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Archives: February 28, 2005

Back home, expatriate finds U.S. mired in fear

When Is Stealing not a Crime?

A year after Aristide ouster, Haiti is remarkably unchanged (ChrSciMon)

Rhetoric in the Air; Reality on the Ground

Luckovich on Press Credentials and Mandate Gannon

Potemkin World… or the President in the Zone (TomDispatch)

Excerpts from Second-Rate Nation

Herbert: It's Called Torture

How to Save Medicare? Die Sooner

Democrats.Com asks why media does not expose Bush earpiece

great media cartoon - the question of the day! :-)

How much revenue does each income tax bracket generate?

Skinner et al

Just lettin' you guys know...

LBN Thread Merging Feedback

How is this thread out of control?

"Israel threatens to attack Syria"-- Daily Star, Pakistan

VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA needed to save our democracy!

"Election results still troubling" article in Ukiah CA paper

Oh-Oh! "Voter" Fraud Alert!

Another attempt at a get together!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune printed letters re Jim Ramstad op-ed

Need help hooking up DVR to TV and digital cable box

Santorum squirming? Personal account of SSI forum

uggabugga and bagnewsnotes

Debunking conspiracy theorists' paranoid fantasies about Sept. 11 . . .

CBS is doing a story on our troops. right now

My favorite person on radio

Laura Flanders AAR to discuss if VT National Guard called up illegally.

How many children left behind? A Standardized Test

Show about the sequel to Mein Kamf in on the History Channel

Ithacans Leaving For Canada

An intriguing ad campaign

Bring down the house Chris!!

This could be you

Razzies Honor Fahrenheit 9/11 Stars

Eberle a key 911 witness?

For a laugh - Old article about DU

My 1000th post

"It's like a mohel walking into the middle of Hitler rally ..."

The European Farce Vacation--How We Still Don't Get Other People!!

Nags on Mehlman : He’s totally straight and by straight I mean totally gay

Passion Of The Christ- No Nominations?

Meanwhile, back in Freeperville

Faux news and the oscars

Open Letter from Iraqi engineer to Dubya

Turdbits from Yahoo RE Oscars

Russia to Deliver Nuclear Fuel to Iran

Please help me settle a bet. Is Japan considered a western nation?

Peter Werbe Time!

Mother Jones: Digging In. A look at possible permanent bases in Iraq.

Clint's really pissing them off now! Keep those Oscars rolling...

What are these freaks going to do next?????

My (Barking at the moon) Social Security letter to Joe Judas Lieberman

"Our Great Leader" phrase?

Chris Rock is SLAMMING Bush!!!!

Anti AARP ad

I do believe it's time for FCC restrictions,...restrictions on hate.

Microsoft's AntiSpyware Program Thinks Firefox Is Spyware

No whites need apply

So what is the down side to global warming?? (Several Questions)

Who is your most detested politician of all time?

Caption this.... (photo)

All-Time List Of Worst "Human" Garbage

Piss Off - A Belgian novelty shows what the good people of Brussels...

Focus on the Canine

This Third American Empire (seeking input)

PHOTOS: AL-HURRAH!! Bush to open $3.5M Arab-language station in Europe!

Stupid idiot f**ckers LAUGHING at showing of Hotel Rwanda today!

Gannon Thread #1000. :-)

Congratulate me - I'm officially a WalMart-free shopper!

YOU MUST SEE THIS: GOP against privatization in 2002

Jef Raskin, Mac pioneer, dies at 61

Post Your Favorite Helen Thomas Questions Here!

Corporate Collectivism and The New Kulaks

GOP May Seek a Deal on Accounts

U.S. Pushed U.N. on Abortion Declaration

The Rough Justice of War

Top Former CIA Agent Condemns New Terror War

(Her) Syndicate runs edited version of Ann Coulter column

BTK Suspect Could Appear in Court Monday (suspect & victim both in USAF)

BTK suspect confesses to at least 6 slayings

Service somber at church where BTK suspect was leader

Pressed, Iran Admits It Discussed Acquiring Nuclear Technology

"Israel threatens to attack Syria"-- Daily Star, Pakistan

Terrorists of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Kidnapped High-Ranking Officer from

Stand up to protests, BBC director urges (unlike U.S.)

"50 British troops face prosecution over Iraq abuses"

Bison back on nickels

KS FEB-27-2005 Source: BTK Suspect Confesses to Killings

WP: Governors Urged to Reach Deal on Medicaid

US behavior creates human rights credibility gap (US Human Rights Network)

A Few Good Recruits, Injured Veterans...In Demand Among Contractors -WP

Belgians get scolding from Vito (Photo's of Bush were placed in urinals )

"Afghan refugees reluctant to go home"-- Daily Star, Pakistan

Grounded: Millionaire Stays Close to Home. Makes a Point About Privacy

Macintosh Creator Raskin Dies at 61

Thousands rally in Beirut

Clinton Urges Taiwan, China to Warm Ties

Alaskans sweat through long, hot summer

WP: Bush Weighs Offers To Iran

"Pakistan could be targeted after Iran" -- Pakistani politician

U.S. Military strengthens ties with African American colleges

Castro joins Latin American Left to celebrate first win in Uruguay

As suspected Nazi cases dwindle, government to cast wider net

Since it is Oscar night, I have a question...

Is Sixty Minutes making anyone else sick?

Will Michael Moore's presence be felt at the Oscars?

Indian food for lunch, buffet at the Majarajah YUM YUM , but I


So- I'm still a gimp.

I'm board

How come every time I "update" something on my computer

I need to borrow some UK people.

Which Film Should Win Best Picture?

I'm beard

I think Flintstones vitamins are helping my migraines

I don't give a shit about the Oscars. Anyone else??

Unfortunately, before the Oscars...there's Barbara Walters.

I'm beered

Special Computer Geek Poll...George W. Bush: Virus, Trojan or Worm

It's just an Althea and Donna kind of day ....

Come with me.

If some bullshit like "The Aviator" beats SIDEWAYS for

What is it with the goddamn sports? Is the Simpsons gonna be on tonight?

Beyonce is singing three times, and Antonio Banderas is singing too???

I'm bored.

Chris Rock Is.... ROCKING!

God, I love Chris Rock.

Is Chris Rock funny? I miss Billy Crystal!

Chris Rock is NAILING Bush!

Robin Williams is making every cartoon character gay - AWESOME!!

Will they pay tribute to Russ Meyer on tonight's Oscar telecast?

Who are the best actors/actresses who have never won an Oscar?

I'm done watching Oscars.

You know what movie sucked? Cold Mountain

Hollywood rocks

The Official Oscars Thread part I


LOL!! Robin WIlliams on SpongeBob!

Not a good night for Jesse Helms, is it?

The Official "Comment on the Multiple Official Oscar Threads" Thread.

I never noticed it before but man, Leo Di Caprio is looking GOOD

Want yet ANOTHER reason to love Chris Rock's intro?

Rock just said 'Passion... wasn't funny.' !!

The neighbor's dog visited my house today.

What a Wonderful World

***sniffle*** They grow up SO FAST!

Robert Anton Wilson fans?

Click THIS link if you dare!

Anyone want some GOOD news?

Cate Blanchett

Baby Pics

Wow, the Kodak Theater is EMPTY

Good Lord. And I used to like Counting Crows.

