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Archives: March 2, 2005

What's wrong with American High Schools? Computers.

So how about this Tierney guy?

Great Article on Jeb's real duties vs Terri Schiavo case


Tearing Down the Press

Toying with your FREEDOM!

Intel's CEO hammers U.S. education system

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The war's silver lining

Would you like to help (pls keep kicked)

So tell me if this could work

Oral history saved islanders from tsunami

A Technology to Save the Planet

Official confirms visit from US defense department - TW

Left-wing Uruguay leader sworn in

What Chiefs of Police think about guns and other subjects.

Are these rules/guidelines still in effect without exception?

Another 'why was this moved' question

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Can We Get The Boondocks Daily Comic Strip Put On The

suggestion for some rule "bending" in LBN

I've been trying to post a picture

What are the standards for new account privileges?

Diagramming 9/11

I need help with Fahrenheit 9/11

cegalis fundraiser

had a great time at the social security town hall meeting

'Boondock's' held hostage by Chicago Tribune; Day 2

Common Cause

College students & Dems had problem voting in many states

Do law officials have double standard regarding dirty tricks against Dems

Why would Venezuela print/put old US election info. on website?

KOEB (Tuesday)

Hitler never abandoned the cloak of legality.

But in a bizarre twist...

should we start a recall against Arnold for his "special election"???

Meehan exposes true cost of "don't ask, don't tell"

If betty McCollum were to run for us senate....??

Just discovered a new way to surf.....Try it.

Any DFW meetups in the next 1 1/2 weeks?

Texas DU'ers. Repugs Slipping in a New Tax! Call your

At the NFL, you can be Bin Laden, but not Gay or Lesbian!

Matt Hale...killing judges/judges' families.

Rep. McKinney toasting Rummy's ass with 9/11 war games queston

Chuck E. Cheese patron hit with stun gun after loading up on salad

BUSH: "You can't use federal money to prophelesize"

Deserving poll has been freeped, DU to the resue!

GOPUSA Forum: Padilla should be killed to save taxpayer money

It's a grandchild!

Organic Lawn Care: An Alternative to Traditional Lawn Care Takes Hold

I have lost another student.... third one this year ;...(

Did Bush support the losing side in the teenage death penality case?

CBS News coverage of Social Security was really funny!

I believe that the synthetic organic compounds like Teflon, Silicones,

And later, we shall try to cut off your hands for your dirty remote habits

self delete

How will the draft be institutionalized?

If the Christian Right wasn't around

Chuckie Cheese? 20+ | Barbara BOXER..... VOTING rights?

Attn DU nurses....check out LBN and read the article( Ahnold and CA RN's)

China Fuels Energy Cold War--Asia Times Online

Poll: Bush losing support on Social Security

Contrary to Coulter's website, syndicate never OK'd anti-Arab slur in

U2's Bono Should Head World Bank, Paper Urges

Whoa!! Shouldn't NBC Now Be Attacked, Investigated & People Fired??

Any bloggers want to interview GuckertGannon?

Can somebody sum up the Gannon / Gosch thing?

Is Haiti on the same trajectory as Iraq,

Why haven't Derschowitz or Spence challenged

One judge killed in Iraq. On judge's family killed in the US.

Same sex union benefits vs. marriage benefits

ME almost total chaos - is this what PNAC planned?

Please read this and tell me what you think

Looks like bush wants to go to Syria

AFL-CIO and Howard Dean meet in Las Vegas, plan strategy.

Clinton Calls For Sanctions Against Syria

I dont have cable, but in my hotel, I am watching Politically Incorrect

Beware of the Long Term Care Rip-Off

Far Right Now Aiming For Robert Byrd - Action Needed

How Come People are Belatedly Turning Against Bush???

MSNBC: Wow, after watching Matthews and Olbermann...

Victory for Human Rights in Topeka Today!

Alberto Gonzalez & Andy Griffith

The Zombie Felony story.

Republicans Spend Money For Propaganda But Not For Veterans

"Bush liberated Lebanon!!!"

Scarborough is interviewing Mike Walker about Rather

The Democratic Party "supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery, envy"

Alert to everyone in North Texas, PBS, KERA Channel 13, Frontline, NOW!

Americans seem to have forgotten; the vast majority of people in the ME

Bush: "All drunks are welcome" faith-based policy

Thank goodness our leader is exporting Demcracy...mopaul needed.

The Old "Congress Doesn't Pay Into SS" Hoax E-Mail Is Making The Rounds...

About the Supreme Court...Why on Earth did GHWB...

Justice Kennedy: More Proof That SCOTUS Picks DO Matter

Gas in Fuquay-Varina, NC is...

Lebanon; pundits again ignore most the FACTS.

Comparing prices for prescription drugs.

Meet the 3 teenagers that Bush put to death

Syria being set up by the bush administration.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Round Up

Listen to Justice Stevens. Listen to Him! God I love him!

Democracy in the Middle East? How about restoring democracy in the U.S.?nt

If you were in a persistent vegetative state...

Olberman: Bush Doctrine Seems to be Working in the Middle East

Anthony Kennedy is a good Catholic, Scalia is a pro death hypocrite

Is Pat Buchanan Right on This Issue or is McCain?--conflicting views


Frist pledges to finish two terms in Senate, then work on a cure for AIDS!

jon Stewart forgives the lies if the real goal was to spread

What do Police Chiefs think of various issues?

Laura Bush: "I read, I smoke, I admire!"

Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator

Come on Iraqis! KICK OUT those OCCUPIERS!

While all hell is breaking loose in the M.E., CM says it's "democracy"!

Ann Coulter- unmarried at 45 yrs old - I assume she is therefore a virgin

Frontline - "The Soldier's Heart" on PBS now

KS att General made this weeks TIME

UK Herald: "Prepare for the worst re: Bird Flu"

Now Gannon claims the liberals are after him because he's a Christian?!

How many people noticed there was a terrorist attack in the U.S.?

What's up with Jon Stewart?

Ray Taliaferro on KGO


Help My Email is Hijacked...

Why are some political blogs popular and others not? nt

Chipotle Chicken BBQ!

Yet Another Bread Question

Jury Views Michael Jackson TV Documentary

FOX: BREAKING NEWS - Judge In Saddam Trial Found Murdered

Judge threatened by racist group finds husband, mother dead

Chiles Drops Out of Florida Governor Race

U.S. opposes EU arms sales to China

Rumsfeld Sued Over Prisoner Abuse

ANWR Drilling Likely in Senate Budget -Panel Head

Russia working on 'defense-proof' nuclear missiles: minister

U2's Bono Should Head World Bank, Paper Urges

Abortion is Not a Right, US Tells UN

Colorado prof's speech at UW-Whitewater draws backers, protests

Iraqi politicians seek more time to develop new government

WP: Battle of Judicial Nominee Resumes

Universities Balk at Proposed Bush Cuts

Leading Figure of Venezuela's 2002/2003 Oil Industry Shutdown Arrested

Bush Favors 'all Drunks Are Welcome' Policy for Religious Groups

Report: Drugs Threaten Afghanistan, Iraq

American Diplomat Attacked by skinheads in Ukraine because he's Black

Karzai picks warlord to command new Afghan army

SA Man Gets 30 Years for Torching Muslim Businesses

WP - Amendment Could Impede Bankruptcy Bill

Local Officials Oppose Bush Cuts (community block grants)

Malvo Won't Stand Trial in Virginia Case (DC Sniper)

US state department slams Iraqi government's human rights record

'N.Y. Times' Picks John Tierney for Op-Ed Page (to replace Safire)

Fort Drum Soldier Dies In Bizarre Route 11 Crash

Iraqi Judge on Saddam Case Killed

BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

Tel Aviv blast killed soldiers ("the best of the best, Israel's elite" )

U.S. State Department Attacks Venezuela for Human Rights Abuses

Guardian/AP: Uruguay Inaugurates First Leftist Leader

(Massachusetts) governor testing national waters, possible successors eyed

Son of BTK victim still haunted by mother's slaying a 5-year-old

Thurmond encouraged FBI to build case against King, memo reveals

New Russian Nuclear Missiles Irresistible — Defense Minister

General Dostam to Command New Afghan Army

Fiorina joins World Bank short list

One in Four Americans Would Use Nukes Against Terrorists

DeLay says U.S. need not separate church, state

Capitol News Service: Schiavo Bill

82 Year old Woman Takes on the Health Care System in the USA

Gorbachev: Russia Must Preserve Democracy

(Australian govt) Minister attacks animal rights group

WP: Social Security Vote May Be Delayed

U.S. implicates Syrian-based group in Israel attack-'Firm evidence' cited

China lashes out at US human rights report

Sen. Clinton Urges Punishment For Syria

Error, poll failed.

