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Archives: March 11, 2005

Global Eye - The Rendering - By Chris Floyd

Revolution time - but not always the democracy Bush and the neocons want

'NY Times' Gives Frank Rich an Op Ed Slot (Again)

Conason: The gospel of the rich and powerful

John Bolton at UN: Wrong Man for the Job - Phil. Inquirer Editorial

Guardian: Global sheriff is slowly gaining on the US…

Does anybody have a link to the 19 traitorous Democratic Senators?

Protesters greet Bush at N.J. visit

Bankruptcy bill revolt: Mail to the Senate your cut up credit cards

Sharpton, Rev. Al Sharpton boycott: what did he call for to boycott?

A visual map of the political reading landscape

Jobless claims hit a two-month high

CBS reported on the privatized social security program in Chile...

Workers claim they suffered radiation poisoning during Texas cleanup

Thoughts On A Second Great Depression -- M.A. Nystrom

Officials visiting homeowners along Nevada nuclear waste route

Planet Under Pressure-- BBC series on environmental crises

Chinese arms sales a `threat to peace'

Lien starting to look very lonely

Text size increase

Be it ever so much a source of angst for you, thank you for the Lounge.

If you could please give a donor star to member KnowerOfLogic

What blondeatlast said.

Can I request to have an entire thread deleted ?

I'm sorry, but I giggle

A Great Piece in Haaretz

IBM, Hart InterCivic to develop Texas voter registration technology

CA Voting Systems & Procedures Meeting POSTPONED!

Action Alerts: Save Fair Elections in California and more

Listen up! If you're serious about election reform, you will do this!

KOEB (Thursday)

GRAPHS: 1988-2004 Prelim. Nat. Exit Poll to Vote- Trend reversal in 2004

Feinstein letter re: budget (* to loot SS to balance budget!)

My Calabasas Ca. bumper sticker

Girl, 14, tells police of abduction attempt (DM area)

3 citizens' petition articles will be on my town's ATM warrant

Bumper sticker co-op

What a good search engine for

Just been contacted by D.A.

coulter et al high school yearbook photos

Things to do while waiting for the list of dems who voted FOR

To the turncoat dems who voted for the bankruptcy bill

Last pro-consumer legislation?

H.666 PROPOSAL: freeze criminals along with their assets.

You guys know about Dean Dozens right?

2500 dollars

Tinfoil hat.... Hell, tinfoil tent for this guy!

Does Your DVD Player Play VCD's?

Grrrr..... Bankruptcy Bill... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

When I was a kid, America was a Democracy

Summary of the (un-biased) jurors for the "pajama perv"


Something I wonder about the new bankruptcy bill

OK, whats the best country to move to?

"I Killed Innocent People For Our Government"- Jimmy Massey Speaks Out

A Right-Leaning Electorate?

Question for Bloggers: did you have fewer visitors than usual today?

Senator Byrd Interview with Colmes TONIGHT

Now that the bankruptcy bill is a fait accompli....listen to what

corruption is so deep and

What to make of this "heart trouble" Tom DeLay is now publicizing?

jack reed D-RI rocks..on cspan

What do you think of this? Actual MC sent to me; never applied.

Yahoo headline: "Bush travels to back Social Security"

My new favorite word - REPUBALONEY

Bob Kincaid Fans Mosh Pit!

Episode III: Revenge of the BUSH

Napalm Raid on Falluja?

World Media Watch for March 11, 2005....5 stories of interest

Besides Iraq what Bush policy has damaged the country the most?

3 Doctors leave NIH in conflict of interest controversy.

Strange, maybe not strange

Did the vote on the Bankruptcy Bill Highlight the Schism within the Party?


Aaron Brown doing a segment on assisted suicide. Interesting!

This is how we respond to the Middle Class Destruction Act

Church bulletin: 'Preaching from the Bible is now 'hate speech' "

Help me out. I need to frame some council member hopefuls with Wal-Mart

Top US Official Warned Chavez of Assassination Attempt

Thank you, United States!

Geez, I decided to spread the love on Yahoo Chat

Check out's farewell to Dan

A question about the bankruptcy bill

"The Democratic candidate is still better than the Republican...."

Roll call vote, Bankruptcy bill

Byrd droppings all over DU

Heads up, a scary rant by a college Republican...GOPUSA type media.

E-Mail from John Edwards

if we have to take responsibility for our debt, why doesn't the govt.?

Bankruptcy Bill - did Lieberman vote NO or just not vote? nt

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Meet N Greet

Anyone with a clear understanding of the PNAC knows that the war is a ruse

You gotta know that the dems who voted for the bankruptcy bill

US air base in Lebanon and the Hariri assassination

Did anyone else hear that China has bought out IBM??

Neocons Push Internment for American Muslims

The 100th monkey

I feel just like I did after the Iraq war vote.

I guess we're ALL done with the Guckert "scandal" now.

Thinking of new DU group

DOD forces AF medical personnel to carry M16s

Harry Reid did some serious damage to the Good Will he'd built up

I don't want to believe you've abandoned the Republican Party...

CBS rolled over on Social Serurity

I found out Yesterday, I'm one of the latest "Identity Theft" Victims!

Message to DNC Lurkers:

Why is Blackmail Illegal?

Democracy litmus test - does the USA pass?

My public library put up a "God Bless America" sign

Congress Paving the Way for Tolls on Interstates - WHAT's NEXT?

The DU Democratic Senators Hall of Shame

UN chief of staff to Bush: "You didn't invent democracy!"

Let Us Pause To Remember Our Friends In Spain

Chavez Increasing Oil Royalties 15% Exxon Mobil Pissed

Would you vote for these guys if one won the Dem nom. for president?

Rep. Bernie Sanders to re-introduce the "Freedom to Read Protection Act"

It looks as though Bob Schaeffer is the CBS News Anchor....

Woo Woo! I just cut up my credit cards!

How would you deal with terrorism after 9/11?

Email Update on Elizabeth Edwards

Why I am proud to be a Canadian today.

"Take the Banana! TAKE.THE.BANANA!" | the TOONS that * doesn't get...

Raw Tofu

Rightwing idiot threatens NDP premier.


47 Dead In Blast at Mosul Mosque

France shuts Down in Defiance against Gov Policies

US detained children in Abu Ghraib

Montana House endorses Canadian drug reimportation | Billings Gazette

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

Kremlin Mulls Ditching United Russia--Moscow Times

New Interrogation Rules Set for Detainees in Iraq -NYT

Amnesty International Calls for Prohibition on Torture

37 people kill selves in Oregon in 2004 under assisted-suicide law

Straw: Britain cannot ignore evidence obtained by torture

Shoe Retailer Latest To Lose (Customer Credit Card) Data (DSW)

NYT: Pentagon Seeks to Transfer More Detainees From Base in Cuba

U.N. Aide Chides Bush ("somehow democracy is President Bush's invention.")

SI: Mike Tice, Minnesota Vikings Head coach scalped his own SuperBowl tix

Drug Court in Jeopardy

Iran, Venezuela to boost economic ties

Venezuela Signs $120 Mln Contract for Russian Helicopters

Helicopter crashes on drug-fighting mission in Mexico

Judge bans group's use of gay pair photo

Documents Describe U.S. Pact on Iraq Ghost Detainees

WP: Senators Question Absence of Blame in Abuse Report

Cheney talks about `major educational effort' on Social Security

LAT: A Very Public Opinion Exchange (Estrich v Kinsley turns nasty)

WP: Hughes Is Set to Rejoin White House Staff

Italy’s Centre-Left Up By Two Per Cent (poll / Istituto Piepoli)

Twenty-three in House take improper trips

Iraqi Forces Dying at Twice the Rate of U.S.

France court bans Christ advert

Annan Warns on Iraqis' Civil Liberties

Blair Battles U.K. House of Lords to Save Terror Law (Update4)

US's $5 billion nuclear gamble with China (WTF?....nuclear power plants)

US State Dept's Roger Noriega Says Venezuela Could Soon be "Hopeless"

WP,pg1,Friday: Senators May Block Soc Sec Vote(plan may not come to vote)

Rep. Maxine Waters travels to Haiti to visit former Prime Minister Neptune

(UK) Iraq war revelation: There was *no* full legal advice

Letters tie traffic-stop suicide to Lefkow case

Reputed Klansman Injured in Logging Mishap

TX: Tax bill would benefit richest Texans, analysis finds

Greenspan: Budget Deficits Pose Big Threat (shocking news)

SoCal businessman offers $1 million in bid to keep Terri Schiavo alive

Top U.N. Envoy To Present Syria With Ultimatum

NYT: Detectives Used Badges to Kill for the Mob, Indictments Say

Hey!! Pizza just ordered for me!

my (potential) sweetie called me again

What's a good alternative to Kaaza?

AM on MJ

Who would you rather fight (part IV):

He knowsssss you know!

McDonald's may outsource drive-thru calls

Sounds of America!

It makes me sad when my serious replies end up killing a thread

I have to write a euology for my college roomate and I don't know

"A Festive Treat - Hapi Snacks for Happy Times!" - Wasabi Peas

Wow I am grumpy today!! Not sure why!

I don't give a damn about Petra Nemcova's dead boyfriend, either!

Does Your DVD Player Play VCD's?

You know the house cafeteria still has freedom fries

I went to a bank of the future today

Am I the only one who thinks "The OC" is pure crappidy crap crap?

I love pie!

I'll keep posting until I create a thread that get more than five replies.

I've posted some photos from my college station's recent pledge drive.

Bring Me Down

The "Be Happy, Damnitt !!! " thread: Post Happy Thoughts Only

It's Tony Scalia's birthday.

I love Pye!

Got my cast off today........but now I have a Gene Simmons KISS boot

The AIM links are gone!

Anyone see the trailer for the movie "CRASH" coming out starring

What's UP with people tonight?

