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Archives: March 14, 2005

Pundit Pap - March 13

Bush's nominee for U.N. envoy has already irritated the world (SF Chron)

U.S. Gives a Cold Shoulder to Treaties (LA Times)

Wanna see how conservative teens treat lesbians?

Ari Fleischer: Still saying nothing after all these years

Running on Empty: NY Times Discovers Peak Oil

The hubris of Giuliana Sgrena

NYTimes Mag: Profile of the Daily Show's Lewis Black

Era of cheap oil over, says Kuwait official

"I try to think of myself as Emma Peel in a black leather catsuit" Dowd

First Person: Wash your bumper off

Please sign this petition that's against roundup of wild horses

When's media special re: caving to FreeRepublic fake emails&firing Arnett

Liberal media...

OK I know this is weird but it might work if you rented a nerd for a day

Ghosts are keeping me awake, says Mutharika

Drought-stricken Southeast Asia seeks assistance

Toddler Shoots Tot In Toy Dispute (4 year old shoots 2 year old brother)

About those Gannongate Wrinkle threads


Israel to destroy 20,000 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

San Jose airport's hot soundproofing doors - heat up to 186 degrees

source for emails of all dems in CA legislature????

Great Day for Basketball in Iowa!!!!

From the Stillwater Gazette: Senator Sue Doe Kristian

Is this problem just a bad modem?

Let's put the next 117 years into proper perspective....

Oops wrong forum

***Heads UP****Ken Lay**60Minutes** tonight 6PM Central

Is anyone tired of the "is anyone" questions?

Daily Kos: Having a YearlyKos Convention in June 2006

Polish Foreign Minister Regrets Actions Of His Subordinate

Zarqawi Planning U.S. Hit?

Freepers Got Peter Arnett Sacked.

Is it just me or are commercial getting more propaganda like?

I heard that Bush gave a speech to the Indian Nations.

What is up with this picture? Love thy brother ring a bell?

Did everyone get to see this week?

The New Republican Party Platform...

Karel on fire tonight

Controversial Boston Legal beginning (9:PM Central)

Tom Fenton to diss the CMC on the Daily Show tomorrow

Evil, fraudulent RW petition drive.

A Scab in a uniform is still a scab:

C-SPAN2 9:00 - Tom Fenton "Bad News - the decline of reporting"

4 yr. old NRA member defends property with .32 caliber...

130 dead or wounded Iraqi's in single bomb attack today, but...

HBO-America Undercover_ "Left Of The Dial"

"Buffett's Tips: Don't Overtrade, or Panic"

Evangelical Leaders ... Behind Effort to Combat Global Warming

Breaking: Endless news about nothing

Matt PUDGE's Theme Tonight: "Journalism" = Slut-like-ME

Please sign this petition that's against roundup of wild horses

Are they trying to de-educate us?

High School Gays Get A Harsh Lesson

World Media Watch for March 14, 2005--some good stories to mull over

Is anyone bothered that James Carville and Mary Matalin are married?

How can a VA public school have a bible class during school hours?

If you liked Tipper, you'll really like Joseph Lieberman

How Do You COMBAT Being "Manipulated"?

Boston Legal. Don't forget to watch it. n/t

Wingnut doesn't like the sermon, so he shoots the preacher

Have Any Of The Dire Predictions Of The Christian Right

Anyone watching Boston Legal

Bankruptcy Bill: Means less disposable Income.

Vermont makes NCAA Tourney, I hope Dean attends

Ginsburg Touches on Roe V. Wade ("should have been established gradually")

Is anyone else watching Kerry on C-Span?

Condi announces she is NOT seeking 2008 nomination

"Stop Fake News" web site (via TPM)

This might be why the M$M/Cheney energy docs remain silent on peak oil:

John Dean on how Bush cleverly uses archivists to keep records secret.

My gut feeling is to believe Scott Ritter. We will strike Iran soon.

Who is the angriest liberal radio talk show host?

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 20

Why do gays/lesbians/supporters et al worry about the bible?

Kenny Boy Lay on 60 Minutes now!

Never forget

Is it wrong of me to ask why Nancy Grace would jump to CNN?

Pictures speak volume.

A question for married people. (Bush's marriage amendment)

Raise Gas Prices Now!

What can DU do to help the struggle against Wal-Mart?

Is anyone bothered that gays can marry in Vermont?

Dime Bag Laura

Onondaga Nation Land Claims

Is anyone else's MAIL service *extremely* SLOW lately?

NEW! political humor website | SNEAK preview now....

Should U.S. defend Taiwan if China Attacks?

two DUer's BLOGs added to my political LINKS page

Juan Cole:"An Update on Fallujah-There is no Fallujah to Update"

Where did the hippies go? Billy Jack in Hiding? The music? And confession

Irish desserts?

Cute idea for Easter.

Kennedy refuses to meet with Adams

Russia-Iran atomic energy cooperation legal – Ivanov

Ginsburg Touches on Roe V. Wade ("should have been established gradually")

Rice Says She Won't Run for President

Democrats cry foul over Calif. videos

Pakistan 'to submit centrifuges'

Pope returns to Vatican after op

Germany and Spain face action on opening of energy markets

Union advising striking JCP&L workers to ratify contract

LTD, union agree on pact (OR)

Italy to stop paying ransoms

German Faces Trial for Nuclear Smuggling

WP: China Puts Threat to Taiwan Into Law

WP: Stevens Wages His Best Shot to Open Arctic Refuge

Attacks Kill 10 Iraq Soldiers,6 Iraq Civilians,3 US Soldiers,3 Contractors

AP: Church Gunman Said Upset Over Sermon

Inspector: Ridge fought report

White House acknowledges Iran intel 'hard to come by'

(WV) Ormet Picketers Threatened: Picketers find themselves staring down...

Cheney, Rove and Card Proposed Bolton for U.N. Ambassador, Confidant Says

First Korean Stem Cell-Based "Dream Drug" Enters Commercial Testing

Watchdog details run-ins with (Tom) Ridge

Al-Qaida Ability Diminishing, Agents Say

Kentucky Deserter Becomes High-Profile Iraq War Opponent

Vancouver 3rd in world in quality of life survey (5 Canadian cities rank)

N. Korea Warns US-S. Korean Military Drill Could Result in "Actual War"

Ad Watch: Catholic Conference launches radio, TV attacks

Would-be Wal-Mart Union Organizer Fasts to Protest Firing

Gay lovers executed in Saudi Arabia

Outrage, Questions of Fairness Drive (Ken) Starr to Death Row Case

South Africa 'was told of Thatcher coup plot'

NYT: Security Report on U.S. Aviation Warns of Holes

The personal meets the political for lawmakers with sons in Iraq

NYT: Can Newspapers End the Free Ride Online?

WP: DeLay Ethics Allegations Now Cause of GOP Concern

Death Penalty for Mexican Immigrants Pits Texas vs. D.C.

LAT: In the Eye of the Soldier (soldiers make gory music videos in Iraq)

Security threat over Africa oil

Toddler Shoots Tot In Toy Dispute (4 year old shoots 2 year old brother)

Daschle Moving to K Street

China Enacts Law to Stop Taiwan Secession (vote of 2,896 to zero)

WP: Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens

Growing fears credit boom may implode (Bankruptcy firms hire extra staff)

Lockheed, union agree to new contract vote

Bush orders policy to ‘contain’ Chávez

Cooper Tire Workers Strike

Are Federal Judges and Agents Being Taken Out by Programmed Assassins?

What's this 'NCAA' thing I keep hearing about?

good news: stephen's feet did not hurt today

Ladies, ever had a quarterback sandwich?

