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Archives: February 25, 2005

Private vulnerable "armies"- K. Scharnberg

Unveiling a Terrorism Case (WP on Abu Ali)

George W. Bush's 12-Step Program

How consumers pay the price at Walmart.

A LETTER to America.

Bush spreads lies about Social Security

Long Live Drugs And Politics

Kill Venezuela’s Chávez?

Rappers and Bloggers

DUer "prolesunited" website has some great "activist" video

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Activist speaks to packed audience (Angela Davis @ Vanderbilt)

Peace Movement Gears Up for Global Protests on War Anniversary

Pro-privatization Social Security experts on TV are paid for by the right

O'Reilly LIES-says: "No lies have been told about anyone"- see recent list

NYT's Richard Stevenson/Robin Toner repeat DeLay lies without

Fox's Hannity Lies-again-trys to sell France -but not US-sold Iraq weapons

USNWR's Barone joins WSJ Fund/Fox O'Reilly in lie that Gore did not win FL

NPR's Marketplace sells RW Gabriel Wisdom lies about Soc Sec as truth

WSJ Editorial Lies - again- about Bush lies in SOTU on Niger/Iraq uranium

Dead Messengers:How the U.S. Military Threatens Journalists

Fox's Jim Angle Lies about Soc Sec- Again - Pretends no benefit cuts in pl

Current Score: Gannon 732 - Wead 671

The wealth of nations is being lost

Evidence-based economics is greatly lacking

Does anyone know anything about the Environmental Law Institute?

Report answers questions of "missing" rods from old nuclear plant

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Cannikin Atomic Test at Amchitka Island, Alaska

Ghelen to Chalabi: The Poisoned Well by Werther

Guantanamo prisoner loses right to live in UK

Chen makes a pact with the devil

Are the Americas also part of China?

Few In U.S. Want Troops In Iran, North Korea

Good work, all.

I'd like to protest my post being deleted in this thread

Tiny html question

PA seals off 12 arms-smuggling tunnels in Gaza

Illinois Forum: 5000 posts!

First and 28-0 for the Illini


Pedro's response to having police remove him from Broward machine test

If you're not doing this, you're missing one of the BEST fraud fighters!

Summary of Ohio Voting Irregularities/Incident Reports to the EIRS

People needed for Vendor Meeting in Austin, Texas on Monday

It happens all the time.

North Carolina verified voting bills in senate and house

Election Fraud Criminal Complaint Filed in Licking County, OH

KOEB Thursday

BREAKING: Kerry/Edwards File More Ohio Election Motions

Independent Study of 2004 Election Irregularities:

Have you all seen this site?

Fenway teacher - there is something we can do!

Massachusetts connection to GOPUSA

Tell Mitt Romney to Stop Trashing Massachusetts Families

Massachusetts Congressional delegation DU contact network

Netscape Connection Dropping

My report on my rep's Town Hall on Social Security.

Yeah, the Pope had an "elective" tracheotomy, kinda like Dick

WOW - How did I miss this before??????

Question re: Kansas official demanding complete medical records


I'm kind of sick of this hemophilia on DU.

Amazing - this was an item listed on the homepage of

I'm kind of sick of the homeopathy on DU

I'm kind of sick of homonyms on DU.

Calling all MassaBLUEsetts DU'ers

is anybody else steamed about "Uncle Bucky" and his war profits?

Borough of Queens kills proposed Wal-Mart

I guess Bush must feel compelled

If Ashcroft had gotten his way...

Canada will not contribute to Bush's missle defense plan.

Heads up! Gannon coming up on MSNBC

Wal-Mart Loses $7.5 Million Discrimination Suit

Chris Matthews going to talk about

Did I hear that right? Gannon himself will be on KO next?

Are Chimpy's palm bruises "stigmata" of liver disease?

I was researching music for a class i teach

Will the right excuse/condone Talon's propensity for plagiarism?

Art Appreciation thread

Josh Micah Marshall is on AAR: USAnext/John ONeill

"Support the students, not the system"

Do you believe in UFOs?

IN GERMANY, BUSH PLAYS BUBBLE BOY: --good one "bubble boy"

We need a comprehensive biography of James Guckert.

Looking for Bobby Eberle's interview with Karl Rove?

Interviews with Eberle/GOPUSA should be sought.

dead US soldiers no longer front page news at the St. Pete Times

There is new building off the freeway, I have concerns

I found an address for Jim D Guckert

I suspect going after Gannon/Guckert's diary is a dead end/red herring.

Olberman just said Gannon will be on his show tonight

Talon News closes website to perform a "top-to-bottom" review....

KO - Talon News: "Website taken down for a 'top to bottom' review"

Am I going to Hell for not caring about the Pope?

Sound file of bush confiding he smoked pot, anyone know where it is?

"Bush's Brain" question

HST talks about his being suicided (the fav method of Bushco Crime Inc)

I think Gannon has just realized that he can make a lot of $$$ from this.

Experts: Suburbs Threaten Old Battlefields

What a leap of "faith" (CSI)

Debating about the Ten Commandments on Public display

Locked Thread on the Pope

Where is Truthseeker Lincoln?

Hey, I lost my PNAC reference pages.

Orange County Weekly: He’s Got Gas!

Punter for the Presidency. Right Wing Rent Boy. Potential bestsellers.

Why isn't it illegal to upload spybots to the web?

Of course, LOTS of kids were waiting to make a decision on drug use...

In an earlier thread, I don't remember who, stated that we were

JUSTICE PREVAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hinchey was on Hannity radio today

About the human population explosion.

Reflections on my '91 deployment to Iraq

Does anyone have a guide to which counties used Diebold?

Whaddya bet the "Guckert diary" if it surfaces, details affairs with Dean,

Questioning Guckert's Financing...

I am here to ask for help!

Would you trade George W. Bush for George H. W. Bush?

Turning Turkey Guts and Other Wastes Into Oil- Thermal Depolymerization

More Talon/GOPUSA digging.

Hannity Lies again......yawn

Edward Abbey,...

"I Support the Occupation of Iraq, but I don't Support the Troops"

Louis Black is Blasting Alan Keyes about booting Maya!!!!!!

More on Acxiom

Am out of it?

I Heard a Malloyism On Chicago Sports Talk Radio Today!

If you missed Terry Gross's interview with Boyden Gray, listen up...

Have you seen the new Burger King commercial?

So, Paul Celluci says the US

Gay Marriage is Evil says the Catholic Pope.

Nine Inch Nails Releasing Anti-Bush Video

I have to share this picture of Bush....

Hannah Arendt coined the term "banality of evil" to describe Adolf

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Abortions when they were illegal -- "The world of Vera Drake"

THIS is what they'd like to do to us.

Ken Lay, Richard Cuse and Jeff Skilling set for trial March 6, 2006.

Canada and the U.S.- Vows of Military Integration

Rethugs chanting...Got this in an email

I just had a long chat with ANDY

Do you drive a SUV?

How do fundies explain dinosaur fossils?

Spyware criminal now at Homeland Security

You Suburbanites are EXPENSIVE! $1 in taxes cost between$1.04 & $1.67?

Acts 2.43 and Communism. This is fun stuff folks!

Here it is... just what you've been waiting for...HANNIDATE!

Novak Named Names! - Jim Lehrer Newshour {ALSO COVERING GANNON}

Tonight, I want to say a few words about my son. He turned 17 today.

Why does the Rude Pundit hate Ann Coulter?

Dean Scream a Fake?

How I know Ann Coulter is not a man

HST death conspiracy :tin foil hat alert:

The Nashua Advocate: Gannongate Proves Old Media Is Dead, White House Lied

Remember the article on vegan diets as "child abuse"?

Right to die: What's your position?

One small point about Social Security.

Fundamentalist religious beliefs are not mental disorders

If you're wondering what Kerry has been up to...

Pope calls gays "evil"; God strikes Pope mute

Republicans, Bloggers and Gay, Oh my!

