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Archives: February 27, 2005

Rules need to catch up with rising Taser use

Top former CIA agent condemns new terror war

"Act of Sabotage"-- Saudi Article on Tel Aviv bombing

Gaby Hinsliff (London Observer): Blair is election liability for Labour

MoDo: W.'s Stiletto Democracy

Losing in Iraq; a Material Necessity.

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 3)

Novak: Sandinista infection again spreads in America’s backyard

Gannon-gate: Where's the outrage? (Bill Press)

Al Ha'aretz (Israel)-- Is Syrian President suicidal ?

"Condoleeza Rice for next Nobel Peace Prize"

Why doesn't media use 2/7/05 SSA Actuary Report that "NO WAGE CAP IS BEST"

German landmark tumbles into the sea

Assault weapons battle rejoined Feinstein fights to reinstate law

Was a recently tombstoned DUer ever a mod?

OK - exactly what info concering members do the Mods have

I just had an LBN story locked with no explanation...

What do Mods know about my personal information?

Pop Unders On DU

How long does it take to get a star and how much does one have to

Where is the Gallery

I don't get it, she's crying because she was banned

A Spanish Group?

Why doesn't Karel on KGO

"Greatest" Posts eligibility time

Things about the ME situation that make you go "hmmmmmm"

Has anybody heard of this provision?

Globe and Mail: HS Thompson had found evidence for WTC explosives

Electronics, DATA, Digital,All These FSCKING Posts Mean Nothing!

ChoicePoint Update: Top execs sold shares before public knew

Machine that ate NC votes ate PA votes too!

I went to a private party tonight in deep East Texas

Americans Speak Out on Election Fraud 2004

DRE voting machines costly to use - pass this on to other activists

Text of "Count Every Vote Act" Hillary Clinton/John Kerry/Barbara Boxer

Freeper protestors abandon neo-con billboard, too far from Oscars

State convention add-on delegates for platform convention. Deadline 3/18.

Can someone tell me why my MSN Messenger won't start?

Austin DUer's

Now they want to end same-day registration

Dennis Prager TELL ME ABOUT HIM!

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer takes Seniors to Canada for Cheep Drugs

Does photobucket work on

Chomsky On the Domestic Nuclear Peril

Where is Saigon68?

CU making sure faculty sign loyalty oaths

200 teachers sign ad asking that Churchill inquiry be dropped

I'm planning to buy a new Mac next week

The "militarystud" pics of Gannon/Guckert are

CSPAN Replaying "State of the Black Union" w/ Tavis Smiley at 8pm

How do you pronounce "Feingold"?

Discovery Channel talking about the Yellowstone Caldera!

Globe and Mail: HS Thompson had found evidence for WTC explosives

Tom Ridge, formerly Homeland Security, now works Home Depot security.

Karel coming up on KGO - 10 P.M. Eastern

Journalist/student steals "Yellow Ribbon" magnets.

Social Security "will be bust in 10 years unless there are some changes."

If Million Dollar Baby Pisses Off The Talibornagain Crowd So Much

Anyone watching the torture papers on CSPAN 2

Whoa! These guys on Right Society are some evil people!

To me America's moral death came during the days after the Tsunami.

Bush Team Readying Backdoor to Drill Arctic Refuge

9PM CT, CNBC, old interview between Hunter S. Thompson

There she is! Miss Stigma Free 2005!

David Brooks has an op-ed column in today's NYT titled "Why not Here?"

Republicans vote to impose enrollment fee for VETERANS

Anita Thompson is 32 years old...Hunter was married to her for two years

"$9B Goes Missing In Iraq" by Helen Thomas

Why isn't Karel on KGO listed as a listener on DU?

Let's try to understand Maria (Arnie's wife)

Well, off to bed

Things about the ME situation that make you go "hmmmmmm"

Media "Guckerts"

706 post ask me anything

Need some research help, please.....

One more time before I head off to bed!

Question: I know this is a couple days removed but a friend and I were

I need all your help- Make a difference in the world!

State of Black America on CSPAN now.... A+!

Does anybody else have another "identity" for FR posting?

A great Bush moment ....caption this .....

I'm here to vent about something. Please share your thoughts.

Haverhill, Mass. man suggests suspending mortgage payments for troops

So bushCo thinks they're going to trick us,

Number of Homeless in America Has Grown; 250,000 Veterans

There never was the intention of "winning" the war in Iraq.

DU and sexual oreintation

Thank God for the beach mouse! Sierra Club Magazine

Devil's Advocate...want to play?

I love it when the conservative junta attacks Keith Olbermann

Has anyone else received this email? I'm a bit suspicious of it.

I am so God Damn Tired of Waiting for the Worm to Turn

Those Pesky Nuclear Meltdowns and FCC Fines

#10 cause of death in the U.S.: Being gay???

BTK was the president of a church in Wichita

FoxNews actually had a segment tonight titled GannonGate

I am completely baffled that someone...

TX First State to Blow Off Bogus NCLB -- Sick of the Charade. Yee-HA!

Please listen to vetwife's own words on The Guy James Show.

Christians are terrorists too. One caught today.

Caption this.... (photo)

Maybe Vetwife had a point

Wow, something seems very familiar about this

Canadian Parliament raises hell with Walmart!

Schwarzenegger Says 'No Regrets' on Steroid Use. Idiot.

Support the troops = End the illegal war with Iraq. All else is Bushpuke.

ABC Caves In To Radical Rightwing Clerics

RAWSTORY: "Reporting’ by ‘Jeff Gannon’ was entered into Congressional..."

Washington Post: 'gannon' editorial cartoon.....LOL

Ward Churchill's art rocks!

Oh great...thanks to you guys, I'm now "crazy liberal!"

OK, if Guckert is hard to "pronounce", why change the first name also?