I'm the nicest fuckin' guy in the whole goddamned world! So...

I am in NC; what time does the Daily Show come on?

Frrzzmm Binngggmm Bumbusses!

Where are my flying cars, goddamit?

I love Po!

NO! It's NOT the "Numa Numa Song!"

Many, if not most of your favourite songs...

I just finished watching the first season of 24. Ask me anything.

Noni juice prices skyrocket due to devastating noni shortage.

Try & guess what song I am listening to

Do you want "Ultimate Control"?

Some people are really stupid.

Greatest name for a show episode from the "Trailer Park Boys"

I love pi!

Sha la la la la la....

Gasp...Episode III preview...gasp...must...see...more!

Do dogs have dreams?

I hate these stupid "ask me anything" threads. Ask me anything.

Would you want to own a cow that could do the following:

Clicking on this thread causes Instant Sterility and Bad Breath

I love Pyewacket!

I just drank a litre of H20 in the past 45 minutes...

Gizoogle dis, shiznit!

hell yeah! Sexy lobotomy singles!

Who loves Tito?

Who Else Is Going To a Concert Tomorrow?

I'm 120 posts from 10000...and you know what that means!

HELP! I'm bored, sad and just plain disgruntled - can't stop eating!

Do Busheep dream of electric androids?

My Bee can kick your Bee's ass.

Does reading the news and political news ever get you down ?

Can we still discuss same sex marriage?

A moment of silence for our brothers and sisters in Spain.

What do you think of this? Actual MC sent to me; never applied.

One word to describe your job!

I don't care what you say, K.D. Lang is great!

The best trailer I've seen in years...

My students started applauding when I told them New England sued Bush

Chick lovers, go here

Do you, or does someone you know have eczema? READ

I need some cash. I know what, I'll start my own religion

Why- oh- why did Nikko get voted off "American Idol"?

I've never had hemorrhoids. Ask me... something appropriate

Cheer Me Up

OK, the fun's over.

I'm 36 posts from 3000...and you know what that means!

Towlie is the best

Kurt Cobain once said, in a song, that "everyone is gay."

I'm about to buy one...

A woman told me that her husband was guarding nuclear weapons

The best trailer *I'VE* seen in years...

I am thinking about going on a trip this summer

Am I one of the two?

Ya'll do realize that pajama bottoms with jackets will be the fashion rave

Is it the End of empire or the End of civilization?

Do you sometimes wish you could post a reply in ATA?

I'm off to get pie


Well, isn't this disingenuous.

Make up a FAKE story about Michael Jackson!

Best Bev thread ever

Opinions are as ubiquitous as a certain notorious orifice.

DU groups proposal -- lost and/or mismatched Tupperware/Rubbermaid ...

I would like a fish license please.

I'm back, and I am just now sobering up

Whats a MPEG4 file and can you put it on an ipod or MP3 player

anyone watch the Hollow Men on Comedy Central?

Is anyone else intrigued by our ascetic radicals?

I have a concussion- ask me anything!!

Ok, I've seen every Frontline documentary online. Where else can I watch

If I start a religion that worships Classic Soul music, will you join it?

Hey Placebo - promised pic of me with BRIGHT PURPLE hair

My optometrist would not SHUT UP

it's HEyHEY!!!!


We refied our house and paid off all our debt.

OMG! the Daily show just spoiled the ending to the Usual suspects!!!!!

Do you have cable or Dish?

Family Guy: "Mommy, I want a mullet!"

Who else loves Alistair Appleton on BBC America's "Cash In The Attic"?


Guess what i'm eating and i'll compliment you

I'm in favor of somesex marriage.

"More cowbell" is the new "Freebird."

With the price of oil going up...

I think it's about damn time...

CHOOSE the photo in which Bush is CLEARLY telling a LIE.

A much belated thank you to whomever bought me a star.

Off Topic: What is wrong with Sly Stallone's face????

If you have a Bi-Lo in your area, get their Double Dutch Chocolate Cake

What is your favorite line/phrase from the 80's movie Working Girl.

I must be on serious drugs (although I'm on Ny-Quil...)

I've finally found one word to describe how I'm feeling after living under

Hey! Why don't we have a 'definitely not taking about Oasis' DU Group?

Damn! missed the last 10 minutes of CSI!

Why is Marcia Clark now a blonde? And when did this happen?

Oh, btw, Boston beat Chicago 39 to 30

Would you believe, I'm doing ANOTHER '80s radio show on Friday?

Where can I go to get a free online credit report? (no strings) nt

Star Wars Trailer

Smiley etiquette


Anyone else love the new Coke-cola ads?

There's nothing in my box.

So I'm listening to John Denver........

I freaking HATE that burger king commercial

I am tired of you creeps saying I wear a tin foil hat !

Funny how puking = instant migraine relief.

any Network Engineers here in DU?

Worst pun I saw today

A World Utopia! Is it Possible?

Google Game, Google Game!!

Michael Stipe once said, in a song, that "everybody hurts"

Has anyone else ever watched Carnival of Souls?

I hate you! I love you! I hate you! I love you! I hate you! I love you!

Who loves Tivo?

Have you ever met a person who was "gruntled?"

Hell is other people removing your cig (Sartre airbrushed)

Hey, what's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?

It's March 11 it's 26 degrees and snowing

This is a post .

Ya know...I really don't know how many posts I have....

In Soviet Russia, pizza orders you!

SI: Mike Tice, Minnesota Vikings Head coach scalped his own SuperBowl tix

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

FU Jon Stewart

What's with all the grouchy bastards in the lounge?

Andy Gibb died March 10, 1988

favorite "Clerks" quote!

uh, another "He-Man" movie is in the making?

Hey! Why don't we have a Bicycling Group?

Have you ever read the Ryan's Steak House story?

BREAKING NEWS: Penthouse to feature special on "The Women of DU and The

David Letterman or Jay Leno?

Best Disaster Movie

Does anyone here have OCD? (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Hey ERIC CLAPTON! Yea you, you grabasstic piece of primordial scum!

What's a good search engine for finding .mp3s?

Favorite "Blue Velvet" quote.

Longgrain and anyone else interested in abandondoned places

My avatar is now an homage to the best Rowdy Rodder Piper movie in the

I live my life like there's no tomorrow. All I've got, I've had to steal.

I'm in a pissy mood. I'm gonna go read more of "Rama II".


Has there ever been a good euphemism?

Post here and I will insult you - I'm in that kinda mood!

I want to know 3 things

Does anyone else think Michael Jackson is dying?

If you like to read DU posts but rarely post, check in so we can see

Which is the more astounding question?

I've been to GD - Cleanse me.

Gizoogle dis, shiznit

OK... new pet pics (Tucker alert!)

Does anyone except Russell Crowe believe he was the target of Al Qaeda?

I love riding trains at night


anyone else over 40 and has yet to see a gray hair?

Tell me something I don't already know....

DU Baseball group up and running!

Ok there is someone opening and closing desk drawers across the hall

Do you believe Jesus really rose from the dead?

Iberian lynx on the brink of extinction

Dolphin Beaching Comes After Sub Exercises?

Have You Ever Been Gay-bashed?

Your sports forums

Marco Rivera has back surgery

Threads you'd like to see.

There's something funny going on with Michael Jackson

Sucks that most of the dems voted for that dreadful bill

So I thought the Nuke option was supposed to be involked today

Kerry on C-SPAN this weekend

dumb fucking shitheads

Update on Elizabeth Edwards

Anyone else depressed by the Bankruptcy Bill?

I mean this question in the nicest way possible, but...

I need some advice on accessories.

Bunny, where are you???

Where was Clinton ?

Man In Hospital Bed Tasered To Force Urine Test

Time for Reid to step down. He voted to take homes away from med patients

Boycott Credit Card Companies: Cancel all of your credit cards!

Reid talks a good game

Great News! Bush's "Clear Skies" stopped, Repug/Independent cross over

See how you Senator vote on the Bankruptcy Bill:

Leibermann gets another cookie. Cookie count: 2

Pennachio Supporters

Seems many countries are going nuclear......What about the US?

The Ten Commandments and Social Security.

Osama gets "birthday greetings" from Spanish Muslims

I, as an Arkansas Democrat, invite you to email my Senators,

I guess this, the Bankruptcy Bill passage, highlights how little

OUTRAGEOUS - Kurds and Shiites Form Deal but no word on the MSM

Michael Moore was right, listen up y'all:

Judge says agent orange not linked to health problems

Bankruptcy Bill - Counter Intuitive Thinking

What exactly are the provisions of the bankruptcy bill that suck?

Greenspan is mostly right

Bankrupcy vote - the end of the Democratic party, and the middle class

maybe the minute we profited by the labor of others and

Greatbatch closing plant in Nevada: Red State loses tech jobs!

Big Chief Walking Eagle (*)

The Rise of the Money Changers: GOP Credit Card Relief riles Christians

Surprise, Surprise. Saddam's "rat hole" capture bogus !

Democrats who voted NO on Bankruptcy Bill >

Byrd on Fox Colms interview GREAT

Senate roll call vote on S. 256, the Bankruptcy bill. Feinstein voted NO.

Everyone call Feinstein and thank her.

Check out these Patriotic Posters

DailyKos is teaming with right leaning blogs


Message from Ramsey Clark - Impeachment signs on March 19th


Bizarro.........US helping to build NUCLEAR power plants in ......CHINA

Republicans forbid fillibusters.

New Updated Senator Report Cards....

Richard Morrison gives kudos to Dean at Kos. He was ignored by party.

Does Bankruptcy bill backer Harry Reid speak for you?

Religion & Politics

CBS News said that Chile's 'private account' Social Security is a...

Feingold diary - "Blogs Don't Need Big Government"

Gay Couple Wins TRO Against USA Next

Letter to The CBS Evening News, 3/10/05....

