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Archives: March 22, 2005

Intellectual Cowboy on a World Bank Crusade

How GOP base flexed its political muscle

Dahlia Lithwick (Slate): Activist Legislators

Bughouse Bedlam

EDITORIAL: New World Bank chief (Asahi Shimbun)

U.S. health care 'system' driven by embedded vested interests

Special court can right Haitian wrongs (Japan Times)

Rice botched her chance in Beijing

Church cuts ties to food pantry because of Catholics (Charlotte)

Senate sells US' Alaskan national treasure to the highest bidder

For Bush, science is a dirty word

US government funds color press group’s objectivity on Venezuela

SOCIAL SECURITY!! is being auctioned off on eBay

March 31 Call to Action: Student Walk Outs-No Draft No Way

Media Ownership Court Case in Hartford-Tribune Company

GM cutting staff - Up to 12,000 jobs

Bavaria leads Germany with 75 Megawatts of new PV solar power.

Big Sandinista Support In Nicaragua

Wu to Beijing: lift Internet bans

Kashmir's new ski lift gives rise to adventure

Most In U.S. Rule Out War Against Iran

In 1988, Port Authority already sought to eliminate the WTC Towers

Any DUers want to post their photos on this website?


(OH) Blackwell Tells Panel Election Went Smoothly

KOEB - The Snark is Back (Monday)

Anybody have a list of states that allow straight party voting? nt

letter to Conny McCormack's bosses on her Diebold cheerleading

SATURDAY: Election reform teach-in featuring a movie director, ACTION plan

Survey: Support For War Has Dropped In Sacramento Region

Newsom declares moratorium on medical marijuana clubs

400-year-old oak flourishing after L.A. county developers move it

The Star Tribune published my Social Security letter

Mark Dayton and Norm Coleman both support Congressional interference

I need an old XT motherboard and an 8250 UART card for a project...

Anyone have much experience with an optical mouse?

Democracy FEST June 17 - 20 in Austin I just got my reservation

PHOTO: "Cowboy" will clean your clock if you don't privatize Soc. Security

Does anyone have a list of the Dems...

Jackpot Dreams Dashed By Misprint

Six people shot in Minnesota highschool

Hey Russert there were millions of us that were against the war -it wasn't

My prediction on Schiavo case:

Ha!! Randi Rhodes is calling the red states the "vegetative states"

IMPT Resource for writers, photographers, musicians (yes, YOU)

Anyone already with a PO box get a new 'application' form?

Keep your eyes on Teri and off the soaring gasoline prices!

Onward Christian Taliban nt

GM, Ford and Chrysler: Plan on dumping pensions....

Jim Wallis on Hardball - NOW.

Does anyone know anything about an alleged one million dollar insurance

Russert ripping on Senate Dems...

if we can't marshall enough strength to fight the Schiavo smokescreen

Schiavo husband: Slithering snake Delay won't let Terri be with the Lord

What happened to Teri Schivo in the first place

Off-(Schiavo)-topic post: Why "Wheel of Fortune" spins to right

I guess we'll just persist inacting like the Shiavo case is bad for us,,,,

KISS, Nugent, Godsmack, and others perform for troops.

Promo of my local news.."Stay tune for the judges "surprise" decision

Schiavo in a nutshell, as seen by a flabbergasted Democrat

Air America in Dallas

RN's sworn testimony re:Terry Schiavo... She's not a vegetable

Are we still in Iraq? Didn't some anniversary just sneak by?

Terri Schiavo's Husband Michael On Larry King

OMG! MoveOn Judicial As AIRS on CNN!!

How do your rethuglican friends "feel about the economy / market"..?

Poor people have it EASY! (at least that's what this e-mail implies)

Texas Tech

Social Security for sale on ebay

Steroids? P'shaw, make our elected officials pee in bottles... now THAT

Not sure if I like Safari

Something is wrong...

Euthanasia: American Style

Bush Signed this into Law when he was Governor of Texas

Anyone catch Jim Lehrer talking to Lawernce Tribe on Newshour tonight say.

Remember Karen Ann Quinlan?

The exploitation of misfortune

Activist Legislators? Thoughtful Article by Dahlia Lithwick at

Minuteman Project

To Mike Ruppert Detractors -- Ignorance May Be Bliss, Shortlived

Judge in Terri Schiavo case and Faith Based Scams

Is There Any Issue That The Democratic Party Will Fight For Anymore?

Schiavo's parents spokesman praises killers of Docs who perform abortions

Federal judge weighs Schiavo case/CNN poll

Sandra Bullock on The Daily Show tonight

DU This poll : Do you think it is proper for U.S. Congress to intervene

"Karl Rove is the Sexiest Dude in D.C."

You should see Neil Young's 'Greendale'

Porn on Oprah?

Why Terri's Law wll be declared unconstitutional

The Disturbing Thing…Now There Is Not Even Pretense

From AZ forum: Bush's SS Campaign Disses Young American

Was the Schaivo case used to set precedent?

Jessica Lynch to visit Lore Pewistewa's family on Navajo Res.

NIGHTLINE--covering Terri Schiavo story

BBC Script: "Tony and the Truth"

What should Democrats be doing?

I'm confused, what kind of political judo did the Dems think they made

I found the most vile site

Worries swelling over oil shortage

Something big missed from the media

Explain to me how "Terri's Law" is not a Bill of Attainder?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

So, why didn't half the Democrats stand firm? What did we elect them for?

Who cares if we've been in Iraq for Two Years?

New CNN poll, GOP in trouble over Schiavo mess

Tell me why

THIS is how Republicans get away with being wrong

Official Transcript of Communique #7-Mujahideen Letter to American People

Its the PARENTS fault

No SS cuts would "Starve the Military" according to talking points

Two Sides to Talk Filibuster Reform

Michael Schiavo has brass balls. Ripping Slithering Snake Delay.

...CNN saw a ripple, while a huge wave passed them by

Can we at least not demonize the *family* in the Schiavo case?

Am I the prime example of someone who should be Pro-life?

NPR’s Daniel Schorr: Schiavo Case Tied to Politics and Morality

Fascinating NEJM article on Persistent Vegetative State--clips

Veterans for Peace[118chapters] fax Congress with Demand to ImPeach

Tom DeLay sees God's hand at work, saving Tom from "the whole syndicate"

Remember that Christian radio host they nabbed for child porn?

Why doesn't John Kerry sue the swift boat liars for slander

The true lesson of the Schiavo case

Looks like Jon Stewart "got the memo"

Kerry '08 Message Board

Have you read this?.............Have a drink first

Do you think media is trying to hide the Greg Palast "Iraq-Oil Report" ???

Bush Family Values: Neil Says He Did NOT Father Children with his Mistress

"Right to Life after Birth NO WAR" Kansas City Pro-Peace rally PHOTOS

Is Larry King trying to accomplish some kind of Schiavo "intervention"?

FAIR Alert: Counting the Iraqi Dead

Russia thinks al-Qaeda is a figment of Bush's imagination

"That Caligula Moment"

Dictators, Tyrants and Fools

In my rural Texas town Schiavo might be backfiring on the Republicans

National Call to Action:Student Walk Outs March 31st-No Draft No Way

I'm putting on a flamesuit and making a confession

How GOP base flexed its political muscle

Worries swelling over oil shortage

Developing Fatal School Shooting 9 Dead .... northern Minasota...

Activists Urge FCC to Investigate (broadcasters airing govt-produced news)

New CNN poll, GOP in trouble over Schiavo mess

Anti-war protesters arrested

General Cable's Lincoln union workers strike (RI)

No End in Sight for Lumber Mill Strike (WV)

Worker lockout ends at suburban manufacturer (Chicago area)

GSIs likely to walk out Thursday (Grad students / Ann Arbor)

Two Sides to Talk Filibuster Reform

Clear Channel ordered to pay JamSports $90 million.

GM, Ford May Follow Chrysler in Negotiating New Health Care Agreement

Hundreds of Injured British Soldiers Expected to be Sacked

Dramatic Drop in 'Death-Threat House-Buy' Scheme (N. Ireland)

3 Missing Children Presumed Dead In Explosion That Leveled Colorado Lodge

Kyrgyzstan Protesters Hold Towns, Talks Awaited

Crosby-Ironton Students Return, But Don't Stay (twin cities area)

Protesters power way into Labor HQ (Sydney)

GM, Ford may follow Chrysler in negotiating new health care agreement

Bank of Russia Boosts Euro Share in Currency Reserves

Veterans for Peace[118chapters] fax Congress with Demand to ImPeach

Five protesters arrested over 'heavy-handed' police action

Lebanese Opposition Softens Lahoud Demand

Venezuela and Russia Meet

Rice Urges China to Allow More Political Openness

Rumsfeld in Argentina to discuss Haiti, missiles

Scores killed in rocket attack on Hindu temple

Experts not to visit N-facilities (Pakistan)

Lebanon PM's Murder Points to Bomb Under Road

Cambodian police shoot protesters in land dispute

WP: Ruling on Schiavo Feeding Awaited (Tough questions for parents)

Cheney visits the Register (comments on Schiavo)

NYT: Black Coaches in N.B.A. Have Shorter Tenures

WP: Wolfowitz Closing In On Bank Post

Legal, Ethical Questions Largely Decided, Experts Say (Schiavo case clear)

BBC slammed over Iraq war claims

Ohio official says election went smoothly

Bush Says "Wisest to Err on Side of Life"(will he support judge's ruling?)

