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Archives: March 16, 2005

Campaign To Scuttle Bolton Nomination Gains Ground

GQ: Alan Greenspan Profile

The Plan is Still on Track

Bush continues to alienate world

High school students trust Govt. More than the press....

Group Leaves Social Security Overhaul Bloc (LA Times)

A Stupid War To Die In: Charley Reese

Keep Wall Street running.

Walkers to trek 780 miles to support nuclear weapons treaty

Battle Splits Conservative Magazine

Quebec Wal-Mart auto repair shop says Union Yes

Sudan has become elephant-slaughtering hub: report

Mass. senator blasts new pollution rules

Multi-Center Study Shows Link Between Residential Radon And Lung Cancer

Threats targeting the Asian press are rising, report says

Malaysia to cane 45 foreigners

Chinese urban youth warm to sex, cash

Respectfully object to the lock

What was really wrong with this?

Do you think copycat posts are funny?

GDP Mods tonight (3/15) did an awesome job.


Why lock my thread on doing without the "S" people?

Whoa - what happened to this thread? (3/15/2005)

Visiting US Jews slam Gaza pullout

Parents of Rachel Corrie sue makers of bulldozer that killed her

New twist in anthrax case - BBC News - 'Anthrax found' in Pentagon mail

Runner up in Orlando mayor's race wants results thrown out

KOEB Tuesday?

Rep Ney (R-OH) oversees EAC now has ethics problem-related?

Response from Butler County Regarding Exit Polls. She says that Butler

URGENT!!! NY, It's time to lobby the State Senate for Paper Ballots!!!

ACTION! LETTER OF THE WEEK #5: California Coup (draft letter)

Senator Boxer: USDA to hold listening sessions

Watchdog group files suit to stop Schwarzenegger fund-raising

AP (Mar 15): Angelides launches campaign to unseat popular governor

Faculty group passes no-confidence vote in Harvard president

Happy 37th birthday, WBCN!!!!

Using XP "Media Edition" with WinAmp 5

What planet are they from?

RW Chris Baker gets PUNKED on his own show!

March 19 Texas Events -Amarillo, Beaumont, Brownsville...............

Dallas Dem chair Susan Hayes spotlighted in 3/15 DMN

Is there anyone who can run against Cornyn?

Petri to hold 6th District town hall meetings in March

Jesus Saved Me From Kicking Your ASS!

My letter to my senators and congressman about fuel costs Call-in Day

Ethics? House ethics?

So, how is our progressive sub-society coming along?

LOL... news-twit can't say "Avian flu"

Fallujah Lullabye

Katherine Harris's FOURTH chief of staff is quitting


Would the world have been better off without Jesus?

Anyone Else Notice All the Striking?

Would the world have been better off without Bible-Beaters? Discuss.

Gingrich, Lott, and Delay

LOL! KKKaren "Nurse Ratched" Hughes

Firehouse Subs' Corporate Office: TV's must show FoxNews or Sports

Jesus Saves!

Resolution on Gannon to be taken up Wed by House Judiciary

Helping Halliburton Hide

Irish Murder Victim's Family seeks help from Chimpy????

BBC - 'Best blogs on the web' honoured

Yay. MoveOn is on board for March 19

Would the world be better off w/o "would the world be better off" threads?

Is there ever going to be a Limbaugh trial?

About Kerry's ANWR on-line petition:

You know that courthouse shooting thingy??

Ex-Spies Tell It All

I need information about a song. "Common People"?

Any Franchise Owners out there? If so...advice please

Can you believe this shit ?

New World Media Watch---Kuwait Women on verge of voting??

Serious question about deteriorating international relations

ABC poll says Iraq war not as 'popular' as it was...y'know what that means

Will Bernie Ebbers spend the rest of his life

Beware pfharming - must read - more rip offs of internet folks.

Are oil companies conspiring to keep gas prices high to get vote

Suggestion for emails to Senators and Reps regarding the

Literal belief in mistranslations. 'Virgin' Mary or 'young woman' Mary?

Yay, mods!

I'm through watching Keith Olbermann.

I Will "Bash" The HELL Out Of This Country!

Secret FBI report doubts al-Qa'ida can stage 9/11-type strikes in US

needs caption: bush* PHOTO......the chimp-in-action photo.....

Right-wing mother-in-law gives me Dobson's explanation of values voters

U.S. Military Says 26 Inmate Deaths May Be Homicide

Oh My God, The Daily Show just re:played their Dr. Phil Segment

does anyone have first hand info on Toyota Prius?

Still Think Sen. Clinton is Repug Lite? Think Again!

What happened tonight?

The "JohnKerryisadouchebag" site

Jesus Frickin' KEE RYSTE! Grover Norquist on AAR this moment

What is this Anthrax stuff?

Did something happen to Daily Kos?

Bioterra drill...Wonder why...????

RW Morals - Female Protester gets beaten down at RNC

Cat Food is not just for cats anymore

Energy Analysts Who Told of Enron Demise:World's Major Oil Cos. Tapped Out

Another * pic needing some captioning...

Answered questions for a friend's security clearance and so had to

If the Age of Enlightenment philosophy's had ruled the world for the past

Oil Analyst:$100/Barrel in Year or Two-$250/Barrel in 6-9 years

Britain's Diana met death after first car failed to start: new documents

Who has made the most money under the bush regime these past 4+

Kerry on CNN: "the president has adopted the John Kerry policy"

26 Inmate Deaths Since 2002 May Be Homicides, Military Report Says

What is Jesus Doing in a Public School?

i cannot return to the corporate HIVE... and other thoughts

CITGO gas in Miami screwed up my car's fuel system

Unleaded Regular gas $2.37 a gallon, downtown Chicago, what's the highest.

Chechnyan singer called n.A.T.o. causes controversy

Chimpy's Down-Home Economy

Some questions about Ashley Smith

Our Very Own Wedge Issues

What is "America"?

Help with my Vietnam war education

Why can't all cars and trucks sold be hybrid by 2012?

Obvious disruptor thread? You can make mods job easier.

Rice's newest wardrobe trek chic

Should Honda and Toyota take over GM and Ford?

Santorum's faith-based initiative

Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit

Sides ride out successful talks (Lane Transit strike OR)

KBR spent millions getting $82,100 worth of LPG into Iraq

Eastman Machine hit by strike (Buffalo)

Fed chief: Expect Social Security cuts

In oil-rich Iraq region, an ethnic chasm grows

Britain's Diana met death after first car failed to start: new documents

Southland Teachers Stage Protest (LA)

Nepalese Police Detain Hundreds of Protesters

Case Against Rosario Dawson Dropped (RNC-related arrest)

Bush Helps House GOP Raise Millions

U.S. charges 18 in weapons-smuggling plot

Anti-U.S. Demonstrators March on American Embassy in Beirut

Runner up in Orlando mayor's race wants results thrown out

Six convicted in alleged Paris bomb plot

Protests in Kyrgyzstan after runoff elections marred by alleged abuses

Kin of Slain Protester Suing Caterpillar (Rachel Corrie)

87 Percent Saudis Back Women’s Participation in Elections

Mechanics' union authorizes Mesaba strike

DeLay Blames Partisanship for Uproar (Attacks the Washington Post)

Calif. Marriage Fight Could Go to Voters

Bill targets low-slung pants wearers

Japanese mayor urges US pullout

Member of Civil Rights Panel Quits, Says It Should Be Closed

Group plans suit against Minnesota over faith-based initiatives

Mayor Declares City Violence A Crisis

Bush's Vision for Space Means Big Cuts Elsewhere at NASA -WP

Thousands March Against President in Ecuador City

US Plans to Wreck British Initiative on Illegal Logging

Coleman says he'll vote no on oil drilling in Alaska refuge

"Baywatch" actress arrested in protest to save GM electric cars

An Offer That Can Be Refused.....A Times (Iran)

Myers Sees Rise in Iraq Insurgent Violence

Anthrax Scare Is Attributed to a Testing Error

House Seeks to Stop Funds for New Iraq Embassy

Japan Assembly Votes to Assert Territorial Claim Over S Korea-Held Islands

Teachers may bolt over pay (HI)

1 plane, no rudder, few answers

Calif. Marriage Fight Could Go to Voters (AP)

Pentagon Has Far-Reaching Defense Spacecraft in Works -Pincus at WP

White House Concerned Over Oil Prices

Army officer sentenced in Iraqi drowning (45 days and $12,000 dollar fine)

U.S. Lists Possible Terror Attacks and Likely Toll -NYT

Senate Panel Stalled on Detention Probe (D's want probe on 'Rendition')

Iran to Offer U.S. Share in Nuclear Program -Paper

Union to temporarily extend contracts, threatens strike (CT nursing homes)

OPEC says it's lost control of oil prices

Peak Oil Acknowledged in US Congress

They Had Abortions ("Speak out" event, part response to Clinton comments)

Seal hunt protests held in 30 countries

U.S. calls deaths of 26 prisoners homicides

Senators Likely to OK Gun-Maker Shield (PUKE ALERT!!)

Faculty group passes no-confidence vote in Harvard president


obligatory photo thread all about Stephen in DC

Bohemian Rhapsody

Have you been to the optimist lately?

Caption this picture of my cat!

Is your cat a faucet drinker?

what if we give it away?