What's this 'ACLU' thing I keep hearing about?

Fun sites for Fun people

What's this 'PETA' thing I keep hearing about?

So who do you think will go all the way in men NCAA hockey?

Last night JESUS called me on the phone

Hummer or Probe?

If I make some chocolate chip cookie dough will you eat it with me?

Thanks to the S&G thread, I can't stop singing "Scarborough Fair."

For everyone who is tired of those ubiquitous "Support Our Troops" ribbons


What do you do when you find food on your hair ?

post any bullshit you like, as long as it fits your world view

I have a new neighbor-is bringing over brownies an appropriate gesture?

JonathanChance's Picks!

What do you do when you find a hair in your food?

Who else is sick of Law & Order and all of its Progeny?

Help me identify this music?

Windows XP Service Pack 3 released, exclusive 1st look at installer...

tonights simpsons official thread

Stereophonics fans?

"Really don't mind if you sit this one out.."

Thanks to Scarborough Ontario, I can no longer listen to Joe Scarborough

Thanks to Joe Scarborough, I can no longer listen to "Scarborough Fair"

Earth Girls were easy? SpongeBob has round pants now...

Why is it that online dating services ...

I just spring cleaned for 10 strait hours, and I'm not nearly done yet

Cooking Question! How Much Rice do I make for this?

My New Mexico Lobos Upset #15 Utah and are going to the Dance!

Favorite "Life of Brian" quote?

Who else loves Anarchy & Chaos?


I think Kerouac and Peter Gabriel look similar

Anyone watch Arrested Development tonight??

Turkish Wedding Reception

Who's watching "Cold Case" tonight?

HaHa! S. Maine has a cumulative 102 inches of snow so far

The finest song in the history of this planet is:

When did "Jaws" jump the shark?

Da dadada Da Da! Here we come, on the run, with a burger and a bun....

Good night, all!

Deadwood Quote Thread (try to avoid spoilers)

Thanks to News Channel 4's Chuck Scarborough, I hate Scarborough Ontario.


"The Nightfly" by Donald Fagen.

Do I have to thread my own damn cat copy?

Dang, Did not realize, CaliforniaPeggy pointed it out...

Favorite anti-war/protest songs that are not as well known...


Do I have to mopycat my own damn threads?

Do I have to damn my own copycat threads?


With this thread, I'm 169 posts from 4,000.

Do I have to copycat Bouncy Ball's own damn threads???

Do I have to copycat my own damn threads???

I was in the emergency room all afternoon

Does Bouncy Ball have to thread her own damned copy, cat?

Any Patsy Cline fans here?

I can not beleive we have gone this long and we have FORGOTTEN POLAND!!!


Is the hot link coming through on this?

This thread is boring. I just posted it because I could. And to annoy you.

Do I have to put a floppy cat on Bouncyball's own damn head?

Anyone else confused by this TV ad?

Okay. I'm going to bed now.

FYI, PBS/Houston, 7pmCT, has "60s Experience", a bunch

Do you ever grind your own beans?

Anyone watching this new Kelsey Grammer show?

***Useless (and boring) Lounge post #76,982 1/2) Is MrsGrumpy really going

my late great Atlas kitty....presenting the Big A

heh heh..>CHeck out BOSTON LEGAL!!

"At least you are rich enough to win you a wife"

So, I just got new headphones...

anyone seen redqueen?

Abraham, Martin, and John

Only post here if you've changed your avatar

Look what I found: an Oasis font.

What if ____________________(add at will)

Litter box psychosis

What song do you think this man is dancing to?

Who's getting relegated out of DEL?

I am SOOOOOO damn drunk!

URGENT: How can I get my dog to vomit? He chewed on a cloth that

I HATE WAL MART ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm ready for a new bumper sticker.

bored? looking for something to do? come stroke my EGO!

Hockey fans, Who's going to Win The Deutscher Meister this year?

What should I post about tonite? Belly button lint or dryer lint?

I just hit 7,000 posts! Please fawn over me.

Question about Napster...

If you respond to this post, then you're a FREEPER!

AWWW West Texas weather.

I just got hit in the face, fawn over me

Watching "In the name of the Father"

I have some questions about creating a website

Songs from the 60's and 70's - which ones relevant now(and more)

Old Navy: Love the clothes. HATE the ads.

mmmm YooHoo...

Who's up for a woodland frolic?

Can't They Control The Sound Levels on HBO????

Kate bush ? is she related to you know who ?

Okay maybe "Mr. Rogers" was "My Stars Gay" But I loved him ANYWAY!


Dreamt or Dreamed

Don't know why but I am sitting here eating...


Rats! Back in chilly PA after being in sunny TX for 10 days.

I jus hit 3414 posts. I'm going to go fawn on SarahBelle and Progmom

Mmmmm...water containing carbon dioxide

I just hit 9000 posts! Please fawn over me.

Worst Sketch Comedy Show Ever

I know it's early but, here's A MESSAGE TO RIGHT-WING LURKERS.

Words of John Titor.

Just watched my last episode of Real Time with Bill Maher

Contest: silly Law and Order spin-offs we haven't seen yet


Who else loves Law & Order?

Just watched "Open Water" on DVD

Orange Juice or OJ

The dog is prodding my lower right arm with her nose.

Should Pedophiles be imprisoned for life?

So... you do know what tomorrow is, right?

You know it's time to wash dishes when ...

i love my friends at college

Pajamas or Pyjamas

How many fl. oz. is in a cup

I am Zomby. I am Love. I am Warmth.

BIOS this!

I currently have the #1 thread in the Massachusetts State forum...


Speaking of Milk

Best Double Album

Do you keep your Crisco in the fridge?

He'll be home in about 1 1/2 hours...

Saw "Million Dollar Baby" today

In order to be a mod, do you need to have never had a post deleted?

I just hit 5000 posts! Please fawn over me.

Have you ever won at a casino?

What's your favorite Monty Python sketch?

Has anyone noticed that BOB BOUDELANG posted a new column?

Are penguins susceptible to bird flu?

Cool Pictures.

Freeper: If we carried guns on planes, there would be no 9/11!

Carnivale viewers: What's going to happen tonight.

I just hit 7000 posts also! Fawn this way please...

Hummers -- What's the point?????

Fox News an issue on "Boston Legal" tonight.

Motherboy XXX

Everytime I hear a Brit talk about their 'proper' English I feel like

Favorite Bob Dylan song (just one)

Has anyone seen my cell-phone?

Who was Vice President when you were born?

**South Florida DUers!! ** Want to have a meetup??

The Magdalene Asylums

When I'm really angry about a sermon at church ...

Can someone please tell me where the Bible says homosexuality is wrong??

Is it okay to wear a heart monitor

High School Gays Get A Harsh Lesson

Carolina Panthers being investigated for steroids

Dwight Gooden arrested ...again...domestic abuse

Anyone up for a casual chat tonight?

"O.o" -- OLBERMANN.ORG is everything KO

Found an Olbermann list on

See our KEEF in this retrospective "Jeff Gannon" video montage

"I Believe" archive

Does anyone know right off hand when Countdown first aired?

Ft. Lauderdale's Sun-Sentinel's Editorial Board TODAY ends its editorial

Chris Dodd kicks some Orin Hatch butt on Social Security/Video

Do you favor more taxes for a government we have little trust in?

Tune in to CNBC now (9:23 PM) to hear a Repub BASH the bankruptcy bill

I have a plan to solve the budget deficit....