What % of total posts on DU are posted by the top 500 posters?

Psst! I found out where name not needed shops!

I can't marry or honeymoon at MATCOM's - but can I boil ribs there?

Okay, perversity time. Which acronym is responsible for more deaths?

Do you eat head cheese?

Post a photo of Kleebs appendinx

Jackie Kennedy: The White House Years


Its time for "Blame it on the Clenis."

If you had surgery and 1 month later you discovered that you had

Suffer from stress or anxiety? Stop taking Zoloft and try this:

Staying on the Quebec Separatist movement... what do these images

goodbye blue

*Splort* Gotcha!

Who wants to help me paint?

Cow Urine Offered As Cure-All

Hey! I'm hot!

For the cthulhu fans

A Joke.

Tonight the temps will dip in the low 20's

If you put someone on Ignore, do you take them off after a 'cooling off'

Do you ever have days when the opposite sex drives you crazy

? on canadian/euro health insurance

Now I'm sad, just went into GD: Politics

What's wrong here?

Has anyone ever invented a walrus salsa?

Theta first judge, why'd he and Simon rag on Nadia?!

DU Band needed for the Weddings at Matcom's house

What would you name your classical string quartet?

I need some balls!

Do you think ND is finished for good??

50 Cent Kicks Game out go G-Unit, Violence Erupts Outside of Radio Station

just finished my taxes.....

I don't care what the religious-right says

Best balsa in the world...

Cult Test (dare ya)

Fifty Cent associate shot in leg.

Post pix of guys/girls you think are HOT that are under age 18

Check out the "Tater People" (This is really adorable....

can someone direct me to a flame war? I got some new images...

What would you name your punk band?

Has anyone ever invented a game?

Two weeks ago, some no-talent hack couldn't sing "Kiss from a rose"

Bon Jovi shot through the heart!

Perfectly named businesses:


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

What have the Ramones ever done for us?

Hey BouncyBall. I just did an ADVANCED search on your username. You're

Kelsey Grammer sketch show - saw a clip.

It's time for Match Game DU!

The similarities are uncanny I tell you...

good lord, it snowed in Atlanta today

What have the Romanians done for us?

What have the Romans ever done for us? Uh, aquaducts?

American Idol... Why am I watching?

What have the Rolling Stones ever done for us?

My dog is on Xanax

I can listen to Sarah do "Send In The Clowns" forever

I bought the best cheese today

I love Sophia Loren, and if you don't like her you..

The Times They Are A-Changin'

I'm already married but I want to get married at Matcom's house.

Has anyone seen the Magdalene Sisters? I'm watching it now....

I just want to be invited to the weddings

What will the Romulans ever do for us?

Caption time! (Non-political this time)

I think we should welcome Skinner, EarlG, and elad to DU

Clutch Cargo...with his pals, Spinner and Paddlefoot...coming to DVD!

All right, who has a crush on me?

I love Rufus Wainwright, and if you don't like him you..

Fun celebrity fact: Ya know who's a bigger heiress than Paris?

This mesmerizes me...

Tell me to go study

The final episode of NYPD Blue is on

I think we should finally welcome to DU, after thousands of posts;

Happy Birthday Yellowstone National Park--133 years young today!

Do you eat toe jam?

Maurice Clarrett Runs a 4.8 40!

Anyone familiar with The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia? If so,

It's time to play... Name That Orifice

Cat lovers, I have a complaint!

Anyone want to write a social psychology paper?

When do you stop saying "welcome to DU"

Good Evening, (DU Name)Woof!

Who watched House tonight? *Spoiler*

What tricked out muscle car is in your dreams.

Do any of you ever feel like the whole country is already gone?


My god's better than your god, my god's better than yours!

Romulans,I have a complaint.

The Best Salsa in the World...


"I wouldn't know nothing about that...I am a Man" Freeper comment

Forgive me...I LIKE a movie that could get me banned from Radical...

Please make me laugh

My sick little cat *pics*

All Hail Dark_Leftist. He helped me find a song that Mike Malloy

What will Lieberman do next?

Which Girl Scout cookie is your fave?

Is that Sen. Ben Nelson on with Jon Stewart, waxing poetic


Does anyone know how to keep a kitten from ripping apart my puppy

I went to the video store tonight to rent "Titantic"

JimmyJazz and Progmom: two lovely ladies! And not just on the outside.

JimmyJazz this, JimmyJazz that; I can't even get arrested tonight!

Why is school cafeteria food always so awful?

Wow Arlo Guthrie is playing here this weekend

Revolution #9: Art or Self-Indulgent Crap?

The police walked in for Jimmy Jazz....

You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve...

'Night-Night JohnnyCougar!

I just shredded my roast for burritos, tacos and tostada's

True or False: Emeril Lagasse washes his hands before cooking.

Nobody can do it like MixMaster can do it

I need story ideas!

Jury Views Michael Jackson TV Documentary

Paris Hilton

What ethnicity(ies) do you consider youself to be?

Gmail invites

How do I deal with an acquaintance who has been battered?

Have you ever experienced a Miracle? (even as a non RW, LOL)

Lounge age poll!!

Real Time with Bill Maher thread

Goodnight D.U. well its time to go......

Wal-Mart Returns

Hairy, bare, thin, curvy, youth, seasoned, sensitive, aggressive

Sometimes I hate being right

I'm conflicted about an art exhibit I saw today

Hippo Kills Australian Tourist in Kenya

I don't want to brag...

What would you do to the BTK killer?

Before & After

Where was Dean?

I think I broke my ass today

Is my new sig too much?

Using Just ONE Word... Describe Your Mood Right Now.

Happy 15th Birthday To My Beloved Baby Nicole!!!

Badly-named businesses

10 Things Every Girl Should Know About Boys and Their Privates.

Where do you stand on the hairy chest?

Why is N. Ireland so much more hotly contested here than Quebec?

What's your sign?

favorite kick-ass empire

Amazing Race is on...

The always popular... DU Crushes! Who is yours?

Name those DUers (puzzle)

I'm almost finished with my dissertation prospectus.

Women, I have a complaint!

To all of you who sent positive vibes earlier

Need legal advice.

Another wonderful DU lady: Revolutionary_Acts_04!

What name should the next Pope select?

Republicans drop bid to canonize Ronald Reagan

Where did the stereotype of black people loving fried chicken come from?

HELP! My daughter needs an article about

What's with all the Detroit bashing?

Boy, dogs sure love getting their tummies rubbed!

I love Connie Chung!

Welcome to my 1000th post, come on in, make yourself at post.

You know what I HATE about MLK Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton?

An older but a goodie: "Kissing Hank's Ass"

How to fight back when the Bible is used as a weapon

I believe that the synthetic organic compounds like Teflon, Silicones,

NFL says words 'gay and lesbian' are NAUGHTY!

Raiders Career-Ending Fight Goes to Court

I welcome any advice on adding a young male cat to our household,

The Way Of The Initiate

The Repukes now have their own Heiress,

Kerry and Edwards subpoened in Ohio

You will never guess what I got for my birthday!!!!


Could someone please explain how to scan B&W negatives?

Young College Repugs to have a protest tonight at Churchhill talk


Bush gets "Razzy" award for worst actor in Michael Moore film.

Joe 'I want to be a Republican' Lieberman ......N/T

contact your congressman, DEMAND Pombo lose his job over fake report

Bush's plan to stack the courts begins today -

Good Evening, (DU Name)Woof!

Whenever you hear that the Senate filibuster is unconstitutional...

