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Too early to call election a success (Nichols)

The Achievement of Malcolm X (MR)

Democrats, Aristocrats, and the Torturer's Assistants

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): Deeds, Not Words

ACLU Petition against Mickey ''big bro" chertoff who has terrorist ties

Reports of program's demise are greatly exaggerated (USA Today)

Ever Wonder Who Has Nuclear Weapons?

Grim News Seen from Climate Meeting

A Letter to the President from Dr. Friedberg

The Gold Star Families are ignored by Dumsfield.

Ted Rall: What Would Republican Jesus Do?

The Nation: "Dick Durbin, Bush Fighter"

The *Real* Reason Bush Wants to Attack Social Security? to post real time rebutal of SOTU

Letter from John Kerry Call to action

Did the NY Times ever fess up about that ad that didn't run?

Canadians: Did 'The Daily Show' just get censored? (Tue night)

Protest plus PR Stunt - Ebay auction of "Conservative Talk Radio Host"

Please move the

Please stop this train wreck while you can, the fur has begun to fly...

I must echo blondeatlast's sentiments.

I'd like to respectfully disagree with the Pope thread being moved

Why was the Pope thread moved from the Lounge?

I also respectfully disagree with the Pope thread being moved.

Again, no decent...

Can you tell me why my photos disappeared from this page?

How are the threads closed in this ????

a suggestion

In defense of Cheswick--

I have a question why my post was deleted

Dear hearts, the KOEB sends you flowers and joy tonight.

Attorney General halts East Jerusalem property expropriation

Making America as "Secure" as Israel

Strange Phone Call on UA Flight 175

No filibuster? a torture advocate will get a free pass in the USA?

is there a map of red/blue states with exit poll results?

What happened to Wayne Madsen?

Diebold problems in Alameda County; paper ballots alternative !

Every Vote Counted This Will Make You Boil Please Watch The Video

URGENT! Contact D-Senators re Gonzales, * arrogance & Election Fraud...

Lets score a direct hit for DU with this, blast your Dems now!!!

The Democratic Senators who will vote for Gonzales are not on my side

SOTU the pharmacy. Barf bags are selling out tonight.

VOTE; *'s State of Union Speeches-51% Forgettable-* as a Speaker-53% POOR-

Countdown (KOEB) Thread - Tuesday

VOTE needs help: We need links to other Progressive sites

News Release - U.S. Election Assistance Commission Annual Report

Beware of the next electoral fraud scheme...

What happened today? DIFI and Boxer agreed to give Gonzales the job

He's back! Grams considers Senate run against Dayton

XXX Porn Dialer problem!!!

Public records law needs a backbone

Time Magazine: Stinktorum is one of Top Evangelicals

Charles Soechting Endorses Dean for DNC

Take back Superbowl Sunday - for GOD!!!

Iraqi election wasnt for the Iraqis it was for us

I have a question...How does the sun

I would like discussion on taxes

Today in Black History - Meet Andrew Young Jr.

"The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to..."

Message From John Kerry-Call 1-866-876-4490 - Put Kids First campaign

Watching Chomsky vs WF Buckley Video... Devastating!

About the Pope

Dick in the hell did he ever work for clinton...and he claims

Is our democracy dying?

Digby has the right idea about FRAMING, and why Lackoff's frames suck

A Neo-Con's Murder Spree

Boy, ol' Bin Laden sure got the best of bush didn't he?

Caption this.... (photo)

Wal-Mart is socialism, privately owned.

Brother Jeb Apes Chimperator's moves

Re-Caption and/or Photoshop Colin Powell and his little vial

Did Viktor Bout's Network Really Stop Supplying U.S. Contactors?

How many faces can a trained chimp make? (photo ->)

U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote

Now Big Jim's been a-drinkin' and playing poker on a losing night...

Here is a recent Dear Abby letter....

Her Name was Molly. She was a Canine 9/11 Hero - R.I.P.

Know what's scary? I read the Qadaffi interview in TIME...

america inc

At least Clinton eventually admitted his mistakes and owned up to them.

Bill Maher on HBO now.....

"Frontline" on PBS is going after the credit card companies.

need help with info regarding Bush cutting money for higher education

Internet Radio site of the day

The 'Are You a RW'er?' Test

Bush to Push for Bigger IRS Budget

AP: Infection Aggravate Pope's Parkinson's (some new info + explanations)

Can someone point me to the First Amendment quiz . . .

