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Archives: February 20, 2005

1st Annual Tomdispatch Political Comedy Awards

New Front in the War on Terror

MSM Vs. Blogosphere: A rebuttal

William Pfaff (London Observer): Why Bush will fail in Europe

Anarchy at the G8

So I have this idea for a haunted house for neo-cons (big image)

FOX News Coverage of Jeff Gannon

The next FCC chairmanship, FYI

Senior officials escape Haiti jail

Thank you for locking this thread.

Was my post of the list of Israeli UN violations blocked? If so, why?

Life in shadows for invisible workers who fear deportation

The Arab property tycoon, the Israeli settlements and a clever plan to boo

The New York Times: Israel Gears Up for Burst of Far-Right Anger

Revised Petition Statement

Super Precincts Anyone? Are they a good idea?

Detailed analysis of Palm Beach County votes by precinct vs fraud,etc.

Simple solution to end gerrymandering

Locals tag Conservative Billboards in Hollywood (images)

Best Beach in CA! and why...

Massachusetts premier of WMD

What is it like to be a Massachusetts Liberal?

Trojan attacks Microsoft AntiSpyware

Quickly search multiple sites from IE address bar

What the hell was up with the Eagles?

Get Off Your ASS and get active on this!

Social Security and Town Hall Meetings-be prepared

I can't stand when religion is pushed on me.

Wrong Values from this Republican--Television Indency

Old news, but still interesting..... how the DCANG mission statement

"We continue to discover biological and chemical weapons

Which are worse: Dog farts or cat farts?

Americablog asks : Who funded GOPUSA/Talon News??

I have no problem with this decision...

CPAC convention sponsors

How will the Capital Gang (CIA-NN) handle Gannon-gate?

GOPUSA's left wing.

Caption this

Dangerous drugs can be avoided by people who

republicans officially become brownshirts

Caption these 2 pics of Arnold....

If $285.9 million is "negligible," they can send it to me

Let me suggest the BEST way to donate if you can....

Dean - Perle Debate coming up on C-span, 8 pm et

Can we just get rid of Texas?

Why did Bruce Eberle give Bobby Eberle

Freedom is on the march, eh George? Nepal is a Police State

How about this!!! Texans please read...

What if there were more than just the Dept of Education ?

Secret tapes: Bush thinks dumb duped fundies are embarrassing

Poll: War support shrinking in Texas

BobShiefffer to Bush in Debate: "Was Guckert born gay or chose it?"

THIS IS MY 200th POST...

I need some help with a number?

Hate Mail bashing/debunking forum.

Is Napolean Dynamite really dead, or is it a rumor?

Anybody else think the show "distraction" is incredibly stupid...

Why we MUST Fight the RW

Karel talking about Gannon/Guckert now

John Edwards on This Week with George Stephanopolous tomorrow.

I LOVE all you gay guys

looks like Gannon had an interest in spreading crap about Jamie Gorelick

Windows OS Question Re: Windows Me Upgrade problem

FILM: "Cindy, a tomboy (gasp!) unsure of her social status.....

Do you know about the radical Cleric known as Pata Nostrebor?

Is it at all unusual that the White House has issued no official statement

Meet The Press: Hillary & McCain !


Bush secretly recorded by old friend before he was president

Video clip of Bill Maher discussing Bush's "man-date"

Freeper pride in "almost serving" this is a comical post

Gay facts and fantasies in Propagannon research

What would 'turd blossom' mean as a gay man's nickname?

The Dean Perl debate is on cspan NOW! 11:40PM EST.

NYT Times softball article on Gannon

Howard Dean kicking Perle's ass on CSPAN.... which means he needs to

Idiot Son "It's me versus the world but the world is on my side." HUH?

YEEAH BOYEE! President Bush is bringin' da abstinence noize to da streetz!

Did you know that Jimmy Carter had a submarine

Man, I hate war. All war. The killing, the deaths . . .

Guy James Listeners! Have YOU donated to his show (recently)?

PHOTOS: Pro-Peace demonstrators in Rome today....

I'm a Republican because... ("load of happy horseshit" alert)

Gannon was quite busy posting over at Freerepublic

Second head removed from baby girl

If Bush goes down, it will be because of bloggers.

Jeff Gannon saw Aug. 6. 2001 PDB in advance!

NYTimes story on Gannon by Frank Rich....It has legs folks.

I just saw the Motorcycle Diaries, wow.

FILM: "MY JAPAN!" Think the US government doesn't engage in propaganda?

Are You Prepared to Avoid the Draft? Excellent Conscientious Objector Info

The GOP's Pink Triangle & the CIA

NYT: Secretly Taped Conversations with W

Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed ANY time on the air?

How many of us admire you, Elizabeth Edwards?

Will Man-dategate bring georgie down?

Gannon on Kerry's "intern" and calling for "freep" of Kerry HQ

Almost $1 billion spent on settling sexual abuse cases...

5 things you can do to help make "Guckert" a household name

"Autism: The Hidden Epidemic" on NBC tonight...

i had fun with baking today

How long does buttermilk last?

Is Canada really better than the United States?

Syria, Iran vow united front against foreign threats

UK link to torture jail's rules

Stolen cash found in police club as Sinn Fein is tainted by IRA scandals

Russia Maintains Cooperation with Tehran Despite US and Israel

NYT: The White House Stages Its 'Daily Show'

Taliban Say Their Insurgency Is Waiting Out the Bitter Winter

Part of marsh legendary as Garden of Eden has been restored, experts say

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President

Australia agog with tale of playboy 'diplomat' and a minister's daught

U.S. Watches As China Woos Caribbean

Iran preps for a possible war with U.S.

Poorest Face Most Risk on Social Security

NYT: Bush Seeks to Begin a Thaw in a Europe Still Cool to Him

Web Site Operator Says He Knew of Reporter's Two Identities

Ex-ambassador slams Straw over torture

WP: Talk With Putin Will Test Bush's Inaugural Pledges

Pakistan most anti-American country: CRS

Lesbian Who Split With Partner Must Pay Child Support for Adopted Children

Military families preparing for new push against Iraq occupation

Vietnamese professor to attend Agent Orange trial in U.S.

American Indian Students Protest Fence

China reluctant to take major diplomatic risks on North Korea:

Focus on Indiana's Governor, a Tax Cutter Who Has Become a Tax Raiser

WP: Democrats' Grass Roots Shift the Power

Egyptian doctors remove baby's second head

Putin To Visit Iran

The mole, the US media and a White House coup (Guardian)

Gunmen Take Haiti Ex-Prime Minister from Prison

Firms Make It Their Business To Push Health Incentives

Risk of deadly global epidemic

Churchgoers ordered to pray for Camilla

Evangelicals here, map agenda...rolled out their political goals

The more you know:

self delete...stupid post.

ok, so, i colored the grey hair in my temples.

