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Archives: March 13, 2005

NYT-Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News

Glass houses: U.S. rights report seen in a mirror (Sac Bee)

Bush Names College Physicist New NASA Head

The Unsuccessful British Privatization Experiment.

Short-changed by history, Africa deserves a hand up

Dissenting Iraq War Veterans Speak Out.

Kristof Responds

Converging U.S. Navy aircraft carrier groups ...

7 days to Iraq War Global Protest - LA and OC meet-up

CALIFORNIANS: Does anyone want to come to the foothills for the protest?

3-19 Chicago: Call for legal monitors and pro bono defense attorneys!

March 19th Chicago Coalition Events

MSM fails to note Private Account failures in Britain/Sweden/Poland/Chile

Dollar damage surfacing in corporate Europe

Skinner: Are there any pictures of you around here? We would all like to

How do I access archived info from Election 2004?

Possible image removal/edit?


I don't believe in the death penalty, but support life without parole

ARTICLE: Exit Poll Madness ... This deserves it's own thread.

Steve King...

How do you think the Vikings will do this year?

Strib: Pawlenty has to hold fiscal & social conservative line to move up

What do you think of Amy Klobuchar for US Senate?

Anyone going to 19 March activism in Houston?

Bankruptcy protest

Oil Exploration, Seismic Testing And Mass Whale Beachings -Recent Incident

Every day, I pray for the Rapture...

Headed for another disaster. Syrian troop our of Lebanon mean

Gannon? Former Biden staffer sentenced to prison for campaign-fund theft

Another murder-suicide in WI...

A rose by any other name (flame bait)

Laura Flanders on AAR...going after bankruptcy bill.

What's worse, regarding the silly tussles regarding the 10 commandments?

Terri Schiavo is DEAD

In the long run will the Bankruptcy Bill help or hurt the credit card COs

Saw a great bumper sticker in Colorado Springs today (You'll love this!)

My daughter's view

Terri Shiavo [insert flamebait here]

OHIO U. is only 6 games from the national championship .......

how is it that conservatives who won't trust the gov't to spend tax money

Has anyone else noticed a rash of newbies lately?

Looting at Iraq weapons plants after invasion - NYT

Terri's Parents won't heal until they accept Terri is gone.

How many here think homeland security is real in view of court shooting

Leave No Child Behind Forces Schools To Give Military Addresses and #'s!!

Surprising CNN poll numbers.....Is Democracy Spreading in Middle East?

Sunday talk.

Welcome back, boys....back to the USSA.

Oxyrush now plugging a hotel chain

"The wind is strong and can be messy, just like Freedom"

Starve to Death, Kill, Murder. Empty Shell. Oh the power of words!

Are people reacting more strongly to the Nichols case because of his race?

About Hunter S. Thompson's death

Get this... You can take out "second mortgage" loan on your car!

Gun terrorism out of control. Repuke solution is comical

I like Ike.

Why Is This Nichols Murders Story National News?

Beanie Babies for Bombs?

Who coined the phrase "War on Poverty?"

Announcing the new CSPAN WATCH group

Minor rant: Atlanta Killings

Predictions for 2008! Hillary versus Condi..........

Iraq Weapons Looting - NYT Is Two Years Too Late On This Story

Why is Brian Nichols Getting None Stop News Media Coverage?

Policies of the Bush Administration in a nutshell.

The Dems didn't lose because of vote fraud.

Pretoria sheds past with a new name

Don't Lose Your Ass

2006 backlash (poll)

So if Biden or a Biden staffer is Gannon's "bottom" then it's blackmail?

Could Africans have traveled to the Americas before Columbus?

Rolling Stone's Ode to Raoul Duke and Gonzo Journalism.

Is Technology just Nature? Are Man Made things really Natural?

Sen. Clinton's Statement on Bankruptcy Bill

Who here would want to be kept alive if they were a Vegetable?

The Democratic Party needs a platform

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 19

The US Government - Schizophrenic with Homicidal Tendencies (RA Wilson)

Terri Schiavo shouldn't be starved....

The future of the Democratic Party beyond 2006.

Could this idea work?

People Who Were At The Westfield Protests

25 year old MONSTER has sex with 15 and 16 year olds!

Have you guys seen this? Broadcast Journalists Fire Back

I'm Cancelling MBNA - Are You?

My Dad got the long knives out tonight...

wakemeupwhenitsover - your puff pastry recipe...

Do you have a recipe for ...

Experts say bird flu can't be beaten

Bird flu could become a global threat to humans...Chicago Tribune

Preventing A Bird Flu Outbreak...

Recent bird flu is reminiscent of the 1918 worldwide epidemic.....

Finland prepares for possible global bird flu pandemic

Civil Rights Leaders Urge Extension of Voting Rights Act at March

NYT: Looting at Weapons Plants Was Systematic, Iraqi Says

American troops stole millions from Holocaust 'Gold Train'- Duplicate

DRC: The Challenge of Piecing Together a "Failed State"

Anger at MSPs’ priority for life-saving flu drug

NYT: News or Public Relations? For Bush It's a Blur

Bush Names New Ambassador to Iraq

Journalists lampoon political insiders (Gridiron dinner)

Iraq weapons plants looted after invasion

CIA: Egypt Helped Iraqi WMD Program Used Against Iran

Hundreds of Neo-Nazis March Through Streets of Dessau, Allied Bombing Ann.

Pandemic fear as bird flu infects nurses

Short-changed by history, Africa deserves a hand up

U.N. Faces More Accusations of Sexual Misconduct

Ten terror suspects under interim control orders (UK)

Birdflu pandemic may mean some stay home to die (Mods, not same as..

OPEC May Allow Pumping Above Limits

Looks Like Someone Connected McGwire With 'Roids

Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

`We will not sit idly by,' president says - TW

Prof accused of plagiarism (Churchill)

Greenspan warns smaller banks' weakness

NYT/Reuters: Montana Governor Sets Off Fight With Call to Bring Guard Home

Dems Mull Primary Roles of Iowa, N.H.