Two items in my local paper over the last couple days:

GOP taking aim at health insurance paid by employers

Is anyone planning to tally the lies in B**h's SOTU speech tomorrow?

Letter from John Kerry-hope its not a dupe-please call

Secretive Groups supporting Bush

Will Chalabi be attending the SOTU again tomorrow?

The elections in Iraq...did their women get to vote?

Iraqi Leader Says THOUSANDS Couldn't Vote

The Devil's Hand: No, It's Not 'Hook 'Em Horns

If they tried to amend the constitution to stop Blacks from marrying each

Lol this poll has been DU'd

Most wars are about economics.

has anyone ever been to la paz

Mandatory Malloy: Tuesday Truthseeker Meet Up

Bush Retirement Accounts Plan Dead -- Top Democrat (Reid says no votes!)

We are 59 Million strong - act like it - let's organize a boycott strat.

In Support of Ward Churchill and His Press Release-Media Distortions 101

Is it wrong for me to not give a hoot what happens to Michael Jackson?

Peak Oil and Personal Debt

Want to have some fun???

Do I have this correct or am I just imagining that credit scores...


Hats Off to Howard Dean

Freepers Are Having An Auction

A RW'er just revealed that Kerry voters are more concerned with security..

Shrub seems to want to eliminate NPR/PBS! Please do the following.

Did Kerry make a fool of himself on Meet the Press?

George McGovern on gay marriage --

Did anyone see Larry King tonight????

Million Dollar Baby Discusson: Buchanan - SPOILER ALERT!!!!

I'm So Thrilled About the Democracy in Iraq....

Is Bush really as Dumb as he seems?

How much of w's SOTU shitfest will you watch?

Any chance that the next Pope will be more liberal?

"Imperialism not invincible"-Hugo Chavez at World Social Forum

Worse than the Nazi's....

Baked Rigatoni

Sfogliatelle Ricce - The King of Italian Pastry

Helms writes UN to Keep Clinton out

Bill to Fix Utah Gay-Marriage Ban Loses

Abu Ghraib Guard Pleads Guilty in Abuse

TX: Radioactive waste proposal discussed

Military Death Benefit Called Too Narrow

Maoists call three-day strike in Nepal

Health Chief Blasts States on Medicaid

Annan asks for more than 10,000 peacekeepers for Sudan

Murray, Wyden to oppose Gonzales nomination (WA, OR)

Surprise release for terror suspect - Guardian

Iran Determined to Be Nuclear Fuel Exporter

Va. Proposal Would Support Congregations In Church Splits

Bush to Push for Bigger IRS Budget

British soldier: "I saw forklift abuse"

HHS Backs Protection For Special Consultant

Iran determined to be nuclear fuel exporter

Jesse Jackson joins effort to help free contractor held hostage in Iraq

Marines land in Haiti for aid mission

Kurds set to win two-thirds of vote in Kirkuk

For Frist, Tough Agenda and Conflicting Pressure

Iran ready to sign key deal with Russia on nuclear plant

Brownback says Annan should resign if U.N. doesn't act in Darfur

U.S. promises release of defence equipment: Pakistan

Turkey slams US for failing to rein in Iraqi Kurds

Report: Invalid Florida ballots at all time low in 2004 election

Democrats: Social Security a Distraction

ALA Files Amici Curiae Brief Supporting Former FBI Translator

U.S. Loses Ruling on Gray Wolves (Bush Violated Edangered Species Act)

Iraqi Leader Says Thousands Couldn't Vote

Uranium Testing Said to Indicate Libya-Korea Link -NYT

Bush Not Revealing Social Security Details ('nowhere near ready')

Infighting Cited at Homeland Security

Venezuela Considers Sale of U.S. Refineries

Fingerprint school lunch programs raise concern

Christopher Reeve's widow to attend State of the Union

Bush Retirement Accounts Plan Dead -- Top Democrat (Reid says no votes!)

NYT: Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats

Bush Budget to Scrap Subsidy for Amtrak-Sources

5-Year Subway Repair Is Suddenly a 10-Day Job

Castro says only U.S. nuclear attack can defeat him

Medicare to cover Viagra, similar sex performance drugs

Iran Must Not Have Nuclear Weapons, Says US

Church Groups Turn to Sonogram to Turn Women From Abortions (NYT)

CIA: Baghdad abandoned chemical weapons program in 1991.

Castro calls Bush 'deranged'

Sharpton Joins With an Animal Rights Group in Calling for a Boycott of KFC

Morgan you know who she is?

