in the Lounge?

matcom has too much thyme on his hands

CT DUers - this was the worst storm of the year

What the hell is this picture? (Crazy Cat Picture)

Actor Crowe was 'al-Qaeda target'

Long Island nuns selling convent estate for £13m

Investing in Beer :)

If I have to read about one more Gannon "wrinkle" I'm going to barf

Bush announces exit strategy: We'll go through Iran!!!!

Good Samaritan Grandma Unknowingly Gives Bank Robbers Ride To Bank

I don't care, What you do, I wouldn't want to be like you

I had an undercut in high school. What are you gonna do about it?

Free surprise Nestle Crunch bar!

Cockroaches linked to asthma risk

American Idol fans: who is your favorite male vocalist

Let's go insane!

so gannon is wrinkLy?

The "What Happened to Their Hair?" CAPTION

What are you trying to say?

Telemarketers from India.

Who would you rather fight (II):

ya bunch of tax and spend lounge-o-crats

Odd Things To Sell Door-To-Door

Most touching SOUTH PARK moment?

Question for insurance savvy folks-

Are "outdated telecom laws" really preventing the cable companies

legally doing nuthin at work and still getting paid!!!!!

Eeyore: Hotter than Pooh, not as hot as Kanga.

I outdrank Bostonians in high school. What are you going to do about it?

New York Times Bestseller's List

Somebody keeps bringing Victoria's Secret catalogs to work

At 8PM on Monday the 14th of March, I will say farewell to DU.

Why do people get rickets from cats?

Why do people get picked: too fat?

Cover me, boys, I'm going in...

Where'd all these Bloom County style copy cat threads come from?

Why do people get pickled in vats?

Why oh why must we copy every cat thread posted in the Lounge?

right now, I'm taLking about your behind in back

Question for anyone who plays Literati on Yahoo:

I waNNa be like SNiffa.

Calling all Los Angeles Mod Hipsters and Tiki Lounge Lizards!

Proposal: DU vs. FR in a math contest.

why oh why must we thread every copycat lounging on this post?

DU techies-How do you get Chicken Dumplings out of a keyboard

Creator of Linux shuns Intel, goes Mac

DU techies: How do you get down off an elephant?

"Before the fall when they wrote it on the wall when there wasn't even any

I had a pet mullet in high school, what are you gonna do about it?

Isst not fat isst dissCUSSting

Why do people get tickets to "Cats"?

Okay...who's the wise guy?

Man U - AC Milan (spoilers inside)

right now, i'm taLking about you behind your back

Don't communicate in 3 e-mails what you could easily...

Police Accussed Of Tasering Suspect To Get Urine Sample

Kitten Born With 2 Faces Survives (pic included)

Anyone want Gmail invitations?

David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist - and I have the proof

U.S. Citizens' data compromised... are you worried?


For once

Torvalds switches to a Mac

How about a good laugh?


I am so pissed off I want to throw something!

Newest DU'er?

Saddam's Family Tree

Wow. I never used to like Chicago much.

Sniffa is the new JimmyJazz


Who is this JimmyJazz guy everyone is talking about?

I've heard many folks in the lounge say that GD is scary

"Somewhere Only We Know" by Keane

Poirot question

Torvill stays with Dean

Ivy herd mini flocks on a chaise hint that MGD is not beer

Isn't the word "poster" inundated and sexist, outyways?


whoisalhedges' avatar is FREAKING ME OUT!

I am sick and tired of my browser closing when I click on posts!!!

My doctor just told me I had a stroke

Did You Know? In CHICAGO, It Is Illegal To Fish In Your Pajamas

North Dakota legally blind gunman opposes change in concealed weapon law

Unblievable news about the Right

Haymarket Riot vs. Boston Tea Party

Wolcott reviews Fat Actress

If yvr girl can give up flirting, the rest of us should make a sacrifice

They Might Be Giants are down the hall right now. Ask me anything.

I live in St. Paul

Red Sox or Cubs

Four hours of '80s music, and it's as nearby as your computer!

Let's talk about hatred. (It's been a while; lots of newbies.)

Padres or Dodgers or Giants?

Have you ever had a dream that was INTENSELY real?

State teacher commission probes wound-licking practice by coach

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: Album vs. Movie

Bob Newhart And Lesley Ann Warren To Join "Desperate Housewives" Cast??

High School Coach In Trouble For Licking Player's Wounds

Not coming to a theater near you: The Passions of the ReCuts

Boston has a "Tweeter Center"?