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged News

Actor Warren Beatty to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Raise taxes

(Ark.) Ex-trooper (of Clinton fame) sentenced for lying to FBI agent

Official: OPEC Has Reached Output Limit

Judge Blocks the Transfer of 13 Detainees From Guantánamo

Nicola said, 'You are free. Come with me.' Then they shot (new info)

Don't use Britain as model for Social Security, official warns

Human Rights Observer-American Soldiers Linked to Afghan Prisoners' Deaths

WP: Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions

President's Calif. Campaign Chief Explores Run For Governor

Big fireball over Portland, visible from N. California to WA state

DU Bears...Are any of you coming to TBRU in Dallas next week?

God, how I miss Lowell George. Sitting here watching >

Anyone else think Marianne Faithfull is starting to sound like Snoopy?

Slice up a banana and put it in your Rice Krispies

HELP!!! can't get on Air America Website to stream...

I'm worried about drunk barber

Oh shit.........

Is it just me, or has master baiting improved greately over the years?

I got mildly rebuked on DU a while back

some cute baby warthog pics

It's 8:11 PM EST, I know where my children are...and now they are

Hillary Clinton gave Terri Schiavo an abortion!!!

It's my post number 666! Bwah-ha-ha-ha! BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!

The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

Why hasn't the PTC attacked these flaming men?

Bruce Willis 49, seen groping Lindsey Lohan, age 18

quick: Is spearmint the same as mint at the grocery store?

So I just knocked on this hot woman's door who lives in a trailer near me

Do you keep your resume posted on job sites all the time?

Do you or have you put an age limit on potential meals?

Radical Activist won't post to me. He doesn't like me. He's a meany!

Your least favorite musical (stage and/or movie)

We dried the sugar glider in the dryer!

"SuperChristian II"

Am I an evil woman who will use her womanly charms to destroy the earth?

I'm thinking of becoming a brunette.

How's this for a six thread?

How long does a bottle of opened wine last?


I like veggies.

I miss Kephra

the dirty old man who lives down the street just knocked on my door!

whew, just back from GD.

Alright, what brings you to the Lounge this Saturday night?

I'm worried about Samuel Barber...

"In ancient Rome/there was a poem/about a dog..."

The best instrumental piece in the world is:

It's warm, breezy and the sun is setting

My husband just found out he has a CRIMINAL RECORD...oohhhh.....

Which Hologram is the bigger smeghead?

Think I'll open up a bottle of Jesus Juice and have a glass

Bouncyball , I shall call you Saint Patience

He's Gooooooonnnnne.... What went wrong? Uh..

Bob Dylan album for tonight...Planet Waves...

If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier...

Terri Shiavo [insert flamebait here]

ANNA rules!

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise

Dream a little

Vancouver is counting palm trees now

What's the shelf life of veggies in my fridge?

I am two inches from the end of my rope.

If a man has brown hair is he a brunette or what?

Can you get an overuse injury from a recliner?

Wait, $70,000 for a trip for 2 to London? Damn, did he stay in Buckingham

Think those dang gnats are gone!

i am graying very fast

You know, I was meant to have domestic servants

Woman! Wuh - Man! Whooooa Man!

Where can I order an "If you're not OUTRAGED" bumper sticker?

I post too much!

Rev Acts is such a flirt

Is it just me, or have frozen vegetables improved greatly over the

To JimmyJazz, progmom, and Rev_Acts_04....

Help Me! I am trying to buy used/discounted CDs online...

Does anyone have a really fudgy, chocolaty brownie recipe?

Who to believe?

Dr. Hook


Why are they called Cyclones in the Pacific and Harricanes in the Atlantic

Kleeb left me for Catholic Sensation!

Listening to Tool's Lateralus.

The Big Sleep is on TCM, right now.


Get out an old CD you haven't heard in ages, and jam to it.

Which of these TWO Tool albums is better?

Can you imagine the freepers discussing Kerouac at their site?

Cat Shoots Owner

What the heck is this dude? (aka who the hell is domokun?)


It was a good day

great rube goldberg type device....

What wine goes with popcorn and olives?

OMG, how do I sign up EVERYONE in the Lounge for this service...?

Funky Soul Singers on PBS

Anyone interested in going to the "Mike the Headless Chicken Festival?"

What champagne goes with Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey?

What movies are y'all watching tonite?

MMMMmmmm this is it, Irish Creme

I did an 18 mile run this morning. Only 10 weeks until my 1st marathon!

What hard liquor goes with Guacamole Doritos?

I want a beer

MAD TV showing a sketch right now about M.J.

Nachos and cheese or Cherry Garcia?

SNL Is Doing Daryl KAGAN and Rick SANCHEZ

Good night all *hugs* I'll be back on Monday *wave*

Batman's Greatest Boner

Since no one responded to my "Planet Waves" thread...

"Cheshire Moon" - An Original Poem by ZW

You say, I cannot get there from here, baby

ho-hum, what a night. (caption if you wish)

Worst midnight snack ever?

I need an intervention

I have a question for any of you computer afficianados:

Right now on my radio show, I'm playing Marvin Gaye's "Distant Lover."


W00T = We Own the Other Team

Robert Kennedy Jr. is posting on GD!

Gorged on Sushi :)

"How To Get A Free Pizza" by Floogeldy

My son's feet hurt. New shoes, lots of walking. Help !

Who was your barber when you were kid.

Best Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavour?

The best modern computer innovation has to be the

Hey, my brother is here, and he's thinking of registering.

So what is your CAMP (satire) movie?

SNL does Daryn Kagan: "Your boyfriend is Rush Limbaugh."

Do we have a grief group here at DU?

Lewis Black is hosting the Randi Rhodes show on tuesday

Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

Favorite West Wing scene anyone?

Who is running straight veg oil?

The Belle kids gave their mommy a stomach bug.

