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Archives: March 5, 2005

Freedom, yes, but only if U.S. strategic goals are satisfied

greespoon subject of this WP cartoon

The Bogus Economist: Exhale only

Tortured policies in the U.S.

Reclaiming the Heartland; David Van Os

College professors are, CEOs are not, and think-tankers …no comment

CIA Flying Suspects To Torture? (CBS News)

Look Who's Talking About Human Rights Violations (Helen Thomas)

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Coulter falsely claimed NY Times op-ed "outed" gays (Media Matters)

I've not seen any threads yet on this, Is anybody sick yet of all "MARTHA"

Write The Ed Schultz Show and educate him!

USCC Hearing on China's Proliferation Practices and Role in the N.Korea

Oil holds above $53, Venezuela says no OPEC output rise

DailyKos looking for research on Greenspan

NYT Editorial on Greenspan's suggestion to raise taxes to get....

Massachusetts approves Cape wind farm draft environmental report

Uruguay and Venezuela ink energy deal

ANWR drilling (Ed Schultz)

A new Brazil-Venezuela alliance

Thanks for your message on the Wayne Madsen threads...

I believe this was a legitimate discussion in its own right

I second NSMA's request to reopen discussion on Civil Rights

Hi Guys

A post deleted because of a misunderstanding?

I respectfully disagree with the decision to lock this thread

Ah, Dookus has his chron wrong.

Please unlock kennedy foundation award thread

U.S. govt: Palestinian population exceeds Jewish population

Some Questions for Our Elected Officials:

A Question for HAVA Gurus

got an e-mail from Andy!

KOEB Friday

YES!!!!! This was just posted in LBN

What is election law regarding requiring ID? If don't have can't vote??

CA Dem Party e-letter.

Global day of Protest, Saturday March 19th - Let's meet up

State department refuses visa to let Sandinista revolutionary take up post

Boston Globe reporter used blogs to attack Kerry, support Bush during '04

Is DU screwed up or is it the latest version of Firefox 1.01 that's buggy?

CHIP lobby day, March 9th.

Hey, Pete Sessions, come get your crappy sign!

Supporters of a bike-friendly Texas: Lobby Day, March 7

My twin might be moving to TX from CA. Any suggestions

Dallas/Collin County: Forum on Public Health March 31


We only need $33,000 more to save Toby! Make your donations today

Its not the repayment provisions of the bankruptcy reform act that irk me.

If I met an alien and it asked me what is this thing called America

I'm drunk. I'm Norwegian. I'm insane. Ask Me Anything!

This weekend I tell my mom & dad they've been supporting gay marriage.

Will someone tell Chris Matthews to Shut the hell up!

Recruit’s death highlights brutality of Marine training

There are 1.5 gallons of blood in the human body.

Who's going to the March 19 demonstration?

GOP pedophilia and S&M trysts: A long history ... (Madsen)

One Example of the Ruthless Duplicity of the Bankruptcy 'Reform' Act>>>

Happy Birthday SEABEES

Calling Mr. Bush! Pretzel shaped like the Virgin Mary and Jesus

7 PM EST: Italian Reporter Sgrena"CRITICAL, but stable at US army hospital

OK white heterosexual males, I've had it.

Latest teacher sex case - Toni Lynn Woods


Tribalism again.

La Rouche organization reveals Arnold's SS diabolical plan.

Italy's prime minister is pee ode over their journalist... said something

How alarmed are you that the price of gas is skyrocketing?

Single Payer Health Care - an example.

windows media player

Does the government own its citizens' bodies?

Good grief - WA repugs resort to identity theft over election dispute

List of Journalists and Media Assistants Killed in Iraq Since March 2003

I support the occupation of Iraq, but I dont support the troops ...

"Control Room" and "Hijacking Catastrophe"

What's up with

Jim McDermott is blogging at Kos today, in case you missed it.

Kerry, Clinton, SS on CSpan1

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

Okay what is the deal with this story?

Vegas TV News Station Pays State Senator (R) $3K/mo to "Consult"

Are Republicans huge hypocrites for opposing affirmative action?

Banning SI Swimsuit issues: Is government-sanctioned art next?

Checkpoints in Iraq don't seem to include Red Traffic Lights.

What "liberal" places no limits or boundaries on behavior?

OMG! Tweety is the most worthless puke I have ever seen!

Church members say "Nuke em all". Agrees with Congressman Johnson

Is There a "Got the Boss By the Balls" Labor Situation Developing???

C-SPAN NOW : Good Guys Are Defending SS

Cold-Fusion Republicans

Just saw the movie "Deliverance." I know what Gannon's purpose is.


I have a question about bankruptcy law . . .

Where are the TruthSeekers?

Surviving Fallujah . . . Rolling Stone, 03/10/05

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Peak Oil Council Forming In Western Massachusetts

Monitoring personal internet activity/pc spying - what's possible?

Can anybody explain why the stock market is so high?

Thank Goodness For Malloy Fridays Truthseeker Gathering

yellow ribbons and suv type vehicles

How reliable are GAO industry reports? (Malpractice Physician Liability)

Need NO votes in this poll. It is sick they are asking this

Hannity denied the facts to defend Congressman Gibbons

Arizona bill would allow guns in schools, anywhere

How much more can we take?

Facts we know about Robert Gregory Stevens (GOP Advisor who just died)

Why is "Meet the Press" still called "Meet the Press"?

A few words about "Gay Rights"

I just heard REALLY LOUD gunshots outside my apartment

"Hate speech laws: A new cross for Christians to bear"

I'm about to begin my Anti-Bu$h movie night!

Bill Maher has Ward Churchill on.....nobody watching?

Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Fuels Conspiracy Buzz

Have you ever noticed how Pugs use emotion rather than reason

Here's what you get to live on under the new bankruptcy law:

Denver-Need an Address Checked out-

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church In Their Own Words

Progressive Women vs Conservative Women

ok the bread thing... it looks right, rises right, the dough stretches

Visa for Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams Up in Air

WP: Ukraine's Ex-Interior Minister Found Dead (another REPORTER dead)

Bin Laden draws rare mention from Bush

Law chief attacks terror Bill (UK)

Journalists receive death threats (Philippines)

[Austrian Privacy-Protection Group:]Datamining the NSA

Fresh hope for slaves as Tuareg chief frees 7,000

Conn. National Guard chief quits

Pa. (Supreme Court) Justice Pays Fine for Carrying Knife

Stalemate Lengthens Brothers' Detention (4 held since Oct 01)

Edwards stumps in Topeka against GOP

Patriot missile problems led to friendly fire deaths, report says

Analyst Raises Medicare Cost Estimate

A Disproportionate Sacrifice, Md. Mother Lobbies to End Sons'...deployment

Images Show Iran Heavy-Water Plant Nearly Done-ISIS

U.S. Efforts to Hide Sensitive Data Pit 9/11 Concerns Against Safety

Alert Issued on Fried-Food Chemical (WHO/Acrylamide)

U.S. Denies Visa To Let Nicaraguan 'Terrorist' Take Post At Harvard

Some Democrats Say Greenspan Has Gone From 'Maestro' to Partisan

Petroleum prices may top $60 or more: analysts:

Citgo's Status Is Giving Houston the Jitters

Central America creates security force

Thousands March in Haitian Slums, Praise UN Troops

A New Front in the Drug Wars Opens on the Canadian Border -NYT

Greenspan Comes Under Unprecedented Political Fire

Ill. Lawmakers Take on 'Eyeball Jewelry'

Apple seeks blogger records in information leak case

US Senate seeks to end bankruptcy debate next week

LAT/AP: Secret Door Reveals Tomb, Well-Preserved Mummies

Iraqi Woman Profits From False Testimony

Democratic National Committee Announces Ohio Election Review Team

How a Contractor Cashed In on Iraq

I think I'd like to go back home

Catholics Rule!

I have found something online that we all need to learn

Today was a beautiful 70 degrees.

F*ck with f*eepers' minds

Has a thread ever been moved out of the lounge into GD

gratitous monty python thread. Excuse me, are you a virgin

Spring is almost here DUers!! I'm psyched.

The Rutles 2 - Can't Buy Me Lunch

Not to be stereotypical or racist, but are black men ....

Whoa! I think I was just in a flame war. I think.

there's an icicle that looks like the Virgin Mary in my back yard

A co-worker made some delicious spice cake

Here's your chance to shoot down another DUer.

If a woman smiles at a man on the streets

OK, where's the fun?

Mmmm....Grilled Chicken on wheat toast with..

DEADWOOD season two starts Sunday night!

BREAKING: Blackout at Casa da_chimperor officially over

I want to be a knight! am I crazy?

How bad in Constantine?

"Silver City" /John Sayles. A best political movie I've seen in awhile!

I have a friend who says "damn girl" to hot women on the streets

If Longgrain even smiles at a strange woman on the street

So what is a good computer condom?

Will I ever get LongGrain to

On the road again? One fan hopes to make sequel to 'Easy Rider'

Diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean

I am home, sweethearts!!! Friday lovin' for the Lounge!

OK, so I'm a little slow

My date had to cancel - that fucking bitch!

Beckhams' new son named Chav but pronounced Cruz.

Ann vs. Spock. Will Spock withstand the illogic?

Is it ok to use your neighbor's wife without his permission ?

anyone know what dennis kucinich's group's/pac's new name is???

Is it ok to use your neighbor's wifi without their permission?

"Control Room" and "Hijacking Catastrophe"

I'm Hot. And when I'm not. I'm cold as ice.

Ladies are you in touch with the first girl you ever kissed?

Heh.... Teddy Bear, try Deaddy bear!

Frank Miller's "Sin City," the final version of the movie poster

And now...for the latest Darwin award-winning's...............

Gentlemen. Are you still in touch with the first guy you kissed?

Psychopaths, are you in touch with the first chimp you kissed?

Will Rigby is the best American rock drummer drumming. If

Another reason to hate Clear Channel.

Showtime is free this weekend

Awesome 747 takeoff video

I promise not to mention JimmyJazz.

Hooray! I have to take the Praxis 2 tomorrow!

I'm watching the state girl's high school basketball tournament.


OH WOW!!! We had a treat at school today!!!!!

Everyone remember No threads With JimmyJazz in the title.

Are you quitting on me?!

I just drank 2 Red Bulls, and now my right leg is in bass-drum mode.

Hey Frank McCourt Fans, ever read any of his brother Malachy?

Catherine Zeta-Jones is such a total hottie

Where's progmom ? I miss her

my date had to cancel, cheer me up

It's Friday, and no one has posted a "post a picture" thread. Why?

If you think I'm obnoxious now

Is that one of the Hootie guys in the new Burger King commercial?

Do You Vote In Polls That You're Not Supposed To?

Have you ever tried to look up a subject on the internet, only to get the

I don't like you.

As you journey through life take a minute every now and then

Merlin went to his new home today.

How is it that everyone seems to know everyone at the lounge?

Recent articles at my Blog

The lounge is open - let's have a ball!

We just boiled up a mess o' mudbugs at my house.

I was alone, I took a ride. I didn't know what I would find there.

Bush's vision for Social Security panics citizens

I'm soooo tired of Russian women hitting on me on the Internets

Which of these TV shows has held up best over the years?

I'm fucking sober, Southern boy, slightly neurotic. ASK AWAy !

It's My Birthday!!!

I hate those talking baby Quizno commercials.

Funniest Saturday Night Live Sketch EVER!!!

I'm addicted to sex in the city.

Goddamn you, Koelner Haie!!!!

Whats a good MP3-Wav, Wav-MP3 converter for free?

Can you say quackery?

I captured a tree spirit today.....

see something that will frighten small dogs and little kids

what should we (college dems) do in DC tomorrow?

It's time for Match Game DU!

SNL's "golden years" (The 70s): Am I the only one who finds that period...

Why are my gay friends OBSESSED with boobs?

OMG, Brainshrub is freaking hot!

Watching Bill Maher

Generic "Vanity/ Get to Know You" Post #672

As soon as he died, I ate Bubba the giant lobster...

Pirates vs. Ninjas

JanMichael, Brainshrub and I are hanging out in Asheville

The Daily Show tonight- Rob Cordry.."I'm gonna blog the shit out of this."

OMG! Martha can't drink!

Ladies, What do would you like this guy to call you?

Satellite dish for sale on eBay

What are all the search engines available online?

THE most depressing post on Free Republic EVER!

Need advice. How can I fit in with the Good Ol' Boys tomorrow AM?

I'm drunk. I'm Norwegian. I'm insane. Ask Me Anything!

"Real Time with Bill Maher" almost on (11 PM EST).

What's the most successful thread you have ever started in the lounge.

What's the best cell phone company to be with?