This woman is wearing

SHOCKING PROOF! Penelope Cruz and Geddy Lee are THE SAME PERSON!

Kleeb's poll is dumb, the real poll: White Sox or Cubs!

why isn't the press covering the 'teapot dome' scandaL

Why oh Why must we copycat every thread posted in the lounge

Lions, or Tigers, or Bears, Oh My

Random Acts of Senseless Kindness.

Got a co-worker who's a total slacker?

I gave my mom my email address and now she's spamming me

Bot Fly larva. Has anyone ever heard of this? (Warning: disturbing)

Things You Shouldn't Say To A Friend After A Breakup

Nixon, or Reagan, or Ford, Oh My

Who is posting from work right now?

Listening to Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic." Ask me anything.

Intercepted phone call between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

New Crayola Colors That Just Didn't Make The Cut

Meet the newest members of the White House Press Corps

Anyone know of any anti-Bush e-greeting cards?

Chicagoans are oversenstive girliemen overcompensating for their tiny

Food Network vs. Style TV

Probate question.

Battle of the Mass-Produced Corporate Cookies!

Do you ever....

Well, What do you think?

I can't take over Short Bus President's lounge stalking duties

Random poll

The fun is just beginning

I'm doomed!!!

Baby, I've been waiting,

For the record, there is no "A" in "definitely!"

Who here has been to Tokyo?

I was having so much fun here in the Lounge, why did I go to GD?

I know a little bit...about a lot of stuff...

Seattle or Vancouver?

Who would you "Take a bullet", for?

Any Amish DU'ers here?

Favorite James Stewart movie?

Even more random poll

The "Look of Absolute Certainty" CAPTION

Favorite Cary Grant movie?

BTK Killer=Mr. Lahey

Anyone want to take over my flirting duties, since I'm really tired today?

You hate Bush, a Conservative thinks your a traitor and unpatriotic

Girls on film! Girls on film!

Share moments of irony or cognitive dissonance here!

Anyone have experience with demodex mange and dogs?

Anonymous Donors Pony Up Millions for 'Enterprise'

Who here has been to Pegram, Tennessee?

Will you submit to the will of Krispy Kreme?

Should Animals Have To Wear Clothes?

AAARGH! "Choosing the Blue" is hard!

red paint filled balloons

One Thing to do!!!!!

Why didn't they call "Fat Actress" "Factress", or "Fatress"?

I've found the PERFECT gift for Underpants

DU I need help.


Happy Birthday to Bobby Fischer...

I'm in the 700 club - Ask me ANYthing!

I am craving Bisquits and Gravy.

Oh bagel, cream cheese, lox, smoked whitefish, red onion I am your slave

Match Game DU!!

Did anyone hear Fresh Air today?

Wanna see what I'm having for dinner tonight?

Time to Put a Cork in It

Tonight's Fantasy: Laura Bush

Paging ChavezSpeakstheTruth: You table is now ready:

Tonights Fantasy: Sophia Loren

I had a mullet in high school. What are you going to do about it?

Is anyone else having troubles with their posts?

I've heard many folks in the lounge say the mullet was scary (photos)

The Dookus Wrinkle Thread (part 1)

The "Excellent Question, Mr. President" CAPTION

Popeye's Fried Chicken vs KFC

Has Bush Started Drinking Again??

Anyone eat flaxseeds?

Is anyone else having troubles with their pants?

Are good at...Math?

How now, wool-sack, what mutter you? It's Shakespearian Insult Time

I'm taking a midterm in four hours and I'm completely sleepy.

***100th Post -- My DU Introduction***

Anyone watching Dr. Phil right now? INTENSELY DISTURBING.

CONFESS!!!!! Songs that could really use more Cowbell

Why do people declaw cats?

I just had a dream about Padraig18 (only it wasn't really him)

Uh-Oh proof Michael Jackon IS guilty association

I watched Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band last night, ask me anything

Are Your Parents Divorced?

Buffalo or Lemon-Pepper wings?

Dear John...

Some hot ass Brit-Hop

I LOVE non-regionalism!

My cellphone invention:

Let's see pictures of Fuzzy Zeller's kids!

The Nigeria scam is now the Wellstone scam!


some jokes sent to me, cannot vouch for them, G-rated

Isn't the word "actress" outdated and sexist, anyways?

Yup I'm fat

Sophia Loren was/is superfine, but I prefer Claudia Cardinale:

Let's paraphrase Canadian prog-rocker Geddy Lee:

I have never driven in the snow, going to DC, HELP !

