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Archives: March 29, 2005

Words of War: Iraq and the Rise of "Neoconzo" Journalism

Wall Street Journal Turns on DeLay

Evolution: faith into politics (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Bread and Circuses

Bush OKs national "counter-intelligence" offensive

Don't bankrupt Amtrak

Coalition pushes awareness on torture

"Peace Not Poverty Write-In" E-Protest March 30

Rockridge Institute (Lakoff's think tank) looking for summer interns

Tierney---torturer AND Schiavo protector!

effect of minimum wage

wanted: people to tell stories about the environment

Do you think nuclear power is safe?

DPP bashes KMT trip as `surrender'

Hey, if groups like Greenpeace are considered terrorist groups

BBC (Monday): Knesset rejects Gaza referendum

FYI: A new tool. Use this in some way to promote Election Fraud/Reform?

Prodding of ubiQUITous '08-threads to Push ReForm & EnList ReCruits

Check this out. Wonder if we could get Leo DiCaprio into election reform?

KOEB Monday


Dean: Lawyers will immediately focus on voting rights and election issues

Keep a good thought for Andy when he goes to the doctor tommorrow......

LA Times (March 28): Industry Aims to Defeat Discount Drug Initiatives

Protest plans?

St. Paul mayoral race news?

Juvenile arrested in Red Lake shooting

Audio problems.

I got a nice e-mail from Lloyd Doggett

Possibly moving to texas...

Hey! Did anyone else notice the NEW Smilies?

News: 59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton

YahooNews story..."Congress Takes a Look at Disabled Rights"

Local Activists Call on GMA to drop Walmart as a sponsor

I need a picture for a project I'm doing..

Damn! Can we keep David Gregory instead of tweety?

"Gov. Bush, Pres. Bush - REMEMBER NUREMBERG!"

Latest Rove Wedge: Schiavo - Privacy - Disabilities Rights

The National Press Club Welcomes ... Jeff Gannon?

How much can you pay for a healthy environment?

Schiavo's lawyer on local TV news. Says autopsy is to show

It's time for religious types to stop provoking non-religious types.

Will somebody slip Shiavo a painless death pill already?

Austria may be on the verge of preventing the invasion of Iran


Suppose I worked with the utilities department of a city and a church

Fred Barnes: reporting on GOP sciavo memo is example of lib'rul bias

Female anchorpersons on Fox News

Brain dead woman crushes vast right wing conspiracy......

Damn! Can we keep David Gregory instead of tweety?

Rev. Pat Mahoney on "Softball"

The legislative consequences of the Terri Shiavo case

AH' the good life

Right-Wing Terror Movements Omitted from DHS Terrorist List

Coming off a party, birthday weekend

The media's behavior

Where's all the threads about Terri Schaivo?

Question dealing with college

does anyone else have a problem with scubbies approval ratings drop?

I thought we weren't going to hear any more from the Schindlers?

The ultimate SCHIAVO IRONY!!!

How many of you think Hannity has beat his wife?

Did the country figure it out?

The Abraham's Report is going to talk to a Dr. that has examined

Just like AA please come join SA ....... "It is time to stop hurting."

Separated at birth: Condi Rice and Digger the Dermatophyte!

Would you put an animal on life support?

Raw Story's "Paper Chase" gets under way

Question: Has Dr. Bill Frist examined any videos or photos of

Volunteers needed National dialog on SS

Monday at the Hospice:The Schiavo's ask the protestors to please GO HOME!

How long was Whoreward Fineman on with Al today?

What's next if recruitment fails?

Hey fellow DUers - have a favor to ask

Thursday at 1 pm

How far do your double standards go? We all have them, right?

Don't ya just love MSM airing the DeLay story on every show?

Keith Olberman whupping DeLay up side the head

Faux starts the Terri Spin

Are there any book publishers or editors on line?

Terri Schiavo, "Judicial Activism" and Florida Law

Is DAvid Gregory of MSNBC (who was sitting in for Chris Matthews tonight

Does anyone know about this magazine?

Best of the Worst: Presidential Edition.

Bread & Circuses-Schiavo and Steroids in Never-Never Land

Sunnis' Exclusion from Political Process Stokes Fears of Civil War

My Living Will (not really *mine*, but still)

To all the lurking freepers

Isn't it redundant to kill someone then autopsy them?

Don't Miss Today's Juan Cole: "No Government and 16 Dead"

Why Judge Greer cannot be blamed for the Shiavo fiasco

Lionel deconstructing the Schiavo spectacle

Walmart helps sell Marine Corps (will show promotions in TV dept)

Mike Malloy just said

Scarborough is a complete FREAK!!!!

Scarborough -- What a Douche, Seriously

Are you Hopeful or Worried about our nation's future?

There's a new phish involving e-bay

No matter what your "religion", you are being screwed.

Fed up with the media? Want to do something about it?

Democrats let Shciavo Fiasco pass right through them and hit the

Believer Magazine Interview With Marjorie Grene

How about a nice thread on Theism and Atheism? Say something nice!

If Iraq is Stabilizing and Improving, Why Isn't the Media Documenting It?

NYTtimes: List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Direct-Marketing Firm

I know some of you hate the Freeper threads, but...

Alert to FOX: I give you the next generation's Hannity

Mike Malloy is now broadcast live in Seattle AM1090 KPTK

I don't have a problem with religion being discussed/debated on DU.

Where is the "Social Gospel" tradition in US politics?

I'm coining a new term: OVERNIGHTMARE

Quote of the night re: Schiavo

PHOTOS: Schiavo protestors "taunt police" with Nazi gestures

Deep structures and religion is different than spirituality

Comments, pls! an LTTE I'm considering sending to local papers

LA Times Op-Ed Bashes Blogs

Whatever happened with the Navy officer who refused to go to Iraq?

"You are dead meat to God."

This one website says that Bill Mahar and Ann Coulter were dating

J.D. Guckert/JEFF GANNON: These Are Your Lives!

Can a person be both pagan and Christian at the same time?

MODS, please delete.

RW Religious Zealot trying to install creationism in schools....

There are the religious and then there are the BORG

Anybody hear the straight Hannity feed on LeShow?

wanted: people to tell stories about their lives

Holocaust deniers, what do you think of them?

Would you register at a internet board that required you to provide your

So as far as the religion flamewars go, can we all agree that......

My problem with "Religion" is this:

The Fundie Right has successfully Hijacked Christianity

Is the term fundie a slur?

GAO to investigate BushCo Payments to Columnist

Intelligent design? Without postulating supernatural cause, you gotta

Scarborough just received a total smackdown by his guest, a doctor

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Group Therapy

Doesn't an atheist's very existence insult Christians?

Cynthia McKinney "Mr. Chairman, I have a question" on Malloy tonight

An alternate - and important perspective - for DU Christians

Should religious beliefs be given more respect than other beliefs?

Keep a good thought for Andy when he goes to the doctor tommorrow......

Need help with childhood memory recipe

Drive to Build High-Tech Army Hits Cost Snags

Nepal arrests anti-king activists

Fifty-Nine Former American Diplomats Oppose Bolton's Confirmation

Air Traveler Screening Plan Gets Incomplete Review

PAID COLUMNIST-INVESTIGATION: GAO to Investigate Bush Administration Payme

BIA gets $108M cut in Bush budget

WFP cuts food aid for N.Korea, says worse ahead

Sgrena was travelling on secure, VIP road when shot / bodyguard killed

INTERNET: News Agency's Lawsuit Tests Fair Use in the Internet Age

Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border

Abuse in Iraq more widespread than MSM is telling us.

News Groups Ask Federal Judge in N.C. to Open Docs in Alleged CIA Beating

Distrust divides Iraq's doctors and soldiers

U.S. Deserter Denied Refugee Status (Jeremy Hinzman)

Our new nightmare: the United States of America (Australian survey)

Up to 2000 dead in Indo Earthquake

Cuban Plane Crashes Venezuela; 16 Hurt

Pandas at Risk in Bamboo Crisis

Sudan Says It Has Arrested 15 for Darfur Crimes

U.S. Military Weighs Changes on Guantanamo

Best Way to Keep Control Is to Leave Instruction("essential" post-Schiavo)

Bush OKs First National Counterintel Plan

Microsoft software fights ID theft

Guantanamo Struggling With Population Boom

Doubt over TSA air passenger screening system

NYTs: Pentagon Moves to Gain Temporary Oversight of 21 Air Force Spending

WP: Partisan Polarization Intensified in 2004 Election

Concern over falling TA recruitment as more are sent to Iraq

WP: Where Age And Power Go Together

Iraq veteran guilty of refusing orders (Due due to his religious beliefs)

US: Energy Crisis Fuels Revival of Uranium Mining

Oil Clouds Gather Over Alskan Eden

U.S. in 'battle mode' following quake (CNN)

Leader: Army May Secure Iraq in 18 Months

Many Germans regret Berlin Wall came down

Bloomberg hints at endorsing Sen. Clinton

Dozens of diplomats come out against President Bush's U-N nominee

Iraq War Is Top Problem For Americans (poll / CBS)

Medicare Applications Sent to Low-Income Americans

Snow: Higher Payroll Taxes Would Hurt U.S. Economy

"I can't go back to Iraq" - American "deserters" seek refugee status

Nuke Plants Use Dry Casks for Spent Fuel

NYT: Report Assails C.I.A. for Failure on Iraq Weapons

Wis. professor to test stun guns on pigs (Some will be given Cocaine)

P2P case heads for US Supreme Court

List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Marketing Firm

Raw Food Vegans Thin But Healthy, Study Finds

Supreme Court Won't Rule on 'Neutral Reporting Privilege'

59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton

Largest Seal Cull In Half a Century Reaches Bloody Climax

Schiavo to Undergo Autopsy to End Debate -- Lawyer

WP: Conservative Intellectuals Splitting on Social Security

Is this a scam/ripoff?