I do believe there's "Indecency" in our Cable Media today....

republicans only "support the troops" when the president has an (R)

A Thank you note to DUers

Could we PLEASE lift the stupid sanctions on Cuba?!?!?!?!?!

A Little Bush Humor for the day

Best Presidential Candidate?

Please sign the Sibel Edmonds petition if you haven't already

It's cold and rainy here

Hungarian Goulash

Never On Saturday, Iraqis Say -CBS (anger over new "weekend")

AP: Privacy advocates call security board skewed

Court Quashes Death Verdict, Upholds Another Over Cole Bomb

Iran, Russia Postpone Nuclear Fuel Signing

Craddick strikes deal to avoid testifying -TX House Speaker

Report: Nearly 50 more British soldiers may face charges on abuses in Iraq

BTK Killer Was Dogcatcher, Church Leader

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

Va. Lawmakers OK Proposed Gay Marriage Ban

Charles: 'I am being tortured by public over Camilla'

UK poll finds Charles not so popular

Rice to visit Saudi (King Fahd) next week: foreign ministry source

Army recruits fall after Iraq war

Iran Was Offered Nuclear Parts: Secret Meeting in 1987 (with Pakastan)

Blair is election liability, warn Labour aides

Zundel gives up deportation fight | Globe and Mail

BBC: Fierce fighting in Iraq's Ramadi

"US Fears Upsurge in Taleban Violence"

Diplomats: Iran acquired nuclear arms technology by late 1980s

China's Quiet Rise Casts Wide Shadow

Edwards: Democratic Party must not abandon core beliefs

Insurgents blow up oil pipeline in [Northern] Iraq [on Saturday]

AP Poll Shows Concern About Homelessness

Iran to stand by Syria if attacked

WP: GOP Seeking a Deal on Accounts

Cut From the Oscars: (ABC Censors Dobson/Focus on the Family Reference)

Microsoft Chairman Challenges Governors to Improve High Schools

Is George Will's $250,000 Prize Yet More Payola?

I'm watching the local news for the first time in months.

NE Ohioans! We are planning a DU get-together!

Janus Overseas (JAOSX) is kicking ASS

I just saw Constantine

"In The Heat of the Night" on Public Television of

666-the zipcode of the beast

I'm boycotting the Oscars tomorrow night.

Just so you know, I am completely unimpressed by celebrity.

Late entries to the DU Photo Contest

Toothbrush talking.

Best Job Website?

It's official--- we have crocuses!

Jesus Christ!!! Why the hell does it hurt so much to pull out nose hairs?

Even dogs have friends

50 Cent - The Massacre

are Star Trek freaks like freepers? that movie about them is on

Anyone here take Asthma drugs?

Hey! I just found some pics of me on the internet!!!

Funny Allusion to Gannon

"Caddyshack" is on cable tonight. I can't stop laughing.

A Brit word we should adopt: having a whinge

The Numa Numa Dance - I can't stop watching it!

After this last day on DU, do you feel like something's gotta give?

Question for Battlestar Galactica fans in the U.S.

BTK arrest.....ask me anything....I live here in Wichita.

Well it's all over now and I'm standing pretty...

I'm so excited! & I just cant hide it!

Do you use a surge protector?

DVR suggestions needed

Well I found out I am too old now.

Imus. A Kerry fan or a Bush Butt Boy?

Michelle Pfeiffer dissed me in Moscow 16 years ago...

A Tip For Married Men:

My job is leaking into my DU time and therefore overcoming my life

what ARE those psychedelic geometric patterns when you squeeze your eyes?

Are you John Engler?

Cultural Differences Explained

Give me one reason I should be happy.

Does anyone else have a really stupid accent?

Is this the strangest music video of all time?

What's cool? Cafe TACVBA that's what!

Michelle Pfeiffer kissed me in Moscow 16 years ago...


You really should check this out!

What/who influenced you to care about the world around you?

One day my coworker and I decided to communicate only through meows.

I just scratched a laserdisc unintentionally. Ask me anything.

Why isn't there a DU group for performing artists yet?

What's for dinner?

i want to be * for halloween!

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Now I know that I'm on everyone's ignore list

What's THE most annoying you do that drives your partner/spouse/SO crazy

madison2000 kissed me in the lounge about an hour ago

I've had it with TV cop shows and "reality" TV shows

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

seriously folks, even if you was starvin', could you eat THIS?

Is it possible to put "Name Removed" on ignore?

I'm planning to buy a new Mac next week

"Nice work, Lisa!"

Try to finish this line:

Soulmates: post your stories here, the accidental, the deliberate,

What is THE most annoying thing your spouse/partner/SO does

How often do you clean your cat litter box?

So I figure this is worth checking out

ebay question

anyone else thinks that ........

Cut From the Oscars: Cartoon Characters' Sins

Unfortunate names!

Which metro area has the highest concentration of DU'ers ?

Y'all don't like Vetwife just cuz she's a woman!!!

Jessica Alba or Anna Kournikova: Who's hotter?

I need advice about a sticky situation

AHA! My new dead computer is working!

Good night DU, thanks for keeping me company.

Osama bin Laden dies, goes to Heaven

Is anyone drunk or drinking?

simpsons quiz time

Ever checked your name domain?

MI-5 fans,where are you?. (Called "Spooks" in the UK)

706 post ask me anything

"Come and git it" - that new Burger King commercial

*RANT* Bank of America is EVIL

Ewwww, your breath smells like kitty litter! Family Guy quiz time!


What did Rage Against the Machine have that System of a Down doesn't?

I got my Gang of Four tickets today..

"...time is fleeting...madness, takes it's toll..."

It's offical - we have Krokus!!

What food substitutions have worked for you - the odder the better...

My stupid *&!@#$^% DSL line shit the bed last night.

What Was Your Most Recent Ear-Worm Song?

