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Archives: February 6, 2005

NOW WHAT? (Interview with new Gov. Gregoire.)

Rice's Imminent Confirmation Bad News for Latin America

Russia ends de facto dollar peg and moves to align rouble with euro

China says it plans to unhook currency from U.S. dollar -but no timetable


From Ashes of '04 Effort, Dean Reinvents Himself

Jonah Goldberg Can't Fight Iraq War b/c He's Married and Has Child!

U.S. ' In for a Shock'

London Observer: Shia landslide set to put religion at heart of power

Bush tells CBC he's 'unfamiliar' with Voting Rights Act

Going for Broke May Break Bush

thought I would pass on this source of information for activists...

March 19 can be more than an anti-war protest day

If You're Watching Capital Gang Right Now....

Bush Soc Sec details reveal complicated casino that only rich are allowed

M1903 Receiver Failure

I don't think

Can I suggest a new group here?

I got called out by a mod

How do I put an image in my signature?

The wrong diffuser case for a 757 in Pentagon photo?

America: the new heart of darkness

John Edwards On C-SPAN now

Oppose Diebold, lose your job: what Californian's have learned.

Congressional Research Service: Election Reform & Electronic Voting

KOEB: had an idea for a KO present.

Who is Ted Selker? Any ties to voting machine companies?

This Is Sickening.......

The UK will make its first foray into e-voting.


Super Bowl Party at Arnold's ...

Massachusetts Paper Fires Sportswriter for Plagiarism (Worcester T&G)

Today's State Central Committee meeting

Congratulations to the newly minted DFL Progressive Caucus!

Favorite Linux Distro?

Amusing question on local "school challenge" Cleveland show

Off of Highway 67 going south through Cedar Hill

A question for any DU farmers out there...

Bible Belters in the Sunni Triangle

Good bye Democratic Party. It's been swell.

Goldberg vs Cole

Has Allawi made a concession speech yet?

Would CNN give us one hour of liberal news nightly?

who was, is the most beautiful woman of the 20th century

John Edwards On C-SPAN Giving NH Democratic Party Keynote

Hitler vs. Bush

"Mosh" came up on my iPod for the 1st time since...

NOW without Bill Moyers and it's new 1/2 show isn't the same

Last Wednesday, Febuary 2 was Ground hog Day...

There is a New Group for Disillusioned Dems - Please Look

More from Ward Churchill

10 best bands of all time (not classical)

What are the consequences if Sadr wins in Iraq?

Iraqi PM Allawi could cling to office dispite criticism

COALGATE - GOP Alaska AG Gregg Renkes resigns.

(PHOTO) What they dipped their fingers in before the SOTU speech ->

What would you say to a "liberal" who says they'd vote for Condi...

More along the lines of a musical reference for you disenchanted liberals

I said Damn Bush, I'm gonna catch you in a bear trap.

Caption This....Look In The Background

reading list? Any suggestions?

(PHOTO) Ummm.... "sizing up" the administration....

To those that say we can't win with a woman candidate....

How do you respond to this right wing talking point about Social Security?

What do you need to be happy?

Rice wants Russia to commit to a free press! But but - I read Pravda

Pentagon sites: Journalism or propaganda? (Wolfowitz on the internet- WNN)

Jonah Goldberg can't join the military & go to Iraq because he has a kid

Hilarious video parody of Bush SOTU speech

Great Bumper Stickers you've seen, and One I can't find again

How to Save Social Security for the Next 75 Years.

A very viscious and explosive thread at FR (on evolution)

Hilary is making me nervous with her God talk

deep throat revealed!

Besides Valerie Plame.....what scandals are still pending?

Is Condoleezza Rice complete out of her f*cking mind?

Have you prepared your church sign for services in the morning?

Bill O'Reilly is a Sexual Harasser, but Remarks on Bill Clinton

Recent NASA Failures Actually Caused by Lockheed Martin

Most ignorant, nonsensical freeper comment. EVER!

what woman had/has the most beautiul mind in the 20th C?

What will happen if Deep Throat is somebody we hate?

Reep Social Security Plan Comparison Calculator Needs DEBUNKING

Big Brother meets the rapture.

Did Rumsfeld really assert, the U.S. didn't kill enough Sunnits?

DEEP THROAT DYING | Real Identity to be Revealed Soon

Let's not talk politics... Bush is a CROOK!

Who would've been your favorite First Lady of the 2004 candidates?

Prepare to hurl, toss your cookies and whatnot

Risotto con Vongole (Risotto with Clams) - a la Sparkly

my southern Beans (with apologies to Bearfan for the copycat)

Gay Father Appeals Restriction from Living with Partner

Army Refuses to Allow Lawyers to See Classified Evidence

Mother Confesses To Starving 3 Children To Death

'I Saw Other Soldiers Torturing at Abu Ghraib'

I will bring al-Sadr into government, says the man tipped to be Iraq's new

Scalia Not Discouraging Chief Justice Talk

Going for Broke May Break Bush

Another Earthquake

Americans Wary of Stocks for Social Security - Poll

For Valentines Day -- Red State Love.....

Memo Gives New Details on Workings of Bush's Social Security Plan

Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments (NYT)

G7 backs Africa debt relief plan

Two Fugitives (Oil Businessmen) From Russia at Bush Event

WP: 'God's Mandate': Putting The White House on Notice

Medical personnel at Landstuhl dealing with stress of job

Rights victims lose US case against Marcos

Shia 'poll landslide' set to put religion at heart of Iraqi power

Professor Refuses Apology for 9/11 Essay

Evidence Shows Sloppy Stroke Care in U.S.

Top Iraq Shiites Exert Influence on Constitution

Back in N.H., Edwards Is Mum on 2008 Run

CIA Escapes Charges in Peru Plane Downing

NYC to Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling (Bloomberg: 'chaos in this city')

Jacksonville's Super Bowl a marriage of parties and religion

US agents ‘kidnapped militant’ for torture in Egypt

Attacks Kill Three U.S. Troops, 33 Iraqis

WP: Elation, Reflection for GIs Going Home

Inmate's Rising I.Q. Score Could Mean His Death

WP: The Greening of Evangelicals

2008 Presidential Hopefuls Test Waters


New Battlestar Galactica appreciation thread

I just bought a Juice Extractor, please pray for me

What state are you in right now?

