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Archives: February 24, 2005

Expert says Saudi oil may have peaked

Stone refused to let politics control paper

CIA should not be recruiting on university campuses

Why are we welcoming this torturer?

The Ethics of George W. Bush - A Book Review

OHIO'S ODD NUMBERS:Christopher Hitchens thinks the election was stolen!

The Dragon Chases Oil


Neocons fret over tilt to Europe

MUST READ: Robert Kennedy Jr. - For the Sake of Our Children (environment)

Anyone have information about anti-war protests in Colorado March 19-20?

Anybody doing Low Power FM Radio?

Foreign firms blocking HiNet e-mail: legislator

Bush cousin opposes Markey on bill - OUTSOURCING

Coldest winter in decades kills hundreds across Asia

Sanford challenges lawmakers to replenish Chem-Nuclear fund

Asian tsunami dislodged hazardous waste

`Anti-annexation' law unveiled - Taiwan/China

The Future of Nuclear Weapons

Lewis measure promotes gun safety

Suggestion for "conservative idiot of the week"

Technical Assistance

I'd like to ask you a couple questions about DU

A NATO role in keeping the peace?

Bobby Eberle was an eyewitness to Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon

A funny thing happened to me today.

When you write about Gannon, write about this too

If you don't like the MoveON petition, then

KOEB (Wednesday)

Uh-Oh. Larson (D-CT) H.R.470: Election Fraud Whistle-Blower Gag Order

Schwarznegger's Ratings

L.A. DU'ers ........ wanna hook up?

Response from Senator Dayton on Global Warming

Help! I somehow created an "E" drive and want to get rid of it

Is there a way to test USB port speed?

Speaking of USB ports

EXCELLENT article on Bob Perry and Perry Homes!!!!

Texas Reps-How Does YOURS stand on Social Security-List here

Looks like Doyle is going to veto voter ID Whew!

Revealed: the rush to war

Hunter S. Thompson to be Shot Out of a Cannon

Wellstone question

I'm dedicating my 1000th post to Andy Stephenson

Fool me once...

Experts see military draft as inevitable

Except for people like Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert,and Stev Chapman,

How about that timing?! Story about Bush** assassination plot blows

Because Bush/Rove have no moral integrity, they have to pick people

Sorry, Germany

Rush Limbaugh's Suppoters

Both Houses of Congress Get Involved in 'Gannon' Case

Excellent Article on Intelligent Design in today's Boston Globe

Anyone have info on anti-war protests in Colorado March 19-20?

Jesus Christ!!! Even Hitchens gets it!! Ohio Fraud

I Don't Seek Impeachment---I Just Want the Mask Ripped Off!!

have you ever heard of this crazy

haha look what I told this recruiter the other day...

So bush lied & denied anything to do with the SB Liars, and the SB Liars

Howie the hypocrite does it again.

Finally, will it snow

Repug lite?

Ameican Soldier by Toby Keith

that big fat f#cking liar on Hardball

Has Will Pitt applied for a daily W.H. pass yet? He's got ten times

Bush to make Enron victims pay for his tax cuts for the rich

Limbaugh in Afghanistan – A Fantasia (with Apologies to Paul Bowles):

Question for All DUers re Sexual Orientation and "choice"

Intelligent Design at work here?

RNC Holds 6 Times More Cash Than Dems

US Ambassador Paul Cellucci says

I really enjoy watching the British parliament

Has Gannon found a date yet for this years WHCA Dinner?

Muralist's vision has jail staring him in face

''Major Developments in 9/11 Whistleblower Case''

Bush cancels unscripted event

Who has killed the most Iraqis?

God bless America...colored support bracelets being "counterfeited"

*Singing* - "Isn't It Ironic..."

Is the Patriot Act published?

I feel bad about hanging up on an army recruiter

anyone have any #s on how muslim-americans voted in o4 pres election?

evolution does not explain the origin of the universe (part 2)

We are getting to them... Coulters defending Gannon...

That picture of Gannon as Adam, Bush as God? anybody have it?

(photo) I am reminded of an old 60's song:

Did White House S&M ring order special videos from Abu Ghraib?

Terri Schiavo - Disconnect Her Tube, Or Leave It In...And Why?

$10,000 reward for info on Gannon/Guckert

Is it too late….

OMG there's actually a Moran, TX !!!!!!!

We Have a Mystery! Physician Died at Guantanamo 10 Months Ago

The aarp

Oh, WTF... My last word on Intelligent Design...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Engagement

Can a progressive-pro-life believer in Intelligent Design be a Democrat?

Bush looks old and sickly in the Cspan Mainz Germany conference

Isn't THIS more dangerous to the Bush admin than "Gannongate"?

3-Billion Year Old Manufactured Spheroids?

German police confiscate poster: "We had our Hitler, now you have yours."

Phoney'CaJone'Gate- Exorcism* of Extremism Utilizing Synergism of Truism's


Miami Herald: Dean 'scream' was "MURDER BY MEDIA"

Talon News (Gannon's Fake News Website) Goes Offline

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please... Could Somebody PhotoShop This ???

Knee-jerk conservatives are too funny!...

Luntz; rightwing playbook on how to dupe, con, fool & trick rightwingnuts

HBO's Bill Maher Says Christians Have Neurological Disorder, Are Crazy

Stephen Freeman looking for Mitofsky exit poll worker to talk with

Someone wanna explain to me

Lebanon PM says he's ready to resign

Jacksonville, Fla. Police to Stop Using Tasers for Now

Political Maneuvering Continues in Iraq

"The West Wing" has irrevocably jumped the shark

VA Program Offers Solace to Civilians

Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans because it couldn't be scripted.

No Charges In Unarmed Iraqi Death (re:Fallujah video)

Snow: Public skeptical on Social Security

Mexico's former president can't be charged in killings, court rules

Lawmaker attacks Soong, alleges his men have CIA links

St. Paul NAACP opposes police use of Tasers in schools

NYT: Model in Utah May Be Future for Medicaid

Missile rejection perplexes U.S.

Pentagon Seeking Leeway Overseas (Spec Ops w/o Ambassador Agree)

Politicians and police in Britain warned of IRA threat

Report Faults Bush Initiative on Education ('flawed & unconstitutional')

Motion Filed in Killen Case (Schwerner/Goodman/Chaney 1964)

Black History and Ads Don't Mix, Activists Say

NYT: The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See

In Schiavo Case, Gov. Bush Seeks Delay to Probe Abuse Allegations

News Analysis: Bush sealed off from Germans in Mainz - IHT

Pledging to campaign everywhere, Dean will visit Kansas for 2 days

Three More Officers Punished In Police Brutality Case (Taser Misuse/ TN)

US anti-war movement looking for second wind

Medical Companies Joining Offshore Trend, Too

Annan urges action against spread of nuclear arms

WP: An 'A La Carte' Coalition Between U.S. and Europe

U.S.-Russia Pact Aimed At Nuclear Terrorism -WP

(Another) Brazil environmentalist shot in rain forest

The Fool Loose In Europe: Bush To Press Putin On Democracy In Russia

The Germans Bush Wasn't Able to See (NYT)

Tiger Shot, Killed Near Reagan Library

Bipartisan Study Assails No Child Left Behind Act -NYT

LAT: A New Wrinkle in Workforce (Workers over 75)

Judge denies early prison release for wife of Enron finance chief

Thompson's Ashes May Be Shot From Cannon

Rash of anti-Semitic vandalism and threats seen across Houston area

Cinnibon microwave popcorn?.........................

Incredibly horrible news - Blink 182 have apparently split up

Thai monk mistakes tube of superglue for eyedrops


Caption this!

Subject: The Pope, Hunter S. Thompson, and Freedom of Speech

Damn,Fox snapped a picture before I put my face on.

Heart of the Sunrise

The Village: Loved it? Hated it?

"Smallville" acknowledges Christopher Reeve passing

Honest Construction Signs.

My daughter just found this pic.

Top 100 TV theme songs...

Fess UP....Who wanted to BE...Sandra DEE?