Waiting for hockey...

Pink Floyd - Relics

Nothing worse than a cat fart

A kitten for Matcom!

meet the new face of looney tunes...i'm not down with this at all.

WTF, I accidentally just switched everything on my computer into...

Charlie chipmunk says....

We can post threads about farts now?

What are you putting in your window boxes this year?

Is, "The Secret Window" worth watching?

Which are worse: Dog farts or cat farts?

No Bones About It.....

Boulevard of Broken Songs

off to PetCo to buy kitty kibble before they start coming at me

Hilary Swank on SNL tonight

Is there a way to donate to DU without using my Master Card

MARIO BATALI IS IRON CHEF ONCE AGAIN!!! - Chocolate & Coconut!!!

As the saying goes - Need is the Mother of all Invention - so with that

My kitchen looks like I murdered someone with a butcher knife!

Just Made A HUGE Batch Of Penne a la Carbonara - Leftovers Anyone?

Tangled up in Blue

Do you like Rennaisance Classical and Baroque Music?

Anyone got 550000 dollars I can borrow?

Who switched the world to 'idiot mode' today?

George Dubya vs The Media 'Major Combat Operations' Remix

stars popping up everywhere!!!!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Naked?

Stump the Ricky Martin fan.

Stump the NHL fan.

Stump the Deep Purple fan

I lost my virginity today

PHOTO: Who am I????

Stump the Duran Duran fan.

Stump the Metallica fan.

Stump the Foo Fighters Fan!

I remain Da Coolio Bomb...

Wanna Make Someone's Head Explode Playing Scrabble??

Butterfly in Shades of Gray

THIS IS MY 200th POST...

Anyone watching CMT Crossroads? Fogerty and Keith Urban

You've never seen a camel toe like the camel toe I just saw

Post here and I will ignore you...

Could 40% be Gay?

Post here and I will NOT reply

Stump the Depeche Mode fan

Anybody else think the show "distraction" is incredibly stupid...

so what are you lounge lizards doing tonight??

Curb Your Enthusiasm


MrScorpio will now answer your relationship questions with B. White lyrics

Post here and I will change my name to "Sid."

Weather Report or the Crusaders?

Egyptian Doctors Remove Baby's Second Head (with pics)

Speaking of Hitler....

I got HBO today

Most Dangerous Hitler Of All Time?

Post here, and I'll bite your head off

Well, I just saw "Napoleon Dynamite" and I'd like to ask a favor...

Sirius update ...


Stump the Pavement fan

I just bought a new AMD Athlon 64 2800+ motherboard

Saturday Night Live vs. Fever vs. Alright For Fighting

Budweiser and Skynyrd

Is Napolean Dynamite really dead, or is it a rumor?

Stump the rock & roll addled, spiteful, functional alcoholic.

New ebay item: Jeff Gannon James JD Guckert White House Credential

If you could change your legal name..

Post here and Kire will insult your taste in movies.

Are you enjoying the STARZ free weekend on DirecTV?

Post here and I will tell you to STFU and stop making "Post here" threads!

Oh no! I'm being replaced by Ving Rhames!

I'm watching Naked Lunch for the first time

Post here and I'll write a 50,000-word biography of Charles Grodin.

Do You Sometimes Laugh Over Things That Make You Uncomfortable?

How long will Skinner's "Ok, The Fun's over"...


Who wants to be my AIM buddy?

I hope someone in DU won the 1.5 Million Dollar Dream Home

CLASSIC Carson Bit with Joe Friday - FUNNY!

This drink is dedicated to Jan. 20th DUers at RFD's...can you guess?

Should I try to fly? I keep having dreams that I can

Bailey's and Acid Jazz

That's it. it's over.

YEEAH BOYEE! President Bush is bringin' da abstinence noize to da streetz!

Self deleate

My name is NOT Merv Griffin. Ask me anything!

Doctor admits lying about patient who faked his own death

What's your favorite Seinfeld line?

"Glamour, New York style!"


Jewels and binoculars...

Are any of you playing this game?

I'm Pissed Off! Damn B/C Butthead!!

To the Canadians and others in "the frozen North:"

just got a call from the DNC..but they asked for my husband, that

I don't give a damn about....

Anybody watches college hockey here?

College Hockey

What's your favorite episode of "Bewitched"?

Joke thread.

Anyone know what happened to the bugs forum?

Post here and I will insult you...

Is it safe?

Stump the "Get A Life" fan

If you could take a Maglev train from NY to LA in 10 hours, instead of fly

Gannon/Guckert the Mole photos, beware, silly

Stump the Petulia Clark Fan/ favorite song about a town...

Did anyone watch that North Dakota newscast skit on MADTV???

Let's play, Guess the Movie!

I interviewed Prof. Shelby Ashton today!!

Should I go out tonight?

How's this for a wedding cake top?

Stump the Cowboy Bebop fan

Windows OS Question Re: Windows Me Upgrade problem

PHOTOS: Ugly wedding cake story!

amazing sand art video

nhl season cancelled. wuhh happint?

Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody ---

667 - The Neighbor of the Beast

AAAAAAchhhooooooo Roundup!

Saturday Night Live w/ Hilary Swank

Who, what, or where is Dien Bien Phu and why should you know the


Post here, and every reply will be have my personal promise..

Macauley Culkin in prison?

Earl Grey tea and Mozart


Competition: Who had the most pathetic dinner?

Stump the Trek fan!

College DUers, check in here!!!!

Who wants to be my date? I don't want to be alone on a Saturday night.

Stump the Simon and Garfunkel fan.

Wrapping presents with a Cat

A very large, wierd photo (Warning: Large picture)

Best Love Song Lyrics. Post a sampling of your favs.

Who's Bugs Bunny's best screen partner?

I'm getting pop-up ads

AC/DC Thunderstruck

Anyone watching this Survivor? (SPOILER if you didn't see earlier show)

Where is the best site to order a custom PC?

Chicago Gathering Weather Update

CT DUer Meetup -- You guys missed a great time!

Stump the west wing fan

Lordy, I looooove the movie "Sense and Sensibility"

Which 70's show were you NUTS about?

'SNL' Doc Doesn't Pull Punches

Stump the GWAR fan

The Lyric Game. I'll start

Let's play stump the STYX nut

Suddenly Seymour!

