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Archives: March 15, 2005

Bush's Bitches for Babies

The search for integrity (True American Sporting Heroes) - Guardian

BobFest for conservatives (in WI)

Richard O'Rawe: Northern Ireland's answer to Swift Boat Vets

Media conservatives misrepresent Moynihan to support Bolton nomination

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Gag-cable plan will go nowhere

Mike Malloy: Sorry you will be off this week, I will miss your show. NT

Post your favorite economic blogs here

Yucca Mountain lawsuit filed

Who's Afraid Of Venezuela-Cuba Alliance?

I completely agree with Paddy on the wrinkles saga.

I don't like the wrinkles thing either

Question about City-specific protest

I second Misunderestimator's concerns

Why is there no new Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

I never thought I'd see the day when FreeRepublic was more liberal than DU

If a thread is pulled

Should DU be seen as a site that condones a pharmacist not filling birth-


College students in Alabama from other states aren't allowed to vote

KOEB (Monday)

IMPORTANT: Maine lib needs info to fight new election fraud law

We are completely wrong about the fraud....

Hey L.A Area Duers- protest Gropenator this Weds!

George Skelton (LA Times): Gov's role of reformer a littler strained

Warren (Beatty) Warns Arnold He Could Be Lunch

just say no to hillary.......

Done ripping all those CD's? Well, get started on the tapes!

Is that Slug finally going down?

Wisconsin Picture Thread

Mann faces federal fraud charges

Funny Opinion piece from Baraboo rings true...

Antigo LTTE - Pickerel writer beefs about Bush visit

AirAmerica's Rachel Maddow doesn't believe in LIHOP nor MIHOP yet she PNAC

Saw this painted in red on the entrance to the World Trade Center today

Need votes on bankruptcy bill.

Yet more traditional values...

I keep getting served nasty brown rice with other tasteless stuff

I'm pretty conservative when it comes to the environment

Feel a Draft photo montage, teenagers give me hope

WTF is this????

Insanity makes perfect sense

Hill of Credit-Card Debt (GOP Hypocrisy on bankruptcy bill)

Anyone watching Nanny 911?

Some might say this joke is too close to the truth

Rejoining Dr. King at Riverside Church

Peak Oil presentation in House on CSPAN live

Did Bush sell out Taiwan to get China's help in stopping N. Korea's nukes?

Daily Kos is Having a "YearlyKos" Convention

Suppression of Knowledge By the Right

It's Monday night and we have two TV shows about screaming American kids

Study Warns of Junk-News Diet

What are the requirements for the number of people on the supreme court?


One For The Toon Thread !!! - nostamj... Calling nostamj !!!

Charlie Rangel email on Social Security.

Project for Global Consciousness (The Princeton Egg)...MMMM!!

Dennis Miller, how do those tiny hands of yours...

Bush Shit

Yucca Mountain lawsuit filed

Shouldn't we be actively courting Indian candidates?

Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" is RW Industry driven crap.

Where is the new "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"? I only see 3/7...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

Free Press petition. Stop News Fraud. PLEASE sign this if you haven't.

Who said this? "If you aren't completely appalled...."

Confused about the SS scam? Chimpy explains it.

Gannon/Guckert played for local softball team

NY Times' Nicholas Kristof Blames Environmentalists for Repub. Policies

What if I formed an organization called "GodHatesChritians", and

Big Dog Released From Hospital

Karen Hughes At The State Dept... Is This Where She Always Wanted To Be?

"Study: Thinning herd from bottom helps" WTF!!!

NYC Alert!: Paul Krugman | Josh Marshall | Michael Tanner | 3/15

This is serious: Help Save the HUD CDBG Program from Bush! Please!

NPR ombudsman: 'Sense of outrage growing in the country'

The Sun is setting on America

Power to the People: Whose streets? Our streets!

Thank god for democracy.

George & Laura Greet the Foreign Diplomats & Their Wives >>>

Demonfighter's 2 cents worth of fame

My sermon (UU) on the rise of fascism in America.

America-bashers need to read/listen to this

"Ambassador Karen Hughes"...

DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Barbara Boxer '08


"Wanna Go For A Ride ???" - S.F. /March 19th... Be There, Or Be Obtuse !!!

How did 'liberal' come to 'nanny statism'

Would Hillary haters prefer some right wing nut case as president?

Well, I just spent $2.00 for a gallon of gas for the first time in my life

A new visitor to my blog today:

Poppy Bush Involved in JFK Assassination -- BFEE's Spooked!

Canned tamadas

So, does China get aid from Canada or what?

Sen. Dick Durin (IL D) - Tax Breaks for Millionaries more important

EU Firm on Ending China Arms Embargo

Venezuela Rejects Press Association's Condemnation

Alleged Bush assassin claims torture

103 Alleged Honduran Gang Members Arrested (in the US)

Pentagon Auditors Eye Halliburton Charges

("ludicrous") Judge in gay marriage case...a Catholic Republican appointee

Saudis Urge 2 Percent Rise In Oil Output

India Fears Pakistan May Delay Iran Pipeline On US Pressure

WP: Scalia Showing His Softer Side

Support Builds for Shielding Reporters

NYT: For Troops, Home Can Be Too Close(e-mail and cellphone communication)

(Allawi says) Iraq poll victors 'are paralysing the country'

GOP Rebellion Over Tax Cuts....Threatens to Derail Efforts to Adopt Budget

Bush sends chilly warning to Sinn Fein

Russia's Oil Boom Ends as Putin Control Hurts Investment

WP: Chavez Casts Himself as the Anti-Bush

Scalia Slams Juvenile Death Penalty Ruling

Proposed N.J. Smoking Ban Includes Casinos

Ethics groups on both sides of the aisle to hold press conference on DeLay

Rewritten Bible banishes saints

Hawaiian Language Revival

Venezuela's Land Institute Recovers Public Land for Redistribution

Pakistan 'lost' Bin Laden trail

Congress OKs Bill on Release of CIA-Nazi Documents

Street Protests by Poor Push Bolivia to the Brink

Shiite-Kurdish Deal Collapses BREAKING NEWS

LAT: Army Failed to Act on Warnings (corruption, mysterious death in Iraq)

WP: Kansas Abortion Clinics Fight Data Request (from state atty-gen.)

Hawks May Be Awaiting the Stork

Shell sales in Argentina collapse 70%

NYT: Police Focus on Religion in Milwaukee Shootings

Gas Price at Second Highest Level Ever

Reuters:Mt. Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call for Action: Global Warming

Intellectuals Back Cuba Over Rights Record

The late, great soul man JAMES CARR.

Shut your mouth, go away / Mama, look at boo-boo dey !

Damn the music has been good tonight!

Even the Hall of Fame admits it....

As far as I can tell

Bad visual, Mr.bush and 11 leaking dikes or dykes?

How did Boston Legal end last night?

Anyone ever pull a muscle in your lower abdomen?

I need help with Winamp!

Exec suggests paying employees $2.00 per day reasonable

Did Mrs. Grumpy find Mr. Merlin yet?

How do you know you aren't part of the DU clique?

Yet more reason to click the links....

If you have The Mystery Channel, a really good movie comes on at 8 eastern

Feel a Draft photo montage from my 16 yr old for you all

What Laura Bush Thinks During Photo-Ops

Can listening to Bush give you hemorrhoids?

I keep getting served nasty brown rice with other tasteless stuff

First rule of Fight Clique: Don't talk about Fight Clique.

Oh yes, I'm the great threadkiller... (Bad Lyrics Thread)

Domestic partnership anyone?


static on Talk Channels on Siruis

Like this is so psychedelic, wild, feeling dude!!!

Have you used

I'm considering starting a clique for obnoxious Steeler fans.

Introducing a new (made-up) OS: Pimp Hat Linux!


Did anyone catch the "Jeff Christie" question

What every housewife needs, the "Ayn Rand Good Housekeeping Seal."

Caption this!

Best Score Series

I'm writing a history paper, ask me anything!

I was born by the river

It's Clique Week in the Lounge.

Sittin' in the morning sun

So, the Star Wars trailer ends with Darth Vader in the breath mask.

WHAT is this Supernanny rip-off on Fox right now????

I'm making toast - what kind do you want?

Anyone here follow Thoroughbred Racing?

Must a poll be "fair" to be posted?

Tao of Pie

Complimentary Computer- Sony Vaio Laptop

Beastclique members check in!