Does Agent Mike still monitor this site?

No offense, Jack, but President Kennedy was a white man.

Does Agent Mike still monitor this site?

I'm headed to a party, what should I bring to drink?

Ok, we definitely have mice. I need some mice advice.

How long do you think there will be American troops in Iraq?

Another ? about tipping....pooling tips....

So I just got back from the service

Favorite anti-bush phtoshoped pics thread:

My friend SOLD her first piece of art!

Hey Emeril

My husband and my camera are heading to Europe-i have to stay home-pout

Anybody ever been to Biloxi Mississippi? Do they have...

Do you think there will be another terrorist attack on the US?

Nice comments on my tshirt

Back in 1 month

Questions about tripping

I'am 44 and I really like Korn and Marlyn Manson.

Help from any PDF expert?

Who wants to watch the super bowl on the biggest tv in town?

I got a free tshirt today for not participating in a survey

I just watched Frankenfish. Ask me anything.

I teach the truth to the youth. I say "hey youth, here's the truth:

Bill O'Reilly is an Idiot, part 88

Who do you own?

I just realized something.

Who do I own?

And now... A Queen break....

I just made roasted red pepper hummus, and it is DELICIOUS!

Superbowl Haters - Ever Play Sports?

Just ask me if I give a fuck

"Gonna get so hiiiigh..that I just don't know my name..."

Questions on Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software (Norton)

Anyone watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards? ***Spoilers possible***

what was your first car?

I can't see, I'm cold and my bathtub is full of sewage Ask me Anything!!

My mom has been sick, and I'm afeared I am getting sick too.

How are you at "reading" people.

Tonight I am saying thank you

Question about Ribbons on the SAG awards...

The Story of High Carb

Aw, damn, I made my 2500th post and MISSED it

What's your favorite TV show?


OK do I just not know fashion or what???

I've never owned a brand new car

WOOO HOOOO 8 hours of overtime so far today.

anybody want a hot_dog?

yes or no? Don't wait for the translation?

Saturday night earworm...

We saw "Finding Neverland" today....WOW...

Okay - We've got it right this time -- Please say hello to "run junkie"

Dancing dog video

The Story of Misunderestimator

Long Shot - Anyone remember the Citgo God?

I'm a Republican with a Working Brain. Am I a freak of Nature?

Okay. Which one of you guys...

I'm disaffected. Am I a freak?

*yawn* Time for a catnap. (picture)

What is this song?? "Every time I see your face..."

I'm watching Weddings in Vegas Live...

I got this link from my pets group *sick link attached*

ashlee simpson SNL faux pas video

G'night all!

I'm a liberal who isn't all that nuts about folk music. Am I a freak?

I'm a freak, but I am I a freak of nature?

My wife is watching Vanity Fair

Any HTML pros?

I have a rude cat.

Springtime for Hitler and Germany!

Not gonna reply. Ask me anything!

Who will NOT watch the Super Bowl? Deliberately?

I'm HIGH as sh*t on Lortab, Ask me anything

I'm watching Harold and Kumar...what are you watching...

Well, I made it through Saturday without a call from the boss

Paris Hilton - The best argument ever in favor of the estate tax!

Look At The BULGE On This Mannequin

Anyone else feel they "Missed out" on something....

The Story Of Enigmatic

Newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM (click for a list)


I'm Sleepy and my grandfather knew Jimmy Hoffa, I am a dem too

time to go watch Last of the Summer Wine

Ok- recommend some REALLY good movies to rent.....

Have you ever been shot at?

OK,what was your second car?

OK, NSMA!!!!!!

As a child I fantasized that Captain & Tennille were my REAL parents

What Democrat would you want to be with?

What feeling do you represent?

What Type of Mage are You?

Name a Republican you think is kind of Hot

Paris On SNL!

Bragging Rights: My son's JROTC unit are National Drill Team Champs

Who on DU has not seen one ep. of "Desperate Housewives"?

Admit that Samuel Adams is the best beer in the world or just kiss my ass!

*I Got The Part* - Pozzo in 'Waiting for Godot'

Why does U2 charge several hundred $$$$'s for concert tickets????

OK, 'fess up--- what patriotic song do you actually like?

Is "Megas XLR" an Americanized version of "Big O"?

The bar is now open....

Do you ever get tired of hearing "I love you"?

a pint of ice cream is supposed to be eaten in one sitting, right?

Xbox Live DUers.

Have you ever said "excuse me" to a piece of furniture?

Has anyone seen "Friday night lights"

Who was, is, the most handsome MAN of the 20th century?

who was, is the most beautiful woman of the 20th century

Which network, if destroyed forever, would crush your soul?

Favorite James Garner film?

I'm a Democrat and an Evangelical Christian. Am I a freak of nature?

What did you eat today?

Great veg recipes at this site . . .

Reformist Belgian Cardinal a possible successor to John Paul II

Closest Flyby of Large Asteroid to be Naked-Eye Visible

High notes of the singing Neanderthals

An opinion on families with gay/lesbian parents

What's your take on the gay men/lesbian divide?

Help with cat question PLEASE!!!!!!!

The Magic of Tone and the Art of Music

I am gonna second what WEL said

Best Kerry 2008 Store Yet

Teresa Heinz - Teresa Heinz Kerry Idiot Thread of the Year

Hey I lost my baby of the group status

Fuck the Scream Speech already!

Is "obfuscation" the KILLER?

"A Shrub Grows in Midland!" tee hee...... Prescott, Chimp, etc.....

President Deficit

Anyone think Bush is really interested in SSI Reform, even as payback?

John Edwards on c-span tonight, 8pm et

Watching the New Hampshire Dem Dinner W/ John Edwards

Turn off your T.V; post liberal/progressive book recommendations here

In Montana, Bush Faces a Tough Sell on Social Security

More on the future of those under 50 and Social Security, good luck...