How many people E-mailed their senator prior to bankruptcy vote?

What's the next step with the Bankruptcy "reform" bill?

Have they declared war on the middle class?

Krugman: Slanting Social Security (* Admin will Cook the Books)

Taiwan issue could lead to war, says China

Abu Ghraib Leash Girl Goes on Trial

Berlusconi contradicts US friendly-fire account

John Bolton (U.N. Appointee) Love-Fest, Ollie North-style -- Barf Alert

Troops Who Fired On Hostage Were Protecting U.S. Ambassador * SURE!!!

Africa Commission had to work out what was wrong and how to fix it

The 'we' in Social Security (CS Monitor)

Slanting Social Security - By Paul Krugman (NY Times)

US-- Don't lecture on democracy--or anything else--Al Ahram (Egypt)

'We are not afraid'

Jonathan Steele (Guardian Utd): Putin's privatisation and welfare cuts

The Joy of Federalism [liberal government in these times]

Missile Counter-Attack

Delaware News Op Ed on Biden and Carper re bankruptcy bill -

Detroit Free Press has week long editorial series on government secrecy

Here are the hypocritic "Dems" who voted for the bankruptcy

Torture by Proxy- Bush SOTU- "Torture is never acceptable" EXCEPT by proxy

Howard Dean as Democrats' Midwife

WP: Welfare vs. Wall St (Under Bush SS, Goldman-Sachs says 25% of stocks

Protesters Greet President During Visit To Tout Social Security

Bush strategist rewards the party faithful

The * economy

My Life, According to the Data Merchants

Check out the Bybee article on the homepage today--one of the

Posted by Sen Feingold at MyDD: Blogs Don't Need Big Government

Bracing for a Bankruptcy Rush - NY Times March 11

The Spoils of War - Haliburton, etc.

Red Herring Alerts --- (ss 'reform")

Eason Jordan and the CNN factor

US Drops Foreign Prisoner Treaty: No Access to Consulate if Arrested

Hariri assassination linked to US airbase production - Madsen Article

Employment Numbers Without the Spin (Bush's Missing 11.3 Million Jobs)

They're Back, and Still Unworthy - NY Times

Helen Thomas: Bush makes wrong choice for U.N.

Obama finds Bush's pitch 'offensive'

NYT: How Long Can G.M. Tread Water?

Report Documents Republican Abuse of Power: Death of Deliberative Democrac


While most Democrats aren't openly cheering the terrorists killing our

Whores cite Jon Stewart as evidence Bush is right

Employment Numbers Without the Spin (Bush's Missing 11.3 Million Jobs)

Why the Dollar is Falling

Dollar catching Asian flu

Long-term unemployment is at record rates - includes larger # of Col Grads

Why is Social Security been sold by Bush as in crisis...

Kyoto's Clean Development Mechanism Snarled In Red Tape, Squabbling

Toyota To Decide In June On Location Of N. American Hybrid Plant

Vermont Songbirds Contain High Mercury Levels, Surprising Biochemists

McIntosh's (AL) mercury menace

Winter In Montana Primo Golfing Weather This Year - Year 7 Of Drought

Long-Term Data Show Strong Climate Shift In NE States, Esp. Last 30 Years

Oregon: Driest Winter In 30 Years Stresses Fish, Farmers, Fire Danger

URUGUAY'S Vázquez Rosas: ‘We shall not tolerate external interference’

Interesting gun forum

OP-ED...Where are the gun problems? Lima News

I Need to Know Exactly How To Add Images To My Post

Somebody said bees could get in my head.

How do I rate a story?

my apologies

Too soon?

Can we stop the Bee threads?

This one's on me.

Skinner please unlock this thread

Why on earth is a topic about being fat in the Lounge too hot a topic???

Can I flog a book in the Lounge for a good cause?

I have some copyright questions, please.

A Rules Clarification, Please

What should you do if you know a poster is posting on a conservative site

What gives?

Seriously, are these people ok in the lounge?

My first Thank You for removing a thread...

the size of the message box

political parody unfit for GD?

Suggestion on Greatest Page

Thank you for your Lounge post this morning, Skinner!

Skinner, if you have not received my email

Stupidity in Military Screening at the IDF, D&D players need not apply...

When the anti-Israel sentiment comes from within

Likud Appealing to Peace Now for Help

Palestinians back away from suicide attacks

For those who believe Flight 77 hit the Pentagon:

Interesting article (re: Ptech and Indira Singh)

Can anyone explain this? I'm confused

How is Northside Prep legal?!

The Joy of Federalism

State Journal Register: Jail officials see spike in population

Pantagraph: Subsidies lost in other counties

Alton Telegraph: Urban League cuts ties with local chapter

Chicago Tribune:Obama slams Bush for linking accounts to blacks' life span

SI: Kill gets raise; professors complain about 'academic mobbing'

Carling Hotel on LaSalle?

Chicago Sun-Times: Immigrant was obbessed with making doctors pay

E-MAIL FROM RAMSEY CLARK Impeachment More Urgent Than Ever

Orlando Sentinel: County vetoes touch-screens

Rep. Jackson Jr. -- The Fundamental Right You Don't Have

Open Voting Consortium gaining momentum! We can do more with your help. agrees with TIA.

Diebold failure rate in Gaston Co NC 6.76 %

Sen. Sarbanes (D-MD) Won't Seek Re-Election

What ever happened

Solar Bus Election Justice Newsletter

Friday 3/11 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Now that's what I call "defrauding voters". Enjoy the slammer, pal.

Let's put SOSs and BOE officials under high scrutiny. They have

Dean speech last night to MoveOn, including Election Reform:

Summary of election fraud & manipulation in Ohio by county

Press Release - Conflict Between Lamone and County Records Raises Question

Updated Analysis of Exit Poll Controversies Released by SSRC why isn't Blackwell in trouble yet? Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

Election Reform/Election Justice groups need your skills

Mathematical Proof: TIA is Wrong (Part 1)

Can elections heal themselves??? (Why Conyers' bill is not flawed per se)

Call to Action - Tuesday March 15 - PLEASE HELP US BE HEARD!

Calif Fight against McCormack- Good Work

Mathematical Proof: TIA is Wrong (Part 2)

Adviser Is Being Paid to Lobby the (NY) Legislature Against Paper Ballots

National Conference for Election Reform -- April 8-10, Nashville

Lakoff in Santa Barbara tonight.

L.A. Mayor Hahn, Councilman Villagariosa Head to Runoff Race

Rep. Kucinich @ Amesbury this Sunday

Taking back the corner office - MDP outreach reports

Saturday: Sign making party in preparation for March 19 rally

new version of "Liberal Values, American Values" video

Why not Garrison Keillor for Senator?

March 23rd: Bring the Troops Home Rally at the U

New Version of Spyware Blaster out

Think a new MB is bad...?? or something bad wrong

What is the easiest way to allow people to make comments on my site?

? for audiophiles (imitation -- sincere flattery)

Senator Voinovich SERIOUSLY out of touch with Ohio's needs.

Employment Numbers Without the Spin (Bush's Missing 11.3 Million Jobs)

Senate committee approves measure to raise governor's salary

Hubert Vo calls for constitutional amendment to ban taxing food

As seen on my commute down Hwy 290 this morning...

Air America does Dallas

Feingold is on c-span2

Classwarrior's Idea...a variation

Favre is stickin around!

We refied our house and paid off all our debt.

Who wants 100 bumper stickers for $40?

Who can give me the new phone # to the Capital Hill Switchboard

Typing error by U.S. stenographer causes nuclear scare in Sudan

US threatens China while China holding billions in US debt.

Off Topic: What is wrong with Sly Stallone's face????

Things you are JUST plain TIRED of doing... (Putting you all on notice)

DU College Dems! College Democrats of America Rolls Out 2005 Convention!

I dare * to go on the Daily Show to "sell" his SS plan

Gizoogle dis, shiznit

Been a while but they freaking deserve it: Daily Show appreciation thread!

How many businesses did Shrub BANKRUPT? Did he take "moral responsibility"

Senate dems made a last ditch effort to protect consumers with ammendments

My response from Diane Feinstein,re: Bankruptcy Bill.

Looking for the silver lining in the bankrupty law.

Get thee to a lawyer. Bankruptcy Law goes into effect in October

Scott Ritter on the Ray Taliaferro show this morning

scott ritter is on ray tailafarro now

AirAms Jeff Wiser complimented CreditCard Industry Tonite

Wait over a year to see a Doctor?

CBS Eve News: Chile's privatized Social Security "A Success"

My new bumpersticker: "Fascism Happens!"

NEWS FLASH: American intelligence on Iran derided as scandalous

Delta Airlines may file for bankruptcy. Let me get this straight . . .

Need Help with "Soft Money" bill

The Sgrena Hit: How They Did It and Why-Evidence of a Precision Ambush

Ikea manuals sexist, says Norwegian PM

So they want to gut the New Deal huh database print-out shown on C-SPAN this morning

UGH! A special place in Hell for him-Nazi arrested on child sex charges

Do the Math?

The Flim-Flam, Elmer Gantry SOB Has No Right.....

Does anyone else think Michael Jackson is dying?

Prediction: UFO's will soon land in in MSM?

So what exactly IS the case for the bankruptcy bill?

"Shh, if you don't answer, it will just go away"

Ohio faces big bill for clean air

The Sgrena Hit: How They Did It and Why-Evidence of a Precision Ambush

Okay, I think I've had enough of the Micheal Jackson trial...anybody else?

George Bush, Snake Oil Salesman >>>

Interesting isn't it? Now moron* want to use diplomacy with Iran....

I'm just going on the record for a moment re: the Italian journalist

My letter to Senator Reid

Is It Them or Is it Us???? Oil Games............

Flamed- the south

Pentagon casualty reports only count "combat" wounded.