Do you hate/love it when the syrup gets on the sausage/bacon?

Dictionary Entries Rejected By Webster's

Can anyone help me? I need a WIN95 CD.

66085 DU'ers. Any bets when we will hit 66666?

Best meat to BBQ. Beef, Pork, Chicken, Goat, Fish?

File-gate ? What in the * ever happened to that "scandal" ?

How did I get such an overdeveloped guilt complex?

Does anybody here use the T-Mobile Sidekick II?

I love the North Pole!

I sometimes use the "Golden Rule".

This southern gal is cooking some good stuff for dinner tonight.

I sometimes use the "copy cat" feature.

Tonight's repast: Pesto Sophia

I can't read a MrScorpio post without thinking of my old boss. Why?

I love the Neighbor to the North!

Ok, Sally Field in Norma Rae was hot

Who is buying a smaller vehicle?

An open letter to Condi Rice...

I don't have a dollar. Should I declare bankruptcy?

I have a dollar! Should I buy a MAXTOR hard drive?

Cosby is accused of sexual assault? WTF?

A coworker of mine was killed in a car crash last night

The shaved head is the mullet of the 90's: Yea or nay?

I love you California, you're the Greatest State of All!

Who would you rather fight (part III)?

Would you take a bullet for an historical figure?

does anyone have downloadable vids of the Clinton/Dole 96 debates?

I love "Chicago"!

Caption these images

My Wife and I are getting Tattoos!

Is anyone else in a horridly severe mood today?

I have never driven in the past: going to!

I could use some marriage advice.

"Girls Gone Wild" in town filming tonight (bike week)

I'm out to get a Five Doillar Pizza, Anybody want anything?

Where the HELL is my husband??

When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful...

Guitar Players: That Damned A Chord Is KILLING ME!

Is it normal to sign a nondisclosure agreement before an interview?

Photoshop this image

You're Rock Candy baby. You're hard, sweet and sticky.

One Specific Answer

Is anyone else in a severely horrid mood today?

My good news today!

Fun Actress Trivia Question

Oh Yes! YES!!!! 7,000 posts! Nearly four years in the making! Woo-Hoo!

I love the Northern Midwest, Like most of us here I don't say that enough

Freeper Heaven

Which Yahoo! Game Are You Addicted To?

Who here keeps Kotter?

How do I download a webpage as an adobe acrobat document?

Would you date a person who has an MBA?

Who here keeps Kosher?

Crosses Across America

Who else loves ATA?


I sometimes use the "hide thread" feature.

If you witness a car accident, do you stop to help/act as a witness?

I sometimes use the "alert" feature.

No offense to Floridians....but WTF?


Damn. Out of soda.

Spin-off shows that no one remembers.

Is there a new LOST on tonight?

Anyone else watching Dan Rather's final broadcast?

For Revolutionary_Acts04 here's Oscar the Grouch to color

Best Girl Scout Cookie

A few random questions

Dennis Kucinich is on ESPN right now!!

Do you find the Confederate Flag offensive?

OK all this talk of BBQ and Southern cooking and now I am starving...

Anyone else noticing a significant drop in their gas mileage?

exporting AOL 'favorites??? possible???

What's the best pub in your town?

Who else saw King Tut's exhibit in 78?

"State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. Anyone else read it?

What do you think of your IS helpdesk?

Help! I think my cat is a Republican.


Proposal: DU vs. FR baseball game:

Best insult?

Just found out the biggest fundie bigot hater in HS is ....GAY!!!

What is the meaning of life ? Serious posts only, por favor

Let's see if I've got this right...

Amateur teardrop tattoos?

My dog has a limp

Cilantro: Love it or hate it?

I will take over yvr girl's flirting duties.

Real Sign Outside A Gun Store

Post in this thread - and I will NOT flirt with you

X O X mustard oui xeroxdog avery brooks topic mounted on the Rabrrrrrr

Favorite MLB ballpark?

They looked at me like I had just ordered poop on a stick.

I dreamed that I didn't get the job...I so hope I'm wrong

Ever been to a churrascaria - Brazilian BBQ?

What about Nell?

worst (as in unattractive) picture of yourself ever...

Fat Actress. Yay or Nay

A Weeeeee, wee ee ee ee wee a-um-a-weh

Do people find "wife" a sexist word?

What is the root of all Evil?

What the hell is this picture? (Krazy Kat picture)

Ok, I'm really nervous

Who here speak another language, say German maybe?

