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Archives: March 28, 2005

DeLay knows an opportunity when he sees it

The Savage Carnival

CIA-MI6 Interference in Domestic Politics in the Balkans

GW Bush Sex Scandal Reference + Foreign Policy Chat of note...

Libertarianism is Marxism of the Right?

The only scandal Americans care about is sex.

The Flawed Report on Dan Rather

Troops: "They're foreclosing on our house." (NYT/Kos)

They've Got the Guns, We've Got the Numbers

NATO's Aggression Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

"Hemp and the Rule of Law"

Egypt Arrests Scores of Banned Islamic Group Members; More Protests Held

`Disciplined' democracy touted by Myanmar junta

Jackie "Whore" Chan Gets Professional Spirit Award

AIPAC Probe / AIPAC works to preserve clout in U.S.

BBC (Sunday): Fatah faces reform crossroads

Using The Holocaust To Ward Off Criticism

weird. cnn just did an okay global warming program

"Secret report of the U.S. Ambassador to Kyrgyz Republic" - US involved

Macedonian voting irregularities

Five Easy Pieces: Solving the Party-ID Conundrum

CA sneakily adding abortion notification bill to ballot

Amy Klobuchar - Preparing to run for US Senate

Who can we get to run against

Dear Dr. Frist--Can you remove this strange growth?

Warning for the U of Wisconsin's Sociology Department

Question about Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Whenever I hear him on

cnn seems to really be covering global warming...shock.

Zealot talking points

If the Republicans didn't cave in to religously insane people,...

Wal-Mart: Lower prices, higher taxes

CNN has just covered global warming in a serious way. future airings

Gov. Bush: I can't help Terri Schiavo

Saint Michael

Texas to BAN divorce through a Constitutional Amendment.

Florida's "Welfare Queen"

Audio - Jesse & Michael Jackson interview

Banner Week for Peak Oil Coverage-Even Thomas Friedman Acknowledges

Is it wrong to be a fake preacher and ask for money ? NT

outsourcing versus mechanization

Schiavo Protesters: Why can't they be moved to FREE SPEECH ZONES?

Terri might have been saved by Stem cell research!

What's This - Matt Drudge Is Dissing Both Jeb and *......

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

Another Yahoo story to de-freep the ratings for

At long last, could this be it.......

Easter Reflections on Tom Delay

One of my daughters is home for a break after working in India and

The Neo-Cons plus Neo-Libs equals a F***ed America.

Mark of the devil post #666 (on Easter day no less)

Oopsy, George and JEB! - - -now you are "Pontius Pilate"

America's Mental Health Crisis and Schiavo Protesters..

What will happen first?

Any more on the shooting of the Italian Reporter?

From the US Dept. of Energy-Peak Oil Analysis

Randall Terry: Can we remove your feeding tube? NT

Dems must get a "win" by 2008

Defreeping needed of a Social Security story....

What's This - Matt Drudge Is Dissing Both Jeb and *......

The Terri Schaivo saga...

Musta Bin Some HEAVY-duty Repuke LOVED Matt PUDGE

Commuting to Cuba cuts medical costs

Does anyone have enough temerity to watch Joe Scarborough?

the Schindler's offered Michael Schiavo $700,000 almost 4 yrs. ago...

Q: Are they Tutu or Hutsi?

How Hitler spent his last days - for history buffs

Tom DeLay Must Go (help Common Cause turn up the heat on this b**tard)

Wonderful pictures of Terri on news sites

I couldn't even GET a feeding tube

'America Lost India on March 25'--Former GOP Sen. Pressler BLASTS Bush...

Crystal Clear

Christian 'Conception' Parties Raise Ire, Eyebrows (holy sh-t!)

Watching "Sometimes in April"...

Rand, Kant, Descartes and Even Smith turned Out To Be Wrong

We don't have to worry about "Operation Extrication" anymore

For those of you that believe that Terri Schavio's

Is it wrong to be a fake preacher and ask for money ? NT

"War is a Racket!"

Disabled Activists From The South Are Demonstrating At Terri's Side

TIME poll: GOP really stepped in it this time

bushie: Confident, Comfortable and 'Impishly Fun'

I am publicly admitting, I was wrong about the Terri Shiavo case

Would it be correct to say that those who oppose the teaching of evolution

As Bush flip flops on whether he wanted to sign the Shiavo bill, remember

To those moved: an invitation to walk the walk

So what news stories are being hidden by the spectacle of Schiavo?

Michigan refuses to treat gays

Democrats Doing The Bidding Of George Bush & Big Business: The Nation

Is this protester from outside the Shiavo Protests a sexual predator?

WH "leak" that Bush "didn't want to sign the bill" is complete BS

The feeling is exhilarating. I've never seen the GOP punk out like this

Why are the Bush Brothers and the Republicans letting Mrs. Schiavo die?

The Nashua Advocate: The Time Has Come, the Proof Is Here: "Schiavogate"

Terror Threat Upgrade? or Bin Laden Sighting?

Freepers reporting Terri just received communion

The Lesser of Two Evils--McDonald's or Taco Bell?

If John Kerry wants to run in 2008...

A leak from the WH.....

Can one bring a hidden recording device into a recruiting office?

Ritter says NeoCons ‘godless parasites’ feeding on the Republican Party

Mexican fans taunt US soccer team

Death from dehydration a gentle process, scientists say

Tom DeLay doesn't want to talk about pulling the plug on his own daddy

What's the timeline with Ward Churchill anyway?

A peek inside the PETA building

OMG! Bad Freeper folk music

Lazzari Mesquite Charcoal...any users?

Shia politician among Iraq dead

Playing God (Schiavo's father took his mother off life support)

Doctors demand sealed wards for MRSA cases

(Update:) Terri Schiavo Allowed to Receive Communion

Death from dehydration a gentle process, scientists say

Iranian diplomat dismisses nuclear weapons allegations

India to Enhance Energy Cooperation With Saudi Arabia

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

16 die as politicians bicker

Court-martial set to begin for U.S. officer charged with murder

DeLay Agreed With Withholding Special Treatment for His Injured Father

Schiavo's relatives in row over funeral

Top US commander says more foreign fighters appear to be entering Iraq

Iran and Saudi Arabia strengthen security cooperation

Bush plan threatens vets

NYT: In Battling Cancer, a Genome Project Is Proposed

Study links `cot death' to passive smoking

Importing foreign workers to help build oilsands ignites Alberta labour fi

Fifteen people injured in bomb attacks, shootings - Thailand

34 Fatah missiles missing; Loose ends seen in weapons hunt

North Korea reports first bird flu incident

Election Tactics at a New Low, Say Tories--UK

Weak dollar causes new rate of inflation

NYT: Congress Ready to Again Debate End-of-Life Issues

Drug Companies Launch Aggressive Counterattack

Officials rip Bush plan to cut cash for cops

Australia/Troops 'face uranium danger'

NYT: Under New Chief, F.C.C. Considers Widening Its Reach

A Star Reporter Fights Subpoena, and Criticism -LAT (re: Judith Miller)

"Qatar Unhappy With High Oil Prices"

Campaigners call for action over fee-charging ATMs

Storage of spent nuclear fuel criticized

The Stewards of Gay Washington, The D.C. police Gay /Lesbian Liaison Unit

U.S. Deaths in Iraq - 1,527 members of the U.S. military have died

WP: Schwarzenegger Prepares to Do Battle in Calif. (increasingly partisan)

AP : School near Schiavo's hospice sending students elsewhere

Plan for nuclear waste dump in Nevada close to meltdown

NYT: With Bush Safely Re-elected, Rove Turns Intensity to Policy

Pharmacists' Rights at Front Of New Debate -WP

Drive to Build High-Tech Army Hits Cost Snags -NYT

Consumers find ways to wreak revenge on call centres

NYT: Pres. Bush's New Public Face: Confident, Comfortable, 'Impishly Fun'

White House Media May Get Temporary Boot

Panel to Warn Bush of Intelligence-Sharing Problems

Now Terri's family starts squabble over her funeral

'Vigilantes' set for Mexico border patrol

Has anyone apologized for Christian Brando?

