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San Diego Union Tribune: Put Social Security specifics on the table

Bush is Out to Unravel the New Deal (Markowitz/Pol Affairs)

Social Security: Call it insurance (Des Moines Register)

Buchanan: Baiting a (Syrian) Trap for Bush?

Brits, Yanks, Asleep as Ancient Liberties Fade (Media Monitors)

Watching the Watchers kicks

USA, Inc.

Bush and DeLay pushing for National Sales Tax

Guckert/Gannon and understanding REPUBLICAN GAY-ness

I have a couple questions

Self-fulfilling prophecy on violent confrontation? (LTTE/G8)

Germany gets ready for Bush visit

Which President was more "gay" - per the media?

San Deigo Untion Tribune: Jailing journalists

UN Report Links Infectious Disease Outbreak in Congo to Environment

Former guerrillas head Uruguayan Congress (Tupamaros)

NICARAGUA: Sandinistas taking control

Just gotta ask why this post was deleted

Sex Threads

Skinner, et al: Can DU become an International forum?

how do i attach

In support of Bluebear's thread.

Why did you move the Bobby Eberle/September 11 thread?

hi,a thread i started in Israeli/Palestinian Affairs has disappeared?

IAF: Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran

Council of Churches gives nod to Israeli divestment

Chicago Tribune: Shifting sand shuts CTA Blue Line

Chicago Gathering Pic #7? 8?

Southern Illinoisan:BBQ Owner says price increase due to Mim Wage Increase


Great site with many links to Gannongate articles...

He stole it here, why not Iraq?

KOEB (Monday)

A new idea on VVPB

Snohomish County (WA) update

Bush Is Overseas Can We Get Up A Contribution For Them To Keep Him

Hey. Shouldn't the daily Update Thread be recommended daily?

"This is not a proper area of inquiry." More than e-voting is proprietary.

Election reform soundbites to mobilize, energize and inform!

Email your Congressperson to cosponsor 2 bills for paper ballots.


Need precinct poll locations in Broward County, can anyone post a URL or

BRAD BLOG: Hai Lin ‘Henry’ Nee Confirmed by Feds to be an Illegal Alien!

D U Help ? Researcher inquiry for national exit poll worker

Help Needed Alert -- I Need Information on ACCUPOLL!

I am torn on whether I should vote for Matsui or Padilla...

Odd files, can't find info on to delete or no?

Pennsylvania’s Rendell Defeats Three Challengers

Black History Month Film Night Featuring Hotel Rwanda

Get Active: House Bill 1237. Losing your Constitutional Rights

Hey Houston DUers...I'll be there Feb 28 and March 1

haha -- funny typo from the Florida Times-Union website:

4 of us planning a Hunter S. "reunion"'s a Gonzo story of sorts:

"Conspiracy Theory" as BOOGA BOOGA

The difference between Iraq and Iran:

Lest we forget. RIP to John Raitt, Bonnie's father

"Jib Jab's Second Term"

For the record - just what WMD evidence was found in Iraq?

Teresa Chambers Former Chief, United States Park Police

Injustice, in Secret

Haha....watching the National Geographic Channel, Secret Service...

Thank you, Democratic Underground Forums!

Condi to replace Cheney as VP next year?

Who had more of an effect on the election?

Who should the Regressives thank for Bush's 'victory'?

Poll: In hypothetical matchup, Geo. Washington only beats Chimpy by 20!

Please explain to me why Mangate is an impeachable offense

Venezuela Bolivariana !!! If you have NOT seen this .. it is a MUST see..

Profile of a dangerous radical 'islamic' Cleric

PHOTO: child left behind in of many bin-forgotten

The last time I met Hunter S. Thompson

Gannongate is THE SHOWDOWN between the MSM and the net...

"Im watching "God on our Side" GWB and his Evangelical soul.

Defend Ward Churchill and Protect Academic Freedom

write to evangelical sites and tell them about gannon. info here

Wead says his publisher 'FORCED' him to release tapes.How?

"I Cannot Tell A Lie"

Freepers go anti-semitic

Bush Dines w/ Chirac as Crowd Protests Outside (News from the Free World)

What I like about Carnivale ...the religious whack jobs cheering on

Ethics, Bloggers, and Independent Media

Psychohistory and 9/11

It is everyone's job to frame the political language, one way here

How would you feel...

It would NOT surprise me, if the * tapes were...

Peace Activists Must be Extremely Careful

Sam is "converting" people :D

Get a load of the comments on this thread regarding Gannon.

"'cause I don't want some little kid doing what I tried."

Michael Moore Honored With New Ben and Jerry's Flavor

The Big E: Ethics, Bloggers, and Independent Media

Tort Deform

Bush has no solution on Indian Trust fund

Job Opening- Who's Next Head Of World Bank?

U.S. Govt. aids Iran.

Starting on c-span now: The Legacy of Watergate w/ Bob Woodward

The New Yorker on Gannon: I hope this isn't all they had in mind.

The Left Needs to Reclaim the Concepts of "Freedom" and "Liberty"

Does anyone else see a connection between the "Bush tapes" & the anti-AARP

Another, more tangible complaint about "Spongebob Squarepants"

GS posting for Admin Asst w/Fed Govt....why does this wording scare me?

The Republican's fantasy of America: "Deadwood"

WAY to go, bush! Afghanistan listed as #173 WORST nation out of 178!

"RIP You Brilliant Godddamed Beast!" Digby's Ode to Hunter Thompson..

Bush Lip Service to Russia and Elsewhere is Worthless Posturing

Watergate Style Diversion In Progress

I'm Meeting Rep. Chris Cox (R-48th Dist. CA) tomorrow...

Art Linkletter?????

Caption Chimp and Chirac

Olbermann is keeping Gannongate alive!!!!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Group Hug

What is a " kosher-dairy lunch" exactly?

Is the Hollywood Fwy REALLY under water?

Is there a major group organizing the protests on March 19?

New Law Says Criminal Defendants Can't Raise Constitutional Rights

It's 1984. How d'you deal w/ life after 2000 coup and 2004 election fraud?

One excellent clip from check it out re Iran

Caption bushie

CNN Fake News Alert: Photos of Nuke Plants in Iran and Korea are SAME pic

There are some SERIOUSLY dumb people in this country

World Net Daily can Kiss my ass

Clarkies, are you happy with Dean as DNC Chair?

US Chamber Pres Donohue has Vested Interest in Limiting Consumer Rights

Did Hunter Thompson leave a Note?

3 great documentaries on SUNDANCE now

PHOTOS: homeless Veterans sleep on sidewalk in angel FEEDS them..

Why the Rethug's LIKE the Gannon story

Great movie on PNAC

Gannon/Guckert closes old site, opens new one!

Extraordinary security measures for Bush visit to Germany

Where the hell are our Dem representives on Gannon?

Twisted yellow ribbon magnets on cars means...

Has anyone seen these bracelets on people?

Heat Lightning In Winter

(Continued) "Here is a new wrinkle on the Gannongate story..."

First Tinky-Winky, then Spongebob, now Spot???

A Great Article on "Gannongate"

Joe Must Go! CT plans to take down LIEberman

The "worst" presidents...i guess Republicans also dislike Bush

JesusLand... HELP!