Running on empty (the New York Times discovers "Peak Oil")

condi announces she is NOT seeking 2008 nomination

CARTOON - Republican Jesus considers health care profit-making

March 31st...HBO.."Left of the Dial"...A documentary about"Air America"

New Label: Economic DINOS..

Rahm Emanuel wants to pick fight but other chicks**t Dems won't let him...

We need a Progressive Television Network ....

Blue State Repugs - 2006 - It's Time to GO

Political music favorites you love that are recent releases

The Daily Show's Greatest Moments

Has the conviction of Biden's staff member for theft been discussed here?

So does anyone still think racism played no part in the Nichols coverage?

Did Anybody See Ken Lay On 60 Minutes Tonight?

CSPAN 3/14/05

Question: Many Dems have switched to GOP over years..

* propaganda photo on US Government website

Jeff Gannon retrospective in Video

Ashley Smith was Brian Nichols hostage gave an interview...he is a Jackel


I'm sorry, Mr. President (Suck-up Doug Wead's apology over tapes)

The Legal War on Terror at Home.

Business, RNC lend hand to Bush Social Security Blitz.

Warning: Ethics-Free Zone (US House of Reps)

A Bankrupt 'Reform' ( bankrupsty bill) ---they march in step to the piper

Opus takes on the SpongeBob controversy - (two Sunday cartoons)

Voting Fraud in the USA: A Tale of Two Brothers

Prison abuse starts here(Gonzales should stop defending the indefensible)

Gov.'s Performance in Role of 'Reformer' Seems a Little Strained (Arnold)

Craig Crawford's 1600: Winning the 'Debate'

Why did Bush miscalculate so badly on Social Security?

Horsey and the WH Press Corps-Drudge, Gannon, Dowd

SEATTLE PI - Iraq War: Another fatal mistake

A Red State Paradox

Lou Dobbs, That Old Black Magic

Filibusters and fair play

The Whimp Factor GOP hyper-masculine strut-fest...

On the right wing and torture

Great LTTE in Today's LV Sun: Bush Conned NV Voters

Bush, Big Mac And American Foreign Policy - From The Guardian

Long Term Care is more important than Social Security

Why would the New York Times editorial staff place this long...

The Republicans have started their push for ANWR

GOP Department of Interior/Indian Casino Scandal & Fundie fun

Book says Nazis tested crude nuclear device

Joplin Globe: Ozarks under cover [New Magazine, The Ozarks Reader]

Framing The GOP

Chicago area columnist whines about DU.

Halliburton - Disgusting.....

FINAL PUSH: Volunteer for pro-equality candidates in TOMORROW'S ELECTION!

New York City, E. 63rd St. , March 15: Impact of religion on human rights - add tacticle features to currency

Excellent Dave Ramsey Video On Bankruptcy Bill for those fighting it

Cool Tool: gives you a weekly report

YOU can help us get rid of Tom DeLay!

OK.. S.F.\Bay Area\NorCal DUers... Who's Comin To S.F. 3\19 To Protest ???

Media runs with Bush Democracy in Lebanon-reality is Bush ended it

20 US troops got Saddam 12/12 at a home- 12/13 "Hole" Capture Fabricated

New York Times Buried Holocaust News

Hey Edheads.

Media ridiculed Gore over "lockbox" - but it was Bush in Jan 00 that first


LOL - "Study Shows U.S. Election Coverage Harder on Bush"

Will media cover Bush paying Haliburton $28 mil for $82,000 of propane?

History of U.S. trade policy

How to force Interest rates down - Force Pension Funds to switch to Bonds

Work force getting older: report


Cuba's Worst Drought In 100+ Years Gets Worse - Reuters

SE Asia Facing Worst Drought In Decades - Thailand, Cambodia In Trouble

Indonesian Cops Nab 25 In Massive Papua NG Illegal Logging Scheme

Catskill Mountains Among Hottest Of Mercury Hotspots, Study Shows

Himalayan Glaciers "Melting Fast", Water Shortages Loom - BBC

Australian Scientists Prove Less Trees, Less Rain

Pressure Builds On Monarchs As Mexico's Forests Fall - NYT

Thyroid Cancer Rate Triples In New Jersey, Doubles Nationally Since 1979

NICARAGUA: Sandinistas taking control

Well, I was kicked out of the Unorganized Militia today....

Are Greatest Page nominations like Polls?

Should groups/forums be deleted after 30 days of inactivity?

Sex threads in the lounge ***low priority question***

Question about using DU name at a protest

DU Tournament Pool?

Demopedia Password

Formally asking permission to self-advertize

Why was the "IRA" thread of a few moments ago locked?

threshholds not published in DU rules...

PM'd Skinner

I don't believe this was a 'fat' thread ....

What is your preference

What's The Procedure for Revising a Group's Mission Statement?

As I log back on to the site

Could someone just give us an answer about what's going on?

My poll was moved but none of the "Bible and homosexuality" polls were.

Hi all! Thanks for all you do.

Is Tom Flocco banned now also?

How do I get a DU Group started?

On behalf of DUers everywhere, we now give thanks, Skinner.

I TRULY disagree with this

Just wondering why this one was locked

Can I link this article or will it cause all hell to break loose and

IDF troops arrest two West Bank settlers

Interior Min. seeks appointment of first Arab-Israeli ministry director ..

Apples from Golan Heights cross into Syria

Final Route of Jerusalem Barrier Approved

Lou Dobbs, "That Old Black Magic"

Final Route of Jerusalem Barrier Approved (AP). So now we know!

Report: Abbas to announce new stance on right of return

Sgrena / Pentagon retrofit

Strange Building Damage Patterns on 9/11

AirAmerica's Rachel Maddow doesn't believe in LIHOP nor MIHOP yet she PNAC

Voting Was My "Birthright," But Not My "Citizenship" Right

Write a Rebuttal to DIEBOLD in the NY Times!

E-mail From Barbara Boxer "Barbara in Wonderland"

Diebold president writes the NY Times.

OH...I..SEE!-'Contempt of Congress' for BallPlayers but NOT BlackWell !

I want to thank some folks!

Old Curtis Story: Computer Programmer Reveals Scheme to Steal 2000 Vote

Monday 3/14 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Andy_Stephenson has had his endoscopic ultrasound....finally.

Support Holt's Verified Voting bill - easy action link


A Succinct Summary of the 2004 Presidential Election

Are paper ballots an UNREALISTIC OPTION???? A non-starter??

Use 3/19 Rallies to educate people on election FRAUD!

Cuyahoga County: Need Info on Split Polls

Redondo Beach, CA: Freedom Sedar with Jews and African-American Christians

What happened to Harley Sorensen? - add tactile features to US currency

From the anti-gay fundies at Article 8 Alliance, Massachusetts- March 13th

I live in Connecticut, and am unemployed and lonely. Wanna hook up?

FINAL PUSH: Volunteer for pro-equality candidates in TOMORROW'S ELECTION!

DU goes to Cape Cod July 9-10

Eric J's LTTE made the New York Times!

Any Quicken users on DU?

Tracking websites your child has visited - he deleted history

Do you use AIM and value your internet privacy???

Problem installing a new hard drive.

Boy Injured When Gun Goes Off at School (PLEASE keep updated)

Anybody here see Lewis Black in Dayton Sunday night? n/t

Dallas March 21st: Show your support for AAR!

AIr America is ON THE AIR Iin Austin!

Anyone seen any migrant birds come back/thru Wisconsin, yet?

Woodland Women in Black

Are you Pro or Con on passing a law to allow feral cat hunting in WI.?

Just a few LTTE's from Rural Chetek

I just saw that there is a protest in Sheboygan on the 19th

Tell Congress to make drugs safer NOW!

