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Archives: March 30, 2005

Demand may rise until oil hits $80

Gay marriage ban poses unintended consequences

Worlds in Collision: The Storm Over Terri Schiavo

Critique of Weiner's Rumsfeld Confession Article

The World Banks Watershed Decision

Arianna Huffington: Schiavo Case Proves Dems Are Starving For Leadership

So, has the MSM started claiming that we are calling for JPII to be

Bush's 'Hometown' Crawford Paper reports on ACVR - WILL ABCNOTE REPORT?

Anti-environmental screed


KOEB Tuesday

Is anyone else here really depressed about Cochran?

BBC's Greg Palast comments on LA Times lack of Arnold/Enron coverage

Hey, remember Dayton's year-end appeal?

Fort Worth council race

Wal-Mart bullies it's way into the town of Sheboygan!

US Scatters Bases to Control Eurasia--ATimes

Cat Hair Question- Can you Help?

Proof the Bush Administration doesn't care about Freedom or People

Mike Hersh on Custer Battles and Corruption.

Nancy Skinner on O'Reilly tonight 8 est Hey Detroit n/t

Hey, where are the Superbowl related bunny pictures?

Do Religious Discussions Belong in the Religion & Theology Forum?

11th Hour Coalition Sticks it to Jebbie-Governorship or Terri's Life

Did anyone see that bullshit "press conference"

Greg Palast on Air America /Majority Report

ZNet Action of the Week

Do the religious feel morally superior to the non-religious?

Boy Scout director charged with having child porn

News: "Condi" Rice alarms Reformist Arabs with her "Stability" remarks

Johnny Cochran Has Died....

Need help re: Scalia quote for LTTE

Best Western running ads on Faux news

Laura weighs in

Dedicated to empowering activists nationwide, Kucinich to relaunch website

O'Really claiming that Jeb DIDN'T try to rescue Terri

About the autopsy

Just got one step closer to Permanent Military Bases in Afghanistan

HELP! Time is running out for my family to file suit

If you think Jesse Jackson isn't planning something concerning Shiavo

If we FAIL to "advertise" Republicans' destruction of our democracy,...

Time to read Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis

U.S. plans Robot Soldiers for Iraq

Why is Jesse Jackson the only Democratic leader who can't be on TV?

Is GWB or the Pope more hands on in his job as of late?

Jerry Falwell's Death - BAD for us

Should the Pope's feeding tube be removed?

Palast on AAR Majority Report. Excellent!

I just heard Hannity say that Santorum is on his way to Florida.

ROFL. Olbermann has Paul Mooney on.

It's Time to Begin the Filiblog!!

The Big Clock is Ticking for All of Us

Johnnie Cochran, Cell phone and Brain Tumor. That's all I can say.

Helloooooooo, lurking freepers! Click on me! Click on me!!

Terri Schiavo case vs. Hugh Finn case

Why do RW'ers call us Conspiracy Theorists?

Stem-cell vote nears in Massachusetts; Republican gov vows veto

Iraq Going to Hell & CNN can ONLY talk about Schiavo

Dennis Kucinich

Santorum coming up on CNN's Aaron Brown-

I couldn't deal with the Schaivo Fest again this evening...

Sean Hanity - Openly asking Jesse Jackson to become a Republican

Check out CNN right now (PST)

Don't know about you

Sorry if dupe, can anyone fill me in on shredding of Scarborough by Doc

Jesse Jackson joining with the Schindlers???!!

Why didn't Schnidlers use her Bulimia???

i don't even look at the price for gasoline anymore.

PHOTOS: Santorum rears its ugly head outside hospice

Incitement to murder: Rense wants Michael Schiavo dead!

Democrats looking downright competent

Is America Approaching Spiritual Death? The Warfare State-MLK

Feeding Tube inserted

Dems win the House in '06, start impeachment/criminal procedings...

I hear Falwell is in critical condition with pnuemonia

I am PO'd. More than PO'd.

"DR. LAURA" Bush says government MUST be involved in Schiavo

OK This Could Be A Fun Non-Political Debate; Your Views Requested:

Why were the tax cuts to the wealthy notchallenged by the Democrats,

Should Jerry Falwells respirator be removed?

Meywes is an "ordinary guy", Schiavo e-mail: “terrible lack of judgment,”

Plagiarist At The Press Club

Christianity v. atheism is getting BORING!!!

Larry Flynt praying for Jerry Falwell's

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Group Hugs

What's Going On - good column by Krugman

BBC: Pope needs feeding tube in stomach - (VIDEO)

Rick Santorum outside hospice with Schiavo protesters

Last Easter Sunday

My husband just had a vision of the rapture...

Why do Fundamentalists say Science and Religion can co-exist?

Imagine a Bush Impeachment in 2007!!! Why Not?

"Poem for Terri"

Dear Mr. Soros

FYI Gannon/Guckert.......I smell a story cooking.

A Funny Freeper FREAK OUT Thread Re: Homosexuality

"Blow'em all away, in the name of the lord" -The Reverend Jerry Falwell

Arianna H: Bill Clinton encouraged Tom Harkin to back the Schiavo bill

Pentagon to recrut people who have not read a newspaper in 2 yrs.(?)

o'lielly got torpedoed on his own show by a priest????

Republican Terence Jeffrey says G. W. BUSH is a is cold-blooded murderer

GOP/ACVR says Democrats responsible for voter intimidation

I think I've figured out General Discussion.

The Denver 3 post update at DFA....kicked out of Bush rally.

Hardball w/o Tweety Is GREAT!!! (David GREGORY Hosting)

Who Do You Think Will Die (Or Resign) First The Pope or Fidel Castro?

Vaccine a few days ago?

LTTE: "My kids are now afraid of the police because of Terri"

Do You Believe God (However You Define Him/Her/It) Exists?

Shaivo Protest Picture (funny)

okay, sincere question for those who favor reinserting TS's feeding tube

Few issues are truly black and white -- Fallwell's one

Malloy just totally DISSED NYT's Dowd

Religion vs. Fundamentalism

White folks should not listen to rap

Native German speakers - NPR this morning- shoddy translation?

We need to have a big debate about religion. Not quiet it up. We need

Healthy Snacks (posted in the right group this time!)

Mrs. Bush Defends Gov't Role for Schiavo

Christian rightist seeks Georgia office (Ralph Reed)

Army Considering Asylum Hearing for Region 8 Soldier

US Admits Killing Arab Journalist in Iraq

US Talks with Syrian Opposition Group Divides Dissidents

Three (Airmen) Accused of Stealing Air Force Vests (for drug dealers)

Lobbyist in Tribal Probe Faced Inquiry

Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability Remarks

NYT/AP: Nine States Sue Gov't Over Mercury Rules

38 GTMO prisoners not 'enemy combatants'

Rumsfeld Hints at Fewer Base Closings

NYT: Lively Debate as Justices Address File Sharing

Johnnie Cochran Dies

US State Department Releases Critical Report on Venezuela’s Human Rights

Wilmington bus drivers consider a strike (NC)

9 pickets arrested at Westchester bus depot; mediator called in (Bee-Line)

Some Trumbull School Bus Drivers On Strike (CT)

BBC unions move to strike over job losses

Ads Will Seek to Turn DeLay's Powerful Network Into His Downfall

Over 38,000 Honduran Public Employees Strike

Strike votes held at some state nursing homes (CT)

Duhalde calls for an emancipated, united South America

Army Might Like to Sponsor The Nationals

Weatherford legislator threatened [North Texas]

Judges Say Overhaul Would Weaken Bankruptcy System -LAT

WP: Liberals To Target DeLay In Ads

WP: Liberals To Target DeLay In Ads

Coke: The New Nike--(boycott coke/Colombia)

DeLay allies draw up plan to hit back -The Hill

Indonesian Quake Death Toll Rises to 1000

Cuban Central Bank chief says island sees first surplus in decade

Grad-Student Walkout: First Step to Getting a Union? (Columbia U)

Bush faces decline in approval ratings

Simon & Schuster to publish Mary Cheney's memoir

Teens Use Improvised Stun Guns on Bus

21 House Democrats angry over ABC news sponsorship deal with Wal-Mart

Two More U.S. Republicans Say No to Trade Pact

Schiavo sister-in-law receives death threat

Ukraine Thanks Cuba For Chernobyl Children Care

Detainee's Suit Gains Support From Jet's Log

WP: AARP Leads With Wallet In Fight Over Social Security

Woman Sues Over N.C. Anti-Cohabitation Law

EPA Warns on Carcinogens' Risk to Kids

The Hill: DeLay foe looks to meet with House Dems

Full Report: Forecasting Availability and Diversity of Global Oil Supply

GM in for Tough Fight Over Union Health Benefits

E&P: Press Club Keeps Gannon -- But Adds Others to Panel

First cousins get married in Maryland

Memo Shows U.S. Inmate Interrogation Plans in Iraq

Are Farts Funny?