Attorneys Question Whether Texas, Federal Law at Odds (Schiavo/Bush)

France Dismantles Its 35-Hour Workweek

Damning Verdict on GM Crop (World's Most Comprehensive Field Trial)

Fallujah: From insurgent stronghold to `safest city in Iraq' (OMG!)

Effectiveness of Interrogations Questioned

WP,pg1: New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data (another outrage!)

General Myers speaks out against `Anti-Secession' Law

LAT: Frist's Medical Opinion of Schiavo Draws Criticism

Thanks to all who helped with my Magnavox VCR question.

Let's smoke a blunt. Will Pitt is in debt to me.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

"Show me your fucking transfer!"

What's wrong with Air Supply?

I wanna tell you about a girl I love. My she looks so fine.

ACCH! You've got the shinnin'

who is the du lounge bartender?

WARNING!!! New email virus - be warned!!!

Would you consider e-mailing people while still recovering from surgery?

Are you satisfied with your job, or at least prospects for the future?


Boy's Haircut Costs School $10,000

IS it all about you or me?

Pictures from Chicago protest (posting for Ophelia1027 who is new to DU!)

So . . . would a kippered herring sandwich be good?

who is the du lounge clown?

Proof that the fun has only just begun:

Thought I'd bring this here - something Beautiful to see...

Am considering switching to VONAGE. Any experiences out there?

Anyone here...

Some of you are going to die.

A personal letter from Dubya to Terri ...

Hey! I made a flog.

Hey! I made a blog.

Hey! I just drained a clog.

Hey! I just pinched a log.

Hey! I just walked the dog!

Will the Living Form a Line Here

The copycat is flogged. Ya'll can knock it off now

The sloppyrat is dogged. May need to be knocked off now.

If I were an alcoholic drink, what would I be?

Since there is no bartender, I'm going to raid the bar and leave it open

This weekend I'm cooking Fisherman's Stew


I thought I have seen everything...


If an animal were named after you, what would be the reason?


What gives you peace and happiness?

The music for Mullets

Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel has the best job in the world.

You gotta see this before ebay pulls it!

So what is this new "link" feature... shall we figure it out

This is post #8,000! Whoo-hoo! Thanks everyone!

Nevermind me 'cause I've been dead...

Anderson Cooper doing great in 7-9 spot on CNN. Mike Shiavo on Larry King

Caption this if you dare

For those of you who were following my navel,

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding ? ....

For those of you who were following my nouvelle

Matlock vs Jack McCoy, who wins?

Anyone else wish that Dragons really existed?

Tonight was the first time I watched Larry King in10 years! I will NEVER


2000 Posts!!!

matcom vs StoptheMorans, who wins

What are you having for dinner?

Who are your favorite cable TV personalities?

If I said I had bees in my head...

Texas Tech

For those of you who were following my novel,

Devry University...Anyone else done the online degree program?

There's a HUGE mosquito buzzing my monitor.

Sci-fi shows that just should not be put together:

Lets welcome Ophelia1027 who is from Chicago!

Is it possible to auction off George Bush and Congress on ebay?

"Girlfriend in a coma, I know it's serious.."

Awww, HELL NO!!!

We lived our little drama

What are YOU looking forward to?

Social Security for Sale on Ebay!

A death in the family...some help please

If you were a fruit, what kind would you be?

Used to live not too far from here.... Letchworth State Park... can you

Not another copycat bread

Not another copycat thread

Favorite word that sounds like what it denotes

What's your favorite planet?

More Sex

"Madness" - a fractal-based work of computer art (large pic)

America spells freedom D-R-A-F-T

Bush the Rapper: D*R*A*F*T

It's 20 minutes to 11pm?!?

Fuck you KFC!

Most useless state in the Union?

Yellow Ribbons = Pining for prison inmate's return.

Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch

What did you do to torment/try your parents?

What song(s) best describe your feelings after the past 24 Hours

going to france do i insult bush in french?

Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake in the same movie

Is there anything more Dynamite than more cowbell?

I'm in love with Aishwarya Rai.

Inclination of direction, walk and turn and twist adrift

freighthopping, hoboes, and boxcar art

Thank God for Jon Stewarts take on the whole you know who episode.

Lazy question: When is the Boston meetup ?

Another school shooting.

Riders On The Storm....Tornado Watch here till 4am....

Letterman is new tonight.

Woo Hoo!! I have some rebellion in me!

Has anyone seen Not_Giving_Up?

Despite all this bullshit, I love being alive

"put this shit in the lounge"

Not sure if I like Safari

"If you wear a strapless dress with a bra that isn't..."

Was Bing Crosby really a "hollow man"?

Porn or Pr0n?

Anyone know any history-related attractions in or near St. Louis

Porn on Oprah?

Britney Spears always makes me feel better about myself.

I dream of cheese.

Go on a fish and fruit diet

Just bought Dean Koontz's "By the Light of the Moon"

Canada's Tribute to Paul Cellucci (US Ambassador)

Apple patches Mac OS X flaws

Should I go to Boston for DU ? I'm torn

Am I just an unfeeling person?

I'm on the train back to Boston from NYC

If you were a jellybean, what flavor would you be...(jelly belly's only)

Are people from Maine mainiacs?

I'm so forlorn, in what DU forums should I read and post in?

Chicago is the GREATEST rock group EVER.

I think this is the funniest incident reported in the DU Top 10 Idiots lis

Okay, who here has ever met another DUer in "Fantasy"

Wal Mart Trying to build 3 stores in one town in South Jersey


Favorite funny sounding word

Ever feel really alone in the lounge?

Living Will Form Here

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test!

My epic fantasy novel--


A true story about a cat and his owner

Just returned from London/Paris trip: thanks for the tips!! Very helpful..

I am SarahBelle. Keeper of DU secrets big and small.

Uber-serious poll: Why no terrorist attacks ? Luck and/or DHS ?

Trailer for Sarah Silverman's "Jesus Is Magic"

How are you?

what's the strangest coincidence you've experienced...?

I'm on the DU Home Page! At last!

Just a few thoughts from my fried brain

Sandra Bullock on The Daily Show tonight

What are your predictions for upcoming episodes of "Carnivale"?

Hey DU, check out my latest t-shirts!

I require a window seat, and an in-flight happy meal. AND NO PICKLES!

I do not have an original thought!

Anybody up for a DC meetup?

Who wants to join my army of sycophants?

Yet Another Sadistic (And Therefore Lots Of Fun) Flash Game

A forum is a place where people come to disagree.

You guys have less than 12 hours...

Who will win the NCAA tournament? Lets post it now, make your choice.

"Karl Rove is the Sexiest Dude in D.C."

TOURIST QUESTIONS (recieved by email from my Father)

I am afraid I am going to get annihilated....

NFL Kickoff weekend schedule announced.

Uranus square US Uranus and opposite Bush's Mars thread

PaulieDee: Calm down, we hear you!

Beginning a thread on Bolton

"Repubs so worried about sanctity of marriage but Schiavo's hubby can't

Bush Appoints Charles Manson to Lead Office for Victims of Crime

Most people who want private retirement accounts already have them.

US declares Venezuela a rogue nation... more war for oil

‘Grotesque’ or life-saving drama at the Capitol?

Bush and the Texas Futile Care Law "murders" six month old of

"The Culture of Life"

Russert On Hardball Talking ABout How Not One (1) Democractic

"Another Democrat for Bush"

Senate Passed Schiavo Bill by Voice Vote

LTTE addressing Bush's Advance Directives Act...


Young People: The Key To Republican Single-Party Rule, by Thom Hartmann

You know we are in trouble

what do we do about elected Democratics

Terry Moran moves to the dark side

My trip to the NYC protests

Tonite on Scarbrorough: Why Liberal Elites Hate Religion. Ooh! can't wait!

The Daily Show Rips another great show, pointing out the Hippocracy...

Newt Gingrich gives his take on Shiavo

Check this out! Social Security auction on e-bay ---

A Win against Clear Channel.

The Protests: Commentary Worthy of Your Consideration

Kerry quietly fighting and getting things done. New Bill Passes

LOL!! Freepers Quote Rush: "Culture Of Death Is Seductive!"

Tenn. GOP airing radio ads about Dean as he heads there tomorrow.

chimp-monster's gruesome "pull the plug" law getting more exposure

Corzine: Cheney for SocSec is like Saddam for democracy

Who were the three senators who voted yesterday?

