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Archives: February 5, 2005

The Year of Living Indecently


Fixing self-made problems

PNAC's Happy Warriors

Al Jzaeera is for sale

A terrible signal to the world (NYT on Gonzales)

Army tortured Mau Mau rebels in 1950s

A Quiet Revolution In Business Lobbying

DailyKos - zack exley: new democratic grassroots machine

Kennedy/Lautenberg: "Senators to Introduce Stop the Propaganda Act!"

What the Pentagon can and is now doing in secret...

Soulforce to confront James Dobson and Focus on the Family on May 1

Al Franken screwed up today

Liars this week: Matthewsw/Fineman, Williamsw/McCain, Bash

GOP Sees Short Time to Sell Soc. Sec. Plan

Exeter Conference - Risks From Warming Even Worse Than Thought - BBC

Good interview with Terry Tempest Williams in "The Progressive"

Cameroon's Forests Going Fast - 2nd Only To Congo In Deforestation Rate

Melbourne - Heaviest Single-Day Rainfall Total In 150 Years - Reuters

More Americans Favour Energy Conservation

Huge Emissions Cuts Needed To Slow Down Warming - Exeter Conference

Autism Cases Up 13% In California In Just One Year 03-04

Americans Keep Mixed Feelings About Iraq

How not to use your shotgun

my assault weapon ban compliant rifle

LBN feed question

A big pat on the back

I know I'm adding to the problem

Can this thread be locked?

Strange: Norton AV just warned me about "virus-like activity."

Is there some way DU could do subscriptions to the MSM sites....

I live in Frankfort ,Illinois once

EAC has Doug Lewis as temp chair, bad news for voting activism

I just did a General Discussion post,,,

California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to resign

WA State judge: No Republican Re-vote, No Way, No How

Just returned from the Aisle of Scrutiny

OMG! Repug friend told me Condi and Clarence are House

Response to Tokaji Critique of USCV Edison/Mitofsky Exit Poll Discrepancie

Has anyone heard anything from the election fraud Hearing in Miami?

Save Shelley and voting in CA: Important action alert.

Ventura County, Ca, to Buy E-Vote Equipment-Need People to Fight this

Countdown (KOEB) Friday

Investigative Reporter needs Election Center info, Texas Conference

Just posted in LBN- Shelley is going to resign.

What we can expect if Shelley resigns


Why did CA dems roll over on Shelley?

Leach had some surprising quotes on Iowa Press this weekend

I just returned from a funeral

My response to asinine LTTE re: diabetes in today's Strib

Rally for Public Education in Minnesota

XP Upgrade~Need help with hardware problem

leaving computer in the car

Texas DU'ers -- any Social Security protests scheduled?

Isn't it time for a protest at a Perry Homes retail site?

OK, so I ate supper at Cracker Barrel; so sue me!

The defense in this trial is pissing me off.

Voter id.Is it the issue that turns my Blue state red?

If Dean gets the DNC chair, in a display of $olidarity, all DU'ers $hould

French Gallary 2

Has anyone EVER seen a DU'er claim to have EVICTED a family member?

Arrest made in Governor Gregoire death threat; she cites talk radio hate

World bankers warn USA: "Running out of patience with your budget/deficit"


"Republican" by definition opposes royalty

The Lowdown

#1 solution for oil prices. You are not going to believe this.

Delta asks customers if they would pay to speak to US reservationists

FR posters defend "adopt a sniper" program

Smirk's face is drooping AGAIN, tries to prop it up

As state,county and property tax increase when Bush eliminates transfers

Definition of State of the Union...

Why is Judith Miller Untouchable?( Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher)

US Special operations to receive $150,000 bonus to stay in military

Caption this photo: * at annual National Prayer Breakfast yesterday

NeoNazi record company out of biz! Tough hop, haters!

America's worst tippers get their just desserts

My son in Spain right now just reported the news on Spain tv is not

California's Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to resign

FCNL: Gonzales Vote Exceeds Expectations: Time to Say Thanks

Iraq will Soon be an Iranian Ally

Bush's Real State of the Union Address

Looking for bumper sticker....

Did anyone just see NOW on PBS?

Internet Radio Site of the Day--Pacifica/their new Radio Player

Walmart building or destroying communities?

Sometimes it is good to get one's news from the Daily Show

This Freeper co-worker said this to me about Ward Churchill's statements

DU the hell out of CU's website. I have emailed them. If you disagree

"Greed is good,Greed is right,Greed works." -Gordon Gekko

Ward Churchill handing Paula Zahn her skinny white ass on CNN.

61% of people polled said the 03' Tax Cuts "Have Not Helped" them...

Why do some Indian dream catchers have completely

NOW on PBS is doing an assessment of the ownership society

Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal! (Enron screwed us earlier than we imagined)

"Presidebt Bush"

I just figured it out: "Liberal media bias" = media telling the truth

Snoop Dog On Larry King?????

The more things change...

Job growth under Jeb Bush has been the slowest of any

Let's be web missionaries for Democracy

Why don't we start wearing goggles/surgical masks to protests.

Gang of 22-Bush's Black Coalition of the Bribed

* drunk at "town hall meeting" on CSPAN

Responses and a link to "Sticks and Stones" story of Fox news in Canada

Bush still sees Iraq as the center of the war on terrorism.

the FLU spreads more, increasing across America (CDC web map - FLU report)

I've been having this conversation about SS

Constant Worry May Increase Alzheimer's Risk

A caller from Connecticut on "The Majority Report" just said they're

Mandatory Malloy: Friday Night Truthseeker Lovefest

The decline of the U.S. auto industry and its impact on the Dem Party.

Genocidal Weapons of the Iraq War Era-Oklahoma is No. 1

Has anyone heard of the ** rape charge?

Kerry using scare tactics!

CBC vid clip: Coulter informed that Canada did not send troops to Viet Nam

Shiite Ticket Now Has BIG LEAD in Iraq Vote. HAPPY, NEOCONS?

Anyone heard of an MBA school called INSEAD?

"Republicans, Democrats, Demububicans and Republicats"

Is anyone aware of the rise in gas prices again?

