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Archives: March 12, 2005

A daily look at U.S. military deaths in Iraq (AP 3/11/05)

Dean Slams Bush on Town-Hall Meetings (not American thing to do)

Failure to Count Iraqi Casualties Is Irresponsible, Say Experts, BMJ

Uncle Sam's extreme makeover

Congress May Cut Food Aid, Not Farm Aid

Playing Mr. God at the pharmacy counter

Hundreds Rally In Cheney For Churchill

Bernie Ward Archives, New on White Rose Society

China, Greenspan Rub Salt in Dollar Wound

Stop the Pentagon's War On Public Health & the Environment

Lu leads business delegation to Central America

India to give cash to couples who have a daughter

What's with the Easy Money pop up thread that comes up on the homepage?

1,000 rabid jackals on caffeine...

Sorry about the thread - Unintentional Rule Breaking

Is Bev Harris not a public figure?

DU Rules Regarding Discussion of Banned Members

Iran Nuclear 'Nightmare' Very Close, Israel

Cynthia McKinney asks Rumsfeld, Myers about 9/11 War Games

dupe (delete)

forget it.

Will investigating Ohio make Donna Brazile a better person?

KOEB (Friday)

Nederland now agrees: The Recorded votes and Final Exit poll are bogus.

how to frame the merit pay for teachers issue........

letter to LA Times on Arnold's Enron ties blackout

How 'bout those Hawks

The search the the Chimera Lecture by James Randi, Tufts University

Boston Globe Poll: Only 32% Think Romney Should Be Reelected

Who will run for Governor in 2006?

Austin DUers...don't forget brunch Saturday (3/12)

Council delays vote on raising minimum wage - La Crosse

Pain at the pump

Unemployment climbs as temperatures dip

Web site touts Feingold

War protester seeks $20,000 from city

Imagine if somebody said this about Bush

I have this really nasty shrub in my yard. Any suggestions on

Slogans to counter protest xtian right homophobes?

Exporting jobs.

What if Christianity had never gained influence?


The longer you have been a junky,the harder it is to kick

I say the UN will save us.

Had to pause for a grapefruit off the tree and tomatoe from garden...

PFAW wants me the THANK Salazar

DU this Yahoo! article. Give it a 5.

If you don’t have anything to hide, you don’t have anything to worry about

Protest the credit card company's.

Republican "Ownership Society" (Crony Capitalism) Bake Sale

question/comment request

WP: House Ethics Panel in Gridlock (Democrats refuse to participate)

Congress May Cut Food Aid, Not Farm Aid .

Does Canada have a Small Business Association (SBA) like the US? ...

Will there be a backlash when his game is discovered ?

The Unauthorized story of the Bush Administration

Were the Iraq rules of engagement written by General Jack Ripper?

I should be going to a forum for the county Democratic party tomorrow.

World News Trust Needs A Mambo Webmaster-Developer

Another great letter re: "journalists"

Don't you feel sorry for these seniors posing in this picture....

how frame the merit pay for teachers issue................

Victory! Biggest Smog and Soot Power Plant Pollution Cuts in a Decade

The God Pod- Faith Based Prisons

Only in America?

Does Canada have a Small Business Association (SBA) like the US? ...

Who'd you rather vote for?

anybody else keep getting booted off tonight?

Tonight my thoughts have turned to two beautiful but different women

So they can steal a deputy's gun and kill you in Court that easy.

About Michael Griffin, Bush's pick to head NASA--

Well, Mike Malloy just read something that someone faxed in.

Impeach Bush coordinating with Peace Rallies 3/19 Across U.S. -- Join in!

Are We in World War IV?

Who knows anything about Quakers? Have questions...

Women Leaving Information Technology Jobs

Wow, Nancy Grace has been crying. Fulton County is where she

anyone want to miss with american family assoc, take poll

Friday Night Mike Malloy Hoedown!!

Conyers: Bloggers Critical To Democratization of Media

Man Tasered In Hospital Bed, Forced To Give Urine Sample

Sam Cedar AAR

U.S. forces are attacking their allies again!

Read JFK's inuagural speech today...

Former Intel Officer: The US Considered Giuliana a Military Target

Gannon! Guckert! Gosch!

Why did these Senators break from their own party?

CNN - tiny picture of killer - FoxNews - His nostrils fill half the screen

Why not Obama in 2008?

Castelli to Sgrena: stop making "careless" accusations

If peak oil was a nonissue, how would Bushco react?

Bob Kincaid Fans Mosh Pit!

Alright ACLU

The stark reality of the bankruptcy bill is this...

Florida town was accidentally bombed in 1944.....mistaken for Avon Park.

Leno pokes fun at Bush

Bill Maher has drank the Kool-Aid!

Here's your leader, America. Had enough YET? (pics)

A question on bush's Soc Sec private accounts/bankruptcy

Credit Counseling commercials exploded today.

Haven't heard THIS take on Social Security meltdown. Caller on Ed Schultz

maher got sucked into the koolaide........

Bernie Ward Archives, New on White Rose Society

Howard Dean and Wesley Clark are horrible candidates! We should be

anyone just feel a rumbling in florida??

Condosleeza May Be Running For President

Any former republicans in the house?

Remember the part of the WMD investigation to come out after the election?

This Country is gone....first time panic has really set in.............

Is the Bush Doctrine Working?

Need source material that there were not really (m)any Communists

NEW DEMOCRAT COALITION in the House - letter to Hastert

Easy Mexican Style Rice

Favorite recipes for eggplant?

Poll Bad News for Bush on Social Security (NYT)

Rice praises Pakistan's Musharraf despite army post

Florida Lawmaker Seeks Toiletpaper Tax

U.S. Military Detains Iraqi Journalist

Quebec Immigration Experts Want to Make Sharia (sic) law Illegal

U.S. to Assume United Air Pension Plan

Syrian Troops Leave North Lebanon; Only Intelligence Offices Remain

Democrats Are Divided, as Some Back G.O.P. Bills -NYT

Haiti's Prime Minister Yvon Neptune Rushed to Hospital- Critical Condition

Congressmen urge NASA to support Hubble repair

Middle East: Demand For Power and Water to Go Up

WP: Hughes's Return Is a Blow for Rove

More In U.S. Believe Iraq War Was Wrong

DA: No Charges For Removal Of Land Park (anti-bush) Displays

Wrong Penicillin Given to 650 Patients

LAT: Bush Shifts Tone, Praises FDR's Social Security

Man Turns Down $1M in Sciavo Case

WP: Washington Would Have Slept Here (ex-presidents getting B&B)

Rights groups, military watchdogs call for new Abu Ghraib investigation

Oil Demand Rises More Than Expected Straining Supply, IEA Says

CentCom: Soldier killed in Al Anbar Province (#1514)

Boeing Issues 9,300 Layoff Notices

Church group holds anti-gay rally (Phelps outnumbered in Co. Springs)

Congress May Cut Food Aid, Not Farm Aid

WP: Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip

Eavesdropping Agency Warned Bush to Monitor Networks Used by Americans

LAT: China Dons Even Bigger Export Hat...Raising Alarms in Europe and US

Rice Declines to rule out Presidential Run in 2008

Marijuana industry booming in Canada

WP: Social Security: On With the Show (W.H.'s orchestrated SS meetings)

Health Insurers and F.B.I. Say Doctors' Scheme Cost $1 Billion

HeyHey, CanuckAmok--did you audition for Canaanite Idol?