Psssh. Madsen shoulda won that. nt

I like nights like this here at ups my post count.

FINALLY! Morgan Freeman gets an Oscar..

WTF is the Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme being used in the Oscars?!

(Novell) Suse Linux 9.2 Pro x64 kicks some ass!

Tim Robbins has on a Peace Sign Tie

Another STUPID Poll

I'm broad

Why is the fun still over? n/t

Why are the nominees being lined up like a firing line?

Robert Duvall is a republican?

Rate Chris Intro

Who here remembers Rob Lowe singing with Snow White?

Anyone else notice Julia Roberts walks like a man?

baby got bible! (With apologies to Sir Mix-a-lot)

How much armor can Beyonce's necklace buy?

Really, really stupid poll

OK I'm a straight woman but Beyonce is HOT!!

Best director to win multiple Oscars, 1928-1956?

I love the creative genius of liberals! my daughter is sucking me in to watching the Oscars...

Sidney Lumet deserves this recognition.

Is it me or does anyone else find the Oscar Show BORING!!!

Bull-sleet! I'm tired of this sleeting weather!

Will the right wing censor CARLOS SANTANA at oscars tonight?

Oscar Trivia

Who won an Oscar that (in your mind) didn't think deserved it?

Will Scorsese ever get his Due from The Academy?

list of winnwers so far!!!

This just IN!!!!!

Pacino is WASTED!!!!

What political party should you belong to (a quiz)

The Barbara Walters Special.

Kate Winslet had her nose done?

Kids in FL need our good thoughts tomorrow.

Yay! Morgan Freeman!

What Song Are You Listening to RIGHT NOW

Johnny Carson montage at the Oscars

A toast to Morgan Freeman and Kate Blanchett!

I wanted Alan Alda to win.

Antonio B - please wash your hair

So - what has everyone been doing this evening? Did I miss anything?

This just sums it all up (Freeper quote)

I wanted Whoopie Goldberg to block.

Should we have more Oscar threads?

Is it me...

Damn! No Oscar for SUPER SIZE ME!

Oscars: The Lounge's Jeff Gannon

This is the Oscars from the audience.

Natalie Portman is freakin HOT!!!

Josh Groban and Beyonce should have sang...

Do you know what would put this OSCAR show over the top?

The official freeper heads pop over the Oscars thread

The Dog's Bollocks

This Web Banner Kills Me

Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Jackie Mason and Me

I don't know what's more boring...the Oscars or watching water evaporate

Some days they just come out of the woodwork...

For its 20th anniversary, I want Ladyhawke rereleased with a new soundtrac

Best director to win multiple Oscars, 1956 to present?

Hillary Swanks about to win. Right Now. Discuss

What Hilary Swank won best actress?

Why do they have to have Beyonce singing?

The Commie Song won!

Is it Live or is it Memorex?

Proposed: That George W. Bush is the Dumbest Man in Washington


My God, they paid tribute to Russ Meyer on the Oscars!

Hillary Swank!

Is paypal broken?

"Here to perform 'Springtime for Hitler,' is John Ashcroft!"

Is there anyone else here who doesn't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys

Breaking: Oscars sucking donkey dick.

This thread sucks & so do I... OSCARS

Will the oscars make the lounge go to Level 3?

The role I'll always remember Hillary Swank for

Charlie Kaufmann!!! Fuck yea!

possibly already proposed mathematical equation for Lounge

OK, come on Jamie!

Who do you think will win Best Actor?

This thread is about WHISKEY, dammit.

Is there a better Jamie Foxx picture than this?

Beware the Giant Cock (not dirty, FUNNY)

Adult Swim: Robot Chicken time

Million Dollar Baby -- almost a SWEEP!

Did anyone see her on Beverly Hills 90210?

Do you believe it--Hillary Swank has won twice--best actress!!

You gotta love Clint Eastwood

What is the big deal about the Oscars?

Tuesday March 1st: SCTV Volume 3 DVD box set (Schmenge Brothers!)


Attention Cream Fans.

Who is this Oscar guy everyone is talking about?


A gypsy woman told my mama, On the day I was born

I still can't get over that Hillary Swank is married to that guy who

Buzzy assed mufflers!!!

All you who knock big sporting events; it's my turn, the Oscar's SUCK

SuperMan is a Dick.

I sure as hell wish winter would go the hell away

Jamie Foxx might as well start getting out of his seat,,,

Sean Penn's hair

dig this Oscar dress!

Why does Clark Gable get top billing in "Gone with the Wind"?

Jamie Fox = Class

Listening to Eric Clapton's From The Cradle.

What are you watching tonight?


Fuck you all, Ashlee Simpson Rules!!

Official thread for ANYTHING but the Oscars...

Cons must be pissed to see Clint Eastwood...........

Wow, this Oscar telecast was REALLY boring.

What's the best Oscars-watching drinking game?

Ahhhh!!!! Josh Groban

Northeasterners...go to the liquor store while you can

this woman used to be the most beautiful in Hollywood !

Go Morgan. Go Morgan. Go!

Tell me all you know about Che Guevara.

Anyone else find Adam Sandler really annoying?

Adam Duritz is a mess

I have an announcement!

There's a Tombstone generator!!!

Do you do Horoscopes?

