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Archives: February 23, 2005

Howard Dean Perfect To Revive Dems' Spirit

f you don't write me a blank check, the terrorist have won

President's overtures reap modest returns

Negroponte ignored human rights

A wink from Belfast to Belmarsh: Neither Sinn Féin nor Islamists ...

GOP Leaders Refuted by Their Own Briefing Book on Nuclear Option

Santorum Jeered At First Social Security Event

Pravda Spanks Mr. Bush

Democracy for America - Stop USANext petition - results to TV stations.

Protests, Vigils to Mark One-Year Anniversary of Coup d'etat in Haiti

Police Use Water Cannon Against Bush Protesters

Media Omissions on Negroponte's Record

Housing Stories Crowd My Computer, Brain

Europeans recall bad memories: Bush visit

911 Call Reveals Woman's Struggle With Purse Thief

Deleted post.

In defense of a moderator

How 'bout a chronic disease forum?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Backdoor problems?

I salute the mods

Is there a new policy with regard to locked posts.

Photos show Gaza building boom

Anybody else love it when McDonald's starts the shamrock shakes?

delete, got my answer!

Flyer to download for Oakland teach-in plus request for RSVPs

Here's a quick helpful thing you can do tonight!

Confusion Said to Create Invalid Ballots - AP

Flagrant fraud in Osceola County, Florida-anyone there with time to look

Kevin Shelley's Mother Died Today

KOEB Tuesday (Real Time)

I'm rootin for Putin to tell Bush....

Assemblyman Leno Introduces Taser Bill

Freeptards to protest Oscars - Counter protest planned ?

Thinking of Defecting

Boston DU Gathering, Saturday April 23rd, 2 PM at the People's Republik

What's Minneapolis like? I may be moving there.

Problem Switching Between Programs in W2K

is there any way to transfer files between PCs running WIN98 and XP

Heard a rumor. Someone offering $100 to PIE John O'Neill.

Austin - Slobberbone's last show, March 11

Rawstory reporting the Dems pushing for inquiry, re: Gannon

Regarding Oxyrush's upcoming junket to Afghanitsan....

Seattle mayor leads effort for cities to adopt Kyoto Protocol

Ward Churchill vs. Jeff Gannon

Anyone see the cover of their copy of The Nation this week?

Which country has the best and most independent press?

NAFTA violation involving MAD COW

The Bush Press Corps

Labor Strategy?

needs caption PHOTO: bush* grabs his 'poodle' blair in a moment of passion

Our current government is so corrupt...

More on those frivolous Asbestos suits

Stop the Swifties latest smear campaign on the AARP

latest target of the religiously insane - Shreck 2


With the whole gannongate thing in mind...

Will Iran bombing plan for June (according to Scott Ritter) provoke...

Who was the 1st Pres. to smoke pot: Clinton, bush, Kennedy, Washington?

FAA Releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement on Proposed New Runways

Is it possible for a small group of us to sue over Gannongate?

(Reuters) Severed Penis Retrieved from Toilet, Reattached

Freepi think Bush secretly speaks French. (Chirac slaps *) bwaaaaa

"US Column Wiped Out" from Rense... Credible???

Frontline just started here in Okla...waiting to see if it's

FCC Denies 36 indecency complaints about various TV programs (1/24)

PHOTOS: bush* sends laura to Germany, & keeps RED DRESS condi in Brussels

Jeff Gannon retrospective in Video

Social Security Compromise Watch

Boeing CFO gets four-month jail sentence

Can Organic Farming "Feed the World"?

Parked Ford Truck Explodes In Orange County Driveway

Walmart Tax

Does Bush ever tell the truth?

***Victory in Virginia*** Right wing attack on Thos. Jefferson fails!

FBI alerts public to recent email scam

Interesting article by Andrew Sullivan

A word on Limbaugh being in Afghanistan

British Queen to Miss Wedding of Charles to Camilla

An evening of oysters and white burgundy ends with an invoice (Guckert)

Running into a ‘BRIC wall’ with Eurasia?

Australian woman faces execution in Indonesia for marijuana.

PNAC is pushing N. Korea and Iran towards nuclear weapons

Bush warns Europe on China embargo

POPE: Gay marriage is "Ideology of EVIL", abortion compares to Holocaust

So I'm at the pet store and I see chew toys...of Bill and Hil'...WTF?

NY Times Ed: "The Major Press is Under Attack"

"[Social Security's] so-called reserve fund....

How much earthquake aide will the US give to Iran?

Why the attack on bloggers? Are bloggers that different from talk radio?

ID Thieves Hit Blockbuster Dumpster Dive

I just read the Lorax by Dr. Seuss

FAUX News and the Weekly Standard both owned by Murdoch?

Do the links in the Gannongate Wrinkles thread's make you realize

Invading Iran...Ridiculous... but nothing is off the table...

I think we may have a new AnnCoulter wannabe! Sher Zieve!!!

Guckert Presswatch Day 7: The MSM are still all pussies.

UK Sun - Chirac snubs Bush by speaking French!!!!! OMFG!!!!!

gannon/guckert in newsweek or time, I forget which

Black Republicans demand apology from Dean

Eminent domain case argued before Supreme Court today

The Metal Checks- (The Burden of War)

First media outlet covers Christian rapture prophecy

Can the soldiers just walk away from these wars? Can these, our kids?

Does Bush have Alzheimer's?

Will contraceptives be covered in the new prescrition drug plan?

Someone PLEASE tell Tweety that Bush does NOT RIDE A HORSE

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Supporting the Troops

Mainz Residents Told Not To Take a Peek at President Bush

Just watched The Village. What a metaphor!

Democracy for America - Stop USANext petition - results to TV stations.

Who is involved with USA Next?

Bush Iran attack ridiculous but not limiting options, laughter...

Watch Out, the Financial Crisis may be Upon Us.

Being lectured by George W. Bush

A Letter From Oil Exploration Insider

13 yr old Boy Accused Of Assault With Rubber Band

The Nashua Advocate: Former Daschle Campaign Spokesman Tells All on Gannon

I've Gotta Weird Gannon\Guckert Question ???

What is it with fanatics comparing everything to the holocaust?

Email your loved ones after The Rature has occurred

100.000 people die each year from mis-prescribed drugs!

Has Gannett News embargoed Hinchey's charges against Rove?

What is it with some men who have kids and don't take responsibility

(Continued 3) Gannongate wrinkles

Help! My husband was a pothead, and now he's got a drinking problem!

Hoosier Recipes.

Study blames 20,000 deaths a year on diesel exhaust

Moderator can you please delete/lock this thread per author.

Former Miami Dolphins Punter Reggie Roby dead at 43 years

Pool Slides Down Hill

Dow off 174; oil prices, dollar batter stocks

CENTCOM: I MEF Marine killed in vehicle accident

American charged in alleged plot to assassinate President Bush

Clinton Library to Unveil Policy Records

Pentagon Probes Rape Charge vs. Soldier

Russia welcomes India as possible oil partner

Bush Dismisses Idea of U.S. Plan to Attack Iran

Report: Kim rejects U.S. demand for talks

President's overtures reap modest returns Frozen sea found on Mars, researchers say

Paris Hilton Exposed on Web After Phone Hacked

British Queen to Miss Wedding of Charles to Camilla

Al-Jaafari Likely to Be Next Iraqi PM

Intelligent Denials (Bush Science Advisor dismisses ID) - Am. Prospect

US sees insurers as possible tool in terror fight

U.S. Asking Nicaragua to Destroy Missiles

Schwarzenegger, Unions Clash Over Pension

Confusion Said to Create Invalid Ballots

Winn-Dixie files bankruptcy; loses out to Wal-Mart

Warning: email sent from FBI.GOV is spreading virus

Former treasury secretary proposes investment savings accounts

Martin will say 'no' to U.S. missile shield in surprise announcement

Canada already 'part of' missile defence: McKenna

Informant: Torched self to get noticed

Revealed: the Rush to War:Attorney General 'Warned Blair

Defiant Livingstone refuses to apologise in 'Nazi guard' row

Iran Jails Editor for 14 Years for Insulting Leaders

Foreign-born population in US tops 34 million

Key West Prosecutor Faces Streaking Charge

Bush Warns Europe on Ending China Embargo

Australia 'stands with' Iran against UN nuclear plan

South Korea whacks dollar

Will he run in `06? Schwarzenegger spurs guessing game

AP: Overpayments by Citizens Property for hurricane damage alleged

UPDATE: Iran quake toll climbs to 500, over 1000 injured

Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion ruling

Bush or Bushehr? Russia Puts its Money on Iran

Australia Defends Extra Troops for Iraq, Polls Sour

(Australian) Army shocked at PM's Iraq order

Guardian: Revealed: the rush to war

Bush May Feel Chilly Blast From Russians, Envoy Says

RAWSTORY: Democratic leadership joins call for Gannon inquiry

GOP Lawmaker Cautious on Social Security

Bush and Chirac Reopen Wounds

AP: Democrats say they're strong on military, tout bills to prove it

FBI Issues Warning About Computer Virus

Walking Eagle

PLEASE bring your sick child to a restaurant & leave them

lalalalalalalala! I'm not listening, I'm not listening!! lalalalalalalala

would everybody rush to judgment

DUDE...FUNNIEST thing happened to me last night...