KRUGMAN: "Slanting Social Security"

Anyone else hear about the baseball testimony & think of Hollywood?

What they originally wrote: & What you’ll see: TV scritpt scripted out

kick the TOONs thread or this old ficus plant....

How did Iran go from being 1 of the axis of evils to being Chimpys friend?

Check out this Bush supporter

It's time to bring back the Bull Moose!!!

Ack! - ChristianMortgage USA

Question about all the bush-loving bankers in this country.

What Ever Happened to the War We Were Picking with China??

Bankrupcy bill

Hillary Story to make a smile for the day...

Look who's opposed to Peace in the Middle East

has anyone posted on the death of the judge

Are We in World War IV?

What Happened to the Sadaam Capture Story?

I hear news reports about the Atlanta shooter and I leap to

Kos: The American Taliban

Is the killing of the Italian agent Iraq's My Lai?

How many democrats can the Credit Card Companies afford to buy?

OK - I give up! What am I doing wrong??

DU vegetarians i need help

Local universities to require health insurance.

Bankruptcy Bill: What Would Wellstone Do?

Clinton resting ..... Big ups to the big dog!

remember hearing the IRS was auditing every Labor Union in US?

Have you booked an airline trip and found your name on the terrorist list?

Ann Applebaum: Brian's Lamb or Neocon Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

3/11/05--America's second 9/11: Government for the Corporation

Did anyone read the WSJ piece on new Pentagon rules for engagement

and one more Rather cartoon

"Preaching the word of Jesus and the gospel of prosperity."

Hey Chimpy! How's That CAPITAL SPENDING Going? How's Your MAN DATE Now?!

Ugh. It is snowing again. Please make it stop.

Bush Pushes Family Friendly Policies, Saudi Royal Family Friendly!!

Dick Cheney on Limbaugh Show...

Senate Select Committee on Intelligence WMD report on the "Back Burner"

Is it true you "adjust" a car to get much better gas mileage?

Do you suppose that if pretzeldent bush had the worst odor in the world,

Thom Hartmann's "The Warnings Of History" updated 2005.

"Chinese Miracle will end soon" - Environment Minister

CNN teaching us how to pull a gun out of a cop's holster...

Mayor Buddy Dyer to be Suspended by Jeb Bush...

Did al-Qaeda shoot its wad on 9/11? cells in U.S.?

Republicans voted for the wrong guy (Part Two)

Pay your taxes or face the music in India

Mr Bush,

Delay.... More Ethics Violations

The Nashua Advocate: Breaking News: Is GOPUSA News Client Google-Bombing?

Sibel Edmonds 05 Spring Offensive FBI Shields Pak/Turkey Nuclear Weapons

Have y'all seen this ACLU animation about a Pizza order?

I would like peoples thoughts on the economy

The Mainline Religious Community Speaks Out Against Bush's Budget

It's official - USA is now a banana republic

Why do "friends" email this c*** to me

Question #2 For Today: Reason For High Gas Prices?

Orlando Mayor turns himself in on voter fraud charges

There's Something about Tweety----He's a CHICKEN! An Immoral CHICKEN!

US supports economic incentives for Iran

Korea-US Exchange Council - Delay's trips and the Heritage Foundation

When do you think they'll start repealing the civil rights laws?

Has all the RW blather about "activist judges"...

VIDEO - "Red & Blue" a moderate essay by Richard Rodriquez

Sick of the Lies?

Goldman Sachs flirts with Japan's love hotels

I DARE the president to answer this dangerous question.

Get Your Hands Off That Woman, George! >>>

Who is responsible for our government?

Taco-Bell boycott ends victoriously

Where Else Are You Posting These Days? Looking For Suggestions!

Testing my three year old for autism, I need some DU prayers and vibes

The LAST thing bush wants in the ME is democracy. WHY do so many

Scott Ritter on Ed Schultz 3:51PM EST

Sam Seder on Randi...and the song. Hilarious.

DFA 's amazing Social Security stories by state...choose state to view.

Feds Investigating Mysterious $30 and $40 charges on Credit Cards

Scott Ritter Alert - On Ed Schultz today Friday 3/11

Any updates on the Atlanta Shooter?

Traveling Blue through Red Territory (Boston to Miami)

What's the latest on the Valerie Plame investigation?

Hard to believe, I know, but I just today watched "Going Upriver" and

My response from now on to "abortion is murder."

Wal-Mart off the school-supply list

Hmmm...US ranking in world; democracy, civil liberties etc

I saw the weirdest bumper sticker yesterday...

RW'er proves bin Laden is fake

Are we living in the second era of McCarthyism?

After Dem votes on Bankruptcy bill who else is ready for Dean to lead us..

Mock "Liberal Senator Contest"


"If the system was fair, Limbaugh and Hannity would be tenured professors"

I swear I've tried Google! But I can't find comparative murder rates!!!! head is spinning...dizzy... *thud*

What things are being hidden from us for our own good?

Liz Smith gossip: Repubs shut Kitty Kelley out of charity event

judge killings - Bush and repugs to blame... Here's why

Karen Hughes is coming back to Washington DC....God help us.

Imports in textiles from China more in 1 month than all last year!

This is what I don't understand about Lieberman

The Vietnam war may have started under Johnson, BUT

Damn another judge bites the dust! or was dusted, court reporter and

Democrats that support Bush agenda should be removed in next elections.

The RW hate-mongers may deny it, but they are responsible

Should a nation try to make "progress"?

A thank you to public servants

Stupidity in Military Screening at the IDF, D&D players need not apply...

Jon Stewart's wife was arrested

Are we like Lemmings

Does having kids limit how much you speak out?

help---quick question about oil consumption

Today's article Kansas, Conviction, and the Future of the Dems

CBS nightly news: sex scandal in the military....hmmmmmm

Yikes! I just had lunch at a Golden Coral in Alpharetta Georgia!

What do you think of the conservatives?

Term to use when discussing the GOP: "Malice"

Did anyone else see David Letterman call Bush a smug SOB last light?

Check out this political cartoon from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer!

The Rapture and the Enviroment--DC Simpson Cartoon

Who the hell came up with the term "partial birth abortion"?

So when do we open up the debtors prisons?

Capital Hill Switchboard # 202 224 3121 call about the bankruptcy bill

MoveOn Leadership Decides Against Opposing US Occupation of Iraq

Georgia Woman told to GET A DIVORCE (can't renew her driver's license)

How many Jeff Gannon's are there?

What my wife told repuke who was complaining about gas prices

Bush invades Iraq with the world's 2nd largest oil reserves.....

Pelosi: * ... Among Most Fiscally Irresponsible Leader in Our History..."

Yes, you too can have Bev Harris speak to you for ONE LOW PRICE!

Freepers harrass Lewis Black on stage in Pittsburgh

From what I can see NOT ONE Repug voted against the bankrupcy bill

I just bought into a fund that invests exclusively in the Oil Bidness

Any of you Toyota owners had your Corolla up over a hundred

Iraqi Civilian Death Toll of 100,000 is Underestimated

Shooting thieves

Man, I am so SICK of this phony SS Piratization Tour

The next time some fundie rants about "partial birth abortion"(sic)

a nice hearty FUCK YOU

"...a measly 4%..." (SS contributions)

What do you think of the European Union? I say it sucks!

California is America,Prussia is Poland,Israel is Israeli.

Bush-supporting Government in Norway on the way out!!!

Raw Story: Interview with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

Want to read a genuinely liberal (and funny) newspaper?

How does a person "grab" a gun from a sheriff's holster?

Mother of Fallen Soldier Responds to Iraq Withdrawal Debate

McCarthyism Witch-Hunt Against Major League Baseball Players

Tolls on the Interstates

weird thing with Google and Katherine Harris

Should Americans Convicted Of War Crimes Be Eligible For Public Hanging?

Let re-framing begin. Time to rip Christian out of the cold clammy

The Soviets won

There's Still a Way to Fight Back on the Bankruptcy Bill

8 days to Iraq War Global Protest

Controversy Brews Over Videos That Some Call 'Fake News'

Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Said Included Kids (Look how this is voted down)

What if the colonists had not committed genocide and stole land?

Sen. Paul Sarbanes (D) to step down

Pentagon to Troops: FUCK YOU

Investment question.

"Burn joy out of sorrow, / And light from ancient woe" (prophetic words!)

New GOPUSA News Service...Flooding Google W/Identical Jeff Gannon articles

C-Span caller says he'd vote for Condi for Pres. if she was married!

Seriously - What Makes America "The Greatest Nation In The World"?

The Nashua Advocate: The Plot Thickens in New G.O.P. Propaganda Scandal

Pornography: Is it the chameleon of political issues?

Senate committee shuts down investigation into * admin. distorting intel

Will Kerry Stand Up for all Environmental Causes?

Broken Promises: The Death of Deliberative Democracy

Great guest on C-SPAN...ex-Newsday Journalist.....exposing the corp. media

Granola Conservatives and Conservative Liberals and Red/Blues

Do You Think You Will Be Be Arrested For Protesting In The Second Term?

America Number 1? America by the Numbers

Local Atlanta station just reported O'Reilley said murdered judge deserved

Help Free The Westfiled 9! Spread The Word On This Abuse Of Police Powers!

Gannongate Wrinkles # 18

Free at last, free at last-- thank God Almighty, she is free at last!

CNN saying a dem was charged with aggravated stalking and road rage

Where is the Outrage?

There is no way I will support Hillary in 2008

Suggestions for good books on small farming to prepare for...

Peak Oil?

My Three ORPHANS (No thread left behind.)

Ever notice every time Bush goes on the stump...its for a bad idea?

Mother of deceased GI replies to Pitt' articles

Moral Republicans receive donations from porn profiteers


Terri- Starving to death

New Action Alerts: Stop Torture, Block Bush Judges, & Help Impeach Bush!