What DU need is a Report Card for all Democrat Elected Representative

Grassroots Enterprise - - Mike McCurry

hehe...someone from chiefsplanet wants Joe Scarborough to run in 08

Is Bush walking on quicksand ...?

The Repubs have chosen their weapon for the 2006 election..

Is anybody here over 55 and insulted by Bush's promise of no SS cuts?

Rockridge Institute...Progressive Think

The Big Boot of Government - More on Bush’s Appalling Budget Cuts

Iraqi voter turnout figures exposed as bogus

Bush is cause of social security crisis---tax cuts for millionaires

Lets talk about Bill Richardson as VP

Why can't the Dems unify and fight back?

Novakula and Kate "Keyhole" O'Beirne Pooping their Pants

Unbalanced Priorities: **Cuts to Low-Income Programs**

Edwards discusses party's future in New Hampshire

David Corn (Nation) answers DU'ers and Others who Call him a "Mole"

Susan Sarandon on CSpan nailed it, the Dems need to understand

LA Times

Once again, reality bites the governor (Jeb)

America: the new heart of darkness

Al-Qaeda is more honest than Gerry Adams

Union Mis-Leader: "Social Security reform: odds in Bush’s favor"

Novak: GOP judicial strategy (GOP set to use "nuclear" option

Bush: Keep tax cuts to wealthy but not enough money left for Americans

LA Daily News: (CA) Southland suffers from lack of leadership

Editorial: Young workers/The real victims of Bush's plan

How I entered the hellish world of Guantanamo Bay

George Bush Is A Malignant Narcissist by Paul Levy

Our battered Constitution (AJC)

Danse macabre - Column re Iraq from the Jamaica Observer

Joe Biden's column in the Washinton Post on training Iraqis

Should We Jail Deep Throats ...

Social Security Overhaul is Long-Standing Conservative Dream

The ethics of war

Nigeria: Fight for Oil Wealth Fuels Violence in Delta

A Year Since Aristide, Haiti Impoverished

Manhunt target had local ties-FL, TN

The more we learn the worse it gets - Bush S.S. plan

U.S. torture makes mockery of liberty

Zuckerman: Why Bush is Wrong on Social Security

Article claims Iran war is in the works

Opposition to Bush S.S. plan in red state Montana

Iraq's election turnout carries eerie echo of Vietnam in 1967

Danse macabre (Empire of the Son)


Bush: "My plan will do nothing to solve S.S. financial problems"

Is Christianity an Anti-Jewish Religion?

Hunger for Dictatorship

Does Karl Rove write Tim Russerts Questions ?

Hey, New Jersey DU'ers, What's Up With This Craig Carton Situation??

Just wondered, what are the odds of . . .

For years I have been watching ABC nightly news

Another legacy of coal - abandoned mines

Nevada power plant threatens Honey Lake Valley water

Utah in nuclear waste cross hairs

Ban on hotter nuclear waste progresses

Nevada panel optimistic Yucca Mountain project can be killed

Checking Crichton's footnotes

Iraq war "noble"? What I say when I hear that...

My post was moved from LBN to Discussion, It was on the front page of the

ah fougeddaboutit

"Alabama woman charged with killing her three children"

What's with the slowness of DU this morning?


Is It Anti-Semitism?

Tweed is on the internet Radio right now

(NC) Cobb (Dem) Concedes Ag Commissioner Race To Troxler

Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of the financials of a 501c3?

John Edwards, getting the 2008 campaign cycle off to an early start

Impact of Frye "count every vote" effort on SD's "technical mayor"

Shelley created 'crisis,' elections official says

Installment 2 of Election Protection Hearing in Miami on 3 Feb 2005

Partial transcript of Election Protection Hearing in Miami on 3 Feb 2005

2008 Hopefuls: Edwards, Clinton Bayh Kerry Vilsack Richardson (WTF!) Biden

Green recount teams found evidence of fraud or manipulation in many counti

The Nashua Advocate: The Real HAVA Scandal Is In Ohio, Not California

Sunday 2/6 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Dean is expected to have the necessary votes when the 447-member DNC meets

ACTION! Thank Senators who voted against Gonzales--very important!

(MA) New voting system proposed...(Run-Off Elections)

Blackwell and Ties to Diebold... Has this been discussed?

(WI) State lawmakers hear both sides of voter ID debate

S.O.S. in Ohio did not allow recount of 3% sample in DRE TS counties-why?

Time we really cleaned house. Who is responsible for the loss of Shelley

Kevin Shelley Deserves Our Support

HAVA does NOT require we go electronic! Send to all election officials...

Kills vermin scribes dead: Stop Propaganda Act

New Yorkers: urgent action alert. Tell your legislators no touch screens!

Leter from the front-fight for a DEMOCRATIC Sec of State

Massachusetts DU superbowl meet-up

Romney used recreation funds for Patriots rally

Wheeeee. I just got my broadband connection back!

Idiotic letter in Pioneer Press

Interesting networking problem

75 network security tools

Another way to block ads in Firefox.

Uh-oh, some repukes might want to stay away from Whitey's in Richfield

Medicaid cuts expected in Rendell's budget proposal

AG in Algoma, raises awareness of drunken driving

How does Herb Kohl's 06' re-election look?

Passionate issues for WI duers.

Must-Read Historical Article on the Vietnam Moratorium...

Smear Campaign Against Churchill Orchestrated by 'Campus Watch'

Holy cow! Have taxes just increased on the lower class???

Green Neocons? Bizarre-Woolsey Driving 58MPG Prius-This is not Satire

No more AOL News Message Boards after Feb. 9th?

'Campus Watch' Monitoring Professors-Who is This Group?

Nate Clay, WLS, discussing *'s "state of delusion"

(PHOTO) Now YOU choose Condi's new hairstyle! Exclusive photo --->

Open Message to Jonah Goldberg, Freepers, and other Iraq War Cheerleaders

Bush's Nightmare ...

Fargo update: "Not on the list? Bummer." Good op ed.

What good is a recount if computers were tampered with?

Protests in Denmark continue over Iraq War

This sounds kind of fun

Polarized political views.

Hey you the perfume for one night stands n/m

Babylon System, "Tell the children the truth right now!"