Is any media outlet replete with more romper room rhetoric than student?

Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith police mugshot

Can anybody Beat Robert Palmer?

need suggestions-- I hosted a potluck reception last night...

I just accidentally hit the "mark all" button.

Woooooo Hoooo! One of my sites got a Gold Addy!

How can Air America

I'm depressed because I am mate-less until Sunday... *sigh*

Do you play for that team?

Sad news about Revolutionary_Acts04

I have this really nasty shrub in my yard. Any suggestions on

Yoda is the one!!

I kill threads.

Do you ever use the "mark all" button?

Have You Seen "Robot Chicken" On Adult Swim??

How do you post other smilies??


Are suicides not reported on the news?

Admit it! Which one of you bastards pulled my groin???

Had to pause for a grapefruit off the tree and tomatoe from garden...

Does anyone else think Osama when they hear Obama?


How many here have a false sense that 'what Is posted here...

West Wing is filming in the lobby of my building. Ask me anything!

Do Mob guys get sick days?

Easy Mexican Style Rice

Would you run for elected office?

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Donuts!!!!!!!!!

Here's looking at you, kid


I want to start a flirt war. I never get to start any flirt wars

Self Delete

Wow!!! I have not received a PM since March 3rd....

How do you like my Catalonian black ass?

I'm in a shitty mood. Ask me anything.

I want him! I want him! I want him!

I recently found out I am not pure European.

Who has American Indian ancestry?

If life were like Match Game, which celebrity would you be?

I wish I was a tapper.

What's your trashy name?

Free To Be You And Me

OMG!! Nancy "Nostrils" Grace alert!! Atlanta murders story!

Extra-Special Poll for Pimps Only: Do you accept Bush as one of your own?

I got back from a week in Venice today. Ask me anything.

What's for dinner?

Help me fix something to eat. I've got avocados, tomatoes,

sexercise is good therapy

Those nasty gnats

Once again, the neigborhood animals pay me a visit.

Whoa, when I woke up this morning

So who else is experiencing some March Madness???

aww man I didnt know it had been 60 years since my most famous relative

Listening to Aerosmith "Get Your Wings".

The first time ever I saw your face...........

How is it that a few people have the time to post morning and evening

WVU in the Big East Final........WooooooHooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Exercise is good therapy.

What sounds more appealing.

Maybe I will survive

Best Law & Order series


What sounds more appealing?

Bingdang babadada bling blang

There's something WRONG with my friend

My name is chip

I want to start a flame war! I never get to start flame wars!

Who do you love most on guitar, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton?

Ever stayed at an all inclusive resort?

Crap. I suck at posting flamebait. I suck at insulting people.

This is a carry over from another thread. Does RAGBRAI mean anything to

I'm laughing my ass off here

Subtle irony at the HEB

Which Came First: James Brown or David Bowie?

Car sales advice please: 1989 Oldsmobile with 21,600 miles

Jimmyjazz, I can't help you start a flame war,


A cool smiley

The Fit Deck

I just broke out the Scotch. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Why I drive a Toyota:

Battlestar Galactica is on

10 minutes 'til 'Real Time with Bill Maher' (HBO)

Sign up for the world's worst E-mail Address

I love everyone who replies to this thread.

"Highway 61 Revisited"... Best album of all time...

thank goodness Randi returns the March 17

When are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

Security scale glitch causes voice to yell at overweight people

Law and Order Trial by Jury



Seattle DUers - last chance!

OMFG!! JENNA Bush just shed her bodysnatchers skin!

Let Us Now Praise LEADBELLY

I wonder if laughing my ass off would be a good weight loss

Let's fill the Lounge with snow and have a snowball fight!! Come on!!

It's time for some music - what should I listen to?

To all the New Englanders carping about the snow - STOP IT!

To all the carps stopping in New England...SNOW ME!

I hate everyone who replies to this thread.

Lamest attempt ever at starting a flamewar: BIGOTS ARE WRONG.

I like to verb words....

Anyone experience an NDE ? (near death experience)

If you could only wash one body area for a week, what would it be?

Ugh... being a predictable, mass-marketed pig isn't necessarily art.

I hate hearing about what people like to eat


check out this link for some REAL winter weather (pretty too!)

A Canadian Lesbian just threw her Fleece Pajamas at Bill Maher

I like hearing about what people like to drink


A Canadian baseball player just threw Bill Mahr at lesbians!

Official Real Time w/ Bill Maher Thread

Who wants to Ninja Fight? I've got a hidden pocket full of plastic darts

I saw a funny bit the other night - you can do a whole * speech with ...

Please don't hate me.

My kid wants some Puma shoes.

Pulled into Vladivostok

Is this permissible in the bedroom? Check in with Santorum

Listening to AC/DC's Highway to Hell. Ask me anything.

I hate fucking Camille Paglia

I have a Fantasy Baseball draft in about an hour...

Lounge medal ceremony

OMG! This Robert Shaw album is AWFUL!!

"Herman's Head"? Who else loved it?

I've never seen a Star Wars movie

What happened to DU poster HEAVYHEART

Just wondering

Is this pic legal in The Lounge?

Happiness is a Labrador

I fucking hate Camille Paglia.

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear Every Time You Are Near?

Here's what happens when lizards leave the lounge!

I spent the evening in the hospital. Ask me anything!

I'm going to see Interpol in 1 hour!

For Those who have to work Saturday and Tonight I am sorry, BUUUUUUUUUUT

I'll ignore everyone who replies to this thread.

Jesus Christ! Does the History Channel ever NOT show Modern Marvels?

George Bush is Rosco P. Coltrane

Spectacular (space pic)

What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Spring Break is here !!! Yippieeee....... yeah !

I dont know how to flirt

Please do not hate me. But for the people in the North East...

Shiity week anybody got a even semi good joke?

Leaving for London and Paris in a.m. Any last minute advice?

It kinda looks like Bill Mahr is morphing into a Neocon.

Damn. Broke my glasses. Now I can not see very well.

Magilla Gorilla

"Desolation Row" song ever?

I fucking LOVE Richard Belzer!

I just watched every episode of Arrested Development season 2

How long do oral stitches take to dissolve?

The McCoys should not have written "Hang On Sloopy"!

Who's up for a round of protesting on Mar 19th in DC?

Today is the 1st anniversary of my GAY wedding.

Having a record collection can be a real pain in the ass!

what do you think about jealous spouses?

Left-handed DUer's check in here please.

Country music fans... a question

Backstroke lover always hidin' 'neath the covers

I need your help ladies (and men) of DU, who have fashion sense...

Generic flamebait

I married the biggest lame-o

What song is so good it gives you chills?

Life in the UK.

WOW, talk about your very serious nutjobs

Good vegan gym type shoes

Should we start paying mothers who have abortions?

What if Christianity had never gained influence?

Assessment of Options for Extending the Life of the Hubble Space Telescope

Someone knowledgable please sonic boom- causing sesmic

The search the the Chimera Lecture by James Randi, Tufts University

Have any of you thought of getting a gun in the recent past?

Hell yeah, Wolfpack!

They're gonna be burning couches in Morgantown, WV tonight!!!!!!

Go Jayhawks!