You Can Help Shape The Future Of The Independent News Media

Is the Iraq vote still a fraud if Allawi loses?

I am feeling better about Dean's chances as DNC chair.

Seattle - Anti-war group wants military recruiters off of college campus.

Here's a right-wing politician deserving of your praise.

Kevin Shelley to resign (CA Sec. of State)

DU this poll on airamerica -- it's been totally freeped!

Do Americans Take The Democrats for Granted?

Banned, oh well...

The European Union is mankinds's greatest political acheivement

Should Bill Clinton be selected to head the UN?

"I pity the dog that humps Dr Dobson's leg"

The instances of assault (including sexual) in Nursing Homes

Should Dems make a Social Security counter-proposal?

World's Biggest Bond Fund Manager: Bush plan is a scam.

Cult communities are spreading across Florida

PHOTO: New road sign warns of Republicans ahead! ---->

What should the Maximum Wage (Earnings/Wealth?) be?

The Ketchup Song

Do you ever fear American immigration?

Bush Seeks Cuts to Boost College Grants

Actor Ossie Davis, who championed racial justice, dies at 87


AP: Broward Democratic activist Trinchitella dies at 87

aljazeera: US casualties in Iraq attack

Gaddafi's gun-toting son runs wild

AARP Sues Over Retiree Health Care Change

Soldier gets six months for Abu Ghraib abuse

Carter asks for aid for flood victims in Guyana

Boiling Turkey awaits Rice in Ankara

Russians sue U.S. government for torturing them at Guantanamo camp

Bush, Roh seek early Korea talks

(Argentine) Wife Testifies in 'Dirty War' Trial (in Spain)

AP: Bush visit touting Social Security draws protests in Tampa

Kids march to thank Mandela

South Korean navy warns North Korea over sea border dispute

(WA) Election Challenge Hearing (Judge rules out revote!)

Greenhouse gases could breathe life into Mars

Dean Poised to be new Democratic Party Chief!

More than 300 hold very 'visible' protests (* Omaha Visit)

FBI Shuts Down Public E-Mail System After Possible Security Breach

Star Wars Faces a Budget Hit

Uzbekistan: Rights Group Threatened for Alleging Abuse

Gonzales Added to War Crime Complaint in Germany

UN warns Guantanamo could worsen 'war on terror'

Journalists paid to write for military Website

Author Now Suspects 'Deep Throat' Was -- Drumroll, Please -- George H.W. *

Rice says diplomacy can succeed in Iran

The New York Times killed a story that could have changed the election

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Heard the new Jimmy eat world album? If not check this one out...

"Fire good!"

Do Creationists believe in Plate Tectonics?

I'm just an excitable boy...

Separated at birth!

Which smells better?

Has anyone here ever taken a day off work to see a performer?

A 2003 Napa Valley Cabernet......

Does anybody know anything about temporary car insurance?

Can you blow me where the pampers is?

Rub my knob for five minutes!

I need a drink.

I'm Gay Right Now

You got to believe in yourself, because noone will believe in you.

HEyHEY... just wondering...

does the ATHF ever bust people for alcohol, or tobacco?

Whee half the sake is gone!!!!

Marc Maron vs Sam Seder - who will have his ass handed to him?

Snorting what??!!?? (Dialup alert)

Questions about Tiaping.

What Goes Through A Dog's Mind?

Meet the star of my new SNUFF FILM!

I've been to North Korea once... Beat that shit

Fla. Man Accidentally Shoots Self With AK-47 :)

How big is Wat_tyler's "Sheriff" collection

Something for George!

Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

Questions about cow tipping

Mmmmmm sukiyaki....

Did you know that my bar is open?

I can't drink anymore

Ok, so I am watching this 2001 Space Odyssey and

cake, pie, or other

Help! Going to a Thai restaurant &I don't know anything about

Anyone know how to reprogram a HAL 9000?

What was THE WORST 80s music?

Add to story - using only song titles - in the subject line only

so... where will you be to witness


I don't give a damn about the Super Bowl. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Who is listening to Air America right now?

Just saw a preview of the "" Super Bowl ad.

I'm watching Sphere...can someone tell me WHAT THE F***

How weird is it to have a three year old nephew who dances...

Damnit this is what doing good in school does to you

Police: Student in hazing dies drinking too much water

I wanna introduce a friend of mine - she's gonna post as me

Are there too many overly dramatic posts in GD and GD: P

Ever wonder what happened to people like this?

Ever see a star-nosed mole?

And Gene...this time, really explore the studio space. I mean REALLY...

Hey - Scorpio - when is the bar opening???? some of us are thirsty here!

My love for you is like a truck Berzerker!

Damnit I want booze or something too

does the ATF ever bust people for alcohol, or tobacco?

From 2001 Space Odyssey to The Monkees

Joan was quizzical


Breaking: Medea is Deep Throat

I might be moving to Montana soon!

How was Superman able to get his hair cut?

This is my 241st post

Does anyone know who Charlie Duke is?

Who was the only Congressman who had an aide found dead in their office?

Heh heh - finally listening to a Margaret Cho thing I downloaded ages ago

Why don't sick people stay home?

Does anyone here like the new Battle Star Galapagos?

Mmmm Sno-Caps and beer...

The fundies try their hand at math....

Did I mention

Do you like the simpsons???

Am I imagining it, or did DU tombstone a LOT of freepers today?

Damn it! Cabaret is on and now I've missed most all of it!

Anybody remember what DU was like before the Lounge?

The Stones sang, "hey, think the time is right for _______ revolution" - ?

are you under the influence of drugs or alcahol RIGHT NOW?

I have disc 1 from season 1 of "24" and I am getting whiplash from

Who is the suckiest superhero?

DU Lounge Thesaurus... game

And now, *my* question for gay/lesbian DUers.

Renovations on the lounge have concluded earlier than anticipated...

Have you all had that new Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper?

Cecilia .... you're breakin my heart!

What do dreams mean?

Tabitha Caitlyn

Do you let your dog sleep in your bed?

My drivers license renewal form just came today...

That's it. The DU Lounge is now on double secret probation.

Windows 95 question...