Why does U2 charge several hundred $$$$'s for concert tickets????

While we enforce decency on t.v., the slaughter of children goes on

The Prophet Mohammad, a documentary on Link T.V. at 8 a.m. this morning.

What's wrong with Harrison Ford? Responds to's Lies

Anyone have news about....

Presidential Polygraph...

The Gonzales Vote in Verse!

How long before those rushing to enlist in Navy and Airforce realize

DR. Rice: "U.S. Won't Let Iraq Divide"

The hate is palpable.

A Question To Put To The FWeeper* On Social Security Privatization.

Bush "had to have known" about steroids and did nothing...

Brian Jones rant against Barbara Boxer

To trust Bush to advocate for Social Security is to trust a terrorist

Irish gore film duo make it in Mexico

GOP proposes bill that would suspend ALL laws

Secular conservatives plot to take over Methodist Church

French Tabloid "L'Anti-Americain" Takes Aim at the U.S.

Capital Gang: Did Al Hunt get promoted; Mark Shields demoted?

A successful RW'er has an echo chamber 'brain'

If one tour in Nam fucked up so many kids,what will two in Iraq do.

This Week - Rumsfield - how can you prove a negative?

Bob Schieffer - Not a good choice!

Los Angeles Stories: Unleash the beach - but not for the Warner Bros PR at

Insurgents? NO. There hasn't been an Iranian or Iraqi yet found to be

How Malcolm X's letters were saved

Rumsfield seems to have lost his marbles. Why did they bother

Chris Dodd just sliced and diced Gonzo on CSPAN, now Barrack is up

Did anyone watch Susan Sarandon on Cspan last night?

Social Security Overhaul is Long-Standing Conservative Dream

Couples wedded to lasting covenant (ties that really bind)

'Mermaid girl' to have legs split

On the backs of the poor: The Bush budget

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

They have to lie, cheat and steal to win and yet they win

Caller uses technology to terrorize the 'other' Bill Clinton

Please DU Leslie Blitzer's poll on Late Edition if you haven't already!

Du-ers, please help with this question regarding tsunami/child sex trade:

Rumsfeld links Iran and Syria to Iraq violence

Rudi Dekkers slips in & out of US at will

Family channel and Roberston...strange mix of programming.

Words of wisdom from teens

DU Shrine to Martyred Journalists: That Their Words Be Not Forgotten

The Author of Selling for Dummies explains why Bush is great!

Was Rumsfeld "invited" to be on all the talkshows this morning?

smirk puts ad in Pak paper looking for Bin Laden -- really

smirk's kool aid road show going to Tampa to see stock brokers

'Ritalin bill' advances; some call it unneeded

4 those who blast Ward Churchill, here's what former CIA "Anonymous" said

Iraqi villagers kill 5 insurgents

Robert McChesney is on now, talking about election coverage

War on foolishness.

I have a proposal to help the with the average American's retirement

Man Survives Guantánamo Hell, Tells Story

CNN: "Those who prayed for Pope John Paul II's recovery...

Paranoia grips the U.S. capital

Gas? >>>

Bush implied in SOTU he's worried about Social Sec. for his daughters

Bush establishes Islamic state with $300B USD & 1500 soldiers lives

Heating/cooling company advertises on radio: "No liberals employed"

French fries may be back on DC's menu

If the 2008 primaries came down to Gore and Hillary, who would you back?

Jesus Loves Taxcuts

CSPAN Caller: "The Muslims caused the deficit"

Madonna writes books? wow look at this...

A "Postcards From Buster" Question For PBS Viewers

School Steroid Use Silent, Rampant

LOL, Does Alan Keyes know that his daughter to keynote Gay Rights Rally?

Rumsfeld's pin reminded me.. what's the inscription on **'s wedding ring?

* thought he had another weekend off, until he was reminded.........

Ben Franklin Quote. We are the lamb.

Report Cards

Is Ken Mehlman another KKKRove?

Help Needed for Son's Government Paper

Lyrics to "Dubya Bush Superstar" (satire)

Cheney Says He "Doesn't See" Iraq Theocracy

Danny Diaz: Pelosi Provides No Plan for Social Security

Rate a 5. Yahoo! story on protests of Iraq Election "Irregularities"

Did F9/11 made GWB Jesus Christ?

Bob Schieffer's (CBS News) Brother is Bush's Pick for Ambassador

Bush Lauds Special Ops Cody During SOTU Speech

What are the chances that Bushbrains SS plan could pass?

Did Rev. King ever make a public statement about abortion?

PHOTO: DR. Rice watches ceremonial U.S. constitution burn

Wal-Mart website offers happy spin to all kinds of questions

Eagles fans mortgage homes for money to follow team (seems crazy to me!)

*'s new budget cuts to pay for his huge tax cuts for the richest

Excellent article on history of sep. of church and state

Report: Canseco says he injected McGwire with steroids

Corporations should have to be citizens or pay tariffs!

Brian Williams' Comments on A Late Night Show

Troops are troops. Why are

Gay marriage ban sparks slew of legal questions (Kansas)

Heads up. Another "Christian" anti-gay marriage rally planned for Olympia

Pierce Arrow

How cool is this? Freepers got to be pissed.....

Female Member of NC-Based Guard Unit Demoted for Mud-Wrestling in Iraq

U.S. Army Officers Say: 'Mossad May Blame Arabs'

What exactly is the definition of a "neoconservative?"

this dark bush* PHOTO needs a caption, please......

I like John McCain but I don't know why.

Ever wish there was a third-party the Republicans had to worry about?

Is it my imagination or is it real that Republicans don't seem to get laid

LOL! Wolcott put's a serious smack down on Michael Medved.

Refute the entire "liberals are keeping our country from God" belief.

"Only white male property owners could vote" - Superbowl Pregame

sounds emanating from a grave at hyde park ny.

Anybody hiding from the Superbowl today?

Pledge of Allegiance... revised:

Isn't it just so fucking sad & disgusting-Clinton wanting and needing

Top 10 Most Underrported Humanitarian Stories of 2004

Should part of Bush's taxcut be repealed to "save" Social Security?