What do the following people have in common?


For the Legend of Zelda fans here.

disinfo campaigners and psy opsters CHECK IN HERE!

what did the easter bunny get for YOU?

Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" does not make me happy

i'm a pythagorean

The next time you decide to do another bug hit and run....


help me settle a debate i'm having with my husband please-car related

Let this thread live

It's my birthday!!!

show me on the teddy bear

I'm looking for tips on taking what a schizophrenic says in context.

I'm looking for tips on taking what an asshole says in context.

It's almost here...

Some tipping questions--please advise me

Meryl Streep/Sean Penn

Tonight's episode of Super Nanny is proving to be quite interesting

I will not put on ignore people who have done so to me.

MCSE "boot camps" that are NOT scams?

Anyone else ready for it all to be over?

Yahoo Instant Messenger: be careful whose IM you answer:

Hey! Did anyone else notice the NEW Similies?

I'm looking for tips on taking contacts out of my asshole.

Should I start a thread announcing my soon-to-be 2000th post?

I'm looking for tips on taking my asshole in context



Beast Man's refuge- come in, stay warm- it's cold out there!

I'm looking for tips on holding my asshole in contempt

Can ignorance of film history explain part of "The Passion's" appeal?

Texas Western- Kentucky

Tips on raising $600?

There's an Oasis for offended Beatles in my Asshole

Its midnight at the Oasis. Send your camel to bed.

I am offended by all the asshole posts.

People who use smilies are soft.

Yea... Troll Cream!


Reading from a hospital bed

Name a musical act with a color in its name!

Once again, don't Post a picture of yourself....

I realize that none of you missed me.

Politics Explained

The Official Jack Rabbit Oasis Thread

you're gonna miss me

which nurses are leaving DU because of the copycat threads?

Is this how Swedish fish are made?

i may have just found my next job

A goodbye to DU

My new favorite smilie to use when posting in GD:

Question dealing with college

I know you'll miss me

Self Delete

Any good nesting webcams in your area?

If you're a Christian, this might offend you...

I believe...

I can't believe I'm an Atheist

Thesis: IHOP is the bridge between fast food and haute cuisine.

Just watching the Lehrer NewsHour on PBS.

Would you guys missed me if I went away?

REV against Dark_Leftist

Does this freak have a job?

Post your favorite Ambrose Bierce quotations here!

If I had an Arkansas gathering, would all three of us come?

Grout question

I can't believe I'm doing this.... my 2001st post!

To those who have PM'd me...

I got a job interview tomorrow

Which are worse: copycat threads or I am leafing threads

The Waters of March

Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) appreciation thread

How about doing a Bible flick featuring all the juicy bits?

D.A. 42

A squirrel "awwwwwwwwwww" picture

My mom just bought a puppy!

Gout question

So the "new" popcorn smiley--

How much do you tip at the salon?

I"M SO OVER MICHAEL JACKSON...who are you so over?

Let me take off my "assistant" skirt...

I am hoping that if I look I have no tips on my asshole.

Ooh, Ooh, 24!

Name an Elvis song that has the words "hound" and "dog" in the title

Favorite short-lived TV series?

I guarantee this will offend someone...

sat-sun- NCAA

I'm not over Samuel L. Jackson

Whatever you do, do NOT post a kitty pic here.

Everybody be nice and don't evoke the moderators' wrath......

If my kids were young again...I'd get these cool lunchboxes:

"The Da Vinci Code" reveals another secret.

Anyone heard anything out of Night Train lately?

CubsFan1982's Aphorism of the Day: Job hunting sucks.

Wouldn't it be weird if someone tried to get into the hospice . . .

I'm a solipsist

Best "PWNED!!!11!!!1one!11!" pics?

The work

I just saw the funniest commercial

Name a Beach Boys song that starts with the word "Well."

What makes a thread become (view all)?

Never get responses to your posts? Do this and feel better: [27 Replies]

The highest you've ever flown a kite?

Trashy Stones influenced Boston band named for--Sinclair Lewis novel?!

I took a Symbyax and a Zyprexa an hour ago.


DU MEN ONLY - Click here to learn how to keep your women in check!!!

Funniest post ever in ATA...


Brazilian music radio show (Brazilian Sol) starting at 9:06 p.m.....

What makes a thread popular as all fuck?

I'm Dick Cheney. Ask me anything.

I'm in a warm, fuzzy, sentimental mood tonight....

Can I gloat for a second?

I took Soma an hour ago

WillPitt needs a lap dance.

Who watched 24 tonight?

Seth MacFarlane--creator of 'Family Guy'--on Letterman TONIGHT!

Which are worse: copycat threads or I am leaving DU threads

Who is your least favorite President (excluding Dubya)?

Terri Schiavo, Ward Churchill

Presidential Hot or Not

I was going to post as an agnostic to the religion threads in GD

Well that sucks. No new "Daily Show" episodes until April 4

Who is your favorite President?

Best Movie to post quotes from in the Lounge.

Can you guys here at DU give me some ideas for my Political Science paper?

My cats have lost it

Post here and say something nice about progmom.

Shave And A Haircut...

Songs That Reference Other Songs/Artists/Albums

What is going on?

Where has Night Train been lately????????

Pet Sitting Question.....

I have been known to repeat myself.

Share your kitty pics here (Awwwwwwww)

Ut oh.

Favorite long-lived TV series?

If Oasis played a concert in the woods and noone was around to hear it

If you could turn back the clock what year would you like it to be again?

Why am I so pooped?

Of threatening paintings, sheep, and beer... (my trip to Europe)

Who cuts yer hair?

Dating advice?

Windows XP computer geek question

Double DAMN!!!

There's this fluorescent Emergency light not working here....Help?

I've taken everyone off Ignore - ask me anything!

in praise of LWolf!

I just got some good news. DUer Belladonna is getting married!

Lev 24:16

Name A Song With A Woman's Name In The Title...

How many internet boards have you been a regular on?

I'm going to kick Skittles ass and then marry all of Yvrgirls fiances.....

Post here and I will say something nice to you.

I have to get a good laptop, and I need some advice

Sometimes being married is depressing

If they decide to let people change their usernames again will you?

Keep a good thought for Andy when he goes to the doctor tommorrow......

If one were to want an animated avatar...


Looking for resources on becoming vegetarian

Seal hunt weather update - expect heavy downpours of karma?

Becoming vegetarian

Raw Food Vegans Thin But Healthy, Study Finds

wanted: people to tell stories about their lives esp. healthcare

Salon: "You're supposed to marry the person you love, Mom"

I need daughter

It is now close enough to the start of football season to stop

An atheist friend needs some help on a discussion board

Betty Bowers update!

The god who wasn't there

How much was Christianity involved with...

Well well...

whos up for chat?

Hey did y'all notice we have new smilies

Bush Returning to Washington

Feingold returns to Alabama

about to post this on the blog

John Leo on MSNBC from US and World Support is a bloody liar!

Organ donation?

What will happen to Terri Schaivo's organs?

NEW Grandtheftelectionohio : "CONGRESS GONE WILD!"

Woman Arrested For Making E-Mailed Threats To Governor (WA)

The White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

If Kerry were president and vetoed the Schiavo legislation...

Another Rovian angle re: DeLay "scandal"

Who is going to win the Republican primary in 08?

I am trying to find some stuff on Nader and what he was saying

Blast from the Past - Santorum's $500,000 Lawsuit against Chiropracter

JEFF GANNON: The Absolutely Essential J.D. Guckert Timeline

Buy an ambassadorship?