What song did they play at the end of WKRP in Cincinatti? DID you feel about watching a 59 year old Fonzie last night

I tripped and fell over Orville Wright's headstone

OK, recreation more.

Oasis comes from the Greek word Oasus, which means

I don't like the drugs(But the drugs like me) by Marilyn Manson backwards

Do you let your hog sleep in your bed?

Waring, warning.

And on the 7th day, God created Oasis...and it was

Weezer and a little wine

I'm going to go mix another 30 oz right back.

Ive never listened to Oasis

Hen's love Roosters. Geese love Ganders...

I noticed posts in the archives about picking a name for The DU Lounge.

The first exposure to how bad a gay can have it.

OK, the pun's over

Is anyone watching Letterman? He just did a bit about Kerry interviewing

Do you ever start threads in GD to bait people?

Music as Therapy: What's Yours?

OK - I've been holding my tongue - but Susan Lucci is HOT HOT HOT!

Will we see Petronella tonight?

The Official BJ Thomas Appreciation Thread


Life is a Cabernet...

Mmmmmm...Cheesy tater tots

this is my 50th post!!!

Who's that ho for Levitra? Shes on TV more than Leno or o'Reilly

Old hippies never die...

I'm tired and I want to go home

Internet Explorer error at Cal Expo

please define the following words

Old Neocons never die....

Hi. My name is Dig Dug.

Hi. My name is DOUG.

Life is a Cabaret!

Fuck em all. Fuck corpoRATS, fuck the tech industry, fuck support

Greeting cards and great presidents

what does n/t mean?

Cankers. Friend or foe?

Hansen's sodas are waaay too sweet.

New Busch beer = Frothingslosh?

A scary thought

I actually like V8

Moto Razr V3

What did the Dead Head say when he ran out of dope?

Holy Crap! I just hit 7000.

My poor cats

If you play Wonderwall by Oasis in reverse, guess what?

Where do you post most often on DU?

Back to a Blue State!

Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™

I am totally sober - ask me anything. g'head - I double dog dare you!

I missed the Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Tsunami concert

Do you know how Dr. Pepper got its name?

If you're not familiar with the work of Steven Wright....

Does anyone here like the new Battle Star Galactica?

BSG Fans check in here.... (Yee Haw! Some good SF again!)

Battle of the songs: "Free as a Bird" versus "Teenage Wind"

Now THIS is a Super Bowl

Chicago Radio Question- AM 1530...

Woo hoo! Got my new computer speakers hooked up!!

What was your Favorite "Animal House" Character.

Cats and fish aquariums - Do they mix?

So the "accepted" framing of the Ward Churchill storyn is that he said

Question for gay/lesbian DUers

What thing on TV makes you want to pull your hair out the most??

DU Lounge, born July 21, 2001.

We should have a coloring Contest! Just for fun!

Anyone else think it's time for a new pic of them in the gallery?

If you play "Free As A Bird" by The Beatles backwards, look what you hear.

What color are your eyes?

My bottom eyelid won't stop twitching.

Al Franken on Letterman tonight!

Rumour and Innuendo thread - time to make stuff up

Pale Male and his "wife" Lola

What's the best cure for dry lip?


okay, somebody identify this wierd thing I saw in the sky tonight

Soulforce to confront James Dobson and Focus on the Family on May 1

Any F1 fans here?

Robert P. Blaschke, Astrologer - New Newsletter

Wait I know this picture looked familar:

Kerry will be on Imus on Monday morning (it was promoed during Hardball).

1,000 posts! Yeah!

Here's an interesting Kerry post to check out.

Natalie Portman, incredibly beautiful and a Kerry supporter

Dem'War Plans - A fight for values and convictions....aiye!

Unknown WH official at backgrounder was Dan "Weasel Face" Bartlett.

Wasn't SSI established...

Will the Gonzales vote be the defining Senate vote of our time?

Suggestions FOR the next DNC Chair

remembering Mossadegh, the last time we overthrew a ME government.

O'Reilly and Fox ask "How Has Bush Changed After 4 Years in Office?"

Still more CNN "reporting" (this is getting ridiculous!)

Check out the latest Iraq was for freedom propaganda.

The Torture Party ....Red, white and blue barbarism.

Can someone please explain the GHWBush-Watergate-Deep Throat-

A Culture of Secrecy

Elections’ Aftermath

*:'When you die, why shouldn't your heirs get your Social Security

The big news comes again on Friday, a Shiite lead in the election.

A horrible story of racism,

Well WE made the "list" - how long until YOUR group does?

"President of what?" -- Snake Plissken.

New Dem meme: "W" is for Walker. "He walks away from problems."

Fiore's last:

Since Bush is not even in control of his administration and

Shelly resigned! Action plan: Urgent! DU this...

Who was the Iraqi Woman in the balcony?

Letter to the North (Sand Diego) County Times: Strange coincidence?

Bush Healthcare Tax Credits Not Helpful To Low Income Families

Alan Keyes Casting Out his Daughter

How bad is it going to get?

E-Mail from John Edwards

Something I wonder

monsanto seed licensing in Iraq is sharecropping.

On social security

Bush's liberty song echoes Vietnam tune


Senate approves of torture as it confirms Gonzales


Save voting in California: Important action alert

Anyone see Condi's cousin, Connie Rice on NOW tonight?

Did I Hear On Countdown That GHWB Is DEEP THROAT

Clinton responce to 1993 WTC Attack?


Iraq: Museums Closed and Looting Rampant

Ethics switch gives GOP black eye

Christian Aid Criticises Unjust Economy in Post-War Iraq

Crowd-pleaser (Fargo, ND)

William Raspberry

Disease or bio-terror?

Bush Appointees Need To Follow The Law (Helen Thomas)

IMPACT press - "Enlightening Readers Since 1996" - my letter accepted

First in a series: Battered justice

Editorial--International Conference on Terrorism and Saudi shame

Duh Roundup

The 60% Solution

Documents reveal CIA recruited 5 of Eichmann's associates

Iraq election sets stage for escalating political turmoil

Iraqis broke their democratic fast; indigestion follows

Where's Waldo? or Osama Bin Liden?

Hobbled or not, Tom Delay must be censured or impeached....