Charles: 'I am being tortured by public over Camilla'

Forrest Gump Is On TV. I Can't Stop Crying... And Laughing...

Can somebody tell me why I love this movie so much?

To Long-term Singles By Choice™

Does your cat announce his arrival whenever he enters a room?

Will you forgive artists who performed at the Bush II Inaugural?

Serious Question: Do you ever look at the threads in GD and think or know

Can somebody tell me why I love this band so much?

This is the first time I've used MrsGrumpy's name in a thread title

Jessie would like some attention, PLEASE!

Tavis Smiley talking about asthma and inner city pollution....

George Clooney asked me for a date!

Who remembers the Lounge festivities when Mike Hunt ran for sheriff?

Regional things...let's share...

Will SOMEBODY PLEASE put a leash on this HORNDOG! (caption this)

Non-Clarkies check in here!

Is It True What They Say About Ann? A Documentary About Ann Coulter

ARRRGGGG!!! They are boiling and cutting up live crabs

The Primary Function of Religion

I'm done :-(

The great Craig Biggio/Jeff Bagwell Hall of Fame Poll

Entertaining Parrots - A MUST-SEE Video!

Who wants a border collie?

List your pets' nicknames here and any silly rhymes you recite to them

Another Reservist Refuses to go: ’I won’t fight for profit’

Pro-Edwards thread turns into Kerry/Edwards bashing again!

I am a shameless hero-worshipper!

Would someone please explain to me..

Sibel Edmonds on AAR's Laura Flanders' show

try saying this: republicans want to rape social security!....

CNN QuickVote Poll - Democracy in the Middle East

An anecdote from my sister about a Republican supporter.

how do u request a file under foia? Does it cost? n/t

Opponents of Iraq Invasion and Bush's new Liberty Doctrine...see this!

Arnold says nurse protestors are like "set dressing" and movie "extras"

Bill would ban abortions of 'gay' fetuses

'Anti-American' art to be yanked

Why can't we put popular positions ahead of unpopular ones?

Weekly Standard-- Military strike against Iran is our best option

If the Republicans ran McCain in '08, would they have a sure win?

Will there be a "Tom Ridge" section at Home Depot now?

ABC censoring Robin Williams' skit - Fight Back! E-mail ABC !!!!!


Erskine Bowles cost John Edwards the Senate! And, I'm mad as Hell!

Tavis Smiley forum like breath of fresh air.

Is not a Edwards Clark (or vice versa) ticket fabulous?

Bush on Social Security: Mind-Blowing, Literally (Satire)

Recruiters finding it tougher to get into some NH schools (to give ASVAB)

Don't Be Spun by the Spin - Charley Reese on Bush's Trip to Europe

Rossie: Rep. Hinchey has no proof... so let's invade Rove's office

Maher Article on freedom of speech and Faux News

Churchill sequel provides epic task for author

Union Leader - Let PBS go: It simply is not needed

The view from abroad: "Media firestorm in America" by Sylvia Mayuga

Christian right mum on Gannon Affair

My 2 cents to Mr. Friedman's article today!

Meltdown in Mexico, 10 Days that changed the wind

A time for unity or opportunism?

BRAT picture

"Learning to love the blog" -- this sptimes column is kicka**

Power struggle looms at Vatican

Air Jesus: With The Evangelical Air Force

The Silent Genocide from America

No More Whining, Jimmy-Jeff! (re: Gannon/Guckert ---

The "Gannon Standard" -- the Left's "bizarre and obsessive" coverage

The New Boxer Rebellion (re: Barbara Boxer & Howard Dean)

Dowd - W.'s Stiletto Democracy

Conason: Bush dodges as addicts rot in jail

Bush's Judicial Nominations are Hardly Mainstream (

The Miami Mafia: "Iraq Now; Cuba Later!"

President Cheney? The obvious Bush successor in 2008

"Freedom Legions" a neocon idea to increase the size of the army.

Multireligious & Multidimensional:Antiwar & Social Justice Initiative

Tim Russert: It's a Tax Raise! Tax Raise Tax Raise!

Manufacturers Failing to Use Non-toxic, Recyclable Materials

A graphic you can use at environmental forums or

Lu says 228 murderers should pay - Taiwan

A Plot Thickens (re: Kissinger and Chile)

Prison sentences and illegal firearms traffic related to drug smuggling?

Suggestion about Vanity Opus posts

New Rule? No more "I'm leaving DU" posts.

Just out of curiosity...

Moderator: please remove picture if possible.

This place is very correct and aptly moderated

Can I please get an answer to a civil question?

wondering why this thread was locked

I RESPECTFULLY ask why this thread was locked.

Thanks for locking/removing recent flamebait posts.

Ultimate "PC" - don't ask about Shrub's sexual orientation

Thanks for all the great work y'all do

Why was my post about Donald Rumsfeld deleted?

Please check this thread

Regarding Miss Authoritiva's request:

Nothing Real (Noam Chomsky)

Portman Upsets Jews with Western Wall Kissing Scene

Ralph Schoenman on 9-11 : False Flag Operation

Interesting 9/11 pics I've never seen before

Debunking conspiracy theorists' paranoid fantasies about Sept. 11 . . .

Why didn't the FBI try to advice passengers of UA 93?

Eberle a key 911 witness?

I have one interesting question:

Chicago Tribune: State wants vendor incentives

Rockford Register Star: Election 2005

Quincy Herald-Whig: Tax reform advocate brings his message to Quincy

Which "Illinois" baseball team is going to have the better year?

Chicago Sun-Times: State pols jump ahead in line for tickets (Illini)

Tweed & Thompson (my liberal radio show) will be on from 12pm-2pm today

How could the Illinois State Fair be improved?

Anyone know what happened in Lincoln Square Sunday?