Malaysian State to Offer 'Happy Toilets'

What up DU LOUNGE?

It sure has been a long winter.

Well, I've Done It --- 100 Days Without A Cigarette

Do you suppose that bird will ever change?

Woman bequeaths $2 MILLION to send physicians to charm school

Paula Zahn had a female M.D. who not only specializes in breast

It looks like there are more religion vs. atheism posts in GD.

West Wing-ers! Boycott tonight's episode!

The first time I heard this song, all I could do was stare at the tape

Well, my GF was restructured today.

couldn't we have a nicer way to say fuck you?

Make Bush Talk!!!!! hehe funny stuff!!!!

I'm watching "Strangers With Candy," thinking...if only my high school

Is there a worse bank than MNBA?

Found is off.

Jim Croce: pronounced "cro-see" or "crow-chee"?

OMG there's actually a Moran, TX !!!!


I found the official DU handbook!

Wag The Dog.

A funny thing happened to me today.

I am feeling sad today

Will Pitt, some Bushbot is whining about you.

Help! I think my meds for the flu are playing tricks on me!!

three cheers for my nephew


My Bank of America horror story

Bartcop spells it like a DUer


Drunk Bush video....

I am stunned. This video is really great.

continuing the new DU fad: color this picture!!!!

To Europe.

A great teacher and all around wild man has died


Not a myth: Mythbusters is the best show on TV


What does FFWM stand for?

Question on American public service.

If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all! SHIT!

Numerous Security Flaws in Web Browsers

The rock and pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweeeeeeet!

Interesting article, for those who read German

My dad was at Iwo Jima 60 years ago, on the

can we give Richard Schiff (Toby) an emmy right now?

God Damn, is there anything harder to read than Marx?

iTunes addiction...

My love she speaks like silence...

Hits on my webpage. Talk about bi-polar!

Living with substitute moms...or something

My love she speaks no English...

Ann Coulter has a boyfriend...

What would you rather have?

I don't want to get sick!!!

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Excuse me while I get on my soapbox

What's the lowdown on Nutro cat food?

All us children of today are children of the grave.

Ben-Hur is on. Finally, a sex-change movie!

ROTFLMAO...(mailbox surprise)

How long does it take to re-finance a mortgage?

I saw the worst facelift I've ever seen tonight.

This is my 999th post...

I'm dedicating my 1000th post to Andy Stephenson

We Shall Overcome

Have I Told DU and/or Catwoman That I Love You? (Lately) n/t

I Saw SPAMALOT This Weekend - Ask Me Anything

The post Jon Stewart just mentioned is not from DU

Any other DUers former denizens of HolySmoke on the old Fidonet?

Which of THESE Four Bonds Is Best

"hey paul, do you like huey lewis and the news?"

I like it that Jon Stewart is getting out from behind the desk

*whimper* my new computer is DOA…

Is it correct to shred government documents over a glass of Bordeaux?

WHo gets guilty for no reason?


Okay, now I wish I could have seen Austin's designs. Project Runway.

What's your "Billionare Name"?

Buffy Vampire Slayer fans: first time I watched the show today...

Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are


really brilliant answer

someone buy me a Tivo

Who here, no matter what CANNOT do the speed limit

Who had more drug usage in their history? GWB or these 3 combined DUers?

"______" is to "________ as "____" is to "___________"

Is Yahoo mail down?

Remember the dog I found a few weeks back? (photo)

And here are MY plans for the rest of my life. How do they sound?

A question about jobs you get terminated from.

can we all agree on God's name? I say it's Brad, just a feeling I guess

Jonathan Livingston daughter thought I was making this up

How Many Lounge Posts can be posted (on this thread) in fifteen minutes?

What was that music at the end of West Wing tonight?

Championship Jeapordary. Tonight. Astronomy. Sirius.

Lost is on.

Replace the name in a song with "Moran" (or a derivative thereof)

"The West Wing" has irrevocably jumped the shark

the Mooninites are coming! the Mooninites are coming!

After seeing this, I feel so dirty now...

Anyone catching the reruns of Murphy Brown?

And now for Alias.

What did they mean by "You've got to Hide your love away"

I did the stupidest thing an hour ago...

Really dumb question

Is it correct to shred cheddar cheese over Bar-B-Q chicken?

Clueless about women, part deux

My eyelid keeps twitching. Am I going to die now?

I'm getting sleepy and progmom won't let me go to bed yet - would someone

Hey M*A*S*H fans

Olive Oyl or Ann Coulter?

Bruce Willis: "Die Hard 4.0" has "something to do with computers"

You're going to thank me for THIS post!

Worst Band Name Ever:


First sure sign of spring sighted!!! Great photo...

I am watching "The Passion" on DVD and as an Atheist i must say

There is a Registered Sex Offender in My Apartment Complex

If we have to teach creationism in school, then we should teach astrology

Caption Pickels admiring her gift from Jeff Gannon

Have you ever seen a UFO?

What month is your birthday?

So here are my plans for the rest of my life. How do they sound?

Please don't call Ann Coulter a man!

The New Bugs Bunny?

It's still bugging me that HST blew his brains out in his kitchen...

High School thread reminded me of something - my school's team name?

The official Carol Burnett Show Thread

Would you rather be persecuted or prosecuted?

Going to Tokyo...gimme some help!

Who's hotter, Elizabeth Montgomery or Mary Tyler Moore?

Are there three rings to marriage?

Yeaaaaaaaaaa! Randy Moss is going to Oakland!!!

It's time 2 laugh. Everyone join in!

Anyone else hooked on Project Runway?

I'm watching "Goodfellas" for the millionth time

Art Appreciation thread

So, there I was, with my children

Name the DUer - Hey gallery pics are fair game! And no fair peeking!

Anyone here from Gainesville FL?

The Religous Left people of faith &good will restoring a healthy democracy


Kasparov draws in Round 1 at Linares

Heard Shaq is out for the season...anyone else see this? Oh, never mind!

Astrological predictions for 2005 - several sources in one file

True Science v. Scientific Orthodoxy.Discovering Our Conscious Universe

The Song of Creation - Part One

HBO's Bill Maher Says Christians Have Neurological Disorder, Are Crazy

A Funny - Hadn't seen this one before

Can someone help me with something?

Howard Dean supports keeping Iowa and New Hampshire first

Why are you a Kerrycrat?

Well, what have we here?

I'll call this "Neither sleet ..." (Tell me why I like it?)

Jeff Gannon attended my Alma Mater

Question: For Red State Right Wing Nuts......

What end of the Left are YOU on???

A wealthy Washington socialite is offering a $10,000 reward for proof that

Bush, working hard: "a new confrontational tone to U.S.-Russian relations"

Venezuela still bracing for U.S. subterfuge, disputes U.S. accusations.

If daily WH press pass so easy to get - who would ever want a perm. one?

Pickles on Hardball had the unmitigated gall to say ...

Hinchey on Karl Rove: VIDEO

Today I perused Man Coulter's book. . .

Newsweek is doing a story on Gannon, its in the $10,000 reward article

transcript of 2004 PBS "The Jesus Factor" interview with Doug Wead .......

Why do we let the new GOP claim words like "liberty" and "freedom"?

Why should I trust John Aravosis and "America Blog?"

Need help quick

What end of the Left are YOU on??? assuming you're on the left.

Levin ambivalent about Dean as DNC chair(fixed link I hope)

If Chavez is assassinated, is Bush the key suspect?

Rep. Hinkley on Hannity Now--(connectiion with Rove he claims)

EFFING CNN Macho BS headline "Bush ready for showdown with Putin"

Yet Another SS thread

Pickles in for refueling.

Louis Brandeis on concentration of wealth in the US

Pat Buchanan- "Homosexuality Is Immoral, Unnatural, And Wrong"

Republicans are out to steal Social Security from us all .

Does A Human Have The Right To Die?

"Iran is not Iraq!"

USA NEXT calls anti-AARP ad just a test for Crazy Liberals/Video

Talon News goes dark

Do you know the significance of February 27?