Chimpy's Latest Propaganda Flick

Went to see Lewis Black...

New AOL Terms: Right to know everything you send in Instant Message

Can one get to Valhalla after many years of wonderful gay sex?

Which country will the U.S. invade next?

Call Senator Biden and tell him to fuck off #202 224 3121

AOL's Terms of Service Update for AIM Raises Eyebrows

So what will happen to DFA now that Dean is chair of DNC?

The Dream would be to win back some power in 2 years. We cannot

Anyone know what % of media is owned by

Report: Iraq Coverage Wasn't Biased

I hope they lift Leno's gag order tonight.

Do any other nations have permanent foreign military bases?

Ashley Smith interpreted the conversation incorrectly.

Web site that compares your salary to your CEO's.

What happened to the terror alerts ?

Can someone please tell me where the Bible says homosexuality is wrong??

BBC Talking Points--Program on China this morning

Selling U.S. History to Pay Medical Bills

Big News Flash On Crooks and FOX IS BIASED!

Vegetarianism and militancy

More on the Kentucky Zombie Arrests

I urge everyone to watch the Frontline special on credit cards(link given)

Does anyone know what the deal with Lizz Winstead was?

Diebold Voting Machine Analysis

Bush Sr. did not "liberate" Kuwait

I want Reagan's papers and Bush 1's papers released NOW

Pathetic M$M keep praising Chimp's insane Iraq war.

Media -- who do you trust?

My dream is to see Tom Delay wearing an about to break, Soap on a Rope!

What we can do to bring the troops home

The Lucky Ones -Time

Anti-tremor mouse stops PC shakes

Archaeologists tackle chess puzzle

A Bullet to the End - HST Remembered by ex-Lover

Bush's Soc. Sec. Tour

Lemon Law***Lemon President***Lemon Decisions***Lemon Results


Sunshine Week -- Journalists campaign for freedom of Information

Boston Legal shows Faux/Bushco News as right wing

Laurie Garrett, Newsday reporter who resigned on Democracy Now right now

HSBC faces gay sacking claim

'Compassionate' Conservatives

How many of you know someone like this?

AP: Congress mulls cutting food aid to the poor

Banker donates Credit Suisse salary to charity

Dear lord, please help the Democrats clean house and get rid of all these

Goddamn it Bush, you do come up with some good ones.

Churches on their guard for the secret service

Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebano

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Jeez Louise.. Falwell's sporting a corduroy double chin

Is down?

"Cheese eating Surrender Monkey"

Preznit takes his new super-sized bionic hand,

(TBN) Station's neighbors complain about noise

Water (Molecular Chemists?)

CLASS ACT vs. CRASS ACT: New pic of Dean vs *

My thoughts (strange as they may be) on SS (Dem vs. Rep)...

Bush Legacy - Tests for Politicians

My letter to Rep. Peter King on the current state of Sinn Fein and the IRA

Franken just thumping John Fund with his lies about SS.

Geraldo sank to a new low on Saturday

Actor Warren Beatty to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Raise taxes.

YO: Kweisi Mfume Throws Hat into Maryland Senate Race (!!!)

Sunshine Week starts today (public's right to know)

FCC: Sheridan 'MNF' intro not indecent

One of these things is not like the others >>>

What happened to Harley Sorensen?

Atlanta hostage: "He'd killed, BECAUSE HE'S A SOLDIER "

Challenge to reporters: Ask Bush if a full-scale nuclear war is winnable.

W of the Day-December 15, 2003

Ready to get ACTIVIST about Media Reform?

"Permanent Uncle" Sam

Small town in Japan pays women to have third child - 1 million yen

'Overweight' man had 55lb tumour

Andy_Stephenson has had his endoscopic ultrasound...finally.

Reichwingnut Groups posing as legitimate organizations

Self deleted - Duplicate

I just received this e-mail from a co-worker...

Which republicans are currently saying "there is no lockbox"

Doonesbury does WH press corps, not "stooge like gannon"-Roland!

The U.S. says an Iraqi life is worth $2,500....................

5 days to Iraq War Global Protest

Where did this go? Photographer for WH child sex ring arrested

Harold Ford/Ralph Reed - Separated at Birth

I was at a big Baptist Church / Community leader event

US troop death from injured is at least 1,000. Math time.

Study Shows US Election Coverage Harder on Bush

quote of the day: "I didn't realize there was this much violence"

Tom Tomorrow nails it on the bankruptcy bill

A new project to create the Liberal media

Republican Perp walk!!Republican Perp walk!!Republican Perp walk!!

Supporting the bankruptcy legislation - saving the economy?

Does anyone know of a guide to the political leanings of think tanks and

So Saxy Shameless wants to restore farm aid-gd top ten list nominations...

Red-state binge drinking: North Dakota leads nation in alcohol dependence

"Guide to the Political Left."

Has MoveOn gone mainstream?

so how did the visit with * go? one of our members went to a town hall?

US Forces Storm Internet Cafe in Iraq

Man accused of Bush assassination plot pleads innocent - trial in AUGUST

The Trouble with Taiwan

So sneaking a male prostitute into WH press conferences is not news...

Sen.Stevens will be depressed and quit if Anwar isn't drilled - really

The Lucky Ones - support tactile currency for the visually impaired

Anyone remember "poor farms" or "old folks homes" ??

Adopt an Embryo?

Harold Ford on Ed Shultz!

Something disturbing I heard on Rhandi's show

"Bush remains fairly popular with an approval rating of 50%..."

FCC rules 'MNF' intro wasn't indecent

If we get hit again by a terrorist attack

Forgive my laziness what does the Constitution say about our right to vote

i had an extra kerry bumpersticker, it keeps popping up

Oil help, please

we are a LIBERAL party

Is a neocon-licking site? Check this site out:

Today's unasked questions from JimmyJeff's website

Tom Delay.... MORE unethical behavior. He's goin' DOWN! Can I hear a

This piece in the WaPo tells us why Ralph Reed will burn in Hell!

Why do people think * is altruistically liberating M.E. countries?

OMG. David Horowitz tried to link Obama to Mohammed Atta

"Soldjas", hip hop, Malcolm X and the Slave Mind....

Want to get creditors, especially hospitals ones off you back?

Offshoring versus Offpeopling - why the latter is done in hushed tones:

HELP - need numbers on bankruptcy abuse for a LTTE

Everyone on DU should read The Purpose Driven Life

Forget Morality: Embrace Ethics

How long until China hangs us out to dry?

Reading 'What's The Matter with Kansas" and I hate to say this but

Viva Hugo Chávez!

BOXER's Petition to frist | ANWAR

US Propaganda Photo Provided by Rep. Joe Wilson -R,SC....

The Nashua Advocate: How Neo-Cons Use the IRS to Distribute Propaganda

KAREN HUGHES is going to "present our message to the world?!?!"

Veterans Booing

Real Reporter Brenda STARR Pegs O'REILLY as Jerk and Murderer

Who benefited from 9/11?

How about privitization of public water works?

Restarting The Anti-War Movement by Ralph Nader

possible flame bait

Homosexuality&bible?s make me wonder, What is a "Christian"?

Interesting that BTK Killer is a Republican! What a shock!

Are these the bush twins with this racist redneck?

A Distrubing Bumper Sticker

What would the US government do if Alaska or Hawaii tried to secede?

Our Nurses: The Workers Point Of View

Sadly the best article on why we Dems didn't Landslide in 04...

So what will YOU do when Social Security goes private?