10 greatest Americans

I'm ALMOST out of the 700 club -- ask me anything!

If Famous Children's Books Grew Up

Credit Counseling Services....any good? Recommendations?

Are you a White Castle person?

Proposal: DU Baseball group

DUers with both cats and dogs: Do your pets get along well?


Some classic "Hollywood Squares" and Paul Lynde jokes

Which of these Presidents deserves the title "He of the Good Hair"?

Oasis added to V Festival line-up

Thew new Doctor Who title sequence music is here:

I HATE it when people hurt my kid.

Fill in the blanks: All your _______ are belong to _____.

The official say something nice about Kirstie Alley Thread

I bless you in the name of the Father...

The single most soul-destroying episode of ER is on now (11am EST)

I will take over SarahBelle's non-flirting duties.

I love the South

Why can't I use a power washer and a compressor to clean my house?

Who's house?

Is gas the same price at all the stations you see?

Does anyone else dislike 'please keep this kicked' posts?

Let's see pictures of your kids! Fuzzy faces are included!

Monday Night I Spent Two Hours With A Coworker Who Spent The Entire Time

Whoo-hoo! The Sweet Valley High DVD came out today!

Chicago or New York?

Replace one word in a DU username with "Fat Actress."

Drink yourselves silly Morans. NYC is the and always will be

I LOVE the North!

Specific - where is THE BEST BBQ joint?

What cult food in your city is so good that people wait on line for it?

ask a girl......

Boston DUer Gathering-Saturday, March 19th, 2 PM

Urban Legends about Bill Clinton debunked! (Add your favorites!)

All I want for Easter/Solstice/Purim/Ostara/Holi...

What is the justification that the US government should pay for clerics?

Nicaraguan bows out of Harvard divinity teaching post

Types and motivations of anti-evolution creationists

All Babies Are Born Atheists... True Or False?


Terri Schiavo: religion and the right to die

Common schizophrenia symptoms often overlooked by physicians

Moonbeams Shine On Einstein, Galileo And Newton

Undersea quakes send scientists scrambling

Life: The Wonder of Conway's Cellular Automata

Bronze Age shipwreck loaded with jewellery is found off Devon

Super volcanoes will chill the world someday

Bird flu could become a global threat to humans...Chicago Tribune

Space Watch: Backing a bad Hubble decision

Human Rights Campaign Announces New President

Lesbian Mom's Battle For Dead Partner's Child Goes To WV Supreme Court

New Jersey May Give Tax Break To Partners Of Gay Vets

Pro & Anti-Gay Amendment Supporters Clash At Indiana Capitol

Alabama Gay Marriage Amendment Moves Forward

Battle Over Gays In Episcopal Church To Last At Least 3 More Years

Anti-Gay Provisions Dropped From Tennessee Adoption Bill

GOP Lawmakers Balk At Gay Provision In Bully Law

Same-sex EMU policy under fire, lying conservative bastards

Maine bill claims to protect unborn gays??

Breaking: Vikings Coach Mike Tice being investigated for ticket scalping.

UCONN Women beat Rutgers! (67-51)

Armstrong Backs Paris' 2012 Games Bid

How many games will Kendrell Bell spend in the tub (injured) this year?

Just HERD this-Bob Pruitt retiring from Marshall

So, how's your NFL team doing in free agency?

Anybody following BIG BREAK III?

Lance Armstrong drops out of Paris-Nice

Is Thu. March 17 at 2:00 PM an auspicious day for a job interview?

ATROLOGY BUFFS -okay guys, we have to work something out here.

Just a little silly joke...

What is the answer to this allegation?

Fundraising for '08 story 3/9/05

Any new stars?

They're after Momma T again

Kerry Fortifies War Chest, Keeps Momentum for 2008

Please say something to cheer me up, please

Just want to say - Thankyou all.

WTF is this supposed to mean?

It's mental breakdown Wednesday on the Kerry group

I saw Richard Clarke speak tonight!


Countdown Tonight (Wed. Newsletter)

Let's play "Gutterball" :)

Dan Rather signs off tonight :(

Keith items on eBay !

NEW not bad pic at TVHeads 3/8/05 --

Ordered two IGMNFKeith mugs. Our house w/b swimming in KO mugs soon!

the Middle East distraction

"Hey, hey, ho, ho. Schwarzenegger's got to go."

So you want to Dump Joe Lieberman?

Disappointment? Anger? Confusion? Rage?


Should US Senators & Representatives live in DC or Commute?