Floyd - Criminal intent:...(Chertoff)


The Suckering of Howard Dean

Why is sugar industry bitter over Splenda?

Prof Harpoons Maroon -Wolcott on Juan Cole's Goldberg smackdown

Jude Wanniski (al Jazeera): An Iraqi nationalist party is needed

The Voice of the White House

Oklahoma No 1 in War Crime Weapons -- Fallujah Leveled by Uranium Weapons

There Is No Tomorrow by Bill Moyers

Nicholas Kristoff - FUCKWAD

I just returned junk mail back to Dr. Dobson!

Fox's Kondracke tries to tell truth -but Brit Hume forces Lie on Soc Sec

CNN's Hays lies on Blitzer - claims current SS doesn't have heir Benefits

CNN's Malveaux lies on Soc Sec - tries to connect Priv Acct's w/ solvency

Fox's Hume & Bennett LIE -saying FDR wanted Soc Sec to be Priv Accts

Anyone else catch the OTHER Ms. Rice on NOW last night? And watched...

Fox's Hume lets Bill Kristol tell truth -Priv Accts irrelevant to the solv

Will the media ever remember the Clinton 401k type ADD ON Savings Accounts

Fox's Brit Hume lies (out of context quote) to discredit Sen Reid on Soc S

Jobs Data Expose Wall St.-Main St. Gap

Question: Demolition/School/Procedures

Let us raise a glass to Ernst Mayr

Creditors angered but undeterred by Argentina bill

In the Himalayan foothills, the King of Nepal's writ runs out ...

Riyadh calls for international counter-terror center

Bolivian president shuffles cabinet

AU: Pay up for slavery


I want to thank the Admins for the recent upgrades to DU

I'm told i can't sell my avatar/sig as sponsored space, why not?

Avatar question

I got an error report.

Suggestion for a new forum

Why is this racist post allowed to remain?

Hello. I'm sorry if you've already dealt with this question.

Israeli sent home after Kiwi spy case

Sharon slams Palestinians for lack of action on "terror"

BBC Breaking (Saturday): Palestinians hold attack suspects

St. Antonio connection

Holes in the Radar

Pantagraph: Presidential Seal (WARNING: REAGAN STAMP)

Chicago Tribune: Cost of ward projects going up


Black History Month events recall contributions to Macon County's story

Attorney general back in Cochonour case; ex-judge seeking immunity


State board rejects Carle surgicenter

Henry Hyde is going...going...

Ward Churchill an SSU grad...

Governor's economic plan for East Central Illinois to be unveiled

An e-mail from Sen. Durbin

Reports of Election Fraud in Iraq. Did anyone else hear about

A new attack angle to get the Republicans

New letter from Barney Frank tonight

Licking Co., Ohio: Harmon Claims Criminal Acts in Vote

New Mexico Committee reviews four bills on voter identification

Iraq election. How's the counting going?

Diebold Printer fails to satisfy e-vote activists

OK everyone...I did a few bean spills a short time ago.

Mansfield News: Alleged Voting Problems Wouldn't Change Ohio Outcome


Contact progressive media, get them on Arnold picking Sec of state story

2008 Election Issue!!!

A message from the Blue States ; re: divorce settlement

NAACP Finds More Votes Than Voters In GOP Suburbs!

POTENTIAL REPLACEMENTS Shelley's job a political plum

Roses for Boxer

that is absolute insanity! uh, yeah about election fraud.....

GRAPHIC: Why shelley was forced to resign (the rest is frosting)

Saturday 2/5 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

The Computer Generated Self-Coup of 2004

What is bush afraid of ?

BulgeGate is back


Three people who died for Kenneth Blackwell's right to vote

(LA Dem) Elections official rips into Shelley

Californians: Does Boxer know about Shelley? Could she help?

Feinstein Gathering Co-Sponsors for Bill to Abolish Electoral College

The EAST was the BEAST: Time Zone Exit Poll Discrepancy Analysis

Follow the money, find the truth: More voting machine company connections

Freedom and the Contracts Our Govt Signed for Secret Vote Counting

Contact progressive media, get them on Arnold picking Sec of state story

GRAPHIC: Why shelley was forced to resign (the rest is frosting)

Activist Groups on the Central Coast of California

The California Governor's Race 2006

please help with a simple problem

Special Election Tuesday 2/8 - Pennsylvania District 189

Chester County, PA: Can it be turned blue?

The Agency that Bob Perry Built (must read)

Houston DU'ers - Safe Tow Question

Dallas LWV: Understanding the Texas Budget, Feb. 24

Thompson keeps door open for governor bid

Comparing SS to personal invest accounts is Apples to Oranges!

Ed Schultz on Dennis Miller now...

Let's become part of Canada!

What the ........................?

WOW! The GAY Memorial....a tribute

Is this dude the ultimate pro-war freeper

Alex Jones Interviews Jude Wanniski -(mostly talk about the neocons)

When is the official election for DNC chair?

DU this poll: Should Ward Churchill resign from CU?

* 'unfamiliar' with Voting Rights Act

CBS News did story on Limbaugh/McNabb tonight

What do Social Security Reform, Gay Marriage and Abortion have in common?

The Ukrainian Evita!

This nation is bluer than you think.....

Please don't send your idiots over here -


Lineup for Saturday morning streaming of "This Is Hell"

French Gallery 3

Do any of you ever get mistaken for a Republican?

Sistani -- NOT a Fundamentalist.

Iraqi Election Results May Shock the Bushies

SSQ...when will it become insolvent in Bush's* program?

"Business Roundtable" Popup adds who are these guys?

Liberal Hawks Ally w/PNAC-Neocons & Liberals Together Again

I've been thinking about the labels they slap on democrats.

Bush Shows Wrong Priorities on Health Care

Question with Jesse Jackson

A Round of Applause for Constance Rice and Maya Keyes!!!!!

Bush/Cheney during the election: Kerry cut weapon programs, blah blah. . .

Oklahoma No.1 in War Crimes Weapons-Fallujah Leveled by Uranium Weapons

Norwegian band shocks Poland, Satanic symbols & sheep's heads

Found: The antidote to Condi Rice Syndrome

Viva Hugo Chavez!