Whoo-Hoo... Whoo-Hoo-Hoo

A 'Suzy homemaker' day.... mmmm, cake.

What's the longest you've walked w pants around your ankles?

I love fish. I love tuna. I love salmon. And you know what?

I'm NOT leaving DU.

i just ordered pizza; ask me anything

Listening to The Black Crowes "Shake Your Money Maker". Ask me anything.

I'm staying at DU. Expect more gloat threads.

Anyone watching Nanny 911?

I couldn't leave DU if I tried

Is this funny to anyone else?

I dislike the Bush* family so much that I...

A Columbine documentary is playing on the History channel.

I will protest ANYTHING. Just tell me where.

Anybody remember National Airlines?

Has anyone here used Vonage?

Pirated software

anybody here ever been dead before?

i'm indifferent about leaving or staying

No Cable News. Just Music Choice Tonight. I'm in heaven.

OK, alright, I'll reveal the secrets to being a pariah in the lounge, ok?

Who's watching "Medium" with Patricia Arquette tonight on NBC?

anyone else find stuff?

I think I just got good news from the Doc

Has anyone else read the book "Pack of Two"?

Very First

*ahhhhhhhhh* Having a thick skin is just great

Ok, I saw "Saw." VERY creepy.

anyone else lose stuff?

Scotty Doesn't Know

Is this for REAL ?? Three "pastors" on Scarborough???

Hey, I'm back!

This group named Jet sounds just like the Beatles.

Maddy McCall ROCKS!

Send some karma my way...

Football Season...

I'm not leaving DU.

*ahhhhhhhhh* That Ignore function is just great


I guess I'll stay...

I leaving DU.

Do you carry a pagerbear?

line and the circle

They'll have to pry DU from my cold, dead hands!

music & relationships

My Dad got in a car accident today...but he's OK

I found my Dave Matthews CD but the damn TV remote is still missing

First Wood and Now Prior?

Need advice: Top floor or lower?

Well I guess I might be leaving DU afterall.

You are leaving DU.

Disposing of my old PC: hard drive advice needed

I forgot. Am I leaving DU?

hello I'm boring

I'm pissed at my kids. Went food shopping and ordered pizza.

Has there always been "I'm leaving" threads or is this something new?

Typing-an insight (not flamebait)

I want to control women's bodies

I will leave DU.

Ok, alright, I'll reveal the secrets to being popular in the lounge, ok?

I feel like I'm kissing someone

I'm leaving DU

On the count of 3, everyone leave DU!!!!

I'm leaving DU

I'll compliment a member of the Bush family. For real. Flame if you will.

DAMN frigging fragging sheckin fresshin mother humper

Okay, "Sin City" looks like it may be interesting.

Opera? Is a $40 Browser Worth It?

It's Clinique Week at the Lounge

No... *I* want to control women's bodies!

what gives people the right to choose who gets married?

What serious injuries have you NOT had?

I'll Leave DU - If The Price is Right!!!!

He LynneSin...your brownies are done...

Did someone drop their keys in the parking lot?

Hey, I just got my bracelets!! Whoohoooo!

Who else is sick?!

Signs. Graphic heavy.

Where is the new "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"? I only see 3/7...

Okay, which picture is more worthy of an award for creativity?

Repetitive Advertising Can Work

I feel like I'm dissing someone

I just filled a Coca-Cola glass with Pepsi. Will that make Jesus cry?

You will bring me tuna

Repetitive posting can work.

A message from elperromagico.

Um, attention - there's a red VW Bug in the parking lot with its lights on

I feel like dissing someone

What makes everything else seem like petty bullshit?

All alone, I fall to pieces.

What's the bigger distraction...

I feel like i'm kissing someone

Did anything come of the grief support group suggestion since I left

HA! I will NEVER leave DU!!

Help me! I can't stop watching HGTV!

Has anyone here gotten eyeglasses at Costco?

¿Quiénes son usted?

So what medications are you people on?

You're leaving DU.

**DUers in my zip code!!** Want to have a meetup?

Repetitive posting can work.

Repetitive posting can work.

I feel like I'm missing something,

Which of these cds I got today is the best

I'm going to a Casino tommorrow...ask me anything...

DU has been raptured

Where are my wonderful lady friends tonight?

Ok, alright, I'll reveal the secrets to being unpopular in the lounge, ok?

Jem vs. The Misfits

Downloaded songs = used CD store. Discuss.

I Am Confused??? I thought that a "freeper" was a member of the ....

Light-level, in the room you're in right now

Anyone remember the old "Faces of Death" movies in the 80's?

Guinness = nectar of the Gods



Who juices?

What is the best computer game ever?

LBN: but off topic for LBN forum? Drug Stops Cancer in its tracks

Do you carry a pager?

Caption this!

My mom just passed away tonight.

Anybody here throw darts?

Anybody Wanna mess With My Kitty?

Boston DUers, this is for you! (Especially you, Harvard Square Hussy.)

Worst Beatles song?

Who should they run against Lynn Swann if he runs for governor in PA

Where are all my wonderful man friends tonight?

Any teachers in the house? Looking for jobsearch advice..

Dear Activists (my favorite bit from George Carlin's new book)

What's the best OTC remedy for acid reflux?

Tipping - an insight (not flamebait)

Farewell DU! It's been one hell of a run!

Everybody say "F**k You Ted Nugent" -

Hey DU, what is your favorite candy bar?

Have A Robert Blake Special (Hold The Shot)

Uncle Nasruden consulted by Bush.

Belief in a God Who Intervenes

Scientists Discover The Origin Of A Mysterious Physical Force

Ancient knife proves longer astronomical history

Another strange cloud day

Jurassic bark: the tree that grew in the age of dinosaurs comes to Kew

Primitive Brain Is 'Smarter' Than We Think, MIT Study Shows

Fundie bigots react to California gay marriage ruling

The first #1 men's team to lose will be...

Who's your team in the tournament...

The first #1 women's team to lose will be...

Just need some comfort...

Global Consciousness seems to really exist (The Princeton Egg)

Astrology and Human Evolution

Actual photo of Biblical incest!

It's not easy maintaining freeper cover

I'm new

pics from kids first town hall meeting today

A Tsongas to Kerry move for MD? We hope so...

Aw, geez, weather is going to be lousy Wednesday.

KOEB Thread Archives - February 2005

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Concern in GOP over DeLay ethics allegations

Re birth control: Which position is more extreme?

Terry McAuliffe to cohost on FOX ???

The Republicans can't keep their smear campaigns straight

What do you predict will happen to Chavez ?

Is there a right to convenience in the Constitution?

Funny -- Gannon/MediaHo comic - activism against Bush's propaganda/fake news

Help! I was fired....should I report co-workers after the fact?

We must demand Dem candidates take this fund raising pledge --

do you have caller ID blocking ... guess what?

Montana Dem Gov is spanking the republicans

Sen. Dick Durin (IL D) - Tax Breaks for Millionaries more important

Same-sex marriage ban ruled unconstitutional

Should Ashley Smith Visit Brian Nichols In Jail?

Will you be active in protesting the Iraq War on March 19, 2005?

Doctors can refuse abortion service but should have to dispense birth

Don't forget what an absolute *itch Karen Hughes was Nov/Dec 2000

Anyone see Der Gropenfuehrer on Softball with Tweety tonight?

Former FL GOP boss: Jeb lacks wisdom and maturity to be president

A conversation with Howard Dean

News from Iraq-

Which story has Jeff Gannon most enjoyed for getting him off the limelight

Bush wants to kill the HUD CDBG Program. Stop him!

Letter carriers should be free to discard mail...

Stop Fake News -- Sign the Petition

Now does Dean look likes he is "doing harm" at today's NJ fundraiser?

Truth or falsehood of this?

The Orange Flag On My Front Porch

Kerry, Cantwell Join to Fight Arctic Drilling

The difference between the '60s and '00s

Why are Bush, Condi, Cheney, Rusmfeld, DeLay, PHYSICALLY REPREHENSIBLE ?

Does a doctor have a right to refuse to perform an abortion or prescribe

According to the Zogby poll, Bush is turning into a poison pill...

Will Kweisi Mfume Win in Maryland?

The Spoils of War

Women in armed forces saluted - Helen Thomas

Watchers and Witnesses: Oprah, Zora and James

Lost in the Schiavo debate is this question: Who pays?