Post here and I will compliment you...

Tonight: THE SOUL EXPRESS pays tribute to SMOKEY ROBINSON!

Christopher Guest: Go Directly to Comedy Jail!

Stream of consciousness thread.

What song are you listening to right now?

Which 70's show were you FORCED to watch by your parents/grandparents?

What's your favorite US beach and why?

Stump the Law and Order Fan

piece on the original aba slam dunk contest on tnt now..

Hockey! At Fenway!

GODDAMNIT, pay attention, people!! The NDSU Women's B-Ball team is 24-0!!!

Today was an emergancy vet day... :(

Astrologers: Can Sharon & Abbas Shepherd Peace ?

Why is Hillary going Repug Lite , saying we are "winning " the war?

Voter Registration - Good time to confirm it, and spread the word

Had a nice chat with a DNC fundraiser today.....

Looking for good quality pic of the Dean Scream

Democrats don't like to investigate like Republicans do....

Omarosa and Carlos Watson need to be slapped

Administration Is Warned About Its 'News' Videos

Man-on-dog on C-SPAN defending faith based marriage initiative

Rick Santorum on C-SPAN right now trying to infer that...

The next time you feel "sorry" for Jimmy-Jeff Guckerton...

Exposing the Right

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President


Just saw the CSPAN replay of Dean/Perle debate. DEAN RULES!

Georgia: Voters could boot illegal aliens from hospitals, schools

Dean/Perle on at 8:00 ET on CSPAN...

Bill Maher on Jeff Gannon/Video

Dean / Perle debate on CSPAN right now.

GOPUsa too conservative for Fox News ......Hilarious !!

Guckert? Ho Hum...a pseudo-scandal !!!!

Seriously if we can't beat the GOP 2008 Prez candidate, our party is dead

MSM now hot after Gannon story

What will be the big features for Patriot Act 5.0?

Which Party Will Capture The White House In 2008?

GOP:Clinton turned Lincoln Bedroom into Motel6 Us:Bush turned White House

Video: Teacher pulling chair from student refusing to stand for anthem

Bill Maher Show Gannongate compilation! Great stuff!

Who's JimmyJeff's White House Daddy?

Has anyone heard anything about any small pox cases in the U.S.?

Reagan official sees fascist overtones in Bush supporters

Gannon has been "patsified", Now, LET'S GET ROVE & THE NEOCONS!

National Call Lieberman Day Update

Capital Gang on, Novak looks like shit.

Did Bruce Eberle get Gannon top White House access?

Sure a lot of Gannon nay sayers posting, but this is THE scandal!

We gave rove too much credit. Please read!

Blackmailing closeted gays - a hidden reason for GOP gay demonization?

Blogs, Corporate media and Authentic Journalism

Profile: John Negroponte: Ringmaster for the big US spy showdown

Where's the Road Beef?

Wolcott on Gannon's Interrogation by Anderson Cooper

Pardon the pundit, but he prostitutes press

How objective journalism can fail to reveal the truth

Iraq adventure is rich in dangerous precedents

Torture incidents show U.S. hypocrisy (Buchwald)

Torture cover-up unravels: Howard and Bush are the real terrorists

Does anyone remember when

Planting a stooge in press corps not out of character for Bush

Australia agog with tale of the playboy 'diplomat' and a minister's daught

Ray McGovern - Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here (Negroponte)

"Can Dean stick to the job?- As Democratic Party chairman,

Velvet Texas Mafia/Gannon/Gay Facts And Fantasies

The Risks in Personal Accounts - Washington Post Editorial Feb 20 2005

This strange Right-wing site is the only place I have found anything

Halliburton Contracts Illegal -- Bush & Cheney Say So What

Oliphant, Globe - Abandoned but not alone

Gannon Gate - ConyersBlog 2/20/2005 10:30am

Please protest on March 19th & 20th......(Pics from SF - 2003)

Sign the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Treaty

Help Get the word out on the PNAC

Why the MSM is latching on to Gannon

Did anyone else see what I saw on Blitzer?

Dubya - Video

Chancellor urged: sell gold to the Chinese

Ten feet of snow overnight in Thailand

Mexican Survey Shows 75% Drop In Monarch Numbers, Blames US

9 Years After Sweeping Air Pollution Study, Houston Stuck In The 1990s

Intelligence Bill Signals Boon for Immigrant Incarceration Industry

Rage in wake of LAPD shooting

Can I promote another forum in GD/GDP?

Feature Request - Skype address in profile

Please See

I have a question about the ARC database...

Why did this post get locked?

3 month old story allowed to stay in LBN

I apologize for my misuse of DU Groups.

Just Wanted to Point out an Anomalous Event

Under what circumstances will a thread disappear without trace?

How come I can't see my avatar any more?

Haaretz (Sunday): Cabinet votes 17-5 in favor of evacuating settlements

Key 9/11 Question: Do You Think the 9/11 Hijackers Were Competent to Fly?

Mary Schmich (C-Tribune): Coming to grips with abortion's new vocabulary

How About Those Fighin' Illini! 27-0

Schoenburg: Governor says money not be-all, end-all of his plans

HELP! Common Cause endorsed "gerryrig CA" initiative of Arnold's!

Jeff Gannon considering suing liberal interest groups

Rep. Maxine Waters to give keynote address at LA (Santa Monica) teach-in!

Sunday 2/20 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Interview details YEARS of election fraud, media & Mitofsky complicity

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President



Indiana/close election/fraud/college voter suppression/etc. why not challa


Hertzberg and Villaraigosa ----> LA Times snubs Hahn.

Southern California DUers...

Most of us are so proud of Sen. Boxer and her 5000 Roses.

San Diego Tribune Editorial: The wrong choice

Stem-cell bill shakes up Beacon Hill

ACTION: Write to the Strib - respond to Gutknecht's lie-filled SS article!

Hello my Minnesota DU friends

Casino at Maul of America - what has NOT been said on Minnesota MSM?

March 19 - US Troops Out Now!: Loring Park, Minneapolis, 1 PM

AOL email: To Dump Or Not To Dump?

Anyone know anything about laptop super fans? They go under the

a good night for civil rights

editorial: mainstream v. grassroots?

Patriot Act Discussion and short film

Utilities out of control in Wisconsin

Living in a winter wonderland.

Did you know Rockefeller(Standard Oil)found the first oil in Saudi Arabia?

Current FR list of Jeff Gannon Posts - Being Purged???

DU the F*** out out this link!!!!!

Well, I think I became Secretary of the Jefferson County Young Dems today.