Wow! David Gregory kicking ass in substitution of Tweety

Neotheocons no longer even pretend to tell the truth

NY Congressman Weiner to Tell ABC to Drop Wal-Mart

If an election is between a DINO and a RINO, who do you vote for?

A Classic

What can you say about a country whose political discourse

Chimp doesn't look happy to be home.

Amputate Florida?

Savage naturally is an idiot

Greg Palast with another scathing report. View the BBC clip:

How did Kerry vote on the Senate Schiavo S.686 bill?

Last night Gerraldo agreed that Kerry was right in the debates about obl

CSPAN Schedule date: Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Okay, just a theory: Lindsey Graham (SC) is running for President in '08

DNC solicited $ from me today - I said no

Anyone have the statistics on which Countries can "afford" Nat'l Health


Does Air America Radio carry Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now"?

Sunnis' Exclusion from Political Process Stokes Fears of Civil War

Two cultures, two communities at BP plant

Judith Miller Goes With What She's Got (Plame, WMD) - E&P

U.S. Obstructs Global Justice (human rights enforcement stopped)

US Arms Industry Fishing in Troubled Waters (Nuclear-Capable F-16s)

Krugman: What's Going On? (Don't let Repugs escape their fundies)

US Scatters Bases to Control Eurasia

Western Propaganda Media try to shut down!

A Con Job (on nonproliferation) by Pakistan's Pal, George Bush

Blame It On Those Liberal Republicans???

Terri Schiavo: A Cause for the Left?

Female students in fear as Shias push for headscarves

The Right and Left of the Right to Die

Conservative, Liberal, Principled

North Carolina man arrested for soliciting Michael Schiavo’s murder

Schiavo support founders under false witnessing

Philly Inky said Dems in denial on SS - my response...

Alma Mater as Big Brother

Three Strikes for Empire

US scatters bases to control Eurasia

Opinion: A Bigger, Not Better, NATO

US Has been preparing to turn America into a military dictatorship

A Sly Charm Offensive.but "there's a steel fist inside"

CP: Human Rights in the US - China's Report No Caricature

King Karl

Venezuelas Chavez: "Oil is a Geopolitical Weapon"

Some RWOpinion Leaders Unconvinced on Bush Proposal for Personal Accounts

Ann-orexia Coulter made this defamatory statement in her

Redrawing districts - cartoon from San Diego Union Tribune

American media silent over mass protest in Bahrain

Sy Hersch speaks to The Progressive

Molly Ivins: Energy insanity

Talk of Cheney as Prez in '08

Device lets you out-Fox your TV

May 1, Rally for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons, NYC

"The End of Suburbia" screening April 3rd on the far southside of Chicago

The PAPER CHASE has started!

now about those SBVfT....Media can be sued for printing "he said" lies

WP'S Kurtz: RW Profs (of diversity hurts & subjective is OK)say "Liberals"

Sperm Counts Declining In Shanghai - Reuters

Sister Dorothy Stang One Of 1,400 Murdered In Amazon Land Fights Since '85

Feds Yank Funding For Study On Thyroid Cancer In Downwinders (UT, NV)

Saltwater/Oil Spill On Alaska's North Slope Third-Largest On Record

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Now Shows Declines In Both Summer And Winter - NSIDC

Turkey sounds alarm over oil transport risks on the Bosphorus Strait

" The End of Suburbia" screening on the far southside of Chicago

Power gets cheaper as Nuclear-plants scale up

31 National Security Experts Press Bush For Tougher CAFE Standards

Chile and Peru agree to “2 plus 2” talks in April

Peru: Threat of privatization for Petroperu. Workers call for strike.

Toll rises in Yemen clashes

B’Tselem - One Big Prison; New Report on Gaza Strip...

BBC (Tuesday): Sharon wins vital vote on budget

Netanyahu slams pullout, urges formalized control of W. Bank

More DRE vs. Op Scan Stuff

What if ...

What have the EAC and NIST accomplished so far under HAVA?

View the Mathematical FACTS for the TRUTH...

LBN: The Digital Voting Dilemma Continues

The Bizarro World's Panel to Improve Elections

Cannon Fire: The propaganda doesn't stop (Election Reform Fraud)

FYI -- Testing Precinct Count Op Scans in Minn.

Amazing video: Fitrakis at election fraud teach in (Santa Monica)

After all that, Blackwell buys more Diebold machines

Did you see the "Voting Machine" music video?

Brad Blog: Help Counter the ACVR/GOP Disinformation Campaign!

Help Wanted Re: Congressional Districts

Tuesday 3/29 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

2005 Federal Election Reform Legislation (Updated)

BradBlog: Ring-Leaders of GOP 'Voting Rights' Front Group Active Partisans

Does Letterman suspect fraud?


Raw Story - The Paper Chase: (Be The Media-like Effort)

Bishop rips governor over parole reversal

If you haven't already - Sign Up In Support of/to Vollunteer for Angelides

San Diego - Mt. Soledad petition ad campaign...

Schwarzenegger is breaking the law

Can Chet Culver beat Jim Nussle in the 2006 gubernatorial race?

That guy who beat his roommate with a hammer -Natick- just got three years

Red Lake Spin where is it headed?

Wendy Wilde ran a full court press against naming a new Gopher stadium

Watch an HCMC Doctor beat down Scarbourough on MSNBC (RE Schaivo)

This is a good one

What does it mean when one of my CD/DVD drives starts

Perry letter commending Clinton found THIS IS HUGH 1!!1111

Wingnuts want Strayhorn's head

Texas legislature moving to gut local regulation of growth, water quality

Sen. John Carona's email update.

Any DUers going to see Amy Goodman tonight?

CFA is going to run a tv ad in DeLay's district-Most Corrupt Congress Ever

Meet DUer Taverner in Austin this Thursday (3/31)

Coming Soon...

Another real mess in Green Bay.

People of Wisconsin... this poll needs your help!

Feingold back in alabama,what do you think of that.

"Now is not the time to debate, now is the time to pray & fast"

Wouldn't it be weird if someone tried to go into the hospice . . .

When will Schindler's book deal/movie deal be announced?

DU this poll (on pro-choice)...

Governor Dean will be in Philly on Wednesday.

What's up with this AP title?: Schiavo's parents 'dealing with reality'

Rush Limbaugh

Shiavo donor list to be sold by direct marketing firm

A gift for every holiday, occasion, family, and friend . . .

Cults & illicit drug distribution - Ukrainian perspective, resources

Bobby Schindler LIED just now openly

Why Don't We Just Sit Back and Do Nothing?

Need Dean-Perle debate transcript

Bernie Ward! Just about to blast Delay.... listen...

Bernie Ward just called Bush and DeLay

Question on Daily Show

GOP strategists' death - cocaine and painkillers

Conservative Values Monitor

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Pig Man

DenPost: Phelps' ("God Hates Fags") Arts Center Protest Gets Facts Wrong

The Two Parties are firmly intertwined.

I need help debunking a local newspaper article on Social Security...

What a jerk...

White House media wary of press room makeover

just a "sinking" feeling ... new toon

where the hell are you mr. bush?

Would you sign a living will and hope it never needs to be enacted?

In Re: Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Mobile

The Solem Vigil Continues

Iraq Interrogator ("Part of You Says 'This is Fun'") on Schiavo Front Line

Is this a recipe for disaster for us?

NewsHounds: Special Ops for TS

C-RAM-Randomly fire spent DU shells & *hope* to hit mortars?

We have replaced Communism with Terrorism. Expect the same

Has Terri made it to heaven yet?

Homeland Security Covering Up For RW Terror Groups

"Starve the Fox" - how to out-fox Fox News BRILLIANT!!!

Need some help with a racist.

Isn't my headache a form of birthcontrol...

We are in a new era of permanently high gas prices.

Tony Blair to set up 200 private academies for inner-city students

Hey Peggy Noonan, we laugh at you a lot around here, thanks for that

I hope Israel and the Arabs get together and learn to live peacefully.

At The White House, Lotus is on the menu.

Documents show FBI helped Saudis depart after 9/11

Tell me something cool about where you live:

watching "Grace" explode on Headline News last night - anyone else amused?

Another Living Will dispute - Alzheimer's patient in Pennsylvania.

peopLe pLease! these reLigion threads are tearing us apart!

No Easter Eggs found at White House, but bush says "they're THERE"

"There was no checkpoint........."

The world is running out of the energy it uses!

Alcohol is legal as a Holy Sacrament, the weed is not

Timing of the Rudolf trial...

Eric Rudolph gives pot growers a bad name

I'm Not Talking About Religion Any More!

Ted Olson on CSPAN representing recording industry

Do Christians (fundies) spend more time loving or hating?

Porn In Church News Story -- Funniest Quotes EVAH

the human race should come together and agree to abolish war . . .