Military Super Bowl theme

My crazy right wing nut cousin in Oklahoma e-mailed me

Which of *'s base HASN'T been pissed on yet?

Is anyone else here appalled by the nationalism in the Super Bowl?

Bumper stickers on a car from Missouri

I love when chicken hawks just over military age try to spin...

Black Commentator Slams Condi

What is Al Sharpton doing merging with PETA?

Nobody wants to admit it when they are in a Cult, ESPECIALLY bush cultists

Meth, Coke, Heroin, etc.

My friend's brother wants to enroll in the army so he can go to med school

Statement by Brian Jones on the 'Sen. Kennedy Cut-and-Run Strategy'

Country Music hypocrisy. Super Bowl

Is the world better off without Mohammed Atta?

The Meaning of Life? . . .

For me, at last! A simple explanation of Shia & Sunni differences

Just an observation....

You really can't go home again

Why do you people put up with this?

PHOTOS...a DU Memorial, because so few notice "bush* wars" anymore....

Laura fired W.H. chef

What is Religion

Dick Cheney, what's with the pin on his suit?

2fer: Has OBL Gone on Record about Social Security? Plus, the Real MALKIN

On Deep Throat & Rehnquist .....>>>>Sibel Edmonds' own there

ANOTHER insult to Holocaust Victims...this one by condi rice...(PHOTO)

Will Deepthroat be vindicated in your eyes?

Rowling fights US army over Harry Potter

Okay, I'm confused by Paul McCartney performing at the Super Bowl....

The Psychosis of Freepers...

The Attempted Coup Against FDR

FRONTLINE: "House of Saud" & on-line discussion.

Anybody doing any prep work for the game food yet ?

Lasagna question

sifting flour

Question about Ferrara Torrone candy

Online (Free!) Treasure Trove

Campbell back on party payroll to head Blair's 'dirty tricks' unit

Fired lawmen expected to plead guilty to suspect's torture (TN)

(UK) Army probes 160 Iraq abuse cases


Jesuit University Shuts Down Student GOP Fund-Raiser for Sniper Group

French demonstrate to keep 35-hour work week

Guantanamo Man Says MI6 Officer Played Key Role in Consigning Him to ...

Taliban denies shooting down Afghan plane

Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's Nazi associates

NYT: Leading Shiite Clerics Pushing Islamic Constitution in Iraq

Should We Jail Deep Throats ...

Bush Budget Calls for Law Enforcement Cuts

Americans eye UK banks as profits set new records

Cambodia Confirms Bird Flu in Poultry Near Capital

Four Egyptians kidnapped in Baghdad

Egypt engineers abducted in Iraq

Militants threaten to kill reporter

Bush Administration Pays Halliburton For Services Never Rendered

To Reggae Beats, Ethiopia Pays Bob Marley Tribute

Ten dead in Iraq violence north and south

I will bring al-Sadr into government, says the man tipped to be Iraq's

Canada's military too taxed for Iraq: Harper

Couples wedded to lasting covenant (ties that really bind)

Rowling fights US army over Harry Potter

US agents ¡®kidnapped militant¡¯ for torture in Egypt

Sisters, Separated by the Holocaust, Reunite After 61 Years

Security tightened as IRA warns of crisis

FBI Pushes to Expand Domain Into CIA's Intelligence Gathering

Pope faces surgery to clear arteries

Rumsfeld Says No Iraq Self-Security Date

More Abu Ghraib prisoners freed

Secret service defied neutrality during second world war

Iran warns of nuke retaliation

Catholic hero now faces Vatican inquiry

Dutch hope test will curb Muslim immigrants

Iraq's election turnout carries eerie echo of Vietnam in 1967

Caller uses technology to terrorize the 'other' Bill Clinton

Bush eyes Nevada land-sale cash

Hundreds of Iraqis protest alleged voting irregularities outside Baghdad's

Hundreds of Iraqis protest alleged voting irregularities (outside Green Zo

Rumsfeld: Iran 'Years Away' from Nuclear Weapon (Reuters)

U.S.-Israel plan to strike Iran's nuclear sites finalized

Farm subsidies would take deep cuts under Bush plan

Bin Laden’s film maker sues Michael Moore

Vatican insists Pope spoke (was the Pope pre-recorded?)

Iran Rejects What It Calls Rice's 'Threats'

Gas leak at Spain hostel kills 17

Homeless vets wait years for aid

300 prisoners released from Abu Gharaib jail in Iraq

Idea of Dean’s chairmanship excites party

(WA felon voter) List pointing out mistakes also has its own problems

Four Iranian Brothers Reject U.S. Release (conditions...unconstitutional)

More Abu Ghraib horrors (amputations by unqualified medics) DUPE

Sinn Fein faces sanctions over £26m bank robbery

Australia mediating U.S.-Iran

Bush plan for Medicaid faces major challenge (Jeb)

Despite Turmoil, CIA Chief's Team in Place

Rumsfeld: Iran 'Years Away' from Nuclear Weapon

More than 220 complaints over Iraq vote; more problems in Mosul

Unqualified US medics carried out amputations at Abu Ghraib: report

Out of control at Camp Crazy (Camp Bucca)

Bush to seek broad slowdown in gov. spending growth

Article claims Iran war is in the works

Hacker breaks into U.S. wireless network, reads Secret Service files

Buyers of Iraq U.N. oil may be implicated

Opposition warns PM over Iraq 'flip-flop' (Martin is going to pay…"

Germans in official visit to Iran

18 killed in Spain in gas accident, two survivors

Iranian politician asks U.S. goodwill

Zimbabwe "makes mockery" of African democracy - Tutu

Tonnes of oil spills in tanker crash (Egypt)

IMF looks at gold sale options for debt relief

CIA pressure to disclose Nazi records

Iran 'years away' from nuclear weapon - Rumsfeld

WP: Birth of a Salesman: Pitching Social Security

Social Security revamp a long-standing dream among conservatives

China commits US$50b of investment to Caribbean, Latam region

Aide to Mexican president arrested in (drugs) gang link

Air Canada to benefit from U.S. visa requirement: analyst

Plum assignment awaits Harris; a coveted seat on the Homeland Security pan

What Ayatollah Sistani Wants

Business Files Its Objections to State's Hunt for Back Taxes -LAT

Paris stands by 35-hour week reform plans despite mass demos

Marine killed in Babil Province (#1448)