Bush "didn't know anything about" renewal of 1965 Voting Rights Act

Woman on pill pregnant with quads

Our tax money goes to change governments - list here.

British attempts to free Hess from Spandau thwarted by Russians

Neocons will take the "Security" out of Social Security . . .

Bush supporter arrested for video download (rape of 5 year old girl)

SSI: countering the 'leave it to heirs' argument

More on the Dollar Crisis.

Keep on fighting, caring, Kerry tells campaign workers

Let no good deed go unpunished

Bartcop letter from the mother of a dead GI whose appearance on CNN's ...

Well, well, well

We need to bring the battle to the repub. senators and media.

A Perfect counter to the Spooky "W the president" bumberstickers...

Dive Bomber!!! Who Are You?????

Gang of 22-Bush's Black Coalition of the Bribed

A rant about the Michael Jackson Trial

Groundhog day / SotU Juxtaposition

Did anyone else get this RW e-mail, "Thank you, Presdient B**h".....

A Little RW Love for Pres Carter?

Finally...It's that time again.

Shrub Trivia

Is "hating liberals" actually a form of discrimination?

health care in Iraq

Wichita hotel asks abortion clinic to stop using it

Celebrating 2/12 with a brand new flag for Howard Dean!

Shit. California may have just turned permanently RED.

before election traitorous NYTs cut out smirk bulge article

Bush to Take on "Twin Evils"

It's time to start mercilessly pounding on right-wing radio.

bet smirk is jealous of the new faux king of Nepal's crown

Does Everybody Hate Chris Matthews?

J.C. wannabee's traveling kool aid show

On the Realities of Energy Shortage, Problems and Solutions....

Coultergiest exposed

Pundit on CNN stating that whatever the outcome in Iraq,

Interesting maps right here....

Greatest Threat to US Citizens? Current State of S.S. or Global Warming?

Locking up "a little old lady from Switzerland"

Rice talks language of diplomacy about Iran: Alarming echoes of Iraq

Mort Sahl is hilarious

The highlight of the State of the Union...

Meme: Why do republicans and conservatives hate working Americans!

A gruesome ending

Any ideas how to promote a website?

Anyone Planning to Attend the National Conference on Media Reform in May?

FREE houseparty kit for fans of "The L Word"

US and Pakistan hold F-16 talks (BBC)

"The Democrats DO have a plan for Social Security:"

Whats the latest on Cheney and the secret energy task force meetings?

Idaho big brave hero poacher/murderer to be set free

Bush committed securities fraud

Woman on pill pregnant with quads

AFA Chairman talks about Spongebob on video

French tabloid takes aim at the U.S. (anti-bush newspaper)

Whyizzit ...

Martial Law Declared in Nepal -- Could this happen here???

"GOP proposed bill that would suspend all laws"

Bush planning drastic cuts in Medicaid starting in 2006

My head is exploding re: Iraq war

shill Woodruff wants CNN to hire Rove

Have People in the Blue States Noticed?

What do you see as the future of the United States?

Gun show fashion advice needed!

Caption the fashion disaster

ANOTHER laura bush* fashion failure (PHOTOS) embarrassing

What's Chimpy doing in this photo?

I was at the Vietnam Memorial today

Martial Law Declared in Nepal

Mystery bulge in B**h's jacket revealed by computer enhancement (photo)

Pundits called Dems' reaction during Bush address "unprecedented,"


Just saw "JFK" for the first time, and here's what I think

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked

Occupation Watch Bulletin, February 5, 2005

What's happening with Randi?

Banana Republicans

Dear Messrs. Okrent and Bovino: (

Officials air interrogations of insurgents

Goodbye to Roosevelt’s SS, Hello to Hitler’s SS

Baptists seize upon Super Bowl to "save sinners!"

George W. Bullshit

Great bushism of the day!!! Gotta read this -

Little able-bodied creeps piss me off

10-yr-old girl's murder related to methamphetamines - (Crothersville, IN)

eharmony founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a Bush donor

Does anyone have an update on GrannyD?

Fargo blacklist may trace to WH advance team....heh heh

The Federal Marriage Amendment is idolatrous, which is sinful.

Christian School Principal Molests Children.

Winners of the "Summarize the SOTU" Competition!!

Return of the Jedi: The Stop Propaganda Act

How do you handle someone in your own family who supports nazis?

Is Bono Right Wing?

Bad vibes as tug-of-love hits Marley anniversay

Concerning hate crimes laws

Is it possible to set up a totally secure communications method

Art speaks again in Baghdad

PHOTOS: Wm. J. Clinton Foundation will fund Bahamas HIV/AIDS program

Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's Nazi associates

There Is No Tomorrow by Bill Moyers

Where does one get the best rate, safest harbor, for Euros?

If it walks like a Nazi, & talks like a Nazi,'s a frikkin' Nazi

The Republicans win because they know how our society really works.

Where can I find: What are the 10 poorest counties in the US?

mail-in rebate CRAP

Enron Chronology

Who here used to like Tony Blair?

Democrats Will "Compromise" With Bush On Social Security Cuts

Is Larry Summers entitled to his opinion?

Ralph Reed files to run for Ga. lt. gov.

I am really glad that we saw "million dollar baby" last week

Chamber of Commerce is finally outed.

"Four sorrows ... are certain to be visited on the United States..."

Southern Biscuit and Gravy

i love toast-- need more ideas for grilled cheese and

International grocery stores in the US

Tomatoes that taste like tomatoes .... in a grocery store????

New "Most Annoying" TeeVee Chef candidate (slightly vicious post)

UN rights chief, ILO concerned at Nepal arrests

US puts Bin Laden bounty ad in Urdu daily

Al Jzaeera is for sale

Hundreds Protest Tsunami Aid Distribution

Bush would boost Pentagon, cut farm payments, nuclear waste storage

US Islamic group calls for disciplinary action against general for remarks

"Iraqi Kurds Voting Plot Revealed"

Terrorism Accelerates in Kuwait

'Possessed' singer Houston gouges out eye

F.B.I. shuts down e-mail system/possible security breach

Bush tells CBC he's 'unfamiliar' with Voting Rights Act

World's largest bond fund manager) Gross criticizes (Bush) Soc Sec plan

Pentagon aims to reduce stigma for troops seeking mental health care

Colorado Teens Fined for Giving Cookies to Neighbor (WTF?)