They're worried about election rigging in Pakistan

Election lessons from the EIRS election hotline reports

3 or 4 new states with touchscreen vote fraud reported

TIA- could you do comprehensive summary of the best Exit Poll data

self deleted

The New Boxer Rebellion

Great letter RE: Voting issues in CA

Answer to election reform is obvious and pretty easy- citizen initiative

Sunday 2/27 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

East Bay & Other DUers: Tell Us How the Oakland "Teach-In" Went.

SOS -- need ideas to mobilize our local grassroots movement for reform

Who is going to Santa Monica teach-in today? And report from film show...

Article about Schwarzenegger

Sheen vs Feinstein for U.S. Senate-2006 Which would you vote for?

California Attorney General: Who here is voting for Jerry?

How are Iowa farmers taking Bush's ag budget cut proposals?

Adult youth leader CORI and SORI background checks

Rare opportunity- near Boston Tibetan nuns creating Mandala of Compassion

Driver's License Bill Concerns Groups.

mn state statue 202A.14 needs to be modifyed ..please support !!!

Question re pdf file protected from copying.

XP System Tray oddity

Firefox AdBlock Extension Filters

Democrats hold strategy summit in Chester County

Drama at GOP's Southfork dinner

Can we declare a moratorium on Texas-bashing in this forum?

WTF is going on in Dallas?

Here's a link to the Pentagon chanel if you want to see the BS

Post WWII Paradigm has become obsolete.

New Republican slogan on Social Security I just found a link

New HIV virus may have come from monkeys, say experts

Was Vetwife's kamikaze mission evidence

A 'REAL' Nostradamus prediction on the Chimp??? Judge for yourself...

What did you do during the war daddy?

I don't believe in blind patriotism

Trying to portray DU as a veteran bashing group is

Gannongate: What's the Bush gang's leverage over the media?

First it was Bev Harris, today it was VetWife.

The Conservatives have succeeded in taking us back to the 1950's

Do we really care if Freepers post at DU?

Jeff Gannon is a good looking son of a *****!!!

Well, Looks Like I Missed The Drama For This Weekend

Publisher site, books of interest.....

Blame it on Syria/Iran ....Terror x28

Corporate News Media Are Unacceptable ...

Faults in Presidents Secret Service detail wanted

forget Vetwife, can we take avantage of this terrible moment?

Propaganda Sunday Morning - "We the People: Overruled

Caption - Pickles & the giant thing that starts with a P

Did vetwife ever talk about not being a Democrat & John Kerry?

ChoicePoint Execs Sold Shares After Breach


Iraq Special on Air America w Al Franken on right now!

Can someone fill me in on the Vetwife affair. In a nutshell.

Military Uses of Nanotechnology - scary stuff

Is there an archive of all articles by "Jeff Gannon" for Talon News? nt

I was going to post this as a thread to nostamj, (Vetwife)however........

The Primary Function of Religion

More musings by a Conservative Troll. Oh but vetwife's a peach.

This may or may not be my last post on DU

About registering and posting at RW-boards

The DU administration

I DON'T think Vetwife was a freeper.

An oldie but goodie

Silence - An Excellent Commentary

I may be going way off here, but I am about to the point where I will

Ireland's demon chaser questions TV exorcism

I Support the Occupation of Iraq But I Do Not Support the Troops-The Onion

Driver's License Bill Concerns Groups. ( Must Read )

Right Wing propaganda / lies. Please help me make a list

Politician, Public Speaker, NewsHound, DUer...You've got to earn my

BTK Suspect Active In Church, Cub Scouts

A question Democrats should be asking is "Why was Social Security created?

Ou V W has been locked up and put in the garage.....Might be a good thing!

New Colossus of Rhodes will keep watch on drunken Britons

Doesn't the BTK guy look like a brownshirt nazi?

When will we get over this dumb obsession with Laci Peterson?

Seeds being sown in Seminole County, Fl may cause problems

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man on BookTV at 1pm EST

2001 Senate vote on bankruptcy "reform" = we're screwed . . .

Iraq to be a Vietnam: retired general

Someone posted a good idea on AMERICAblog about press passes

Iran, Russia Sign Nuclear Agreement

Is there any way to make it illegal to use the National Guard

Corporate MSM is milking this Daddy Bush/Bill Clinton thing to the max

Today's Meet The Press: Gushing With Pro-War Bushies

Central Banks seem to be dumping the dollar

"our Johnny Appleseed of Democracy, Pres. GW Bush," LOL

What did Friedman mean with his statement about Napoleon invading Egypt

Rep Steny Hoyer D-Maryland on CSPAN this morning.....

today's Doonesbury

NASCAR has it all...

This is really getting silly

Lesbian in Tuxedo- Picture Not Allowed in Yearbook

A city's gays defy conservatives

Don't tell me there isn't a man behind the media curtain at the WH

Comics making Political Statements

Iraq Students Protest Having Saturday Off

Who's had contact with a serial killer?

Daily Howler doesn't think much of the Jeff Gannon story...

I'm in disagreement about Vetwife.

BTK 'suspect' serial killer: 4 years USAF ('65-69) then he started KILLING

Corporate Cash and what they are doing with it now ...

Democrats can anticipate Republican campaigns....

Wow - Bill Press answered my e-mail!

Did Rove Admit To Partial Responsibility For The Plame Leak?

Some potential Social Security wafflers on the Dem side:

S/S and personal investing: A cautionary tale.

The Extradition of John Graham (Wounded Knee)

There is surely something we could agree upon.....

Why it’s important to expose conservative trolls.

That company that allowed many SSNs to get stolen...

One of the motivating factors that caused the coup in 2000 was the

Boston Globe - Dan Wasserman's social security cartoon

FRONTLINE - The Soldier's Heart

Those silly corpses

Families and money. The truth about why they don't go together:

Is Bush gay himself?