OBIT (WP) - Gladys Duncan, 108, Dies; Activist, Opera Singer's Wife

'For Our Own Good, Give Canada Away'

Wow! That's not a smirk on Bush's face!!!!!

The Bankruptcy Bill: a Tutorial in Greed-Campaign cash is worth more than

Of course he (Schwarzenegger)'s running for president

The Torturers Among Us.

Freepers don't even deny Delay ethics violations...

The Halliburton Chronicles.

Krugman: The $600 Billion Man (Lieberman's Hypocrisy)

DAVID BROOKS-A Requiem for Reform(Soc Sec Priv Acts has only 1 in 4 chance

Today show report ... rules ignored criticism

Bush Admin. Rejects GOA's Ruling on 'Covert Propaganda'

"He wanted excitement; he got excrement." St. Pete Times

NYT: How Electronics Are Penetrating N. Korea's Isolation (pol. effect?)

To those Ragging on Gov Gregoire (WA)

Bush's Social Security Reform Meets Brick Wall: Andrew Ferguson

The CIA's Campus Spies

To Trump Bush on Taxes - John Podesta's tax change suggestions

Molly Ivins: Calling all conservatives (conservative hypocrisy)

AWOL: 5,500 and Climbing.

Tell Congress: Don't Pass a Morally Bankrupt Budget!

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Save The Plaza Hotel in NYC: On-line petitions for this historic landmark

Can I Get More Information On The March 19th New York City Protest?

Jerry Springer causing WTAM meltdown?

Someone on the right has unintentionally seen the light!

The Man Behind Rathergate

Philip Morris to expand in huge Indonesian market

Arsenic Poisoning May Have Pushed The Hopis' Ancestors To Migrate

Critics Slam Bush Mercury Trading Plan - LA Times

US blocks (UK) forest protection plan

N. Pacific Survey Finds Silver At 50X Background Levels In Seawater

"In 24-48 hours", a letter from John Kerry

Homeowners warm up to solar power

Local gay-rights advocates defend bookstore owner - TW

edit: nevermind, the mods took care of it already. nt

Any mods in the house? Cleanup in aisle GD: P again

never mind

In support of of quinnox

Two suggestions...

How did I get logged out?

About the wrinkles thread

This was definitely not intended to be a flamebait of any kind

Are we not allowed to discuss Gannon any longer?

Re the wrinkles thread.

What happened to the Disabilities Group?

About the Wrinkles...

What does it mean when I am directed to a totally random site

A suggestion - you may want to state that you aren't reading DU 24/7

About Gannon wrinkles...

Hey, where's my bumper sticker? EOM

All due respect, please reconsider shutting down the Wrinkles

HELP! Need inauguration pic of flag garbed freeper with flag fannypack

Is it possible to make a donation on behalf of another member...

What the hell is this?

Just noticed a little upgrade...

Could you help publicize the S. Florida Meetup?

My thread: "Internet Troll: Wikpedia Online Encyclopedia"

I was just wondering about a thread

Hi Skinner , a homepage request please

NYT - Israel to Turn over Control of 2 West Bank Towns

Saying Israelis are 'legitimate targets' not a hate crime

What's the problem with Al Omari's passport

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77 (Tin Foil hat on)


Legislation for Hand Counted Paper Ballots

A history of suppression: The GOP "Ballot Security Programs"

Isolated and Blue? Democrat's Guide to Recovery

Arctic drilling vote could be today!

Video - CNN: Interview with John Kerry about 2004, 2008, kids first

The Corporate Vision of Sequoia's new owner Smartmatic

Tuesday 3/15 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

2 Calif Meetings on Agenda Thur 3/16

"Leave No Voter Behind" forum in West Hartford, CT 3/16/05

Pennsylvania Election Analysis

Largest investors in electronic voting are defense contractors?!?

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy: Explained

e vote machine purchases must be approved by LA Board of Supervisors

Arnie on Hardball

Stop the Special Election - Sign petition at

San Diego DUers

anyone going to any of the U2 shows this spring/fall?

Beantown baiting graphics

Who will be the next DFL party Chair?

Stevens Point Brewery acquires James Page brands

Coleman to vote NO on ANWR..........

Use Firefox? Got Java Runtime installed? Beware!

Jim Hightower at DemocracyFest on June 18!

Suddenly, KLIF and I are like Twinkies!!

I'm on the phone with TXU making payment arrangements, and "Art"

Rep. Obey on Floor saying the Repugs "should get their facts" straight

Hangin' with the Feingolds...

Who owns the Stevens Point Brewery?


"Meet the Parents" Actress Dies ....

What Would Jesus Eat? More Dieters Turn To Bible

With gas at

Many interesting things happening

What is the best computer game ever?

What's this crap about "Democracy is on the march in the middle east."

I'm a little annoyed with google news right now.

How do we reverse the damage NAFTA has done?

Listening to ABC Nightline

Fabian Socialism Explored

Another letter to NY Times

My brass Zippo is a weapon

Analysts See U.S. Goals and Global Oil Needs in Conflict (NPR)

A new book - "Blood & Oil"....listen to interview with author here

GSM Cell Phone article LITTERED with factual errors...

What do you think about the newly found film of Jim Morrison

Seeing how Bush is advocating policies that are against our best interests

Progressive Democrats of America

Facts and Figures: what Peak Oil means to us and the rest of the world...

Attack of a Humvee (in French)

How Will the 'Peak Oil' Scenario Affect Our Global Economy?

Why abortion absolutely MUST remain safe and legal.

Bernie Kerik taking money intended for "9-11 Heroes"

On CSpan this morn, the host corrected...

Time for a plea agreement with Michael Jackson...

make your very own chocolate Jesus . . . and Mary, too . . .

Barbara Boxer

Caption the women of the GOP

Why not doing something about 81 Billion war fund request?

Anyone know when the press conference on DeLay begins?

Question for Ben of White Rose

Haliburton overcharged the U.S. taxpayers to the tune of 100 million

Fairs' Debunking of Issues

WP:Exam Sought to Prove Saudis Tortured Man

Found it! Tisket a Tasket I found the lil bastid!

The Toughest Women are from the South

Webster's Dictionary to Recognize the Term "Partial-Birth Abortion"

Scalia and the "living constitution"

Propagandacracy -- the USA in 2005

Video - Jon Stewart interviews author of Bullshit, compares to spin

German Wallmarts (Ethic codes do not translate well)

Courageous rape victim fights back

Marines snub UAW olive branch

Lieberman supports Bush on Social Securtity Privatization!

AH!!! CNN is really driving me nuts. The poor woman who was held

LTTE help needed - could Rather have been prosecuted?

Cuban Leader On 9/11: "We Are All New Yorkers"

du this poll!

What Would Jesus Eat? Fundies Turn To Bible ( for $140!!!!)

ADVANCE Democracy Act of 2005 | two dictatorships a year?

QUESTION: did Bush address the UN Security Council on Sex Trade?

Another Issue of 'Is it Treason Yet?'

Is Gannon/Guckert writing a tell all book?

Are we Even for 9-11 yet?

House of cards 1 =Savings & loan debacle House of cards 2= ???

Bush Announces Iraq Exit Plan

Karen Hughes is back

The Official "Don't Blame me - I voted against Bush" Thread

Transcript links from House of Rep. proceedings on PEAK OIL

Blue Springs, Mo Votes 6-0 against book banning in schools

Saw a new yellow plastic bracelet Saturday.

bushCartel ignore GAO ruling, say COVERT PROPAGANDA is ok

California Judge backs gay marriage...

Did anyone see the Ken Lay interview on 60 minutes?

Kyyyrist! TV news really *is* a wasteland!

LIHOP Coincidence

ANTHRAX scare in joke, 2 post offices shut down

The Weathermen Underground, remember them?

It is the job of congress to ensure national defense

Spend and Spend Government

The National D-Day Museum

UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination -R Fiske

NY Post: Osama's N.Y. Beauty

MSNBC: Bernie Ebbers, guilty of fraud and conspiracy WORLDCOM

Anthrax in DC/VA

Mount Kilimanjaro Photo Wake-Up Call for Action Against Global Warming

Muslim American: A new identity? (Repuglican Muslims WTF???)

Honor student files lawsuit, claiming false arrest at GOP convention

Need to debunk an AMA talking point! HELP!!

The Cuban 5: Jailed In The U.S. For Fighting Terrorism!