New "Bait and Switch" Parody of AARP Attack Ad

BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards

O'Lielly has the ACLA official on talking of Rummmy suit

The name of the Lebanese movement....the cedar revolution.

Stop Senate Rethugs sneaky move to pass ANWR by putting in budget bill!

Great timeline on the Plame case...

Cynthia McKinney '08 She Rocks!!!

The Un-Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Contrary to Coulter's website, syndicate never OK'd anti-Arab slur in

Where does DU think the democratic party is?

Delete: Wrong forum.

Hubby and I were talking...why not start primaries in the South?

Anyone Notice that Bush 2nd Term is going very BADLY ?? nt

DLC's Ed Kilgore says keep perspective on Lieberman

NY Times gives Bush credit for Mideast progress

Pictures of a fundie church event ("Fascism in the making")

In Afghanistan, Limbaugh lectured students on "truth" in journalism

I just had a very sad thought

Okay this is what we need to get out there

Coulter:The Democratic Party "supports killing, lying, adultery, thievery,

should we start a recall against schwarzenegger the austrian bully???

Dean talks to reporters in MS, Trent Lott opens his mouth.

BTK & Karl Rove. Both men in their mid-fifties who lack emotional

Maura Moynihan tells Shrub "Don't Take My Father's Name in Vain on SS"

To All the TWA Flt 800 "the FAA/NTSB is Lying" folks

ACLU blames Rumsfeld. Do we need tort (ure) reform in this country?

Goodbye DU. It's been fun.

Salazar urges Bush to withdraw all his renominated judicial nominees!

The damned "Filth" on Cable..has caused me to consider cancelling...

Class-Action Warfare - the tort reform votes

BEAR ANY BURDEN - anthrax & Pentagon vaccination program

GOP hurt by progressive conservatives

Shrub lectures Putin

Gene Lyons-Party needs a fighter

John Tierney to replace William Safire as NYT Op-Ed writer

Lebanon's freedom isn't directly because of Bush's invasion

Million Dollar Farce

The "Noble Liars" Attack Syria

Yup, Chip Bok isn't partisan. And the white smoke will be flying

This is just Wrong

The oil factor in Bush's 'war on tyranny'-- Asia Times

Kitty peppered, prodded, tasered, shot & dumped

GOP makes Suckers of Seniors

Down with the First Amendment - Most Dems go along - Sorry if a dupe

North Atlantic Disinterest

Why death is no big deal: Guardian (UK)

(Oh BooHoo) Bush Won't Call PM.

Ray McGovern on attacking Iran: "I know it sounds crazy, but..."

Christ Save Me From "Apocamon"

(OhOh now I'm shaking) The closer we get, the farther aprt we are.

How Jon Stewart is 'hurting America'

Media lies of the day -a shorten list (w Russ lecture to Afghans on Truth!

Media Monster Killer -Coffee Talk with Bill Moyers

The Ugliest Guckling: reflections on what makes a journalist tick

Tearing down the press

stephanie miller reading the Plaid Adder

U.S. planned cuts rise 17% (100,000 Jobs For February)

Dollar Rises Against Euro, Yen; Greenspan Says Growth Is `Reasonable Pace'

U.S. 10-Year Treasury Falls; Greenspan Says Budget Deficit `Unsustainable'

Carly Fiorina in running to head World Bank

Greenspan Humbled By Asia's Central Bankers

NO Hillary! Check this out on outsourcing! NO NO NO!

Weakest job recovery on record

No Pollution Cuts For 894 Sites In PA Alone W. "Clear Skies" Plan

South Africa Approves First Wind Farm - Reuters

NC Legislators, Businessmen Opposed To Bush Air Pollution Plan

China Weighs Including Environmental Costs In GDP Numbers - Reuters

2004 Arctic Ozone Loss Far Larger Than Predicted - Linked To Wind Patterns

Mexico's #1 Oil Field - Cantarell - Begins Decline Earlier Than Predicted

Indonesia Deploys Warships to Waters Close to Malaysia

Study Directly Links Hermaphroditic Frogs To Pesticide Use - LA Times

US DOE Commissions Voyage of Discovery for Vast New Resource

China fuels energy cold war

19th Century Fishing Records Show 96% Of Atlantic Cod Populations Now Gone

Bush to fund new scientific projects

Iraq's nation within a nation takes shape

In Sri Lanka, no war, no peace

Australian Economy Stalls; Central Bank Raises Rate

Dangerous vacuum in Lebanon

Colombia to Abandon Investment Limits as Peso Gains

Colombian soldiers killed in rebel attacks

Someone needs to delete this fast.

OK, I hate to ask

I get "illegal cookie" warnings popping up...

Why was my post deleted??

here's a first-why was this thread UNLOCKED?

How about getting the IM "New Message" flashy thing

elad, - I've been getting some strange errors lately.

Where IS Dean?

Earl G. In regards to your response to TahitiNut

Lately, I've noticed threads being locked because of one lone disruptor

I am confused as to whether or not a vote for the greatest

I also get cookies from other sites

Ummm sex thread?

Request for Keith Olbermann/Countdown Group

Abbas pleads for direct talks with Israel

A critical test for Israel

Jews Find New Life in Russia

President vows no political partiality for Center for Middle East Studies

Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitism

Crowd gathers to protest against Israeli President's visit

When did Al Queda know 9-11 was a LIHOP operation?

HS Thompson -evidence for WTC explosives -"They're gonna make it look like

Jamie Gorelick let Khalifa go in 1995!

SJR: Museum gives details: Collectors loan items for Lincoln display

Voicemail a new twist in SICA split.

Pantagraph: DeWitt County on poverty watch list

Anyone here have a connection to SIUE?

Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-guards for Daley get no-bid deal to run Max. Street

Governor's race

What ever happened to Jeff Thune?

KO: British reality tv show on Guantanamo Torture Guidelines: DISTURBING

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Castellanos Reveals Secrets Behind Successful Campaign Aids

BRAD BLOG: Conyers Endorses VR's "Divestiture for Democracy" Campaign!

And it continues...

I just watched a show on the History Channel about a Computer guy

BRAD BLOG: FDOT/Clint Curtis Report: Says Feeney Client, Yang Overbilled!

Wednesday 3/2 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

help out with list of radio shows that will talk about election fraud

I think we have to prove they stole house and senate

Software update for our entrepid "electionographers"


Does anyone know what happened to RaulVB of DU?

Velvet Revolution's 'Divestiture for Democracy' Campaign Begins!

John Conyers Endorses VR's 'Divesture for Democracy' Campaign!

Even though I no longer live in CA, my kids still do and I was born ...

Northrop Agrees to Settle Fraud Charges

Pushers Pumpin' Up Arnold

Governor Schwarzenegger backs solar-panel plan

Governor Arnold expected in Hayward at 2pm today/NBC 11 says

Annual Town Meeting Warrant Article Ideas

Local peacenik on ABC's Wife Swap tonight

89.3 The Current - Very Good Progressive Rock Station

Report About Your March 1 DFL City Caucus Here

Win XP crashes when trying to change themes

Linux Radio (UK)

Mac users...some questions...

weird problem with WinXP and WinAmp

Basketball coach accused of racial discrimination

11 years and counting

Needed for an FCC complaint

Something not stated in the debate about Casinos in Ohio

Game Commission must cut $3 million

Casey to Run against Santorum

Pittsburgh is getting Thom Hartmann Radio Show in Evenings

Happy Independence Day!

Even Republicans agree: TRMPAC broke the law!

Dallas/Collin County, we have a problem...our Rep wants to go nuke Syria

Get email notification for the TX Lege bills you're interested in!

Dallas DUers! Pipe up with feedback for meetup!

Sibel Edmonds Testifies Before Congress for First Time Today

Gmail invites

Where did Ameriblog go? some conservative is squatting there

Every generation needs a hero. Meet the snack fairy!

Going to war in Iraq

any discussions on (example TX) splitting electoral votes

America is at risk. Neonuts have forced us into an 'us or them' choice.

Schwarzenegger caught red-handed again with another fake media event

What ever happened with the huge explosives stash at...