"The Great Satan"

Read this Freeper Post before they kill it:

Is the Shrub Gay?

Summer's remarks raise an interesting question...

Cndn CBC on Ballistic Missile Defense. Sun 4 to 6pm EST (ie now)

Florida bombing to increase at Avon Park...turning Florida into Vieques.

Vets: you fought for us there; we'll fight for you here!

~~~ LIVE OSCAR THREAD ~~~ 77th Annual Academy Awards ~~~

It was more than "hippies" who opposed the Vietnam war

The US and the UK have produced a huge # of serial killers

Support our troops" What does that mean?


In a questionnaire for Vietnamese students given by a US agency,

photos of plane equipped for chemtrail spraying . . .

The Battle of George Square (Bloody Friday) 1919

Always watch out for the hidden agenda of Conservatives.

Okay, this may seem like flamebait, but...

Plane spotters blowing CIA cover ops

Democratic National Committee, Pelosi weigh in on Gannon scandal, credenti

White House Lies: A History

Coming of age in a time of war (Seattle TImes) ....sad....very sad...

BTK Killer - Democrat or Republican?

"Faith based intiiatives" and non-Christian groups?

Sludge CONTINUING campaign against ANTI-BUSH comedian Chris Rock! (PT2)

"Get off my case, and get out of my face"

Bush's reckless use of preemption as a doctrine is certain to make

US Pushes UN on Abortion Declaration

E&P: "Her Syndicate Runs Edited Version of Ann Coulter Column"

The rest of the world KNOWS our press isn't free it's RUN BY REPUKES

The seemingly normal serial killer that lives next door

If you want to see one example of the news media gone wrong

Putin Grills Bush On Dan Rather

George Bush isn't gay

Bush, a failure at everything he has touched in life, commands a

Hypothetical: Kerry is now president, do the Repugs support the troops?

Research question on Iraq...

I would be surprised if Bush had a hand in 911-but not shocked.

OK, during BTK killer press conf., the D.A. thanked her "Fighting Irish"

What does it mean to support the troops?

What was the LAST justifiable war the US fought in?

Dear Andy Stephenson

Castro & Chavez Will Attend Inauguration Of Uruguay's Socialist President

Photo of the brat

BTK's church has somber service

Thank a Vet because War Keeps us Free?

About investing social security money in the stockmarket.

Have we finally "turned the corner" in Iraq with the capture of

More allegations of British troops abusing Iraqi civilians surface

Do BMW driving doctors prolong illness to keep their revenues up?

Your Opinion of Ann Coulter.....

Criminal & sex offender background checks for adult youth group leaders.

Tell me how Supply Side Economics is supposed to work in an age of

Thoughts on flu/SARS/USA Health care

How do we get back all those "moderates" that voted for Bush?

So when is what passes for the "Left" in the U.S...

I'm going to NYC for the March 19 protests! What should I see while

Of lies and egos and online cults of personality.

Watched Bill Maher earlier this evening

THE argument against Bush's SS plan:CHINA now buying most of US debt.

Is Capitalism an unfalsifiable philosophy?

325,000 Gulf War 1 Vets On Permanent Disability-11,000 Dead

Wichita County, Kansas: 82% voted for bush*

Stiletto Democracy -- MoDo nails it. Today's NYT. Must Read

Why do so many Freepers PRETEND to be Dems?


More RW Academy Awards Censorship in the Carlos Santana next?

‘Air Arnold’ Banner Planes Will Fly Again Above Oscars

How bad would drilling in AK really be?

Missouri's Culture

A POLL: If Privatization Fails What Do You Think Bush's Backup Plan Is?

White Rose Society is looking for new small-market radio shows.

Can we boycott "Hate States" that pass anti-gay laws?

Should we care whether Iran has nukes?

Does DU really support the troops?

Contact the media about Ann Coulter's racist remark about Helen Thomas

I just saw an idiotic fundy bumper sticker

Boy Scouts: Fundie serial killers OK, gays need not apply

"Worshiping our military" or "supporting our troops?"

Why ARE they so insistent on pushing privatization of social security?

Freekers In Desperate Panic Trying To Explain "Christian" Serial Killer

Gosh! Whatever will they do? GannonGate is going Mainstream!

Great Doonesbury line

Still Trying to Silence Sibel

Looking for a transcript or video of Peter Jennings on Daily Show

Do you give money to panhandlers?

Dailyhowler calls GANNON/GUCKERT a non-story...

Rare opportunity- near Boston Tibetan nuns creating Mandala of Compassion

Pix from Mainz -Ordinary Germans Bush did see! Not cozy,very chilly.

On Rep. Hinchey & Rove .....

here's my Sunday baking adventure

I was looking for a dark chocolate/cocoa powder conversion

After Failures, Space Effort in Japan Gets a Lift (aka Missile Defense)

Within C.I.A., Growing Worry of Prosecution

MI5 warns that bombers may be on way back

Cub Scout Leader Arrested in BTK Killings (also active Church member)

NYT: Within CIA, Growing Worry of Prosecution for Conduct

Space yacht rides to stars on rays of sunlight

Iran and Russia Sign Nuclear Fuel Deal

US Marine killed south of Baghdad (1493)

Rice puts off plans to visit Egypt next week

It's curtains for 'Gates'

Pope asks faithful for prayers; waves from hospital window

Woman quizzed over money laundering

Professor faces jail in bio-terror scare

No 10 in new dirty tricks row over role of US 'garbage man'

DeLay Wants Work Permit Seekers to Go Home First

Mafia boss flees Sicily to have prostate surgery in France

Professor faces jail in bio-terror scare

BAE demands immunity on US sanctions

Bush Urges Haste on Social Security Reform - - Oh...OK...LOL!!!

Putin's enemies call for investigation into links with Stasi agent

Mercenary's letters 'stolen' by coup plot case lawyers

India finds more 'tsunami gifts'

Dailyhowler calls GANNON/GUCKERT a non-story...

FOCUS: 18 Foreign Soldiers In Iraq Suffer From Dangerous Pulmonary Disease

Some Fear Driver's License Bill Might Lead to a National ID Card

