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Archives: March 10, 2005

Bolton: An Unforgivable Choice as UN Ambassador

Walker's World: What Bolton really thinks of the UN

Working for Change -What Jesus Wouldn't Do

A U.N. enemy representing U.S.?

Bush visits the CIA: reassuring America’s Murder Inc.

Blumenthal: The enemy within (Bolton)

Republican Social Security Playbook

Another boost for presidential powers?

What would Falwell do? (the Religious Left)

Time for Nuremberg II - Wayne Madsen

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Senators reassure bloggers (about FCC commish's remarks)

John Bolton Was Nominated Monday & Tuesday Fox News Says ...

A request for advice to my fellow DUers (bankruptcy).

Water Safety Important For Americans (poll / Luntz Research)

John Bolton's world

Venezuela's Challenge for the 21st Century: Building a Democratic, Humanis


Any decision on a new CSPAN group?

Great identical posts in seperate forums

Question about sites that actively seek the defeat of Democrats

Soooooo WHERE are our new "DEAN" avatars?

Post just disappeared. Was there another glitch?

Why can't I vote in polls anymore?

Unger and Engdahl -- Two Good Reads On These Issues

Jewish Settlers Plan to Storm Al-Aqsa

I have a Math question about the Pentagon

Jon Stewart is coming to Chicago!

Boston DUers or Chicago DUers: Who can drink more?

Chicagoans, Suburbanites, or Downstaters: Who can drink more?

Video - CBS News: Dan Rather's final sign-off with "courage"

King County challenges 99 felons on voter list

BradBlog: Tom Feeney Linked to DeLay Ethics Scandal!

KOEB (Wednesday)

Kim Alexander a HERO! Diebold/McCormack calls her "laughable"!

FEMA Investigation - Hope they find a smoking FraWd gun...

How many former Philly area people are now in Los Angeles?

Anyone in/near CR see the sky about 7 pm tonight?

Massachusetts/New England Weather Complaint Thread: Post Your Gripes Here!

Pawlenty bringing back property-tax referendums

Colleen Rowley for U.S. Senate???

how would support collen rowley

Quick poll: Tom Daschel or Collen Rowley

So I'm thinking about building a PC-

State OKs plan to move hazardous waste through Metroplex

Chris Bell Hits the Airwaves (Schultz & Franken)

TX sunrise and sunset

Our Enemy is Us

Meth Labs a Problem in Rural North

Check out this gem of a LTTE in GB Press Gazette

Why can't WI dems and dems in general get enough support together

Tribal leader: End mascot discrimination

Christian nation is something to fear

Internet, not Bush, bringing democracy to Middle East

My letter to WWTV in Cadillac, MI (re: Dan Rather)

Is anyone watching this freak on with Oreilly?

And so begins the MikeG boycott of CBS.

So what law next for Stolen Identities as a result of soon to pass BK law?


Cosby is accused of sexual assault? WTF?

How much of my contribution to the DNC is going to New Dem campaigns?

Who was the Republican racist congressman who was just on Lou Dobb's?

what time does dan rather come on?

Gail Shister/Philadelphia Inquirer Tv Columnist fights Tweedy

Next CNN poll- When the $hit hits the fan

If you could press a magic button and have had Gore been elected

Challenge to poor Republicans in Texas

Texas election reform - what is the most important issue?

"I Killed Innocent People For Our Government"-Jimmy Massey

Peak oil

Republicans sowing the seeds of their own destruction?

How could we make this happen?

Help! Received email saying that my acct is being used to send junk mail

Thanks to Ben Burch for the Bob Kincaid link at DU

10 days to Iraq War Global Protest - LA and OC DU meet-up

Your thoughts on the whole Bobby Fischer vs US Govt thing?

Does anyone remember the Dan Rather/HW Bush face off

Do you subscribe to the Paris Business Review?

Cute but ironic pic

how can I find places and dates for protest march..

Have tickets to AL Franken's radio show next week....

Full-sized cardboard Bush image in Coconuts

A lot of people cry in reaction to stuff here.

"Say No To Social Security Piratization"

"Copyright 2005 Jeff Gannon . All rights reserved."

Add-On SS private accounts vs. IRA (with a higher cap)

We are a lot more likely to see $70 BBL oil than $45BBL oil this summer...

Dan Rather

Was Gannon a plant by Rove to get our minds off of Iraq?

Let' s get Larry Flynt on the Gannon story

What word/phrase has * said the most times?

If gore choses anyone but Lieberman does he win in a landslide?

US Military Uses 5 Billion Gallons Petroleum/Yr-Worlds Greatest Polluter

Gannon Cannon - Part 3

AA Majority Report.

Unbelievable comments from Federal Reserve official

Do You Volunteer Your Time?

I managed to turn someone over to the good side

For those of you who have had a stressful day.......go here and

How did the Washington State Governor's race get resolved?

Ex Marine Claims Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

So what happened between Bev Harris and Keith Olberman?

Chapelle show tonight (black President Bush)

Gannon-toon-time: Q for WH: Where does Condi buy her Boots?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Hug

Why Did Dems Support the Bankruptcy Bill? (Kos)

Let's test "FREEDOM": How many here feel FREE,....

Ruling Classes lost their shirt in the 70's. Puppet government ever since.

Hatch on now taking it to those evil sick people,

Teddy's taking it to them on cspan2

BBC: "Italy disputes US hostage account"

Swept under rug: Bush's refusal to get pre-election physical.

Rather leaves with class but takes a dig

Hello America, From The Nurses Who Are Fouling Up Governor Arnold's Scheme

Video - CBS News: Dan Rather's final sign-off with "courage"

A request for advice to my fellow DUers (bankruptcy).

Douchebag for liberty is still on the air

Cheney is getting ready to Kill Filibuster

The hour long tribute to Dan Rather was so good, I cried my eyes out...

Who will boycott Wal-mart with me?

Will Pitt, has a message for you

Make Money Now!!! (Regarding new bankruptcy law)

Anyone else think that Rather has something up his sleeve?

Christians no match for the credit card lobby

Bruce Willis on Daily Show?! Another Right Winger?!!!!!

Send President Clinton a Get Well message- Heart Assn.

Could McCain-Feingold be changed to prevent

Woohoo Michael Moore lists as link da week

Here it is folks...

Great thing happened on the "Today Show" this morning....

I want to tell you something about credit cards and "personal responsibili

Dan the inept fool or rather willing accomplice

why do white people complain about Black History Month?

The most amazing thing happend to me tonight: Question to DUer's

So, since I'm home... the Hoosier Recipes

Thelon Ventures Ltd.: 300,000 Acre Uranium Property to be Optioned ...

I managed to turn someone around

U.S. officials still angry about Canada's missile defence decision

Another big data broker reports breach

Republicans unable to advance Bush's top environment measure

Syria's exit may mean more power for Hezbollah

Labour Drops, But Still Leads In Britain (poll / The Times)

Union Protests OK For Many In France (poll / CSA)

Public Version of Saddam Capture Was a Fiction

U.S. Bullets Found in Body Armor of Dead Bulgarian

Iraq War Support Led To Terrorism, Say Spaniards (poll / Instituto Opina)

Vietnamese Have Bird Flu, 0 Symptoms (Reuters) + ChicagoTrib article

US slow in reimbursing soldiers

Military: Blast injured 30 US workers (Baghdad)

Venezuela Police Finds New Leads in Assassination Investigation

Documents in lawsuit note DeLay role

State finds film of Jim Morrison as an FSU student in its archive

Data broker: Hackers accessed 32,000 personal records of U.S. citizens

"Let's embarrass the hell out of the Americans" says Martin's point person

Day After Report, Author Says Israeli Democracy Is at Risk

Martin vows to press Bush on trade issues

Congress Subpoenas Current, Ex-Baseball Stars To Testify On Steroids.