BPA plan called a job-killer

Strasbourg Court Rules in Favor of Chechens

Meeting between Bush, Putin reveals divisions on sensitive issues

Judge Dismisses Yukos Bankruptcy

Uli Derickson, 60, Who Helped Airline Hostages, Dies

Arlen Specter Wants Deal With Pro-Abortion Democrats on Pro-Life Judges

Lawmakers: Writer May Have Leaked CIA Info

Musharraf Vows to Court Investors to Quicken Growth (Update1)

Clause in Health Care Plans Blocks Lawsuits

Sen. Specter Urges Caution on Bush Judicial Showdown

"Iraqi Kurd Leader Spells Out Terms for Deal"

Short Demands Inquiry into Iraq Advice

Lufthansa May Sue over Bush Visit Flight Disruption

Gujarat to Guantanamo: A tale in the twist

U.S. Hopeful on Hemisphere-Wide Trade Zone

Microsoft Caves In To Dutch Site On Spyware Spat

Board backs nuclear waste dump in Utah

Russian Press Ask Bush: Who Says We're Not Free?

Up to 150 children said dead from cold in Afghanistan

US welcomes Syria's announcement to redeploy troops in Lebanon

Iran oil ministry suspected of funnelling out $54 billion

Terror Suspect's Family Protests Jail Rules

Venezuela Won't Negotiate Tax Increase

U.S. Moves To Preserve Iraq Coalition

Anglican church gay rift deepens

WP: Condoleezza Rice's Commanding Clothes ('speak of sex and power')

Vietnam looks to win Agent Orange law suit - Duplicate-Sorry

Training Iraqis to fight?

Iraq violence kills 30 in one day

Democrats Criticize Social Security Official

I saw Americans kill terror suspects, says Guantanamo Briton

Iraqi women eye Islamic law

WP: Group to Coordinate Attack on Bush Plan

Bush Gets Stoned by the World Media - US Press Less Interested in Drug Talk

Durbin (Gannon) letter slated to be delivered to Bush Friday morning

Senator (Arlen Specter) Critical of Proposal on Filibusters

Vietnam Looks to Win Agent Orange Law Suit

Bush Approval, Economy Rating Down (ARG poll)

WP: In Russian Media, Free Speech for a Select Few

OPEC vows to target oil prices by production increase

Foreign Investment's Flip Side, U.S. Trade Deficit Swells...-WP

WP: Bush Gently Prods Putin on Democracy

Experimental interceptor downs missile

Skull Valley nuclear plan clears two hurdles

Venezuela Arrests Suspected Colombian Rebel Leader

UN predicts population surge

In Schiavo Case, Gov. Bush Seeks Delay to Probe Abuse Allegations

Italian prosecutor probing CIA's role in militant's disappearance

The Remaking of Al-Qaeda--Asia Times Online

Aussie official: U.S. dollar may collapse

10 Voters on Panel Backing Pain Pills Had Industry Ties -NYT

Horse-Slaughtering Law Alarms Activists

WP: Condoleezza Rice's Commanding Clothes


Bucky's First Annual Dr Who Poll


I think people want to look like pirates.

Counting with the Count (a tiresome post)

Calling all Massachusetts DU'ers

I'm kind of sick of hummingbirds on DU

Gmail is awesome!

Birdies are cuter than kitties or puppies. So there.

I just realized, I'm 305 posts away from 10,000

I just realized, I'm 62 posts away from 3000

I'm kind of sick of homonyms on DU.

I'm kind of sick of memorabilia on DU

What's the possibility of getting the next Pope named George Ringo?

I cut my own hair today, ask me anything

I learned a valuable lesson today....

I took your momma out for frozen custard!

I'm taking your daughter out for frozen custard!

I took ya llama out for frozen custard!

Who else is ready for spring? (The animals are breeding)

Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye...

It's official, the Freepers are losing it.

tiny purple fishes run laughing through my fingers

What's with all these "Help me update my address book" people

Oy! "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" on Bravo now!

Oasis to play Boston Tweeter Center

Coincidences and silver linings

Pope Mo Paul

Alone, hate it

Pope John Paul

Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue

I believe in God; I am in school to be a Minister. I have a couple of


London Calling by myself?

This is "sweeps period" on television right now, I take it.

She lives with a broken man,a cracked polystrene man

Should I watch 'UFO's or 'Stars Without Makeup'?

The truth about Guckert, Rove, McClellan and Betsy the sheep.

Almost cut my hair

To honor the Oscars this weekend:

'LAWRENCE OF ARABIA' starting now on TCM

Who hates Hollywood926?

Greetings, this is the Secretary of War at the State Department

Eerie -- Jon Stewart must be the reincarnation of this guy


Free relationship advice from Rube Clydesdale, conservative studmuffin

What are you listening to?

Trouble for the Tidy Bowl man

Why would he contact me?

Going to watch the ABC special on UFO's?

Breaking: A tall black monolith has just appeared in front of the WH.

That's just silly!

Favorite Mr. Bean skit/routine??

Is there a way to test USB port speed?

Confession Time! Who here thought I was human?

How many pages was the largest book you've ever WROTE?

I'm kind of sick of the homeopathy on DU

'Ugly Overages' or 'Stubborn Belly Fat'?

Niagara Falls, New York or Niagara Falls, Ontario?

Watching Jenning's UFO special?

Confession time! Who here thought I was a boy?

Favorite Commercial Jingles?

Do you think they told the Chimp the TRUTH about the UFO's?

Dayum, my little home bidness is starting to take off!

What are better? Lounge conspiracy theories or GD consipracy theories?

Lawrence of Arabia - For anyone seeking insight into the


Confession time! Who here thought I was a monkey?

Confession time! Who here thought I was a human?

Please use a crosswalk when crossing the street.

I went to buy tinfoil at the supermarket tonight. NO TINFOIL. I'm scared.

Crazy George's Accounting Service: Sign Up Now!

Don't read this. And I mean it!!!

I lost my job yesterday.

Is the telephone for your convenience or for those calling you?

Confession Time. Who here though I was your favorite salty snack?

I think that Frank Lloyd Wright was an alien

Anybody here been probed by Aliens?

Rabrrrrr is a freeper alien who lives w/ Frank Lloyd Wright in N. Dakota?

I think anyone who loves mainstream TV needs to

DU musicians, i need some advice please

I think every American needs to have a serious kidney infection

Why is mainstream media discussing extra-terrestial life?

"Stars Without Makeup" = sign of the Apocalypse

OK, now your favorite commercial

Confession time! Who here thought I was a girl?

I think every American needs to have a nice Drano enema.

My theory as to why we haven't been visited by aliens.

Confession Time! Who thought I was a goy?

When I win the lottery...

appearently, any ol' black guy will do.

I'll vote in your poll, but not post because I don't really care

Confession time! Who here thought I was a JAGOFF?

The most annoying commercial on t.v.?

Confession time - who here thought I was a Democrat/Liberal?

Confession time! Who here thought I was?

La-la-la-la labia baby you got something for me

Last post...I need to get some sleep...

I think every American needs to have a major, invasive surgery.

As long as there is a George W. Bush, we will have the G.W.B Hitler salute

I just saw the movie "Monster" for the first time

Los Angeles DU'ers ....... wanna do a get together.

Workplace etiquette: Is giving the finger ever appropriate?

Maybe it was "Jeff Gannon" Rove was referring to, when he was heard

Have you flown lately? How was the landing? Who made it?

Coonfession time! Who here thought I was a spatula?

Snowing AGAIN! It's As If The Weather Is Stuck On Snow.

OK, I'll grant you this: 95% of the customers I've dealt with were fine.

Ok - so do you find yourself in a situation during the day and think...

I got in a car accident tonight.

Question: is hitting an Atlanta Brave with a frying pan ever appropriate?

I am blind.

Free puppy!

Confession time! Who here thought I was Comedian?

Paging Maddy McCall..Please pick up the white courtesy keyboard!!

Confession time! Who here thought I was Tragedian?

PLEASE, "News" Media...NO MORE EFFING J-Lo stories. PLEASE.

OMG! My cat just dismantled two keys off my laptop's keyboard.

"ER" a great show tonight. Covering one of their docs who went to war.

Thanks for entertaining me tonight, DU. Goodnight

Does the FBI and CIA really have the independence they have in the movies?

Am I an embarrassingly shallow person?

I started photocopying fat in the Lounge!

Are you a Podcast listener? Do you know one???

Confession time! Who here thought I was Canadian?

Wilco Fans - Live Concert Stream on Now

So I finally get a day off...


Confession time: Who here thought JimmyJazz was a Jim Nabors fan?

What do you think of PETa

Hey, I've started a cat-copying fad in the Lounge!