Cherry Pie Day

Haiti Prison Director Fired After Attack

Wyclef Jean Says Haiti Too Divided (to hold credible elections)

Shrek Character is Target of Values Religious Group

Japan moves to allow

Prince wedding plans may be illegal

Australia Says It Will Send 450 More Troops to Iraq

Russian arms producers must seek new markets

Vigilante Nut Cases Protect America

Paper to sue over minister's IRA claim

Sinn Fein leaders say they are not IRA chiefs

Togo re-amends constitution

Ex-Guatemalan ruler sought by Spanish court

Indians assail plan to cut housing aid

In Eye of Social Security Storm, Quiet Power Broker Is Courted

Paul Martin to announce that Canada sending 30 soldiers to train Iraqis

UK link to torture jail's rules (British official helped w/ torture rules)

North Korea says it will return to (six party) talks

For Recruiters, Antiwar Protests Raise Perils on the Home Front

U.S. Belt Tightening Could Hit AIDS Efforts -Official

Afghan Living Standards Among the Lowest, U.N. Finds

Ministers stall inquiry on Iraq war advice

Pope shows no intention of stepping down

Greens, Dems slap Iraq troop plan

Mystery gas hits passengers

FBI probes laser activity at D/FW

Protestor Tears Down Homeowners' New Anti-War Effigy

Humvee Tragedy Forges Brotherhood of Soldiers (Iraqis Recover US dead)

Illinois judge allows suit over destroyed embryo (AMA News)

Britain's Navy Is Encouraging Gays and Lesbians to Enlist | NYT

Even for Basics, Latin America Lacks Answers -NYT

For Some, a Loss in Iraq Turns Into Antiwar Activism

.WP: 3 Soldiers Killed in Baghdad/Allawi Makes Bid to Remain as Premier

OK: McAlester Ammo Plant Inspires Confidence Despite Base Closing Review

Behind Those Medical Malpractice Rates -NYT

Slovaks Choose Putin Over Bush

Speculation Abounds that Rehnquist will Retire in June

Texas Police Seek Missing Pregnant Woman (and 7 yr old son)

India tests missile, eyes U.S. Patriot missile

Hersh, AP Among 2004 Polk Award Winners

Venezuela Sees U.S. 'Dirty War,' But Says Oil Safe

BBC - Bolivia ex-leader on death charge

Iraqi women no better off post-Saddam - Amnesty

Military notifiers must tell the family when a loved one dies

Australia to send 450 more troops to Iraq

Breaking on MSNBC: Strong Earthquake in Iran, Villages Destroyed

Salinas Man Dies After Taser Shocks (Salinas CA)

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery (NYT)

Two `nun killers' charged

I picked up Black Sabbath's "Past Lives" today. Ask me anything.

Breaking: Replacement for Gannon at Talon News- Jeff Friday.

You know what is really hard?

When did E-mails take over my life?

How do you pronounce "bass"?

8 or eight?

Anyone have first-hand stories of celebrities who were Bill Hicks?

Boy, there's nothing quite like having your mother sneak up on you!

A chandelier, like a golden crown on the head of Lord Serial Killer Bush

God knows as your dognose, bog blast all of you.

It's that time, again.


Does studying acting make for better actors?

Looking for music recommendations…

So what would a "Progressive Prison" be like?

Constitution for Iraq.


Have you ever encountered a celebrity who was really rice?

Why we cannot have the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

It's so beautiful outside tonight in Boston...

So I just got some shitty, horrible, bad news.

Favorite Terry Pratchett quote?

My fingers hurt like heck.

Pack up all your dishes. Make note of all good wishes. "LA Freeway"

Wisconsin quarter error

Damned "Earthlink" calls me telling me they teamed up with AOL/Time Warner

Bit or byte?

I made a dripcandle

How old where you when your mother was born?

Has there been a Gannongate coverup?

Why the h3!! am I getting these every day now?

Constitution for Iraq.

Favorite President: ULTRA-ULTRA Hard Edition

So, how are your New Year's Resolutions holding up?

How are all you SoCal DUers surviving with all that rain?

Favorite President: Ultra-Hard Edition

How many here had an 'older father'?

Seen on a car in Oklahoma

How many kids will now smoke pot because Bush did?

What bizarre fact of this reality are you happy about?

I just baked 6 doz. chocolate chip cookies, 4 doz. oatmeal raisin cookies

DU: "Dee-You" or "Do"

My almost 8 year old son says hi to DU! He has a message for you,

I watched "Network" again on AMC today. It told the truth waaay

Spontaneous frog kisses

Brad and Jen sing "My boo"

Anyone else have parents who married young AND (now here's the catch)...

That was one of the worst episodes of Law and Order I've ever seen.

Favorite President - The SUPER-ULTRA Hard Version

They stole their WHAT??!!??

Battle of the random bands

Post your photos of women wearing bad wigs here

I have no more heroes left...

Never steal bandwidth from a blog to post a picture in your message.

About the ending of "Planet of the Apes" (2001)

Any Jetta Drivers have reviews?

Spontaneous dog kisses

How old was your mother when you were born?

Post a pic of something you don't think is working

I just watched "The Producers" for the first time

Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?

Do you work in a dysfunctional workplace?

Ever wonder what the average Freeper looks like while posting ...

Most DELICIOUS birthday ever!

does anyone watch "everwood"

Horrorpops - anyone heard of em?

For those who get the CBC - Rex Murphy is covering HST tonight

Best Black Sabbath Song part II

I just made the most amazing soup stock

Favorite President: Super-Über-Hardy-McDifficult Version

Super Troopers Dems or Repugs.

Do you mind if I cuss for a half hour or so?

Cool person test

Best Black Sabbath Song


Shhh! Don't tell anyone, but I'm sitting in a conference room with

I'm married to a male Drama Queen.

I've been dead once already, it's very liberating.

Does anyone own a cockapoo dog?

Hunter S. Thompson will never really die

Favorite kind of CAKE?!?

How old were you when you had your first kid?

Best Black Sabbath Song part III.

Armed Freeper types patrolling Mexican Border What can go wrong?

Anyone hear of earthquake in Iran in last 15 minutes?


Is it hard/nearly impossible for an adult to learn a 2nd language?

JimmyJazz is stuck at work and has a request...

Does anyone else know people like this?

Who wants S'MORES?!?

Hey, drink your big, black cow...


Rolling Stone obit for Hunter Thompson is out

How many of you people are good at math algorithms or programming?

How many siblings do you have?

'Doctor my Eyes'

Hey Revolutionary_Acts_04!!

When I hear Pink Floyd sing, "Ha, ha, charade you are"

What do you want?

Who sent you your first PM and when?

grilled cheese on tour

Best African American actor

Scully and Mulder. Dems or Repugs?

So I'm looking to buy a used laptop, need help

'Girl With a Pearl Earring'

Who thinks Mothers have worse problems relating to Daughters than

What's your favorite Rock Opera?

Post photos of men with bad toupees here

I just spoke to JESUS! And Jesus ANSWERED!!!!!

Is either Bush more gay than Presidents Arthur, Lincoln, Buchanan

Chopin kicks all your asses. And so does Vivaldi. And Dvorak.

Help! I dropped my work laptop and now it won't start up!

My radio show tonight - Weezer Tribute

Child asks to leave room when he realizes he's seated next to Pickles

not sure I could eat this, whatever it is, without lots & lots of vodka

My computer clock is losing time

"I like your glasses"

Need advice...going to London and Paris in three weeks

Bayern Munchen vs. Arsenal tommorrow, need a link to the match

I want one of these. (This is a really a serious thread)

Note left on my sister's car (about her anti * stickers)

Did you have Presidents' Day off today and how did you celebrate?

Freedom-proud town wants to force restaurants to serve apple pie

What's your record for PM's received in a day?

Tell me Tom Petty isn't a freeper

I am 4 posts from 8000 - Ask me anything

Internet Dating services...anyone try them?

Anyone have first-hand stories of celebrities who were real pricks?

Have you ever encountered a celebrity who was really nice?

terrya and whoisalhedges cruise the Chicago gay bar scene:

Who Is The Best Opening Act You Have Ever Seen In Concert?

What are the odds, in a county of 25,000 people, that a person will...

For a nephew's birthday his mom is trying to find --

Democrat or Progressive?

I'm so f#*king sick of all this bloody rain

Prince wedding plans may be illegal

What is the best type of dog to own?

Is this National Shit on Vegs Day on DU?

Material Arguments for Gay Marriage Gaining Traction?

My Yahoo baseball league is open for enrollment

SOA Call-in Day is Feb 22

Just thinking outloud here on John Kerry --

When are people going to lay of this bash Kerry for EVERYTHING ...

Island Park

TX bill endorses medical marijuana: Repubs, Democrats unite for passage


Anti-AARP online "push poll" at

Why Do Freepers Think Armed Forces Are Having Trouble Recuiting?

Is the Weed story covering the Ritter tale?

All this travelling by Howard Dean - how is he travelling?

Does AARP have any strategy to counter the Swiftie type filth

Is anyone having trouble streaming AAR tonight?

Just a thought: New Bush line one Social Security.

The Europeans must be thinking...

Just returned

Green movement pales in Bay State

The Christian Right

Please everyone , I need help. I am doing a 60 Sec. commercial


I Found This Strange Pod Just Outside My Bedroom Window......

"I've snookered people my entire life...."

How many think finding out who "Deep throat" is will be a total let down.

How much $$ did Gannon earn to owe $20K in taxes?

When the anti-war movement flourishes--who will provide the music?

