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Archives: March 24, 2005

Canada's Growing Role in Haitian Affairs

Political Expediency Abounds in Schiavo Case

Open Letter to Terry Schiavo

Rove's Tricky Decoy Dump

Blumenthal: A confederacy of shamans (Schiavo)

Testing on Humans (stiff drink needed and a lot of sedatives)

Lifting weapons ban on China could spark Asian arms race

War's Effect Felt Across Middle East-Robert Fisk

Buck Up, The World Hates Us More Than Ever

Still on the march 40 years after ‘Bloody Sunday’

Cheney's Oil Change at the World Bank

Campus Anti-War Group takes over a building at U of Minnesota!

Japanese cities retain title as most expensive

Austrian ski resorts to wrap up snow to stop melting

Haida set up logging blockades in B.C.

MND talks up new anti-sub planes - P3 TW

Nation's position critical to global security: envoy - TW

Corruption: the other side of economic expansion - Communist China

Israel not a favoured business location

KOEB already started .... jump in and swim these mighty waters.

More People Caught in Election Fraud ....East St. Louis -- posted in LBN

KOEB: emergency start

BRAD BLOG:Blackwell Finally Testifies- New Talon News'Voters Rights' Group

Online Think Tank Project on Election and Campaign Finance Reform

Part IV. To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe …

Where are we on reform right now?

Ca-McPherson Team is an Arnie Policy Implementation SWAT Team

CA democratic party legislators are cowards and traitors if they

Assembling Pease - March 26 at 7:00 in JP

my blog is MOVELEFT.COM

I think Tom DeLay is brain dead, but.....

June Bugs in March?

New, improved Randi KXEB sticker design!!

Living Will

But AAR is coming back to Chicago!

Woman who sold grilled cheese sandwich w/ virgin Mary's image for

AARP Ad about Social Security on Comedy Central


Where are the radical clerics..


What is Bella Ciao? I am probably behind the times, again,

Terri Schiavo and God

Democrat Says Democrats Should Promote A Progressive Agenda!

The Republicans Are Imploding------------------ Buchannon wants

58+% Federal Judges nominated by Rebublican Presidents...

80% of Americans say "no Schaivo intrusion"- why do rethugs hate Democracy

When will the SPINELESS BUSH BROTHERS save Terri?

Guess What? We're Still in Iraq. Huge Fight today. Over 87 killed.

Earth Scouts

Efforts to Restore Schiavo Feeding Tube Defeated - 9 Repukes defected

I just paid a hundred dollars more than usual for home heating fuel

The Rethugs are clowns all piled in to a Mini Cooper driving off a cliff.

Terry Schiavo Case: Guardian at Law

Question on Kerry and Indie Energy

"Values" party advisor died of Limbaugh Pill (OxyContin) overdose

How W. can "Save Terri"

OMG, Buchanan on Hardball says Bush should send in US Marshalls

Buchanan on Tweety: Bush should send in federal marshals!!

U.S. kills 80 more people who did not attack us on 9-11 today

Tweety is losing it! Tweety is on FIRE!

Jeb Bush - the REINCARNATION of George Wallace

Fundie nutbags are scaring everyone into signing living wills. Hee. Hee.

Turns out "pro-life" isn't all that popular, even with conservatives.

Idiot Son's poll numbers lower (43%) as a result of Schiavo

Terri Schiavo never had the opportunity to enjoy Oasis

The fundies are now trying to have Judge Greer impeached!

Found this on Air America that I found interesting.

Just read that bushitler's brother chimp Jeb trying to get custody of T.S

I can think of one way to get recruitment numbers up...

Shameless Right-Wingers Exploiting Terri Schiavo - Conason

Why don't ALL people get the financial/moral backing like the Schindlers?

Olbermann will be revealing who is funding the Schindlers legal fees next

Depressed? Let Me Cheer You Up With A Song/Movie - MUST SEE

Americans United Blasts Congressional Leaders' Promise To Push Religious R

Sydney Morning Herald Cartoon: Bush's Right to Life

So whats your favorite Queen album or song?

Anyone else think Terri's mom looks like Woody Allen?

Am I the only one tired of Teri 24/7?

Frist Urged Changing The Definition of Brain Dead

Jim Moran web site down??

"Scottish Episcopalians OK Gay Priests"

Hannity is such an A$$hole

Adam Nagourney has a new entry at his blog:

Wow. Aaron Brown actually on CNN tonight!

Next move by the Wingnut Republican Theocracy.....

Sweet jezus, about the Minnesota psycho who did his rampage:

My response from a soldier

Dear Progressives

Interesting.... Judge Pryor voted against "saving" Terri....

I just saw a tease for a guest on Aaron Brown, a disabled woman who said

The BEST new word for DU-ers comes from BBC's game show...

When my mother can't swallow food, I will not put her on a feeding tube.

Wait until you hear what Jebbie Boy bases his DCF argument on!

This is so hypocritical

Right and Left Unite to Challenge Patriot Act provisions

The Repuke party is calling 82% of Americans "murderers" . GOOD!

Is Another Historic Re-Alignment In The Cards?

Anyone post this story? About General Motors going BANKRUPT?

Jeb wants custody? THIS IS AS BAD AS IT GETS!

Imagine Terri Schiavo was a pregnant woman who wanted an abortion

These ads are Bull%*$# , Warning...... watch ads at own risk,

I need some help for an arguement on a different site.

Coburn's responses at town hall meeting tonight-Schiavo case, SS, etc.

Al Franken coming up on Scarborough Country

Teen Charged In Murder Used Racial Slurs, Police Say

No Not Pat Boone!

WTF? NY Times wants "fairest portrait" of school shooter?

Ok.. I am ready to be flammed here...

PBS Charlie Rose is talking with the president of CNN

March 23, 1969 Rally for Decency

FL R's passing bill telling students to sue professors

Jim Moran (D-VA) and Jeff Miller (R-FL) on Hardball

AAAGGGHHHH!!! THIS Schiavo thing is driving me nuts..

Jeb's neurologist's bizarre poem on right-to-die. Jesus

whose name is the plaintiff in the case that most limited Roe?

Re: "Michael could have just divorced Terri"

Quickly: Need list of all members of the house of representatives in 1920s

To tell you the truth , I sometimes think that Ralph Nader rocks!

The idiot who wrote The Purpose Driven Life

Is a military draft becoming a near certainty?

Republicnas are also working on legislation to allow religious

Can a bad case make worse law?

I saw the footage of the Pope today: MSNBC

I need to say this. Schavio/religion will bring the United States to a

OMG. If Jeb succeeds in taking custody here is what happens next

Death threats for some Florida Lawmakers who opposed the law today

Apparently Unfiltered on AAR is doomed--

Public opinion on Schaivo Case gives me hope for the Country

Why is it that the pro-life stance is tied to religion so tightly?

Minnesota teen posted bloody Flash film late last year

Prince Charles greeted by Topless Protester(s)

PHOTOS: St. Louis MO... STANDS UP 1521 tombstones to honor OUR troops

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Therapy

Pat Boone is the voice of morality in this country?

Springer's Talk Radio Show to Expand - Air America

Psycho Republicans not happy until we are killing each other in the street

You know, sometimes I think you guys are intentionally thick.

How did Nancy Grace get her job?

How many people die EVERY day for lack of insurance????

Answer me this. What is the purpose of art in society today?

CBS Poll shows Bush and Congressional Republicans tanking in polls.

Liberal confession time.


This Schiavo Furor Bodes Ill for the Democrats!!!

Jeff Weise "NativeNazi" in denial ~ his postings on


Bushco is completely Self-Destructing! The best part about it is...

Do you think disabled people will start voting Republican

Why Karl Rove Loves the Schiavo Distraction

You can't starve an unfeeling body to death!!!

What The Shiavo Case Is REALLY About.

It is crazy I tell you…crazy, crazy…

It's Privacy, Stupid

Where is World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis? (Hint:Not Florida)

Terri Schiavo: democrats: the party of death...

I'd like to see this become the Dem issue: KEEP PRIVATE LIVES PRIVATE

Do you feel sorry for Terri's parents/siblings?

How come the US media havent mentioned the Texas Explosion

About the Draft !!!

Red Lake

Jeb Bush going for custody of Terri

U.S. Mexican Border to Explode Soon

Maybe it's Blackmail - Hard Right vs. BFEE >>?? Throwing FLA

Ralph Nader Hosted Today's CNN Crossfire Show: The Old Fart Did Good!

Is the GOP imploding??

The Passion of the Schiavo: Now at 185,000 Search Results on Google

Pat Buchanan says...

Dominos Pizza's Politics

DU, I think that another "terra-ist" attack is coming shortly...

Hoo, Boy !!! - Did The rePukes Over-Reach, Or What ???

Republicans advocate SUEING professors who teach evolution!

Florida Living Will

Would the Terri Schiavo situation be the same if she were male?

PBS pushing hard for SocSec benefit cuts

the kids are *not* alright

Pat Buchanan, "send in the Marshalls"

If you're pregnant can they draft you?

Reminder: DU bereavement and grief support group is now active

Our Wedge Issue: Personal Privacy

I am not in favor of Terri's dying.

The West Wing with a Republican President?

Jeff Gannon. Bobby Eberle. NASA in Houston. The connection.

There's something ugly and ominous going on...

I'm not a doctor but I'm noticing something for the first time re Terri

I just read through Mrs. Schiavo's GAL report

The left relies on facts. The right relies on emotions.

hey guys, how do I clean my "vintage" Brown Betty teapot?

These, for me, are the most depressing statistics of the Thatcher Years.