Is it appropriate to move to South Dakota and change your name to "Sid?"

What's the strangest combination of things you bought together?

*poutin'* I want my own fan club tooooooooo!

My next career (a poll)

How about a show called desperate Husbands?

Confession time! Who here thought I was a boy?

Should I set my friend up?

Question: Is being pompous and condescending ever inappropriate (in the...

Has anyone ever put a couple 'o slices of banana in green tea?

Is name-dropping ever appropriate?

Should I set my friend up for Murder?

Confession time - who thought I am beholden to your naive idea of "time"?

Firefox Gets Major Security Makeover

OK, the fun's over.

I just listened to a talk by Al Franken, sat in the 2nd row ~15 feet away

Does draft beer give you a headache?

Just made reservations for New Orleans

OO ooo ooo gossip from home!


My mummy wants Frozen Custard

Hunter S. Thompson and the 1960's

I am headed. Good night, all! *blowin' kisses*

Okay, this is painful but .....

Somewhere in a lonely hotel room

Anybody else catch Lewis Black giving Alan Keyes the red ass

It's all my fault.

The Ring II has been made.

We seem to be back to the old lounge I know and love.

I started a copycatting fad in the lounge!

I'm Sorry, but it has to be done.

Sports trivia time!!!

I was all ready to make a whiny and petulant post about how


It is time. Reveal 5 artists you kind of like but normally dont admit to.

Quick, what're ya listening to right now

doggie pics...

Oh well--I knew the ABC/Jennings UFO thing would be a triumph

Kitty pictures!

Any DUers have tips for living with the bf/gf?

For those of y'all with customer-service jobs....

How many pages was the largest book you've ever read?

Question: Is being pompous and condescending ever appropriate?

Gannon's tighty-whitey shots. I think he should make a calendar.

Who does * remind you most of:

C'mon...admit love Condi's FABULOUS new hat!

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Reval 5 artists you, as a Liberal, are supposed to like, but don't.

Dang, Abe Lincoln's mom was kind of a fox.

Do you believe in UFOs?

I started a cat scan in my lungs.

Have you ever farted in front of people by accident?

Was the star of Bethlehem

What's your all-time most hated comic strip??

My cat has to get neutered tomorrow

It's that time again...Family Guy quote thread!

Confession time: Who just assumed that JimmyJazz mudered Jim Nabors?

What's the longest film you've ever watched in one sitting?


I KNEW I should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

Confession Time. Who here though I was a chicken salad sandwich?

Reflections on my deployment to Iraq in '91.

Confession time: Who here thought Jim Nabors was a JimmyJazz fan?

I just realized, I'm 4582 posts away from 10,000

What's your all time favorite comic strip?

Best Blackadder Series?

It's Wat Tyler's Pomposity and Condescension Lounge!

Who would you do (oo-oo) for a Klondike bar?

It's that time again...Family Circus quote thread!

Ok, in your state...

Do you believe that North Dakota exists?

I said goodbye to my car today

I believe in God; I am in school to be a Minister. I have a couple of

I believe in God; I am in school to be a Minister. I have a couple of

Pope John Paul

I believe in God; I am in school to be a Minister. I have a couple of

Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave (church gay bashing)

Tell Mitt Romney to Stop Trashing Massachusetts Families

National Religious Leaders Reject Pope's Defamation of Same-Sex Couples

WANTED: Someone who can stop three-point shots from going in.

Kasparov draws again, Anand wins in second round play at Linares

NASCAR article

Am I going to Hell for not caring about the Pope?

Independent Study of 2004 Election Irregularities:

Kerry to receive Distinguished American Award

Look, look, look!!!

Beating the Boomers

DNC:Death of a Sales Pitch: Bush Is a Uniter After All...Soc. Sec.

DNC promotion

Quiet Louisiana congressman now in Howard Dean's crosshairs

Hinchey was on insannity today

Robert Novak in the Plame case, may be a CIA media asset

Must read article on Gannon

Bill Maher

Bush's World

Are you familiar with BMA's (Binding Mandatory Arbitration)?

A Final Nod to Hunter Thompson

We need to make PNAC a household word way before 2006 comes around

Swift Boat liars say Dems helping Iran get weapons

Corzine takes on USA Next, Calls on Bush to Repudiate Slanderous Attacks

Hitler and Bush Family: What's the evidence ?

Gannongate: It's not the sex, it's the POWER of the PRIVILEDGED.

OMG..........Check this out from Billmon's Whiskey Bar!..........

Buzzflash from 2003 on Operation Mockingbird

Dean in Topeka, draws good crowd of 800 in conservative area.

Bush's soul mate.

First progressive **student** think tank--The Roosevelt Institute

HST Treasure Hunt......

CNN: "Bush: Attack on Iran 'ridiculous'"

OMG -- Kansas Atty. Gen is trying to get abortion clinic records

Ex-liberal columnist says she's a '9/11 Republican'

(PINR)A New Cold War: China's Quest for Energy Security

The Imperial Presidency. by Rev. Rich Lang

Nested Nest Eggs--but no Golden Goose?

Wampum's *2004 Koufax Awards* for Best Blogs....Great Resource!

Blumenthal: Lost in Europe (Bush* has reached dead end)

A Tissue of Lies [Falls Church News-Press... subject: GANNON]

Beware the coming propaganda juggernaut (Joe Conason in

Gays vs. ‘faggots’ (New York Blade takes a stab at Gannon/Guckert)

One More Way to Keep Jonah Goldberg's Sorry Ass out of the Kill Zone

From Guckert's website

Orange County Register: It's a base battle, governor

LA Times - An Identity Crisis Unfolds in a Not-So-Elite Press Corps

Krugman: Kansas on My Mind

Is Ann Coulter a Male Prostitute?

WSJ: Medicaid for Millionaires

Arriana Huffington: Rummy TV

Modern-Day Muckraker (the downside of Third World development)

The Conservative Case Against Wal-Mart

Salon: Bush's Bait and Switch.

Create a New State- For Real, Please Read!

Just Say 'No' To Military Recruiters

Jonathan Steele (Guardian Utd): Now Syria is the top bad guy

My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!

How long can Bush get away with lies? By Father Andrew Greeley

Poor, White and pissed

The company that would sell your soul to the devil (Choicepoint FL Purge)

Social Security: The Paper Cut "Crisis"

US influence on the wane in Latin America

CBS Meyers: Give Sleaze A Chance (AARP Attacks)


Cool. I got my LTTE published...

Krugman: Kansas on My Mind (Attack on AARP)

Herbert: Thrown to the Wolves (Canadian sent to Syrian Torture by US)

Great piece by Response to

Sign up for weekly heads up on key votes

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

DCCC Actions

Time for the February nominees for "The Gucky" Award!

AAR returning to Chicago?

Is anyone working specifically to link WH propaganda with Mitofsky's

Foxnews carries Heritage Foundation's Rea Hederman lies about SS

Andres Izarra launches the clash of ideas in battle of the medias

Photog really did a good job re: Randi

Columbia Journalism Review redefines MSM, Corporate media

Argentina Prepares to Shed Its Debt, Reenter Fiscal Markets(1$bonds at .33

Are Luxury goods losing their appeal?

The pukes are going to try to backdoor ARCTIC DRILLING by attaching it to

Competition in Rural Electric Cooperatives? Yay or Nay?

Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski, German Politician and Mideast Expert Dies

BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) Equal Player?

Pictures and commentary from the occupied side of Cyprus

Texas shootout (CCW involved)

When, if ever, is it OK to talk about suicide?

To the mod who locked Parsifal's post in the Lounge:

I got my ass whipped in GD last night, probably deserved it

I made a donation earlier this month , and

A host of suggestions for my Hosts. . .

Please add a local events and gatherings forum.


Thanks for the Greatest page!

I would like to change my username...

Once one donates via PayPal

I cannot get the smilies lookup and html lookup tables to come up

European Jews speak out

Palestinians Consider Resuming Executions

Suicide Bomber Hits Tel Aviv Club, Several Dead

Gaza ‘out,’ West Bank ‘in’

Help me out ovah hyah

SJR: Highway named for first black American to incorporate a town in USA

Chicago Sun-Times: Power lunch broke law, Madigan says

Anyone going to see Dean or Bayh?

Let's talk about Judy Biggert

So who's got Cubs tickets?