DUers thoughts on prospective war with Iran?

O'Reilly: ACLU focus on Abu Ghraib "undermines military effort in the war"

USA NEXT (Rove/swifty anti AARP group) blames our Mothers and Fathers

Unbelievable caption on this photo.

Do we know what committee is going to vote on Negroponte

My thoughts on these Bush tapes

Political self-identification

Again the repubs are FRAMING the debate on soc security...........

CBS news is all over Mangate ......

Did Alberto Gonzalez break the law by officially endorsing torture?

Bush has it WWWWrong,,,,,, We don't work for HIM,,, He works for US....

Fear and loathing in the hereafter (Hunter Thompson to Nixon on Bush)

Afghans Give Opium to Frozen Kids

Can somebody in the mainstream USA media take a little closer look

Krugman of NY Times warns us to get ready

Stop Attacks on Social Security

"Iraq is not over," (elections not solve problems of ME)

Minutemen plan to patrol AZ border

Krugman: Wag-the-Dog Protection

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

American President in Europe–It's Just Not Bush's Kind of Place

Hunter S. Thompson: Prose laureate of Paranoia

Private-Account Concept Grew From Obscure Roots

ROBERT SCHEER --Of, by and for Big Business (new Congress Laws) THE DEMS JUST DON'T GET IT!

LAT Brownstein :End Battle Over Judicial Picks

Now in Power, Conservatives Free to Differ

Court rules against Lexmark in printer case (claimed DMCA on ink)

Whither Dean’s Dems?

Will Durst on Bush Budget Priorities

Swift Boat Redux

Headlines Bush would love to see

NEWSHOUNDS (New Yorker on Gannongate: "blatant sycophancy")

WP: Same Old Bush

Bush Sends Top Aide to Anti-Semitic Saudi Conference

NYT Ed: (Neocon)Carlyle's Frank Carlucci: The War We Haven't Finished

DLC New Dem Dispatch: Faith Based Fiasco

Why Europe Ignores Bush

The princely paradox of Malcolm X

AAAS - US researchers rehearse rebellion against Bush

John Major on cancerous politics

Don't Be Silent About Things That Matter

NASA rushes plan to send humans to moon, Mars, despite doubts among scient

Go ahead.......Belgium says, "Piss on George Bush"!

The Manchurian Beefcake (College Journalist gets what Kurtz doesn't)

Instead of disciplining, Pentagon sends torturers to Iraq

The Warnings of History by Thom Hartmann

Imperial Entropy... Collapse of the American Empire

legal costs are not at the root of the recent increase in malpractice

Molly Ivins: The $200 million disinformation campaign

Voice of the White House

MEAN, MEAN, MEAN Article on Hunter S. Thompson

NYT Editorial: Tackling Election Reform

US Military, President - Out of Control

Protest & rally, Boston Common, March 20

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Rep. Louise Slaughter: Sign the Petition to Stop the Propaganda.

'The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch' one of the few TV guys on our side

Al Franken....grrr

Fort Worth Star Tele Don Erler OP-ED lies-says opposition to SS "spurious"

Argentina arrests second squid poacher in a week.

How much consumption?

Hydro-Quebec Quits Industry Group In Fight Over Kyoto - TGM

While Storms Ravage SoCal, Pacific Northwest High And Dry

May-August 2004 Warmest On Record In Alaska - ADN

UNEP - Environmental Destruction Brings New Diseases Into Human Ecology

Schistomosiasis Returns To China - NYT

A Little Engine That Could Make Gasoline Obsolete

Protests over Constituent Assembly in Bolivia

Aceh rebels to drop independence demand

Peru rebels ambush, kill police officers

Colombia in Negative

Did Europe learn the lesson of appeasement?

new york, new york


twinkle twinkle no star

No star here either.....

I have enough interest (10) for a DU Bloggers Group.

Proposed Native American Group (10+ posted to thread)

In honor of Black History Month, may we ad a Rosa Parks Avatar?

I second VelmaD's request.

Guns fap fap fap More Guns fap fap fap Even More Guns fap fap fap

Nit picky question here about locking LBN dupes

What happened with the "citizen moderator" idea? I have a suggestion.

Might it be possible to allow

Could there be an option to post a link?

um, why was this message zapped?

The ICQ Icon

Dec 31, 1969 ???

Thank you admins!! Especially Elad....

Would someone please wade into the Lounge...

Skinner, Elad & EarlG

moving a post

Why was my post about Waitressing deleted?

Israel prepared to strike Iran: (Israeli) air chief

False dawn

Bangor, what the f*** was going on in Bangor?

Chicago Sun-Times: So many primaries, so little turnout

Don't forget--- today is Election Day (2-22-05)

The Gold Standard for Election Reform

Hi Folks.... a new redesigned - Have A Look....

Guckert/Gannon and understanding Republican GAY-ness

EVIDENCE?? Voting Fraud Links at Hathaway Group: 2B INVESTIGATED

Bigger Than Watergate!

it's VVPR, not VVPB !!!

Gannon Admits to Feeding Information to Thune Campaign in 2004 Race

The threat must be aired

KOEB (Keith's blog Tuesday)

Tuesday 2/22 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Why aren't all

working the GUCKERT angle does not equal HOMOPHOBIA

New name for MSM: News Monopolies???

Association of SOS opposing election reform legislation

California Regs on E-Vote Equipment

A Corrupted Election: The Exit Polls Were Right

Los Angeles Times (2/22): Town Gives Brave New World an F

ActivismAlert, Oakland residents: pesticides/guarantying monsanto profits

Thought I'd post this here as it's mostly about CA

Can someone email the gods and thank them for all the rain

NYT OpEd: Schwarzenegger vs. Gerrymander

How likely is it that California will be redistricted???

MITT ROMNEY is running for president. But, first, will he seek reelection

Question for Mass DUers

Protest & rally, Boston Common, March 20.

Three natn'l guardsmen from state killed.....

is there a way to turn off Windows password login?

Combining audio .wav files?

Santorum doing call in show PCN Tue 2-22 at 7PM

Are the Toll Party people up to something or are they just nuts?

Heard a rumor that the Texas State Bar considering censuring John O'Neill

Tell-Your Experiences with Cornyn and Hutchison, good or bad

Feelings towards families that support Bush/Iraq war who lose someone...

This makes ya want to enlist....not

I am confused about the Bush tapes, also about the journalists

Where's Cheney?

That caller to Malloy was hilarious!

Bill Frist lies about Trauma Centers

Bill Bennett to lead Bush's SS privitization effort.

Ritter up on Mike Webb Show in a minute - just a quick alert

Schools Get Wired For Sound

As Gonzo In Life As In His Work (Tom Wolfe on HST)

How long was Gannon getting White House press passes?

Is Jon Stewart a rerun tonight? Haven't seen any posts... n/t

RW Radio and your health

pssst ... I hear the AARP's a gay front conglomerate

Are these two stories connected, or just a coincidence?

ya know, if you break down BushCo legislation by industry . . .

Those who observe, learn;those who don't ,have obsessions.

How mindless does a person have to be to look up to someone who flaunts

Freepers and the Evangelical religious right were USED by the Bush

The President as a party animal.

can Someone Explain this To Me. The US Searches the new "Elite" Iraqi

If we were as powerless as the Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians, will we

My anger brims over

Judge to mother: learn English or lose your child.

CSpan Project for DUers - Coverage of Tavis Smiley's Black Forum

LMAO... Republican lines empty on C-SPAN for Washington Journal

Imus keeps cracking Guckert jokes...

New WH Press Pool application revealed by McClellan

A good one by Theo Moudakis

Want to see what Mike Webb looks like? Here's video.

IF ONLY bush had said "spreading freedom & democracy" on Jan 2003

Acts of patriotism caught on tape

Until we the people revolt, nothing will change

He will now be referred to as "Gaggert".

Is this really Hunter S. Thompson

I am so sick and tired of liars

Bush: "I Do Not Like The Kyoto Accord.......I Prefer the Camry"

Virginia Senate Committee Rejects Expansion Of Public Prayer Protection...

Fair Use of Eminent Domain

If this isn't America's Lowest Point, it's got to be in the Top Ten

Lame Duck joins Swift Vet Liars to smear SS & AARP

Is Gannon/ Gueckert REALLY OBL?

I watched Fox News recently

What happened with the "citizen moderator" idea? I have a suggestion.