Gorbachev warns Putin of possible unrest

(The Pentagon has concluded that) Pentagon policies "did not lead to abuse

Stolen vehicle stopped by Fall River police contained radioactive material

WP: Senate Impasse Stops 'Blue Skies' Measure

WP: Bush Presses Koizumi on Japan's Beef Ban

Autopsy Finds Rubber Bullet Killed Inmate

Shamed US to hand over Abu Ghraib prison to Iraqis

Guatemala set to quash FTA protests with troops

Italy disputes US hostage account

Majority of Iranians are Secular, want to Emigrate

New GOP (Wash.) gas tax plan: A penny a year for 20 years

U.S. Says Chavez's Venezuela Bad Example for Latam

US up in arms over `anti-secession' law - TW/ CN Bastards

WP: Missile Defense Director Moves to End Test Glitches

Survey: 70% Want Immediate Withdrawal of Italian Troops

Many In U.S. Suggest Tax Cut Rollback (poll / Knowledge Networks)

Bolivian lawmakers refuse president's resignation offer

Venezuela Strengthens Alliance with Qatar and France

WP: Foreign Agent Paid For Trips by Lawmakers

GOP Seeks Dems' Support on Soc. Security

Tsunami report kept secret

ABC News: Secret FBI report questions Al Qaeda capabilities

Journalists push for government openness

NYT: U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body

(Hillary) Clinton assails "epidemic" of media sex and violence

Doctors Cure Man Of Diabetes

Pentagon Says Its Policy Did Not Lead to Abuses

Health care disparities kill 80,000 blacks annually-US study

Union Loses Vote at Canadian Wal-Mart

Remembering all those arguments made 1,500 deaths ago

Roll Call: Rumsfeld dines with Fox News CEO

How many Jesus's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Ever click "other" in a poll

What happened to all the great musicals?

I could care less....

Will someone explain this Merv Griffin graphic to me.

Just saw the new Victoria's Secret commercial for their Ipex bra.

What is your normal response when your thread gets locked?

GWB Joke of the day

I'm eating a Dove promise...

What do you think is a fair price

Can anyone tell me how to

How may times have you gone through this?

Attention whore time, check out my pic!

My family is weird

Do people find "boyfriend" a sexist, ageist word?

Attention whore time, don't check out my pic!

Funny thing happened on the Today Show this morning...

If you saw two guys named Hambone and Flippy,

My cat is trying to drink my vodka

What Laura Bush Thinks At Photo-Ops

i just watched the movie SAW...sick ending! what happened to Dr.Gordon?

edited problem under control but wholly crap

Are you a G.R.I.T.S.?

You guys HAVE to see this. Funniest. cartoon. EVAH.

Calling Kerrygoddess and Marcologico, your man need defense from an absurd

Making your pets happy is SOOOOOOO pleasurable!

I got mine!

This has GOT to be the pic of the day (kudos to IanDB1)

A important message from Rusty (gladiator ) Crowe

My 9 year old son ALSO doesn't like *

"I'm a Mog, half man half dog. I'm my own best friend."

Anyone else watching American Dreams ?

"Where's Otis? He's not in his cell?"

Is there some way to rid the world of those awful GD "ground-pounders?!"

Immolation in Toronto.

I Love the Dead.

"Do you want me to smell your eyeballs??!"

What the hell is with that MasterCard ad before the Daily Show clips?

St. Pat's Day is nearing

Is Boxed wine a Faux Pas?

What is your favorite dishwasher soap?

fun pics! Post them to me! hehe!!!

Dave Matthews Band Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Dumping "Shampoo"

Update on our house conversion project (3/9/2005)

How do you feel about protruding nose hair ?

I love the Beer!

I like hot dogs and I don't care what anyone thinks!

At least it's not another Oasis thread

Good night lounge!!!

Lng or GD right place? fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck I hate bushites!!

This is not another damn Oasis thread.

David Bloom discussed on Larry King....

State finds film of Jim Morrison as an FSU student in its archive

Well then...there goes the Lounge...

Does anyone have a funny bush comic,

Harry Potter Fans, Check in and stare

I'm visiting the Arctic/Washington,D.C. Ask me anything !

Damn, I could sure use a bad ass sammich right about now.

SarahBelle takes over yvr girl's flirting duties?????

Producer of "American Dreams" is a staunch left-leaning liberal Democrat."

A chipmunk, damnit!

Crap for sale on the internets that no one needs -Post a pic

All my roommates are gone for the night...

Tihs is azniamg...

KFC Chefs rule!

What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?

Enterprise To Get Spiked?

I have looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and

Hey DU members post what state yer in.

OK this is too 12 pop up windows from a thread....

Best non-single from 'Purple Rain'

OMG, My iPod broke!!! Help!!!

Everybody say : "Ewwwwwwwwww!"

must have more anagrams...

I'd like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company.

Anyone getting a tax refund this year?

"I do what I want!" (clonk): The customer of the day

Out again. A siren screams at half past ten.

I Must Know...

Hey you guys! I have a sense of humor!! And, if I find other jokes

Any Englebert Humperdink Fans Here?

Poll: Which original Starburst flavor is your favorite?

When I read the letter you wrote me, it made me mad, mad, mad.

This week's "This week in God" is priceless!

My Two Cents on Michael Jackson

Has anyone here ever attended a ballgame at Met Stadium?

These new Starburst obsession commercials are just too fucking funny

What's your MOST favorite year?

OOOOPS, we fired on the wrong team....

I am alive!

I like like like like like like like like LIKE LIKE disco.

What is the meaning of life ? Dumb posts only, please?

Before making any judgements about Mr. Jackson, please read!!

POLL: Spagetti or Pasgetti

Looking back and what is to come, do you feel you've wasted your life?

Can we quit with the Michael Jackson threads?

I come back and u people are still here

State your "Special Purpose"

Enough about Michael Jackson, seen any good Roman Polanski films lately?

Poll: sauce or gravy

So, here's this afternoon's playlist from my four-hour 1980s radio show.

Does anyone else find "The Great Gatsby" to be boring like I do?

I dare one of you freaks to go over to GD and pick a fight

Please help with

Just watched "Forgotten" ..

What's the worst thing you've run over?

I Don't Know Anybody Who Kept Their "Atkins" Weight off.

Dan Rather's Last words

If I say "potatoe"

Gannon-toon-time: Q for WH: Where does Condi buy her Boots?

I have one thing to say.

Does anyone else not care for the name"Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"?

What's the best Repub in your town?

Do people find "woman" a sexist word?

this is my 150th post! ask me anything

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

KC Chiefs RULE!!!!

When you run out of dog food, what do you feed your dog?

Ever been in a foreign prison? Tell us about it.

Babushkas are back in style, thanks to Rev Acts 04

My favorite Oasis

DUers are hotter than Freepers: Agree or Disagree?

Are you addicted to EBAY?

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE HATE disco.

did you know that Bob (the baby spokesperson for Quiznos) is a girl?

How did you spend your National Tartan Day?


Hey DU members post which state your from.

Men and women of DU. How do you really feel about dancing?

Does anyone find "mandate" to be a sexist word?

Main TV news source?

1000th post - who i am

Warmer in BC today than Florida

New South Park on tonight

Northeast DUer Weather Complaint Thread: Post Your Gripes Here!

Anyone else a fan of French & Saunders?

I have the next four days off from work...tell me what to do...

Most of Us Agree on This:

Taking care of leather seats in cars

Did your parents say mean things to you that affect you now?

Has Bouncy Ball checked in after her big exam yet?

Ive killed 2 'post your pic' threads. Ask me anything

I need a word that rhymes with orange..... eom.

My father passed away this evening.

Do you give your dog bones?

Just in case you've ever wanted the Confederate Flag on your crotch!

Anyone watching The West Wing?

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten

Do you know your cardinal directions?

Anyone else a fan of Fawlty Towers?

Person most likely to turn the world on with his or her smile

A brief statement about Michael Jackson.

To those who think Micheal Jackson in a child molester:

HOW do you STOP this SH*T??

I *LOVE* Michael Jackson!!!

Questions about music...

Barry Bonds and the home run record.

The Princess Bride Movie

tell me something counterintuitive

Iceland kicks everyone's literary asses

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Post a photo of yourself (again)!

Dried beans vs. canned beans.

An amazing sauce!

One more malnourished, tree-hugging, sissy-boy vegan...

God's Politics: An Interview With Jim Wallis

Help co-sponsor John Kerry's Kids First bill.

Can a creationist student with high Sat's be admitted in Ivy League School

GO XTREME! Witnessing to gays and other "lost people"

Kasparov draws, Topalov wins at Linares; showdown in final round tomorrow

My favorite football (soccer) team is really pissing me off!

Anyone know why Barry Bonds was not among those subponaed by

Cat pics: Found baby photo.

Moderator, I had e mailed Skinner a copy-appreciate your unlocking thread.

What do you call someone who is not sure if they're an agnostic?

Stop the madness please!

Some pro Kerry comments and a long Rant.