"Bush Prayer Team Kits" 90% off

How wrong is it to call someone a aunt thomasina?

AK Senator wants to CENSOR PAY TV?!?! WTF?

My brother just brought up an amazing point re: Social Security

Freedom takes time

Here are quotes from Huey P. Long...

Could we all donate money to do a commercial on Gannongate?


"The Iron Heel"

Corporate CEOs throwing the dice in the American casino and playing

Will the antiwar movement be sidelined (again) if we're attacked(again)?

With all of Hillary's latest bluster, are they ready to offer up Chelsea

Corporate Dominance of our economy is hazardous to Democracy.

Organized Religion is a threat to Democracy.

the Democratic Party versus the Hypocritic Party

Just read a few lines from this site entitled "Some of the Wounded"

"God wept; but that mattered little to an unbelieving age;..

Ari "the Pińata" Fleischer speaks.....

why do democrats, liberals, and progressives even appear on faux?

Okay, if you feared being suicided, what would you do to send a clue? Lists 1499 Dead U.S. soldiers

I'm sick of flame wars between Christians and non-Christians.

You know what I HATE about MLK Jr., Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton?

I Just LOVE CNN In The Morning

More tales of 'liberal' media: BG reporter blogs of preference for Bush

the 10 Commandments: Ya' don't have to Obey em', just Display em'

How many 'Ron Kovic' G.I.'s are in our immediate future?

This day in History-1807- Congress abolishes the African slave trade

Dang it. This is a good TO overview but I can't find the

Good Christian

So, I called Acxiom today

View Boondock Comic That Was Pulled From 300 Outlets

My childrens high school

Wanna see a Freeper's head explode?

Leo Strauss website

Newsday columnist needs better information

What percentage of Americans have no idea what the "Gannon" scandal is?

The way the Elite rule is by dominating information.This is true whether

What's going on with Unfiltered?

Who wants to interview "Jeff Gannon"?

Here's something to cheer everyone up - free ice cream!

SCENARIO: Your dinner companion's cell rings, and he/she starts jabbering

Martha Stewart has done her time, now it's time for Ken Lay to do his

The mind boggles

Frontline "Heart of a Soldier"

Since Iran have shone resolve in not being intimidated by the US

"The Soldier's Terrorist"

Is public humiliation an acceptable form of punishment?

Front page photo on my newspaper this morning

Unreported: Did Greenpeace breach the Mainz Red Zone?

Both a Christian and a Dem?

WTF is this bumpersticker? I PRAY AND I VOTE ?????

Is "democracy on the march" in the Middle East ?

Dems hold SSI Discussions in NYC on Friday

Sad state of voting in the US.

Donald Rumsfeld should have been fired.

a telling Greenspan quote on Social Security

I wanna have some beer with Tom Oliphant

WTF? Senator Ted Stevens wants to censor premium cable

W of the Day-September 9, 2003

It’s a sad day.

Request to ann coulter: Do right, like your doppelganger Hulk Hogan

LOL.....funny Photoshop.....'gannon'.......take a break and LAUGH

OK so the Ukraine is leaving the "coalition... who's left?

A pioneer in civil rights By Rachel Robinson and John F. Kerry

George Bush HAS ruined the economy for decades.

Sean Hannity should be thrown in jail for sedition

Okay who is this?

Ward Churchill had better watch out

Teachers afraid to discipline children

When did Al Queda know 9-11 was a LIHOP operation?

tonight on COUNTDOWN

CBS News Producer Fired In Memogate Will Shop Her Book

Are you pulling a Lieberman when you say you are pro-choice and pro-life?

Ever wonder why college tuitions are spiraling out of control?

Shouldn't Poppy be on trial WITH Saddam?

Phi Beta Kappa Rejects GMU after GMU cancels Michael Moore lecture

Canada kicks out white supremist TERRORIST...why don't we do same? PHOTOS

*'s watch as Governor: How many children and innocents did TX EXECUTE?

MOVEON anti-Social Security privatization action - www.bushin30years.o

Jackie Robinson to Receive Congressional Gold Medal

scary scary times....supreme court on the ten commandments and government

Senate GOP Ready to Push Artic Oil Measure

George Bush is a Satan Worshipper

The Republican Party: The Anti-Senior Party

Operation Truth(OPTruth) offers Dogtags - Jesse Ventura Letter

Bono for World Bank (LA Times Ed 2/25)

Has there been a ruling on the 10 commandments?

Greenspan Humbled By Asia's Central Bankers:

Archive of our Government's Views on Iraq from the library at CUNY

Fill me in on Alan Greenspan..

Bitter taste: Schwarzenegger owns stock in Starbucks

Which of the 10 Commandments have bush & his pals broken the most?

Just A Few, Good, Texas Christians

Sen Robert Byrd said what was like Hitlers Germany??

What is this "good democracy" stuff, anyway?

We are going to win back the south "Howard Dean"

Younger Brother of Bush Sr. Profits From The Blood Of Our Soldiers In Iraq

Report Suppressed: Iran Gassed Kurds, Not Iraq

Ending Horse Slaughter

Can somebody, in a nutshell, explain the military health ratings?


"bush doctrine" is working .... this week's rw talking point?

Check out this ebay auction - purported Gannon press pass.

An email I received from Fair - Fair & Accuracy in Reporting

U.S. Pressured to Drop Abortion Language

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Big Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Soc. Sec. Scam: Bush in 30 years

4-Star General says: ‘this is baloney, you guys are being fed baloney.’

Other Fires in Steel-Structure Buildings

Spot the Difference: The New & Old Buffalo Nickel!

The Oddest Thing About 9/11: the fake bin Laden videotape

1500 Dead ..... a Poem

Liflelikepundit's exclusive interview of Jiggy

Looking for more info/update on the George Rogers Zombie felony story

"Bombs bursting in air... gave proof through the night...

Thurmond encouraged FBI to go after Dr. King

whoooooaaaa.....SAM missiles mounted in Metro DC neighborhood...

Today's MSNBC poll-Should the 10 Commandmenets be

SADDAM'S CAGE (Saddam to be in a metal cage during his "fair" trial)

Hubbert’s Peak Revisited ( Aka "peak oil")

Hunter S. Thompson fans.....what is your opinion on this?

so you wanna know the definition of fascism

Countdown tonight to talk about Swift boaters and AARP

How many TV sets in your home?

In your part of the world, has there been an increase in violence/murders?

WTF?!? Just saw commercial for Faux News on CNN?!??

I just caught a part of a Lockheed-Martin TV ad on CNN news that

Are there anyone on DU

The Iraqi judge was not killed by "insurgents"...

I'm feeling nervous about the SCOTUS "10 Commandment" decision.

As private accounts lose favor in polls, GOP scrambles

Tenets Book on hold--"needs more time to pull his thoughts together"

Read the commentaries to this 'news' article" about Bill Gates...

List all that is "Commie" or "Unamerican" as told to you by a RWer.

Speaking of Whacko Jacko, what would they do with him if

Jeff Gannon, Same As the Old Jeff Gannon: Disgraced Republican Activist

Was the Christian Right on Their Way Out Until 9/11 Happened??

teacher threads are the new "flame faux pas"

Government and Tyranny


Privatization A "Sideshow" To The "Main Event" Says Senator Graham (R-S.C.

My first hate mail on brand new blog

Our society's fault line may not lie in the differences between the races,

Bush proves to world how easy it is to have democracy.

Creepy Homeland Security "Electronic Monitoring" Program on Immigrants

Support Our Troops!

Air America

Jon Stewart in talks with conservative cable news station

Karaoke Bush {PIX} >>>

Bush* DEMANDS that Syria leave Lebanon.

Whining White Males Who Claim Reverse Discrimination READ THIS

juvenile executions banned - about time

Before the certification of "Jeff Gannon" as a WH reporter there was...

Teachers Should Not Pay Taxes

Anyone have knowledge/experience in fighting fax spammers?

Latest German unemployment rate and socialism

Oil trading close to $53 / barrel..... (can you say Peak Oil?)

Ed Schultz show said professors targeted., GOP rep. threatened Dems.