I'm on day 3 of a four-day weekend, so today I slept in until 4:45pm.

Terry Jones of Python fame coming up on Laura Flanders Show!

shit- i just went over

Yayyyyy! Concert tickets!

Beast Man's magical journey to Eggshelland

I'm going to kick Catwoman's Ashcroft!

Wooohooo! Snow+driveway=fun!

Predictions... What's going to happen at the Schavio vigil when she dies?

OMG! A corporate convenience store that pays BENEFITS!

Anyone watching Michigan State/Kentucky???

30 lines to (hopefully) make you smile...

Mich St better not lose this game on a stupid call

What do these three movies all have in common?

You're so vain

HOORAY!! Simba is feeling better!!

Terry Jones coming up on Laura Flanders...

Another one of those fucking chicken crisp tender cheddar ranch spots

A great place for music fans to kill some time

I recently said 'The Simpsons' was back on track.

May 19th - can you wait?

Who is more evil?

Let's forget religion and discuss something less controversial

May 12th - can you wait?

Mmmm, Crown and Coke on Easter Sunday.

My dog is bisexual. But he's not very serious about it.

I want the ability to cloud men's minds.

At this very moment, in 2002,

Have you broken your new year's resolution yet?

New or classic?

If you are a fan of Rock en español

I'm sick as a dog. Anyone care to help cheer me up?

So what's your favorite tabloid trash news article?

Woman (Talking On Cellphone) Survives After SUV Flies Off Bridge

May 14th - can you wait?

How many people have you offended / pissed off today?

I used to love this movie: The Cat from Outer Space.

Favorite CARNIVALE character?

Tractor driver suffocates under pile of manure

Andy Rooney...


Why doesn't Mobil use the original version of "Roadrunner" in their ads?

Former KoRn guitarist - "Welcome to the army" "claim this country for God"

dammit, I'm going to light the stove....

Did we have a TOON PAGE this week?

I want the ability to clean men's minds.

My NCAA brackets are officially...

It's been kind of hot in here lately.

Are you watching Deadwood?

Easter Bunny Gets Pummeled by Boy at Mall

I am offended when you disparage things I believe in....

entire nation suffocates under pile of manure

Anyone listen to Jolie Holland?

Drunken Lullabies

Woof woof.

Bush & Cheney--- They've Now Gone Drag!

My First Digi-Cam Pic Posted On DU! Woo Hoo!

What constitutes decent exposure?

My mom is watching Fatal Attraction.

PhotoBucket Question

I think the number 1 reason I'm going to watch the first "Grey's Anatomy"

I'm loud and I'm vulgar, and I wear the pants in the house

Albertsons commercials annoy me.

At least it's not another fucking Oasis thread

My dogs are lesbians. Seriously.


never mind

Anyone else confusing Carnivale and the TS circus in Fla?

What would you like to see in your lifetime?

Another p-shop gem from the boys at Fark!

so I just finished watching Sayles's "Silver City" on DVD ...

I am really sad tonight

The Maryland State Flag is one damn beautiful flag!

Things You Can Say About Your Boat, But Not Your Significant Other

This is my new favorite Smilie!

When you think about North Dakota, you think...

Just watched the new Dr. Who (no spoilers)

Where would you go

If Bush is serious about cleaning up terrorists, he should go after PETA.

Carnivale Season 2 Finale - WTF?!?

Respond to this post using the word "fuck".

Podcasting is SO COOL!!!

How ironic. They're showing "Steel Magnolias" on Lifetime.

Groyn or Grawing?

It's only nine *9* more months until Christmas and New Years.

Do they have gay pubs in Ireland?

Before I offend any more people

Is it better to hang out with people more attractive than you...

Always ask yourself: WWGFD.

Who has read "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac?

I think (insert your favorite band) sucks!

Same Old Wine

Oasis Don't Believe The Truth: A Glorious Rebirth

Respond to this post using the word "fsck".

Woman shot 18 times, drives self to hospital (My local paper)

Was the thread about religious beliefs in Britain deleted?

What's the English translation of Klaatu virada nicto?

I am offended when people use the "F-word" around here.

One of my cats keeps stealing my underwear

Hanukkah in Santa Monica - by Tom Lehrer!


Appealing a college rejection letter... suggestions?

Caption this!

Should I adopt this mustache and sideburns style?

Ok, I'm gonna do it .... yup it's time!! I got new pic o' my cats!

Damn you, Progmom

Bad Driving...

Do you have a problem with me never leaving the Lounge?

Why can't I get rid of my sinus infection? Stress?

Am I the only one that's not a fan of ribbons and bands?

Crowded House drummer dead

I pulled my groin.

*** And the Winner of the 4th Monthly DU Photo Contest is ...***

My son told me that he will NEVER allow me to be taken off life support!

Post here and I'll call you a wanker!

Damn you, Comcast!

March 28th - can you wait?

Worst chain restaurant NAME

Lines That Will Instantly Cause A Date To Self-Destruct

Did you have an Easter basket?

PETA thread in GD, please weigh in.

Is there a Christian on earth as obsessed with religion as atheists?

Study links `cot death' to passive smoking

cnn covering global warming

Barney Frank guests on CSPAN Journal 3/28 7:30AM

Officials Argue Over Sex in Prisons

Sad news for Twins fans

Has there ever been a better NCAA tournament?

I had a co-worker who read through the Left Behind series.

What do you guys think of this thread?

Notes you could leave on cars still sportin' a Kerry edwards sticker?

John Bolton and Iran-Contra

I'm new at this, but . . . .

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

18 year runs for school board in Wisconsin.

Congressional Progressive Caucus website

Stealth Framing: "Arctic National Wildlife REGION"

Take a Look in the Mirror - Bush As Gov Of TX

The Hooverization of George W. Bush by Kunstler

All you wanted to know about the contested judicial nominees:

In the world view, America sets an example of society gone wrong.

AP: Report: DeLay Agreed With Withholding Special Treatment

A danceable tribute to Hunter S. with some political import

More Lieberman garbage.

Does anyone else like Chris Shays?

New economic outlook poll - I think people are starting to wake up

Joe Lieberman: Please join the GOP...Please..NT

What if Ross Perot had won in 92?

CSPAN schedule for Monday, 3/28

MSM has got it hard to rehabiliate ** right now

One of the greatest liberals of all time? He legalized beer.