Birth Name: Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac; Birth Date: March 12, 1922

Clarification of something

DU GEEKS: Juggernaut VS Doomsday, who wins?

a couple of cat pictures (at CatWoman's request) (DIALUP WARNING!!)

OKAY. So remember I went to Spain last year and never posted pictures?

Math and Science are bullshit.

My daughter's view...

Iron Chef: Sci Fi; Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?

Just got home from an evening with the future in-laws.

something to look forward to: spring: (photos inside)

Pictures of me when I was a little shit.

Is the earth flat or round?

Has anyone else really enjoyed "Red Dawn"?

i've been sober for one week

What was/is the name of your college dorm?

Why Did Jesus Have To Die On the Cross To Prove He Is God?

Finland prepares for possible global bird flu pandemic

Pandemic fear as bird flu infects nurses

Bird flu could kill 2 million Britons

Bird flu could kill 2 million Britons

Bird flu could kill 2 million Britons

Mass. residency lawsuit update

OHIO U. is only 6 games from the national championship .......

Randy Moss is in love

Syracuse University: Big East Champions

I saw Pee Wee Herman on a cross yesterday...

The chat is still up, if you want in

What brought you to DU?

A Cry for Freedom in the U.S. Senate

Chaffee and Ben Nelson on Meet the Press: Who's more liberal?

Freep their Poll: Vote FOR public funding of PBS.

The best tactic to fight Bush on his Social Security plan...

What Are Our Moral Values?

Who said this ??

What if the Democratic Party moved to the center right ...?

One big thing never mentioned on Social Security

If Biden Paid Back What The Credit Cards Paid HIM....

Who has a litmus test on who they vote for

Ponder Dr. Thompson's analysis of recent political history.

Tom Daschle Running for Senate In Maryland or Minnesota???

Christopher Flickinger Kerry/Edwards Bumper Sticker Basher

Laura Bush's running down a boy by car in Texas in 1963:

"WesPAC - Securing America" is now ENGAGED

Nursing Against the Odds: The Workers' View - book review

More Excuses (WP Sunday editorial)

Bad news - we are way past our 'extinct by' date

Sorry, I'm Keeping the Bonus Anyway

Univ of WI ad angers abortion critics (bring morn. after pill on spring

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

Keith Adams (BBC): Syria looks to life after Lebanon

Broder - A Bankrupt 'Reform'

Eric Margolis's take on "democratic elections" in mid-east

Virus threatens bullfighting season in Spain

NYT ED: Mr. Bush's Stealthy Tax Increase (Alt Min=a big middle-class tax

An SAT Without Analogies is Like: (A) A Confused Citizenry...

Restore public faith in the FDA (St Pete Times)

Inside the Committee that Runs the World - The NSC and internal conflicts

Salman Rushdie: Keep religion out of public life

$225 Billion and still no exit plan

Attorney General Gonzales should revisit Ashcroft FOIA memo

Government video reports blur media ethics

Why Bolton is not the right American for the UN job (Keith Suter)

Big Bucks Bully Bankruptcy Bill Through Senate

Is Bush really implementing a full-court press on media?

With more older troops on battlefield, Army sees rise in noncombat ailment

Head Shot : Lifting the Veil on the Sgrena / Calipari Incident

Anti-UN Bolton is a hilarious ambassador (Ivins)

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

Malkin and freeper-wannabes blame courthouse shooting on victim!

"Only he who attempts the ridiculous...."

Maid for Harvard? (divisive implications)

Announcing new CSPAN WATCH group

Take a minute to support troop withdrawal.

Here's yet another petition calling for impeachment

Tom Fenton on C-SPAN2 6pm Eastern

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

Greenspan warns smaller banks' weakness

over 65% of over $1 mil inc returns pay NO Alt Min Tax as GOP protect rich

Wyo weighs in on wind power

Bill jump-starts study of new power lines

Afghanistan's Lethal Squalor - $27B Needed, $13.4B Pledged, $3.9B On Hand

UK Government Backs Down, Will Adopt Tougher Carbon Standards

Health, Tobacco, Oceans, Smuggling - Treaties Don't Matter In Bushland

RP Biologist - Reforest Islands Or Face Environmental, Social Collapse

Toyota Highlander hybrid

Montana Waits And Waits And Waits For Rain

Investment in Wind/ Energy (Fund/Stock)

Nothing on the air?

Can you post my Radio Show up at the Listen Live section?

I'm with gollygee on this one

Maybe there's more than one Robert Kennedy Jr.

Why was this thread locked?

regarding this thread..

How do I put a line break in my signature?

SOme pages within this site


Why did my post get moved to the lounge?

In my opinion international reaction to the possibility of

Perhaps an odd poll-related question

Question for the Administration

Thomas Friedman"New Signs on the Arab Street" NY Times March 13

Hamas, Fatah Backers Fight Over Elections

Israel to uproot settlements

Youngsters say ‘no’ to army

Hey, I know this guy...

Nevada: what type TS paper trail?? & why Nev. activists thought K won?

List of state and national actions needed to keep our votes safe

Sunday 3/13 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread


Lynn Landes, this is for you. almost finished, looking for suggestions and additional

graphics explain difference between VVPB and VVPAT

Georgia activists rock (& educate): Paper trail for voting not a cure


Matthew Hirsch (San Francisco Bay Guardian): The nonprofit gold rush

San Francisco Chronicle (3/13): State may get compromises

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

Iowa reading

Anyone else wish Vilsack would run for a third term?

Gronstal Nears Decision On Run For Governor

The Mass Democratic Party still doesn't get it

Windows XP Home for $40 After Rebate

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

I am disgusted beyond belief

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

Bill would give state part of radioactive waste profits

John Edwards coming to Milwaukee April 2nd.

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

I don't understand why

I wish people would get off Skull & Bones

Samantha Bee in Lebanon (Daily Show)

Something that really fired me up

Coming Soon: Y2k World Consciousness regarding Dollar Fall

Cut Food Stamps so they can Help Rich Farmers

Saturday Night - Ask Me Anything

Want to see how concerned Americans are about Social Security?