Million Dollar Baby Wins! Ha ha Wingnuts!!!

~~~LIVE MIDATLANTIC BLIZZARD THREAD~~~Part 1: The Nor'Easter Approaches

Who's hot tonight and who's not?

Watching "The Commitments" on DVD. What a great movie.

Chris Rock's comments about Tim Robbins & John Kerry

even seen dogs this fat (or fatter)?

If you were remaking Logan's Run...

77th Oscars = High School Talent Show

Where do nicknames such as "Peg" for "Margaret" come from?

Best Oscars ever, Chris Rock is my hero!

Your car's transmission?

All the old farts like me, do you miss the long gone actors at the Oscars?

new Barnes and Noble going up practically in my back yard

Scorcese is never going to win it......

What makes "Titanic" such a bad film?

Proposed: That Salma Hayek is The Most Beautiful Woman In Hollywood.

The Beatles never had "missles".

Can You Think Of A Person's Name... That's ALSO An Ordinary English Word?

Solar plane dream pursued

Ancient China's lore of sticky rice

Bill "Spaceman" Lee

Any ways to use more of your mind?

Hey Kleeb, Here's Natalie Portman

Vote on theme's for next month's contest

Congratulations RagingInMiami!


Oh no - could be worse than Bush...

Israel is blaming Syria for bombing in Tel Aviv

Chris Rock Rocks at the Oscars...

Canada may be going ballistic...


For those who missed it -- Maureen Dowd on MTP

If You Haven't Read This... You Should !!! - Conason

STANFORD: Progressive students start new think tank

would you vote for anyone who supports faith based initiatives?

Chimp thinks he knows when the cameras are on:'s Zack Exley working for Blair campaign-- known as

If Bush wanted to invade Canada, would Congress approve??

Revolution NOW!!! Paper ballots NOW!! Hand counts NOW!!!

The Brain Rangers: 60 Minutes: battlefront therapy for soldiers in Iraq

St. Clinton - Freeper's heads explode

Glacial Meltdowns Amid Global Warming (amazing before/after pics)

Call Tom Carper Day (Settled on a day)

Democrats Should Adopt The Mantle Of Reformers ??

Putin confronts Bush about Dan Rather

Biden says Hillary will be 2008 nominee

I really don't understand the Hillary infatuation....

The 1950s blacklist is back, and it's on steroids this time!

George and Vladimir's kabuki contortions

LA Times: The New Deal

Deadly Ignorance (Bush policy errors about needles and aids)

Money and Morality, Humanity and Harvard

Democracy, terror and fantasy

The Bush-Putin Mutual Admiration Society

How V2 menace terrorised Whitehall

Is George Will's $250,000 Prize Yet More Payola?

Americans should know more about chief justice

Galveston: Where Privatisation Failed

Crusader plants new seeds

The New Bush: Diplomacy and Death Squads

Secret Society(Tom DeLay, Tim LaHaye of"Left Behind" and the radical right

Privatization: the Bush magic bullet (JEB's Medicaid attack in FL)

Attack on AARP, Like 'Religious War,' Built on Either/Or Fallacy

Social Security Reform, With One Big Catch

Five days that shook world politics

America - Going Nowhere Fast

Seniors Draw Fire: AARP Prepares to Punch Back on Social Security

Is Dubya in the Closet?

Troops say it's hard to get medical care

Howard Zinn: what we can all do now

Basic Income Guarantee Versus the Corporate Media

Heads roll at VA (11,000 usa gulf war dead from Depleted Uranium)

In Vermont, a Town-Meeting revolt over Iraq war

One way or another, chatty Joe Biden gets himself noticed

NYT: Are Women Responsible for Their Own Low Pay?

Bush's Potemkin World

Robert Reich: Don't Blame Wal-Mart

Which website has campaign contributions by sector?

Paraguay Congress to decide fate of uncontacted tribe

Center for American Progress film series, "Reel Progress," 3/2 in DC

Eyes Wide Open

Proposed C-Span Group link from GD-Politics

Putin, Bush, Eason Jordan, Dan Rather

KPLY shakeup brings new faces to Reno talk radio

What's Wrong With CNN? (The Sunday Paper)

Immigrants take the jobs American's don't want..

Carbon rush at World Bank

Breakthrough in solar photovoltaics

New, clean solar power...check out the video...

Engineer believes hybrid vehicles will gain ground(Pimp my ride effect)

Thousands Died in Africa Yesterday

Death of a democracy (Haiti)

Is this a fox pas?

Top Ten Nitpick...

Thanks to the mods and admins, esp Skinner and Elad


Requested change to guidelines in the state forums.

How about another name change amnesty?

I believe this thread was improperly locked

Second request to implement guidelines for state forums.

Have you considered a Social Security "privatization" forum...

Why was this deleted?

This thread was locked for length, can we start a new one?


Can I get a clarification on why this post was deleted?

Thanks to the mods

Have you ever heard of "website liability insurance?"

Next upgrades?

I'm sorry I started an "I'm leaving DU" thread

why was my post deleted?

BBC (2/28): Meeting to bolster Palestinian leadership

Barabar Plett (BBC): Analysis: Suicide bomber puzzle

IDF distributing 'resident' stickers to West Bank settlers

Canadian Film: The Great Conspiracy: The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw

The Smoking Gun for US Government Involvement in 9/11?

Did we ever arrest any of the AQ airport support team?

Did Hani Hanjour get on board Flight 77?


Did you smell something funny in the air on Sunday morning?

Peoria Journal Star: Peoria's own red carpet event

SJR: Illinios awaits federal action on Amtrak

Chicago Sun-Times: Suburb mayoral races: some friendly, some fierce

Tribune spikes 'Boondocks' today for "presenting inaccurate information"

Two central Illinois soldiers killed in Iraq

Help! Can someone point me to the raw data link for exit polls? n/t

Got the link. Now can someone tell me how to read this stream of numbers?


Looking for fraud? Keep your eye on the Democrats

need a laugh? check this thread on Randi Rhodes board

Wasn't there an election offical who said that the machines are privately

Thank you so much DU'ers for the good vibes

Monday 2/28 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

New "Dean scream" needed on election fraud 2004.

Exit Poll Discrepancy

Did anyone tape CNN election coverage on election day/night?

CA: Repug Proposes Law Requiring Voter ID = Assembly Bill 1006

Calling all college students, faculty and staff!

Petition is here: The Trouble With Tabulators Part ll

"All OHIO DUers please read"

Question for William Pitt re: comment on early concession

Need legal type to read power of Attorny letters -- here

Notes from Election Fraud Teach-In in Santa Monica 2/27

My brief synopsis of the Santa Monica teach-in 2/27

SF Mayor Newsom: Hero or Yuppie Scum? Still undecided here...

Iowa Rep Jim Leach will be on Al Franken Show on Air America today

Creating an Effective Progressive Political Coalition/Movement in MA.

there's another storm a-coming

Anyone going to the mayoral caucus in St. Paul?

Another Big Day at the Capitol today

Al Franken wrote a LTTE of the St Paul Pioneer Press (and read it on

Hotmail problems

Single Payer Healthcare coming to Ohio's Ballot?

Amnesty International coming to Austin in April

Lisa0825, WestHoustonDem, ChicanoPwr

Chris Bell at March 2 Austin DFT Meetup

Okay Houstonites--help me out here

Just heard CEO of AAR say DALLAS!

Opposition to bill to prevent Illegal Immigrants from Dr. Lic. on

Madison DU meet-up

A DU ripoff site and Stormfront share the same layout

Someone please fill me in on whether there is a connection between