Michael Schiavo’s Philly Relatives Threatened...

GREENSPAN Calls Gerald FORD and RAYGUN "a 4" on Scale of 10

Krugman's column points up the URGENCY of getting Democrats back in power

Bread & Circuses-Schiavo & Steroids in 21st Century America

LTTE: Issue is about POWER, not Terri Schaivo

"Love the Republic/Hate the Empire"

History is written by the winners, and bush has beaten the CIA.

Monkey President to speak!!!....coming up soon!! oh Joy!!!

I don't know about anyone else

Take the Bible Knowledge Quiz....

Are you prepared to lose?

Monsanto on the loose

The Forces of Evil depend upon our Malaise

I was told that the rule was "3 weeks, 3 days, 3 minutes" for survival.

Workin' it: Why they fear us

Washington Monthly Makes The Case For A Military Draft

"Village Idiots for Bush**" bumper sticker idea. If you can make it

Ex-U.S. envoys oppose U.N. choice

The 'Culture of life' strikes again

Just a question

Has there been a Bush response to the Indonesian earthquake yet?

Kerry Reference Library Back

2005 Darwin Award Winner already found

"'Diabesity,' a Crisis in an Expanding Country"

Disability groups seek legal protection for 'incapacitated' people

Bible reading Jurors..Colorado

Terri Schiavo's parents find a way to make a buck off their dead daughter

Bill Tierney ("torture" & "sadism" are "fun") outside Schiavo hospice

Gross Commercial!

This might sound like horrible musings...

Can the Schiavo case give strength for stem cell research?

"Withholding" versus "withdrawing"

Here is how you tell who is lying and who isn't

Check out this LTTE in my paper this morning

An autopsy will be performed just to "satisfy" complete strangers???

Why do people make excuses for the birth control thing?

Michael Schiavo's Sisier-In-Law....

Replay of LA mayorial debate on now on cspan 2

Bush/Cheney supporters too tired for sex

Md. Senate urged to rename BWI to Thurgood Marshall

Daily Howler notes New Republic editors are livin' large in DC

Another angle of the Schiavo case

Falwell's Newest Video: "The Clinton Chronicles II: Bill Killed Me"

Falwell likened his bout with pneumonia to Schiavo's condition

The Idiot Speaks

Take the Falwell/Robertson/bin Laden quiz

IMHO, GD has degenerated into nothing good.

American media silent over mass protest in Bahrain

Murdoch's NY Post dumping free papers to boost circulation...

Is this NOT hilarious???

our Alaskan oil is 'sour', wonder if ANWR oil is 'sour' too?

Please post prayers for Jerry Falwell's recovery here.

Block that Metaphor!

Skeletor Rumsfeld is having a press conference

Will Xianity ever be able to fully accept non-Xians?

'Fox Blocker' Is Yours For $8.95


just so you know, i'm better than you

Bush's Ownership Society: Concentrating Wealth And Power

Boy Scout director charged with having child porn

Republican Fatigue

Check out Arnold -- Meet the Tuminator

Ignoring Suffering of Everyone Who Isn't a Terri Schiavo

our troops still invading and destroying Iraqi hospitals - war crimes

"Holier than Thou" threads are really annoying.

North Carolina man arrested for soliciting Michael Schiavo’s murder

Please post your thoughts about Jerry Falwell here

"Untolerated Beliefs" (Florida, of course)

is it time to bring back literacy tests for voting ?

Hey Patricia Heaton, didn't you get the memo?

Sympathy for Jerry Falwell thread

sorry - treatment of jerry falwell is not the barometer of progressivism

Great NY Times piece on Janeane Garofalo and Majority Report

Daily Show: "George W. Bush has huge balls" - (VIDEO)

Terry Schiavo's Blog

Okay, Bush's #2 poodle, Koizumi, has officially LOST it.

How is the United States in the first decade

I'll be Arguing my First Motion on April 8!!!!

Anyone know about Wallbuilders???

...if you can't say anything nice about a person....

pLease post your vindicative messages for jerry faLweLL here

can anyone explain this to me?

Are we sure Falwell is in such bad shape?

Falwell's living will says he wants to stay a veggie....whaaaaa?

Did anyone else watch American Experience last night?

On Friday, CA Sales Tax Goes from 7.75% to 8.25%


Santorum swings both ways

Are whistle blowers waiting for a Dem controlled house?

This is such a sad story.

Longtime scout leader arrested on child porn charges

Education Dept. wants all collage/uni. students SS# and other info

My world view requires that I forgive Jerry Falwell.

Josanna Heysanna Sanna Sanna Ho

How Not to Think of an Elephant?

Should Medical Health Persons Refuse Falwell Treatment?

i never go to church

Action: Tell Dem. leaders that moving to the Right is the Wrong strategy

People voted for bushie because they are sleep deprived. Bwahahaha

Falwell: Get Well Soon or Drop Dead?

Thinking about "The Seige"

Xians pretty much dominate everything in the US...

Interesting DU experiment

Religon (current hot button topic apparently) is like a commute to work.

Has anyone heard/read how Bill Clinton's recovery is coming along?

Oh, Have You Seen

God lifted his veil of protection from Falwell. Wonder why?

Queen Mary of England aka "Bloody Mary" and our society today

Should elimination of private property be the ultimate goal of revolution?

Poor private Mary Cheney is now writing a half-million dollar book

Rev. Fallwell suffers MAJOR heart attack in critical condition-

2 Issues Straining GOP Grip in Florida

Where is NOW on the whole Schiavo thing?

It's the fundies, stupid

Randi is brining up the MI Bill that says Drs don't have to treat Gays.

Whatever happened to terrorism?

Just a quick thought about healthcare in the US.

SANTORUM IS GOING TO FLORIDA!! (Hannity's radio show)

Gannon is way overstaying his 15 minutes of fame

Perfect example: Police Shock Man Attempting To Bring Schiavo Water

How to Argue

Schindlers Sell Supporters Email's to Conservative Mailing Firm

Listening to CCRs Green River and thinking

Shiite Christians for Falwell POST HERE

The Manipulative Art of Analogizing.

A different viewpoint on the Terri Schiavo case...

Enron fraudster gets same sentence a gay killer

"Breaking the DaVinci Code".........DO NOT RENT THIS POS

Teacher retirement $11 billion short

WE are the "Law and Order" party now...

NPR today

Can you come up with 3 words to describe this man?

Ethics Question - Schiavo Case may bolster Nationalized Healthcare

Falwell is one of the reasons why we are all at each other's throats here

Please sign this petition to stop taxpayer-funded right-wing propaganda!

"Gender" vs. "Sex": Discuss

RESPIRATORY arrest, not cardiac. He's in critical but stable condition.

What will the Repukes use next to divide the country against itself?

"Village Idiots for Bush**" bumper sticker idea.

Incredible Moran on Randi

Citizens removed by Secret Service from Bush Social Security 'talk'

Check ProMed daily for outbreaks of disease - Avian flu * Marburg * link

Did J. Cochran get permission from Congress to die at home?

Bill Would Require Health Insurance

Isn't it true that celeb deaths come in threes?

ERR ON THE SIDE OF LIFE: Abolish The Death Penalty

Dr. Bernadine Healy ? A Rant'o'vent

How much longer can this POS remain our president

What is at the heart of the DU religion wars?

Will Mrs.Schiavo pass before

Crossfire: Bush is running from DeLay - (VIDEO)

OMG it's the RAPTURE! Run for the hills!

God Said to Abraham, Kill Me a Son

MSM catfight breaks out over National Press Club's "GannonGuckert panel"

Atheism "primarily an episode in the decline of Christianity"

We need a new forum

Jesse Jackson to the rescue -- but whose?

Punishment for Disruptive Hospice Protestors

Liberals are to blame for Jerry Falwell's death!

Jesse Jackson a prize Karl Rove wants. Here we go with targetting

Death Sentence overturned because the jury used the Bible

See Joe Scarborough and female reporter get the beat down

Pope may need feeding tube, reports say

Ok people who suddenly dislike Jesse Jackson

As the GOP fractures, we have a unique opportunity

Why is it if a woman so much as slips on a banana peel - it's sexist?

has rev. jackson become a repuke?

Who is the most hypocritical repug?

Oh the irony...Fallwell on a ventilator

Calif. Corrections Spend $1.27M on Comatose Imates

Crucifix on the this a Schiavo thing?

Your Are Not Going to Believe this- Federal Complaint Filed For Schiavo

Carl Sandburg on Jerry Falwell

Does pointing out CON HYPOCRISY actually hurt them?

McDonald's will pay top artists to incorporate the 'Big Mac' into songs

DU News coming from 'Inside the Beltway' (DC - OUR Nation's Capital)

Great way to hold media accountable - must read!