U.N. Committee Approves Call to Ban Human Cloning

Delusional LTTE about * accomplishments

Is this Bush trip a hurry up to change the subject on the WH whore

Veterans denied permit to Pray for Peace at Riverside Ca., VA cemetary

The Nashua Advocate: U.S. Senator Calls for Gannongate Investigation

REAL FUNNY video on 'gannon' ..Bill Maher, Robin Williams, and more...LOL

Good summary of the "Jeff Gannon" issue at wikipedia.

Petition Alert - Appeal of "R" rating for "Gunner Palace" documentary

Kittens do the craziest things, here's a very funny Video

It is now LAW-- we must now have a NATIONAL ID Card

fabulous newsfeed for Gannon articles, incl blog entries

When talking to a young rethug how do you respond to this?

Has the Buster cartoon lesbian episode aired?

Republicans: We still hate gays, but we hate women MORE!

John Fund is a rude pig also.


The dogs that didn't bark.

There is just more money to be made if you are a "Conservative"

Overheard conversation in a bar

it's time to bring back "Make love, not war" as a slogan . . .

Thank You

In the hundreds of columns that shills like Will, Krauthammer, Brooks,

U.S. Indicts Ithaca War Protesters

The Big Dog is going to be on Faux News Sunday!

When is it that I must live a lie

The strange tale of a medical examiner

Washington Post republican callers summed up.

Were all the pretexts for the War on Iraq just to install a swindler, liar

Targeted killing vs. Assassination.

Detainee Blinded at Guantanamo

Bush the Elitest

Send a Shoe to Double-U!

If you could read only one newspaper

Feds Warned About Fake News Videos

Hillary and McCain: interesting chemistry....

Blogs are untrustworthy

Childhood sexual abuse and homosexuality

Eberle interviewed by Hou Chronicle. "Jeff did his thing, I did my thing"

Tom DeLay and mandatory ethics training

Is it me, or is there animosity towards vegans/vegetarians here?

Authoritarian or nurturant parent? It is not so simple. But the

Geez. This list of aircraft carriers is interesting

NYTimes has Frank Richs' Gannon article in the 'Arts' section

Quiet revolution of the punk priest

Ahmed Chalabi 'I'm a friend of the United States'

How To Turn the "Gannon Sues The Bloggers" To Our Advantage

Bill O'LiesAlot: I save Sponge Bob's reputation!!!!!

Quotes from the great Harry Truman

It was the Chinese who first discovered the Americas!!!

"...the job I was ASKED to do..."

Google eyes. New military bases

John Adams quote for today

Bush ignores Helen Thomas in favor of Gannon? That's damning

Just a joke for you all......

What to do . . . Five simple ideas . . .

If Gannon used real name why did McClellan call him 'Jeff' ?

Wasserman, Globe "The guy in the bowtie"

Where is

Does anyone what to start a Stop Hillary 2008 movement?

The Bush tapes

Today's front pages

Handy site: The political graveyard.

U.S.S. Jimmy Carter

Chalabi on ABC (This Week)

We need a website and organization to document history

Check your media lap dogs, Mr. President - Chicago Tribune

Hal Eberle is linked to RevMoon. Is he Bruce or Bob's father?

Jeff Gannon Sings His Love for the President

J. Edgar Hoover, Roy Cohn, Matt Drudge, Jim Guckert, self loathing gay men

Where Are All the Resignations of Editors Who Ran Bush Propaganda?

Something to cheer you up on a Sunday

"Spice Rack" meet "Gun Rack." ." Bill Maher's New Rules

Who in the News Media do you think used Gannon's services?

Howie Kurtz On "Reliable Sources" About To Whitewash Bloggers 11:30 am EST

Bloggers go big-game hunting

Oh please. 100 more donors. Can we not reach the goal? eom

Gannon/Guckert Admits to prosttution?

"Nature appears to be an avid abortionist" - LOL

Everyone will thank us, if they find out that Gannon

funny how Drudge and Ann Thrax can preach their hate ...

Tucker Carson show on PBS talking about new strain of aids in

Would you add anything to my F/911 Michael Moore response?

Does the DNC post "appearances" to be made by Dean

Is "Jeff Gannon" a plagiarist? Syria article.

W tapes

Greenspan removes partison mask

UPDATE!! Rove- Bush-Bruce Eberle Blackmail Connection

I'm going away on a pre-planned vacation; I'm not being disappeared

So Who Do You Think Shot Up This Car And Killed a Woman In Baghdad?

Write to the Washington DC Attorney General - arrest Guckert.

Church Fighting Abuse Lawsuit (Tulsa) - blaming the kids!!

With Gannon threatening to sue, I think we need to dig deeper

So where are all those new stories about Gannon this morning?

Who will win the NASCAR championship?

1000 Children dead in Afghanistan due to whooping cough

Do freeptards have fundraising drives?

Media NOT asking: If Talon was legit news-service, WHY are they scrubbing

Who is Joe Klein who writes for Time?

New proof of "Gannon"'s early WH access

Is Bill Maher stupid or a panderer?

Sometimes I walks like a rooster and sometimes I walks like a fairy...

Ever talked to a right-winger online that says "Bush is too liberal"?

A cool cartoon (Wasserman on Gannon)

Vigilant Resolve (More on Falluja - and yes equally important as gannon)

ALERT THE VILLAGERS! Barbarians Inside The Gates!

Ask me anything I just beat the CoolWeb Spyware

Did anyone hear Steph say today that 20 US soldiers were killed this week?

PHOTOS,bush* leaves for Europe..protestors/banners wait for him in Belgium

Gozar the Gozarian asked us to choose the form of destruction and

I know what bushs problem is with the economy

Question on Gannon

Do you think

PHOTO: Veteran living on the sidewalk in OUR Nation's Capital

I believe this is freakin',

Poll: Washington No Longer Favorite President

What did the Repug on Maher's panel say about Gannon?

Holy Crap! Look what I found!

Compare Your Salary to the CEO

Robot Movie - Plz Suggest a good robot movie for kids that I am likely to

Need some feedback

There's No Life Like It! ...........A little gallows humor

How soon will the pukes find a Dem scapegoat

Should We Have Filibustered Ashcroft When We Had The Chance?

Do Vietnam veterans suffer from higher rates of cancer than the general

In case you missed it... I strongly recommend CSPAN at 5:00, Dean vs

***Doug Wead interview CSPAN2@ 6pm***(eom)

DUBYA DOES YURP, the musical.....

yet more evidence that oil underpins geopolitics

Anderson Cooper looks at GannonGate right now!