I like to smoke cigarettes

i like drinking whiskey

Let's just end this once and for all.

This is my broad brush!

If a technician replaces the motherboard on my laptop

I'm vegan, and I'm here to clear up some things:

Admit it, you were a little hellion when you were younger.

I love children...

"i was born wet, nekkid, and hongry"

I like M&M enemas.

I like to smoke weed

I like Johnny Walker enemas!


Come everyone! Avoid the flamewars - to my place for Martinis!!

She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene

I like Red Bull enemas!

Bob Boudelang just heard from Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld about Gannon

DUers who were born as perfectly behaved, mini-adults check in.


Lets bash the PARENTS that dont control their kids in restaurants.

I just got home a short while ago. What's with all these posts about kids?

Are Enema threads = Sex Threads?

I LOVE IT When Children Run Over NASCAR Drivers !

Well, I'm off to work - the liquor is in the cabinet, feel free to stay

Lets bash the PARENTS that dont control their bowels in restaurants.


Have you had "The Talk" with...

Why do people HAVE to like kids????

I let my kid poop in the front yard!

Let's blame NightTrain for the children-flamefests since he wasn't here

Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

What do you want me to do? To do for you to see you through...

Please dont bring your wallet to restaurants, Part 1

Do You "Hate" Kids?

I think the vegetarians started it

Men, not having any luck picking up women? Pee in your pants!!

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

I'm an eight-year-old vegan and I just...

Former Miami Dolphins Punter Reggie Roby dead at 43 years

Please don't bring Al Hedges to restaurants, Part 2

I LOVE IT When NASCAR Drivers Run Over Children!

I'm eating a vegan child. Ask me anything.

I'm eating a vegan man.

Let's hear from Rational Rose

Reminscing about the last 5 decades and thoughts of the future...

Do you ever reply, only to hit "Post" and find the thread is locked?

ATTN. Mod's: Need a Break?

I'm boycotting Vons grocery. They put 25 cent coin slots on bathroom doors

I'm scared of hounds.

I am a drinker! Let me fog up my mind!( lets talk Booze!)

What the...? It sounds like Ian Anderson is in the hallway!

I'm in for the night: what movie should I watch first?

My grandma is getting out of the hospital on Thursday!

Why do I miss all the fun?

In view of the tragic events of this afternoon

I would just like to say thank you................

Pool Slides Down Hill

woo-hooo! this is my 500th post!!! ask me anything!

Lounge . . . we need to talk

Oddly and terribly, I've been considering giving up drinking.

I am getting a new kitten!

ZombyWoof: 100% Flame-Free - and cuddly too!

Kids anyone would love...

I'm scared of the luge.

I'm scared of the lounge!

Why do we hold communism to a higher standard than we hold capitalism?

The Lounge has been weird tonight...if any of you guys want to talk to me

yellow dog Dems sing in!!

Yesterday, I did not have a single sip of alcoholic libation.

I'm scared of the budget!

Just for good measure, I'm going to attack

My Secret Confession...


numa numa guy does it again

Here it is...'A Scanner Darkly' trailer.

I suggest that DU have a "Sex and Debauchery" Forum.

My disappointing evening

Magpie-like programs...

There's a good NOVA on tonight about early flight

anyone try before?

What's your favorite kind of foreign music?

Gmail problems

Firefox question

My Secret Confession...

I don't give a fat rat's ass about Charles & Camilla

which is better?

When people reply to a certain thread and say:

oh my - pages 2 & 3 look like the gungeon

Time 2 Relax. In with relaxation. Out with peace for allll of DU!

Please don't bring your sick boyfriend to the bar

OH DEAR GOD, it's the Condoleeza Rice ACTION FIGURE.

What's the latest in the day you've ever slept in until??

Do you hate America? Or just hate Bill O Rielly?

Vin Diesel just ruined his career.,..

How to avoid business opportunity frauds and work-at-home scams

Is my profile on too cynical?

One Day at a Time reunion?

outfoxed (video)

One life down, eight to go. Poor Kitty.

I'm going to take a hot bubble bath.

so, we're looking to sell Rancho Uly

What makes you thankful?

Condi for black history?

What song are you listening to right now?

Desperate Housewives- GAY pool kiss- THOUGHTS??

All right here's MY Secret Confession...

Say Jesus was the political type- what party would He be a part of?

Self delete

All Hell can't stop us now

Should you be able to sue kids for bringing their parents to a restaurant?

Is the London's Sunday Mirror a trustworthy source?

Cream to reunite briefly this year?

Join me on a Yahoo

Dearest Redneck Son...

Has anyone here seen "Garden State"?

anyone ever treated their cat for ringworm?

I got a voice message from the LaRouche PAC

My great-grandma died today...she was 99 years old.

How popular was black sabbath in england?

Rules for dating a country man's daughter...this is funny

Remember a few months ago when that guy's girlfriend got on here...

Random song lyrics..does any one recognize this...

Just heard thunder ....

I feel like I have allergies

Dog Owners: Dobermann's & Boxers

H. L. Mencken was too kind-hearted...



I am sad Hunter is gone

I just came from GD - I Need a hug!

My school was holding a memorial for Hunter S. Thompson...

For the Vin Diesel fans

Worst. Development. Ever. Earth stopped spinning for a moment 2day.

Chocolate milk!

If * were to emulate his father and puke on a foreign leader, who...

Pictures o' my remodel ------> Picture HEAVY!!!

For the second time, I've used the "ignore" feature.

Color this knight and girl!

Feminine persons of the lounge... a question.

What's going on in DU?

pres2032 is writing a depressing paper and needs funnies to cheer him up!

Do you like voting for an Underdog?

Pinball Wizard


Tonight's episode of Futurama is great...

The Dialectizer

Anagram of "Rush Limbaugh in Afghanistan."

Has anybody had side effects from Haldol?

Screwww you guys, I'm going home

When a cat gets spayed, how many nights does it stay at the vet's?

Howdy, all you good kind folks


Has anyone ever brewed their own wine?

Full Moon Over DU

Best Movie You Have Seen In Last Month?

Pour me a drink - my cat died today

To alleviate my guilt

To alleviate my quilt

Fuck it all, I am putting all of you on ignore

(Reuters) Severed Penis Retrieved from Toilet, Reattached

What's the worst thing I can do to my supervisor and not be arrested?

So who here is going to the opening of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The

I need help/info re: Memory Stick for my digital camera

Tomorrow I'm marching to the bank and closing my account.

battle of the greatest composers (gun to your head)

So if a woman describes herself as "down to earth" on

DUers, what do you do for a living?


People of the Lounge... an answer.

Tips for my cover letter to Obama?

My son was stabbed at in school with a pencil

Animals of the Lounge...a question.

Never never never EVER

Now HERE's a page worth coloring!

My supervisor is a cold, humorless, arrogant, mean little prick

What are/were your school colors?

My new buddy.

So far its triplets

I feel for these people, and I worry about the ones with the PCs

Favourite Smiths Album.

Waffles Or Pancakes?

Are there any movies out now worth seeing

Your deepest, darkest secret, most shameful immoral thing you've done?

People of the Lounge...a question.


Just one of the reasons I (a natural blond) love California.

Shamrock Shakes rule!

With this post, I'm officially out of the 700 Club!

Who needs a hug now and why?

I make no bones about showing my disgust toward repukes

WCC central committee requests legal rights for Guantanamo detainees

I subscribe to four articles of faith:

Republicans believe in God - Democrats think they are God

If Evolution is black and Creationism is white...