Bush Looking Gnarly Without Makeup >>>

U.S. unaware of realities of Iraq war, vet says

White House press room eyed for major renovation

DC was forced to pay for inauguration; now they need those hazmat suits

Somedays you just wanna grab them and shake the shit out of them

Interview w/ Scott Ritter

White House to agencies: Ignore GAO's ruling on 'illegal' TV news releases

Thoughts on Gov. Bill Richardson

'Angel sent from God' serves up breakfast and wins surrender of gunman wan

Who would be the best third party candidate in '08?

Could a mainstream DEM breakaway and become a true liberal independant?

W of the Day-December 15, 2003

I'm starting to listen to Sirius Left more than AAR - I like Lynn Samuels

Is there any point in calling ultraconservative Congresspeople?

Sneaky way to get access-highschool US Army essay contest, prize $500

How much REVOLVING CREDIT DEBT are you carrying?

Fewer Americans approve of Congress handling of its job than since Clinton

Why is Bin Laden still mad?

Jerry Springer- new Ohio Progressive radio show

Are freepers human? Discuss

This is the Dying of the Age of Aquarius

Interview in Il Manifesto with a US Marine


Why isn't America outraged about Bin Ladin capture failures?

Just heard, Bernie Ebbers found guilty on all 9 counts.

Could Choicepoint be Poindexter's Revenge?

DU this poll.

SEN SMITH'S supports NO OIL Drilling in Alaska - just called his office

How much Highschool bullshit extends into our adult lives?

Congress approval lowest since Sept 1999 - NBC First Read

Dick, Waiting in the Wings >>>

Where can I find out how much MBNA gave to John Kerry's campaign?

Outrageous Newsweek piece by George Will.

red neck tip of week

Pissed at your Congress people call and complain #202 224 3121

What's up with MSNBC's (new) "News Promise"??? New headlines every 15 min?

Lewis Black on Rhandi!

WSJ: Crack in Computer Security Code Raises Red Flag

So if Iran becomes a pro-US dictatorship, can it have nukes again?

when bankrupt companies bankrupt employees -- new toon

Reminder, Tom Fenton on the Daily Show tonight

when will the 9-11 'effect' wear off?

Afghanistan (Reality What A Concept)

What does it mean to be -free- ?

Look at these right wing billboards from Ed Schultz's website.....

Should Democrats offer a SS plan?

Why I will march and protest on Saturday

Reminder -- Lewis Black will co-host w/Mark Marin today

NewsMax Petition to "save" Terri Schiavo

Barbara Boxer coming up on AAR

Who do YOU trust anymore?

ACLU threat causes Boy Scouts to drop public school ties

Lewis Black and Marc Maron subbing for Randi today. DAMN FUNNY!!

BBC reports 300,000 marched against Syria yesterday, US news sez a million

Most important issue facing our country today.

Ok, so WalMart is the devil...

Gannon/Guckert played for local softball team

How many more American insitutions can the Bush admin screw with?

Taxes - Anybody else bushwhacked?

The Truth about Intelligent Design... The Animator speaks out...

Website for Council Members, Can I get into trouble?

RAWSTORY: Resolution on Gannon inquiry to be taken up Wednesday

Lewis Black loves his ipod... ipod appreciation thread

4 days to Iraq War Global Protest, March 19. --You going?

Is anybody else having major Internet problems today?

Do some senators not even have e-mail anymore?

Suggestions for pithy statements for the Press on Saturday?

Suggestions for pithy statements for the Press on Saturday?

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77 (Tin Foil hat on)

Gary Condit wins another settlement

Bill Maher on CNN - Wolf Blizter and Anderson Cooper

DU this poll: Should bloggers have same rights as journalists?

Italy to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

"Some people say..."

Only Democrats do illegal/immoral acts

Neocons: "Eliminate all Dictators by 2025"

"Hitler was terrible but , actually saved the Polish people from the Jews"

Chairman Dean coming to Tennessee

Dumpjoe (Lieberman) yahoo group up to 155 members

Shunning as a political Tool?


GIs shoot Iraq battle footage and edit it into music videos filled with...

Could Arkansas's answer to budgeting help California?

Caption please....

Halliburton = thieves


Bush in Full Make-Up, Still Looks Like Hell >>>

Barbara Boxer on Randi Rhodes

Hollywood Showdown: Warren Beatty Warns Schwarzenegger He Could Be Lunch

Italy Pulling Troops From Iraq

No one is concerned that the Ashley Smith/Brian Nichols story might

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reports on a new study of TV news

If we privatize social security, will Bush finally shut the **** up?

It seems Molsen's has had to stop a successful 'I am Canadian'

Chimeric Experiment Produce Animal-Human Hybrid: Has Science Gone Too Far?

Bernie Ebbers will spend four years in prison

Funny - Judy Woodruff makes a fool of herself in Kerry Interview!

Would the world be better off without Republicans?

Which media personality can you absolutely not stand?

TV Alert....NBC Evening News.....Halliburton Scandal

Would the world have been better off without America?

Please don't send bernie Ebbers to jail !

Can anything stop war with Iran/Syria? Ritter, Hersh and McGovern

DU This Poll

ACTION NEEDED: Reid says to call Inouye and Akaka....

Anyone see the CBS news piece on "remote hunting". I have no words

Do you want Hillary as the nominee - Yes or No?

Bush's brain without a parachute or script to follow -- any one

OK, can anyone tell me WTF an 'America-Basher' is?

ENOUGH already with the Baseball players

"...Those Who Return in the Dark."

George Bush be aware there is a special room in hell for you.

A guy once called me anti-semitic for disliking the greed of the wealthy.

Greenspan Hawks Bush's SS Plan As A Solution To The Mess He Helped Make

What scares you the most?

Rolling Stone cover Dr Hunter S Thompson

(((URGENT))) request from HOWARD DEAN

Any signs of freepers going nuts over Italy's pullout....

Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

Is It Me, Or Does DeLay Look Satanic/Demonic?

Lakoff question: Instead of Nurturant Parent, how about Rebellious Teen?

Everyone, Please SIGN Kerry's ANWR Citizen's Roll Call NOW!!

The Republican National Lawyers Association "Tombstone"

Did Kos go offline?

Petrodollars -- Why Iran Is Next Target of PNAC

"You don't just win the prize--you STEAL it!"

Resolution on Gannon Inquiry to be taken up Wednesday

"You don't just win the prize--you STEAL it!"

Here is a question for DU supporters of the war in Iraq. Do you support

Something about Poppy noone ever questions

The Decadence and Downfall of Modern American Society

Xtians quoting Leviticus to bolster their opposition to same sex marriage

Gannongate: Greta van Susteren -- conduit for fake Iraq intel from Aziz

Really strange photo of Reid & Dems >>>

In 24-48 hours - John Kerry

I change the channel in public places

WSJ: Iraqi Shiite Women Push Islamic Law On Gender Roles

Norquist: WW2 Generation "Un-American"

really strange site about hillary clinton

EBBERS Faces 85 years in jail

Baseball Players Civil Liberties Being Flushed Down The Toilet

It's the 15th. A bunch of you just got paid. Help Andy Stephenson.

Anyone else smell a fishmarket in Ashley Smith's story of Brian Nichols???

Debunk this this conspiracy theory of mine

A Manhunt and a Woman's Story..WP's take on Ashley Smith

With all this talk of Peak Oil, I have a question

Were these invasions justified?

Time for REAL Christians to give Fundies a "Taste of Hell"

Why don't SUV bitchers gripe about Minivans?

Corporate Media is distracting you from the MAJOR world story - Peak Oil

The "Bush Shit" Campaign

Protesting the war at Fort Braggs - UFPJ making a big mistake

A little pesticide does you good but 'organic' farming harms the world

(10-17-04) Kerry: "Bush planning a 'January Surprise'"

Ed Schultz opposed drilling in ANWR. He has learned the truth...

Depleted Uranium Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

Oil apparently isn't actually a FOSSIL FUEL... which takes the wind out

Do you support ANWR drilling?

HELP! ((((Sen. Harry Reid says Dems 1 vote short)))) HELP!

Damn it! Don' you people care? You'd rather Complain than Act!

Debunking the "must move to the right" mentality

I just had a yummy lunch. Shrimp soft taco!

La Pasta di Asparago totalmente Vergognosa (con le immagini)

Shady dealings by the "business elite" once again

Need Help With French Bumpersticker.....