Mean-spirited attack on Ann Coulter

Supreme Court To Rule On Ten Commandments. Do You Trust Them?

Eat At Rummy's But Watch That Tab!

I think late term abortions SHOULD be illegal

You WILL stand for the National Anthem!!!!

People Say They Were Cured by Faith Healings

Education is the silver bullet

Do you think this would be a better world without religion?

FYI - Al Franken coming back to Sundance channel!

13 year old 10 Commandments protestor weighs in

C.A.F.T.A. rhymes with N.A F.T.A.

America's Army video game

Local DC press tries to get into WH gaggle...DENIED ENTRY

Why can we have nuclear weapons but we police who can and can not?

Bush and Rice are angry at Canada's PM.

FishBowl's having trouble getting one of those daily WH press passes

Please help Lori Klaustis's parents! Call toll-free!

Very important Action Alert!!!

Ward Churchill: A smart man fighting for freedom, or piece of human scum?

I Support Ten Commandment Displays at Courthouses

ABC news is doing a dynamite piece on the evil of Haley Barbour.

Oil goes above 52 dollars a barrel... how will this affect us and when ..

What makes people think anyone expressing a different opinion

Historically...and in the heyday of the Democratic Party,

Iraqi “Ministry of Health” Accuses America of Banned Weapons Use in Fal...

Online publication tries to get White House "day pass," turned down

Are there more gay people now than ever before in history?

CNN flops in February as Fox News surges!

A chance to kill the Bankruptcy bill??? E-mail your Senators!!

Howard Dean's media strategy: shut out the whores

Vermont secedes from Iraq

ALERT: The Advance Democracy Act of 2005 - The Draft Plus Bill

BushCo. Blames More Stuff On Syria! How Long 'Til We Hit Them?

Ducat connects Gannon, Arnold and Hyper Masculinity


Dang teachers got an easy life.

the RED SOX, the YANKEES and the PREZ | K Chronicles

Help kill that obscene Bankruptcy bill (this only takes 1 minute, I swear)

Would legalizing prostitution cut down on the trafficking of sex slaves?

DU This poll... U of C alum poll to see if Churchill should be fired...

Senator Byrd's Comments on Filibusters & Nazi Germany: Full Transcript

So this is what Grandma & Grandpa are getting in the mail:

So I met Howard Dean last night

Mileage tax proposed for state's drivers

Great LTTE Here: 'Get A Clue Andrew' (On Sullivan On Gannon)

Prize-winning reporter resigns and pens scathing exit manifesto

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska

Winner of Name-Dan-COULTER's-Next-"Book" Contest

Have Conservatives ever been on the right side of a Good Cause?

Dean--"We are going to embrace pro-life Democrats"

Teacher's Outburst Caught On Camera

OMG GannonGuckert thinks MoDo needs HIS SEX!

a way to get schools to drop Channel one

Reason for Dubya's "strutting"

PETA: Animals for global fur trade skinned alive in China

Theft from 401 (K)

Basa fish

Our temps are beginning to rise

Would Canada be better off if Quebec Separated?

There's personal freedoms

Here's a worrying little website.

Commission to Study U.S. Prison Conditions

Bush Pushes Faith-Based Initiative

Rumsfeld Sued Over Abuse of Prisoners (ACLU)

Big Explosion Heard in Baghdad -- Witnesses

Ukraine Secret Service Seizes Uranium at Airport (Reuters)

Reuters: Gunmen Kill Iraqi Judge in Baghdad

DeLay mailing featured as evidence in fund case

Iraqi police on strike in Tikrit, demanding release of police chief

First ordination of married priest

Utah governor seeks compromise amid legislative firestorm

Hong Kong leader 'to step down'

Russia To Check How Syria Uses Antimissile Defense Systems Strelets

7.2-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Indonesia

Poles reject Dr Death's display over Nazi links

US battle over Ten Commandments

Italian taxpayers may have paid for mafia chief's operation

Adams drops US fundraising plan

Pope's illness hits Vatican souvenir trade

Agent Orange groups defend Vietnam ‘warcrime’ charges

AFL-CIO leaders, Howard Dean plan political strategy in Las Vegas

Hate group link played down in murder case

U.S. officials still angry about Canada's missile defence decision

Rice defers Canada visit

Jackie Robinson to receive top civilian award from Congress (today)

U.S. Criticizes UN Nuclear Watchdog Over Iran Program (Bloomberg)

Seven die in online suicide pact in Japan

Field Poll: 70% support assisted suicide

Republicans Criticize $81.9 Billion Spending Bill

Burns under fire for questionable grant to tribal college

Terrorism Bill Undermines Human Rights

China to issue human rights record of the United States

Leading Iraqi Sunni clerics broker peace deal between insurgents, US force

Microsoft's Gates being knighted

MI5 tracked Robeson amid communist fears

Iraqi “Ministry of Health” Accuses America of Banned Weapons Use in Fal...

Murder Of Judge's Family Spurs Wide Search For Clues

Jack Nichlaus' 17 month grandson died (hot tub)

Breaking: 7.5 Magnitude earthquake in Darwin, Australia!!

Supreme Court Rules Cold War Spies Cannot Sue CIA

North Korea demands US apology for "outpost of tyranny" jibe

Supreme Court Rules Cold War Spies Cannot Sue CIA

U.S. planned cuts rise 17% (100,000 Jobs For February)

Some non-serious news to cheer people up: free ice cream

Ebbers 'was made to borrow $400m'

Carly Fiorina floated as World Bank head (vs. Paul Wolfowitz)

Army, needing sergeants, is putting 19,000 E-4s on fast track to promotion

High-tech weapons help Europe to close military gap with US

Cold Spell dead tally Reached over 500 in Afghanistan

George Soros Sued Over Dog Attack

Bush Orders Syria out of Lebanon

Ater 30 years, Jim Jones aide seeks forgiveness

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 2 March

Report: Madrid Train Bombers Also Targeted New York (Reuters)

Bayh working to raise political profile

Former U.S. Rep. Tillie Fowler Dies at 62

US forces hand over security to Iraqi army in capital

Texas man charged in Detroit with smuggling money to Syria

EU fights U.S. attempt to put anti-abortion clause

McCrery(Rep) campaign gets Shreveport cable station to pull political ad

After nearly defeating Shays, Farrell mulls '06 campaign plans

Indonesia, Australia rocked by powerful earthquake

Republicans lash out at Democrats, AARP

Senator Bids to Extend Indecency Rules to Cable - WaPo

Governor revs up ballot drives, He hops in a Humvee to get signatures...

Angry Iraqis demand resignations after massive Hilla bombing

Talks on Iraqi Coalition Government Falter

Social Security vote delay?

Former U.S. Rep. Tillie Fowler Dead at 62 (replaced richard pearl at DOD)

Taft Called Nation's Worst Governor

Iran Bans U.N. Nuke Visits on Some Sites

White Supremacist Groups Draw Scrutiny

Bush nominates state attorney general for federal judgeship

Gas pipeline hit in Kirkuk, two bodies of Iraqi contractors found

Uruguay signs deal with Venezuela

Bush to Consult with Rice on Iran Incentives

India to sign pact with Venezuela in oil sector

Jubilant Celebrations in Uruguay.