Jackson trial judge may bar explicit images as evidence (CNN)

Santorum Re-Examining Death Penalty

Texas Oil Explosion

US military denies air strikes in western Iraq

Rumsfeld Questions Possible Venezuela-Russia Arms Deal

Poll Finds Evangelicals, Conservatives Oppose Federal Government's

Canada set to rule on US deserter's refugee claim

Delta Expects To Avoid Bankruptcy Filing

Union dispute flares at Dallas laundry plant

Walnut Company Strike Cracked After 13 Years

Postal truck drivers go on strike (IA)

Nurses agree to contract, averting strike (IA)

C-I residents can sound off Monday (teacher's strike)

Poll: Most evangelicals oppse government on Schiavo

Florida Senate Rejects Bill That Would Have Forced Reinsertion of Terri Sc

Calif. High Court Tosses Two Lawsuits Against Stem Cell Agency

Rights groups for disabled join in fight

Gun Battles Leave Many Dead in Iraq

Countdown to a strike (Bridgestone-Firestone )

Perle, Ex-Pentagon Aide May Face SEC Suit Over Hollinger Role

Jackson Trial Judge Bars Prosecution's Computer Evidence

Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on 100,000 AK47's are to many, now we are

U.N.: Annan Expects to Be Exonerated in Oil-for-Food Inquiry but Son's Sit

Two dozen die in crowded Congo camp each day

Gay, Nudist Cruise Barred From Entering Nevis

Texarkana faces impact of strike at Cooper Tire

Gov. Bush Seeks to Take Custody of Schiavo (site alliga. of abuse)

BBC News-Iraq Action 'Crime of Aggression'

14 Feared Dead in Texas Refinery Blast

BP Says Death Toll 14 in Texas Plant Explosion

Political Expediency Abounds in Schiavo Case

U.S. quiet about sale of altered corn (Pattern of secretcy)

Venezuela and ExxonMobil Begin Negotiations Over Tax Increase

Poll: Evangelicals Oppose Gov't on Schiavo

House approves constitutional ban on gay marriage (IN)

Parents of Terri Schiavo Suffer More Setbacks in Court, Legislature

City Seeks Dismissal Of Anti-War Protesters' Lawsuit (Chicago)

Layoffs Coming To Walker's Lear Plant (fallout from GM)

Portuguese ruling Socialists propose referendum legalizing abortion

Judge Settles Bitter Family Dispute Over Burial for Soldier Killed in Iraq

Deadly blast rocks Texas City (BP refinery)

Protesters Line Street For Governor's Visit (Schwarzengroper)

Woman bites into finger at San Jose restaurant

Entire Buffalo Housing Police May Be Laid Off

Winning design for National AIDS Memorial picked

New Jersey Man Who Shone Laser Beam at Small Jet Indicted on Patriot Act C

House GOP Files Supreme Court Brief On Schiavo (3\23 - UPI)

UK troops will not leave Iraq before next year, report

100 Muslims help guard Catholic churches in city (Manila)

U.S. Thwarts Justice for Darfur

Guantánamo Detainees Make Their Case -NYT

Collins Stewart hunts down internet libeller

WP: Report Emphasizes Shortfall in Medicare (in worse shape than S.S.)

UN Coucil May Act in Sudan

Racism Allegedly Motivated Murder

Planned Parenthood Denounces Record Search

Americans Want Filibuster Rules Respected (57% / Princeton)

Schiavo's Parents Appeal to Supreme Court (the deed was done)

'Cover Up' Claim over Iraq War Legal Advice

Five charged with vote fraud in East St. Louis

Wolfowitz Meets With World Bank Executives to Drum Up Support

School Killer's Animated Terror (Flash film discovered: warning graphic)

Springer's Talk Radio Show to Expand (now a regular on Air America)

Appeals Court: Marine Can't Be Forced To Sell Home In Flag Flap

Clergy demand Bush intervention to save Schiavo

Judge: Ohio Gay Marriage Ban Affects Law

Clear Lake (TX.) women take own (air) samples to show levels are toxic

WP: Army Documents Shed Light on CIA 'Ghosting'

Protesters want Pakistan PM to go

Bird flu kills 48th victim

A Diagnosis With a Dose of Religion -NYT

Dean Says Party Should Speak From Heart -WP

I love The King Of Queens

How do I stuff a paper?

I know,let's have Oasis group.

Why are the Bay City Rollers so much better a band than Oasis?

Do you know why "Queen of the Damned" is rated R?

The courts have a 1000 yard restraining order between Motorhead and Oasis

Prince sucks. n/t

Adam Savage on Mythbusters got married. BOO HOO!!

Who is Shambalah ?

How shall I assuage my existential angst this evening?



Vietnamese Snake wine...

YOUR Band Sucks More than MY Band

My least favorite person was voted off Survivor

What is the difference between a pastor and a reverend, really?

Has MikeG started another shitstorm? Discuss.

All purpose Oasis/Terry Schiavo/Rich Gannon/ignore thread

To all of those people leaking things onto the net:

Ah, sweet HIDE THREAD!

Pop Music Today: Vast Wasteland of Crap? Discuss.

I wish people would drop the faux swear words and just SWEAR

How does this picture (circa 1992) resonate with you?

On a dark desert highway...

Entire "lost" new Fiona Apple cd leaked online (link)

I'm on the "blacklist" at work

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I had a discectomy surgery done 2 months ago. Should my vision still be

'Extreme' tax bill - Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Time for "Lost" and then "West Wing"

I love your guts but I've been too busy to post today.

Do you ever click on a reply even though it says "(nt)"?

What the fuck? Re: Lyrics

You have nothing to fear: GLWPY

Dread Zeppelin - Greatest novelty band ever... Discuss

This Sunday, Underpants And *I* Will RISE Again!!

Right leg first, or left?

Bush, send troops to me! My vet is trying to put my cat to sleep!

What's this then?

What is this artist trying to convey?

"In a champagne supernova in the sky-y-y-y"

What does KOEB stand for

Anyone else love the movie "What Lies Beneath?" I have an irrational

I'm going to get a brand new Henway

Need help with planning a Mexican vacation to Puerto Vallarta area

Best DJ potty break song - "Stairway to Heaven" or "Free Bird?"

I'm giving away Nobel Prize nominations here...

"Safety Dance" - Best 80's song - Discuss.

anyone everknow/be someone


How blind are you?

I'm a 60's-70's rock n roller that has never listened to Oasis. Never!

I'm moving to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea that so many people were atheists

I was sitting there at work today, and IM'd my best friend...

How'd you know I was looking at you...

I am a historical figure - Who am I?

i am a historical figure

I love The Kings.

I'm ditching work tomorrow, who's with me!

The Butterfly Effect and my 8th grader. "What if Lincoln wasnt killed...

Hello Y'all! Say Hello to my friend and new DUer VoonFRundle

Terri Schiavo never had the opportunity to enjoy Oasis

I love Queens!

Easter is this Sunday - Post your favorite rabbit recipes

4000th post!

DU needs a thread in which we can ROCK OUT!

What shall I do now?

Eric Idle bashes Bush (song)- old but great

what is a hedgehog?

Spanish-ize your DU screenname

I am tipsy and listening to a hockey game, ask me anything !!

Who wants to play golf?

Anyone bought the new Queens of the Stone Age Album yet?

It's a happy day! bushitler imploding and taking gop with him!

'I am a historical figure' Game #3


where am I ?

What US city has the most television shows set in it?

A Michael Jackson must-see

What's the difference between a hedgehog and a gopher?

I am another gentleman loser - who am I?

American Idol error directs voters to suicide hotline

What does all the different names of pasta translate too.

Anybody know if one could use a voice-activated typing program

Anyone realize that the west coast has no hedges or matcom?

Mystery buffs: What is your favorite Agatha Christie novel?

IS IT POSSIBLE to be a Celebrity...

Great West Wing Tonight!!!!

Can a guy be frigid?

I love monarch butterflies

Cat conniption

How do you know?

I got the old Loree oboe out tonight.

I am another historical figure - Who am I?

Gatorate is WORSE for your toofies than carbonated cola!

Wow. 1/2 cup milk, 5 peeps, 1 freezer, 1food processor chopper.

Which progressive TV show did this in 1988?

Yeah, I'm a "mouth breather" - what of it?

I got some GREAT news!!! I'm going to be an Auntie again!!!!


Hey, I never hear it discussed here, but is anyone else into "HUFF?"

For my 1,000th Post, I have posted a contest in the DU Lounge:

The West Wing won me back tonight

Whitney in Rehab Again

Danzig vs. North Side Kings

Do you believe in people/animals?

Ned calls the 700 Club

American Dreams tonight -

well now there is one republican i'd consider voting for

White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel

Who would win in a fight. Little Richard or Pat Boone?

Really, what are we gonna do about FLORIDA?

What is the significance of the short bus?

Chili found in fast food chili...

A bad movie...

"Asking it All" - An anti-war song by my dad

Disinfect me, PLEASE.....went to Coburn's townhall meeting tonight

West Wing made repukes look like religious whackos!

Have you ever discovered a "foreign object" in your food?

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits, etc.?

"Would you eat monkey brains for a million dollars?"

I love Queen.

This is arguably the greatest Photoshop job ever done

"The Shield" Fans:

Another friend of mine from college has died

Just a general question....

Seinfeld's TV Dad Dies

I'm halfway through the 700-club and want out now! Ask me anything!

Fill in the blank , and you win a kiss from Winona Ryder

Who has the picture of the cat giving the finger?

Ovaltine Sucks!

OK, I promise this is my last post about my Paris vacation...

When the earth was still flat

Best. South Park. EVER.

Jesus has migrated to a pecan tree.

I love no monarch what so ever

Listening to Cream's "BBC Sessions".

Are you looking to suck some serious bone?

What is your desert island recording ?

" I was Terri Schiavo's nursing assistant for two days back in 1997..

Regarding my favorite smilie...

When you post in the lounge.....

How many times a week do you...? You know...

Human Finger Found In Fast Food Chili

When we repeal the Patriot Act - we should call it "The Steeler Act"

The Second Poll of the Gods!

East Texas house stolen brick by brick

Iron Maiden Fans: The ULTIMATE Battle!

What is the best movie you own?

Suck it snow. Suck it long, and suck it hard.

A strange man just asked me to 'Buzz his head'

Favorite offensively named wine...

I love Quinn

2 week old kitten photos

Did you guys see the idiot reporter's stun gun bit on last night's TDS?

You're stranded on a desert island w/2 books. Which ones do you choose?

Picture of the latest Right Wing Medical Expert in the Schiavo Case

Internet dating question #1346

Favorite Dave Chappelle Skit

What did your parents keep you from listening to/reading/watching?

UK General Election - Who would you vote for?

So whats your favorite Queen album or song?