Ode to the Older Cat

I am disappointed as anyone is that many dems voted for that bill

Hi. I'm in Thailand.

Fire, did your site have problems


Thanks to greenmutha and Hope for their work

Want a laugh

Congress May Cut Food Aid, Not Farm Aid

"Court Hears Case Accusing Kissinger of Role in 1970 Killing"

New chart is up. Boxer's at +40. Salazar & Nelson (Neb) are at -80

Shift to moon-Mars focus affects 2,680 NASA jobs

Do a land trade and the grizzly gets it (Hunting Grizzly bears in Alaska)

Watchdog group finds $12 billion of pork in defense legislation

Okay what happened politically today that the news is not covering?

It's Friday afternoon. What was this week's bad news dump?

I got a letter from James Carville today.........and it said

bad advice

Dems have won 1st legislative victory ("Clear Skies Initiative")

Republicans against SS "Reform" should be very afraid of BushCo...

Congress may Cut Food Aid to Poor, but Not Large Corporate Farm Subsidies!

MTP: Again, Another Rebeelzepublican-Heavy Guest List:

Financial management organization says quiet goodbye (thanks *...)

Why does the MSM allow Bush to use phony issue of receiving SS pay check?

Please watch. Anti War 2 - BuzzFlash - Depleted Uranium

Man I am happy to see the House Dems shutting down the ethics panel

Forbes (2000): Technology Heralds End Of Clinton Era

Airline pilots cite continued aviation security gaps

Everyone NEEDS to watch this Each Day. AntiWar - Buzzflash

2006 Senate races

SS is just welfare for the old.

Let's celebrate being resilient, persistent warriors for humanity!!!

An impeachable offense?

Two Americas

Daschle could move to MN to run for Dayton's seat

Anyone see Lou Dobbs-he ripped bush trade policy a new one.

ANWR Vote on Wednesday !!!!

To all people who supported Dean

If Dems are excluded, the GOP should pay for Bush's townhall meetings

Dem. Leaders Actively Recruiting Anti-Abortion Candidates, Forcing Out

Let’s Talk About ...You Know (Harvard Crimson)

Pension plan is some 'inheritance'

The Corporate "Ownership Society"

In Ownership Society, watch who owns you

Iraq Envoy's Got Oil On His Resume

Corp. Media Lies and Gullible People Die

Ill-will Ambassador

The American Taliban

Collector of masterpieces vanishes from art world

Orange County Weekly: Shoot a Republican: The Sequel

Class Warfare- Why aren't we MADDER!!

Former Intel Officer: The US Considered Her a Military Target

Will the world boycot US products -- wait a minute! What products???

Media duped on dope story

Iraqi Calls Arms Looting a Tightly Run Operation -NYT

Congress today seems blind to its oversight duties:JOEL CONNELLY

Bush cheats those he owes

Stephen L. Johnson Would Make Dr. Goebbels Proud!!

A left-wing liberal talking about how Jesus answers her prayers

Across U.S., citizens fight for records

Dead People Smoke Camels

My propaganda essay...

"environmental movement is unable to win on even its very top priorities"

Haiti: the forgotten milestone in Bush’s crusade for “freedom”

Bobo the nearsighted pundit! Latest pusillanimous outrage from Brooks

The gospel of the rich and powerful

The fight for open government extends even to small cities and ...

"John McCain Hypocrit "...McCain/Feingold Reform a Scam!

Naomi Klein (The Nation): Can Democracy Survive Bush's Embrace?

Rally to back troops, oppose war

Major Nepal parties gear up for massive anti-King protests

"Blogshine Sunday" tomorrow, 3/13: SAY SOMETHING

50 arrested as cops bust up student protest (UQAM)

10 arrested in anti nuclear demo (3/10 - Scotland)

Veterans and families will protest the war (Fayetteville NC)

Students Protest Cuts in Parlier (High - J High / CA)

WP's Mike Allen on intiminated Reporters treating bullshit as credible

WSJ ed lies again re:Clinton rendition/torture policy& Sudan Osama "offer"

Media ignores report on GOP institutional abuse in 108th Congress -Why?

Orange County Weekly: Ex Cathedra: Northern Exposure

Fox Hannity/Colmes sell Bush/Gale Norton lies that ANWR drilling needed

Wash.Times Amy Fagan joins CBS in lying about Social Security projections

Excite's Political News or Opinion

Bob Schieffer's CBS Evening News debut starts with lies about Social Secur

China cut US dollar reserves last year

Union chief: Sarbanes workers' friend

In Biden's words....

Tech Staffing firm fined 5M for H-1B VISA staffing

Tax non payers face drummers playing non-stop outside homes (India)

Bush Economist Mankiv exposes his being moron - equating add on 401k's to

From today's New York Times editorial page, U.S. trade deficit

Tank car filled with acid leaks in Utah; no one knew which acid.

I'm sure we are all aware of this...

Eastern Canada's Forests Still Hammered By Acid Rain

Norton & Hannity's Parade Of ANWR Lies - Media Matters

They are warming up the drills for ANWR

Senator Boxer: ANWR Must Remain A Priority

Protestor vigil as GM ends electric car production (Burbank)

Thailand Declares 10 Drought Disaster Zones - Wells, Rivers Drying Up

Conservatives go out on a limb

Why Hasn't This Thread Been Locked?

Disruptors in GD posting pornographic pics right now...

Never mind - silly mistake n/t

How do you get Cat Hair off of a suitcase?

Kudos for removing the unsubstantiated O'Reilly story from

are discussions started by members who are later banned always locked?

Hi, Skinner.

HEY Mr. skinner, Please More Accurately Define The Rules For LBN...

FWIW, Skinner...I think this is Very neccessary.

The "we promise to behave pledge."

Can we have an "I'm Leaving DU" forum

I'd like to start up a collection on DU, and I wanted your permission

Can we have people put on "Tight-ass probation"?

please remove following from front page

Just one favor, please...

If a poster posts flamebait "Goodbye, DU, I'm leaving you" threads

how do I post an image?

How would I know if someone has me on ignore?

I'm glad that O'Reilly rumor thread isn't on the Home Page now, but it is

My signature stopped working. I usually sign my nick with slashes.

Hi. Just a quick question...

What in the world is an "RSS/XML Feed"?

ignore list

sKINNER! Second Time To Ask This Same Question!

UA 93: Very strange Winfield quote

Don't ask me why I'm here on a Friday night...

Well one public official goes down with election fraud...

Cliff Arnebeck on Air America Radio NOW

Saturday 3/12 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

?????? Questions, answer the ones you want

Republicans continue efforts to make it harder for students to vote

LA city clerk's decision to re-ink ballots in mayor's race criticized

Another E-voting flub...IN WISCONSIN!

the other election reform: dangers of statewide registration systems

When computers fill out your ballot FOR you and voters "verify" it...


Event: Santa Cruz Movie showings tonight

How is everyone doing in here?

Rhea Perlman facing fine over donation to Schwarzenegger

What the hell is Tim Penny doing??

FOUND THE PROBLEM! (Mobo trouble from while ago)

I knew I could benefit from a tornado.

I'm in PC Hell this a goofy printer problem!

Yo' Mac Heads, Gotta few questions for ya' !

