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Archives: February 3, 2005

South Vietnam: Voter Turnout was even Higher than in Iraq

The American media and the Iraq election

Another "Mission Accomplished" moment?

Senator Byrd on the Alberto Gonzales nomination for A.G.

Churchill not alone in pointing accusatory finger

Character-Assassination 101

$80 Billion For What? (berman / Nation)

Bush SOTU Talking Points Leaked to Raw Story

Come See Our Brutal Democracy

Rich: The Year of Living Indecently

Show Us The Jobs

Jim Hightower: No libraries closed in Great Depresion-unlike now

"Bush went insane from Snorter Goss cocaine" CIA facing pressure

Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections A Desecration, Voting Rife With Fraud

Rally in DC

Anyone ever heard of Robin Sloan or the The Pilot Project?

Newsflash: Michelle Malkin is an idiot.

Dutch Chemists discuss synthetic "natural gas," processes from biomass.

School children to take military training lessons (Russia)

Which Groups get the most traffic?

Why is it that most posts have a number

I was ready to answer this post when it was suddenly locked....

Skinner - per your request *wink* *wink*

Thank the mod that locked this

ok, guess i'm posting this here

Just curious about this

what did bush say about groundhogs in illinois?

Letter of Senator Kennedy about Gonzales nomination

The soldier's parents dont look happy

Last ditch effort to flibuster Gonzales! How can this be done tonight?

Send your questions/comments in!!!

How weird is THIS?!?!

Self delete

Why are they all standing when he wants to drill here for oil?

The Nashua Advocate: Dean Ascends as GOP Claims of Fraud in New Mexico Die

Lieberman just loveeeesssss Bush


Democrats will investigate Ohio vote

Local Radio Station posts my letter on their new blog site -- they haven't

Bush to loot Social Security in a "fisssgully responspiblel manner"...

Raw Story has Mr. Bush's speech up so we can all go to bed or

Got a letter from Joe Momentum Today - Reply on my Fraud Letter.

Tonite,Bush complains about Soc. Security being short by 200 Million - BUT

KOEB (Wednesday)

URGENT: Polls on State of Union Speech

Who here is going to watch the State of the Union speech tonight?

OH NO! We need to nip this in the butt IMMEDIATELY!

New Poll - CBS

Finally they are boooooing...... soc. sec. accounts

The Proposed Voting Reform Bills --- NOT an EZ choice--HELP!

Gift from Dave Matthews Band has San Francisco singing

Boxer scores highest of all on this chart of Senate votes of 2005


Harry Reid just called the deficit a BIRTH TAX

*Coleman* says he may vote against Chertoff

Unemployment rate is high in many parts of West Michigan

I can't DOWNLOAD Yahoo messenger

Coleman announcement, so how does one get involved?

Cracker Barrel latest to flip on corporate donations.

WI State Chairs endorse Dean

When someone posts, "Bwaaahaahaha," does that mean laughing or crying?

Don't forget to check news sites for post-SotU polls

SOTU in brief. "We want to rape Social Security, just like we raped Iraq,

Ho-mentum...are we responsible?


Russian TV launches Army Channel


Identify all the "victim" and "sky is falling" tactics used by the GOP.

CBS talked about the Europen privatization of SS

bush team wants to rape Medicaid - calling it a "reform"

NCPA challenges - bring it on, freepers

Dow Jones question: how many companies are tracked by

Debate Over Iran's Alleged Nuclear Weapons Program Remains Contentious

Parental notification of Pledge of Allegiance?

Where does Deism fit into the Intelligent Design discussion?

The State of the Union is WEAK!!!

So $600 Billion For First Six Years Of SS Plan. . .I Need Some Dramamine

Most repeated mantra by the media whores following SOTU

Fearmonger Bush may say "Freedom from Fear" tonight.

Might corporations like Microsoft be in charge of public schools one day?

Another Professor in the Crosshairs of Fox News-Ward's Not Alone

freerepuke lite says bush stou gonna end the Democratic party for good

Why is it...

Inflation Calculator (1913 - Present): See if your Salary has kept pace

Whackjobs are everywhere: Nutcase neocon columnist - In BLUE Hawaii...

How to get white conservative evangelicals to vote Democratic.

The IDIOT Bush is going to cut the deficit HE created in half


I pose this question to American taxpayers-War Tax Resistance Methods

The SOTU: 21 "freedom" vs. only 7 "liberty"

Did anyone hear that nutcase caller challenge Ed Schultz to a fight. today

(Reuters) Trump to Martha: 'You're Hired'

Bush Doesn't Really CARE About Issues. He Just Wants Party Power, Right?

Quiet the peckerwood is speaking. I have got my beer ready.

Susan Lee, Economist on NPR

Oh look, the President is "running behind schedule" aka Fashionably late

Now that the SOTU has been brought to my attention...

June cleaver lite just walked in

Anybody 'splain the phone thing?

Wouldn't it be awesome if Democrats SAT ON THEIR HANDS?

A standing ovation from the Dems???

He still cant say Nuclear

State of the Union - Official Thread 1

He's lying through his #@&%ing teeth already!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Uncle's Rant on SS and the Right as seen in an email from him

What? No applause from the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Super Bowl Crapola Infects My Daughter's 2nd-Grade Class

Does Private SS = End of Company pension programs? Yes or No?

"A Dem who goes with Bush may find himself facing a Kos-funded opponent"

Come see our Brutal Democracy

His pants should catch fire...

How hard is it for cheney to look at bush seriously?

Ownership society: "Please report to your owner"

Freepers don't discuss content of *'s SS proposal; instead

State of the Union Thread #2

Guess the president never saw someone die from asbestos..

ok, look for the purple "solidarity" finger from the Gop tonight

Now the Dems voice their disapproval.

HEADS UP: Embargoed White House Social Security briefing

The official Where is Bush's Texas accent? thread

Why is EVERY major SOTU FEED the SAME?


What year was this SOTU done?

Come SOTU chat w/me

GOP Stringing Right to Life Along: Report Miscarriage or Go to Jail

Did you see something? Write to

Kinda funny he is talking about funding sports and extra after school stuf


Internet for the Radio site of the day....

Dick Cheney claps like a little boy

He's laying out the next WARS and the drones are just howling w/ approval


Okay...who are Demos that are clapping?

How many died on 911? How many have died from Vioxx?

I only started watching the SOTU (fucked) a few minutes ago....

Cheney looks like he's getting ready to vomit at any second now...


How come Dick Cheney isn't snarling?

Why can't the repukes wipe their asses...

Does that tie just look WRONG on him? Or is it just me?

Oh, that's why we're there - its the will of the Iraqi people.

Man, it feels great to throw stuff at the TV. Have you tried it tonight?

His speech is so INSPIRING! It's inspiring me, anyway, to...?

U.S. has five secret military bases in Israel

"The GOP doesn't want discussion, it wants followers."

Thank the lord it is over! Who's going to counteract this? nt

A question on social security and Iraq....

OK...Letterman, Leno, Stewart,...etc.

Am I the only one here LAUGHING at this farce of a SOTUA?

blue ink marks for US elections in 2008?

And Dennis chatting away with his old buddy?

What "confidence?" - I see a very nervous, fearful-looking * on my screen

I'm lookin' forward to our response

Caller responses after DEM's reply on C-Span


who saw lieberman kiss bush???


What is going on?

My aunt did me the greatest favor--she called to wish me

democratic response...

The Kiss

This was like watching a bad accident happening. You know you can't stop

The Democratic Response- who? I hope its fiery!

CNN is checking the blogisphere...

CSPAN "after the SOS" Callers thread....

Seriously, - what is the deal with the blue fingers?

Is there a chat somewhere?

Questions/comments being taken on MSNBC

Why did the Dems stand up so many times?

My father, a Viet Nam veteran of two tours

Screenshot from the president's speech

a few days ago 911 at the pentagon was shown in a nice clip

My 86 yr. old dear Mom just stated her opinion of * ....

So what other ways do you get information other then torture?

Ass or Face

NBC - Barbara Boxer

Please SOMEONE tell me WHY this man has nothing but ALL THESE

Can't make it to the gravesite? Call the dead from home.

"The state of the union is socially insecure."

C-SPAN Viewer Reactions...on now!

now that the SOTU is over - let the media ass kissing BEGIN

Joe Lieberman just kissed Bush!

DU this poll

did I hear bush right? "under my orders" - ?

I am so sick of the republican fellatio!!

Has it ever occurred to you that

What's up with Sheila Jackson-Lee?

Biden rules.

Conservative Values Monitor - Documents GOP Members Sins and Crimes

Why in the world...

anyone think the 'Iraqi finger in the ink' was political propaganda

Might I get a definition of 'lame duck'? Thanks! nt

Dont confuse me with the facts

The Army is all used chimpy ready to start lobbing nukes?

Take this poll

Bush quotes FDR? Pffftt!!!

Help a dumb DU'r

Ramesh Ponnuru Has A Girl's Voice

Did I just hear Zell Miller on the radio?


Remember "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" at Disneyland? Tonight was

DU MSNBC Poll - Tell them what you think of SOTU

I wonder what bushbrain was refering to when he said..

If * is fighting the war on terror, why did he sleep through the Russian..

John McCain reportedly HEARTBROKEN over Joementum smooch

anyone else watching Malloy?

Subliminal/Biased Bush propaganda on NBC

Conferences Planned to Organize Resisitance-D.C. and Boston

Which official sat out the State of the Union tonight?

Those who are watching, how are the Media Whores spinning it?

caption this PIC!

Quick yes or no poll: Watching Chimp?

We need a cable left wing news station ASAP

Stewart is all over the fake AP photo

Anybody See Cheney Smiling, And * Pissed, When...

If in 2033, we DO NOT Invade Iraq, Social Security will break even

Where can I find the Dem's response online?

N. Korea: Long hair is foolish

Ron Reagan Jr. needs his own show.

OH and bush...its not just young men in gangs anymore...the girls are even

There is a freeper among us!!!

Can't wait til tomorrow to see how many sheep bought tonites propaganda!!

Anyone ever heard of Robin Sloan or the Pilot Project?

What about the children of gay families Bush? Left behind?

Google search for that "Iraqi Voter"

Do GOP functions have "signers", for the hearing impaired?

"Inform on your neighbor."

I thought that "The planet of the Apes" was just a movie.

What the fuck is with Chris Matthews?

When the Gestapo Knocks-Are We Entering Waters in Which We May All Drown?

Hey, did you guys read Wonkette's Live blogging of Bush...Hillarious!

SotU Cheering Section

None of the M$M has mentioned the booing

An easy fix for social security

Hillary's thoughts

What is your feeling after the SOTU

I have a bad feeling about the next two years


How Come I'm Finding It Hard To Care About The Democratic Response ???