Chicago Tribune: New Lenox drawing up plans for a big mall

Trump Tower to become tallest building in North America?

Liberal talk on its way back (maybe)

Surveys may help pick gear for voting (and that may mean trouble)

Polk County acitivist charged with using forgeries on petition

In the Taos, NM news yesterday

Thread in GD -- Bush Won

Did not know Ohio had passed HB 1, it is outrageous. Petition.

Is anyone working specifically to link WH propaganda with

ABC posted results of 1998 election on their website day BEFORE election!

VOTE ALERT: Put the Oakland Teach-In on the Greatest Page...

Who here is going to the Oakland teach-in tomorrow?

I now fully accept that Bush won the election fair and square, because...

List and Links for (17) Pending Campaign Finance Reform Bills

Friday 2/25 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Bush visit bringing freedom and liberty to Germany..NOT


List and Links for (23) Pending Election Reform Bills

What are the implications of this documented case of switching??

Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right...

Governor, Democrats spar over redistricting

OAKLAND: City promises billboard fame to shame 'johns'

Fliers with on them

Rob Reiner for Gov?

My first girlfriend was from Hartford...

Mass General Law question - residence

Enjoy; nice dis of Mittens

"No Same-Sex Partner Benefits Unless You're Married"

Sen. Kerry to receive Distinguished American Award

Coleman noncommittal on Stop Govt Propaganda Act S.266

Wetterling U.S. Senate Announcement

NEW Firefox Released

Command line download from a website - nevermind!

Crazy modem problem (I didn't know this group even existed til a

HB 1 in Ohio....DFA shining the light on it....petition.

any DUers going to the Dickinson college conference?

Abortion tops 1st talk with public by Swann

Santorum on Meet the Press - 2/27/05

I'm running for city council in Arlington...

March 19 Anti-War Activities in Houston

DU Needs a forum for gatherings & Dem get-togethers.

Austin, 2/28: 8:30 am. Public Voting System Examination.

Chris Bell considering bid for governor

Some dems crossed over on the voter ID issue


do the limbeciles think it's good that everyone in the world hates *?

Be Proud America: "He wept. He begged not to be beaten anymore."

Why don't we talk about suicide?

Jesus, Mary and Jospeh........

Does anyone still have that URL for that video?

From the Hill

I'll never forget the look of horror on Woof-woof's face

Just ran up to the store for beer & gas. It just went up to $1.82 /gallon

The Road to Hell is Paved with Liberals

Ward is having fun wiht a pro walmart guy

CBS did a story on Choicepoint????

Q for mainstream media watchers..

See no Gannon, hear no Gannon, speak no Gannon

Doesn't Prof, Churchill sound like the Big Lebowski?

"My Dinner at Applebee's With White Supremacists!" . . .

Help! I am trying to understand Social Security!

Hahahaha! Washington Caller caller asks C-Span, "Where'd the Gannon

Jeff Gannon Still A Reporter to FOX News. []

One of my lifelong friends married a Fundie

Help me out ovah hyah

Christian right mum on Gannon Affair

Rep Bob Etheridge (Dem- NC) replies to my letter about SS

Action Alert. Will your TAX dollars fund religious discrimination?

Gannon's face on MSN Home Page this morning...

At least the Weekly World News has the intestinal fortitude......

Oh no, where's Mr Bill?

How Do The Hosts On CSPAN Call-Ins Keep A Straight Face?


Bin Laden Video's and Claim of 911 --- fiction or fact (a good read)

My computer was working fine

Anybody hear the Jerry Doyle Show?

CSPAN schedule for 2/25

A hunch: Boomers inherited money is floating the economy.

Is It Pig Farm Time?

It's AMAZING how much shit Americans will take now

Before Bush's "Bring 'em on" comment, 207 US soldiers had been killed

BOB HERBERT: "Thrown to the Wolves"

Welcome to Jesus land.

Bush has won...

Condoleezza Rice's Commanding Clothes (what>!!!!!!)

Foxnews...where media critters go to end their careers?

Is the "conservative" message really: MIGHT MAKES RIGHT?

"Tax schemes saved 61 top firms $3.4B"

How much worse than you expected has Bush been?

Is it as simple as live for today, the hell with tomorrow for Republicans?

I think emails have become a medium for the right

#1 Talking Point for Dems: MSM Is A Shoddy RW Propaganda Machine

Did Limbaugh really tell the troops liberals are against them?

As Tech Matures, Workers File A Spate of Salary Complaints

Title insurer pays for blowing whistle on rivals

Frank Luntz advises: exploit 9/11 shamelessly


Bush and Putin: Two Peas In A Pod "Share Common Ground"

Your Casa Is Wal-Mart's Casa

IRAQ... Conscience? Calling? Comments?

BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) Equal Player?

Information Request: PC, Christian Expression, Perception of Christians

Putin asks a pointed question (PHOTO)

Freeway Blogger to Post 150 Signs On Bay Area Freeways

Headline of my paper this morning...what was yours

What the hell is going on in AAR?

Bill Press: "Sex to go: Call White House press office"

How To "Write" LIke Jeff Gannon: Example #1 (WhyAreWeBack)

"W h o is J e f f G a n n o n?"

Marlin Fitzwater: Gannon questions no worse than Helen Thomas or Rather

What's the "back story" about Walmart worker voting AGAINST unions 17-1?

Republican campaign against AARP

A Bunch More Friday Toons. My Tribute To nostamj!!!

stop the Kansas Attorney General from his female witch hunt

Ken Lay trial delayed another year (Jan '06) because lawyers

Great Gannon letter in WP

Hunter S. Thompson---details on death

Jeff Gannon's blog doesn't allow comments like normal blogs...

C-SPAN fool of the day: "Gore sending subliminal...

Ridge Goes From Homeland Security To Home Depot

Was gay Republican Ed Schrock a victim of organized blackmail?

Angry Condi Rice Photos! neato!

Chilling Photo Comparisons that Horrify Me

Quotes by our enemies, the 'Islamists', who seek to theocraticize us

Just heard on radio Scott Peterson's

US blocks talks on mercury ban, boosting UN environment meet: diplomats

The perfect excuse... ...for being late in L.A. is sure true now

Steadman on HST

Taking action to resurrect our honor

Ca. sch. makes students wear "radio-frequency identification badges"

W the Brat...

Andrew Sullivan agrees with Gannon/Guckert

What happens to the average American if the dollar collapses?

The RW spin is about to start re:Gannon/Guckert - it's been silent

"You're an Ashcroft! No, you're the Ashcroft!"


How Machiavellian -- arming Sunni malitias and placing in Shiite areas

Gannon's Blog

If you posted your picture on the "sorry everybody" website - look at this

Cool. I had my LTTE published...

Why is the head of the Concerned Women of America a man?

Any Rolling Stone readers? Feb 24, 2005 issue.

"BRAT" (guess who?) ---->

Gannon is a Plagiarist

Who's Pulling The Strings? The Key To Repug Success

Kennedy children take guardianship of mother(Joan)

Did College Republicans get funding from Rev. Moon at one time?

How hard is it to remove bumper stickers?

Great article in Rolling Stone about Sinclair.

Bush to Canada, "F &*% You!!!"

Why are we in an era of stupidity and double standards?

wonder who "confronted" Gannon?


Watch "Super Size Me" to Really Understand Fast Food

How long can Bush get away with lies?

Any modem Gurus here? Got a weird problem...

Is there a site currently archiving Stephanie Miller?

A synopsis of my editorial post- Create a new country, for real!

Where is that photo of Bush and Gannon together...

The UN Security Council should be dismantled

If the US economy collapses, will that lead to which?

New Material at Yurica Report; and Bloodguilty Churches now paperback book

"People keep saying, 'We're not going to shoot them'."

Off of Gannon's web site-----

Invasions, Occupations, Murder, Torture, Renditions...

The difference between "Rathergate" and "Gannongate"

So I'm on hold with Social Security

Bush in it Medically Possible to Die of Embarrassment?

Did Ward Churchill try and expose 'fake Native Americans'? Apparently

Do you believe that the price of Gas would have stayed lower if

EU drops plans to ban Nazi symbols

Wal-Mart WORKERS vote to reject unions, better wages & benefits.