Kerry bashing will never end

Important: Ginny, TayTay, Freespirit

Let's hear some suggestions for PERMANENT KOEB GROUP THREADS

Bridging the Great Divide

Senator Kennedy on the floor now


A simple opinion on why Dem's don't filibuster 'bankruptcy' or ....

Napoleon, Hitler, bush???

Internet, not Bush, bringing democracy to Middle East

Dan Rather leaves with class but takes a dig

Hatch chides Kennedy from Senate floor: "Too strenuous"

One small step for Social Security

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

HOORAY For Aaron Brown!

From a Spanish website... flash

Dan Rather & the BFEE Grudge.......

Bob Graham's #1 Fan

Just realized - in the end, Dean ended up being more electable than Kerry.

Can we progressives make this happen?

I just attended a Republican Fundraiser.....Ask me why....

Did anyone else think Dan Rather Goodbye, Sucked?

has anyone actually declared bankruptcy?

Howard Dean is Not of this World!

The Democrats need to act like a Parlimentary opposition party

OK. Which DU dem-basher wrote this powerful letter?

How much money does Joe Biden take from credit card companies?

Kerry's 'Kids Come First Act' - S. 114

Tweety Is At It Again!!!!

Trying to understand why the Dems lost so many cloture votes

The BS meter's on overload

Massachusetts '06: Is MITT ROMNEY Even Running for Reelection?

Employees of OFC (created to protect whistleblowers) file Lawsuit

Dean slams Bush on Town Hall meetings for only Republicans.


Open, Despairing, Letter to Senator Reid

Be honest have I gone too far?....

How many DUers DO NOT FEEL FREE to,...

The more ya'll bash, hate on, slam, and trash Kerry...

Last gasp of the internet ...

The DLC wants Dems to encourage recruiting on campuses

The BLONDE Iraqi Woman Supports Bush Because:

Hey, MSM! Get back on Track!

A Defense That's Offensively Weak (says Homeland security is weak)

Putting Last Things First - NY Times Editorial

John Nichols (The Nation): Is Bush Ready for Real Democracy?

Robert Fisk: Half a Million Gather for Pro-Syrian Rally to Defy US Vision

Editorial: Bill sets rules for all like Schiavo

Questionable Victory in the Middle East

War of Words With Venezuela.

John Bolton at the U.N. Wrong man for the job( Philly op ed)

Screwed Again (or who else is getting paid to screw up)

Premature ejectulation (first stage) (pundits on Gore 2008)

Guardian: It is not democracy that's on the march in the Middle East

The Enemy Within - Bolton destroys Alliances and despises UN - Guardian UK

Hostage bungle: Chaos, not conspiracy - By Scott Taylor

Peggy Noonan jumps on the Lebanon bandwagon

NYPOST: A LIGHTNING BOLT(ON) AT THE U.N. (major barf alert!)

A Defense That's Offensively Weak (MoDo - NY Times)

Today's Sheila Samples "Butt Prints..." article: Tribunal link

Truthout: Welcome to the Franchise Society

Molly Ivins: Move up the date for Armageddon

Some people are pretty fucking stupid

Which War Is This Anyway?



All the good torture jobs are being sent overseas

They talk about freedom and values, but....

The Fundamental Right You Don't Have

Spinning Out of Sight

Tasers pose dangers to St. Paul schoolkids

Bush puts last things first (NYT)

Excellent Buzz interview /Robert Kane Pappas " Orwell Rolls in his Grave"

Live animals can now be hunted on the Web

Paul Craig Roberts: Deeper Into the Quagmire

PBS: Your Family May Be Invalid

The Supremes uphold Alabama ban against dildoes, etc.

2005 SotU Speech: A Declaration of War on Reality-Based Americans

"Bush seems to want to be the president not of the US but of the world"

Ward Churchill: Who's the Terrorist?

Confront the media at the upcoming protests...

Oppose Bush's Additional Funding for Iraq War!

call to action on DeLay ethics violation please call and kick

The Right to Vote Amendment (HJR 28)

Your choice of bank can fight outsourcing

The changing face of US news (Dan Rather)

Conundrum question?

Gartner says Asian computer sales to increase by 12.7%

HAS Iran started That Euro-based Oil Market ???

Iberian Lynx On The Edge - About 100 Remain - ENS

Farm Runoff Fuels Massive Algae Blooms In Gulf Of California

Chinese Chemists study coal liquification and reduce US tech costs.

Stealth Coastal Drilling Plan Takes Shape In US House - SF Chron

Now for a little good news: Some seaweeds metabolize TNT.

Oz Scientists Find Direct Link Between Deforestation And Rainfall Loss

500 Million People Worldwide Suffer W. Malaria, 2X Scientists' Estimates

Can you hold your breath for 10 seconds?

Permafrost Melt A Worldwide Phenomenon, Engineers & Scientists Concerned

Kucinich on Missile Defense

Holy crap! Look what I found...

South Koreans rush into Chinese classes

Some of you think the police should be the only one to have guns

For what it's worth, I didn't see this as a call-out

How is this violating the rules?


I was thinking of posting a poll, but wanted to check with you first.

Please can you post Bankruptcy Vote in progress now on Home

Please delete this thread

Word to be added to DU SpellChecker please...

I keep getting messages that the server could not be contacted

Rogue scientist sold Iran nuclear centrifuges

Israeli "Impersonators" Key to Terror Fight

Need help with German translation

The Dispatch: Legislation would let prostitutes sue their pimps

Illinois Times: The devil and Mr. Jones

News-Gazette: Voter phone numbers focus of debate in Illinois House

anyone know of any "western suburbs" rally on march 19?

There is breaking news on the Lefkow murders!

Russ Stewart: Morton Grove Politicians Battle Over Regime Change

Illinois Times: Uncharted waters

Chiacago Sun-Times: Contractor 1st to plead guilty in truck probe

State Journal-Register: Madigan to governor: Give it back

Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois Democrats won't scrap for remap

Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"? by Thom Hartmann

Military Vote 2004 - Did anyone ever see the final numbers ?

Dean video on e-voting from Tina Brown show. Kevin Shelley interviewed.

Urgent! New info on CA Voting Systems & Procedures Panel meeting (Mar. 17)

Thursday 3/10 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

LexisNexis, (owner of Seisint and MATRIX) has database hacked into

A Mathematical proof: Exit polls are accurate

Which state had the most fraud and irregularities??- Florida- here's Doc.

John Conyers says GOP House leadership will kill election reform


Voting machine maker bought (Smartmatic bought Sequoia)

Ohio has a history of hacking the vote

Another Bev Harris Fabrication?


The Exit Polls were heavily biased against Kerry- here's why.

Why don't CA papers cover Arnolds ties to energy scammers?

Rove's Bot - Arnold

Arnold's meeting with Ken Lay makes Project Censored 2005 #13

Why don't Democrats flog Arnold's connections to Ken Lay?

Phil angelides will announce for governor next week.......

E-mail from Gov. Vilsack

Volunteers needed to support progressive special election candidates

Boston Priest accused of stealing funds

Call Pawlenty (of nuthin) about State Casino's!!!

My absence

Rybak or McLaughlin?

Ok, so what do you have against Patty Wetterling for Senate?

On-line Digital Photo Printers: Ofoto, Snapfish, Shutterfly: Which one?

? for Linux people

Jerry Springer ought to run for Ohio SOS

Drinking Liberally in Houston tonight!

votec software, bad geography placed Houston voters in the pinch

Sessions' role in divorce case criticized

OK, I live in Houston. How come I never see

DeLay admitted to the hospital for heart condition!!!!

Education bill stinks

Poll shows majority support Medical Marijuana.

About Sensenbrenner: e-mail

Next People's Legislature meets March 19th

Protest Jim Sessenbrenner and Social Security Debacle

What's a VHIED?

Is the Gas Hike a Secret Trade-off for Fake Saudi Elections?

Gay Couple Sue Over Illegal Wedding Picture

Kennedy left his girlfriend to die!

B**h announces Iraq Exit Strategy: "We'll Go Through Iran"

Senate Nixes Efforts to Soften Bankruptcy Bill

Ridiculous: why in the world should I feel guilty for speaking Arabic?

Oh, Jeff/James/Johnny, go back to xeroxing White House press releases!

A fellow DUer suggested I post --Whaddya say about Const. Law


Tom Feeney Linked to DeLay Ethics Scandal!

Bernie Ward fans?

Does the outrage factor seem unusually large tonight?

need a job??

The secret right-wing Christian organization - "The Family"

The oil companies are only collecting on what Bush owes them.