'Dean Scream' clip was media fraud

The Silent Ones of Gannongate.

themoron as Norman Bates

Scott Ritter on Proliferation (in Truthout)

Detroit Free Press: Press Impostor (Gannon/Guckert)

Negroponte's Media Massage

Did he [Bush] and Laura go shopping? (in Europe)--shrinking dollar

When Democracy Failed - 2005: The Warnings of History by Thom Hartmann

Tampa Tribune: Outing A White House `Reporter'

Bypass Media on Gannongate

SF Chron - Who is Jeff Gannon?

Swifties Slime Again (Dowd)--she sure got this one right!!

Ritual & Sexual Torture in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib - Bad Blood

How's This For Patriotism? NRA to Fight Miniscule Fee that Would Help Law

An 'A La Carte' Coalition Between U.S. and Europe (American "hyperpower")

In Memoriam: Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, 1937-2005

Survival of the Weakest; A Darwinian Lesson for Rick Santorum

Media Censorship by Omission.

Auto industry veteran defends social security...

GANNONGATE as seen by The Internet Weekly Report heh heh

Iraq to be a Vietnam: retired general

'Dean Scream' clip was media fraud

Molly Ivins: Horror Stories

From "Monster / Suicide / America" by Steppenwolf

Tom Friedman frets about the dollar (NYT 02/24/2005)

Dowd: Swifties Slime Again

Whitman admits giving up the fight

Global Eye - Core Values - By Chris Floyd

Will Iran Be Next?

IrateCitizen (Chris!) gets into mainstream news with his website

Activism in action

New CSPAN WATCH group forming

town hall meeting on ss- chgo 2-28 obama schakowsky

Indy Media activist witness to slaughter arrested in Brazil. Take action.

What's wrong with this headline?

Media timidity is partially a class thing....

Resolution on Labor Media for 7/05 vote by ILCA Executive Council

How a Union Put a Labor-Friendly Voice on the Air

Proposed Keith Olbermann Group

Who listens to AAR on Sirius?

BuzzFlash: Mark Crispin Miller Examines Mainstream Media's Blind Eye

ATM creeping up on middle class - and you thought Bush LOWERED taxes???

U.S. Two-Year Treasury Notes Fall After $24 Billion Government Auction

Solar Tower of Power Finds Home

So you'd like to... Have The F.B.I. Start A File On You.

Politicians Holster the Polemics on Gun Control

Can we please do something about citations to

Where is the gallery and how do I put a picture in it?

I hate to post a "why was my post deleted" post, but....

Any possibilty of Live Q & A Sessions?

Du Lounge

I got this error on a post

why is it when sometimes people post

Thanks to the moderators for locking this thread.

Ok, I have a question, and I don't wanna sound like a jerk

I strongly disagree that legitimate criticism is "baseless flame bait."

BBC (Thursday): Palestinian MPs back new cabinet

Mr. Sharon's Giant Step

Rash of anti-Semitic vandalism and threats seen across Houston area

The Unacknowledged Threat - Steven Greer

The Unacknowledged Threat - Steven Greer

No trace found of 1,100 WTC victims

For Those Who Don't Believe Explosives Were Used in the WTC Collapses:

Russ Stewart: A Tale of Two Lawsuits: Santos, Longo Seek Redress

chicago event- obama, schakowsky feb 28

Chicago Sun-Times: Maybe docs can just say 'I'm sorry'

State Journal-Register: Shimkus: Tax cap on Social Security might rise

Chicago Tribune: 23 Catholic schools closing

Scandal: Was OverSeas & SoldierVote Left BEHIND?

EAC Meeting on Provisional Voting

2 New Tri-Fold Flyers about Election Fraud

BBV: I'm not complaining but...

Thursday 2/23 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

looking for the BBV chimp video

Video - Bush is asked question about journalist being fired in US Press


URGENT! EMLEV! New problem with Don Goldmacher's email

never forget

Exit Poll Electoral Map - is this right?

GEORGIA making history tonite, Sec. of State Cathy Cox Speaking to Citizen

Need the power of DU behind this

Teachers are ANGRY at Arnold about plans to suspend Prop. 98

Your Vote Needed in Massachusetts Special Elections . . .

Any DU'ers going to the education rally on Monday?

Klobuchar to file candidacy papers

Here's a letter I got from Coleman

MN Young DFL Convention this Sunday!

"Liberal Values, American Values" was filmed in St. Paul, MN

Firefox Popups: Solution

I'm moving on up on my server campacity! Need help choosing...

A Tale of Two Judges - Resnick & O'Donnell

Lynn Swann forms campaign committee for governor

Chief Justice: Judges need more dough

Franken coming to SXSW Interactive

Need the power of DU behind this (need San Antonio, Houston and El Paso)

Air America comes to Air Austin

Update on AAR in Dallas--Finally!

Is there anyone from El Paso that posts in here? eom

These anti-TX threads make me want to leave DU.

transcript of closing argument in school funding trial

"Defeat DeLay Every Day"

AAR coming to Austin

WorldNetDaily shorts in a twist over Gannon/Guckert WH Access

No Conspiracy Theory. It’s a Fact: Bush is a NAZI

Bobby Eberle was an eyewitness to Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon

Anybody have an implanted drug pump?

A very mad NJ congressman...Bill Pascrell sounds off.

How many more "happy" families of dead soldiers must we see

needs caption PHOTO of laura bush* on some STRONG drugs

Can social liberalism truly be populist?

Choicepoint has EVERYBODY'S personal data and it's been

When Democracy Failed - The Warnings of History

Free Republic - Pro gay or Anti Gay?

Piss on 'im!

I was thinking about Iraq's elections,

Bush wonders about the press in Russia?

I read yesterday from neweurope

Suicide Bomber WEARING IP UNIFORM Kills 15 in Tikrit!

Where are the Senators Fulbright,Gruening, Morse,Ervin and Baker

The U.S. Dollar takes a nose dive against all major currencies..

need link to quotes

Is "secular Shi'ite" an oxymoron?


Energy sector seeks reserves revamp (Peak Oil-need a new way to mislead)

Dr. Thompson exits on his own terms - Gonzo Memorial planned

Lamest late-60's-1979 cheesy singer poll

1984 Offline while being "redesigned". Check it out...

How did you chose your on-line name?

Malcolm X Assassination: The Disappearing Suspect

As if we needed anymore evidence that freepers are flat out dumb.

Tell me the difference between a "private" account and a

Right wing succeeding with anti-Semitic hate propaganda

"Cafeteria Catholics"....choose not to discuss Gannongate (wonder why)


3 Missing Chapters from "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"

President Dork -- PIX -->>>

Limbaugh brought his Democrat-bashing to U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Congress dozes while detainees are sent to other countries to be tortured

Bush must be publicly drug tested.

Where is this Luntz "PlayBook" that Air America is talking about???

Senior Army Officer reviews "Bulldog"

Is Bush going to fly into Iraq before his return to Homeland?

Gannon on Today: ‘I asked to come. They allowed me to come’

Mineta: Starving Amtrak to save it

I don't recognize my country anymore

Why do Republicans hate marriage so?

Bernie Ward talking about Luntz's memo

who the HECK signed me up on

If Gannon/Guckert said last week he wasn't talking anymore to the media,

am i cynical or does this sound like corporate-financed spin?

Dean sprints to energize Democrats' grass roots

WA: Six books forbidden, 10 restricted by schools across state

Ann the man defends Gannon.

Anyone going to Unfiltered show @ Einsteins in Atlanta tomorrow AM?

Winger thinking at its finest

Seperated at Birth?!!

Guckert/Gannon is an extreme exhibitionist

My 1000th post: How would the Intelligent Designer rate Gannon coverage?

North Korea has greatest civil liberty in the world, according to blair.

Talon News - Offline!

KKKonscience or KKKarl??? 'History can Wait' Doug Wead

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ...

Where is the DU media list

Vladimir takes off his shoes and pounds on the podium...