Bush: Democracy Around The World! Europeans: No Thanks . . .

You have to destroy something to save it.

Bush talking about "the capacity of Iraqis to defend their own selves"

Ok so I called Lieberman's office to get the lowdown on his SS stance

You have to admit the irony is delicious

The media is the fourth estate, what are # 1, 2, & 3?

1950s CIA missions a secret no more

A much needed laugh for you all from the yellow dogs of So Cal

The Bushocracy

Holy smoking guns. Please someone tell me this guy isn't reliable.

Do Democrats need to use religion more ?

Josh Marshall...USA Next, AARP, Gays, United Seniors Assoc., Pharm Compani

Gannon song....."Who Did He Do"

My question for the day is, What will Garry Trudeau

I tried to avoid him, but look at his pathetic website...

Why are the mainstream media a bunch of pussies over Guckert?

Has the WH made any comments/response to Gannongate?

SATIRE: Bobo Brooks is on Vacation. LET ME WRITE HIS COLUMN

The little fellow is in Europe wagging the dog

Is the AARP, like the NEA, a terrorist organization?

Editor questions place on Gannons "Enemies List"

Anyone work in real estate lending?

Which should be the FIRST priority for the democratic party?

Connery hit with £16m lawsuit

Lost boy of Sudan who was stolen to fight finds himself at top of charts

Jose Canseco is Telling the BIG TRUTH!

The lights are on, nobody's home (pic of * in Europe)

Marge Simpson's sister comes out

Michael Kinsley on Al Franken Show

Is there any hardcore evidence that Fox news is biased

gannongate has lead to uncovering the media manipulation story

Fat police lock up Chris

Did anyone catch Malcom X on PBS last night?

The lights are on, nobody's home (pic of * in Europe)

I keep thinking of Egypt

Bring down Karl Rove, and you bring down the administration

Help.. need source for Santorum quote


John Thune Tom Daschle Knew Gannon Was Gay Prostitute--in Early 2004

They got the power.They can get away with anything.That is the reality.

Should Clinton have resigned?

Facts and frames

Have You Noticed the "News--What News?" Lately???

No Place to Hide

Apparently There Was A Plot To Kill Bush? What Do You Know?

Chavez to suspend oil exports to US in case of assassination attempt

Michael Kinsley and Al are laughing at Bush's "privitization" scheme. n/t

Wag-the-Dog Protection - Krugman NYT

do many of you share this opinion?

I'm gone until Monday, when I return what will be the status of

Who, if they blabbed, could bring down the Bush Administration?

It's okay to say publicly that it is okay, or even good, for others to die

Fries lose their freedom at W feast for French.

Semi-Official Daily Protest Pics Thread - Are you ready for some protests?

Bush News Conf.: "Attack Iran? Ridiculous! Having said that . . .

Getting the bad guys (Gannon) with out a majority (WAPOST)

What should the Democrats be talking about right now?

How The Owners Destroyed The National Hockey League

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

The little lady on cnn just now said that the huge majority of

We're not funny enough

I don't buy the mind control theory of Gosh

Bush Outfoxed By Osama Bin Laden

oh I'm all verklempt

Star Quake is message from God to repukes: Turn from your evil ways.

How do you feel about Bush-supporting families who lose someone in Iraq?

Most members of Congress are simple followers...

Does it bug you when someone says "a" as a long a as in ape.

Anti-Bush protesters dispersed at EU - The Age

Go ahead piss on me - Bush stickers in Belgian urinals

This is a question for serious network technicians on DU

Social Security, United States Treasuries and other Governmental Bodies

The radical religious right wants to control education. They have

eerie similarities between lincoln and kennedy

Last post before bed. In case you didn't know, freepers are fucking idiots

We are Al's pals, through and through . . . n/t

* sporting a BLUE tie and a smirk (+more)

Johnny Gosh/ Jeff Gannon/ James Guckert/ James Gannon

Environmental Activist Nun Murdered in Amazon Rain Forest

Anyone following the ChoicePoint Identity Theft Scandal?

I was in denial about Iran invasion - Until today.

Who's on Rhandi today?

Too young to join AARP, try this.

Any lawyers/law professionals I have a problem I need advice on...

What's with all the people from the UK supporting Minibrain here?

On Point: "The Truth About Bullsh*t"

Gotta love those Belgians!

Attack against AARP

Use anti-drug ad where girl steals money from grandmother's purse

What is it with men who become managers and cease to be anything

Bush asked about Iran, answers "heh, heh, heh"

Mexican schools provide drug songs (real nice...not)

Bill Burkett fights back

Rove just keeps cranking out the bullshit....

Does comparing bush to Hitler Denigrate Hitler's victims?

The difference between right and left radio

Look who's back selling real estate in Atlanta!

The Great Divider hits Europe...

Sirius TalkLeft vs. Air America?

Je Suis un Chimpanzé >>>

Links to articles by/about people W-voters who now feel dissed by budget..

Gannon bills Swift editor unknowingly for Escort Service (actual invoice)

Drat! RWers have pulled the anti-gay AARP attack ad

Am I the only one who is sick of "post-crime" press conferences"?

Wouldn't it be funny if this attack on AARP caused a surge in membershp?

Chalabi to control Iraqs economy and Allawi its Defense!?

What are the top 5 left of center blogs on the net?

Have Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld or Rove been to any Veterans' funerals?

whooo hOOOOOOO.....PHOTOS.....Europe protests bush*....whoa....

Heads Up for Fans of Thom Hartmann

bush is touring Europe to threaten & bully the world, & kick off WWIII

'The Gates' in Snow - PIX >>>

Dean debate (from 2-17) is on CSPAN now (1:54 Denver Time). n/t

You know you want to do it, HIPPY!!!!

Ed Schultz: "This Gannon-Guckert thing just will not go away"

Would an organized boycott of FOX NEWS work?

but, they're ALL naked.....

Audience for online news and Blogs grow -- TV news declines

LA Times: First family of culture (Bush listens to CCR)

WP, Kurtz: "Cyber-Cease Fire?"

LOL....PHOTO of 'gannon' purchase order number 00372....LOL

The President and the Prostitute, Part III

What, regarding Gannon, would hurt this administration?

It is going to be so much fun to watch these bastards go down

Will 60 Minutes do a segment on Gannon?

Laughable! Freepers "just can't stand single issue voters".

Look at this picture and tell me things are going well for Bush in Europe.

The movie "Hidalgo" is not "based on a true story"...

Clinton, Bush show differing styles on tsunami tour

Is Sistani in bed with bush ??

Military Recruiting is Down So They Need Kids Unemployed and Uneducated Meta Description

Gannon's Song

needs caption: bush* shows Europe how he does the 'gannon' REACH-AROUND

What punishment should Bush receive for his crimes?

More and more the Bush administration is beginning to rival the

Editing the war

Krugman asks today what major

LOL, Belgian politicians piss on Pretzeldent Numbnuts. Really!

Dick Fucking Cheney (Sundance Online Fest)

Say we elect a Dem prez and congress - How long will it take to

Body of pregnant woman found, son still missing

Most popular rightwing blogs?

Is Crossfire really canceled? If so...Why?

Rep. Hinchey now on CNN: Rove's role in "Rathergate"

This is how the pugs try to fight back!

CDC: Bird flu pandemic possible, "#1 threat to health'

PHOTO: laura fails to find matching pants for her Germany appearance

KERIK and "Mallard the Duck"----One Funny, One Not

Apparantly I picked a bad day for my first listening to Ed Schultz

Gannon and Homosexuality...

Actually, we do still have some power.

Gannon = WTF?

Faux news parody reporting historical events

Results of AP Poll About Bush's Plan to Promote Democracy

If Bush Pushes Putin, Putie Poot Will Push Back

Is Karl Rove behind everything?

Dennis Miller, intellectual firebrand of the right...

shallow throat -- inside the bush admin ---

Treating diseases limiting ADLs is liberal & progressive, right?

Hinchey Wants Media-Manipulation Hearing (5 mins ago)

Scott Ritter: Bush OKs June Iran Air Attack Date, Iraq Elections Rigged

HEADLINE: "Ich suche noch einen guten Cowboy!"

Does the whole "blog" thing seem like a huge fad to you?


Bush* "Attack on Iran ridiculous"

Did your parents spank you?

Paris Hilton Exposed on Web After Phone Hacked

We need an Army of "Paperboys/girls" - Media Echo Chamber

Dubya Beats George Washington????!!!!