A Bunch More Video Of Police Intimidation Of Protesters In NJ on Friday!!!

Supervolcano under Yellowstone...

How do we keep our donations out of the hands of the new Dems?

When bush decides to invade Syria; "They waged unprovoked wars!"

Joe Lieberman is a DINO, says a new website

"Activist" Democrats???

WHEN Will it End you Chimpass** aWol** Loser????

Jesus is coming george....HIDE THE DEAD!

Covertly, America has abandoned the goal of victory in Iraq

Sell me some more snake oil sick Rick

There are lots of reasons for optimism.

Troops who shot at Sgrena were Security forces protecting Negroponte

Dan Rather's sign off last night....Courage.

Al Sharpton-Few Vid Clips from the Tavis Smiley Black Union

Avian flu candidate for terror weapon? (CA Press)

Interesting (and silly) protest over the pledge.

Video - Daily Show: Bush "spreads irony" to Lebanon's revolution - 3/9

Re: Auntie Pinko questioner

Recognize anyone?

Is this proof of the US tampering with evidence?

Need help...

Johnny HART Is Actually Running a Lib-Friendly 'toon Today

Letter to Paper regarding lack of coverage - Bankruptcy Reform Bill

Girly-men repubs; soft on defense, always destroying the defense budget

The Titanic Presidency

I was on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning!

just because * * wants to privatize SS

Things are getting better in the Middle East? Yeah Right!

Blog Documentary

BK Bill the answer to declining military forces?

You want personal responsibility?

The priorities of this administration never cease to amaze (NYT)

Does Anyone Know the Current State of Clinton-Bashing Rhetoric?

please remember to vote in this poll everyday

unemployment applications went up

Fun with Google News

i got a nasty letter after my LTE was published

MD teen protests the pledge being said in foreign languages.

Bush Pulls Out of International Death Penalty Treaty

Military News Programs Secure a Public Outlet

Debate on U.S. bankruptcy law signals pro-business shift in Senate

setting here listening to Eric Burdon and the Animals, Love is

Wal-Mart Wants 16 Hour Work Days for Truck Drivers!

George Bush Gleefully Loots Social Security Trust Fund

OMG... Iraq in the Last Two Days. You Won't see it on your TV.....

This presidential moment needs a caption!

I saw a great bumper sticker.

Air America's numbers

A Tribute From Havana, Cuba To John Lennon

Interesting article on earlier attacks on Ward Churchill...

Movie about childhood sexual abuse and clergy: Bad Education (review)

A view from a sistizen of Italy.

Who all is coming to Memphis?

Each day, I move more and more towards the Out of Iraq now crowd.

St. Petersburg Times: (Bush-Cheney) Bumper sticker evokes road rage

Christian and the Masons


Dilemma - Bankruptcy Reform

Randi Returns on March 17th!!!

So, now what do I do now that I am addicted?

LBN: Michael Jackson an hour late for court...

Papa Bush on Bill Clinton: "Maybe I'm the father he never had".

setting here listening to JJ Cales, Naturally

U.S. bars Nicaragua heroine as "terrorist"

Lebanon's outgoing PM is now Lebanon's incoming PM.

Would you like Dan Rather for president?

Define 'Man' and 'Woman'

Man committed suicide linked to killing of Judge's family.

Food for Thought- The South

A POLL: Do You Think Michael Jackson Is A Pedophile?

speaking of steroids, sports and congress

Who "owns" a religion? And why should they get your money?

My 700th Post.....

Pentagon Says Policies Did Not Cause Prison Abuses

So, that is what sits atop the U.S. Capitol building

George W. Bush Loves Michael Jackson

Cat shoots owner

for those who wondered what Trudeau would do about HST's death...

Question on Bush's judges

Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy

MD Legislator's Hypocrisy re: Drunken Driving

Little Feat, Dixie Chicken

Spies and Bloggers / TechNewsWorld article

What and Where Exactly is the Bankruptcy Bill?

Good Morning, Mr. Puffy! >>>

A theory on high oil prices

Now we're on to Procol Harum

Poppy in his dotage begins to resemble Son Chimp >>>

Dog's false lead in murder case

The enemy of my enemy isn't always my friend.

local youth groups are putting politics as agenda item #1

Horatio Alger; meet Dirk Pitt.

Why Do Americans Have No Protection from USURY?

No 'True' AlQaeda Sleeper Agents Found in U.S.--Secret FBI Report

Am I losing it? Wasn't there a thread here about Gannon targeting Biden?

When the President talks to God

Check out Sam Seder sitting in for Randi Rhodes

Betty Boop Takes Lebanon (BagNewsNotes)

Is Michael Jackson Really Invading DU Now? Oh Jesus!

The Bush-King George III parallels are amazing

Ivy League Imperialism and the fix we are in.

Should the American Pledge of Allegiance only be said in English?

Tired Of Democrat-Hating Democrats

Thune says "The time may have come for this."

The Secret Life of Moody Cows


I Have a Dream >>>

One difference I've noticed between Canada and the USA

Murdering Civilians.Delib. or Not=Wrong...cuz.....,

List of progressive radio & TV outlets...let's put them all here!

Vermont: "Bring the Troops Home Now!"

What doesn't add up about shooting at car of journalist Sgrena?

DUer Symbolman-Novak story in new Vanity Fair

Illegal immigrant smuggling trial in Texas.

BREAKING: Michael Jackson goes to court walking extremely slowly

Throw that freaked out Drama Queen Jackson in custody.

Why are people posting Michael Jackson crap on GD?

now, I would never SAY anything BAD about ANN COULTER....

Where Is The Movement To Defend Our Rights & Living Standards?

Protesters Greet President During Visit To Tout Social Security

My Response to on Iraq Withdrawal

WTF happened to catching the Antrhax killer?

been having a senior hippy day

Any video yet of morons* outburst in Alabama via CNBC???

Dean: We need to change the debate on it on our terms.

Battle of the top 10 Democratic vote-percentage winners.

Welcome to the House, Rep. Doris Matsui

Early Film of Jim Morrison Discovered

Give red state businesses your "non-loose" change!

Can we say that those who are sexually repressive are either violent

Ray Talafierro

Kids know they're gay because Satan has planted those thoughts in the womb

Great Blog by a teen in Iraq...

I hope they never axe CNN Headline News

Judge: No delay in Schiavo case

If Syria's accused of terror why does Bush send terror suspects to Syria?

Butt Prints In The Sand

On the Record: If I ever become Brain Dead, my wife better pull the plug!

Lie Detector and Sean Hannity

The choices offered on most polls at DU are... (poll)

The Senate Vote on the Bankruptcy Bill - NOW

IRAQ ACTION Newsletter

I am looking for two trunk lid decals

MoveOn call with Dean at house parties tonight, Reid also, I think.

Need non-photoshopped pictures of Bush looking stupid!

Greenspan discovers we have a budget deficit.

Please, no more IDIOTIC threads about "The Voice of the White House."

AAR and commercials.... anybody else bugged out?


So Predatory Banks Now Have Full Rein -

The solution for Social Security - Reverse It!

Helen Caldicott on The Majority Report tonight

Bankruptcy bill just passed


Step after Bankruptcy bill passes --Identity Theft Quadruples!

Rumsfeld Looks Like Death >>>

In Light Of The Michael Jackson Trial and Molestation? What Would You Do?

How depressing

Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Bill Clinton Surgery Update Thread.

Oh Good Lord Look at POPPY! >>>

Courtesy of - For all...

Bev Harris, BBV, and COINTELPRO

Fill me this dead or just in legal limbo?

"Wageless Recovery" - from Morgan Stanley's Steve Roach

What will be the next step in building the "Ownership Society"?

NO deals with the scum of Hezbollah.

Economists out there. Could the Credit Card companies' cash

McGovern: Attacking Iran Abandons The Anti-war Movement

Paul Craig Roberts: So Much for the new Bush Economy. Please read.

Biden staffer sentenced, stole funds to pay for..... wait for it..........

Public transportation: What's the problem in the U.S.?

Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2005 - Repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Why is the insurgency so effective?

Let's Apply the New Bankruptcy Bill to the Federal Government

Donald Ray Wallace Executed

How Many Foreigners Have Died In US Uniform?

Is "pro-abortion" a term used by most DUers?

A grand compromise on abortion?