Reid called the national debt a 'birth tax'

Is Social Security in trouble?

Who else besides me did not watch the SOTU

Blue Fingers.... The Iraqis had to dip their fingers in ink.

Need help with Boxer claims about % of soldiers from California

Hey GOP!!! How's this for a "solidarity" finger?

Do you still have a Kerry sticker on your car?

Have we captioned Herr Rumsfeld yet?

Don't forget to DU this CNN poll.

My letter to my (real and extended) family - Warning: RANT

Mandatory Malloy: HumpDay Truthseeker Shindig

First he kills that woman's son for oil, then exploits her pain on live TV

Did the Harvard Prez Summers used to bang Laura Ingram?

Tony GARZA, B.F.E.E. Flunky--Next TX Governor or B.F.E.E. Gigolo?

Kerry's thoughts.....

Kerry response to the SOTU speech

Bush's new "MIRACLE-LIFE" gimmick! Age 54 is now "Young!"

He rose from his cloister and sat...

Fully automatic banana cream pies locked, loaded-Gene Lyons (young & SS)

Model Gets $15.6 Million For Photo Shoot 19 Years Later

Did you all see Laura and her long double chin right before he

The volunteer Army has got to come to grips with this

FDR Knew Bush

*'s thoughts

How many Anal Cysts Did rush limbaugh have?

We should call it Social Security "Piratization"

So half of US Bankruptcies are because of MEDICAL BILLS?

Did he just kiss lieberman?

How is Mrs. Edwards doing?

PNAC -Neocon / Republican recognition needed

Why repubs appeal to middle and lower classes

Very scary photo....

Didn't watch. Can't stand it. Gimme the gist in 25 words or less.


Bush did a good job

Argument against privatizing Social Security (in 30 words or less)

Il formaggio cotto ai ferri col pomodoro e la pancetta (thanks to Bearfan)


A question for the espresso machine owners in the group

I guess you guys really like my picture posts.

Green Chile recipe (for BikeWriter)

DeLay: Our Military Makes Our Academia Possible.

Iran Says It Will Never Scrap Nuke Program

Another leak: White House talking points on State of the Union

(Criminal) Charges reinstated against mayor who married gay couples

Press Protection For Bloggers?

(Reuters) Trump to Martha: 'You're Hired'

Judge: Yale Can Block Military Recruiters

New anti-Putin youth movement draws old reaction

Coast Guard Turns Its Eyes Underwater

Bush SOTU Talking Points Leaked to Raw Story

New Anti-Gay Attack From Ed. Secretary

Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats

Reid Respond to Speech...

Student charged with stealing test answers with high-tech device

Pentagon Boosts Plan For Anthrax Inoculations

Questions/comments being taken on MSNBC

(U.S. Sen. Jack Reed ) Says Gonzales is Not the Right Choice

Evans, Four Lawmakers Kept From Speech

Church cancels metal band appearance in Los Angeles (over the band name)

Local group seeking equal time with military recruiters

Democrats Hit Bush on Iraq, Soc. Security

Hugo Chavez celebrates sixth anniversary


Bomb defused near U.S. military base..Turkey (Rice visiting this weekend)

U.S. Asks Saudi Arabia to Indict Or Return Terrorism Suspect

Colorado pulls Spanish-language immigrant guide from Web site

Judge upholds re-election of San Diego mayor

Bush to Say Social Security Headed to Bankruptcy

Nuclear Evidence Could Point To Pakistan

In Diverse Mosul, Slightly More Than 10% Voted, but That's More ...

Behind flaps, debate flares over teaching kids tolerance of gays

WP: Chertoff Denies Advising on Interrogation Tactics

Gay rights groups: 'Gay panic' is not justification to kill

Baghdad's blast wall art

Watchdog Group Seeks Christian Group Probe

African Union Offers to Help Aristide

Top military officials (Gen. Richard A. Cody) say forces strained

Bush's SS Plan Would Reduce Government Guarantee For Younger Americans

US OKs Cyberonics depression implant -- shares soar

Bush Emphasizes Diplomacy for Iran,North Korea

Venezuela Foreign Minister Responds to U.S. "Worries"

WP: House GOP Leaders Name Loyalist to Replace Ethics Chief

Changes Made to National Security Staff

Army Considers Extending Reserve (past 24 month limit)

McCain, allies make new bid to drive big money from politics

Gay Man's Killer Could Be Out In Under 3 Years

Marines Miss January Goal for Recruits (First time in a decade)

Poll Says Most Americans Back Medical Liability Reform

Bush's Rhetoric Splits House Chamber Between Throaty Roars and Stony Silen

Principal bans 'anti-military,' 'anti-American' materials

Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling (CNN)

I Don't Like bad people . Does That Make Me John Kleeb?

I like no name needed's sense of humor, am I a bad person?

A 90 foot throw with 0.6 seconds left on the clock! Go Guilford!!

OK! I'm Outta Here...going to see that NEW Chinese Thingy

OK, who remembers Tom Petty's "Dog On The Run" from 1976?

An idea given to me by Kleeb.

I like Howard Dean does that make me a good person?

Is there a SOTU chat tonight ?

The *NEW* Village People

Help! My sister is ignoring me for the Lounge!

My life wouldnt have been any different with or without Dean

Call Team America!

Fun SOTU game

Official SOTU-free post!

My neck smells like sour milk. Ask me anything.

Be careful what funerals you attend.

Candidate A vs. Candidate B.

Every thing about Donald Trump is boring

The lemon-poppyseed cake just came out of the oven....

YAY, I think I have the computer issues resolved.

glasses make a person look inteligent, thoughtful, don't they

You, too, can own a 1992 Vauxhall Cavalier with a Burberry paint job

Bush can kiss my ass and so can his speech. So there, Mr. Bush.

New reading material for the spring and summer....

What are you going to do/watch during the SOTU address?

What? "8 Simple Rules" is still on?

Is it true that listening to classical music can boost brain power?

Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!

Whatever happened to farmboxer?

John Paul II vs. C.J. William Rehnquist: Who is more stubborn

Is there such thing as a tax help forum on DU?

So what are the SOTU drinking game rules???

Do you miss the Hypno-Tie?

Looks like a double dose of Stepford Tonight....

Calling Rawstory. I downloaded the Smileys from your site, now how

What to watch on the telly tonight?

Anyone up for an AOL IM chat? n/t

What the FUCK is "Sotu"

You know the theme from Bonnie and Clyde?

I already have a boo. He has been good to me for years

John Kleeb reminds me of Holden Caufield

"Enterprise" is being canceled.

I thought the Furby was gone...

BUSH: We will drown government in the bathtub, and soon.

Seriously, Condi's Hair Looks Like The Martian in Mars Attacks...

He's JOKING with that clear skies thing......

SS was a "great moral success" of the 20thC?

Frivolous asbestos claims?

Is Dick Cheney Drunk????

"Responsible energy policy"

Remember "Green Jelly's" version of three little pigs?

"I'll listen to anyone with a good idea"

Sleeting like crazy now (NC mountains)

Weird coincidence ...

Protect The Institution of Marriage...

You all realize he hates America right??!!!???

"Protect the institution of marriage" - FUCK YOU ASSHOLE SHITWIPE!!!


Who wants to ignore the SOTU and join me in this thread?

Ah... the Social Security pitch.

GW is writing blank cheques left, right, and centre.

Do you like to keep boxes of shit in your house?

What time is AWOLFuckWad's "Unending Stream Of Lies and Vomit" tonight?

Alternative to F***ing SOTU Threads: DOOK and Wake

PLEASE GOD- Let them BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what IS the STATE of the UNION?

i wish john kerry were speaking tonight

I'm still sick over Kef (Keph) Scott....LBN just isn't the same without

My dream last night -- too much DU???

I'd slit my own wrists before I'd give a standing ovation to **.

I'm Randy Jackson from American Idle-ask me anything

Database Gurus: Does anyone here know Relational Algebra?

Ha ha! "must have competent lawyers by their side" - ha ha!!

Ummm. Yeah. Who is the lady wearing the FISHNETS at the SOTU?

My synopsis... The SOTU is pretty well F*cked

Ziggy played guitarrrrrrrrr......

ARRRRRRGHHHHHHH! People of Ukraine asserting their rights and electing

My cats hate the shrub.

Did anyone else have a shitty day

My Grandma....

Bush reused the same hydrogen fuel line from his first SOTU

Are you watching the SOTU tonight?

A friendly memo to my employer:

Where the hell is my Pepto Bismol?

My workplace is trying to whack me

Floobertyblooberty Tex-ass

Wouldn't you rather watch President Bartlett tonight?

With all this talk about freedom/liberty I am DRUNK!!!!

Perfect summation of SOTU, courtesy of Mr. Bouncy Ball:

Stop giving him standing ovations, you lardfucking fucking fucks

Did anyone see Rummy pick at his nose and wipe it on his leg?

They look like they all shoved their fingers up a Smurf's butt.

'Protect the world from tyranny'...except for American gays.

Breaking: MikeG has mooned the SOTU.

Hey * is good for something. Hear a lie take a drink.

Meteor / Shooting Star 7:54pm CDT

American Soldier Hostage in Iraq Rescued!!

i'm done washing my hair- did i miss anything?

Can someone please tell this asshole that Congress hasn't declared war?

I just bought Jeff Buckley "Grace"

OH NO.. Nancy Pelosi? F her

Wait. We overcame a recession??????

Do you think * slipped Joe the tongue?

Would you donate bone marrow to a friend? a stranger? a freeper?

I managed all of about 10 minutes of the C-SPAN post-speech...

Is it over yet????

okay - it's over, i admit i didn't watch. Highlights please?

Anyone remember "The Young Ones"?

Can't make it to the gravesite? Call the dead from home.

Isn't he cute?

What's your all-time favourite sketch from Chappelle's Show??

I decided I'm gonna run for pope too, I'm the better choice over meegbear

Hide Your IPod, Here Comes Bill 

I hate Republicans

Boy George is on "Kumars @ # 42" along with the lady who played

I want Don Cheadle to win the best actor Oscar

Freepers discuss SOTU: "My dog don't bark negatives!"

Two cool Brazilian music videos.

If you really want to throw up tonight...

I think people just like saying "Republican Lite"

Random Websites

concerning the Separation of Church and State (lounge)


Walking Eagle

A friend of mine emailed this to me....

Walker Texas Ranger Vs. George W. Bush

Is there a reason everyone's calling it the "Big Game"?

dammit, i played the SOTU drinking game

Favorite DONNA SUMMER Song

A question for all the assholes in Philadelphia

Want a Referendum for the 'Homo'/Marriage Amendment?

Am I on the no-fly list .. and why? Not what you think.

Didn't watch the speech, was Playing Shadowrun.

Didn't watch SOTU, don't care...listening to Zairean guitarist Franco now.