Please help!

E&P: Gannon/Guckert Met Kerry at WH Reporters' Bash, Hopes to Go Again

We owe a debt of gratitude to Al Gore..

Anybody gonna watch Frontline tonite??

Has anybody done a PeopleSearch on James D Guckert?

needs caption: PHOTO of condi with her hus...oops....bush*

Mainz Residents Told Not To Take a Peek at President Bush-

Check out this forward I got about atheists... whoa what zinger, God!


Queen Will Not Attend Wedding

Need research help...Anti Phelps action alert

Rep. Slaughter: Sign the Petition to Stop the Propaganda.

Ralph Steadman's word's on HST today

Tonight on Countdown: Virginia HS valedictorian-Assassin/Terrorist?

Question for teachers (or maybe others).....

Living Under the Shadow of a Volcano -- US forces people out

Supremo Court Rejects Appeal on Ban of Sales of Sex Toys

Bush is mending fences...with a NEW WARNING to Europe!

Dow suffers biggest point drop in 21 mos. (congrats to Bush and his war )

What Gannongate needs now is "boots on the ground"...

Pattern of Presidential Deaths. Is it Karma?

My interview with Kathleen Sullivan, mind control survivor

The newest Belgian fad--a Bush urinal sticker.

(Gannon) Selling Gay Adult Domain Names Tied to White House Scandal

C-Span already shilling for Bush

Piss Off

Calculate your social security with Bush plan and regular SS

Please take a look at my son's homework

DUers! This one's for us! Take a bow!

William Brindley, and Bush

Why Bloggers...Why Now?

Calling DU Religious Scholars: Homosexuality and Jesus.

Okay, so I'm trying to join AARP online.

working the GUCKERT angle does not equal HOMOPHOBIA

How to Protect your Privacy From Liberal Bloggers

Is The Jeff Gannon Saga Officially Dead?

Gannon+Rove: a raucous account, link:

I ventured into the city this morning

Voice of the Whitehouse and why we MUST PUSH MANGATE!

I'm Starting My Own Post On The Yellow Ribbon Thing!

The United States of War

Rep. Hinchey charges Rove planted false AWOL docs...will media do its job?

Rawstory: Talon News appears to have repeatedly plagiarized content

Should Eminent Domain be used to transfer property between private owners?

Apparently, the term "democracy" isn't in the Constitution

I ventured out to the suburbs this weekend...

What is it with some women who become mothers and cease to be anything

Channel One

The great dishwasher hunt is over

Cheese---I'm gonna do it!

Paul Jackson's take on Faux News - not to be missed!

Livingstone refuses to apologise for nazi jibe.

Britain and the Euro

Enough of this schlock: an interesting editorial on Labour and women

New Guardian/ICM poll: Tories gain ground on Labour

New Course By Royal Navy: A Campaign To Recruit Gays

Schools Get Wired For Sound

IAF: Israel must be prepared for an air strike on Iran

At Home, a Hard Sell On Social Security (Wash. Post A 01)

Expert says Saudi oil may have peaked

Supreme Court to consider eminent domain

Iraq's Top Shiite Leaders Meet

Bomb kills two, wounds 30

Only friends in hall for Bush speech

Guardian Utd (Tuesday): Tories gain ground on Labour

European press review

Naughty, naughty Mr. Rove (KKKarl blamed for CBS leak)

Latin America Fails to Deliver on Basic Needs

Israel prepared to strike Iran: (Israeli) air chief

Companies Fight to Ensure Coverage for Erectile Drugs

Hunter S. Thompson died yesterday.

Afghan Living Standards Among the Lowest, U.N. Finds

Self Deleted sorry

U.S. Marine Killed in Iraq's Anbar Province (Ramadi, 1483)

Britain Seeks to Expand Anti-Terror Powers

Belgium's anti-Bush protests continue

Privatization is put on hold (Houston schools)

They new Gannon was a hooker in South Dakota, 2004?

Iraq: Shia pick al-Jaafari to be PM - CNN

Egypt: Mass Arrests, Torture Follow Taba Hilton Bombing

U.S. aid funneled to Castro opponents

MT house kills hate crimes bill - could stifle clergy preaching anti-gay

Iranians Depict American 'Den of Spies'

Group justified by report on Soviet POWs

Nine Countries Spotlighted by Poll (Bush's plan to promote democracy)

Thai workers to help harvest Wash. fruit

In an Afghan children's hospital, power cuts decide life or death

States' Private Pensions Make a Weak Showing (in 7 US states)

GAO study says 1/3 of Res. & N.G. no pay or health benefits!

India says halts military aid to Nepal

NYT: In Fish v Farmer Cases, the Fish Loses Its Edge (endangered wildlife)

McCain: Permanent U.S. base needed in Afghanistan

Chirac Tells Bush EU Intends to End China Arms Ban (Reuters)

HK promotes 'three child policy'

'Save Our Licence' sinks

NYT: Social Issues Fuel Race for Oscar

Former Staffer of Senator John Thune (R-SD) Alleges Former Democratic...

Pensioners for Bush hire help

Bush is plotting to kill me, says Chavez

IRA 'tried to buy Bulgarian bank to launder its stolen millions'

Vandals target Paris mosque

U.S. won't rule out waging war in space, general says

Britain Starts Race to Pass Tough Anti-Terrorism Laws (UK -Patriot Act)

Bush, Blair Meet Before EU, NATO Talks

McCain Calls for Permanent U.S. Bases in Afghanistan

Oregon "Death with Dignity " to supreme court again!

MSNBC Chief Justice Renquist is stepping down who will replace him?.......

Ukraine seeks Nato relationship

Dean brings message of party unity to WNY

Man accused of plotting to kill Bush

Shiites Pick Al-Jaafari As Iraq PM Nominee

Pakistani army ordered to fire at 'intruding' US troops

'New laws needed' to let Charles wed

Chirac Urges Bush to Offer Iran Incentives

Earthquake in Iran kills 370

Chalabi Withdraws Bid to Be Next Iraqi PM

Gov. Bush discusses trade in Colombia

Permanent U.S. bases sought in Afghanistan

Bush wins token NATO Iraq pledge

U.S. Citizen Accused of Discussing to Kill Bush - Reuters

Yale Researchers to Study Soldiers, Stress

CIA reportedly abducting terror suspects for interrogation

Slovaks unconvinced on Bush and democracy

American charged in plot to assassinate President Bush

A bleak forecast for the treasures of Scotland as climate change takes hol

Putin Meeting Presents Challenges for Bush

Talon News appears to have repeatedly plagiarized content from Fox News, o

Americans Say U.S. Is Ready For Female President, Poll Says

Clinton's Popularity Up in (NY) State, Even Among Republicans

Howard admits backflip on Iraq troops decision

China power plant loans advance (Bechtel & Westinghouse)

Proposed bill would rein in overpaying by FEMA during disasters (Florida)

Global blogger action day called

WP: Same Old Bush

In Iraq, to Be a Hairstylist Is to Risk Death

Go ahead.......Belgium says, "Piss on George Bush"!

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 22 February

Venezuelan Government Charges U.S. Government of “Dirty” Media Campaign

Queen Will Not Attend Wedding

Santorum finds many minds made up on Social Security (Boos and Catcalls)

French comic tries to justify criticism of Holocaust 'pornography'

A Fluid Look at the News

Belgian Police Fire Teargas at Anti - Bush Protesters

GOP Spokeswoman May Have Lied (regarding knowing Owner of Talon News)

Maine moving to cool down climate change

Russia's Lavrov Ignores Bush Democracy Criticism

Activists get federal aid to subvert Cuba regime

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal on Ban on Sex Toy Sale

Brazil’s president promises to catch Ohio nun’s killer (3 caught already)

Poll: 62% of voters say country ready for woman prez

EU Intends to End China's Arms Embargo

Bush Budget Proposes Halt in Housing Aid for Disabled

EDS to close some U.S. work centers (and shift some of the work to India)

Iran open to US talks on nuclear program

Battle over Nevada's federal land sales is about to begin

Putin Says Russia Will Pursue Democracy on Its Own (Reuters)

Stocks Fall as Oil Surges, Dollar Falls(Dow off 174, oil up to 15 wk high)