Laura Bush: Cosmo Girl? ---->

At one time in the 70's Nixon is said to have remarked to Haldeman

Have you heard of "Obvious Man"?

Poll: Did President Bush's trip help mend U.S. relations with Europe?

someone correct me if im wrong,

I'm horrified..because it looks like America is becoming the Fourth Reich

The Creators Rights Party --- The Ultimate Wingnut Party

The commericals for "The Nation" on CNN KICK ASS!

New group formed to fight against Bush's SS scam!

HST family sat at a table with him dead with massive head wound.

If only America was like this:

If you were in Terri Schiavo's condition...

Why exactly did Gannon have a site about Jesse Jackson?

Revolution NOW!!! Paper ballots NOW!! Hand counts NOW!!!

From the United Church of Christ

"U.S. Middle Class to be Outsourced Offshore"

Look at this paymant plan for Media Research Center!

hide you guys! t-mobile terrorist is back again!

Hilton Kramer cries over the Gates' defacement of Central Park

Since GOPUSA and Talon News are experts on plagiarizing.....

Gays vs. ‘faggots’ (New York Blade takes a stab at Gannon/Guckert)

When the economy disintegrates, what shall you do?

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Union Busting?

This is how it begins

I still have Post-Inauguration Stress Syndrome.

How many wounded soldiers have died?

My decision process to post in LBN or GENERAL

Don't ever link to!

from slashdot...100,000 more social security numbers exposed.

Have you ever had nightmares of the coming fascism?

Daily Howler: Case Study in How the Left Bungles Its Critique of the Right

Ask your fellow American what freedom means to them.

I'm kind of sick of this arachnophobia on DU

Anyone read the SFGATE article about the hate group...

Haw! This is TOO funny. (FBI.GOV trojan virus email)

Terrorist attack in Israel-How convenient

Anyone a fan of Freud?

Drudge mocking Olbermann/Gannon

Check out these numbers, especially those booshes!

Do you consider Condi Rice a murderer?

Reproductive Privacy Under Attack

The old America of everyone's dreams has now been replaced by

Body in Fla. lake not missing girl’s.

There was a time when I watched the news and was happy!

President Arrested in Europe for War Crimes Committed in Office

What Is Fascism?

The REAL problem with Hollywood

WTF! CNN Lew Dobbs flunky just let Jarvis of USA Next trash AARP without..

Breaking: 'Person of interest' in BTK serial killings questioned

The Pope eats cookies for breakfast

Jacksonville, FL "City Employee Pension down 600-800 Million"

Just in case someone cares, three more US soldiers killed today in Iraq

Who the hell does Condi think she is, Nancy Sinatra?

Bill filed in Florida to stifle professors and dialogue.

Hunter S. Thompson's Brilliant Presence

DU Poll: Who Do You Think Is The Most Evil Member Of BuchCo?

What do you think: What is the neocon's greatest fear?

BG - Probe leaves out Guantanamo ex-commander

James “Dow 36,000” Glassman - Neocon Lobbying Whore

DU This Poll: 'Is Wal-Mart Good for America?'

Bush's Gloved Handshake a Slovak Faux Pas

Enough with Jeff Gannon. When is Sibel Edmond's name going to

GOP to call Dem leaders Deanocrats, ask them to defend themselves.

Who's Pulling The Strings? The Key to Repub Success.

Shameless in Colorado (from The Nation)

From the book: "The Mind Of Adolf Hitler"

MSNBC: Gannon/Guckert (David Shuster)

Why is there a gold star next to my screen name?

Why don't we protest Shrub like the Europeans do?

Chew On This <- watch this video before you bash PETA or vegetarians

help me think of slogans!

Alabama Dem beeyotch slaps Repug on Gay Marriage amendment!

The fall of America

Mangate and UFOs: Stick a Fork In the MSM, It's Done

Is Gannon Being Dangled As BAIT???? Is He Being Set Up as a Patsy???

So Jeff Gannon and David Korn are good friends....

They don't even pretend to pretend anymore. Why doesn't bush just

Road kill candy angers animal rights activists

D*mn, I knew my office was to the red, and now, I have proof.

The bar hasn't been lowered, it's disappeared - US journalism

If the dollar does collapse what happens?

Barbara Boxer for Prez '08 : Yes or No?

Think overpopulation isn't a problem?

2004, the first year the electoral map colors did not reflect incumbency

OK, who wants to help out with JEFFGANNON.ORG?

Our lives begin to end when we fall silent about the things that matter

Help? My son was called a "Dirty Jew" at PUBLIC school yesterday and

Is "Consumer Reports" a Communist publication set out to destroy American

Oh the SILENCE of the G.O.P. Morality Police! Ken Starr, we need you now!

The Resentment Tribe by Digby

When the fascism comes, what will you do?

most vegetarians are not right-wing!

So what would happen if the U.S. withdrew completely from Iraq today?

Not enough Tribalism and Paranoia at DU.

What Will We Eat As The Oil Runs Out?-Food Security Conference

Big dinner tomorrow with about 10 neocons- need talking points.

My apologies, but I'm not seeing this sexual double-standard at play

You gotta hand it to Osama, he got away with it, & he's still out there

Condi's Wardrobe in Europe is that of a Dominatrix! WaPo's Givens says!

Could GanGuk be charged for his apparent prostitution

House OK'ed Pre-emptive U.S. Attack Against Iran

Iraqi mom and dad left to deal with collateral damage on their own.

RFK Jr.: "For The Sake Of Our Children"


I am so scared ya'll.

Recovering Repressed Memories of Sexual Abuse DOES HAPPEN!

RAWSTORY: Five Democratic senators sign letter to Bush calling for Gannon

DU Needs a special forum for gatherings & Dem get-togethers.

If you voted for bush (freepers)

Reaching out to THE LEFT...

Hunter S. Thompson: A Bull in the China Shop of Fear

Ward Churchill isn't a "liberal" or a "progressive" or a "lefty" he's scum

Depression and the state of the world

'Original' Churchill Art Piece Creates Controversy


Drudge supporters response to a black columnist, Donna Britt

Headhunter/Recruiter Just Told Me That There Was No Hope

The Surprising No. 1 College Major

As An Active Duty Military Member. My Take on Limbaugh In Afghanistan

"Introducing Peter Sinclair's DRAWING BLOOD" | and the other TOONs...


Can we get rid of Cellucci any faster?

Colourful past as French tart wrecks dream of shortlisted Labour canidate

How Labour lost my vote.

Yen Declines Against Dollar, Euro as Crude Oil Prices Rise

Reid seeks resolution on Social Security

Just wondering when it was OK to discuss suicide

Former minister demands Iraq probe

Democrats call Smith no-show on assisted suicide (Ore.Sen.(R)Gordon Smith)

Reid tells Legislature to act on election law

Cannabinoids Stave Off Alzheimer's Decline, Study Says

US Keeps Pressure on Nicaragua to Destroy Missiles

Gannon's to the Right of Me [e&p]

A Tissue of Lies [Falls Church News-Press... subject: GANNON]

Specter leery of filibuster ban threat

Kurds Undecided on Iraq Political Alliance -- Leader

No Kashmir solution without US involvement: Expert

Gannon website back up...

Citizens escape Ramadi, Ukraine to withdraw from Iraq


Gannon speaks: "my faith and ideology are rock solid"

Kansas Prosecutor Wants Abortion Patients' Files -unbridled access

Jeff Gannon Still A Reporter to FOX News. []

U.S. Says 'Thousands' of Missiles Missing (AP)

ChoicePoint says it bought records of 10,000 Floridians

Goldberg named exec for Air America Radio

* Once Again Puts His Foot in His Mouth - or in this case his hand!