Why is laura bush referred to as pickles?

We're whalers on the moon.

When was praying in the town square made illegal?

I'm feeling down... tell me a joke

Been there done that.

Got to give to President Bush.

The-STREAM of consciousness thread killer proof -thread

Now this is annoying.

Jon Stewart is talking about "Special Ops Cody" right NOW

Does Bushit not like Mrs Bushit?

The first thing Bush will do when his SS plan goes down the toilet

JimmyJazz was my boo, but apparently she just ditched me.

Attacked by Freeper types?????


Guys and Girls; I need some LOVE advice... I'm a college student... and...

I really want Don Cheadle to remake Blazing Saddles!!

This Is One Smart Rat!

best score if you're trying to score?

Does anyone have any experience with Paypal accounts?

Take a quiz and find your top 25 bands.

How Good Was the Plaid Adder's Most recent article?

Are you sick of being referred to as Mr. or Ms.?

Why doesn't Fuckwad McCokehead just say "All your base are belong to us"

Anyone else sick of 'Male Erection Drug' ads on the telly?

Are you sick to death of being tolerant of intolerant people?

Dana Reeves can kiss my ass! Such disrespect to her husband!!

JimmyJazz is the QUEEN!

I just got back from my audition

DU'ers! We're being stalked!

Do you understand how James Carville and Mary Matalin get along?

This is the best political cartoon for the month of Febuary!!

I fixed some freeper's ass today at the Optomitrist Office!

What do you find yourself doing to the tv when * is on?

men and their ties!!!!

Does anyone wanna be my boo? Here's the thing....Bleachers7

Where's Petronella?

Is it a problem for you that I love Howard Dean?

When you get your wisdom teeth,

Bipolar disorder


Anyone up for another free association thread (SOTU version)

I want to enroll in bush's sexual abstinence program

I think the little old lady across the street might be dead.

Comets are dirty snowballs, NOT !!!!!

Bush got away with it

New Anti-Gay Attack From Ed. Secretary

I got issues..Believe me, I was a compromise advocate., till tonight....

Anyone else watching DUKE v WAKE

Man I Hate Auburn

New Kitty Pics

Astrologers: Dean and the DNC and Feb. 12

In the event of the death of the Pope

Remind me to learn grammar

Who Watched The State Of The Union Speech

Vektor PM'd me and invited me to join you here

I can't decide which is more depressing....

I got a LLL medal of honor!

Booing the Shrub!

Kerry on the SOTU speech

Who wants to help me think of a theme for the next DU Photography contest.

The Myth of the Populist Stock Market, One Market Under God

Arianna Huffington: "So Exactly What's Changed?"

An email message tonight from Senator Harry Reid regarding SOTU speech

Iraqi Vote Contradictions

Failed NeoCon talking points, post them here.

On protest and violence. Is Ward Churchill right?

Neocons are flexing their muscles and not even producing a shadow

What was broken that needed fixed?

What are the "victim" and "sky is falling" tactics abused by the GOP?

Bush's 'ownership society' neglects common good, critics say

Just a note: we all know that the SOTU will be a Bush show.

I'm not watching or listening to the State of the Union. I already

new freep village says bush stou gonna end the Dem party and they are glad


where is the official DU SOTU thread?

Historic Shift for Census Bureau (mandatory survey, 3M homes a year)

SOTU excerpts ("leaked" by the GOP)

CNN: The GOOD news: "Bush envisions a better world." The BAD news:

Did you see those Bush photos today>

Has McCain said anything about Gonzales yet?

So what will it take to defeat *'s insane SS plan?

WHITE House Guest List

Bush declares war on America's Democrats!!

A Clear and Present Danger

stupid CHIMP ---state of the zoo speech

Black Clergy Wooed for Values Fight

Is there an IRC chat anywhere?

O'Rilley: Pope holding up the war on terror

BUSH: Economy is strong,

BUSH: "Taxpayer dollars must be spent wisely, or not at all."

BUSH: "We've prosecuted corporate criminals" (!!!!)

Did Chimpy Say He's Cutting 150 Programs?

Did I miss a really good joke? When Bush says he'll expand healthcare...

Lets all think hard enough to actually cause the telepromter to break.

"Four years of debate is enough!"

Wonder What Chimpy and CONdiHave Planned Tonight?

Is frivolous asbestos lawsuits this year's baseball steroids?

Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough on "The Bush Haters' SOTU"

BUSH: "Don't let anyone mislead you."

Shocking! Norm Coleman may vote NO on Chertoff

Small Businesses translates to Big Corporations.

Hey kids, we were worried for nothing

Is that the Dems


I am SOOOOoooooooo not watching the SOTU!!!

Tweety develops Allergy to Democrats

Love how he is listing all the pitfalls of betting on the stock market!

Social Security for the rich = pimp the lower and middle class

"Activist judges", "Culture of life"

Here It Comes . . .

Who Are ALL THOSE GUYS DOWN FRONT who are not standing??

WOW!! Dems are making negative noises like the House of Commons!

F U for supporting young men and not young women!

AIDS disease cure research?


OK, DU - do yer stuff

Good GOD...stupid Repukes waving ink-covered fingers

God This SOTU Speech Is Making Me Sick

"Still Government's That Harbor Terrorists"

Bush talking about "Freedom From Fear"

Proposal: Shadow Cabinet

Name THREE lies so far

Without naming names, describe your ideal Prez candidate.

"We are witnessing events in the history of liberty and in coming years

Still No Pretzels?

Looks Like Syria Is Next

"Personal Accounts" - Can't Say PRIVATIZATION

350 billion dollars for the Palestinians!! Is he freaking crazy?

God he makes my skin crawl. I hate him. Democracy this you Devil Incarnate

Is anyone else listening to the SOTU on AAR?

I'm Looking Forward To The Democratic Response, BUT

Let's trot out the poor Iraqi woman and totally use her! YAY!

Il Douche: Science must knuckle under to dogma

Here's point by point fact check on all tonights

How bout the role of Imperial Capitalism??

FDR? Shut Up You Fucking Bastard. You Want To Cut 150 Programs,

Kissing Leiberman, yuck!


Re:Soldiers, "We have given them training and equipment"

Freeper discussion about "Social Security reform"

Kurds demand autonomy! Here it comes.

Did CNN just say "someone in the First Ladies box"??

Democrats Failing in Framing Argument Against Bush's Social Security Plan

Oh my. They are still blaming Clinton (my local paper)

If You're Watching ABC Post Here >

New name for GOP: "The Torture Party"

Who is actually watching Chimp?

Did Bush Just Kiss Lieberman????


so at the end of the day......what the FUCK is the state of the Union???

Now it's our turn, let's see a Dem give'em hell!!!!!!!

All in all, it was a perfect Wednesday speech....

Using the Norwoods as a prop for their dead Marine son... disgusting...


This SOTU is scary!

is it over?

To the Norwoods: Did Your Son Sacrifice Because of the Threat of WMD?

Reid Respond to Speech...

Memo to the Democratic Challenger running against Lieberman

I keep talking to the screen and my husband just said this:

Would you good people of CT. Please recall dino LIEberman!


What Was The Best Part Of Dimson's SOTU Reading?

Repukes, DINO's, and MSM HAVE NO SHAME!!!! Grab your pitchforks

Call C-SPAN and tell them: "BETTER DEAD THAN RED!"

Don't let Pelosi speak!!!

Sound's Like Idiotfuck Worked With A Speech Therapist


Cable News Whores Are Earning Their Money Tonight!

Senator Man-On-Dog on MSNBC

Why on earth are we having Reid and Pelosi deliver a joint response?

The Chimp is Against STEM Cell Research -- Superman died cuz of Bush


Is it time to hold the feet of moderate Republicans to the fire?

Dog Tags From Dead Soldier's Mom Snags With Jacket Button of

quite frankly...until we get it right in the US I could give a shit less

Its time for "Mess O'Patamia"

Pre-state of union speech video...

Richardson NM Gov. on CNN now.

I find the tag-team style Democratic response to be less than inspiring.

Washington Post chat after this...let's have some fun.

Boxer on NBC

State of Delusion address. Yes or No?

joe scarborough is an ...

So Has The War Against Steroids From Last Year Been Won?

Tavis Smiley is raising hell on ABC

Who will Bush's 'special guest' be?

This would have been hilarious

Chris Matthews is a fat, stupid idiot

First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say

fienstein is on larry KIng on cnn.

DU the polls... here's CNN


Mom & Dad Happy To Sacrifice Their Son For Their God-King bu$h

Did President Bush lay out a compelling vision for his second term? CNN

So, Bush thanks Congress for doubling NIH's budget.

What do you do when you see a Repub thread praising * 's SOTU...

Reid Kicked ass in a gentleman way Pelosi was just boring

That wasn't my president up there - I have no faith, trust, or respect

Full text of SOTU....I'll read it because I just cannot

Did anyone TIVO Reid and Pelosi's remarks?

Is it love?

Bush may have made a significant blunder...

OMG Chris Matthews just had a moment of zen

The left should no longer frame their debate attacking George W Bush.

Sen. Reid cracks me up. He compares Bush's plans to "Groundhog Day"

SOTU!-not LIHOP but Cheney squirmed like a fish when 9/11 was mentioned

Should Dems payoff preachers to support Dem politicians?

Which of Bush's State of the Union addresses had more lies?

Both Pelosi and reid were bOOORING.

Damn,Laura looks so proud of her little monkey.

Which speaker in the Democratic Party inspires you most?

Everyone is choked up on CNN..

tweety just called Sanatorium a smart guy

How do your Senators rate? Here is an objective look at their record.

the Bush Gay Agenda bothers me.

The Republicans are so childish it is

Wellstone Action: Rally to Oppose Bush SS Scam in NM, MT, AR, NE and FL!

Where was Ted (Kennedy)??, Purple on the finger of the Iraqi voter woman?

C-SPAN caller: "I fear for my LIFE"

What's Biden's deal?

DU the MSNBC poll (so far 70% "less optimistic" after SOTU)

OK give me your HONEST, UNBIASED opinion about * performance tonight

New York Dem Chairman (among others) endorses Dean.....

should Obama have spoken in response?

There is now only one SOLUTION:

Was Bush actually booed during the SOTU???

Did Cheney clap during the Marriage Amendment Proposal?

Reid is kickin' some ASS!

Digby has the right idea about FRAMING, and on why Lackoff's frames suck

GOP spends last year attacking a war hero's service because he was a Dem.

Michael Eisner only pays 2.2% of SS Taxes. They take from the poor . . .

Well, it's about time the Democrats stood as one. Dubya's getting mad

An old editorial (this is why I think Dean will make a great chair)

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Condi's front teeth. Are they spaced and angled for...

Added 2.3 MILLION new jobs my foot

I dont care what anyone says

I think his delivery was pretty good tonight.