Analysis: Texas searches get scrutiny

SB 31 Would mess with the success of Texas Grants

Who watches their local news? Idea for a project

Excellent Peak Oil Lecture - Dr. David Goodstein - Caltech Lecture Series

What the heck are these things???

possible central location for a future North Tx DU supper/gathering

Corpus Christi municipal elections

houston election contest update: story raises new questions in voter mgmt

Contact Reliant Energy-they contributed to DeLay's legal defense fund:

Why are all the car dealership ads so cowboy like?

Hear That Train A Comin'

Major shooting in Brookfield - Breaking News - 5 dead

DU Bill Maher

This chimp* impersonator on Leno is hysterical!!!!

Not angry yet? Check out this "Satire" on Salon

Please watch. Anti War2 - BuzzFlash - Depleted Uranium

Needa little caption

Just think, they may get a democracy just like ours....

AOL's new terms allow it to own your AIM messages

Good News: FERC rules against Enron

I want John Kerry in charge of the Senate

Updated my vidclips page

The bravest woman on Earth:

Maher did slam the bankruptcy bill

Government Documents on Terror . . . (Freedom of Information Act)

The pro-Divorce, anti-Family act

Well, we know why Brian Williams was chosen........

Someone knowledgable please sonic boom- causing sesmic

Some people hear what they want to hear....

boycott Kevin Tracy

Secrets of ex-Nazi's Chilean fiefdom

Invade, Conquer, Occupy, Steal, Murder, then, FINISH the job.

The young men dying are better men than bush will ever be.

Trade Deficit Hits $58.3 Billion as Chinese Imports Surge

we live in the age of the lily-livered, (liveing in a pusillanimous age)

I ONLY NEED 58 Posts to make 1000! ASK ME ANYTHING

Want to know what Bush's version of Democracy really means?

Tight Airline Staffing Leaves Little Room for Error

Orange County Weekly: Whirlybird Brained

PM's Sinn Fein policy 'untenable'

Live web cam of Calloway Gardens - azalea capital of N. America

who will have the stronger turnout for anti-war demos March 19th?

National Sticker campaign:

Charlie Jarvis-Karl Rove link?

At last, a tribute that does justice to the scale of the Holocaust

A lesson to learn

and now, Schwarzenegger forged news videos

Shrub Will Have to Face Helen THOMAS at Gridiron Tonight

Texas to Raise Taxes on Poor 5% Lower Taxes on Rich 3%

Global Warming and Other Eco Myths

Afghan prisoners tortured and killed by US soldiers....NYTimes

Do all businesses work on a 30% profit margin?

Caption Poppy's Civics Lesson: Respect the flag!

I need a list of all Liberal groups

How do city/county bonds work?

Orange County Weekly: The Cuban Solution

Seven days until the 19th. My bags are packed. Now I am

Nick-Names for Condoleezza Rice

Photo of Poopy... prepare to barf....

The NRA's Hit List

What Democrats are up against in today’s GOP

SUV highway parade on CNN

Just paid off Chase Manhattan


Health Experts Say Failure to Count Iraqi Casualties Is Irresponsible

Steve Earle

Maher was great last night. Do u think he's right about Bush?

Using last nights Bill Maher as a guide, will you support DEMS who

Did Zell Miller see something we didn't when he chose to throw his hat

Was there Unconstitutionality in Kerry's 'loss'?

Australian Politician Goes on record about Peak Oil and Gas ( the US ???)

DA: No Charges For Removal Of Land Park Displays

I've heard a lot of good things about the growing 'war movement'

And CNN is asking why the Feds have taken control of Nichols!!

wtf is gannon-guckert talking about

Using RSS to display headlines on a website?

Expect "major CNN / Fox made up news stories".... the issue is Peak Oil !!

Is America laying on a Thailand beach the day after Christmas or....

bankruptcy bill, good social policy?

Hugo Chavez Appreciation Thread (Chavez Fans Post Here!)

What's the update on O'Reilly? Did he really say judge deserved to die

List of the world's top 10 democracies...and who's NOT on it

Political assassination underway in Orlando....local blogger's take.

nurses and teachers are the best: standing up to Wal-Mart

Anyone drive a Chevy Equinox??

The real motivation for Hariri assassination?

I went to a forum for the county Democratic party.

Surgeon who operated on JFK in Dallas dies

Was Brian Nichols a "Sleeper" like John Mohammad?

What happens if I make it to 1,000 posts?

Opinion-Purveyors,not op-ed columnists.

Does your courthouse allow guards to carry guns?

I've seen this scam before but look who they are aiming at now

has a single man ever been president?

Support Your Local Political Artist!

The Last Straw: Boycott the U.S. (PO'd Canuck)

Is anyone watching/listening to Geraldo on Faux?

If I cannot answer a post - does that mean somebody has put me on

Montana Dems try to get health ins. for small businesses - Reps defeat

How will the right exploit the Nichols tragedy?

C. Wright Mills

Biden campaign worker sentenced for embezzlement, money went to gay porn

Dear seniors. When it hurts right here,

Read real story's of how social security has helped people.

A Miscarriage of Biblical Justice

Dell workers walk off job over Prayer dispute

Hey boss, that is NOT a chimpanzee baby!

Credit cards and the coming christmas shopping season

Will US oil companies invest in Iraq with a nuclear armed Iran next door?

Should any government ever be more powerful than its people?

Senator Boxer: ANWR Must Remain A Priority

Wal-Mart uses new tactic to dodge town law

What kind of ratings are Liberal talk shows getting now?

Of Those Killed Any The Government Might Have Wanted Killed?

the original purpose of police was...

"Bad Leadership" on Book TV/C-SPAN2: Bill CLINTON

Let's count the ways the Atlanta Police Department fucked up...

Another Multiple Murder - Milwaukee

How much will Nichols cost Georgia taxpayers now?

Why Is Hillary Considered "Polarizing"?

Only an educated population can support of true democracy!

If passed, when does the new bankruptcy law take effect?

Self Delete

Isn't this issue made for Dean?

Why can't antibiotics kill a virus?

W of the Day-December 18, 2003

How can someone be in such debt?

Social Security threats -- 2 new cartoons

WP graphic: Trail of DeLay's gambling-financed trip to Britain

Need help with information

Interesting article about Hillary's Chances in 08' with some poll results

Insourced Muslim workers walk off jobs in Tennessee

Wal-Mart uses new tactic to dodge town law


The good news rumor is, Bono is being considered....

Terri's husband refuses $1 million offer to turn over custodial rights to

Excellent Peak Oil Lecture - Dr. David Goodstein - Caltech Lecture Series

Is it just me or has there been a change to the thread display?

Could this be More Propaganda to Propel ANWR into the Budget?

don't you think it's ironic that...

Oh noes..could I be a registered Republican?

Supporting the Troops, Bumper Magnet by Bumper Magnet

Some of our Representatives are doing fantastic work, unfortunately...

Check It Out! The Shiia in Iraq Have Hired Their own Mercenaries....

Framing Issues vs Fencing People Off From Them...learn the difference

WorldNutDaily's Joe Farah agrees with the Anti-Semitic Ann Coulter

Many Freepers Would Support Hillary Over McCain

Anyone want to bet how many guards Brian Nichols has the next....

Nicholas Kristof has a new campaign to push

Would you vote for an economic leftist who is socially conservative?

They want "personal responsibility"? Give them a big dose of it!