How much trouble will I be in if I don't finish his project for work:

why would anyone take a leak?

What these guys do is funny.

Saw something odd on television

Turbo Tax rocks!!!

Thank you Miami (the city)...

I had Easter cookies and Blue Bell Ice Cream for dinner

Whiskers Go Wild at World Beard, Mustache Games

This Lounge Lizard just tried to post an article in GD.

Have you rejected Nietzsche today?

Hey watcha doin?

Is there anywhere to get the "Fat Actress" pilot?

Giving the ole taser to the religious right.

I finally did it - I bought Women's Rogaine

The *REAL* Vice President of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Thinking I'll order a Pee Boy decal for my car..

Is this dvd package legal?

Last monday I sent a friend a package...

Johnnie Cochoran died.

The Year of The Feeding Tube

What's a good image hosting site?

What would you rather watch?

A troll revealed

Star Wars! Episodes 4-6!!

Real-life drama from the Las Vegas Strip: my favorite call girl

Holy crap. A Mac Mini goes for US$ 1072 in Brazil. FUCK!

who wants to do my taxes?

I just made $1000 playing Three Card Monty!

Think this guy is "up" to it???

Get your 'Male Prostitute White House press pass'

I finally did it! Today was the First time I paid over $2.00 a gallon about an IRONIC coincidence (TV Land now)

Cat Hair Question- Can you Help?

Think that you don't have the potential to be a TROLL?

Damn you 20th Century Fox release "Stay"!

For only $1495, you can have your very own

Just came back on-line

WTF!! I just heard Jesse Jackson is joining the snakehandlers over the TS

So, how do you deal with when your parents think you're dating

A thought or two about Christianity.

Okay, I've got five minutes...

Okay, where is that dentist hangs out here? I got a QUESTION about

Ode to Jerry...

So I took some aptitude tests for an insurance position today..

Pigsty Monopoly: ZombyNephew being too damn cute!

Sorry, but Kabbalah has gotten so ridiculous.

Dubya Supporter Embarrassed in Public!

Jerk It Out.

The Amityville Horror 2005

Michigan State men and women!

Does anyone know if this new Boyscout scandal


Do you believe that one's name will affect the life they'll live?

I am one post away from 7000.

Personal pet peeves. What's yours?

According to Free Republic, Jerry Falwell would bless us!

Damn... Cheeta the Chimp is still alive at 73

how do i post a picture from photobucket?

I'm going to hell....I just couldnt stop myself

Just finished watching the second season of 24. Ask me anything.



Why did they make the Burger King "King" so creepy?

I'm not sure if this counts as "coming out of the closet" but

Man one thing I've learned on DU

So how are the speed bumps in your neighborhood?

How insane are you?

I'm going to Taco Bell for a chicken quesadilla. Want anything??

I'm six away from 1500 (i know ::sigh:: a newbie) - Ask me anything.

I didn't get the job

Tonight's jazz badass on the CD: Branford Marsalis

Is anyone watching House right now?

BBC World and News Hour on PBS, Real news

Since spring has sprung

Creepy ad campaigns... should not be reincarnated...

Help! DUers who are experts on the rise of the Christian Right

Betty Bowers: The Terri Schiavo Show

Ever read the credits after the movie is over?

The Three Impatient Carpenters: Follow-up one

Watch this video of crazy driving all the way to the end.

Let me ask you something.

Can a chigger get a table dance?

Anyone watch The Office this week?

"One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic".

Looking for a good book on the Russian Revolution

Ask me a question about women- I'm wholly unqualified to answer!

Cat lovers; DU this poll

What do you think of The Office?

I'm anxious to see some of these:

Caption Robert Ehrlich, MD's own repuke Bushbot

When easter eggs hatch.

Good Seinfeld - Jerry can run really, really fast!

DU Group Proposal: Young Democrats of America

Best Sunflower Seeds!

So, did Halloween III predict Fox News?

Does prayer work?

Don't ask me any questions about women.....

So WHY (add-on to BB's Post)

New Rule: Don't fall asleep around my friends.

Is there a way to hide threads without clicking on them.

A guide to using the new smilies.

Strung out lookin kid on the run busted at my job today

Tough love vs spanking

Have you seen this from General Discussion?(funny)

How about a home improvement or help

I hate Wal-Mart ads...

Tinky - Winky vows "I'll piss on his grave"

Don't ask me why, but for some reason I found this hilarious.

Where was that?

Let's hear it for the American Shorthair Tabby!

Is there a way to read threads without clicking on them.

A question for gay men in relationships

My Followers Scare me...

one more freaky sign of fundie encroachment.

Equal time for Simba Bimba

Best Good Charlotte Album


Everything I own hurts.

Would you tell your boss if he looked like a pachycephalosaurus?

Chickens and lies. Is long awaited quickening for BA here?

Shortbread cookies may be the bomb; HOWEVER,

Favorite beginning to a song

Get a frozen pizza . . .

BLEEEEEE (oh come one I thought it was funny)

What do you call Pasta?

How often do you give money to homeless people?

What does Imenja teach?

BEHOLD! The world's softest cat


Will someone PLEASE take my cough away?

Which new smiley is your favorite?

All your questions answered! Ask me Anything!

What is wrong with my computer?? Help!

If You Could Automatically Ignore Threads By Keywords, What Would They Be?

You have to hear this!

My cat's dying...

Look at the wild animal I just shot on my front porch.

You might be a geek if....

Absolutely Fabulous appreciation thread, sweetie, dah-ling

It has been too long: A ZombyLove Thread!

Shortbread cookies are the bomb

I turned down the Pope job today. Guess why.

And the seagull is moving up fast on the inside.

I had to look twice at this one.

Cutie Newborn Kittens in the house!!! PIC HEAVY!!!

Have you ever fainted?

The spring peepers are calling!

Behold: My new sigline!

Sweet; somebody made a movie about the Minutemen: "We Jam Econo"

Favorite Genre of Music?

Are you on anyone's ignore list?

They should pull up a bloodmobile for Schiavo protesters to donate.

what song are you listening to right now?

Have you praised Jesus today?

*** South Florida Meetup Check-in List - Let us if know you're going ***

New Rule: Don't sleep around with my friends

I get to sleep in tomorrow!

Keep your fucking cat out of my yard!!

Don't forget to get your "Darth Mix" M & M's.

Krakatoa, baby

Shaivo Protest Picture (funny)

Joe Lieberman is coming to my alma mater!

Where are the Superbowl wager bunny pics?

Another Nutritional Yeast thread

Jews for Jesus

Joan of Arc

Ancient bamboo slips sheds light on building of Great Wall

New Industrial Centers Discovered North of Jiroft, Iran (Archaeology)

PBS: NOVA - Tonight "The Wave that Shook the World"

Reconciling Science and Religion

Maureen Dowd: X-celling over men

WSJ: Researchers Probe for Viral Link to Mental Illness

Made a few comments

What's a good all-in-one source for basketball news/commentary/opinion

What? Big Break III not on tonight? n/t

Mortals and saints can remain physically immortal after death

Maureen Dowd: X-celling over men

Its time we organize

Texas Congressman calls church/state separation his top issue

I'm Catholic, and I'm not welcome by my fellow Christians

Kerry Library is back online

DU Group Proposal: Young Democrats of America

Since spring has sprung

Have We Finally Learned We Don't Have to Be Scared Turds Anymore?

O'Reilly to CO. Gov. Owens: "Sack Ward Churchill and fight the ACLU"

Why are you deleting my POSTS?

Don't You Need a Quorum in the Senate to Pass a Bill?

What irony!

"Bush Shows No Remorse for Fake Newscasts"

America Loses One of Its Greatest

(not a poll) - Who here thinks that Jesse Jackson praying with the

US draws up list of unstable countries

What on earth does the Schiavo case have to do with federal judgeships?

BRAD BLOG: Bush's 'Hometown' Crawford Paper reports on ACVR!