First Lady Thanks Troops in Germany

War on terror in the U.S. scares off foreign tourists


Chirac backs German call to revamp NATO

Downer denies US pressure on troops

WP,pg1: Harvard Chief Again to Face Angry Faculty Over Remarks

Americans and rebels begin talks on timetable for withdrawal from Iraq

Dollar drops on reserves concerns

NYT/AP: Court Rejects (state plans) to Improve Air Quality in Parks

Ministers stall inquiry on Iraq war advice

YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Sandoval says project doomed

Bush falls foul of Chirac over Nato

Stay Expires in Fla. Right-To-Die Case

Belgium's history in Congo moves to horror

Veterans complain of skimpy funding in Bush's budget plan

News That Husband Died In Iraq Was Cruel Hoax

WP: Religious Freedom Revisons (to 1786 Founders' words) Rejected in VA

3 Mayors and 8 Other Officials Arrested in N.J. Corruption Sting

Calif. Storms Spawn Tornadoes; Six Dead

Intelligent Denials (Bush science advisor defends evolution)

EU foreign chief bites Bush's hand of friendship on Iraq

WP: Bush's '06 Budget Would Scrap or Reduce 154 Programs

Bush gets weak support, Even loyal Republicans oppose many plans -MSNBC

RNC has SIX times more cash than the Democrats

High-level team to head for Nicaragua

Scientists Looking at Ways to Trap Greenhouse Gases -WP

Televangelist Gene Scott Dies at Age 75

Al-Jaafari Led Anti-Saddam Fight for Years

Gannon/Guckert Met Kerry at WH Reporters' Bash, Hopes to Go Again

Boeing sells Tulsa plant to Canadian group. Just on local news

4 Out Of 5 College Srs. Don't Know Basic American History

'Gannon' and S. Dakota Editor at Odds Over Daschle Race (E&P)

Rev. Jerry Falwell Hospitalized (Start the deathwatch clock)

Bush Denies U.S. Plans to Attack Iran (02/22/05) AP

Senators Protest Rules on Cuba Food Sales

Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of 'Ideology of Evil'

Bush Ready to Study EU Plan to Lift China Arms Ban

Texas Mom, Son's Bodies Found; Ex Charged

NASA rushes plan to send humans to moon, Mars, despite doubts...

Scowcroft Faults Bush for Russia Policy

Bush Prematurely Closes News Conference

Clarke tries to rush through anti-terror law (U.K.)

Virginia Man Charged In Alleged Plot To Assassinate Bush

(Schiavo Update:) Emergency Stay Issued in Right-To-Die Case

Spare the rod and you won't spoil the child, study finds

Religious group challenges 'traditional' history(Jefferson anti-Christian)

Schwarzenegger risks angering women by targeting nurses, teachers

Supreme Court hears case on government's power to seize property

NYT: Women in Physics Match Men in Success

Full-time faculty cuts reverberate at UMass

After Thompson's suicide, attorney saw clues

Chavez's kill charges 'ridiculous'

Justice Department Caves In (re: Sibel Edmonds)

Hinchey sees hand of Rove (KKKarl blamed for CBS leak)

Siena poll finds U.S. is ready for female president

It's Been One Day...And I Miss Grovelbot Already...Sniff...


Chicken Adobo

Self delete

Wanna See a Picture of Some Real Suds?

quick crock pot answer

Wanna See a Picture of Some Real Studs?

Dave just ate 3 oysters that 3 dogs refused to eat.

Funniness: Gideon fights the Squeakapus!

Wanna see a picture of some real Spuds?

So Cal DUers and some N. Cal DUers

isn’t this just the cutest kitty ever?

Why do originals/copycat threads have this weird tendency to cluster?

Who's a wimp?

Time Magazine declares "George Bush is Satan' (actual cover)..

It's my eleventh wedding anniversary

Question: Did anyone here grow up in a multilingual family?

Help me, West Coast people! I'm still at work and it's 2:15 a.m.

White House "tightens up" on press credentialing...

click here to see BARE NAKED LADIES!!!!!!

Why do I find Bonnie Hunt strangely attractive?

Feeling lonely ladies?

Charles & Camilla Caught As Bush Gay Marriage Attack Spreads

400 killed in earthquake in Iran

That's one strong cat!

caption this with something political please!

Is anyone else suffering from liberal outrage fatigue?

bald and fuzzy...

Most dangerous Hitler of all time? (poll)

"Then, Lancelot, Galahad and i Jump OUT of the rabbit"

I've got me HeeBGBz

There aren't enough red ones in the package of Skittles

Phi Beta Kappa....Magna Cum Laude, Signa Cum Laude...ect. (HUH?)

Noelle Bush police mugshot, daughter of Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Debbie Gibson in Playboy

smelly cat, smelly cat...

How come Smithers wasn't outed on Sunday's Simpson's epsiode?

beer tastes good....

I had the most fucked-up dream last night.

I can't stand beer

The guy on the radio just made me spew tea all over my monitor.

Do you believe in heaven above, do you believe in love?

Yipee my LTTE was finally printed this Saturday

What is the secret to hiring contractors?

What's the deal....?

Temperature’s rising, Fever is high

Happy Birthday JERI RYAN!!...oh and George Washington too

I had to talk two people out of quitting tonight

Today is the birthday of Drew Barrymore... And Eight Porn Stars

Oh, Behave!


Nude Man Steals, Wrecks Philly Police Car

Bush & Chirac cartoon

My wife is headed out town this weekend

Alaska Woman Charged in Genital Amputation (video)

Mother Ill After Son Seasoned Chicken With Marijuana

How would you "convert" the un-initiated?

What happening to the brightest minds in America?

my phone has been ringing off the hook


My favorite webcam (watch for scuba divers!)

i would just like to say that cancer sucks...

Someone PLEASE push & prod me.

Stick 'em up, Kitty!

"Sex is for fags!"

How well do you know your "family values" wingnuts?

Tell me these aren't funny

Emily Post - cereal bitch #1

Check out these sex threads...

Okay who wants to be a White House reporter?

OK, I must be feeling manic! Please talk to me!!

Why do floppyhats/dreads have this wierd tendency to cluster?

Is Franken's show a repeat again?

Police Shoot Man Attacking Trooper With A Chainsaw

'Saturday Night Fever' dancefloor for sale

So far how do you like the talent on American Idol so far this season?

New White House Press Application

I miss smacking!

Honestly, how did you think Hunter S. Thompson would die?

Florida Prosecutor Accused Of STREAKING

'Saturday Night Fever' dancefloor for sale

Did anyone take picatchers at the freeper ball on Friday?

Anti-gay religious group targets Shrek 2

Looking for comments on neurolinguistic programming

Does is bother you when someone uses almost exclusively long A, e.g.say,

Favorite Dali sandwich

Hartford is rated #1

ARGH! I HATE sad animal stories!


So... just learned that a DUer is REALLY my ex BF stalking me.

Hope this is cool for moderators... JesusLand

Michael Medved is an asswipe. Discuss.

I'm 37-26-36 What are your measurments?

Help! I have literary ADD

In praise of the NYT - Tuesday science coverage

11 year old boy wants change for sex!

Most dangerous hat of all time

Well, at least I don't have a parasitic twin (GRAPHIC PICTURES))

Big Foot is real!

I am so f#*king sick of all this sunny weather.

Need help: Who has that picture of Nixon and Elvis

Best Dog To Type On?

When Medved and Limbaugh "spoon", who's on the inside?

in the sLeepy west

Does anyone know of an unlimited mp3 download service (legal)?

Is there any way to listen on line without downloading files?

Pavel Nedved kicks ass. And balls. Discuss.

Are cops in the US allowed to editorialize in police reports?

Is bush a dope on dope?

william pitt introduces a tax on windows

Nude Man Steals, Wrecks Philly Police Car

Love - 0 = No Limit

99 Luft balloons

Anyone ever take Adderall?

CRAP!!!!. Friend just walked off her job and she owes me $1000

I miss smoking

The Shady Bunch : Match Game

Post an actual sentence that had never before been said

Send me an Advil. Send me an Advil. Right now. Right now.

Who was the best Emperor of Tri Sol

AOL, what's the deal?

We were at the beach. Everybody had matching towels.

Favorite deli sandwich

Health Officials Use School Cafeteria To Sterilize Cats

I'm starving

Imagine Central Park without Christo


My discount ham sammich isn't so good

Linux users I want to leave the windows world. Please help.

What's up with the Bermuda Triangle?