Impeachable offenses

Anyone notice how many big companies are buying smaller ones lately.. why?


Post-Modern Morality 101 Quiz

JJGG and Smirk: Immortalized in fine art

Wolcott -- Cooper's interview of Gannon was "pure comedy gold"

Does the media understand that there is a crisis in their profession?

PHOTOshopped classic art: The Creation of "gannon" ....LOL...hahahaha

CNN just said "the Gannon story isn't picking up much speed"..

Help with this AOL survey about President Chimps secret tapes.

Gingrich on CSPAN blabbing about how King County election should

OK I'm still not convinced that this Gannon story will hurt bush

Don't you love how the right compares Gannon to Helen Thomas?

I saw the most disturbing movie yesterday

CNN "The Buzz" 6pm est GANNONGATE


Why do think

A hypothetical question about who we really are

Home School Group Says Police Used Excessive Force

Besides CONdi, Who Do You Think bu$h Is Screwing?

Does anyone want to start a Barbara Boxer 2008 movement?

Strange SS argument - HELP

I heard Bush 41 speaking from his Tsunami Tour...

Let's not forget that Brit Hume lied on air

Was Gannon also a PIMP for other gay prostitutes?

Does Gannon have a wife?

Any one know good political science programs in the the North East?

Who needs a gold star?

LAWSUIT, eh? Maybe we should sue HIM (it'll keep it in the news!)


Pat Buchanan is ok with "Jeff Gannon" at White House briefiings


Here's one way to get out of Iraq

What shall we do with the money?

Thanks, Jeff Gannon, for taking my mind off of Social Security

Shocked: Relative just disclosed he was abused by a priest...

Bernard Goldberg


Are you hiding your anger?

"Anderson Cooper takes another look at Gannongate in the next hour"


Just when you thought Bu$h couldn't get any dumber

did you know that USCENTCOM has a website? . . .

WE HIT 1000! YES!

Some of the bloggers who broke the Gannon story -- live at 6 CST

A different take on Gannon/Guckert

gannon story on cnn NOW

Uproar! News Stories on Gannon

Who is your favorite Liberal Radio Jockey?

Fun Fact: Bulldog Was Victor Ashes's Nickname In College

Was Clinton's 1996 deregulation of media behind the mess we're in?

Why hasn't Gannon been arrested for prostitution already???

So what he had a porno site.. so what he wasn't a real journalist..

Dead scientists, the latest in a long list...

John Aravosis to be on CNN around 6:30PM tonight!!

Propaganda movie to be released in 2006 - "The Battle for Fallujah"

Why is MSM jumping on "pot" admission tape, and avoiding "Gannon"?

Hahahaha "Jeff Gannon" is considering suing us all!

Is Karl Rove gay? Check out comment 5 on ...

A Question of Journalistic Integrity

Republicans are Against a Free Press

Okay, tin foil hatters

An emergency meeting was called for all journalists not working for Bush

A Burning Gannon/ Guckert Question…

Camilla banned from White House?

Have you seen the controversial "Buster" cartoon on PBS?

Talking Gannon on CNN right now. Interesting, blogs coming up in

Help Take Down GOPUSA

PHOTOS: BELGIUM welcomes the U.S. President!

Just watched the Dean/Perle debate and guess what? I ENJOYED IT

WSJ: 60% of Americans want an opposition party

Rape of the working class

Do you think there should be a "Department of Peace"?

My response to the "most patriotic city" initiative

Gannon goes International

Sunday mawnin' inuMurika on TV

John Fund and Grover Norquist Web surfing -- caption this photo!

Is Bush's social security plan unconstitutional?

Making the press honest.

I need some help on a personal research issue...

Does this photo look fake to anyone else?

Does talking up election fraud apatheticize our base?

What's on your MSM's Sunday op ed page?

Median Net Worth Report - America's Elderly - Social Security

Is there a Gannon/Guckert timeline floating around somewhere?

I just got finished reading a great book!

hilarious gannon/bush icons... nsfw

Krugman: "America's Senior Moment" - from NYRB

My fear re Gannon/Guckert...

The Right Wing has tapped into a confluence of several currents

Will ANY NON-CHRISTIAN Ever Be Elected President?

Awesome Air America Radio website

BLOG SWAG! | well, somebody had to do it....

John Edwards And Richard Clarke On ABC's This Week With George!

Somebody needs to pull a full mirror of FR before it is further scrubbed.

Then they came for Ward Churchill....


How long until Gannon becomes a regular talking head at Fox News?

Have you contacted CNN and WP about Kurtz and Wolfie yet?

I'm A LIBERAL And Proud Recipient Of....

Gannon, SpongeBob, and the Homosexual Underworld

EPA making secret agreements with pesticide corps.

Why do the extreme right (fascists) say we're the extreme left?

I think the coverage of Guckertgate is sexist

WP Kurtz: Gannon told FBI never had secret memo - read it in WSJ

Confessions of "an editor who ran Bush propaganda"

We reached 1000 donations... Thank you, DUers!

There's no link between Gannon and an old pedophilia scandal

I'd like to propose a DU Bloggers Group!

Should there be a Spanish group?

I am the "cultural elite"!

US Orders Island Refugees To Leave - ANOTHER OUTRAGE From HSD!

i haven't made lasagna in a long time and the box has a "No Boil"

Cooking Artichokes.

Bush chided Harper, urged him to demonstrate support for missile defence

New Tapes Say Bush May Have Smoked Marijuana

Russia Defies Washington over Iran Nuclear Program & Isolation of Syria

Bangladesh Ferry Sinks, at Least 37 Killed

Haiti drug gang causes mass prison break-out, former ministers recaptured

In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President, NYT

Stage set for "decisive" round of Aceh talks in Helsinki

From the Streets to the Inner Sanctum

UK link to torture jail's rules

A Bookkeeping Error Adds to Heating Bills Statewide

U.S. Marine killed in combat in western Iraq

British tycoon in Iraq bribes probe

Drug link to Beirut blast

Maher show on Gannon - security breach why no hearings?

Orde blames IRA over money plant

Adams' expenses cut over bank heist

What's it worth to run the state? (some in FL become millionaires in ofc)

Paris Hilton cell phone hacked. Stars numbers flood the Internet.