"Dick" Cheney a nude model in college???

How many protestors are outside the hospice for Shaivo?

Hannity to interview Jessie Jackson now. --

They are cultists - watching others die as they wait for orders

Former Alabama Sen. Howell Heflin Dies

wartime profiteers and the golden goose

The out-of-context social security quotes Al Franken mentioned today

Sen. Santorum's wife wins lawsuit - What about Tort reform??

Scott McClulllen "Moving Forward"

Still have to ask where was the press before the war

Send Tom DeLay an email

Is SS privatization scheme a smoke screen to end employer health insurance

FReep thread cracking me up

CSPAN schedule for Wednesday, March 29.

Are you a "Storm Stories" addict?

Anybody else remember Kerry warning about Bush SS privatization in Oct 04?

Great DeLay outing on Talk of the Nation today.

How to Stop the War? Punish Pro-War Politicians

Help me develop this argument inspired by Paul Krugman

DU Group Proposal: Young Democrats of America

Interesting Rev. Moon Quotes On Left-Wing Christian Site

So much for the Liberal Media and Equal Time.

Conservatives and Their Magnetic Bumper Sticker MADNESS

Tres. Secretary Snow: "I could care less what the American People think!" is going active again. Watch Dennis take the Presidency.

New contest: Most embarrassing state legislative proposals.

Dean v. Clark: Ultimate DU smackdown!

Activists and Hipsters Without Territory or a Plan

Battle for Canada's Underground Resources

Crashing The Party - By The Lone Star Iconoclast - Crawford Texas

How to buy votes from the Geneva Human Rights Commission

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran - By Scott Ritter

How Bush Learned To Love the Bomb

A weekly dose of Gene Lyons

UK Guardian: How to stop Hotel Darfur

Bush Press Conference (Transcript) (satire)

50 US career diplomats oppose Bolton

When Sentiment and Fear Trump Reason and Reality

A Party Inverted--Bill Bradley--NYTimes

Wolcott: The Ghoulies (The Schindlers et al)

The disassembly of Tom DeLay

Fingertip Reported In Wendy's Chili

Western Aid Played Key Role in Kyrgyzstan 'Revolution'

Bush mounts counter-offensive asking Kirchner to help contain Chavez

NY Post: Enough!

Bob Barr {R] strikes back at Empire's Patriot Act..

US Aggression Towards Venezuela:Black Propaganda & Dirty War Tactics Again

NYT: John Danforth(R): In the Name of Politics

NYTimes: A Party Inverted by Bill Bradley

The state of the world? It is on the brink of disaster

Save the date! Bush's SS privitization roadshow calendar

Did anybody else catch this tidbit from CNN - 3/29, approx 3:30pm

Gotta love Media Matters for America Scareborough inadvertantly nails it!

Will MSM ignore Tomorrow's Report that 2004 Election was stolen?

labor "laundering" to avoid taxes

Car solutions to look forward to from Mike Millikin of Green Car Congress

Bush buzz words vs doing something about oil - like a 500/gal car!

Driving ban sought for polluted German cities

Earth's ability to sustain future generations

Mass rallies against graft hit Mongolia

Nepalese journalists protest against media censorship

Bolivian human rights lawyer barred from entering U.S

Jennifer Miller (Salon): After Arafat

Church land deal enrages Palestinians

The "muscle" hijackers

O boy, I got this letter about voting machines back from RICK SANTORUM!

CA Assembly committee delays McPherson confirmation hearing- Keep It Up!

US countvotes Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts

Scientific Study on Exit Polls will be Released Tomorrow by USCountVotes

I've quantified big vote swing by county in Florida & need constructive c

PA Action Alert: Tell Governor's Task Force to Support VVPBs

Wednesday 3/30 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread


Question...about the LaRouche people

CA Assembly Rules Committee Voted to Confirm McPherson as SoS

high stakes tests, diebold, cash, oh my (cartoon)


Does the Democratic leadership care about Electoral Fraud?

US Count Votes: big report to be released tomorrow!

BradBlog: RNC Political Director Cites Report by RNC 'Voting Rights' Front

Democracts stole the election!!!!

Los Angeles Times (March 30): Democrats Stymie Gov. Over Panel

State workers may lose 2 of their paid holidays

Bruce McPherson Confirmed as Secretary of State (Unanimously)

Is everyone hearing the Bush SocSec propaganda today?

Any reports from Bush's speech today at Kirkwood?

Democratic Congressional Candidate Open Seat - Donate Today

Fee eyed for those who drive into Hub

Upcoming Meehan/Kerry event in Lowell, MA

Support Lifesaving Stem Cell Research; Tell Governor Romney He is Wrong

Gay marriage foes eye new petition

The Letter the White Bear Press didnt print.

Gutknecht, Kennedy and Kline vote to eliminate the NEA

Modem and port problem

Single-Payer Action Network Ohio

Pictures of DeLay Protest: The Snake in Clear Lake

Help Van Os get nominated for DFA A lsit

April 2-Dallas Can! Academy at Hurst- Hightower, Radnofsky

Fort Bend About to be DIEBOLDED: Help stop the madness!

Underheim needs lesson in school funding

What can you tell me about Neenah?

tonado WARNING in madtown--real dark sky--mostly north

Debbie Schlussel

These Days Make Me Miss The Primary Fights...

al franken's on conan tonight eom

What's cheney been up to lately?

Federal Court to Consider Petition for New Hearing on Reconnecting Schiavo


Stephen King on "Revolution Starts Now"

The clients I’ve cared about the most are the No Js

TV anchorman/general(R-skuzzball) finally going to Iraq

The New 11th Circuit Schiavo Filing Was Due Last Saturday Morning

FL students in ESE not responsible for action required.

A coroner is NOT a medical examiner

"Michael Moore was right!" - Bernie Ward (streaming now)

What is your policy regarding panhandlers?

Catholic Leaders Blast Madonna and Ritchie

AARRGHHH just had to vent

The Culture War on the Judicary Branch

Hunter Thompson fans!

3 right wing radio freaks said Michael Schiavo is common law married!

When GOPers return.... (new toon 3/30)

Rumsfeld Gets Grilled at Truth & Reconciliation Hearing

Some good question's on/from Bernie Ward on 9/11

Meet the Tuminator

By God, I'm the First!

Word of the Day (a Rove specialty)....Paralipsis

Are people across the political divide tearing each other apart because

THE most important thing you should do with extra $$$ this year...DeLay

Just saw a commercial that was for ""

Official SS Site Refutes Bush Privatization.....Too Funny

Will the hypocracy never end? (Boy Scouts)

Whew! I had a nightmare last night and it was a doozy.

If you raze it, they will come. A 2 million dollar mistake.

Ridicule as a political weapon.

Which one was the best Bond girl? My vote goes to Honore Blackman

Terri Schiavo's father pulled plug on his own mother (UK Guardian, 2003)

A Poll on removal of Schiavo's feeding tube by Medscape

MediaMatters: Doctor to Scarborough "How Could You Possibly Be So Stupid?"

Springsteen's new song Devils and Dust about chimpy?

Why was there essentially NO coverage of the death of Hunter Thompson?

Who's the best looking news bunny on msm....I vote for Alison Stewart

LTTE: Horny and hatin' Islam.

Stripes letter from ret. military: a promise is a promise?

Sheen offered Irish study place

Is it normal for a pedophile with a penchant for little boys

On hold with Unfiltered now

Why are some disability activists so opposed to the right to die?

Laura Bush Dons Sackcloth to Visit Afghanistan >>>

Dept of Energy gives GM funding to build hydrogen-fueled cars

needs caption: dick cheney PHOTO.......dick looks sick...

Daniel Pearl's killers made a demand: F-16s for Pakistan

Sorry World, about our Leaders, there's NOTHING we can do about them...

With the whole Schiavo thing winding down, how far behind is a civil case?

Schiavo attorney felt God speaking to him

Burger King intervenes in Schiavo Case

If you know that you would NOT want to be kept alive in Mrs. Shiavo's...

Tinfoil Hat Time: Terri Schiavo edition

And the winner of the uninformed comment about the Schiavo case ...

The Rude Pundit says "Pound 'em til they drown in their own vomit"

AIG Admits Accounting Was Improper

This says it all about the Schindlers motivation

Rate this story

If you're gonna buy a BFEE sticker for your car, check the SPELLING!

I had a dream last night.