Pope: Gay Marriage part of "Ideology of Evil"

Shaq injures left knee after alley-oop

Unreal, an odds-on favorite in a college football future book

Reggie Roby dies at 43

My mother's cat is on Catster

Psychic Predictions for 2005 - Astrologers look at 2005

Aquarian Solutions Astrological Predictions for 2005

Astrologers URGENT: Do you see anything unusual in the works for Feb 23?

Vedic Astrology Predictions for 2005

Any Newbies with Questions? Post 'em here.

Liberal Confessional

My Christmas Cactus bloomed

A taste of Alaska

Fox delivers your Failed Social Security Privitization Proposal Diversion

PDA's new action items (From Iraq, to Healthcare!) TAKE ACTION NOW

9 Countries Polled On Attitude Of Bush Plans To Promote Democracy

More Bush protest photo links!!

Late Hunter S. Thompson wanted ashes to be fired from a cannon : friend

Dem Social Security plan...

Second Talon News reporter lifted passages from other sources without cita

Do the Dems have anybody to frame debate like the Repubs do so well?

Bush's A-list: Who gets the top salaries?

Sexual assaults continue among service members abroad

GAO chief calls for effort to rethink federal priorities

Surprise! Local newspapers across U.S. devoted editorials to Gannongate

Homeland Security bureau needs extra $300 million to get through year

FBI Issues Response to 2/14/05 Newsweek article "You Don't Have Mail"

Go Senator Reid! Look at the timing here!

Save America's Treasures Awards - 14.5 Million awarded - List:

Is this really true? Are our hands tied?

MSNBC: Bush's Munchie Attack

read this: Dems should NOT let Repubs get away with AARP smear....

Upcoming depression/financial crisis: Economists' opinions ?

Thanks for the Memories, Jeff!

Do you believe that Iran has or will have soon nuclear weapons?

It's all about the Dollar vs. the Euro-- all the bloodshed in Iraq

Silly question: Can the minority Party in Congress put forth a bill?

Funny piece connecting Gannon to Abu Ghraib

WTF!? CNN/Headline "News" Is officially Dead! It's Now "Headline Prime"


Big Media is Squandering Vast Quantities of Cred

Demzilla Devours Dean (from Washinton Prowler

Tell these people to oppose Mr. Death Squad in committee.

Picket your local media outlets re Propaganda! Newspapers and tv outlets

Attn DUers out there: Anyone know about Gannon/Guckert's military records

So I got called by a Woelfel Research Co. worker about Soc Sec

Hilarious - Santorum's SS event

Frontline:A company of Solders on PBS Now

Thanks for the Memories, Jeff!

We are a Christian nation.

What Am I?

Ever talk to someone who gets their news solely from FOX ?

Mein Fuhrer, your European charm offensive is going magnificently

Somebody wanted to assassinate *? Oh, my!

Why do Dems dislike Greens?


Council for National Policy - Repug Group


Time for Bush to define 'independent press' (CSM)

Matthew Rothschild (The Progressive): Europe, Unbow Yourself

Detroit Free Press editorial: Press Impostor (NO mention of sex)

Gene Lyons on Gannon/Guckert

At last a fitting Hunter Thompson Eulogy

Tiny Is Beautiful: Translating 'Nano' Into Practical

Bash-the-AARP effort off to a smarmy start

Beware of Dog!

Some Inheritance(Social Security privatization leaves heirs with near NADA

Basu: Homer, Marge, Wead or W. - it's about hypocrisy

SURPRISE! Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle

A free press means you get what you pay for

HK is land of the free

Germans tell Bush to GO HOME!


My HST obit

The GOP's Wingnuts (the right purges it's moderates)

Thos Jefferson "enemy of the Gospel" & "anti-Christian"

Banning gays from adopting isn't prejudice - ( TENNESSEAN paper)

Novak: The military-industrial complex keep deal secret

Beavis and Butthead Do Buster

Former Army Officer counsels others on how to get out of military

Nicholas Kristof (The New York Times): The Secret Genocide Archive

Determining who ultimately owns your home

Fineman: The win-at-all-costs president (the tapes)

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Media knew of attacks on Daschle by fake Gannon - but followed he said/she

2004 Koufax Award Winners announced for outstanding lefty blogs

Why does media ignore Bush Fed Thrift PL model investing in gov bonds?

DU media action assistance needed - CONTACT GANNETT.

Rep. Hinchey calls for a media-manipulation hearing.

Journalistic Malpractice - Personal accounts don't solve the real problem

The Growth of Executive Pay

CSPAN alert - 2/23 7:45AM - Gale Norton

Kenya urged to ban plastic bags

Justice at a crossroads in East Timor

Rebels wreak havoc in Colombia

Venezuela Rating to Be Raised by S&P After Payment (Update1)

Armor Iraq HummVees Contract goes to Bush Uncle Bucky's ESSI Co.

Dropping Report's Iraq (Econ) Chapter Was Unusual -WH Credibility?

The Business of Jihad

Rape as a Weapon

U.S. judge stops deportation of men accused of Caracas bombings

Book about war with U.S. touches nerve in Turkey

Blog Roll-Up Of CNN Breaking The Law While Buying A .50 Cal

I have a good idea....

Seconded for JulieRB

copyright question

Greatest Page Idea

I would like to know why this post of mine was deleted:

Emoticon malfunction using Firefox

The Campaigns 2006-2008 forum is redundant.

Can I send an article submission to EarlG via PM?

Processing Fee on Donation?

My brother is banned from DU

Poster Deathmatch.

BBC (Wednesday): Cabinet row snares Palestinian PM

Peace climate vastly improved but threats persist, UNSC told

Israel: The Alternative

Einstein's other theory : on forming a Jewish state

Egypt insists on Gaza corridor pullout

'Mossad spies' jailed over New Zealand passport fraud

Small victory for Sibel Edmonds

Any Brother Rice alums here?

Chicago Sun-Times: Underdog stuns Cicero leader

Chicago Tribune: News Corp. exits Chicago Fox sports station

Please support the separation of church and state

Cafe features only cereals, TV cartoons

Sarah Bush Lincoln leads the way: "Partners in Health" one year later

Reminder: If you speak another language, you best get busy on foreign webs


NONE of the bills call for a VVPB! I'm worried about this!

Fix this or Stop Passing Bills, Acts, and Legislation

Help! Does anyone (TIA?) know how many women were disenfranchised?

Election Fraud flyer has been updated

Please E-mail C-span and ask that Chris Hitchins be a guest.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! OAKLAND TEACH-IN details; posted web site is wrong.

Assistance on Voting Records

Wednesday 2/23 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

question: does anyone have a list of email addresses for DEMOCRATIC

40th Anniversary of the historical Selma-to-Montgomery Re-enactment March

2005 Election Reform Legislation Reference

Re: MoveOn's Petition

My letter to NPR, pass it on!

Blog Junkies Wanted--There wouldn't be any of those here, would there?

Well, that's it folks...I just came from the doctor...

LB Town Hall Meeting 2/28 - Time to confront Congress

California loses appeal on state prison segregation

Public Financing Could End Pay to Play

Calif Regs on E-Vote Equipment

State schools chief urges schools to drop anti-drug program

A question for the girly-man Governator. Are you man enough...?

Lawmakers propose bill requiring all Californians to have health ins.

Arnie numbers drop while his hair dyed.

Gene Scott Dead....

Kansas tax [not for Kansans!] could mean bigger bills in Northland

Anyone know this Dave Anderson from MN he works for GOPUSA??

I got a fund raising call from AM 950 Air America last night

Great LTTE in the Strib

Kennedy is stumping in Rochester for the Senate.... what are we doing?

Pawlenty is on MPR now. eom

Randy Moss traded to Oakland minutes ago.

Rep. Jim Ramstad has an op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, saying

How Low Will I Go?

Firefox weirdness.

S3 onboard graphics

Casey decision on Senate race expected soon

Jeff Gannon attended my Alma Mater

Corpus Christi vacation---any ideas?

Sustainable Sweden: The Natural Step (Any WI DU'r attending?)

Fox Cities DUers, you're invited...

Rep Suder (R) blocks Lautenschlager from Meth hearings

hunter McGee go toe to toe!

What would make the State Convention more enjoyable to you?