Call for child porn users amnesty

World population 'to rise by 40%'

U.S. Marine killed in western Iraq offensive

Ex-Steeler Swann Raising Money for Bid (Pa. Rep. Governor's race)

Anglican rift grows over gay row

Italy probes possible CIA role in abduction

Churches investigated for 'beating devil' out of child worshippers

Kansas AG Seeks Late Term Abortion Records

Bomber dressed as officer kills 15

Panel backs nuclear waste dump at Utah reservation

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Blast Near Baghdad

Group of men beat up Egyptian opposition leaders

Stadium proposal for former jail

Gibbons apologizes on camera for aired 'communist' remark

Priests discussing sex abuse levy

Kraft Draws Ire for Road Kill Candy

Bush's Gloved Handshake a Slovak Faux Pas

Iraq's neighborhood councils are vanishing

Shame of Cavalry troops

France's Finance Minister resigns over flat scandal

Blair rejects calls to publish war advice

US soldier to be tried in murder of Iraqi civilian

Schwarzenegger to Go on Road to Raise Funds

Gibbons' talk to lawmakers sparks partisan spat, potshots

Fortune 500 companies used auditors for tax shelters, study finds

CBS: "Lights Out For Talon News"

Attorney: State seeking Schiavo delay (terri schiavo)

Brazil calls off fighter jet upgrade (Lockheed Martin, Ft. Worth)

WP: Specter Predicts Turmoil May Grow From Impasse

Chicago Sun-Times "'Progressive' Talk Could Be On Its Way"

Outrage at TV exorcism

Appeal in S.D. mayor re-election case filed (Donna Frye)

Calif. Voters Would Back Schwarzenegger Again - Poll

IRA plc turns from terror into biggest crime gang in Europe

Connecticut Legislature Panel BACKS Gay Civil Unions

Clear Channel Posts Net Loss After Charge (sooo sorry to hear)

Fear and Loathing in the Press Room (by Jeff Gannon, February 25, 2005)

Italy probes possible CIA role in abduction

Australian new troops could stay in Iraq for more than a year

Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson


Inventor of intermittent windshield wipers dies

Rice Will Go to London, Not Middle East

Thompson widow recalls final days

GDP growth revised up (3.8% Q4 2004)


Cleric Endorses Al-Jaafari PM Nomination (AP)

U.S. May Give EU Till June to Coax Iran on Nukes

DU this poll.

three week stay in life support case (terry schiavo)

US planes attack targets in Mosul

AI: Concern for arrested Iraqi woman

Mormon scholar, 95, is accused of rape by daughter

China, India rival US competitiveness: Survey

Schiavo Update 2/25: Man Cleared to Remove Wife's Feeding Tube(in 3 weeks)

Graham offers sobering assessment on Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 25 February

Dosanjh says Vioxx maker withheld safety data

F-bombs catch a break (MPAA lets Iraq doc push profanity limits)

Official: Iran May Hide Nukes in Tunnels (AP)

In Slovakia, a Dr Strangeglove thing (Our master statesman strikes again)

Panelists in FDA Drug Vote Tied to Makers (10 panel members)

Army mechanic(Sgt 40) faces desertion charge (Refuses 2nd Tour Iraq)

97-Year-Old Woman Arrested In Drug Raid

Troop Cuts in Afghanistan Concern General

Army to court-martial soldier who refused second Iraq tour

Non-U.S. forces rethink leaving Iraq

Wetterling says she'll explore Senate campaign

Police: Men Upset With McDonald's Threaten To Bomb Pentagon

Breaking: explosion in Tel Aviv, casualties, cause unk. Just on CNN

DEAN: "So many Democrats can't wait to get started."

11 California Seniors Denied Access to Life-sustaining Drugs

Canada Orders Holocaust-Denier Deported (NY Newsday)

U.S. Flies in Relief to Snowbound Afghan Villages

Holders of Argentine debt to take 70% 'haircut'

Nader Criticizes Bush on Iraq (Washington Post)

(Lindsey) Graham offers sobering assessment on Iraq

Putin: Meeting With Bush 'Very Positive'

U.S. Division That Fought War Rolls Back Into Iraq (& are killed/wounded)

Putin loses his smile after lecture from Bush on democracy

Warning from the markets - ( S Korea bond selloff)

'Blacking up' festival-goers face police race inquiry

Feds Unaware of Prison Officials' Problems

Deceptive conception alleged by dad's suit

Suicides in Marine Corps Rise by 29% (In 2004 - WaPo)

Ashcroft's name substitutes for obscenity in inflight-movie

Cost of the Bush European tour –in the billions?

Cuba Opens Its Jails for First Inmates Sports Olympics

Feds Restore 'Gay' Language to Workshop

Liberal Groups Keeping Close Eye on Dean

Canadian rejection of missile defence historic, unpredictable shift

Talon News site closes to re-evaluate operations []

bbc: Call for child porn users amnesty (from church child organisation)

See no Gannon, hear no Gannon, speak no Gannon 2/25/05

National Journal...Saturday bombshell: DeLay cited with new violations

ChoicePoint execs defend selling stock

'Loving' farewell to writer (HST, details on death...)

U.S. Military Death Toll in Iraq Approaches 1,500

Ukraine To Pull Troops Out Of Iraq By Year's End

Judge Orders Florida Woman's Feeding Tube Removed

Shoulder-Fired Missiles US Left Behind in Cent. America Raise Terror Fears

U.S. must respect Canadian airspace, PM says

Defying U.S., Venezuela's Chavez embraces socialism

Revenge killings of members of Saddam's former regime rise

(Fla.) School Officials Ban Photo Of Female Student Wearing Tuxedo

Jury awards $7 million in UPS truck crash case

OK - Tonight on Fox - "Stars Without Makeup"

Adult Swim: Robot Chicken repeat on now

Where is the gallery on DU ?

It's hard for my head to get into the melody

Anyone know about the chem spill on I635 (Dallas) today?

My foot hurts. I need a foot massage. I have no one to do it.

Goddammit! My walrus went missing again.

Crazy Antique find! 1907 Drug Store!

My Official "Sorry I'm a Lame-Ass, Placebo!" thread.

Is Bill O'Reilly *really* looking out for me?

How many of you REALLY rock & roll all night and party ev-er-y day?

Listening to "Slow and Easy" by Whitesnake, ask me anything

There Are Two Things I Can't Get With My Employee Discount At Wal-Mart

And now, something for those cute little RIGHT-WING LURKERS!

Best Robert Redford movie


Did anyone here play the gigolo in band when they were in school?

How would you react to THIS comment?

What smells better?

Confess!! What have you bought from a shopping channel??

Do you have a dishwasher?

Real agony (picture)

I know you are but what am I?????

And here's to you Mrs. Robinson...

Ok goodnight DU!

I used to think that "280-Z" referred to Dolly Parton's bra size.

I Support The Occupation Of Iraq, But I Don't Support Our Troops

I don't like mean people!

The ultimate name of a rock "supergroup."

Have you ever farted in front of people on purpose?

aarrghghhh!! Elite toolbar hit me today

Thais in a flap over public rubbing of breasts

Good night DU, thanks for keeping me company.

OK...Time for bed!

You know what I hate about Spider Solitaire?

Chaos math is a real downer.

How would you react to this comment?

Fave cable channel

Rubber Bullets

Jerry's gonna be a cable boy, a cable boy, a cable boy.

are there yeats lovers in here ?

how 'bout this . . . a knife rack for sadists and right wingers . . .

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo

Admit it, you've done it...

Stephanie's for LA`

sometimes I forget there are other forums I the only one who

are there yeast lovers in here?

Here's a new pastime for you...

War Inside My Head

Am I the only geek who likes the Alan Parsons Project?

Do you ever listen to music that...

who do you think is gonna win the Oscar?

Good night DU!

Start the Morning with a Comic Strip

What is the longest book you ever read in one sitting?

Animal Rights Activists Protest 'Road Kill Candy'

This is really cynical, but do you think the Morning News Show producers

Anybody see "The Pacifier?"

I have been going to anothe site tonight,

NEW Firefox Released

Someone broke the toilet!!! Lousy democrats!!

Who wrote this poem?

hook a sniffa up

DU This Poll: 'Is Wal-Mart Good for America?'

What's your favorite COLOR?

Burglars Call Police To Report Stolen Getaway Car - Arrested

I'm listening to this cd right now:

Favorite Beastie Boy

I was shocked to find out Richard Dawson was still alive.

Favorite Beast Man?


Sweet success for German brewer spells end for "beerocracy"

And you're listening to ...The Delicious Dish, on National Public Radio.

Anyone have the words to the Code Pink song?

Breaking: Fred Durst's home porn leaks after Sidekick hacked

Breaking News...Condi Rice legally changes name to "Shock & Awe Barbi"

vansterdam?-do you smoke pot? been to vancouver? help me!

George W Bush, Idiot Savant or Just A Friggin' Idiot?

How many states have you lived in?