EU Policy Head: Iran Attack Would Be Wrong

14 Bald Eagles Found Killed In North Vancouver

Majority at cross-border conference urge Ottawa to back missile defence

Iran: Bush shouldn't point fingers on terror

U.S. deserter starts anew

Rumsfeld says he considers case closed for Marine Corps officer told to wa

How I entered the hellish world of Guantanamo Bay

Red card for gas guzzling cars in pollution clampdown (UK)

US won't stay in Iraq 'a day longer than necessary': Cheney

Cheney Sees More U.S. Borrowing for Pension Accounts

U.S. draft law designates PLO officials as “terrorists”

Report: Canseco says he injected McGwire with steroids

Bin Laden¡¯s film maker sues Michael Moore

Cheney Won't Run for President, Not Even if Begged

Egypt: Peaceful Critics Arrested in Clampdown

Bush to Propose Billions in Cuts-budget plan to Congress on Monday

Cheney Says Budget Will Be Tightest Yet

Cheney: US Not Concerned About Iran-Style Govt In Iraq

CIA renditions of terror suspects are 'out of control:' report

Gonzales to Take 3 White House Lawyers to Justice Dept.

Cheney Says He Doesn't See Iraq Theocracy

Persistent (Scientologist ) sleuthing uncovers state flaw

Condoleezza Rice May Miss First Super Bowl (AP)

Plum assignment awaits (Katherine) Harris (Homeland Security panel)

Louisiana National Guard holds Iraq's first Mardi Gras parade

Clarke under Fire over Guantanamo Comments (UK)

US drops charge against Abu Ghraib accused

80 McDonald's Ordered Closed in Venezuela

Insurgents Kill 22 Officers Near Baghdad

Unqualified US medics carried out amputations at Abu Ghraib: report

Plans for US Embassy in Baghdad May be Scaled Down

Details reveal drawbacks of Social Security investment plan

Iran prepared if attacked

(9 more) Tokyo car suicides

Do cats vomit when they cough up hairballs?

In Honor of Steve Nash is God 13 Celebrating His #100: I Passed 200!!!

What Type of Villain are You?

well I have to go to work now.

What happened to the Grotto?

LA Times

I Know the Person Who Was Killed in This Story

I've just discovered my brother-in-law is a freeper.

Hey anyone who knows about the history of Pittsburgh, a little help

Don't think you're so clever...

Goodnight everybody!

Once again, it's Vicodin Cough Syrup time

No more

Tax Form Question

I can't believe I ate left over garlic chicken Chinese at this hour....

so what have i missed tonight?

Bettyellen opened up a bar on my turf and doesn't have pics of drinks


When parallel parking, is it ok to go in head first?

Have you seen this?

My birthday has been over for 2 hours. Ask me anything.

(PHOTO) Now YOU choose Condi's new hairstyle! Exclusive photo --->

Please ignore, this is a test message

dupe of another era

Can nicotine gum be used in reverse?

Anyone have that cold where you just cough....& nothing else..

fall asleep damn it

Has anyone every seen the movie 'Evolution'?

RNC Reveals 2008 Presidential Candidate...

Any users?

For some reason I'm watching 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' on MTV

Funny Daily Show clip..

I feel pretty.

I had a bad dream last night

Your Senator - Hot or Not?

Clip of fighter plane emerging from the sea???

To Reggae Beats, Ethiopia Pays Bob Marley Tribute

and now, the flu.


I Will Be Rooting For McNabb As If It Was My Own Son Playing

Fark: Photoshop a unlikely Star Trek concept replacement for "Enterprise"

The Four Greatest Words in the English Language:

Any Windows ME users in here?

10 Answers

Don't forget your towel

Dope and glory

I watched the movie "She's the One". I have a question...

If you like Led Zeppelin:

No matter who wins the bet: Matcom you're not invited!!

Has anyone here ever been temporarily tombstoned?

Who will win the National Toboggan Championship? (enter your pick)

a little cat humor

Cheaters, would you

The SOTU was given on Groundhog Day

Just gained a new respect for Clint Eastwood

Another way to block ads in Firefox.

!!CARNIVAL!! in photos

Anyone else more attracted to people of a different color than yourself?

Who else has ever been mistakenly tombstoned!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!

This is embarassing, but when does the Super Bowl start?

Happy 60th B-Day Bob Marley!

Eagles suck!

It's a shame that Hotel Rwanda wasn't nominated for Best picture for Oscar

What languages does everyone here speak?

I just smoked pot for the very first time.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

I've decided that getting plenty of sleep is the key to beating flu etc.

So I think I'm going to make spaghetti and meatballs.

%%%$$^&%%))*&^^$$fuck&&%wood&&%$#@!ACK ACK ACK ACK


If I get bombarded by anymore Valentines Crap....

Watching a tape of a Star Trek: TNG episode. Ask me anything.

What's Your eBay Feedback Score?

Bush, in Little Rock, swarmed for autographs after SS speech. He's a GOD!

NFL Films Super Bowl recaps. Anyone else love these?

Muse with a camera - "Layla's" swinging '60s photo exhibit

Dole Pine-Orange-Banana Juice is THE BEST ever !

Gardening Sexed-up

"Another dream...goes up in smoke..." Super Bowl Tunes

I'm downloading a Led Zeppelin bootleg. Ask me anything.

Teen tutor loves teaching

Really great version of the Star Spangled Banner

You have been pre-approved for a $402,000 Home Loan at a 3.45% Fixed Rate

Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" vs. Genesis' "Foxtrot"

DU Beauty Professionals, Check in please.

i DON'T get to watch the game...

Just when you think that no one notices you

Hello, guitar players check in!

SNL on Boosh's plan for gangs

Free Software for ALL Of Your Needs

Help! I hit some button and put someone on ignore

My 900th post and I am going to use it to predict the Superbowl XXXIX....