No more modern rock in Philadelphia.

It is unofficial St. Patrick's day in town and it totally sucks ass!

Time sure flies here in the lounge.

Apparently, I'm a racist Southern SOB

Theory behind the heiney incident, the other day in the Lounge

I Have A Request For My Birthday Tonight

Been Drinking? Check in Here

I'm hungry, what should I get?

Anyone else at work right now?

I just got off the phone with my mother..... I hope my blood

Lift your glass to Scotty my 13 yr. old his ashes back today...

I don't have anything to say, but I wanted to start a thread anyway

Help me DU this poll

Now on PBS - Old-Timers singing original 50's songs

OK for those who questioned my signature, is this better?

What music are you listening to now?

I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Down it goes, into my belly.

Who's tired of looking at "The Fun's Over" at the top of the Lounge?

Ever make something delicious to eat by accident?

Qestion...selling an old Win 95 do I wipe the HDD clean?

A MIke Malloy Bumper sticker poll

This is sick. I REALLY need you to go vote NO here.

For someone who does not like harming animals, I just killed my second

DU women (and men) is "cutie" or cute a better compliment...

Vacation time. Where is the best place to go in the USA?

Ladies. Are you still in touch with the first guy you kissed?

So what's the deal with SACD?

Listening to Fela Kuti - how did I not know how cool he was?

I don't like you. But, I love progmom!!!!

Question about drug testing

If a woman smiles at a chocolate cake on the street,

God, it really sucks to be a teenager

I'm eavesdropping on my son...

GREAT weeks at work - Week - 02/28/05 - 03/04/05

Good baby girl is still ALIVE!!!

Battlestar Galactica countdown thread

Help me with my Star Wars continuity questions, you're my only hope.

Question: Are there any alcohol bev that mixes cream or milk in it?

As if we didn't need another reason to dislike J-LO

GD is a cesspool-I feel like I need a shower!

Everyone with a state's name in their username, check in!

The Obligatory Friday Night "What are you drinking?" Thread

So I *know* the teenager's out drinking....

IF you had a previous life, what/who do you think you may have been?

Why is "Close To The Edge" the greatest album ever recorded?

Everyone take your screen name (or some one else's) and make an anagram

I'm doing a dog rescue tomorrow,

Please consider my new sig when

Your opinions on this?

For when you feel our words fall on deaf ears

Rap Mogul (Russell Simmons) Speaks Out Against KFC

Well I'll be damned... atheist god parents?

Discussion of Australian News on Avian Flu

Does anybody know of somebody who's had issues with Cigna?

Experts say bird flu can't be beaten

NO more Home Depot or EXPO for me

Mark Foley is a gay homophobe.

Kasparov wins in round 9 at Linares, extends lead

My rude bird

Jesus On A Pretzel!

Hey guys- guess what? Will and I have been asked to be GOD PARENTS!

Dem Policy Committee: Cspan Friday night replay of today's event

I got my taxes in today and now Kerrygoddess has a star.

So the only political TV Ive seen lately was Teddy Kennedy

Did anyone see the last West Wing?

Nonsense thread

Poll - Let's do a gender breakdown

Kerry/Clinton on C-Span next

Corsi (hahahaha) sends his 'book' (hahahha) to Kerry

13,000 Support Kerry bands sold in the first week, according to webmaster

I captured a tree spirit today.....

Portage Valley in the winter

Anybody want to say "hi" to the Ohio Republican Party #2 man?

Cspan tonight: Dems rebutt Bush claims about Social Security

Sen. Feingold's mother dies

Someone asked about Dean and Vanderbilt....finally found something.

70.5% of Americans of voting age did not vote for Bush, or killing Soc Sec

How the Nazis built the weapons program and why we must stop it

In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey, butane in Rove's veins to ..

International Relations Center

The Hot New Song for *Condi 2008* from our Friends at the GOP!

Dried slobber and the chimp.

Republican media adviser found dead

Politics on the comics page...Brenda Starr is kickin' Bush ass

What should be the minimum rating on voting chart for House min leader?


Official DoD Doublespeak on POW status revisted

ROTF! The new buffalo nickel is pornographic

A fascist America

Quick votes neededin a SD poll re drilling in ANWR

My friend, a bleeding heart, thinks he is repub for abortion

I've been away from DU for a week- What happened to the Gannon scandal

Anyone think I should respond to this?

A cool place

Boxer-Clinton “Count Every Vote Act” unveiled

i just signed up to attend a moveon house party. has anyone

Should the right to free speech be curbed?

Which celebrity should we nominate in 2008?

Petition to stop USA Next ad against the AARP

using Global Warming truths to expose hate radio and GOP liars

Anybody get to hear what Bush said? Someone said that he said he

Two state parties are already pushing anti-choice candidates....

Edwards picketed over 'gay masters'

White Male Voters

I've been a busy little Dem

Ari on 360 with Anderson Cooper: Has the White House gone to far?

Which Democratic Governor should we nominate for President?

Edwards in Topeka, I like his words.

Obituary: Spy who captured Eichmann

US Draws Jeers for Abortion Comments at UN

Bush seeks propaganda sweepstakes

Padilla's indefinite detention puts your rights at risk

Life and Death

"the brain is a sex organ" (speaking of women scientists)

Full text of Human Rights Record of the US in 2004

Winnipeg Free Press: An open letter to Condi Rice:

Senator Byrd on Ending the Filibuster, & the Conservative Backlash.

Medical miscalculation creates doctor shortage

Are these really conservative values?

Fix Social Security -- Eat the elderly

The Prosecutor Never Rests

Gonzo Gone, Rather Going, Watergate Still Here: Frank Rich


Iraq Peace Petition - Please Sign

Senate's Nuclear Option

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

March 7 Calls needed: Act Now to Increase the Minimum Wage

Keith Olbermann Rocks....

Oil's Wild Ride - Price spike the result of the looming attack on Iran?

Podcasting-The New Radio Revolution

The Starve-the-beast Doctrine - Nyt Op-ed

IEEE stats, 1 in 4 programmers lost job

Bankruptcy, outrage, congress allows 30% interest rate

Drought Declaration Likely Within Days For Washington State

Philippines - Illegal Loggers Murder Pastor, Demolish Roadblock

Evidence Of Climate Breakdown Widespread In Siberia - Telegraph

Lula Wields The Greenwash Brush As Roadbuilding, Clearcuts Accelerate

Environmental Problems Will Slow China's Growth - Chinese Official

Why Bush Raised the Mercury Level Limits

In Death Valley, a Technicolor Season

Coyotes Arrive In Washington DC - ENN

Attacking dog shot by man

Who is DU? Our organization would like to know

Thanks for not punching me in the nose over the Gannon deal.