I am watching "Amelie" again

"Condoleezza Rice's Commanding Clothes"

I hope:

Bizarre crank websites! Check it out! The Pope, Chemtrails, Illuminati

This one joke from last night's Daily Show deserves special

Cubs tickets go on sale in 3 minutes

The low brow Phil Hartman /Condi Rice connection

Put THIS in your pipe and smoke it!

Kraft Draws Ire for Road Kill Candy

Steelers fans: How do you feel about Swann's GOP candidacy??

Can we talk about night crashes?

Playing "hard to get": popular ploy ?

How do you browse DU?

I just put my wife on the train

Has anyone ever used JK Harris or any

All right, nobody told me this...

What's More Important? Good-Looks Or Intelligence?

Have you ever tried to drive while wearing a neck brace/collar?


How to destroy the Earth

Does it make you nervous

Does anyone besides me hate those movies (possible spoilers)

Are the Oscars on Sunday this week?

I just got off the phone with my mom and...

What smells worst

Apparently jpgray has a crush on me...since I didn't put this response

800 Pound Man Seeking Community Help

I was crushed by a net once...Seriously!!!

Jeff Gannon, male Prostitute and Republican has new blog and website!!!!!!

I just discovered that Rhapsody has a Celtic station!

I have a net crush on anyone who replies to this thread

How do I trace an email that is from an unknown sender

Do people in tv adverts look convincing when they

Do you mind people standing over your shoulder while you're trying to work

How to Speak New Yawk-ese

Another reason why America is doomed...

How do you store your CDs?

There is dried spaghetti all over the floor in the lobby of my

Hockey Lives! at World Pond Hockey Championships

Where you at?

Best cartoon on the WH propaganda scandal yet!

I finally wised up and bought some cookies

Best jazz composition nobody's ever heard?

(Gay) Student Banned From Wearing Tuxedo In School Yearbook Picture

contents of this year's Oscar "goody bags" (partial list) . . .

Any college DUers going to the Dickinson Dems Conference?

North East DUers - I'm offering you refuge

hey deaniacs, got pics?

Look at the expression on idiot Fred Durst's face

I don't have a net crush on anyone who replies to this thread

I just took a Zogby survey

Best football player of all time

Who's your favorite Classic era leading man?

What are some of your favorite sayings?

No good

im confused

the derek jeter center

How many times can I listen to the "Garden State" soundtrack

300 posts till 3000--ask me anything!

Go out yonder, peace in the valley

Admit it...I am your net crush.

Who here has a Harley?

I'm starting a blog. Looking for advice.

Do you brush your teeth with a powered toothbrush?

Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson

What color do you hate?

I am cataloging books from the 17th and 18th century

Hasbro Launching Musical Toothbrush

No, this isn't photoshopped!!

Hold your nose- I took off my boots

Adelphia Pulls Plug On Hard-Core Cable Porn

What a cool dream.....

Why can I not consistently make a good cup of coffee?

Oh, dear.

Doesn't this photo says it all?

Just got an recruitment email from the American Military

John Travolta rumored to be eyeing housedress for Hairspray

99 (godd*mn) Red (motherfarking) Balloons!

Instead of gannongate, we should be investigating Travelgate!

How long do you need to stay awake after a blow to the head?

The night club was burning

Oh Ladies!!!...Look who is available!!!

"Greatest Saturn Portrait ... Yet"

Hey Sports Fans! 350th body found under The Citadel's football stadium

Anybody get an odd, old, unpopular song chronically stuck in your head?

I'm not getting over the loss of Hunter S. Thompson

Confess! Have you used a commercial tooth whitener product?

sniffa is feeLing Left out because he isn't in the "sorry everybody" book!

Family: Heart Attack Victim Moved for Michael Jackson

What was your FIRST EVER cat?

I just baked a huge

Welcome to Central Park... say the gates...

Favorite Walt Disney "animated" Feature film?

Save the Manatee!

Can we talk about net crushes?

Post your favorite from the GALLERY OF CHILDREN'S LITERATURE

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams.

I'm going to the zoo tomorrow, which animals should I go see first?

"Fleet Center" In BOSTON (Could) Be Renamed "Derek Jeter Center" (For Day)

Well...I am officially on my 2 week spring break...

Ashcroft's name substitutes for obscenity in movie

I think I need to start reading the news when my day is over

"Unknown Name/Unknown Number" and "Out Of Area" never leave messages...

*Advice please* on invitations for my Republican coffee mixer

It's been such a wild winter. We're going to have BONGO bugs this summer.

St. Patrick's Day

Fake Newspaper Internet Site on DU

Do you believe in...

JonathanChance's life lesson learned the hard way #257

Who watched ER last night?

Great gannon political cartoon from Pittsburg post-Gazette

uh-oh, some guy is trying to save the porn-viewers

Favorite Gallagher

Confession time: Who just assumed that JimmyJazz actually likes Jazz?

My printer has entered the ranks of the Paper Eaters.

How about we develop a ghostwritten books database?

Well, I

So what's this make you think of?

you know change can be a good thing..

My new local Dem chairman is a DU'er!!!

My quandary, for musical DUers (especially near Boston)

Any project managers? Need easy Gantt chart software

My Fourth Annual 29th birthday is tomorrow

If only America was like this:

All right, who here has gotten work done today...

HELP! Got a crazy computer problem!

terrya............................are you a MER fan?

It's Gilbert and Sullivan time!

Karma for sale.

Friday Joke thread! Joke #1 - The Cardiologist's Funeral: (ok - I didn't

How big is this house?

Here is a Mermaid picture to color

LabTestingERX#sho ip bgp neighbors

It's Gilbert O'Sullivan time!

What do you see?

My house goes on the market tomorrow

Which tv show should I buy on dvd when it comes out?

They already captioned this * pic!

LabTestingERX#sho ip route summary

Can we talk about Met crushes?

and you think YOU have problems with the taxman?????

Poor Kitty ...

Best Gallagher?

It's been such a mild winter. We're going to have MONGO bugs this summer.

Attention liberal horndogs...

Finally, something on eBay I need

Listening to Jimi Hendrix' BBC Sessions. Ask me anything.

asthmaticeog.............Are you a HUM fan?

my devil

How Men and women take showers...

Well, I'm off to lose $30 at a poker game

Free enterprise at its finest!

Mua-hahahahahaha! "Tiny 'Gates' Model Earns Mass. Man Fame"

Do you know your snack cakes ?

Skittles Can NOT Kick My Ass Ever Again!!!

Can I pat myself on the back?

Like, OMG! WTF?!

Favorite "Live action" Disney Film

Do you know your states?

Michelangelo's David Said Normally Built

Let's play The Wishing Game!

Don't you love getting an unexpected chick in the mail.

Can I get some feedback on purchasing this item?

Do you know your M & M's

Here is another picture to color- a cat & a fish tank

go on, tell me something you would never do

Lou Reed / VU's "Venus In Furs," as visualized by Condi-licious Rice

What in God's name is this country coming to?

Has anyone else noticed that almost every freakin commercial

Don't you love getting an unexpected check in the mail?

Anybody have Jon Stewart's SSN?

Little Ben, RIP

Funny Hillbilly joke.


Okay First weird hormonal smell aversion of my wife's pregnancy

If you were a country, which would you be?

Do you ever kick your own threads?

Sometimes you feel like a nut.

I'm drinking Coca-Cola with Lime! Ask me anything!

Just saw a funny AFLAC ad.

Why is golf the only sport where...

"I'll talk atchya later" drives me nuts. What phrases bug you?


Post a poem you wrote

Which natural/alternative healing methods have you used?

my photo now in the gallery....

Man Buys Every Copy of Hometown Paper to Hide Drug Arrest

What post count do you have?

So what do you call your Significant Other?

Here is a Winnie the Pooh picture to color

Finally some good news...I may have found a job for my brother!

So why is it that the Irish are pretty much the only ethnic group

Ok. I Am OFFICIALLY A "4-Eyes" Now

I just looked in the mirror and I don't recognize myself. Do you know me?

Washington State GOP wants to split the state. Name the new

Can we talk about nut crushers?

Do you like cars?

Myriad: noun or adjective?

My mother picked up the money for my consignment clothing.

Inventor of intermittent windshield wipers dies

Is having poor memory a sign of depression?


Friday's Flame Fest - Subject: Cereal

Any Better Drummer than Bonzo?