Cognitive dissonance...(for the guys)

Condi Fashions -- Awwwwkwarddd....

C-SPAN - Steny Hoyer townhall meeting on Social Security now.

Congressman Hinchey see hand of Rove.......

Frontline replaced in San Diego...

Need link for Gannon/new wrinkle 1/ forgot to bookmark

Qusetion on Franken

Has your opinion of politics, political parties changed from being on DU?

Iraq Blog's?

The Trillion Dollar Hustle . . .

DEMOCRACY reigns supreme! - just $58.

If this were really a "Christian Nation", separation of church and state

here's a graphic that perfectly sums up Bush's Social Security plan . . .

DU Homework Assignment on Saving Social Security!!! (CBO Report)

clothing optional dinner in Manhattan

Einstein's other theory : on forming a Jewish state

My 2 cents - another in a million Gannon threads.

Opera you have to constantly reload?

Will Pitt has 3 of 4 top stories on scoop NZ right now

Having abandoned any curiosity about any of the great issues of the

USA Next stole the pics used in the anti-AARP ad!

PHOTO: Who IS that ingenue taking Europe by storm?

Tony Snow in Cancer Announcement

Happy birthday. We are throwing you out of Britain

Question to the Dems that voted for Gonzales

One of the reasons that there is so much support for Bush and his

'Mossad spies' jailed over New Zealand passport fraud

Gene Scott is dead.

proof Laura is a Stepford wife

Spread of Autism

In 10 years or so, we won't even recognize America

With Gannon gone, is Steve Roeder the new guy at Talon News?

Survey I received from the RNC

Bush arrives to Frankfurt Flughafen in 30 minutes

The People tear David Horowitz apart

Democrats Should Not Let USA Next Get Away With Smearing The AARP

this Jeff Gannon story is really starting to SUCK!

i seen where winn-dixie filed for bankrupcty protection,

Let us now praise H.G. Wells.

Words of Wisdom

Harry Shearer's new serial "Gannon"

No shock but European leaders speak better English than *

[Webactivist's] Porn spam allegation brings suit

Another Gannon article makes the Hartford (CT) Courant

BWAHAHAHA!! I got a recruiting package at my parents home

Donning my Prof.Irwin Corey hat today, I have come up with the

The Michael Jackson CHILD MOLESTATION case...

Our Nation is Liberal

Raw Story acquires slam on GOP Rep... Developing

Art Linkletter says the darnest things

Guckert Presswatch Day 8: The MSM are still all pussies.

More trouble for the MSM... This time from Gun Lobby blogs.

Secret RW Training Manual

good gannon piece

Little known facts about Free Republic

Did anyone watch "Nightline" last night?

The Fox silence is deafening

Church plea for unity over gays

Michelle Malkin Whines Google Removed from Google

Is RawStory Down?

Did the Chimp injure his face again?

Freeper Logic -- Illustrated

gay marriage is the ideology of evil

CREW Files Complaint AGAINST SSA - failed to comply with FOIA requests

Old Cindy Trashes WEAD, Sez Tapes "Speak Well" of Shrub

Need a LTTE critique about our tax dollars

Republicans want to abolish Social Security

6 Year Old Arrested, taserd, cuffed for errant spit-ball in kindergarden!

Bush Memos were forged by Rove - A belief I have held for a while

C-SPAN...Steny Hoyer town hall meeting on SS. on NOW!

Fossils found. Pit bull-like creature had feet of a bear

How much less will young people get under shrub's SS fix?

Hilary gets put in her place by Iraq's next Prime Minister!!!

It's NU-KU-LER! (caption this) >>>

When Democracy Failed - 2005 - The Warnings of History

The 4th Branch of Government: Buzzflash editorial toon

Is it okay for me to get a mid-size SUV, if I use it for carrying my...

We will get no help until 2006...

Thomas Sowell is an A$$-Pickle Right-Wing Shill


Mark Crispin-Miller: Going after Gannon/Guckert not "an anti-gay move"

Look at What the Germans are Having to Put Up With...

What is Up With DU?

Would the RW'ers have said this is a forgery?

FBI Abandons Whisleblower Secrets Claim-Sibel Edmonds

For a man in a dress, he sure is uptight about sexuality!

The Homeland Security Department wants to hire reporters who won't report

Those Soldier-Hating, Gay-Loving Old Folks at the AARP

Belgium confronts its heart of darkness


The PASSION of the KEEF | 'gannon' jokes!

First they cam for Sponge Bob, then they came for Shrek...

My 'Mega-Blog' is up

Ann Coulter is dating....

the lead opinion piece on du home page

caption PHOTO: more than half the troops did NOT stand up for bush*

Need help with research...

Invasion USA

Why does the US have the right to tell other countries not to have nukes?

Supreme Court examines limits of city's eminent domain powers

Caption This: Reasons to be against Cloning-heh

SEND IN THE UNDERTRAINED: Rumsfeld plans cuts to officer training.

How can we be a "Christian" nation if the heathens built everything?

Take this test to see if you qualify.....

GOP Senators want East. Washington as seperate state

Iraq/Pentagon TV Airs Tape of 11 Men 'Confessing' to be Syrian Terrorists

Anybody know anyone who wants to buy 1969/1970 Cadillac

shrub in germany - " i raise my imaginary glass..."

PLEASE call your senator and let them know you want them to sign...

Bush on CNN - what's with the soldiers "WHOOOOOAAA"?

Maine freezes adult Medicaid enrollment

If an attack on Iran is ridiculous.

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Very telling that Drudge reported on Gannon once!

1 in 2000 (non-Kurdish) Iraqi are now in US custody in Iraq

What'd happen if we all cancelled all newspaper & magazine subscriptions

Sorry--Deleted Post

The Late Night Jim/Jeff Gannongate Show!

German Protesters Call Bush 'No. 1 Terrorist' - Reuters

97% of the Air Force are Evangelical Christians!

Who's this? Bucky Bush - - >>>

FAIR MEDIA ADVISORY: Media Omissions on Negroponte's Record

The Eternal Viciousness of the Right-Wing Mind

Court-Martial Recommended for Soldier Who Skipped After Filing For CO

What happens when the people learn they are being played for fools?

Neal Boortz says people on welfare should not vote!

A Conversation With David Barsamian

Blogging is not a luxury, it's a civic responsibility

For some returning vets, war may not be over yet

DAMMIT! As a tax payer, I want to know where that 9 billion went.

Protests in Germany, They don't want no cowboy.

CAPTION Sourpuss Rice

Does anyone here for see Iran attacking US forces in Iraq?

What'd happen if we all cancelled all newspaper & magazine subscriptions

Why do so many democrats and hispanics hate illegal immigrants?

Red State kids- a story to remind us all not to give up on people

Twenty years ago, I was on a business trip to China and one evening

Pizza parlor assault "No one would help"

More People need to see this.. its tough to face, but we need to ..

More pictures of protest against bush.


Intelligence Officials Warn of Future Terror Attacks

Why do so many on the right hate illegal immigrants?

A Myth is not a hoax, nor is it irrational or stupid.

Are we too far down the road of fascism to stop it.

The comptroller general has issued a blanket warning

Bush Speaks to Troops. And (Raunchy) Cheerleaders. PIX >>>

Chris Rock to go after Bush at Oscars.

Does the government employ hackers to hack left-wing websites?

Did AmericaBlog get hacked?

Hunter S. Thompson did not do snuff films...

News sites

I'm curious about the Bush cheerleaders

Alabama wants to ban vibrators except to law enforcement, legis., jud.

Michael Moore nails it with a beautiful softball picture!

Rawstory: Dems Call for Gannon Inquiry (CALL your Senators!)

"Not this time, George." Great website I missed somehow.

My brother is banned from DU

I swear to my grave that Florida is really BLUE

H.R. 418 National ID card

Evolution does explain the origin of human beings!

Contact Congress on faith-based funding bill

bush is telling the world who can, or cannot have nuclear weapons

Today in Black History -- none of their news links works.

Maybe (Bush* Tapes) Wead woke up with a horse head in his bed

The big bang theory explains the beginning of the universe,not evolution

Plan to make Waterbury, CT "abortion free" fails

Another casualty of this administration and its policies

NY Times Best Seller list

raising atheist children

Does anybody else see similarities between the criminal Bush admin. and...

Rumsfeld sure knows how to soft talk friends and adversaries alike!