The Passion of the Schiavo: 146,000 Google Search Results

If this was last year I'd be watching "Ed". Damn I miss that show.

I love The King.

Favourite Austin Powers Character.

What's the difference between a marmot and a woodchuck?

West Wing: Television Imitates Reality, But Does it Better

Lets start the "Leftist Totalitarian" party

The DU Safehouse

Help me pick a new avatar....

Schiavo Queries for the Religious Right............

Why do they even call smooth jazz smooth jazz?

Only 3 and 1/2 more days til Saturday morning with progmom

If I can't have cheese on bread....

Ozzy's sporting some crazy-ass socks.

I am a hysterical figure. Who am I?

Why Not Grimace for president in 2008?

Dear god, 13 hours in the hellhole today.

How many pets would you like to have?

For My 1,000th Post, A Contest!

Woman bites into finger at San Jose restaurant

How are you with needles?

A gaggle of ostriches dive bombed my car yesterday

ok so what song are you listening to

Clowns ..... do they overdo the makeup?

The Sleep Number Bed - - Anyone have one? Ever tried it? Is it good?

Musically talented Lounge Lizards check in.

Schiavo: Where is their faith?

Islam--Does anyone know of a good book

Terri Schiavo and God

Immigration barriers hurt gay couples

My Campaign for Presidency

Argh! I found the 'green' picture I wanted to post, thinking I'd lost it

Does anyone else think the Photography Group should have a Demopedia

Freepers want to donate to keep Schiavo alive... but oppose "socialism"

Petition at PR Watch

Delay/Frist Recording?

Define "landslide."

The reason neo-cons want Terri to die.

Jay Wolfsen on MSNBC now.

HELP! Where can I find out which of my Senators and Congressmen

The Schiavo Case and the Islamization of the Republican Party

Freepers trying to cook up an "ABC talking points memo was fake" story

why I don't like our moderate protests.

Hardball gives Buchanan the business!!

What is happening currently with Armstrong Williams "investigation?"

May I be the first to laugh at Delay and say screw you

Only 34% approve of Congress in new poll (bad news for GOP)

TIME: Delay blames LBJ for separation of church/state

Was I Seeing Things? Norquist On C-Span 2 Bitching About The "Patriot"

Nominating - Nobel Prize - hope this isn't a repeat...How winners are

FYI -- Al Franken said he will be on Scarborough tonight

7 out of 7 LTTE's in Bakersfield Californian slam Bush & Congress

Question about living will.

Al Frankken kicking Joe S butt real good right now

Malloy is on,kicking ass and taking names.....listen up

Fox flips the bird to the chimp.

Ldotter expresses depp "concern" for TX oil refinery explosion

Media groups: No crime committed in Plame leak case

Schiavo briefs at the SC according to Faux news at 11:00 pm or

When you lie down with pigs, all you ever get is dirty

Congressman Moran just kicked the sh*t out of Hannity on Faux

OK. I've come to a decision.

Conservatives: Bush's SS message is 'pay more, work longer, get less'

Pat Boone Suggests Terri Shiavo's Husband Beat Her into Coma

O'Reilly about to cover Bush's TX life-termination law and Baby Sun case

John McCain: Pimp or 'Ho?

My Campaign For Presidency


Response I received from Albertsons (re: Heaton freeper-like statements)

What is the core issue that makes you a Democrat?

Wake up! The GOP is 100% correct! Put the feeding tube back in!

SS is good till 2072--BOomers will be dead--"outlays drop" says CBO

BRAD BLOG: Interview w/ GOPers from new 'Non-Partisan' 'Voting Rights' Org

Death penalty for Dr's who perform abortions?

Want to see good ideas get developed and built upon rather than archived?

'98 Case Similar to Schiavo's Taught No Lessons, Family Says

America's gunboat democracy

GOP's Evolving Creed

Sleaze emerges from novel sources

Jerry Brown blog on Schiavo: "Florida v. Texas"

Dowd: DeLay, Deny and Demagogue

Hospice's promise when death is near

Where are the Democrats?!

Unmasking the Theocons

Wolfowitz gets a Tongue Bath-re: anonymous sources

The Right to Live with Dignity

Tom DeLay Awards Badge Of Honor

Rep. Ron Paul continues to fight against Natl ID

Cultural Barbarism

EPA testing pesticides on poor children. EPA head Johnson okays this.

Tom DeLay Awards Badge Of Honor

High Court Orders Tom DeLay's Feeding Tube Removed

The Undoing of America (interview with Gore Vidal)

Global Eye - Body Double - By Chris Floyd

The Real Unemployment Rate is 23%

Masters of Sleaze

Great LTTE in StarTribune (Mpls)

The most powerful comments on 'The Amazing Hypocrites' by a mother of Gl

The Long Emergency

Sex Doesn't Sell To U.S. Movie Audiences

How to Turn Your Red State Blue

Liberal Oasis: The Shiavo case one big disaster for the right

McCarthyism in God's Name

About that Number (Yesterday's Soc Sec report was cooked - NYT)

It's torturetainment, baby!

Gore Vidal: An important interview with a man at his zenith!

Friedman: George W. to George W. (Deaths of Prisoners)

" The only remedy is spraying them with the garden hose. "

Stan Goff: “We can win, and we will win”

Urge Congress members to ban 'torture by proxy' or extraordinary rendition

Faking a Fake Shroud of Turin and Faking Out Television News

Goodbye, Unfiltered - Hello, Jerry

Acronym for major media outlets

Durables orders disappoint-aircraft orders can't offset weak demand

What is real UE rate - this site claims its 23%

This is why I suggest doing NOTHING about this Soc. Sec. "shortfall"

How to prepare a planet for global warming

a little blue pill & species conservation

New Hampshire Senate to Vote on Approach to Mercury Rule

20% Of NW Rivers May Become Too Warm For Salmon, Steelhead - Seattle PI

Clinton IA Steel Plant Cleanup Hits New Total Of $14.5 Million

Meningitis Outbreak Declared In Darfur - Reuters

20 Washington State Rivers At Record Low Flow Levels


Fisheries Cmte. Predicts Fraser River Sockeye Fishery Closed In 2008

UK Parliamentary Committee - Continuing Energy Price Spikes "Inevitable"

GM - A History Of Botched Breakthroughs And Innovation Avoided

Gov. Taft (R-OH) Promises Coal Plant Cleanup

Fourteen killed in Texas refinery blast.

Climate change poorly understood by US public

Marburg Outbreak In Angola - 102 Cases As Of 3/24/05

Swiss to wrap melting glaciers in foil

American chemists express their fascination with coal, CO2 sequestration.

Possible Global Warming Estimates Double - Potential 11C Increase

Hot-rod hybrids offer power without the guilt (2005 NY Auto Show)

BBC (March 24): Protesters oust Kyrgyz government

U.S. Envoy Presses Sharon on West Bank

UN rights expert praises Israel

"Inside scarred minds"-Authors in the Frontline: Daniel Day-Lewis

Hamas slams Arab summit outcome

Court orders FDNY to release 9/11 attack audiotapes

Parrallel con-trails, what the heck are they?

Gannon type "ringer" planted into Republican run hearings on Ohio '04.

Free Press: As Blackwell Says, Ohio’s in 2004 was a National Model

BRAD BLOG: Interview w/ GOPers from new 'Non-Partisan' 'Voting Rights' Org

video, audio of His Blackwellness, Tubbs-Jones-NO answr ??'s - "HAUL butt"

Conyers Blog: Preserving Democracy Continued

Carter and Baker to Co-Chair Bi-Partisan Commission on Election Reform

Urgent! Act now to keep California "blue"! Everyone, please help!

Thursday 3/24 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

San Francisco - Workshop on No Confidence Resolution - Fri 3/25

How's this for a Straight Party option?

Research Project! Quantifying vote alteration for Steve Freeman

Criticism of Freeman and USCountVotes

Gov. Wins Initiative Fundraising Case

I was on the San Diego TV news last night!

Urgent! Save election integrity in CA!

Gov. Arnold's Sec'y of State Nominee no Moderate.!

Diving Into Falluja To Hell and Back - from Santa Barbara!

Members of Hawkeye Area Chapter of ICLU here?

Dave Loebsack's potential run against Leach

What could we do to get AirAmerica in eastern Iowa

Also on April 23rd, an event which I seem to be getting more and

Card for Governor?

OK, the almost-final specs for my new PC

Statesman: Senate targets internet postings

Statesman: Hutchinson-Perry spat heats up.

Texas City.....1947


If anyone was planning on going to Drinking Liberally in Houston tonight..

Nightline tonight - Topic: Tom "Slug" Delay

Kinkster in Houston tomorrow, Friday the 25th

Q: anybody following the SOS listening tour on HAVA?

TABOR to be introduced April 15th

It's UWM Panther Day in Wisconsin!

Yooohooo! I made the newspaper!

For my 1,000th Post, I have posted a contest in the DU Lounge:

Tweety's going Hollywood on the Schaivo Case.

Debunk the Republican lies on Michael/Terri Shiavo here...

Is there any credibility to the nurse who says that Michael Schiavo...

Terri dies a patriot for exposing the immoral REPUKE hatred of law

The latest spin: "The President has a duty to protect innocent life"

New Dr. Fundie nut

Kyra Phillips, Bob Franken, CNN talked about the discredited nurse.

Is Air America going to sponsor Gang Bangs now?

Conservative Groups' Support Steady

Forgive me DU - I have committed a sin

If I were Michael Schiavo

IF I were Will Pitt

I am sick and tired of the religious right sticking their noses into

Protect Yourself From the Schiavo Case Effect

Jeb's (Bush) emails show Bush re-election concerns played part in FEMA aid

Bernie reporting

Stalin's secret files on Hitler, and other new info.

My family has been accounted for

Something occurs to me (non-Schiavo content)

Firewall just said "Port Attack in progress"


Poets, war protesters, church goers and other dubious trash

EDITED: Terri's father claimed she said "I want to live"

Anyone have the website with the military enlistment forms?

Another question about Schaivo.

Oil Prices Rise On Concern About Supplies After Refinery Explosion

Anybody see the AARP ad on "privatization" of Social Security?

In yesterday I think.