I don't know why I'm even asking this,


WP/Shales Review of SOTU: Winning The War Of Perception

NYT Ed: Blaming the Messengers (lawyers facing sanctions in Ohio voting)

Study: Southern Blacks Die at Higher Rate

Dems mull intel panel rules ploy (The Hill)

Pork cuts cost Istook panel chair

Bush’s state of delusion: speech to Congress ignores crises at home and...

S.S. S.O.S. B.S.

Living Under the Bombs

George W Bush 2005 State of the Union Drinking Game

History's Hints for Democrats

Bush's liberty song echoes Vietnam tune

The U.S. should resist saying 'mission accomplished' in Iraq

LA Daily News: Ignoring California

Border Patrol agents oppose amnesty plan

Rename BWI? Pols should ask what public thinks

Rice and the New Black Paradigm


Presentation only a fool could love (Paul Vitello)

Marine General: says its "fun to shoot some people"

Dowd: Inherit the Windbags

Churchill brouhaha echoes previous dissent at CU

State of the Media Address (Satire: Rove memo re: Media Mogul Breakfast)

The Dreams of George Bush

Bush Administration - Hard-On Men

Molly Ivins: Noble ideals, nasty actions

THE NIGHT OF the long gavels?

Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow (GREAT)

Stripes: Lawmakers tell Army leaders they're worried about strain on Guard

Slate - SS Bush, Screw Your Grandchildren....

The Next Four Years: A Political Forecast

State of Delusion SPeech

President's monomania is ominous

Carlyle Group Prepares for the Next Generation

Bush family myth exposed by Karl B. Schwarz

Blaming skeptics in Ohio

I know a lot of people don't like Tom Friedman but this


David Corn (The Nation): The State Of George W. Bush

Nobles Need Not Pay Taxes - Thom Hartmann - MUST READ

Global Eye - Criminal World

New Republic Calls For Anti-Bush Lefties To Be Killed

Chuck Spinney (Pentagon analyst) with Bill Moyers-READ THIS AND SEETH

Vitello - (Bu$h Social Security) Presentation Only a Fool Could Love

Road to Ruin: US Government reports $11 trillion increase in debt

The Conscience of a Soldier: Questions of Morality in a Time of War

Re Social Security--We've forgotten what poverty is.

Arcata Receptive to No Confidence Resolution

New 527 "Reform" Act on Fast Track

Sign a petition to elect Dean

Why can't all radios have shortwave built in?

Poll: Bush wins converts among speech-watchers (!?)

cross-post: who is the other "reporter" NOT-Gannon is working for Bush on Social Security

MSM is AWOL on Gannongate

Where are Unions Going?

tomorrow we get jobs report - Bloomberg estimates 200.000

EPA, Ford Test Promising Clean Diesel Technology

Novel Strategy?

The State of the Environment: LCV

Lava From Hawaii Volcano Drops Into Ocean

pig farms

What is up with the Iraqi Elections?

Public turns on bush: what NAM deaths level, did poll show public TURNS ON

Lawmaker wants to tighten fairground gun sales (Iowa)

Shooting suspect's rap sheet long (TX)

why can't I get to demopedia?

After being away for a while...

Hate mail... when 's the update?

Why are threads sometimes locked?

Thank you all so much for the new servers and upgrade!!

you know, skinner

Archive search is back!

Good job, mods.

Can We Retire the Joe Lieberman avatar?

How can I find the DU media links?

an idea for a new forum?? PNAC

IDF fears right-wing campaign targeting religious officers

Bush: Palestinian statehood 'within reach'

Palestinians destroy first tunnel

A-3 Skywarrior at the Pentagon?

9-11: Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble-new article by C. Schwarz

Fletcher Farrar: When will Obama find his voice on Iraq?

Belleville News Democrat: Illinois Lotto jackpot grows to $15 million

Russ Stewart: Park Ridge Republicans fear party evaporation

Al Franken covered Senator Durbin's speech on Alberto Gonzales

Chicago Sun-Times: Fewer city high school grads than claimed

Chicago Tribune: Low cost ideas top state of the state


Pantagraph: Farm family worries coyotes pose growing threat

F*cking Lieberman voting for Gonzales???

What the hell, Mr. Lieberman?


Lieberman will be on the 2008 Republican ticket...

Hearing on vote machine fraud, dirty tricks, manipulation of absentees, et

Boxer to be on CNN this am.

New Poll on State of Union address

Why don't we hear from Democratic Party election experts?

Kerry really enjoying what he's hearing (caption it)

Best site for making your own petition?

Kenneth Blackwell is being sued by voting machine manufacturer!

Study Finds Religious Polarization in U.S. Voters

One Clear Concise Message

Probability analysis of exit poll deviations using Freeman's data

Ellen O. Tauscher surprised me with her reply to my letter!

CA Shelley posted an errata on 1/25/05 is this common?

Media Release - Open Voting Consortium

Hastert takes a broom to ethics panel

"Not even the Potus is above the law!" A common thread from most dems!

NYTimes editorial condemning sanctions against Arnebeck

Kerry for president in 2008 website links/petitions

Arenebeck Counterattacks!

Thursday 2/3 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Since we always talk about polls uncovering fraud, how about primaries?


So, how many empty envelopes did Blackwell receive?

Newsweek on voting machines: Diebold holds out on establishing standards

OH Sanctions = Unitended consequence is more fraud documentation

I'm sending this from my Republican infested school

Does anyone have a copy of an actual NEP questionaire??

From Hillary on voting irregularities

Proposed Solution for Election Accuracy, Transparency and speed

Senate debate on Gonzales DAY THREE on C-Span2 NOW

What you've just witnessed on the Senate floor.

Excellent full-page ad from Not In Our Name - mentions fraud.

DUers need help brainstorming (caution fun alert)


GRAPHIC: another view of exit poll vote count difference

Arcata City Council Receptive to No Confidence Resolution

Miami Herald article compares US to Ukraine election!

Would you sign an affidavit saying who you voted for?

Shelley hearing delayed

Iowa Delegation supports Governor Dean

are we "stuck" with Reilly ??

Anybody here in MN 7th District? Peterson may support Bush SS Plan

Are the St. Paul cops outta control???

Automatic phone survey about abortion

First time in Star Trib.

Anybody want to help me buy a computer?

no sound what so ever

Voinovich, Dewine joining The Conscience Caucus?

TCEQ (the Texas EPA) refused to attend town hall meeting.

Lon Burnam continues to rock infinitely.

New hot Governor's race rumor!

Kinky Friedman may run as a Democrat

Now who's a meteorologist?

More state Ethics Board trouble

Hey Wisconsiners...a Fudge Striped visit could be happenin this spring...

Bush did a good job


Iraqi woman reveals her true feelings (photo)

Bush did a horrible job

Caption this.... (photo)

Weird photo in search of a caption.... (photo)

I wonder what Iraqis think of exiles like Chalabi, Allawi, and Al-Souhail

Bush did a good job

Ok..Caption This one...

The purple ink will fade away

I didn't watch it...what did he promise to the Fundies?

MSNBC says Pope recovering well.

LMAO at that freeper on Malloy

The Iraqi Woman whose

"That was the speech of an American Emperor" -- Jon Meacham, managing ...

Caption this and be merciless.... (photo)

bush SUCKED ASS in that speech

I think I got a break in historical time...

Zeig heil!

3 mths since Nov 2; do rightwingnuts know bush's position on issues yet?

Do you want to stop the war? Do you want to stop the GOP?

Enlighten me (I'm German) : what's the DNC?

I hate bush. He is almost the MOST evil person living today. I

Final score: Freedom 21 Liberty 7

Asbestos in the State of the Union.

Remember when we were the 10% that opposed Bush and the war?

I mean, come on, Bush even LOOKED insipid as hell up there. (PIC)

What the hell was with Cheney's smirk tonight?

Anybody have the quote from the Bush sotu about wmd's?

DU CBS News' damn poll, please.

Caption this... (keeping in mind Lieberman kissing Bush tonight) --->

As I See It, There's Only One Way To Win: A New Summer of Love

How can CNN call this POS a poll?!

So... Let's see here... Bush declares himself Emperor of Earth and

I cant seem to find my answer...

AOL Poll on Bush* SOU

MSNBC Hires Tucker Carlson for New Show

robert fisk - one helluva chilling story

What is the most frightening to me is the "Brave New World" of the right.

Turnout "better than expected""very successful"

Trivia: What is the Official Language of the United States of America?

How did Reagan gut the Fairness Doctrine when Democrats controlled House?


"Ownership Society"...we need to call it like it is

Los Angeles getting Air America Today

Looks like someone's been cleaning house . . .

dupe... this happens everytime i post .. sorry n/t

Wake me up when it's January 2008. The Iowa caucus.

social security reform - Democratic style

We will make sure the money can only go into a conservative mix of bonds

With Zimbabwe's health sector in ruins, witchdoctors are busy

'Fuzzy Math' and the Iraqi Election

Employees to be billed for personal Net use?

OK i have a serious question.. on Bush's SS plan what would happen to thos

bush; Liberty for all...unless you're gay.

Just when you thought it was safe

CNN Poll: 77 percent think country headed in right direction- but......

I was confused.. will they or will they not have a SS check??

The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings reveal 88 si

Sure were a lot of LIES (under oath) in bush's SOTUA

true love or just lust?

Does anyone have a link to bush saying in the 70's that the SS

Is the Laura Bush plan a thin cover for Minority Genocide?

Will the freeps please go home, we don't go to your church and

Anti-war speech I gave at Poughkeepsie (NY) UU last weekend...

Yale Can Block Military Recruiters

Laura Bush to end street gangs in America


Aussie gold-star mom; "it's just cold-blooded murder"

NEWS SURFERS, HELP: Did Bob Dole break a hip?

My weekend with an international committee

rummy and wolffy on cspan!

Republicans are now in the nation building business?

I think Bush jumped the shark last night with his SS plan

Joe Klein on The Daily Show tonight

Soc. Sec. New tactic. Instead of scaring seniors, scare the young.

Not a bad MSM article on the SOTU

Stephanie Miller just referred to KO as her future husband...

Anyone just see CNNs "American Sacrifice" segment?

Mass Marketing to Save SS

A little detail in the SOTU. Do you read this meaning as I do?

Credit Card issued by Democratic Party?

Keith Olbermann fans, remember "Frank" the tumor?

Wolfowitz before Senate Armed Svcs. Cmte...NOW...CSpan 10:21AM n/t

I awoke this morning with a wonderful thought


John Podesta points out the many lies in Bush's SOTU

i am so glad my parents are over 55

Bush dishing out the cool aid :::: SOTU address

DU support needed to expand MSM coverage of Gannongate.