How do I submit an article for D.U. now

Why is it yaht whenevr I have to view or print anything "Adobe" its AFU?

Listening to a newly burned Van Halen Demo.

Hope this hasn't been done to death, but on bu*sh's mandate

I heard someone was selling refrigerator magnets with Russsian chicks

I love my nerd

I'm thinking of changing my username to AndOrrTipsInTheRebound. Discuss.

Is anyone else seeing avatars... or is it just me who isn't?

the hillarious public humiliation of Tom "Chickenhawk" DeLay

OOooo...Great online radio! Listen!

steve2470-- chick magnet or chick magnate?

Oh hell yeah, slim possiblty for Boston

Who were you in a past life?

Are we all little dreamers?

I hope it doesn't show

KG: America-basher

My dogs are going nutz tonight!

Anyone want a free DU bumper sticker ?

CONFESS!!! You lurve American Idol!

I just replaced an inverter in a laptop

Is it normal for high school boys to have thick sideburns?

Need a recommendation for a well-padded laptop bag

The dogwood trees are putting out leaves...

Is anyone tired of them yet? I can't seem to stop.

Who is Ashley Smith?

Oy Vey, GD is a cesspool tonight.

They overdubbed voices on American Idol?

Post the lyrics to the song you're listening to right now

Just remember to sit up strait...

Why was the Beatles'

Mother Nature is amazing.

I'm psyched to be seeing Slint this weekend....

I found out from Google that I missed the Rapture of October 28, 1992!

Speaking of you know what the Lord's favorite chord is?

Resume advice

"Listen Jesus, I DON'T LIKE WHAT I SEE......"

21-year-old female hitchhiker kills man who gave her ride


Batten down the hatches lads the Captains going to sing

Who here would like to go to Ashley Smith's apartment to be saved?

disco jesus

The rasslin' match of the century: matcom vs. Jesus

Fucking T-Mobile

What bands do you think were more popular than the Red Sox?

Which bands do you think were more popular than Jesus Martinez?

DAMN...Looks like another one of those nights

Go to the GD tonight, Jesus is there!

They can't just say "for SOME REASON!" It's the Science channel!

What Klezmer (sp?) music would Jesus have liked?

Jeebus, I have never seen so many threads about JESUS in the Lounge!

jihadi jesus

ACTING Matcomnews Editor DS1 here, with BREAKING footage of Matcom V Jesus

Whoever said last night/this morning that things were getting odd around

Post if you love Jesus. Praise the Lord!!!

What's the buzz?

What bands do you think were more popular than Jesus Christ?

jesus for president

What causes a phone call that is ringing to suddenly cease ?

sexy jesus

Jesus H S***b***z

This week's The Onion, on Bankruptcy

Where are all my Denver computer Geeks?

My Jesus has a better aim than YOUR Jesus!!

DAMN...Looks like another one of those knights

Jesus just left Chicago ...

Jesus Alou

Poor Alf Landon...


Do you think now is a good time to ask for a Mercedez Benz? I mean He

Is America the most "Un-American" country today?

Let's get Rockin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! What's with all the Jesus stuff on DU lately?

Enough of this Jesus stuff, Let's discuss Oasis.

My high school had the worse football team...

I need information about a song. "Common People"?

Wouldn't it be weird if Jesus came back in the form of a RW American?!

Oh crap

Jesus Saves

major resource management issue developing at my house....

Hot nor Not is great!

Jesus... is he kicking anyone else's ass?

I know someone who looks a lot like Richard Nixon...

Stupid Jesus Shit.

I got my iPod workin'! First album imported: The Fall, "Psychick Dance....

I'm listening to Barbara Jordan give the 1976 DNC keynote address.

My mother keeps buying me stuff from Walmart.

The Shield

Alben Barkley appreciation thread

Jesus/Cthulhu '08!

Holy cats! Another coordinated freepattack in GD:P

Hail Satan!

What would make the best chaser for tonight's round of America-bashing?

When is a diet pill worth $153?

I just had an epiphany.

Hey, gang! Let's all piss on the Buddha for a few hours!

He's baa-aaaaaack!

Chicago is OK in my book.

Would the world have been a better-off place without treadmills?

The 23rd Sigh

I love my bird

iTunes users, and Melissa Ethridge fans!!!

Which internet animal pic is better?

L.A. DUers--Cat Stevens 1976 Concert on KCET, 8-9:30pm

well damn, who let the ignorant fucking troll out of his cage....?

Thanks, Mods

With all the problems in the world

I miss trumad already

The Rift

Why don't you dance with me? I ain't no limburger!

Hey guess what? I'm not going to Chicago OR Boston, so stick that in your

"'Cause all those Js died at A'witz in a massive g'cide!!!"

Who has the best INTERNET service?

My Mom And I Are Going Shopping For Easter Dresses Next Week

awww, my thread was just locked-- I need a group hug....

"I don't care if it rains or freezes..."

"Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Like The Play?"

Smells like The Holy Spirit

Turn on tha radio, nah fuck it turn it off

In keeping with my previous "RKM Old Pic Threads"

"Taking the Train is Perfectly Safe, President Garfield"

Hey William Henry Harrison, just shut up, its cold out here

Elton John fans check in!!!

"Other than that, how was Dallas Mrs. Kennedy?"

Look out, President Roosevelt! The polio vaccine hasn't been invented yet!

Hail ABBA!

Look out Nixon! Death is standing right behind . . . ah, never mind.

"Mr. President? It's time for your 10 o'clock meeting with Monica."

Tommy John fans check in!!!

No, President Reagan, its not the time to nap

Look out, LBJ...there''s...there's.... uh....

101 Things To Ponder While Waiting for an Acceptance Letter to Boston U.

Okay, let's settle thisonce and for all. Best XTC album?

"Come on Spiro, there's no way they're going to find us out."

dudes, it time for a sox thread-- how do you like yours?

Christ, will you just die already, President Adams?

Olivia Newton-John fans check in!!!

Ode to an Avocado

Did you know I can roll my tongue into an "o" shape?

OMG!!!! Al Green's going to be on The Daily Show!

I'm done

Check out my new bumper sticker

What do all these initials stand for?

The complete MassPulp Fiction

Debbie Boone - You Light Up My Life


Look out, President Harding! Here comes your wife!

After I drain all your blood Mr. Washington, you'll feel good as new

Look out, President Taylor! That guy's got a bunch of cherries!!!

Look out, President Garfield! That guy's got an unsterilzed probe!

I am shocked and appalled by the mocking of dead presidents on this forum.

And this, President McKinley, is the Polish exhibition...

A little Michael Jackson reading/or a lot. Interesting read/with

Yo, trekkies, what would you rather watch?

DC/Stephen photo thread, Part Deux

what do you do when...

Clearly, I didn't fight with my parents enough when I was a teenager

If I'm ever taken hostage, I'll say whatever I have to to get away


Do you think Bobcat Goldthwaite posts are funny?

which of the greek gods are you?

Boston rocks

As a devout Liberal Catholic - this has been some funny shit! I love y'all

What's the best way to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks?

HELP! Need inauguration pic of flag garbed freeper with flag fannypack

We are the Mediocre Presidents, you won't find our faces on dollars...

I'm starting to wonder if Jackson is innocent

We are "go" for the grief support group. It will be up as soon as Skinner

Help! Flying to London - Need Airline Recommendations

Have you ever shook hands with a US president?

Went clothes shopping tonight...

It's a piece of crap, it doesn't work!


It's back! State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

Can someone help me with some plane flights, travel plans, etc?

GOP donor (dentist) accused of squirting semen in patients' mouths

Is Anyone Using The "OpenOffice.Org" Program Suite?

Last night, I finished reading 1984 (DON'T ENTER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ!)

Jesus of the Stalls

Lafawnduh is a MAN!

Ugh. There's some stuff I just don't know how to deal with.

When will Women ever learn to put the Toilet set back up after they use it

I don't have parents. Or grandparents. Or siblings. Or cousins.


The crickets are sounding off tonight in Central Florida

Post your favorite tv or movie quotes here!

Kyoto tourism ???

Threadkillers: Check in!

Aging...Is it kicking anyone else's ass?

Is my bird evil? (pictures)

In nomine Poppy, et Dubya, et Spirotu Agnew. Amen.

Literal belief in mistranslations. 'Virgin' Mary or 'young woman' Mary?

Non Christians. What are some good qualities about Christianity?

Yo, Christians

In Bible what is considered greater? Love or Faith?

Possible dark matter galaxy discovered

I lobbied my legislators to deep six an anti gay rights amendment

Heat Snag Playoff Spot by Topping Knicks

Tedy Bruschi back in the hospital.

Do you fill out multiple brackets or one "bracket of integrity"?

OFFICIAL World Figure Skating Championship Thread!

Is my bird evil? (pictures)

tarot interpretation query

Easter Presents.

Humanism ?

Thanks Lil Clarkie....

A nice Kerry diary at DKos

Kerry-bashing is everywhere

Pics and news

Kerry demands inquiry by FCC into prepackaged news

Kerry blasts new pollution rules

Lou Dobb's show poll shows Taxes must be raised to pay for SS

Oregonians: Call Smith's Portland office 503.326.3386 re ANWR

So, now we know what Republicans REALLY think about the environment.