LUKOIL(Russia) mulls oil refining deals with Venezuela


Truck carrying anthrax involved in crash (Winnipeg, MB, CA)

Reports: HK leader 'to step down'

DeLay Criticizes AARP on Its Social Security Stance

Gaddafi says freedom must bloom in Libya

Bill would allow guns in schools, anywhere (Arizona)

'Bunker Buster' Bomb Production Halted Again

ChoicePoint Had Another Identity Theft

Report: ChoicePoint previous identity theft

Thousands of Guatemalans protest against ratification of FTA with US

Vermont residents vote on pulling US troops out of Iraq

College Republicans dump aggressive fund-raising firm

Raw Story: Group Launches Divestment Campaign Against Voting Firms

Douglas clears air on Jeffords

Veteran envoy named Iraq policy coordinator (condi's pick)

Democrats Seek Probes on CIA Interrogations

U.S. seized 24,000 hours of recordings

Scientist says world lacks superbug drug

(Iraq War Profiteer) Titan Settles with Navy, Profit Soars

Chavez: Uruguay has joined the continent’s “left trend”

Fowler (R), 5th in GOP Hierarchy, Dead

Reclusive mogul on trial accused of being largest tax dodger in history

Thurmond encouraged FBI to build case against King, memo reveals

U.S. Marines, Amid Iraq War, Miss Recruiting Goals

Senate Rejects Senior Homestead Protection

CBS News Producer Fired In Memogate Will Shop Her Book

Holocaust Denier Ernst Zundel Arrives in Germany, Taken Into Custody

Supreme Court weighs Ten Commandments cases

Oil Breaks Over $53, Gasoline Hits Record

Police Zap Dad Accused Of Stealing Salad At Chuck E. Cheese

Cell Phone Use While Driving on the Rise

Kansas Voters Keep Anti-Bias Ordinance (Rev. Fred Phelps LOSES)

Boston Globe reporter used blogs to attack Kerry, support Bush during '04

Trial starts for 66 accused of child rape and sex abuse

Democrats blast Gibbons’ comments about liberals

Warning on North Sea warming

US company admits Benin bribery

UN to tackle claims of Congo sex abuse

Mexico Says Cantarell Field To Begin Decline In 2005 - Bloomberg

Dean says Democrats 'not going to concede the South' (overflow crowd)

Venezuela to buy up to $500 mln Argentina debt

Greenspan Urges Action on Social Security

(VA) High school’s teen Democrats have hit the ground running

Casey Announcement on Senate Race Imminent; Will Challenge Santorum

Halliburton Says U.S. Probes Foreign Bids (Bid-Rigging)

Illegal drug sales booming on Internet - UN

New Studies Point to Crisis Among U.S. Black Men

Byrd Compares Proposal to Nazi Germany

At the NFL, you can be Bin Laden, but not Gay or Lesbian!

There'll be no shelter here.

What time is it in Melbourne, Australia?

Abraham, Martin, and John just popped up in my iPod.

Good night, Lounge Lizards!

bah - part 2

I love the lounge!!

Her name was Lola, she was a shogun....

When someone covers another artist's song, who has to approve it?

EA Sports


This just occured to me

You ever get tired of reassessing your values?

I have decided

Best Amazing Race Team of All Time

DU is full of fucking idiots lately - and I'm gonna list em all here

Men: do you prefer women with or without facial hair?

Boy, Michael Jackson sure loves getting his tummy rubbed!

On "Carnivale", what religous denomination is Brother Justin?

Women: do you prefer men with or without facial hair?

At last, a website devoted to the Combover.

A little levity

Some people are so frustrating!

We need emoticons that know their place.

We need emoticons that laugh.

God got drunk, and...

I'm gonna knock you out

Post freak?

Would you take this poll?

I resent that! This is not a vanity post!

My Picture. Everybody wants to know. Finally, here's my identity...

The Michael Jackson Dilemma!

my fingers are so cold, my nails turned blue

I cannot wait any longer...

I'm about to order me a new PC

Apparently, Jon Stewart is no longer "pure" to some folks in GD..

bet you never thought

What Are The Worst Sports Uniforms Ever?

why does WIN XP crash when I try to change themes?

Holy Shiite!! I Went Over 2000 Posts Without Noticing!!

I'm (not really) leaving DU!

Etomite - you have to try this!

Isn't the art by Giacometti just great?

March 2, 1968 Hoc Mon Bridge

Does snow make people stupid?

New Avatar: Moon bat

Look at the front page from 1995 !

For the fans of the Moody Blues...

wednesday is friends day

Checking My Email this morning

YahooNews trivia:

Is it true? Is it true? 1 day 5 hours and some minutes until

The "He's So Folksy" CAPTION


OK who here brought the flu bug into the Lounge?

Hey, I'm back at the Lounge...

Show of hands--excited about the MTV Australia Video Music Awards?

One YEAR without a shower-Iranian woman sues for divorce

Using iTunes on a PC platform: question

State Lawmakers Consider Calif. Mileage Tax

Massaging a cat.

The Escapee (a story received via email)

Cops Taser Man In Chuck E. Cheese - Accused Of Not Paying For Salad Bar

Goood Morning DU!

Oatmeal and 1/4 stick of butter?!?!?!


Jacko, Even if he didn't do it, he still endangered children

"No he can't sleep on the floor - what do you think I'm yelling for?"

My bday is this Sunday;I'll be on vacation. Line for spanking starts here

Paperwork is like Republicans. I avoid it at all costs. You too ?

Does anyone else see the irony in this?

BREAKING-Jacko trial "jury of his peers" photo released

"Bubba" (22 Pound Lobster) Could Be Older Than Warner Bros., Boy Scouts

City 'cursed' by Millennium stone

converting MP3 files to AAC?

Alright. Which one of you jerks gave me crabs?

pep talks are killing me!!!!

Ok which one of you crabs gave me the Jerks?

Pop Tarts are killing me!!!!!

Pop art is killing me!!!

Now this is something to get pissed about

Alright. Which one of you jerks gave me a cold?

"Pop" copy-cat threads are killing me!!!!!!

Happy 72nd birthday to King Kong

pop-ups are killing me!!!!

Alright. Which one of you gave me a cold jerk?

pop-ups are killing me!

Ok which crab, of you, won me "The Jerk"?

Cops finally just taser everyone in US - "Whew, that sure saved time"

Pop Rocks are killing me

Hilton may be victim of T-Mobile Web holes

Cocky Pope-Hopeful Ready to Make Some Changes Around Vatican

finaLLy!! a preacher who speaks to me

For any of you who might have trouble indentifying a 23 pound lobster

the penduLum is swinging

pop-tops are killing me!!!!

I'll admit it. People willingly hurting themselves makes me laugh, ok?

DU Group proposal: Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music"

Popeye is killing me

Two of my Neighbours died today

Michael Jackson

Today's Boonedocks...can't...stop...laughing!

I have an URL that I believe should be forwarded to the FBI

Cabbage-Hating Gene Discovered

(Not) Lost in Translation--George & Putin cartoon

What is half & half?

pop-tarts are killing me!!!!

Martha Stewart is going home

Item of potential interest to fans of Manchester music

Alright. Which one of you jerks gave me a child?

I'm 13 posts away from 1000, Ask me anything.....

DU bartenders can you help me with this one?

Flame Fest - Subject: Massachusetts is a stupid name for a state/prov

How do you keep your temper when it's tough?

Happy 10th Birthday Yahoo - Free Ice Cream

"Tony's Law" - Requires All Marijuana Offenders To Inform Neighbors

So I bought that 6 in 1 utensil, its a wisk and tongs all rolled into one

He'll rip your lungs out, Jim...

Listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run". Ask me anything.

Pop goes the Weasel scared the hell out of me!

Wow. NYPD Blue is going off the air.


Little League Mother Ordered To Watch Sportsmanship Video - Assulted 11y.o

i just spiLLed a big thing of brown gravy

Queen Asks (Clapton, Page, Beck & May) At Party: "So, What Do You Do?"

*#&&@&&*!!! i've learned my lesson-no more GD

RaptureLetters.Com ... Is This For Real? Or Is It A Parody?

PARTYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For everybody

somewhat popuLar.... which DUers do you hate?

DU Group proposal: Love For The Cowbell


What Hot Dog Are You?

If DU had its own version of Match Game, who would be our celebrities?

Aspiring Bull Rider (Age 9) Dies While Bull-Riding - "Freak Accident"

Damn spring training baseball is on

Just this week, Matcom has had his penis bitten by a skunk and a lobster

Martha Stewart haut kitchen couture

Chris Rock Vs Tim Robbins

In The Spirit of the Religion Wars on DU... Catholics Are Going to Hell

I'm going to the store for fudge striped doughnuts, anyone want anything?

Wheeeee! I can go to Boston!

On a morning from a Bogart movie In a country where they turn back time

Match Game DU!!!

About Antipopes.

If you could change your DU name, what would it be?

YAY...I'm getting hate mail!