The New "National Security Democrats" Faction: Led By Bums

A thread not about religion

"support our troops" decals

I wanna be a "journalist" like Gannon too!

MUST SEE PHOTO!-US Soldier Chewing Out Iraqi Trainee in Football Helmet

Iraqi assembly descends into chaos, Iraq TVs go blank

Devil's Dictionary Of The Bush Era

Falling Into Consciousness: An essay on morality

This forum is for DEBATE & DISCUSSION.

A POLL: Will Jerry Falwell Go To Heaven?

Rumsmaggot extolling the virtues of dictatorship in a press conference...

...And May God Continue To Bless The United States Of Halliburton!

Gas. $2.08 @ 7am, same station, $2.27 @ 4pm. What gives?

Atheists, Jesus and humble thoughts

American Soul: The Politics of Religion

Who should know more about "eugenics" in the U.S. then....

Comments on failure of Democratic leadership...

A message from Barack Obama: Senator Byrd needs our help before Thursday

News: ANOTHER Boy Scout official busted on kiddie porn!

OK, their are NOT enough women in blogsylvania or punditland

MSNBC REPORTING Laura Bush Sneaks Into Afghanistan!

There is only one true and irrefutable religious position: Agnosticism

Rice likely to back Iraq pullout

I despise Jerry Falwell as much as the next person here on DU but...

The world will be a better place without Jerry Falwell in it.

M. Schiavo would have to be a complete idiot............

Seriously, what's up with the no beer before you're 21 thing in the US?

FOX- Reverand Jesse Jackson Visits Terri Schiavo

Is Falwell the new Shiavo at DU?

Wanna have some fun with your fundy neighbors & friends?

Terri Schiavo: Judicial Murder (Village Voice)


The Rethugs are trying to clean up their Schiavo puke by shitting on US

Jesse Jackson shows the world the difference between neo-cons & liberals

Rush says...

Karen Armstrong's book: "Islam"

The Vikings Conquered Sicily?

There are two religion forums on DU

Kill a Constitution for Christ

Why must we build safety nets WITH the govt instead of WITHOUT the govt?

How Comfortable are you with Different Religous Points of View

Perverted Republican Texas Lawyer solicits sex from wife of client

Would anyone be interested in a "Smoking Cessation" Group?

My Cochran Story


Web Results: Jesse Jackson Now The Darling Of The Right Wing Media

For those who hated Johnnie Cochran

Johnnie Cochran Died....just in

Capitol bill aims to control ‘leftist’ profs

Violent Video Games

The PAPER CHASE has started

We all dislike Falwell but to advocate for his death is beneath DU

The Coming War in Iran and Syria...and the Mexico/Arizona Border...?

Jerry Falwell Timeline

Chicago RW Radio Eileen Byrne

Best and worst states for fit kids according to

Hmmm....check this out, Re: Douglas S. Smith, Former Boy Scout

thanks mr. bush, for making male prostitution acceptable again....

Sexism is a basic disrespect for women as people. You KNOW

Just got my refurbished Kitchen Aid Mixer

What foods do you usually bring to parties?

A weak man who bends to power, not political vision

The Last Real Labour P.M.

Breaking:....Johnny Cochran(ms) O J's attorney is link yet

Former three-term Alabama Sen. Howell Heflin (Dem) dies at 83

Labor attacks Downer over WMD resignation claim

3 metre (10 ft) wave hits Island of Simeuleu after Quake

Lethal Quake Rattles Tsunami Zone

2 appeals are pending in Schiavo case

Romanians Kidnapped in Iraq Sent Desperate Messages

For Sudan Slaves, Freedom at a Cost

Iraq Parliament Meets, But Deadlock on Speaker

Jury uses Bible

Falling aid could spell disaster for North Korea - Red Cross

Army Medic Testifies He Failed to Treat Iraqi Man in Trial Over Killing

Libyan court to rule on Bulgarian nurses in May

Mortar rounds hit Baghdad near Iraq parliament meeting

Near-Final Chapter in Riggs Bank Drama

Report cites flaws in CIA assessment of Saddam's threat

Some Counties Opted Out of Social Security

Ex-US diplomats round on Bolton

Schiavo rivals 'agree to autopsy'

Half of tax refunds to go to pay debts

Official criticizes U.S. handling of Mexican drug cartel killings

Monument to Franco may be converted into memorial to his victims

supervisor wary of bill creating voter registration list (Florida)

State Dept: Kyrgyz President Has Fled

Laura Bush to Visit Afghanistan This Week

1,800 Sex Offenders Missing (Florida)

'Family life' classes urged for schools

NYT: Oil Report to Say Aide to Annan Shed Files

Jonathan King told to 'shut up'

Dalyell: Blair's by far the worst PM

Iranian Woman Seeks Presidency

Sunni Leader Insists on Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal

Video captures North Korean 'executions'

NYT: Wearing Their Beliefs on Their Chests (religion as fashion statement)

NYT,pg1: Sunni Leader Insists on Timetable for U.S. Withdrawal

WP: Colon Cancer: Test Blacks Sooner

Iraq Official Warns Against Demonstrations

Justices Refuse to Shield Reports of False Charges (suing he said lies)

India to discuss Iran gas pipeline in Pakistan

Experts: Temblor Hits Off Indonesia Coast

Texas GOPs Trade Barbs Over Clinton

Many injured in Kirkuk blast

Mrs. Kirchner to run in Bs. Aires (Argentina)

Laura Bush Takes Quick Trip to Afghanistan

Lebanon Pro-Syria PM to Quit, Cannot Form Gov't

Ohio group's soul purpose is political

Jackson Prays With Terri Schiavo's Parents

Court: Tribes Can't Expand Holdings

Bush Plays Down Iraq Political Disputes

Militants Ambush U.S., Afghan Troops, Wounding Eight

Afghan bomb attack injures six

King No Longer Syndicating Scott Bateman's Editorial Cartoons

500 Agents to Be Added to Arizona Border

Crisis in Iraqi Parliamentary Session, Allawi Leaves the Room

India moves for used Mirage jets

Pope May Go Back To Hospital for FEEDING TUBE

Iowa again readies for political spotlight (Edwards '08?)

Report: No Proof Annan Knew of Deal Bid

Jerry Falwell has suffered a massive heart attack

High court rejects defamation appeal(media to investigate before printing)

List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Direct-Marketing Firm

2 Issues Straining GOP Grip in Florida -LAT

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 29 March

Brazil: “No longer to subordinate to IMF”

Journalist under contract with Jeb Bush...

Former 49er follows his calling -- missile defense system advocate

Poker-Faced Diplomat, Negroponte Is Poised for Role as Spy Chief -NYT

(Colorado) Foreclosure rates up, but national numbers better

Oil prices spread to grapes, TVs, pizza

US envoy calls for equal opportunities, positions for women in military

Shuttle Discovery moved to assembly building

Locals question Leach about Social Security

(PDXMayor) Potter rebuffs (MrsOR-USA) pageant, saying it's not open to all

Sale of F-16s to Pakistan raises U.S. stakes in Asia

Bush Concerned for Earthqauke Victims

Romanian Journalists Kidnapped in Iraq

A closer look at Ohio's ecoterrorism bill

Schröder Under Attack for Remarks

3 Accused of Stealing Air Force Bulletproof Vests to Sell to Drug Dealers

Court: Title IX Protects Whistleblowers

Journalists kicked out of Iraqi parliament

Bechtel sees record revenue in 2004 (and says it's not because of Iraq)

Bush Puts Star Players on Security Team (not on the economic team)

Marine general upbeat upon return from Iraq

NYT/AP: Thief Takes Laptop With Berkeley Data

(Warren) Buffett Never Briefed on AIG Deal Details

Improvised explosives becoming more common in Iraq -The Hill

Reuters: Independent-Minded Politician Jerry Brown to Wed

WP: Standard & Poor's Launches Schools Web Site

Protesters greet Cheney with concerns over Social Security

Free Speech at Risk, Professor Tells Cal Crowd

Editorial, report spell new troubles for DeLay

Chilean leader calls for more flexible OAS

U.S. Stocks End Lower ............... (NASDAQ down over 9% this year)

Spain Backs Venezuela's 'Multipolar' World Vision

Nazi camp ashes to be buried

Pope may need feeding tube, reports say

Perry letter commending Clinton found

China "stepping up drills over Taiwan"

New ties link House GOP leadership with lobbyist Abramoff

CDC kills fallout study

Vietnam Family of Five Catches Bird Flu

NYT/AP: Oil Inquiry Finds No Proof Annan Knew of Son's Contract Bid

(CAF) Leaders to Launch New TV Ad in Rep. Tom DeLay's District

Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability Remarks

The Digital Voting Dillemma Continues

Boy Scout director charged with (receiving and distributing) child porn

Veterans tell Durbin of the toll post-traumatic stress

WP, Kurtz: College Faculties A Most Liberal Lot, Study Finds

Trial begins in case of boys who accuse priest of molestation

US forces impose curfew on Iraq's western restive city (Ramadi)

MSNBC: Johnnie Cochran died

Secret Service investigating removal of three from Bush visit

Water and crude oil leak on the North Slope (very big Alaska spill )

Maine to sue EPA over mercury emissions

US Judge Bars Transfer of 13 Guantanamo Detainees


(The)Carlyle (Group) Closes Record Capital-Raising

IRS Sees $300 Billion Gap

Congressman Jackson has stomach surgery to lose weight

Jerry Falwell in Critical Condition

Schindler family attorney sees Schiavo; Jesse Jackson to visit

If I'm ever brain dead...