ABC censors "Boston Legal" ep about Fox News — IRONY ALERT

Logical, non-offensive thought on the Ten Commandments & the US Government

Hyman(Sinclair Broadcasting) claimed Dean thinks "Blacks are only capable

Ann Coulter debating Janet Reno tonight

Biden sold us out

Did other Presidents use SO MANY frigging graphics???

9 days to Iraq War Global Protest

Michal Ruppert: GlobalCorp

What will be outcome of Bush's war with Iran?

Bush's campaign rhetoric same as Lefkow killer... "activist judge"

Bush Pulls Out of International Death Penalty Treaty

Gannongate Wrinkles 17

I'm slipping away...

Abe Believed He Was Jewish

So, the ax is falling. How are we going to help one another?

Sam Seder is slapping around Alan Keyes on AAR

LONG master list of scientists, microbiologists with odd demises

Charles Towne, the Templeton Prize, and Intelligent Design

Heads up-Krugman on The Daily Show tonight!

Get well soon, Tom DeLay!

Why it looks like it will be Syria instead of Iran<<<<<<

a big "get well" and many prayers for Tom Oliphant

Freepers get orgasms over Alaska drilling

I need some Elfin bread!

Am I the only one with a picky spouse?

High altitude and dry climate daily breads

Let's talk cutlery

Anyone watching the RCMP service?

Talk UK forums

Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

The News-Press sues Homeland Security, FEMA over hurricane records

WP: S. Korean Group Sponsored DeLay Trip

Free of Quota, China Textiles Flood the U.S

Italian Leader Says U.S. Knew of Rescue Plan

U.S. Called Ready to See Hezbollah in Lebanon Role

U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body (aka: The World Court)

St. Petersburg Times: (Bush-Cheney) Bumper sticker evokes road rage

Homeland Security Chief Defends Air Fee Hike

Chief of Central Baghdad Police Station Shot Dead - Reuters

'60 Minutes' Staffer on Bush National Guard Report Sues CBS

Gypsy groups report The Sun (Murdoch tabloid) to the police (racism)

Blogger sheds no tears for Rather

For a little cash, Iraq insurgents can join police

Gunmen kill two police chiefs and two other Iraqis in Baghdad

Probe: Leaders Didn't Order Prison Abuse

Omar Karami returns to PM position

Lawmakers push another bill to keep (Terri) Schiavo alive.

Lebanon moves to reinstate premier

Mi6 Officers 'Were Not Properly Trained', MPs Warn

Catholic Syrian Bank looted in Mumbai

Cat Shoots Owner (Cooking, Cats and Guns don't mix)

Kremlin begins fight for extradition of bankers

Miami Herald: Panel champions life support

Vatican's Madrid man bows out as Church veers left

Foreign 'terror' detainees may be released today

BBC: Egypt scorns US 'democracy' claim

Veil falls over Italy's soothsayers

Racial Test Gap Persists, State Figures Show

DeLay wants bill on illegals linked to Iraq spending

NYT: Signing Off, Rather's Wish for Viewers Is Still 'Courage'

Saudi fund to allow foreign investment

Egyptian Diplomat Rebuts Bush's Views on Mideast

Oil market remains extremely bullish

San Diego to Move Giant Cross

AP: Sgrena's Shooters Were Negroponte Bodyguards

Troops in Shooting Were for Negroponte

American intelligence on Iran derided as scandalous

Illinois Democrats won't scrap for remap

Probe Urged on Tourniquets: Why Don't Troops Have Them?

At least 30 dead in Mosul bomb blast.

Cat Shoots Owner

Unmet health needs costly

Probe: US Leaders Didn't Order Prison Abuse

U.S. Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body

A Wal-Mart closes in Canada!

Report: U.S. Infrastructure Deteriorating, $1.6 Trillion Needed

U.S. tells India concerned over Iran pipeline

Judge Dismisses Agent Orange Lawsuit

Report: Suicide linked to Chicago slayings

NBC: Warrant issued for Michael Jackson, effective in one hour, after he f

IndUK: Foreign 'Terror' Detaines May Be Released Today (Britain)

NYT: Republicans Weigh Voter Response to Retirement Plan

TV ads will prod senator on oil drilling in Alaska

Jackson late for court; judge threatens arrest warrant

Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy

Women, kids found among Iraqi corpses

Israeli "Impersonators" Key to Terror Fight

NYT: When Torment Is Baby's Destiny, Euthanasia Is Defended (Netherlands)

Pentagon Clears Senior Officials in Prison Abuse

Public version of Saddam capture fiction

NYT: Bill Clinton Enters Hospital for Surgery


Author of abuse report pressed on accountability (Church testifies to Sena

Chávez strikes oil deal with France-based Total

MSNBC: At Least 36 Die In Shite Mosque Blast

Suicide Bomber Kills 36 at Iraq Funeral

Stripes: Disabled veterans protest budget proposal for health care

Wisconsin Death has Lefkow Tie

Utah Republicans fight nuclear dump on reservation site

US report acknowledges peak-oil threat

Pilots Group Grades U.S. Aviation Security an 'F'

S.Korea warns of weakening dollar

Cat Shoots Owner

Gregoire Declares Drought Emergency

(NM) Senate Defines Marriage

Passengers Occupy Brussels Plane in Iran Protest

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 10 March

LAT: ACLU Sues Over Mormon Lease on Land (at national historic site)

Fallen Republican banners Democrat Daschle's legacy

Democrats, labor rally in Montgomery against Bush's plan

Sunshine Week starts Sunday

EPA rule resets limits on soot, smog

Media groups push open government

#@!$ - Judge rescinds arrest warrant for Michael Jackson

NYT,pg1,lead: G.O.P. Senators Balk at Tax Cuts in Bush's Budget

Hil gets an odd pal in battle vs. sex TV (buddy's up Rick Sanitarium)

Horse auction input urged: Lawmakers ask BLM to make sales more open

Ill. Moves Toward Banning Some Video Games

Anthem Project aims to restore song value

Weak Dollar Getting Pummeled

Early Film of Jim Morrison Discovered

Children Said Among Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Court says Wiccans must pay taxes, too (Florida)

Six state lawmakers failed to file tax returns

U.S. Would Accept Hizbollah Role if It Disarms

Spanish Clerics Issue Osama Fatwa

Breaking News: (Iraqi) Government to Be Formed

Sheik guilty in terror case

Plans afoot to drill Alaskan wildlife refuge

Russian Plant Ready to Send Nuclear Fuel to Iran

Evangelical Leaders Swing Influence Behind Effort to Combat Global Warming

NO LIMIT ON WEAPONS: Lawmaker backs nuclear testing

Louisiana Gov. seals trade deal with Cuba

Protesters Greet President During Visit To Tout Social Security

Blast hits Shia funeral in Iraq

US withdraws from agreement on death penalty

Military hopefuls called anti-social (Canadian army internal study)

President Clinton in Recovery Room After Surgery

Illinois Legislation would let prostitutes sue their pimps


U.S. Called Ready to See Hezbollah in Lebanon Role

Senate Intelligence Chief Defends CIA on Torture

Amnesty International Calls for Absolute Prohibition on Torture, Inhumane

Gender bias in IKEA instructions?

Iran 'given Pakistan centrifuges'

New report alleges blood still stains diamonds

President tells Argentines to boycott Shell

Evangelicals See 'Religion Gap' for Democrats

Mexican students protest Condoleezza Rice

Bush recalls living in Montgomery in 1972

All Latin America, All the Time --(Telesur (Chavez) makes the MSM)

Russia Lashes out at Poland Over Maskhadov Comments

Jobless Claims at Highest Level in 2 Months

College Expels Student Who Advocated Corporal Punishment

Chirac faces constitutional crisis

US tells India concerned over Iran pipeline: report

Commuter chaos grips France

NYT: Physicist Is Awarded the Templeton Prize in Spiritual Matters

IRA threats continue say McCartneys

High-minded Harvard slams door on hackers

Studies: Interest in Hunting Fading

U.S. military warns of growing China presence in Latin America

Children Said Among Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Some state(CT) Dems talking up a Lieberman challenge

Annan Wants Treaty Outlawing Terrorism, Killing Innocents Never Justified

Forbes' List Has New Names; Gates No. 1

Statements Indicate Chávez May Indeed Be in Somebody's Crosshairs

Texas Study Casts Doubt on Need for Tort Reform

Teen Protests After Pledge Recited In Foreign Languages

Government's Budget Deficit Surges to $113.9 Billion in February

Shiites, Kurds Reach Deal for Iraq Gov't

Man Charged In Anti-Bush Road Rage

Lufthansa points finger at President Bush as numbers fall

Judge says DCF can't intervene in Terri Schiavo case

US Alaska oil drilling plan "big mistake" - Canada

Former GOP party head sentenced to seven months in phone jamming

(Alabama) State Senate formally opposing Bush plan

U.S. unemployment claims jump to highest level in two months

Bankruptcy bill passes Senate 74 to 25 per AP

Man Showcased at Bush Rally Pleads Guilty to Sex Exploitation (update

Rice: US Not Seeking Confrontation With Venezuela's Chavez (PUKE ALERT)

Live animals can now be hunted on the Web

Spanish Muslims issue fatwa against Al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden

DeLay Treated for Heart Condition

Troops in Shooting Were for Negroponte

Dean slams Bush on town-hall meetings

NYT: LA Mayor Faces New Runoff With Old Rival (first Latino since 1870s?)