If “Values Voters” turned the 2004 Election, Where Are They?

CORPORATE MEDIA (not main stream media)

Schaivo ruling will change "laws"...what laws do the rethugs want changed?

Is it the future yet?

National healthcare and "nanny states"

I'll be honest about Shiavo

The police put handcuffs on the children trying to bring water to Schiavo.

Republicans: The Party of the Brain Dead, for the Brain Dead

So is this how our civil courts legal system works....

how many president bush's will there eventually be?

O' Lord, what possible purpose is served by her prolonged suffering?

Dog Shooting in Iraq for "Fun"

American Dreams (TV Show) - Schiavo-like

Could the Schiavo mess change Power of Attorney laws?

Shouldn't the govt. be providing us with FREE tranquilizers?

Let's say they keep Terry Schiavo alive...

CNN Daybreak: Jeb Bush will probably visit Terri Schiavo today...

Let the Pope decide :)

Is it really likely Syria used a suicide bomber to assassinate Hariri?

Diner finds finger in chili

Imagine if Judge Judy heard the Schiavo case.

Quote from Bush, re. Shiavo............

Is the war good for corporate news?

We "win" or we "lose" re: Schiavo

Let's Not Forget. It Was Bush Who Caused This Crap To Happen

Time for Attorney General to step in (Sciavo)

"Liberal activist" Judge Greer is a Republican, conservative Christian

Bush's big mistake

So the IMAX "Volcanoes" flick might "Offend" the Creationist...

House should send in agents to save Terri Schiavo

and now for something completely different.. (NOT SCHIAVO)

Oh Goody! Alan Keyes is coming out in the Schiavo case

Obit in todays NY Times- a great lady!

More Than Two Years Later The Insurgents Fielding Hundreds Of Recruits!!

Please, President Bush, SAVE TERRI!!!

It is now very clear why George W has appointed Karen Hughes

Who's the Bigger Republican?

MSM fails citizens of US by not having reports such as this....

Bad tidings for the future.

Heston Reads the Bible

Pat Buchanan says send in US Marshals

Tell me what y'all know about Jeb Bush

Schiavo's father (Schindler) says she mouthed "I want to live" - CNN

Surely now God will bring a heavy retribution on this wicked nation...

Supreme Court Denial Link

awesome shrub cartoon

What I want to know is why is it that when Hillary Clinton

HELP: Can any of you see the following truthout links?

WTF is up with the reports on jobless claims and employment?

Schiavos have admitted Terri is PVS (Miami Herald)

Judge George Greer's bio says his roomate when he as in college was.....

Conservative Orgs going after Labor Unions on Social Security

Breaking: SCOTUS denies certiorari

Its bad enough that msm spends so much time on Schiavo

go in peace terri

Hitman tried 'death by chocolate'

Supreme Court REJECTS request to reinsert feeding tube

Is the Schiavo case the next Waco or Ruby Ridge ??

stupidist Schiavo argument yet

How does the court enforce its decisions in Terri Schiavo case

This is like severed head on the side of the road bad (Schiavo)

So will "Bugman" DeLay have the SCROTUS arrested...

What about Iraq?

Jeb Bush is channeling George WALLACE!!

He/she is a good Christian

DeLay, Deny and Demagogue - Dowd, NYTimes

Brrrr...I feel a draft

Have you ever been angrier?

Child not minister's despite "Vatican roulette"

Freepers confused over misuse of Patriot Act! Whaddya know?

Terri Schiavo a mirror to the abortion debate

Anyone in TX notice increased respiratory sickness?

You need to read this...from mother of GI killed in Iraq..

When did media commitment to fair and balanced become duty to report lies?

MSNBC Poll: Do Politicians Really Care?

All lurking freepers, please read (Definite Schiavo content!)

What Randal Terry and Terri-advisors should do:

Holy shit! National guard sent to rescue Terri

Alan Keyes wants Gov. bush to issue Terri a joke

Will the police side with the courts or jeb?

Robots are Hijacking your Mail:PO turning your letters into Junk mail

Drugs and despair plague US tribes

American Indians honor Jessica Lynch

Giving money to the Dems - Who gets it now?

Coal wants taxes repaid

I have been trying to draft a note to Gov. Jeb Bush all morning...

Patricia Heaton

You may not have known it, CNN certainly doesn't

Finally - Schiavo will die peacefully.

Can you imagine if the Pope were in Shiavo's medical circumstances

The Bush Twins' (Fake) Public Figures uses vile graphic to present news of Supreme Court ruling

Oh goodie...the Schiavo case is almost back to Jacko.

Texas City has a sad history of back in 1947

"Smaller Government"....S'Yeah, Right!

A Letter From Mel Gibson

Red Lake Donations

Ask Joe Scarbrough why he didn't fight to save Lori Klausutis!

Iraq importing 2 million gallons of gas per day !

US Still Killing In Fallujah... When is Enough , Enough?

Dear Dr. Frist:

so what will Scalia say about Schiavo during confirmation hearings

My faith in the SCOTUS is being restored a bit

Filibuster the nuke option? (WARNING: Non-Schiavo content)

Why is death such a bad thing?

PLAME Case: Criminal to Go Free, Witnesses to Jail

I Thought Jeb Was the "Smart" One n/t

Will the Schiavo fiasco force Jeb to resign?

Social Security: going broke in 2042?

Deja vu, anyone?

Two words you won't be hearing in 2008....

Red / Blue "mandate / political capital"

As to Air America host Rachel Maddow ..

The Republicans will never truly "control" the courts.

I realize it is hopeless, but I would still like just one freeper,


Nuclear Terri

Shhhhhhh! Shhhhh! Where the eff did Herman Munster Frist go?

When did Repukes become so sensitive about death?

What's the link between Bob Barker and my county jail???

john gibson on faux is a monster!!

Fox finally focused on the "video" being a cut and paste job

check out today

If Terri Dies Tomorrow on Good Friday...

New meme for the fundies

Oh, so now our msm discusses foreign coverage!

Hutchison-Clinton video made by Perry campaign

What would you really do?

list of good catholics

Yo. You still think the Iraq war was a-OK?

"Err on the Side of Life" and The Iraq War

GOP adviser died of overdose (Stevens - coke and oxy)

Urge Congress members to ban 'torture by proxy' or extraordinary rendition

MSRNC POLL: DO politicians really care about Schiavo? (kick it DU)

Supreme court hands defeat to fascist ghouls

Jeb just asked for custody of Schiavo

Oxyrush now plugging Hawthorn Suites

HSA... Is it sending me to the poor house?

new Oxyrush advertiser Reece & Nichols

18 POWs have been MURDERED in our custody.

CSpan2 - Interesting discussion re: Law and "Contractors"

Republican politicians secretly want Schiavo to die

Okay call me a jerk or whatever BUT I am SICK AND TIRED OF this GOD

What are Jeb Bush's options now?

I just tried to watch Nancy Grace with Michael Schaivo's brother on.

Diving Into Falluja To Hell and Back

let's talk about Delay...

Parrallel con-trails, what the heck are they?

"Geneva Conventions and the Rules of War"

OMG, Just turned on Fox and Linda Vester is having a revival show.

Schaivo needs nourishment like WE all do

American Bar Assoc. tool kit for advance health care directive

My first political cartoon.

Why do Repukes say a ventilator is different from a feeding tube?

Let's have a General Discussion about Kitty Kats

This doctor was not nominated for the Noble Prize!

NY Daily News: (Shiavo) Video doesn't tell whole, sad tale

I'm in Orlando - Should I go to Schiavo with a DU Banner?

VISA check cards vs. plain old ATM cards.(question)

Miles O'Brien/CNN: Michael Schiavo, the "estranged" husband

Neonazi lashes out at DU when Google News excludes him

If Terri was a "normal" child Jeb would forcibly take custody. So why....

DUers: Please help me compile a list of media circus stories

Jeb turned down

Texas high court blocks scheduled Wednesday execution

Ashley Smith thanks Jesus Christ for her $70,000 in rewards

Has Anyone Pumped Any Inferior Gas Lately???

Could it be that Jeb! isn't the king? Could he be beat on this one?

Will Bush have Ashley Smith come to DC OR will he address the school that

Want a liberal TV network on the air? Here's a chance to buy one!

I don't care who, I will not pay membership by telemarker proxy

Something that doesn't seem related but is: Brazilian abortion laws.

27 House Members Introduce Resolution Calling For Withdrawl From Iraq

Do You Have A Living Will?

Are armed contractors "combatants or noncombatants"?


Question about AM radio (esp. if you listen to AAR in Washington DC)

American's are demanding a revote!

Attention: Freepers, fundies, rw-whackos...Get Over It!....

Privatizing Social Security

Since Terri Schiavo is being taken care of by Medicaid, Michael . . .

Gen. Casey talking about "tens of thousands" of US troops being pulled out

The fundies would rather see Terri on life support and prone to pressue

DeLay issues Statement on Supreme Court’s 3/24 Denial of Schiavo Appeal...

Something I was wondering about with Rhandi Rhodes

A Really New Idea On Social Security! Increase The Employers Tax Ratio!

Is Fascism here already?

Carla Iyer's affadavit is the most absurd thing I have seen in a long time

What is happening in the world today

Are continued lawsuits re: Schindlers an attempt to keep this news?

Nuclear Dreams

"In Iraq, democracy was hijacked by the Americans..."

This RW move was never about Terri, it was to put a bullseye on judges.

DU this Poll

The Supreme Court Decision----A Cynical View

Randall Terry: "Why did (Jeb) Bush do this?"

If Jeb Bush sneeks into the hospice and snatches her after midnight

Mr. President, issue an EXECUTIVE ORDER to save Terri NOW

"Petitioners claim foes play dirty"...DFA in CA fighting Arnie's petitions

DFA to run pro-Social Security ads ahead of USANext ads against SS..

Bush's Texas law - if they can't pay, you can terminate feeding tubes

Advanced Directives Act in 1999

Judicial And Executive Branches Wrangle Over New Medical Opinion

Zogby-If the United States were the TV show

Are we sure that Terri didn't have an MRI in 1990?