AP Network radio news...better than heroin

WTF? It sounds like today is 101 day here in GD.

where's Dick Cheney?

National Iraq War Memoria

Can't we all just get along?

Just sitting here having the most wonderful of thoughts...

Do you ever go "overboard" at work? For example...

Leon R. Kass, M.D. Ph.D....can anyone tell me about him?

Chirac snub to Bush

"It's a rotten stinks."

A question for those who "converted" voters to Kerry

Does right-wing radio replay their shows as often as Air America does?

i just got a call from Mike Honda!

Tidying up the loose ends...Israel...

My GOP congressman is not having town halls about Soc. Sec.

evening news/2.23.

Gannon considering book, paid speaking tour

Trouble in Freepville: Jim-Rob's "Ethnic Cleansing" campaign

Step #1 to recover our weakening Party, from a late bloomer?

Hint: Every time you mention Social Security "reform", use the word

evolution does not explain the origin of the universe

I was having a look-see over at freeperland, and couldn't believe how

Lynching: America's Ugly Chapter on NIGHTLINE Tonight

Rovegate - Rep. Hinchey Calls for Media-Manipulation Hearing

Peter Jennings on The Daily Show tonight

Email the White House NOW to stop the genocide in Darfur in the Sudan!

Re: Gannon/Guckert...a "John Galt" posting on freerepublic...need help!

Who's right, who's left in Hollywood..find out here

More of Laura Bush "Unplugged." In her Exclusive interview with O'Donnell

String theory explains a basic structure for the universe

Helen Thomas - Repairing damage done abroad

FUNNY PHOTO: Laura Bush in Germany

Will the AARP fight back against their demonization by Republicans?

Is U.S. using others for abusive interrogations? On Abu Ali and others?

Am I the only one...

Do you keep our nation's soldiers at arms length as you advocate peace?

The "Middle Class" is shrinking FAST. It was allegedly just over 60%. Now?


Spyware infiltrates blogs ...from ZDNet...

In honor of Black History Month - I apologize as a white American

Where is the White House Insider Site?

Sith Lords of the Ultra-Right, Vital Kos diary, MUST READ

The new SUV..........

Charm Offensive!!--My Aunt Fanny's Ass!!!!!!!!!

Discussion about the biggest problem at our days: Money

Your thoughts on the Terri Schiavo case

FOX News doctors AP reports to mimic White House terminology

Is this poster Jeff Gannon/James Gucker???


Heads Up

Soldier complains to Fox News about kids' letters to him

Religion does not explain the origin of the universe.

Veterans account for nearly one-third of all homeless men.

Next time a fundamentalist tries to argue with you about evolution...

Bush never revealed he had in mind to CUT 150 domestic Programs

Hey folks! Between 12 000 and 15 000 anti-Bush demonstrators in Mainz

Rawstory:Rep. Jim McCrery has accepted nearly $200,000

Bush: no plans to attack Iraq, 5/02; no plans to attack Iran, 2/05

Frank Luntz strategy report

To all Our California Du's

I would like some insight from the Atheists of DU:

Caption this

Why are Gannon's archived porno pages disappearing?

Congratulations UNCLE BUCKY! "Having a Bush doesn't hurt!"

big NOOZ for FANZ of TOONZ.............. (please KICK this, thanks!)


We have a "friendly" MSM reporter who is seeking Guckert news.

I saw this about Hunter Thompson on Bartcop, any thoughts?

Administration Blinks: Major Breakthrough In Sibel Edmonds Case

What is the deal with name calling on the forum?

A DUer in the mainstream news...

Please sign Barbara Boxer's petition on Social Security.

Didja ever notice time: DOCTOR Rice vs Howard Dean

Well, that's it folks...I just came from the doctor...

One of the best visual depictions of America I've EVER seen.

Teh Über1337freepers

Labor Should Stop Wasting Money On Democrats Says Union Leader

The hoax of Satanic Ritual Abuse...

What do you want to see happen to this killer in Texas?

Proposed new forum: CSPAN WATCH.

Stainless Steel Counters on a Budget

It's budget day. Will the government fall?

Link needed re: UK retirement system

How Bliar pushed us into an illegal war:

W-Where am I? Ruritania? Pre WW1 Montenegro? In an Ivor Novello operetta?

Frontline replaced in San Diego...

Queen will miss Charles' wedding

Eight teams now man GOP message machine

Stop jokes and negotiate, Assembly speaker tells Schwarzenegger

Putin says Russia will not join NATO

Man is accused in plot to assassinate Bush

'Gannon' and S. Dakota Editor at Odds Over Daschle Race [E and P]

Envoys to meet on N.Korea

Forensics at Ground Zero Ends

Bomb Attacks Kill 3, Wounds 14 in Iraq (1 US soldier killed)

FOREX-Dollar up as S.Korea, Japan reassure on reserves

Senators protest rules on Cuba food sales

Teacher who made students vomit wants job back

Missile Defense Comments by Canada's New U.S. Envoy Spark Uproar

Oil looms large on Bush-Putin summit agenda

Bash-the-AARP effort off to a smarmy start

Schools gird to deal with budget losses in Bush plan (Florida)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Bush scoffs at Iran attack

Chirac snub to Bush

Bush budget costs state $432.1 million

Death Toll in Iran Quake Rises to 500

Gas company fined $4,900 in blast that killed two workers

American dream lures Africans

Schwarzenegger Remarks On Women Anger Many

Kurdish VP: Race for Iraq PM Far From Over

Christian groups sue to stop California stem-cell research

Senators request ideas on water management

Pulling the plug on school clinics (Florida)

Justices Accept Oregon Case Weighing Assisted Suicide

Push to rally youth vote nationwide starts in N.C.

Chalabi Becomes Political Winner in Iraq

Dropping Report's Iraq Chapter Was Unusual, Economists Say

Suit filed to invalidate Calif's $3 billion stem cell institute

Bush and Chirac reopen wounds

Lawmakers Using Retreats to Raise Money

Row over Springer opera donation (prevented by 'Christians')

High Court Curbs State Prison Segregation

Gadafy son accused of beating woman

Blair hit by fresh allegations over Iraq

Mubarak Sends Intelligence Chief to Syria

High court to hear challenge to marriage law [Mass]

Feared Iraq War Could Be Illegal -- Report

Moscow Says 'Weak People' Won't Derail U.S. Ties

Canada says no to participation in US Missile Shield Program

Tax-Cutting Ind. (repub)Governor Proposes Hike(Bush called him The Blade)

Bomb Attacks Kill 3, Wounds 14 in Iraq (2 US Soldiers Killed)

Hoyer calls for TV spots by Perot

Martin will say No to U.S. missile shield in surprise announcement

Novak: The military-industrial complex keep deal secret

Beasts of Satan band members jailed for killings

Indiana Republican Governor Proposes Tax Increase to Erase State's Deficit

Saudis may give women right to vote

Wanted: Journalists who can keep quiet (The Hill)

IRA used Sinn Fein HQ to plan terror raids, say security officials

Clinton Hails China's AIDS Progress, Offers Help

AP: Burning Manure Pile in Nebraska Goes Out!

Bush Says Diplomacy Just Starting on Iran

Beheaded Female Body Found in Northern Iraq

Republicans Allege 1,108 Felons Voted Illegally in Disputed Wash. Governor

Forensic team ends 9/11 efforts

Huge ID theft case touches Washington (WA state and LA)

PTSD Among Returning Vets Could Overwhelm VA

Governor less popular, poll shows or Governor's approval rating falls

FOX News doctors AP reports to mimic White House terminology

Iran to Bush: Don't Meddle with Our Independence

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

Allawi Forming Coalition to Fight for PM

WP: Dropping Report's Iraq Chapter Was Unusual, Economists Say

Harvard President Vows to Temper His Style With Respect

Raw Story: Senators pressed to sign Durbin letter (on Gannon)

Randy Moss has been traded to the

Florida boy accused of assault with rubber band

Rove fingered over fake documents behind CBS story

Iraq 'rebels' claim Syria backing

Bush Defends War on Iraq While in Europe (at Wiesbaden Air Base)

Allawi Forms Iraqi Coalition to Challenge Jaafari

Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle

Kurdish VP: Race for Iraq PM Far From Over

Deputies infiltrate family funeral in Lauderdale, arrest wrong man

Romney's stance on civil unions draws fire

Justices to settle assisted suicide conflict

War protesters sue after 2 permit denials

Family Support Suspect in Alleged Bush Plot

Reid says Howard Dean is "not some wild-eyed, left-wing nut"

Anti-War Soldier May be Court-Martialed

Thousands protest Bush visit

Parents of slain clerk sue Wal-Mart

Mainz residents told not to take a peek at president

Bush in Germany: With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall

Marines enter insurgent town in restive west Iraq

Late Hunter S. Thompson wanted ashes to be fired from a cannon : friend

Crew: Let seniors learn as interns (Miami-Dade)

Keep off Lebanon, Iran tells US

Prairie dogs on their way to pest status

U.S. Drug Czar Likens Fighting Drugs to Terror

Writer who secretly taped Bush wants to give tapes to president

U.S. January Consumer Prices Rise 0.1%; Core Rate Up 0.2%

Pentagon denies invading Iran airspace

Remains of 1,161 WTC victims will go unnamed


Oil Stays Above $51 (U.S.)