Does anyone else watch House, MD?

Stupid joke making email rounds: Why Republicans won the election.

Do you say "the internets" all the time now?

So I saw the movie "Hide and Seek" last night.

just saw first cool superbowl commercial (direct TV)

Is DU loading very very slowly for anyone else?

I've decided to endorse Philadelphia in tonight's game

remember when you first got internet access?

Non Super-Bowl watchers---what are you doing tonight?

Beautiful Day thread

What Bunny Suit should be worn by the loser of the Bunny Suit bet?

Who should I (a non sports fan) root for today?

Do you know your international food etiquette?

While America watches the Super Bowl tonight...

Super Bowl Sunday, 1989


Floatin' down the river

Can you stand another Spongebob thread?

What if The Beatles Re-United at the Super Bowl Today?

Is anybody else into Broken Social Scene?

God Bless John Forgerty


A fascinating set of dating links

Anyone here had a near death experience?


I'm not drinking any cream today

Napping with the pets - I'm at peace with the world.

Do you think it bothers Gerald Ford...


Do you like chocolate?

American Dad premieres tonite

Further proof that Fox News sucks

Bob Boudelang's Hate Mailbag....

He's certified and circumcised

Raise your hand if you will NOT be watching football tonight

Favorite AL? (Edited to include suggestions from you voters)

UK VW Golf commercial has Gene Kelly breakdancing

why aren't the freepers boycotting Hilton Hotels?

I will never take anything for granted again

Big Dog and creepy Poppy on NFL pregame show

Right...who else is far too drunk this early in the day?

LITTLE RICHARD MEETS THE BEATLES! (A rare photo from 1964.)

I hereby decree that everybody in Long Island City is now named "Fred."

Yikes! When did this happen! 30 post away from 4000

Sweet I bought "The Devil's Brigade" on DVD

Is anyone else hearing the Declaration of Independence on the PreGame ?

PAINFUL, FIERY DEATH: Love it or hate it?

ABC's "Wife Swap" to feature conservative Christian who thinks gays...

Charlie fucking Daniels

Just finished my federal and state taxes

Attention: will the bunny suit please report to the on-deck circle!

Is Alicia Keys lip syncing?

How's your US geography??

So, I suppose if the pats win it's a "Good" year for Boston Sportfans?

Why are the people moshing during a country song?

Have you had a barium enema?

Hey Man!!! It's the PUPPY BOWL on Animal Planet Channel (Cable)

What's for supper?

Ignorance or apathy?

Smilies Poll--Love em or hate em

I Heard There Was A Ball Game On Tonight

Before I go see THE AVIATOR, here's something for you right-wing lurkers!

Ambivalence: Pro or Con?

I think the Super Bowl is having a bullshit competition with


Night of the Living Dead zombies. Would they stop and yell brains at Bush?

I Need to get DRUNK

Patriots defense RAWKS!

Nobody tell Rabrrrrrr that the Super Bowl has already started.

Is this a ball game or a political rally?

Super Bowl - let the Pats prevail!

Not watching SB because it's on FOX! Thanks DUers for keeping me

Eagles or Patriots: who's gonna win?

Congratulations Longgrain on 4,000 posts!

No need to post your own threads... just post everything in this one.

So...are the Browns winning?

Does this ever happen to you?

Who is your favorite founding father? Discuss!

Sooooo....What are you cooking for Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl pre-game, this was once a great country people.

Why are they playing Coolio in the SB Pepsi commercial?

Lets make fun of football!!!!! Official laugh at Football thread


What time does the SOBing SuperBowl start?

I hope the curse transferred itself to the Patriots.

I'm gonna say it. Not all Repubs are bad. Just those who voted for Bush.

Astham question

I think I just broke my toe





For those of us with no life, Super Bowl XXXIX Thread.

Blog articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Alicia Keys is insanely gorgeous

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Super Bowl - let the Eagles soar!

Tuskeege Airmen appreciation thread.

Anyone here ever live abroad?

Anyone else ever have strange cryptic images of their death?

"Let the punishment fit the crime"

RE: Clinton. Is anyone else alarmed, or curious?


Vicodin now

Do NOT click on this link.

So how soon after the SuperBowl will I see someone in a Bunny Suit FAQs


I just got Tivo...not sure if I like it.

Anyone have experience with a pacemaker?

"WhoWouldJesusBomb" yard signs - where, oh where

Counter service tip jars - tip or not?

napoleon dynamite

Are you threatened by women who can do "manly" things?

(PHOTO) Now YOU choose Condi's new hairstyle! Exclusive photo --->

SO let me get this straight...a bunch of men who won't let me marry

Speak to me in Latin

Ok, official Super Bowl ADS thread!

Attention Teachers

well my dog has cancer I found out

And the winner of the first ever DU coloring contest is...

It's SB Sunday. I'm Listening to Wagner's Die Meistersinger.

Is DU insanely slow all of a sudden?

Would anyone like to share some Dry Sack brand Sherry?

Big Dog is going to be on CBS This Morning...

Am I immature for giggling at all the "Deep Throat" threads?

"Black Eyed Peas." they stink on ice!

Just met my first Buddhist RW Republican.

Greatest Football movie

Kavorkian Scarf

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale OF CLASSIC TV THEME SONGS!!!!

What are you going to do instead of watching Superbowl?

Feb 6, 1993 - CO Liberal & The Princess Elope to Maryland

Time for a shorter free associate thread?

Do any of us have a reason for existing?

Grand Canyon pictures

Are there i-Pods and Blackberry's in heavan?

Bob Boudelang's Hate Mailbag....

Most disgusting restaurant ever.

Since I don't like to wait until the last minute!

Who, in the anti-Nazi Resistance, Should Religious People Admire?

does anyone know the name of this religion?

Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, or what?

What church can I join?

Getting to Know the Sufis

Freshwater - How much do we have?

Spain's Health Ministry to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis

"Gays are the new Jews"

Jose Canseco names names....and one is the chimp!

ESPN is virtually unwatchable today


All I have to say is there are no wardrobe malfunctions this year

Here in Boston, It's been *four whole months* since we won a championship

Is store bought enriched bread good for birds?