War Crimes

Vets-any interest in representing DU in the national Memorial Day Parade?

The Unacknowledged Threat - Steven Greer

Why don't they get this upset over our sons and daughters coming home

It's amazing how well Putin and Bush keep their knives concealed...

have the Water Barons made their first big move? Framing the issue?


Forced to listen to cspan in the office. Bush is such a liar.

Big Tent --> Smaller Platform?

Bush/Putin news conference on CNN...

Bush just told a boldface lie about our country being "transparent"

Gannongate's on FAUX: "Lawmakers: Writer May Have CIA Leak Info"

If anybody gets a link to Bush/Putin trancsript please post it

So, Bush just said he has "Constructive Relations" with Putin.

Thompson says 9-11 was an inside job on this interview clip

Will Pitt:: Admin Blinks in Sibel Edmonds Case

Interesting note on the Pizza assault guy

Civil Unions to get the go ahead in CT

"I live in a transparent country." -Bush

Go Al!! n/t


Rock the Vote printing protest thongs: "I heart Social Security"

I have an idea to settle this intelligent design controversy

Don't forget Poland!

"Democracy is not anarchy..."

Commander Bunnypants scampers out of 'harm's way' (again)

Al Franken Should put out a cd of nothing but O'Reilly Lies

Am I the only DUer who thinks Neil Rogers sucks?

This headline on Gannon made me giggle!

Medical Companies Joining Offshore Trend - NYTimes Thurs 2/24

Gannon article posted in official Congressional Record

Why hasn't AARP mobilized a march on Washington over Soc. Sec.?

Blogcall Archives Coming Soon

Lynching Ward Churchill: Critics Now Charge He's A Government Agent!

$10,000 award for info of Gannon having sex with high gov. officials

Anybody else notice that when Wead taped Bush it's "disgraceful!" but

DU #3 on Google Suggest

Michigan artist sentenced to jail over mural nudity

Do you find it unstatesmenlike for bush to refer to Putin as "Vladimer"?

Nigerian-type scam targeting fundamentalist Christians?

Bush doesn't know when the gloves are supposed to be off

Bush must be publicly IQ tested

Our Torture Program is Working!...

Biden won't sign the letter to investigate Ganon

Can California be helped by all the rain?

FOX mocking Putin about remarks about "free press"?

Al Franken on HBO??

Little help please.. .

What are the chances

Did White House S&M ring order special videos from Abu Ghraib?

If Bush wants "freedom & truth "....why is he stalling on Plame

Any other countries diversify lately? And why aren't we yelling?

DU this poll

Will this help find info on Gannon ?

A young man trained since childhood for a purpose.....

Russia set to sign nuclear deal with Iran

If CNN is all about the money....

What is Limbaugh up to?

Neocon advice; torch your house so you don't waste that home insurance!

The Terri Schaivo Case: Would it be different if Terri was a lesbian?

Breaking: Pope's condition 'grave' (ABC Radio News)

WESTLAW identity search/theft - related to ChoicePoint scandal

CT legislative committee votes for civil unions 25-13

Gloved Bushs offend against etiquette

The Marriage Boycott

Dear Mr. Jarvis (About the anti_AARP ad run by

Holy crap... incredible Tsunami pictures....

Well, That was a good discussion, dear. Photo *& Putey

Can anyone explain Ann Rynd's philosophy to me?

Speaking with both lips -- new toon

Gannon confession about Daschle?

You know, after watching Nightline last night about the level of lynchings

Anyone have any Ramadi "before" pictures?

I have a nagging feeling something is coming. Anyone else?

The Democratic Party lost a great member last night!

Dancing With God (the original and the US version)

I am very pissed off at Army ads.

Question regarding JimmyJeff's websites-past or present

uggg...laura PHOTO, again in her shiny green jacket with NO matching skirt

Wal-Mart hit with $7.5M jury verdict ( I haven't seen this posted)

Chappaquiddick, still?

Ameriblog gives props to DU - Good job Sabra!

Which commercial do you prefer?

Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare by Philip Short

Is * Co. blackmailing senior military? Using Gannon... Scary Shit

"You know he means what he says, and, "yes" means yes, and "no" means no"

New Bush Photo Classic - Bush BRAT Photo

How sweet it is

My letter to Jeff/James.

Gannon says: "Write me"

Need Acrobat Adobe Professional help

Does * look tired of being president, or just too much late-night S/M?

Bwahahahaha -- Ann Coulter for Mayor

Truth or Fiction? The original acronym for Iraq attack: O.I.L.

Jeff Gannon & Linda Tripp: "I am you... I'm just like you"

Is it wrong to refuse to hire people who smoke?

Cities/Suburbs battle royale: THE POLL!

Website/Blog is offering a $10,000 reward for Gannon Information...

Boortz is lying thru his teeth on Soc Sec ---- Impossible Math

They shoot horses don't they?-Slaughter of horses now OKAY!!!

More fishy goings on with Ohio Supreme Court Justices

Why hasn't Bush claimed his gays yet?


What is your definition of "America" ?

Hey! That picture of Bush with his fly open a few months ago was

I went to Lowe's yesterday and the Bush economy was sadly apparent.

Coincidence, just as TalonNews goes down is back up?

The great OP ED pages

Good local editorial on Walmart

Question! Has there ever been a gay US President?

Rawstory:Durbin letter slated to be delivered to President Bush

Delusional freeper of the day- Thursday, Feb 24

Gannon doesn't have a pot to piss in. Oh wait, he does - I saw the photos.

Is Al Franken getting a show on HBO?

President orders $82.5 million cape and crown to wear during his 2nd term

Ok, I just have to ask this..........Anyone think Bush is gay?

U.S. dollar falling hard and fast (Here they go)

Did you see Jennings on Daily Show last night??

I got this in my email the other day...

Blumenthal on Bush in Europe is very heartening. I hope he's right.

LOL - Texas loons want secession from the union. I say MORE POWER TO'EM!

AmericaBlog fact checks Jimmy/Jeff Gannon's new blog

We are still losing three US soldiers per day in Iraq. And nobody cares.

Jeff Gannon & Linda Tripp: "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are

BlogCall to put bloggers and mainstream media together

Winn-Dixie files for Chapter 11

Lehrer discusses the Jeff Gannon sitch with Terry Smith

Google tools I didn't know about.

'Financial Stability' - can anyone tell me what it means in today's world?

hunter s thompson compared to gannon????

anyone notice the black clothing craze among

AARP needs to respond to these attacks NOW!

President of YDA

He's maced after asking cops to help dying dog

Mother of dead soldier says he's "better off"

Why is it when I click on DU I get a pop up and tracking cookie

Good God, Bush is SO GODDAMN NAIVE!

Another Talon News ‘reporter’ found plagiarizing mainstream press

Why is Gannon using HST's Fear and Loathing phrase on his page?

"Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave" over gays

Gannon has "highly paid" legal team.

Why can't the Democrats use the 'F' word to label the Republican agenda?

So if the freepers have Monica's Gate

DC Socialite offering Reward for Jeff Gannon information

Pootie Poot & The Chimp - a Love Story {PIX} >>>

Ummm... OK, I'll try here... I'm upgrading my servers, but need advice!

What is the solution to world hunger? Bush knows.

Howard Dean Won't Bring Democrats Back To Life Says Union Leader

As a general rule, I don't care about Michael Jackson but they just

Whatever happened to the idea of a DIABETES Group?

That guy who preggered up his wife 12 times and is going to Iraq,

Is Bush just the biggest embarrassment this country has had, or what?

Will wonders ever cease?

Debating a fundamentalist Republican today...


Thank you, hewlett packard!

The house that Susan B Anthony grew up in up for sale. lets buy it.

This notion that the U.S. was overtaken by Fascists is simply Ridiculous

Anyone notice the black clothing craze among young blacks???????

WTF?? Why does the VATICAN LIE???

Gannon - Another Lie...

How many of us here were sexually abused, how many had it swept away?

Is anyone else having trouble creating an AOL Instant Messenger account?