More proof of Election fraud.

Angelina is the Real Deal

Hariri reportedly assassinated to make large US air base in

Whats the difference between...

I asked this question on another thread BUT warrants it's own thread

When will the middle class wake up? "Mr. Bush's Stealthy Tax Increase"

Should I hide some money under my mattress (or wherever?) I'm

This disgusts me.

CSNY: "Almost Cut My Hair" song -

Little Known Groups that have Great Potential

'Sleeza's on MTP....

Classic Tractors. Cool

Can you imagine an American conservative congressman doing this?

Bushco is raping the world - Congress to investigate baseball?

Sound familiar?

The baseball investigation is absolutely farcical...

Bionic US troops go back to war

Is there a two tier public opinion system in operation in the U.S.?

Faith Based Prisons.....good article

Saw Motorcycle Diaries last night. Someone has got to stop us!

Thailand agog at tale of Princess Baby Fish and the flea powder poisoning

Priest from Pennsylvania writes home for reinforcements to save souls in S

Why would people who would never wear fur wear diamonds?

Cartoonist has idea to solve two problems

Foster home turns youngsters against falsely-accused parents

Hartford Courant: Groups offer teens counterpoint to military recruiters.

The March of Folly.

Look What Happens When You Say No To The Iraqi Resistance.

george bush & Charles Manson never actually killed anyone.

Military Steps Up Recruitment- "Yeah, but I don't wanna die."

Gang-raped and pregnant, these women thought their ordeal was over when th

"How are you going to pay for it, Mr. Bush?"

Poll Shows Concern About Gov't Secrecy (7 out of 10 are concerned)

An Interesting Reminder for everybody

If men Congress(men) got Pregnant

Does religion incite violence? Jihad, crusades, religious wars?

Welcome to the Soviet US

smirk's traveling torture show - Gitmo wretched to be moved

Okay, I heard this from Randi's sub, Sam Seder


did Gannon attend this Baptist church?

Guys, help me out, please

watching CSpan on the Social Security talks

A discussion on Syria, Lebanon, and Beyond on Sunday Salon at 12p cst

Ltr to BookTV Re: CBS-Shrub National Guard Story

New Bankruptcy Act versus Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act

‘That’s me, a marine, a murderer of civilians’

The town that sold its children

Dollar catching Asian flu (The snowball's getting bigger)

PHOTO needs caption: bush*/condi affair.....

interesting Memphis telephone calls

we need a progressive network

The Lessons of Vietnam, Republican style.

NYT-Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

The February Harper's Index is out.

Details About the Sect Involved in Shooting at Hotel Church

Did WE pay for Pigboy and Daryn's "lovetrip?"

Count the "Bush looks zoned out..." threads as the lamest/worst of DU

How bad is the Economy in your part of the USA?

Targeting Giuliana

"he'll never escape and kill again" as a death penalty rationale.

Did George Snuffleuppagus on 'this week' call Conartist Rice...

"White House News Forgeries Widespread"

Why do the righties feel a need to talk over anyone

Edmunicate me about "spreading democracy"

PAX Televised Last Night about God, Bush & GODLESS DEMOCRATS

SS is like "whole" life insurance -- not just insurance.

Unlimited protection for your house in some states(bankruptcy)

"calling John Bolton a diplomat is like calling Jack the Ripper a surgeon"

A Duty to Disobey All Unlawful Orders

U.S. latrine in Iraq attacked by friendlies....

Don't Fence Me In...... (Beyond Framing)

Charles Krauthamer

Conspiracy Theory Made Easy

What we've lost

Bush's Kiss Of Death

Republican boys date Democratic girls....

May we call them fascists NOW?

Josh Marshall Speaks True Dinkum. Again.

What if Bush was right?

6 days to Global Protest - 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq Invasion

Did anyone see the Discovery show on brain trauma/comas/vegetative states?

Journalist on cspan referring to the fact that America

Vote - Newsweek live poll and article

I was compelled to write to the New York Times Editor

"To Die For" (murder in Afghan poppy replacement program)

Photo of Terry Ratzmann

Fish eaters suffer ill effects of toxin

ATTN: DU mother's and daughters....PBS is runnung a wonderful

SF Chronicle reporter's FOIA request dates to 1981

Peak Oil..

if Bush ran against Jesus, what would his ads look like? . . .

If you randomly kill 4 people, does that mean you're mentally ill?

Here we come Iran....

Congressman Bernie Sanders on MM now!!!

Have any of you heard the latest poll no's for pResident evil?

President Hugo Chavez waiting for USA to announce that Venezuela has WMD

A woman is gang-raped by six soldiers

Congressmen who accepted contributions from Porn Industry

Ex-judge jailed for using cough medicine (Nyquil)

Comatose man allowed to keep job.

Two U.S. Contractors Killed in Iraq...Job hunting? Check out this site.

"This is the year we get LOUD. Hold on, be strong, and start fighting."

You know if we f*ck with China

John Kerry coming up on C-span, 6:30 pm for 1.25 hrs

If human are better than animals,

Here's that picture again .....

Royal Caribbean "Explorer of the Seas" - U of Miami Rosensteil Labs Cruise

On live at 6 pm CST: Sunday Monitor. Topics: 1-CIA insider. 2-Enron.

Credit cards. I just got the strangest call from India about

50% + of Alabama public school kids live in poverty

Where does the $ from those "Support the Troops" magnets go?

if Delay goes down, that means a show on Fox and more

Introducing dLifeTV: For Your Diabetes Life March 20 debut

CNN: Do you think gas prices have peaked?

Death Penalty for Brian Nichols ??

Another Churchill (My Response to the Ward Churchill "Controversy")

DU this Poll

Joe Biden - Hope he is in the scandal or not?

Craig Crawford Skewers Bush the Bubble Boy!

Anyone know? Can you do an FOIA to a broadcast news organization?