Thank you for putting this good article on the home page

Quick note on "thinkBLUE" inquiry (unanswered here thus far)

I have had a high number of posts removed the last day or two

Why can't we send PM's to ourselves

Hidden threads

I'm referred here on a locked thread, to speak to the king

I feel this thread is inappropriately locked

Is there a DU rule against a Confederate Flag Avatar?

Kudos to elad

Could you please explain why this post of mine was deleted?

Jewish group proposal

Jordanian envoy to visit Israel

Fatah Gunmen Attack Palestinian Police Station

Representative Cynthia McKinney Rocks Rumsfeld on War Games

Gold Stolen From WTC Vaults?

Lifelong Republican goes CT

If this is true, F*** Popular Mechanics and everyone who buys that story

Chicago Trib: Tentative Christina Applegate sweet, but doesn't take charge

Chicago Sun-Times: VA official: Workers may be to blame

Peoria Journal Star: Police ticket students for 'bad' conduct

Chicago Tribune: Budget reality clouds Fermilab's day in sun

Daily Herald: If you're a speeder, the Tri-State was not the place to be

Just heard on the WMAQ local news that

Voting glitches still haunt statistician

Sign this Petition for the DNC demanding Bush address Voting Reform

Help bu$h face reality: Greet him at every stop he makes.

Talking Heads master email list...

Saturday 3/5 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Wisconsin gearing up to address Election Fraud....

Just posted in LBN - DNC Announces Ohio Election Review Team

More Tabulator Trouble & Petition To Sign

North Carolina is contender for most fraud & glitches: new documentation

Norm Coleman...Minnesota's Mayor in Washington?

"Revelation's Rapture" -- Crazy Evangelists Invade St. Paul, MN

Report from Cong. Betty McCollum's SS Town Hall

Need system administrator or programmer or hacker input...

So I'm shopping for a new PC, looking for recommendations.

URGENT: Monday 2/7 Santorum to kill 40 hr work wk/bankruptcy amendment

Pro-Life Progressives

Attended Llano County Democratic Club meeting Thursday

Anybody Blue in Waco? n/t

North Texas Irish Festival - who's going?

DAMN! Radio station KLIF sucks!

My take on Radnofsky

Andy Taylor wants election reform, but who will reform Andy Taylor?

Wisconsin Protests on the 19th. Any?

Parents: 4th-Grade Girl To Become Boy

What are all the search engines available online?

Anybody listening to Bernie?

DNC Death of a Sales Pitch, Week in Review....this is awesome.

Cracking the social security code using private accounts

Should DU have a constitution?

America were number 1?

My letter to the Editor of NYTimes

I've frequented, and my respect for libertarianism has grown

ChemTrails What are they? What is the purpose? The Sky is Falling

Didn't we make Social Security because the Great Depression?

Fuck You Greenspan!!!

Bush Budget Shows Big Deficits for Decade to Come

Is Michael Jackson bribing the media for good press

The Council for National Policy and the VOTE

The US sure has a lot of "probes" going on for its multitude of screwups

What is the name of this dance? (photo)

Oh man, I went into an AOL Chat Room to discuss politics: SAD!

What do you love most about DU? How has it made you happier?

Are there some high ranking Dem's. asking for investigation into this ..

Italy Summons US envoy in wake of shooting journalist and killing secret

School employee tells students to bring disinfectants to fight rats

Tell me that Al Qaeda has not won

I knew it! 'Academic Freedom' is just a push to turn America...

When Rice was NSA .she was beside shrub all the time...every place

Did anyone see on the international news that there is a twist on this ...

Fresh hope for slaves as Tuareg chief frees 7,000

ProgBlog Research Center

Wolf Killer

US troops win hearts and minds in Iraq - Picture

Are you tired of angry narrow minded bigots saying "not a good Christian"?

Bush lives in "fantasy land" if he thinks he can sell his idiotic SS plan

Extinction Threat For Andaman Natives

Are you committing a crime when you pay someone "under the table"?

Robespierre of the Right (All about Paul Weyrich)

Are library fines tax deductible?

Monday 2/7: Santorum trying to end 40 work week/bankruptcy billl

best singles ad EVER! . . .

The alliance between gay marriage opponents and terrorists

Hitler scientists built basic nuclear bombs

Good Morning to Andy Stephenson!

School district worries about lawsuits: Removes swingsets from schools

Fox poll on Bush handling of economy needs repair...

I've not seen any threads yet on this, Is anybody sick yet of all "MARTHA"

US town to party with the dead

Flashback: U.S. fires on Russian diplomats in Iraq

Grim Reaper Disrupts Live Sinclair Broadcast

Why is lobbying legal?

I really trust Bush with Social Security...

What are your favorite websites +What specifically do you like about them?

MI analyst was denied counseling in Iraq pre-Abu Ghraib atrocities

The thing that pisses me off about the Guiliana Sgrena shooting debacle

14 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War

Study shows 41% drop in number of black Army recruits since 2000

Fox reports that "coalition troops" killed the Italian security officer,

Two Years Into The Occupation And We Still Can't Drive To The Airport?!?!?

Computer help needed

Beware of the 'Students'

How do you respond to a person that admits s/he likes hitler?

When does Ken Lay get what Martha got?

Michael Jackson Recreation Show?? I give up!

DU this White House online SSI discussion! come on guys!

As if we didn't need another reason to dislike J-LO

What we said vs what I heard....

The One Question I'm Waiting For On Social Security

ACK Bush is coming to Memphis

How come anything left of center is now labeled "Ultra-Left"?

ITALY: "Enough wars! Enough terrorism!"

Here is a Poll to have fun with...

So who's guilty of polarization?

What we said vs what I heard....

Everyone who thinks that the Bankruptcy Bill has passed

Iraqi "Mof H" Accuses America of Banned Weapons Use in Fallujah

Child support in Jeopardy Monday 2/7: call your Senators!

Ill. lawmakers take on 'eyeball jewelry'

Bush on democracy...

Ok, big mistake, I turned on CNN for a moment.

Does writing your senator help?