U.S. police hold couple accused of child torture

Associate of dead Georgian PM commits suicide

Terror experts to meet in bin Laden's birthplace

Nine dead in Japan, apparent group suicide

IMPACT press - "Enlightening Readers Since 1996" - my letter accepted

UN Oil-for-Food inquiry questions aunt's $160,000

Iraqi oil pipeline sabotaged (2nd in 3 days)

Tapes reveal Enron's secret role in California's power blackouts

Iraq Shi'ite Bloc Says to Demand Prime Ministership

Roadside bomb kills four GIs and four Iraqi troops

Judge keeps suit alive, won't call new election (WA)

MI5 chief at Saudi terror summit

British attempts to free Hess from Spandau thwarted by Russians

A quiet revolution in business lobbying

Riggs, PNC Continue Negotiations

Immigration bill could settle fight over Cal-Mexico border fence

Terror Meeting a Showcase for Saudi Efforts

Militants Kill 7 Abducted Iraqi National Guards - Web (from Fri. ambush)

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State: U.S. 'Can Adjust' to No Venezuelan Oil

Dealing with deployment

MI 12th District Dems Endorse Dean

Hillier calls for more spending on military (Canada)

Wichita hotel asks abortion clinic to stop using it

Report says U.S. abetted Iraqi oil smuggling

Woman on pill pregnant with quads

Child torture' couple arrested

Iraqis broke their democratic fast; indigestion follows

Allawi trailing Shiite ticket in Iraq

Pundits called Dems' reaction during Bush address "unprecedented,"

Students back principal held in brawl

"Turkey Warned Not to Intervene in Iraq"

Dean confident he has lock on DNC chair

US and Pakistan hold F-16 talks (BBC)


Early returns show cleric-backed coalition ahead

Former UN Secretary-General Linked to Oil-for-Food Scandal

Martial Law Declared in Nepal

Navy, DPS, GPD net 12 in drug sweep (NCIS in civilian drug sweep)

Music Industry Sues 83-Year-Old Dead Woman

US Seeks Latin American Initiative on Venezuela

Tribal militants blow up Pakistan rail line to Iran

'Anti-American' satirical newspaper bespeaks testy times btwn U.S., France

"U.S. questions Assad's control in Syria"

Media Mangles Iraq Vote...

Rice praises Poland's Iraq role

Wal-Mart is sued over theft charge

Abducted Journalist Calls Colleague

Rice warns Russia on democracy

11,310 Ballots Cast Out (NC Supreme Court Decision)

US Torpedoes G7 Agreement on Poor Aid

UC Considers Using Barcodes for Cadavers

Charge dropped against Abu Ghraib soldier (Sabrina Harman)

Rice set for tough talks on Iraq in Turkey (Protestors!)

3 million stolen nickels unearthed in back yard

Utah in nuclear waste cross hairs

Senators Examining Quality of CIA Intelligence on Iran -LAT

County Farm Bureau says no to a Chavez school

Guantanamo 'leaves mental scars'

In Heartland, a Social Security Battlefield

Superintendent apologizes for pulling book (students staged protest!)

3 Guantanamo Detainees Ordered Released

China says it has plans to unhook currency from U.S. dollar -but no timeta

Brain-dead inmate guarded

Non-air transit is vulnerable due to funding, experts assert

Tobacco Giants Hail Court Ruling

Alabama woman charged with killing her three children

Destroyed embryo deemed human

A Child Learns a Harsh Lesson in Politics (more on Buster)

Sunni clerics want troops withdrawal timetable for drafting constitution

Danes rally against Iraq war

Bush Budget Would Cut Law Enforcement Aid

North Korea protests depiction of Kim Jong Il in U.S. film 'Team America'

Cashing in on Cons

Donnie Fowler's out; endorses Dean for DNC

Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's associates: Haaretz

Russia ends de facto dollar peg and moves to align rouble with euro

NYT: Bush Is Said to Seek Deep Cuts in Farm and Commodity Programs

Canada Geese Falling Out of the Sky in Oregon

Poland in uproar over leak of spy files

Oh cool a Time Machine!

Frankin is on Letterman

Hi. My name is Drug.

Rule Number 6: There is no Rule Number 6.

Rule Number 8: this rule is false

Where the fuck are these people??

movie quiz ...."You have a deputy named . . . Barney?"

muse fans - good (large) pic


Favorite movie in which the heroine ends up having a set

My dad just put on the Hitchcock movie Notorious...

I am farking drunk! ask me anything!


Has anyone seen my underpants?

piers plowman - ring a bell?

Found a picture of myself at Bartcop - almost forgot it existed !


RIP Dean Wormer: Actor John Vernon died today

I'm DJ Scrub. Any disco requests tonight? Right now, I'm spinning


Geez...I feel old.

It's my 901st post! Ask me anything.

I like you.

I have another idiot newby question.

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

Her name was Lola; she was a shogun.

Anybody remember this??

OK, the cough syrup is kicking in, time for bed

Have you ever had what you thought was a kick ass post

The Big Butt was fabulous...moving on to Creamy Dark

just saw "Ray" wow! what an incredible movie!

This needs to be said. Read 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell

Okay, I'm into boleros now

What's the longest song you ever played on a jukebox

I've had the wackiest political conversation ever

My daughter told me the sweetest thing tonite

Listening to Van Halen: "Fair Warning". Damn good.

My 399th Post - Ask Me Anything!

I met her in a park down in o SoHo where they drink champagne

Help me get addicted to DU again

I am going to hang out in GD, just try and talk me out of it!

Am I crazy?

Ever been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival?

"The Doors" movie just started on Bravo! You gotta love your man.

Wait, am I in the Pets Forum? Not a bad place to be though.

I am back from GD, GD-P and LBN, so far I am still alive

I just want to thank the Admins for upgrading DU

Favorite Character from TV show Fame

Going along with the pantyhose thread...