Why is gas so cheap in the USA compared to Europe or Japan?

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, and...

Jesus wants you to sign up and kill Arabs

USA's reputation trashed worldwide, thanks to President Halfwit

1,000 to 1, Mann Coulter put Gannon up to re-opening his web site

People who cite to are being played for fools by NAZIS.

Laura Bush: My husband is not dangerous.

Ward Churchill Gets a Warm Welcome in Speech at U. of Hawaii

Need a Laugh? "Press Pool Pass" plus Photo

Gannon speaks: "my faith and ideology are rock solid"

What the hell is wrong with you people. Cities or Suburbs who cares

What do you say when you find yourself standing next to a Laotian Buddhist

He's baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!

Bush states our children are stupid, and will be drafted.

Russian journalist challenges Bush on freedom of AMERICAN press

Easy ways to be an activist. Suggestions anyone?

Can the College of Cardinals take over when the Pope is incapacitated?

Take a look at this...What do you think?

"Will Have Sex For Money" is Gannon's sacred "personal life"?

How do you tell if your phone is tapped?

Incident at work--could I have done more?

I just HAVE to shop at Wal-Mart, their prices are so cheap..

So apparently the latest on the * phone call tapes is..

Talon News Announces Its Sabbatical (MST3K)

Bush the intimidated and Putin transcript up

Biden wants a justice department investigation, of Guckert Gannon

new video, "Liberal Values, American Values"

Do Athiests have a neurological disorder?

We are not sluts, skanks or hos, we are WOMEN.

new parody! INTERNET BLOGGER | with apologies to the Beatles!

What Wal-Mart is doing to America

Recent Christian post: please help

Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Pols

Anyone else doesn't believe in collective guilt/punishment?

"Hey hey ho ho, Social Security has got to go!"

Jeff Gannon Thread #9999 :-)

They Lie That Social Security Privatization In Chile Has Been A Success

Is it Wrong To Fire People for Smoking? You deside.


How Many News Results For "Guckert Gannon"??? Coverage Statistics

On Boortz today. This what we have to stop.

I'm kind of sick of this homophobia on DU.

Kerrying on; rethugs voted for the wrong guy. Awwwwwwww too bad.

If you were a witness to violence, what would you do?

Question for those of you who use cast iron cookware

I have pork loin and a bag of dried shitake mushrooms from Costco.

Curious about Wolf

United States Foreign Policy

Medical Companies Joining Offshore Trend, Too: NYT

WA - GOP Senators Want Eastern Wash. As A State...

Pentagon Seeking Leeway Overseas

Australia leader defends Iraq deployment

Pope readmitted to Rome hospital

Ground Zero Forensics Effort Ends in NYC

Iraqi TV Airs Tape of Purported Confession (Syrian involvement)

Car bomb explodes in Tikrit

British Soldiers Convicted of Iraqi Detainees Abuse

All that's off table is chance to have finger on trigger

Panel says `No Child' law left the Constitution behind

Bush's Uncle Bucky emerges as a big winner from Iraq war

Haifa Street in Baghdad Defies US Military

Iraqi TV Airs Tape of Purported Confession

U.S. Prepares to Test Bird Flu Vaccines

Pope John Paul II Rushed Back to Hospital

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed North of Baghdad (1487)

Despot will testify on Thatcher coup attempt in a British court

New Restrictions Put in Place for Interrogations

Musharraf backs rape-case officer

Church regrets row over donations

Eighteen more troops face Iraq abuse trials

Bin Laden -- a Brand You Can Trust (family name - trademarked)

Tax Cutting Indiana Governor Proposes Hike

News Corp. eyeing Eidos?

Stamping out the swastika

TX: Suspect's wife says he is 'not capable' of killing (blames victim)

Bush boosts NY Olympic bid

Bush and Putin to agree nuclear safeguards

Czech coalition in crisis as PM is hit by flat finance scandal

Blair limits damage after terror rebellion

Talon News - Offline!

Trial date looms for Enron execs

South Africa wants retrial for 'Dr Death'

Farmer let murdered man be fed to lions

Private, vulnerable `armies' deploy for modern-day wars

Court: Garbage is private in meth case

Syria says ready to work with UN on Lebanon pullout

Private, vulnerable `armies' deploy for modern-day wars

Feisty Biden toying with run for president

Gay adoption ban receives heavy support

Pregnant Women Risk Murder in U.S., Report Finds

Health Costs Will Keep Rising, U.S. Says, Along With Government Share

At Least 15 Iraqi Police Officers Killed By Bomb

Talon News Gets the Hook in Wake of 'Gannongate' (E&P)

Bill would relax rules on self-defense

Terror chief barely escapes capture

Taiwan Won't Rule Out China Unification

Russia Set to Sign Nuclear Deal with Iran, Irk U.S. (Reuters)

El Salvador Gang Member: I'm No Terrorist

Reid: Democrats failed to take message to rural America, Nevada

Canada won't join missile defence program

Canada not participating

US demand for return of seized spy ship adds twist to Korean nuclear saga

Britain to allow gay civil unions

How's This For Patriotism? NRA to Fight Miniscule Fee that Would Help Law

Marines Hunt Insurgents in Lawless Iraq Province

Repub. McCrery Chrmn of House Soc. Sec. comm took $200,000 from Wall St

Faith schools lose smacking battle

Arms deal raises fears of coup if Mugabe loses vote

Man Arrested After Bragging To Radio Show About Crime

Venezuela probes ex-Guatemala ruler sought by Spain (RayGun pal)

Pope's Doctors Consulting Over Tracheotomy

Durable Goods Orders Down, Jobless Up (to 312,000 initial claims)

Venezuela gives Dominica $10.1M grant

Bush, Putin: Iran Should Not Have Nukes

US bankruptcies ‘to surge’ amid junk bond deluge

Bush's uncle profits from Iraq, (AP)

President's Uncle Profits From Military Contractor's Stock Sale

Witness in plot to kill Bush is dead

(Gannon, Exclusive Interview) ‘I asked to come. They allowed me to come’

Judge: Newspaper May Protect Sources

Fear of Death Omnipresent in Baghdad (AP)

UPS to Close Hub in 2006, Laying Off 1,400

"Syrian spy admits role in Iraqi Beheadings"

AP: Fla. Gov. Bush Pushes for School Vouchers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 24 February

Pop-up ads invade Department of Homeland Security

In Fallujah's wake, marines go west (new insurgent tactics)

S.D. Court Upholds Janklow's Conviction

Poll: California Voters Oppose Steroid Arnie's Election Plan

GOP mum on felon-voter names in WA (Up to their old tricks again)

(CO) Lawmakers chided for vulgar exchange (really vulgar!)

Judge Rules Against Gay Couples in N.Y.

China cautions India, US over Patriot missile deal

Bush Gets First Warm European Reception in Slovakia

IRAQ: Ramadi residents flee city after latest US-led attacks

Army Awards Bonus to Halliburton for Supply Work

BBC (Thursday): Syrian troops 'will quit Lebanon'

Judge: Newspaper Can Protect Sources (NYT Judith Miller phone records)

UPS to Close Hub in 2006, Laying Off 1,400 (Dayton Ohio)

Record Number Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Poll Shows Early Support for Schwarzenegger Agenda

U.S.: Suspect in Bush Plot Not Tortured

Recovered digital photos show tsunami wave (Awesome Pics)

Study cites cost of "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in military

Naked, drunk Key Prosecutor sprints to wrong car (Florida again)

Homeland Security names spyware exec to federal privacy board

Lawmakers: Writer May Have CIA Leak Info (FOXNews covering 'Gannongate')

Salt Should Be Regulated Food Additive, Group Says

Transcripts show No 10's hand in war legal advice

Guard facing troop shortage for Iraq in 2006

Dean Won't Apologize For Quip At Black Caucus Gathering

Texas House Speaker Subpoenaed To Testify In Fund-Raising Trial

Poll: Most Think U.S. Will Remain in Iraq

Some 30 people dead in series of attacks in Iraq,

GAO report: VA assets inadequate to handle expected stress disorder cases

Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk

Working-age people with jobs on decline (17 Year Low)