Does invading Iraq have anything to do how much gas my SUV burns?

Call to Action - Tuesday March 15 - PLEASE HELP US BE HEARD!

New version of onnline video, "Liberal Values, Amerrican Values."

Where is Jeff Gannon?

Picnic ideas for two... Help!

help! Bread making question

Any fellow BBC4 anoraks been watching The Late Edition ...

Plan to Reimburse Cost of Combat Gear Has Fallen Behind

US Ready to Offer Iran Economic Incentives for Dropping Nuclear Enrichment

Reuters: Spain Marks March 11 Attacks

Birdflu pandemic may mean some stay home to die

Children Said Among Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Spain Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden

Vatican asks Rice for help in sex abuse lawsuit (Asking for immunity)

Abuse accountability hard to come by

(NH:) GOP phone jammer sentenced (to 7 months Prison)

Chinese "comfort woman" to serve as a witness in Japanese court

U.S. warns of possible bomb attack in Jakarta

Bush Defends Withdrawal from Vienna Convention Legal Protocol

Muslims issue fatwa against bin Laden

Suicide man shot judge's relatives out of revenge

UN: Indigenous Women Victims of Violence

WorldCom class action nets another $428m from banks

Feds: Retired N.Y. Cops Were Mafia Hitmen

Jetsgo ceases operations; travellers stranded

Sen. Barack Obama finds Bush's pitch 'offensive'-Duplicate

Pakistan nuclear admission part of U.S. Iran pressure

Peers defy MPs over terror bill

Iowa company fires exec for racist remarks

Bill restricting abortions passes House (MO)

Inquiry casts shadow over baseball's heroes

U.S. to back Europe on incentives to Iran

Iraq War Compels Pentagon to Rethink Big-Picture Strategy (rummy plan

(Ohio) Senate OKs bill requiring Ohioans to reveal identity

Belgian Plane Sit-In Ends; Iranian Protesters Leave: Reuters

States Asked to Deregulate Hair Braiding

Former Nazi captured in Argentina, faces child sex charges

Rice not to pressure Musharraf on democracy: US

French court bans Christ advert

List of Forbes billionaires

Tycoon offers $1m in US coma case

Troops in Shooting Were for Negroponte

Yemeni Sheik Causes Scene After Conviction

Senate committee OKs pay raise for governor (as UT hikes tuition)

Senate Passes New Bankruptcy Legislation

War crime claims

MSNBC Breaking: Three shot at Atlanta courthouse

Reports: Judge, deputy shot inside Atlanta courthouse

Judge in Atlanta just killed

UK went to war on one page of legal advice

Rape ruling in Pakistan suspended

Negroponte's Guards Shot Italian Agent

Campaign aims to defeat gay marriage amendment (Kansas)

Banking body lists security breaches amid data fears

Physicians condemn failure to count Iraq casualties

Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Said Included Kids

Drums pound to remind tax debtors

NYT: How Long Can G.M. Tread Water?

Demand for power and water to go up (in the Middle East)

It's time to bring back the Bull Moose!!!

Vatican television shows footage of pope speaking

US risks losing the plot over Cuba

WP: Critics Question Impartiality of (DHS) Panel Studying Privacy Rights

Home sales drop attributed in part to rain

Delphi accounting woes rattle through industry

Health experts rap US, UK over counting Iraqi dead

Germany beefs up anti-Nazi laws

Terror suspects go free

Iraqi leaders urge calm after Mosul bloodbath

Comics Mourn the Loss of 'The Great' Dave Allen

US and UK governments criticised over Iraqi death count

China, Greenspan Rub Salt in Dollar Wound

Court Eases Asylum Rule for Genital Mutilation

More snipes from US State Department confirm policy towards Venezuela

Judge, Three Others Shot at Atlanta Courthouse

FDA Seizes Some Drug Orders From I-SaveRX (Canada Site)

Congress Paving the Way for Tolls on Interstates

Chopper crash kills 15 Russian soldiers

International group of doctors blast official toll of Iraqi civilian dead

Paedophile trial hears 430-page litany of child sex abuse charges

State House OKs New Congressional District Maps (GA)

Negroponte's Guards Shot Italian Agent

"Sen. Sarbanes to Forgo Another Term" - Wash Post

Crucial talks fall apart in Bolivia

Pentagon Outlines Iraqi Troop Losses

Likud Appealing to Peace Now for Help

WP: Antiabortion Activist on Trial in D.C.: Protester Displayed Fetus

Former Nazi Pedophile Nabbed in Argentina

Opec has no capacity to lift quotas, says Algeria (reuters)

Annan Warns on Iraqis' Civil Liberties

Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange Decry US Dismissal of Lawsuit

Head of USA Next Promises More Anti-AARP Ads, Despite Court Loss

Russia, U.S. consider joint securing of Russian bioweapons sites

Rumsfeld meets French Defense Minister as U.S. , France relations warm

Iraq Checkpoint Where Italian Killed Was for U.S. Envoy(Negroponte)

Raw Story: Interview with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

U.S. Signals Approval of Iran Entering WTO (AP)

US troops get training to avoid friendly-fire attacks on British

Trade Deficit at 2nd Highest Level Ever


GOP proposes social cuts, ...plans...boost spending on defense

GOP plans attack on Byrd's liberal record if he runs in 2006

Sarbanes to Forgo Another Term

My Life, According to the Data Merchants

Venezuela's Chavez Says Iran Has 'right' to Nuclear Program

White House turns down Louisville mayor's request to greet Bush

New GOPUSA News Service...Flooding Google W/Identical Jeff Gannon articles


Army drill sergeants charged with abuse

Typing error causes nuclear scare

Social Security Events Don't Mirror U.S. (calls a fake a FAKE)

Workshop targets ‘institutional racism’ among gays

NH GOP exec director/phone jammer sentenced to 7 months in federal prison

Last Star Wars 'not for children' (says George Lucas)

WP: Sarbanes to Forego Another Senate Term

AFL-CIO to lay off 80 to 100 staffers

In Hostage's Journey to Freedom, Joy Quickly Turned to Disaster

Iran says U.S. incentives offer "insignificant"

Geldof blasts Bush and Mugabe (to Blair: "tell Bush 'it costs f*** all'")

Opposition repeats refusal to join Karami unity government

Illinois cuts testing on 1 of 3 R's

Kasparov seeking political career (announces retirement from chess)

Elizabeth Edwards Recovers From Surgery

Experts Balance Terror Fight, Freedoms (conclusions of Madrid conf)

Howard Dean to speak at Assembly Democrats fund-raiser

LAT: ABC Writes Out Fox

Protesters, Supporters Line Route (* in Shreveport, LA today)

Venezuela Signs $120M Contract for 10 Russian Helicopters

US military detains Iraqi journalist

Obama slams Bush for linking accounts to blacks' life span

Apple Wins Trade Secrets Legal Dispute(online reporters must give sources)

Poll: Bush Losing Backing Over Soc. Sec. (AP)

U.S. Backs Economic Incentives for Iran, Rice Says

BAE chief fears 10,000 air jobs will go

Haitian Prime Minister on hunger strike rushed to hospital criticial cond.

Venezuela Court Opens Way to Prosecute for 2002 Coup

Ari Fleisher: there's no difference between Jeff Gannon and Helen Thomas

Army, CIA Agreed on 'Ghost' Prisoners

City Officials Lobby Against Bush Budget

Police Get DNA Match in Judge Family Killings

Head of USA Next Promises More Anti-AARP Ads, Despite Court Setback

Falling Tree Injures Accused Mississippi (KKK) Klansman

U.S. Gaining World's Respect From Wars, Rumsfeld Asserts

Support growing for limiting taser use (FL)

U.S. Jan. trade gap widens to $58.3 billion (MarketWatch)

Justice Watchdog Finds Muslim Mistreatment

Bush Names Missile Defense Veteran to Head NASA

Bank to compensate victims

Italy puts pressure on Bush

Fugitive Chile cult leader held

Oil demand set to soar this year (CNN) (they just got the memo)

Orlando Mayor indicted and suspended in election case

Oil Demand Is Rising Faster Than Expected, IEA Says (Bloomberg)

Pentagon wants to send more Guantanamo detainees home, with conditions

Bush Says "Not Interested in Band-Aids Social Security Fix"

Venezuela Chavez Says Iran Has Right to Atomic Energy

Kerry pledges to fight Bush on Alaska oil

Elizabeth Edwards Has Breast Cancer Surgery

MSNBC Breaking: Judge reportedly killed at Atlanta courthouse...

Poland foresees cutting several hundred troops in Iraq in July

Bush names choice for solicitor general

(MRI) Scanners 'can treat depression'

Iraq War Compels Pentagon to Rethink Big-Picture Strategy

Wal-Mart off the school-supply list; union won't repay teachers ...

Bush cancels trip to Sarasota (so as not to embarrass Kathy Harris)

Report: Half of Alabama public school students now in poverty

Refused Prayer time, Muslims walk off Dell jobs

Lake City Man Dies After Shock With Taser Gun (FL)

Italian minister rebukes hostage shot by US troops

Bush Names Afghan-American Top Iraq Envoy (Negroponte's job)

House Ethics Panel in Gridlock

Florida Lawmaker Seeks Toilet Paper Tax

(Squarepants Wins!) 60,000 Schools to Get 'SpongeBob' Tolerance Video

Call Centers May Handle McDonald's (Drive thru!!) Orders

LAT: Long-Term Jobless Find a Degree Just Isn't Working

Former Aide to Delaware Senator Sentenced

U.S. to pay $25.5 million, acknowledge role in plundering of Nazi gold tra

(Next in Ward Churchill Saga) Prof accused of plagiarism

Vietnam fury at Agent Orange case

Bad advice to Bush blamed for Social Security struggle

Exclusive: Casey Outpolls Santorum

Two more posts till 7000. Can anyone help me here?