Millionaire John Gilmore's fight against a national ID

Your Papers Please

letters on “The New McCarthyism: the witch-hunting of Ward Churchill”


Hotel Rwanda

Since when is peace a bad thing?

For Many Vermonters, Iraq is on the Ballot

For those keeping track, we should hit 1,500 casualities today or tomorrow

GOP-Social Security needs to go

Interesting what RW talk show hosts do...

It's called TORTURE.

Anyone have a status report on

Helen Thomas compared to Jeff Gannon... (WTF!?!)

Signs of American Empire

Two central Illinois soldiers killed in Iraq

FOX News Manipulating AP stories AGAIN!

Multi-Billion Dollar National Demon Defense Shield

Sleazy Corporate culture vs Hollywood liberal bashing

The role I'll always remember Hillary Swank for


Jaimie Fox's speech moved me to tears

Who would you like to talk to in your dream tonight and why?

Did the Terminator "bumper music" bug anyone else tonight?

Voting Accuracy - which most legit - Presidential election or Oscar?

The part they cut out from this am's MTPress was about Condi's stilettos!

US Defense Dept: 'America Supports You' FREE at Vail

If and when the Patriot Act expires: An expiration celebration

Tom Tomorrow Explains the Gannon/Guckert/Man-date Story

My idea for a Democratic Ad to Save Social Security

Best Actress

drudge. What a dick. Just let the record show...

Patriot Act Clauses Used against Webmaster of SG1 Fan Website

Anyone see this thing about Kissinger being touchy about Chile book?

In case you were wondering what's REALLY important....

Best Oscars ever, Chris Rock is my hero!

Will tomorrow bring more RW attack on "Hollywood"

New Issue of 'Is It Treason Yet?'


An Economy Dancing With Disaster

11,000 US Soldiers Now Dead From DU Poisoning

Bush establishes a Tax REform Panel to recommend options

Just an average day in the Middle East

DU dissed in Boortz again

Chris Rock's comments about Tim Robbins & John Kerry

Thinking of Andy this morning

Cows hold grudges, say scientists

Freepers Oscar Thread Has Over 3,000 Posts??

Russia's spooky mania for its hero spies

Has anybody else noticed the similarity between Christian music & the

One Year Ago Today-Haiti Coup

How many bombings per day are ther in Iraq?

aack! They misspelled "morans" on the Top 10 C.I. page!

Cool Site: Evil GOP Bastards

Which man is President of the United States? PIX >>>

What Yakkers Get on Lecture Circuit (Dan COULTER)

A tin foil bonnet for the Michael Jackson trial....

John Ashcroft said it: Terrorism and Crime are no more

Seantor Ben Nelson on The Daily Show tonight


Christian "love & compassion" doesn't extend to prostitutes and drug users

" obvious forgery...designed to discredit the President..."

Anybody worried that our President isn't qualified to work at GAP?

Seperated at Birth?

funny numbers with the casualty count

Anybody see Bush make a snide remark

If Lieberman cuts a deal with Sen. Graham and destroys social security

Canadian Film: The Great Conspiracy: The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw

Someone left a "support our troops" yellow ribbon on my

plane tows Arnold sign over Oscars

What some Belgians think of Bush

Just a moment ago with a repuke here at my office...

Breaking The Necks Of Right-Wingers

We the People

the old american century site asks a question:

Knight Ridder: Flap over White House press corps is far from over

What the Republican Party really thinks of Social Security and

President Thomas J. Whitmore vs *

Criticism of Crossfire

PHOTO: Lauuuuura.....this is your connnnnnnscience......

"Gimme an F " : TAP looks at Bush's "free" press issue.

Express Your Hope and Outrage

U.S. Pushes U.N. on Abortion Declaration

Evangelical group targets London "Jerry Springer" musical

CNN Poll: Are you following the Michael Jackson trial?

Putin to Bush: You Fired Dan Rather

Do not under-estimate the support for Crusades

All Ohio DU'ers, please help!

Howard Stern wins top Rave award as Wired Renegade.

I don't care about the Pope (NOT an anti-Catholic rant)

GOP vs. AARP: Bring It On, I Say

Is the michael jackson trial following you?

Shrek 2 "Outed"

Delay expenses paid by group that sent elderly SS scare letters

A National Embarrassment - Chimp PIX >>>

What do you think of Vietnam games?

PHOTO: the Yellow Ribbon goes up on an American Freeway

Open letter to fat lazy old media re: GannonGate

Major General Smedley Butler: "War is a racket" - WPFW Pacifica

needs caption: bush* looking worse......what's happening here?

How is it the Afghans defeated the Russians in the 1980's

FCC: 'Private Ryan' not indecent

Oscar ratings beat expectations ,Marketwatch

As a republican, I oppose George*W*Bush

"Novak's Notebook" on CNN....

bush and bLiar LIED. Oh gee SURPRISE.

Bush's flight status in 1972. suspended and not observed new info

How much could the blogs raise against Lieberman in one day?

The corporate media makes me sick!

Man did I piss off a Reich Winger, and it feels so good!

Just heard the numbers - Last nite's Oscar show was the highest rated

total bizarre behavior in Kansas (from the BTK news)....abnormal stuff

Rep Johnson (R-Texas) ön syria: "I can fly an F-15, put two nukes on 'em"

I've kept this letter to the editor from my local paper pinned...

Howard Dean needs to have a serious discussion with Lieberman

Buying Newpapers

So, is Gonzales going to leave the curtain covering lady justice up?

Gannon reached waaaaaaaaay back to Gary Aldrich.

Progressive students start new think tank

If Hillary's the pick for 2008, I'm NOT voting for her.

If Romeo & Juliet was just written & up for an Oscar, it would be attacked

Hillary 2008 Poll - Where do you stand?

John Byrne of "Raw Story" was on the Ed Shcultz Show re Tom DeLay

Stop What Your Doing! Drudge has sirens up! OSCARS DOWN!

George Bush & Jacques Chirac: Love Is In The Air!

Rockridge Institute: Abortion Debate, Prevention vs. Punishment

WH Correspondents' Association defends Gannon's daily credentialing

What is the actual meaning of, "I got your back"...???

Perhaps I shoulda waited for the numbers department

RAWSTORY - noon today to report Delay's Newest Bombshell!

Sideways ribbons = subliminable message ?

LIMBOsevic Agrees That We (Dems/DU/Libs/Progs) Support the Troops

News, Good and Bad

More Than One Way to Kill a Cat (euthanasia) - Best Bush Satire

What of the anthrax killer? How about Steven Hatfill?

More US workers dissatisfied than ever; a article focusing on real people!

Here's the lowdown on Bush's "overtures" to the EU re Iran...

Why don't Conservatives ever take aim at soap operas?

US blasts middle east countries of this?!

AP Poll: "Americans are nervous about retirement"

Are churchgoing, 'all-American' people more trustworthy?

Blue T Revolution 2006

24 reasons the RW will attack Hollywood today

Let's Discuss Joe Biden

10 Commandments in public began as a publicity stunt? Who knew?

FOX News manipulating AP stories AGAIN!

What should be the name of the new Spanish group?

Coulter:"WH allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the

Speculation; Might Putin have given W slow poison?

We are now the "pajamadeen"!

So did Bush get his flight suit landing idea from "Independence Day"?

Just received this in my email box

Last night on our local TV news-mentioned Acxiom

Today's anti-climactic MSNBC headline: "Americans unhappier at work"