Did anyone see "This Week?" Apparently, * didn't want to return to DC

CNN: Backers of Schiavo's parents head to Washington(to fight Communists)

Bob Fitrakis "Who got glitched: Election Reform Teach-in"

Wes Clark, The Anti-War Candidate?

How do Freepers respond to the Treaty of Tripoli (1797)?

Terri Schiavo Was Just An Innocent Bystander To A Political, Elmer Gantry


LAT: Sitting Ducks at LAX

San Diego UT Readers' Rep: Faux news threatens media credibility

My Letter In Chicago Suntimes

Death by Television

Privateers Getting Desperate

'LAT's Ronald Brownstein: Culture of Life' Issues Split GOP

AllAfrica: Human Rights Violations in Cuba ? - Yes, At Guantanamo

Reclaiming the Moral High Ground (BagNewsNotes on Mother Jones)

Where the Rich Stash Their Cash

Bush’s fervor could strike again in Iran

Democracy Redefined - When is a Carrot A Watermelon? When Bush Says it is!

Hope not a Dup - U.S. Army Iraq Veteran Guilty of Refusing Orders

Wall Street Journal, Smells Like Beltway/rawstory

Bush plan: "No child left undrugged"


A legal look at Schindlers' strategy

Democratic leadership: MIA (finally...someone with a plan)

Demystify the Ninth Amendment

Is No One Accountable?

Zealotry and its victims (moderates giving fanatics a pass)

Zombies, Delay, and feeding tube

Robert Novak: "Rice likely to back Iraq pullout"

WP: Pharmacists now refusing to fill birth control prescriptions

Peggy Noonan, DU, and press attention in general.

Picuture of wounded soldiers on C-17 from NYT Magazine

A National Disgrace: A Review of the 9/11 Commission Report

Take a Look in the Mirror (theology versus tabloidism versus privacy)

Article on Rush Limbaugh & America Air Radio

Help Chart the Course for a New Movement

Petition EPA to implement pesticide exposure testing for farmworkers

Media control by Rich and Multi-national corps MUST SEE

Where do these "experts" come from? They send out PR releases

The problem, Peter Beinart, is YOU!

possible Tariff on China

Chirac Sees EU Deal with Japan on Fusion Research

Blair "Fails To Lead" On Global Warming - Parliamentary Committee

Months Of SW Florida Red Tide Sparks Respiratory Epidemic

Bush Energy Task Force Member Matthew Simmons On Peak Oil - Seattle PI

Mercury mapped in USA

A Power Portfolio(This monthsLexus luxury SUV hybrid as all cars go hybrid

The Long Emergency

Counterterrorism Policies (DNI vs NCTC)In Conflict, Report Says

Islamic Jihad leader says his group, Hamas may join PLO

Israeli Forces Raid Jenin in Sweep for Militants: Reuters

AI - Removing unlawful Israeli settlements in the OT: Time to act

We're all paranoid

Daniel Pearl, ISI, Al Qaeda and F16's to Pakistan

LA Times: CALIFORNIA - Slow Down and Strike a Deal

POLL: What should CA dems do with Arnold/Diebold appointee?

Tonight BBV Discussion Greensboro NC

Century Foundation Assembles Group to Help States Improve Voting

comments wanted

Exit Poll Deviations vs. Early Voting

Monday 3/28 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread


I've done major update of the 2 worst Florida counties- PB & Broward

who's going to the Nashville conference?

How many states besides Oregon have all paper ballots? Any?

Mayor pops the question to his longtime love

From Monkey Business to Baby Love (zoos teach love :-)

Waters Endorses Hahn's Rival

An anti-Arnold commercial on blackouts

Feinstein to officiate at Jerry Brown's wedding

Schwarzenegger Prepares to Do Battle in Calif

Halloween haunted house idea for the Neo-con death cult

Should Arnold's Sec of State nominee be confirmed by Dems?

Was Rose Bird a great justice?

Social Security Rally

the boston DU poker thread

"If you want my honest opinion sir, we are committing genocide

Mercury Pollution in Minnesota

Mayor of Crawford Won't Seek Reelection

Who wants to hang with Taverner tonight (3/28)

Best of Burnt Orange re: Dallas controversy.

Need assistance from DU member who lives in DeLay's district

I've posted this thread about having a Milwaukee meet up in the

Republicans pressuring for Voter ID bill - radio ads

FYI - WI Congressman Paul Ryan thinks he has a plan for SS

Prince Ranier of Monaco is on a respirator

Blogs Key to Media ?? -- N.C. Newspaper Uses Blogs to Reach Readers --

Greg Palast interview coming up on Peter Werbe in a few minutes

One of my best friends in surgery - guess the topic of Easter conversation

Meanwhile... From The Christian Defense Coalition...

What are You willing to do to turn the tide….

Quinlan/Schiavo....not that different

Channel surfing and caught an Easter Greeting on Fox

What the hell is going on with that bagpiper outside the hospice?

Dispelling myths on Terri Shiavo's Medical condition....

Jeb's paying reporters now...

Place these special interests in the order of GOP priorities

A Call to Arms!

does anyone recall the story about Bush and the trust fund in TX? . . .

The war on Michael Schiavo and the war over life


Christian Defense Council to hold rally at White House, confront Delay

Main thing I have observed from reading FR: they hate "wimps"

America's Coming Alive in 2005!

HA HA! The story about DeLay OK for Dad being taken off life support

The short-sightedness of rich people

OUR protests are never covered....

Caption This.....Schiavo Protesters

Can Anyone Help Debunk this LTTE?

C-SPAN question: Is oil a National Security issue?

Your Internet Future At Stake

Free republic

So Italy has forgotten about the killing of it's Intelligence guy and

1st to have book published-Michael or the parents?

Theocracy Watch is holding a Conference

Are there any DUers out there

Why can't we give our corporations a fighting chance by providing

The role of investment banks in the decline of American corporations.

So if the FEC is going to try and regulate political blogs

What is that website where I can

Was Averell Harriman the evil genius that is the source of all our ills?

Will Pitt on AAR 9:24 et

Racing fans ready your flamethrowers

DKOS: "J.D. Guckert/Jeff Gannon: These Are Your Lives!" - Timeline

My home country is being overrun with Extremists!

US Soldiers Kill Another Iraqi Army Major in Najaf......

I have gout on BOTH feet today

OBVIOUSLY we can't 'come home' TODAY but we can start PLANNING today

Imus thinks they are pulling a "Weekend At Bernie's" stunt with the Pope

For Connecticut DUers who are trying to Dump Joe

Guess who wrote this???

Closing a Peephole Into Iran: ex-CIA official speaks

Way to go, FUNKY TOWN!

Question for military personnel & veterans re: medical treatment ...

The Bush Twins Go To Easter Services >>>

Labor Bibliography by Ph.D.

Putting Air America on Clear Channel Stations

If you could have your wish - How would you program AAR?

I don't get it. Why are some emboldened by 82%?

How to Shake Up the Bureaucracy? Change the Work Rules.

Today's completely irrelevant Terri Schiavo story

Chicken survived for 18 Months with NO HEAD!