Republicans can only buy positive news, not make it

Social Security and the two to one whine fest

Keep Wall Street running.

Cantwell on Senate floor at 8:19PM speaking about ANWR amendment!

National Security Advisory Group - Signs of Life

Justice Department memo: Thumbs up to Propaganda

US soldier jailed over assaults - BBC news

Doonsbury Picks Up GannonGuckert Story

My favorite "Karen" cartoon

need help re: paid "reporters"

A Dog Named DeLay Blames House Dems For His Travelgate

Sex symbol vs. action hero for California Governor great video

RR JR.s show, Gay marriage, fundie says:

Anyone subscribe to

Sen. Ted Stevens still wants to save America from boobies and bad words.

When did we become about "spreading Democracy", not self defense?

Courtesy of Beato at

why you don't drill ANWR

What Would Jesus Do?

Gannon resolutiion to air live on internet at 10am eastern tomorrow

Gov. Dean & Sen. Reid: Republicans Silence Your Representatives

Will the 2006 election be the most important of the 21st Century?

Harry Reid made me proud today

Need help drafting a letter

Their actions prove that the worst said about them is true

Besides lacking intelligence and character, is Bush sexually inadequate ?

If you became president tomorrow.....

Greenspan Endorses Gore's Lockbox for SS

Why the hell is Bush willing to work with Hezbollah?

Now the Seven Dwarves are gay too. Oy!

Bush outclassed

The Code of Ethics of the American Pharmaceutical Association...

DNC: The noose is tightening around House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

Clark on the Hill...via Matt Yglesias

What gives? Why was LOU DOBB calling House Representative SENSENBRENER,

Italy's pulling out of Iraq....

Triumph of the neocons

Linked from Hawaii state government site, uhmmm, teachers...

Kashmir: Rivers run through it

From Rivals to Running Mates to Rivals (Kerry and Edwards)

100+ pages into the 9/11 Report

The Virginia Anthrax Bungle

Follow the Leaders (same-sex marriage-not activist judge)

Gene Lyons - Color commentary

CSM: Democracy is more than a soundbite

Energy Non-Policy

...And Now, the Counterfeit News - NYTimes OP-ED

Resurrecting the Neo-Con Failures (Cheerleading War and Slaughter)

Politics spins a wider Web of concerns -Knight Ridder

Letters to the WSJ about consumption tax

Cheaper oil extraction eyed: Oil Shale

Robert Parry: Beating Bush at 'Information War'

NYT: To Honor Sartre, France Buffs a Pedestal the Writer Rejected

Urge Your Reps to STOP *'s plans to destroy Artic Refuge

"How high's the water, Mama?" Two feet high, and risin'...

New EPA Mercury Rule Called Illegal/Mercury Test Kit

Flirting With Deficit Disasters

It's Official! "Iraq Coverage Wasn't Biased"

Chalmers Johnson: Coming to Terms with China

The Hawaii-Alaska Connection: The Arctic Refuge; The Last Frontier

Austin A-S: GOP shouldn't delay in replacing DeLay

Gender - Based Pricing

Who Gets It? Hillary

Stark, McDermott & Anti-Flag Drive to Restore Privacy to Student Records

My grump to

Split personality of the LA Times?

Current account deficit 2004 -- $665.9 billion

Record deficits mean dollar must drop 15%, interest rates rise

'Deepest' mercury cuts could be deeper

8300$ This I can afford

No Longer the 'Lone' Superpower

Number 2" at the former KGB : Oussama Bin Laden is still a CIA agent

Philly - Mayor Declares City Violence A Crisis

A little nostalgia

Time to update "Campaign Underground"?

Capsule for 2d article on homepage missing a couple of words

Question about e-mails.

Question regarding innacurate headlines in LBN

Why was this post moved?

This is one of those days...

why was...

Also relating to the post with the inaccurate headline

We'd like to request a DU Scottish Group.

Suggestion regarding a deleted post.

Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rahman and now please meet .... Abdulatif Al Omari!

Kerik mentiones OEM excersises of building collapses and plane crashes

Almost a hijack on 911: UA 23 and something very strange on 913

USAF/Navy Chemtrails : Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq : Millions Dead

Bummer... the Ides of March passed and Brutus didn't show up

Elections Board Announces Examination of Election Process

BRAD BLOG: David Cobb Endorses VR's 'Divestiture for Democracy' Campaign!

"RECOUNTDOWN," with animated Keith Olbermann

Does Your State Democratic Party support VVPB? Need NC Dem Party to help

WA State moving closer to mail-in ballots

GREAT NEWS! Election examination in OHIO

Election bills still allow unverified e-voting

Do you think Dean would have done more if he were the nominee?

Wednesday 3/16 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

ARTICLE: Paper "Trails" Aren't Good Enough. Count The Damn Ballots!

does anyone know what the Thune/Daschle exit polls

Is there a stripper in a strip club who knows about election fraud?

Can anyone here explain how this could happen?

All the President's Votes?

Jack Rabbit's response to Nederland and TruthIsAll

ATTENTION - People going to rallies this weekend, please read:

Stop Arnold From Holding Unnecessary, Unverifiable, Special Election!!!!!!

At this point, do the stats matter?

To BBV EXPERTS: "Ballot Text is Editable" = "Soylent Green is People."

Phil Angelides website

Barbara Boxer endorses Phil Angelides

Lockyer criticizes arnie's leadership style - "odor of Austrian politics"

Report Arnold's Petition Gatherers: New Hotline!

Last chance to be an platform convention add-on delegate

VICTORY! 3 of 3 gay-friendly candidates elected in Mass. Special Election!

Jass Stewart hits the airwaves, reaches over 60,000 listeners

Boston-area Vigils Marking Two Years of War in Iraq

Check this out......

Another shameless self-promotion thread from Lydia Leftcoast

Photoshop 6

If you were upset that SuperNova (Bit-torrent Share site) was taken down..

Peace rally in Cambridge, OH this Sat 3/19

The "Ohio DU" project is underway. We are seeking writers/contributors.

So why did Al Edwards (D-Houston) vote for the tax bill?

Wingnut radio: Send panties to legislators who voted for HB 3

Crap. That frickin' tax bill is making me nuts.

San Antonio gets not one, but two possible liberal radio stations

Who wants a Randi Rhodes sticker??? (I do! I do!)

UW birth control help 'outrages' rep

Connoisseurs of curd gather to pick the nation's big cheese

ACT on Voter ID bill - attend the public hearings

Chapelle's "Black Bush"

Americablog Reminder: House Commitee Vote on "Gannongate" Tomorrow

re: Vatican spokesman on Da Vinci the 60s the big 'shock

Interesting comments from Brian Nichols as told by Ashley Smith

A little Michael Jackson reading/or a lot. Interesting read/with

Dear Michael Bowers, c/o Star; You didn't learn much on FACTS.

Non Christians. What are some good qualities about Christianity?

Counterfeiting of news

Flippers - buying real estate to sell six months later nets huge profits

Nappy bag of Musharraf's grandson causes alarm

Wow! You were right. Bill Maher has been "Millerized"

Anyone else having trouble accesssong Kos?

Stampede Out of the Dollar

About 45 Creation Myths

WH To Ignore GAO News Ruling

Thank God these vicious criminals will be behind bars!!!!!

Whoever Controls The Spice Controls the Universe

It's raining gum-drops , cupcakes and kittens in Iraq

OPEC boosts production

How I managed to galvanize the right-wing hate machine without really

RW Bigotry caused 9/11 (Don't ask, don't tell)

Two for one sale at the international market of opinion!!!!

PHOTOS: war criminals hiding in a CHURCH.......

Japanese Right-wingers stirring up trouble between Korea & Japan

Homeland Security Outlines Terror Scenarios, But Fails To Outline Defenses

was yesterday's antrhax scare just another hoax?

I'm starting to wonder if Jackson is innocent

Convenient Christianity; re Ashley Smith

Asshole Jackass Cafferty sucking on the Ashley Smith story teet...

In Bible what is considered greater? Love or Faith?

looks like U.S. military killed 26 in Iraq & Afghan. for no good reason

In regards John Stewart and Bill Maher

Following The Journey Of A Wood Carver......

Coalition of the Leaving

"Googlezon" the scary future of the Media

Did anyone get the name of Jon Stewart's guest last nite?

Please help me respond to a riduculous claim re:HIV

wolfowitz to head world bank - bush to announce 10:15am

I had the chance to meet a group of Iranian political exiles last night

Hunt for healthier diet looks south of border

How many US troops have been killed/wounded in Afghanistan?

About rating systems like yahoo news

Marriage Equality, Abortion Rights, Euthanasia are all the SAME FIGHT

Iraqis run a gauntlet of gunfire from a jittery US Army

It's still about civil rights

Coastal Conservation Association

...And Now, the Counterfeit News - NYTimes

bush said we are not at war with all Muslims, so that proves that we are

How much oil would there be if there were no wars?

Kerry talking on C-Span 2 right now

Here is a good example of how effective using torture is

i am hopeless with google search, two events

The fight to keep Terri Schiavo "alive" is about taking YOUR rights!

Problems with some websites loading today? Americablog, bartcop...

Avowed Satanist beaten in NY for his beliefs

A Basic Truth : Republicans Suck At Governing

Report: Many Died in U.S. Custody in War

AETNA & American Healthways publically admit: "Medical care in US sucks..