The man who shot the Judge and the others is a sorry ass piece of shit!

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Robot to build home in 1 day at 1/2 the cost to be tried later this year.

America By The Numbers...We're not #1 any more, Toto.

Outsourcing jobs and Insourcing workers: Report on NOW infuriated me

Oh man, you gotta DU this poll! PBS is the target

Flu 'Oddities

More Manipulation of the Press....Can this be legal?

Americans start feeling the consequences as our troops return home...

SS propaganda

Stupidity is the root of all evil

Video: Clinton Curtis testifies before House Judiciary, Have you seen this

Another reporter "suicided"???????

Did you jist hear what the MSNBC Anchor said about Nicols?

Doughface Nation, What do you do when nobody cares?

All White Male Faces At Nichols Capture Press Briefing


Re: Bill Maher's theory of Bush as Democracy Idiot Savant in Mideast

BOLTON to the U.N. Shrub's Insufferable Arrogance

It Looks More and More Like President Hillary Is Going To Be A Reality

If Gas were $4 / gallon would that affect you working..........????

Has Bill Maher morphed into Dennis Miller?

Elections Run By Same Guys Who Sell Toothpaste by Noam Chomsky

I'm 19 and I think something is VERY wrong with education...

John Kerry only needed one more exorcism...


I'm 16 and trying to figure out my future. Should I move out of the US?

Why is ATF involved in Atlanta

The Avian Flu. For those who think this is just scare mongering.

Did this really happen? Should the bloggers step up?

Proposal for "credit card activism"

have you read THE WHITE ROSE SOCIETY Leaflets?

I got pulled over by a cop for a non-existent problem

Are the religious who harass women at abortion clinics, terrorists?

9 Protesters Facing Charges. What You Can Do To Help!

The Nashua Advocate: The Strangest Gannongate Development Yet

Now Bush wants to take away food from poor families, 300,000 people.

Nice Iraq Video by AFSC : "Wage Peace"

Will women obey the draft?


Barbara Boxer for Prez '08

McDonald's...I'm hatin it. (rant)

Anyone here who thinks Terri shouldn't be starved and dehydrated to death?

Anybody going to bbq this weekend ?

awesome, awesome, awesome enchiladas with mole rojo....

I'm in need of help. I want to make a chicken curry, which leaves me

Wine Recommendations

So what's the consensus on bread machines?

Bill Cameron's demise

The Tories who dare not speak their name

Third of children in north-west live in poverty

Rights groups, military watchdogs call for new Abu Ghraib investigation

(Reuters) Spanish Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden

Bias Against Muslims in US Prisons Detailed

UK Boy Rapist Gets Life (12 year old with severe learning difficulties)

Iraq War Revelation: UK Cabinet Secretary Admits No Full Legal Advice

("Breaking...Usual Practice") Vatican Ethicist Weighs in on Schiavo Case

ABA: Increase court, judges' home security

South Dakota may get stricter abortion law

Report: Money From Indian Tribe, Gambling Company Fund DeLay Golf Trip

Don't cut farm subsidies, cut food programs to the poor..

AP: Four Investigated for Gitmo Sex Misconduct

Hand-picked crowds for Social Security show

U.S. general, 3 other officers investigated for Guantanamo sex misconduct

U.S. Army details Afghan prisoner abuse-NYT

Trade deficit up sharply for Jan.

Group: Withdrawal could hurt U.S. citizens

N.J. Post Office in Anthrax Case Reopening

China cut US dollar reserves last year

Cali cartel boss extradited to US

Ex-Soviet aircraft may ferry Nato weaponry

Negroponte Quits, Bush Names Khalilzad New Ambassador to Iraq

MPs urge Bar Council to investigate advice on war

Collector of masterpieces vanishes from art world

Bush Taps Griffin as NASA Chief

Hate campaign awaits Bin Laden's 'spiritual ambassador in Europe'

Chinese and US demand to keep oil prices high - IEA

US says North Korea need not completely disarm before reaping benefits

PM's Sinn Fein policy 'untenable'

Iraq war advice 'was coloured'

Nuking the spin: Former weapons inspector talks to Raw Story on Iran, Iraq

Surgeon who operated on JFK in Dallas dies

US doctors helped treat Ukraine's Yushchenko for dioxin poisoning

Affair causes Boeing chief to miss $38m share bonanza

Indonesia's crude output falls to 34-year low in February (Reuters)

Washington Post: Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip

NYT: Army Details Scale of Abuse of Prisoners in an Afghan Jail

Seven killed in Iraq violence

Family urges handover of Briton held by US in Iraq

Venezuela Defends Social Charter of the Americas at OAS

U.S. to pay ($25.5M) for seizing WWII loot (Nazi "Gold Train")

U.S. Customs Agent Found Dead in Atlanta

CNN Breaking...Hostage Situation in North Atlanta Apt. Complex

NYT: Dollar's Fall Silences Africa's Garment Factories

19 officers earned over $200,000 in '04

Karen Hughes To Work on The World's View of U.S.

Indonesia's Crude Output Falls to 34 Year Low in February

US army held eight-year-old in Iraq prison

On the way to freedom, Niger's slaves stuck in limbo

China cut US dollar reserves last year

Reputed IRA Commander Here Seeking Support

‘EU not insisting that Iran abandon uranium enrichment’

Poll tests Sinn Fein's popularity

Taiwan's Chen Calls for Mass Rally Against China Law

Feds suggest Enron contracts were illegal

US watches China warily

WP: First-in-Nation Status of Iowa, N.H. May Be Up for Grabs

Gambling interests funded Tom Delay's trip

Former Biden staffer sentenced to prison...

Efforts on Iran likely ineffective

Italy to withdraw troops gradually from Iraq

US Troops Give Tacit Nod to Vigilante Justice-Destabilization

Hitler was great; I can't say more

5 dead in shootings at Brookfield hotel

Fatal ant bites lead to $1.8 million settlement (Nursing Home)

Innocent Children of Hitler's Racial Master Plan Still Haunt Norway 60 Yea

Show's not so 'purrfect' for female forces in Iraq

Democrats Block Ethics Panel Over Rewritten Rules

From Jail to Joy (innocent free after 24 years)

Egypt Aided Iraq's 1980s Weapons Program

NSA alerted Bush to risks of cyber-spying

Syria promises total troop withdrawal

Chruch Shooting in Milwaukee

Assad commits to full withdrawal from Lebanon: UN envoy

Thousands begin re-enactment of Gandhi's protest march

Iraq Office Denies Headless Bodies Reports

CeBIT Attendees Dodge Picket Signs-IBM Workers Face Layoffs

Heated exchanges as German, other critics demand US quit Iraq

Mussolini's granddaughter barred from vote

Warlords blamed for widespread rape in Afghanistan

The tax man cometh — online (WI Gov suggests Internet sales tax)