Crude Oil Jumps to 4-Month High ($52 barrel )

U.S. Says 'Thousands' of Missiles Missing

Call for action on child exorcism (BBC)

Officials: Infant Girl Was Sexually Abused

Managed care profits up, optimism for 2005 strong

Bush's Gloved Handshake a Slovak Faux Pas

Gannon says he's no Michelangelo (says: 'Look for an announcement soon')

Lufthansa May Sue Authorities Over Bush Visit Flight Delays

CBS News’ Boss Hired Private Eye To Source Memos

Court: Man Can Sue Over Surprise Pregnancy

Pelosi criticizes Bush's Social Security plan - "Rip-off"

At Least Three Shot Outside Texas Courthouse

Biden declines to sign letter for Gannon inquiry, while Kerry signs

Iran girl gets 100 lashes for sex

Dems going nuclear over book's Iran claim (Swiftie Jerome Corsi)

(KS) attorney general seeking records of women who had late-term abortions

CNN Breaking: Pope back to the hospital

Anglican Church Asks U.S., Canada to Leave

Dirty War starting on PBS right now, 9 PM PST

There's a registered silver pattern in my apartment complex

I have someone who wants me to install an RSS feed on their blog *help*

Female in need of Kidney Stone discussion NOW.

themoron as Norman Bates

What was that song at the end of Lost?

Great fun alternative to a Car

I know this is petty and shallow and bitchy and superficial, but

Did anyone like "Just Shoot Me"

The Mighty Quinn

FUCK- I bit my nails

mmmm... Rice Krispie Treats

Help!! Ex-wife wants sole legal custody of kids. Why?

F*ck the Creationists (vulgar)(good)

Going To The Felix's, Ask Me Nothing!

EMINEM: Love him or hate him?


My kitty is a mean drunk...

Say baby, what's your sign?

Geico Commercial: Reality Show

Too much time in GD... amuse me

Help with 8th grade math question

The same IP keeps pinging me...

The same TP keeps stinging me

Is this a virus? "The connection was refused when attempting to contact -"

OK let them teach Christianity in schools

One of U2's best- "Tomorrow"

Michael Jackson is involved in a police chase!

So, the last time I got seriously drunk (pointless story coming)

I am (a)sleep, NOT!

Lewis Carroll On Non Reality Based Community Thinking

Good Night DU

I have reached the median!

Today is your birthday...


Think of how stupid the average person is...

Say what you will about karaoke

Have you ever seen a UFO, that became an IFO?

My *fav* photo-shot of Ann Coulter . . .

When the Red Sox go to the White House next Wed,.....

For any pilots, or aviation buffs.

Does this medical bill seem a little high to you?

Photo of Bush and his little puppet budy Tony that should NOT be captioned

Lunch break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm stuck at work until 7am.

It's snowing here

Notice how * walks with his l'il chest puffed out and elbows out to the side?

Is it just me or does America look like it's got some kind of rash?

Man Finds 6-Foot African Rock Python In Toilet

The "Poll question: Have you ever seen a UFO - WHILE SOBER" made me think

Man Tried To Bribe Police Officer With McDonald's Cheesburgers

MatcomNews Update: Burning Manure Pile In Nebraska Finally Extinguished

I don't think I like wisdom teeth

Good night DU

Good Afternoon, DU

Ever gratuitously start a thread early in the AM bc it won't sink as fast?

Have you ever seen a UFO - WHILE SOBER

So what do you have to say for yourself, Mmmmm?'s take on the Gannon debacle

Last night's episode of Lost...

This day in history according to the Onion

Derek Hess

Rock & Roll HoF Inductors for 2005 (+ a question)

A thread I started made it to the greatest page. The line for autographs

Do you have a saying that sums up life itself?

Post Your Birthday Messages For Paula Zahn Here

Why the hell am I still up?

OK - I give up - - - How do you find the !%^$#@! GALLERY ??

Goooood Morning DU!

Can't find a pic, but Catharine O'Hara's June Cleaver looks like Pickles

Which era do you think had the ugliest fashion sense?

wake and bake

Probably the silliest request on DU ever.

My new Molly is just not the same as my old Molly. Plus, she went

Random crap poll

I've got a taste for some barbecued yardbird

News Corp. eyeing Eidos?

i just royally bombed a mid-term! ask me anything!

Mexican Simpsons stars on strike

FLOGGED MOLLY! YEAHA! Greatest little Irish band around!

Looks like my DU posting will be sharply limited starting next week

Are there any California lawyers out there?

The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference

Name the monkey...opportunity of a lifetime for DU'ers...

Every message you report trains your SpamGuard Plus filters to work better

Does this look like Elvis to you?

Blind Man Arrested For Biting His Guide Dog

The "Come Hither Look" CAPTION

Oh, wow. Geez. Have you seen this?

Quick...which one is the Pickel?

Has anyone seen Rushmore

The "Nutcracker Suite" CAPTION

Jim Goad / Answer Me! zine....any readers of his stuff?

The Rolling Stones

Memories of last gathering in Philadelphia:

Disregard this.

Disregard this.

BWA! I just hit alert on someone who was already tombstoned!

Why do so many kids movies contain tragedy?

Man bites dog

Students Celebrate "Drive Your Tractor To School Day"

Man Buys Hundreds Of Papers With Story Of His Arrest

Cage Match:Beckham vs. Oasis

Dr. Claims Former Lover Stole His Sperm (They Never Had Sex) - Suing

Kitten Love

I'm flooded in...ask me anything

The A-Little-Language-Is-a-Dangerous-Thing of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Why is it poll day here in the lounge?

Could you shout into your cell phone a little louder?

I just want to say thank you...

There are times that I want to be a bad boy, but I have to stop myself

Piss on Bush

Michael Jackson 1979 v. 2004 animation

It was 30 years ago today.

Who does this remind you of??

Last chance to enter the DU Oscar Pick'm Game

Memories of past Detroit DU gatherings...

You know, I really don't ask for much,

Moments when you should have gotten a new agent or manager

woops double post

Look what Pickles found on a shopping trip in Germany!

Busch Garden, Tampa recommendations?

Thank you for the encouragement

AAR just dropped off

Ok, I'm an arrogant out of touch asshole, there you have the name

2 hour school delay for the kid - got to sleep in!

How to Build Team Spirit

Question ...Trivia

Foreign object in car door needed

Anteater in Rio!

I don't want to get out of bed...

Quote thread

Have you ever been kidnapped by a UFO and subjected to an alien probe?

broadcast, cable, dish, or satellite

Which of these two bands is better?

Favorite silly song?

What Makes You Politically Incorrect?

Listening to Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti". Can you guess why?

So, do steroids *REALLY* shrink things???

Paris Hilton Responds!

Endowments below the belt defined Viking culture

Memories of past Cleveland DU Gatherings

I'm Going To The Oscars, Ask Me Anything!

Funny-ass back-to-back subject lines, part 2

Boy, Do Those Bloggers Get Around!

People whom you can't decide if you find attractive or not.

I miss my cat!

What do you want to hear first the good news or the bad news?

Phew! Led Zeppelin is really a Christian rock band.

Dick Cheney Plays Poker

Lamest late-60's-1979 cheesy singer poll

Lunchtime in The Lounge

Guess the DUer by something they would NEVER say.

Try's a riot:)

B.J. McKay vs Herve


My 400th post was a stupid copycat attempt. Ask me anything!

Abe Vigoda LIVES! And it's his BIRTHDAY!

Yeah, I got it from Sludge, but it's funny

Republicans in my backyard

Online museum of 'Questionable Medical Devices'

It's official! Elizabeth Montgomery is hotter than Mary Tyler Moore!

Shout out if you really and truly do think...

Anyone want Star Wars Episode 3 SPOILERS?

Memories of past Austin DU gatherings

Baseball question: Is Jeff Gannon a pitcher or catcher?