Two (British) soldiers guilty of Iraq abuse

Iraqi TV airs tape of purported confession

Study: Most U.S. teens serious about religion

More Than A Thousand Whistleblower Cases Dumped; Special Counsel Dismisses

ChoicePoint Sued Over Identity Theft

Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle (Bucky)

Expert: Baby Swings Can Trigger Dog Attack

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 23 February

Martin to say 'no' to U.S. missile defence plan

Both Houses of Congress Get Involved in 'Gannon' Case (E&P)

Woman jailed for smoking near children

Gannongate: It's worse than you think - 2/23/05

Dollar Drops On Reserve Concerns

Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid to join call for Gannon investigation

Pizza Parlor Beating Caught On Tape - Man Sentenced To 4 Years

Colombia Seeks to Reduce Dependence on U.S. Aid Within 2 Years

Top House Dems ask GAO to investigate Gannon scandal, suggest subpoena

Judge orders continued feeding for Florida woman

Clint Eastwood is new target for the enemies of "Hollyweird"

Bush: Iran Is Not Iraq, Diplomacy Just Beginning

U.S. healthcare spending at $1.8 trillion

Spam filters may lead scientists to AIDS vaccine

Lawsuits alone can't account for surging malpractice insurance costs

German protesters call Bush 'No. 1 Terrorist'

Country Bracing For Draft

Who expert: Avian flu pandemic imminent

Seagull Herpes, anyone?

What time is it?

Apple releases Security Update 2005-002

Watching Keith Olbermann, just saw funny video.



Dude! Mayor McCheese was plagiarism!


Copernicus is gonna get pissed real soon...

Cognitive assonance...(for the English majors)

Firefox problem/question

I have am having a serious technical problem with MSN Messenger that...

Does Tom Arnold have about the worst set of personal boundaries

I am sicker than a Muther Fruker....

If you could have a "super human power" what would you want?

Do you wash your hands in nacho cheese???

I'm gonna kick your ass.

More internet dating questions...ladies, is this a good photo to use?

Listening to AC/DC's Back in Black. Ask me anything.


More internet dating questions/ladies, is this a good photo to use?

Crazy ass Scot on Leno

Jeez that squirt

rainbows or unicorns

IBC Rootbeer

any ritualized behaviors out there?

What do you wear to bed?

WTF is an Interest Only Mortgage

Oh the hypocrisy---Free Republic report on protest for Gannon


A rolling thunder, pouring rain. I'm comin' on like a hurricaine.

how much is two plus two

From the boys over at Fark....

Snook or Snake

Bush utilizes his "Osama Finger" to "win a largely symbolic NATO pledge"

I have a loaf of fresh, warm, homemade banana bread here.

Do guns make Americans safer?

Ack. Lee Majors is doing lottery commercials in Canada

Tonight's Daily Show is a MUST SEE, first 20 minutes was hysterical

I'm watching "Gladiator" Ask me anything

The Official "Things You Should Never Do" Thread

help! motivate me to finish my paper


Hey where's Kleeb been?

Sir Thomas More quote


I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!!!!!

Holey moley! (Constatine)

Favorite dips

Crows and jays top bird IQ scale

Florida prosecutor arrested after running naked into wrong car

Spinach and Artichoke dip

Sneaked or Snuck

Opera you have to constantly reload?

Robin Williams is stealing the show on "Real Time".

Apollo Spacecraft Computer - replicated in a guy's basement

Great: an all [TV] channels Bush-Fest

If you don't read MrScorpio's post, the kitten "gets it"..

Then the Hurdy Gurdy man came singing songs of love...

Should Radical Right talk radio hosts

Another....Good Morning DU Thread!

Bush shows his intelligence...

Does anyone here have Sirius radio? I have a problem with mine.

Gilmore Girls

Marvel superheroes or DC superheroes?

almost 3am and I can't sleep

What's the dumbest flavor we could have?

More Total CUTEness! Take that Copycatter!!!!

Frick or Frack

More udder CUTEness

(Feb.23rd) This day in Republican Civil Rights Achievement history

Wrong Man Arrested At His Grandmother's Funeral

Nekkid Key West prosecutor's undated mugshot

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear are You?

Yet another computer question...

I had to share this...

It's my 500th post, don't ask me anything!

Hail Christina Aguilera, love goddess

Do nuns make Americans safer?

wood planer shenanigans

Don't pee on my head and tell me it's a CAPTION

Saw this sign from the bus - 'NEW! SEDITION DENTISTRY!'

Time for Rowan and Martin's Laugh In. Then I'm off to work.

I've become a huge fan of Media Matters for America

How come I didn't get a bunch of replies to my rant?

Wanna see something so CUTE it'll make your eyes water?

Education is about options

Oow, oow. Free streaming movies

Had a weird dream last night...

Sean Connery Sued For Being A 'Bully'

Anyone watch the "One Day at a Time" reunion last night?

and in the East there arose a bright CAPTION

Bored college kids like playing late-night games at Wal-Mart

Overdose Victims

I don't think a fire killed Molly, I think she was being stalked....

What are your major pet peeves?

I don't think a fire killed Dolly, I think she was being baaaaaaaaaaaaad

Speaking of sims...

Korn guitarist finds God and leaves band

Arnold's Japanese commercials

Glue removed from Thai monk's eye

*BREAKING* whoisalhedges detained for questioning in the death of

John Mayer...

If You Stiff The Pizza Man, He Will Hate You - FUNNY!

People of the Lounge: A thought

Sim1 must have: the ultimate cappucino machine

trust your mechanic

Who's with me here?

I have to recommend my weekend to everyone on DU.

Have you ever asked for a raise? Gotten it?

Jude Law, Sexiest Man Alive 2004...The First 100 Days

Cognitive dissonance...(for the guys)

New Yawk Kids bluntly review "The Gates"

Korn Guitarist Finds God, Leaves Band

This will drive you mad...

I had to quilt two people out of talking tonight,

'The Sims' players: Ever killed a Sim?

Blogger help!!??

Today's the first day I've been to DU in months.

What's the dumbest flamewar we could have?

Home time YAYS

Sand art video:

Great Outerlimits on now about forced indocrination

The source of all corruption and evil

Not for the faint of heart *WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE

The Web Not the Death of Language

Question about presents for adopting gay parents

What the hell is up with my dog, Sniffa?

I cannot recommend my weekend to anyone on DU!

My LTTE made it into the local paper! Ask me anything!

People of the Lounge: a Pancake

What should I have for lunch?

I shoulda stood in bed.

What the hell is up with my dog, Stella?

But they're so cute. And I WANT to feed them.

An out of the loop question. Who or what is a Sims?

by everywon time 4 skool!

Breaking News: Whoisalhedges posts bail.

Does anyone have

Retirement in Florida....

i am a rogue state

whats your favorite cookie, (per 9 yr old) first poll

Little fluffy clouds, goddammit...

That rant that I posted is on the front page

Ok, like, what is going on hyur? Are these stories, like, uh, related?

I am a cone.

Keith Olbermann on Al Franken was outrageous. :-D

Chicago to get Cereal Bar-oh don't ask why oh don't ask why

What is a medical Fellowship?

I have it on good authority that 3 out of every 4 people

Sports you want to see added to the Olympics

Cats... the bulimics of the animal world

WHich of these three marching bands is the best of the three?

Ever wonder why Mother Earth is upset?

How about a nice egg-salad sandwich,

Which of these bands is the worst of the three?