The Religous Right

Jury convicts Ebbers on all counts in fraud case

Army Documents Raise Fresh Concerns of Abuse by Navy SEALs

21 prisoners killed in jail assault

LAT: Rice Reshaping Foreign Policy

Signs of Anthrax at Two Pentagon Mailrooms

Reshaping Nuclear Pact: Bush Seeks to Close Loopholes -NYT

Pentagon data on Iraq forces 'unreliable'

Attack of a Humvee (in French)

Five Killed in Three Baghdad Car Bombs (US Troops Targeted)

Lebanon troops deploy at US embassy before protest

US halts deal with Israel on settlements: paper

Russian Missiles Won’t Endanger Israel — Security Council Secretary

Report finds evidence of abuse of anti-G8 activists

Police Focus on Religion in Milwaukee Shootings

The Other Saudi Lawsuit

Saudi Minister to `Convince' Rest of OPEC on Output (Bloomberg)

Halliburton Charges $27 Million for $84,000 in Iraq heating fuel

U.S. is criticized for threats against journalists

BBC: Iraq's strained coalition

Congo's War-Induced Poverty Fuels Sex Trade with UN Troops

Bomb attack on Iraqi oil pipeline causes huge fire

Hughes's Role to Be Outreach to Muslims (to counter "hateful propaganda")

Prison Without Charge: Haiti Political Prisoners

Intelligence Overhaul Getting Another Look (Guardian)

Army Ignored Broker on Arms Deal (slain American: "tangled in kickbacks")

Rolling the Dice on a GOP Rift (moral vice of gambling vs business)

Cardinal tells Catholics to reject (UK's) Labour over abortion

War forcing Army to accept less-qualified recruits

N. Korea threatens to build nuclear bombs to deter war drills

World Oil Prices Rise

Senators ready for budget fights over Social Security

Former Dentist Accused Of Squirting Semen Into Mouths Of Patients

Deadliest Year For Journalists In A Decade

Hyde ready to call it a career?

Abortion not a poll issue - Blair

Pro-choice view an obstacle for GOP hopefuls

Dallas Gunman Kills 3 From Car Sunroof

Italy's Unabomber injures girl at Mass

Malacca pirates seize hostages

Europeans Grow More Intolerant of Immigrants-Study

NYT: How Electronics Are Penetrating N. Korea's Isolation (pol. effect?)

Rewritten Bible banishes saints

Pa. Court Nixes Church Sex Abuse Lawsuit

NYT: Is the Car Unsafe, or the Driver? (Highway Safety report questioned)

NYT/AP: Retail Sales Up on Rebound in Auto Demand

Showdown Vote Approaches on Arctic Drilling

ENRON: Lay seeks separate juries in his 2 trials

Whistleblower Stoffel assassinated? (In Iraq)

Hearings Focus on $100 Billion Army Plan

Iraqi women fear they will be restricted

Forgotten victims get a hearing - Guatemala

Boy Saw Cousin Slain in Wis. Shooting (police say motive: CHURCH)

Gas price rises and sales of SUVs fall

NY Post: Osama's N.Y. Beauty

Gannon/Guckert played for local softball team

Administration Rejects Ruling On PR Videos-GAO Called Tapes Illegal Propag

N.J. to boost base wage($7.15 min)

'We nearly hunted down Osama' (quoting Musharraf )

G.O.P. Rebellion Threatens to Derail Efforts to Adopt Budget

Administration Rejects Ruling On PR Videos (GAO Called Tapes Illegal Propa

Power Producers Seek Latest Models of Nuclear Reactors - NYTimes - 3/15/05

Italy soldier dies in accident in Iraq exercise

GOP sees momentum in ending judicial filibusters

India to be ‘unrivalled’ in 15 years: US report

Skepticism of Bush's Social Security Plan Is Growing

WP: Skepticism of Bush's Social Security Plan Is Growing

Iran stamp lauds nuclear success

Chandler pleads guilty in ethics case (ex NH Speaker)

White House press room eyed for major renovation (Firetrap)

Ebbers guilty of Worldcom fraud (BBC)

World 'can handle' oil at $60 (Libya)

Rice Says U.S. Concerned by China Military Build-Up

GI in Iraq Faces Charges in Tot's Death

US soldier killed, six others wounded in car bomb in western Baghdad

LAT: States Follow Long Trail of Complaints Against Lender (Ameriquest)

WP: Educators Differ on Why Boys Lag in Reading: Gap Stokes Debate

WorldCom's Ebbers Convicted of All Counts

Bush Suggests Hezbollah Could Be Part of Political Mainstream in Lebanon

US Concerns On India-Iran Pipeline Due To Legal Impediment

Life&Health Insurers' Earn $26B in First Nine Months of 2004 Jump $161B

Some Iraqis see 'joke' in Bush rebuke of Syrians

NYT: From DeLay's Colleagues, Strong, if Wary, Support

Forest Service Arrests 22 Women in Oregon Protest

Ukraine Begins Phased Pullout of Troops From Iraq

AP's Mears Testifies for New FOIA (Freedom of Info) Bill

Iraqi forces crippled by poor discipline (GAO Finding)

Ex-AP Exec Testifies Before Senate Panel

Cannibal gets life for killings

Budget Gaps Pose Threat to U.S. Economy-Greenspan

Everyone, Please SIGN Kerry's ANWR Citizen's Roll Call NOW!!

Survey Finds a Third of Americans Are Chronically Overworked

GI: Army Officer Laughed at Iraqi Drowning

Liberal Talk Radio Coming to SA (San Antonio, TX Clear Channel)

Nations Leaving Iraq Amid Anti-War Gains

Greenspan, Clinton Clash on Forecasts

Greenspan Again Warns On Social Security Issues

Graner's ex-wife details stormy marriage(Abu Ghraib Ringleader)

kimchi could cure bird flu

Four in Pakistan gang rape case freed

Iraq Insurgency 'Still Very Strong' (Britain admits)

Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Fights Life Sentence

US budget on 'unsustainable' path: Greenspan (this is not good)

WorldComm's CEO Ebbers convicted on all counts (up to 85 years in prison)

Fraud Charges Filed Against Qwest's Former CEO, Others

Greenspan, Clinton Clash on Forecasts (Hillary lands a left hook)

Resolution on Gannon Inquiry to be taken up Wednesday (Raw Story)

Tests Negative in Mailroom Anthrax Scare

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 15 March

Showdown Vote Approaches on Arctic Drilling (Kerry involved in Senate)

U.S., Pakistan admit bin Laden trail is cold

UN: Fallujah cost nears $500 million

(heads of lg Financial Serv. co)Group Leaves Social Security Overhaul Bloc

Bill calls for reporting of sexually active teens

Wiccan priestess fired Claims time off for religious holidays cost her job

Fingerprint Checkout at Supermarket-Groundbreaking Technology

Is Egypt ready to go nuclear?

protesters march on U.S. embassy in Beirut

Gephardt poised to join Wall Street powerhouse

Six jailed over Paris bomb plot

Pakistan reviving nuclear black market, experts say

18 charged with smuggling Russian military weapons

Tom DeLay Denies Ethical Lapse in Trips (now we KNOW he's in trouble!)

Bush brushes off qualms about Social Security

GM's Blazer Ranked Deadliest Car on U.S. Roadways

Greenspan: Make Social Security lock box a reality (Marketwatch)

Bush: Hezbollah Could Join Mainstream

GI: Army Officer Laughed at Iraqi Drowning

Scandal surrounding lobbyist linked to DeLay ensnares two more Republican

Gallup: Americans Don't Like Syria, Iran, N. Korea, but Don't Want War

WorldCom's Ebbbers Convicted of Fraud

Real Estate Reliance May Hurt California

TX: 3 dead, 1 wounded in shooting at freeway intersection (assault rifle)

Teen sues NYPD over GOP convention arrest

Marines snub UAW olive branch

Schwarzenegger criticizes state unions

Blast rocks Baghdad's northern side

Ranks begin to thin in coalition of the willing

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (1517)

Woman arrested while protesting Bush speech released

Talks push for alternative fuels (BBC) (US abstains)

Senate, House reach deal in effort to block Schiavo's death

Anthrax Scare Closes 3 Military Mailrooms (update)

Sears Seeks Buyer for Lands' End

Teen Charged With Helping Dad Kill Self

Kerry to demand inquiry by FCC into ‘prepackaged news’ (Letter)

Greenspan: 'We were all wrong' about surpluses in 2001 (Marketwatch)

Congress' approval rating on the slide

ChoicePoint Chief Apologizes to Congress

Social Security reform requires benefit cuts, says Greenspan

Iraqi general shot dead by US troops at checkpoint west of Ramadi: police

Church fights Da Vinci Code novel

Coming Jump in Interest Rates May Pop Las Vegas Housing Bubble

Italy 'to pull troops from Iraq'

Democrats Threaten to Stop Senate Business if GOP Changes Rules on Judges

Anti-Cancer Compound in Green Tea Identified

New U.S. Threats against Venezuela Unveiled in Miami

Beware the Ides of March!