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

Wics. Gunman Said Angry About Losing Job

We will be able to live to 1,000

Corporate owned government, medicine, and "news" media - who loses?

It's been 1571 days since Dick Cheney's last heart event! . . .

Barbara Boxer vs. Hillary Clinton

FL>>>>>Is this a Threat from right to lifers?

Corporate Media silent on Wisconsin massacre?

I Found (Suspected Wisconsin Church Killer) Terry Ratzmann's Website

"Sunshine Sunday" US Govt not releasing records....fighting back

My mom made fun of Jim Gibbons to his face!!

Can we condone tortue under any circumstance?

'We've been blessed': Video games with religious themes gain audience

Churchill and the Kurds

Once and for ALL....DO YOU want to be kept on this earth?

Are Federal Judges and Agents Being Taken Out by Programmed Assassins?

FR posters at each other's throats (Rice "mildly pro-choice")

Worst RW talk-radio station in America?

What do you think of all these steroids corrupting our national pasttime?

Key facts about the Nazi Holocaust

So who wants the Empire tamed, and who wants it to end?

So if someone looses their Job and they owe $50,000 and cat pay

Funny there are no photos of Terry Ratzmann in any of the news stories

Euthanasia - should it be legal?

Why the bankruptcy bill will fail, maybe disastrously

Double Standard alert - Assaulting Governor Dean.

Bush's Horse Killers (you know it's stuffing someone's pocket)

I live in another world than this wing of the party.."Advancing Democracy"

A call to left wing true Christian fundamentalist firebrands.

Campaign contributions of the REAL porn industry

Man goes on rampage, kills over 100,000

Just what is it that the U.S. has to fear from China that we...

Terri Schiavo- Educate Yourselves Already!!!!

PURE GENIUS from TOM TOLES (yet again!)

My neighbor acros the street has 4 "Support Our Troops"

OMG...bush* looks fazed-out, arriving for church today PHOTO needs caption

Converging U.S. Navy aircraft carrier groups in Middle East!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you support bilingualism?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

U.S. unaware of realities of Iraq war, vet says

Is Bush guilty of treason?

Exactly how many "just wars" would you consider the US to have fought?

Marching under signs that read AMERICANS AGAINST BUSH'S WARS

Planting herbs

Any other Nutella nuts?

wow...can't this woman be charged with perjury or something?

Bird flu could kill 2 million Britons

Bad news - we are way past our 'extinct by' date

Man Kills 7, Self at Wis. Church Service

Bush Pokes Fun at Himself at Press Dinner

Looting at Iraqi Weapons Plants Was Systematic, Official Says (NYT)

Exclusive: McGwire juiced - sources

WP - Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions

NYT: Montana Governor Sets Off Fight With Call to Bring Guard Home

Iran Nuclear 'Nightmare' Very Close, Israel

Update.....Report: Security cabinet authorizes plan for strike on Iran

Looting at Iraq Weapons Plants After Invasion: NYT

Funeral held for Queens GI killed in Iraq

Key Iraq weapons plants looted (More invasion screw-ups)

Untimely Deaths in Ukraine (LA Times)

(UK's) Howard Backs Reduction in Abortion Time Limits

Multiple carrier task force steaming towards Persian gulf

Europe Questions CIA 'Renditions'

Angry crowd kills police officer in southern Mexico

Syria to Decide on Withdrawal in April

'Ghosts' scare off Malawi leader

Rice fuels rumours that it’s Condi v Hillary in 2008

Malawi's president flees haunted mansion

Europeans may sue CIA

Forty Britons end lives in Swiss suicide clinic

Virus threatens bullfighting season in Spain

Two U.S. Marines wounded in Afghan ambush

Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

Ivory Coast rebels hold New Zealand "mercenary"

Talks on Iraq government fail

The art world's biggest spender is 'placed under house arrest'

Analysis: Bush Shifts From Social Security (LOL : Tough Times For Chimpy)

Africa's bid for UN seat gets a boost

Iraq oil pipelines attacked

Hizbollah rallies Lebanese against foreign meddling

(Delay) Money:So Where Did It Go? (internal e-mails obtained by NEWSWEEK)

North Korea warns US-SKorean military drill could result in "actual war"

North Koreans baulk at war games

U.S. payments aimed at Iraqis' losses

With more older troops on battlefield, Army sees rise in noncombat ailments

AP review: Gov't reducing access to info ("immensely troubling clampdown")

Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant

Israel probes human hospital experiments

Pretoria sheds past with a new name

AP Review: Gov't Reducing Access to Info

Man Rejects $1M Offer on Schiavo Treatment

U.S. Gives a Cold Shoulder to Treaties

U.S. 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Talks, Iran Says (Reuters)

Britain on election terror alert

Return our 'stolen' crown, Thai thief begs US gallery

Blair Caught Short

Chinese say it's Hu's army

"White House News Forgeries Widespread"

E-mail on affair with boy disputed: (is email to 'minister' confidential?)

Secret FBI report doubts al-Qa'ida can stage 9/11-type strikes in US

Pissing contest shuts down ethics debate

Iran puts seized UK naval boats on display

Bush Attacks Social Security 'Scare Ads'

WP: Partisans Gear Up for High Court Fight Ahead

Security workers die in Iraq

Salman Rushdie: Keep religion out of public life

Ex-Judge Jailed for Using Cough Medicine

U.S. Congress Keeps Low Numbers (poll / Ipsos AP)

CNN: 2 U.S. Security Contractors Killed In Iraq (Other Iraq Developments)

AP: Judge Blocks Guantanamo Detainees' Transfer

UK to 'run out of gas if cold snap continues'

US to release three Guantanamo detainees

US 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Negotiations-Iran (Reuters)

Newsweek: (FBI to Delay) Money: So Where Did It Go?