Ukraine plans to withdraw its troops from Iraq

Bush cancels St Patrick’s Day party and tells Adams: you’re not wanted her

Still no Wal Mart in NYC

US report lambastes Thailand’s rights abuses

Telecom companies fighting competition

Qatar to Clinch Nearly $10 Bln in Deals (outpaces SA in development)

Iran signs atom-fuel agreement with Russia

US bank 'loses' customer details (BBC News)

Mother of 14 month old child called back to serve in Iraq

TV anchor (for U.S.funded state television) found dead on street in Mosul

Jerry Springer - The Opera (Scrapped due to fundamentalist protests)

Syrian officials hand over Saddam's half-brother

Schwarzenegger says he never considered presidential bid


(TX/Delay) Lawsuit over 2002 election spending goes to trial

Lawsuit over 2002 election spending goes to trial

American flight to Los Angeles makes emergency stop in Orlando

Iraqi girl treated at Gemelli wants to thank Pope for his antiwar stance

Three US troops, five Iraqi policemen killed in fresh unrest

Case Adds to Outrage for Muslims in Northern Virginia

Top former CIA agent condemns new terror war

Texas Hispanic soldiers dying at higher rate

Civil Trial Nears for GOP Activist

Republicans Are Chastened About Social Security Plan

Governors Eye 2008 Race Amid Policy Talks


Governors Eye 2008 Race Amid Policy Talks

Air Force Said to Waste $1M on Equipment

Three US troops, five Iraqi policemen killed in fresh unrest

Saddam's half-brother captured

Democratic National Committee, Pelosi weigh in on Gannon scandal

New charge undermines Blair claims on Iraq war

Washington in U-turn over Iran's nuclear programme

Newsweek: Rating the Roadshow (Putin KNOWS about CBS)

Coca-Cola adds fizz to fighting the flab

Yushchenko: Russian poison link

Rice says Indonesia may rejoin U.S. military training program

Governors Sound Alert on U.S. High Schools

FBI agents investigate killing of American nun in Amazon (2/27)

World anti-smoking pact in force

U.S. Planning Arab-Language TV Broadcasts to Europe

Russia, Iran sign nuclear deal

American Millionaires Buck Bush for a Cuban CigarDecades-Old Embargo Doesn

US Sen. McCain: Bar Russia from G8 over Iran nuclear deal

"Qaeda regrouping: Defence secretary" ( Pakistan)

Clinton: Hillary Would Be Great President

File-Sharing Case Unites Unlikely Allies

U.S. Pushes U.N. on Abortion Declaration

Democrats learn to frame debate

Ex-CIA chief condemns terror flights

Student Arrested For Terroristic Threatening Says Incident A Misunderstand

Social Security Debate Moves to Va. Suburbs: Activists .. Challenge Davis

Blair in new dirty tricks row over role of US 'garbage man'

Reuters: Bush, (Rumsfeld Win Razzies) Berry Share Worst Film Honors

Biden: Clinton Hard to Beat in 2008 Race

BTK Killings Suspect Hid in Plain Sight, AP ~ Saturday 2/27

Europe-U.S. Union Becomes Obstacle Course

Summers' remarks supported by some experts

At 9, He's stumping for Bush's social security plan

All right! My college radio show took in $265 in pledges tonight!

good to see the drunk or smunk post are at the top

Can I watch the Oscars on, you think?

70s lyrics:

I just spent the day in NYC...

For the fans of Calvin and Hobbes

Is anyone smunk or smoking?


We're an American band, we're an American band!

This is your world, these are your people.

a thanks to the"clueless" posters :-)


Anyone here ever hear of the Didjits?

'Finding Neverland' was SUCH a good movie! ***SPOILER***

In This Thread: plug Local Bands

Who sang it, and what is it about?

Anyone else been "rejected" in high school?

In honor of the light bulb jokes in RawMaterials' 706 thread

Daddy Cool fans: a senior moment

night all

Tell me of all the good things I missed today...

Are there any female police officers on the board?

If DU had a commodities market, I'd invest in granite right now (nt)

DU College Democrats, check in!

Anyone know anything about Workman's Compensation?

Drinking a 40 ain't so bad

What food/snacks are sitting within arms reach of you right now?

GOD DAMN the GD is a sh*t storm these last couple days.


GD makes baby Jesus cry

This has been a HELL of a day! Ask each other ANYTHING!

GD makes my head hurt.

That's it. I'm staging a coup.

Bring your popcorn...Hurry...this is good!

American Chopper or American Hot Rod?

Kramer vs. Kramer is coming on TCM

I'm glad that's over

"Sci-Fighters" on Sci-Fi Channel -- Rowdy Roddy Piper at his best.

I saw the SNL rerun for the first time tonight

Is DU freezing up for anyone else right about now?

Why, oh why did I not take out the garbage this morning when I left?

I spent $400 on baseball tix this weekend.

The White Album ain't so bad

Watching the Apostle

President, Catwoman win Razzies

Good Morning Starshine

I made Associate of the Month!

Dynamite vs. Bananas

I guess the 70's are officially over...

Why was my post about Donald Rumsfeld deleted?

So did the Pope see his shadow? Or will Spring begin NOW...

The ***OFFICIAL*** Bud Bundy appreciation thread

The ***OFFICIAL*** Al Bundy appreciation thread

The ***OFFICIAL*** King Kong Bundy appreciation thread

Red, Red, Wine

I am going to rant!

The ***OFFICIAL*** Grover Bundy appreciation thread

Caption - Pickles & the giant silver thing

First it was Bev Harris, today it was VetWife.

Grief, trauma, sadness..makes us all do strange things.

Why was vetwife tombstoned?

I made pancakes. Who's hungry? Come and get it!

Richard Chamberlain fans, come look

My nephew and the gates.

Is DU looking kinda strange to anyone else?


Karl Rove for sale: Black Velvet Print

Yikes! One of my childhood fears was not without merit.

2014 & A State of War: Should my son go to Canada or the UK ?

The ***OFFICIAL*** Ted Bundy appreciation thread

Post your favorite treat/cookie recipe!

What is your favorite vampire movie?

I want to learn to play fetch.

When will we get over this dumb obsession with Laci Peterson?

What are really good cover songs?

I thought I was immune