You know, I really miss snorting snow!

You know, I really don't miss Snow

Juice box? You think he got a juice box?

job interview, part 2

Disco memories: good and bad, post 'em here

One of these nights.........

Winsor McCay vs Hergé

Run . . . Run . . DMC .. . . . Live. . . for you . . . . . FRESH!

Did anyone see the spoof in NYT on the Christo Gates, titled

Reality Show: Who will be the white house's next top fake reporter?

If you like pina coladas, and gettin' caught in the rain....

You know, I really don't like Snow

I'm praying for Snow

My friend is having his nad removed today

You know, I really miss snow

"See, free nations do not develop weapons of mass destruction"

$4.8 Million toilet off Hong Kong's tourism maps due to rudeness


Man Arrested After Bragging To Radio Show About Crime

My Haunted House idea for Fundies, ... suggestions?

Baby elephants are way cuter than kittens or puppies...

Has anyone seen the Anti-Christo installation?

The weirdest and wackiest websites on the net

Anyone here ever have their vertebrae fused?

Can you feel the love?

I'm doing absolutely nothing

I like you


How to blow dry hair straight?

The Empathetic Cowboy of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Darn that KOEB

Don't try this at home

My apologies to the people in the brewery

Favorite freeperisms: Rhetorical Flourishes and outrageous pronouncements

Deja vu!


Great on-line puzzle game

How often do you venture out of the Lounge?

The new carpet in my office is giving me acid flashbacks.

New York's alright... if you like saxophones.

Good morning/afternoon!

Who's your favorite stoner?

Crazy shit in LBN- recovered tsunami pics.

DU flamewar subjects have become kind of stale. Let me offer a fresher one

Historical Parallels Do Have Limits

NASCAR FANS: Here is the supreme definition of IRONY

What's your favorite stone?

Raiders Stink!!!! Really, REALLY STINK!!!!!

There are questions and things I would to post, either here or GD or

Happy 84th Birthday to ABE VIGODA!!!

What is porecelin? And why don't freecyclers ever use spell check?

Woo Hooo! My son got a job!

The "What's on Your Hand, Jackass?" CAPTION

Speaking with "both lips" -- new toon

My good idea is dying in GD.....perhaps it will fly in the lounge

I will now read from the book of Tracheotomy, chapt one verse....

Are Most Babies Born During The Day Or During The Night?

Indiana Jones 4: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

If you don't know who Josh Groban is your missing out!

American Troops Entering Fallujah Are Showered with Flowers And Sweets

Let me float this paranoid theory

Coming soon moviegoers--Herbie:Fully Loaded (the car not the driver)

Would rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?

Padraig18 always gets the crazy ones.

Take a look at these hands

On JAG, will Mac and Harm ever get together for real?

I have a question.. not sure how word it, but here it goes:

Worst Song Lyrics About the One That Got Away

Is it wrong to binge on Velveeta Shells-n-Cheese?

The Iron Curtain Cola Question

Lawrence or Lowell?

Help: Al-Mendhar put in as site on application to my Web ring

A dance to the tune of economic decline

Baltimore or Washington?

I need a quick, pithy joke about Sales or Job Hunting!

I made it to the top ten!!

Compton or Carson, CA?

What did Matcom do now?

Tell me about your high school elf

Further tales from the "My mom's a bitch" file...

Pic of royals trying to bluff their way into the White House

I've never been so excited about one of my friend's TV shows.

Riot police beat path to Club Med

BeerBeerBeerBeer-Is thisBeer?-BeerBeerBeer-Germans say...BeerBeerBeer

CSTT is having a little too much Photoshop fun

Tell me about your high school elf

OMFG!! CNN Has A Model Of The POPE Live On TV!!!

Isn't it true that lie detectors work on bodily anxiety reactions?

Do Canadian High Schools have Football teams? (not soccer)

Lawrence or Harrington?

Well, have to go know and print myself a payroll check....

Littlegreenfootballs is a conservative site

This Chimp of yours is unbelievable!

Sidewalk chalk artist...

Madison or Milwaukee

Odd Experience - I was hugged by a Rabbi.

Need Acrobat Adobe Professional help

River Falls or Hudson?

Harpswell or Bowdoinham?

I think I can update the DU Universal Flamebait® now...

I'm gonna get a hole cut in my throat tomorrow

Pretty roses!

SoCal DUers! Come to the Fontana Race Fest!

I'm gonna get a hole cut in my pants tomorrow

No more Dope for Swiss cows

Spryfield or Armdale?

No more dope for Swiss Cheese

Chicago or Milwaukee?

Alternatives to Winamp?

KFC Rules!

KC Rules!!!!

Volgograd of Vladivostok?

I love the e-mail confirmation from!

So, yesterday my co-worker asked us not to say "Christo!" ...

Vermont DUers: Help Me Convince My Wife to Move to Burlington

Norton Ghost Rocks

What's The Best Tactic For Shoveling Snow ?

How many threads have you originated that later got locked?

How many faces have you seen that later got rocked?

Have you ever used the 'Hide Thread' feature?

What's for supper?

How many locked posts has Matcom had?

Best song lyrics about the one that got away..........

Funny thing is

How many mocked posts has Revolutionary_Acts04 had?

Alexander POPE...

Moby has a preview of his new album on iTunes for free- it sounds AWESOME

Bernardsville or Basking Ridge?

POPE, Mississippi

Court: Man Can Sue Over Surprise Pregnancy (but sperm are hers to keep)

Fitchburg or Leominster

I'm going to drive 30 miles each way in a snowstorm tonight


Your Invited


Flamer Bait

Flambe bait...

Hi, dad! Is that a new camera?


Some of you are SO DAMN HOT!!! I just want to

Which "Clocks"?

Dick Van Dyke vs. Dick York vs. Dick Sargent

"Ladyhawk started this thread."

Men or women?

Ginger or Mary Ann

A sad kitty story.

Why I will never watch American Idol again:

Carole Pope is doing fine.

I just realized I'm one post away from 7000

Been away since Monday.....anything interesting happen?

This woman has a big cucumber

Hello, I am ILL Mitch and I am FAST AND DANGER!

Cats in heat driving me NUTS!!!!!

Eternal Questions we've yet to answer about DUer

"Priest and the little boy"--(pretty clean) joke

Who here doesn't own a toque?

MAJOR Star Wars Ep III Spoilers

I'm kind of sick of this hemophilia on DU.

Sci Fi posts entire first episode of the new Galactica online!

Is it wrong that I really like the songs from A Mighty Wind

The subject for today's flame fest is...Puppies are way cuter than kittens

Some of you are SO DAMN CUTE!!! I just want to

On "Green Acres" why didn't Oliver and Lisa's house ever improve?

I think I had the weirdest dinner tonight



are you neat or messy?

Beatles or Stones

Ever tried learning to play Diplomacy?

With this post....

Jeff Gannon is back and asking for YOUR email!

Minneapolis or St. Paul?

"You started this thread."

I just got back from Costco - ask me anything?

Memories of past Boston DU Gatherings

More fun than a barrel of monkeys: Hannity's online dating service:

Need help with my computer!!!!!

Kansas City MO. or Kansas City KA?

Some of you are SO DAMN HOT!!! I just want to

Lounge Ladies... Which hot stud do you want dibs on?

Have you ever wanted to buy an album advertised on TV? Confess

London by myself?

I'm addicted to Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

How can I convince my brother's partner to join us for a family event

Whoisalhedges - you are the cutest!

Whoisalhedges - you are the living end. HEDGETIMES!!!

The BIG 3 0's. FOR MY 1000th POST, my best "Jeff Gannon"


What is your favorite locked post you originated?

I've been in GD..I need some logical discourse...where's AR Walden?

I'm taking my daughter out for frozen custard!

Has anyone seen the new Bugs Bunny? ...Scaaaaarrrryyy1

I am sleep.

Which is better coke or pepsi?

Beets or Scones

Low Oscar Ratings? Blame Rock, Say Conservative Family Groups

What's Your Favorite Salty Snack?