Freepers fighting over the Masons

My wife overdosed on caffeine-free Diet Pepsi

Crap! The last clementine in the crate is dried-out and inedible!

Drum samplers are a hoot.

I'm getting all misty eyed

FYI -- Last Day of Pompeii reruns tonite at 8 eastern

Bringing a spark back to the parish

Whatever happened to ScreamingLordByron ?

I am going to invade the People's Republic of Sealabia.

Meet our new deity...*drumroll*...Veronica

Freepers fighting over Marsha Mason.......

Groundhogs Day

Strangers than piss you off.

I just got called for a JOB interview

I just took a 6-hour nap. Ask me anything.

I'm going to see MC Chris aka MC Pee Pee Pants tonight.

I went for Blood Work today i.e. panic attacks

A hottie just sat next to me at the Libree

Well they rerun last nights Letterman Show.

All George W. Bush does is start neo-con shit and talk bullshit.

What's with all the talk about booze?

A question on buying tires

OMG. Jamiesons.

Would you respond to an internet personals ad?

Patrick O'Brian appreciation thread

Quick! Recommend a good beer light ...

remember to place threads in the appropriate forum/group

Thoughts and prayers for his Holiness, John Paul II, please.

Who decides which threads belong in the lounge?

oh, crap - how do i turn off the large typeface?

Ohio AAR (Clear Channel) station comes in in Nashville.

Any DUers who have takne both the GRE and LSAT

How much is a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme?

Best Michael Moore Film?

Sha-la-la-la sha-la-la-la-la-la sha-la-la-la-la-la

I hereby refuse to 'get jiggy' with anything. Who's with me?

What do you think this little guy recently ate??

I am also straight and dont know how to talk to girls

I like cherry tootsie roll pops the least

How old is the Pope?

babysitter leaves poem in husband's notebook...

Dear Lounge, the tie threads paid off tonight.

I'm not gay and I have NO POINT!

Can someone help me find a program to download?


Fun is also part of many other words, ya' know....

Now Big Jim's been a-drinkin' and playing poker on a losing night...

I'm Gay and I Talk to Girls All the Time. Really Cute Ones Too.

I'm straight and I can talk to ANYBODY!

Enough of the bitching. Tell me something really nice that you saw someone

I'm Gay and I have NO MALE FRIENDS.

What is the name of this symbol? £

I am Bono...frontman for the greatest band in the world.

If you hate the Patriots, you have to check this out

His Majesty is like...

SOTU away, a drinking game

Favorite "Match Game" panalist

Metallica's The Black Album: Love it or hate it?

Family Guy thread time!

What's your favorite Soap? And Why

Is it me or does Bill Maher make a lot of sense?

Listening to Metallica's "Ride the Lightning".

Best Madonna Album

WTF is up with AIM

The non fighting Democrats better watch out if Dean becomes boss

I'm a person and I talk to just about everyone which probably explains

True or False

Damn deleted messages!

bigwillq! I hear you've been after my woman!

Just in case your fingers need exercise, I could really use a massage

Ashlee Simpson would not make it to Hollywood.

8 out of 10 people I saw DRIVING today, were on the damn cell phone!

I'm half-gay, and i don't know how to talk to guys OR girls

Do you feel just a little guilty

I don't talk to anyone and I like it that way!

World's smallest game of Pac-Man.

I'm confused - Did the Pope die, or is he on his deathbed??

I'M GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rudy T stepping down from the Lakers..?!

Elderly La. Couple Die Within 3 Days

miss_kitty sure has a high post count for a relative newcomer!


True or false: Women more often than not ignore short men

I just ate a whole box of Chicken in a Biscuit crackers.

Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'......

I've got something to say. I killed your baby today.

I just saw "The Aviator" and I am in love with Kate Beckinsale."

This needs Captioned - Dr. Phil a.k.a. Uncle Pervy

Why are there 10 Commandments?

Who remembers John Paul I in 1978...

Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" - good? Not good? Could be better?


I got my inhaler for asthma

University of Washington Husky football fans -- season ticket renewal

I'm Gay and I Don't Have a F** H**g. Help!

I'm a Lesbian and I Talk to WOMEN All the Time. Really Cute Ones Too.

Crap! I wish I had some pie so I could unite Aspies!

I dont have MPD, I just have a good imagination so stop saying that

Quick! Recommend a good light beer ...

Am I starting to look old?