Ok i need some pics of Laura looking like the joker ;)

Dubya Is Coming To My State Tomorrow, DU This Poll!

So, the "Greatest Generation" and the first 4 yrs of the

GOP, using death for PR....again

Did anybody catch "I am cutting 150 programs" last night?

Quote of the day (yesterday):

Social Security reform is Bush’s “pump and dump” scam.

We need a Constitutional Amendment banning introductions during the SOTU


Joe Biden and Harold Ford last night

What does everybody think of Bush's Broker Security Plan?

Bible quote time!

*'s SS Plan is Discriminatory Against Women

The prophet Nahum speaks of Washington D.C and this

Bush Deluded; Thinks the Glasses Make Him Look Smart >>>


No to Gonzales: Murray and now Cantwell (D-WA)

You know what bothered me last night in the SOTU speech ?

Dollar verses Euro


Right wing is disappointed by the Volcker report (oil for food)

Good Morning Al and Air America from LA!!!

Connecticut-Apple not falling far from tree with former Rowland lieutenant

Would Republicans Support Almost ANY War For ANY Reason?

GA law would allow parents to suspend their child's driver's license

Is this really the best we can do? PICS

Al Franken covers Senator Durbin's speech on Alberto Gonzales

Moment of Clarity from a 14 year old.

Asylum decision suggests that US patience with Putin is wearing thin

"Communitarians' the religious elite?

Talk about delusional - are all Freeps this mental.???

So, what do I do about the SSS?

NBC accused of shilling for UN

You're a Dirty, Filthy LIAR Mr. Bush............

Deleting junk e-mail cost nearly $22 billion

I About Sh*t When bush Said This During SOTU!

Forgotten reference in "Demolition Man"

That Evil Rat Bastard is on TV Again! @!&%!*!

The young generation won't live long enough to get Social Security, anyway

torturer Davis pleads but doesn't have to testify - what a deal!

Do you have questions about SS that Dubya doesn't talk about?

States Rights

Focus on the Family buying 4.2 mil. worth of Sonogram machines

OK, here's the big dick at SOTU in his snowsuit.....

Lt.Gen. Mattis said: "it's fun to shoot some people"

Is the real meaning of "Ownership Society" simply what America

Bush's Plan --- the govt keeps 80% of your "personal" $$$$'s (Wash Post)


Rahm Emanuel (Chair, DCCC) - response to SOTU

Medical liability caps; for the benefit of corporations

France Photo Gallery

yesterday Duncan Hunter said to Lou Dobbs, referring to the stretched

The Soldier's Crying Mother

I heard somewhere (I believe on cnn) about how bush and clinton turned a..

anti Islam, anti gay RW talk radio attacks Tulsa school board member

Felonious former Rep, Wes Cooley -R OR, caught in another scam

My SeaBee Son to take jungle combat training

A New Campaign Of Lies: The Assault On Social Security

SOTU thoughts

DAMMIT, fellow democrats! Stop being so PESSIMISTIC!!!

Bushco says: "Iraq is not a quagmire" AND "We have no exit strategy"

Hannity on board of Brotherhood Org. of New Destiny

Woohoo, Our WalMart crusade is on the front page of our local

Scotty McClellan takes high heat fast ball over the inside corner...

Gannon-Talon.... who is this other guy?

Anyone listening to Al Franken right now...

Democrats deserve praise for boooooing Idiot Son

Caption this, please...... (photo ->)

Did Bush have the Dem ND senator, Conrad on Air Force One today?

Any of you guys around here know anybody killed by Evolution?

PHOTOs: bush* and condi meet on the House floor (needs caption)

Who was the Iraqi woman at last nite's SOTU address?

Hey all you Franken/Randi haters!!!!

County Supervisor Vows to Cut Tax Funds for Santa Monica Clinic

Rumsfeld up, press conference

Group Wants IRS to Investigate Focus On The Family

meanwhile in Iraq a squad from Ind. sleeps in a shipping crate, hungry

Bush Plan - Put in $40k over 40yrs, grows to $90K ..worker gets $20k

When "Tort Reform" doesn't lower healthcare costs, who will the GOP blame?

Air America back in LA on 1150 KXTA!!!!!!!

Bush's Chilean SSI model---email this blurb far & wide

I've seen so many grieving soldier's parents CURSING Idiot Son on the news

The Democrats need a whole new strategy

Anderson Cooper wins award for most ridiculous Iraq election comment

Any photoshops of Cheney at the SOTU dressed for ice fishing?

How much more "freedom" can Iraq handle?

A Social Security counter proposal.

C'mon people. Where is the smoking gun

There are millions of americans walking around believing

What are your 15 best movies of all time?

This post may belong in "The Lounge", but here it is: CAN WE EVER


Laura Bush to unveil "Passport to WOMANhood" program next

The Beast 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2004 (#1 and 50)

Spin That Reality:

Freakers advaocate physically attacking high school girl

why we are losing the social secuirty battle

The Lie Inside the "Ownership Society" Message

Did anyone hear Lieberman say this the other day.....

Anti-war Mom of dead G.I. bumped from Larry King for Michael Jackson Trial


I think Dean's going to get it.

Randi is tearing this repuke apart!

Martha Stewart?

Cinema & US Cultural Dominance

The Boos

Fox Blocker...have you seen this?

Lieberman uses Gonzales' ethnicity as a factor in his aye vote

Karl Schwarz on the engine parts found at Pentagon crash site.

Lieberman - Proof even a stupid fuckwad can be elected Senator.

Somebody please tell me what the finger thingy is all about.

I think I smell pizza.

School Official Assails "Gay Lifestyle"

Where did bush** get the magic number 55?

Parents Television Council: “MTV Smut Peddlers"

Did W get booed or heckled last night?

WSJ's Zaslow: What If Einstein Had Taken Ritalin?

Wanna try and reverse a Fox online poll? DU it!

"... praised him for restoring dignity to the White House ..."


GRAPHIC: How could we possibly fix any Social Security shortfall?

WARNING Do not look directly in his eyes!

LIEberman is pissing me off again, he's live on CSPAN

Social security questions.

If there was ever a picture that could use a little photoshopping

The Truth About Social Security It's Not Just For Senior Citizens

33 Dean group members on black list for Bush event in North Dakota.

Bill O'Loofah - An Update on the "Ward Churchill Situation"

Questions that families of the war dead MUST ask themselves

Educate Selwynn: "Tort reform" question

We can bash the DINO Lieberman without being accused of anti-semitism

enough about the stupid kiss...

Who wants to be freaked out? I mean REALLY scary

Could there be a way to end all this war?

Gee whiz, the cat is dragging in some serious assholes.

torture AND nukes ... what goes around comes around

"Birth Tax" artwork for you

VIREAD AIDS drug tested on African women to see if it prevents AIDS???

Anyone see Crossfore saying something about bush kissing a man?

Paul Krugman is on Lou Dobbs (CNN)

We need to simplify our argument on SS...

Critics Enter Ring Against Eastwood SPOILERS

The Dems who approved the Torture AG

See How Your Senator Voted on Gonzo

"The Apprentice: Martha Stewart"... Donald Hires Martha!...

Fool's Gold: Bush's Social Security Privatization Plan

PHOTO: Chimp the Pimp keeps them all fighting over his affections!

SOTU Address "lie exposed" === grounds for impeachment

This is what happened at my school this morning...

Ward Churchill fires back

Congress, Iraqis and Ink Stained fingers David Schuster nails it.

absolutely THE SICKEST go*%amn thing I have EVER SEEN

Why the Party needs Donnie Fowler and not Howard Dean

Kerry on the Gonzales nomination (he is voting 'no')

SIGN THIS PLEASE: "Fairness Doctrine" petition(no more FOX-type garbage)

IDIOT! * Claimed SS would go bust by 1988!

Seriously, is this a 'satisfied smile' or a medical condition?

So who's organizing the elderly to protest this Bush SS turd?

After 35 years of activisim, here are my personal feelings.

Latest offering from Steve Bell

. . . it apparently takes a village idiot . . .

The "Liberal Media" strikes again! Right Wing Rag to debut:

Hitting the Tax-Break Jackpot (This is infuriating)

Joe Lieberman joke, inspired by Malloy

Think Private Social Security accounts means it's YOUR money?

Is there anyone here who agrees with Bush on Social Security?

Tell your kids the facts about Bush's social security plan.

Its depressing waking up with Amy Goodman in the morning

Leave Lieberman alone!

The Male Perception of Women

WHY Does Bush Want to Bankrupt Middle Class & Send Elderly to Poorhouse?

I just donated $50 to MoveOn to help them run Social Sec. tv ads.

Laura's youth initiative (Passport to Manhood) gets off to a GREAT start

First they came for Ward Churchill then they came for you

PAYOLA – YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! - (gannongate, ink-for-pay)

WMD, the Movie: Coming Soon!

Trying to make my peace with Ward Churchill and 9/11...


My Uncle is being paid $2K per day as a Contractor in IRAQ!

Trashy America

Total Information Awareness and blacklisting of citizens. What's up here?

Democrats missed a golden opportunity

What will the final Iraq War death toll be for the US?

New Interview With Sibel Edmonds

You know what pisses me off?

I suddenly realized the most prophetic film of the last 50 years....

Fundies, Stupid emails, keeping our mouths shut

True Patriots: Ignorant Fundamentalist Zealots

Jeff Gannon story is gathering steam! Please rate up the Yahoo story

Tales Of The Closet: Why We're Not Going Back

I sure wish somebody would stop President Death

Any lawyers amongst us? Can we sue for breach of contract?

Is it time to SEPARATE usa into 2 COUNTRIES,blue half and red half?

FAIR Alert: ABC's Assist to Campus Conservatives

Are we truly POWERLESS to stop the coming horrors?

Right wing hate from pundits like Coulter, Savage, Hannity and Limbaugh.

Are Social Security taxes only paid by those who make 85K or less?

The only Bush I'd trust, is my own.

Keanu Reeves (Atheist) less doubtful about heaven and hell after filming

The Reality of the Hydrogen Economy-Hydrogen=Nuclear

here's the kiss .. oh, Joe, you little slut!

Doris 'Granny D' Haddock is in the hospital


I posted this chili recipe in the lounge before I knew Ohio

Plain and simple French toast

Newest *must have* kitchen appliance.

Some old recipes

The secret ingredient - Love (long post)

Mediterranean food junkie seeks recipe!

I made enchiladas for Mrs bearfan's birthday back in August

I got a new toy

What should I bake for the Super Bowl party?