Andrea Mitchell: Bush and middle east like the Berlin Wall coming down

NH's Sen. John Sununu ... asshat

Madilline Albright--not democracy on demand--reponse to Is Bush Right?

Gannongate update

99% of vote counted: Villaraigosa leads Hahn (inc) 33%-23%

Bush senior no agent of charity

Third of MoD arms sale unit works for Saudis

Patriot Games - Spinning the invalidation of the government's spy laws

More lies about the effects of the bankruptcy bill.

Crisis in Canada, eh Stopping Immigration of Illegal Immigrants to Canada

One sad thing about the bankruptcy bill.

"....a colossal, inexcusable mistake."

Congress is discussing important business this morning...

Has anyone received the prayer rug in the mail?

Missouri House passes bill targeting those who help minors get abortions

Hatch on C-Span2: Can't change the BK Bill - deals (bribes)have been made.

Cartoonist Luckovich gets it right on the "bankruptcy reform" bill

Outlaw offshore shells and allow the 2% private accounts

Bush risks losing the plot over Cuba

Backlash Time (Against All Who Voted For Bankruptcy Bill)

If abortion laws were tied to a federal ban on the death penalty

You want to do something about the Bankerupcy Bill - Take Trumad's Advise

2006 Is More Important Than 2008!

Here is good website for consumers about that bankruptcy bill.

Love those "Big Government" Republicans...

Jim Davis, who signed the New Dems letter, is running for governor.

I just sent out an e-mail that will piss off a lot of people.

"McCain leads Hillary Clinton in poll matchup "

Sincere plea to the DLC folks here...explain New Dems and bankruptcy bill.

DFA in Ohio helping to collect 193,700 signature by the 30th.

Anyone remember when Carter asked Americans to stop using credit cards?

* pulling out his Artic Drilling proposal because "gas prices"

Divide the Dem party? Maybe it needs to be divided so that we can

FLUNKING THE DOVER TEST: our of sight out of the peoples minds

Secret Service lies about Gannon

There Are No Consequences.

Quick... some info on Clinton nominees & fillibuster

Just Called Ed Case on his support for the bankruptcy bill tells the story about the Bankruptcy Bill bribes.

Weekly World News: Bush orders his cape and crown

Gay Couple File $25 Million Lawsuit Against Soc. Security Gruop.

New meme.

How to Analyze a Political Photo (BagNewsNotes)

Cheney emerges from bunker to sell Social Security plan

Wouldn't it fall under "false advertising"

Will a Democratic House in 2006 make a difference

Kids First Campaign, email from Sen. Kerry:

When religion is involved, death follows....

This is more like it: Obama helps defeat Clear Skies Act

Santorum -- he's like a parody

Are Bush and the Repubs succeeding in dividing the Democrats?

Take 60 seconds to save Social Security - petition

Dean meets with Democratic Caucus today.

Flame me all you want, but there are reasons behind reforming bankruptcy

Why are Democratic Senators enabling this evil man?

Is the GOP interested in overturning Roe v. Wade?

poll: Spitzer would massacre Pataki in '06 match-up

Grassley apoplectic re Kennedy's amendment to raise homestead exemption

Byrd and Hitler

Amazing how Bush energy plan pops back up just as gas hits2.20

George W. Bush -- A hollow man speaking hollow words.

So, do we hate Byrd today or what?

Army Commercial during Discover Kids

Website Up For Funding To Oppose Joe Lieberman...

James Carville's perception problem - thinks the media's still like 1992.

This CNN poll has been Moron'ed

Re: Bob Casey Jr.'s pro-life position...I need help

Halliburton goes through Caymen Islands to get to Iran

Defending Kerry From Recent Attacks

Explain to me why Bush is taking credit for Lebanon?

Ridiculous. More fake studies to justify the vote

Ron Reagan blogs about BEASTIALITY

Would you support William Jennings Bryan type Democrats?

Interesting what Feingold is saying on the Senate floor


A bold proposal. Free Republic and DU uniting on an issue?

Moving the Democratic Party to the Left

DLC tells what we stand for..while voting for the bankruptcy bill. Irony.

New Senate Chart. This includes the cloture vote.

For those of you who have said they don't "like" late term abortions......

Guess who has four (count'em 4!) tickets to hear King Chimpy tomorrow?

HAH - Top 10 States Bankruptcy Filings - Red

Kerry Fortifies War Chest, Keeps Momentum for 2008

Tom Feeney Now Linked to DeLay Ethics Scandal!

"Abby" from "Dharma & Greg" Gives Pitch for PDA