I am going to invade the Principality of Sealand


I have a chance to leave a Defense contractor job

I'm Straight and I Talk to WOMEN and MEN All the Time. Really Cute Ones To

What Browser Are You Using?

The Jam

Free Hugs!

How are we going to handle the Pope's death?

Sponge Bob Press Conference: "Everything you've heard is true"

On which planet should DU establish a colony on so we can survive?

Parenting a 13 yo boy question.

I confess: I'm going to buy a laptop tax free in Oregon

The How did Kenny die thread. (southpark)

Can you help me find the Ebay link for this?

I Can't Stop Burping Up The Taste Of Sausage Pizza

Has back hair gotten a bad rap?

This may be an indelicate time to bring this up...

I am Greg Graffin...frontman for the greatest band in the world...

I'm gonna download an album...which one should it be?

Does anyone watch "House" on.... Fox?

Oh great...

I just ate a lot of pie.

Who's The Funniest Woman In The Whole Wide World?

Coors & Molson merger...a damn shame.

I need a drink, ask me anything

Group Proposal: NyQuil Group

Shows that were verboten in your household

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Breaking: Chimp SOTU Speech cancelled - DC out of bananas.

Augh! Knitting Retreat Changes

Just saw PIZZA PARADISES on Travel Channel

Sad news about my dog.

Fans of "American Dreams"

C'mon people. You have to admit that AC/DC sucks.

Guys; I need help finding swimsuit models on Image search

I have a question for any ladies here willing to help me out...

Spaying and Neutering Pets.

Thoughts and prayers for his Holiness, John Paul II, please.

House Democrats to draw up faith agenda - I sent them Yurica's articles

About the Pope

Thoughts and Prayers for the next Pope

Intelligent design

Birds rise in intellectual pecking order

President Bush Is Supporting Policies to Make Gay and Heterosexuals Equal

Is the term "Christian-bashing" offensive?

Why all the hate towards religion?

OK University of Illinois people...

Impeach Bush or Win the Superbowl?

19-0 baby!

A question, and a warning regarding canine heart worm.

My cat likes to chase the mouse pointer on my computer screen!

How does "Internet Prayer" work?

God, I hate it when people are condescending

Sorry about the nasty people regarding the Pope ,John.

I'm Catholic and I am a Democrat

Are these people for real?

Call 1-866-876-4490

I could dance like a crazy idiot but please read this first

Fuck Skull and Bones

Does hot air from torture condoners impress anyone here?.

Show MLK documentary to students, and get sued

When Do You Think the Iraqis Will Discover They Have Been Had??

Are there any updates on Elizabeth Edwards' health?

Wow! Anyone notice how many Condi defenders and

On Hardball - Tweety's interviewing Gov. Pataki

Uh oh, see what happens when you let "uppity" Iraqis vote!

holy viet nam redux, Batman!!!

Dana Reeve Will Attend President Bush's Speech, Hopes for Stem Cell Funds

Just got this email re: Kids First Act: Call 1-866-876-4490

everyone with knives drawn for Obama re: Gonzales...

Why be caught in pettiness? After all, politics is politics . . .

"It is not merely democracy itself that we seek" (in the middle east)

What today's aol poll is saying about Bush

Canada : Judge stops terror suspect's deportation

Progressive Proposal for Fair and Simple Tax Reform

Is there a list of Senators currently NOT supporting Gonzales?

Can anyone recover Rice quote where she says without WMDs war was wrong?

Who will be the bigger DINO, Obama or Salazar?

CNN on the SOTU: Bush still refuses to "negotiate with himself"

Ward Churchill: What's the Real Story?

I hate those automatic reply e-mails from the media

Maybe they are just confused about "advise and consent" as a concept!

Guardian: Bush not revealing Social Security details

Anybody have a link to Chavez's speech at the internation forum this week?

Reid: Not a single Dem senator will support Bush on Soc. Sec.

Kerry is being a PROACTIVE advocate for our children.

Why is the truth so low rated? HELP rate the this up...

SBC and AT&T to merge, both good friends of chimpy

Do we really needs another "Kerry's Kids" thread?

Making Political Hay into Political Gold!

Fox News Buys Al-Jazeera

Kennedy Kicked neoCONspirators' Butts Today!!!

congratulations to the Iraqis

Has anyone noticed the southern right wing stereotype shining on CSPAN?

Hey Beverly and Tim LaHaye!

Bush rips off Kerry's idea for military death gratuity, exactly as

Man accused of stealing from GOP organization [Indy Star]

Fight like hell against these labels on Dean, Kennedy, ect.