If we were as good at kicking ass as we are at making excuses...

Hardball show from Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow night!

3/22 CSPAN schedule

DLC is "Going Nowhere" - The Nation

Whats wrong with this poll?

George arrives in DC to sign Terri's law (hangover again?)

Pelosi Breaks Her Silence on Terri Schiavo Case

How many Repuke hypocrisy's can you find for the Schiavo case?

Crooks& Liars investigating if Cat Murderer Frist guilty of malpractice

The Domestic Bolton - another scandal brewing???

A Damaging Intervention

Where is the admin getting its intelligence on Iran?

Shocked and awed into "freedom" act of medical terrorism," DeLay said.

How Family's Cause Reached the Halls of Congress

NY Times: How Family's Cause Reached the Halls of Congress

David Enders (The Nation): Baghdad Under Siege

The hidden agenda behind Bush's assault on social security.

New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data (WaPo)

EPA Reverses Key Lead Abatement Rule: Children at Risk

Juan Cole ( The Democracy Lie

LA Daily News: The Schiavo saga make for bad politics

Compounding the Schiavo tragedy

San Diego Untion Tribune: Congress was wrong to intervene

Blogcall 4: Discussing in Real Time, if you are on now...

Analysis: DeLay Under Fire Over Ethics

Getting Plucked: TX chicken farmers become modern-day sharecroppers

Life, death and politics

For Bush, science is a dirty word

Molly Ivins: Pull the plug on pandering

Dennis Prager: We all have moral bank accounts

"DeLay, whose professional expertise is in pest control,...(editorial)

Dilip Hiro (TomDispatch via Mother Jones): Playing the Democracy Card

for those who "skip" the DU kick-ass article here:

Abused Counter-Recruiting Protesters

The Schiavo Case and the Islamization of the Republican Party (Blog)

John Pilger:Negotiating with politicians doesn't work. You've got to....

Ugandan rebels attack women, hack off breasts

Political opportunism: Bush 1999 Texas Futile Care Law

Olbermann on the so-called 'death of the liberal media'

David Brooks Is OFF the KoolAid!!! Slams Abramoff and Norquist

It is America that has undergone regime change - Paul Craig Roberts

Exploiting Terri Schiavo (Boston Globe Editorial)

Troxler, St. Pete Times: " With All Laws Flattened, Where Will We Hide?"

Has anyone heard of Our Hero bracelets

Learn from 'The Principles of War' about focusing your life on PEACE.

Great Resource Page! "Writing Congress"

Labor Groups File Lawsuit to Stop California Governor From Illegal Funds

Are any RW pundits speaking out against Delay? Re: Shiavo

DallasMN and ABCNote: Bush 99 Futile Care law consistent with RTLife

CNN gives textbook example on how to LIE WITH STATISTICS

The Media is just horrible in how they are taking the Right Wing Viewpoint

Wow! Look at the Markets after the Fed Announcement

Thoughts on these economic news sources?

Why worry about producer price inflation when workers wages are flat?

Gold Derivative Banking Crisis

Hybrid Engines - If Prius can do it, why not Camry?

Experts Discuss Nuclear Power As Energy

Study: Wolves alleviate impact of climate change on food supply

New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data

The end for GM crops: Final British trial confirms threat to wildlife

NYTimes - Religion and Natural History Clash Among the Ultra-Orthodox

BBC (Tuesday): Palestinians 'foiling militants'

Tower Hit 1st Falls Last Then Falls Wrong Way


The Daily Show: Jon Stewart's perspective on Congressional farce (VIDEO)

Diebold president misleads about cost of touchscreens (updated) - GOP Disaster Warning (in Danger of Losing 25 Seats )

Your Questions for Democratic Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State?

Republicans investigate Ohio ..... No problems found!

New Zogby poll asks about 2004 election again.

Conyers' Blog


Hardball show from Columbus, Ohio, tonight! March 22, 2005

HELLO NY! Another Paper Ballots for NY Lobbying Day!

A Conservative Questions The Ohio Vote!

OH: Lawmaker asks more time on voting machines

Tuesday 3/22 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Voting irregularities letter called out on Home Page asking for comments!

Please comment on vote fraud piece in Latest Breaking News

APRIL FOOLS DAY ideas to publicize election theft?

Yesterday was a little depressing for me....

Cuyahoga: How were the 1105 Ballot Styles tested?

Electile Dysfunction movie controversy


Donna Frye mayoral race appeal sent to Orange County

Wed March 23 Orange County great event

School to vote on renaming Jefferson Elementary (he was a slave owner)

Medi-Cal proposals prompt outrage (arnie wants to enact emergency rules)

Oakland Tribune article about Edwards recent visit:

Just went to a Jim Leach meeting

Worcester Peace Works

Air America Minnesota's new website

Free website hosting services?

Do they make digital fax machines?

Cincinnati DU er's Help support Andrew Warner For CC

DFW DUers - Air America desktop images

Left of the Dial- HBO documentary on Air America to air 3/31

going to see Congressman Obey...suggestions?

Feingold Listening Sessions

dup deleted

Pain, Pain

The Perfect Storm

The attention of the American people is being diverted from:

Larry King show convinced me that Teri would not want to live like this.

The "Nuclear Option"......The end of the Senate Filibuster?

Poll: Public Would Significantly Alter Administration's Budget

So what's next to fall against Bush's scythe?

The more Georgie talks about SS

Do You Agree With Congress? (Schiavo Poll)

George sez:

Buy WMD's here!

AFSC Counter Recruitment

Bush policies have spread terrorism instead of stopping it. Bombs going

Why is it taking so long for the Schiavo answer?

Bush did not err on the side of life when enf. the death penalty in Texas

Conservatism R.I.P.

It's Official. The United States has gone nuts! Whacko. Looney.


Bernie Ward fans?

Record 4 million requests are filed under Freedom of Information Act

Rep. Conyers' Blog is up and running!

Why I Love Radio Havana Cuba

Yet another Columbine-style rampage. Thanks goodness for the NRA!!!

People should leave Barack Obama alone!

Free trade results in out-of-control corporate greed.

political capital and voter's remorse -- two new toons

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Billionaires for Bush put Social Security up for auction on Ebay

Germany, Canada approve Wolfmanowitz as World Bank head

Why, oh why do I continue to allow my hopes to be dashed by media?...

Prediction for Fed Court Round I: Dismissed for Failure to State a Claim

Does Nancy Grace have an iota of objective perspective?

How many people who want Terri to continue on life support would

my email to the Early Show re: their Schiavo coverage

Savage Nation

Wal-Mart and FOX

"For Bush, science is a dirty word "

Who were the biggest media whores: Schindlers or Elian's American Relative

Where is Bush's response to the shootings in Minnesota?

C-SPAN caller: "make Terri (Schiavo) a widow"...

For the funniest and most enlightening political editorial

Did anyone just see the MoveOn commercial?

Terry Schiavo is a loser for us

Republican Base Lacks Cerebral Cortex

My paranoia: Military draft re-instated and rigged against Dems.

So..are y'all watching "Elmer Fudd" on Washington Journal??

Just pondering this thought...

Here's a Schiavo scenario for you ...

Flash Protest Movies

UGH! "Schindler Family Spokesman"-Randall Terry

A good example of the right wing media...

I say... Rachel is going ballistic on the freepers this morning isn't she?

if bush and the gop really want to help schiavo

Are you guys listening to Rachel Maddow on AAR?

Schiavo case highlights eating disorders.. a sad lesson

"Hys-Terri-a"...Liberals kill babies and crippled ladies

When will Tweety do a show on "Peak Oil"? What's he waiting for?

Liberal Elites hate Religion

U.S. Catholic Bishops renew campaign to end death penalty

Mick Foley on AAR Morning Sedition this morning...

I'm gonna make a prediction.........

US BSE response about profits, not public health

Giving Schiavo a "habeas corpus" review doomed to failure.

Electronic "dog tag" for soldiers being shown at conference

Another thought on Schiavo as smokescreen

School shooter---NeoNazi?

Liberals who want to shore up support regarding Schiavo, think about this:

Why the Terri Shiavo case is lose-lose for Bush

Newspeak word of the day: Oldthink

FYI - forum on blogging at the Brookings Institute on live now at

Anyone watch Michael Schiavo on Larry King Live last night?

This sums up Schiavo

The Republicans are not worthy of their name.

Freeper at work "Jay Severin & Barney Frank agree on this issue"

If you make a mistake, or appear to, you are dogshit to many at DU...

If the Pope and Rehnquist Go On Life Support, I'll Start Believing

2fer: Marta Is Liberated from LIMBOsevic; Wingnut SAJAK Collects "Bias"

GOP Logic.. Millions of lives:=Irrelevant. ...One Life = Priceless.