I knew there were Neo-Nazi Fascists trying to move to K.C. when

Bruce Willis funny as shit on Letterman

The Sixty Lies in Sixty Days Traveling Show has begun

What do you think is(are) wrong with schools, how to fix?

What's wrong with Randi Rhodes from Air America Radio???

Every War Must End

Members of Congress Pledge Support for FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Re journalist fired upon, agent killed. Interesting timing of two stories

Bush should be in the Big House, not the White House.

a liberal christian nails the new york times...

How can I support the Bush SS plan

Do you ever wake up in the morning

Lefkow assassinations: Does this guy look like...

Is Bush Commodus?

"Dubya" means fascism. (Proof)

48 Journalists And Media Assistants Killed Since March 2003

The 666 Tour. The "Deep 6 SSI Tour". The "Magical Thievery Tour" ???

Is there a danger of splintering in to too many groups?

Repost: Re: Whining, Flaming, Do nothing! Who here hates DU?

Who here has sacrificed their job because of politics

Bush has gotten smarter..

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 8

A man is stranded on an island

Just my thoughts.

1967 Peace March in San Francisco...Makes one think how happy Bush must

Which "news" story was most important: OJ, Scott Peterson, or Martha?

Let us make a little scenario about a progressive agenda.

Link to articles written by Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena

What type of info do you receive on Air America on weekends

If this is true, F*** Popular Mechanics and everyone who buys that story

Targeting Civilians as Strategy-"The Reason Was Quite Simple...."

Sex, Drugs, Gay Men and Carrie Fisher

What the hell is this right-wing GOBBLEDYGOOK ABOUT Gibbons?

The more I see of the republican beliefs,

Giuliana Sgrena case: read FOREIGN press, US Army LIES

Why the Ten Commandments?

Sean Hannity's message board has been HACKED!!!!

If you had a business

Uncovered and Bush's Brain are FREE on Comcast's On Demand

Warped memories of 9-11

Bush Hates America

Things I've noticed about RW blogs and message boards

The Latest On Arrested Protesters From Yesterday's Bush SS Town Hall!!!

US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate: companion

UK: "AL QAEDA ready to strike at any moment"!

So I'm watching CBS news a few minutes ago

What is the real reason for Bush's recent assault on the American people?

Study shows 41% drop in number of black Army recruits since 2000

Would you buy insurance from this man if he came a 'knockin'?

Why have I seen little to no discussion...

Why is it that Dems never engage in dirty tricks?

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Mercury damage to babies costs billions (low IQs)

Religious right trying to ban Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Would you know the "devil" if he was sitting across the table form you?

We are understandably proud of the achievements of American business

What things have the religious right done to take away womens rights

Just my thoughts.

Should the Bankruptcy-Removal Bill be the Dem's first big filibuster?

AAR in Los Angeles- anyone else noticed this?

I wanna Thank you all here on Democratic Underground!!!!

Wow... even Freepers dislike the bankruptcy bill...

Iraqi rebels/insurgents is a complex issue, not a black-white bush-think.

Hannity Message Board hacked!

Any other coast to coast AM fans out there (Art Bell/George Noory) ?

"Christian" leader says they cannot co-exist with gays

Question for DUers who post primarily in GD...

Against the death penalty...

Paging Eason Jordan (former CNN news exec) -- two words: Giuliana Sgrena

Christians, Repugs, Bankruptcy

Bush and Cash Deficits {PIX} >>>

Swedish news: US press release claims a car fire killed Italian bodyguard

"Progressive" the new "L" word

Bush is the "good kind of liar"

Those who worship graven Ten Commandment images are BREAKING God's law.

US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate: companion

election 2004 reconsidered as service station men's room graffiti...

Link to Map of Active US Hate Groups

FLASH! Bush has now set up a tax-funded "Social Security WAR ROOM!"

Bush Admin. signs agreement to develop next generation nuke energy systems

When the economy crashes, how can the US still borrow to pay for

I appriciate "Christian" in Quotes

"The closest analogy to TV is Heroin"

If Martha Got 5 Months, George W Bush Deserves 15 Years.

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 9

Ward Churchill is a dick.

I am so afraid to die

10 reasons to not post 'Big Ten' Commandments

In Italy Protest... "Bush Shame on You!" They know whom to blame!

Beware of "Christian" docs and pharmacists -- personal story

Uday Planned to Overthrow Saddam

My supercool totally pro-life idea!

REMINDER for FANS of the TOON threads....

DU group proposal: Jewish group

Strange How This Generation Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Who is Dr. Wayne Dyer?

The Prophecy of Oil

What is the best way to cut up a mango?

Do you have a mango and jalapeno salsa recipe

What are your Halibut recipes?

What are your favorite smoothie recipes?

Our best music?

"the real alternative"

Report: Afghanistan Near Drug-State Status

Relatives in protest over Abu Ghraib overcrowding

US abortion comments draw jeers at UN

"American indicted for selling list of US spies to Saddam"

House approves speedy election in case of disaster

Police Arrest 8-Year-Old After Alleged Outburst (Led away in Handcuffs)

(AP) Democrats: Bush Budget Makes Deficit Worse

Republican Adviser Dies in Carrie Fisher's home

No Benazir meeting with Rice, Rocca

Democratic Lawmaker Asks Bush to Seek OPEC Oil Price Cut

Number of black Army recruits declining

Pakistan gang-rape victim sees threat to her life

Lebanese troops take up positions outside Syrian Intel HQ in Beirut.

Word Slips That Castor Won't Run for Florida Governor In 2006

LAT: (40 Dem., 14 Rep.) Senators Protest Bush Cuts to Neighborhood Program

Matsui use of photo under fire (Nancy Reagan wants her to nix ad)

Freed Italian Hostage Recalls U.S. Shooting

Republican media adviser found dead

62% of Israelis think Prime Minister Sharon is corrupt

Judge: Schwarzenegger Delayed Nurse Laws Illegally

UN Inspectors: 90 Dangerous Sites Looted in Iraq

Bush Administration Sets Up 'War Room' in Treasury Department to Sell Soci

Iran warns of oil crisis over nuclear issue

UN inspectors: 90 dangerous sites looted in Iraq

Man convicted of stalking [Mel] Gibson.