West Texas school district to study allowing Bible-based class

Reports that the 11th circuit agreed to hear Schindler appeal are wrong

Pricey drugs, precious time

This AARP commercial on Social Security is only missing 1 thing

Think About Landing That Big Interview -- World News Trust Will Publish

Stephanie Miller cracks me up....

Michael Schiavo's sister-in-law said a man threatened to shoot her

I prefer a Happy Christian to a Rabid one....

CAPTION Pickles dissin' biscuits...

How much money are the Schindlers making on this spectacle?

Black folks should not listen to Mozart

Real News

Doctors give Pope a nasal feeding tube.

Big steaming helping of USA PATRIOT Act, anyone?

Despite all of the homophobia and socialist-phobia, I wish the Pope well

Is it safe to say that the parties have officially flopped on big govt.?

Nearly Twice as Many Iraqi Children Going Hungry Since Saddam's Ouster

India turns its back on American F-16s

From my local cartoonists today

Patrick Kennedy will not run for senate.

Boxer Wants Deadline for Leaving Iraq......

Wow no reason given, why are topics "off limits" on the DU forums?

Darfur death toll 'may be 300,000'

"WE still have her"

Judge Greer and The Doors

The "Iraq Commission" Whitewash Report by Ralph Nader & Kevin Zeese

What Jesus said about public prayer

Take Back America conference 2005....registration open.

I have read on DU that the schindlers are selling a videotape

I'm not Animal Rights freak, but this seal slaughter is too much.

WTF is up with Sludge?

Here is a letter from PNAC members to Frisk, and others . . .

Bob Creeley (poet, writer) died today.

What kind of thread is more numerous on DU?

The photos on Yahoo of the harp seals being killed are disgusting

Debunking AP's new report of planned 'chemical attack'

Coulter heckled ... the REST of the story

Powell is all over the AOL welcome screen saying

Give some long and hard thought about this living will stuff

My hope for the Terri Schiavo situation

Why the hell is my employer able to force me into a group insurance plan?

Who endures more "bashing"/ostracism in our society?

So now the Europeans are supporting Wolfowitz? Serious arm twisting.

LMAO!!! Anyone else see this? Bush boring old lady in Iowa.

smirk's smirk gets edited (Schiavo)

Isn't Laura in Afghanistan?

(Breaking News) Jerry Falwell Taken Off Ventilator

Body Double

catfight breaks out over National Press Club's "GannonGuckert panel"

Democrats Missing In Action Again by Arianna Huffington

The far right has set up GLBT re-education camps

What happens if the GOP becomes simply a religious political

Not sure if I ask this here.......I would like to use that "cost of war"

Video of Coulter being heckled

Do You Have Any Suggestions For A New Set Of Holy Commandments?

Remember Dick Lamm, Governor Gloom?

I really don't think the GOP is going Fundamenatlist...

Schiavo Autopsy Will Not Confirm Diagnosis

GIULIANI Plays Mini-Shrub,Swings Wingnut, Groundwork for '08 Run

Bush Administration Kills Nuclear Fallout Study

RW radio-~"All we need is ONE Florida Democrat Senator to change"

More information on the RedLake killing

The latest lies from the RNC.

Idiots and morons = Joe Scarborough. Amazing video clip

Why is there so much Jesus here in Austin, TX?

btw, Sanchez DID order torture in Iraq (he lied)

The Poison Fruit of the American Taliban: Death in Uganda

Creating a handout for national press club farce (gannonguckert)

What sort of physical shape is Terri Schiavo in?

Laura Bush Sticks Her Nose Into the Schiavo Case

Jerry Falwell MEMORIAL, DU style....

C-SPAN debate on re-instating military draft up shortly!!

Black people should not ride in the front of the bus.

earthquake coverage on cnn

Three Brave Souls From Denver Fight Bush's Suppression Of Free Speech!

W of the Day-February 27, 2004

Reinserting feeding tube may hasten Ms. Schiavo's death

Poll regarding living wills and medical measures

Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran - Scott Ritter

CAF commercials of DeLay that are running in his TX district

Anyone see this anti-war protest in Harlem (3/19)?

(Mass.) Gay marriage foes eye new petition

John Danforth - BRILLIANT Column in the NYT

Army thinking of buying naming rights to RFK Stadium

New Tool - The CNP Educational Library

"Why World War IV Can't Sell"

YAHOO: Report: Human Damage to Earth Worsening Fast

Pundit gets pie in face

Quiet judge persists in Schiavo maelstrom (Greer profile)

Jesse Jackson is a whore

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'

Latest Schindle appeal was denied-just in

Info for those curious about Air America's Lizz Winstead...

Wait!! There are states that have laws against couples cohabitating!?!?!?!

Group: U.S. Detention Facilities Hold More than 11,000 in Iraq, Afghanista

Michael's legal bills (edit Schiavo)

How do you deal with Conservative sponsors?

Here's a good reason to support the ACLU..

Women's Organizations Condemn Privatizers' Attacks on Stay-At-Home Moms

2 most important things for dems to focus on verified voting and the media

Japanese textbook are claiming that they were just trying to "liberate"...


PHOTOS: Sen. SANTORUM plays it up for the crowd

CNN Breaking -- Schindler appeal denied

Tom DeLay protested at his grand opening of new office.

How long can body live without water............

MSNBC Poll: Is Canada right in allowing seal hunts?

Father, son arrested as Cheney motorcade passes

Election Reform Coalition Condemns Inclusion of James A. Baker III

Mass. Stem Cell bill PASSES Senate 35-2 despite Gov's ad blitz

It's Moore vs. Hannity in new documentary

ON YAHOO! Bush critics blocked from presidential events (VOTE IT UP)

How nuanced are your views on the very tired SCHIAVO issue?

Jesse is right!

Was Ronald Reagan Senile during his Second Term?

The real wedge issue or is there one?

Tonight, Amy Goodman on MSNBC's Hardball

What would happen if the Bush Administration refuses to honor its

Well, it must be bad. Army Reserves resorts to SPAM for recruitment.

Stepping out on a limb

Why centrists should support progressive causes.

Cynthia McKinney, I think I love you

Former Boy Scouts: How sad are you at the current state of the BSA?

RNC accuses Dems of using voter intimidation in OH, WI, FL, and PA

Brilliant Mark Morford column on Schiavo case/living wills

Why do so many people jump all over a thread about a college kid's Opinion

Life or Sentience

So Fallwell has been upgraded to stable...

I think if Condi ropes in Prince Charles and removes Camilla Parker

Sean Hannity and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

Captions for bushie.


When our marriage was condemned

DU this poll - Should Portland continue

The 11th circuit just denounced congress and Bush

Stop the Seal Hunt, Boycott Canadian Seafood (sign petition here)

Caption this Coulter pic

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

okay - which one of us snuck in there???

A million folks across the country can protest the war but....

ERA Amendment Re-Introduced in House & Senate

Impeachment Petition for Judge Greer

Bill O and the ACLU

CNN: Univ. of Georgia to Alter Integration Mural


Insurgencies , counterinsurgencies...and the U.S. strategy:

Can someone please explain the difference?

Schiavo backlash? Vermont bid to legalize physician-assisted suicide

Breaking: Bush Announces Final Plans To Renovate The Washington Monument!

Slavery in Florida.... way to go governor sir.

Jesse Jackson used to say abortion was genocide

BAN the corporate selling of personal information!

Did they pull the plug on Falwell yet?

Weak Attempt at Debunking GOP Memo

The Irony of Terri Schiavo

Dea instructor gives gun lecture-it goes all wrong

Tell Congress to Vote NO on the "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill in the Hous

Judge Stanley F. Birch is my new hero.........SNAP!!!

A suggestion for improving DU topic balance: Current Hot Topic Forum

Put the feeding tube back into Mrs. Schiavo right now!

My Little War on Religion

Bush Administration continues to disparage US Govt. Bonds as "worthless"

As to an open discussion on religion.. I happen to think more tribal USA

What makes a blog good? nt

Some many pictures, so little time...

What a waste of a presidency.

Spellcheck the word Wolfowitz: For me it comes out Halfwit !!!!

US scatters bases to control Eurasia

George Bush has managed to turn you on each other

Best. Picture. Ever.

Number of Prisoners Held By U.S. in Iraq Tops 10,000

Federal Agency Nixes Your Right to Privacy

Pissed off my employer yesterday

Social security reform.

Xians and non-xians alike. We ALL agree on one thing...