Today is my 22nd anniversary of joining the Air Force

Blue Collar Comedy and an awful train of thought...

Do I gotta show you my STEENKING badges?

Does Oasis suck or what?

Antonyms we never use

Just posted to GD. Let's see what kind of response it garners!

Ugh. The taxes are done.

Jackson Pollock: A Passion for Whiskey

Who was Caesar's favorite Rock and Roll band?

Worst Oasis song?

Stripping - an insight (Not a sex thread)

I made my LAST tuition payment today!!!

I just treated myself to an early birthday present

Please recommend a good song to download from iTunes.

Anyone scared of how the new Bugs Bunny will sound this fall?

Now on DVD - the Massively Fun "Shaolin Soccer"

Did somebody say FOX NEWS?

You are getting sleepy..........very .......very.......sleepy.

police flushed out an Abu Sayyaf suspect from a prison toilet

Is that David Byrne on that new mitsubishi ad?

Well I should not have been picking on the North Easterners.

I love this "King of the Hill"

Worst Led Zeppelin Song?

Okay, DU. What is your favourite brand of toothpaste?

Dissing a bear at the American crabfest

anyone see the Sketch Show Sunday night?

Seems to be alot of dumb, ugly, anti-american/free speech freepers tonight

Jan & Dean fans check in!!!

Hey, West Coast! Daily Show's on in 6 minutes!

Hello Lounge - I feel so disconnected from you

Who wrote this song.... prize involved !

I miss my husband/boyfriend

Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout....

"Rich Girl" - my "choice" of Earworm

The War Room is on IFC at 3 am (on Clinton's 92 campaign)


Fabian Socialism Explored

I just baked my first peach pie! Ask me anything.

Goodnight guys and gals.

Any one hear ever eat seafood ice cream?

So who else has an NCAA bracket ready?

Who is going to buy "On Bullshit"

I need all the Anti-war ~imformation~ Videos you can find!

Is this a paragraph from a Jewish author?

Worst Elvis song of the 1950s?


*creep* *creep* *creep*

I'm in the market for a local web designer (King or Whatcom co)

Was this where the freeper struck?

Hello, I see you got some new zits today....

tridim, do you know what you've done to my whole night?

You all suck!!!

Michael Jackson might just win this thing

Briefs Barers Force Stance Against Underpants...(What did he do this time?

is anyone up?

Woman 'terrified' by effect of marijuana-laced cookie

Leonard Cohen on art and religion

Freeper alert!

Cat on the hot tin roof

Shoe used to rob casinos

Silly Silly Brits..DJ boob on the Beeb

Bodie Ghost town.. (we always planned to go, but never have)

I just learned that I can lose 3 to 4 dress sizes

Ack! I can't sleep because of the flu :(


I just had my first locked thread!

"It's quarter to three..."

save the drama for your mama

Does anyone watch "Family Business" on Showtime??

OK, Let's admit it; JFK got Marilyn Monroe.

Police Chief Busted For DUI - Twice In Same Day

I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore

has anybody any idea how to stay focused?

Question for people who recently became dads.

UPDATE on Baby Names (ones to avoid)

happy birthday to Sly Stone

Did MrsGrumpy find her cat?

It's astounding

The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Groupings

Twinkie To Turn 75 - Depicted At The Last Supper

Does your family get dibs on you for all holidays?

kick ass bob's shirt wrinkles: Part 1

Happy Birthday.....FABIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

make your very own chocolate Jesus . . . and Mary, too . . .

kick ass-bob's shirt wrinkles: Part 2

I have a puppy problem...

Question of the day

Sadly there will be no Molly Hatchett reunion tour

Ailing from CABIN FEVER!?

Psychologist Going To Jail For Committing Neighbor Over Poop Fued

Good Morning DU! How do you take your toffee?

A world become one, Of salads and sun, Only a fool would say that

Okay, you pranksters. I hope you're happy now.

What did you think of 24 tonight?

A "Flowbee users" DU group?

I have a wrinkle in my shirt.

Today in ATA

I have a headache

You Don't Own Me

Thongs said on TV you'll never hear in real life

Paying by Fingerprint at the Supermarket

Wyoming May Ban Facial Piercings In Restaurants

Picture a bright blue ball, just spinning, spinnin free,

"Let go of my purse! I don't know you!"

Question about "handcuff law"

Kansas Law Says Greyhounds Aren't Dogs - Not Protected

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

I'm in a really, really, really, really good mood.

Time for a plea agreement with Michael Jackson...

Senate Tightens Personal Bankruptcy Law:Loosens moral bankruptcy law.

Anyone remember/fans of Pearls Before Swine (Tom Rapp)?

satan, take your hands off this team!

MUST SEE - Condi Rice photoshopping contest entries

I'm convinced that Rove sits around trying to figure out more mischief.

Baseball Fantasy League Winner To Get SF Giants Front Office Job

Good Fucking Morning!

I hate it when.......

Need to get this off my chest.

Blackberry owners:

Need to get this off my Chest


whoisalhedges is a %$&**&^@!! _____________ (fill in blank)

I just ate a foot and a half

The latest issue of the DU magazine is on newsstands now.

usernames you'll never see on DU

Anyone ever use a prong collar on their dog?

Trumad has bees in his head

Based on current Lounge thread titles, which do you prefer?

Dumb scenes in movies #237

I have an idea... who's with me?

Pat's decline

Anyone ever use a prong collar on XNASA?

Good Morning DU! How do you take your coffee?

Milk prices

Today's FLAME FEST: Beer vs Spirits vs Wine

**WARNING** Intentional flamebait inside.

Ever been in a Turkish prison?

Quarter of an hour of work left - hurrah - ask me anything.

An Asian guy go to the money exchange...

Now that there is peace in the world-Who DID you support?

Powerball Jackpot Winner Heading To Prison In Fatal Crash

Is 11AM on a Tuesday an appropriate time for a Bloody Mary?

Wou'ld y'all mind holdin it down in here?

Testicle Festival To Use eBay To Crown "King And Queen Of The Ball"

I'm watching elimidate

Elimidate v. Cheaters

Patsy Cline

JimmyJazz made me do it!

Weird shit you'll say if you ever pull off an Ashley Smith

Is the DU Lounge pretentious enough?

Use the word "bellicose" in a sentence

Ever been teargassed?

Anywhere but here: Post images of where you WISH you were!

Flatter Me- Replace 1 word in a film, song, or TV title with "Beast Man"

How to write like conservatives - (FUNNY!)

Terrible craving today: Einstein Brothers' Bistro Salad

Things said on TV you'll never hear in real life

Anyone ever use a prong collar on their GOD?

Dude, seasons don't fear the Reaper. Nor do the wind and


It's Time for PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Whole Number From One to Ten

What Happened to AAR's Randi Rhodes?

WHAT'S better than listening to Sarah McLachlan on a rainy day?

Ah, that's vedder.

Is Dolly Parton "natural" or did she have implants?

I've got a lot of time on my hands.....



Bridging the Gap . . .

Ah, that's better.

You're familiar with the bunny with the pancake on its head?

anyone need a good monetary investment?

Is it OK to plagiarize other people's threads

Stevie Nicks lands gig at Ceasar's Vegas!

Rod Stewart at Three o'clock!!!! (He's engaged)

I've lost so many friends

What to have for lunch....?

It's time for FREEPS!

Whom to believe -- Buffett or Greenspan?

Snapple fact #159

do you know what a "newfie" is?

Worst Beach Boys' Song?

Ah, That's Wetter

Teen Robbery Suspect Said He Got Crime Tips From Watching CSI

The "Girly-Girl Talk" CAPTION

For All Of You Who Are Sick Of The Frog In My Sig Line....