Another Department Store merger

US free media kicks Rather again - retaliation for Putin's statement

Christian Serial Killers

Tom Tomorrow's Latest -- Nothing to see here ...

Prediction; If Condi runs for POTUS, she'll do as well as Keyes did in IL.

Should we pay for corporate america's ID thievery wrongdoings?!

"Supporting the troops"

There must be a push to allow Faith and Liberalism to be compatible

Chris Matthews

BRAD BLOG: Feeney Caught Lying Again About His Association with Yang!

Anyone else fighting the "Who Cares, Anymore!" Blues.......

Heads roll at Veterans Administration

I'm a white male discrimination victim

As I read the article below re this BTK guy, I thought of all the

Bush's Approval back down to 50%

lebanon's government collapses

Condi's dominatrix fashion

Hey!..Falwell..Robertson..Gay Hookers & the president..HELLO..!?!?!?!?

James Guckert had sex with whom?

I am told Dean ""hates Rs and everything they stand for."

How's this for a Social Security Push Poll:

If the rapture happened today where would you be?

You know what sucks...

Army Calls For New Cannon Fodder - Musicians

S.256 - the federal bankrupcy bill

Why are you Pro-Choice?

Hilarity from the Moonie Times: public schools = communist indoctrination

Want to turn a Repub into a bleeding heart liberal? Do it with a uniform.

cripe - they went and prayed over Hillery's desk in the Senate

Will the "White males being descriminated blah blah..." threads never end?

Ward Churchill: A Neocon Test Case for Academic Purges

Did Bush get his hair dyed yesterday afternoon? >>>

My Sick Right-Wing Cousin's E-mail today! Right-Wing Love..

White House stirs debate on media tactics (Philly Inq. on Gannon)

I just saw "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" How depressing!

Is Rhandi back or rerun?

Does anyone know why Mike Malloy is not sitting in for Randi???

Excellent Op-ed by Robert Reich: "Don't Blame Wal-Mart"

Sibel's Way

Social Security's "Sleeper Issue" Exposed By Kucinich

How To Make A Republican Tell The Truth

Vietnam and Iraq Wars Started by Same People

Who Should Get a Show on Air America

Marching for Peace and Justice on March 19? Worthwhile or waste of time?

video of Dubya drunk in 1992

Did Bush\CIA plant the bomb that killed Hariri in Lebanon?

Surprising, I like to listen to Dr. Laura

When is MSNBC going to start promoting "COUNTDOWN" properly...

Before Social Security

FYI - post all your images here ->

Is there a place for Blacks in the Progressive movement?

Bush Down To 46% Approval ... (and he's taking the nation with him)

May I recommend the Spice House?

Britain and the monarchy

Russia, Iran sign deal to open nuclear plant

IDF distributing 'resident' stickers to West Bank settlers

U.S. to beam Arabic-language channel to Europe

Bombing in Hilla, Iraq kills at least 110, wounds 200

Ferrer rips 'pay-to-pray,' stadium

Elderly Americans Looking to Europe and Asia for Prescription Drugs

Trauma of Iraq war haunting thousands returning home

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 106 in Iraq (AP)

It's Called Torture - Herbert NYTimes


Tajikistan Elections Said Tainted by Fraud

NYT: Are Women Responsible for Their Own Low Pay?

AP: New Iraq Said Must Be Islamic State

Suicide Bomb Kills 115 Near Iraq Marketplace

DU dissed in Boortz again

Nuclear power plant in Bushehr 80 percent complete

Churches big winners in grab for micro radio

Spanish IVF 'adoption' scheme wins Catholic blessing

Harmony chief in offshore mystery

Inquiry into MI5 role urged

How V2 menace terrorised Whitehall


Scientist gets US grant for germ warfare vaccine

Personal Incomes See Biggest Dip in Decade (AP)


US senators opposed to amendment for possible Schwarzenegger presidential

Russian Nuclear Energy Chief Defends Iran Deal

White House Weighing Joining Europe in Offering Incentives to Iran

Attack on AARP, Like 'Religious War,' Built on Either/Or Fallacy

Daughter turns in alleged US serial killer (BTK)

British man pleads guilty to conspiring with 'shoe bomber'

Abortion Debate Still Tangled in Bankruptcy Bill

AP: U.S. Pushes U.N. on Abortion Declaration

Social Security “fright mail” targeting seniors helped fund GOP leaders tr

Bird Flu Kills 47th Asian Victim in Vietnam (Reuters)


January Income Drop Not A Worry (CBS - bush* economy is GREAT!!)

Riggs Bank to create Pinochet victim fund.

A Smiley Face on Social Security: COMPASS

Spying: NZ awaiting Israeli apology

Bush Weighs Offers To Iran (WH with Europe)

Putin wants army strengthened

Slaughter of eagles suggests illegal trade

U.S. Urges Judge to Dismiss Suit on Chemical Use in Vietnam War

Reality of Army turns idealist into a deserter

Most International Aid Wasted, Say Agencies (US & Italy worst culprits)

Ancient Earth Drawings Found in Peru

Mayor Threatens Fines for Wrong (Weather) Forecasts

Girl, 2, who must marry to pay for uncle's adultery

In Vermont, a Town-Meeting revolt over Iraq war (this is the future)

US may buy military equipment from Taiwan: report

Bush named year's 'worst actor'

Bush Tells Governors He'll Help With Medicaid Changes (unsustainable)

CNN Breaking-2/28 At least 25 Iraqis killed in Hilla

GOP senator (Rick Santorum) open to tax increase

Virtual Reality PTSD Therapy Awarded Research Funding by U.S. Navy Office

Crime rises beneath New York

Concern over mines in Iraq (U.S. remote controlled Claymores)

Gov. Bush touts Medicaid reform plan to Miami business leaders

Income Falls, Core Inflation Picks Up

2 Russian Reporters Challenge Bush

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 28 February

Wisconsin Town Reeling Over Closing of Lands' End Call Center

AP: FCC Says 'Private Ryan' Is Not Indecent

Iraq injuries differ from past wars: More amputations, brain traumas

Newsweek: Seniors Draw Fire (AARP - Info on next USANext attack)

'USA Next' Misappropriated Couples' Image for Anti-Gay Ad Campaign

Coalition Troops Respond to Baghdad Blast-Soldiers Die in Separate Incident

EU backs Russia over Iran, despite US protests

LA TIMES: Blacks Courted on Social Security

Blair: Hundreds planning terror attacks

U.S. cites human rights abuses in Syria, China, Sudan

Flirting youths outrage Iranian hard-liners

Alaska wildlife refuge's fate again hangs in balance (Seattle P-I)

Iraq suicide bomb kills at least 125

Single Payer Healthcare coming to Ohio's Ballot?

Cuba, Russia Work on Reactivating Ties

New report details politicization of Soc. Sec. Administration under Bush

Opposing agendas snarl Shiite, Kurd cooperation in Iraq

New policy enables automatic promotion to sergeant (Shortage)

In Vermont, a Town-Meeting revolt over Iraq war

Military aptitude test coming under greater scrutiny(Schools and Parents)

USA charts roadmap to change OAS Democratic Charter vs. Venezuela

DeLay PAC Lawsuit Goes to Trial in Texas

Report: Japan eyes manned base on moon

Poll:Americans Uneasy About Retirement

(AFP) Concern over mines in Iraq

US bankruptcy bill faces rough ride

Car Bomb Hits US Military Convoy in Mosul

Flap over White House press corps is far from over

Divisions derail Haiti one year on

Judge rules child abuse case 'trivial'

More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales

Lebanon's government is to resign - BBC

Intelligence Nominee Vows to Sell Stock (Negroponte)

Shift to the left in Uruguay sets off alarm bell in the US