FBI 'aided' Saudis after 9/11

Anti-War Iraqi Trade Union Leaders To Tour The United States!

Thank God for the European Union

Wouldn't a Stewart Sketch (MAD TV) about the Jackson case be hillarious

Women agents sue CIA for 'pillow talk' sackings

Daryn Kagan- (cnn and rush- arggh ) Question

Man sells device to block Fox News -- gets death threats

The "Nobel Prize Nominated Doctors' Testimony" Fake? (Schiavo)

KERIK Crying All the Way to the Bank (Nets $700K Here, Six Mil There)

Can we please compare and ask why

Not that we NEED to DU this poll....

Why aren't those Terri protesters being ordered away from this

bunch of crap bundled and sold as ms plus


Bolivarian Circles?

IRS May Want Share Of Money From eBay Sales

Is W hiding from the Terri story now that exploitation of her has failed?

What strategy is Rove formulating right now

Massive quake off Sumatra provokes tsunami warning

In case you thought Scarborough couldn't be more repugnant

IRS May Want its Piece of Ebay Sales

MSM should be ASHAMED, re: Schiavo, the Pope, the Redlake killings, etc

Bush flies to Hollywood at Midnight to Mediate Brad & Jen's Divorce

Liberal Blogger wants names of pharmacies refusing to fill birth-control

Did Mr. Schindler decide not to to keep his ailing mother alive?

Blog Making Fun of Schiavo Has Comment By Some Loser Impersonating Skinner

Can we turn the tide and make the moral high ground the moral low ground?

Terri und leben.

Deathstock >>>

Dems are taxophilic and GOP abhors taxes, right? New battle...

New York DUers- Can download valid NYS Living will here:

Constitution Party Peroutka calls Bushs MURDERERS

Daniel Pearl and F16's to Pakistan

Credit Cards to Double Monthly Bill Amounts

Possible outcome for Tom Delay's Dad if he hadn't "pulled the plug on Pop"

CNN misspells profits

I expect Bush will use an antigay issue to console the fundies

Jesus! "Surfer" mag predicted second, third quake/tsunami!

Paper Chase! reaching people outside of the Internet

Why what Jeb tried to do was legal

Teaching Darwin splits Pennsylvania town

Tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Topic - Tom Delay

What happened to the Burger King post on the huge breakfast

"Pro-Life": Stating the OBVIOUS

Christian, Schiavo, gun, death, penalty, Tsunami, Jeb, Terri, flounder.

Chemical weapons in Falluja?

When Terri's finally gone, would it be possible for DUers

Florida National Guard 1, Afghanistan in Pinellas Park

So what religion are you, really?

Happy birthday Air America!

New law requires waiver saying abortion ends a ‘"whole, unique human life"

Caption this * pic

The press SUCKS!!!

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up because of politics?

Just heard on CNN-woman misses saying goodbye to her grandfather

New England secedes - ahh, if it were only so

Great McGovern piece on RW hypocrisy w/ Iran nuclear energy.

Type 1 diabetes & the Edmonton Protocol

fantastic "Conservative idiots" today

Is Stockwell Day the last politician to still refer to "Communist" China?

What to do about hate radio?

I just dropped my cable TV and told Comcast I'm doing so because

AMERICAblog: National Press Club is the MSM's latest whore (More Gannon)

New York City, it's YOUR TURN! Here they come....Schiavo protesters

Just how many days vacation has chimpey boy taken???

What about the other patients at the hospice?

a good URL for breaking news junkies

Randi "calling out" Tom Delay --- the HYPOCRITE (re: Schaivo)

Clinton vs. Reagan: prosecutions and convictions

Rehnquist hospitalized YESTERDAY.... but info just

What are they hearing in Germany? My aunt is paranoid

Ed Schultz saying another juvenile arrested in Red Lake shootings

Catholic Advance Directive

Have you Read "NOW and THEN....

Why would God put a baby in a Crack Whore's belly....Randi Rhodes

When Terri dies the media will?

Toward a liberal and progressive appeal to Christian fundamentalists

Sorry, but this Dems pic needs to be captioned...

50 school bus driver were just laid off in my district

I need a favor DUers, please keep these 2 posts kicked

Dignitude >>>

Is "The Majority Report" a good show?

Springteen's new anti-war song..... 'Devils & Dust' Lyrics

Anyone hear Franken read Piggy Noonan's disgusting WSJ column?

Army entered Iraq with 235 armored humvees, now will have 22,000

There are no new Schiavo stories on the BBC as of 2:21 pm PST

'Culture of Life' Issues Split GOP

Is anyone else up to here with "Brother Paul O'Donnell"?

EDS rewards CEO for financial turnaround (yeah, after massive LAYOFFS!)

Oh shit. 8.2 quake off Sumatra. Tsunami warning.

The Right is so Wrong

Another Schiavo Thread, Something Outrageous said by RWer

How Much Mixing of Religion and Politics Does the First Amendment Permit?

This whole "Dems are the party of death" issue

I'm curious....

Scumbag Hannity attacks Terri`s husband

Religion Topic Thread 24hr Cease-Fire?

27 recruiters have gone AWOL since 2002

Is Mrs. Schiavo "holy"?

Mocking God's Own Party: A Call for a New "Religious" Group

School near Schiavo's hospice sending students elsewhere

Without oxygen to the brain - how many minutes

TX county wants less "free" attorneys for indigents accused of crimes

How do you address letters to folks you don't know

Randi Rhodes was just debating (??) with Alan Keyes (rep)...

Why it's time to stop provoking Christians on DU.

Catholic bioethicist (CNN) "Religious Right distorting Catholic teaching"

Lou Dobbs

Which death will impact us the most?

I'd like to get some unbiased opinions on some of my TV commercials

Give me a hand convincing my Republican mother why Bush is a bad president

What is PDA? (I have been asked a lot lately)

T-shirt request (Flag Code)

Something Ive learned

Will Jeb fly off to Inodnesia for the 8.7 earhquake in Indonesia ?????


Well well well. Who's 'erring on the side of life' here??

Christian DUers -- does the term "fundie" offend you?

Why doesn't MSM cover the 60 other patients dying in the hospice where

Paper Chase! reaching people outside of the Internet

Would you call the IRS tip line?

People complain that the media does not cover

Death Is On Everyone's Mind. Woe Be The Consequences

They hate all 82% of us (warning - big pics)

Sick of Conservatives Citing Martin Luther King

Blogs may now be a "news source" on Google News

Gay marriage poll: Let's UN-freep this!

We're all paranoid

Mich. catholics get bill that lets doctors NOT treat gays

This is an old favorite...

"Ending Corporate Governance" should be one of the three . . .

"Culture of Life" Dad Is Registered Sex Offender....

Wonder if Fox and Bill Oreilly will apologize to Michael Moore now?

Have you wondered about the size of the FL protests? photos...

Housing sales soar during February

Gannongate: Maybe found missing link to Senior Military???

Death penalty: For or against?

Even in RED RED Nebraska 94% oppose intervening in the Schiavo case!!!

The reason for the Schiavo controversy finally hit me.

The lies of Bush are catching up with him.

How do we counter the perception - "Activist Judges are OUT of CONTROL"?