I hope you guys love my affectations

Errr... yeah.

Bruce Springsteen pre-release track on iTunes...

They're playing my song again

And now, for my 800th post:

"Hey, you stole my Jesus fish, didn't you!"

Dookus needs a lapdance

HOLY SHIT! Will Pitt is tounge tied! Thank you Ellen Forradalom!

Gloat Post! My Daughter was accepted to Emory!

Anyone have anything funny tonight

Has anyone else heard of Kyle Riabko?

I like Christian Rock. It's very positive.

I like Christian Rock. It's very positive.

This is the last thread I'm starting tonight

I like Chris Rock - He's very funny, Mutha Fucka

"we can put up a chimp and we would garner 10% of the vote"

Chicago DUers, shall we crash Milwaukee DUers' gathering?

"I wish they all could be California girls..." SAY WHAT?

A Celebration of Street Art.

Threads you would never post again.

I'm against all it's me's. So self-absorbed and egotistical.

I'm all geared up for baseball season! The Tigers will win the AL Central

Please hold vigil.........Einstein won't make it thru the night

Sorry, Dupe!

MMMMmmmm.... tofu stroganoff...

Lisa Loeb is gonna be on the Craig Ferguson Show

was this posted?

Can't we all just not fight?

What role did you play in bringing down Barry Bonds?

24 fans. Who is the better CTU head?

so I said... we're liberal democrats & we don't like george bush, so we're

Canadian Shaw Cable Internet suscribers! Having email troubles?

A companion poll to the cats/dogs one

Which of these will come first?

I am thinking of getting a tattoo

How Christ-like are you?

Goat post! I've got a really big one!

A half-second before the storm (picture)

Celebrity Deathmatch: Dick Cheney vs. Dan Quayle

Anybody else here hunt the elusive morel?

You know Rip Torn and Rip Taylor, now meet...

Stop it... just stop it.

Celebrity Deathmatch: Kevin Garnett vs. Tim Duncan

Now, THAT'S my kind of hard drive! (link to article and pic)

Post here and say something nice about George W. Bush

Celebrity Deathmatch: Christopher Lowell vs. Richard Simmons

Why is A&E wasting so much money on " Growing Up Gotti " ?

Catherine Deneuve or Ingmar Bergman?

I think my credit reports were looked at without permission

Celebrity Deathmatch: System Of A Down vs. Godsmack

official ALF appreciation thread

Catherine Deneuve or Ingrid Bergman?

Anyone have a few not-messed-with websites on any kind of history?

IF you see a post and don't understand what the person is trying to say

Now it's your turn: post and call me a wanker!

What technique do you use for nose-picking?

Ephesians 5:8

That's very rummy

Scandinavians check in, I have a question

I have a sudden craving for...Swedish Fish


What do you say about a loved one?

Trunk Monkey

Endless Love

730 calories.. 47 grams of fat......It's...It's...It's a......

I think I'll start wearing a cape.

ha quarter after 3 in the morning and I finally feel ok


self delete . . . dupe . . . n/t


me thinks this is going to be a looooooooong day

Crustaceans 14:30

acrylic painting of Alfred Hitchcock . . . one of a kind, only $18,950 . .

UK conservative forum has no sense of humor

Night everyone.

I like Christian Rock. It's very positive.

Free dance lesson from Frank

Armaments 31:29

Adams, Book One, Chapter One:

"All things can be forgiven if we can progress." - Cat Stevens

20 rolls of film! Damn, that's a lot of pictures

I'm really missing that Burger King/Hootie commercial

A philosophical question:

Last night I made a Hunter S. Thompson tribute kinda thing...

Is prince Rainier dead?

I have a question about the Iraq war for all of you guys...

I'm almost 44 years old... and just bought my first dish-towels...

My son called 911 for a drunken college buddy tonight

Want to see a Talibornagain meltdown over Schiavo?

What time is it?

... have you ever played "Squares"?

That "sinking" toon

What do you think about Little Hercules?

Who here prays in the name of Allah?

Does anyone here know about or care anything about poetry?

something made me smile this morning

Who's On First for the Next Generation!

Woman Survives After SUV Falls 60 Feet, SInks To Bottom Of River

[MIT invents] Alarm clock to wake doziest of sleepers

Wow, vilified for not having kids and consuming massive amounts of crap.

Police Called After Free Easter Dinner Turns Violent

Feeling of a Monday morning on a Tuesday

Can't we all just get along...

Who is the President of the United States

This is cracking me up

Shouldn't the loners DU group have only one member?

Couple See Image Of Jesus In Wood Grain Of Old Door

Can a schizophrenic personality be a loner?

SA traffic light tamperer stopped

Anyone Had a Kidney Stone Basketed?

I think I've finally arrived here at DU...

Matthew 21:17

So my winged ant sends me an email.

Is it Possum or Opossum?

Would-be sex tourist, 87, jailed

So my wingnut aunt sends me an email.

Anyone else having trouble getting into gmail?

My PC has crapped out

SKITTLES' Birthday Cards!

Police Called - Porn Star Was Giving Nude Autographs In Video Store

Seriously, what is this smiling shouting about??

For those feeling left out in the Random Bible Verse Posts

Matcom 69:69

April 4:20

I tried to watch a Noam Chomsky documentary...fell asleep.....

Holy shit! 20 days until my vacation starts!!!

OK, who has the "dripping sarcasm" smilie???

Gloat post! I've got a really big one!

Malachi 2:3

Austin 3:16 -What do YOU think?

Click on this thread for your mini-motivational seminar.....

Make me laugh. Too serious in here this morning.

TWO great Easter Top Ten lists

Salon Subscribers: Free Music

I need a vent.

sniffa 4:20

Keller Williams fans?

Men: When was the first time someone called you "ma'am"?

I mean business!

Oasis vs. Cola

How do YOU do DU?

I need a lap dance.

How well you speak the language of politics?

If Misunderestimator changes her name then I'm changing my name to

Worst possible insult on DU

Gotta love threads where the responses look like this...

I'm changing my name to Misunderestimator der Katzenengel Pinko Dirtbag!

Montezuma 3:16

I've reconfirmed my decision to never fly Southwest again

Actual Writings on Hospital Charts by Doctors

Play LynneSin'S "Guess the Zeppelin Song" Lyrics Game

Just found out someone at work is a Bushbot...

Oasis vs. Kohler

Always do research on your Kentucky Derby horse

Oh really? Well, I am going to change MY name to "Nascimento de uma Nação"

Archae 1:2

I smell good

My Mom was found dead. I have to fly back to Boston.

Archae 1:3

Conservatives Don't Like The Quotes On Starbuck's Coffee Cups

Who would you rather date? Ann Coulter or this pile of dried Elephant Dung

Cool search site.

Police Officer Faces Suspension For Ticketing Doctor On Way To Delivery

I think we need to have an Atheist holiday on DU...

A great site for Red Heads

Anybody else get to age 40 before suffering springtime allergies?

what is it suddenly with all those bible quotes?

SHOCKED!! Woman Who Found Finger In Wendy's Chili Files Lawsuit

Anyone ever seen "She Hate Me?" It's a Spike Lee film.

I think we need to have an Atheist Linux geek on DU.

Which would you rather date: Katherine Harris or a wildebeest?

if you commit DUicide

Two of Us Keep...that...promise that you made, I think of you...

I LOVE this new smiley!

7 Year Old Takes Father's Keys, Tries To Drive To Day Care

What should I eat for lunch?

I think we need to have an Atheist hootenanny on DU.

Has anyone purchased prescriptions online?

MY TURN by Satan

Fawkes 10:51

"Freedom is on the March"!

Did you hear about the fingertip in the Chili

Now THIS is how to vent

That's the last time I go to Fox

Dammit, so I sent an e-mail to an editor of a magazine, looking for work

Obscene tattoo forced on teen

Some of the funniest shit on DU can be found in ATA.