New stuff up at

Eschelon Telecom, Inc. Launches Elite Partners Agent Program in Portland

1.8 Billion a day to pay for Bush's McConomy

Let's Just Play Ball Say Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Players

Guess which states have the healthiest kids? Blue states...

Look at those eyes.... another * pic caption

Paul Wolfowitz... World bank... What's the deal?

purchase the high-fidelity version for just 99¢...hilariously pathetic

Does anyone know

3 days to Iraq War Global Protest, 2nd Anniversary - Who's going?

bush says troops won't be coming home any time real soon

I think Kerry's ANWR amendment is going to fail

Question for High School students and teachers....

Tax Cuts for hummer!

Just saw the 'blurb' that the House passed the $81 billion for *'s ongoing

Justice DeLayed is justice denied.

Can Freedom survive the Age of Totalitarianism?

Why won't Air America Radio talk about the child sex ring?

Okay I guess Democracy is ...

USAF/Navy Chemtrails : Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq : Millions Dead

Congress Might Expand Drug Investigation To Hollywood/Music Business!

Does anyone know how the 7 Senators that were in question

Bush* 'I have confidence in Tom DeLay'

America's Descent Into A Has-Been Economy

If that dog murkowski is so sure...

Is steroids abuse that much of a problem?

Talk about funny wierd news.

Physical education, childhood obesity and Ohio

Does anyone know what the price of oil would have to go up to before

Democrats Raise Concerns Over Iraq

No thread on the Judiciary (gannon) debate? What was the vote?

Rueters: GM Cuts '05 Earnings Outlook by 80 Pct

OK, I'm throwing it out there:

Don't forget, Scott Peterson to be sentenced today, so if you are

Anyone here know who Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson is?

CAPTION! Ted Stevens on CSPAN

Is it just me or does Karen Hughes look like * wearing a wig?

Vengeance and the Butcher’s Bill

silent vigil....Saturday in DC...on the steps of OUR Capitol...12 noon...

Kerry: "At 1 PM"

DNC calls on folks in DC to attend impromptu rally today. DeLay, Soc. Sec.

Help me find this article please !

"A dead railroad! A dead railroad! A dead, dead, dead -"

Annenberg Dean: TDS viewers better informed citizens

Meet the enemy(in our own ranks):

W of the Day-December 15, 2003

After just watching a little of *'s Press Conference he is as smart as ...

Where are we with ANWR?

What are they voting on in the Senate now? On Cspan2.

Gangs Of America (corp. gangs) new book

ANWR vote today and oil strikes all-time high...coincidence?

GM, oil, and SUVs -- chickens coming home to roost

Tell everyone: Don't let the Republicans Kill Bambi!

over 5,500 US troops have deserted

Doctors Without Borders is extremely ethical

Here's the Fish & Wildlife Report with pics

Imagine if Al Gore were President.....

Ted Stevens is Advocating Internet Censorship >

Holy shit Air India Bomber acquitted!

NOOOOOOO!!!!! Larry King re'ups until 2009!

Good lord I just saw the worst anti-drug commercial...

Itching for WWIII to Start? Support a new Republican Plan!

Court Won't Intervene to Save Schiavo

What is it with *'s constipated grimace?

For anyone interested in info on the death of journalist Gary Webb --

Freedom is a Privilege....

SUV's killing ANWAR pastures for wildlife-what a shame

We lost ANWAR 51 to 49

Anyone hear that asshat Steve Moore on 'Democracy Now' this morning?

Why didnt Clinton and/or the UN intervene in Rwanda?

Survey: Is Paul Wolfowitz a good choice for World Bank chief?

lol, thank you Michael Moore

Just a quick apology about my locked post about ANWR

Anyone know what illness Randi Rhodes has had...

Milton Ristar in TEXAS Lt. Governor's Office linked to GOPUSA

Paul Craig Roberts hits the nail on the head once again.Please Read.

Breast Feeding In Public : Yay or Nay?

put in your zip code and find a VIGIL FOR PEACE this weekend (LINK)

Well, the "American people" have to pay for SOMETHING.

DU the evah-lovin' SNOT out of this poll...

Maine Anti-War Activists Occupy Offices Of Senators! More Planned

Rove to Dick: "Har Har. We can have George nominate Wolfie."

Couple Sells Candles That Smell Like Jesus

Have you ever seen the footage of bush debating ten years ago?

Will the Air India verdicts open the door to Canada being a terrorist

HELP with LTTE (regarding ANWR)

Democrats cannot be united on even one single issue...

Fuck bush and all his minions.

Is there any source that lists when and where manufactured news aired?

An email from Barbara Boxer.

Drilling in ANWAR passed, we lost. Quit posting otherwise.

Results of the latest Washington Post poll.

Fucking worthless bread and circuses media!

The real estate industry is the scum of this country

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress."

It's Not A Done Deal On Anwar Yet

Why is the Nichols murder discussed more on MSM and DU?

Scare tactics???

The Death Toll of the Christian Right

shoots off mouth and hits foot

My finger on the pulse of the black community, re: Nichols

what hotels have only Faux for news on their cable?

Name one WH policy that can be attributed to the projected job growth...

Please call your senators NOW regarding the nuclear option

Proof that the majority of the American people are legally "insane"

Why couldn't Bu$h open ANWR to drilling by Executive Order?

Democrats, stay United!

WTF? On CNN they just said bush nominated wolfowitz to the World Bank...

George Bush's Class War Budget

The lie they lean upon...

SCENARIO: You suspect your teenage kid may be using marijuana or drugs

Something you never wanted to know about Jerry Falwell

Since when did they start calling private accounts "personal accounts"?

Permafrost is will they get the oil out from ANWR?

Does Bush really call Rove "Turd Blossom"

6 months worth of oil, 30 pieces of silver

is there any way to find out who owns a McDonald's franchise?

Would you describe the battle in Fallujah in these terms?

avoid this McDonalds in Kansas City (if you must have it)

The Democratic Party should be....

Depressed/pissed off about ANWR, Wolfowitz, the Bankruptcy bill...

***Terri Schiavo case legislation could affect YOU***

Another Religion induced Killing Spree

Could the Gwich'in people claim ANWR as part of their lands?

The bumbling "President of Fabricated Crises" still fabricates.

The Business of America

ever stayed at a hotel that had only Faux for news?

FIGHT!! CONTACT Perhaps they can protect ANWR

What's happening in Fl. legislature with the right to die thing?

So why shouldn't Alaskans be permitted to fuck up Alaska?

Put your Republican America Bashing quotes here

Graduated today

Why listen to Alan Greenspan?

There might be oil underneath Anchorage

So what's up with the Gannon resolution in the House?

Here is a map of ANWR

Had the 3 traitors-du-jour voted for the AWNR amendment...

Did a guy not go in and shoot up his own church recently?

Which senators voted which way on ANWR?


contact the World Bank re: Wolfowitz

Quotes by LBJ***terrific.

Who owns the mineral rights in ANWR?

George Will gets facts wrong on Social Security.

Kristof Dosen't Get It....NY Times Editorial Saying Hillary gets it

LMFAO!! Robert Blake Verdict In - CNN

When Falwell gets to heaven

I read that there is oil directly under Shrubs Western White House.

Spin and the Spin Doctors

"The secret word is....." C R I S I S "

Sorry I posted this to the wrong forum mods. Please lock this one

Do you live in a despotism?

"What's Up?"

DNC: 133,700 Sign Petition In Less than 24 Hours to stop Power Grab

Bush Propagandist Wolf Blitzer's top story is Steroids in Baseball

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you most easily fall prey to?

Holy cow! Video evidence the elections were rigged???

Kerry & Bush's position on "gay marriage": Nearly IDENTICAL! So why...

How much can really be changed?

"Illegal home ownership"

For those finding themselves overwhelmed by it all....

Caption bushie.... he looks a little scared

Now that gas prices seem to be going through the roof...

Website to find local-area vigils marking two years of war in Iraq

Scores died in U.S. custody in war zones

I'm Pissed! Neocons want to control EVERYTHING!

Remember, if we get sidetracked, we miss the issue that trumps them all.

God damnit! Just heard about ANWR

WH finds replacement for Gannon! | Toles

Have you told your local AAR stations about Guy James yet?

Should I even bother getting a scooter?

"Person of Interest" in Kidnapping

WP gossip column -- Stephanie Miller: Hannity "big hunk of stud meat"

Were the agonizing reappraisals of the 60's a good thing?

Regarding Wolfowitz pick...What the hell happened between

Is the Christian Right subverting our government?

list of places blaring Faux from their TVs (or hate radio over the PA)

Anything new on Ashley Smith story? Old threads too full.

It's time to legalize Industrial Hemp

Kucinich is speaking on the floor right now on C-Span!

Nancy Grace just ripped on & mocked Peterson's family

80% of Alaska North Slope oil gets sold to Japan. I wonder where

GOP win on ANWR highlights the real reason....

Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter...2 peas from the same rotten pod.

Where the fuck is the Progressive News Network?

Are corporations the new tribalism? Wanting laws to favor them and

Sporty Mercedes fuel cell car unveiled (hydrogen cars 8 diff. -movies)

Robert Blake found not guilty.