Why the Schiavo case is an important topic for discussion

the torture continues: Schindlers file amended complaint

Remember, It only takes Four Supreme Court Justices to grant Certiorari

Wow, just saw the MoveOn ad about Cheney...powerful.

A question for AAR radio listeners

Should Neurologist's License Be Pulled & Ousted from Mayo Clinic??

Why Is The Religious Right So Afraid of Death?

Schiavo - How are all these Doctors (Nobel Prize Nominated no less).......

We`re a freak show.

Texas Futile Care law being discussed on NPR

Judge Greer-Does he have good security?

Little old lady's bumper sticker

Great new satire site... guess who is the most evil of em all!!!

Seniors to pay 12% higher premiums for medicare next year

DFA Radio Ads About SS

Faux and OLeilly spins Terri like they have never spun before.

A Medical Query About Schaivo...

PHOTO: Now THAT'S what I call vegetative!

the repug party just seems like the friend that suck you dry

National Priorities Project: Check it out.

Has anyone ever recovered from a condition like Shiavo's?

"Culture of Life"? How about "Culture of Bullshit"?

Whatever happened to George W. Bush's strong conviction & resolution?

Has Anyone Pumped Any Bad Fuel Lately???

Six days and counting . . . how long does Terri have?

FWIW: Text of Supreme Court decision today

15 years ago, Terri Schiavo's 'last hope' - S.P. Times article

Fundies turning on Jeb...

Are the 100,000 cops Clinton put on the streets still there?

Jeb Bush calls San Franciscans an "endangered species" in "Time" magazine

I feel really bad for the Schindlers

FWIW: Supreme Court stuff re: Repukes petition

F CNN I am Never going to thier website again

The next time someone has their feeding tube pulled, I will be smarter

Here's the number to urge Jeb to ignore the courts (850.488.5603)

Eric Alterman - Do As We Say? (GOP Contradictions)

Bush in his Bulletproof Vest >>>

Isn't it PAINFUL to start eating after starvation process has started?

Tom DeLay feeding tube removed! Mel Gibson arrested while protesting!

If "starvation" is cruel, then why don't they ACT NOW and....

How Going "Nuclear" Could Work For Jeb... (maybe)

Schiavo backfired. Bush is vindictive. How's he going to get back at us?

From TPM--Delay appears to be in meltdown mode

Has Jeb actually declared intent to act at or after midnight tonight?

When will Micheal Schiavo file a libel suit against DeLay for all of

Let me tell you about my friend Brian.

Two groups claim Texas blast, FBI sees no foul play

Pat Robertson just called it 'Judicial Murder' on CNN

Great interview with Gore Vidal in this week's City Pages

The New PC: Crybaby Conservatives (attacking university professors)

What About Unfiltered


DU got about 40 new members in the past few hours.

Who Has "Custody" Of Schaivo?

Jerry Springer on Randi's show right now

Is Terri under police guard? How do we know she's not being fed

Watching Jon Stewart call Tucker Carlson "a dick" never gets old...

CNN dragging out "miracle recovery" stories, now

WHDH(Boston): Explosion at Texas refinery will mean explosion at pump $$$

"Bring me some water" - new fundie TS theme song.

Scenario......Jeb storms Terri's hospice, cops respond, cop gets killed

Does anybody KNOW who is paying for Terri's life support now?

Schiavo= Judicial nominees and Jeb 44

He's tanned, he's rested, he's divorced with a new trophy wife! It's.....

"buying pollution credits"

(Chicago) Poet's Identity Revealed to Be Escaped Killer

World Bank compiles staff views on Wolfowitz -Internal message board

Michael Schiavo gets death threats from "right to life" lunatics.

i gotta say, not to be heartless, mom couldnt stay with daughter

Videotaped health care - should Dems be seizing on this issue?

And BTW, Didn't Lee Atwater, FROM HIS DEATHBED, Warn The rePukes...

Oy... Caption This !!!

So is martyrdom a part of the culture of life?

Who should Michael Schiavo invite to the funeral?

Scientists Recover Soft Tissue From T. Rex

Look Who's Talking IV: Not starring Kirsti Alley and John Travolta

What's the Jerry Springer Radio show about?

Who is Mark Mills??? Wrote "Bottomless Wells"?

K-mart completes purchase of sears. How? Isn't kmart kbankrupt?

If You Were In Terri Schiavo's Condition, What Would You Want?

Lynch Gets Medal of Valor

Bill Bennett urges Jeb to ignore the courts

Let's all have a pity party for these folk$....

Is this picture real or has it been photoshoped?

$ of litigation for TS vs. $ for 100% alive kids

Even generally GOP-slanted AOL users are turning on JEB! Bush

A serious question about Terri and the Media

Vigils in every state mark two years of war (Sojourners)

I Love it When Ed Schultz gives righties the Limbaugh treatment

the GOP's big OOPS re: Schiavo

What is with wearing duct tape over your mouth with"LIFE" written on it?

"They (Bush & Koizumi) are war criminals..." -chess legend, Bobby Fischer

This Schiavo debate is unfairly impacting Hospice care

Michael Schiavo Raised to Stick to His Guns, Never Give Up

Pre-Vegetative Terri was good looking and obviously preoccupied with looks

Holy cow! Now they're flying a banner plane with a banner saying

Fox News: "The Governor Blinked"

I remember how repulsed I was when W. was the Texas Governor

Thank You Christian Fundamentalists!

They're really axing Unfiltered for Springer on AAR?

What is the best form of government?

When Terri dies...

these freeper/fundies claim to be doing gods will

Leaders Cannot Avoid the Skunk at Trinational Picnic (NAFTA's Record)

Things I have learned this week regarding that case.

Someone's losing their job:

So now I'm confused, if jebbie kidnaps ts tonight

Michael Reagan diagnoses Terri, and blames Howard Dean for it all.

A letter to University of Michigan employees (same-sex partners)

Why the RW is obsessed with the Schiavo case.

There is a Tragedy happening...Lets show the Best Side of DU

this Terri thing sure reminds me of Elian Gonzales

CU Churchill report: investigated for research misconduct

why do those who enthusiastically support the killing of over 100,000

Anyone else with a bulimic/anorexic loved one--find the Schiavo story...

Molly Ivins on Schiavo: OUTRAGED

Red lake shooter on Prozac.-'The clues were all there' ......

Oh, guess who is the latest to get their nose into the Schiavo matter?

Michael Schiavo should sue right-wingers for libel and slander.


Serious question on the Shiavo case...

National Security Democrats

Where is Howard Dean in all this? The Repukes are imploding and

13-Year-Old Girl Arrested for Throwing an Egg at Bush

Fred "God hates fags" Phelps didn't show at Ole Miss, 200 pro-gay proteste

I need a Florida person near ...

What can we do if Jeb listens to the radicals who are begging him?

Irrefutable argument vs the right on the Shiavo case: Taxpayer rights.

Veterans and John Wayne

Calling The Creative! Distressed American Is Trolling For Submissions!

Did Michael Schiavo beat Terri? Village Voice article

Rachel talking about AAR's new lineup effective 4/1

Police had all the 'luck' in club raid (War on Drugs):

Bush v Gore started this whole fucking mess

Okay kids, tune in for some fun

Brandi Swindell (sp?) & kids arrested trying to break & enter TS' hospice

If this were the Republic of Gilead, would you survive?

I'm not a conspiracy nut...however.

Mel Gibson, Patricia Heaton, Randy Travis & Pat Boone Plead for Terri

What will George Bush do when someone is killed over Terri Schiavo?

Randall Terry, "family spokesperson" saying if Terri dies there will

Well, We're Finding Out Who The Fascists Are

Malloy made a good point last night RE Schiavo.

a funny feeling about those recruiting station shut-downs...

diagnos me dr frist........per email from drivedemocracy

DailyKos: NO Military Service for Gannon/Guckert

the culture of life in Texas City

Terri Schiavo and Dignity

BAM! New York Times says Jeb's "renowned" quack is RIGHT WING ACTIVIST

Mr. blm walked out of a restaurant today because they had FOX news on.

The Schindlers filed for bankruptcy in 1989,

Geez, I just got the eeriest, scariest gut feeling and I hope I'm wrong!

What Ever Happened To The Anti-War Howard Dean?

Let the dogs eat each other while this story is hot...and we

Canada DENIES refugee status to war dodger

Let's have a review of simple brain anatomy and physiology

MSNBC talking about whether Bill Oreilly can be guardian for his wife

Are you afraid?

My issues with the Pope, and Today's Catholic Church

Will Michael Schiavo end up being our Salman Rushdie?

Please wake me up when this Schiavo business is over.

PHOTOS: Laramie Wyoming STANDS UP against bush* wars and demands peace

1968 - who was around?

OK DU...Pull up a chair, get the snacks and the drinks of your choice

Is it okay to make fun of the Schiavo circus?

PHOTOS: Do ANY other families have loved ones at Woodside Hospice???

Bush/Fox Immigration Question seems to be splitting the Repubs

Peggy "Nooner" gives a DU shout-out in latest screed!

What Limits on Civil Obedience?

Myths about the Schiavo case debunked

I got myself a Wusthof knife

amazingly good ginger duck recipe

Suggestions on how to prepare spaghetti squash?

UK Gov refuses to release details of Brit killed by Israeli soldier

East Texas house stolen brick by brick

Defamation suit settlement unravels (Sharon Bush)

New Dr. Fundie nut

Tribe leader opposes Columbine-like funerals in Minnesota shootings

Report Emphasizes Shortfall in Medicare (this is the Crisis)--not SS

Leaders announce new North American pact

Iraq action 'crime of aggression'

Freed China Prisoner Details 1999 Arrest

U.S. May Renew Military Aid to Guatemala

Rumsfeld Questions Venezuela on Rifles

Crude Oil Spills Into Los Angeles Drinking Water Reservoir

Macedonian ex-minister surrenders

Judge rules gay marriage ban prohibits some domestic violence charges

Schiavo's father (Schindler) says she mouthed "I want to live" - CNN

CSFB sees WTI over $40 through 2009, Revised China look (Marketwatch)

Pentagon Increases Its Spying Markedly

Abortion Record Investigation Goes to Washington

Democrats Want Ehrlich to Come Clean on Driver Fees

U.S. Jobless Claims Rise

Tabloid photograph collection will be decontaminated of anthrax

House should send in agents to save Terri Schiavo

Unemployment up by 3,000 0ver previous week

Dollar Slips on Soft Durable Goods Number

Blair under new pressure over war in Iraq

Iraqi forces notch a victory, but is tide turning?