American Hypocrite--You have to see this

The Schindler's Problem in a Nutshell

HALLIBURTON commits one of the most 'reckless acts of cultural vandalism.'

Anyone know Comedian George Lopez's political leanings?

Repukes Have Votes to Block Filibusters?

Mich. Bill that allows doctors to refuse to treat people is illegal

Reservist: Knee blows that killed 2 detainees were approved

I think Michael should sue the media

Randall Terry's son rocks!

Pointing out something strange

CNN: 600 school children moved from school due to hospice protesters

Michael Schiavo's lawyer says that Michael has requested an

On School Shootings

Howard Dean appreciation thread, I just love that man...

Alan Keyes says our JUDICIARY has NOT the AUTHORITY to determine IF our

Old Folks who smoke many are there?

The fight for the judiciary

Hate Radio - cause of another American civil war (like Rwanda)?

Mrs. Or Ms.

The Honey Bees are Dying

"When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites..."

Pharmacists Refusing to fill Birth Control Prescriptions...

Don't Just Blame The Democrats by Keven Zeese

I'll ask this politely--what if the pope is put on life support?

Second DU rename-the-media poll

Can I just ask a question here?

Even God rested on the seventh day

It is time to figure out how to discuss things across the chasm of belief

Gas Price Check: How much for a Gallon of Gas in your area?

A monthly DU economic boycott?

If you care about DU sign this petition, fed to regulate the internet...

Best way to hurt the media: Repeal the Telecommunications Act of 1996

1 in 6 US women's mercury count enough to deform fetus

Do you have health insurance?

Just got this from my sister in Fla.... The Revenge of the Living Will

Poll: Death penalty and Gun Rights/ Gun control

'Critical analysis' vs. Insults re: Christianity and DU

On March 29th, the hakapics will fly

The cure

Will this windbag ever shut up???

Egyptian Gets Life for Plotting Murder of Hosni Mubarak

Foreign policy too focused on US: survey of Australian attitudes

has anyone used the IRS tip line?

Israeli Forces Raid Jenin in Sweep for Militants: Reuters

Brazilian accused of ordering nun's murder surrenders & declares innocen

Disputed Parliament Takes Over in Kyrgyzstan: Reuters

With Bush Safely Re-elected, Rove Turns Intensity to Policy

Crowded House drummer found dead

Silence of 'Dr Germ' Provoked Calls for War - Report

NYT: Investigation of Insurance Puts Buffett in a Spotlight

NYT: War and Politics Threaten Congo's Endangered Rhinos

LVRJ: IN WAKE OF 9-11: Report: Saudis left from LV

Rings That Kidnap Iraqis Thrive on Threats,Profit(children special target)

Illegal immigrants boosting Nevada’s high rate of growth

Iraq Official Discourages Demonstrations (Democracy ????)

(Missouri) State job cuts (1,000+ jobs)

NYT: NASA Will Offer Cash Prizes for Technological Innovations

As US backs Wolfowitz, EU seeking more clout at World Bank

NYT: Is Silicon Valley Similar to Detroit? (innovation moving abroad?)

NYT: Creditors Make Illegal Demands on Active-Duty Soldiers

Libya to eclipse the competition as the astronomer's top holiday destinati

Rights of Foreigners on Death Row Examined

Wolfowitz Says Won't Preach Democracy at World Bank

Rumsfeld Criticisms of Venezuela Rejected by Brazil's Ruling Party

Cairo police block Brotherhood protest

Zarqawi Surrounded

Iraq Official Discourages Demonstrations...


McConnell backs ID for voters (among other things)

Defiant opposition dares to talk victory Zimbabwe's newfound will for cha

Pentagon putting $12 million into robotic surgeon project

Wall Street Journal, Smells Like Beltway/Tom Delay

new Burger King Sandwich Packs the Calories

Iraq's Most-Wanted Terrorist 'Surrounded' (I thought we got him already)

Iran: Arguments just don't square up ...(nuclear build ok years ago)

NY TIMES: Documents Show FBI Helped Saudis Depart After 9-11 Attacks

Former U.S. officials seek end to foreign oil reliance

Supreme Court Won't Review Abortion Law

US Agency urges evacuation of coastline due to tsunami fears

Outsourcing of math tutoring decried

Russians fined in blasphemy case

Cut in U.S. Aid to Manila Linked to Iraq Pullout

Paper Chase! reaching people outside of the Internet

CNN: Burger King to offer 'enormous' sandwich

Supreme Court May Not Decide Case of Death-Row Mexican

WP: Counterterrorism Policies In Conflict (on President's primary adviser)

Pope Skips Appearance at His Window

Documents show FBI helped Saudis depart after 9/11 attacks: New York Times

Robert Novak: "Rice likely to back Iraq pullout"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 28 March Aussies Rank US Behind China (above Iran, Iraq)

Ed Schultz saying another juvenile arrested in Red Lake shootings

Rehnquist hospitalized YESTERDAY.... but info just

Indonesian 8.7 quake--officials say no tsunami

Blogs may now be a "news source" on Google News

Lawyers want judge off case because of campaign donations

Catholics defy church with Natick celebration

No benefits for partners means staff loss for UW

Mexican mayor's populism worries elite

MSNBC: Democrats test debt xenophobia as 2006 issue

GOP woos blacks, but faces struggle


Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain Presidents to Meet in Caracas

Steelcase to Close Plants, Cut Jobs (Reuters)

Tape shows truck that may have been involved in Hariri's death

Global warming could hurt Colo. ski industry

US Chief Justice Went to Hospital for Tube Problem

Anger Over Poverty Fueled Kyrgyz Uprising

290 dead in Nias Earthquake

'Oh wait, I forgot to mention this pain'

US Soldier Pleads Not Guilty For Killing Wounded Iraqi (drone videotaped)

Amnesty criticises US human rights report

Colorado Supreme Court has reversed the felony murder conviction of Lisl A

"US Supreme Court won't review Abortion Law"

'Culture of Life' Issues Split GOP

Lawmaker Wants Teachers In Hawaii Weighed For Obesity

Microsoft and EU reach agreement (BBC News)

While kids die, Muslim clerics call vaccines a U.S. plot

Prosecutors allege link between (Eric) Rudolph, anti-abortion figure

U.S. Bases in Afghanistan Get $83M Upgrade

Father fears doctors will hasten Schiavo's death (Kill her with Morphine)

Pentagon Invests in Unmanned 'Trauma Pod'

Feds get set for Net rules

Al-Qaida releases Iraqi execution video

US Gasoline Prices Rise to Record $2.15 a Gallon

US and Venezuela inch closer


WP: Evaluations Instituted for Va. Judges (by Republican legislature)

Backers of Schiavo's parents head to Washington (CNN) --Outrageous bias!