Children receive spiritual healing on NHS

Court to decide if Dean's papers go public

Five Iraqi civilians wounded in US chopper attack

Two US Workers Killed in Roadside Bomb Attack

Update: Church Shooter Said Upset Over Sermon

Childhood obesity on the rise in rural America

WP,pg1: Casino Bid Prompted High-Stakes Lobbying (Reed, Dobson involved)

Cardinal calls for lottery boycott

AP Review: Gov't Reducing Access to Info

Condoleezza Rice's visit advanced by a day (India trip)

Iran demands more US concessions

(Rice: Our view of Hezbollah has not changed) Transcript for March 13

In Mosul, Insurgents Have Become Road Warriors

Rice Says She Has No Ambition to Run for President

Seattle PI: Across U.S., citizens fight for records

Tick Tock: The Social Movements' Strategy Unfolds (Bolivia)

LAT: U.S. Gives a Cold Shoulder to Treaties

Honduran Protest against FTA

'Heresy' of female Jesus divides Italian town

White House Acknowledges Iran Intel 'Hard to Come By'

Illegal drug trade hits new high as users total 200m

LAT: Northwest's Winter Drought Sets Stage for Long Summer

Dropout recruits raise Army quality concerns

LAT: Irritated Iraqis Wait for Change (risked lives to vote, but no govt.)

U.S. May End Up Scrutinized at UN Human Rights Meet

Overhauling Iraqi security forces could cause collapse, analysts say

Spain 'cracks $300m money racket'

Talks on forming Iraqi government collapse - U.S. soldier killed in Mosul

Poll: 7 in 10 Worried About Gov't Secrecy

Zarqawi planning US attack

Limits on military recruiting proposed

Marines driven out of UAW lot (No foreign cars or Bush bumper stickers)

Kennedy won't meet with Sinn Fein leader (No St. Patrick's Day meeting)

(Alaska Sen.) Stevens says he may quit if ANWR doesn't go

China's President Tells Army to Be Prepared for War

Flu bigger threat than 9/11

What would YOU name a black one-eyed female cat??

Anyone else watching Last of the Mohicans ?

Mmmmm ice cream!

Least qualified "celebrity" college instructors ever?

Heavy metal opera debuts in Norway.......

TombStoned ? re: my buddy list. I'm a sucker.

I might join the Being Human Party

I just got done watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

I wanna be a producer!

Some end-times bedtime reading

thank goodness for CC radio

Is this heaven?

Kleeb set up a chat

Has anyone been to the WW2 memorial?

Announcing new CSPAN WATCH group.

Congrats to DUer "Blue_State_Elitist" OC League Champ

whatever you do, do NOT reply to this thread.

Good night ya all...

Your fantasy booty call is going to hell, Kirk Cameron says so.

We're all living in Amerika...Amerika ist Wunderbar!

Just curious Who here met his mother/father/son/grandparents on DU?

What is your experience with rebates? (warning: somewhat boring thread)

"Forum Identity Disorder" --- I've got it and it's getting worse.

Random notes from the Vegas Strip...

Should I cut my hair? What's for Dinner? Is it snowing where you are?

Do you have an

I saw FIFTEEN deer on the Pennsylvania Turnpike tonight!

Just Curious: Who here met their worst nightmare/stalker/pervert on DU?

Hello, my name is Johnny Cash

I have now started watching the second season of 24. Ask me anything.

I asked this before.....did it ever snow in florida ? ever ?

Hey Kirk Cameron. This song is for you.

My daughter's boyfriend is in the hospital

Pointless drawing of mine

Scottsdale Arizona...I can't believe I live in this suckhole.

Saturday Night - Ask Me Anything

1960 newspapers

My fucking roommate

Are we there yet?



Is it normal to drink another animals breast milk?

So there's this guy, do you understand?

ZZzzzz ZZZZ ZZzzzzz ZZZZZZ zzzzzzzz ZZZZ zzzz....

Never Have I Ever...

I've been waiting to post this all night. PLEASE EXCUSE ME

Is that Hootie in the Burger King commercial?

Must log off!

Best weekend vacation idea for a single 20 year old guy?

what country are you? online test.....

Having a talent for invective is a mixed blessing at best.

Kirk Cameron says you're going to hell.

There is a polar bear plush toy in my brother's guest room

Are you a " droner " at work or at school ?

Are you a " stoner " at work or at school ?

I just realized I don't want my family making medical decisions for me.


OK I'm back from Buddy Guy

Anyone see Das Experiment? Is it based on the Stanford prison study?

Who hasn't slept yet? Who has just woken up?

Good night DU!

Kick this thread!

Wake up Maggots!

Classic Tractors. Cool

What Democracy Means to Me by Johny Carson...sorry if it was posted earlie

Anyone See the Clapton/Blues Gig On PBS?

How cool would it be

I'm starting a Peterman reality bus tour. Ask me anything.

Animals that eat their young

*sigh* I am starting to understand you lizards.

Thailand agog at tale of Princess Baby Fish and the flea powder poisoning

Who doubles down on 12?

Julio Iglesias accused of landgrab with 1,500-villa holiday complex

I finally got a job

why are professional kid pics so CHEESY? (pic)

Squatting on a fortune

DU this poll.

"Starbucks Gossip" Somebody has to monitor America's favorite drug dealer.

I'm Gonna Get A Quick 18 Holes In Then Work On My TAN Today!!

is it just me

How do I donate my old cell phone to charity?

Okay, the fun's rover.

Did you ever think about how all roads are connected?

OK, the gum's over.

Recommend some good spring break reading!

I'm cheating on the New York Times crossword puzzle - ask me anything!

Have you ever seen

Anyone here know how to cook

Has anyone seen The Grudge?

Get yer pancakes here! Zomby's got the griddle goin'!

How can you tell a guy is going bald?

Favorite part of a cold / flu?

Which of these ten Led Zeppelin songs is the best?

Local news puts this year's snowfall (out around my house) at 107"+

Opt your child out of school-based military recruitment.

Seriously do I cook

When someone says "wicked pisser", what does "pisser" mean?

Irish Mental Health Hotline

If I put beano in my beer will beer stop making me farty the next morning?