Senate Vote Doesn't End Arctic Fight. Now Shift Attention to Budget Bill

ANWR: A tiny, last injection at the end of an orgy of consumption

Citizens to challenge law against supporting a soldier’s right to resist

bu$hler's "news conference," 9;15 AM CST

Is there a Compelling Legal Argument against Same Sex Marriage?

Some thoughts from a member of the religious left:

theory/explanation in need of amateur or professional DU sociologists

Anyone ever actually BEEN to ANWR?

why don't women snap and go on killing rampages?

Someone was asking about generating electricity from ocean waves

OUTRAGEOUS ! bushites take "carriers of 1000 soldiers' coffins" to TRIAL

Price of oil is up in KC

Can shooting someone in the ass be deemed "self defense"?

Vote to strike Medicaid cuts delayed till tomorrow. Call your Senator!

Fruit of the Poison Tree (banana pickers suing Dole)

DU Democratic Senator Hall of Shame

Who Is The Ugliest Repuglican?

Build a new model?

Question about Embassy Building Costs

Sinclair DC bureau chief interrupted Kerry's ANWR news conference

C.S. Lewis on "omnipotent moral busibodies" (vs. Robber Barons)

Interesting interview with Nichols' brother on Larry King-anyone see it?

Manondog Santorum & Opus Dei. Also Robert Novak and others

Is it true that 9/11 was the day 2000 election results were to headline?

Jeb Panderer to Wingnut Fundies: Michael SCHIAVO Nightline Transcript

Anyone else trembling on the edge of an eruption?

I have been thinking about Medical Care the last few days.

Are we EVER going to win anything again? I need to know now because

Please help with R.A.G.E. !!!!

"How high's the water, Mama?"

Where should the Democrats be on foreign policy?

Gore Won 2000 Election/NORC recount DELAYED because of 9/11!

Rhodes Rolls

Kitchen pics

Pot-Roasted Chicken with Sage, Celery and Blood Orange

I need a new mixer. Suggestions?

The budget

GQ: Alan Greenspan Profile

Democrats hammer at outsourcing of voter information to India

Iranian Festival Heralds the Change in Seasons

NYT: U.S. Military Says 26 Inmate Deaths May Be Homicide

Israeli Troops Begin Pull Back From Jericho (Reuters)

Car Bomb Explodes at Iraqi Army Checkpoint (Reuters)

Security Report Outlines Terror Scenarios (Homeland Sec. at it Again)

WP: In Mideast, Shiites May Be Unlikely U.S. Allies

House Seeks to Stop Funds for New Iraq Embassy

45 days' jail for US officer who had cousins thrown into Tigris

Iraq Parliament to Meet Today, But No Deal on Government (Reuters)

Kosovan President escapes explosion

AP: EPA Rule Means State Must Scale Back Mercury Controls

Murders of women rising in Mexican border city

Two for one sale at the international market of opinion!!!!

Cardinal Warns Against 'Da Vinci Code' ("anti-Catholic")

Cow dung becomes a cure-all in India

Mines kill US soldier and 3 Afghans

Israel Hands Off West Bank Town of Jericho

Car Bomb Explodes at Iraqi Army Checkpoint (US calls it "Progress")

Mine Kills U.S. Soldier, Wounds 4 in Afghanistan (Reuters)

Mesa Proposes Early Elections in Bolivia (from Narconews)

WP & AP: Italy to pull troops as coalition fades

The forgotten Fallujah- U.S. offensive continues

Prez on TV

San Diego mayoral race fallout promotes election change

Australia May Increase Its Troops in Iraq After Italy Withdraws

Bush Says Won't Unveil Plan Yet on Social Security

BBC: Family of Murdered Belfast Man To Meet Kennedy In U.S.

Explosions mar first Iraqi Assembly meeting

Bush 'worried about natural gas' prices (Marketwatch)

Pinochet 'stowed $13m in banks'

Iran's 'desert vampire' executed

DeLay's ARMPAC linked to Texas group

Clinton/Boxer Vote Reform Bill that should be front page news!

Senate Work May Come to Halt If GOP Bars Judicial Filibusters

NYT: Rice Seeks Details on Pakistani's Nuclear Help to Iran (A.Q. Khan)

Scores died in US Custody, military officials report (108 POWs killed)

Sen. Inouye (D-Hawaii) on floor now promoting ANWR development

Bush nominates hawk to World Bank

NYT: Iraqis Say Italians Aren't Cooperating in Sgrena Kidnap Investigation

Muslims claim ownership of Taj Mahal

U.S. 4th-Qtr Current Account Deficit Grows to Record (Update3)

Trade Deficit Hits Record $665.9B in 2004 AP - (Bush blames "growth")

Boxer up on CSpan 2 NOW

Halliburton under fire for Iraq fuel bills

Three arrested in terror inquiry

NYT: To Honor Sartre, France Buffs a Pedestal the Writer Rejected

U.S. Calls Venezuela Purchase of Russian Warplanes Waste of Money

Eschelon Telecom, Inc. Launches Elite Partners Agent Program in Portland

Italy confirms Iraq troop plans - Troops leaving as soon as possible

OPEC says it has lost control of oil prices

Dictator's 100+ secret accounts (pinochet)

Banks accused over Pinochet cash

U.S. current account widens to record ($187.9 billion/6.3% of GDP)

Iran's 'desert vampire' executed

Base closure panel nominees selected

Italian Priest Accused of Kidnapping Prostitutes

Senator suggests targeting Net 'indecency'

Rice Says U.S. Concerned Over Iran-India Gas Deal

WP/AP: Large Doses of Vitamin E Could Be Risky (another Vit. E study)

Marketwatch: Stocks tumble as oil hits all-time high

Scores died in U.S. custody in war zones

ID thieves launch Dennis Thatcher scam

Bush Says He Won't Unveil Plan Yet on Social Security

Family Of Protester Killed By Bulldozer Suing Caterpillar (Rachel Corrie)

This Bud's for EU.

Death Penalty for Peterson

Live on CSPAN2 ANWR Amendment Vote....

Kevin Martin Next FCC Chief

NYT:Atlanta Hostage's ( checkered) Past May Have Helped Win Captor's Trust

Senate Votes to Allow Arctic Drilling

Baby dies after hospital removes breathing tube

2 Air India suspects found not guilty

Former NYC housing official under Giuliani admits using public funds

ALM's Annual Influence 50 Survey $840 Million Paid - Patton Boggs Top

Milton Ristar in TEXAS Lt. Governor's Office linked to GOPUSA

Britain will likely be asked to fill gap in Iraq left by Italy


(Kevin) Martin reportedly to be named next FCC chairman

Huntsman makes case against nuclear waste

AIDS panel gets money from agency in probe Choosing a World Bank President (the process)

IRS building shut down after strychnine discovered

President losing debate, Reid says

Reservist sues Army over not letting him go

Bush personal concedes accounts won't fix Social Security

US military denies troops killed Iraqi general

Cattlemen challenge border closing under NAFTA

DPS teachers warn of walkout (Denver)

JIM GIBBONS: Lawmaker gave job to radio reporter

Iraq 'facing corruption threat' (BBC) ..(biggest corruption in history)

Gitmo taunter teaches tactics

Gitmo taunter teaches tactics (to other soldiers)

Senate Puts Oil Companies First in Fight Over Arctic Refuge

NYT, Nagourney: From Rivals to Running Mates to Rivals (Kerry and Edwards)

Oil hits record above $56

180,000 Darfur Deaths in 18 Months - UN Envoy's New Estimate (Reuters)

Taser flap leads to demotion at ASU

Hersh Honored At State FOI Anniversary Event

*: No Timetable for Troops Coming Home

Shiites and Kurds at Impasse Over Oil-Rich Zone's Fate (New York Times)

U.S. Loses First Burmese-American Soldier in Iraq

Robert Blake not guilty of murder or solicitation of Gary McLarty

Uranium Equals Kryptonite for Bush Nominee

Robert Blake: Not Guilty

Berlusconi in trouble over troop pull-out pledge

Crude Oil Surges to Record on U.S. Gasoline Inventory Decline (+ $56 bar)

Blasts Mar First Iraq Assembly Meeting

Iraq reconstruction rife with corruption

3/16/2005 Judiciary Committee quashes Democrats’ effort to demand credent

Nurses move to trigger a unionization vote (N. Michigan Hospital)

(BBC) US detainee death toll 'hits 108'

Brazil may seek to break AIDS drug patents

Effort to increase federal subsidies for Amtrak fails (Bryd amendment)

Iraq 'facing corruption threat'

Senate Work May Come to Halt If GOP Bars Judicial Filibusters (Reid)

Myers: U.S. Weighs Long-Term Afghan Bases

Iran's 'desert vampire' executed

House approves supplemental spending bill

WP: Senators Aim to Shield Medicaid From Cuts (Smith says he has votes)

Rock star reception for Rice in India ("Touring Rice is a Paparazzi Magnet

Cassini probe detects Enceladus atmosphere

(Schiavo Update) Appeals court refuses to block removal of Schiavo's tube

U.S. officials worry about civilians obtaining traffic-light changers

New York state sees renewable energy future (AP) (Report - 43K Jobs)

Martinez OKs Alaska oil production after getting Florida drilling ban exte

Study: Genes contribute to religious inclination

NYT: Senate Splits in Test Vote on Social Security

Planned Parenthood leader blasts Kline's abortion records probe

GM expects to lose about $847 million in first quarter

Gary Condit gets apology, money from writer (Dominick Dunne)

LAT: Data Collectors Face Lawmakers (they sell Soc. Sec. numbers???)