Anyone here have a connection to SIUE?

GOPisEvil assures me that copious amounts of liquor will help my cold

Bush was in my hometown this morning!!

Gannon pretends to be hetero stud in new blog

Don't ...bogart that CAPTION my friend

A Question About The Rubbles on "The Flinstones"

You were HERE when you found out--Stamos & Romijn Officially Over

About Envelopes.....

Which of these phone conversations is the most tedious to hear at work?

How much have you donated to DU during the past year?

The Soweto Gospel Choir--wow!!

The Pledge Of Allegance

How do you deal with a racist pig at work?

Got to stop lurking ....

My sister, an adulterous tramp, has no shame.

D'oh . . . someone beat me to the copy cat

Table and two cats

About Antelopes.

What should my new sig line be?

And now, a news story which refers to Star Jones as "corpulent"

andrew jackson & the traiL of tears

I've seen a lot of people lately...

Just A Few, Good, Texas Christians

why does GW 's palms face backwards

Why are some people so f**king petty?


Windows source code...

Why are some people so f**king pretty?

You will love this video:

About canteloupe

Nationals off to a nice start

What's your most despised Popsicle of all time?

Blah, blah, blah, blah. . .

Look over yonder, What do you see?

"The 4400" Is Cool...

Man eating DUers.......could you kill for your meat?

Who says you can't have the flu twice in one season?

Who here is the weirdest and why?

Re: "Ray" the movie.

Can someone drive me home, please?

Any Maia Sharp fans out there?

"Lackawana Blues". What a great film.

Stupid Things Women Do On The First Date

I think bush* just referred to the White House as hell

My mother told me a GREAT bush joke today!!!

Favorite Beatles album?

I'm worried about this little guy

I'm magic

SCENARIO: Your dinner companion's cell rings, and he/she starts jabbering

Is there a meteorologist in the house? Will this work?

Now we'd like to play a little somethin' we call Rock & Soul Music

I just love a stern man....

So sniffa... didya know?

What can a one dollar bill like me do with 19 guys?

What can a guy like me do with one 19 dollar bill?

Does anyone else get annoyed with those sad/crying emoticons?

I love Pere Ubu's The Modern Dance!

Good Lord, '80s music could sometimes be just god-awful!

What can a guy named Bill do when he's 19?

What can a girl like me do with 19 one dollar bills?

~~Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!~~

Man eating DUers.......could you kill for your meat?

Question about that giant lobster

Lost (possible spoilers talked about.)

There's a thread in GD that says Bubba the Lobster has died

It Doesn't MATTER What The Red Sox Do This Year

Which type of flame warrior are YOU???


A snowman holding a can of beer sits on a bench

Question about that giant mobster.

The Brewers WILL kick your ass this year.

World series champs RED SOX honored at White House

I wanna start a website devoted to writings about me.

The Oscar for Best Use of a Malapropism While Being an Asshole goes to...

The Government Is Listening To And Erasing My Voicemail Messages!!

Post a line from the song you're listening to (nice grammar, I know)

Bands/performers you really should know about, but don't have a clue.

OK, guys, I've got something to say about GD

You've come a long way baby!

Some non-serious news to cheer people up: free ice cream

Stuff you hear at work.

Witness: TV Documentary a 'Disaster' for Jackson

Caption this 10 Commandments photo from CNN and win a prize!

Please let me know the stereotypes about wearing Birkenstocks.

My Gear Shift is Broken

HEY! What am I doing in the lounge?? I'm supposed to be in GD, kicking ass

I wrote a novel today...

I'm getting sleepyyyy . . . .

Scenes from the "future": Life in 2000, as viewed from 1950

What implementation of Freedom of Speech you prefer?

It's 1:20 PM and I'm still in my jammies. I'm thinking I'll just throw on

MikeG willing to advise on any gay divorces from matcom weddings FOR FREE. - Great pic of the Chimp

Do it yourself Stewie Griffin prank calls

My dream come true!

Stupid things men do on first dates, post 'em here

Former Braves Ace, Rick Mahler, dead at 51.

How many TV sets in your home?

So I'm watching the news

Greatest Peter O'Toole Role


my shift key is broken.

When did seeing the WTC Towers stop shocking you?

Washington Nationals win their first game. I know, its only exhibition!

My 18 year old cousin just had a baby and......

How does one tell when one has become a "real" Lounger ?

My neices can eat sushi every meal.

Have you ever invented a word that might be useful to others?

Don't forget - we're not allowed to post about the MJ trial!

I'm going to the Taco Shop. What kind of Burrito should I get?

My best friend is having TWINS in May!!!!

Have you ever made up words?

Blahdy blahhhhhh

I still like this album

So why are YOU going to hell?

Honest offer: if you are new to DU and haven't donated yet

Who would sooner eat cardboard than tofu?

"You answered 86 years of prayer". bu$h to Red Sox at WH ceremony.

Who thinks "hummus" is just a disgusting name for food?

Meat eating DUers... could you kill for your food?

Sometimes the cat fur is just overwhelming. Sigh

I'm always tempted to start posting in GD more

And now it's time for Eastern Europe's favourite cat and mouse team:

GOPisEvil and I are getting married at MATCOM's house

What's your most despised pop song of all time?

"white bread vs. wheat bread"?!?!?!

Does one send flowers for a neighbor that died even if

DU group proposal: Solar Radio group!

Post in this thread and I will reply with a Bob Dylan lyric inspired by

Who here eats hummus?

Today in the stars!!!

The Mets WILL kick YOUR ass this year!!!!


What's your favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

How Do I Make My Posts Have More PUNCH! I Want PIZAZZ!! I Want IMPACT!!!

Never question a drunk

The only person who can stop George W. Bush just might be...

Daytime Emmys announced-Susan Lucci 0, Martha 3, Ellen 11

What are you on the Chinese Calender?

Joy Division vs. The Cure

What's your favorite animal (and post pics)...

Does everybody think they have unique weather?

Congratulations KoKo01!! 25,000 posts

I just popped two Benadryl

Foxfire question: Loss of animation

Isn't the Bart by Giamatti just great?

Does your city or town have a nickname?

Flowers on a first date - how do you feel about them?

Shamelessly selfish post: please give me cyberhugs. I'm a little sad. :(

Replace one word in a DUer's name with a snack food.

Flame Fest - Subject: what you Americans call "football" is neither

No more interesting posts today!!!


Hmm, so if you owe a company money they are all over your ass

The thing that gets me about Michael Jackson.

Amazing Race Watchers: Do Rob and Amber have a built in advantage?

All classes are canceled due to snow! Yay! So what do I do now?

"M" Theory and physics...

what's your favorite meaL?

Bubba The LOBSTER died

Tom Delay says "no guarantee of separation of church and state".

she said I wouldn't do it........

My cat is not doing well... I can't decide what to do :(

Desert Island Discs: Name 5 albums/CDs you can't live without

Mr. Humphries... Are You Free?

"I'm A 700 Club Escapee Thanks To The Help Of ........."

We beat Fred Phelps!

I just smacked down a Freeper. Ask me anything!

Oasis is more democratic than Paul McCartney.

Iraqi Cat Who Helped U.S. Troops Finds American Home

What Dog Are You? (A Quiz)

I'm locking this thread.

Top10 Things GOPisEVIL Must Know Before Spending The Weekend At MY House!!

hi du'ers...miss you guys

Anxiety attack that looks like a stroke? Or, FHMOBPOS???

How do you drain your tofu?

First ordination of married priest

I hate Xians

God's Politics: A Better Option

So what is God, anyway?

The Religious Right can be pretty dumb

I hate conservative fundamentalist Xians. I love the Liberal ones!

Question for the theists: Who, or what, created your god(s)?

Moral Reasoning, Fundamentalists, and the Catholic Church

I'm sick of flame wars between Christians and non-Christians.

Some books on science

Strung up

Angels & Demons: Science vs. Religion: Enough already!!

German discovers longest prime number

Gays Win Romania Airline Case

Gay Politician Wins Restraining Order Against Homophobic Constituent

Gay-bashing suspects ambushed followed victims to hotel ambush

MassEquality met the $200k challenge!