Is there really an odor only Christians have? (Fundie fun in school)

WP, NYT, LAT editorials re. Congress, Schiavo, and damage to rule of law

"We'll never be as passionate as they are because we aren't

the Schiavo situation is NOT covered in the Bible

Did you see the Daily Show? There really IS a Maine Rep named

Terri Schiavo: who said what and when, will she wake up, bla fucking bla

Op-Ed piece from the Wall Street Journal

Image of Satan Appears on Turtle

Pinellas (FL) Repubs come to defense of Greer regarding DeLay's comments

What if Terri Schiavo dies on Good Friday or Easter Sunday?

Okay, since the Repukes are so concerned about the "Sanctity of Life"

Get Your Mama A Feeding Tube

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart's perspective on Congressional farce (VIDEO)

I see activity in coach Jeb Bush's legislative bullpen

Trekking through concern over mortality, morality (stem cell)

Sadly, I may never see this country the way it was

The Red Lake, MN school shooting - my own story

Re: Schiavo--Why don't the fundamentalists believe in their own religion?

Reich-Wing Howler Monkey Prophylactic Re: Whittemore's Schiavo Decision

Coughing up blood

I'd like to put together a list of things these 'culture of life' folks

If the August 8th PDB had Schiavo's name on it...

Need link to that Texas law

I Challenge Jesus To Heal Terri Schiavo.

Hey, the Dow-Jones is only a couple $ short of where it was the

Watch how MSM deals with the medical aspect of Schiavo and learn

Wow....a TWENTIETH "activist judge" rules in favor of Terri's wishes!

I hate "activist judges" too - like the ones who annointed Shrub as prez

Springer is going good on "culture of life"

Nurse on CNN trashes Michael Schiavo & my e-mail resonse...

Judge denies request to reinsert feeding tube

The point of the Schiavo fiasco

What is a "Culture of Life" anyway?

W of the Day-February 2, 2003

"If Jesus returns, Karl Rove will kill him"

The actual court decision and order on Schiavo

What is the importance of Florida?

Right Wing Ideologies + Religion = ?

Finally figured it out

GREAT Salon article on Schiavo

San Francisco ALERT: Wednesday March 23rd...protest at PG&E

If its legal to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube

As a result of Frist's statements about Terri - I added a codicil to my

A call for Help! How can I discourage faith-based intervention?

"Faces of the Fallen" art exhibit

Why don't people treat Mrs. (Terri) Schiavo with respect?

Freepers actually think Idiot Son is going to intervene for Schiavo. LOL

House of Representives Congressional Record - Terri Schiavo

How many insulting synonyms can we come up with for Bush?

Word of the Day: Spurious


Arkansas Rep. unsure if his vote on Schiavo case was the right one. Oops!

questions about Reporters Without Borders funding

If it wasn't political and applying only to one specific person, then

New repub commercial for socsec

Jeb continues the approach to oust hubby as guardian.

Terri Schiavo supports the troops and S.S. privatization...

Tom DeLay complaining about 'evil' syndicates

Could Michael Schiavo sue the Schindler's for slander re: charges of abuse

First Rule: When your opponent is making a mistake, don't interrupt.

The End of Freedom

Watch out, more Holy Week news. Pope's condition changing for the worse

"Lobbyist Tom Daschle" is on NPR Talk of the Nation this hour sometime

The really important aspect of Terri Schaivo's story

Daily Show/ Frist-Delay interferring with the Shiavo Case/Video

Meet God

PHOTO: Sen. McCain, who's your daddy?

Looks like Coulter got booed in TN...

From the twisted mind of Bartcop: Would be funnier if it wasn't so true

"Social Security" for sale on Ebay

Is this an "Iraqi" commando or a Blackwater mercenary? Hard to tell

What Would A Moderate Underground.Com Look Like?

PHOTO: "WARNING! A Bush envoy is in Argentina!"

Many Idiots think that supporting GLBT people = Hatred of America

The Tennessee National Guard lost 2 soldiers yesterday.

"Marriage is between ONE man & ONE woman"....unless JEB says otherwise

Bush's 2004 Campaign Promise

So only 50 people showed up at the hospice to protest?

Dealing (or Not) With The World's Doomsday Arsenal (And US Superiority)

Schiavo: Judge's decision follows My analysis of "doomed case".

Time Warner (AOL) settles without admitting wrongdoing

All the news that's fit to print...

CNN Poll: Who should decide Schiavo's case? Please DU

Two great resignation letters from high-ranking officials

CNN running the anti-dem, anti-SS, bull shit Ad? Moveon to the rescue

Study - 67% of NASCAR finds "fuel efficient cars" are "patriotic"

What if Democrats owned the voting machine companies?

THE FINAL WORD: the Schindler family are some sick puppies.

Still enjoying your "tax cuts", Mr. & Mrs. Working-class Bush voter?

Will the Schaivo case end up a "With us or against us" scenario

I find the level of misinformation ASTOUNDING

Health benefits-mercury- really in the billions-EPA chose to overlook that

LTTEs: Take heart. People are getting it, more than you know.

Two labs confirmed Pentagon anthrax

Video clips

Schiavo's Parents Urge Court to Act Soon

Right-to-Life Paradox: If life is sacred, why care about eternity?

so what's happening in GD?

Republicans do NOT have the moral high ground

Excellent MotherJones interview with Jim Wallis...

What has done more to destroy the sanctity of marriage?

Democrats are too focused on brush fires (Plame, Gannon, Schiavo) and

The Schianvo Case: A Political Stunt By The Anti-Abortion Lobby

I need some computer help

Who are Terry Schivos parents?

"Homosexuality is Immoral"

I wanted to thank everyone for their advice

Question about annuities

Why are churches tax exempt?

News: Tourists flock for last glimpse of unspoiled Alaskan arctic

Can Bill Frist diagnose me with a mental illness endangering others and

Ok - Now I'm sick of every post being about Terri

Blogs Vs. The Corporate Media

It takes two to play Political Tango

The media are racist

Thanks Calvary Baptist Church, for showing us who you really worship

Its all laid out right here... PASS IT ON

What can we do?

Any one have a trans. of Al Gore's last speech? He mentioned my grandpa

Informed Consent - The Schiavo Case and the Islamization of the Republican

Gotta love Howard Dean's quote on this one:

I'd be honored to be disfellowshipped by the Southern Baptists

UA Young Democrat Banned from [Bush SS] Forum

Is Science Truth? The Bible? Spirituality? Who Knows?


Abstinence only sex education

The Schiavo Case is to maintain GOP grip on voting machines

Well I thought something good could come out of this Schiavo thing

If Congress can save a life, could it also take one away?

"The media will not make a big deal about the latest school shootings

The Schiavo case and Health Care in the United States of America

Belgian children, drums for peace, beautiful picture as well.

Dubya in Tucson yesterday

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave (Schiavo)...

'there was no rain before Noah's flood'

Tim Russert

Puppy Training Tips please

A culture of judgement

Ohio's Blackwell Ridicules Election Fraud "Conspiracy"

Definition of "a tyrant": Someone who disagrees with Rick Santorum

Just wondering, what is the $ cost to taxpayers for the Schiavo circus?

If my Kidneys fail...

Expect the 11th Circuit to order the feeding tube reinserted in Sciavo.

Call Ed Shultz NOW! 1-877-934-6833 He is talking about that

Hannity now plugging Microtel Inn

Delusionoids. We are surrounded by delusionoids.

OK DU Mental Health Professionals: Analyze George Bush and the Repubs!

Look at all the victims of Bush!

Lack of DU Interest in Social Security Is Alarming

M.U.S.H.R.O.O.M. L.O.V.E (Mascot?)

So I finished reading "What's the Matter with Kansas?" and

Hey Good Boy on the Ed Schultz show!

If the DU Server Breaks Down, & GROVELBOT's put on a Feeding Tube

Walmart-Lovers are making gas prices higher.

"Judge in Schiavo Case a Clinton Appointee"

People who used to talk about CIA-Pinochet links were called crazy

ACLU Joins Conservatives to Restore Freedoms Lost Under Patriot Act

To err on the side of life? Thanks, almighty one, for the caution.

Protest CNN, July 2005!

Why do so many DUers hate protesting?

A Second American Civil War?

What if the 11th Circuit Court overturns the previous decisions...

When they said our union workers were lazy and incompetent, I kept

RATE this story...MSM waking up from their coma

On the subject of Terri Schiavo

Self-Proclaimed "Native Nazi" Jeff Weise

forced sterilization...Still lawful!!!???

USANext is the Swift Boat Veterans for the Social Security issue.

Paranoid Rants at FR on Schiavo

Can Patrica Heaton save Terry Schiavo?

Anybody heard anything about Iraq? Was the mission accomplished?

Pope Not Doing Well On Vacation

Did ya catch the dumbshit on Randi? Clinton lied about everything..

PHOTOS: San Diego military recruitment center DEFACED....