Poll: Congo War Is World's Top 'Forgotten' Crisis

(Arnold's) Aides Concede More Mock News Videos

Most republicans won't join Bush in Alabama

Activists fight for electric cars. (MSNBC)

I find novels of the Romantic era absolutely boring...

Are the Lounge & GD people REALLY that different?

Awesome newsgroup...

The world is going to hell and a CAT thread is the busiest thread in GD

Set phasers on caress.

Joe Cocker will be on Jay Leno in a few minutes

Favorite Sister Disco era hit by the Who.

Who watched the Dan Rather special tonight?

Mel Gibson and Jackass' Steve-O on Leno

Okay, aside from having a decent of Cheeta(sp?) or any other chimp

Lord, grant us the strength to slip on nuts.

Mexican slingshots! We want Pictures!

Man found dead after '10 years'


We're the Slipnuts.

Do people find "sexist" a sexist word?

I can't believe it's been a year

Propagandy, propagandy...

How about a Maxim thread ? Please explain where it came from.

Why is 'gal' rarely used, but 'guy' is quite common?

Have you ever eaten a Horseshoe?


We all know the face of evil

13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Am I wrong to find this funny?

Jesus is mad and he's blaming it all on me

The Story of Jumping Mouse

I have a mouse in the house

Anyone ever see the movie "Interview With the Assassin"?

"Fight for freedom" as a concept is not evil, is it?

ha kleeb too bad you can't come over

1995 (funny)

Frosty paws ice cream for dogs!

Chappelle Show. First black man to shit in a white toilet.

Okay Poker players; answer this one:

You know I found out the famous cowbell song and band was real today

sleep tight y'all...

Crazy ass animal facts!


Kitten born with two faces - breathes out of both noses


talk amongst yourselves

I wish.

'Mean creek' - seen it? Is it worth renting?



3:15 am, 120 textbook pages already read, 93 textbook pages to go.

Do You really Hate Bush?

I'm about to fall asleep.

Rhetorical: how many fuckin times am I going to draw my own blood tonight?

15 Year Old Girl Tried To Poison Mother's Boyfriend

Do you think we can know too much about each other at DU?

Woman Plans To Protest Topless In Daytona Beach This Weekend

How to get rid of Al-Queda

"Secret Shopper"...Anyonr ever worked as one?

I went to the Dollar Store and bought Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer

CNN Quick Vote: Do you support legislation to change the bankruptcy

Wild and Wacky "sports"-Tree Ski Jumping and Cole Slaw Wrestling

Good morning everyone!

a joined thread by ffm172 and xmas1974

Man dead for almost 10 years before his elderly kids realize it?

Gulp! 18-inch dog swallows 16-inch stick

Well, I finished my all-night cram session.

Favorite 1980s HIT by MICHAEL JACKSON?

Coffee or Tea ?

Clerk foils robbery by laughing at crook's Pluto dog mask

Good morning DU'ers!

Cat Shoots Owner (Cooking, Cats and Guns don't mix)

G. Bush is my shepherd

Cops: Teen sent semen-frosted brownies to student on V-Day

Something I've Always Wondered About...

In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey, butane in Rove's veins...

Question for Photobucket users

M.A.T.C.O.M.gate Wrinkles 4072

2700 posts.... ask me anything

who wants to take a ride in my Love craft

March has been a Hell of a Lion this year....

Howard angel fighting the GOP demons?

So this morning he says: "What do you DO with these shots, anyway?"

Economic Indicator? Average Tooth Fairy Reward Increased By 12.5%

Even this guy would have been better than Bush in 2004!

What are the Lounge Lizzards listenning to?

I know, I suck. Anyone want to PM me the U2 pre-sale password?

Happy Birthday to Edie Brickell ("Mrs. Paul Simon")

If smiling Bob dies of a terminal erection...

Music aficionados:

Britney Spears Blames Weight Gain On "Letting Herself Go After Marriage"

a joint by ffm172 and xmas1974

When you preface a story with "You'll never believe this,"

I Need Some Good Humor Today

M.A.T.C.O.M.face Wrinkles 4073

More drive-up shopping...

School Pledge Of Allegiance Broadcast In Foreign Languages - Teen Protests

Is Anyone Really This Stupid?

Cleaning house today? Here's someone who can help. (graphic cuteness)

I'm falling apart

Here's a blast from the past I enjoyed!

Sleeping Disorders - who here has dealt with it?

I was waiting for my bus after work yesterday & I noticed

Anyone up for a pre-lunchtime drinkie-wink

Bush explains his energy policy

Study Says Shaquille O'Neal Is Technically Obese

Man is nabbed while having sexual intercourse with sheep

Remember when:

Spring on the left coast!


do you get migraines?

Important anthropologist leaves behind bizarre collection

Duke's tribute to HST

JimmyJazz is a confessed Jailbird - what crime did she commit

Dang- Verizon sure screwed up the white pages!

This website will make a believer out of you!!!

What's for lunch today?

is anyone else listening to Stephanie Miller?

What bus route do you ride most often

michaeL jackson owns aLL of the eLephant man's bones

What's the Title of YOUR Autobiography?

Cat Lovers or Cat Non-Lovers: Get This Book. You'll LYAO.

Didn't you think this week's "Conservative Idiots" just rocked?

Arkansas prosecutors subpoena a shih tzu

Poland kicks everyone's scientific ass

Google Fiends: Historically, what do California and Tennessee have in

Who is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being....

I would so love for redqueen to take a flying leap someday

Dolo Amber just won the lottery! she'll give everyone who replies to this

This is plain sick! ..Ohio Man Broadcasts Toddler's Rape Live Online

W's Kinky Past

Bus, Trolley, or Subway?

In Your Eyes

Michael Jackson? I thought it was Martha..! ? What happened to Martha??

GOP Congressman promotes family values with hard core porn

Madera residents find 54 dead cats dumped in yards over past month

windows list sorting question

The "Change of Pace" CAPTION

I'm sure this has been asked before but...

I DEFY you to find a creepier serial killer in the movies than John Doe...

Now Ladies and gentlemen...for my 800th trick

Best Radio Experience

One of my former students was on TV last night.

Ireland kicks everybody's literary asses

The "I Hate Recruiters" thread

Chimpy is pleased that Jacko's world has turned to shit.

30 Muslims Fired For Praying On The Job At Dell

Have you seen "Gizoogle"? Fo shizzle!

Warrant issued for my give a damn!

Dead Kennedys nailed it (20 years ago)...

Randi Returns on March 17th!!!

Retroactive Warrant issued for Warrant

I need some suggestions please.

LBN: Michael Jackson an hour late for court...

That's Mr. Jackson, if you're nasty!

Did anyone watch "American Dreams" last night?

the poor guy

setting here listening to JJ Cales, Naturally

Why do PDF files sometimes jam up my computer?

Rock the Casbah

My 700th Post.....

Cooking dinner... what are u having?

At least it's not another damn Oasis thread

The words of an obsessed fan

For all of you who have been reading my novel on my blog...

Early Film of Jim Morrison Discovered

I want my DU friends to see this photo of my grandmother & me.


SpongeBob's confession

West Wing fans: The Bartlet-destroys-the-fundie-radio-lady episode in on

Bangkok, Oriental setting

Is anybody else having trouble with DU today?

"We'll bomb that bridge when we come to it"

News: Victims sought in next week's shooting!

? for Linux people

Growing grapes...

Ozric Tentacles on tour (Hawkwind/Pink Floyd fans take note)

Hey Chicago-area folks, wanna see some good music tomorrow?