U.S. Readies Aggressive Counterintelligence Plan (Reuters)

BBC: Hostage recalls 'hail of gunfire'

Syria promises to pull back in Lebanon

Bush Sets Up Social Security 'War Room' (with taxpayer money)

More Than a Dozen Stranded Dolphins Die in Florida Keys (30 moved)

China calls on US to start bilateral talks with N. Korea

Bush Sets Up Social Security 'War Room'

Swedish newspaper: US claims car fire killed Italian negotiator

Chavez makes U.S. murder plot claim

US: Burden on Iran to Show World it Doesn't Have Nuclear Weapons

GOP Candidate Joins NJ Governor's Race

WP: ChoicePoint Data Cache Became a Powder Keg

LAT: Subaru at Top in Quality Survey (Japanese, S. Korean cars lead)

On Radio, Bush Cites Progress in Mideast

Broadcasting&Cable: White House Mum on (Dem request for) PR Contracts

Guardsman Accused of Killing Iraqi Police Officer to Be Court-Martialed

Health Study Shows Taxpayers Fund Companies' Health Care

Berkshire Profit Rises 40 Percent (by selling off U.S. Dollars)

Syria Announcement 'Not Enough' -U.S. State Dept

4 million-year-old human skeleton found by Cleveland team in Ethiopia

Lib Dems unveil election slogan

Dems' Own Social Security Road Show Kicks off in NYC

Italian Agent Killed by U.S. Had Negotiated Release of Previous Hostages

Rice Chooses Her 'Counselor'

GOP Congressman Seeks to 'Restore Free Speech' in Churches

'No Entiendo' (College axes Study in Spain program over troop pullout)

Attorney: Claims of Schiavo abuse bogus

(Georgia) Senate approves 'Choose Life' tags - - - WTF!

Giuliana Sgrena: 'Voice of weakest'

New photos believed to be Zarqawi

Military Dismantles Cold War Radar Systems in Maine, Oregon, Offers Land t

Colo. prof. won't be fired over comments

No one safe on Baghdad's roads, Iraqis say

WP: Soldier Who Reported Abuse Was Sent to Psychiatrist

Democrats Attack President Bush's Budget, Claiming It Worsens an Already B

Questions Grow Over Shooting Incident as Italian Reporter Returns Home

UN Asked To Investigate US Shooting of Italian Journalist

Governor, anticipating wildfires, wants Guard troops back

DNC Chairman Governor Dean Statement on African American Unemployment

Democratic chief says Rove lurks behind GOP suit

U.S. Readies Aggressive Counterintelligence Plan

Wounded Italian Hostage Arrives Home, Speaks With Prosecutors

Taser sales to public worry officers

U.S.-Italy Relations Chilled by Killing of Agent

Democrats Decry Deficit Impact on Social Security

Companion of Italian journalist says shooting was deliberate

Topeka protesters show up in Cleveland "Thank God for 9-11"

(Wash.) Democrats charge GOP list of 'illegal' votes full of errors

Could the Lounge survive a tasteless joke thread?

Dirty Old Egg-sucking Dog

Battle of the high-energy rock music: Ambient IV: On Land vs. Logos Live

One Word Thread

a random semi-deep reflection

Single malt arithmetic

What the fuck is Bruce Willis wearing?

The most bizarre thing just happened.

Not official - but a "Welcome back Kleeb" thread

I have a joke I'm dying to tell, but

What are the best plays you've ever seen performed by high school kids?

This has to be the best electric car yet!

OK, the fun's over again.

Random song I'm feeling right now....

What has clearly become some kind of game for some of you?

Is Canuck REALLY Amok?

Edgar Allen Poe.....

WTF - BC might ban American wine in retaliation for softwood lumber

Hey, yvr girl...

House on Haunted Hill is coming on at 12:00 Central on AMC...

Can I Get A Witness ?!?!

Goodnight DU Lounge wizards.

I've been gone for three weeks. Anyone miss me?

What instant beverage changed your life the most and how?

Ridin' down the highway. Goin' to the show.

I have pneumonia for the third time in 9 months, ask me anything.

Is HEyHEY at the gym right now?

DUGals:How much does it bother u when coworkers DON'T stare at your chest?

Has anyone read "Moneyball"?

DU this poll on the worst president ever

Waaaa! I'm leaving because eveyone is mean to me!

Why does life insist on being so damn complicated at times?

Heh...get this: "Swinging" supposedly originated in the USAF.

Sorry found a thread on Bill Maher!

You know, I drove past a high-school this evening...and I noticed the gym.

Wow. Admin actually posted my picture in the gallery.

Question for non-DUers: Ever been to the DU?

Mr. Bouncy hasn't smoked a cigarette in six weeks today!

Okay, for some reason, this image just made me laugh harder than I have...


The Institute for Backup Trauma

Martin Denny, 1911-2005 . . . pioneer of "exotica" music . . .

Help put me to sleep.

Goodnight people !

why doesn't Jamastiene have 1000 posts yet?

Spongebob Bandit strikes again

Ah ah ah ah a ah ah ah

Boy it's really slow around here, what's the deal?

Happy Easter

My most popular DU Lounge thread was based on a lie

Star Trek "The Trouble With Tribbles" is on Sci Fi - OMG!!....

I'm really tired. Please assume "fuck you!" as my response to all threads

I have lost it. Officially. Mark the day.

screw it,i'm going over the top...

Do I have to go to sleep tonight ?

I gotta say it... Battlestar Galactica...

orbs at the local high school

More lies and moronic claims by "GOP Lap Dog" Joe Scarborough

DU men - How much does it bother you when co-workers stare at your crotch?

Is Michael Jackson bribing the media for good press

Quick......go look at the moon!!

So does Darth Vader use his powers on automatic doors?

the Drive By Truckers: their speakers go up to 12

Anyone here deal with rheumatoid arthritis?

What do you love most about DU? How has it made you happier?

Oh oh oh oh oh oh


I just woke up from a dream in which the Draft was reinstated

My plane ticket for Boston is now in my hand!!!

Random thoughts and non sequiturs

Sometimes I realllllly fucking hate being a woman!

I'm soooo over beautiful, smart Dem. women hitting on me

Lucinda Williams

I'm fast approaching my 700th post/reply. Why do DU'ers dread

Happiness is a Warm Gun.

Is Diane Mizota just all that?

who acts the most like a stereo type blonde?

Will the situation in Lebanon turn violent?

A large SUV with a huge grill, just like the gobs put on their trucks is

Real American Heroes/Real Men of Genius ads

The length of a man's fingers...

Selma Hayek sure is mighty fine.

Got Shrooms?

Happiness is Warm Gum.

anyone know whats up with Elton John - the show was cancelled?