Companies jockey to import liquid natural gas

U.S. Doubles Its Troops in Afghan Army

Comp benefits concern workers (cases reevaluated pre-privatization)

Gardaí set to be cleared for NI service

'Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib' - Terror suspects allege abuse

Syria slams US, Israel

U.N. refugee chief Lubbers quits over sex allegations

5 Marines Suspended After Recruit's Death

CIA Contractor Facing Charges Says He's a Scapegoat For Abu Ghraib Scandal

Now in Power, Conservatives Free to Differ

Newsweek: Gannon's Enemies List (Gannon Considering suing bloggers)

Spanish vote on EU constitution

Early Clues to Negroponte's Muscle(W will see what Neg thinks appropriate)

Huge fire breaks out in state''s pharmaceutical warehouse in Mosul

Iraq's Sadr calls for calm, foreign troop pullout

New strains of superbug can kill in 24 hours (NOT Congo plague story)

Actress Sandra Dee dies at 63

Video purportedly shows al-Qaida deputy

U.S. and Iraqi Forces Crack Down on Insurgents After Two Violent Days

... Arnold Classic remains a showcase for drug-enhanced 'freak' physiques

Marine killed in Al Anbar Province (1478)

Franco followers and bishops urge a boycott of EU vote

Bush to nudge Putin on democracy, but not publicly

Socialists Win Portugal Vote, Control Parliament

Bush chided Harper on missile defence: CP report

Native American College Shuts Down

Bush to cajole wary Europeans

Texas Ethics Bill Could Allow Appointees to Bar Prosecutions

Bush in Europe, but still an ocean apart

Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies (pressured to change study results)

Report: U.S. in secret talks with Iraq insurgents

Inmate Gives Birth Room With No Help

E-mail gaffe reveals HIV, AIDS names (list was "surveillance information")

Iraq Withdrawal Date Would Be Mistake-Sen. Clinton

Mexican Zetas extending violence into Dallas

Marines launch bid to secure Ramadi ("Operation River Blitz ")

Train hits ambulance, killing 3 paramedics

Ethnic-studies divisions across U.S. working to defend their discipline

Spitzer probes World Jewish Congress

Milton Academy rocked by expulsions

Al-Qaeda number two warns West it faces thousands of dead, economic collapse

Chalabi Savors Status Gained Outfoxing U.S.

Cancer-causing dye is discovered in 350 foods (UK)

Hundreds in Brussels Protest Bush's Visit

Psychiatrists devise 'depravity rating' to help courts

More Military Bases in U.S. to Be Closed

Florida Couple Once Praised for Parenting Now Accused of Torture

Bush plans to kill me - Chavez

Aboard Air CIA -Newsweek Investigation

NYT: You Want Any Fruit With That Big Mac?

Irish: Sinn Fein leaders also command IRA

pui - don't ask... I have info

Oh's Fiddy Cent on SNL...

About an hour ago, I heard a couple of loud "bangs"

And now, something for the sci-fi fans...

I saw in the paper today: new nuclear sub "Jimmy Carter"

Can you be both sincere and sleazy?

iTunes Free Download -- Kasabian, Club Foot

I respect all forms of mucus

Favorite crunchy munchie

Listening to Collective Soul's 7 year itch. Greatest hits 1994-2001.

Great snobby bear poll! Read this carefully before you vote!

Is art too white for DU?

I changed the look of MOVELEFT.COM a little.

grr! ears are ringing from loud bar music!

Serious question

I respect all forms of music.

Favorite Lord of the Rings hottie

Anyone need Gmail invites, seriously I have 50 of them

I'm tired of all this disagreement, can't we all just agree to disagree?

Firefox Question

I think I'm gonna...

Best Depeche Mode album?

This thread is only for those of us with a good buzz going on....

I love you all!

Is Saturn trying to sell women a good relationship

Breaking news: C3PO discovered to be former gay male prostitute

I wish there were a 24 hour Culver's.

I'm sorry, but loud music at bars totally sucks ass!

Wow. The Lounge never sleeps, does it?

"No more Mr. Nice Gaius!"

radiohead vs. nirvana

Favorite Lord of the Rings hater

Good night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you

sometimes you just have to

Who wants to be my date? Male version....

Open Water. Worth renting on Dtv?

My 400th post! I'm going to bed!

2010 -- you've been hired to work at the * library's souvenir store ...

It's 2AM....

I'm tired of all this agreement, I want to see a thread of posts...

How come if you google "miserable failure" the first hit is...

Obnoxious drunks suck.


Good mornin' everyone!

Question about IRC - Videopimp

DAYTONA 500!!! DAYTONA 500!!!

WOW! "Garden State" was a great movie.

Bugs Bunny doing...Clint??!!??

Lord of the Rings - Book or Movie?

Hey Underpants!! You Ready For The Big Race Today?

DU Scoop!! (bad News) Grovelbot took all the $$-spotted in Daytona infield

for those in need of a little mind numbing . . .

A few weeks ago

Bill Maher, Leslie Stahl, Robin Williams and Joe Biden on "Jeff Gannon"

Supersize Me ... anyone else see this film?

Who is your favorite "Columbo" villian?

Hank Williams

Sarah Silverman on AMC this morning.

Is freedom hard to find?

What happened to the Freepers Rally to Support Gay Prostitution?

Who Is It?

Jerry Lewis quote of the day, "God goofed"


How easy is it to mod an X-Box?

Good joke.

AHHH- The after glow of sex

Is SeTswana music too BoTswana for DU?

Does anyone else REALLY like the "Mr. Brightside" video?

Oh dear...the paparazzi is already hounding Charles and Camilla

Have a UFO Story ? Wanna Share ?

This is a smoking thread

The more you know:

Is raga too Indian for DU?

Poll: Chris Rock to host Academy Awards

Why is SNL so unfunny?

JAWS fans: Here's a link to the mother of all conventions--JawsFest '05

Is Didgeridoo Music Too Aboriginal for DU?

Is country music too white for DU?

How Much Longer

hilarious picture:

Is GrovelBot too grovelly for DU?

When Dr. Tod Met Merle Haggard

Have you heard of

I'm starting to get popups on firefox

I'm playing The Sims 2 (windowed) Ask me anything!

President Bush's new name...

BWAHAHA! the gay agenda is taking over!

I'm going away on a pre-planned vacation; I'm not being disappeared

Bad Movies: Not bad ha-ha, just plain old bad.

Is Celtic music too otherworldly for DU?

Riots Breakout in Southern US over Cancellation of NHL Season

I'm not confused . . . just well mixed

Ashlee Simpson has NO talent...

When I see GOPusa, the word pus sticks out

Another name for Shrubbie: SATAN

ok, so I'm going to Italy tomorrow

So, who needs a sinus infection? Come on, line up.

NASCAR: A giant waste of gasoline?

Is metal music too psychotic for DU?