Mixed Marriages

time for Canadian cuisine

Question about health care

My letter to my MP - Bill C-38

immigration question for Canadian DUers

SHIT going to hit the fan-British troops say US Soldiers Killed 4 Iraq's

Apparent Gas Leak Kills Georgian Premier

US firm expected to announce 240 lay-offs at Irish plants

Group: Biotechs Don't Deliver on Promises

Sunni Group Challenges Legitimacy of Iraqi Vote (largest Sunni group)

Judge upholds re-election of San Diego mayor

Iraqi soldiers dragged off bus and shot

Call to probe CIA ties to ex-Nazis

Freak storms lash eastern Australia, at least two dead

Pope's health improves steadily

U.S. 4th-Qtr Productivity Rises at 0.8% Rate(Slowed) ; Costs Rise 2.3%

Georgia's PM killed by gas leak

Jane’s warns of new terror group more radical than Al-Qaeda

Judge tells CIA to provide records on Iraq prisoners

IRA takes back offer to give up guns

In Speech, Bush Sketches a Bold Domestic and Foreign Agenda

Nepalese king bans press freedom

Initial UE claims drop to 319,000

Raytheon earnings up 20 percent on boost in defense spending

Mexican judge drops charges against four tied to truck deaths

Washington Post:: Participants Would Forfeit Part of Accounts' Profits

Salary for Mrs. Pataki's Aide Worries State G.O.P.

Wall Street Journal loses libel appeal (UK)

Abbas says Palestinians will call cease-fire

Bush Attends Prayer Breakfast

Report: MLK center needs $11.6 million in repairs

(San Diego) County to be asked to squeeze in 107K new dwellings

Wife Of Man Killed By Sherry Enema Surrenders

Rice Trip Seeks to Mend Fences Over Iraq

Voting System Manufacturer Sues (Kenneth Blackwell limited vendors!)

Iraqi soldiers dragged off bus; 12 shot dead

State (Maine) party committee throws support to Howard Dean

12 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Ambush

Five Florida Firefighters Disciplined (photographing strippers at station)

SD Tribune - Re-election of Murphy will stand, judge rules... (Donna Frye)

Howard Dean Gets Endorsement of Southern Black Democrats for DNC Chairmans

National Education Association (NEA) Endorses Dean for DNC Chair

Marines Fall Short of Monthly Recruiting

Insurgents launch deadliest attacks since Iraqi elections; 19 killed

Army investigates non-combat death of Oregon Guard soldier(very sad)

Large Chilean bank agrees to meet demands by U.S.

House GOP Shows Doubt in Bush Plan

Two Policemen Dead, 36 Missing After Attack in Iraq

Iraqi Vote Shows Shiite Party Leading

Car Bomber Strikes Foreign Convoy in Iraq

Woman Accused of Giving Sherry Enema

Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad

Spain may train Iraqi police

Former Connecticut Treasurer Released To Halfway House

Popes should retire at 80 for the sake of the church, cardinals say

US plans to maintain 135,000 troops in Iraq as it intensifies Iraqi traini

DOE Disinvites Buster Producer

British Troops to Stand Trial for Murder

Lieberman is supporting Gonzales according to Rawstory


Only One Side Told in Bush Soc. Sec. Pitch

2 Cases of Rare Sex Disease Are Diagnosed in New York

Strong Lead by Shiite Clergy in Iraq Vote

Shell Oil Cuts Reserves Again

Bush plans to cut local govt funds...

Partial results from six Iraqi provinces show main Shiite party leading

Rebel at centre of Venezuela-Colombia dispute speaks of US involvement

(Bush visit) Fargo Commissioner On 'No-Ticket' List

White House's Hadley Names Two New Deputies (Iran-Contra Ties)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 3 February

Iraq Says It Nearly Captured Al-Zarqawi

(known anti-Semite) professor donated $1,550 to Speaker Dennis Hastert

Bush to Seek $2.87B in Mideast Aid

Democrats blast fine print of Bush retirement plan

Parents charged with starving baby to death are expecting another child

White House hosts 2 Israeli-Russians wanted by Moscow

WA Rep. gubernatorial candidate still receiving protection

DFA members banned from hearing President Bush in Fargo, ND!

Wolfowitz Says No Nationalist Insurgency in Iraq

Two marines killed in Iraq

Russia to launch Iran spy satellites: report

Tories Revolt & Liberals Squabble Over Canadian Gay Marriage Bill

Gonzales Wins Confirmation as Attorney General

Mandela calls for action on 'unnatural' poverty

Allawi's government decried as corrupt

Iran 'nears bomb production'

Troops unable to be treated for skin disease in Iraq ...

Author, entertainer (Kinky) Friedman running for Texas governor

Key House Republican shows skepticism about Bush plan

Rice slams Iran human rights record

UN oil-for-food process 'tainted'

First Lady speaks urges young people to avoid gangs

Ex-Priest's Defense to Call Psychologist

Byrd, 87, may try for record (and run again!)

4 Halliburton contractors working for Kellog & Boots killed in Iraq....CNN

Iran Condemns Bush Speech on Terrorism

[Reuters] Annan Will Discipline Head of Oil-For-Food Program

Special forces offered $150K to reenlist

EU Lawmakers Want Communist Symbols Banned

New evidence: Enron was scamming years before energy crunch

(Social Security) Participants Would Forfeit Part of Accounts' Profits

Pagan group gets the boot (Told they Could Not use Inn & Covention Center)

Soldier testifies conditions at Abu Ghraib were deplorable

Halliburton "has won a tender to drill a huge Iranian gas field."

Global warming: scientists reveal timetable

Rumsfeld Says Election May Embolden Iraqis

Georgia interior minister says Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania found dead af

Sparks fly in Legislature over Reagan tribute

U.S. House blasts EU's policy shift on China

US 'war is fun' general rebuked (By the US Marine Corps)

Dems rally against Social Security plan

Chechens 'vow Beslan-type attacks'

Iowa DNC delegates endorse Dean (including Vilsack, Pederson)

Norwood bans internationally acclaimed book

Rumsfeld tried to resign during scandal....

Wash Post has updated the SS story for a (BIG) correction

Washington Times apologizes for [anti-Semitic] ad

Poll: Catholics favored Bush over Kerry

Bush Plan to Limit Lawsuits Moving Fast

GOP fundraiser for 'Adopt a Sniper' shut down at college

Ben Stein on Loveline

Clinton v. Bush

Australian accents are sexy.

My 300th post. BFD. Don't ask me a damn thing, If you dare.

Artist Evaluation: The First Clue

Anyone else have a really bad cough with no other symptoms?

Can we go looking for....

Give me some M. I need some M.

"Daybreak"Help For Those Dealing With Unwanted Homosexual Issues.

eBay bidders suckered on (Simpsons) Duff Beer

OK, the fun's over.

Paris Hilton wont be charged in pocketing her homemade sex tape w/o paying

I want you to prepare for me... a Brandy Alexander.

Are we all losers here?

Warning: rant.

Generals gathered in their masses. Just like witches at black masses.

Something that bugs me about seeing bands perfom live on TV:

He seriously has to go ....

Is anyone else going to watch "American Dad" this sunday ?

It was $&*%@ Letter of Intent Day today and my NET went out!

Alright children.

If Lieberman is the Emperor and Cheney is Darth Vader, then who is Bush?

Some favorite T-Shirt slogans

Absense of Malice,

Looking for bank ripoff info

Let the nightly licking begin!

Does your doctor make you sign an arbitration agreement before treatment?

I need to say something. To those of you who would

Whatever happened to Sucaryl?

BarackObamaAutograph-gate Vs. JoeLiebermanKissing-Gate

Al Franken audio and more at my blog.

what was the good news of today?

Does your doctor make you sign an arbitration agreement before treatment?

"Drinking Liberally" - check this out!

Go To Bed NOW !!!!!

Moi, aka Babylonsister, Feb. 3rd.

5 punished for fire station hi-jinks

President Bush Protests against Arms Manufacturing Industry

Does your arbitration make you sign a doctor before treatment?

"Citizens Against Nude Juicebars and Pornography"

The line for the Pity Party starts here

Laird Hamilton at Peahi... wow, is that cool or what

MSN Messenger hit by double-whammy worm

Dead Hedgehog Costs France $5 Million

"If I told you that you have a great body, would you hold it against me?"

Where is this check coming from if SS is bankrupt? ? ?

Help me get out of the 700 club...

good morning everyone!

I have stupid mind fog this morning... Who was it that voted AGAINST

SHIT! i think Hedges stole my wheel mouse!

Man Sleeping In Meth Lab Car Arrested - Parked In Front Of Jail

how many times do you hit the snooze button?

I just finished studying for my Political Science test. Ask me anything.

Ho Hos or Ding Dongs?

Is Delaware the only state with Memorials on the back windows of cars??

A bit of good personal news to share with the DU folks

American Idol is so...SEXIST.

I hate the fact that my mouse at work doesn't have a scrolly-wheely-thingy

Is Bush a dirty word??? My 10 year old wants to know!

Nude Stripper Photo Shoot Get Firefighters Suspended

Woke up, fell outta bed, realized my country was dead...

Cartoons...Need them for my RW brother who keeps sending me

So I come in the office and notice my scolly-wheely-thingy mouse is gone

Soooo - who in Texas will vote for Kinky Friedman for Gov?

Still gotta go with Ashlee Simpson

trash your tv

The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings reveal 88 si

A Delicious Moment Of Irony To Report

Study: Drivers Who Chat On Cell Phones Drive Like The Elderly

Happy Birthday Morgan Fairchild!!!

Full-time workers: How long are you away from home on an average work day?

Coincidence? NSMA hits 45,000 posts on Morgan Fairchild's Birthday?

When cloning goes tragically wrong

Star Trek spin-off TV series axed

Top Ten Surprises In George W. Bush's State Of The Union Address

The ultimate "Chuck" poll

Watching a city block burn down at this moment

People Sending Ski Jackets, Viagra To Tsunami Victims In Sri Lanka

Women Arrested For Bringing Laxative Brownies To Work

Teen Auctioning Himself As Prom Date Gets Kicked Off eBay

How many times a year do you call in sick and really aren't?

I have named my tri-focals.

The names of people who send me porn spam are PRICELESS!

Concert canceled after owners learn of band's former name (Burn The Priest

What's your reaction when people come to work while ill -- and contagious?

Jesus Gay Spongebob the Builder.

George practicing his SOTU address

Vatican promotes evolution (positively)

Town Meeting Ends In Wrestling Match - Repuke Got Violent

Rock on- gold dust woman. Take your silver spoon and dig your grave.

snow brings out the best in peopLe

self delete

Personally I think what was missing in Bush's SOTU tonight....

Funny commercial starring the governator.

My eyelid has a mind of its own...

My dog prefers to be hand fed by a woman in a scenic location

So who else is wearing their DU shirt today ? or,

Cat problem: advice needed

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


To those who have adopted a dog through a rescue,

!This is my 10,340 post!

Obama is a traitor!

Can I raise a practical question at this point?

This morning I received a call from the prettiest girl in the world!