Security Boosted for Venezuelan President

LAT: Schwarzenegger Faces Widening Network of Opposition

Tough North America market hurts GM (healthcare costs big issue)

Evangelists focus efforts on converting Muslims

One dead in Guatemala free trade protests (CAFTA)

Abuse led Navy to consider pulling Cuba interrogators

Cuban gadfly under pressure from U.S. treasury to leave island

Japan's Teachers Union Chief Slams History Textbook

Blake Not Guilty of Murder

New Fairy Shrimp Species (eat this, anti-evolutionists)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 16 March

NYT: Cable Giant (Comcast) to Offer TiVo Video Recording

Major Foreign Holders of U.S. Debt

Bush says judges making 'his' case for amendment barring same-sex marriage

AP: Yucca Mountain papers may have been false

Scott Peterson on his way to San Quinton. Judge imposes DEATH.

U.S. "May" Help India to Build Nuclear Power Plant

Group Sues U. Of Illinois Over Indian Mascot Perpetuates Racial Stereotype

Epis. Bishops Declare Moratorium on Ordinations(fallout re. gay NH bishop)

Cellucci takes tiny piece of Canada as he ends term as U.S. ambassador

District to require parents to attend drug seminars

Report: Many died in U.S. custody in war

U.S. Dollar Slides as Current Account Deficit Soars

Reuters: * Defends Packaged News Stories from Government

Reuters: Schiavo Slams Florida Lawmakers Over Right-To-Die (Nightline)

Judge requests blast suspect's extradition

Reid praises blogs, filibuster; Dismisses idea of party division

[Horowitz] admits Colorado exam story is phony

Former CIA Agent Affirms Chavez Assassination Plan

Hundreds targeted over child porn

Judiciary Committee quashes Democrats’ effort to demand credentialing info

ANWR Amendment does not pass...Vote 49 - 51

Popular electric cars headed for junk pile (GM ironic)

Bush to recommend Paul Wolfowitz for World Bank president

* 3/16 press conference full transcript

AP to Offer Two Leads for Some Stories

Tiny School Gets No-Bid Work From Homeland Security (sole source for intel

White Students Walk Out At Local Catholic School

Bush Insists Iraq Coalition Not Crumbling

I love my new DHL guy!

Many people in this country pooh-pooh Australian table wines.

Though I'm pretty sick of seeing snow by now...

Did You or Didn't You?

"good buy" post

"good bi" post

Serenity Now!!!!

Return to Unfavorite Musicals;/Movies: GIGI

Did you know I can flutter the tip of my tongue like an airport flag?

Where am I?

Help!!! New Political Website?

"good bye" post

I just decided to wash my sheets...

Its official - Iron Maiden's on this year's Ozzfest

You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes

Is Hot Dog one of the most underrated Led Zeppelin songs of all time?

Thank you Valtrax!

News headlines in 2029

Does the drugstore apple test?

It's MUSIC NIGHT, right?

4000 Posts

Will the swallows return?

night all

Clean as a wistle. Smelling like a rose.


Praise to the moderators tonight

Cookies for the mods

Is there any reason to not use belt-sanders as electric rollerskates?

Dupe...self delete

Who was the President who slept through his entire term?

wow the "when gators/sharks/africanized bees/etc attack" news stories...

Good Democratic Domain names?

I have an addiction problem.

happy birtday to me!

Favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force character

What the F*ck!!????!!!

I quit smoking two weeks ago and am testy. Please post and get flamed!

Automatic Living....

Having fun?

How scary is this??

Anyone else dig the California wine country?

How scary is this??

Instead of all the Gannongate/Wrinkle threads

Looks like their back - Cleanup needed

Insane, bizarre song "Condoleezza Will Lead Us."

It's the Battle Royale!!!! Who will walk away unscathed???

James T. Kirk vs. TJ the hooker

Captain Picard or Prof. Xavier?

Has anyone ever imagined what the movie "Somewhere in Time"...

Mother Uses eBay To Sell Monster Under Child's Bed

Bob Dole vs Dole Pineapple

Funny cat-related comic

spring is finally showing up!!!!

Jesus Jones vs. The Jesus and Mary Chain?

Miller Lite: "Tastes Great" or "Less Filling"

It looks like...

Didn't work.

Fresh, Sanitary BUTTER

If Bill Clinton could run again...

Yes, No. Maybe. or Other?

Captain Picard or Xavier Hollander

Josie and the Pussycast vs Jose and the Pussycats

Captain Crunch vs. Captain Morgan?

Can you make bodycast molds from honey?

Does the Apple store drug test?

Bill Clinton vs. Bill the Cat

Have you ever been misdiagnosed?

George W. Bush vs. a Cowpie

Poll question: Do you think StopTheMoran's copycat posts are funny?

Last night I dreamed I was having a duel with Miguel Duhamel.


Poll: Are you taking SarahBelle's "StopTheMoran's copycat posts" poll?

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #57

I just heard Metallica is going to release a CD of Cliff Burton tracks


Is William shatner really a republican ?

We Don't Need Another Hero

Bush Wants To Go Back To The Moon-NASA Doesn't Have Enough Fake Moon Dirt

Vanity License Plate ("TIPSY") Owner Gets Busted For DUI

Johnny Depp says "NO" to Queer Guys Washing His Hair (or anyone else)

Do you think copycat posts are funny?

Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis!

How can I access Stephanie Miller's show online?

Last night I dreamed I was going on a date with Josh Duhamel

OK - so I'm on forced vacation today, watching CSPAN -

Sure was trolly in GD last night;

There used to be a way to stick it to the man. It was called Rock & Roll.

Vibrating Doll Sparks Bomb Alert at Postoffice

Boston Bound DUers, please read this

So what is it with getting only two hours of sleep and being more alert

Something to think about while you travel

Anyone have the pic of Bush giving the bird?

RIP Mindy Jostyn (violinist/vocalist for Mellencamp, The Hooters, others)

Hey everybody, pack your undies and drive out east 'cuz it's a

Hobe wid a code

World's best gas station luxury loo to be found in West Covina, Cal.

Haunted NES for sale on e-Bay

sometimes I think its a sin when I feel like Im winnin when Im losin again

I printed off 50 formal shower invitations with a typo

Third-Grader Commutes to School by Mule

German police confront sex toy terror threat ...

How smart is our beloved president?

Here's a video of Lewis Black of The Daily Show in CBC interview

Bringing dignity back to the White House? (cartoon)

Johnny Damon Says "NO" To Queer Eye Cutting His Hair

Caption: Do we feel safer yet?

Give me a P

My niece just got in to Oxford.

Favorite breakfast meat

Virgin Mary Mushroom on ebay (of course)

The official "Chant for a bonus for Bertha Venation" thread

Replace one word in a DU username with "Moist Towelette."

I've just closed my eyes again

Mechanic Takes Woman's SUV On 200 Mile (Test Drive)

The DU Lounge Topic du Jour for 3/16: MOIST TOWELETTES!

I'm watching "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"

I just had a 17 inch sub. Ask me anything?

Replace any part of a DUer's name with "tard."

Hey Dubya ! Suck my Cheney !!!

If you could date any male musician ...

Now available - Tinfoil hats for your pets

how do i copyright a name?

JACKO TRIAL FLASH: Man on trial NOT the real Michael Jackson!

"Ooh Jeffy, that tickles!" Caption Bush on the DU homepage....

Tax dependent status question.

Hey, CanuckAmok....

Don't add "in my pants" to anything.

OK, replace any part of a DUer's name with "oops!"

Why listen to Alan Parsons?

self delete

What kind of paint is best on a plastic outdoor sign?

A tale of two salads

elliott smith... an amazing song writer, anyone here listen?

I found this great new blog...

Its Spring Break - How will Bush Injure Himself This Time Poll!

The tragic death of a talented man

Who wants to protest FreeRepublic's Protest of the Supreme Court?

Another kidney stone???

Woman Planted Nude Pics Of Her Daughter In Ex-Husband's Home

Has anyone ever imagined what the TV series "Hill Street Blues"

North Dakota Third-Grader Rides To School On A Mule

Discount cigar sources?

Just watched "Big Fish". What an amazing film.


Who doesn't love a good t-shirt? Warning: Graphic heavy!

Who heard the NPR piece on Etta Baker this morning?

The Franklin Planner - BS or worth investigating?

Anyone Here Watch Days Of Our Lives?

The Franklin Cover Up - BS or worth investigating?

George Bush -- ROCKETMAN!

god i'm in so much pain

Well, I finally succumbed. I bought a new cell phone with a camera

Does anyone have a #2 pencil I can borrow?

What was the first CD you ever bought?

But enough about Boston. Let's do CHICAGO!

The three Rs: Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic.

who does #2 work for?

What Star Trek Show has killed the franchise?

Did anyone else like "The House of Sand and Fog"?

Smells Like Jesus Spirit? Ideas for Christian Merchandise

Amazing Race Watchers: Who do you want to see get kicked off next

Is the "combo" deal really a better value?

What's with a guy having dark hair but a white mustache?