My five-year-old just called his older sister a "mean-assed pig".

Tweed & Thompson (Liberal talk radio, my show) on right now from 12-2pm

It's 28 degrees, and there's thunder and lightning. Ask me anything.

I met this girl last night...

What do you think of one-line threads?

Paris Hilton cell phone hacked. Stars numbers flood the Internet.

Picture to color (inspired by Longgrain)

Threads that don't go anywhere: a list

Need help exorcising procrastination deamon

I am looking for a song

Sudden surge in demand for toilet paper in China

Ska fans!

I guess Bush IS a good Christian after all!

Another name for Shrubbie: @#$%!

Share what freeps and wingnuts have written about you:

That "Diamond on the juice box" song and other misheard lyrics

joke time!

Poll: Favorite Star Wars Battle

really funny flash -- George Bush's Desktop

Is Irish Rap influenced by Americana Heavy Metal too weird for DU?

Robot Movie - Plz Suggest a good robot movie for kids that I am likely to

The Sims 2: raise your hand!

And he could take his orders from the talking walnut.....

Rap-haters are the ideological heirs of the rock-haters of the 1950s.

What part of FreeRepublic's site design do you hate the most?

My dog likes to hump my cat

Is 80's hair metal too cheesey for DU?

I did it . I did it I did it- andno explosions

982 Donations! WOOHOO keep it up DUers!

i got some kick ass hot water now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is rap too black for DU?

Mac & Cheese / Kraft Dinner Gourmets

Is Irish Heavy Metal just too weird for DU?

Is Tuvan throat singing just too far out for DU?

" look BIG today!"

Who wants a star? this funny or what?

Look what I got in my mailbox from that little tin beggar...

thank you Miss Kitty

Is techno too "Uhn-tss" for DU?

Check out the new hottest fashions

MLB Poll: Who will win the AL Central Division?

A friend of mine might have found a dead body......

Brain Teaser!

Ever Had NASAL or SINUS SURGERY ??? ??? How'd you come out in the end?

Greatest President of the 21st century...

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE! Bulldog sues the Internets!

oops...German penguins are gay!

Are You A Country-Mouse Or A City-Mouse?

Kinkade haters are the idealogical heirs of the Jesus-haters of the 0030s.

does it still say 982 donations?

MLB Poll: Who will win the NL Central Division?


What song best describes your City/town/villiage/commune?

After Sandra Dee's death I was wondering

As soon as you're born they make you feel small

"office-park dad'. Successor to 'soccer mom"

Boy Band haters are the ideological heirs of the rock-haters of the 1950s.

I am not going to any pizza places in Akron, Ohio.

Anybody here have experience with diabetes in cats?

Listening to sone Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Blood Sugar Sex Magik".

Did you realize you could put Grovelbot on Ignore?

i will check in later- after blowing up my house

Are you an audiophile?

I've figured it out! A Republican Party is where...

Is Gannon Bush's Monica?

Focus on the Family told me that "tolerance" was a code word for butt sex

Need some feedback

You know, we should have an official Grovelbot appreciation thread!

Why Do I Want an iPod shuffle?

What do you think of one-word thread starters?


If you drive faster than me,your an idiot,if slower, a moron.

For Cat Lovers!

Should I go back to cartooning?

A message from my son:

I went to the USA for the first time since I discovered DU

Sergeant. I think it's a bad idea to march today.

YEAH! shrub just got booted!

check this out, spongebong

Gidget is gone---Sandra Dee dead at 63.

Favorite Lord of the Rings battle

Paris Hilton's address book

I FINALLY donated! Ask me anything!

I'm sorry, but country music is bad poetry and bad art.


MLB Poll: Who will win the NL East Division?

Guilty Pleasures? Confess!

TV Alert... BSG 1&2 on UHD tonight! Sub: (Been Smokin here all day!)

Goddam Internet Explorer

Question re: bank cards

you want a piece of me?

Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the devil?

MS Excel question (labeling charts)

This is Bob. Bob is doing well.

Sandra Dee died this morning :(

Shall I put YOU on ignore?

Jim Gannon has destroyed the word/name "Bulldog"

What is man's GREATEST invention....

I am going to see Howard Dean on Friday!!

I'm sorry, but Rap is bad poetry and bad art.

What did your mom used to yell at you about....

Any Kerry fan need a star?


There it IS! I got my star!

MLB Poll: Who will win the AL West Division?

Kittens do the craziest things, here's a very funny Video

I just watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind (is that

TinkyWinky coloring picture

The Way This Country Is Going

Do you have a favorite brand of tea?

"Champagne Supernova" Who else loves it?

I'm sorry, but generalizations are bad poetry and bad art.

Help me find three netflix dvd's worth watching

Got any song lyrics I could use?

MLB unPoll: Who gets the two Wildcards


Need some help with developmental psychology

Recommend foreign rock bands to me!

thoroughly enjoying the music today

Name one thing your pet did that you thought was funny or cute.

Thread for those of us not interested in racing or music.

I am gonna drain the hot H20 heater-any suggestions?

Tell a little bit about where you come from

Today is Kurt Cobain's birthday. He would have been 38 years old.

MLB Poll: Who will win the AL East Division?

MLB Poll: Who will win the NL West Division?

What do you think the English language will look like in 1000 years?

Who Is Your Favorite Robot Character?

'Eternal Sunshine,' 'Sideways' win at Writers Guild Awards

Golf - Waste of Time and Natural Resources? Is it really exercise?

HELP! Need a working 286 or 386 motherboard SX20 or slower

Under 21?

My new toy!

Squonking wild free jazz thread- are you scared now?

So......who won the '500?

Peeked into GD just now. "Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon Gannon..."

Why Don't People Worship the Ancient Greek/Roman Gods Anymore?

Anyone else tired of the "ideological purists" in GD and GD:P?

Been snowing here all day.

Interesting thing about my political activity.

WTF - who was I talking to in AIM Chat last nite? It was some DU'ers

I just saw Million Dollar Baby today (possible spoiler)...

Usenet - Question - ...

Stump the Wal-Mart Fan!

Do you have a favorite brand of tree?

WTF happened to Sunday night "Adult Swim"????

OK, so who needs a star?

I'm cutting way back on my sugar consumption in the hope of losing weight.

By request, even more pictures to color.

This made me cry, and kept me up most of last night....

is americana music just too cool for DU?

Introverted DUers: Post your burning questions about ultrahip DUers here!

Is underground rock too original for DU?

Here's your Baptist smile for the day!


I want to see pics of my fave DU kitties!!!!