Does anyone else get a parrot when they type ':puke:'?

the DHMO cover-up

Mars probe photos reveal existence of flying saucers

Just goes to show ya... it's always something!

How about a nice knuckle sandwich,

List yout top 5 favorite bands to trash!

I just made some pasta salad

Need advice on customer service problem...

President Bush Urged to Conserve Gravity

What are/were your gang colors?

I don't harbor any nuclear ambitions, do you?

Do not go gentle into that good night.

got a message ($$) from terry schiavo's dad

Proper pluralization for "anus"

Tell me, is this the most boring morning ever?

male Sims players: Ever hook up 2 female Sims just to watch them make-out?

Tennis Shoes or Sneakers?

WHich of these three bands is the best of the three?

Make your own Windows error message

Does anyone else need a permit when they puke?

Grandmother Arrested, Cuffed In Jaywalking Spat Is Found Guilty

I cleaned the litter box - and found a quarter!

Pats Fans: Will Teddy Bruschi play again?

Which of these three bands is best?

*** insert primal scream here ***

Tell of your favorite whoisalhedges anagram

The weather is total crap right now

men: is poLiticaLLy correct medicine turning

Kill me now.

I think our cats take a lottery at night...

AP: Burning Manure Pile in Nebraska Goes Out!

Who is

I love that whoisalhedges doesn't show up for threads about him.

"George Washington:Founding Father" - Richard Brookhiser

Beg for mercy...

Whoisalhedges... The new Kleeb!

Why do Americans care so much about the British royal family?


Matcom's baby eats whoisalhedges....

Condi - Look at these boots

Which of these three Bonds is best?

Fox Renews "That '70s Show" for an 8th season (BAD DECISION!)

WOW!! lateral transfer in two weeks

Why am I not hungry?

United States of War (Revised)

I have the nicest mom in the whole world!

What's your favorite Firesign Theater Sketch?

Jeez that hurt

Monday: Nearly 80 degrees. Tuesday: About 70. Today: About 40.

my fingers smell like onions

I can't wait to be talked to about my decision making process.

I have nuclear ambitions.

I have nuclear amphibians!

i'm listening to the stylistics . . . let us groove

My friend's sister has ovarian cancer...

whoisalhedges ate my baby

Why are there never any cookies around when I want a cookie?

Do the windows shake when you blow your nose?

Auburn, natural (light brown) w/ highlights, or blonde?

Does Windows shut down when you blow your nose into a shake?

Does your nose blow?

Do you like to nose your blow?

Shit I really don't give a fuck about

Do you blow your nose onto the windows?

Do you like to bow your goat?

Lord Haw Haw

Sh... stuff I really do give a f....... uh..... heck about!!!!!!

Teacher Had Sex In Car With Teen With Her 2 Y.O. Strapped In Car Seat

You guys HAVE to see this, it's hilarious.

Argue like a conservative-Great cartoon

My pet still loved me, even after I...

Post a heartwarming story about interspecies affection between your pets

Strep throat advice needed.

First The Hit Factory, now Muscle Shoals.

First Four Thread Titles in the Lounge, 2/23/05, 4:19 PM

Wedding Picture!! (MUST SEE) Wedding Picture!!!

My fake hip is hurting so I know a storm's a comin'

Where the Hell is Whitacre D_WI???

WTF? My spam now has the word "SPAM" in the subject.

Post happy thoughts here!

Let's play a new game: Smell your fingers and tell us what you smell

Do buns make America safer?

Thin Mints are like fucking CRACK

Do Huns make America safer?

I fired a client yesterday...

The official lynch yvr girl thread

Horseshit Magazine's Man of the Year for 2005: whoisalhedges!!

Spot the flamewarrior thread

The Sun Shines Once More In SoCal!

How can one be an idiot savant?

Weird things your cat eats

GIS Trial Software: Keyhole

WOW-is it not even snowing and we are now closed tomorrow

The Last Christmas

Ed, Edd or Eddy?

How can one be an idiot?

Do nuns make Americans safer?

My girlfriend left me for a wookie . . . .

Do you like to row your boat?

I just caught me a freeper....

Weird things that eat your cat


Need help finding women's clothing before I lose my mind.

What's a yout?

WHY are "J-Lo and Jessica have the flu" stories getting headline status?

Anyone seen Manufacturing Consent or...

Don't make me angry.

I am such a bore!!! What has happen to me?

I am such a boar!!

Massachusets develops solution to rubbernecking on roads

A SPECIAL Goooood morning DU! (MUST SEE!)

I am such a Boer!!

I am alone.

I am such a Borg.

Randy Moss traded to Oakland minutes ago.

"Mekkin Histri"

Cervical cancer a "ho" disease? -rant

How do you keep a suit from wrinkling when you're on a long flight?

My internet connection is back!

have you noticed in the NumaNuma video

Ralph Steadman on Hunter Thompson

need a link to that kid singing that Romanian song on the net...anyone?

Now I feel like a total dickhead.

tracking cruise ships

did anyone see "frontline" on PBS lastnight??

I'm such a Bauer.

Need help removing women's clothing before I lose my wife.

"Out here, in the reality-based community......"

A diff'rent kind of fun for the whole family.

Mahnahmahna, tu, tuuuu, tu, tu, tu ...

Chicago DJ Helps Nab Bank Robbery Suspect

Hail Eris!

Bank Robber Arrested After Admitting Crime On Live Radio Show

Stress Relief....

Random Thoughts that have been bubbling in my head...

need help destroying women's clothing before the cops arrive

from the matcomnews archives: Man Seeks Christian Nudist Colony

I'm tired as hell and I have another class at 6pm. What should I do??


I.... Want.... A..... Smoke.... Please

Who are the people in this picture?


Please send good vibes tonight

My star went out....

Need help removing women's clothing before I lose my mind.

Hotel Echo,this is Mike November,can you hear my call?

I'm MAD as HELL...but I think I'm gonna tolerate it another day or two.

Thompson planned death, wanted asses shot at Gannon...

Isis Isis Ra Ra Ra

Thompson Planned Death, Wants Ashes Shot from Cannon

Dogs, what is the best kind of person to own?

Planned death: Want Thompson fired at Gannon.

you're driving at the speed of light and switch on the headlights

Cat people. Show me pictures of your pu...

Your opinion, please. Re: Bad Landlord

I'm on the phone with a raving lunatic, ask me anything...

Galactica Returns This Summer with 20 new episodes

Reminder: Daily Show replay at 7 est


bwahahahaha!! funny cat photo!

Best couple?

Apple To Buy TiVo?

Aren't there more than 50 ways to leave your lover?

Is it safe to come out now? The lounge was a little scary last night!

Hey... Do You Remember That One Time?

DU comes up #5 if you search for "pour a 40 on the curb".

William Shakespeare: Political Pundit.

Today's my 1st training day for the 2005 New York Marathon!

Respect the speed limit.

Fun with bomb squads: a tale from Divorce Court

MY Speech to Local Dems

I now have 984 posts...

What's the difference between a meterologist and a weatherman?

Collar Bone Breaks?

My SIM Molly passed away last night.

Another shamless Cindy Alexander plug!

Caption this!

Is this a scam on ebay?

More Hunter s. Thompson quotes...

I just sent Hedges a DEATH THREAT!

Anyone ever do a home

"The Crackers" vs. "The Gates"

I'm smoking a cigar in the lounge. A big fat Cohiba.

Who would win in a fight: Whoisalhedges or Kleeb?

What do you think of the new show "House"

Your driving at the speed of sound and switch on the radio,

What ex-politician spends the most time on DU?

Which is the sexiest Golden Girl?

So get this: I dry heaved so much last week I INJURED MY JAW.

2012 Summer Olympics: Who should host it

Do DUers take themselves too seriously?

Some Random Questions For Wednesday

Best mandarin tree to pant? - or What's a tangerine?

Good Dubya Joke

what's your favorite episode of the Andy Griffith Show?

I honor of Black History Month can we discuss "Black Food"

Noel names the album

Best way to freak out my mom?

Which of These Four Bonds Is Best

Laura Ingraham

U.S. Government guide to posting on message boards (for NOOBS).

I have a job interview tomorrow


List yout top 5 favorite bands!

CanuckAmok is giving my son some "new" ideas apparently.

Creationism in the science classroom

Just watched "50 First Dates" A Poll by Gender

My five year old demands cat pics, ASAP. Can you help a mommy out?


why the fuck do some people feel compelled to whine about profanity?