Which of these ten Zeppelin songs is better (part 2)

Sirius just had chemotherapy #2. Some very good news!

So do any of you guys like animals?

Jim Morrison - A "Living" Legend

Which of these ten Van Halen Songs are the best?

Anything better than a relaxing Sunday morning?

One of my 6-day old foster kittens is very sick

>>Pics of my dog Coca<<

Why do I like John Denver????

Did you just say we need to get back to the ship?

You guys... this is a riot! BTW techie help if possible???

Gun control or Fun control?

Don't piss kittens off.

Mrs. Whiskey Name

Which Van Halen Song is best part 2


I feel sorry for Summer Jensen, 15 minutes of fame fireball quote

I feel sorry for Jensen Healey...worst 15 minutes in UK sportscar history

How come nobody ever told me that they sell WHITE peeps?!

Tweed & Thomspon: Liberal Radio on from 12-2 CST

Suppose you're thinkin' about a plate o' shrimp.

I'm Diggin You (Love You Like An Old Soul Record)

Sunday Morning Super Hero Thread

"I hear birds singing outside of my window"

Why was the word "funky" so popular in the 1970s?

You know something I never did "get"? "You like-a the juice, eh?"

How do you like your dog?

Your pet's favorite toy

Eeek! I'm an environmentalist, but I liked dirt biking!!

Why would people who would never wear fur wear diamonds?

Caption this face in crisis

Snow in Southern Colorado!!!

Anyone heard Garbage's new single?

Swank fights $200 customs fine

George Bush has begun a humanitarian effort to help with....

Between November and March, did Salmon prices skyrocket?

If everyone except "Rapturists" went to Hell, would it still be Hell?

Do you rent to own?

I am going to PM Bouncy Ball

Anyone have an extra Gmail invite?

Would you date an Orange?

I'm not on anyone's ignore list

RaginginMiami, try to PM me, ok?

I'm not ignoring anyone, but I'm heading off to the Calle Ocho block party

Any recommendations for blog sites?

How often do you check for replies on your postings?

Somebody's going to emergency, somebody's going to jail

What should I post about?

weird cell phone call

Special DOGS ONLY poll: Drinking from the toilet...Normal or Bad Manners?

Special DOGS ONLY poll: Ska bands: Madness or Bad Manners?

Is Google's gmail racist?

I kissed the sky and then I got a cold sore. Ask me anything!

Anyone get offended when they realize they 're on someone's ignore list?

Does anyone get offended if someone doesn't answer your P.M.s

My body is NOT a wonderland.

XBox Live and wireless connection help needed

you know what I think?

Does anyone here use OS9 and Gmail...

What did you wear under your High School graduation gown?

LOL! My dog is learning a new trick!

Do you rent or own?

Who says men age better than women???

I just got a haircut...

I just hate new country music

My man got me a dragon!!!!!( remember Valentin's day?)

Has anyone seen the Pawnbroker?

"I almost cut my hair!"

Wow, I just cleaned my car - Finally

I'm on spring break....

Gannon Wrinkles, Part 362,798,874,456,122,305,544,127,432

my 12 year old took the new SAT yesterday...does anyone else know...

Musicians: I got an earworm from my email notification sound.

Did Matcom post this article originally?

Well...I'm going in for a 16 hr shift. I hope I come out the same.

Who here collects fantasy stuff?

Star Trek trivial trivia!

I don't like College Basketball Establishment's bias against

The definition of 'gravimetric'

Tinfoil hat time!! My conspiracy theory about the Georgia shooter!

The Son of Pollen has arrived

I'm leaving DU too ....

MrScorpio's Double Turkey Burger Supreme

Connectiut-area DUers: I'm unemployed and lonely. Wanna get together?

is there any way I can get Internet Explorer to open .asx files

What's the most unusual piece of furniture you can recall?

DUers: How thick is your skin?

What music do you like to work out to?

I spent all night throwing up. How are you?

What do you guys think about Stargate becoming so Star Trekky?

Let's put the next 117 years into proper perspective....

Green Day.....

Who here is going to DC or NYC on March 19th?

is there anyway to get opera play midi files on web pages?

I await every subsequent episode of 24 with baited breath.

Where was the President when you were concieved?

What is your favorite ASCII character?

What's hanging from your rear view mirror?

How long until peak oil shatters our economy?

I'm leaving

Help me please I am 13 posts away from the 1000

What's your mood today?

I'm leaving DU.....

Dear MrScorpio...

I'm not leaving DU....

I am leaving DU also

Can anyone point me to threads that sum up the whole Bev Harris thing?

Why is there no Beatles music listed in online music services?

Yup. Elitist selection committee screws small programs, yet again

The state of Iowa hit the trifecta in the NCAA tournament.

If someone has no profile, how do you know if they've been given a pizza?

Is there something non-stereotype about yourself?

What's your favorite fat-quantity of milk?



Hotel Cable:

Help me identify this music

Who died while you were President


Dihydrogen Monoxide, the noisy killer

Am I on anyone's ignore list?

I have Gmail's to give away. PM if you want one.

In my best Bert Parks voice: "There she is...Miss Free Re-pub-lic."

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

*ahem* "There once was a man from Nantucket"

FYI: George Lucas on 60 mins tonight

Would you date a Green?

Who was President when you died?

Do you ever get homesick?

Be prepared to say AWWWWWWW! (Pet Pics)

Gimme a team to go for in NCAA

Ok I wanna travel this summer when I get time

Does the Burger Tsar commercial mean that Hootie has sold out?

Pet Sounds: Album Targets Music-Loving Dogs--NPR story and SOUNDS

Which top 5 schools are you cheering for in the NCAA tourney??

Do you know of a movie more powerful than this?

Please help me

Mmmmm.... homemade guacamole

Good Afternoon people.....

I hate summer and I live in Florida

How do you like your baked potato?


what does this picture say to you?

What's considered bad form on DU?

Myers Briggs Personality Types, who's in the house? (continued)

Sometimes, reading the threads OP in the Lounge

Look what I found: an Oasis font.