"Coming up next, an illegal downloader will be beaten to death by U2."

What Kind of Dog Are you?

Tell me about your high school self

RIP: Blink 182

So the Chef asks "How do you want your steak?"


What are your favourite obscure bands/singers?

I have my ticket to Bonnaroo!

I finally got a little cat :-) *pic*

Cambridge or Somerville?

"It is the soldier, not the reporter who has given us the freedom...

okay. I give up. what does it mean?

Dallas or Ft. Worth?

I'm Pope Ron Paul. Ask me anything.

Solar House that TURNS to always face the sun!

Odd Experience - I have received Last Rites

I hate sweet potatoes - What do I do?


Anyone feel like saying a prayer for the Pope's recovery?

communism = atheism ?

Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer's memory loss

The Unacknowledged Threat - Steven Greer

Rupture, not Rapture

Brian Greene's "The Elegant Universe" about string theory.

Nature: To know science is to love it.

Replacing gay troops cost military $200 million

Move To End 'Don't Ask' As GAO Reveals Gay Ban Cost $200 Million

New York Judge Rules Against Gay Marriage

Couple 'Kicked Out' Of Health Center Because They Are Lesbian

Connecticut takes big step towards civil unions

Amazing Race winner gets lectured by printer

The estate tax -- about damn time the Dems felt some consequences

Votes Needed in Upcoming Massachusetts Special Election . . .

Chris Webber traded to 76ers.

More NBA trades today

When did the last undefeated Men's Hoops team win the NCAA Tourney?

Do cross-eyed cats have trouble seeing?

Some people don't deserve the love their pets give them

OK kitty you found a home. Now you need a name :-)

My Cats LOVE Bananas!


I'm new to this forum

Someone on GD posted they feel something big is about to happen

new article on Starlight News: Hollywood East

Atheist of the Year

Just changed my signature.

Should any of you non-Loungers want to chime in...

Judah! Judah! Judah! The Hokiest Stories Ever Told

Can somebody tell me anything about the Patrick Henry Think Tank

Things that matter: Funding research

Okay, sometimes DU shows us the love

Andy Stephenson, one of the good guys, needs some help

Gannon: Kerry to sign letter to ask for investigation

Will the country ever see the nuts for what they are??

Bush and the Farm Subsidies

CREW Files Complaint Against Social Security Administration...

Bush's Uncle In Iraq Contract $$ (War Profiteering)

Why does every, single GOP plan to "improve" America

Who owns Reuters? They seem overwhelmingly Pro-Bush

Healthcare, Jobs, Education

Salon: "America intends to be world's policeman, expects Europe's help"

The Daily Show delivers another solid show of * ridicule re:Pot Smoking

Are The Right Wingers Or Freepers Defending Male Prostitution?

Wade Harkavy Reveals Truth About Doug Wead and The Tape Ploy

On Syria, the "Bald Look", Gannon, nasty lawyers & *.

GOP shopping for celebrities to run for PA governor

Alterman: Journalism Obsessed By 'Crap'

bushitler's war profiteering relatives need time in the brown fudge cake!

Respond To Ann Coulter On Blogs & The Gannon Issue

In easy terms.. What is the difference between

"Businesses do not want to help poor people because

a view from the Right on Hiliary and the Dems

Jeff who? Dealing with the office of Senator Arlen Specter

There Was a Fake or Suspect New Site Posted on DU

Talon news webpage shuts itself down..offline to "redesign"

RW Talk show host Mike Gallagher spoke about Gannon/Guckert today

Good News from Afghanistan! U.S. Forces Airlift Food to Cut off Village

IRA shoots itself in the foot. What's going on?


The masses are being punked by Repuke and Repuke Lite.

ATTN: "Jeff Gannon" - Nobody Cares About Your PERSONAL Life

Chimp doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to Putin and Iran

President's Uncle Bucky emerges as a big winner from Iraq war

What GOP Operative is Campbell Brown dating?

Email from Dean today:

Did anyone see Clark on CNN this AM?

* will face tough question from Putin, Slovak newspaper says:

I kant reed so gud

Bush Gets Stoned by the World Media

Red State Moral Values

What business did Limbaugh have in Afghanistan ?

Pop-up ads invade Department of Homeland Security

Fox on Gannon?????!!!!

KBR - Bapetco - Obaiyed GP - EGPC - Shell - Hallliburton

Anybody know anything about the new Gannongate Texas story?

War Crimes

Response from Chris Cannon (R) UTAH re: Social Security

Bush, Putin transcript up

More double-talk, Dubya style

Anyone else sick and tired of seeing and hearing about...

Bush = Hitler?

"Defeat DeLay Every Day"

Freeper pays homage to the Republican revolution's first speaker

Homeland Security's privacy panel (open) what is coming down the road

Onward Christian Soldiers - Our military recruiting in churches.

Someday, this is all going to make an incredible movie

War supplemental faces lengthy debate

Matt Lauer on Gannongate: "Such a bizarre yet fascinating story"

Today Show/Guckert video from Crooks and Liars- link

Santorum says too much for his own good...

Why does FOX call him a "fired" reporter?

Mein Kampf for Poles

Judith Miller and Matt Cooper on NPR's Fresh Air NOW!

Administration readies new ID standard for employees "There will be pain..

Naomi Klein tells it like it is re: the Iraqi "election"

Bush is worse than Hitler "there were grumbles...confrontations from other reporters

The Science Applications International ID Thefts natnl security danger

Texas rebels want Republic of Texas (and taking their electoral votes)

If only the Democratic Party

"Feisty Biden toying with run for president..." C'mon Joe-1st things 1st!

Number for GI Rights Hotline: Conscientious Objectors, et al.

Bush would be assasin story getting interesting

Pat Buchanan on Ed Shultz

Hey, so I got an email from the DCCC today.

(BBC) Tour diary: Bush in Europe

Dean visiting GOP strongholds

Repub. McCrery Chrmn of House Soc. Sec. comm took $200,000 from Wall St

CAPTION the Deutsche-bag

Is this guy, Terry Eberle related to Bruce or Bobby Eberle

Did anyone see Gannon/Guckert on the Today show?

Raw Story headline:Kerry to sign letter calling for Gannon investigation

The politically sexy Condi Rice

Russian reporter asked Bush how US is a democracy

Santorium highly vulnerable here in PA, Casey Jr will decide

Interesting statistically: If Hillary won in 2008

Are Evangelical Churches Recruiting?!?!?!

GOPUSA Poll ...

WOW!!! DU post featured in Salon's Daou Report!

Could not resist posting. bush can not invite divorcees to WH

Do the German people see any resemblance between Bush and you-know-who?

If you thought US Job Statistics were "cooked" --- the answer is here.

Since 6 out of 10 people are ready for a woman leader - who do you want??

Question about Iowa 2004....

Hillary's hawkish moves is smart political calculation

Torture in US ... Brooklyn Baby....

From the new Jeff Ganon Blog

Excerpt and Link to DKos Discussion of Luntz' Playbook

I'm going to faint: Saxby Chambliss to join in on Guckert inquiry

Colo. GOP jerk tells Dem: 'I'll ram my fist up your ass'

My NY Times interview

The moderate vs. liberal feud going on at DU

ANOTHER mysterious suicide!

Bush is NOT Hilter - stop referring to him as that

BEWARE: Bush is courting 'Moderate' Democratic Senators...

Reid: Democrats failed to take message to rural America, Nevada

We should get behind a pres. cand. now, and not in two years. I suggest...

If they raise the age for retirement to draw Social Security...?

Outstanding write-up of Dean's Cornell speech....loaded with good stuff.

The Irony of W Ketchup

Newsweek gives big Coverage to Ed Schultz Show...growing like Limbaugh..

A 16 yr old's view

Are lay people unqualified to analyze laws?

A disturbing editorial about Thomas Sowell

What's the earliest proof of Guckert? Do we have childhood pics?

Bio-Terrorism ???-- newly identified "WSN/33" Avian/Human virus combo