I need a posse regarding Schiavo

When does the war in Iran start?

Pennsylvania museum dismantling dinosaur exhibit

Sea Shepherd: 24 Hours in the Killing Fields

Check Out This Brainwashing! The Presidential Prayer Team For Kids!

shark sightings on cnn...y'know what that means.....

Indiana county finds the Venus de Milo obscene.

Child hunger up in Iraq.

Jessie Jackson is being USED by the right wing, and to tell you the truth

Bush faces decline in approval ratings

Are fundamentalist parents creating future terrorists for Christ?

*** South Florida Meetup is this Saturday night! ***

Why don't we start calling W by his proper name?

Wow. An ESPN meathead just passionately advocated against the seal hunt

Why don't you all move North?

OK I just read the WHOLE thread about pharmacists not dispensing BCPs.

Those terrorist loving liberals

Here's My Heartfelt Advice To America's Christian Right...

Good news about "Your air quality" - Bush style!

CT Legislature is debating abolishing the Death Penalty right now

Was Michele Malkin a children's book author?


Hating Christians on DU?

40 million cows are slaughtered in the US each year

Congress acted unconstitutionally according to Birch in his opinion

How Germans Fell for the 'Feel-Good' Fuehrer

The Kerry forum/library is back.

I'm curious - how many here boycott known Republican businesses

Towards a New Democracy

Those Democrat Leaders Sure Got Lots Of Smarts!

I am PUBLICLY the most TOLERANT S.O.B. you'll ever meet.

Mercury and Autism

WOW. Lou Dobbs is pouncing upon propaganda this evening!!

Does anybody have the video clip of * and Mrs. King

What's in store for this country? Some really scary stuff

U.S. to create list of 25 countries deemed candidates for intervention

It's the civility stupid

Whoops! There it is! Rumsfeld admits we can't achieve military victory

Randi just said bulimics like Terri "would rather be dead than fat".

DU Personal Finance/Investing Group

Sounds like Hardball at Stanford sort of "stacked" the audience for Arnold

Foreign policy... contradictions, hidden intent, or hidden in plain view?

I'm going to try and make some homemade Shake and Bake

Suggestions for left over ham

Nova Scotians look here!

An item that IS in the US news everyday

Any chance of American refugee getting a college teaching job up there?

You know you're a Canadian if... (credit to yvr girl)

Johnny Cochrane Dead

The state of the world? It is on the brink of disaster

Four More Vietnamese Suspected to Have Bird Flu

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Falsification suspicions spur hearings

Fed Appeals Case Agrees to Consider Schiavo Petition!!!!!!

Court Takes Charge: Bars U.S. from sending 13 detainees abroad

Medal of Honor to Be Awarded to Soldier Killed in Iraq, a First

59 ex U.S. diplomats object to Bolton appointment as UN Ambassador

Putin urges vigilance against Nazism

Reuters: Iran Allows Journalists Into Key Nuclear Plant

Famed attorney Johnnie Cochran dead

Giuliani to Be Partner in Texas Law Firm

Breaking: Federal Court of Appeals grant Shindlers new review.

Woman sues over law against cohabitation

Laura Bush speaks on Schiavo case

Headline News: Michael Schiavo's Sister Receives Death Threat

Annan cleared over oil-for-food

Terrorism bill would stiffen penalties for animal rights threats

Dutch Government to Give Opinion on Expanding Euthanasia Policy

Schiavo parents get another hearing

Delhi suburb plans world's tallest building

Court To Hear Schiavo Request

In Vermont, a Bid to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide

(Senator) Collins criticizes several Bush approaches

Cuban Central Bank chief says island sees first surplus in decade

US-funded scheme 'a threat to Uganda Aids programme'

Latin Leaders Pledge Action Against Poverty

IL Teen Shot & Killed For His New Tennis Shoes

Five-year-olds assert their 'human right' to be violent, says union

Life of an ACTIVIST - Japan's Satomi Oba

NYT: First Lady Says She and President Have Living Wills

Disarming Haitian gangs a tough task for UN peacekeepers

How Bush Learned To Love the Bomb

Bush to accept advice on intelligence

Amnesty Faults Brazil on Indian Rights

Doctors give Pope feeding tube

Carlyle raises $10bn to top buyout league

NYT: N.F.L. Is Seeking Tougher Steroid Rules

US jury's Bible death sentence quashed

Joan Kennedy Hospitalized With Broken Bones (Teddy's ex-wife)

Mary Cheney to write memoir

Chinese and S.Koreans sue over Japan textbook

US Forces Wound Iraqi Basketball Federation Head

Preserved fetus is stolen from L.A. science exhibit

NYT/Reuters: Economy Grew Briskly in Final Quarter of 2004

11th Court to Hear Schiavo Petition (entire case? -entire court?)

MoD secrets put at risk

NYT: Tests Pending in Cases Tied to Fierce H.I.V.

Ambassador criticises Fischer over death notices

Annan defiant over his son's links to oil-for-food scheme

Australia Has Baby Boom After Gov't Push

LAT: States, Tribes Put Gaming on the Table

US admits killing Arab journalists in Iraq

Doctors Give Pope Feeding Tube

Church raising funds to buy GI body armor

American soldier says killing of injured Iraqi was 'honorable'

Desperate residents loot, dig for quake survivors

Homeowner-friendly foreclosure bill clears panel (in CA)

U.S. court allows new Schiavo petition

More Colombians fleeing to Venezuela's cities, says UNHCR

O'Hare expansion foes accuse Daley of 'pervasive fraud'

Federal judge rejects lawsuits over LAX shootings

Michigan Preparing to Let Doctors Refuse to Treat Gays

Zarqawi planning chemical attack in Europe: German press

NYT: Fish Farms Tied in Study to Imperiling Wild Salmon

Number of prisoners held by U-S in Iraq doubled in five months

Mite that makes bees buzz off threatens $15bn US fruit crop

Former Sen. Howell Heflin dies at 83

Venezuela increases proven oil reserves.

NYT,pg1: 2 Executives Are Out as Intrigue Engulfs Morgan Stanley

Shiavo Parents back in court

McKenna attacks view that Canadians are anti-American on call-in show

Flight log backs Arar's claim U.S. spirited him abroad on small plane

Visiting Afghan women's van, crafts stolen

USO, NFL open new center in Afghanistan

Broadcasting & Cable: Ebersol Returns to NBC

India turns its back on US arms

Santorum prays with Schiavo's family (Rick Sanitarium)

Six Iraqis killed as insurgents battle US troops

Patrick Kennedy Will Not Run for Senate

Va. Man Accused in Bush Plot Granted Exam (re: torture claim)

First Lady Expresses Solidarity With Afghan Women

Censorship of IMAX Films Threatens Integrity of Science, Leader Says

Mahathir warns of a dollar catastrophe

Canada, U.S. and Mexico agree to import standards related to mad cow

Movie-rent chain (Blockbuster) OKs fee refunds

Bush downplays Iraqi political disputes

11th Circuit Court Rejects Schiavo Appeal

WP: Dissent on Intelligence Is Critical, Report Says

Magnitude 6.3 temblor hits off West coast of N Sumatra

US scatters bases to control Eurasia (US Imperialism and OIL)

Controversial mascot staying in Illinois during NCAA Final Four

Kristol hit in face with pie

(Abrams) Tanks take a beating in Iraq

Lobbyist's Work for Mariana Islands Raised Questions Years Before Tribal P

Schiavo Appeal Rejected Again in Atlanta

US senators demand posthumous pardon for black boxing champ

One dead in Afghanistan ‘suicide bomb’, Taleban kill four police

Nippon Oil announces largest price hike in 14 years (Peak Oil....again)

Earth has suffered irreversible damage: study

Lobbyist With Ties to Bush Investigated (Abramoff)

Pope John Paul II is now tubefed - CNN

Snow Baffled by Resistance to Private Accounts

WTF? " is for sale!"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 30 March

Joan Kennedy hospitalized with broken bones

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

"President Bush Arrives in Iowa to Tout Soc Sec Plan" (article is ho hum)

Study: Big preschool payoff

Oil prices spread to grapes, TVs, pizza

State Rep. Charged in Anthrax Hoax

Nazi graffiti sprayed on Ben-Gurion, Herzl's graves

Rev. Jackson joins Schiavo fight

Summit in Venezuela: "Accelerate South American Union"

Bible elective weighed at West Texas high schools

GM, DOE Sign $88-Million Agreement to Advance Fuel Cell Development

Marine Killed In Action

Sacred Place is No Place for Oil Spills (very big Alaskan spill)

U.S. to create list of 'unstable' nations

Doubts Raised On Schiavo Memo (is the Repug Talking Points fake?)