Prosecutors Subpoena Dog in Murder Case

Teen Sends Student Semen-Frosted Brownies

Awesome Testicles on Tour (John Holmes fans take note)

I, personally, am sick of som DUers blanket condemnation of Fatty Arbuckle

A very drunk lioness and her friends say hi to you guys, from india

Quick Sanity / Normalcy Check (I'm kind of losing it....)

I was a young adult in the 80s. Sure, Michael Jackson isn't ...

Michael Jackson's attire at court today. (pic from my tv)

Nobodies talking about last nights Southpark?

The Shroud of Turin is a Fraud

Perhaps I am a miscreation

Why is Jackson's trial getting ALL the attention?

Isn't she?

Michael Jackson arrest warrant!

The sentence is four years more,

I would so love to take flying lessons someday.

The Dingo Took Michael Jackson, the Dingo took Michael Jackson!

Have you ever bleached your hare?

This 'medium-build" bashing has go to stop.

You know what's weird?

A POLL: Do You Think Michael Jackson Is A Pedophile?

Caption Condilaura

She packed my bags last night pre-flight

If Redqueen and Michael Jackson had a baby...

Generals gathered in their masses

Is it just me or do a lot of movies coming out now just suck?

There aren't enough Michael Jackson threads here, people!

In honor of my 666 posts...

Mousse, gel, hairspay or wax - what do you use in your hair?

Why Did Jesus Have Long Hair ...

Fabio - major doofus???

Na Na Na, gonna have a good time! Hey Hey Hey!!!! It's Fat Albert time!!!

WOW this Jackson trial coverage is making ScottPeterson look like a nobody

There aren't enough LaToya Jackson threads here, people!

Attention popular singers:

Post picture(s) you really like.......

Rolling Stone Hunter S. Thompson edition

I Need To Get Me A Piece Of Food That Looks Like The Virgin Mary!

I'd like to buy a vowel please. An O if you've still got them....

Little Feat, Dixie Chicken

Now we're on to Procol Harum

Barbecue fans, I have a question.

How will we all die?

Have a pet door? Your thoughts re: sliding glass door vs. a window screen

I'm getting off work in 35 minutes & going out with my husband.

Ever use "hide thread" for an annoying thread that doesn't go away

Dog's false lead in murder case

Best Peter Bogdanovich film?

Anybody know any good pair of docs?

This is Not_Giving_Up's right shoulder/arm/hand posting

Anybody know any good paradoxes?

Replace the word in a Clash song with "whoisalhedges"

Cat Shoots Owner

Have you translated DU on BabelFish?

Question about employees campaigning for Directors.

Meet Joe Conservative

Is it just me or is the Lounge ultra-über-geeky today?

This kinda shit pisses me off

These are whoisalhedges' frosted balls posting:

Teachers or admins or School board members: question

You have to admit, "Human Nature" is a pretty good song.

Man, slow news week I suppose

I love Orlando !

"Yeah...well...I hope your babies look like...monkeys."

The Jack T. Chick Museum (with FAQ)

This is CubsFan1982's academic advisor posting:

I love the North - do you? What do you love about the north?


Contact Lens users - what brand do you use?

How much are flights from Seattle to Boston?

I have bees in my head

This is Matcom's Liver posting

This is RagingInMiami's parole officer posting

I won't stop posting about Samuel L. Jackson!!

Bush uses Kentucky baby as Kleenex

This is Maddy McCall's son posting:

How green are the hill of Southern California after all the rains?

What is the meaning of this song?

Clinton won't quit peeing in the hall!!

Look in my eyes. What do you see?

This is Dookus' dog posting:

Had an idealogical re-enforcement tonight. - Starting with Slam poetry

Here's another question for the lounge.

Oh, shit.

Is it taboo to play Michael Jackson music now?

Deep thought

Car Mechanics- Am I Just Paranoid?

COOL! Just Got Last Minute Tix To The ALLMAN BROTHERS!!!

Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Day.

Replace a word in a Bob Dylan song with "JimmyJazz"

Do people find "X-Men" to be a sexist comic name?

I fell on a sheet of ice and hit my head really hard this morning

I hate the 80's

Oh well, I'm not relocating just yet



Funny names for companies or political parties

BREAKING: Michael Jackson goes to court walking extremely slowly

Calling all Bostonians: We need a volunteer to help us create a myth

Argh: setting up a TV card

Throw that freaked out Drama Queen Jackson in custody.


Male vs. female calling in dating scenario query

Bush Warns Elderly of Killer Robots

My fingers hurt......

Good Evening, DU.

Do you have a favorite painting (or any work of art)?

Is Matcom White or African American?

It's Osama Bin Laden's Birthday today! Born March 10, 1957...

I jsut put all the Micheal Jackson threads on ignore, and I feel GREAT

Bert is Evil

Might as well face it: you're addicted to THE "MY POSTS" PAGE!

delete. error.

Odd threads.

That's it. I'M LEAVING DU


Thyroid removal.

Left-handed or right-handed?

Is Michael Jackson White or African American?

Have You Ever Bleached Your Hair?

My eyes are dilated! Whoooooo!

Ask a saucy red head.

been having a senior hippy day

Anyone heard from Modem Butterfly?

It took me the longest time to get THAT earworm out of my head...

Anyone grow heirloom tomaccoes?

Somebody smack me.

Is Michael Jackson Really Invading DU Now? Oh Jesus!

Cancel the search party. I am alive and well!

Stop your messin' around

I wish to reiterate my feeling about the Michael Jackson trial.

can, ugh, MS Internet Explored be DESTROYED???

I have all 66,000 of you on Ignore. ASK ME ANYTHING!!!

I, the Lounge Czar, am hereby outlawing abortion posts in the lounge.

And now for something completely different........

Just spent the afternoon evidence-gathering for my Unemployment hearing.

I Love MGs

what's the weather like in Boston at the end of April?

a joined threat by ffm172 and xmas1974

Hey! I just ordered pizza!!!

You! You are on Ignore! And You! Ignored!

Okay, the fun is over

"Wife Beaters"

coulter et al high school yearbook photos

For those of you who "don't care" about the Michael Jackson case

Ask a crusty brunette (with blond highlights)

The Judge let Michael off without even a slap on the wrist. There isn't

I hate DU, my boiled eggs are overdone

Are you sick of threads about He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named?

I was just nominated for a Sports Emmy!

I have never done or experimented with drugs...does that make me a loser?

All Right! Now I'm Jealous

a boring and depressing thread you should not click on !

Sometimes the titles of threads in GD are just so... so wow.

What's your favorite kind of hat?

HEY BOSOX FANS!! Got My Pic Taken Just Now With The TROPHY!

Autobiographical novels you could write

Anyone her own a

Does anyone have an iPod shuffle??

CONGRATULATIONS ProfessorGAC!!!!!! 10,000 POSTS!!!

Anyone grow heirloom tomatoes?

Genuine peanut butter sammich with Virgin Mary's image for sale!

Hey! Hold a good thought for my cheer team; we're competing for the first

just so you know-the bankruptcy bill just passed

Michael Jackson owns the media whores' hearts


Presidential Cabinet Positions You'll Never See

Happy update to Little Bouncy's broken heart last night....

When someone takes the time to post to you or PM you to tell you...

They killed Michael Jackson's attorney!

A Day in the Life of a Reformed Frump...or "Hey are those new jeans?"

Oasis' "Lyla" is "Sally's sister".

Why I took ballet lessons.



Chick Tract of the day--L'il Susy shows Gays the error of their ways

The Secret Life of Moody Cows

Will Duke run for President in 2008?

Should I take my laptop to DC ? Inquiring minds want to know !


Hey, kids! What's the current lingo?

Jacko pics and my smart ass remarks!

I flip off old ladies every chance I get!

What's the best concert club in your town?

Some of our African friends have a healthy attitude toward SAFE SEX!

Advice on Relationships and Anxiety for a socially-awkward College Student

Ask a Fishwife

Which television personality would you most like to date?

I'm having dinner with JimmyJazz tonight - what questions should I ask her

NBC: Warrant issued for Michael Jackson, effective in one hour, after he f

cool! Yassar Arafat's wife wants to give ME money!!!!

Michael Jackson owns all of the Beatles' songs

Southeastern/Southern Cat Lovers! I present SONIA

Does it feel extra *old* in here today?

So what is keeping you from moving to where you like it?

The mind is a radio.

Here we go again Boston! ANOTHER 6" Of Snow Tomorrow Night! $@!&*#!

Best. T-shirt. Ever.