AP: Voting Bill Leads to Walkout in Ga. Senate

New resting place sought for unclaimed ashes of mental patients

Father on crusade to prove Afghanistan ambush killed CIA officer

Rice Signals Iran Risks U.N. Sanctions

Russia favors Hezbollah role in Lebanon politics

Bush: Much 'educating' to do on Social Security

Foreign Ministers of India, China, Russia to meet in June

Illinois State Senator drafting bill to let judges be armed

First they were soldiers — now they're citizens

NYT,pg1: Drinking Game Can Be a Deadly Rite of Passage

Steffen E-Mails Imply Closer Link to Ehrlich,New Light Shed on Aide's Role

Iran dismisses U.S. policy shift

Personal data stolen in Nevada DMV break-in

Officials Say Iraq Won't Be Islamic State

Europe's plagues helped halt AIDS

Four Anti-War Demonstrators Plead Innocent in Federal Court

Americans were not trying to kill me, hostage decides (Sgrena)

Ukraine Begins Pulling Troops From Iraq

Bush, Dems Take Soc. Sec. Battle to Radio (Roosevelt speaks in dem slot)

As His Social Security Measure Falters, Bush Shifting to Other Issues

Iraq's Children In Shadow Of War

Iraqis find irony in Bush's stance on Lebanon, Syria

Egypt Aided Iraq's 1980s Weapons Program

A Case Study in Postwar Chaos -LAT (fraud involving Custer, Battles)

As DeLay's Woes Mount, So Does Money -NYT

Karen Hughes to be nominated for State Department post

Breaking 6 killed 11/12 shot in Sheraton Hotel in

Brian Nichols has been captured...breaking CNN.....not a hostage...

For U.S. soldier injured by friendly fire, the wounds run deep

Iraqi Calls Arms Looting a Tightly Run Operation

Is It News or Public Relations? Under Bush, Lines Are Blurry -NYT

Fight over Howard Dean papers goes before Vermont's high court

US deliberately kept in dark about fatal Italian hostage-freeing: general

Is DU loading slow for anyone else, or just my sad ass.

If I see the courthouse killer on my way to bed I will let you all know.

I will download TWO songs YOU think I NEED...

Portrait of a GD thread.

I hate f***king you.

Hell with it. I'm starting a Circle Jerks cover band.

how about a safe topic... your fave chocolate cakes!

Nevermind the Beatles...Mark E. Smith is gonna kick LoZoccolo's ass.

Yoou mottha get down with the sickness

There will be no white flag agove my door

I hate you all, ask me anything!

Mou fakka get down with tha sicknes

Here's to delivery drivers

No thread sex.

NM it was the measuring thingie thta I was using

Anyone going to the National Writer's Workshop in Seattle?

good night, DU

About to search the internet for info on old boyfriends. Help!

And the "Funniest signature Graphic award" goes to ......

Yooou fuker get downn with the sickness..

I'm having a party now!!!!

If you are a Young and the Restless fan you should go to this site

g'night all!

Goat Cubes in a bag

So who will win the NCAA championship?

Just looked at the gallery for the first time

I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad.

Does anybody else love The Roches?

Lines-Tintern Abby

Saw a * impersonator on Tonight Show...he really mocked him with

Don't you know the meaning of the word PROPRIETY?

Symphony of sorrowful songs...

Cool Seismic site....Your Tax dollars at work, in a good way

YAY! I am downloading a bunch of albums I can't find ANYWHERE.

I feel a Wilco marathon coming on

Anybody else like getting drunk and cussing at stuff?

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe

Is it true that 'The Rock' has come out as a gay man?

AI is coming,and they won't be our slaves.

I've seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

"Daddy's taking the T-Bird away"... again.. 2005's are the end of the line

Best Yardbirds Guitarist.

Hey Will Pitt - what was your favourite accusation levied your way?

Is there any way to shrink a preshrunk T-shirt?

Good Night y'all

Raising a child to save the world....

Just curious, does anyone know whether Micheal Jackson's ex-wives will be

Nick Drake.............

8 more posts and I am at 1000! Please talk to me!

Revolutionary_Acts04 is also a tease

Would you believe, I'm on the radio AGAIN TONIGHT?!

How prevalent is this "Hooking Up" craze?

How out of it was I today ? : I thought today was MONDAY .

I have Pink Floy'd Hello Hello thing from Dark Side of the Moon stuck..

Radical Activist is a tease!

We got ourselves a live one!

Do you ever just completely zone out?

Alright I must go to bed

I just burned some hair tonight....

OH, CRAP! I just got back from a concert...

how do I add a font to my PC?

"If you see this suspect,please don't approach him."

Am I that drunk or is someone moving furniture?

I like tag team troll action.

Anyone here know the Zen Cowboys?

Una paloma blanca, I'm just a bird in the sky....

All you zombies hide your faces.

Okay, it's late enough...who wants to see my little sister's new rack?


Oh, AND I found out a girl at work's boyfriend is a creep tonight

Late night DUers check in !

Will StopTheMorons comb his hair with a trout

I got a rash in the shape of Matcom on my left butt cheek

I don't want to buried,in a pet Sematary.

Does "security" mean "money"?

1409 Days, 15 hours, 55 minutes--Backwards Bush!

I haven't seen my lawn in over 3 months

Blog T-shirt:

Is there a Consumer Information forum at DU?

I ONLY NEED 58 Posts to make 1000! ASK ME ANYTHING

iTunes users, check this out...

i kiss you!

Brian Nichols Is One Evil Fella

cute flash media from mark fiore

What is the most hypocritical thing you do?

Happy Birthday Mr GoG!

POLL: Favorite SPAM

St Charles County MO sucks....

Cookie Cutter Flame Bait

How old was Wayne Newton when he did Danke Schoen?

You know it's flame bait if...


Could we have a happy DU birthday for my nephew Charlie...

Early morning DUers check in!

non-roman alphabets?

dreamt I snubbed the shrub - ahhh, good mood this AM

Wow - just found a cool jazz streaming site! Coltrane on now.

Music Television

Spelt bread -- anybody have a favorite kind?

Anybody seen "Boogeyman" yet?

What Happens To Minor Tv Stars When They

I burned some lil' shit fuck tonight


I served on a Jury this week, Ask Me Anything!

Anybody seen "Boogerman" yet?

if you'll be my dixie chicken

Finally a club I wanna join - "Mr. Smartass Club"

is "" legit

Johnny Cash is the King Of Rock And Roll.

Mar 12 1888

Has anyone here been to the ZONE ?

i am totally gonna coaltion build

Have you ever picked up dog poop?

When is violence acceptable?

J Geils Band Questions

I haven't done this in a while: Ten Questions!

I am on cloud NINE! .... yes it's another Cindy Alexander thread!

Packed and leaving for airport in hour. See you in a couple of weeks!


i'm listening to skip james, ask me anything

Film star Newman plans retirement

How you gonna make me?

Here's a happy Saturday painting for you

i was jogging through the ruins of downtown L.A.

Calling all DU smartiepants! Is legit?

Just woke up. Bored. About to take my 1st trip to GD.

I want to lick the platter, the gravy doen't matter

bored? gimme some 'colorful' expressions

Is it stealing...

I'm back. They just aren't as fun as you guys!!!

I got locked, & thats fine. But I discovered something rather important.

say the sacred words of praise

It's 12 noon on Saturday, and I know where my kids are. The odd thing

Watching School of Rock....what are you doing?

How I handle online scamsters.

How I handle online gangsters.

Getting bonded...Discuss

Why I might have to quit my pizza delivery job.

Live web cam of Calloway Gardens - azalea capital of N. America

Proposed new term: Threadstalker

What am I thinking about right now?


Spring-breakers in Texas.. a question about goin' to the beach..