Archae 1:1

Tacky tacky tacky : Jesus --Lord of the Dance.

Kill My Landlord

I'm gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys I see...

Can you dispose of nuclear reactors with regular trash pickup?

Question about EINSTEIN'S passing

Oasis or Caterpillar?

FT. Worth/ Dallas Boy Scout High-Ranking Official Charged with

are you happy now, you fiLthy LiberaLs?

My bed shakes like crazy.

Anybody here attend or teach at USC?

Who do you think will die first?

What have they done to my song, ma?

Woman Allowed Drunk 14 Year Old To Drive - Charged

Can you dispose of helium tanks with regular trash pickup?

Help from a nurse

I miss sniffa's avatar.

"Give Jerry water, give Jerry water!" Let R Kelly give it to him though

Who does Pat Robertson blame for FoulWill's ticker troubles?

Has your snark karma caught up with you?

Man Calls Police After Receiving 'Fecalgram' In The Mail

To-days B.B.C. Newsnight Joke fit for a 10 year-old

What have they done to the earth

Am I the only person who has never had a Starbucks beverage?

***Check this out!***

My love for you is like a truck...BERZERKER!

Whitey on the Moon

I miss Einstein Brother's Bagels

paging zuni, where are you?

More fashion victims on parade...

Enormous Omelet Sandwich OR 15 pieces of Fried Chicken?

Porn In Church News Story -- Funniest Quotes EVAH

Here'a sick doctor joke for ya'all!!!!

Oasis vs. Raw Sewage

Ezekiel 23:20

Exodus 2:11-2:12 (Be careful, atheists!)

Another question about EINSTEIN>>...

Sympathy for the Devil thread

Any graduates of McGill University?

Speaking of cousins marrying ;-)

Besides Bertha, Bouncy, and Modem...

Entry requirements for the Bahamas?

Neighborhood Dog Is Shot Without Reason by Long Beach Police Officer

Any graduates of Faber College?

I always piss off Starbucks employees by not using the "vernacular".

Want to say "Hi" to Lizz Winstead?

Rather humorous funny'll see.

Before You Meet God

Did you see Jesus?

Change my DU username!

Disc Golfers: Are you ready?

Chihuahua Terrorizes Mail Carriers

Change another DUers User Name

When did the Boy Scouts become freeped?

My hoss makes me look bad.

What level of dumba** do you have to achieve to cite Insight Magazine?

M. Python: Armaments, verses 2:9 - 2:21

Boy Scout Director Charged With Distributing Child Porn

Post in this thread if you know that Oasis is the worst band in the world

Christ on a Raft, (or trailer hitch), Can't we all just get along?

I've figured out the mystery of the ages.

If you posted in that other thread about Oasis, you like this band.

BWI to be renamed (maybe) for Thurgood Marshall

My boss makes me look bad.

If you like Oasis, you like these bands

I got accepted to graduate school!!

Can you remark on these book recommendations?

Anybody subscribe to "Mother Jones"?

Mailed In My Tax Payment on Saturday; Check Cleared on Monday

aLL the christ taLk

Anybody subscribe to "Penthouse"?

I'll be Arguing my First Motion on April 8!!!!

ID question.

Did anyone see in the past few days where the MLB scoreboard

I watched Episode II again last night. I'm starting to like it.

Man! Vader has sold OUT!!!

Anybody care for a little Jello?


Paging progmom. Please report to the Customer Service Desk.

Oooooo. TEMPTING Virus!

Anyone care for a..., little fellow?

Autocad LT 2000 question

Help me think up names of fictional politicians

Ask a Canadian Girl

Nevermind these girls.... ask a WOMAN!

Anyone else sick of the Schiavopallooza?

Any graduates of South Holland Institute of Technology?

It's the bottom of the 5th

smokers-please read

Peter Gunn theme with lyrics?

Time for afternoon sniffa spankings!

Nevermind a woman.... ask the Sex Pistols!

The "How Long Was She Gone?" CAPTION

No replies to posts during a debate. Good or Bad?

Given this FLAB ARNOLD pic, what should the subtitle for T4 be called?


Announcing the premiere of the first Repuke opera

How fucking stupid can someone be??????????

Yippy Skippy!

CBS News: Falwell Spokesperson Catagorically Denies He Had a Heart Attack


Leviticus 14:33-53

I hate wind!!

caption Rummy and Gen. Pace

How involved are you in your parents' lives?

A riddle.

Bush dies in Japan?

Can someone else please make dinner?

You've been drinking at lunch again, haven't you?

I have 17 jellybeans in my mouth.

Chick Tracks: The MOVIE!!!

Drunk 14-year-old drives car

Hormones suck ass.

Jesus can handle a little ribbing, sure. But there are ground rules.

If only Condi watched the Lone Gunmen!

Can anyone tell me, who these women are?

ATTN: April/May babes...

Jessica Simpson. Proof that the terrorists have won?

you're either with me or you're with the terrorists

What is the biggest obstacle DU faces?

Ask a dumbass!

Sundance Channel will be showing a compelling documentary starting April 4


Ray of sunshine: bumpersticker in Houston on a late model large Mercedes:

New Star Wars Trailer.

A question about Falwell and his afterlife

Michael Jackson was in the Boy Scouts once

99 red balloons

Someone tried to call me three times today. What should I do?

Sending my wishes to Jerry Falwell

I've got the hiccups.

PLEASE HELP! I'm hopelessly infatuated with Stephanie Abrams!

OK, 75 Oasis songs on iTunes @ 99 cents each, that'll be $74.25, please...

Tell me something cool about where you live:

Cadbury Creme Eggs are like pure cocaine

5-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed, Arrested At Fla. Elementary School

Minnesotans - are firecrackers now sold year round?

Have you ever used the term 'umpty ump' to refer to an indefinite number?

Ask a smartass!


I'm offended when you mock Cheeses on DU

I've been changing vehicle wheels all day, and I'm "tired".

Flashback: Falwell apologizes to gays, feminists, lesbians

How low will you go for some Swedish Fish?


I got Karo syrup on my car's velour upholstery. Answer me anything!

I Have A Jar Full Of Religion Posts on DU

One of those "fill out and return" e-mails ..... my responces.

Shall We Play a Game? World Religion

Freeper speak or Typoglycemia sufferer

I'm cold, tired, and sad.

Hey. How about them Steelers?

Funny Bunnies!

Holy crap !! Johnny Cocoran died.

Falwell on ventilator, Pope to get feeding tube, Cochran dead!

164 posts away from 10,000.... all of 'em frivolous and without any merit!

obligated to pay gym membership?

Hey. How about that weather?

CT DUers - write in support of civil unions



I stopped at Osco's and bought cat litter and a 2 liter of Diet Coke.

Official Jerry Falwell regrets thread.

Hey. Can you believe the price of gas?

If your day started at 3:00 am, is 5:30 pm too early to

HI Mr. Falwell !!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!

when did randi turn into a 'best of'?

cud-chewing brahmin cows of tolerance toward the right?

The Pope may need a feeding tube (!) ...

Yvan eht Nioj.

The toe jam thread: Is toe jam useful for anything?

Foreign Film Night

Am I an asshole of the day?

Afternoon coffee appreciation thread.

Terri Shaivo's Blog

Wheew...back in the safety of the lounge



Anybody familiar with the work of Dick Tuck?

Who here considers themself a Buddhist

Hypothetically: If you could literally get away with murder, would you?

Just got reamed for using unapproved news source in LBN thread post!

Bar B Q Showdown: Texas vs KC vs Carolina

DEAR LORD, Hide me from GD.

Which is the best frontman in rock?

If you hate everyone equally, are you racist?

What a strange day 3/29

What ironic punishment awaits Jerry Falwell in hell?

what is. . .?

who wants to go poison some pigeons in the park?

Let do a "Who Am I?" - Wanna play?

What would bring America and Amurrika together again?

Would you get shot with a taser for $20 million?

Hmmm...the freepers think we've "popped our (Falwell) Champagne corks"


LOL: Yankees claim NYT biased: too pro-Red Sox

A question about Latin American culture

I had to put my cat to sleep today...

Worst Spring Break Destinations

QUICK! I need medical information on Thyroid Replacement...


For my 1000th post : Thank you DU

yvr girl is a tattletale.

EINSTEIN'S Gone.......

This is sweet, for the first time ever I'm "Asshole of the Day" on DU

Kool Kid or Pond Scum? Take the quiz!

I just got a forwarded email telling me who I should pray for.

Debate of the Day.


Go Ahead... Tease Me If You Want. -- I'm Not Ashamed To Admit...

Nevermind the rest of them... ask ME a question about women.

So Jesse Jackson is now a Neurologist?

If Falwell Becomes A Vegetable...

Oasis song named best soundtrack to a drinking session


Is anybody else worried about bird flu?