Homelessness Plagues Many U.S. Veterans (500,000 homeless)

Newsweek: Iraq's Hidden War (Against Women Activists)

Police Say 5-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shot Mother

Officials: Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Hit U.S.

Saddam to face trial in a ('Hannibal Lecter-style') cage

Bush administration plans to promote abortion alternatives

Poll: Social Security plan support drops

Donors Oppose Senate Choice Over Abortion

U.S. Highlights Rights Issues In Russia

Sears CEO's pay skyrockets as sales fall (Bush donor)

Venezuela eyes U.S. military on Curacao

Gonzales: I'll Prosecute Obscenity Cases


University of North Carolina junior attacked in hate crime

White House Must Charge or Free Suspect:Jose Padilla

Women Adopt Frozen Embryos, Save Them from Science

Bush's cutbacks facing long odds

Terri Schiavo's parents ask judge to let her divorce husband

Texas to go after estates of Medicaid recipients

Stare At This Picture And See It Change Before Your Eyes!

An open letter to Bill Gates

OK, so my dad admits prejudice keeps him from seeing "Ray"

Best dresses at the Oscars?

I wish Hotel Rwanda would win an award. :(

you know it was a good weekend when you pick up over a dozen new friends

RIP Edward Patten, he was a 'Pip'

Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals,

One more Oscar Post & I'll be forced to

Hey Hey Mama. Said the Way you move.

Is there anything BESIDES the Oscars going on?

What's w/Zogby? Now he wants to know my astrological sign??

***All Oscar Threads Are BANNED As Of Noon Tomorrow***

speaking of "the simple life"

So, what are your Oscar predictions for 2006?

Blast from the past for Oscar Wnner Morgan Freeman (Do you remember?)

Bush got a Razzie along with Halle but didn't show up!!

Who Won?

Freepers bad mouth Oscar's!!!

Halle in tears again... for worst actress

Zana Briski's dress is a little loud!!!

Sean Penn defends Jude Law & scolds Chris Rock

Who needs the NHL, I got my mom.

I think Oscar is way to long and

It's official! I wish to announce that Kate Winslet and I are an item!

So, I was talking to my mother in law last week

How Many email addresses do you have.

my cat's sneezing like crazy...

Anyone Know Any 15-Letter Words?

SCREW Oscar, embrace the quiet dignity of the Official Felix Unger Thread

Boondocks bashes bush !

Robot Chicken.. Yea!!!!!!!1

Proposed: That RevActs_04 is The Most Beautiful Woman At DU.

Do you want to go to work tomorrow?

Thunder and lightning!

I have to get up in about 4 hours

Let's get Rockin'.

Wonder Woman!!! all month long on Boomerang!!!

Anyone have a link to watch the Chris Rock Oscar Bush Bash?

Just read about what is in "dog food" -- Terrible stuff

Storm Watch

What's a good PDA/Phone combo?

I won my Oscar party pool...15/24!

Music at the BBC.

If it snows just one D*MNED FLAKE, I swear I'll LOSE it...I really will!

Do you ever wonder how some people manage to survive?

Jaimie Fox's speech moved me to tears

Should the Iraqi's make the best of a bad situation and ...

Dookus' Oscar Rules

Anyone Else Disappointed By Chris Rock's Oscar Performance?

Ok...I'm tired of the Oscars. Now...on to the Tonys!

I'm Oscared out and I didn't even watch them......

Best excuses to use for a sick day.

Life's little ironies, Chapter 23: snow on my crocuses

Charles Bowles in the Gutter

Help a needy hockey player

HELP. I'm trying to set up Thunderbird

Ha! We passed an undercover compliance check!

Bar Plans 'Stag Party' For Prince Charles

One thing I was glad about with the Oscars last night:

I'm a big snow chicken

Computer Problems?

I Had a Thought in the Middle Of The Night

Heard on GMA that ABC recieved complaint calls about Chris Rock

Weather Alert

Police Arrest Suspect Asleep In Stolen Car

DUHbya gets an American Indian name (worth a peek!)

Good morning DU!

Watching the Oscars last night

A new twist on the "Nigeria" scams...this one involves "US Troops"..

I'm tempted to use the ignore button for the first time.

Do you ever wonder about completely esoteric stuff?:

"From Justin to Kelly" got snubbed AGAIN????

Should I change my avatar?

Is there a Chris Rock clip anywhere?

Do You/Would You Find Any of This Offensive

HST shot himself with his grandson in the house?

need do i post words with line running through them crossed out?

Thinking that says "Liberals/Democrats must be X" pisses me off

Could we all agree that we won't post images whose links

Hello, Ladies...

is it ok to borrow cool user names?

Do you shop at Wal-Mart?

Gee, POTC didn't win ANY Oscar?

I woke up to a blizzard this morning.

Boy 'crushed by giant snowball'

I didn't get a harrumph out of you!

I've gotten more done today in less than 2 hours...

I think Chris Rock SUCKED>>.your opinion

Firefighter Tossed Cat, "Mr Kibbles" Into Florida Everglades - Charged

I'm NOT wrong... this guy is a babe:

Moms in argument at Peterson home

It may be wrong...but damn, this babe is a guy!

Doesn't Hillary Swank know enough not to wear her dress backwards?

Damn! Why do some birds come back so early? Now it's snowing on 'em

People Trying To Sell BTK Killer Items On eBay

Mondays stink

So who can tell me about Oklahoma?

Congrats to whoever owned Rubyduby's Picks (Oscar Pull)

Well, I'm a douchebag.

HILLARY SWANK: All or Nothing?

Anyone know where John Kleeb is?

When it comes to eggs..... (does anyone know)

I never thought I'd get bored with my aerobics tape.

I don't care what you think, I like his voice.....

W of the Day-May 29, 2003

Austin TX area DUers - who wants to meetup before the protest on 3/19

Deadwood: Encore of Season 1 Finale Tonight, Season 2 Premiere Sunday!

It may be wrong... but damn, this guy is a babe!

I am the Peen!!!

Ok, what the hell is tattooed on the back of Jamie Foxx's skull...

Best Actress

Sphincter, in Portuguese.

All Hail the Fighting Illini--- 29-0 and outright Big Ten champs.

Law Would Require Actual Movie Times To Be Posted

Freepers Oscar Thread Has Over 3,000 Posts??

I just checked the DU Oscar pool....I think I won

I don't care if it rains or freezes, 'Long as I got my plastic Jesus

Teenagers from Mars, and we don't care


Drudge Holds Cow , say scientists

Did you see Barbra at the Oscars? She looked like BUTTA!!!

Cows hold Drudges, say scientists

Glenn Danzig Starts Fight, Gets Knocked Out with One Punch VIDEO

I dreamt last night that I was living in New York City in 1948.

Please post singers/vocalists/pop stars who you think CAN'T SING.

In Honor Of The Snow Today - Do YOU Remember The Blizzard Of '78???

BTBM'S Oscar Pics!

Seattle DUers - I'm on my way!

Tax pros - about home office deduction.

Anyone sign up for insane income beta testing?

Hedges insulted me. I'm hurt.

Hmmm...funny how news sites prioritize stories...

The good news and the bad.....

Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) "Not Proud Of Sex Tape"

Last night I discovered I was a 9 year old Black Labrador

What is "MSM"?

Last night I discovered that I was a 49-year-old Black Woman

If you have a sense of humor I need help...

Oscars drown in rays of blue

Which of these bands would you like to listen to right now?

Actress (Holly Robinson Peete) Goes Into Labor At Oscar Party

I taught myself how to knit yesterday. Weirdest part?

Internet Service Provider

Time to bitch: Who should have won an Oscar last night but didn't...

Once again, the Academy did not recognize my work.