Tricia Helfer.

Any central NY DUers around? I want a partner for "Drinking Liberally."

Tonight, I celebrate my love for {fill in the blank}

My favorite Don Rickles joke

I am forming the DU chapter of, He-Man Woman Haters Club...

Official Daytona 500 Thread!!!

"Suite Judy Blue Eyes" Who else loves it?

How did you chose your on-line name?

I love mashed potatoes. What do I do?


Biggest Misconceptions about PETA and/or vegitarianism

Christian right leader has Bush's ear

what do Isralis think of the Rapture?

Huge 'star-quake' rocks Milky Way

Abandoned but not alone

ok -- i know straight men who enjoy being penetrated

Bill Maher's Homophobic Rant

Champion's League Matchday 7 Thread.

OK... So is there a freakin' race today or what?

Before Lance Armstrong: Joseph Magnani -- The Unknown American

Cats Who Act Out

Hello Everyone! I'm Here

Here's a poll for us...

Someone offering to buy a star for somebody

bashing Barbara Boxer now

New Kerrycrat here...

Kerrycrats Rule

Check "Hate mailbag" if you want some laughs

David Kay: Brits "still deluded" on WMD

Do Iranians support Bush?

Sounds to weird to be true but can we research it?

Is Bush on tape admitting drug use?

Dear Ann Poem

Bill Maher on Jeff Gannon: Very Funny


Bush Labor Department Puts Wal-Mart in "Privileged Position"

2006 midterms: Has anyone done the math?

What rethug seats are in danger in your state/ district?

Why is SLATE silent on Gannon?

Indymedia: Editors whose news outfits ran Bush propaganda should resign

What ever happened to the Freeper's "Save Jeff Gannon" Rally in DC?

My Homer Simpson "D'oh!" moment on Jeff "Man Cannon Gannon."

Bolger's jet trip broke bank's rules - Riggs report latest

So how do you think the new Reagan stamp...

Chris Matthews - Tweety Moron

Gannongate & prestitution versus Watergate: nearly the same?

Pope riles Jews by comparing abortion to Holocaust

The old Jim Baker/Roger Ailes trick on Faux and Friends

Gannon was an irritant?

Its ManDateGate ok?

The Conservative Voice: Gannon /forum discussion

"Secret Recordings Foreshawdowed Bush Plans"

CNN "Reliable Sources" covering Gannon/Bloggers

PDA: Open letter to ALL elected Democrats

smirk is trying "transformational diplomacy" on the EU

Bush tapes,"I did cocaine" ABC with george steph

Maher show on Gannon - security breach why no hearings?

Bill Maher on Jeff Gannon

Did Bruce Eberle get Gannon top White House access?

I am so pissed with the wording of this Gallup Poll Question....

Why don't we know??

Dean/Perle debate

Why is everyone talking about 2008?

National Call Joe Lieberman Day (Update II)

Weadtapes, bush: "John Ashcroft would be a good choice for Supreme Court"

Richard Perle and the Shoe/Video

I Wonder How Many Christian Ministers Preached About "Gay Sin" This Week

Secret Bush tapes - legitimate news or smokescreen

Hard Press passes are brown. I wonder what color the HOOKER pass is?

Evangelical Christians gather to press political agenda (Fl again)

The conservatives have a different perspective on role of the press

"Bush's Iraq Coalition Shrinking"

The tapes: Let's turn innoculation into an education

Could someone summarize the top three news stories of the week?

We got *! Anybody seen Ken Starr?

Would you add anything to my F/911 Michael Moore response?

With minds sealed tightly shut. (Re: Gannon & the Christian right.)

Town hall meetings this week on Social Security

Just as I suspected! MSNBC: Guess who's trying to infiltrate Iraq?

Gannon Gate -ConyersBlog -2/20/2005,10:30am

Spring '06-What tear-jerking, flag-waiving, terrifying terrorist terror,

Suggestion: DU needs a "Do Something" sub-forum for this issue?

Bush just loves them straw men!

Al Franken gets set up at CPAC

Legislative action: abolish the death penalty, Rx drugs, national sales ta

JJGG makes the cartoons!!!

What Do You Think Of Wes Clark/Richard Clarke 2008?

Mangate and homophobia

LeShow Doing 10 minutes+ on Gannongate

Doing Something About Wal-Mart

Newsletter Criticizing Bush Plan Censored

hilarious animated gannon/bush icons... nsfw

Why isn't Bob Novak going to jail? (OpEd)

What do yo think about a Feingold/McCain Ticket?

Did Barbara Boxer just say she would vote "yea" for Negroponte on C-Span?

Why do we treat our former nominees like garbage?

Help me!--need advice on being a Vice Chairman of local party...

CNN now has a good interview about Gannongate

Question about Novak and the Plame case

Chavez puts a dead-man switch on US oil exports.

Pelosi is looking forward to working with Mr. Death Squad?

A Theory On Gannon

Why don't the Democrats officially withdraw from participation...?

Politicians like Hillary...

Why Can't Ex-Felons Vote?

Please, Senator Clinton, call them "Freedom Fighters"...

Clinton, Boxer, Tubbs Jones,others; To Unveil Major Election Reform Bill

Very flashy, this release of Secret Bush Tapes

Can Gannon/Guckert be prosecuted for prostitution?

Newsweek - Gannon's Enemies List

Howie Kurtz keeps defending Gannon, but, never defends Eason Jordan, CNN

A UK diplomat says Britain is part of a worldwide torture plot. Is he tell

Get the word out on the PNAC

bush makes a fool of himself in Europe

Valerie Plame, Repuke Stupidity, and a cry for help!

Hillary now an official Iraq neocon: Calls for long-term occupation

Bush tapes try to justify silence as to his use of marijuana with a

Doesn't the Right cry bloody murder when Bush is compared to Hitler?

Bush on Gore: "I may have to get a little rough for a while,"

Dean/Perle debate now on C-Span 1. 5:00 PM Sunday

The release of "secret" recordings where Bush tries pot

44% still think some 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi !

Will we "turn" on Barbara Boxer if she votes for Negroponte

Bush Doing What Kerry Said

Fantastic Tom Tomorrow cartoon on Iraq

17% of Americans believe they will escape death

What Nominee Would Be Bad ENOUGH For Us To Agree They Must Be Stopped?

Hillary leads shift to right on abortion

Paul Bonacci, and the GOP Child Sex Ring

If Frist is the 2008 Republican nominee,

RNC Plans To Build 2006 Elections Around Rudy vs. Hillary Senate Race

BushLies2.Us is back up and has a new home...