Bush critics blocked from presidential events



(A draft of's) Schiavo obit mistakenly appears on Web

Survey: 6 in 10 AARP members oppose Bush Social Security plan

Bush Administration Welcomes the Kyrgyz Revolution

Newsday: U.S. May Bring Troops Home if Violence Low

U.S. Says Iran Nuclear Tour a Media Stunt

NYT: Sciences Academy, Nuclear Reg. Comm. Fight Over Atomic Waste Report

msnbc-Fed Court refuses to intervene in Terri S. case

U.S. Military Limits Guantanamo Data

Judge accepts $16 million plea deal in Riggs Bank case

Bush Lobbies Argentina, Mexico and Canada to Contain Venezuela's Chavez

US Spends More against Cuba than Al Qaida

Med school that banned gay group can't be cited by human rights commission

50,000 Germans March for Peace

Exclusive: Halliburton Employee Says He Was Gang-Beaten By Co-Workers at B

IRA 'laundering stolen cash in UK housing market'

Ann Coulter causes stir at KU (Heckling, standing ovations at Lied Ctr)

Blair's face considered a 'liability'

U.S. to Float Giant Missile-Defense Radar to Alaska

Supreme Court: Age bias need not be deliberate

The top US general in Iraq authorised interrogation techniques

Parents' lawyer thwarted plan to send (up to 2,000) militia to aid Schiavo

Insurgent Attacks Against Troops Decline

Wolfowitz wins European backing

Carlson's PBS Show to End After a Year

(PA) State Rep. Habay(R) charged in white powder hoax

Wintry Canada to Use Solar Power to Heat Homes

(PA Senator) Santorum prays with Schiavo's family

Draft may be needed in a year, military analysts warn

White House Cites Unfair Trade Barriers

Reuters: Powells Says U.S. 'Too Loud' Over Iraq (Stern Interview)

Ind. Business Told to Hide Nude Statues (Venus di Milo, David)

Speaker (William Kristol) takes a pie in the face

U.N.: Iraq kids suffer from malnutrition ("result of the war")

Governor Faces Tricky Decision On Emergency Contraception Bill (Colorado)

Bush Makes New Pitch for Social Security (threatens opponents)

Summit: Lula defends Venezuela from U.S.

Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'

Uganda: 'Abstinence-Only' Programs Hijack AIDS Success Story

Paging MrScorpio

I'm such a small personality.

"There better be a naked cheerleader under your bed!"

Help! Been vegging out to Dirty Harry DVDs all evening!

it's official, John Spencer is the greatest actor alive

"Bad Reporter"

Is there a website where I can find historical dollar values in modern $$$

She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow.

"Take THAT, Guernica!"

Beck's "Guero" rocks my socks

Happy New Year!

My friends, for your amusement and bemusement

I just hid all the religion and Schiavo threads from myself in GD.

Who is driving?

My wife is out of town on business

Tired of friends feeling sorry for you?

Bad Things

Anyone else ever have a water fight inside

Stop Eating NOW!

Is NBC's "Office" any good?

Has Bob Sagget ever said anything funny on camera?

Like Pie?

I'm not giving fuck - but I am accepting it

Ben & Jerry's poll - which is your fave?

I'm a dirty rat

This is one terrific home-made video!

I'm tired, but I just can't sleep

I don't want to officially give up the fuck!

What cool music should I download?

Should I go to bed?

Are there 50 ways to leave your lover?

I am evil and I must be stopped!

TV is dead! Long live Anime!

Chili: the red kind

Some random advice.

Losing that gut, how, how, how?

I am going to turn in for the night

Is it true that Barney saved bush's life in the pretzel incident?

Does anyone else want to reach thru the TV and make John Basedow

all this talk about "fiving the guck up"

New Radiohead song.

I want to "officially give the fuck up" too.

Is Thurston Moore a member?

Yoo-Hoo! nutritional yeast

D'yever wanna just tell a perfect stranger to RUN!

Losing that gut, how, how, how?

Good Night, Sleep calls

All the problems and dilemmas of my life, solved!

I've had so much coffee i've developed an eye-twitch.

Ack its 1:30, times flies when you're posting in the lounge.

That's it! I'm giving the puck up!

for some reason Maroon 5 is getting on my nerves

Stay the course

Are there words or phrasesthat Christians use that make you cringe?

when GOP returns... (new toon 3/30)

My neighbor might be dying and we are trying to save him

Okay, I just got a good look at Bush's shoulder pads. Hilarious!

You like fuck ,you want fuck, you need fuck , berserker!

I think the mods are asleep...

Who has the oldest car?

House takes on childhood obesity and FOX viewers miss the point completely

By God, I'm the First!

what is your favorite opera?

Ireland pushes Gaelic on maps and placenames.

Favorite Brand of Bourbon/Whiskey


If you could spend 1 summer living in 1 Euro. country near the beach,

Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

Terri Terri bo Berry, banana-fana fo Ferry

Thank You EVERYONE.You made Einstein's passing a celebration of

Is it me or do Yahoo's

Aaaaaaaaah! I woke up this morning with a shining object

What do you do when there is no good Late Breaking News?

How early can one politely vacuum?

Hey DU cooks- anyone got a good breakfast casserole recipe?

Is it time to "Tune in, turn on and drop out ?"

You know you're from NC if...

Did Shrub Send Laura to Afghanistan

Woohoo! It is thundering here.

You know you're from Philadelphia if.....

OK. You know you have lived in Cleveland if...

And now, for your listening enjoyment...I present Wing!

You know you're from Detroit if...

I like today's GOOGLE Logo

I Just Discovered a New DU Feature

You Know You're From Colorado If...

The "Travel is Broadening" CAPTION

It's a mother F***ing D.R.A.F.T.

Army thinking of buying naming rights to RFK Stadium.

The Mockingbirds are drunk this morning

The debut single from Tuvor and the Yikes: Propaganda Panorama

Does your city SUCK more than Camden New Joisey?

Have your positions hardened?

You know you're from D.C. if

I believe the children are the future...give them love and.....

You know you're a beekeeper

Fun things to put into smoothies

You know you're a New Englander if...

You know you're from Los Angeles when

Attn: Boston bound DUers! Anyone want to share a hotel in April??

You Know You're From New Jersey if....

OK, me now. You know you're a Brazilian if...


How Normal are you? Take the quiz

Two Women Steal Preserved Fetus From Museum Exhibit

Jerry Brown to wed longtime girlfriend

You know you're from Florida when ...

Preserved fetus is stolen from L.A. science exhibit

Burger King intervenes in Schiavo Case

You know you're from Florida when ...(part 2)

The greatest entertainment you've NEVER heard of...(U2 fans heads up)

At last, Hirst admits that some of his art is 'silly and embarrassing'

An Irishman walks into a bar...

Dinosaur Dung Is Big Draw For Small Museum

You know you're a leper when...

Crimson flames tied through my ears

Jogging--man, it doesn't take long to be addicted, does it?

Oasis vs. Ohio

This explains why tech support is so wonderful these days!

Severed human foot inquiry is launched

Acid Reflux just sucks!

Legally Blind Golfer Scores Hole-In-One

106 Year Old Woman Insists She Is Only 105

Catholic Chief Slams Madge

Such sweet critters!

You Know Your From Massachusetts IF...............

Which one was the best Bond girl? My vote goes to Honore Blackman

Dig this shizzle on gizoogle...

Johnnie Cochran can still polarize many

does anybody have a good recommendation

Cow tipping

Who's the best looking news bunny on msm....I vote for Alison Stewart

Why do we love being Greek?

Best Nirvana album?

Does this sound like a SEX THREAD to you?

They've never done that before on the Amazing Race have they?

Anybody else watch "House"?


Call Mr. Plow, that's my name...

Bush Launches Preemptive Attack on Social Security

Old enough to remember: "electricity too cheap to meter"

How deep into the lounge do you go when first logging on?

And yet another "old enough to remember" thread - dual-needle pickups!

Until last night, I never understood the appeal of a woman in uniform.

Just saw the new X server for the Mac on my friend's G5

What's this "Kick " mean?

any good breakfast casserole recipes out there?