Who's this guy on Randi right now?

2 Guys threaten Bush and Jeb- Innocent Blood on their hands IF

To put an end to the Terris mess, since those supporting her claim that

America: A Nation of Busy-bodies!

I think I understand why cons are so concerned with Terri S.

"a vain and useless act."

George W. Bush is a BUTT PLUG

My personal experience visiting "Red Lake Indian Reservation."

An Art Project DU Will Enjoy >>>

Google--WATER DAY 5...WTF?????????

Iraq War Support

Only 3 Senators in Voice Vote on Schiavo Bill?

'The Principles of War,' can liberals use this instead to work for peace?

The Majority Of The Black Caucus Voted In Favor Of The Schiavo Legislation

..."it is wise to always err on the side of life"..g.w.bush, mass murderer


A Far Greater Threat To America Than Terrorism: Economic Destruction

Schindler's Lawyers: She must be reconnected to a feeding tube....

Secret US plans for Iraq's oil

YAY I get to protest Fred Phelps tonight!

The Republican Debt Machine is Running Up the deficits like a drunk.

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

An Immoral And Illegal War: Speech By Representative Cynthia McKinney

Okay, yet another stiff drink needed...

Interpreting moans and grunts

anyone watching CBS evening news?

I would like to see a video today or yesterday of how teri is currently

PHOTOS: Filipinos stand up for PEACE all across America...

And they call us "looney"

Terri Schiavo = Elian Gonzales

How The Democratic Party Fosters Conservatism

Santorum rethinks death penalty stance

1524 Healthy Soldiers Dead. Parent's wishes ignored.

Five and a half hours after the appeal was filed and no reinsertion of the

Rate this Yahoo story.

The Schindlers will be at the next RNC convention

Quick, help me think of more slogans to protest God Hate Fags' Phelps

We should send video tapes to Bill Frist asking for diagnosis.

CNN's interview with "supposed" former nurse

Will "Terri's Law" be the GOP's Waterloo?

Mel Gibson, Patricia Heaton, Randy Travis & Pat Boone Plead for Terri Schi

Evansville, In - may deny visits by President/Vice - too expensive...


will someone please explain to me how a Native American kid

Bush finally backfires.

PHOTOS: Ireland STANDS UP against bush* wars....Pro-Peace rally

PHOTO: "There is no dreams for you with us"

The President's No-Brainer Policies:Deny Help to Brain-Injured Soldiers...

Social Security town hall meeting with Jack Kingston

So, anything new in the Plame investigation?

My boyfriend believes I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories

St. Petersburg Times: On Bush 1999 Texas Futile Care Law

Where's Bush's response for the 25,000 people that die DAILY -lack of food

I detect a really bad vibe throughout the whole US

Iraq: Free John Walker Lindh!

American Friends Service Committee - COUNTER RECRUITMENT & CO COUNSELING

Why are the Democrats squandering their opportunities?

need help explaining "Hearsay"

The flip-side of 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness'

Doctor who claims he can cure Schiavo says he's a Nobel Prize Nominee.....

Christian Theocrats behind Terri Schiavo

Michael T. Klare, The Energy Crunch to Come

PHOTOS: Rochester NY: Military Families shut down recruiting center !!

PHOTOS: Cleveland STANDS UP for Peace...shuts down military recruitment

PHOTOS: Raleigh NC STANDS UP against bush* wars....heavy police

PHOTOS: Minneapolis/St. Paul stands in the SNOW for PEACE...

PHOTOS: Baltimore MD stands for PEACE...shuts down military recruitment


some HOT PHOTOS from the Pro-Peace events over the weekend

PHOTOS: Winnipeg, Canada STANDS UP against bush* wars..

PHOTOS: Champaign, IL STANDS UP in the cold wind for PEACE

I can't believe any Democrats would side with Repubs on Schiavo

WOW...Photos from GRAND RAPIDS, MI Pro-Peace rally...this is bush* country

Great PHOTOS: Sunday's San Francisco Pro-Peace Rally

Now its being reported on CNN that the National Guard and Reserves

GOP disaster Warning

We need a huge balls to the wall protest of the Corporate Media

Lynn Samuels thanks AAR for not paying attention to her tape...

The Schiavo case is CRITICAL for the future of liberal progressivism

Hunger Strike for Schiavo (well at least they are dedicated)


Beautiful PHOTO: the "Reach for Peace"...a symbol of hope

PHOTOS: BLOODBATH at Boston Miltitary Recruitment Center

I guess I'll weigh in on Shiavo

WOW! CNN proves Dems DO have a Schiavo Death Wish

To the dumbasses trying to bring Terri water - SHE CAN'T FUCKING SWALLOW.

Us old hippies are going to have to dust off

Jesse Jackson Just Said Schiavo's Tube Should Be Restored

Jesse Jackson is wrong on Terri. Terri is "brain-dead" not

Do you have a written Living Will/Advanced Directive?

I am conflicted about sex offenders

Why won't Repukes let Terri be with the Lord?

Trial Begins in California Girl's Killing

PDA Latest News - Worth the read!

Women are not allowed the pundit gigs

PHOTOS from Ft. Bragg Pro-Peace rally: Let the TRUTH be known (Part 1)

PHOTOS from Ft. Bragg Pro-Peace rally: Let the TRUTH be known (Part 2)

PHOTOS from Ft. Bragg Pro-Peace rally: Let the TRUTH be known (Part 3)

A Durable Health Care Power Of Attorney for all - for free

International DUers: give us your honest opinions.

Pentagon Reaffirms Globocop Role/ equating international courts & terror

PHOTOS: Bend, Oregon STANDS UP against bush* wars...

Following the Money on the Schiavo Case

Right Wing Train Wreck (Schiavo case)

how long till Jeb weighs in and signs legislation

Sibel Edmonds Files More Detailed Lawsuit

Terri will not starve to death.....let everyone know that!!!!

PHOTO: South Africa STANDS UP for Peace, calls bush* a "tiny tyrant"

Good protest pic re: Shiavo (our very own RubyDuby in GA!)

Judge Greer: Republican, Baptist, has been kicked out of his CHURCH!

To everyone complaining about all the Terri Shiavo threads...

My mom stopped eating a week before she died from colon cancer, AND:

So, How Much does Regular Unleaded Gas Cost where you live?

POLL: Have you ever had to stop life support on a family member?

Schiavo case ... a feminist, disability-rights issue?

Check out what Merle Haggard just said

I've decided to start selling worthless crap to Americans.

The Schiavo Case and Same-Sex Marriage

Anyone want to venture a guess as to what the Schiavo decision will be?

no more blue skies . . . ever . . .

Quiche for dinner!

i think i just made a cake with semolina flour

So what does it say about my household

The Schiavo case got me to wondering

The Lib Dems 10 Policies:

ABB to reorganize subsidiaries to resolve asbestos claims

Cities, agencies seek right to sue: Governments are pursuing the power to

Bush's Re-election Lifts Circulation at Liberal Magazines

2 Wyoming firms seek OK to reopen uranium ore mill

WSJ: Taiwanese Remain Wary of China -- Political Divide Broadens

Commander: Pakistan tribal crisis brews

US military kills 26 insurgents southeast of Baghdad

How to save wild mustangs: Buy them up, and take them to Wyoming

Ten Dead In Minnesota School Shooting

Hearing begins for Ohio soldier charged in death of Afghan detainee

Bush signed Texas Law Favoring Spouses - AJC

Schiavo Order to reinsert feeding tube...denied.

Fed may get more aggressive

Inflation Could Lead Fed to Push Rates Up

Four Iraqi Civilians Die in Roadside Bomb Blast(dead Marine al-Anbar 1523)

Allies reconsider China weapons sales

Rubella Wiped Out in the U.S.