"The Left hates Bush more than the Right disliked Clinton"

Exiting Iraq

WOW! Gonna be a huge Anti-War protest on March 19

Good news/Bad news....

Tipping a Beer with an American Fascist

Anyone else here tired of Franken having freepers on the show?

I've had it with the evening dose of wall-to-wall fearmongering.

Caption Karen Hughes... (is there a nickname for her yet?)

What state/region will be the first to secede from the USA?

OK Bible says Men cant lie with Men but what about Women with Women?

The LOW price of gasoline

Do any Democrats drive a Hummer?

Task Force on the United Nations (What Wes Clark is doing)

"What Is A Democratic Market Society?"


Saddam's Capture: Just Another Bush Lie?

5,000 nuclear power reactors needed (Peak Oil Article)

WOW..a triple murderer picked Ashley's apartment to go to be saved

Was Bush Right?

ON C-SPAN Kerry says EVERYTHING on * Budget is an outright LIE!

Dover sole

Vancouver get - together?

US question about Francophone business practice

Chocolate Money is now in Euro form

Attitudes to the E.U.

European Constitution v Prevention of Terrorism Act

WP: Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions

Running on Empty: NY Times Discovers Peak Oil

Northwest's Winter Drought Sets Stage for Long Summer

Italy church blast injures three

Activists Expect Bigger Rallies (Fort Bragg; Free Republic Counter-Rally)

No bias on Iraq, media study finds

Mayor's race splits Aurora's black community (black Republican for mayor)

China Law Authorizes Force Against Taiwan

Incoming Iraqi leaders risk repeating big U.S. mistake

Idemitsu Expects Oil to Rach $60 This Year on Seasonal Demand

NYT,pg1: Kurds' Return to Kirkuk Shakes Politics in Iraq

Sgrena's surgery 'successful'

GIs Shoot Battle Footage Edit It Into Music Videos

Russian military bombards hit film

Nigerian orphanage 'sold babies'

Book says Nazis tested crude nuclear device

NYT:Despite New Efforts Along AZ Border, Problems Remain(millions wasted?)

South Africa 'was told of Thatcher coup plot'

Aviation System Said Vulnerable to Attacks

Senator Kennedy snubs Adams as US recoils at IRA crime

Second soldier on trial in Iraqi drowning

Interregnum signs up for the new Kew in New York

Reuters: (Time mag reports) Qaeda Ally May Target U.S. Theaters, Schools

Terror control orders in 'chaos' : BBC

Final Route of Jerusalem Barrier Approved (AP). So now we know!

Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebano

Russia condemns "pressure" on Syria

Bird Flu Clusters May Signal Virus Change - WHO(Reuters)

Bush to name Hughes to key post

Former NAACP Leader to Run for Senate

China begins testing AIDS vaccine on humans

Farmers killed in Iraq ambush

Kurds Push Ahead On Deal To Form Government With Shiites

WHO says no evidence bird flu danger up for humans

Era of cheap oil over, says Kuwait official

Agriculture inspections fall off,...after Homeland Security took duty

Sandia hunts hydrogen fuel alternative (Hydrogen cars by 2010)

A House less divided? ('FL Ds powerless, Rs find "respect" goes long way)

WP, Kurtz: An Opinionated Network (Fox News!)

Texas gambling proponents go all in

Iraqis Hold Anti-Jordanian Protests Over Bombing

Iraq Forces Capture Two Saddam Relatives

Business, RNC lend hand to Bush blitz -chgo trib

Iran: Nuke Program Needed for Electricity (Peak Oil Alert)

AIG's Greenberg to Step Down as Chief Executive (Bush donor)

Former NAACP Leader to Run for Senate

Ex-Biden aide gets 3 years for stealing

Former Lebanese leader announces return from exile

Sen. Conrad (ND - Dem) - Just Scare me to no end on * plan - SS & US Econ

Protestors rally outside church holding AIDS seminar

'Desperate (Housewives) ' MNF Open Not Indecent

Iraq parties gridlocked over terms

Did his duty - then lost his job (Reservist fired by IBM)

Swiss synagogue, shop firebombed

Say cheese: Plane to photo property for first-responders

Daschle to Join an Old Adversary as Adviser at Law Firm

DeLay Ethics Allegations Now Cause of GOP Concern - WaPo

Barely 1/3 of Americans Approve of President's Plan, Poll Finds - WaPo

Software allows schools to check, track visitors

Report: Iraq Coverage Wasn't Biased

Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens

WP: Bush turning into a stand-up guy ("offers some goofball digressions")

Control desk failed to notice assault on camera: More on Nichol's' case...

Indiana teen wins M-16 T-shirt case

Task force urges joint (U.S.-Canada-Mexico) security perimeter

Bush, Press joke about how bad things are

Sen Paul Sarbanes (MD - D) - * tax breaks to wealthy reason for problems


US Forces Storm Internet Cafe in Iraq

Sen Bingaman (NM D) slamming * on No-Child Left Behind short falls

Sen. Daniel Akaka (HA D) concerned w/ education programs as well

Sen. Ted Kennedy (MA D) is becoming a hero of mine, Cspan2 Education

Hazardous Materials Teams Investigating Alarm on Pentagon Reservation

Pentagon checked for chemical agents

Faith-based bills get higher profile (Indiana)

Oil companies hopeful on Iraq politics

Iraqis hold anti-Jordanian protests

Vote to add Bingiman Amendment finished - 44 Yea, 49 Nya

(NSA) Agency Warned Bush of High-Tech Dangers

(AP) Source: Bill Clinton Leaves Hospital

UN to reveal Hariri 'cover-up'

Court-Martial Begins For Fort Carson-Based Captain

Pentagon Data on Iraq Security Forces Unreliable -GAO

Pakistan supports China's anti-secession law

GOP senator would block Medicaid cuts

LAT: Study Warns of Junk-News Diet

In pictures: Hardship and hope in Haiti

Anti-Syrian Protesters Flood Lebanese Capital

Don't Stop Him Even If You've Heard This One (Bush the court jester)

Mfume Announces Senate Bid

Study Shows U.S. Election Coverage Harder on Bush

1st AD soldiers training for '06 Iraq deployment

'Honour killing' shocks Germany

Youths test their military skills

Belarus Halts Work to Destroy Soviet Missile Facilities Despite US Agreeme

Photos show climate change as ministers meet in UK

Kerik's royalties shocker: Gets 75G for 9/11 book

Russia backs China on Taiwan

Christians take legal action against BBC

Bin Laden tried to communicate with Zarqawi via ground courier

Support for Bush on Social Security Wanes, Poll Finds (WP/ABC poll)

(Florida) House, Senate to consider legislation for brain-damaged woman

Bush to Permit Trading of (mercury pollution) Credits to Limit Mercury

U.S. sugar growers and producers fight CAFTA

Mussolini on hunger strike

Pilots: Gun certification moving slowly

Almost a million Lebanese turn out to press for Syrian pullout (Pic's Wow)

House Panel Questions Iraq Forces Estimate

MBNA to close four facilities in Maine, N.H., Calif.