Anybody ever take the Myers Briggs?

How Long Did Your First Marriage/Civil Union Last ?

Soylent Green: Better than Soylent Red or Soylent Yellow? Discuss.

What music are you listening to?

So I'm listening to some of my old CDs - mainly Celtic stuff

If you respond to this post, then you're a LIBERAL!

So what do you know about the real Amityville story?

Adult Swim: Destroying Television, Toon by Toon - NYTimes

The first part of my book is finally up...

Simon and Garfunkel? Who here remembers them...

If I speak Latin, does that make me less sexy?

how do you like your man?

What is this - Modest Mouse, Deathcab for Cutie, Postal Service, Iron

Did the sun used to appear yellow, and now bright white?

Have you ever taken an Enneagram Test?

Myers Briggs Personality Types, who's in the house?

Calling all cowboy wannabes! PBS reality special - Texas Ranchhouse

I wish progmom were on the air everyday

Serutan spelled backwards is...?

More groovy old RKM pics

Does anyone here own a pot belly pig?

Geeks, chime in here!

how do you like your woman?

Who was the worst vice-president ever?

What wouldyou name a white two-eyed male cat ?

Elvis' physical decline (WARNING: a bazillion pictures)

I lost my friend last night

Who was president when you were born.

Ever see a post, and it's all in english, but you haven't a clue what

Confession of a bad vegetarian Pt. 2 - My car has leather interior.

I guess I've been vegetarian too long

Priest from Pennsylvania writes home for reinforcements to save souls in S

To All Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Gnostics, Whatever, Everybody

No getting stoned in new Bible

Unveiled: the clean queen of the sea

Fireball over Oregon - Sat. March 12 from which shower?

A wedding photo shot from the Right

Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings

"This is the year we get LOUD. Hold on, be strong, and start fighting."

Report: Jeremy Giambi admits steroid use

Steriods good - marijuana bad.

NCAA bracket printout

For College Football and now Basketball. The Message Seems to be...

The Contender

Let's bitch about the women's selection committee, and their annual butt-

Duke, North Carolina, Washington and Illinois

What Is A Pet?

One eyed foster kitty is driving me crazy!!!

PBS is running a program that fits right into this forum....Dr.

How to rid myself of negative energy

End Of Faith

A Little Afternoon Sunday humor...

Insult to Injury: Veterans versus the Department of Veterans Affairs

Drinking Liberally

Distinguished American award rebroadcast CSPAN - Sat 3/13 6:26PM

That's me hometown!

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

John Kerry on C-SPAN RIGHT NOW!

Can you tell I'm getting miffed?

Hey, check ths out. JK gt a good rating

Skull & Fucking Bones!

Drugs and Photography DON'T mix

KOEB Thread Archives - January 2005

SNARKY thread - Explaining the ILLUSIVE WORD so often associated w/ KO...

Ask Senator Kennedy to save our courts

Bush may cut FOOD aid instead of FARM aid.

The National Government regards Christianity as the foundation of our nati

PFAVoterFund is paying for tons of Pro-Bush ads on CNN

So, Are Debtor's Prisons Next?

U.N. just short of declaring a humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan!

Announcing the new CSPAN WATCH group

DNC had radio ads on for hours a day before Bush visit to TN.

Now who's running "scare ads?" Check out this baby from GOP 527 group!

In Enron's undoing, the devil's in the details

Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip

There were FIVE SS rate increases during Reagan/Bush

Why is Thomas Friedman so out-of-touch with reality ??

WP - Sunday Talk Shows

Bush Executive Order: Billions of Tax Dollars for the Church/State

Hand-picking nominees: a recipe for disaster

U.S. foreign policy- hypocrisy on steroids

China Plans to Cut School Fees for Its Poorest Rural Students

Anyone else watching Leslie's play-by-play of JP's ride home?

Did a federal agent ban anti-Bush signs in downtown storefronts?

Compare these quotes and leave your thoughts.

Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader Social Security On-Line Poll

Does protocol allow the United Nations to refuse the credentials

Veterans Cheer, Veterans Boo

Battle Splits Conservative Magazine

Longest Lasting FOIA Request Now 24 Years Old

Condi tells TimmyWhore: "I Will Not Be President Of The United States.....

Is 24-hour news coverage a bad idea....?

Bush and Democracy Around the World

Bush turns to old pal for PR

Please read!! Stop Republican Debt Slavery Act in the House

Aristotle said this

The Right reaches out

Watchdog Details Run-Ins With Ridge

Colorado Springs considers open carry of guns in govt bldgs

This Bankruptcy Bill hurt the Red States worse..:)

There is a live vote on the Newsweek site

Third World Here We Come

CSpan's Book TV "Bonus Army"...great show ! Must read !

DNC & the party platform


wow - Hariri murdered so smirk can have airbase in Lebanon

THE SIEGE 1998 movie with Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington

Kerry's on CSPAN (6:55east time)!!!

CSPAN 3/13/05

18 Democrats who oppose abortion sign letter to Dean as chair.

"Someone up there needs to grow a spine and

What! Nobody has started a discussion thread about Condi running for pres

Educational qualifications to be President

Nashville conference on election reform/election justice, April 8-10

Sound familiar?

Nightline's show on bloggers last week...transcript, video clip.

got a strange call today

What is your degree of political involvment?

Kudos to Wash Post's David Broder for today's column: "Bankrupt Reform"

What is up with Time magazine speculating on Zarqawi's attack on U.S.?

Cheap shots, bad jokes from Bush: The Gridiron Club 2005 Dinner

the reign of witches

Do you support the DNC?

fundamentalist christian goes on shooting rampage - you wont believe why

how to take back the rural/hunter vote

Tsk, tsk, Teresa. Paranoia doesn't become you

Is George W. Bush dumb?

Orwell's dystopia in '1984' coming true?

Proposal: Let's run economists in '06 and '08

Speaking of "one-issue" people....

Russ Feingold