I'd like to get to know you well. I'd like to get to know you weeeeell.

Throw that freaked out Drama Queen Jackson in custody.

Whats The Rarest Animal You Have Ever Seen In The Wild?

Have You Never Been Mellow?

Proof That Bush Is A Tie Dye Hippie Rainbow Family Member!

"Virgin Mary" Pretzel Sells For Over $10,000

Here's a fun video


Hey geeks! Which of these X-Men would you rather be and why?

How do you know when someone is flirting with you?

Is Duke running for President in 2008?

Cold Abandoned Amusement Park Pics

Cuban Liberal's ball are frosted, please keep kicked

Man Shot By His Cat - Hospitalized

silly pictures please...of yourself!

Movie star/ actor you would most like to date?

Complete the sentence. "Osama bin Laden is _______."

Watch out Boston, my room is booked for April 22 and 23rd - Now help me

Question about bird flu.

Is this true about Seventh Day Adventists??

Why Focus On The Family is of the Devil

Religious what point in our maturing process as people

An outsider's perspective of the "Great Atheist/Theist" debate...

Any Gurdjieff/Ouspensky Fourth Way Disciples Here?

`Electroejaculation' leads to a baby Super Telescopes in Space and on the Moon

Early universe looks like "vegetable soup," "big zoo."

Voyager probe may be prematurely terminated in Oct. due to NASA funding

Thinking about things is a Science of the mind.

Japanese Hospitality Robots Debut At World Expo

Hawkins started it.......and that's a FACT

Connecticut GOP Leader Calls For Vote On Gay Marriage Ban

New Mexico Senate OKs Gay Marriage Ban

Navratilova Sues Gay Credit Card

Anti-choice rep suddenly protects gays

Fundie attempts humor: Throckmorton interviews Mrs. Squarepants

Join the Virtual Rally Today March 10, 2005 for Gay Families &Buster Bunny

Wisconsin group to gays: Tolerate imprisonment

Canada's Liberals Stack Committee To Push Gay Marriage Bill To Vote

London Mayor thanks anti-gay Muslim Group

UK: Muslims Preferred Over Gays

Death Threat made to [university] presidential candidate. (Idaho)


Villanova just beat Pitt...and even though it's technically not an

FORE!!!!!!! (caption needed)

Heard on ESPN news, that Brett is coming back, and Darren

Take That Digger Phelps!

Kasparov retires after winning first prize at "Wimbledon of Chess"

BC just knocked out by WV

Is Pittsnogle the greatest name ever or what?

Sonia - kitty photos & info!

Thanks to this group, my kitty is doing better....

Saturn conjunct USA Mercury - changes in media and intelligence

The Art of Prosperity - March 2005

Mayan Oracle ...New Moon card 3/9

Oh, those poor oppressed Christians

Atheist removed from Reality TV program ~ Action Needed

JK: Make Washington Listen to the Needs of Our Kids

Did you see the article on the home page about Saddam?

I think I might have to take a break. I am disgusted not only with the

Kerry Prompts Air Force to Release $175 Million in Small Bus. R&D Awards

Well, everybody,

Thank You Everyone!

Stand up to the Kerry bashers!

Hi everyone, I'm new here!

Gluten-Free Offerings in the Snarketeria - CELIAC DISEASE Info

Countdown Newsletter 3/10

COUNTDOWN homepage

California Dem will run for Gov in 2006 - against Arnold??

UNBELIEVABLE! Somebody want to draft Tweety to replace Santorum!

Help fight Bush's plan to stack the courts

What state would Hillary win that Gore or Kerry didn't carry?

No al-Quaeda in US? Did we really an have 'accountability moment?`

CNN Quick Vote:...Do You Support Legislation to change the bankruptcy

Paid for by Republicans obsessed with wedge issues

I'll believe this when I see the tax bill torn from Shrub's cold...

Good luck to President Clinton

NEW at Fox News takes aim at Sgrena

Bolton isn't worth fighting over

Jeff Greenfield is a beltway whore and will always be one

We have done our bit in Columbus, Ohio ..... Now keep * away.

Kerry: Make Washington Listen to the Needs of Our Kids

Harold Ford may support rethugs on SS reform...

More compassionate conservatism

Gen. W Leads Charge up Breeds Hill and other Mys(h)istories...

New Democrat Coalition (NDC) is the latest DLC bastard child?

Let's see how many Dems who voted with Rethugs for 2001 Bankruptcy bill,

bush failed on "poor people stuff"

possible Dem candidate for VP in '08--Janet Napolitano?

We never argue, say presidential odd couple

Lover who brought down Boeing chief

'Foxes' doles out advice to Dems

an "Independent Republican" Sen. has stepped out in Va.

DOD Dismisses Claims on Saddam Capture

S256 -- bankruptcy bill......what is going on????

McKinney has an amendment: "War Profit is Hereby Prohibited"

Note how this AP caption perfectly reflects GOP talking points >>>

CODEX Alimentaris Ends U.S. Supplements in June2005... YOU MUST READ THIS!

So what has been happening in the Senate this afternoon?

Addicted to Porn: How Members of Congress Benefit from Pornography

Texas Study: "Tort Reform" unneeded. Few real abuses found.

Bankruptcy bill ammendments are going down like the hindenburg

Arnold's propaganda being investigated

Wait a second... in the Senate, did the Repubs just offer

So the bankruptcy bill passed.... now we need to crush Republicans in '06

ok, the bankruptcy bill is going to be voted on soon

Santorum- The Tom Daschle of 2006?

Memphis awaits the arrival of B*sh

Question: What contributed to Montana Democrats doing so well in 2004?

AFL-CIO planning massive layoffs

LTE in Boston Globe: Bush-bashers, bring it on

Any practical reason not to filibuster legislation RE judicial appntmnts

Bush knows how to unite...our enemies

Kerry Prompts Air Force to Release $175 Million in Small Business R&D Awar

Go to hell Biden-You're now a DINO or at the least a cheap corporate whore

Video - Daily Show: Bush "spreads irony" to Lebanon's revolution - 3/9

Any mainstream coverage of Kerry's KidsFirst legislation press conference?

How do they ALWAYS manage to frame Bush's head..........

Senate - Thursday, March 10

MSNBC, CNN Mention Blogosphere Coalition Against Bankruptcy Bill

Just received impeachment message from Ramsey Clark...

Evidently Feingold did get some changes made to the bankruptcy bill he was

Coulter VS Reno-debate in Buffalo, Anyone know if it's on TV?

Pre-9/11 World Flashback: The more things change, the more things...

OK it's official, George is a totalitarian..with his own personality cult.

Lying Liars election blast from the past: Social Security

I figured out the bumper sticker I want.

Two possible downsides of new bankruptcy bill (desperation driven).

Fox News won't allow the "Nation" to Advertise/ Nation's Circulation UP!

IL Dems won't pull a Delay (meaning add more Dem districts)

A chance for house members to redeem themselves: Tom Feeney.

Pennacchio says Democrats have stifled his campaign.

Peter Jennings on record-- we need to get get to the bottom of this!

Do we need to endow our own clean campaign fund?

DoD drops ball on body armor reimbursement program

A choice between only a DINO and a Republican is a false choice.

List of Democratic traitors - House New Dems sell out on bankruptcy

An interesting blog from Barbra Streisand about liberal media

Just heard on AAR Radio News - Hecklers interrupted Bush 4 times today

Was Sgrena Guiliani's ambush a "miss" or a warning?

Bankruptcy bill vote now on Senate floor...n/t 6:13 EST

If I could only get 1 repub out of the senate

Kerry sticker still on your car? what's your answer?

This is DU Front Page material if I ever saw it...

Lot of posts today about purity. Now it's time for a poll:

Hate Bush. Hate Bush. Hate Bush. Hate Bush.

The Sgrena Hit : How They Did It, and Why

Why “Dem activists” will RESTORE the Democratic Party

Bush Gets HECKLED at fake town hall meeting! >>>

Dem activists working for a fillibuster-proof Republican majority...

46% say Hillary should run in recent poll!

Police: Funding Cuts Will Hinder Drug Arrests

Is Kerry trying to activate the 'nurturant parent' frame

Hillary Clinton, Santorum, Brownback & Lieberman against TV sex &violence

Support Kerry 08 Wristbands

Venturing into Sheepleland - Chimpy comes to Louisville

GOP furious after seeing Schweitzer

"Dollar catching Asian flu"-- scary, informative Asia Times article