'Beheading' horror in (London) street

Texas D.A.'s Anti-Drug Rants Hid Struggle

Va. Man Pleads Innocent to Terror Plot

Faith the issue as Blair courts Christians

Jeff Gannon Pops Up in 'Doonesbury,' as 'Toady' Looks for New 'Stooge'

US troops kill woman, kids

113th: New Army gets old equipment

Army Captain Goes on Trial on Charges of Abusing Iraqis in Desert Town

WSJ: Bush Loses Key Group on Social Security

The FBI agent trying to stem an invasion of fake war heroes

Terry McAuliffe Set to Co-Host HANNITY/COLMES on FOXNEWS

U.S. concerned by Venezuela arms deals

White House Defends Video News Releases

Pentagon Mail Facility Tests Positive for Anthrax (here we go again)

Neb. hires man convicted of Fossey murder (American researcher,author)

Neocons are Brown Shirts: Part II of Ritter Interview

Boy Injured When Gun Goes Off at School

Delay and Company.......(CNN)

Church Coalition Takes Aim at U.S. Budget Plan

India: Asian human rights watchdog slams America for helping Nepal King

Judge: California marriage laws unconstitutional

Gas prices eat into sales of large SUVs

Pentagon Sees $108 Million in Overcharges by Halliburton

What should we discuss for my 1000th post

for the record

Freeper: "Damn you, liberal media!!!!"

A wimoweh, a wimoweh, a wimoweh, a wimoweh.

Goddammit! It's "congratulations," not "congradulations."

Who among us was born when there was no VP?

Should emo be put to sleep ?

HEave away me jollies heave away!

Don't you hate it when a thread gets locked

Can you wear a tie tied in an Ascott with a normal tie?

Did everyone see the swipe at Christian Fundamentalist on Sealab 2021

Damnit, I'm not having any luck, first the remote control and now..

My dog bit the head off of a mouse

"Still cazy after all those years"

Defrosted my freezer, and found...

Who watches the Contender?

If you put your ear up to a woman's you hear circus music and monkeys

My ISP (dial-up) really sucks but I don't want to pay out the arse.

I keep adding music to it, but my iPod doesn't get any heavier!

The Rapture or the Deep Freeze?

who among us was born when there was no TP?

Go go Power Rangers!

Steroids should be MANDATORY for all baseball players.

My mouse bit the head off of a dog.

I don't have any cats. Consequently they don't piss all over my stuff!

I learned a lot about music reading these tributes

I learned tonight

Name a non-family member you want to see you do well

oh damn damn damn, one of my cats peed on the bed tonight...

Who's been playing GTA San Andreas?

I started a What is a Christian Poll in GD, shamless plug here

Should Nemo be put to sleep?

It's almost spring planting time. Anyone gonna grow anything (legal)?

I live in BC, I have a job - but I'm the biggest smart ass in the Canada

Which of these two Aerosmith albums is better?

God Damn It, It's God damn it, not "Godammit"!

How's this for a song to have running through your head all night?

I have had 6 SOLID hours of the Nichols fiasco - NOTHING else.

ROY ORBISON: The greatest white singer in rock 'n' roll history.

Simpson make a second voyage to Canada - your thoughts?

Should elmo be put to sleep ?

Is this photoshopped? (Dickhead Cheney)

Help! I'm procrastinating...

Nothing better than a young dog and a frisbee...enjoy

Oh land of blue un-ending skies!

wow, this martini is so cold it gave me a a popsicle!

Ciao - it's bedtime.

23 galleries of George Bush photos

Goddammit! It's "cool" not "kewl"

This martini is so cold it gave me a .. .... dude ..where's my brain.....

I'm turning in. Night Folks!

Saw 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' again tonight.

I'm going to detroit!!!! (and canada)

Irish Dancers

let's mime.

U2: Bono and wife launch sweat-free, made-in Africa clothing line

Favorite Novelty Song?

Tick Tick Tick

Here he comes. Here comes Speed Racer.

Have any bad habits you want to quit? n/t

Is there a way to delete visited websites from a computer's registry?

"It's delightful...

Here I am again, 8 hours later

Should meme be put to sleep?

I actually turned down a drunk women who wanted

Let's talk.

Well the sun's gonna shine on my back door someday...

Mr KW and I are thinking about a 4 day cruise for our anniversary

Whoa, what happened to Yahoo?

I am BEYOND pist @ Southwest Airlines

Anyone have that great "W I'm hatin' It!" (upside down arches) graphic?

What do you think of your first name?

The thrill is gone

Company Selling Scented Bowling Balls

i doubted if ever would say THIS again:

I think the Admins have given up, packed their bags...and left us.

The drama-free, tree-hugging, love everyone thread.

Motorhead's Lemmy --a real class act

"Anchorman"-THE ultimate DU Lounge movie


Boston Legal, News is nothing but infotainment, but

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to

Does anyone know who Rachel...Maddow is?

Rant about my commute


The question every DUer is asking: How did Bertha's dumplings turn out?!

question to the girls

I don't get "Cruises" -- Queen Mary 2 = floating mall

So, what did YOU do this weekend?

This is my 3000th post

Another picture that screams, "Freeper!"

Urban rebounding?

When you check your banking transactions, and you see "POS" do you

Joke: what shoes does a guy with 2 left feet wear?

Best P2P?

16 Horsepower - yay or nay?

Man Dead On Futon For Nearly 10 Years Before Family Notices

Fill Me In

I don't get "Cruises" -- Mission Impossible 2 = piece of crap

The Revolution Lives T-shirts

Canadians should thank me

Parole hearing for Video (the murderer of Radio Star)

Some groaners for Monday.

Dressed-down Jenna, enjoying basketball with a serial killer-looking dude

Can we all agree that Ozzie's best album is the ultimate sin?

I've got the movie "Saw." Should I watch it?

Oh no! Not again!

If you play "Another One Bites the Dust" backwards...

Looking for answers? Hallelujia ! Start here

Join the NCAA Tournament Pool - Link right here

I like them french fried Taters.

Airline making heavyset flyers buy extra seat

The Gospel according to BILLY IDOL...

I want to protest!

Who's the best President ever?

Sticks and stone may break my bones

Cat Tale

Help! Need to get rid of a cold sore and fast!!

CONFESS!!!! You're some sort of smart-bug, aren't you?

URGENT: I need to find a map web site that will let me . . .

'Oh say can you,' la, la, la

Drink the Kool-Aid, it's Gangsta!

"Unit, Corp, God, Country"

Bob Boudelang Gizoogled

geez I think i had my first migraine yesterday

Infighting got you down???

What if Chris Carter wrote the new Little House on the Prairie?

What DUer has the most posts? NewYawker?

Sissy Spacek is in the new "Ring" movie.

"Be Cool" SUCKED. It tries SO hard to be a cross between "Get Shorty"

ChavezSpeaksTheDoof: Iron and Wine are not staples of a balanced diet

Just purchased tickets for Xmas in Cabo San Lucas!!

New avatar

Have you noticed that groceries are more expensive?

Koolzip I've had it with you and your music. Iron & Wine are great

Listening to AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" ask me anything.

Alone in the Wilderness

Anyone have any experience with the website

It ain't me babe

I got 4 CD's in the mail from BMG this weekend.

Awww damn.

We, who are about to die, salute you

Bring me champagne when I'm thirsty

Some of my best times were on the Castro in SF. And I'm straight!

Randy Constan: The Man, The Pixie ... The Evangelist?

Half life 2 - best FPS game ever?

A scary site


I am so pissed off right now

Who else thinks that Matcom is really Andy Kaufman?

Earrings & tattoos on men

Bush Announces Iraq Exit Strategy:

Riddle me this my brother can you handle it?

Looks like we're getting into the daily thundershower/down pour

Pink Floyd - More

Bumper Sticker Idea that came from the W's with a red slash

Ed Bradley's earring.

post statements that would make Captain Obvious proud

'I Believe God Brought Him to My Door' - Ga. Woman Taken Hostage

How French™ Are you?

How much is gas where you are now?

Here's what makes music good: It can be "covered" and it still works.