WP: Analysts: GOP May Be Out of Step With Public

Ethicists: Bush changed stance (Terry Schaivo)

Judge denies request to reinsert feeding tube

U.S. February Producer Prices Rise 0.4%; Core Rate Up 0.1%

Idaho OKs Qwest deregulation

Mel Gibson, Patricia Heaton, Randy Travis & Pat Boone Plead for Terri Schi

How Family's Cause Reached the Halls of Congress

Judge won't order Schiavo tube reinserted (AP Wire)

Zubik adds support to anti-death penalty campaign

Judge Won't Order Schiavo Tube Reinserted

Frist Treads a Delicate Path in Citing Medical Background

NYT: Faculty Panel at Cal Faults Way to Pick Merit Scholars

Russia, France Sign Deal on Rocket Launches From Equator

195 Vietnamese being tested for avian flu, report says

At NASA, Clouds Are What You Zoom Through to Get to Mars -NYT

Ukraine to pull all troops from Iraq

State Physicians Group Condemns Involvement by Congress

China province pushes AIDS tests for some

Doctors in Congress Criticized on Schiavo

NYT: Wave of Corruption Tarnishes China's Extraordinary Growth

Pope to skip Good Friday, health precarious

IRS threatens church tax-exempt status for Kerry visit

Division of Iraq's Ministries Finalised

Peace Plan Tops Arab Summit Agenda

Egyptian Opposition Charged With Forgery

Televised political battle over comatose woman's fate grips Canadians

Production to stop at Pfizer plant in Holland(MI)

Grand ayatollah presses for quick deal on new government

IRS probes politics at church

Giuliani hires FBI's New York office head to lead security consulting

Law Bush signed as Texas governor prompts cries of hypocrisy

Texas critics question Bush's "life" culture

A neo-nazi 'angel of death' --Jeff Weise on Nazi Web site

TX: Then and now, Bush backed law for life (Texas spin on flip-flopping)

DeWine Fights NASA Cuts (700 Ohio jobs)

Unocal Settles Human Rights Suit Over Alleged Abuse at Myanmar Pipeline

France abolishing its 35-hour workweek

Cheney in Reno: Social Security reform one of top U.S. concerns

Legal Experts Say Parents Are Unlikely To Prevail

Group alleges cleanup tests misleading

Canada unveils annual seal hunt, blasts activists

Tribes buying wild horses

Washington Gay Paper Kills Story on Gay RNC Chair

Afghan anti-poppy program boosts opium prices

Rail giant challenges ban on hazardous materials

ACLU: Anti-war protesters' rights violated by police

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 22 March

McCain Trumpets Bush Social Security Plan

(TN) State Rep. (John Mark) Windle(D) injured in Iraq

DOJ redacted memo on detainees (FBI criticism was deleted)

Medi-Cal proposals prompt outrage

Police: Abducted Ga. Kids Found Safe (Amber Alert cancelled)

Marine In Iraq Calls Silverdale, WA Home Depot For Needed Part

Annan says expects Syrian pullout timetable soon (Not a word about Iraq)

3 big unions sue over governor's video promos

Lowes (foods) to offer pay-by-fingerprint

Iraq: Free John Walker Lindh!

US Republicans respond to evangelicals on Schiavo

Judge in Schiavo Case a Clinton Appointee

Bush role in Schiavo case bothers Right

Iraqi SWAT training nears halfway point

Homelessness rose last year and set another yearly record

Army ("stung by recruiting shortfalls") raises enlistment age to 39

US senators promise troops more armour, assess Iraqi force readiness

Terror Studies Must Look at History, Motives

Family makes epic journey to America (Cubans in 51 Chevy truck/raft)

AG, city sue Peoples Energy over alleged natural gas scheme

Cnn reporting Judge has refused to reinsert the tube. AP no link

NYT: Tom Cruise Mixing Business and Church (Scientology debate)

(CT) Trooper tells (911) caller seeking help, 'Too bad'

NASA plans for the unthinkable

Alcoa announces job cuts (2,000 Jobs)

Child Abduction Emergency - South Carolina (1102 AM EST 3/22)

LAT: Some in GOP Fear Schiavo Effort May Alienate Voters

Baghdad Residents Kill Three Militants

Gov't to Cover Smoking Cessation Programs (only if you are already sick)

U.S. Tries to Renew Argentina Military Exercises

30 protesters rally against Cheney appearance in Reno

WP: Flow of Illegal Immigrants to U.S. Unabated

EU wants hearing with Wolfowitz

7 in 10 Say Congress Inappropriately Entered Case of Brain-Damaged Woman

Most call centre outsourcing deals fail to achieve target: cheaper

Fed's rate hike unnerves investors

Reuters: Strategy Questions Loom for Bush in Retirement Push

Bulgarian troops should leave Iraq together: minister

U.S. Envoys Prod Israel Over Expansions

Mary Matalin to Head Publishing Imprint (Simon & Schuster)

Bush, industry seek reversal of mine ruling

Bush, McCain: Social Security attacks unwarranted

Inflation at Wholesale Level at Highest Point in Three Months

Bishop apologizes for barring Catholic funeral of gay nightclub owner


Local Republicans back Greer (Judge in Schiavo Case a Republican)

Nevada seeks united front against Yucca

Blair shuns US religion politics

FBI Report Questions Guantanamo Tactics

Legislature votes to take Sudafed, Claritin off Shelves (GA)

78 journalists killed in 2004

Kentucky man becomes public face of U.S. military deserters in Canada

Poll puts Santorum, Casey in dead heat

DeLay at center of political storm

Head of Compensation Committee Reveals Fallujah Tragedy in Numbers

Dr Hammesfahr is a fraud(Media matters)

Fed hikes interest rates another quarter-point

Schiavo's Parents Beg Court to Act Quickly

Pentagon Won't Reopen Probe Into Media Abuse

Gay Man's Beating Shakes N.M. Residents

Michigan bill would ban medical decisions if adultery is involved

Sandinista Official Says U.S. Is Meddling

Worries swelling over oil shortage (peak oil)

A neo-nazi 'angel of death' (Guardian)

Will Republicans Go Nuclear?

Dean takes jabs at GOP, Frist over Schiavo case

Former CIA director appointed to board as outside US director - Krongard

Mass ballot rigging taking hold in Britain

Soldiers deliver toys to disadvantaged Iraqi children

Minnesota School Shooter Wore Bullet-Proof Vest

Macintosh Hacker Attacks Are on the Rise -Symantec

Document: Bin Laden Evaded U.S. Forces (contradicts Cheney/Franks claims)

Protesters Overrun Kyrgyzstan City-Gov't Loses Control of Region

Autistic Teenager Is Beaten by Deputies After Being Mistaken for a Prowler

Bird flu epidemic could kill as many as 750,000 in Britain: estimate

Mystery fever death toll rises

LOL O'Rilley saying Coup was a STALKER

Should I update my pic which now includes my new pet in the demopedia?

Gwen Stefani in the twenties, would have been a flapper.

Oprah is Harpo spelled backwards

Please caption this photo of Chimpy from his Afro period:

Your favorite Marx Brother

I was writing down a long involved joke for our member in pain...

A question about a 60s song. It's a story song about a mountain and valley

Just finished "The Office" Series One DVD & I just want to say...

Gwen Stefani has become some sort of rapper.

Do you think Chris Cooper will play Tom Delay in the Made for TV Movie?

You serve me, and I'll serve you

WHich Smashing Pumpkins album should I buy?

Which city will have the best party ? Miami or Boston ?

My dogs are so programmed

Air America party in Dallas! (KXEB 910AM)

SmileyBoy's BACK. And he's got a new 'tude.

If Gwen Stefani had been a flapper in the 20s....

Well I'm leaving tomorrow at daybreak

Dead Elephant cleanup needed. Blocking road to future....please help

Do you think Chris Cooper will play Tom Delay in the Made for TV Movie?

Well it's my birthday...I'm officially 21!

Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken -- "Wedding Crashers"


DU Post of the day

Pain, Pain

Proof that women love us only for our money:

Gwen Stefani Is A Fucking Idiot, Just Like Ashley Simpson


So I did a DU database search on the word "Schiavo" . . .

Tell me all the bad recent news of the day.

You've been hit by, a smooth criminal.

Official Lounge Schiavo thread

Night, night DU.

I don't get it...what's "link" do?

The best thing about Easter time

Big yawns... Nighty-night!

Comedy Central has succeeded in making me hate another show

Holy Crap!... I just finished reading 1984

T Shirt

WOW! Callous zillionaire Oprah to go "slumming" for a month!

Bach V Chopin; mano a mano

If it were up to me . . .

You guys abandoned me! How do I get a thread locked?


Good Morning Democratic Underground

Billionaires for Bush put Social Security up for auction on Ebay

Leonard Nimoy is a nazi!!!

Political Capital and voters remorse -- new toons


The scariest shit i've seen today, YOU WERE WARNED

Did you ever have a substitute need a substitute when you were in school?

NFL Will Play Regular Season Game In Mexico

First-Grader's "Candy" Treats Turn Out To Be Crack Cocaine

Mick Foley

Go to and do a search for 'All Family'

I have hermes.

Motor oil...or snake oil?

Should I take the cat to the vet?

So, how many hours, days, or weeks do you think the average

*huuhhhh, mmm,owwww,huhhhowww* WHINE ALERT

Good night all.

Want to make your living will?

do you Like yams?

I have harpies...

Who's up?

A short video diversion

"Look Lois, the two symbols of the Republican Party:

Jeff Foxworthy roast

Fans of the late Martin Denny, take note of new Jimmy Buffett release

do you Like pams?

Gas up another $.04 over night

Ed Asner is doing a new TV movie

Michael Jackson: who does he remind you of?

I have herpes.

It's Puff!

WOW! DU musicians-see what intricate lyrics and complex guitar can do

Mrs. V. is sick. Toby is sick. I am well. Are the Fates/Gods/Karma

To what degree should we destroy Kleeb when he comes to Boston?