It's ti-ti-time for M-M-M-M-Max Headroom-style j-jokes! Yaaaaay!


What does this make you think of?

And if I say to you tomorrow,

Check out the Church of Tom Jones!

When you visit Jeff Gannon's website...

Oh to be at work at this hour and on a conference bridge..

Geez -- Peter Jennings just spoiled "Million Dollar Baby" on national news

What was your FIRST EVER car?

My stove is dead - any good ones to buy?

Who's coming over? I'm having lasagna, games and movies.

The Ultimate Question: Bill Clinton

I VETOed the new Pooh Movie for my son's first flick...

I'm drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper! Ask me anything!

O.K. .... Ma'at is back from taking the California Bar Exam ...

Italian speaking DUers - how do you pronounce Giusi?

I'm looking for a certain image

Freeper coworker calls himself "anti-socialist"

Is anyone else having trouble getting the smilies lookup table to popup?

Thank-you to all DU loungers from two gun sid

This will make you pee a little bit

Firefox users: Version 1.0.1 update released (security fixes included)

I'm kind of sick of this arachnophobia on DU

If you posted your picture on the "sorry everybody" website - you have

Face to Face with GWB: What would you say in 5 minutes ?

Inmate feels 3 years is too much for drunk driving death....

Well, I'm off to see Social Distortion.

If you were stranded on a deserted island...

who is the MVP of the NBA


What car did you lust after as a teen?

Time Machine: If you could check out another place & time,what would it be

CONFESS! What do you do regularly that you know is just WRONG!

OK. Who gets the "Jagoff of the Week" award?

Which of the seven deadly sins are you?

Which crime do you rate as the most heinous?

Have you ever wondered about bra sizes?

Yet another kitty "AWWWWWWWWW" picture

Do you believe in ...

What song are you listenting to right now?

Where is Gothic Sponge? Anyone know?

Vegetarians are basically as evil as Al Qaeda.

***Pictures of where you live***

Favorite vegan Health & Beauty products

Creation account may have pagan links

Jews and Native Americans to hold Spiritual Retreat Together July 13-18

South American dino's wider roam | BBC

Creatures frozen for 32,000 years still alive

Prokaryote to eukaryote gene transfer

NGLTF Creates New Department to Focus on Federal Affairs

Wisconsin Marriage Amendment Could Cancel City Partner Benefits

For my generation, if not for yours.

More 'Unintended' Consequences of the Ohio Anti-Gay Amendment

HELP, our marriage & photo was used without our permission in an anti-AARP

Deutsche Bank Accused Of Gay Bias

One of my best, and nicest students is a raving homophobe

World Anglican leaders rebuke Canadian [and US] church

Gay men share women's talents for map reading

Can Dean Keep His Backbone On Gay Rights?

(American) Solo sailor completes grueling around-the-world race

Where do you think your baseball team will finish?

Did you hear? Aprill 11th is officially Cough Drop Day at Fenway Park!

My cat's getting neutered today

If You Had My Dreams, You'd Be In a Good Mood, Too

Gay Catholics who respect the Pope.

Flotsam & Jetsam, assorted news items

Anyone gonna give Kerry the LLL medal of honor?

Kerry on US-Russia Nuclear Agreement

question for angrydem or anyone else--

Funny Boston story!

George McGovern's advice to JK

Create your own nation

How were the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" ads

Blame Clintons for Inaugeration (craziness in my local paper)

'Bon Appetit'

Gannon/Guckert Met Kerry at WH Reporters' Bash, Hopes to Go Again

Who would you most like to see in the White House in 2009

Gannon website back up...

James B. Lockhar III, SS Admin Dep. Com. WANTS PRIVITIZATION

Air America comes to Austin, TX

The Dean Doctrine (I wish):

HELP, our marriage & photo was used without our permission in an anti-AARP

DNC Chairman Dean Visits Conservative Kansas

Katherine Harris on SS: 'Not in support or nonsupport column'

You gotta be kidding me--Rush Limbaugh in Afghanistan???

Fun little game-Match conservative pundit to appropriate

Ken Lay, Richard Cuse and Jeff Skilling to be pardoned to head Soc Sec.

Using apathy/ignorance/silence to our advantage.

Republican Hypocrisy Never Ends

"Bush Could Coast"

Democracy 101 according to W - read it and weep:

Gannon - The Birth of NeoEvangelism

Cool. I had my LTTE published...

You must read this. This article covers it all and I am in total agreement

Fox thinks bloggers are a "media force," but don't put them on a pedestal

A story from IRAQ... why we must keep speaking out.

Tax Dollars are funding the Unification Church & the Christian Coalition..

Why Gannon Scares The Right

Tax Restoration not Raising.

There Is No Tomorrow.......

TPM: Lieberman promoted to Dean of Senate

Eight teams now man GOP message machine (scary)

The Radical Right thinks they are leading a revolt,

I Support the Occupation of Iraq, but Don't Support our Troops

Friedman's column on Falling Dollar--DUers must see this !

It is TIME!!! Springtime is coming and so must the massive steet fights!!!

'Blanche DuBois economy'

Here....take a little more rope.....just a little more.....

Behind the "Grand Game": Yankees vs Cowboys

Video link to the Dean/Perle debate?

African American conservatives and leader on CSpan today,

Seen that Anti-AARP ad?

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

Conflict of interest for SSA Trustee? Thomas R Saving

Florida Prison-Industrial Complex ."Insourcing" jobs for slave wages $.25

I've Come To The Conclusion That If Hillary Ran In 2008 - She Would Win

Are your paper's covering Gannon at all?

DeLay fundraising scandal explodes

How come the Phelps clan "God Hates Fags" aren't picketing the White House

The "Defend Marriage From Government" Amendment

Get this ignorant email yet? How do I respond?

A rant - My letter to the local PBS in response to their membership drive

Leiberman HAS GOT TO FUCKING GO!!!!! (He's Caving on SS)

Is Lieberman Bending on Social Security?

"Name Robert Greenwald's New Company" Contest...

Did GannonGuckert keep the Condi lied story off front page?

Carbon rush at World Bank (guess who is making the money)

Lieberman is still wavering in my opinion.

I hear GOP will make exception and allow Gay Marriage so Gannon

Fear of self-fulfilling prophecies ?

Democrats are not a dying party! The Republican Party has died.

B*sh gets Hypocrite of the Year Award

Gingrich Gives GOP Social-Security Advice

Operation Mockingbird will include 'left-wing' journalists we all know

Empty Town: Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See.....

I see where Lynn Swann is getting set up to run

You should believe nothing you hear and half of what you see.....

Where are you putting all of that anger?

Senator Seeks to Curb Controversial "Patriot Act

With the exception of the south, the GOP has lost strength nationally

A Wingnut Horror Story...

ThereIsNoCrisis Report On USA Next

Newsweek editorial challenges constitution

French Indictment of Cheney

Binary Nader Supporter/Non-Supporter Poll

Democrats: corporatocracy or democracy ... it's time to choose

here's the problem: tried to chat with RW religious group....

Bobby Eberle disconnects phone.

Michael Powell says Negroponte is 'not ruthless enough'

Can This Be True? Guckert Tucks Tail(Again)

Bush stabbed Putin in the back.

Democrats who collaborate with Bush are THEN targeted by them.

Please explain why conservative multi-millionairs are worried about

New Zogby Poll via email

Should Democrats swear off corporate money and influence?

WSJ poll: 42% don't either don't know of, or have no opinion of Tom DeLay

Carville and I agree on something finally......

This guy from USA Next, Charlie Jarvis, this guy...

What would need to be done to get Bush a couple of more terms??

Some Republican friends just told me

Christian Right Mum On Gannon Affair

Howard Dean says Dems' message sells in Mississippi

OK, who wants to help out with JEFFGANNON.ORG?

Hell w/ 'name', life 'ChristianSoldier' disInFO Agents on the loose

Was the WH and Rove using Gannon to blackmail people?

What am I missing? If Iraq has 25 million people...and 8 million

I thought Bush admitted Armstrong was paid by his administration

So what would you do if you were drafted?

Durbin, Kennedy, Kerry, Lautenberg and Reid sign Gannongate letter to Bush

Where does Mark Warner stand on the current important issues?

John Aravosis: Worst Article Yet on 'Gannon' in LATimes...