How do you offset info in posts in a blue box?

Can we all agree that living at home with your mother is the ultimate sin?

Listening to Velvet Revolver's "Contraband". Ask me anything.

The Mother Of All Conspiracy Theories !

Am I the only person in the known universe to have never heard

So, I'm at home with a sick four-year-old....

Best rock n roll song about rock n roll?

Years before the concept album, doo-wop gave us the "concept single."

I just cut my fingernails

Longgrain & xmas74 - ffm172 needs you

Music trivia - I need help

hey guys!!!!!!!!

what does this pic say to you round II

Well, I guess we don't have to worry about yearly showings of The Passion

Wholesale prices vs retail prices?

Van Demolishes Minneapolis Salon

Green beer, Guinness draughts, and good Irish whiskey on St. Patty's Day

Blue-Jay needs a hug today

File Allocation Table.

YAHOO! I've FINALLY found it!

I just got my hair cut.

Saw "Bride and Prejudice" last night

I miss Stop the Morans - other copycats just pale in comparison

OMG! Mario Vasquez has dropped out of "American Idol!"


Gene Autry's Cowboy Code:

There's nothing like being a month early for a meeting.

Caca-Poo Poo



Anyone else here ever done any LARP'ing?

A larp-ing we will go, a larp-ing we will go

Our Libraries Are Facing Cuts Again in Ohio

It's the Monday morning earworm!

KCUF, 97.9-FM. With the best fuckin' music on the West Coast!

Erin is laying in the "coma inducing ray."


Let the record show that ChavezSpeaksTheTruth is a good guy!

Ignored Messages On George W. Bush's Answering Machine

Beautiful new Cassini Saturn image - with moons (large)

Are you male or female?

curious package

Does ChavezSpeaksTheTruth boycott lettuce? If so... how can he

"Hip hop really is for everyone!"

How humiliating...

My name is Midori, and I'm structually-challenged

I am so tired and I have 3 more hours to work.


welcome to my red state

no comment

Now stop me if you heard this one....

Somebody bring me a mirror!

We have no water. A water main broke down the road. It's a mess.

What secrets about GOPisEvil would you like me to find out...


The Beatles warned of imposters. If you play COME TOGETHER backwards

only YOU have the power to Save Toby

When Reginald was home with flu,


Breaking: Frankie "Five Angels" Pentangeli to testify in Steroid Hearings.

When will the fun EVER begin again??

I'm having Clamato juice without vodka. Is this even legal?

Holy crap, Febreeze works! Pun intended

Fuckety fuckin' fuck fuck! Goddamned motherfucking turdsicle!

So, Cali Superior court says "traditional" marriage is unconstitutional

My daughter just presented me with part of a sheep's brain.

Would I know it if I had ever had heartburn?

How do you read long threads

Jabberwonk Political Community

Everybody gets one punch: who would you punch in the neck?

What's with all the dirty mouths?

Does ChavezSpeaksTheTruth own a space bar?

Stand and deliver!

Would I know it if I ever had sideburns?

Which was the better gas?

Wow these "Double Dutch" Girl Scout cookies ROCK!!!

Do you want to know what "Clam Juice" really is?

I found a moldy piece of sandwich in my car--do I have to sell it now?

My new ride

"I left my coat in Irving, Texas"

Hilary Swank Busted!

Listening to The Who's "Live At Leeds". Ask me anything.

"Man On Fire"


Is this problem just a bad modem?

My Dad had an article on the front page of our local paper!

Ever have a thing for unicorns?

Do we need to use such vulcan language here?

Is radical Islam 'left?'

I'm having vodka without Clamato juice. Is it even legal?

So, do you still think Michael Jackson is guilty?

8 steps to stress free living

For some reason, new "Lost" episodes AREN'T LBN...

OH NO! NightTrain is making us look like neanderthals again!!!!

DU makes Chicago newspaper

Ever had a thing for uniforms?

Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-walla-bing-bang!

To all you lurking freepers saying that SS is "my money"...

Coppola wine son, nothing else in the world smells like that...

What Is Your Soul Food? And What Music Would You Listen To While Eating It

So, this tornado went down my street today. No, for real...

Why do I keep getting spooky phantom emails?

Calling Brainshrub

I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel:

Show of hands: Who's joining the anti-war rally this Saturday??

'Wedgie' Added to Webster's Dictionary

I got dissed by a literature elitist today.

I saw a scary bumper sticker today. Truly scary.

Happy Birthday to Gary Dell'abate, Baba Booey of Howard Stern fame!

San Francisco Courthouse Poster? Help!

Vacuuming to Nine Inch Nails - can it get any better

All Right Now

Rage Against the Machine v. The Clash

HEY EVERYONE!! yvr girl broke her resolution and flirted in the Lounge!!!

Cat Owners - How much do you feed your cat?

I just took two Aleve and a Xanax! Ask me anything!

So, this Toronado went down my street today. No for real.......

Don't forget! The GREAT show Fat Actress is on tonight.

Has anyone here ever been hit by a car?

HELP WANTED: Law-abiding citizens need not apply.

Billy Joe McCallister Jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge!

This is just breaking about gay marriage and I thought I'd put it here

French-speaking Canadian DUers - a question

Any SPARKS fans here?

why would kids be learning about peace in school? that's stupid!!!

Congratulations to me! I passed my motorcycle drivers test!!!

Ever had a thing for Univacs?

Bird lovers, why is my parrot so happy with its new toy?

I'm downloading Fedora Core 3 DVD (2.26GB). Aks me anything!

You danged jazz-loving DUers have corrupted me!

For those with a thing for stewardess uniforms

Ever think about how odd names of OS's are? (sev. pics)

Ah, doubly interesting possibilities offered under shady thread in...

Need help from Loungies...

There's a DU clique? Am I a part of it?


Visit A Prostitute? - Get Your Face On A Billboard

Come up with a good bogus "scare" story for local news

Starvin Marvin stole $14...


Best rapper ever

DU Group Proposal - Movies/Film Group

MILESTONE!!! -- Am I a troller?

Something for you bird-lovers out there....

I'm the Harvard Square Hussy, Ask Me Anything

LEGAL QUESTION Opinions please (What would U do?)

What is your favorite X-Files and why?

Best post-Barrett, pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd album?

GD has had a facelift!

Airline making screaming babies, flatulent gits, and people who vomit....

Longest book you've ever read?

American Idol watchers: Mario out. Nikko back in top 12.

The Beatles not only praised Oasis, but admitted defeat in backwards msg.

Have you ever nominated something for Greatest page just because...

Guitarists - - - - This Is Cool

Protecting free speech on TV

If anyone needs a Gmail email account just pm me...

Young People, old music.

If you have a moment... please.

What Would Jesus Eat? More Dieters Turn To Bible

I don't believe you know me...

Okay.. Who wants a totally cool desktop image.. courtesy of DOD


Favourite 'phoney' swear words / curses

What do you think about the newly found film of Jim Morrison

Okay, I'm convinced that Break Dancing must become an Olympic Event!!!

Paging MrsGrumpy: Did you find Mr. Merlin yet?

If you were a 29 pound cat, where would YOU hide???

We've decided on BABY NAMES (sort of)

Green Day: American Idiot.

Underpants THINKS He Is Gonna Name Their Baby - *I* Think DU Can Do BETTER

FREE LAND! Go West young men and women.....if you dare.

What Severe Injuries Have You Had?

Does everyone have a cell phone?

Public Library Hires Collection Agency For Overdue Books

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary.

Spattered Blood From Woman's Brain Gets Into Eye of Medical Assistant

Post evidence that non-human animals are intelligent or wise.