I've been up for 30 hours now! Why?

For those of you that collect these's another

Are You a Neat Freak, Slob, or....????

Elephants Have Been Given the Vote in Thailand

Cows hold grudges, say scientists

Mrs. World pageant First runner-up__New Zealand's Sherin Peace

I've just been mesmerized by this: McDonald's Bathroom Attendant

Lost button!

Are we that easy to please?

Surprised I haven't heard much talk of "Scorsesese Snubbed"..

Keep you tax records for AT LEAST 5 years

Can anyone finish the following commercial jingle:

cats hate Bush

To express how I feel right now in song. I give you The Who.

They are getting rid of the GAYS in NY's Central Park?


Tell me something cool about your parents

Did anyone go see "The Motorcycle Diaries"?

What's up with Mike Malloy?

U2: The worst band in history, or just the most annoying?

CONFESS!!!! Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near?

hot mail trouble

Fun with Editing: A Case Study

Question about Steve Earle's Air America show

These Are So Undignified They Might Not Even Need CAPTIONS

Tell me something utterly BORING.

Worst bands ever thread.

I have a new son!!!

If Og is the nominee in 1900 BC I will not vote for him

Usher is TINY compared to Uma Thurman!

Allergy sufferers: some HEPA he'p, pleeze

Psychics check in!!!

"President Reaffirms Commitment To Diplomatic Options . . "

Happy Birthday-Chelsea Clinton, Ariel Sharon, Eliz.Taylor, & Ralph Nader

Baaa dap, Bah!

It sucks being sick. It sucks even more missing an important class.

trivia name the 5 Jackson Five

Pimp: The Backhanding - The Card Game

How can I post a pic of myself:? I want to start a show yourself thread

Old Maid--the card game Who Plays?

Is it possible to get a home equity loan with very low income?

Remember Louis Gossett, Jr.? His new movie is "Sleeping at the Oscars"

Am I emotionally unbalanced? (mild spoiler of a really old movie)

That's IT! I've had enough serious stuff from you guys! I'm off to GD!!!

Hey Ms Coulter?

Oscar ratings beat expectations ,Marketwatch

Mother Hid Drugs In Her Infant's Diaper - Arrested

Your favorite vodka?

romanian techno song video?

I was shrinking and look where it got me.......

Speaking of card games, has anybody here every played Fluxx?

Long Live Molvania!!!! - Funny Eurovision Song entry

My student loan was effectively terminated.

It took me years to realize "Titleist"

Is it possible to get a home equity loan with a sponge and a Fresca?

Svetlana Alliluyeva: 79 today

Agent Smith got a make-over

Just heard the numbers - Last nite's Oscar show was the highest rated

CONFESS!! What variety show did you watch faithfully when you were a kid?

Best Anthony Hopkins movie

Last night I realized that I was still in my mothers womb!


Do you speak soap opera?

Al, tell me something.

....and the next speaker at the estimatable Oxford Union will be....

Who Misses B-Sides?

I've reached the breaking point. I'm leaving D.U. for a few hours

I'm leaving DU because trumad is leaving DU becuase of all


A cat dilemma--- input, please.

I'm staying at DU because all the "leaving DU" whiners are leaving

Who's with me??

Dang my arthritis is flaring up

I'm Looking For A Drink

DU is leaving you!

Should I Wear White When Catwoman And I Marry?

fraternity test issues question -- wasn't there an expert here?

I'm not leaving DU

I'm not leaving DU.

Oscar Fashions, boredom

You don't leave DU, DU leaves you!

Air recirculation?


I'm Looking For A Link

How about some "Blazing Saddles" quotes?

Which member of Led Zeppelin Are you?

I'm leafing DU

I was thinking about leaving DU

I think the "random" setting on my MSN media player is developing...

I'm looking for a lover that won't drive me crazy.


I'm staying at DU in order to piss certain people off. Deal with it.

does anyone have a link

I'm looking for a driver that won't love me crazy.

Illuminati - the card game. Who has played/plays?

Thanks DU Scrabble-Heads!!

I'm NEVER leaving DU, dammit!!!!!!

Should I go to France

Which of these "classic" movie stars deserves an honorary Oscar?

I'm leaving DU my seven cats, my first edition of Leaves of Grass

I'm thinking about leaving DU.

I'm logging out of DU but only because

Well...let's hope tomorrow is a better day.

trivia name the 14 types of punctuation marks

Licensed to Ill, or Paul's Boutique?

You are leaving DU.

***Pictures of where you don't live***

What makes you unique...

Oh no!


Microsoft Messenger users...

To express how I feel right now in song. I give you "Dead Skunk" !

What are the chances I can switch my sexual ornamentation?

I'm leaving DU because of the I'm leaving DU posts.

What's the proper send-off for my pet betta Tiki?

Arrright, I'm feelin' TESTY. I'm going in!

My dog likes tofu!

Something Is Going To Happen.

Tales Of A 34-Year Old Loser

Dontcha hate when people say their quitting DU, they keep posting?

What is "sour stomach"?

Update on Kleeb: He is recovering from surgery for an appendix removal

I'm leaving DU

What caused Kleeb's appendicitis?

Okay, has anyone here heard of Les Barker?

I am leaving DU

Came upon a car wreck Sat night

I'm leaving DU cause Trumad is leaving DU

To all of you trashing Chris Rock


paternity test issues question -- wasn't there an expert here?

A slightly modest fund-raising proposal for DU!


Gas/Electric Hybrid or Diesel?

So, my son wants me to enter NIck at Nite's America's Funniest Mom contest

Will someone help me post my picture in the DU Gallery?

Since I just learned how to do this.....

Worldly table manners

Nuclear War -- the card game Who Plays?

I am the Queen!!!

Yesterday, my new fish committed hari-kari.

OMG! My baby likes Stay Free ads!

Why do most people "quit" DU?

I have been trying to get in touch with a counseling center.

What is it with people who never answer emails?

Billboards we'd like to see! (Warning: Lots of pictures)

Cold hard facts to deal with

No one knows what it's like to be the bad man.

What's the fastest way to get a >100 reply thread in LBN?

Who-hoo I'm ditching work tomorrow and...

b*sh has a personal web page!

DU in stitches

10 Questions...


What are you listening to right now?

Yo baby, peep dis hot new Rap Video!!! Controversial???

Name a made-for-TV movie that kicks most theater movies' ass

In the spirit of Cat Woman's post, how do you picture different DUers?

How often do you start to reply to a post and change your mind?

i am Leaving DU..... goodby to my friends

My mother's pissed off (and doing something about it)

Do you find people who type in all caps on message boards to be

OMG! I have a possible job opportunity that's tailor-made for my talents.

Man Taken To Hospital After His Pet Skunk Bites His Penis

What is your very favorite form of relaxation?

Police Taser Cat Then Fatally Shoot It

ok. Tell me what you really think about Courtney and Hole

If you're a Christian (and I'm NOT mocking you), what do you make of this?

What are the chances I can switch my sexual orientation?

I was thinking and look where it got me...

is lobster good?

I wanna know the most often misused or misquoted expresssions.

Baltimore/Washington DUers...

It's been so long...Flame Fest - Subject: Milk

What is the worst idea for a setting of "The Simple Life"

You’ve painted up your lips

If William Jennings Bryan is the nominee in 1900 I will not vote for him