Chirac Takes Aim at EU Liberals

China says NKorea talks stalled

Woman's Obscenity-Laced E-Mails Were Not Harassment

Capitol bill aims to control ‘leftist’ profs

Iraqi forces win battle but war?

Needy students left behind

NYT/AP: Study: Cost Trumps Choice in Health Care

French trawler 'was sunk by sub'

Poll: Evangelicals Oppose Gov't on Schiavo

Terror-stricken Iraqi villagers wonder will bloodshed end

Judge quits over murder dossier as fears grow of cover-up

Army Documents Shed Light on CIA 'Ghosting'

Supreme Court denies Schiavo parents' appeal

Insurgents Target Iraqi, U.S. Security Forces; Protests Erupt in Basra

Draft Internet FEC rules

Iraq war: The smoking gun?

Five charged with ESL election fraud (East St Louis)

Where Guarding a Life Hinders Doing the Job (Parsons Corp in Iraq)

Plants kept lost scientist alive

MSNBC LBN: U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal of Terri Schiavo's parents

NYT: Bush Cites Political Hurdles in Plan for 'Guest Workers'

DeLay issues Statement on Supreme Court’s 3/24 Denial of Schiavo Appeal...

Pope to get 'own' mountain peak

Accounts of Iraq Raid Rife With Discrepancies

Bolshoi's 'porn opera' upsets the Russians

Religion Back in Pakistan Passports After Protests

Soldiers Fear the Needle (anthrax vaccine)

Cheney attacks Powell, says U.S. diplomacy very weak until now

Unemployement initial claims move up 3000 to 324,000

Red lake shooter on Prozac.-'The clues were all there' ......

CNN-Durables orders disappoint & AP: Factories:See BigTicket Orders Climb

LAT: Schwarzenegger Wins Initiative Fundraising Case

Five killed as Iraqi forces fight each other accidentally

Alaskan air base chosen as hub for F/A-22 Raptor

Largest Refineries Appeal For Tax Relief-(Assessor:"It's Truly Shameless")

Breaking: Fla. Judge Denies Latest for Takeover of Schiavo

Oil Prices Tumble

Rebuild Iraq expo to be held in Amman

Disarming Haiti Gangs Tough Task for U.N.

U.S. attack on Taliban kills six (Children and a woman dead too)

Kyrgystan Protestors Storm Prez Compound

Supreme Court Rejects Terri Schiavo Case

Iraqi resistance revived, fresh attacks target U.S. and Iraqi forces

Conservative Groups' Support Steady ($$$$$$$$$)

Schiavo Case Taking on Political Tone (AP)

Embattled Peruvian president opens new front

Bush: we will work with any president (Mexico)

Tribe lights a pipe of solace as the secret life of 'NativeNazi' emerges

New bill on campaign contributions raises alarm (Texas)

Fla. judge says state lacks legal grounds to take custody of Schiavo

Fake explosives cause shutdown at LAX


Santorum re-examines death penalty stance

Genetic Food Trend Picks Up Steam

Iraq establishes oil security force

Wash. Post lets McCain's false claim on Social Security go uncorrected

Italian journalist shot by U.S. troops leaves Rome hospital

Invasion Robs Baghdad of its Beauty

Kucinich on 2005 Social Security Trustees Report: Poor Economy Cause of Ne

Motivations of group attacking AARP include money, members and influence

'City of Peace' now a city in pieces (Baghdad)

Halliburton agrees to forgo new contracts in Iran; existing ones honored

Temperatures, oceans to rise even if gas levels steady, studies show

Media Groups Back Reporters In Court Filing

'Intelligence Fiasco' Stirs Up the Korean Peninsula

Judge: Ohio Domestic Violence Law Only Applies To Married Couples

UN Team Urges Independent Inquiry of Hariri Death

WP: FEC Signals Light Hand On Internet Campaigning

Court prevents release of most September 11 emergency calls

France to Delay UN Vote Over Darfur (Eases Pressure on Washington)

Report that Soros funded group investigating DeLay bogus

WMD Commission to Release Tough Findings

U.S. Library to Put Madison Papers Online

Hostage in Atlanta courthouse killings gets $70,000 reward

Fresh fighting in Fallujah as Iraqi friendly fire kills five

Poll Finds Reduced Support on Soc. Sec. (among 18-29 yr olds)

Imus charity questioned

Iraq Shiism Could Topple the Mullahs

Worries About Texas City Refinery Lift Oil, Gasoline Prices

Greer denies Jeb Bush's TS custody appeal

"Terri Shiavo's Parents Heading Back to Fed Court -MSNBC -Edited & updated

Bobby Fischer freed from detention cell; heads to Iceland

Kyrgyzstan Turmoil Doesn't Faze Rumsfeld

NYT: Schiavo Case Highlights Catholic-Evangelical Alliance

DeLay Goes on Offense in Ethics Battle

Tax Experts Push for Overhaul (killing health-insurance deduction)

Zambia: 40,000 to be Born HIV Positive

SC turned down feeding tube insertion request on msnbc now

As Democrats Fight Stadium, Some Blacks Buck the Trend

Woman, Children Die in U.S. Attack on Taliban

'Volcanoes' to be shown after outrage (Imax film)

Accounts of Iraq Raid Rife With Discrepancies

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 24 March

US soldier killed in Baghdad, two Iraqi headless bodies found on main road

Soft tissue found in T-rex fossil

Chile's high court throws out bid to end Pinochet immunity

Paralyzed Iraq vet to seek experimental (stem cell) treatment (out of US)

Commonwealth may renounce Queen Camilla - and the Crown

US IRS recovers $3.2 bln from shelter settlement (scams for the wealthy)

DA Says Robert Blake Jurors Were Stupid

WP: Media Groups Back Reporters In Court Filing (Plame)

Oil rig blast 'not terrorism'

White House used Florida hurricane to boost election prospects

Kyrgyz Lawmakers Pick Interim Leader

Haiti cops shoot at crowd

Advocates Hail Council's Plan to End Homelessness -WP

Experts Warn Against Consumption Tax

Feeding tube designer sees need for rules

AP: Army Reopens Probe Into Man's Death

U.S. army deserter denied refugee status in Canada

Kyrgyz government HQ 'stormed'

About the Draft !!!

My 'puter went crazy......I can't send any emails?

"...Confidence taken in/By a suntan and a grin..."


Sleeping talented lounge lizards check in

Night ya'll

aqua teen on NOW...central time zone

Artificially flavored Lounge Lizards check in


>>>>>>>Joke >>>>>>>

Refinery Complex Explosion Means You Better Fill Up Your Gas Tank Fast

My 'puter went crazy......I can't format any outgoing emails?

What fuel/method do you prefer to cook with?

A man's gotta have standards

Why Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers are better than Oasis:

Best discussion of the day.

That Big CHill thread brought back a great memory

"The Daily Show" was Paula Abdul Drunk?

Does Terry Shiavo's bong water live a purpose driven life?

I had the doctor manipulate my neck today...

Radical Activist: How was your date with Ann Coulter?


I may have to research this but

Wake up the Jungle, Son

Susan Estritch: Does she sound like Carol Channing to anybody else?

It's Peyton Manning's birthday today!!

Pot Luck Dinner at Carrie Fishers home. Whatcha bringing?

Heres a Laugh, definition for bush.

I terrified my students today

I finally saw "The Big Chill"...and loathed it

early morning check in...

Should Celine Dion shave her head and paint herself blue when performing?

trace of snow my @$$

Paul wellstone Memorial video.

Follow the bouncing Ball.............................

What the source of this TS/Dying/Crime meme?

Who, besides myself, loves rupaul?

And then there were 67K...

St00pid food question

An inane collection of fey smilies

67002 and growing strong

Bert's Love Song

I Tell Ya - The Lounge Is The Coolest Place On The Web!!

okay, off to work...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACEO (AKA P.A. Pasemaster Mase) !!!!!!

Diner finds finger in chili

Get yee the fuck up

Well My Husband Made it Through Surgery

Drunk Driver Chased By Police - Pulls Into Hardee's Drive-Thru For Breakfa

Matcom, you do have a snowblower don't you

Happy 94th Birthday, Joseph Barbera!

tube neckLaces

Did you guys like my guess the historical figure skit?

If I Have To Shovel The Driveway ONE MORE #&!@*% TIME

the shakers are here

Jerry Springer on Air America Radio?!?

Well, my toilet went crazy yesterday afternoon.

I think matcom news needs its own forum.

The Shakers Are Here!


WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bleh. Shouldn't have looked at the garden pics. Now I'm really bummed

can you help me find a certain Calvin and Hobbes strip in the net?

Can everyone stop telling others what to start threads on?

Waitress Tosses Dirty Rag - Ends Up Looking Like Shroud Of Turin

Who's the Bigger Republican?

A Great Day at the Grocery Store!!!

Thousands of opposition protesters took to the streets of the capital

Lovers: today my soulmate, Charron the bass player, and I mark our 18th

Sniffing Jesus

30 Minutes left...

Fantasy Baseball News: My team name this year: Oxymorans

Daily Show bit torrents?

(Knock knock knock)

National DO NOT CALL list number here

We live in a planet of monkeys.

Some (edited) observations

*hands over ears and screaming*

What's the difference between a merlot and a woodchuck?

What's the difference between a harlot and a woodchuck?

I'm going to start calling them the "not-quite-right", anyone with me?

March against "Culture of Death"---FreeRep[ublic

michaeL "the butcher" schiavo

Let's talk about bread

What do you eat for Easter dinner

If Terry Schiavo passes away on Good Friday.......

I feel awful about Logan.

I found the nuttiest Freeper of all

Amazing video of a truck crash

When is Barbara Walters going to interview Terri Schiavo?

Mods on another forum go beserk

If the movers are here, the shakers must be here somewhere...