Best Hip-Hop album of the 90s

I don't get why Pacino wears that stupid hat in Cruising?

An airline story.

Ooog, I watched "Kadosh" and "Sid and Nancy" the same day

OH this is going to be SO COOL, STAR WARS TRAILER link.

A Question for Duers. Has anyone ever heard of Quick Star?

"Meet the Parents" Actress Dies ....

my mom is going to a doctor named....

curious package

Favorite mid 80s Video Game?

Roll Call: Boston DUer Gathering-Saturday, March 19th, 2 PM

SHIT, we just found out that a colleage died suddenly

Thread in's just confusing? Is it serious?

Question about animal abuse!

Evolution, Creationism and Animal Rights.

Sheep can get quite emotional.

Great news about Mila!

Persecution, foolish pride and martyrs

My sermon (UU) on the rise of fascism in America.

Twelve Steps for Recovery from Fundamentalism

Do non-human animals have souls? What does your religion say?

Brownstein on Health care reform path - California Healthcare Recipes

3 More Charged In Vicious Santa Fe Gay Bashing

FINAL PUSH: Volunteer for pro-equality candidates in TOMORROW'S ELECTION!

From the anti-gay fundies at Article 8 Alliance, Massachuetts- March 13th

Tennessee Lawmaker Reverses Course & Wants Gay Ban In Adoption Law

Saudis Behead Gay Couple

NY Med School Refuses To Back Down On Gay Ban

Conservative Politicians Rejected In Gay Marriage Suit

Court Rules Against California Ban On Gay Marriage

Civil Unions Would Drain State Coffers Connecticut Govt. Report Says

IRA Turning To Attacks On Gays

CCHA Hockey; Buckeyes, you do this EVERY TIME!

It's Delaware St. all the way this year

Now that the NCAA brackets are out, who is in the NIT?

**The official Oakland vs. Alabama A&M thread***

Guard Carl Krauser of Pitt doesn't know where Idaho is on a map.

Who's up for a weighted NCAA pool?


If your cat tasted like chicken, would you eat her?

any astrological take on our new bands debut show? March 17th

Hours of fun!

Oooh, this is good stuff. chart on bush budget

Infighting got you down???

JK NEws over the weekend: Bankruptcy Bill Amendment

Mass. reps wait in the wings as Kerry mulls future

This is the last straw. How could we vote for thisman?

Tom Tomorrow on the bankruptcy bill

If Kerry runs for President in 2008

Time so Save the Arctic Refuge

This is the very first article when I was ABB then made me think re: Kerry

So If it's Monday, where is my Sen

JK on CSpan again,

Joe Biden can kiss my shiny metal ass

Here's a guy who had a bad day

Keith is out for the entire week! March 14th-March 18th!

My heart is broken ........

Warning: Ethics-Free Zone (Washington Post)

Dean in Trenton at Marriott tomorrow night..fundraiser.

Put on your tea-shades and enjoy- Bush gets "hep" to drug lingo!

Besides Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Condi

I do NOT want Roachman Delay to step down

bush scandals

This was on my internet homepage as Breaking News...credited to CNN

I'm especially disappointed in freshman congresspeople voting for the bank

The Patriot Act .Could someone please explain to me..

Your money or your life? Hm-mmmm.....let me think a moment...??

White House Unhappy With New Chinese Law - Scotty speaks

America - A Police State In Progress?

Can Democrats propose a Sense of the Senate proclamation?

9/11 Group Retains 'Swift Boat' Media Team

What's TODAY'S lie?

Time: Bush's Bomb Thrower - John Bolton loathes the U.N.,...

Bill Maher rerun on HBO now...central time

Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer Statement on House Ethics

WP: Warning: Ethics-Free Zone

Gov. Arnold will be in Palo Alto this afternoon for tweety's show

Wonkette operative at Gridiron Dinner — Bizarre!

Did George W Bush give Brian Lamb a call to support his SS plan?

Watchdog details confrontations with Ridge

neuroscientist has wired the human brain to a computer.... frightening!!!

"What have they promised you for helping them destroy our country?"

Take the Polling Report poll: "Are we headed in the right direction?"

The Democratic Dictionary

Oil's Not Well

More info plus a video, slides on ANWR now up on the NRDC website!

Sen. Conrad (ND - Dem) - Just Scared me to no end on * plan - SS & US Econ

My LTTE in The Day: Bush Not That Much Better Than Saddam

U.S. State Dept wants student newspapers to publish propaganda

If we didn't have a Social Security trust fund??

Sen Bingaman (NM D) slamming * on No-Child Left Behind short falls

Isn't this just damned special!

Do you think that the dems are too scared to speak

My LTTE - printed last week.

How can "average" people tell the difference between "fake" & "real" news?

Do you believe the official electoral result was an accurate sample

HBO Documentary on Air America - March 31st

If Bush has been right, then who's been wrong?

Sen. Boxer - stand firm against Republican efforts to open up ANWR!

Biden aide sentenced for embezzling $400,000 for "fantasy life"

Sen. Ted Kennedy (MA D) is becoming a hero of mine, Cspan2 Education

Las Vegas Casinos supporting Republicans

Zell Lieberman still thinks you can compromise with sharks.

Once again Scott McClellan press secretary for BushCo is...

"The Spoils of War"-How and why Halliburton stole billions from The People

Condi Rice said Karen Hughes to be nominated for Under Secretary

Framing the GOP

Is the Bush Regime actually in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood?

UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination

Congress Mulls Cutting Food Aid to Poor instead of cutting farm subsidies

Will Keyes take on Mfume?

ANWR Update: Cantwell to Introduce Amendment to Remove Drilling Provision

Stop Arnold Contest the vote petition

Battle on Teaching Evolution Sharpens

* doing the "Dead bug."

Liberal Bloggers Reaching Out to Major Media

Vote to add Bingiman Amendment finished - 44 Yea, 49 Nya

Re: Bushco and Fake "News"


Anyone hear about Anthrax being found at the Pentagon?

possible VP choice in '08--Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana

DeLay stench won't go away!! Time mag coverage GREAT!!!

The inability of Dems to properly gerrymander shows how weak the party is

Will Dems EVER Expose The Right's Big Lie: A Monopoly of Original Intent

Who's ready for a "deep cover" assignment?

MT Dem Gov re-opens famous Butte bar

RAMSEY CLARK - Former US Attorney General - The Charlie Rose Show TONIGHT

I think I have an idea where this party is headed in '08 (Biden/Lieberman)

Comedian in chief

Wounded in War: The Women Serving in Iraq

Can we say "Sen. Mfume"?

Anybody just see Bruce Reed on Inside Politics?

In a speech at the John F Kennedy library

"Why aren't we doing anything?"

Clinton a third term?

STOP - Action on ANWR NOW

The Neo-Cons have a Scary Site that Names Leftist and their "Crimes".

WH: "Beware of Potomac Fever" - drink more kool-aid!

I'm tired of cheap junk products from China, how about you?

Co-Sponsors of the House Bankruptcy bill.. 83 of them. Some Dems

Sen Paul Sarbanes (MD - D) - * tax breaks to wealthy reason for problems

Breaking: Karen Hughes tapped to win the hearts and minds of the

Why don't Americans demonstrate more?


Why the heck is Biden going after other Democrats.

Former NPR newsman Bob Edwards says dissent stifled -

Chomsky v. Perle's a new colonialism

Bumpersticker in NC: Voted Bush and Now I Get No Overtime Pay

Remember how before the New Deal, FDR ousted all racist Democrats?