Gents, how often do you wear skirts or dresses?

You down with O.P.P.?

Nerd alert-- Caption Condi

There is something unsettling to me about this picture

Captain Picard, or Will Riker?

I am watching the spring training game on ESPN now, and Jeff Brantley

"Carnivale" discussion thread.

I have this really cute movie file I want to post, but don't know how

Men of the lounge

"All the problems in the world are attributed to what fathers have done to

Can this DINO win in Louisiana?

How does Pixar do it, the Incredibles rocked! They are 7-0!

Lebowski Fest ?! Makes me wish I was in Los Angeles

Dammit...where's my judicial decision?!

Rob Brezny is the coolest astrologer ever.

Does your favorite pizza place still carry anchovies?

Dammit! The server is down

Is it just me, or does that photo on the DU homepage ..

Have you heard of the dyxlexic, agnostic, insomniac?

Beast Feeding In Public : Yay or Nay?

I find this ironic

Beast Feeling In Public : Yay or Nay?

here's a fun little exercise for music lovers . . .

Breast Feeling In Public : Yay or Nay?

Whose got a list of game times for the tournament?

This Bud's for EU.

God dammit I wanna be a Vancouver DUer again

I like you

What'd you think of "Deliverance?"

There's no philosophy group???

I just bought some cookies at the farmer's market and...

Which look were dems going for in this photo?

Best "Daddy Issues" movies

What was the Kinks song Lola about?

I am about to be subjected to extreme discomfort and PAIN... DENTIST

If a part for your car was unavailable for 6 months, what would you do?

This is my 6000th post. What should I do next?

Damn, Ninja Cat strikes again!

Okay. I'll try something a little less controversial.

How many times I walked these tracks? Who knows.

This is Tickles

I need a new addiction. Any suggestions?

foot shooting and clear skies -- 2 new toons

Progmom - when you went to Churrascaria Plataforma did

"Loonatics:" Destruction of a legacy

Don't people know their rights? I mean really?

Occupation? Butt doctor.

I'm listening to Terry Jacks. Envy me. Really. I insist.

Anyone here sick of Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom? Jeez, Louise!

Jesus Christ is my personal lord and savior vs. 'Jesus Built My Hotrod'

Match Game DU!

Undies I can't relate!

No one will care about this but me, but I just got my commencement info!

Why is my library card number so damn long?

Its time for "Carnivale". Watch this show and piss off a fundie!

Best movie that was deemed a "flop"

Best Feeding in Public: Yea or Nay?

"What if all women had schnauser faces?"

Does anyone read the Wall Street Journal daily?

How is it a stain if it hasn't even dried yet?

I am going to GD to post on every single thread...

Breast Fleeing In Public : Yay Or Nay?

Does Bush really call Rove "Turd Blossom"

I've looked everywhere for this answer. How do I put a graphic in my sig

What is this? .plugin140_03.trace

My Favorite Italian Wine..

Jesus vs. Cheeses

I do not like people who have conversations in public places turn. I've had enough....I'm leaving

Who's your favorite 5th Beatle?

Any bored Pink Floyd fans here?

Damn it, you stupid people - it's your house now! DEAL WITH IT!!

Ok, manly men. I need help here.

My iPod is obsessed with Sammy Davis Jr.!!

Forgotten acupuncture patient trapped on pins and needles

Test for image n/t

DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Barbara Boxer '08

My first sign of Spring......Grackels.

I just can't get enough of Nancy Grace hating on Scott Peterson!

What the fuck - I'm breaking out???!!!

I have lost all respect for Gene Wilder.

Gas price check, 3/16

Wow, some of these old German's where I live

What are you listenin' to?

MSM ignoring most important story today: NCAA BRACKETS.

"Hey hey! Ho ho! Social Security's got to go!"

another fill in the blank thread...

Fundies: I can't relate

Freedom Quiz!

iPod/MP3 Envy...

Breaking: Paul Wolfowitz named to World Bank

The mods in GD are ON FIRE today!!

[Soccer/ Bundesliga] This is a catholic mass after my taste

How much are iPods nowadays?

Men, how often do you wear skirts or dresses?

Graduated today

Hey YOU! Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU!

Lions take over shade under wing of airplane...

Can anyone direct me to a site with free carpentry plans?

OK, I'm sorry, but Fat Actress is a SO DAMN FUNNY

Robert Blake found not guilty of murder.

For those at work and hate it, be of good humor!

Anyone interested in forming a weasel group?


Breaking: Character Robert Blake played in "Lost Highway" found guilty.

Top ten reasons you are a fundie

I nominate Paris Hilton for Ugly American of 2005 award.

Beast Feeding In Public : Yay or Nay?

If you were out to dinner with a friend and

Hunter S. Thompson Gets the Cover of Rolling Stone

I love Nest flicks!!!

Robert Blake found NOT GUILTY.

Wolfowitz Nominated for World Bank. "Lock Up Your Combs" Warns EU

Robert Blake verdicts Not guilty

If you don't buy GM cars with On Star, you don't love your children.

Pizza or Wings?

Hey, Canadian DUers... did it suddenly get "less stupid" up here?

FINALLY, the REAL reason Cons are opposed to gay marriage

Police chief gets 2 DUIs in 1 day

Thanks to all the beautiful menopausal women

Man Sitting In Church As "America's Most Wanted" Airs His Face

Hey Florida DUers...DUCK!

Poll: Drinks-to-hangover ratio

Ethical question

I could not be any more miserable if you shot me in the butt

Mother nature in action

The Help

Bill changers in vending machines: How do they work ?

NORTH TEXANS: Who wants a Randi Rhodes sticker??

Let's have fun writing those new "optional leads" for AP!

Irate DUers check in at GD

Computer Mac help Needed

Yay! more "Dysfunctional Family Circus"!!

Ire Duers check in here!

OK - gonna break down and eat my Cuties

South Puget Sound DU-ers: Who's going to the protest Saturday?

The five states with the fittest children: mainly blue.

Now here are some magnetic ribbons

Transposed, but Appropriate Headlines of the Day!!

Real President on NBC tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

Breast feeling in public: Yay or Nay?

For fans of Survivor: it's airing tonight, not tomorrow. nt

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Ever lived ina different county?

Funny Repuke joke from Bullwinkle925

Everybody Knows

As a result of her political activities, she was expelled from high school

The cats are goin' nutz

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you most easily fall prey to?

I do not like cell phones.

Wolfowitz in the World Bank. ANWR. Iraq. Fuck it. Bar is open.


20 HUGE wind turbines for Huron County! Ask me anything!

UPDATE : auntAgonist.

Ladies, how often do you wear skirts or dresses?

"Every child had a pretty good shot..."

Before I leave...

The All You Can Eat Soup Diet, lose 10 pounds a week.

DU survey

Any true crime aficionados here?

Non-Irish DUers check in here!

A pretty cool painting.

Do I have bad breath?

I have one month until they fire me

I just completed 3000 posts-ask me anything.

'Queer Eye' Gives Red Sox Makeover

Irish DUers Check in here!

Who wants a ten year old?

New Yorkers - what's the best bagel joint in NYC?

What was the largest age difference there was between you...

I need some help, you need to be very tough

I love Netflix!!!!


What part of your heritage to you relate to the most?

Did anyone stomach Dennis Miller last night and see Hugh Laurie?

TJ Hooker vs. Captian James T. Kirk?

I just ordered a new computer.... ask me anything!

Robert "Bobby" Blake on TCM now. 1942 movie.

Fall Of The Peacemakers - For ZombyWoof

Sooo Waterworld, or Quenches With Pee

Copycat posts vs.pussycat posts?

St. Patrick's day is begining to annoy me.

A question about opossums

Laika, Soviet cosmonaut bitch in outer space

a Harley or a Mac?

My 63rd birthday was Monday

Ever lived in a different country?

1 week kitten photos

"King George" painting - needs new home

Help needed for older cat

Anyone else a weather/meteorology buff ?

DC/Stephen photos, Part Trois

AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I got my letter from Grad School - Waiting List!!!!!!!!

If I go to Memphis this weekend, what should I do?

Napoleon not one of the top 10 greatest Frenchmen!

I propose a DU Scottish Group.


Your favorite Italian meal? All courses.

Wanna see the opposition? Hannity has pix!

Free Republic gears up for "March for Justice" on DC/ counterprotest now

Let's LIST 'EM! The Most Depressing Movies EVER.

add "in my pants" to a movie title.

Pulp Matcom: The All Matcom-Graphics Thread

Breast Feeding In Public : Yay or Nay?

Which companion animals are domesticated?

Experience The 'Scent Of Christ' - In A Candle - North Pole Study is Underway.

Species list (online catalog) reaches half-million mark

Spin and the Spin Doctors

Looking for a good book on consciousness

Mars rovers get new lease onlife as Dust Devil Wind/ice clean solar arrays

Mass. state House special primary election results

VICTORY! 3 of 3 gay-friendly candidates elected in Mass. Special Election!

God damn bugger it all to hell!

Golf Channel: BB-III Fans

Cats over Gonzaga by one in double overtime

Here's MikeG's First Day NCAA Picks.

It could happen: Most likely 1-16 upset? (Men's and women's)

What do you feed your cats?

Acupuncture for dogs? It works.