Bank worker crushed by 450kg cash trolley

I'M BEGGING -- if any post after this one has "Oasis" in it, DON'T REPLY!

is this too tasteless for a button? schiavo

is it midnight

GOP = Government's Obnoxious Panderers

I Dare You...

Mankind has been ordered to stay off the moon by the

112 Days!

Amazingly good ginger duck tape recipe

Cracking Under Too Much Morose Schiavo Coverage

What's The Difference Between a Rooster and a Lawyer?

How about just ONE more little Schiavo thread?

MBA students suck

Blind Dog Rescued From Citrus Heights Creek

We DU-ers Now Number 67,006!!!!!

Anyone else think that new show on NBC "The Office" looks good?

Why I am so polite?

Will Pitt is having a bad day. Everyone go into GD and start a non-Schiavo

Get Your War On is updated (new comics)

*mumble grumble growl snarl gnash teeth*

FR---On the same week Terri is murdered, Maryland passes new pro-gay law

Tom Petty/Black Crows Tourdates::

Foghat guitarist Rod Price dead at 57

Greetings from Prague--I'm here, my luggage ain't!

I need a new drug

Ever thought of a "Socially awkward acceptance" group?

OK, I need someone explain to me why Google is so...AWESOME?


Hot buttered toast with jam

Freeper---Jeb will bring God's wrath down upon us if Terri is not saved

Fans of "The Wire"


Which Voice DU You Miss Most ?

Police tapes reveal accused killer's 1991 plea for help

FINALLY! Pornstar Ron Jeremy (The Hedgehog) Has a Livejournal!

Vote for "Campaign Ad" on INDTV!!

Free Internet TV

I WAY lied about my age

Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin layed an egg...

sniffa has asked, "are you caLLing me out?"


The new bathroom scale is here!

Why Americans Spend Big Bucks on Their Pets

And People Say **I'm** Full of [Excrement]

The new Phone Book is here!

Jeb Bush calling in ventriloquist/amateur neurologist Paul Winchell

I'm trying to create an alternate reality here

I don't feel like showering today, is that a sin.

Help! Does anybody know where that kitty picture is with 2 cats in sink?

What the fuck is up with the lights?

Photo of chocolate attack Easter Bunny

Sorry to see Rachel Maddow go (on Unfiltered Air America)

Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable

Is there such a thing as a body condom?

Jimmy Smits is hot!

Have you seen this chicken?

What's for lunch? ...Wendy's Chili anyone?

Why? Who wants to lick the pope?

The freaks are coming out of the woodwork today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, shouldn't the "Midwest" be somewhere around the middle of the West?

Free Ashley Smith!

Liberal Media weighs in on Schiavo case...

Are you gonna listen to Springer on Air America??

Have you seen THIS chicken?

Whatever happened to George W Bush's soul?

Oh, Lord! This is the Big One!

Who has your vote for the next West Wing president?

Allspice appreciation thread

Nuclear Dreams

This Day in History

Lounge Lizards: Are you a weekdayer or a weekender?

Comics heads: should I see League of Extroardinary Gentlemen?

Bugging out, like Tori Spelling's eyes,

"Then they had some kind of emotional reaction and vomited"

Will fundies/freepers swallow European Klum's Kandy?

The movers are here...

Freeper connects Terri Schiavo case/Dan Rather document scandal

Techie Long Shot: Anyone here ever take the Red Hat RHCT Exam?

Best recent Marvel Movie

Remember after the anthrax attacks, the WH wasn't accepting mail

You know we don't have enough pictures of Cats in Toilets in the lounge...

I, for one, don't want to hear about any more goddamn Freeper's ideas

Mayhem at the White House Easter Egg Roll

Yogurt and yogurt-related foodstuffs are >

Today is Paul McCartney Day...look at all the old threads from yesterday!

Which Bush has the least brainpower?

Play The "Give Bush A Brain" Game! How Many Points Can You Score?

Baby Pictures

Ask me anything . . Who is Dr. Schiagovo?

I'm getting a lot of questions about my signature picture (let me explain)

OH! I just thought of a fun game!

The mid-afternoon crash

Mod drama in the ATA!

Gotta Hurtstory? Somebody break your heart?

Mad drama in the ATA!

I'm bored. Ask me long as it's not about Terri Schiavo!

He's deployed.

Email me something that will make me laugh.

Have you seen this chicken?

Mary Schiavo

Add "between your thighs" to any Bush quote!

please help me ya?

Jesus is watching you smoke that weed.

What is your stage name?

If the United States were the TV show "Survivor",

Do they clone women for Fox newscasters?

*** The theme for this month's photo contest is "green" ***

Terri Schiavo

Schiavo threads in GD.

Baby Pictures

Progmom, are you still pondering?

Why are you skeksi?



You should probably alert on this thread

Use this link to DESTROY FreeRepukelick, Drudge, etc!

no punk

Who likes to go to the casino?

Wow. Zombywoof asked me if I was gay.

The "Those People All Look Alike" CAPTION

Favorite Mythbusters Quotes here...

My Med Student Daughter Won a Fulbright!!

Whatever happened to Gothic Sponge?

Calling it Quits

You know what's stupid/pathetic?

I got selected for jury duty!

Wood was scratched from line up, now it's his back...

Woody Allen offers the comic and, of course, the tragic, in rare interview

Do You Know what a "Bubbler" is...?

I'm removing the feeding tube from my Excel program

Just broke into my sister's house and am on my third bag of Mini-Oreos.

I'm gonna call my T-Rex Chuck..How about you?

Celine Dion complains publicly about people falling asleep at her shows

How's everyone today?

Man... my head is hurtin'

Masturbation and The Culture of Life

I have to go meet w/ another parent and I don't want to

Canadian DUers Question: Is There A Large (Good) Web Hosting Provider?

George Bush and the Three Kids

Progmom, are you still pandering?

"Gonna find me a horse. Just about this big."

I'm going to Wendy's anyone want anything? Chili?

Maundy good to me. *

Get yours today, NOW AT AMAZON, it's the new . . .

Household tip: best way to get smells out of fridge?

This Message Is Guaranteed To Be Spyware-Free And Adware-Free!

Country Fans: "Broken Road" or "My Give a Damn's Busted?"

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Who's off work tomorrow?

I'm huunnnggrrryyy!

I'm depressed

This thread's logos, events and head shots

CNN pic of Schiavo protestor...

This thread is void where prohibited by law

Whats that smell?

did anyone else see Tweety duel it out with Pat Buchanan last night

Paula Abdul charged with Hit and Run

This message is not authentic until certified by Price Waterhouse

Easter at the Limbaugh place

My mouse doesn't like his mousepad

A German giant in the world of gnomes

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No user-serviceable parts inside.

This Message Has Been Sanitized For Your Protection.

No talent DUers, check in here.

Music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air . . . .

Wow. Zogby asked me if I was gay!

I just saw El Mar Adentro ( The Sea Inside )

"Seinfeld's" TV Dad passes away.

Do not eat

Sony PSP - Hot like fire

This message has been.

Guess which one is the right winger and which is the liberal?

Whoo I'm in the Washington Times!

Do Not Remove This Message - Under Penalty Of The Law

You got select for jury duty...

Yummy- I never tried this recipe before.

Maniacally talented Lounge Lizards check in.

This Thread May Be Monitored For Quality Assurance And Training Purposes.

Makin hot chicken sausage, pepper, and onion subs for supper. Back in

Progmom, are you still pondering your pandering?

it's a good thing cartoons take so long to produce...

Please, isn't there anything to talk about but fingers in chili?

Pork! It's not just a verb! ...and other ill-designed signs:

Has Jimmy Jazz found her snark yet?

Does Anyone REALLY Care About Pro Basketball Anymore?

Last night I took a telephone survey from the Insurance Industry

Wireless net access @ Tallahassee Airport

Frida Kahlo

What would you do ...

Life, the Universe and Everything!

What kind of cheeks do you have?

Poll: Jolie Is Hot, Spears Is So Not

Some Harry Potter 4th movie pictures!

If we're offensive and pose a threat

Who shot the dog?

RIP Barney Martin

Artistically talented Lounge Lizards check in.

fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!! PAPER CUT!!!!

Orally talented Lounge Lizards check in

The Windows-XP Firewall Feature... Do I Need It?

"I don't like you lying about our President!"

What Kind Of Checks Do You Have?

Three posts away from 1,000!

In other news..........

Why isn't there a wet t-shirt contest in Pinella Park, Florida?

Hospice Appriciation Thread:

How long before Michael Jackson shows up in court w/feeding tube?

Hair color. The REAL STORY

Zoiks! Mystery email addy /weird domain in China: help!

Am I a troublemaker? I really want to know.

If * was in a vegetative state, what vegetable would he be?

yvr girl is flirting? What is the world coming to?

Progmom, are you still wandering?

What kind of balances do you have?

The worst car ever is on the rebound: Trading in Trabis

Do you have to work tomorrow?

The Office USA Version

What would you do if you knew you would be fired from you job in a week?

Chick Tract of the Day: Li'l Susy battles Public Schools

'Idol' judge faces hit-and-run charges

Anybody here ever seen "The Straite Story"

Do you ever think of something you want to post....

A Freepruptor showed his ass and I missed all the fun?

Welcome Blueroses!

I really need some sleep

What type of cheese are you?

Please close cover before striking

This message is germ-ridden and virus infected

Has anyone picked up the new Sony Playstation Portable?

Can anyone help me get rid of Internet Optimizer? It is ruining my PC.

Well, I made the appointment for Logan this afternoon.

Threadjack this!

Who, besides myself, loves rhubarb?

A neighbor just came by to say that I have too many cats...


Best "JESUS" Song

How do you find out someone's IP?


Need Advice About Rehabilitating My Credit

In my next life I want to be Tina Turner. Who do you want to be?

What will happen in Boston? Anticipate the the DU folklore.

Whose the liberal in this picture?

I'm 8 posts away from 6000. I will flirt in this thread.

ANY Florida DUer NOT Hawking Crucifixes In Florida This Weekend Is INSANE!

Amazingly good ginger duck recipe

Netflix Subscribers:

It is my 45th birthday

The Following Thread Has Been Rated [PG-13] By The TRAA*

Strange connections: Judge Greer and Jim Morrison...