'Possessed' singer Houston gouges out eye

REALLY Dr. Rice, it's a bit much for your first Europe trip

I was in another lifetime, One of toil and blood

Forecast is for 50 F Milwaukee

Grrr... Firefox is acting up....

is there any way to remove a block of earwax without a Doctor's visit?

Describe the freeper attitude in full context.

I realllly wish I was still in bed.



Am I wrong in being absolutely terrified of this?

Happy Birthday-Wm.Burroughs, "Hammerin'" Hank Aaron and Roger Staubach!!!

HBO Family Strikes a blow for Divine Decadence

How do you like your mistress? (POLL)

White House seeks new head chef

Australian MP gets dressing down over nude beaches

DU group proposal: Idiot Newbie Group!

so tell me...........

It's Vicodin cough syrup time!

Hey, where do you all get the smiley faces, I love the puking one?

2001... did you know

Don't Fear the Reaper.

Some times judges DO 'get it'!

Tickets for Interpol go on sale in 15 min!

Share this story with EVERYONE

Neocons will take the "Security" out of Social Security . . .

So I asked someone last night if they would pay money to see

Listening to Van Halen's Diver Down. Cover tunes.

Pretty Woman, walking Down the Street.

Foreign film recommendation: The Lizard

Dumb question...

It's Saturday Battle of the Bands: David Bowie vs. James Brown

Kal Penn

These pretzels are makin me thirsty.

Best musician ever?

what do you think of Carlos Mencia?

Anyone know if they make a Martha Washington doll?

Boy says "Shit" on NPR's 'What do ya know?'

Rate your HOTNESS!!

anoter ugly car thread

The Cuddly Menace, or lay eggs in secluded field away from predators

Fixing the Bond franchise

Sapporo Snow Festival....... is this amazing or what!?

Is your screen dirty???? (cat related)

What's new, Pussycat? Whoa-oh-oh!

Computer question for the "DU computer geeks"-will it help?

Won’t dish the dirt, with the rest of those broads

I'm thinking of restoring my truck

1st new Judas Priest CD w/ Rob Halford in 15 years coming March 1

The greatest guitarist to play with Ozzy Osbourne


Is Refresh/Reload the most used button on your browser?

Question for Pet People

Anybody else see the Pixies on PBS last night?

best Back to the Future movie

they say the recipe for sprite is lemon and lime

I got a new Avatar.

"Shaun of the Dead" is required viewing for the Lounge.

If I said "Give me some sugar.", what would you do?

What to see in Oregon, and Utah for a Canadian.

Ladies, have you ever fallen for a man who is a total nerd?!

Question...If i do get the call from my boss this weekend...

Does anyone play POGO games online?

What's your favorite brand of microwave popcorn?

In honor of Skygazer, Battle of the DISASTER MOVIES!


I think I shall go mad for a while.

pillow problems..... what to buy?

how do you het a star next to your name?

My dog won't stop eating poop!

"That ditch out in the valley that they're digging just for me"

When someone tells you they are divorced...

What do you think? Am I finally losing my mind, or is it real?

Is there another site like Working on Graphics...

Google ads vulnerable to simple coding trick

Osama or Usama?

I just did a spyware system scan...

How to start your day with a positive attitude re bush*

The Perfect Song: I nominate "So Very Hard To Go"

You know what I think?

Scottsdale firm's edgy Super Bowl ad stands out

Monkeys pay to see female monkey bottoms

Guys, have you ever had older women express interest in you?

Male genes

Another get to know you thread, what do you have listed under My Forums

It is such a beautiful day....

South Park fans...What's your favorite quote?

Why isn't freeper or freepers in the spell check???

I asked this in AA but I need avatar help

who do you want to win the super bowl?????

Ugh Paris Hilton is hosting SNL tonight...

Music Industry Sues 83-Year-Old Dead Woman

it's Saturday night - have some animation fun

well, our Oil Tank shit the bed today

After two Saturday nights away, I'm going back on the air tonight.

What movie should I go to?

I just dicovered the "My Posts" button up on top

My Mardi Gras "costume".

Processed Food Machines - How The HELL Do They Dream Up These?

If an ice cream could be named after you (or your DU name).......

Music Industry Sues 83-Year-Old Dead Woman

This is NOT a sax thread

How do you like your mattress (POLL)


Other body parts you'd dip in purple ink to send a message to Bush

All Good Things (The end of Star Trek)


Do you believe there's a tooth fairy?

Bush's Tragedy

The butcher at the deli told me that he was fresh out of smoked turkey

screenful of popups

Listening to Ozzy Osbourne's "No More Tears". Ask me anything.

'scrubbing' a hard drive

What's the reason I can't get a date?

In less than 36 hours someone will be honor bound to wear a bunny suit

My Internet Explorer is now unusable.

I love the movie "Sexy Beast" and 'wish I could have Gal and Dee for my


Have you seen The Village? If you have, then you know what's wrong


MadTV or SNL

Have you ever invented anything?


The Bronze Rat

I'm irked at a DUer

A question for any DU farmers out there...

Oh Firefox, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Your Favorite Comic Strips, please;

I just read the average person laughs about 15 times a day.

Audio/Video Codecs?

Questions about Tipper

More like "House of Flying Poop"

Techies: How in the hell does spyware and worse

Does anyone else here like country music?

Ladies!!! The new "fashion trend" for Fall, 2005

OMG I might be moving to EUGENE, OREGON!!!!!!

Great. My cat thinks huge-ass spider = new toy.

Have you ever had this happen...

Who was the best SNL host and why? (No poll)


how long does it take you to get ready to go out?


Best Ozzy album.

Dear Abby...

When one type of crap just isn't enough


Oops! Dupe. Mods please delete

Attn Electro Freaks!

this is my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I'm a Democrat, and a NASCAR fan. Am I a freak of nature?

Hi Everybody.

Time for PICS of Furry Creatures

I love the movie Goodfellas, who's with me?

Non-Earth-Shattering question thread

OK, whats the best mattress?

How does it work, that I always end up hijacking my own threads?

So what are the "new classic" movies?

The VERY coolest "Awwwww" story and pics EVER

French Gallery 3

Ignore this post, really

Colorado judge fines girls for leaving cookies for neighbor

Thinking of visiting us in the UK?