DU lounge official what high school did you graduate from thread


phone weirdness: what's the deal?

Can any of you cat people help me out?

Who has heard Randy Moss is being traded to Oakland?

Tell of your favorite whoisalhedges anecdote

Anybody know anyone who wants to buy 1969/1970 Cadillac

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again ...

Requesting good wishes, thoughts, karma, etc. for Blue-Jay

What's the truth behind Stop the Morans?

I received a letter today...

PICTORIAL: Who is the Gaucho, amigo?

What's your favorite Monty Python sketch?

We're getting some weather tonight So Cal!

998 posts until 10,000! Ask me anything!

Whatcha readin'?

February 21st,'s officially on!

Sorry, folks...

ACLU action alert on The Job Training Improvement Act

Faith and Belief

Christians: What is your opinion of John Brown?

What is wrong with masturbation?

So what do Xians believe?

Spread of Autism

Earthquakes in India and Iran

Marijuana may block Alzheimer's

Michio Kaku: Mr Parallel Universe (new variation on string theory)

TIME BANDITS - What were Einstein and Gödel talking about?


DQRC Announces New Scholarship Fund for Deaf Queer Youth!

A question regarding presents for adopting gay parents

Advocate article about Catholic Spain's jailing gays &Spain Gay marriage

Chris Rock: 'Straight Men Don't Watch the Oscars'

I'm tired of everything....

Reports: Cowboys to sign Bledsoe

Randy Moss Is Going To...................

Shaq Tears Ligament In Knee...OUT FOR SEASON

Drew Beldsoe Signs With Dallas Cowboys

Randy Moss has been traded to the

Self-Indulgent post, but I miss my Rubyduby

Does anyone else's dog do this?

Mercury is said to rule the mind in astrology---I find it ironic

Ancient Science of Holistic Healing in a modern age

"Evolving to Eat Mush": How Meat Changed Our Bodies

Metaphysics society premieres indie film: The Silver Chord -on past lives

I had this weird dream last night

Your unconscious is making your everyday decisions

Red Sox at the White House!

Can one use steganography to ID

True Cost Economics Manifesto

Center for American Progress has finally launched its campus outreach

The BFEE attempt on Reagans's life should be brought up again

I am very impressed by this college editorial about Dean....

Ridiculous notion of attack on Iran?

Bush is anti-semitic

WhaaaAA?!? -- Repunks Starting To Rebel On Bush (Budget)?

"Get over it!" Crazy letter to my local paper.

Who's who behind the AARP bashing

An astrologer's view of the presidency in 2005

Rep. Maurice D. Hinchey acuses Rove of setting-up Dan Rather (Moonie Times

USANext Changes their Anti-AARP online ad... this is getting HILARIOUS

Got a question for Gannon/Guckert?

Universities provide foil for thuggish neo-Nazis

There we go again. bush can't finish press conference

The Art of War (Radio Netherlands)

German Green party taking action over Papal holocaust comparisons

First Lady flying the flag as sour ally closes ranks

Chicago Trib columnist: Gannon 'a White House plant?'

LOL, * can't even pronounce Condoleezza

bush dupes naive fundamentalists

The Chimp is a coward

Bush over here in Germany - pissing us off

Art Linkletter is the head of the group smearing AARP??????

Second Talon News reporter lifted passages

I have a co-worker who is wild about Hillary in '08--why? Bill have some very worth while petitions

MEDICAID Money to run out on March 11 (Mississippi)

Talk of Seceding

Bush's policies are immoral!

"We don't need no cowboy!"

What in the blue hell makes the AARP liberal?

Cato Institute going to be "discussing" Social Security" for next 3 days

Cspan's Wash. Journal can't get enough repub callers

Some good news on Alan Keyes' daughter

Wes Clark in Erie 2-22-05

Repost from MN Thread - GOPUSA worker *may* be a MN state employee

Bush Prematurely Closes News Conference (tried to)

Dems - absolutely no compromising on SS!!!!

Audio of "Hey hey, ho ho, SS's got to go" chants

When Democracy Failed - 2005 - The Warnings of History

Why do they shut down whole towns for this jerk ?

Free Republic Network - A 501C Corp behind latest attack on AARP

Senator Dodds Condi Answer

Conyer's Blog: Fairness, Not Force

question: does anyone have a list of email addresses for DEMOCRATIC

Republicans have no right to complain about their taxes this year

Apparently the EU has seen it's errors and are now bowing down to W

the little bushturd says SS will be bankrupt in 30 years

i'm debunking a suposid quote by DEAN, "I hate republicans", i cant see

Gannon/Guckert owes Delaware back-taxes

Rush Limbaugh Meets the Troops-- They're "doing the Lord's work"

True Majority: SS - One of America's Most Successful Anti-Poverty Programs

Q? Who is TBRnews? and should we trust Voice of the Whitehouse?

My Letter to Scarborough on his Blog advice to Democrats.....

Army hard pressed to make recruiting goals for next two years

Who's the sen. from CO who supported Gonzales?

bush* told our soldiers today in Germany "that Iraqi women are voting and

I Need A Refresher: Is Choicepoint Connected To DIEbold?

Bush does Brussels - Asia Times

Daily KO'S needs our help!

Howard Dean Perfect To Revive Dems' Spirit

The win-at-all-costs president -Fineman

Abortion vs. Adoption

Do we want to win 2008?

What states have caucuses?

RUMMY TV- DoD Reality TV coming soon

How many dead US troops so far this month in Iraq?

Are there any DUers who remember Political Wag?

Did you know that all of these people have gone on "Charm Offensives"

Why Fox SUCKS, continued...fake Bush "assassination plot" story is GONE...

Operation "AWKWARD MOMENT" - How Liberals Can Affect Change in the Media

Iran has peackeepers?


Help poke O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Bush in the eye

Simply sharing CSPAN Schedule for tonight and tomorrow -

I posted Senator Nelson's schedule for Thurs and Friday

John McCain One of Them

What should we do about Iran?

Bush Continues to Embarrass the U.S.

Christian Taliban OUTS Shrek!

What is the best reason to oppose the Real ID Act AKA PATRIOT III

Speaking ill of the dead (Hunter Thompson)

A couple of stupid questions but I'm going to ask anyway

Senator Nelson Florida is having some

CSPAN..."Free Republic" legit blog but not DU

"Slueths of Spin" .... MS Media "PR Operatives?"

I'm being interviewed by the New York Times!

RW hypocrites on abortion - Most polled want PRO-CHOICE nominee for 2008.

great idea from Seattle - each US city adopt Kyoto Protocol

* chickens out of unscripted German Town Hall Meeting

Somebody help me make a petition!

Limbaugh brought his Democrat-bashing to U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Serious question: How can we (the US) tell other countries to get rid of

Kyoto snub - just struck me;

MY Speech to Local Dems

nashuaadvocate:Daschle Campaign Says Media Aware of Gannon in summer 2003

GOP going after Take Back America and its activism. They must attack...

Gannon plans to attend WH Correspondents Dinner

Does this sound rational?

They Have "God, Gays and Guns"....and we have what???????????

Petition to send to Congess for verifiable Voting Law:

"Did White House S&M ring order special videos from Abu Ghraib?"

College Republicans bus in people to protest Dean at Alfred University.

Jerry Brown writes on Hunter S Thompson's death

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

I'm losing it. Ever so slowly...

Elitism and the value of work

Exellent Post on DKos....Must Read

Tell me this doesn't make your blood boil

DU Contest : Repubs called tax hikes Revenue Enhancements in '80s

Hartford Advocate: Bush´s allegiance is to bogus party-funded media

Bush is scaring America:::in 2047 Social Sec will be bankrupt...

Only ONE SENATOR has agreed to sign with Durbin? WTF?

Time for DU DEMS to stop Republicans.They're calling Cong about PAT III

FOX News doctors AP reports to mimic White House terminology

Really disappointed tonight....

Did "Your Vote Count?" Receipt? ATM Machines Across America!!!

Has this JimmyJeff cartoon been shared yet?

Freeper Rally for gannon/Guckert results

CNN makes major contribution to Social Security Debate

WHY won't the Democratic Party CHANGE?

Why was "Gannon" there all this time? -- A Theory

New Maine House Bill Would Protect Fetuses Carrying the ‘Gay Gene’