I'm "Laying Hands" on My Computer Screen...

I only need five more posts to break out of the 700 Club! Who

Admitting the problem is the first step

"World's Ugliest Car" restored . . .

American Idol Fans: Who do you think will be voted off tonight?

Do you remember when dirt was considered "high-tech"?

I love the 'google' today!

yvr girl, do you...

Generate your own Pick Up Line

Too many Lounge Like Threads In GD!

I'm not a good judge on

Ultraman or Johnny Socko's Robot?

Food Combinations that should never ever be done

From The Onion: "Bush Launches Preemptive Attack On Social Security"

Wish me luck! Good thoughts/prayers appreciated!

Today is my birthday!

Does Anyone Recall when ESPN had ZERO Commercials !?

The feeding tube saga is not over. The Pope has one now. Discuss.

Fraternity suspended for porn film shoot

I feel my ability to love and empathize deteriorate.

songs i hope CREAM plays next month

OK - another "old enough to remember" thread - the TV repairman

"It ain't braggin' if you do it."

Calling Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard.......

ooh, i'm barred from some groups

Bad drug trip sidelines family's Camry

War is just another game. Tailor made for the insane.

Do you remember when sniffa WASN'T barred from groups?

I feel so wasted ... oh Genie give me more sleep .

What would be a good price for a 1970 Gran Torino with 32K original

Today's Dear Abby

OK, I got my new haircut and now I'm ready for that boring meeting....

Treat all the assholes you know with the same care you treat your own.

I am TRULY amazed at..(Stuff you never thought you'd see in your lifetime)

Ever felt physical because of your marginalized appearance?

Today's good taste award: MSNBC asks "Is Britney Spears pregnant?"

Ever felt margarine because of your physical appearance?

The following post violates no posting or sourcing rules.

Think this bumper sticker will get me killed?

Smells bad, tastes good!

Dear Lounge: I promise that I'll never start a thread about Oasis

BTW, what wrong with Midnight at the Oasis??

Let's talk bathroom stalls.

You know you're from Illinois if...

It's a BEAUTIFUL Spring Day, Boston folks

you know you're from deLaware..

Grasshopper, Blair Witch, optical illusion, ghost, or other?

OK, MY "Oasis" thread

Rock climbing is so much easier when you are watching someone else do it.

Stupid thoughts of the day thread

I had a dream about ###### last night

Judge Orders Three Dog Night's Vocal Cords To Be Removed.

Worst Punishment for your least fav RWer

What is the Levitt Letter?

Somebody got mad at me for talking about Oasis.

anyone tried the Fighting Fish (Betta) planter?

'moLsen goLden' and 'private stock' are the same thing

Does anyone recall when everybody had a CB radio in their car

Why oh why did I wait so long to do my taxes?

Will we ever see these bastards in jail? I'm feeling depressed today...

You know you're from Canada when...

So some drunken asshat drove into flamingyouth's store tonight...

My cats are prisoners in our Upper West Side apartment.

My Strange Story

Keep your cat fucking out of my yard!!

i'm hungry and there isn't anything to eat except.....

Is sniffa a bageL

Is matcom toast?


Butter or Margarine

Where did the phrase, "Welsh on a Bet", come from?

what courses would the "George W. Bush School of Public Service" offer?

Pity me.....

:Tom Jones voice: "She's a lady . . . Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, She's a Lady"

Recommendations for department stores/clothing store chains

Does anyone recall when people said," Who would PAY for a TV signal?"

Is there ANY cooler mode of transportation than

Spring's Here - First Tornado Warning of the Season - Yippee!

So did they ever find who let those dogs out?

OMG!!! WTF!!! Nickelodeon's been hijaked by FUNDIES!!! (Worship Jamz!!!)

do you remeber when fire was new and exciting

11th court of appeals denied the appeal again.

You know you're from Dallas.....

Keep fucking your cat out in my yard!

Faculty meeting today

CanuckAmok is dead.

Wheeeee!! - how about drugstores with real soda fountains?

Judge Orders Three Dogs' Vocal Cord To Be Removed

GLERNK!....what the hell was that?....

Judge Orders Mariah Carey's vocal cords removed

Anyone know how to sort out those links you have stored at the top

Do you want fries with that?

Messages aside. what is your first thought when you see a car

My Daughter's poetry interpretation competition is today.

You know what Delaware has 3 stinking tolls in it's entire state

dolo amber has a credit card.

Bringing lunch from home ("food stamp lunches").

Satan's False Flag

Paging sniffa. Please report to the Customer Service Desk.

One of the coolest things about going to Canada...

From email: The famous $250 "Neiman-Marcus cookie."

Lighten up Baby. I'm in love with you.

Have you ever found yourself "grasping for a copycat thread?"

"He who dies with the most toys, wins."

*Sniff............*sniff* I don't have HBO

My house has a kitty deficit.

I had a sub in physics class today that went to school in Hope, AR.

Joke: One Hungry Bush

Cat Haikus

So the guy that plead guilty to child porn (BSA)

You know you're a freeper if

Happy birthdays to Leonard Nimoy and Marina Sirtis

Cat Hiatus

American Torturing Jobs Increasingly Outsourced.

Cat Halitosis!

How often do you check the stats on your website??

I'm Finally Getting Answers To Why I'm So Vain

DU Video Experts: How can I capture a timed

The "oops" list for your viewing pleasure:

confession -- I picked up the first "Left Behind" movie ...

Cat Bodytosis

Offensive and Funny like ... well...: Timmy's Wish

Animal lovers, are you aware of the BARF diet?

Are you ever tempted to post flame bait?

Life in our Anti-Christian America

Happy 60th birthday to Eric Clapton!

This is Toby the Long.

If you were able to die doing what you like best, what would it be?

Oasis single leaks online

Finally, Pictures of Cambridge (WARNING: large files)

Ever buy produce because it was on special....

Fidel Castro appeared in my dreams TWO nights in a row! Weird!

Help. We are looking for Internet server that's Blue...

My sister hacked up the KoolAid.

Happy 68th Birthday Warren Beatty!

Special Shooter For Cat Delivery

"How do I get the film out of my digital camera?"


I just found $100 in a parking lot

I hate how this is gonna sound, but...

If Cream continued...

bertha katzenengel neé Venation is an asshole. Discuss.

Ever felt personal because of your marginalized apparition?

WTF? " is for sale!"

I'll play. You know you're a Canadian if...

Chicken Chasseur and Potato/Spinach Galette for supper...

Welcome to middle age:

lame pickup lines

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

Three of our formerly indoor cats are enjoying Spring outdoors today.

Amber (cat haters need not click)

Feeling lonely and vaguely unhappy. Cheer me up?

Headlines we'd like to see:

Britney Spears' Guide to Semiconductor Physics


How the heck is it possible....

Virginia Homophobe warns of "ramming" homosexuals.

Dalai Lama pickup lines

3000 posts! Top 10 Things I've learned from DU


Goosing that butt, how, how, how?

WOW! It is soooo green!

You know you're from LA when:

Show of hands please. How many are old enough to remember.

going out to dinner with a goy friend from San Francisco

You've got that rainbow feel. But the rainbow has a beard.

DU Proposal: "Swedish Fish Group"

I don't post in LBN for weeks and I end up with a 'best-seller'

going out to dinner with a gay friend from San Francisco

I need to stop spending money/buying things... any tips?

Sat Behind the Tennessee bench last night ! That made for

Fraternity threw rings at a dildo held up by a woman's vagina - Suspended

Who wants to play "You might be a Vampire *IF*"...

The Two best Christian songs ever.

i found the guy who can capture Bin Laden!!!!

Anime is dead! Long live Balinese puppetry!

Can anyone tape the HBO special on Air America Radio?

What are your most practical skills?

Lounge Lizards I need your help......

I finally got an answer to why my ear was being a pain

If I don't get fucked in three weeks, I'm getting a job.

My four-year-old loves Kings of Leon

The punishments have been decided.

Confess! Have you actually eaten a Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch?

I've been trying to avoid this subject, but I HAVE to know:

Is this opinion offensive?

This is pretty damn cool (computer animated short film)


"You're a mess."

New "Lost" on tonight!

What age do you act? Take this quiz...

The Worst Halftime Show EVER!

My friend has me on hold right now - he's injecting an experimental drug


Abnormal weight loss?

Need help finding a link

Wonkette has a very scary front page today

So. Ummm, I got accepted to NYU...