CALL FALWELL, there's a gay boy sleeping in my bed.....

All I wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi!

Is todays 'Get Fuzzy' censored?

I finally saw "The Gates" today

Please don't bring repukes to restaurants, Part 1

a gift for you......

Please don't bring senior citizens to restaurants, Part 1

Absinthe Picture Competition: give'em your vote...

Check it out, cool site.

Please bring me to a restaurant . . . Part 1

Bigfoot is REAL!

How much does an anode tube cost and is it easy to replace?

Even MORE random questions!

Former NFL Punter Reggie Robey, Dead at 43

Sorry, but if you like something I'll more than likely hate it.


History of the World, Part 1

What Guess Who songs should my band add tonight?

Don't forget...the Oscars are this Sunday night.

I finally saw Million Dollar Baby. WOW!!! ***spoiler***

Why is bashing vegans OK, but not people's asses?

Let women play for the Stanley Cup,says Governor-General.

Anyone up for a Michigan gathering?

I wish I could think of a topic that you could ALL respond to...

5 posts away from 9,000 - what should I do?

anyone else have a bud nipper in their house?

Why is bashing fat asses ok, but not retarded persons and vegans?

Quick crock pot question

Why is bashing fat basses ok, but not retarded persons and vegans?

Miller Brewing Company Pressures Area Man To Drink Responsibly

Wat_Tyler is revolting!

Please don't bring fat-assed, retarded vegans to restaurants Part 1

Martha's getting out soon - THANK GOD

1980 Best Picture Oscar: Ordinary People vs. Raging Bull...

Should we have a "Post a slightly more recent picture of yourself" Thread?

Plankton/Vegetable-based crackers

I'll vomit on you! I'll vomit on all of you!

so is cracking your own back a bad thing?

What is a snarf?

Where's Part 2? I don't understand

Who is your favorite actor to play Sherlock Holmes?

Puny Weapons . . . CHECK IN HERE!

How do you dry your laundry?

Accused Nude Anna Kournikova Stalker Pleads Not Guilty

Recommend a movie that you really aren't that crazy about...

Which proposals do you favor to keep kids out of your way in public

why do vegans feed on ideology

Help! This is kind of gross, but I've got a piece of phlegm stuck in the

The official Bayern Munchen vs Arsenal game thread

Jimmy Jazz is stuck at work and needs us to post funny things.

Waiters/Waitresses/Bartenders: Tell us about your FAVORITE customers!

aggh I missed 24 last night -- anyone got an update?

I ate 8 different animals at a Spanish restaurant last Saturday



Inferior Intellects--check in here

Superior Intellects . . . CHECK IN HERE!

I'm so f#*king sick of all this raining blood

Help! Emergency! Somebody who knows about computers!

I'm ready to eat...anyone got some bullseye sauce?

What bad for you, gooey, sugary mess are you eating tonight?

I was just on AAR with Thom Hartmann!!!!!

would you eat surgery mess?

Mr Food Recipe for Whiskey Cake


What's your favorite dessert?

Why is bashing vegans OK, but not retarded people or fat asses?

What ever happened to ...


Noel on the attack again

What process do I need to take to create a website? How much $$$?

New White House press application.

Howard Stern's show is a perfect venue for additional Gannongate exposure.

Gallager - villain of the century!

Why do copycat threads/originals have this wierd tendency to cluster?

DU car mechanics-Is this "bad"?

MMMMM....dead hog flesh and chicken abortions!

Recommend a really great movie you love but probably no one else...

Retarded Fat Children Who Own Vegan Restaurants Showing NASCAR Piss Me Off

take yer rotten kids home!

Best pleasant surprise you ever saw in concert,

FRED PHELPS hates Sweden!



so what animals are you all eating for dinner tonight?

Please don't bring Happy Meals to Indian restaurants.

Should Tuesday nights be designated "fight nights"?

It's black helicopter season again!

I'm bored beyond words, tell me something interesting

Do NOT treat reporters like prostitutes

Favorite Cookie

Please don't bring bears to restaurants, Part One

Do NOT treat Jeff Gannon like a prostitute...

Please don't let anyone go anywhere except me

Q: How many Dadaists does it take to change a light bulb?


I'm ordering room service - it's on the company! What would you like?

It's national Spay/Neuter month

Please don't bring Fred Phelps to restaurants, part 1.

Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?

Ick. I had to stop payment on a check. I bought a puppy from a breeder

Best Pretenders Song

I've been participating in Internet/USENET/BBS discussions since:

We all suck, part 1

wahhh waaaaaahhh waaahhh waaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!

Yet more fun-poking at "The Gates"!


SWEDEN hates Fred Phelps.

Do NOT treat prostitutes like strippers

Will Fred Phelps go to...

DU Yahoo fantasy baseball league?

Why Paul and Linda McCartney became vegetarians.

Americans: Who's your favorite Belgian band/musician?

Kids shouldn't bring their sick parents to restaurants, part 1

I'm about to break the thousand mark!

"Saturday Night Fever" dancefloor goes up for auction

3 slices of pizza for a buck!

Connecticut DUers - can you sum up Lieberman on WTIC if you listen?

the BEST behaved child i ever saw

Jeff Gordon - The Best Ever? Correct.

shoot! i missed my thousand mark!

Liberace was a great pianist

Why is bashing parents and their kids okay, but not single people?

I am entering my second week of being sick....

I eat vegatables because I hate them...

Is it against DU's rules if I steal....

Do NOT treat prostitutes like strippers.

For pity's sake, people, LIGHTEN UP!

Do NOT treat strippers like prostitutes.

Holy fuckamole! Did someone spike in the drinking water in the lounge?

All children, naughty or nice, must be put in a lock-box to preserve them

CSI: For an ex-stripper, Catherine seems a bit naive re: alternative sex

Martha Stewart should buy Halliburton and turn it into a silk flower co...

What's the BEST film never to win a Best Picture Oscar?

It was nearly 80 degrees here yesterday.

hay, unmarried/divorced freepers... Take this:

The worst behaved child I have ever seen.

Is it against DU's rules if i steal?

I'm a single person with a kid.

Lets Have fun with pics!!!!

Late Breaking from Kleebster News Network!

How do you react to a person that stutters? Do you laugh if you' not sure?

Annotated Bibliographies = The Devil

I'm sick of all you fat assed vegans!

I ate 7 different animals at a Brazilian steakhouse last Wednesday

I Support The Qccupation Of Iraq, But I Don't Support Our Troops

Breathe in...Breathe out...Breathe in...Breathe out...Breathe in...Breathe

Finally : the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement - Veggies have rights too

I LOVE Vegan Children!

And speaking of chowing down at a fine restaurant.........

Bouncers, let's hear your horror stories!

Until today, I had never realized how many people dislike children.

Gross! Stephanie Miller just said that Ann Coulter & Ron Silver

Cloning gone wrong....

Please don't bring sick kids to restaurants, Part 1

Please don't bring me to restaurants, Part 1

Create something (like a cartoon character) that can keep the fundies

Post your horror story of someone's kid in a public place here.

Should we abolish reproduction?

Sometimes children misbehave.

Theeeeeeere's nothin' wrong with me lovin' you!

A Democrat and a Republican are in front of you...

>BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II will NOT attend Charles-Camilla wedding

"Boring Old Gits To Marry!" Don't blame me--this was the headline in

How to be Told to F*** Off without Saying So........

Please don't bring kids to restaurants, Part 1

Last week I posted about the heavy helicopters flying around the mountains

DUMBEST Final Jeopardy clue EVER

Anyone remember when fundies would play records backwards....

If you get a message deleted, does your postcount go down?

Anyone else like arguing with complete strangers on the internet?

what's your fast-food favorite, or guilty-pleasure?

Who Is The Sexiest Bald Celebrity? (Post A Photo)

Should you be able to sue parents for bringing their kids to a restaurant?

I keep thinking about some stuff.

COLOR Jesus, an apostle?

The State of New Jersey vs. Blockbuster Video: Who is right?

Now that the Lounge is flaming like GD, where should I go?

Speaking of classical music, my parents were weird

What is the best American made truck to buy?

25 Years ago TODAY!!-"Do you believe in miracles?"

What's the worst film to ever win a Best Picture Oscar?

Anyone else see anti-Liberal/Progressive message in "Six Feet Under"?

Gooood Morning DU!


I'm not gay, but I want to join "The Homosexual Agenda".


Air America can shove it!