What is the best horror movie ever?

How can you find the number of a caller?

Something I know you are all concerned about

Anyone see the movie Prozac nation?

All your base are belong to Mr Michael Jackson!

The Jackson 5 singing "I'll Be There"

Is it just me, or are Snap's "Rhythm is a Dancer" and Technotronic's...

Nicole Richie coming on Jay Leno

FINALLY, Condi Rice admits to sleeping with Bush.....

half a bee

get yourself cooler, lay yourself low

Javascript help needed! laptop is dying.

Free Husband in Miami area

Chris Rhea is really -so is Eva Cassidy! Does anyone


Jeanette Walls..TV personality..and stingy,hardhearted **tch..

Should I get stoned, drunk or both? nt

Damn free shipping...

VB Programmers: Can DDE/Excel retreive info from JDEdwards Software?

anyone been to Guatamala?

Know what would be great about living on the shoreline?

DU College Dems! College Democrats of America Rolls Out '05 Convention

What's the best decade for music?

Was the Daily Show worth it tonight? I'm feeling really tired.

Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody wang chung tonight.

Don't worry about the bees ... it's the birds that'll get us!

Allow me a moment of nerdiness... Star Wars preview... *drool*

The most interesting thing about King Charles I

Today was a day like no other

my play goes up tomorrow!!!!!!

I feel lost...

Anyone here a patent agent? Or in patent law?

Things you are JUST plain TIRED of doing... (Putting you all on notice)

Weird, Ancient Cartoon Trivia Demand

Men: Do you trim your eyebrows?

Men: Do you trim your nose hair?

Seeking Magzine subscript ideas for empowered/creative teen girl.

Suggestions DU! Suggestions!

Give me your honest opinion

WooooooHooooo, maveric 7000 posts!

Men: Do you shave your copycat threads?

Memo to Floogeldy: Please no "Men do you trim down there?" thread

Men: Do you shave your armpits?

"I'm not watching that Jackson shit! But he's just a pedophile!"

Men: do you shave your partner's armpits?

i need 2000 posts!

Which State Has The Coolest Flag?

My $12 Hyperspace account expired three days ago...

ATTENTION Radical Activist

Radical Activist, have you cheered up yet?

Explain the bankruptcy bill

2:25am and I'm sick as a dog.....

I wonder if Oxymoron gets a lot of PMs by mistake

WARNING: Do not download "HotBar".

If you could restrain a Freeper Clockwork-Orange style

What do you read in the toilet?

YES!!!!!! I just finished a 14 page paper!!! All right!!!

Favorite Batman villain?

Oh God...Sannum's having a breakdown...

Good morning DU

Dental Question...

Look at this drivel by RUMSFELD

The terrifying truth about Saint Patrick (Landover Baptist)

Dave and Paul

Good morning DU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Otis, Dead And Gone.

Car Dealer Selling "Ultimate SUV" - 1969 Tank

Gooood Friday Morning DU! (Cannikin style)

OK, I'm going now my DU friends. Wish me luck with snow driving !

I'm eating an egg this morning.

My signature gif (Bush morphs into angry chimp): Does it bother you?

New Consumers Union Video: Drugs I Need

Bankruptcy Bill details - Mods, please excuse the length, VIP info

Inmate Requested Cold Medicine, Got Laxative As A Prank

Son Sues Dad Over Steelers Season Tickets

Congrats for Scarborough Country being the top rated news show on MSNBC

Florida Lawmaker Wants Toilet Paper Tax

Oh the fun is definitely over

One-Ply or Two-Ply. Which TP do you prefer?

Good morning DU! (newb style)


Today I am Thankful For....

What's so good about this morning, you miserable bastards?

Ultra-RightWing Coor's family morality

LynneSin & JimmyJazz have dinner, the Universe manages to not collapse

Will you people PLEASE leave me alone I have work to do!!!

Why are so many of you excited about the next STAR WARS film?

Catturd breakfast for Fight'n Fridays!

ABC Orders "Boston Legal" To Write FOX News Out Of Script

on today's episode of SCSI

Calling Shananigans and Rev_acts....It's ruckus raising time!

Police Say Teacher Sent Students To Get His Pot - Shared It With Them

I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather.


Prosecution offers Michael Jackson plea bargain

Happy Birthday!! RUPERT MURDOCH!!!

Thank you to the kind person who donated on my behalf

Great bumper sticker I saw in Houston this morning...

All right, which DU'er got busted?

I'm drinkin' a Yoo-Hoo right now. What are you doin'?

Dog's false lead in murder case

Fred Phelps Will Be in Downtown Colorado Springs In About An Hour

Lasts night's episode of CSI Vegas is bothering me so much.

Favorite quotation

Favorite National Park?

Unfiltered - Lizz = boring

Pop Quiz: Peter Cetera is clinging to the hood of your car and won't let g

Did you know the Lounge is full of "republican haters?" i didn't.

Which state has the coolest car license plates??

How do the Japanese feel about cancer?

WigMan Pulls Out of 2004 Illinois Senate Campaign

why is porn spam so BADLY spelled.

I'm thinking of spending all day in bed. Just try to stop me!

Can we discuss the Manchurian Candidate remake?

I am not in love....

bye bye guys

Windows crashes, Bug or Feature?

Is there a cure for bees in the head?

People who called in sick today check in here

Recomendation needed: Mid-priced scanner/color printer.

Credit card offers...

Does anyone on here still use emusic?

Sticker on gas pump blames Bush for high prices

Josie and The Pussycats?

Did you know the Lounge was full of "Fat Haters"? I didn't.

Did you do "bees" in college



Desperately need help re how to copy & paste graph from PDF!

Caption this cocky ass photo of Michael Powell

Anyone actually done business in Nigeria? Seriously....

Third cat in as many months to die from kidney failure

Did you know the lounge is full of haters of fat?

did you know the Lounge is fuLL of "pLaya haters"?

Photoshoppers: Can you create for me a silhouette from one of these?

What the hotel bill is your favorite exclamation?

my apologies

Pay Your Taxes, Pa-Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum....

I'd Like to Apologize....

Guys, guys - look at us. Squabbling, bickering, like children.

Can anyone help cheer me up?

Church Jokes

I have the gunk and can't get a doctor's appointment till Monday

Man who killed girlfriend's cat sentenced to six months in jail

Who can tell me what CLUCKER BEES are?! (NO GOOGLING)

Why the hell do some "True Believers" rely on photo-trickery to reinforce

The hermaphrodite wars BEGIN now!

For Good Luck - Get Shorts with a Dragon on the Front

Somebody's gotta take the lady with the skinny legs.

I have a lump in my throat

Fat Wars?!

I feel like a fruit balloon

I've never posted a picture of something four-legged before...

My fat bees listen to Oasis.

I mock your value system.

Someone's got my bees in a bunch, so post me some bee pics.

My bees of no one particular size listen to Oasis.

My kid has her science fair at school today

Who here has run with scissors?

The bees in my head are STEELER Bees.

on today's episode of ATA

Lifestyle Seminars You Won't Learn Anything From

When You Feel Like Snacking... Do You Prefer Something Sweet Or Salty?

First ball EVER thrown at Fenway to go on sale

Greenspan/Mitchell Sexual Activity Update March 4 through 10

A question for dog experts

This thread is absolute BULLSHIT

midnighter at the oasis or

Is it seldom about you, mostly about you or all about you?

We need an honest dialogue about fatness.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' "One Hot Minute" is underrated

"And PLEASE, Dear Lord, make the suckers swallow my SS scam"

Star Wars Episode III Mystery Villain Revealed (Pictures)


Technically, when does a puppy become a dog?

JVS - are you out there?

In exactly 1 month I shall be 20. Ask me anything.

"If I had my way, I'd turn them all into Young Republicans."

The Fart Wars end now

Somebody stole my pan! school's on lockdown...

Konichiwa Sushi

Dashimaki Tamago!

Somebody scroll my rants!

Somebody stole my paints.

My feet smell...

CAT BARF. Oh and by the way, who is Oasis?

Oasis stole my pants!

Favorite childhood temper tantrum

Check out Mom's new beltbuckle!!!

Josh Groban vs. a kick in the genitals

Lunchtime quibble: I detest mucilaginous fish.

OK, shake it off...shake it, no, shake it off...

I Lost A Fish

Technically, when does a child stop being a toddler?

In order to counter all this talk of putting people on ignore...


The Gnat wars end now

I Flossed a Knish

Who here reads the Wall Street Journal?


I tossed an Amish

Let’s play combine the thread titles..

What wakes you up in the morning?

Jello-Wrestling: Who Wins?

Man Dressed Up As Dead Mother To Collect Her Pension

Somebody stole my man!!!

I'm leaving DU forever

Dog, the Extra-Terrestrial.

How long has it been since the last" wagga" thread...

Saw a really interesting vanity plate today

Has Anyone Else Noticed an Uptick in Violins?

Oasis vs. Mucilaginous fish

Somebody painted my stole!


I dislocated my shoulder...ask me anything.


Oasis vs. Box turtles

Does anyone else think that Michael Jackson is lying?

Hockey East Tournament starts tonight

Matcom vs. Mrs. Matcom - who really wins

Bees Bees Wagga Wagga Bees Bees Wagga Wagga Bees Bees Wagga Wagga

ok lounge lizards ..

BUNNIES & PANCAKES: I need a REALLY good recipe that you have

The answer: What CLUCKER BEES are.

I can't keep up with what's been going on...

Do I Have an Overactive Imagination?

I'm going the bathroom. I'll be back.

Post your Memories of Star Wars (the original 1977 movie)

Do you ever have those weeks when your BS detector is turned on "high"

Today's DU Lounge is brought to you by the letter "E".


Where did all these "bees in the head" threads come from?

Has AnyOne Else noticed an Uptick in Violence?