When I am old

Gamma brainwaves and "unusual" phenomena

Weighing defeat, Kerry sees lessons to guide future

Well, I Guess I'm the New "Baby of the Group?"

Kerry & Edwards Friendship

2008 Campaign Buttons, Bumper Stickers, & Sweatshirts

The truth about political power and online actvism.

Who's on the news shows tomorrow morning?

Letter from ABC re: DFAers on "banned list" in Fargo

Ohio's poor to lose medicaid

Oil-for-food: No widespread abuse, Asia Times

A Conspiracy 50 years in the making?

Dean is next DNC chair

"The defiant UN starts fightback"

"Democracy isn’t just about election and legislative majority"

Slow Food for a Dying Planet

True State of the Union by Geoff Staples -EXCELLENT TAKE ON THE SOTU

Be vewy, vewy qwiet. Kewwy's pwaying chess.

Wash Journal -c-span talking of John Edwards speech now

US Seeks Latin American Initiative on Venezuela

Scientists Study Presidential Lie Detector Test

`Pre-emptive' study of Iran data started

A letter to Lieberman

Sunday talk show line up

Immigrant at age 3 might be deported at 25 (to Afghanistan)

Will they drop 'Social' from Social Security?

"Oil at Heart of Bush Takeover of Iraq"

The DUP's closet policies

I had never heard of Order 39 until today. Typical.

I LOVE watching Rumsfeld babble and spin on TV.

How has the IRA changed? Once it shot you in the knees, now it's in the ha

US Will Be Isolated If It Acts Militarily Against Iran

Republican Right takes fright at prospect of Secretary-General Clinton

Teddy says of Iraq: "This whole thing was a fraud"!

Starvin’ The Beast

Andrew Sullivan: If Bush is now gunning for anyone, it¡¯s Syria not Iran

If Bush hadn't acted, a Shiite Ayatollah would not control Iraq.

Neoconservatism, Islam and Ideology:

jaw-dropping story about Halliburton

To steal a few words from Grover Norquist---

Stark is first to put video on congressional Web site

The GOP Express card

My head is spinning...Rumsfeld 101

Anyone here today listen to Ted Kennedy on NBC.

Has anyone mentioned Pelosi's performance this morning?

Mormon Democrats link up in Congress

I was wondering what would happen if----the US went bancrupt?

Tim Russert asks Kennedy what he would do about social security.

Same old fallback position: Shrub did a great job after 9/11...(rant)

Can You say: Rumsfeld is a blithering idiot?

Boston Globe Interview with John Kerry

Nixon & GHW Bush brought in the Nazis to counter Dem Jewish American votes

The War On Drugs Funds Our Enemies From Street Gangs To Bin Laden

Vote now on Wolfie's SOTUA poll!

In what ways should the Democratic Party change?

Was This Iraqi Election Just A Cooked-Up Bush Ploy To Get Re-Elected?

A libertarian's view

Schwarzenegger got $450K from Fox News Channel's parent

AP: "Election Complaints Emerge in Iraq"

Is Bush laying the groundwork for a "real" class war in this country?

Teddy Kennedy Is Spanking Lil' Timmy Russert This Morning!!

Senator Russ Feingold to appear on Q&A tonight

Pentagon plan for black ops against The People on American soil

ya heard it from me 1st Chief Justice REHNQUIST is "DEEP THROAT"

Gore was less noisy and took it quietly. This Kerry fella doesn't shut up

Hillary hobbled by return of the loudmouth

Why Gore, Kerry, and Edwards Should Run in '08

Urgent Help Needed in Georgia! Ralph Reed Planning to Run...

CNN quotes Evil Dick Cheney: 'I will not run' for president

Charlie Daniels Is On The Pre Game Show

Judith Miller's Weird Chalabi Comment

RW radio DelGiornao attacks Tulsa School Board and 'study circles'

A treasure trove of lies from Rummy The Liar this Sunday


Kennedy: Fascist America

Jingoism and the Super Bowl stories

Zack Exely (formerly of MoveOn) is now blogging DNC suggestions

Which Actor/Athlete to groom

How Will Bush Admin Tactics Change From Iraq To Take On Iran?

Dallas man first convicted under fetal protection law

NYT:" From Ashes of 04 Effort, Dean Reinvents Himself"

Will the hate mongers (Limbaugh, etc) pick on Judy Dean the way they have

Who is going to DNC meetup on Tuesday? Are you whiners going?

You MUST read this Letter to the Editor! What we read here!

Is anyone in California or the U.S. interested in being CA st Pty Chair

Deep Throat is ailing and his identity will be revealed soon 2/6

"American Conservative" zine/ Warns about America's Looming Dictatorship!

Thank God - Cheney won't run in 2008

Songs Paul McCartney Should Play At The SuperBowl

Alan Keyes wants to die alone and bitter.

Why Republicans Win

Under fire, IRA returns to menacing form of old

Malpractice Bill Shields Drugmakers (Vioxx, Celebrex)

Americans Killing journalists in Iraq??

John Fogarty Is Playing Fortunate Son Now At The Pre Game Show

NYTimes hints Bush should give up this Social Security farce...

Were Madeline Albright , Wes Clark, and Bill Clinton Some Of The Bad Guys?

"Professor Refuses to Apologize" (Ward Churchill)

Beinhart/ "Dem's Need to be more Red State"/ get's book deal..$600,000!

The Axis of Oil

What do you think about Al Gore's "lock box" now?

WTF...Your SS profits are CAPPED at 2% in this Bush scheme?!?

Your guess: Who is "Deep Throat?"


I'm happy about Dean being chair, but let's not fool ourselves

The Social Security "privatization" question that no one asks...

Bit of advice to DUers. We know we are read by some newspushers, so....

Why are Democrats in Congress even considering any changes to SS?

Kills vermin scribes dead: Stop Propaganda Act

Why Do You Think We Haven't Been Attacked By Al Qaeda Again?

How many veterans of the McGovern Campaign are here ?

Dean's thoughts on foreign policy, gay rights, abortion have not changed.