OK, * and the Repukes have now killed Gmail

Optical illusion.

Name cover songs that are really bad.

Gmail webmail acting up

The ***OFFICIAL*** George Michael appreciation thread

For the next two weeks, I'm only posting in GD and GD:politics!

Who is up for a George Michael group?

Ever wish you could invisibly lock thread so that you get the final word..

interesting post from about * - fiction of course

Watching Animal House on local FOX station...

I just saw Hotel Rwanda, and I am a mess.

I wanted to stop posting 'cause my posts read like horseshit to me

You Can Still Vote In The MSNBC Super Bowl Poll

I met a bunch of DUers last night - ask me anything!

So- I'm a gimp, now.

Text for my Sunday School class: America, Jon Stewart/Daily

Is anyone else moving at snail speed?

I am sick!

roadkill-shaped candy

Tweed & Thompson (my liberal radio show) will be on the air from 12-2 CST

Pictures of my daughter because ... well ... I don't have any cats

who's up for an Andrew Ridgeley group?

I've been eating the same chocolate bar for over a month

It's quiet

I need some help on a science/medicine question right away, please?

Best name for *?

Man Accused of Having Relations With Cows

Salt Water Gargles...

What are the top 10 technology colleges in the U.S.?

Nickelback sucks!


Who's had contact with a cereal killer?

Let's play dress sundog - I'll start!

Aaargh! Total procratinator panic setting in!

Where are the "values voters"? (another rant about television)

I want to learn to play guitar

Dang, had to say goodbye to two friends last night within five minute

What Do These Women Have In Common?

If a person was to seek revenge on JimmyJazz, Misunderestimator, Progmom,

Wow, I just picked up on all the VetWife action from yesterday.

I think I shall reside mainly in the Lounge from now on.

Kaiser Chiefs song "I Predict A Riot"...

Favorite $10 (ie big) word?

Just borrowed a copy of "The Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny"............

Fundies trying to "save" strippers

It's just a Donna and Althea kind of day . . .

*Caption This Photo*

Has anyone here seen the new nickels?

Why, all of a sudden, after a year, is my sigline now a red "x"?

Being 40 ain't so bad....

Let's play undress sundog- I'll start

How many F-bombs are going to be dropped at the Oscars tonite?

I feel so lazy today.

Let's play undress underdog- I'll start

Great bumber sticker seen in Okla. today

Oh no! I hope I didn't get the undress Sundog thread locked!

Halle Berry, George W. Bush top the list of this year's Razzie winners

Is Drudge a racist?

ahhhh!! my first post in 48 hours!!!!

Someone I forgot...

Good-bye DU! I'm in a Hyacinth mood, so I'm gonna go watch some of

How many days left in February?

Someone must explain to my parents....

How do you poison your life?

Are There Farts On Mars, And If So, What Do They Smell Like?

New group proposal: "People who still have Kerry stickers on things..."


When someone closes a post with "Flame Away"...

What do you think "God" thinks about GWB ?

If a gay man were to ask you for change...

Freeper protestors abandon neo-con billboard, too far from Oscars

I don't like the way Lucky Luciano was taken down

Can you spend too much time at DU Forum.

I just made a fresh squeezed cocktail. Ask me anything

You gota give Halle Berry credit...she showed up in person to receive

Making Shepherd's Pie For DinDin

Anyone else NOT watching the Oscars tonight

Who are your favorite actively liberal music artists?

I was watching West Side Story last night and I just have to say...

Who can come up with a jingle to advertise Hannidate?

P. K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly: overrated?

My encounter with a serial port.

Does anyone know a MEMBER OF THE ACADEMY?

my 14 yo son just said"Oh heavenly father please release this demon...

This time: a timewaster from Japan

There' on NBC. The Super Bowl was a few weeks back, right?

What movie are you looking forward to?

I love ABBA and I'm proud of it! Openly flauntingly so!

The extended family in verse....

Training Day on cable, USA. Denzel Washington is a bad, bad man.

DU Should Do Fund Raising Concerts

NEED HELP! - on debugging a printer.

Uh oh, It looks like we have another snow event coming...

An old co-worker wants to know the best way to bug a Dem's office

My argument with my ass this morning

DOH! *kicks self*

I have tix

I like fashion, and I like to see the stars on the red carpet, but why,

Favorite FUN songs for the car?

World Affairs Seminar

I'm sorry, but every time I hear BTK I think of a sandwich

I have the sinus infection from Hades *moaning* The pressure is so bad

Happy Birthday Chelsea Clinton

Movies that should have won Oscars, but didn't.


You heard so much about Einstein....Come meet him!


where are good places to live in other parts of the world?

Actors that should have won Oscars but didn't

Favorite protest song?

I (heart) Huckabees - WTF?

what is up with my dog?

Gothic Sponge was a freeper!!!

Listening to Cream's BBC sessions.

Was Forrest Gump conservative propaganda?

Am Reading A FASCINATING BOOK! - And Would Like To Recommend It To YOU!

Jimmy "Dyno-O-Mite" Walker versus Banana Splits

i finally won a freakin' game!

My husband is having his tonsils out tomarrow

My encounter with a serial killer.

Movie Game Thread

Once again. Listening to U2's The Joshua Tree.

Has Lee Ann Rimes "jumped the shark" hosting "Nashville Star"?

Who's looking forward to the 2008 primaries?

Fucking Oscars - the wait for pizza delivery is 1 and 1/2 hours tonight.

My 1000th post

Should I be honest in my resignation letter?

Neillsville man charged with sex with animal

I'm watching From Justin to Kelly - There is no God.

Sean Hannity's 'Hannidate'

Saw Sideways over the weekend - opinions?

In honor of the Oscars, let's post about crappy movies that won Oscars!

more google adword nonsense

please suggest additions to my google keywords