Who wants to make me some pancakes?

I've been a member since 12/11/03 and still don't know how to post a pic.

Any other NYC DUers make it to the Keane concert last night?

This is a SAX THREAD! Lock it!

This is a SUX THREAD! Lock it!

Any Loop Guru fans?

This is a SOX THREAD! Lock it!

I either need to die young or get wealthy fast, apparently.


2000 posts? How the heck did I miss that???

My new sig image - Check it out

Please take Dr. Lorca's Oath of Green Blood with me now!

The Barracks Door - funny funny!

The day the music died?

AGP Graphics cards....worth it?

When Bush speaks at those stupid town meetings...

When will Skinner tell us we can have fun again? The agony!!!

Paul is Alive

I have a thread title question

DUI Prosecutor Pleads To Own Drunk Driving Charge

How many neo-cons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

OMG! LBN is hilarious today (2 stories)

College Republicans' "Adopt A Sniper" Display Removed

Photo of John Kerry really, really, really enjoying tonight's SOTU

Standing in the dock at Southampton,

Here's how the Sopranos will look like when edited to TV.

"Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a Goa'uld?"

Paris Hilton Avoids Charges For Sex Tape Theft

Be a prostitute, or lose your unemployment benefits?!

Don't FUCK with Dolly Parton

Hey, remember when Gary Payton asked for Barack Obama's autograph after...

It was all a dream! President Bartlet, not dubya, gives SOTU!!!!

BEST LINE EVER!!! From BuddyHollysghost:

Avoid "JUNIPER VISA" at all costs.

What does "Asshat" really mean?

Thanks alot DU - Laura and West Side Story

WOO HOO, ELAD!!!!! All features are working

Aw, HELL! Bush kissed Condi after SOTU and some bastard had a camera

Just when you thoiught you'd seen it all.. .I give you Mini Kiss!!!

YOU wanted the littlest, you got the littlest... MINI-KISS

The official "I apologize to Barack Obama" thread.

i'LL take "the rapist" for $200, aLex

Who is your favorite Gallagher brother?

Free Republic thinks it's rally inspired Iraqis to hold overseas election

*SNAP* The rubber glove of CAPTIONs

Fan Melee Erupts at Girls Basketball Game. The Horror. The Horror.

Woman Accused of Giving Lethal Sherry Enema

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and the SOTUS. As AAR pointed out:

I have a Ted Coppel question.

Wanna have some fun???


Hey Seattle DUers! Visiting in March

Can you believe..both my kitties just ate......

If DU were to have a convention, how many fistfights would break out?

if there's one thing i'LL take from DU today

Can you tell why I love the luge?


"You have an Oedipal complex!"

Precognitive dreaming.... or at least I hope so.

biLL cLinton's diary?

Your vote for worst show currently on TV.

Why don't they put Primetime Glick in primetime?!


You know what I find incredibly fun?

Ladies! In this new Age of Bush, kindly learn this 1960's "recipe"

smoked monkeys

Freeper: Clintons in bed with Osama, Saddam


Freecycle. Rarely is anyone giving anything. Lots want to "get".

Brass Monkeys

Speediest feeding mammal revealed as a mole

Woman, 108, Loved Running Over Nurses Feet With Her Wheelchair

Any DU'ers from Cleveland??

Call me twisted -- my song for Falun Gong

Ever met a feminist who only dates chauvenists?

Oli North and Randi Rhodes having a lovely little Chat!

My bad day just got 150% better

I burned my finger on the stove.

Who thinks that Kinky will beat Rick Perry in 2006?

The real Macbeth was not all toil and trouble

I owe my soul to the company store

Tori Spelling's TRIUMPHANT return to TV next Saturday

Would you buy this painting?

Help!!! What's the plural abbreviation of Mr. (Mister) ?



By the way...

I got a free 'Amnesty International' sticker in the mail today.

Bowl week beacon for escorts

Just for Fun - TV lines that always make you laugh

For you Beatles fans..........

Woman Runs Over Her Husband - Drags Him 415 Feet

Riding on the City of New Orleans,

Another of my cartoons is on Bartcop

I think the little old lady across the street might be Ned.

Bisexuality..I don't get it

Laugh of the day: Fox poll rates last night's SOTU.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Top Ten most Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper is Down

Woman Confesses To Cheating On High School Test 47 Years Ago

In LA on business.. need local advice

The party's over, looks like hockey season to be cancelled

What are the 5 best lists of all time?

Bicycling. I don't get it.

What are your 15 best movies of all time?


Air America back in LA on 1150 KXTA!!!!!!!

"Daybreak" A very prophetic film.

Freakin' PUGS!

I lost the key for my generic locking gas cap

28 days till spring training begins

So how many democrats wore purple and dipped their fingers?

Heterosexuality...I don't get it

Dear Abby

Flamebait..I don't get it.


Celibacy...I don't get any.

My friend just got laid off again, 2nd time in 9 months

Metrosexuality...I don't get it

I'm meeting GOPisEvil on Sunday and you're not.

AAHH! Religious nuts in my class!


Microsexuality...I just don't get it.


Took a look at the paper this morning

Attack of the Faux News Falafel!

Hey MonkeyFunk! How's your neighbor?

Anyone hear this guy, Village Voice says he's the Woody

I could swear I saw Bill O'Reilly here!

George Bush is God at Democrat Underground!

Black people love us!

A funny computer virus

It's starting to seem like a game of Galaga in here now!

You're quick with the trigger, Big McLargehuge!!!

Awesome sight (site)!

Star Trek

Matcom, Where is Matcom?

I wish I could remember

Borschtiality...I just don't get it

Bestiality..I just don't get it

Say, can I have some of your purple berries?

What's a polite way to tell a woman her zipper is down?

Anyone really familiar with buying a horse?

Can We Retire the Joe LIEberman avatar?

William Shatner (*Strange Content*)

Favorite Sports Talk guy?

men and their pies!!!!

There are alot of FReepers popping up suddenly!

Proposal for DU Freecycle group.

This is the greatest and best song in the world

For those who could use a good(bad) laugh today.

How was the SOTU?

REPENT Before it's too LATE!


Barbara Boxer and my husband

Click this link for fun.

Why are ex's so stupid?

Anyone really familiar with buying a hose?



Yummy German food!

My retired father went job-hunting today

Goodnight all.

Anyone for a "Home-for-lunch Quickie"?

Listen to this: Pet Hamster!

Passive aggressive posts...I don't get it

oh my vague sense of some universal order

Is Europe More Racist Than The U.S.?

All the girls are monsters.

Living Wills--would you do one on line?

Did anyone catch the final installment of Inside Auchswitz last night?

What The Super Bowl Teaches Us About Men Touching Men

For my 6000th post, I would like to just say

It Looks Like They Are Remaking "I Dream Of Jeannie"...

Who needs a Garlic Press?

Which song has more archaically sexist lyrics?


I don't care what anyone thinks...Joe Besser was the funniest Stooge!

Monosexuality, I don't get it,

Have you heard about the latest anti-depressant?

god DAMN it.

I think the little old lady across the street might be bread.

metroplexuality. I don't get it.

New addiction: Gilmore Girls. I need therapy. And a Job. HELP!

Today is the day the music died.

"So long, farewell,"

DU Links: Connect the last letter of a DUer to the 1st letter of another

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice) Flashes Airline Crew

Any news on Andy in DC? Did he get to a doctor? n/t

Wife Of Man Killed By Sherry Enema Surrenders


Venue Cancels Metal Band's Appearance

moron of morons

Okay - who is meeting me back here at 8:00 eastern time for cocktails?

1000 Arten ein Bier zu öffnen!!!

Post covers of bizarre albums.

It's a boy!!!

We should turn Wyoming into the focus of liberal immigration.

Uh-oh, pre-migraine aura...those dreaded zig-zaggy neon lights

South Dakota opposed to topless juice bar

Check out McDonald's ridiculous banner campaign on ESPN

Advice Pls---Am I being unreasonable, or am I being taken advantage of?

We are....

Dean Wormer dead at 72


The Nicotine patch, my dear old friend. Can't wait for the dreams tonight

Am I huge DU flirt?

which solo instrument would you rather hear?

What is a polite way to say that you quit a job because it sucked?

Whatz Yer Bloody Mary Recipe?

Who Should Give The Next Democratic Response to the SOTU?

Top 5 Rock songs of all time

Aw shit! I'm going to be rich! :-)

Okay, I just am not in the mood to give a brand-new

PC Gone Overboard Again - "Crazy" bear pulled from shelves.

Can I tell you why I love the lounge?

Anybody ever use Microsoft Front Page to do a web site? Or any

When I come across things I find offensive,

French Gallary 2

How do I get the woman of my dreams to come and visit me?

NBC to replace Katie Couric on Today with George W. Bush!!

From the DU archives: "I inherited a mixed animal from Uncle..."

Poll: Where were you during the Deranged Chimp's State of the Zoo Address?

"Oui need diet help"


Lets see how old you really are......

How can my husband put on weight (serious question)

"Oh God...did you eat all this acid?"

Please...Caption This

Anyone really familiar with buying a house?

Bifocals...I don't get it

Any Microsoft Excel experts here?

What was your first thread in the Lounge about?

Who really uses the scrolly-wheely thingy?

Just For Fun. Any Movie Lines That Always Make You Laugh?

DU needs more built-in smilies. Discuss.

Strange webpage I found

Tooth Quiz! Tooth Quiz!

Getting enough protein...

absolutely THE SICKEST go*%amn thing I have EVER SEEN - WARNING disturbing

Intro 189 - New York City Update

Animals skinned alive for fur

The Institute on Religion and Democracy

Communitarians or religious Communists?

If you pray, what do you think of the National Prayer Breakfast

Tell The Honest Truth If You Can: In Your Mind's Eye, Is Jesus A White

What is intercessory prayer meant to accomplish?

Nursing shortage?

Chunk of Universe's Missing Matter Found

"Drop the ISS in the ocean, and save Hubble"

Alabama Anti-Gay Bill Heads To House Vote

bill in Connecticut legislature to legalize same sex marriage

School Official Assails "Gay Lifestyle"

Revised Arkansas bill still bars gay couples from adopting

DNC GLBT Caucus Policy Statement

VA School Board Member Wants Schools To Promote 'Ex-Gay' Groups

Looking for advice: I have a good friend who I think may be in the closet

Happy Birthday Gertrude!

Great Idea for the Super Bowl.

Grandmother of Patriots' Brady Dies

Turn to the last page of your Official Superbowl Program

NHL owner expects season to be cancelled by Friday

Emmitt Smith pulls the plug

What do you think of this Opening Day line-up?

i hear there's a game this sunday

NBA All Star line ups to be announced in an hour

OK Eagles fans. Explain to me how the Eagles can win?

bought a black light to see if I could find where the cat has left a smell

cat problem advice needed

absolutely THE SICKEST go*%amn thing I have EVER SEEN

I got my new baby!!!