Firefighter earns $171,000 for 2 jobs

Sony Ordered to Halt PlayStation Sales

Police: Obscenity forcibly tattooed on teen's forehead

NYT/AP: Iraq Official Discourages Demonstrations

Newsweek: U.S. refuses to join fraud case against contractor

Anger at Bushes as time grows short for Schiavo [USATODAY]

Phony cop badges a ticket to trouble - Real cop belonged to fake department

FAMILY ADVISOR: Terri Schiavo reacted to a friend's visit

NYT/AP: Income Gaps Found Among the College-Educated

Bank of America Paid CEO $22.5 Mln in '04

Gang will target Minuteman vigil on Mexico border(MS-13 Gang)

Death Sentence Thrown Out Because of Jury's Bible Reading

Breaking News - Tribal Chairman's son arrested in Red Lake Shooting

Turkey Shrugs Off Success of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

The Dawn of a New Oil Era? (Peak Oil ...Newsweek April 4th issue)

AP: Schiavo Receives Communion, Last Rites

E&P: The National Press Club Welcomes... Jeff Gannon?

Lo, there came oilmen from the West

What's your favorite cookie?

is it creepy to date someone whose name you can't remember...?

Anthropomorphize this! (picture)

Is it creepy to offend someone you are dating?

I'm watching "The World's Strongest Boy" right now.

Is it creepy to date someone with a name like George W. Bush?

I pulled my

Is it the creepiest when you date someone with no name?

I am getting ready to read "Eight Men Out"

TV Gets Religion: Pilots With Biblical Themes

Don't get defended

I am offended when anyone gets offended. Let me tell you why.

Working from seven to eleven every night,

I find the Lounge to be terribly offensive today

Don't get offended.

How offensive would it be if every thread in the front page of the lounge.

Defend your right to offend. Let me tell you why.

Is it creepy to date someone with a chain restaurant name

Hooray - ten more minutes until the season finale of "Carnivale".

I resemble that remark!

That's it. Fuck it. I'm going to whip it out right now.

Wood Paneling Question.

Why is it that we are born with the hair that we hate?

So, I've got kippered herring, white bread, an apple and mayo.

For HEyHEY (bear pic)

Orange food is the best.

Anybody know what that weird pause mid-movie on a DVD is all about?

hehe I just got done watching The Notebook with me mom.

Gimme five!! (picture)

"War of the Worlds" is comming in June

Why do I keep getting this computer message?

Guys: Have you ever had your nails polished?

Another attempted "salute" from the Boy King

Hell yeah I'm done with my lit review!!

Wow... I spent 5 hours explaining my mom's PC to her.

Am I the only one that reads and posts on DU

Is it even creepier to date someone with the same last name?

Sexiest chain-restaurant name

"Aerodromes." Anyone seen it?

Am I too idealistic?

Good example of how the Church has treated women, now on TCM.

"Palindromes." Anyone seen it?

I am offended by this post

Caption this Florida protester

Mommy! Come here!

Lauren Bacall Is Alive And Well: Have You Heard Her On TCM?

I'm talking to yvr girl...ask her anything!

"Garden gnomes." Anyone seen it?

Once again, Pitch a poster of yourself....

What America thinks about Congress intervening in the Schiavo case

Non-"Druglike" Solutions

How many drinks does it take for you to get drunk?

Don Henley is coming to FL and I most likely will be in the hospital.

Crowded House drummer Paul Hester is dead

My cure for a bad case of the Mondays.....

I am (blank), I represent (blank) wing of the (blank) Party.


Anyone watch The L Word last night?

The rules according to Dalton

Would U date someone U met at a family reunion?

Teen Attacks Easter Bunny - Arrested

what do you do with a fox?

Tag! You're It!

For the record, the cutest sound in the world is a puppy chewing an apple

Bill Frist flip-flopped.

Hurricane Blows Rare Cuban Bat To Key West

Good books on starting a small business?

Last night's Robot Chicken was funny as hell!!!!

Play Armchair Adolescent Psychologist -- (Please!!)

'Pioneer' Arrested With Weapons And Bibles

ACK! Raspberry flavored water???

I'm seriously inebriated. Ask me anything.

"When your in with the 'in' crowd,

No hangover! Yay.

The Queen to Jimmy Page: "Are you a guitarist too?"

Anyone else sick of trippy coworkers??? Click here to hide this thread.

World's *LAMEST* Easter parade postponed for one week

so, what's the "passion" aLL about?

So what's the good news?

"Masturbation is a highly controversial subject"

Anyone else sick of twitchy co-workers?

copycats - they're not just for the Lounge.

Just for Today - No White Male Clashing

Crowded House drummer found dead

Just for today - no white male bashing...


Race, religion, politics...

Worst, ugliest, most inadequate Sports Facility or Concert Venue.

Anyone else sick of itchy coworkers???

Anyone else sick of bitchy coworkers???

Kill Whitey!

What do you get when you google your real name?

"I think I'm Pagan. Where do you sign up?"

Boy, am I gonna get flamed.

Doc is finally finished torturing poor Al Swearingen.

I personally am glad that W is in Crawford

Chicken survived for 18 Months with NO HEAD!

Is it creepy to date someone with your same name?

Why did my post asking about why my post got deleted get deleted?

When you log onto DU, do you check out the back pages

Libya to eclipse the competition as the astronomer's top holiday destinati

WHO is watching cable news right NOW?

Random QUESTIONS Caused by Boredom...

What religion do you follow

White males SUCK.

heLp pick my new avatar

"Bumfights" variation idea (not a sex thread!) -

Strictly for my KNICKERS!


Alps to get tinfoil hats.....

Stop me if you've heard this one

What kinda knickaws ah ya spor-tan?

Mail Carriers Unable To Deliver Mail Due To "10-Foot Tall" Chihuahua

Time for some Todd Snider.

Easter Bunny PUMMELED by Boy at Mall

Kashmir: Greatest Rock song ever....

Democratic Agenda (According to Right-Wingers)


There is a cool new little feature this morning :)

New Feature idea

BREAKING-LynneSin is inside the perimeter REPEAT LynneSin....


Cckkchhh Hey do you have the keys? CckkcHHH no I thought you did

More Todd Snider


Do you ever end sentences with the word "at?"

Which came first?

Basketball socks.

bunch of crap bundled and sold as ms plus

Basketball Clocks.

Is being really cold a symptom of a hangover?

A cat with manners

number of posts

My Monday morning outrage!

Bush flies to Hollywood at Midnight to Mediate Brad & Jen's Divorce

ARGH!!! Stupid trash collectors keep leaving cans in front of the mailbox!

how do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Who will win the NCAA Men's Basketball Champion

so who will win the NCAA championship?

Bush flies to Hollywood at Midnight to Mediate Brad & Jen's Divorce

Anyone know how to play avi's and change the brightness/hue/saturation

Finally!!! Best concert you ever saw

OK so I had my grade school interview on Friday

Ladies first?

I feel so awful for those living in danger of a potential Tsunami

Guess who's at WORK today?

Pick a Doctor...finals.

We buried my father two weeks ago. I'm doing okay.

Lawmaker Wants Teachers Weighed For Obesity

Some people are getting really UPPITY with me this morning

Anyone Know About Hatachi, the Japanese Coming-of-Age Ceremony?

Anyone want to CAPTION?

I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company.

For the fans of the Black Eyed Peas

BT: (Black Crowes) 1st night of Hammerstein Ballroom 2005 Reunion Tour

Anyone know about Hibachi - the Japanese coming-of-age ceremony?

Anyone Know About Hitachi, the Japanese Turn On The TV Ceremony?

Which AAR personalities have appeared on The Simpsons?

Boycott Corel?

One of those stories that just get a "WTF?" from me.