DU Artists . . . CHECK IN HERE!

Americans: Who's your favorite Canadian band/musician?

Confessions of a failed Vegetarian- How I went Veg and failed

Please don't let young adults go to bars part 1

Attn: March/April babies

Terminated Without COBRA

I had to talk two people out of quilting tonight.

did i miss the 'FR - support jeff gannon' raLLy?

Do Inkjet cartridges expire?

Favourite Type of Ethnic Food?

I'm sorry, but conceptual art like Christo's stuff is just fucking lame.

Spring is almost here! What are you gonna plant this year?

It's a good sign when you walk into a company meeting and...

Anyone want to see my dream home?

5 out of 4 people have problems with fractions.


More Random Questions.

Let's hear it for Whoisalhedges!

Movies you never watched and there's NO WAY IN HELL you'll ever watch?

Boston DU Gathering, Saturday April 23rd, 2 PM at the People's Republik

Plant based diet and cancer prevention/treatment

I don't suppose we have any Vegans or Vegetarians from Chicago here?

Celebrity vegans and vegetarians

Any Moonies in the House?

Why the Iraq war was not a just war

Pope gives morality message to the media

So when Jerry Falwell dies, will he go to heaven?

Plant based diet and cancer prevention/treatment

Life on Mars? No evidence yet, despite press report from last week.

Homer is Springfield's new gay marriage minster

Log Cabin Republicans-Gay Conservatives to Work With GOP anti gay marriage

HRC: Investigate censorship of GLBT Suicide Prevention Workshop

Falwell Hospitalized. Wish him well with an HRC Gift Membership


CSI: Hockey - How Owners Destroyed the NHL

Mapping of the cat brain....

Tell me how I'm different than an evangelical Christian

Seinfeld guote - definately not something a religous person will like

For Blue_in_AK

To pander or not to pander?

Stop the madness!

Has our group been eating its Wheaties or something?

How Bush botched the war (rant alert!)

Where the hell is Kleeb?

Because I feel like it

a little Kerry magic for you on a Tuesday

close up question.

I thought I'd post some of my fireworks photos

Bush with Chirac quote: "That oughta mean something."

9 Countries Polled On Attitude Of Bush Plans To Promote Democracy

Ray Taliaferro just called Bush "the cow chip producer out of Crawford TX"

The price paid for blogging Iran

WOW - John Major calls a spade a spade

They hate us for...?

"Free and democatic countries" -is the new soundbite that is hard

Zell Miller is coming to Liberty University - Falwell email

Committee to Protect Bloggers: FREE MOJTABA AND ARASH DAY

How much success is ** going to have...

Can I ask some questions about the "Franklin Cover-Up"?

They like war....

Stages of Distraction in the Press

* live on MSNBC now making a fool of himself.

True Wal-Mart story

What's up at

Can Mark Thatcher get a US visa?

I can't find the "AARP Hates Military Loves Gay" ad-

Buzzflash interviews Rev Jim Wallis author of "God's Politics"

What was the name of the bank... ?

Former Staffer of Senator John Thune (R-SD) Alleges Former Democratic...

Will someone please point out to me exactly when

the tapes. Another Memogate Rove plot?

Pope gives morality message to the media

'set goal 6-12 months" to get out of Iraw--Cato Inst. cpan NOW

Will "GroupThink" bring down the * Administration?

Russia Launches 'Patriotic' TV Channel

They new Gannon was a hooker in South Dakota, 2004?

Europeans Ask: Is Bush a Wolf in a Granny's Suit?

Bush must decide whether he is ready to be a Bismarck

Hey DU Researchers - 'Find' FireFox

we should all donate money to this guy:

Those stupid Europeans need to "get over it"....

Male Escort Infiltrates Al-Qaeda

Conservative newspaper resorting to Spam advertisement

Is this typical? People answering the phones for Congress don't

Did Freeper Aide to MD Governor Get People Fired For Being Democrats?

In Retrospect...McNamara deceit and lessons for Iraq today

Feds _ three from CIA _ examine late senator's papers

Bush is trading on the good will of former Presidents....

Did the Dems make a huge mistake letting the independent counsel law die?

Tony Blair just as 'Orwellian' as Bush: must read

Gannon owes past taxes - I want to know who paid him?

"Privatization" VS. "Personal Accounts"

Bush is a Mental Midget...posing as a Mental Giant....he succeeds

CAPTION God's press secretary

On SS tear-down, we should question press line of supposed youth support

Bush gits with bullshits...the story for future generations will show

More common sense from Pat Buchanan

Chavez to suspend oil exports to US in case of assassination attempt

So proud of my husband, said he'd put a W with a red slash through it

Question about that twit former Sen Fred Thompson.

nochildleftbehind serial bitch #1

TPM:USANext's AARP Gay-Bash Ad Gone

The Integration of Theory and Practice: A Program

Why Gannon's Fixation With Daschle?

A RW C-Span caller just said "Saddam himself is a WMD."

Did anyone notice the press laughing at Bush in Belgium?

while stink was made over CBS and the Guard documents ...what happened

Americans Say U.S. Is Ready For Female President, Poll Says

Great article by Michelle Goldberg - "Among the Believers"

Talon News repeatedly plagiarized content from Fox News, others

On the 'sin' of sending kids to public school

I'm so depressed....Wal-mart gave $5000 to my Dem Congressman

Stop the propoganda!

Lost in Translation: How Bush Interpreter Got Through Security

WSJ: Some Republicans Debate Stance on Taxes

Book recommendation - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

"Is our children learning" the Bill of Rights? by Bill Maher

(Feb.22nd) Today in Republican Civil Rights Achievement history

WSJ: Senators Warm Up to Emissions Curbs

Has anybody done a PeopleSearch on James D Guckert?

Paul Krugman asks today what major distraction

do I laugh and say "I told you so" to the crying repukes in my state?

Conservative Bloggers Blow Gaskets; Panties Also Reported To Be in "Bunch

The Gold Standard for Election Reform

BushWatch! A personal e-mail from Germany gives view of Chimp's Visit!


College student love Dean - "Dean will rescue the Democratic Party"

BBC journalist's diary of the bush Europe visit


A Gannon Drop here, I guess :)

Money to pay for SS and Medicare has to come from somewhere

A rich mine of hypocrisy -- RW rant against the UN

Curtis Adams Switch Drawing National Attention

loads of current affairs movies

Did Gannon Supply Limbaugh with Oxycontin??

RW Spin Q?: Would raising the SS Income Cap Hurt Small Businesses?

Heard Dubya on NPR

Inhofe's Latest - Environmental Blackmail

Bush marijuana smoke screen? The wrench in the Gannon scandal. - blog

Gannon/guckergate needs a bumpersticker. Ideas?

General Accountability Office's David Walker ...Gannongate investigation ?

Is Gannon Rove's gay lover??

Arkansas House rejects affirming separation of church and state

Chavez feels Venezuela's future is certainly not with the USA

Don't just go after Bush - Go after the Republicans!

Louise Slaughter's petition vs Gannon/Guckert

What's wrong with this picture/website?

Does anyone know? (Social Scareity question)

Vermont Phoenix, first to emerge...tributes to Dean from Vermonters.

New Yorker article on Gannongate...going nowhere"

The Political Spectrum...

Did Kerry throw the election????

NYDN: Dubya taper: Keeping quiet cost me a million

Dubya's whopper of the day...

Dems consider pulling a "Delay" (Redistricting)

Does the Catholic Community in your area support the war?

Look who Rove has tapped to run his AARP slime-fest (Marshall - TPM)

Gingrich urges action against illegals

Dean:"I've been called a racist, terrorist, an abortionist, anti-semitic"

I'm starting to believe that they put gannon in the WH BECAUSE he's gay.

Maurice Hinchey Coming Up On CNN's Inside Politics n/t

America: The Book

Appeal for legal help you will love to give, I hope . . .

Do we actually have any talented progressive governors?

Guys, before we let the Guckert ball roll between our legs. . .


Imus has been asking "how about that homo in the WH" to his

Was I involved in something like the Franklin Cover Up?

It's here: National Call Joe Lieberman Day!

Petition at DFA about ads for Social Security

Why do I get the feeling that Gannon will do a David Brock?

BELGIUM'S new craze: GWB urinal stickers

Who would you STILL vote for over Bush???

Is It Time For a Woman President?

Please Help a Congressman Under Fire!