Somebody stole my pants.

Did anyone else post about Michael Jackson showing up to

Episode III trailer! Haven't been this excited since the Phatom Menace!

Oasis vs. sickle-cell anemia

Do you feel affinity to strangers based on race, religion, ethnicity,

What kind of dog do YOU have???

Has anyone else noticed an uptick in Violas?

Shhhh! Don't tell her, but I have bouncy ball on ignore.

Do you think "they" are ruining your world? Are "they" after you?

My bat squeezed into my thighs

Has AnyOne Else noticed an Uplick in Uvulas?

Today's Gas Prices are brought to you by the letter "W"

I'm back from the bathroom

Dose speling count on this test?

What's the deal! I've been smelling weed smoke all day.

I like this pic I took last summer so much, I thought I'd share it.

I have to know. What do commandos have against underwear?

Another warning about Viagra

The "Looks Like Someone's Getting Emotional About It" CAPTION

Apology for a Boo-boo

The cult of personality.

I'm posting Naked Lunch...

For your earworm enjoyment....I give you....

From 1-4 p.m. today, I'm playing three hours of '80s music on the radio.

My cat sneezed into my eyes

Man opens his front door, looks down, sees a snail in the doorway...

TONIGHT! You can see the planet Mercury (Copernicus never did)

I too am posting "naked."

James Naughton

DU vegetarians i need help

Is there anyone on DU who is smarmy?

Eight thousands posts

Dan Rather sent to the cornfield

I'm about to lose my job--wish me luck!

I'm posting neckkids

I lost my home -- wish me luck!

So, how's your hate for bush going?

Bounce them boobies SAM!

It's Friday, it's sunny and warm, and I'm drinking a strawberry shake!

Just what's so terrible about the Bee Gees, anyway?

Anyone here a Scientologist?

What the world needs now...

RANT: Weatherman says 12 -24 inches of snow tomorrow in my area

roLLing down the street smoking indo

If cheese were people, my head would be France

Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

Man dies after winning tequila-drinking contest

How to burp a Philippine Tarsier

I'm posting with naked Chinese bees....


Check in here if you have me on ignore!

Well, it’s one for the money, two for the show,

It's 3:26pm in Gaylord, MI. Time for another Q&A with MrScorpio

The older i get the less i like __________

Seriously - are you people ok?

next to be out-sourced: fast food jobs

I just had a job interview

Ok. Do you think it's time for a Lounge Intervention for Will?

If bees were people, my head would be China

City with the most advertising per square foot?

Have you ever had anything supernatural happen to you?

I'm psychic. And I can feel a HUGE Lounge smackdown coming soon.

Best. Boss. Ever.

How do you deal with people trying to sell you MLM junk at work?

Rethinking our "friend" Mr. William Pitt (warning: dead bunny)

**This** is the thread to bitch and moan.

Dog Dancing!!!

Does this seem weird to you?

How to Win Any Argument On the Internet

Career Day??

Describe some strange phenomena or weird "goings on" where you live

All we are saying, is give Lounge a chance.

How many bullets will Brian Nichols eat and from whom?

Corporate often do you get your haircut?

Coolest '70s TV theme Song part Un

Conditions you didn't realize existed until you came to DU

Just in case Bouncy is right...

BAD LOWES, BAD!!!! *thwap*

Losing my job update

I am psychotic. And I can feel a HUGE Lounge smackdown coming soon.

What do you scream when you hurt your toe?


I am who I am and I'm cool with it.

I feel compelled to do my part to raise the tone in the lounge

im posting naked as well (wanna see?)

To the newbie who suspected there was a disruptor among us

OMFG!! I Opened My Encyclopedia And There Was A Pic Of Will Pitt!!!

Just Bought 'The Awful Truth' seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

smush thread

Yaaay!! Post GOOD news here Yaaaayyy!!!

The Frat Wars end now.

Best commercial I've seen in a while....

Judge clears Leno for Jackson jokes

OMFG!! I Watched America's Most Wanted and There were pics of MATCOM!!!!!

I'm posting naked

Do you believe that all things happen for a reason?

How do you pronounce "poem?"

Coolest '70s TV theme Song part Trois

ok, tha funs over - gizoogle style

Ha! My sister just told me about some Right-To-Lifer in her

Coolest '70s TV theme Song part Cinq

Guys - did you forget that special day?

okok...too much fun looking at kitty pictures

Another stupid pictue of dim son looking stupid for your collection!

Paul Newman mulls retirement - Jesus Christ, he's *80!*

I'm thinking of a CAPTION between "a**hat" and "total zero"

Worse human being

Coolest '70s TV theme Song part Deux

Why does the song 'Wild World' always seem to be my earworm?

Cool feature I found in Firefox 1.0 and above...

Have you ever screamed "F**k" at the top of your lungs at work

Ethay Igpay Atinlay Edthray

Gregory Peck was such a handsome guy, wasn't he?

The Cat Wars end now.

Bee 'ku

Coolest '70s TV theme Song part Quatre

I'm sick of this cult of the "greedy eighties".

The Run Off will happen at 5:15. Make sure to vote


I have a job interview!

Are you mentally ill?

Everytime that I look in the mirror.

Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods vs. Oasis

What's everyone poison for tonite

I have a truthache. I hold ChavezSpeaksTheTooth responsible.

I saw the weirdest bumper sticker yesterday...

What's Your Favorite DU Forum?

How fucked up are gasoline prices in your neck of the woods?

Howdy Everyone

I have a toothache. I hold ChavezSpeakstheTruth responsible.

Firefox Spyware infects IE?

I saw the Motorcycle Dairy last night!

How much Alice Ghostley activity is in your main place of residence?

My 15 minutes has, apparently, begun...

You can't Ignore me- I'm irresistable!

I saw the motorcycle diaries last night

My SO did a heroic thing today!! I am so proud of her.

My Name is MrScorpio and I am a Lizard

Anyone want a free Black Flag bumper sticker?

How much ghostly activity is in your main place of residence?

Is this funny?

Where are you getting most of your music these days?

Best sports name ever: Olu Babalola

HAPPY 3-11 DAY!!!! (Who's got the Herb?) post your fav. 311 song

MJ got a sore back from sleeping on a lumpy 12 year old boy.

What if the colonists had not committed genocide and stole land?

So, here's what I played this afternoon on my '80s radio show.

Please Welcome Our Newest DUer: Mrs.Matcom!!!!!!

Has anyone ever been severely decapitated?

The Ultimate '70s TV Theme Song Winnah

Bored? Try the Homer Simpson Quote generator.

opinion of....AMERICAN PSYCHO?? (novel)

The Ultimate '70s TV Theme Run Off


Did you ever notice....

Favorite Donna?

If cell phones weren't annoying enough...

MEDICAL NEWS: I heard you can get Alzheimer's from aluminum beer cans...

What 'Who" tune will be the them to "CSI: Your Town"?

Is an '80s TV theme run off worth it someday?

My name is floidasmartvoter and I'm not a freeper

What do you think of Latin?

What would you do without the Lounge

What would you do without the chaise lounge?

Who's your favorite American Idol contestent out of the women?

Which pop music star's life story is the most tragic?

Ask an idiot aka ask me some questions

I don't apologize

Okay, we had blizzard for 8 hours, then clear blue skies, now blizzard

Okay, we had bees for 8 hours, then clear blue skies, now bees.

Is this really asking so much?

I'd like to apologize

I hate to say this...but I thought "Jar Piggy Banks" were disgusting.

Have you ever tied 45 weather balloons to a lawn chair?

It's snowing in Boston

My hard drive got burned out in the Bush years. Romantic Movies?

No More Oasis Wars!!!

Who's your favorite American Idol contestent out of the men?

Do you say/write Chaise Lounge or Chaise Longue?

Can someone tell me why I did this?

I almost apologized once

Vikings should dump Tice.

We Have a Tie

"Meet the Parents" Actress Dies-DeHuff, 30, from pneumonia

I'd like to apologize to everyone, too.

We're off to Miami to meet my grandmother! :-)

Last Star Wars 'not for children' (says George Lucas)

Has anyone ever been severely dehydrated?

What is it with RW'ers and the last name "Gillespie"?

I hate to say this...but I thought "Jar Jar Binks" was disgusting.

I wish to apologize to Bunny for a dog biting her in the lady regions

Two cooking questions.

I hate to say this.....but I thought Jars of Pigs Feet was disgusting.

I'd like to apologize to absolutely no one.

The Journey: Whether you are pushing 40, 50, 60 you'll probably relate....

alcohol gifts desperately needed

Anyone heard the latest on the missing girl in Florida?

How do you include a

Invent your posting etiquette suggestions here!

*Spoilers* Star Wars III Photo outline of the story

Greatest "College" Basketball player of all time.

The Beatles should not have written "Helter Skelter"

alcohol gifts suggestions desperately needed

Happy Hour Time!! MrScorpio's Blue Lizard Bar and Grill is OPEN!

Wait wait wait...the third Star Wars prequel might be worth watching???


Which of these two bands would you rather listen to?

Well, did you ever notice....

I just bought Anthrax tickets !!!

I'm sick of this cult of the "Crazy 88s".

I need more money- any work at home ideas?

Give me a hell yeah if you'd marry Kelly Clarkson!

Dinner tonight...

Should I Buy Pounds and Euros Now for a May Trip?

Gooood Friday Morning DU! (Blondie style)

Why don't they have a "Survivor" episode in a cold climate?

The great chemical-free pressure-treated lumber conundrum

Do you have a scarf? What's the story of your scarf?

This cartoon pretty much says it all.


Announcing the "Chronic Health Conditions Support and Discussion Group."

HeyHey, CanuckAmok--did you audition for Canadian Idol?

Name your top 3 restaurants that you eat at regularly

Norwegians can get...kinda STRANGE in the winter. Check this out!