Basketball sucks

I awaken with the thought of Terri Schiavo on my mind each morning.

Quite Possibly The Funniest Parody Movie Ever Made

What am I?

Mmmmm, ham sammich.

The 10 Commandments and the GOP (tell me what you think)

Get yourself one these....

We're in a circle jerk with the IRS and DOE

I'm finally feeling human again

I'm finally feeling hunan again

what's with all this thin-skinnededness?

Anyone get Beck's "Guero" album yet?....................

No, no. Treat yourself to one of THESE!

Listening to talk radio loudly while cleaning your car in the driveway...

Whole grain crackers w/ peanut butter

Favorite 'stick-to-your-ribs' breakfast?

OK - this is it!

Should I patch my soul, or save it?

Do any Americans get Easter Monday off from work?

I have an idea for something to build. I'm not an engineer.

Should I shave my "sole patch?"

Should I shave matcom's back?

Lousey marriages. Anybody else out there with one of these who needs to

Guess what kind of car this license plate frame was on:

Should I shave my "soul patch?"

Spring Break 2005: A Mother's Log.

SIMPLE THINGS by Zero 7 is a perfect work of art

Should I shave my malamute?

Should I shave my mutha?

If Articles Of Clothing Could Talk

FL offers "choose life" license plates

Multidirectional Church proposes new holiday

(In other news) Florida agency issues alert for missing girl, 12


I have been listening to 60's protest music...

Seven Steps to Heaven

Elad can you please add just one more smilie

Listening to a great recording of R.E.M.'s "Green" tour. Ask me anything!

I Saw "Grey's Anatomy" premiere, last night. Pretty Good.

Here Come Cowboys

Serenity now!

Poor Michael - Judge rules that his past instances of child molestation

Should I shave my mulah?

Can anyone help me find the original "Trailer Hitch Jesus" thread?

Does a person's true nature come out when he is drunk?

Should I shave my monkey?


Paper Easter Grass is great stuff!

There's a bird out there who appears to be mimicking my cell phone ring.

Now, which concert to you regret actually seeing

American Samoan DUers. Lets' have a meet up.

Should we shave whoisalhedges?

Which is a better LMAO smiley?

Post a sad song that sounds happy.

is the fun in the lounge still over?

Can the Pope like...resign?

What Did That Fiend Do to Barney???

Should I shave my girlfriend?

Should I shave my armpit hair?

do you remember 'queen kong'?

I introduced my father to Osiris this weekend.


I introduced my father to OsiriX this weekend.

Is saying "everyone is special" another way of saying "no one is"?

Favorite apple

What Roasts are over done in the Lounge?

What posts are over Dunne in the lounge?

Anyone ever heard of

What moats are over done in the Lounge ?

Semi-unofficial Welcome back, lionesspriyanka thread

What posts are over Donne in the Lounge?

A question for those DUers familiar with modern aerial combat...

Hi, kids! I'm home.

Listening to Bad Company's first album. Ask me anything.

I had awful tiramisu nightmares this morning!


Should I write to my clinic about this?

Oasis vs. Modern Talking

The worst Philly Cheese Steak EVAH!

iPod software apps?

Modern Talking vs Talk Talk

Oasis vs. Death From Above 1979

Who really thinks Jimmy Jazz is ignoring us

If I were a lesbian I would be in love with Randi Rhodes

Ever get 90% done with something, get excited, and stop working on it?

Should I be offended by this post?

Good news!

Lou Dubose (author of DeLay book) on Randi now...

I had awful tsunami nightmares this morning!

Last night's Simpsons was LAME.

It's official: Oasis sucks!


Anyone here have Rhinotillexomania


Fusty luggs, cupid's kettle drums, plug tails and the Lounge

Is THIS the way you want to teach girls about the 60's and 70's?

Don't knock people who piss and moan, read below.

Hooters question

If one could literally drag one's ass...

very funny

So, it's my birthday, and this morning I got pulled over by CHiPS

Cool. Phrenology has morphed into Phalangology

What is the greatest -Greatest Hits- Collection?

creating the brownshirts

Who do you think is the better actor? Matt Damon or Ben Affleck

So, is the new Woody Allen movie, Melinda and Melinda any good?

Who do you think is the better actor? Matt Damon or Ben Affleck

I'm ignoring you.

Sudden bumpersticker brainstorm:

I've got a bone to pick with Commie Pinko Dirtbag! So, I'm doing it here.

Guitarists: Anyone else have a soft spot for cheap guitars?

Best. Magazine. Editorial. EVAH.

Anyone here have experience with trundle beds?

What's with you Northerners...The Big Joe Polka Show!!!????

You guys want some GREAT political wallpaper?

So, it's my birthday, and this morning I got pulled over by CHimPS.

If You Were Just Told You'd Be Making $100k Per Year...

Bee killer imperils crops

Did Coulter really say Tim McVeigh should have blown up the NYTimes?

MrsGrumpy has GREAT news!!!!

What posts are over done in the Lounge?

great run-in with a freeper today

Do you consider Woody Allen a cinematic genius?

Oh I just saw the sweetest little baby girl today

Should I shave my mullet?

Almost as good as The Onion

How's your Schiavo output today compared to Friday?

New candy coated in blasphemy?

I got banned from an evangelical Christian site

Gonna have Italian pot roast for supper!

Randi is ripping Alan Keyes' ass.

Does anybody else hate the AOL food slop commercial?

An Army Recruiter just came to my door looking for *ME*

anyone else having a tough day?

NFL Trade rumor: Rivers to 49ers for #1 pick

I jogged today, for the first time in my life

River Phoenix not going anywhere.

Joan Rivers going to 49ERS? WTF?

Who considers Olive Oyl to be Hot?

Anybody wanna flirt with me? Even by proxy?

Your rights stop where my rights begin

Noel Gallagher's track-by-track effing analysis of the new effing Oasis CD

Is this a scam/ripoff?

Look, ma! No hands!

Name songs or pieces of music with Morse Code in them! I'll start.

I'm back from the Garden State!

How come there's no American Ambassador to Britain?

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with me

Let's Settle This Oasis/Beatles Controversy Once and For All

Woah Dan Abrahms hair went greyish super-fast

Did Du turn into a prayer site while I was in court?

Hey! Did anyone else notice the NEW Smilies?

Jim Morrison -- a rock god or pretentious hack?

To all of you who have been complaining about the rain today, I am not...

Wanna add to the list?

Who here likes snakes?


When I Die, I Wanna Be "Burried" Under Catwoman's Pillow

OK so I had my grad school interview on Friday

What do you think about egrets?

When I was 17 years old, I tried to join the Army.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up because of politics?

who considers Olive Garden to be food?

ellis island web site

I'm in Austin - - who wants to get hammered?

My day so Far, and later on too...

Women (and men) what is the worst (or best) pick up line used on you?

New Fantastic Four Trailer ... IT IS FUCKING FANTASTIC

Why do you think Skinner is being so. . .

I am offended when you disparage Jesus Sanchez. Here is why you shouldnt.

Can you tell the difference in these two photos?

What band do you regret never seeing in concert

What kind of response is one of your posts most likely to get?

I introduced my father to Oasis this weekend.