NBC's 'West Wing' Election Is Up for Grabs

My sisters and I, non-stellar credit and zero capital, want to buy a house

Boudelang: "Privateering Social Security Is the Centipede of Bush Plans"

Dingbat PSA: "New" PayPal email scam

You know what? I have to give Paul McCartney credit.

Sherry Enema made the world safe for people like me…

Hi. I'm shy. Does anybody want to come over and talk to me?

The fist ever DU Coloring Contest! UPDATED!

Important Super Bowl Poll: Who Is the Cutest?

"I have a lot of regrets, but nothing more than....

"Mother of Pearl" skies treat Norway

What will they find to be outraged about in this year's Super Bowl?

Where did you meet your DH/DW or SO?

I hit a deer !

Don't hear the freeper

Hamlet's Cat's Soliloquy..........

PhotoShoppers PM me. I have a fun project in the works...

Where do you stand on the BOW TIE?

10 questions

Sharpton Joins Call for Boycott of KFC

Ward Churchill's writings tied to concept that goes back to Bible

Mermaid girl faces series of operations to separate fused legs

FREE House Party kit for fans of "The L Word"

What the hell is wrong with Virginia?

You are responsible for the prejudice directed toward me.

Damn, George Bush young makes Howard Dean look troll-like

Is it "GLBT" or "LGBT"?

Dentist Sues Phillies Over Beaning

Cycling: Armstrong eyes world hour record

L.C. Greenwood belongs in the Hall of Fame. I am PISSED.

Marino & Young get into NFL Hall of Fame - Carson & Irving don't

Who's going to be in the World Series this year?

Remembering Mugsy..........

Oberon's younger brother is looking for a new home

Feb Communique

The atheist as satirist

Veteran may stay in home

Who is this Ward Churchill guy and what did he say

Whos up eh?

Bush is "unfamiliar" with the Voting Rights Act according to the CBC

Hey, what avatar should I use? (This is very important)

Another avatar question

Wow, I love you guys

The Whometense Kerry Report

Awesome photo gallery

Photoshop Question

Debunking the "Private Donations Paid for the Inauguration" Myth

I'm watching Moore's 'The Big One' and guess who appeared in it?

* in Tampa, all I can say is WTF?

Social Security Reform: HOW much is it gonna cost??

How could parents paint a "W" on a child's forehead?

Two things Bush and Repubs do well : Politics & Propaganda

I predict...

If this is a dub I apologize, haven't seen it today....Email from Kerry

One more segment with Jon Bon Jovi on CNBC now...he is

Watergate Papers On Display

The Purple Finger Of Solidarity...

Kim Jong W- The Propaganda President from Slate magazine

PhotoShoppers PM me. I have a fun project in the works...

It's time to form a new DU group "Virtual Activism"

The Six Democrats Who Voted For Gonzales Are:

Marvin Pierce what did he die of? July 17, 1969 Barabra Bush*s father.....

SS Private Accts must do 3% better than INFLATION not just 3%

We need Dr. Dean to help us find a voice on SS

Protest Stays At A Distance---Tampa Florida

Dan Blabber last night

Pete Stark (Rep CA) goes high tech on SOTU response; cool idea for others!

playing Hail the Chief on c-span (Bush just had a replay of his

SS and young people

Yippee, 119,000 jobs added. What percentage of the work force is this

Ben & Jerry's True Majority - free ice cream when you join their

Deborah Norville and Warren Churchhill last evening

Probably a repeat but things go so fast here

CBS Market Watch

Young people have little faith that SSI...

When Chimp says "Increase Pell grants," he means "Cut loans."

Family Values GOP Style.

Was it the Patriot Act that allowed ND & MN people to be banned

Krugman's Views on Globalization

Interesting neocon site - answer to

Dems should demand a rollback of tax breaks to the wealthiest

Add Your Voice to The Principles Project - 'tell America what we believe"

How was Bill Clinton's SS reform (1999?) different than

Republicans need the democrats to help them get re-elected in 2006.

Alberto "El Verdugo" Gonzales

Governor Bredesen Starts up Pre-K programs

American Company Hides Apology For Bush On Its Frenchbound Clothing Tags!

Newsweek poll shows Bush didn't convince public on Soc. Sec.

Kerry Volunteers at Westin

Democrates are rather "brain-dead" says Fox newscaster just now.

Will "online Dems" take control or drop the ball? You decide.

Finding a new base

Pentagon created 500 sites to look like real news sites..Propaganda.....

On "serving our country" -- thoughts on General Clark's remarks

Did CBS news just discredit SS privatization?

stifling dissent, one coworker at a time: my scary story...

The Simplest Way To Prove Social Security Privatization To Be A Disaster.

Anyone listening to Spitzer on C-Span now?

NAME THAT BILL ! Put a name on the BushCo. Soc. Security Bill!

"The Voice of the White House" column from

"History will prove that Nixon was a surperior man as is Pres. Bush"

Perle on Hardball last night

John Edwards is on the move again....thank goodness, here's his letter:

Has Jerry Falwell Given The OK For Paul McCartney To Play?

Who will be screwed the most by the Idiot's SS plan?

I Can Defend Ward Churchill's Speech But Not It's Content

Mario Cuomo Said

What would you like Dean to do as DNC Chair

The Media, John Kerry, and 2008

Democrats like Nelson, Landrieu, and Lieberman more afraid of Repubs

Social Security Taxes = Subsidy to the Rich

Howard Dean/Barbara Boxer 2008?

Something to keep in mind as Dean becomes DNC chair

GOP introduces bill to suspend ALL laws

We have to do something or we are done for a long time.

DU this Bad Boy! Rate Bush's State of the Union Address Here!

4yrs ago this week, Bush is handed the Hart-Rudman Report on Global Terror

Met Howard Dean! DNC could make their own newspaper! Article ideas??

Teresa Heinz Kerry went back to Teresa Heinz?

2008 Presidential Hopefuls Test Water

Mooney Times...."How Dean May Transform Dems" An Upbeat Read!

Picking Up Where the Rainbow Left Off