Coast to Coast airline fares

Okay, I think I've had enough of the Micheal Jackson trial...anybody else?

I'm posting Bif Naked

Any Linux/Unix people around right now?

Kitten Born With Two Faces

I am trying to make a bumper sticker that says Never vote for

I'm sick and fucking tired of my piece-of-shit DSL connection!!!

Help me out! R&B Artist Mario's big hit... what it that sample?

BEATLES join in the effort to SAVE THE LOUNGE

Bankruptcy Bill: We're Mad as Hell and we aren't going to take it anymore

The Fat Wars end now.

I have five months to train for my first trip to Las Vegas!

How much about WWII did you learn in high school classes?

I'm about to lose my home--wish me luck!

What do you guys think about Lil Kim Jong-Il?

i'm NOT sorry and dammit!!! I PROMISE to offend AGAIN!

What ails me?

Accidentaly started a flame war about DU with geeks at

Which ancient language should I learn?

Revolutionary_Acts and progmom will now beat me with a wet noodle.

Morgantown, WV area DUers, Help my friend find her dog...

Weed Smoking is Common Among Older People

Testing my three year old for autism, I need some DU prayers and vibes

What do you guys think about Lil Kim?

I will NOT be Ignored, Lounge!

I'd like to apologize...

Crap, I blew a job interview today. Why do I always spaz out mentally

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Wanted To Hunt Cats Receives Death Threats

Do you have a scar? What's the story of your scar?

I'm going to my high school wrestling coaches retirement party

The new Doctor Who series - warning, spoilers aplenty.

Oasis is on a level with Elvis, according to the Hard Rock Cafe.


CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS: I need a REALLY good recipe that you have

my 800s post!!! Though I share it with you

Has a movie ever been rated NC-17 for extremely violent content?

pssst...You all know that Will Pitt is a war profiteer, but did you know..

What do you want out of life?

Tell Us Something WEIRD About Yourself...

What's your favorite personal body part/feature?

MAC vs PC, advantages & disadvantages of both?

Jesus was way cool

Christianity seems to be unsuitable for Western Civilization.

What's after death?

Biblical experts seek to make ancient texts widely available (edits too!)

Science and Religion: the Templeton Prize Winner

Anyone here ever die?

Christianity vs. the rest of them

Study: Eye contact triggers threat signals in autistic children's brains

The Bird Flu: What To Expect

prescription drug cartoon

Cancer warning over eczema creams

HIV immunity in Europeans 'linked to Middle Age

This is an appeal to organic chemists and physicists to educate

Finland prepares for possible global bird flu pandemic

The Importance of Education

Birdflu pandemic may mean some stay home to die (Mods, not same as..

Preventing A Bird Flu Outbreak...

Mass extinction comes every 62 million years, UC physicists discover

Saturn Moon Titan Called Earth-Like

(Squarepants Wins!) 60,000 Schools to Get 'SpongeBob' Tolerance Video

SpongeBob Heads To Schools

Michigan GOP Strikes Back Over Gay Marriage Amendment

Conservative Lawmakers Want Say In Maryland Gay Marriage Suit

Iowa Bully Bill Dies After GOP Balked At Gay Provision

Youth Handed 13 Years Behind Bars For Gay Attack

Gays: Guardians of the Gates

Seminary Head Who Conducted Lesbian Daughter's Wedding Ordered To Leave

Federal Judge Bans Use Of Gay Wedding Photo

Gay Seattle Man Responsible For Own Beating Court Told

Fundies bemoan "Love Rocks" album from Human Rights Campaign

Mike Tice admitted that he sold Super Bowl tickets

Neo-McCarthyism Slugs Major League Baseball

Looks like the NIT for my VT Hokies

Self - Delete - Dupe.

Here's the RPI for Bracketology purposes:

@#$% Clemson!!!!!

Bobby Julich in yellow leader's jersey in Paris-Nice.

Question about my cat

Homoeopathic study finds water has no 'memory'

I had this dream a few years ago and I can't get it out of my mind

Easter Humor

Grr! (Again...)


Kerry Group Is Staying Active

Kerry Pledges to Fight Bush on Alaska Oil : SF Chronicle

Pakistan helped Iran with Nuclear Program

What's going on, everybody?

Friday fun

Is it time for JK start up his official blog again?

Pure Catnip: Sen. Kerry shops for a new motorcycle

Attention JohnKleeb and other Sarbanes admirers


Fun with water

Testing the color theme: Pink

Countdown Newsletter 3/11

Countdown Quiz w/o 3/7

"Countdown" & KO got biiiig ol' shout out on NPR's "Marketplace" this AM.

New baseball blog

5 minutes to Keith, y'all!

"A trip down memory lane."

KOEB Thread Archives - November 2004

Bushwatch's current scorecard on our Senators (only Boxer gets 100%)

see Krugman on Daily Show rerun (1am)

Addiction problems in Pakistan-- Drugs flowing in from Afghanistan

DU College Dems! College Democrats of America Rolls Out 2005 Convention!

If you don't want people to declare bankruptcy why not give them a living

"House of cards" British economist's take on international economy

The New Face of Protest

A question

Scott Ritter on the Ray Taliaferro show this morning

I figure out what Bush's REAL plan is!

International law starts to bring Washington back into the fold

Foreigners on US death row no longer have right to make international appe

Remember the forfeiture briefs the DOJ tried to ban recently?

Jimmy Carter: Undelivered Energy Speech (July 1979)

Senate race breakdown 2006

Would you rather be a Democratic purist or a Democratic apologist?

O.K., I promised I'd go in (to Freeperland) and here is my report

One Senator whose state allows asset protection trusts voted against S.256

Bush Family Businesses Financial History & Bankruptcy - it's ugly

Employment Numbers Without the Spin (Bush's Missing 11.3 Million Jobs)

Janet Reno-Ann Coulter matchup--has anyone heard of the outcome?

I've noticed media excusing torture recently

Rep. Senator: "Never vote for Republicans again -- we lie."

Dorgan addressing outsourcing and the trade deficits C-SPAN 2

Anyone know what happened to the #800 Capital Hill Switchboard?

Bankrupcy bill

A simple, but difficult, way to regain our electoral process

CBS: tonight parroted Bush on SS citing Chile SS a "Success"

Why is AP still running this 'Bush talking points' caption? >>>

The Terror of TABOR

Moving on from the bankruptcy bill to John Bolton, UN rep nominee

Watch those typos! - Sudan is not Sedan!

Bush using a 9-year-old boy to peddle his Social Security lies

Criticize Fox? Not on ABC

Dollar Catches Asian Flu - (quietly, quietly dollars are being sold)

Republicans only want to do what's best for the "little guy"...

Nexis search shows CBS discussed Nat. Guard story once in 2000

STOP Senate GOP sneaky move to pass ANWR by putting in budget bill!

WTF is the AP talking about here? Was this WH spin? or what?

biggest private prison corp. holds hands with Xian fundies

what happened to 1 (800) 839 - 5276 - TOLL FREE Capitol Hill Switchboard?

VIDEO - "Red & Blue" a moderate essay by Richard Rodriquez

DeLay... DeLaying Democracy.

Senate Passes 'Loan Sharking Enablement Bill'

Stevens of Alaska on Senate floor now, 10:30AM, hawking drilling in ANWR!

How Senators up for re-election in 2006 voted on the Bankruptcy Bill

Wal-Mart, Dollar Rattle Billionaire Ranks

This website is proof that Democratic Governors are working for the people

Great new site on attacking the Bankruptcy Bill before the House


In a way, I hope the repubs go nuclear

Gallup..Try as we might we cannot get people to say..

People and Republican B.S.

37% vs. 52%--Roadmap. Now Dems, pull over and read it!!!!

Bankruptcy Bill

It's the media's fault...

Alan Greenspan covers his ass...

Korea-US Exchange Council - Delay's trips and the Heritage Foundation

Outrageous: Bush accuses opponents of privitization of RACISM

"Social security reform discourages families" MAJOR RW Propaganda

They even refuse to raise the puny minimum wage

Some CT State Dems talking up a Lieberman challenge

"Don't think of an elephant!" - George Lakoff

Krugman couldn't be happier about Bush's designs on Social Security.

Variety's Michael Speier says Network News just hitting "Bad Patch"

I'm gonna give credit where credit is due - Lieberman did something right!

Help me finish this sentence: Republicans have a plan for.........

If any of these Senators represent you, write them or call them and let

Forbes list of billionaires

Red alert! ANWR drilling vote likely next Wednesday in Senate!

President *: Gov't Bonds are not safe!

Hypothetically if I want to run for congress, what do I do?

political donations of 2005 Forbes billionaires (top 25)

Great vote-fraud website: PhD statisticians don't buy exit poll rationale

Chris Heinz for Senate in PA!!!

Column that shows concern that Dean and grassroots are warned off issues.

County adjusts law on X-rated entertainment

Tom Toles, Washington Post cartoonist, hits the nail on the head...

Dem Abortion soundbit with broadest appeal

Bankruptcy bill for idiots.

For your Republican friends and family, I found this today! Excellent!

Survey USA: Casey 49 Santorum 42

Are we just preaching to the choir ?

Most informative author on Iraq oil war realpolitik: Michael Renner

Dean to speak to NJ Democrats in Trenton Monday night.

Interview with Scott Ritter (UN inspector) about Iraq, Iran and Russia

What's *'s biggest crime so far?

Who would you like to see replace Reid as minority leader

Who should the minority leader support?

Educate me: "Reagan cause the fall of the Soviet Union."

Kerry pledges to fight Bush on Alaska oil


CBS' Up To The Minute: Bush Finding More Resistance on SS in Red States

Ousting DINOs shouldn't be a priority until after we have the majority

The oil and gas industry spent over $440 million since 1998 on campaigns

Call-on on Tuesday to protest Bankruptcy bill