FarceOfNature is my tag team partner

Accepting nominations for the McDowell's award

I bet you can't offend me.

I Embarassed My Girlfriend With A Joke At Dinner Last Night

I saw the Mountain Goats play live last night

What posts are never done in the Lounge?

I'm going to Costa Rica for the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your party status?

Strictly for my KNITTAZ!

This is it: Dogs or Cats?

Anyone have any g-mail invites????

Sob sob sob peak oil sob sob sob peak oil sob sob sob

I'm taking suggestions for new DU emoticons/smileys

A racing driver to piss off the freeptards

??? about doing my taxes online

It's the "Describe your day using only DU Smilies" thread

anti-Bush themes in film version of "Sin City"

Ever try the Bertolli meal in a skillet?

We're here. The End is Near. Get Used to It.

Regarding the Philadelphia Cheese Steak

If you post in the lounge only with quotes from Easy Rider....

new Burger King Sandwich Packs the Calories

Would you like anchovies with your pizza?

It’s not easy being green.

Chicago DUers...time for another get-together.

DU has 11 new emoticons for you to enjoy

That's it. The FLIRTING BAN is OVER.

Take the Flirt Test!

A little advice on a VERY delicate matter, please??

Milwaukee DU's should we have a meet up some time soon?

I ordered this and it's very cool...

I'm just asking for it now...

The problem of pain/suffering

How do these images of faith affect you?

An Evangelical Call to Civic Responsibility

The Khmer Rouge and religion.

Another Easter question.

Here's a HARD one - Jesus and Hell

Why do Catholics adore Mary so much?

Nordic walking keeps the intensity on track(less stressful on the legs

Limiting Stroke Damage with Magnesium sulfate

Finger Length Points to Male Aggression

WP: The Stewards of Gay Washington

Labor unions oppose marriage amendment

Marcavage case thrown out

Oregon Gay Marriage Memories Saved For History

Maine Senate Passes Gay Rights Bill

Central Washington Univ. adds gender identity to nondiscrimination policy

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

N.C. company markets log homes to gays

Unreformed Gay-Bashing

Judge Refuses To Hire Yale Law Grads Over Gay Policy

Anti-Gay Policy Costs Wisconsin Jobs

The Stewards of Gay Washington

Report: Some Gays Quitting Calif. Partner Registry Over Legal Fears

Gays vs. 'faggots': Being gay is a conscious choice...

A Mountaineer Fan's Reward

Underwear maker celebrates new Japanese baseball team with special bra

Anyone get to see any World Cup qualifiers this weekend?

Boa constrictors, anyone?

Anybody have any experience with bee venom therapy for arthritis?

Anyone familiar with Gabrielle Weber in Norristown, PA?

Something I'm wondering with Bush

GD threads saying stop criticizing Christians

I posted a thread in the Lounge.

Atheist Activists Look to Future During Easter Convention

A post that ought to be required reading...

First Aid Station

What matters god?

Projecting, Masshole-style?

Has anyone checked on angrydemocrat?

What do you want to concentrate on?

2008 catnip!

I'm back

And speaking of sunsets ...

"AIR AMERICA" ducu premieres TH at 8PM (E)... same time as Countdown's 2nd

Newsletter for 3/28

I hope Keith is back tonight

Countdown's 2nd Anniversay "idea".....

Operation Rescue vs Missionaries to the Preborn: similar groups?

Do people even care anymore about the soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanis

Repubs having probs over Schiavo issue

206 Confirmed. 10 Filibustered. (95.4% Approved) - Did you know that?

About inflations

will the Schiavo case be a "litmus" test for repubs?

Are we the party of "Law and Order" now?

Some clown on Faux about to claim that media coverage is anti-Schiavo


2 Weeks of Terri, Terri, Terri...How about our dead soldiers???

What if Terri Schiavo succumbed to her brain damage during the Bush admin?

Newshounds' Newsletter

What the RePublicans are really saying;;; THEY HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS

Schiavo's funeral

Bullshit headline of the week: "President prays for peace"

"Shotgun Politics"

Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged

My Advanced Directive

have you checked your phone bill lately....what are all these Fees?

Some Creditors Make Illegal Demands on Active-Duty Soldiers

if the governor of florida was a democrat

"Sir Richard Dearlove, the head of MI6, had warned Tony Blair

On-line peace movement scheduled for Tuesday Mar 29....

Medicine and sinners

FL legislator sponsors bill to allow you to shoot when you feel threatened

John Bolton as UN Ambassador - when is the vote?

Does anybody else hate the AOL food slop commercial?

Debt (bankruptcy bill site)

know how we talk about framing the issue.....

Has Little Boots come up for air yet today

Andrew Sullivan: Terri is the dying martyr the Rebublican right can use

Help for LTTE: How many Clinton judges were blocked vs. Bush judges?

NYT: KKKarl's Kontrol of Policy

Polling numbers indicate public opposition to keeping Shiavo alive.

White supremist/homo-hater runs for Montana school board

Hypocrite Tom Delay Made Decision to Let His Own Father Die

RED SHIFT GONE WILD, Outta Control and in Free Fall.

Feel like signing petitions - The Petition Site

Excellent article SLAMMING the media for its conduct on the Schiavo matter

I'm meeting Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel tomorrow: what should I say?

Why no outcry over womanizing Wolfowitz?

Another BushCo ripoff.

Has Anybody Taken Ownership Of The Repug Talking Pts re: Schiavo?

many pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions

AOL's extreme media bias.

Suprising - Conyers At LaRouche PAC Event Opens New Dialogue among Dems

Edwards starts new job at UNC Poverty center

Real Crisis, Still No Plan

CNN provides MOST Government & Corporate VNR's to 800+ local T.V.


Some of ya'll crack me up.... still pushing the primary wars

The rightwingnuts march on Capitol Hill

Missed Opportunity?

Okay, I just created a blog McCain Watch

WYFF-TV preempts NBC Nightly News for local Schiavo special.

AP: '08 White House Race Draws Iowa's Interest

What Schiavo teaches us at DU

Micheal Schiavo agrees to allow autopsy upon death..

DeLay's father was on ventilator, so it's completeley different?

FL DUers: Stop Legislature from limiting our right to amend Constitution!

Will John McCain run for President in 2008?

Tough on terror, weak on guns

Hillary- On the Move

John Conyers has a message board and he wants to hear from you

Nebraska newspaper publisher leaving GOP, urges others to do same

DeLay’s 3/21 speech to the Family Research Council - transcript & mp3

Businesses benefitting from right-wing agenda.

Conservatives Go Nuclear and So Does the Truth


The Ridiculous Foolishness of Newsweek

I'm still waiting to hear one charming thing the chimp has EVER done!!!

Hillary opens up morality war on violent video games

Fallujah Story-- Must Read

We must redefine "Right to Life"

My humble observations of the status of our party.

John Edwards' (the "psychic" from 'crossing over') claims on Schiavo

Tim McVeigh officially not a terrorist

Who makes the better populist?

Here's how you can help protect the filibuster

Bushisms - The Audio Clip

FreeRepublic's Jim Robinson "fed up" with "liberal Marxist ideology"

Stingy Hoyar's Social Security "compromise".Then my REAL solution!