I hope the stars help us because no one else in power seems to

We started dancing and love put us into a groove.

When you walked into the room....

Listening to Queen right now, when the irony

Please join me in welcoming 8lb 1oz,

When you lose your wallet but have changed your name

A ticket for 9-11

To add emphasis...I hate people with the cLap!!

I hate people who use large hand gestures for emphasis when they talk do you know...

Vandals cut off the tails of Wisconsin Family's horses.

Breakin' my back just to know your name....

I'm in the 70.0 Club - tell me anything.

Are freepers human? Discuss

Has anyone EVER disproved the "Buffalo Theory"?

I have so much accounting homework to do it's insane.

Favorite Fried Food

Man Battles Courts To Keep His Eyes Closed On Drivers License Photo

Ever been in a jail cell?

new names for kid stages

Al Franken is running for president in 2008 or

Replace one word in a snack food or alcoholic beverage with "hedges."

Why do people count pests in here?

Google News Game

I have 2917 posts, ask me anything.

Sometimes I drink OJ or milk right from the carton...

Today's earworm: "Lovergirl" by Teena Marie (I think).

You KNOW it's a bad vacation when.......

New mom on butt break tough to smoke out

"Cheap Seats" is coming up on ESPN Classic

Why do people post Counts in here?

How does the Bush budget disaster affect your state?

whoisalhedges is ignoring me!! And it hurts, it really really hurts

FrontPageMag &David Horowitz asking for $'s to help expose leftest enemies

new toon -- bankrupt

tears for fears! Tears For Fears!! TEARS FOR FEARS!!!



Have you been to the optometrist lately?

I'm watching "Conspiracy". About the Wannasee Conference.

So, did you pick up your copy of "Sly" magazine yet?

Why do people count posts in here?

Come on! Uggh!

i hate peopLe who cLap to add emphasis

I've been to Boston twice! I've been to Boston twice! I've been to Boston

Please Come to Boston

Now how the hell did that happen?



Beatles lyrics voted greatest words of all time

"Looks like Chuck's takin' ol' One Eye to the optometrist"

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Man, I feel bloated today. (burp)

Hint for turning crunchy cookies into "Soft Batch" style ones!!!

Forget Boston and Miami, come to San Diego! We need you here!

I hate emphatic people who have the clap...

Early in the morning...

Today, I'm exceedingly. . .


I'm in a really, really, really, really bad mood.


Okay everyone, Bouncy pile on monkey Ball

Anyone wanna go to DC?

That's right, you heard right,

Apparently, I've made it past 6000 posts as of today

I am a lineman for the county

What's a girl like you

I have never been to Boston.

There aren't any CAT posts on the first page

Help me find a new avatar!

Okay everyone, monkey pile on Bouncy Ball!!


Most Likely to .... ???

All right, which one of you cut the cheese?

in addition to U2, I hate both the bands Chicago and Boston, and I'm

I'm Married 25 Years TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the most BUSYYY night of the yearrrrrrrrrr

What a wonderful Irish lunch

My supervisor just bitched at my co-worker in front of everyone

My maternal grandfather was born in Dublin, Ireland.

Pffffff Bouncy Ball is only at 8,920 posts

"What's the Matter with Kansas?" Shit, I'll show you....

When are they going to have a "All DU" meetup?

That scene in Donny Darko where they play Head Over Heels

My BOSS is a damned SLAVE DRIVER!

Ok THIS is how stupid with math I am.

There is no band named after a place that I like.

I think I've officially lost whatever small hold I had on sanity.

A "Stroke" of good timing.

I checked yes to all the sexually transmitted diseases

Reverse dictionary

It's Fabio's birthday today!!

The "Meeting the Challenge" CAPTION

Caption Time!

Once upon a time...

I am Revolutionary_Acts04's long lost mother - should I buy her a pony?

Have You Done Your Taxes?

Rearview mirrors for your cubicle?

what song are you obsessed with now?

The Stupid mis-splelings thread!

Have you ever looked at the ***MILESTONES***?

Anyone ever see this anti-Freeper image?

sexually transmitted diseases

Which is more annoying, U2 or Hippies?

Did I just offend my boss?

My boss is insane!!!!! He knows nothing about computers and assumes

Have you done your Toonces?

OJ from concentrate vs. cartons and other consumer gripes.

Raphael Palmeiro may finish this season with 600 HRs & 3000 hits.

Hey GOPisEVIL!!! I Just Shot A 51 At St. Andrews!!

Who's hungry? I mean REALLY hungry?

testing adding a picture via photo bucket

Anybody here have a "Little Giant Ladder"? I just bought one


Funniest Standup Comedienne

If I go to Boston, will you keep me entertained?

As of this post, I am at 8,865 posts. Can I hit 10,000 before 4 pm?

Woman Intentionally Rams Car Into Church - Says "God Doesn't Exist"

I'm going to the Loop in Chicago...tomorrow!

So I had this fiery, white-hot anger thing going on this morning.

Rednecks at work are driving me crazy

What's the worst serious diet advice you've ever received?

Your position on obvious Freeper TROLLS.

I think someone else should book my trip in April

Darth Vader's car is a 1950 Buick

You are your brain.

Anyone have the sign that says "For the love of CHRIST hang up and drive!"

I found Kathy in Cambridge's college picture

Google Search based on phone number

You bastards going to Boston

Hey I made it to 3000. Thanks everyone!

I'm a Russian chick magnet

Help! Looking for the DUer with the bunny & duckling sig line

The horrors of payday - I cut my tongue on an envelope

My 13-yr-old came home in an emotional state

progmom is going to Boston. Did I mention that progmom lives about an

I'm going to Boston! I'm going to Boston!

Has anyone filed online with Turbo Tax?

Why can't I get St. Patrick's day stuff around here?

If one were looking for a picture of Progmom...

Bouncy Ball just made my day AND my week

Linux, Formula One and the French. All in one article.

oops. I duped

Okay, so smilies are case sensitive...

Workplace bullying, any thoughts?

Oprah Winfrey made the cover of "O" magazine AGAIN! What are the odds?!

biggest grammy snub of all time?

How does one remove a wax seal

What was your class song as a senior in HS?

Positive Feedback today- lady stopped to say she likes my bumper stickers

Damn, this is gonna be the longest four years in history, isn't it?

All this talk about Boston is making me bummed out

WOW.. 3 FEET of snow in New Mexico

HELP WANTED: Law-abiding citizens need not apply.

What is Skinners secret identity?

Amuse me with good thoughts.

Legal advice needed. Any lawyers?

Meeker Morgan is not my real name.

I need a complete list of Irish bands!

Yes, we've done this before, but what smilies irritate the hell out of you

It's my birthday and all I want is.........

Do you think you are on anyone's ignore list?

I have returned from icy DC to warm Florida

Did you miss me?

Another favorite Seinfeld!

What foods are only available in your area?

Ladies and Gentleman, BEHOLD! Wavy Gravy!!!

Is it OK to plagiarize other people's essays

Lewis Black loves his ipod... ipod appreciation thread

Snowshoeing in Rocky Mtn National Park (big pics)

News Flash: Skinner Does NOT Live at DU!

Can someone give Lou Dobbs a smack for me?

Forget Boston, come to Miami



WHOA! I had a prostate exam this morning. How about you?

What's the easiest way to make a marshmallow go hard?

I'm going to AUSTIN for a week

Name the weirdest song you've ever heard.

Apparently madison2000 has a sexually transmitted disease in her eye

My 11-yr-old came home in an emotional state

So what if they are illegal, these things ROCK!

List food items that are not availabe in your area

Have you been to the Department of Motor Vehicles lately?

When I was a young teacher making $19K a year, me and this

Best Burger

Oasis to play the Hollywood Bowl

Favorite card game

Wine and Ice Cream

Favorite toast topping

Respond to this post, using only cliches.....

Today, I found out I'm eligible to take early retirement!

It's the 15th. A bunch of you just got paid. Help Andy Stephenson.

How much do you have in savings?

Is there anything worse than bad Chinese food?

Have you done your Texas?

In an all out no holds barred fight on the set of What's My Line?...

Of Barbara Jordan and hopelessly clueless teachers. I'm so scared.

Ebbers found guilty on all counts!!!!