David Spade is guest hosting "SNL" tonight.

Why do I hate your music?

I was beginning to think I had a monopoly on idiots!

Some Store Clerk give you the wrong change in your favor

Do you have poisonous creepy crawlies where you live?

I'm outta here, DU.

My kids are gone

I love you guys!

I'm Loving DU

Bidding Auf Wiedersehen to D. U.

England 39, Italy 7 - thank goodness for that

Now they've gone TOO far: Remake of "The Wicker Man"

"There's a terrorist behind every BUSH."

I'm leaving

Martin Denny is dead.

Damn ants!

i NEVER see this on DU:

Not an "I'm leaving" post...

What do people here think of Donnie Darko?

DU Sucks

Leno Tonight Show Jackson gags

Bidding adios to D.U.

Why Is There No Reporting On Michael Jackson's Obvious Pain Pill Abuse?

Would you ever watch a TV show...


Proposal: Anti-Anti-Bob Dylan Group

OK..I leave you guys for one day and look what happens...

I think I heard a new PC/Marketing word this week

Any Planet P Project fans about?

I just had a failed intervention with my sister.....Cheer me up!

Proposal: Auntie Bob Dylan group.

Bidding on Adidas on DU

I'm loving it.

Proposal: Anti-Bob Dylan Group

good bye, farewell, maybe later, or DU forever?

Happy Birthday to Wally Schirra, one of the Original Seven Astronauts!

Sign the pledge. Dear Skinner...

Progmom on the air, now until two.

George Bush. This is for you.

Is there something about you that no one knows? Something you don't like?

The whole campus is sick! I need some advice

Proposal: Anti-people-who-use-the-anarchy-A-and-shouldn't group.

have beepers ever come into the lounge?

I saw a GREAT license plate today!

I've posted a request for a recipe for a good chicken curry

I just finished reading a book that made me cry my ass off.

have freepers ever come into the Lounge ?

I'm leaving DU

Jesus Christ, people. Who let the bees out today?

Pavarotti to record "Smoke on the Water." (really)

I'm leaving Japan! (not a copycat )

Sometime the perfect gift comes along....

I'm leaving DU!

This is not a test.

ozzy story

Does anybody else remember Big John's Baked Beans?

My children are on their way to Paris -ask me anything!

This is a test.

now THIS is what high school students should be doing . . .

Look at them working in the hot sun

What is this fixation with bees?

Favorite Cranberries Song?

What's It All About, Alfie?

Anyone remember the song Mind Bender -- no not the Jerry

Anyone listening to today's MET Broadcast ?

Nobody likes me, Everybody hates me...

A photographic representation of the beginning of my Spring Break

What's a good flavored beer (stout/etc..).

I left DU!!

Interpol just kicked my ass!


OK, the fun has just begun.

beautiful Texas early spring day, time for flower bed work at last

How do you deal with Bush-related stress?

Rorschach, anyone?


I just realized...I made a B in Spanish and can't understand a word of it.

Opus takes on the SpongeBob controversy - (two Sunday cartoons)

My husband just got the official record of his military medals, etc.

DU Gearheads: BBC2's "Top Gear"'s best of... featuring...


When it comes to Halo, I am better than you.

I'm gonna be sedated!

Buddy Guy tonight at the House of Blues

So I see this frog-in-a-tutu lamp in the window...

Are Cling-ons offensive

Cat behavior question

Is 'Chinese Firedrill' offensive?

Spooky Room

Pootie Tang is film making at it's best.

Is Belgian Waffle offensive?

Is 'Mexican Standoff' offensive?

Billy Jack yesterday, Great! Billy Jack today, Corny as Hell!

Is putting laxative in tea offensive to the English

Macro and Microscopic link.

Is Polish Sausage offensive?

PLEASE Help Me Name My Volleyball Team!

Is Fish Sauce offensive?

Heaven and Hell for Europeans

I just saw an eagle with a bad combover.

My dogs speak perfect English, ask me anything

Oh - what's all this then?

How do YOU pronounce "Muppets"?

I'm still in my lesbian quandary and I need help!

OK - even I won't engage in this offensive thing. There's a 1st!

I need computer help...again!

OMG I've never seen so many posts disappear so fast

Root Canal, lalala, Root Canal, lalala, Root Canal, lalala

MORE Spring Break photos, this time with 100% more wet t-shirts!

I just ate a bald beagle

My feet hurt.

name not needed offends bald eagles in his sleep...

Is Scotch offensive?

Vitamin E supplements kill, or so

Anyone ever feel exploited?

Is Turkey Dinner offensive?

General Automobile Restoration Advice And Opinions Needed

I just ate a bald eagle.

Jomtien Beach

What happens if I make it to 1,000 posts?

All right - stop trying to get me in trouble.

Y'all are pretty PHAT!

If I do this right, I can get 15K posts around my birthday next month!

I'm not the biggest supporter of PETA, but I support them going after J-Lo

I remember the times we spent inside the sad cafe.

Eleven Beautiful Deserted Islands

George Carlin's Welcome to the Garden State (1988).

You know, for some reason, I feel like singing Hava Nagila

Public Service Message from Duckie to College students:

The Interview. Could someone spoil this movie for me?

name not needed is out getting chinese food

Post the Irrefutable Wisdom of your Grandomothers

WOOHOO I now have posted 2000 posts

this is so funny, I had to share

Think you don't need Spider Man?

based on a true story

Maggie smokes rocks

The difference between potentially and realistically

I just saw a bad eagle

Should I go for a degree in political science?

Jimmyjazz meets the Wizard of Oz to become a DU flamer. Must see

The coolest post that no one looked at

Fab Five Freddie told me everybody's high

Is Guinea Pig offensive?

I just saw a bald eagle.

Ca Plane Pour Moi!

Do you suffer from...

We need more guns in the world!

are Bouncy Ball, Revolutionary_Acts and progmom the new M.A.T.C.O.M?

What's with the "Is _____ offensive" Threads?

Which city produces better country music?


Rod Stewart, 60. The new Mrs. Rod Stewart, 33.

Do you refill liquor bottles?

You have been selected.

@#!%^*! Snow...AGAIN!

Expanding on the French in WWI and WWII thread

I changed the look of my blog.

Got myself in big trouble last night. Out with a couple couples,

Got an ill-manned son? Here's how to discipline that naughty lad

I Wish You Snowbirds Were Here in Vegas Today - 89º!


Poll for soap opera fans

Christopher Meloni - Harsh Cop, Charming Sociopath or

So, is music getting better?

Anyone else hate their high school/ yearbook photo. WARNING: geeky pic.

You've got a friend in me

Top 10 Dog complaints about humans

Time for a sax thread!

I wish John Kerry were president

Is the term "shanghai" offensive?

So much to do ... so little time

Should I stay or should I go?


I'm going to see The Pacifier today

Does anyone remember Visions cookware?

Blue job placement?

Is it true that 'The Spock' has come out as a gay man?

"On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin!!" Badgers beat Iowa at the buzzer

11 Rottie puppies

I fucking hate you.

*Yawn* I just got up and see it's Drama Queen Day on DU

Do you or have you put an age limit on potential dates?

I just found out (prospective job update)

Faking the Apocalypse

I Hate it When ______________.

So, say I have this friend who had this fling with somebody

It is Lite Brite Time. Everybody Lite Brite.