Post Your Parents Birth Country

bridge-the card game.anyone else play?

Tails Of 9 Near Cold Lobsters

If you could look like ANYONE in the world, who would you choose?

I just HAD to share this GORGEOUS picture with the Lounge:

Post a Photo of yourself.

'Evangelicals cannot rule the roost'

Manuscripts 'treated as fossils'

Prehistoric Chinese knew use of diamond

Oblique View of Martian Polar Caps -- Amazing

Space Exploration - Good or Bad?

8000 years-old Workshop Discovered in Shahrud, Iran

Escaping to other dimensions....

Cuneiform Tablets Discovered in Haft Tapeh, Iran

South Carolina Anti-Gay Amendment To Gain Steam This Week

California Considers Ban On Anti-Gay Political Campaigns

Romney Brings Anti-Gay Attacks To Utah

Take immediate action: Support pro-equality amendment to faith-based bill

Next Move In Gay Battle Up To Episcopal Church Archbishop Warns

Tennessee Gov. Mum On Anti-Gay Legislation

Now there are numbers: Pentagon anti-gay policy forced out skilled troops

NFL combine-Ark. QB(?) Matt Jones 6'6" 242 lbs runs 4.41 40

Looking for Hot Stove Heaters

Kasparov draws with Anand to maintain lead after six rounds at Linares

Please disregard anything I said about the Pitt basketball team.

Should John Chaney be fired?

Any UCLA basketball fans here?

We're celebrating Frodo's 4th Birthday ~ today~Please join us!

Ladyhawk - I dug up a few pics of my Senegal to share..

We dub thee new kitty as....*drum roll*........Meet

'Rising sign' astrological charts--Anyone have them done?

Is there any significance to getting married under a full moon?

I am not an Atheist, I'm

Discuss the Rapture


Federal Budget Said to Shortchange Veterans

OpEd in Today's Herald by JK

What the hell is up with this poster?

Finance Comm. Tomorrow: Pensions Testimony

My venture into GD

I hate every other forum

Summer meetup status, anyone?

Is that Kerry in the DLC chamber?

Anybody catch Chris Rock's Oprah--JK joke on the Oscars?

Did everybody see that Kleeb had his appendix out?

Heros for uncertain times

Please post here...

The parade of the ignored

Kids' names could end up in police files (their pics taken by mall police)

Privatization and the 2006 Elections

My teenage daughter is very upset about ongoing racist radio program

A hammering editorial? Dems Forget First Amendment

Oh, Man...I Think Cheney Just Got "Out-Cheneyed!!"

SDU Daily Aztec: 'Gannon' a lackey in journalist attire

Case Closed on Robbery (It was the IRA) - Niall O'Dowd

Neocons are "Brilliant!"

Today is my birthday. Since you're late in FedExing something nice...

11 days before the election Bush* (in secret) signed new $137B tax cut....

Health care? Ask Cuba

The sorry fiscal record of a "conservative" administration

How many more WH/GOP/neotheocon plants are in the press corps?

CA Healthcare costs bill should go nationwide ! AB1627

Sex Edits...Texas middle & high school textbooks......

Can I get an Amen?!!!!!!!!!

Iraq suicide bomb kills at least 125 - wounds 150+

I think we would be better served...

Now is the time to pressure Lieberman!

criminal DeLay guns for "wacky" 9th Circuit Court (S.F.)

Rep. Grijalva Takes On Wal*Mart

What The Hell Is Up With All You Dennis-Lovers??

Imus This Morning With Jon Meachum

Live - Sibel Edmonds - Talking Now about Cover-up

Chimpy's Approval Numbers Plummet

Governor Dean in Mississippi tomorrow

Sunday Chgo Trib Mag Article on Patrick Fitzgerald Says About Plame ......

The Non-Coverage of Gannon. Remember How The Media

Regnery Screws Up: Publishes Non-Neocon volume.

Does this make Sense to Any of You?

What is your opinion of Sen. Ron Wyden?


WSJ: In Bush's 'Ownership Society,' Citizens Would Take More Risk

in Fl. 30,000 kids are in Foster Care -- 30,000 give or take -- 30,000

Republicans and the Media

Next time some wingnut throws his 'Bush country' map

LOL - Was Delay With God At The Four Seasons ?

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Aristide!

Did you see Boondocks today? >>>

LA Times, disinformation on Madrassas on p.5 under "In Brief"

Is this Clark or Kucinich Underground?

Air America ceo Danny Goldman's political donations

What GOP Nominee Would You Want To Face? Who Would You Least Want?

Anyone else see the blog at dKos on Bush's TANG records?

"Jeff Gannon's" Psychopathic view of "GannonGate"

Define "Democrat." Define "Republican."

If Hillary had a chance of winning in '08, the media would be telling us..

How much does it cost to run for office?

Hollywood and Politics

The Democratic Underground Low-Power FM Radio Network

You have 15 minutes with DNC head Howard Dean: Whatcha gonna ask/tell him?

If there is another terrorist attack, what kind of attack will it be?

Christian in Name Only; A Clash of Civilizations?

Gallup poll: Bush losing the Social Security debate

Has GW done anything positive for the average American?

Failing SS proposal + Karl Rove = NEW "no specific threat" from bin Laden

Terror alert! Terror alert!

Mark Warner on C-Span 2 right now...

How long after 9-11 was Patriot Act introduced? around a week, right?

Let's talk taxes (policy that is)

New Group Proposal: Useless Presidential Preference Threads

Where's Dick? Last sighting was 2/17 >>>

Trotting out the "Credible but Non-Specific" Terrorist Threats (CNN)

What the heck is wrong with Joe Lieberman???

Feedback on Iraq "war" panel

4 more Dead till it's time to Raise Hell again (1496 U.S Dead in Iraq)

Rawstory: Senior scam run by group who bankrolled Delay

Clark/Richardson 08', what is the feedback on that ticket?

interesting plan I saw for ssi fix.It makes sense!

All these 2008 threads are tiresome

"Universal truths"?

I need a few Lebanese blogs.

I was rejected by a Christain BBS......

A good article about Edwards's talk in Florida on 2/26 from Sun-Sentinel:

Here's your problem: it's 2008, the Hillary and a 'thug are up...

PROOF! E-mail sent to NPR Can Help Change Language used!

So What Happened, Rush?

have I missed something - did the rigged voting machines get fixed?

Declaration of Revocation...God save the Queen

Threads and what they accomplish: time to stop misleading flames

Terrible attack in Iraq -- 110+ dead

Tax Dollars for Faith-Based Discrimination? ..Action Alert.....

SICKO ad in Home School Digest "The Rod"........

Which of the following tickets do you like best for 2008?

Bush's pollution plan up for crucial vote, Dem Baucus wavering

Will the media feature Hitchens as he exposes the flawed election in Ohio?

Want to hear your new DNC chair rock on local radio in KS? Wow!

Paul Begala said on Crossfire that Joe Lieberman should

Bush on 10/22/04 signed in secert a"$137 B" Corporate Welfare Check!

Zach Exley: enemy of Bush now working full-time on Blair's campaign

Define "moderate", left or right...

Here is how people get "Hannityized"

Okay, I concede. If Hillary was the nominee, I'd vote for her

The media won't tell the truth about Social Security....

Three Democrats join GOP to vote latest bankruptcy bill out of committee.

Inside The 'Gannon' Case: How Blogs Broke It Wide Open

Alabama Democrats triumph over Republican smear tactics

Kerry: Our military needs a better ally at home

I like Durbin in '08

Here are some cold, hard facts that we need to deal with

We pay for Social Security – it is ours.

Could Dennis Kucinich win the General Election in 08?

Why not Kerry in 08'?

Once more, I'm a liberal because I'm a Christian