Does your company have dept names that make no sense or are funny?

In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey, butane in Rove's veins to ..

Leno uses a stand-in?

The Nightmare ofthe EZ Chicken Catch Harvester

I just burned something I was BOILING. I suck.

Help me figure out questions to ask the neurosurgeon.

Best Pierce Brosnan as James Bond film?

Attention straight DU men (if there are any): I need your help

An engineering student joke..

Conjunction Junction - What's Your Function?

Wild In The Streets

The fog is almost gone and it's supposed to be 70 today

i got into a fight (physical) with a biker about two weeks ago

Who here can prove they don't have pubes?

The Onion does it again- Bush science policies

A very cool coincidence

"gifts in return for donations" -- gifts that sound too good to be true

Good Morning to Andy Stephenson!

Tonights Baill mahr

Listening to the Duhks .. no quacking here

"The Government that you elected is currently inoperative. "

Construction Worker Shoots Self In Eye - Pulls Nail Out Of His Face

I hit my wife today

We're getting a 50" TV today!! WOOHOO!!!

How sexy are brains outside of a man?

Three months for THIS lame Chick tract?


What's your proof that the world really is a good place ?

Is Malachy McCourt gay? Or just really cool?

No offense, but ladies if you're lookin for a man, you're better off

I ordered 4 Cd's off of BMG online. Ask me anything.

Is it too extreme to want the Gatineau Girls to be publicly executed?

Chimp bites off visitor's nose

Bono's cover of "Hallelujah" is dreadful.

This is my favourite pic of my hometown

I'll never wear fur

Pet rocks!

Blondiek143 rocks

Magic rocks!

Metamorphic Rocks!

Sedimentary Rocks!

delete please

I'm off to procure a rodent.

***Calling All DU Movie Experts***

I missed ProgMom's show! I'm so bummed!

Pop Rocks

I'm going shopping ..

I think you should know. The Walrus was Paul.

Any other cryptic crossword fans?

Pop rocks!

Jethro Tull

Igneous rocks

Ever make something crappy, then foist it on your kids,

Raqs rocks

more cute cats!

Cleveland rocks!

I'm looking after a neighbors dog on Monday

movie quotes

How do you clear up a copycat rash?

Everyone that isn't specifically mentioned rocks!

progmom rocks!

Need a little advice

Whoa this lady is angry

PROGMOM is on the air! - I love her show!

Do you get these calls?"Your # is on my caller ID,I'm returning your call

Skinner rocks!

Longgrain rice!

How do I manage to always cause a rash of copycats?

Most interesting topic for a college term paper... you decide.

I got a Church Prayer Rug in the mail!! - Lucky Me!!! $$$$$$

How do copycats always manage to cause me a rash?

I've not been doing a Randi countdown

Can y'all recommend a good white wine that's under $10?

Is it just me

I'm going to have some Red Baron pepperoni pizza

Farouk the jird says "Good afternoon DU!"

One thing you can say about Hilary Duff: she believes in being prepared

You rock!

Crack rocks!

A man is stranded on an island

Is it wise in invest in domain names?

G4TechTV: Am I the only one who watches it to smile ?

Depression is most often first experienced at early adulthood?

Somebody wanna douse me with water?

Revolution Rock

Who here can prove they don't have nukes?

Derek Jeter sure is FIIINE!!

Cute kitty pics

Listening to The White Album. Ask me anything.

Question for DU writers...should I publish my novel online?

Britney Spears sure is mighty fine.

Here come old flat top, he come grooving up slowly, he got ju ju eyeballs

Are Netflix and Blockbuster in a war?

Iditarod is running! The long distance dog sled race from

So what good PC games are coming out soon?

Can y'all recommend a good white rap band

Have you ever met someone who seriously thought Harry Potter was evil?

Ok ladies, I'll stop giving your tits a once over if you stop giving me

yep this is college life!

NFL: 'Gay' now OK!

If you wanted to be arrested tonight, how would you do it ?

It's nap time right?

Computer question.....

Dad is on a roll, another letter to *Bu$h

Longgrain rocks

Ponch or Jon?

Lizard Call!

Cooking guilts

Any knitters out there? I have a whole new hobby since the election.


I forgot to call my dad. Now I feel like a schmuck

Free, spam-less email

Attention ladies: we have a worthy cause

HEyHEY, back fresh from his date with the Stanley Cup

OK-What's the stupidiest thing a woman who has been caught cheating

Coloring time Here's CatDog

I got into a fight (physical) with another woman about two years ago.

Being a man ain't all that great either...

I need some new smilies

Now this is some freaky spooky kinda SPAM......

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

The Wonders of Plastic Surgery


Just my thoughts (Rev thinks? Run for your lives!!!)

Longgrain to be in next issue of Playgirl

What to do?

More honorable lifestyle: Pimp vs Vampire

Anyone here have a Ph.D.?

What are your favorite websites +What specifically do you like about them?

Worst Decade for Fashion?

Battle of the Bad Songs

Any yerba mate drinkers?

Uh, Duh!

I need some new similes

Front row 4 Arlo

come witness the miracle of gender reassignment surgery

POLL: Best opening verse of a song

The Wonders of Plastic Surgery... Pt. DEUX

The Wonders of Plastic Surgery Over Thunderdome

Parents Television Council's Outrageous Clip of The Week! (Free Smut)

They took the staples out today (my son's back surgery)

Folks, I Would Just Like To Say That SQUEECH Is The Coolest DUer!!

Brita filter vs. Poland Spring

Have nothing better to do? Want to read some insane random lists?

What are your hobbies?

DU rocks!

Ever want to learn how to make pruno?

Backhanded complements to Republicans thread.

Well. Hell's. Bells.

Linkswap thread.

Please patronize my Satire Website!

To all my Peeps in the Lounge...How do you really feel about GD

I really doubt we'll ever see a comedy team this good again

Who else here is indifferent towards Billy Joel?

Anyone Else Have Tap Water Phobia?

Do hot dogs gross you out?

Where do you stand on french fries!

Why am I suddenly craving hot dogs, italian beef, and french fries?

I wonder where that fish did go

Who loves Sarah McLachlan's music ?

Not necessarily a "copycat" thread, just the MEATBALL SUB THREAD.

Everyone with hatred of the GOP in their username, check in!

Has anybody else tried to post your picture to the Gallery....

You have reached the end of the internet. TURN BACK

Don't you just love Italian beef?

What is the dumbest thing you ever said?