Bad Beer Thread

Well, I For One, Don't See Too Many DUers "Excited" About Visiting.......

need web sites to find the best inexpensive cat trees!

Name a food item and I'll give you the count of calories and fat

Ah, thats cheddar!

And the award for DU-er of the week goes to.....

Dog Follows Owner to the Grave (Three Hanky Alert)

I owe almost $1700 in taxes....ask me anything!

The great "best guitar player who gets no respect" poll

People not going to bostn check in here

Funniest Comedian

Anyone have any funny MENOPAUSE STORIES?

what's the best way to get over someone and move on?...

Anyone who's going to Boston in April interested in a little Museum tour?

Some good news: Interest in hunting fading

Great Salman Rushdie piece

Non-Theists- How has your lack of belief changed your life?

Date of Christ's birth

The use of a toxic mercury based compound, Thimerosal...

Is Oil forever - and peak oil a "crisis" used to raise the price of oil?

Mount Kilimanjaro loses snowcap for the first time in 11,000 years

First gay weddings expected in Brighton

Mauntner Project, releases study on Lesbian health

Gay Hispanic couples face fierce bias

Judge In SF Gay Marriage Ruling No 'Liberal Activist Judge'

Indiana Gay Marriage Ban Advances

Connecticut Civil Unions Cost Disputed

Thai Gay Resort Recovers From Tsunami Disaster

Iowa House Approves Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay Pride Event Threatens University's Funding

A social issue such as marriage "should be decided by the American people"

Perfect Season to Perfect Storm: Steroids Taint McGwire Legacy

Better Late Than Never: Bobby Julich Wins Paris-Nice!!!

***The official "Dook-o-philia" debunking thread***

The Cubs shut Mark Prior down.

My NCAA bracket


Astrology 101: How to get from 0 to 60

"What the Bleep" comes out on DVD today!

We have an Atheist on popular TV

When jesus comes out of his cave on easter

Great Salman Rushdie article

some piece of shit right wing asshole in GD Politics forum

Hearings this week:

Kerry, Cantwell Join to Fight Arctic Drilling

Who all is up?

Urgent Arctic Refuge Action Alert at

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge petition

What the hell is this?

Sigh. What have I missed?

Here is something to brighten up your day

Getting an odd challenge in GD.

For the last time

Picture I took on election day

cool photo I found on my computer today...

Do you calibrate your monitors?

Then and now...

I'd like to see Keith on C-SPAN's morning call-in show, "Wash. Journal"

RE: gray suit

See?-- the GREY SUIT's not so bad!

New interview with Keith!

Bless the Beasts and the children

The Brian Nichols story over played? Discuss,,,,,

Schweitzer for President in 2008?


There's nothing to say when someone's actions prove you right

Don't feed the troll please. He's already been tombstoned. nt

Is there a mod in the house?

Hey troll: you are a social reject

I think we should request an insomniac mod shift...know what I'm sayin

Ladies and gentlemen

What's up with this sick twisted perverted troll?

Whenever you see GOP are worried stories in the MSM what is your

BUSHCO is having the media do it again....Claims of Anthrax sensors going

Krugman slams Lieberman on repeating Bush's talking points on SS & Dems

Arms Sales to Pakistan and India

What is the principled difference between forcing a soldier to fight in

What will be Bush's final undoing? Discuss....

Oil scare, the latest White House PR line. We must fight them!

"These uncertainties about energy supply are dragging our economy," - Bush

How is lack of Iraq oil hurting energy/gas prices?

So, was the oil crisis created to pussh the drilling interests of the BFEE

Repugs will fax-blast for you in support of Bushes judges if you pay them

Video - Jon Stewart interviews author of Bullshit, compares to spin

Anthrax at the Pentagon?

Where are the most vunerable seats...

Kerry in Atlanta

Putin youth protest at 'pornography' in Bolshoi

Have you ever attended your Congressperson's town hall?

Cnn doing report on Bush prepgaged 'news'--they are going a good job

CONGRESS.ORG -sign up to track votes AND get upcoming vote info here

PI article on bankrupty-started researching a year ago

The nerve and the disingenuousness of Republicans.

The Iraq incredible failure to say the when we need

I'm down in Tallahassee on business...I see more K/E stickers down here

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

It is the job of congress to ensure national defense

Energy analysts who foretold Enron's demise - Oil Companies .."Tapped Out"

Abortion not a poll issue - Blair

Hyde ready to call it a career?

EDITORIAL CARTOON: "Is this a confused country or what?"

Warren Beatty Roasts Arnold twice over, its spot on, funny,

Operation Pipe Dreams "& the "Tsunami Government"

Los Angeles DUers- an ARNOLD PROTEST at Century City Weds

DC was forced to pay for inauguration; now they need those hazmat suits

Biden Mistake! Urged Kerry to be Hawkish on War/New Yorker, Zine.

New Age of Prepackaged TV News

After 3.5 years bin Laden still unaccounted for. Way to go *.

URGENT - Arctic Drilling bill to be voted on 24-48 hours!

howard dean

The neoCONS are "SPENDING" our blood and treasure for THEIR profit.

my theory: the" Ahrnold as prez "controversy is masking something else...

Pelosi just called out the HouseCSpan!

Smirky's rip-off of our Social Security is going nowhere, Will he.....

DU This Poll!

Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"?

John Kerry's Citizens' Roll Call - ANWAR

John Kerry: Sign Up Now to Oppose Arctic Drilling!

Unbelievable! Jeb had a "Tort Reform Rally" >

Osama in the News Today >

Breaking on CNN: Italy to withdraw all troops from Iraq,

Thank you judge Kramer!

"The Cost of the 'Ownership Society': Pottersville"

Anyone have info on *'s 60-city, Social Security tour venues?

Give credit where due: Hillary Clinton slaps down Alan Greenspan today.

A Blueprint for Democratic Success! Thanks, Newt!

Senator Reid on Ed Shultz says to call Senator Akaka..

Hey Folks, it's a Coercive Hoax. stOp. (S)HriLL (O)iL (S)hiLLs.

WTF? The American Spectator Calls John Stewart's "America" Worst Book?

Tax Cut Bill Signed in October 2004: Billion $ Break to Energy Companies

How many deaths per gallon?

Muslim American: A new identity?

Strategic question: is supporting conservative Dems a good thing?

UCC debuts feature-length documentary on transgender minister

DU GROUP PROPOSAL : Barbara Boxer '08

Dupe, please delete

Bush is "just getting started" on Social Security

Proof Greenspan is a Hack.

PIX - Dick waits to do business while Junior poses >>>

Dean at DC fundraiser on March 23.

C-SPAN wants to know if you support Tom Delay

"Hillary in 08" meme alive and well on network news

Social Security destroyers put on the spot, and on record, with Amend vote

HELP! Need inauguration pic of flag garbed freeper with flag fannypack

Drudge Report

O.K. who thinks this poll is real?

Has anyone seen the United Church of Christ commercial?

Over 1,000 American kids have lost a parent in the Iraq war

Congress OKs Bill on Release of CIA-Nazi Documents

Tell Congress: Don't Pass a Morally Bankrupt Budget! (Toll Free Number)

DU this: Kerry asks for help with 11th hour measure to stop ANWR drilling

Democratic Senators Landrieu and Akaka need to be DUed

Tonight on Nightline: Michael Schiavo (Terri's husband) speaks out...

If the Constitution was amended to outlaw flag burning, would you renounce

Urgent Arctic Refuge Action Alert at

Lindsay Graham just outmanuevered the Bush Admin re: Soc. Sec.

Zogby: 55-60% of American Oppose Arctic Drilling

Kerry vs. Clinton in 2008 Presidential Election - Who would you choose?

15 members of Congress stuff their pockets with porn money

Can anyone get on

House of Representatives

I've officially written off Bill Maher

Why the Supreme Court's decision on Capital punishment for minors is valid

If Hillary Clinton is the 2008 nominee..

Need additional images for Flash animation for parody of Beck's Loser

Boxer upon receiving all the flowers: "I was just doing my job"

Republicans vote for deep Social Security benefit cuts

Sen. Harry Reid says Dems 1 vote short


Is your Senator or Congressman a Republican? Complain about Delay!

DNC delivers petitions to congress about Social Security.

Bush & Co are trying to junk Amtrack

Anybody But Lieberman...

Okay, I have to admit - I'm ambivalent about ANWR opposition

(((URGENT))) request from HOWARD DEAN