1 week kitten photos

Astrologers: Bush Press Conference 3/16. He seemed Unhinged..

Astrology As a Symbolic Language

Top ten reasons you are a fundie

Question about parenting kind of... And dating...

Virgin Mary, Doggie Style

Betcha didn't know...

The Bush-Kerry tundra turf war

WH To Ignore GAO News Ruling

John Kerry, Standing Up for America's Future

I'm going to be sick, look at this

Edwards and Kerry

Anyone watching C-span 2 - Stevens is on - upset that Kerry made an ethics

Moving on: Speech tomorrow at CNP



Cheer up picture thread

Another newbie saying hi :-)

New Kerry Email on ANWR!!!

LittleClarkie, you ROCK

Mama Said they'd be days like this: Vent on ANWR vote

JK's speaking on c-span2

The Bush administration will not go down.

They're killing me out there over ANWR

Photo restoration

Countdown Newsletter 3/16

Off-topic: I just want to say how happy I am abt the Robt Blake verdict...

Animated KO appearing in "RECOUNTDOWN"

LOL! Weekly horoscope by Rob Brezsny.

Has anyone noticed that La. Sen Vitter is caught up in the DeLay scandal?

Send this to your congresspeople and senators and remind them....

Salt Lake City Mayor (D) has an approval rating of close to 60%

Consider this situation:

We shot an Iraqi General ..... Once again, why are we there?

The Return Of Karen Hughes, OH NOOOOOO!!!!

Ranking Judiciary Democrat issues statement regarding vote on Gannon

New radio link with blogs, amazing interview linking Delay

What Would John Kerry's Approval Rating be Right Now?

Should Iraq stage its own "End the occupation" protests?

To Dems: Frame GOP fearmongers with their own "Bullshit"


Senate Prepares for Arctic Drilling Vote - Phone Action Alert

Well...the MSM finally lost me!

Just watched the Opening prayer of the US House on CSPAN-

Senate near meltdown over judges

Terror everywhere again! FBI report? What FBI report?

Prez on TV

Yes, there is a real "crisis"....

ANWR Vote Imminent! There's Still Time To Fax Your Senators to Vote NO!

Please, don't! I almost threw up opening the DU home page

What did Bush say about the Italian troops pulling out in September?

Wow - Chimp's Got A Press Conference In 15 MINUTES!

Christian voices silence Springer

WorldCom verdict shows ignorance is no defense

Dems rolled over on class action lawsuits, then bankrtupcy, now ANWR!

Joke theif, or how * choses to see the truth....

Sen. Inouye (D-Hawaii) on floor now promoting ANWR development

Shrub has "lots of confidence" in Delay? WTF?

Boxer up on CSpan 2 NOW

We are living in a parallel universe.....and it's a minority....

Clinton/Boxer Vote Reform Bill that should be front page news!

I called Maine's two Senators

What does PNAC say about china

Debate on Cantwell-Kerry Amendment on C-Span Now

Save Alaska's Oil (ANWR) For Our Grandchildren. After We've Kicked

Shrub seems to have a bruise on his cheek! Again?

Bush Said "There's No Oxygen In The Room" During Press Conference?

Barbara Boxer is wonderful-- ANWR speech!!!

New Kerry Email On ANWR!! 260,000 People Sign Citizen Roll Call!

vote at 1 pm today on Al. Refuge--(got another email from JK)-petition

Senator Ted Stevens is on the senate floor

Senator Gordon Smith (R) Oregon voting FOR Cantwell amdmt!

Hey Scott, who anthraxed Daschell?

John Kerry, Standing Up for America's Future

Time for "Cool Hand Luke" Strategy?

KOS Indicates We Will WIN On ANWR - and Stevens Will Then Quit!

* Remarks at National Republican Congressional Committee Dinner

Support the CBC Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Substitute

White House to Agencies: Ignore GAO's Ruling On 'illegal' TV News Releases

John McCain, Hypocrite - A Story to remember

Today is Moveon Call in Day

Boxer said that ALaska refuge was a God given place--not to be

Caribou show Bush support

CNN Quickvote: Wolfowitz best choice for World Bank President?

Hope it is significant that Senator Snowe just signed on as co-sponsor to

press conference video on c-span -- it's up

The great GOP role-reversal gambit: No spending opportunity left behind

CSPAN: Senate voting on Byrd Amendment; ANWR up next

Reynolds Quits Civil Rights Commission


Republicans sneaking to get California's and New York's electoral votes?

ANWR and SS: Repubs talking out both sides of their mouths

DNC: Death of a Sales Pitch. Quotes Fox and Shelby on Bush failure.


Byrd Amendment lost---Artic up right now

Anti-gay idiots advocate something called The Standing With Our Troops Act

So, I just had a thought

Cantwell amendment went down

Does anyone have any information on

Ever seen the footage of bush debating ten years ago? WOW.

When the rules get in the way, they don't want any rules

Newsweek's CW on the new bankruptcy law

They still have to secure funding for ANWR drilling

Sheer has a great quote on bankruptcy

I am amazed at the irresponsibility of the GOP for voting to drill in ANWR

Greenspan: "We were all wrong" about tax cuts - All Keynesians now

Strange things done in the Midnight sun ......

GREAT website for

Why are they saying Jeb won't run? How can we ridicule repub nominees?


How much are gasoline prices in Hawaii?

Senate rollcall vote on the Cantwell amendment to strip ANWR out of budget

True or false: Dems were as unified on the ANWR vote as the Republicans

Don't get too down about ANWR just yet

This is how the vote went that killed the Arctic Refuge *************

My letter to Akaka

Question: Why is the deficit not called a 25% tax increase?

Which Democrat has faught harder than Kerry since Bush II started?

Good lord I hate republicans

Should we call and thank the Repubs who voted against ANWR?

How are "private" accounts different from IRAs?

Proposed new FCC Chairman's wife = Cheney's Press Secretary

DINO Replacement fund?

With friends like Inouye, Akaka, and Landrieu, who needs enemies?

The Repubs are falling apart right before our eyes....

Senator Inouye on floor now

Saw Mark Warner last night at the Georgia JJ Dinner...

I know this may sound silly, but could environmental groups...

pushing a Dem senator out - a statement of unity?

Bush nominates Wolfowitz as possible president of World Bank

If GOP wasn't part of Swiftvet lies, why honor them at their dinners?

Will our senators make us proud, ever?

Ed Schultz is trying to make sense of today's ANWAR vote

The Lieberman -- Weicker Race of 1988

Why has Akaka been voting to the right recently (bankruptcy and now ANWR)?

Can a REAL Democrat win in Lousiana?

Okay, I'm DONE with Specter. I used to like him, but after today...

Why we HAD to invade Iraq

any surprises in House Judiciary's GANNON discussion?

Dear centrists - how do you feel today?

So what's the next piece of shitty legislation that passes?

Senate debating how they will spend--yes--your money. What is on TV?

Has Bill Sammon adopted Gannon's role?

C-Span now has today's press conference up..

CNN's Jackie Schechner and Abbi Tatton tell how Blogs get ratings

TX fundies mess w/ Planned Parenthood funding

Bush's stupid statement today.or is it just me?

Russ Feingold is on the right subject...

What happened to the Gannon forced Vote in the House today???

Tourism Boycott

Condit vs. Scarborough

New World Order - Wolfowitz to World Bank - Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

Do we owe Daniel Akaka a great big thank you? The long picture: the budget

List of Congressmen voting AGAINST the $81.4 billion for bush's Iraq war

The bright side of the ANWR loss...

Live on CSPAN2 ANWR Amendment Vote....Does not pass 49-51

Did you know Inouye has a Congressional Medal of Honor?

Dems should propose a ban on the exportation of oil from ANWR

How to pay-off the Deficit over night: Sell New England to Canada

Ldotters wish Walter Cronkite dead.

Back-asswards in Canada

CNBC Whores: Wolfowitz can now carry out President's Democracy Action

Contact Landrieu, Inouye, Akaka - tell them how you feel

Idea for protest at Inouye, Akaka and Landreu offices

lol! Stevens says not drilling ANWAR made him "clinically depressed"

Texas DFAers are great. Democracy Fest guests are awesome.

In Bush's WH press conference today, shrub gave a name of

Which Dem senators will be a turncoat on judicial nominees?

Personally I'm more upset with the Amtrak vote than I am the ANWR vote

Who is reading you emails to Senators? Possible ethics violation?

When do people start voicing intent to run '08?

Why do Republicans get so much mileage out of ANWAR? Because...


How nasty can you get without alerting the Secret Service?

ABC just covered Bush 'propaganda' story...

"Al Gore and Bush are the same" - many Nader suppporters

* defends government propaganda "news" feeds

Kerry: "It's a sad day when the voices of the American people are ignored"

2006, we better get some fucking Democrats in that Congress

After much soul-searching, I now support the war.

Need sources concerning the Patriot Act

A Message From Wes Clark

Senate Vote Doesn't End Arctic Fight

How about a Barbara Boxer DU Group?

When did "pro-abortion" become a bad thing to women? I remember

Anyone watching Bush Implode in his Press Conference Live?

Inouye, Akaka and Landrieu. I will never forgive. Or forget.

Where's the Kerry support?

Read Diary at Kos !Arctic Refuge PLAN B

1st or 2nd Amendment - Which is more important to Democracy?