Brazilian names explained (soccer related)

I am out of caffeine

A thread about the Kiss/Nugent show on the Led Zeppelin forum. funny

What the hell is up with the Boston Celtics??!

f'n A - another schiavo thread for the front page

Anyone adept at creating new avatars?

Only *6* shopping days until the BIG birthday!!!!

Schiavo case highlights eating disorders.. a sad lesson

happy .......birthday..........WILLIAMSHATNER!!!!

whip infLation now

I have LeSueur Peas

I pulled my ass muscles this morning! LOL--ow!

Over 111 threads on you know who

Would anyone else freak if they saw this shirt on someone?

Florida Teacher Voyeur Nabbed

Who has been driven into the Lounge because of the Terri Schiavo threads?

My friend's son is being sworn in to the Army right now

See what you've started.

Whatcha listenin to?

SNL Tries Penile Implant

Google says it's world water day.

How about posting each of the 10 commandments where they best apply?

Bill Clinton clock

Shoot first, ask questions later...Judy Martz advising Taser

You know what's gross?

Enough Of Schiavo/Jackson, let's get back to Kobe Bryant!

Where are Gary Condit and Chandra Levy when we need them?

Billionaires for Bush put Social Security up for auction on Ebay

I need some computer help

My friends got invited to the premiere of "Sin City"

Things the nuns told me in grammar school:

What's Opera Doc?

Is "microfiber" watertight?

Any tips on dyeing Easter eggs?

Need URL of AAR Windows Media Player link

KIDS! Get your AUTHENTIC Alien Mummy Corpse UFO Crash Victim!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a water balloon in space?

I'd sue -- Sweeepstakes winners are really the losers

Did you ever forget to go to work?

Outdoor enthusiasts: SPRING


What does a rock and roll doctor do?

Census Questions, year 2010.

I've lost the will to Multiply...

Lil' Kim was in court and nobody cares

Could someone tell me about the Gene Simmons Fresh Air interview?

Social Security being auctioned off on E-bay

I'm feeling whiskas today.

Woohoo! Look at me in my cowboy boots rushing home...woohooo!

Hey Taverner!

Random pictures of sniffa

Random pictures of muttons

I've lost the will to copycat.

I've lost the will to be inclined to see fit to opt to desire.

My dream about JOhn Kerry....

Random picture of Bush** (must see to believe!)

Am looking for the website which tells

40 years ago today, Dylan Brought it all back home

What is a good interview answer for weaknesses?

when you can't fix it, reboot

Growling man with sword between his teeth arrested for robbery

Someone like you

greatest potato chip ever?


When FDisk doesn't fix it, F It.

EGG's Anyone? Global Consciousness Project.....

What is Opera?

Why do I even bother to try to eat salads? I can't.

Mall Of America Amusement Ride Leaves People Trapped Upside Down

Nature's Birthday gift to me? A big zit! What did you get Dolo?

when rebooting doesn't fix it, fdisk

Anyone else having allegory problems?

Does our murdering president inspire mass shootings

I got my two new T-shirts today

Non-attractive body parts you find sexual. List 'em!

Mrs. Grumpy thinks I'm a queen or somthing cool like that!!

I just breezed

I have to say this...


Who here listens to Lynn Samuels?

That's it, anyone who wants a Nobel Prize Nomination - let me know

I just sneezed.

Non-body parts you find attractive. List 'em!

I just wheezed.

Non flying bricks you find attractive. List them !

Baldric! I have a cunning plan!

I just Febrezed

You need a dog

I'm unworthy

Why didn't Congress think of this??

Hello everyone - I still need to get cheered up

when the fundie base gets "excited"

Random picture of kittens

Random pictures of mutton

What the heck does this mean?

I've lost the will to hack

Logical Positivism or Existentialism

Does anyone actually color eggs that look like the ones on cartoons?

random picture of mittens

I'm unworthy

I feel I've lost the will to post random pictures of Kittens

I've lost the will to pack.

Worst product name?

Help! Need ideas: Soft foods for miserably swollen, sore, infected throat?

What would make you go on Doctor Phil?

Folks, Jesus really does saves.....

Lonely Dog Travels 9 Miles To Track Down Owner *look how smart dogs are

don't you hate when you call a company and the prerecorded voice asks you

Today is my anniversary.

Picking sides for a soccer game---Mmm I'll taaaake him

I'm sniffing Shar-Peis today...

I've lost the will to snack

I feel I've lost the will to frisk today.

I took trouble into my home

You suck because you don't think like I do....

I just lippeezed

The lyric is,"Tell me how the pain's supposed to go "...MrsGrumpy thought

What should I bake first in my new stove?

I have been sniffing harpies today.

Have you ever mooned anyone?

I'm watching the NCAA wrestling national championship

Eerily prescient Negativland lyrics from 1997!

Yo! New York area DUers

I am sniffing sharpies today.


What the hell's going on over here?

Freeper quotes on films with sexual content

Dating sites for liberals/progressives?

Have you ever mooed anyone?

Eugene Debs..

Where do you stand on taxes for 2004?

I have made it my mission to get that bathroom clean

I've lost the will to flirt

The barrel bottom 's officially been scraped: "Doogie Howser Season 1 DVD"

who posted that they thought they had appendicitis recently?

God was with me this morning

While in the ladies room, I noticed my undies say RW across the top band!

Who knows how to create an XP shortcut to eject hardware?

who is frisking will today?

OK..I'm gonna' be the first Dumb-Ass to ask this question.

Been away for a while. What'd I miss?


Who's your Cap'n

Trying to make a CD of music for my dad with RealPlayer: HELP

Bil Keane on "persistent vegetative state"

Caption as a's fun!

Who is willing to frisk me today?

I did a sweep on my computer last night using "Ad Aware"

Anyone else read Robert B.Parker's "Spenser PI" Mysteries?

I am feeling snarky today

Hey everyone in the lounge!

What is the deal with Florida?


Remote Control advise needed: PLEASE HELP!!!

So, I have bronchitis. Crap.


Furious George, one step away from banging shoe on table Kruschev-style

HELP!!! Need some advice

So I go in for a biopsy today

Will someone please come walk my dog?

Stupid things people have told me

It is freaking SNOWING!

Beatlists are like the SBVs trying to diminish John Kerry's titanicoes.

How are you celebrating "World Water Day"?

This may sound crazy- but look at my thumb.

Ask me anything -- I want to get to 400 posts by tomorrow!

Caption this!

ON THE MAIN PAGE: New feature: "Link" YAAAAY!

This may sound crazy- but look at your pain.

is there such a service as FURNITURE CLEANING?

I think I figured out who tossed that rubber on my car

Hey...sniff my finger-

Colin Powell's Tell-All Book: Steroid Use Rampant in the White House

Celebrity Trivia-Who is (was) Jennifer Aniston's godfather?

The HUBRIS of this encounter just astounds me... opinions for the

PLEASE read the disclaimer on the back of your baseball ticket

Our tap water is totally brown, like tea.

'X-Men 3' Snags Gangster Film Director

I was driving and lost a prophylactic. anyone seen it?

This may sound crazy- but look at my finger

Hogzilla was real!

Just taking a break from work for a few minutes....

Most Useless Spy Gadgets

Alright, I admit it I like the song "La La"

Orange you glad you don't have a baby?

I was wrong about elimidate

Our brand new band

Happy birthday HEyHEY!

back from the cruise

FOUND!!!! Matcom's baby picture (what a sweetie)


My mailman thinks i'm a commie part 2

Why is the Smoking Man from X-Files so damn cool

Say hello to my lil' friend!

I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Caption this Photo

sidewalk chalk guy -- Amazing artwork!

Stop me if you've heard this one.... (relatively clean Viagra joke)

Foster greyhound no more!

Babies talk

West Memphis Three

And now, for my 700th post:

Anyone getting crappy gasoline since prices have gone up??

My heart is breaking

DU Kool-Aid drinkers - Do you make your own?

I have a gig at the Ray-gun building on April Fools Day

UNDERPANTS! I have your baby's name for you!!!

Tornadoes heading my way

Master of the house


Say something good.

"the man with two brains"

I've lost the will to snark.

Does anyone else end up eating all the Easter eggs in their house?

Nude statue sent packing

I've fallen in love-------------with the Aflac duck!



This may sound crazy- but look at your palm.


Anyone heard any news from auntAgonist?

Pronunciation of Iraq: Ee-rock, Ee-wrack, or Eye-wrack?

La la la la la la la! I can't hear you!

Did you know Suzanne and Ronda have had a lot of devastation?

Spring is here! 56 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and warm sunshine!

A Local Farmer Woke up to Easter-Colored Goats This Morning

Large cat on the loose in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Image of Satan Appears on Turtle

Whatever happened to that Dell Computer dude?

George W. Bush is a BUTT PLUG

Puppy Training Tips please

Spring has come: 85 degrees, few clouds, breezy, green trees

What's Your Favorite HBO Original Series

Non-sexual body parts you find attractive. List 'em!