Need new cookware - mine is almost 30 years old - what is good??

Ok I was bored, what do ya'll think?

Last night I stayed up playing poker with tarot cards.

The timing of the release of the Beatles /Anthology/ items is suspect.

OK, I'll admit it: I like ABBA, dammit!

Is it just me or have you noticed

Have you ever changed a diaper?

Real country music DOES NOT have drums in it.

We had 8 inches of snow last night and my repug neighbor doesn't have a

You know what I never see on DU anymore?

"W" jokes

So I'm recovering from a back spasm and I wake up to see...

I finally talked to the neurosurgeon about my MRI results.

Does anyone remember rubber floor basketball courts?

I've been thinking about starting a Procrastinators Group

What's up pussycat?

Proposal: Anti-Ashlee Simpson Group

I'm so happy! I found "Love Among the Ruins" at the library! Kate Hepburn

Hawaiian DUers--is it Merrie Monarch time yet?

Name albums that came out the year you were born.

Hammock season! Warning: photo may cause extreme envy in some states

FORGOTTEN 45s OF THE '70s: Last night's radio playlist.

join the semi-official DU NCAA tourney pick-em

Credit Cards- any good ones?

Post stuff you learned in school that turned out to be bullshit.

600.000 French died in WWII, 2-3 million inWW 1.

EDITED: Is the April 22nd-23rd Boston Gathering the DU Woodstock?

Are you a " loner " at work or at school ?

My little dog is sick.

I'm still in my lesbian quandary and I need help!

Anne Lamott's "Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith"- a liberal and her faith

Anti-gay marriage forces should reread Bible

Every day, I pray for the Rapture...

Drug to cut Parkinson's problems

Oil Exploration, Seismic Testing And Mass Whale Beachings -Recent Incident

strange straight long cloud over NYC this afternoon.

Illinois' Bruce Weber to coach today after his mother dies

Checking in from the Big XII Tournament

SEC battle on now....LSU vs. Kentucky.....

Congratulations Syracuse !!!

Vermont won!

anyone want to start a NCAA tourney group on yahoo?

join the semi-official DU NCAA tourney pick-em

The Steroids Issue

greyhound rescue site

Any midwesterners know of available Yorkie puppies?

My house is turning into a zoo

Gardening with Astrology

Letter to the editor

Proof that some out there drop acid

Kerry AOL/AIM Chat Tomorrow

Jump in here , please. I think this might turn bashy! Help!

I'm sick of hearing about Hillary on GD!!!!!!!!!!

"My Eyes, My Eyes"

What do you do with all those ugly, blah pictures?

OT: Omigoodness...Jon Stewart needs damage control here:

Off-topic weekend natter thread, anyone?

KOEB Thread Archives - December 2004

Nice shot of Randi coming back...

There's a Blitz of Bush Social Security ads on CNN tonight - and they suck

How many Repub Congressmen and Senators agree with Bush's SS "plan"?

Delete - duplicate

info on specifics of what's wrong with bankruptcy bill.....talking points

What if we had a president who understood science and technology?

Lieberman Statement on Vote Against Bankruptcy Reform Bill

DeLay Doesn't Have a Brain

Would "private accounts" be considered assets in a bankruptcy?

Great points made by Dem Senate Campaign on the Bush mandate!

Did you hear the one about the President and the press?

Gannon who?

If Bush submits an SS plan

They are REALLY shoving Condi down our throats (pre-'08??)

Let's try tu puzzle the pieces together: Bancrupty Bill, War, Isolation et

Orange County Weekly: 'No Entiendo'

Bush Flip-Flops on Iran (love the headline)

If Bush (for some reason) changed his party affiliation to (D)...

Ezzie Thomas simply helps older African Americans vote - Dyer's statement

Great Rant on Delay - weekend reading

Is the DLC stupid, suicidal, or are they a bunch of cheap corp. whores?

Please watch Anti War 2 BuzzFlash - Children of Iraq - Depleted Uranium

Bush's Social Security Push Planned to Fail

Karen Hughes as Undersecretary of State: Arrogant & hateful and

EXTRA! EXTRA! See War crime videos! Online!

PBS's "Wall St. Weak" w/Fortune last night. Outsourcing Dem plot

When was the last time Dems UNANIMOUSLY voted on anything?

Editor's Note: Gibbons embarrasses Nevada (a rightwing nuttjob)

Repubs in Congress want to cut food stamps instead of farmer

SS Question

A Governor you can do a shot with - MT

Arab Amer. Pub says in May 2000 smirk said he was taking Iraq out

why won't dems call the bush S.S. tour a FRAUD....???

Invertebrate of the Weak

just HOW expensive was 9/11 to the federal government?

With all the legislation being passed by repukes, does this scare you?

I don't believe we've ultimately lost on the bankruptcy issue ...

God, government and Gingrich

Asa Hutchinson to Run for Ark. Governor

The party is using the rights of women as a tool to win in some areas.

Please keep supporting the Lone Star Iconoclast!

Will repost inside the thread.

Delay's emails were subpoenaed in TX court case last week

Cliff Arnebeck on AAR's "Ring of Fire" at 6PM to talk about Ohio lawsuit

attack on L Pauling and 1960 peace movement...some history

self-delete: moved to another forum

The Online Coalition: From Left to Right, Preserve Our Rights

Democrats and Defense

Smirky's clueless as usual.

Bush lying when he says all options on table. Cheney admits it on Fox News

Please vote in the air America poll , thanks

Bush accuses Dems of "scare" tactics on SS. Watch this ad from GOP's PFA!

"That's called political propaganda," Bush said. >

How much could Hafer really care about abortion rights

Now that there's a Bankruptcy Law, how about Usury Law ?

Excellent Peak Oil Lecture - Dr. David Goodstein - Caltech Lecture Series

Bush radio address: "The American people did not place us in office to..."

It continues..DFA List Candidates for America.

Anti-Freespeech proposal, Hilary just lost my primary vote

please visit my site!


unanimous court opinion Bu$h guilty

The Details....How Bush's Tax Cuts Hurt the Economy

WashPost Story about DeLay trip funded by tribe looks bad for him, but

Ideas/Counter Arguments/ Debunks against * SS private accounts?

Sounded like Bill Maher started his conservative show a week early

Rep. Slaughter - Broken Promises: The Death of Deliberative Democracy

Dr. R Meyers' Speech to Students at Oklahoma U..a minister ways in on war

Rep. Sanders to re-introduce "Freedom to Read Protection Act."

Pelosi: * ...Most Fiscally Irresponsible Leader in Our History...

Rep. Meehan's Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2005

In Biden's words...

Does Joe Biden know Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert?

Outsourcing = Peak Oil Awareness .....Connect the Dots

Trying to Repeal 22nd Amendment - Presidential 2 term limit

"After all, and end in terror is preferable to terror without end."

Georgia's new ID restrictions on voting...Racist or not?

Do Neocons WANT An Uneducated Population?

I Got Ejected from a George Bush Event!

Delaware: America's First State in Democratic Sellouts! *Biden/Carper*

Fax Congress Now! Tell Them to Keep ANWR Drilling Out of the Budget Bill!

To add more insult to women, AZ law protects pro-life pharmacists.

I'll say it re: Brian Nichols

My Response to The "Under God" Crowd