Topeka: Yes To Gay Rights No To Phelps Clan

Anti-Gay Initiative Defeated by Topeka Voters

Jael Phelps, Fred's granddaughter, and her comments before her failed

Did You Hear What Bush Said?

OUCH!! Jason...get away!! Get AWAY!!

Spring Training has sprung.

God damn. I think I'm gonna be a NASCAR fan now.

You can't put THAT on a jersey!!!

(NPR) Canadian Curler Rocks History Books (Yes CURLING)

Red Sox and/or Baseball Fans--Warning, Puke Alert

Hey Carolina Fans?

Ahhhhh .... Baseball is back. I'm ready. And I got a shitty team.

Mo Cheeks fired today.

Gracie's diary is featured today on Catster!

The ULTIMATE Belly-Rub Picture!!

I would really like for someone to do my chart

Astrologers: March 11

Agnostic or Atheist?

The Brights' Bulletin #22 - 2005/02/28

This is why cestpossible NEEDS a Star!

A True, but Sad Kerry Cartoon

DU grassroots communication with John Kerry? Is that possible?

Diplomacy rather than war

Yet another pro-Elizabeth Edwards thread.

Votes on Bankruptcy bill & Amendments

Kennedy Amendment

OpEd Piece in Globe 3/2 by JK & Rachel Robinson

He Was Different Than I Expected

A Red Sox Bushie

Aaargh again!

Who says Kerry has a Globe problem

Hello All, I'm Kerry2008

Friday SSI discussion in NYC, JK there

Hey, did you guys

A new ad campaign. How much more are you gonna give up for GW?

Still waiting on word of that "flight to mars" and the investigation

Do you think the Senate will approve Bush's resubmitted nominees.

I don't care who runs in 2008....Why are Some DU'ers Obsessed w/IT?

Front page hypocrisy: gays or gangs, it's all about the label

GOP votes to tax veterans: write your congressman

Bush arrests political opponents and charges them with TREASON. GREAT!!!!

An ultimatum from the grassroots that will work - guaranteed!

Click on the polar bear to take action to stop GOP sneak attack on ANWR!

Someone help me. Syria. Deadly Foe or Torture Ally?

KO: British TV show on Guantanamo Torture Guidelines-DISTURBING!

Why DRUDGE won't cover Gannon

El Mundo/Grand Central story being debunked on CNN

Why isn't there more discussion about Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Where Is Dean?

Bush: All Drunks are Welcome

Republicans retreat on Social Security....

"Freedom is on the march" timeline

HS Thompson -evidence for WTC explosives -"They're gonna make it look like

Email your Senators NOW to oppose the "Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Act!"

Senate Republican's Theme-o'-the-Day: Weed is a genius

Tucker Carlson on Bill Maher

Sen. Shelby (R-Ala.) apparently abandons Bush on SS

DNA and Drug Testing

DD Form 4/1

DU this poll regarding the SCOTUS juvenile death penalty decision:

SS Debate: C-Span caller says FDR said private accounts inevitable...

What's a Neocon to do?? The grand PNAC dilemma.

Greenspan on CSpan NOW!...talking about SS...McKinney will be up soon.

Arnold made a movie and he's selling it to the gullible

Bush horns in on Lebanese Revolution

Visit Now. Bush's court-stacking starts today

For Daschle, Democrats Are the Farewell Party

Why do Greenspan and the Committee play "word games" ??

Sponge Jeff Square Gannon

" champions falling over themselves to meet the president"

GOP Gearing Up to Put ANWR in the Budget

ACLU FreedomWire - New focus on getting students informed & involved:

Ten Commandments case.

the White House Correspondent Board speaketh crap

"The Crazies"

Questions About Governor's Japan Trip( Arnold at it again)

Governor Arnold, in Hayward, 2pm, American Blinds and Drapery

Durbin/Clark as in the NEW Washington DC

Anyone else watching the CSPAN 2 debate on Kennedy amendment?

"What Is Bob Johnson Up To?"

Dean joins with AFL-CIO to fight privatization of Social Security.

Interesting bit on our primaries in the International Herald Tribune

MOVEON anti * social security campaign -

I think Greenspan let cat out of the bag on SS.

Revisionable History Look

Take Democracy to Lunch

surprise, surprise...Salazar (CO) stands up!

BREAKING: Colmes Shows Backbone.

Is * "bulletproof?" Or has his team mastered the media .......

Send some ideas to

George Soros Sued Over Dog Attack

NPR report on Dean's MS visit. .....good. Audio link.

Congressman Jackson Announces $1.8 Million for Low-Income Families

Gang Members Learn Deadly Skills In Military

"Black Box" framing poll.

EU faces united US opposition to arms sales

AARP Returns Fire

Hypocrisy Alert: Gonzales and porn

Why "Black Box" Voting?

Madrid Train bombers had been planning to hit the US.

Help me show a Republican why The Heritage Foundation is evil

Bill Nelson is talking in the senate right now,

Death penalty ruling to have profound effect in Texas

Do conservatives want to illegalize political expression?

NPR's "Great Black Hope"

Biden voted NO on the Feingold Amendment

Americans seem ready to accept Ten Commandments displays

Iraq "coalition"; now the Dutch go buh bye.

Dean and Buchanan in MI on Thurs. and Friday.

The Kennedy homestead ammedment up now

Judicial Watch is up to their usual dirty tricks.

Agree or Not: Quickest way to turn the country "blue"

Home Grown Terrorism In America

Kansas 'Church to picket John Edwards speech Friday...

RW -ers on 10 commandment case-- Left is erasing God from our public life

"The Big Lie Today" by Greenspan on the US Dollar

Blog Storm in the Midwest

George has had more judicial appointees approved than any president.

Please explain something to me. Syria has troops in Lebanon and

Katie bar the door? The Freepers are here!

LOL- Assad announces troops leaving Lebanon THEN W "demands" it

Rep. Waxman - "Politicization of the Social Security Administration"

I Think Most Repuke Pols could give a sh*t about the 10 Commandments..

Refugees from the conservative camp

SACRAMENTO, CA Governor's news-like video brings backlash Dems,

Am I going to win my bet re: war with either Iran or Syria and a draft

W and Dostoevsky- Terrific Anti-War Article!

"Fishbowl DC" Tries again for "White House Press Pass" ala Jimmy/Jeff!

Weakest job recovery on record

Hannity to host anti-Hillary rally this summer

I have a serious question about the 2008 election.

Rep. Waxman - Administration's Misuse of New Information Restrictions

Dr Dean's Mississippi Visit - A Synopsis

“too damn bad we didn’t buy them a ticket” to become human shields in Iraq

Contact your Senators to support bipartisan bill to stop Darfur genocide!

What this country needs is a Political PEOPLE or STAR or NATIONAL ENQUIRER

I am beginning to know this Dick Durbin fellow

Gannon/Guckert available for interviews with liberal bloggers >>>

Black History Month

Help kill that obscene Bankruptcy bill (it takes 1 minute, I swear...)

Pledge Donations for every minute Phelps pickets

Young Conservaties of Texas "Immigrant Hunt"

How the press in Mississippi covered Dean's visit

Fascism in America? Can it happen here? Jim Garrison and Huey Long...

are we in WWIII ?

MSNBC Poll: Who do you trust on S.S.

What if the supreme court rules they can keep ten commandments

Senator Robert Byrd (subtly) compares Bush to Hitler.

Politics of the subconscious

Is no one else concerned about the SC's death penalty ruling?

Ed Schultz read a speech made by Jim Gibbons(R-Nevada)..

Luntz GOP Playbook Now Readable online - No Downloads - Searchable Text

Bunker Bombs halted again as workers develop anemia again

Republicans Have Just Shown Us How to Beat Them in '06 & '08!!!

Should we 'mark out' the words 'In God We Trust' from our currency?

What do the freepers hate as much as we do?

Time to change from Iowa/New Hampshire picking our nominees

Senator Byrd on the “nuclear option”

TX : GOP Congressman Calls for Nuking Syria (WTF?????)

"Don't ask, don't tell" is a national security risk & has wasted >$200MM