The use of endearments: Sweety, Dear, Honey, etcetera...


Today's MJ pics and my smart ass remarks.

FUN ! Ever do an Anagram??

Is ATA a moderated forum?

Chick Tract of the Day: The Death Cookie

The Flaming Lips versus Everybody Else (including oasis)

Austin 3:16

I officially give the fuck up.

OK. If you are not easily offended, check this out

I need to vent.

Post Here if You'd Like Someone to Say Something Nice to You

Jesus can handle a little ribbing. Seriously, he can. He told me.

Ladies: When was the first time someone called you "ma'am"?

I've been hacked!

ATTN: April/May babies.....

First Cousins Marry In Maryland - uh oh

Gummy worms are a poor substitute for Swedish fish.

Ask a girl returns, but better!

Best Separated at Birth Couple - Winner of the Hunt-Sobieski Award

Vacations Gone Bad... stories? We cut our vacation short and returned

I'm Offended by The "Conservative" Sermon On The Mount

Speaking of Urban Legends - What is your favorite?

I'm in that stolen computer from UC Berkeley -- need advice

Does the President of the United States

Bizarro Superman in 1970s?

Dairy state showdown: Wisconsin Vs. California!

Who's ready for April Fools day?

Finally, pictures from Cambridge! (I never claimed to be efficient.)

What do you most love about Kleeb? Let's give him some loving right now..

I don't care if you disparage Jesus...

***South Florida Meetup Is This Saturday Night***

Put yourself in South Park! (WARNING: Addictive)

Put a musician in South Park! (WARNING: Addictive)

Coast Guard Attempts Ramming of Farley Mowat

Coast Guard Trying to Board Farley Mowat

Which question is more central to human being?

My fellow DU Christians

What's Going On? By PAUL KRUGMAN.

Medicare Low-Income Drug App's so complicated only 5 % response expected

Hair is good source of stem cells

British scheme to map cancer genome wins backing from US

Curse of mummy to be uncovered by medical check-up

California's Civil War (file-sharing programs versus file makers)

Octopuses Walking - the movies -first underwater bipedal locomotion

Most American Adults Sleep Poorly

USU attorney says Utah gay marriage ban disallows DP benefits

Israeli gay couples petition high court for marriage recognition

Child Cannot Be Used As Pawn In Lesbian Couple's Breakup Court Rules

Gay Slaying Stuns Iowa Town

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want Ban On Gay Books

Fifa World-Cup 2006 : Orders poised to top four million (ends thursday)

Kitty with weepy eyes

Astrology of the Gulf War

USA Mercury Under Pressure - Maxing Out in May, 2005

An apology to those I offended. GD...

The God FAQ

"The End of Faith" - Sam Harris

Well, THIS is a timely parody...

Framing a new campaign--what will he do?

Slight Kerry news 3/29

OK, it's time we had some conflict in this group

Your interpretation of this image.

After much hemming and hawing, I finally ordered the new camera

Keep a good thought for Andy when he goes to the doctor tommorrow......

Countdown newsletter 3/29

Double Delight :-) 2 new KO pics from gogo.mag

Woo Hoo! ELEVEN NEW SMILIES in the DU smiliies smorgasbord!

New BLOG: "Schiavo: Case Closed" 3-29-05

April is bound to be a bloody month and good for Bush's poll numbers

National Security vs. Personal Security

The Anti-Constitution Republicans

What is a Podcast?

Where or where is the outrage?

We had a member of the DNC at our town committee meeting tonight

The Republican Dictionary, IV Edition

There is no such thing as a "Christian Democracy"

Help needed- link to Bush on weapons inspectors...

CA spends more than a million dollars in six months on comatose prisoners

Mein Kampf sales soar in Turkey

not liking the info in this .... The Dems: Bums

Betty Bowers Newsletter on the Terri Schiavo Show......

Reeps in Congress Propose Bill to Repeal/Reverse Entire 20th Century.

Organ Donation and Terri Schiavo

I think I am going to be sick.....

National Dialogue on Social Security

Krugman and Josh Marshall Coming Up To Rebut On Dem Now...

Pataki To Pals: Count Me Out In Albany, Plan On D.C.

Bush SS win "no more difficult than flying to Pluto without a spaceship"

Tom DeLay & Terri Schiavo's Dad Supported Their Parents' Right to Die

THis is someone's idea of humor?

Big article in the Boston Globe about religion and the heartland

"Social Security: Is It Really A Crisis?" Paul Krugman v. Michael Tanner

WSJ's Harwood: Life and Death Could Bind Left and Right

Bradblog - Wall Street Journal Smacks Down DeLay...

Call the congressional switchboard for free 877 SOB U SOB

Why doesn't 35 and under vote much?????????????

What to do about the Liberal Spokesmen

U.S Marijuana Party

Republicans Jump the Shark (The Rude Pundit)


Why George didn`t go to Afghanistan with Laura.

the Natl. Press Club is a sham - welcomes Gannon to a meeting

did you know we are building 9 NEW bases in Afghanistan?

What's the deal with Bo Dietl?

AARP commercial about social security

DLC vs. Micheal Moore

Jesse Jackson weighs in on Schiavo

Andrea Mitchell gets her facts wrong on Imus

Totalitarian Pharmicists Refuse to fill some prescriptions

18 Senators Have Questions to Answer

Republicans are Begging for a good Ass-Kicking: Here's How...

This is what passes for Great Conservative Thought.

can anyone help me find out Pennsylvania state reps

Re: Shaivo - Research shows bulimics usually have controlling mothers

Give Me A Break! Kerry bashing continues in VA

Jerry Falwell's undisclosed hospitalization: Should we take the high road?

Jesse Jackson -- What the hell is he doing???

Radical tax reform proposal :State/Local income tax; Federal property tax

Nut On Democracy Now Saying Social Security Is Not Binding...

Why do Republicans hate animals so much?

Rummy Is A Diabolical Evil Man!!!

Why do the Psycho Schiavo Protestors tape their mouths ?

If Wolfowitz gets to head the World Bank and John Bolton becomes UN

WARNING: Florida Senate Okays Statewide Voter Master List!

Boy Scout Director charged with having child pornography

History Channel ?Bin Laden's father and bro. killed in US not SaudiArabia

Bush Shows No Remorse for Fake Newscasts

Terri's parents sell their list of supporters to conserv. direct mail co.

Crossfire: Bush is running from DeLay - (VIDEO)

Secret Service investigating removal of three from Bush visit

Rupugs now saying that Bush really did not want to fly back to sign

Help stop "Debt Slavery" Bill!

Anybody going to this in DC June 1, 2 & 3?

Now the Schindlers use Catholic communion as

strange bedfellows indeed ... an SUV death knell?

First DFA List candidates announced ...3 today, more to come.

I hope that Falwell has a NDE, fully recovers and comes back a changed

My Repub mother is fed up with the Schiavo b.s.

according to MSNBC poll 63% of Americans

How Vulnerable is the U.S. House from losing Republican members in 06

Former US Senator Howell Heflin (D-Ala) dead. (1921-2005)

A message from Kucinich

Please flame me! How did physicians arrive at the PVS diagnosis?

The TASERS ARE OUT at the "Schiavo Hospice" in Florida


Jonathan Chait: The Draft Cheney movement is about to surface

Free Press petition to stop right-wing taxpayer-funded newscasts

ACTION ALERT: Going Nuclear, the Final Days from Daily Kos

Tasteless death poll

The religious right should know what happened to Hitler's brown shirts.

Differing headlines on "Oil for Food" probe's findings:

U,S Marijuana Party .. no joke

Falwell and erring on the side of life

Schiavo's father sells list of donors to Right to Life Groups!

I am beginning to believe Jesse Jackson will do anything to keep

Anyone else see Jesse Jackson visiting Terri's family as good for us?

Mary Cheney will write 1st book for Matalin

Gov Mark Warner of Virginia just signed a bill to deny benefits to

picture & article: ARNOLD LOOKS LIKE CRAP

Daily Show: "George W. Bush has huge balls" - (VIDEO)

"Neither 'Starvation' Nor the Suffering It Connotes Applies to Schiavo"

WalMart Refuses to Carry Emergency Contraceptives to Prevent Pregnancy

College Faculties a Most Liberal Lot (Headline, WA-Post, Kurtz)

Nasdaq +SunGard + $11.3bn = The Carlyle Group (but that's secret)

Obama/ MoveOn asking for help re: Sen. Byrd's re-election

While I applaud the relentless efforts of several DUers

What the hell is wrong with Jesse Jackson?

Ron Godwin is Falwell's executive assistant and Moon "musketeer"

When is a Carrot a Watermelon? Ask Bush....

Gentlemen, ladies now is the time.