I have a very special request


Has anyone here ever contacted someone on the Other Side? And

Heard on Smallville tonight:

Thursday morning Torture Boy hearings

Multiple threads started today by people Kerry seems to be impressing

I can't take it anymore Lieberman voting for Gonzales.

This is a great pic

If I had money I'd make stickers for Put Kids First at

We need to get poster KerryGoddess a star

Kerry v.s. Romney?

"Drool-over" photography


I guess some "Democrats" would find "acceptable" to have Mengele as AG

You think the purple finger thing was planned?

Any predictions of how much money Dean will raise on his first fundraiser

Bush SS Plan: Faith-Based Retirement Plan.

Lieberman's Gonzalez Vote - Were the jews at Auschwitz really tortured?

Great site here:

The Yahoo message boards aren't exactly screaming "mandate"...

Has Ron Reagan said anything in response to Bush's dissing

Ok, Sen. Harry Reid did a GREAT job tonight.

Good site for help with talking with con's

US General: It's "fun" to shoot some people

2008 May Have "Virginia v. Va." or "NY v. NY" or "Mass. vs. Mass."

Operation Rescue's "Truth Truck fleet" to Super Bowl/Mardi Gras

Vote in these post State of the Union Address polls

Bush's cognitive dissonance (from sotu speech)

Don't forget the Center for American Progress instant response

Murphy says, "I am the legitimate mayor of San Diego."

Why bother investigating a mere $9 billion missing in Iraq?

PDA Advisor's Open Letter to President (a good read!)

Someone should shut up Ron Silver.

If a whistleblower came forward,

Facts and myths about Bush’s plan for Social Security privatization

It's a cold day in hell for Sen Mel Martinez

TX: Just Say "No" To Nudist Youth Camps

Finally, someone calls Bush out on his lies

Bait & switch..that's my SS PLan..G Dumbya Bush

Bush's SOTU: "stop frivolous asbestos claims"

"It is fun to shoot some people." Lt. General U.S.M.C.

Everyone hear about Bush's shill at WH press conferences?

Why did the IRAQI Woman at the SOTU seem so WELL NOURISHED?

For Moderates, A Chance For Subtle Protest (WP - SOTU)

Mary Cheney is writing a book. What will be the big revelation?

I haven't seen any other discussion of this

Myths, half-truths and exaggerations about SS

GOP at the SOTU (sieg heil)

Earth to DNC: The people want DEAN not more DINO!!!

Controversial Military Comments? - What were they talking about on CNN...

National Prayer Breakfast - C-SPAN Anyone watching this?

UN chief awaits fraud report

Cherie Blair's price

Bernie Ward: "It's about ENDING Social Security, not REFORMING it."

Lieberman on CNN: What We've Learned From Past Wars - Stay Until Job Done

Feingold, McCain move to limit attack ad funds

Can privatization of SS work if Comcast, TimeLife, Adelphia, and others

Have you or anyone you know ever been polled about politics ?

U.S. State Media

Blair faces revolt as ministers demand elections for Lords

The President who cried "wolf" too often: SOTU speech

Bush said he would "cut 150 programs"...

I missed it. What was the significance of the purple thumbs?

Did Dems Stand for Bush SOTU?

Democratic women speaking on C-span2

To the Democratic base: Get rid of the marionettes.

Call to Action: Compare to state of the Union

Tom Delay loves the smell of napalm in the morning.

Overheard At Ballys...

A letter from a Canadian friend

The other big SOTU bullshit story...the "impromptu" moment

History's hints for Democrats

Iowa DNC delegates throw support to...Dean (Including Vilsack, Pederson)

Britain's 10 best-kept secrets

Now is the time to get the Republicans on record....

This just scares me...

An Afterthought On SOTD (State of The Disunion)

Fight Back Against O'Reilly's Jihad Against Freedom Of Speech

The Democratic response to the "Class Warfare" meme from the Right

Forget the other shit - Bush is cutting SS by 1/3 to 1/2

Anybody got a clip

Question: if bond prices rise during inflation, and Bush won't raise taxes

cross-post: who is the other "reporter" NOT-Gannon

Wolfowitch weaseling his way out from Sen Kennedys blistering

Branding the "blue finger"

New Frame: Bush's BROKER Security Plan

CNN Poll: Bush wins converts among speech-watchers (BUT...A BIG CAVEAT!)

For Moderates, A Chance for Subtle Protest

Protest Now! Dubya's SS "Bamboozlepalooza" Tour of ND, MT, NE, AR & FL!

Republicans Hold Themselves Above the Rule of Law.

Motivations for the Lieberman kiss?

Question Since Mr . Bush is over 55

Question Regarding Social Security

and the World watched

ALERT: Byrd questioning Wolfowitz on C-SPAN - 12:30 PM E n/t

WP prints the truth: "Bush’s Social Security plan akin to a loan"

I understand Chimpy was booed last night

Kinky Friedman to run for Gov of Texas as an independent

Poll: Is CNN Moving in the right direction?

"Gonzales OK Could Be Seen as OK for Torture Rules"

While shrub is out on his SS tour, what is cheney plotting?

Was This Quote From * In The SOTU a Hint of the "Draft" to be reinstated..

Iran, Syria Dismiss Bush's Accusations


Have you read Lakoff?

"President Bush attempted a grand intellectual hijacking in SOTU"

Why do you support forced human butt-fuck ass pyramids?

Repub transparent strategy - appoint minorities that are right wingers

MSNBC: After the *'s State of the Union address, are you more or less...

C-Span Now! Talking Troop increase

So - how many times did he say "freedom" in the sotu?

Join others in letter to Bush Plan how to get out of Iraq

Does Bush owe the Religious Right? (from


At least some Democrats will stand up to this Reagan Worship..

Here is how Democrats put Bush & Repubs on defensive on Social Security

How will they get on the list of stock/bonds that are not "risky?" Hmm?

Kennedy Up Now Vote Coming Soon On AG

Obama on CSPAN now, RE: Gonzales nt

The Ultimate State of the Union EDIT that We wish * would just say

Ken Mehlman: "Millions of Americans came together in applauding Bush"

Sen. Byrd RE: Gonzales' memo"If the prseident veiws a law unconstitutional

Ron Reagan was great last night

The Democrats' "Finest Hour"

Gonzales debate thread day ...3? CSpan2

ALL workers will have their benefits reduced, "personal" account or not!

Insider Trading - The Key to Social Security Success

2005 State Of The Monkey Face (images from the SOTU!)

An e-mail from my buddy Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman ( Social Security)

Roll Call Now For Gonzales

England Tried Bush's SS Plan - Lost Billions

The Republican defense of Gonzales makes me ashamed that the GOP is an

Limbaugh, and the rest, eat your heart out! AAR!

Funny, kind of messed up story-

Fowler coming up on Franken

Is Orrin Hatch filibustering or what? He is going on forever.

The "Birth Tax"

Lieberman Voting for Gonzales. Lynch him and

"A little patience and we shall see the reign of witches pass over....."

audience for W and Clinton (after impeachment) SOTU

Lieberman is a traitor to the Dem Party and this country.

Retirees won't realize they got screwed until 2009 after * leaves.

george bush deserted his military unit to avoid a drug test

Check out this post by Rude Pundit on Bush's SOTU

The power of a public presidential kiss??? Lieberman...

McCain had every single tooth broken by the North-Vietnamese

Was Iraqi woman at SOTU an actress from Young & Restless?

Anybody ever get a pic of LIEberman SMOOCHING POS Bush?

They are rewriting history right before our eyes and we are defenseless

CNN.CON: "Hug Electrifies Speech"

Are you all listening to the Ollie North/Randi slugfest!!

If there are 41, we could have stopped him and chose not to.

Only Dem to not sign letter to Prez to keep hands off SSI - Ben Nelson.

A list of Dems who may support * in SS debacale

Do they have dirt on Lieberman?

George W.'s SOTU '05 Translated (Slightly Rude!)

Roll Call vote on Gonzales happening NOW!

To Get Your Money Back, You Need to Make 4.8% !!!!????


Gonzales debate day3 - thread2 - CSpan2

Randi was just asking about Clean Coal

SS Dismemberment is just a Corporate Tax Break

Senator Ben Nelson won't take a stand on SS

Dorgan on cspan Now re:SS

Okay, why are we not as organized as the Repuges?

Apology to Obama fans

Kerry's Press Room Open Again - Statement on SOTU

Study Finds Religious Polarization in U.S. Voters

Obama Says No To Gonzales

So was Reid part of the 1983 bi-partisan commision for the

Gonzales Vote Has Started

Talk Radio +the Political Process: Got a ?? for Al Franken ??

Anyone know if McCain voted or how?

9-11: Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble-new article by C. Schwarz

Why do same sex marriages have to be "legalized?"

Did Leiberman decide to approve Gonzales before the kiss?

Senator Reid starring in "High Noon" ...stands down the Anti-NewDeal gang

Strong Lead by Shiite Clergy in Iraq Vote

Spaced...The Final Frontier...Bush Trek

The State Of Their Union - Bush kisses Lieberman (pic)

Gonzales 36 nay 60 yea

Words I hate to hear or read...

So when do you think we will get some answers to these questions

New buzzword for Bush**'s 'legacy'......

Why did Feingold vote against Gonzales?

100% of "no" votes were Dems!

Did Bush bring up the $250K death benefit for KIAs in his SOTUS?

Who are the nine defectors? Lieberman, Bill And Ben Nelson,

Did Lautenberg, Inouye and Murray, Corzine or Conrad vote?

G.E. & Halliburton leaving Iran.... What do they know?

kerrry's spine?

Interesting "Infographic" on the difference between exit polls & results..

What Dem in Ct. could give Lieberman a run for his $$ in a primary?

Anyone got video of the Bush/Lieberman kiss?

PLEASE read this info about Social Security

Krugman v. American Enterprise Institute

Judy Woodruff, may you

John McCain spent six years being tortured in North Vietnam. Fuck him.

Great NYT article. Democrats, don't sell out rational secular values.

Progressive Dems' Respond to the State of the Union

Lieberman, as expected, is a SELLOUT on Gonzales


Rick Santorum on CNN now says SS crisis costs billions Ahem.

Why don't the Democrats get a clue in the SS debate?

Lesson from Today. There are NO Republican moderates.

Laura Bush: My husband and I read newspapers in the morning

Quick ! Go to Lou Dobbs' CNN website and vote on Bush' SS Plan

We Can Expose Bush "SS FRAUD" All We want, But it Won't Work !

Why are our Democratic legislators letting us down on Social Security?

Upon Request-My Fave SOTU Moments-includes the jeers

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