The Greatest DU poll ever!

If I don't get a job in three weeks, I'm fucked

If I had a Lemur I'd:

Tell me 3 things...

I'm Finally Getting Answers To Why I'm in So Much Pain

OK, I feel old now.

"Ask not what can do your symmetrical weasel for you,

"Dear God: Please ....

I also officially give the fuck up.

Yea! I got my graduation gifts for my 4 best buddies in the mail today!

Who is the best Mr. Anderson?

I just wrote & produced my first-ever PSA!

Keep your fucking yard out from under my cat!

Say Baby. What's your Chinese Sign?

Alicia Silverstone eats vegan and lives in a solar house.

I had a dream about shortbuspresident last night...

Post a favorite song title

Ever felt marginalized because of your physical appearance?


Can't-miss stars who missed anyway

What do you think about using a cell phone while driving?

Are you or have you ever been a communist?

I have NEVER seen *such* a blatant hijacking of a thread as this!

Have you ever fainted in church?

I need a poem- Post one for me to read here

Lama pick up lines

you know your an asshole if....

Show of hands, please. How many are old enough to remember

Why do people want to be funny?

I love BatBoy

Do You Remember Milk and Bread Delivery To Your House?

Woohoo!!!! I'm seeing Howard Dean tonight

Special Delivery For Cat Shooter

hey progmom

Austin DUers...update on dinner and drinks with Tavener on 3/31

Does DU have a weird vibe lately?

Where is Steve2470? I haven't seen him in AGES!

Yes, it's BACK! State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

I'm Finally Getting Answers To Why I'm Such A Pain

What exactly are the signals that a woman gives

Come one come all to the Great Lakes DU meetup! Cleveland OH

Installments from Capt. Watson's MoBlog

Sea Shepherd: 24 Hours in the Killing Fields

Old Testament vs. New Testament

Is there a way Michael Schiavo's marriage to Terri could be annulled?

Striking pagan soldier sentenced to seven months for disobeying orders

Excellent (and funny) email about "living wills"

Many Americans too tired for sex

When Sentiment and Fear Trump Reason and Reality

Ptolemy Tilted Off His Axis(Farnese Atlas used 250 yr ealier Hipparchus da

U of M researcher says Viagra may cause permanent

Beauty Pageant Called Homophobic

Get Your "You've Been Pittsnogled" Thong...Here (link)....

Injured Montoya out of Bahrain GP

Women's Final Four

Judge Orders Three Dogs' Vocal Cords Removed

Happy Birthday Lorien!

Request for the experts down here

My year from hell...will the stars let me off the hook soon?

Generally speaking, what is happening with the planets that affect us all?

Re the locks

A new, and improved, Schiavo?

The sex of the angels.

Bill Bradley editorial, NYT--how Dems need to restructure


The John Kerry forum is back

The Nation agrees withme: No BOLTON

Fellow Massholes: Kerry event coming up in Lowell, MA

For ETAwful -- some D70 shots Union Station Kansas City MO

Newsletter 3/30

I'm not going to mention these sites SPECIFICALLY* by name, because . . .

Kerry and Clinton (H) and abortion

Senator Lindsey Graham hit by TV ads from the "Club for Growth"

Jo Bonner (R-Ala.) tells protesters: America, love it or leave it

Should we work to better the political system or should we live with it?

Fed Appeals Court Agrees to Consider Schiavo Appeal!!!!!!!!!

In the long term - is the Republicans going nuclear in the Senate so bad?

Scarborough and Santorum

Bill would block Texas football teams from BCS

Neuro. Cranford confronted Joe S...How could you possibly be so stupid?

Bush protest songs - Free mp3 downloads

Schiavo's parents sell list of names to pro-lifers

Removing people from a Bush town hall meeting over a bumper sticker...

Bush, women, Aids , Africa and the culture of death!!

TX state rep.: Threatening letter/powder (over proposed telecom bill)

Republicans seen more and more as party of the whacked out

Bill Bradley: A Party Inverted

Pinellas Park...Those Staged Protests and Arrests......

Ralph Neas on C-Span right now

Should the Falwell family consult with Tom Delay

CNN's Carlos Watson on Bush's SS "secret weapon"...Executive Order

Extreme Spin (the pony show)

Don't Bet The House Just Yet

sideways stock market. what is it, now, 6 years without a new high?

Iraq, Inc. - War Profiteers

Bill Bradley's editorial in the NYTimes

Why doesn't the Left support M. Schaivo like the Right the parents?

Bush and the bureaucracy: a crusade for control

Privacy advocate decries ID tags in passports

Any info on ownership or financial data on Perseco

Bob Barr fights the Patriot Act

Fedlog: Stinky Study (a study to reduce cow odors by diet)

Al Queda and the US right wing organization models quite similar

Update on 3 Coloradans that were kept from "town meeting"

McClellan responds to Vicente Fox DEMAND that border "must be demolished"

abuse did not come up till radio talk shows talked about it (Terri S.) msn

(Maine) House joins Senate in support of gay rights bill

Mary Quite Contrary: (New York) Lt. Gov goes AWOL

Blackwell the Slime back talks Tubbs-Jones

Laura Bush: "The power of freedom is on display in Afghanistan"

A Special Request I Just Received froom Barbara Boxer Today

Senator Boxer: The fight for 2006 begins today

What if Saddam did have WMDs?

In the Name of Politics

Who can you stick up for and believe in ?

State cancels education hearing for Santorum (farking freeloader!)

Why does MSNBC promote Shrub's bogus "town hall meetings"?

How old is Lowell Weicker? Could he run against Lieberman?

Schiavo case smoke screen for nuclear option on judicial nominees?

Rep Lee Terry (R-Ne) says * won't win Social Security

And the spin begins: memo about Schiavo is Democrats' dirty trick

O'Reilly: "Greatest threat to your freedom is not Al-Qaeda, it's the ACLU"

The brothers Dean: "I thought Jim Dean made sausage."

Why centrists should support progressive groups and causes

Please take a moment and rate this propaganda a "1"

most likely be the last fatal blow--says Fox news. Tension with

Bush,, Nichols, Snow : destroy US economy to end social security

anyone listening to Jessi J. newsconference on CNN?

How many of the 'Schiavo judges' were appointed by Republicans?

Anybody know what right wing media is saying about Jesse Jackson today?

Wendy Long (Abrams Report)--calling Greer an activist judge NoW

She may not have a brain, but goshdarnit, she still has a WOMB!

Awwww, a new lil baby Nazi at Ldot!

STOP Using THEIR Frame: The "Culture of Life" !!!

Bases in Persian Gulf/Caspian region ...When will troops come home

Who Is Your Dream Rupug Candidate In 2008?

Anyone else participate in write-in today?

Drop the Hammer on Corruption (DeLay Ad)

Watch Scarborough get beat down on his own show!


BRAD BLOG: RNC Emails ACVR Report! ACVR is inside Baker/Carter Commission!

Nimrod of the week: Shiavo protester

BRAD BLOG: Right-Wing 'News' Service Attempts to Legitimize Phony ACVR!

What is your asking price to say something nice about Bush & his policies?

If Rep. Shays (R-Ct) is a moderate rethug.........

Patrick Kennedy not running for Senate

Lou Dobbs...Rummy is very frustrated. Most top tier at the

Good news inferred from Ann Coulter ... the righties HATE Dr. Dean.

The Kerry forum is back

I just joined the ACLU because of you, Bill O'Reilly!

Has Fristenstein made a Falwell diagnosis

Arianna Huffington: Schiavo Case Proves Dems Are Starving For Leadership

Take the feeding tube out of Miller and Scarborough

Hit this poll! (Colorado emergency contraception bill)

To Those Attacking Jackson... Let's be Fair.

* appointed commission: " Dissent on Intelligence Is Critical"

Delaygate: Abramoff Faced Earlier Billing Inquiry

SS reform plan draws criticism(FLA US rep Allen Boyd (D)

YOU have GOT to see this... "how could you be so stupid"! MSNBC..

Was Hitler A Populist?

A Democratic dark horse poised to emerge

“You have asked us to ‘Bring it on’, and so have we."

Is the Schiavo case the beginning of the end for the religious right?

When did America stop being a democracy?

Is the Democratic Party turning its back on reproductive rights?

Rudy Giuliani To Run Against Hillary Clinton In 2006 For Her Senate Seat

Is NCLB Making History of Social Studies?