Do any DU musicians write songs that sound like Oasis?


Who is the biggest DU flirt?

FIVE HUNDRED AND FOUR posts away from 1000! OOOO!!!!!!!

did southpark put a good message across about schiavo?

Loving You Has Made Me Bananas

EarlG, Elad & Skinner appreciation thread.

***The 4th Monthly DU Photo Contest: Round I***

Mel Gibson Spells Terri Schiavo's Name Wrong In A Fax From Drago's

Literarily talented DUers check in

Best actor, any Twilight Zone episode(s)

Graphics contest (sorry, somewhat TS related)

Bored? Want to laugh AND be disturbed?

Why are you sexy?

Best Muppets movie?

Did Anyone REALLY Care About Pro Basketball In The First Place?

Questions about Christianity (nothing offensive)

Caption Jebbie

Best 'Girl Band' EVER

What should I do when I'm in college?

What does your avatar mean to you?

The new Beef Industry ad campaign.....good/bad ?

Okay call me a jerk or whatever BUT I am SICK AND TIRED OF this GOD

The human race only has two religions

can anyone give me advice here?

Einstein on CD

Heavenly light show caught on film

Peruvian Family Claim Machu Picchu

Jovian Lights

Glow of alien planets glimpsed at last

Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza

Scientists recover tissue from T. rex

The Good and Bad of String Theory

Maryland Gay Partner & Hate Crimes Bills Move Forward

Independence Hall Plaque To Mark Birth Of Gay Rights Movement

Gay Connecticut lawmaker at center of civil unions debate

Ohio Gay Marriage Ban Protects Accused In Domestic Abuse Cases

Army Recruitment Bottoms Out But No Plans To End Military's Gay Ban

Navratilova picked as new Olivia spokeswoman

How to undermine the push towards theocracy

Alabama May Ban Gay Adoption

Here's MikeG's Sweet 16 First Day picks:

Who will earn the eighth spot in NBA Western Conference Playoffs

The Land of the Free, new article on Starlight News

Astrologers: The Eclipse of April 8, 2004

Olive Oil Fights Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Studies Say

What "nutritional supplement" improves immune functions?

Proving the Patient-Doctor Brain Bond, Telepathically

Lordy, Lordy.

I was told to have a "Nice Holiday" at the bank today.

Irreverant humor


Dammit I was right look at this

For Rox and Whome

what does JK read ?

Free radical

ATTENTION: Photo contest participants

If anyone is interested, I just posted a listing in the

What I may do is buy a 35mm SLR for now since I can't afford the digi

An Early Pro. A little nostalgia.

Countdown Newsletter 3/24

New KO Blog is up 3/24/05!

Senator Boxer - Working for Veterans

Nobody "wants" the poor lady to die....

oh blogging

Everyone vote in this poll....

Could Joe Scarborough be MORE of a hypocrite?

Protect Yourself From the Schiavo Case Effect

My conclusion, I want a less intrusive government!!

A refresher course on Chrstian recontructionism

WTF? Dean would rather people work for GOP than 'sit on their butt'

GOP adviser died of overdose

DU this health proposal petition! Association Health Plans!!!

As Democrats Fight Stadium, Some Blacks Buck the Trend


Harold Ford Jr favored for Senate by Governor Breseden ?

Cheap labor/low wage expansion push

Nutrition new fight for black farmers

Lies and deception. We're too slow.

Schiavo case demonstrates why we MUST block Bush's court nominees

Geneva conventions & the rules of war: CSPAN 2 9:30AM

Salazar eyes run at governor

A letter to RFK and a commentary on the state of the party

Attory Gen KLine (KS)--the one who wants all med. records from Planned

UA Young Democrat Banned from Forum (Bush conversation)

Under Reported

I hear the Hate from c-pan Wash Journal callers this morning and it is

This will likely go to the entire US Supreme Court. How will they side?

Frank Rich - NYT - hit the nail on the head, again....

I guess this has been asked, what if they use the "nuclear option"?

Does anyone really think this GOP "rift" will amount to anything?

Bush,Frist,Delay et al. Are these people sociopaths?

US SUPREME COURT denies hearing Schiavo's case.

The New Yorker - Untrustworthy - Hendrik Hertzberg

Delay, Frist, Bush's Living Wills:

Schiavo Case Taking on Political Tone (AP) GASP! The Stupid Media

No SCOTUS Dissent

Cheney defends UN choice of Bolton

Trump to get president's Caddy

Why is Harry Reid pushing the neocon agenda?

Jeb Bush lied, illegally abused his power and should be impeached

Where are Dem leaders?

What are they doing behind our backs while we are looking....

Where's The Military Unit That Took Elian Gonzalez Out of the House.....

If Jeb orders for the forced removal of

Is there anything I can do to hasten

The long path to this point....

Show of hands on the foolishness of Republicans

Doctors - Did Sen. Frist violate any ethics rules??

GOP Hypocrisy Is Just Freaking UNREAL!!

Why isn't there greater media interest in Shrub's hypocrisy re: Schiavo?

Dennis Kucinich for Senate ?

Bush team theme -- 'We were all wrong'

Do you think the timing of Republican obstruction in Schiavo case is to...

Somebody needs to ask all the wingnut Schiavo bloviators

Attn. Clarkies, and Others: Want A Diversion From All This?

Legislation resulting from Schiavo fallout

More proof as to why behavior is vitally important during protests

Sen. Brownbacks latest anti-porn hearing

Carla Faye Tucker

Dept of Ed has "quietly issued a new clarification (rule) for TitleIX

Susan Benjamin: When war becomes background noise

Freepers in a frenzy over Schiavo

Bill aims to control ‘leftist’ professors

Why the shciavo case matters

Billboards try to shame Czech prime minister in resigning

Andy Card for Massachusetts Governor?

Has Bush finally succeeded in "dividing" the Republican Party?

Bush's First Defeat by Jacob Weisberg

Wasn't it Dubya and Baker during the (s)election of 2000 that kept . . .

Terri Schiavo is a pawn for the Republicans. Nothing more.

Bush and the Repubs next defeat ?

billions of tax dollars on “abstinence-only-until-marriage” education

My post on the petition to have judge greer retire by the Republicans.

So what will "they" do to the judicial system now?

A pundit who actually gets what is wrong with Dem party

help me please

Letter to the Long Beach Press Telegram: Bill Frist comments

Portland Mayor fights FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force

Joe Scarborough can't spell her name either!

Judge apologizes to ex-terror defendant

...and all the King's horses and all the King's men...

Is 'Jeb for President' ruined because of Shiavo?

bwah-ha-ha! This might be backfiring on Jeb, etc. CNN....

Jeb's Political Calculus

MSNBC Schiavo Poll: Do Politicians Really Care?

Pardon my naiivete: Do these RW'ers know they are lying ?

Army to use patriotic appeal to meet goal

these freepers and fundies claim to be doing god's work

This month's Vanity Fair:

With ** at a 43 approval, I see the celebrity nut-jobs and

With Wolfowitz named to be the President of the World Bank for the . . .

The current State of the Union in a nutshell:

I Need The Help And Advice Of Long Time Posters Here

Conservatives, liberals join to fight reauthorization of Patriot Act

Duh! Just got it! * makes all illegal aliens legal & then drafts them.

Give me liberty or give me a persistent vegetative state.

Jelly Beans Not Included. (Social Security)

How can we help foster splintering of Republicans over Social Security?

Tom DeLay's brazen hypocrisy

Is it true that Joe Dunn is running a dirty campaign against Jerry Brown?

Random political question: where is Candy Crowley?

MoveOn LTTE Campaign

Protesters' tactics dispel lawmaker's doubts

Dean to be in CA, Philly and Seattle soon. Links to sign-up.

So is this shrub's new plan to rescue SS..declaring people DEAD??

Senators Ask Explanation of Studies' Omissions From Final Mercury Rules

People will now know how important judicial appointments are and this

Ban "Video News Releases" by the Govt.

Fundie "thinkers" have asked repub officials to defy courts for years.

According to David Savage (LA Times) Schiavo Law was Toothless

So, the gun nuts, the war hawks, the KKK, the church burners, the

Not sure this is even America anymore.

Conyers Blog: Preserving Democracy Continued

What are the differences between Goldwater's political philosophy...?

NBC Nightly News on Bu$h's "Faith Based Initiative."

A wonderful blog from TN on caring about people, and Dean's TN visit.

This pretty much sums up Bush for me.

Even the generally GOP-loving AOL users have turned on JEB! Bush

IMO: Dems are staying out as a smart move.

Carter and Baker to Co-Chair Bi-Partisan Commission on Election Reform

MoveOn - Needs $ for SSN ad - Anonymous Donor Matching Dollar for Dollar

Protesters are in Jebbies office (rightwingers): CNN

What does THIS MEAN????

I hope Robert Novak becomes in a permanent

Don't miss Molly Ivins' recent piece on Tom DeLay - Required Reading!

Mike Shiavo's Brother Talks About Daddy Schindler on CNN

Tonight on Nightline: An entire show about Tom Delay...

DeLay's House leadership issues

"You're All Total Morans" - CNN

CNN! Up front in your face Partisan agenda.

Stop Schwarzenegger from Terminating California

Republicans know exactly what they're doing re:Schiavo

I'm LOVIN' these poll numbers --

Was Nader running to put his own self in office?

Political Fallout Over Schiavo Law

How hysterical can the Republicans get over Schiavo?

OK, I'm feelin' new here again; "snarky" is DU speak for...?

Mfume vs. Steele: A major league slugfest?

No miracles or Knights in Shining Armor to save Democracy...

Donahue on today's Democracy Now

Another Priceless Tactic: I LOVE the Way this Guy Thinks!

Culture Of Life: Hypocrisy Seen on Guns

Daily Kos founder nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Dennis Kucinich,, Lynn Woolsey and Ron Paul recognized as American Heroes

Thank you from Wes Clark &

KOS breaking: Gannon never served in the military!!!

the truth hurts: america deemed most mentally ill -- (not a joke)

Freeper Petition to Impeach Judge Greer

`Please,' Bush whimpers...lips pursed in mock desperation `don't kill me'

If not Kerry in 08 then who? Who do we have better that.....