Is anybody here getting mailers from their local Clear Channel Stations?

Battle Of The Bagels- What's The Best Kind?

progmom is da shits !

DU Women: How much does it bother you when coworkers stare at your chest?

Does anyone here own a Yamaha Clavinova

A Swiveling, Tilting, Heated FOOTREST with a nite-light?

Post ur Favourite/Most Interesting T-Shirt Image

Apartment Living Bites - Part 23820382

Who Wants To Take The Citizenship Quiz?

It's time for Match Game DU!

Okay, so I just saw Elvis Costello

Was any GOOD pop music written by people with a wealthy background?

How sexy are brains in a man ?

What is the oddest CD in your collection?

I had a tough week at work.......

Who would support my Presidential run in 2024?

Flashback: Oasis' Liam Hurls "Nipple" At Beatles' Harrison

Scorpio's Rule...

Everyone with a food product in their username, check in!

Who here can prove they aren't Gozar the Gozarian?

Listening to Stone Temple Pilots "Core". Ask me anything.

Help! I "forgot 9/11"! What happened???

Who else here hates Billy Joel?

Who else here loves Billy Joel?

Where do you stand on Celine Dion?

If you saw two bosomy women fighting in a bar, would you ...

Woo! First Post from my new notebook!

Stupidiest thing a man who has been caught cheating can say?

uh-oh It's the Monty Python marathon

Call it bias, coincidence, whatever...but Aries RULE

If you could custom-build your home, what features would you incorporate

I am off to bed...alarm set for 01:55...F1 starts then

What are you listening to right now?

I'm seeing Duran Duran next Wednesday!

Michael Jackson Recreation Show?? I give up!


I rock

How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?

Question for Non-U.S. DUers: Ever been to the U.S.?

Who is your favorite recurrent character in today's popular fiction?

Help! I am losing my will to learn!!!


To la la in the kitchen on the floor or NOT to La La, THAT is the question

Which Bill Murray movie is the best?

ZombyWoof's Saturday Sweethearts Thread!

Freeper--"Majority of Liberals should be shot."

Things we'll never here other DUers say. Part II

Funniest Fucking Threads You've Ever Read on DU:

What do you collect?

Sculptor Cancels Ice-Instrument Concert

The Psychedelic Furs vs. Simple Minds

I'm 19 posts short of 700, ask me anything/everything.

To anyone who has issues with body modification

DUers, do you play Computer Games?

How do you season your food?

The Pantheist Credo

Einstein Passes New Tests (results from a binary pulsar)

School faces parents' queries on Transgendered Student's Bathrrom Usage

Capture a moment in an athlete’s career forever

Kasparov wins again, takes two-point lead after ten rounds at Linares

Redskins & Jets Swap WR's

Is anyone else annoyed by the LAD LAA in the baseball scores

OK, Bird flu is officially scaring me.

Ibu (aka boo-boo) update

Tuffy just bit me on the nose...

Atheist and agnostic quotes

The Homophobes hate Kerry/Edwards!

Hey Fire, check this out: DNC & Ohio Election Review

Fucking Asshole

Any pictures of John Kerry in his 30's, 40's?

LLLs check-in here!

Anyone here ever read "Unfit For Command?"

"We must win the war on emergencies." -- George W. Bush

We have only 45 people on the front line protecting America...

Petition: The DNC is demanding that Bush address Voting Reform.

To everyone who thinks the Bankruptcy Bill has passed!

Hey, isn't that cool, DK is at the top of the House Ratings Chart.

Voice of America-- Big Progress in Colombia, Thailand on Illegal Drugs

PA Dem chair to DFA blog except for Rendell.

Most effective Social Security Oped Ever! And I wrote it!

Pravda-- U.S. Commander-in-Chief in Europe: Caucasus is vital for U.S.

The Social Security Loss Calculator

I like the job Reid is doing - he called Greenspan for what he is!

Question about Bush/SS

Are you getting what you need from the news?

SS attack is just about won...DON'T be outflanked!

bin Laden STILL "Greatest Challenge," but Fed Hip-Hop probe comes first

Alan Greenspan is getting RAKED on C-SPAN call-in right now

Dead Republican Advisor, Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and their associates

A message to Republican Congressmen and Senators :

Bush Seeks Propaganda Sweepstakes

Bush pitches Social Security to vulnerable GOP districts

When Bush falls, the dittoheads are going to say he was a liberal.

Poll lauds Stalin on anniversary

At first, I thought Hillary didn't have a chance in 2008, but....

Manifest Destiny...The Dark Side...

A month after Iraq elections - leadership "unclear" as the US "helps"

FOX News Trying to Cover Up Jim Gibbons' Hate Speech

The President's Prescription (Social Security)

How to Clintonize Bush

Hmmm.....The Pope sends his message - Italian killed in the US Attack

Talking Heads Master Email list...

Talented Duers: Stop Feeding the Beast!

Newsweek: Schwarzenegger's Hummer Tour A Bust?

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

right-wing poster blaming it all on the "liberal media" & my response

"US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate: companion"

Went to South Bend, In to protest the Shrub's visit yesterday!

Wage Peace - Please sign the petition to Congress & the President


Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Boxer Amendment

Early bird rates (ending March 31) for 2005 Media Reform Conference

Hey-hey, ho-ho, the forty hour week has got to go

Velvet Revolution

To What Degree Should Free Speech Be Curbed?

Jim Gibbons Now Trying to Defend His Hate Speech

Here's the opening we've been waiting for? MSNBC may be sold...

excellent website for news and analysis on foreign affairs

Residents Appalled Over Sex Convention

Here's the anti-commie flyer the college repukes posted....

circle the GOP camp

"For the Sake of Our Children" by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Don't "thank God" for C-SPAN.....

Look at the articles the Italian reporter wrote before she was "kidnapped"

Minimum Wage Info - Monday is Vote Day

Fantasy Time: If You Could Ask bu$h ONE Question, . . .

What a day! Got up and met Senators Dorgen, Durbin ,and Reid

Ann Coulter is disgusting

What's the Democratic plan for social security? Answer here!

Why Muslim girls cover up for Islam

Mandatory Psychological Testing and Treatment of Children

26 House Dems. sign resolution to force Gannon vote

Condoleezza Rice: Dominatrix of State?

"Congress Steps in on Schiavo Case" --Fundies to introduce

Everyone MUST check this out!

Pro Choice - Pro Democracy Dems help this PA Candidate