~~~ LIVE OSCAR THREAD ~~~ 77th Annual Academy Awards ~~~

By request here is another picture to color

Does anyone collect State quarters? The new ones seem to be harder to find

I'm having a rotten night at work.

Pre Oscar Show FASHION Watch- Let's Dish!

Can anyone explain why putting bleach on a burn....

Who's had contact with a serial killer?

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Best Plot Twist Ending to a Movie

Anyone work with Pinnacle Studio (any versions)

post your funny (or cool) animal pics

It's just a Quinn and Althea kind of day . . . .

What field would you tell a teenager to pursue?

*** The WINNERS of the 3rd DU Photography Group Contest ***

Here's how some people who call themselves liberals feel about gays:

Now for my 3rd Post!

Favorite Oscar

Last night I discovered that I was a 65-year-old White Woman

Where to live in the US?

Need Help With Cat Behavior

I'm starting a super secret society with yvr girl - wanna join?

Science question on ion transport again....please help?

Atlanta Gathering Pics

London: the best place on Earth to eat

How about a Boston DUer gathering on Saturday, March 19th?

Free Veggie Starter Kits Available

Ireland's demon chaser questions TV exorcism

Speakers urge Christians to turn back ‘neo-pagan’ drift

Where is the phrase "the least, the last and the lost" from? NT

Does anybody else watch American Religious Townhall ?

My parents are thinking about joining an Assembly of God

Spontaneous Infertility - Autoimmune issue

How to Save Medicare? Die Sooner (forbid end of life "unproductive care")

Space yacht rides to stars on rays of sunlight

Jews are more likely than LGBT voters to favor marriage equality

Kasparov defeats Adams in round 5 at Linares to take clear lead

ESPN AL power poll (will definitely set off the NY/Bos brawl again)

Hats off to 33-year-old Australian tennis player Wayne Arthurs!

First Church of Canine

Minister rant (this one's personal, not general)

FRONTLINE - The Soldier's Heart,

Misc Globe stuff today

There is a "new" poster that is pushing Hillary as Pres.

It seems Vetwife outed herself .

I hate people

Complaint thread

Lest we forget!

This is a test - posting Alaska pictures (hopefully)

My 999th post before I go out into general population

Field trip

Taysir Alluni: A reporter behind bars

My dream ticket

Sorry, if already posted....THE IRAQ SONG

Have you guys figured out the Syria setup yet???

Kyrgyzstan warns US against ‘interference’ in election

What about a Liberal/Progressive Political Action Conference?

American mail order brides?

More crazy letters to my local paper...

Mubarak proposes a freer Egypt vote

Sunday Morning Shows Today:

Bush basks in that Reagan glow

Funny thing about SS "reform"

A Problem for Democrats?

THIS is why I hate popups.

Back in Texas they just know God’s on his side

How come I can get more accurate political news on E's The Soup than from

Will the liberal northeastern Republicans be cleaned out?

Bush Urges Haste on Social Security Reform

WJ This Morning - Social Security

Hmmmm.... What can I do today to damage the Radical Right?

Telegraph U.K.: Powell Speaks Publicly "I'm Very Sore" (combined topics)

Dem masses vs. GOP masses. Its what makes them angry.

Democrats Refuse to Add Sugar to the Lemonade

What Dean Means

Wm Safire very critical of Bush in his conference with Putin...

Vermonters to vote on Iraq War

Developing on Rawstory:Democratic National Committee/Gannon

George W. Bush's Yalta

TV station uses Sen. KBH's private info for report on ID theft (checks)

What is Rove's long term plan?

Sen. Dodd (CT) To Hit National Road For Causes, Image

'Budget critics: What would Jesus cut?'

Some Repubs looking for "compromise" on Social Security..

Based solely on position and region, who is the best candidate?

Social Security is not an entitlement program.

White House LYING as an offical policy

The Crawford Deal: did Blair sign up for war at Bush's Texas ranch in Apri

Televised ‘confessions’ claim Syrian involvement in Iraq

A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion

DUers: Need feedback and links for Electrion fraud parody site

Video of HSThompson on MTP -- "Nixon was a liberal compared to Bush"

Help!!! What Is YOUR 2nd Term Survival Strategy?

Condi to replace Cheney Next Year?

Meet the Press suddenly put on LAW AND ORDER during M. Dowd?

Simple Bush; for the simple minded

Republicans say mercury poisoning is no big deal

DNC, Pelosi enter Gannon fray; Dean's office silent

STOP The USA Next Right Wing Hate Ads - Please sign this Petition

Black-OPs PROOF-MyStory Slimed, Sickly 'ALTERED' during UPload-Japan IMC

I`m not a real Democrat, I just play one on tv.

Red State Dems that shun Dean - (Sebellius, etc)

Dean doesn't look so bad now

"Jeff Gannon" Apologizes.......For getting Caught! at

Ex-House Leader (Dick Armey): Social Security Should Go Away

In 1978, who said Social Security "will be bust in 10 years"?

Call Tom Carper Day (about Social Security)

Wes and Dennis

DLC: "The Republicans' favorite Democrats"

Wes Clark