Fascism has taken over in Amerika!

Lordy, lordy! Look who's forty!

Have you ever "Streaked"?

Perfume, Headaches and cube work

Which hotels are people staying at in Boston ?

Is anyone else having allergy problems?

The "Dignified Posture" CAPTION

DU absinthe drinkers - Do you make your own?

Please pray for my dad, GreenLantern

Spelling of "pronunciation"

Redheads, front and center. Post up and you get a hug

Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?

Have you ever gone cow tipping?

If a manager summoned you by phone like this: "Send in the word orb!"

Kerry behind anti-war protests!---Delusional Freeper

I'm feeling frisky today.

I once thought I had mono for a whole year.

Is is true that an a**kicking by Skittles is a badge of honor and a DU

BBC News: (Dark) Chocolate 'has health benefits'

Why I must bid DU adieu...

Apparently being fat makes me less attractive as an employee...

This may sound crazy, but pull my finger

A modest proposal: Everyone send Joseph Welch's quote to DeLay's office

I'm Back - Did Anyone Miss Me????

Little things people do that annoy you...

Best Portrayals of Historical/Real-Life Figures in Movies/TV

those glade plug-ins with the fan work quite well...

I'm unwarty!

What unique thing does your city have that no other city has??

Bonds may miss 05 season.


Group Proposal: Space and Aeronautics Forum

Before I take this over to ATA... who thinks this DU group is a good idea:

Resume question:

how can there be so many Shaivo threads with great, unbiased info,

Radical Activist is going to be on Elimidate!!!!!!!!!


City Druids line up to put a spring in their step

Faith healing, Miracles, and Terri Schiavo

Anxiety disorders now seen as brain ailments

GM (genetically modified) crop fails all tests - harms wildlife and enviro

Too little sun causes harm, cancer specialists say

Brian Green on Letterman Tuesday night

What is the potential of fuel cells for the long term?

AMA Head Apologizes For Anti-Gay Remarks

Gay Activist Honored By National Teachers' Group

Connecticut Civil Unions Move Forward

Bishop Apologizes For Refusing Gay Man's Funeral

Georgia School Board To Allow Gay Student Group

Scottish Bishop Calls For Ban On Gay Teachers

EIGHTY FOUR points in THIRTY minutes

Pssst...the celtics (part II)

Japan: Baseball lifts lifetime ban

Bonds out for the season?

I know people hate him, but...

Are there any unburnt couches left in West Virginia?

"Foster" greyhound no more

The Song of Creation - FREE Ebook

Another example

Shouldn't jesus look kind of like Bob Dylan?

Health Alert

I found it!

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Kerry - The Eternal Optimist

Tiny item in New York magazine on Alexandra Kerry

Hey guys, check out this funny conversation I had with my friend

The devil wore J. Crew

Countdown Newletter 3/22/05

Do you like this picture?

New Blog: "Bonds retiring? Told ya so." 3-22-05

Someone from the Schiavo (both sides) Team is Lying......

Jesse booed 4 not be progressive enough?

Jeb Bush's "Terri's Law" was found unconstitutional

ABC NightLine had a good segment tonite about Schiavo

Afghanistan: One huge US jail - Guardian

Nation's Most Important Foreign-Policy Doctrines Forged To Justify Mistake

Radical proposal for social security

The "Nuclear Option"......The end of the Senate Filibuster?

Schiavo judge refuses to order reinsertion of the tube

How Family's Cause Reached the Halls of Congress

A crack in a Wingnut's "thinking"(do they think?)

Schiavo, Jacko and a giant pig: today's CNN front page (no Iraq headlines)

More Republican Hypocrisy

The Senate Vote

Chimp's warbloggers' concerted strangling of all dissenting voices

Its Easier for Rep. to blame Judge as radical activist in Shiavo case

Isn't this Schiavo case a prime example................

the quiet abandonment of a program that could eliminate this avoidable ep

Stoopid Fundies--Don't you think God wants You-Know-Who in Heaven?

Tom Delay Msg To A Religious Org, On this Schiavo Mess:

Fox: "Bush focuses SS message on those near retirement," pimps McCain

Time to put the Repubs on the defensive ?

Post your Bush Schiavo Hypocrisy Logo, Here is mine:

Daily Show clip on Schiavo

you know how we can't trust medicine advertised on TV - well we

Damn! The GOP is kicking our asses yet again on Schiavo.

So who is this guy? (TBR-White House Poster Boy)

I think I had a brainstorm about how to beat the GOP..thoughts appreciated

The Feeding Tube is working flawlessly at AFR

The devil wore J. Crew

Their "moarl values" disappear when the question comes close to home

Rate Yahoo! - Law Bush signed as Texas governor prompts cries of hypocrisy

Bush will not be making any public comments on Terri S. per MSNBC

Evansville is fighting back - they feel "used like a pair of work gloves"

Enron movie set to premiere in Houston

Republican Sleeze

Per ABC News: GOP memo (they are hypocrites) About Terri Schiavo

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

DUers: Bush must choose, SS "fix" over OR pullout deadline Iraq

Let's hit the Mainstream Media where it hurts!

Fred Barnes on FOX just said Terri Schiavo had NOT had an MRI

The VA is underfunded by $ 1 BILLION for the year 2006.

U.N. Reform: Terrorism, Human Rights High on List

Arizona Young Dem barred from Propaganda Rally.

I always thought the right wing talibush was overstated as a rethug base

Well, this dropped like a rock on Ed/Other articles....

When are we going to call these fundies by their real name: Nuts

Crazy Nurse On CNN Again. . .Supposedly Michael Shaivo's Lawyer

Congress' Terri Law = Fort Sumter Of A Full-Blown Religious War

Just Saw An Anti-Dem Spewing, SS-Hating, Pro-bu$h Infomercial On CNN

Do we have a "right" to artificial life support?

Tom Daschle being interviewed on NPR now. n/t

MSM doing its job??? RATE this yahoo story high...

So THIS is how we'll get our country back...

"Masters of sleaze"

Michael Schiavo

House still demanding that Terri/Michael appear on 3/25!

I saw a stupid ad today for Bush's SS plan

Seriously! Why does Bush have all this free time to shill his SS plan?

Billionaires For Bush Auction Social Security on eBay

let the rw fundie freaks use the shindler/shivo case all the

ROCK THE VOTE & AARP are banding together - pro SS teeshirts & thongs

OTHER BUSH ASSASSINATION: Calipari: Target of opportunity by Wayne Madsen

For something that is funny, sad and scary all at the same time

Ed Schultz talked about stem cell research possibly helping brain damage.

Water Becoming More Precious Than Oil in Arab World

On C-SPAN 2, ACLU joins Bob Barr, Paul Weyrich, Grover Norquist

Who said this ??

Rhandi is railing

This article title annoys me:

Looking at all those people holding vigils makes me wonder ....

How to turn your red state blue

The GOP platform

CNN On John Edwards and 2008

The Constitution isn't important, huh???

How about filing a class action lawsuit against voting machine companies?

This nurse on CNN is going nuts on Schiavo (Micheal)

Listening to Schiavo's Guardian Ad Litem Mr. Wolfson


New Recruits MUST Buy Cleaning Supplies for Iraq Deployment!

Question: is there a good website...

Bush: If you can't pay your medical bills, you will be unplugged

Republicans Have No Shame; The True Source Of Their "Values"

CNN just called Michael Schiavo Terri's "estranged husband."

Is Money or the LOVE of Money the Root of All Evil?

The Current Great National Enslavement

Pres of Azerbaijan met with Pres of Halliburton

Interesting Interview with Michael Dukakis

This morning my husband looked at me and said

Woman kept from drowning Schaivo

Masters of Sleaze - By DAVID BROOKS - New York Times

Delay: "God has brought to us Terri Schiavo"

Alaskan Oil Drilling. Please post the groups who are trying to stop it

Freeper's sick response to my request to support protesters:

Playgirl editor fired after revealing she's a republican...

Public won't put up with another 10 year meat grinder like Vietnam War.

German police baffeled by Bush poop flags

IRS threatens church tax-exempt status for Kerry visit UPDATED W ARTICLE

Do I go stand out with my sign at the courthouse re: Schiavo

News from John Edwards

Look for me on TV - protest in Atlanta - I'm the only Dem there

Demonstrators against Bush at Tucson: egg thrown/mom&kid arrested

interesting article in TIME on possible Kerry '08 run

Aren't there more important issues to debate than Schiavo?

BRAD BLOG: Blackwell Testifies & New 'Voters Rights' Group Appears!

The Daily Show: Jon Stewart's perspective on Congressional farce (VIDEO)

Subject: Turn Up The Heat On Gannon's "21 Club"

Would a single-payer healthcare system save Medicare ?

40,000 Complaints Ask FCC to Probe Broadcasters onVideo News Release Use