Kerry bashing is a herpes sore on the ass of DU

If support for gay rights costs us another national election ...

The WHITE HOUSE'S / Bush's Fake Journalists!!!

This Poll about Social Security needs to be DUed

Was it secret support for Gonzales or did they lack 41 votes?

my letter to be published in Voice of the People this week

Watching Kerry on the Daily Slow. He's DONE!

MSNBC: Japan and China "own more of America than Rhode Island does"

More RIGHT WING SCUM propaganda - maybe the lowest of the low...

Ed Meese praises John Ashcroft upon his retirement >

Did anyone else get the idea

Jesse Helms Pleads to Keep Clinton Out of U.N.

Dean Emerging as Likely DNC Chair according to New York Times

So far Harry Reid has exceeded my expectations

CHRIS MATTHEWS JUST LIED HIS ASS OFF, Claims Kerry never said a word

Christopher Hitchens -- political insights in VV

Is anybody else watching Larry King?

Iraqi elections give Bush big boost in approval ratings: now 52%

How much is winning worth to us?

World Social Forum has Bush (War Crimes) in its sights

Something to freak out the Fundies with...

Who are the Democrats you wish you'd hear more from?

True or False

Naomi Klein on why we lost ... (a must read !!)

Black Churches in LA meet today/move toward GOP

Not a single Senate Dem will support Bush's Social Security plan

State of the Union - Message from Rep. Pelosi

This Time It's 100% On Dems Shoulders---No Excuses Accepted

"Banning, house arrests-it all sounds eerily familiar " UK Law

A poem I found on called "Carly's Poem, A Nation Falls Asleep."

Why Should We Shield the Killers?

Ian Black (Guardian Utd): The rifts that remain

More great Gene Lyons

"Bring 'em On!"

The Costly Right to Know (re: OBL family members whisked away after 9/11)

Bush and the World Court, war criminals need to stick together....

Arianna Huffington - Post-Election Buzzkill: Why Iraq Is Still A Debacle

Bush promotes nuclear war hawks. The C.I.C. [ Chickenhawk In Chief ]

Must read -- Guardian (UK) - The Vietnam turnout was good as well

What Are We Fighting For?/ Naomi Klein on Election Mistakes and The War.

Feds shouldn’t be allowed to keep unclaimed bonds

Own Your Own Science R & D: Toles: Wash Post

A Nation Rocked to Sleep

Juan Cole - Religious Shiites claim Victory

Right-wing media squares

Karen Anderson interview with Powell's

ACLJ vows to push ID as science

A Handful of Rice: Great editorial from the Iconoclast!

Bobby Mueller on PBS's "News Hour" Tonight

Mark Morford - Come See Our Brutal Democracy

FoxNews Puts Me In Its Crosshairs (RW "attacks", professor speaks out)

There is a tolerant, pluralist tradition in Islam - We shouldn't ignore it

The Violence of Conservatism, by Jeff Tucker...

(CA) Press Enterprise: What agenda?

Medical bills pave way to poorhouse, study says

The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle

Jesus' General on Bush's SOTU

have you been to the Liberal Oasis today?

? ? Anyone have a copy of the Ramsey Clark ED. in the LATimes??

Healthcare Isn't a Tomato

Way-low US Interest Rates ‘Backfired’

Open Voting/Election Reform event in Santa Cruz, CA 2/4

URGE Oprah to commemorate 40th anniversary of voting rights

Our LAST chance to save Social Security before we get F**ked again!

Rebellion thread - part rant, part serious

SUPPORT "VIVA 2005" for Voter Verified Paper Ballots*

The American media and the Iraq election

Joe Flint: News Anchors' Cameo Roles Could Dent Their Credibility

Randi Rhodes: Can she stop talking about their smear of her.

Air America reruns

Once-Conservative Adelphia Adds Hard-Core Porn to Cable

Wealth tax - it CAN be done...

Senators Reviving Bill Slapping Duties on China

Japan Struggling With Kyoto CO2 Targets - Reuters

Israeli Scientists - Acidifying Oceans May Flatten Coral Reefs - BBC

Exeter Conference - Global Warming Inevitable, Will Continue For Decades

China Warns 3 Gorges Operators After Rules Flouted

Dying Reefs - PBS - Newshour 2/2/05

Carlyle (?!?), Florida Power & Light Buying Stake in CA Solar Companies

Seeps Near Santa Barbara May Be Key to Oil Mystery

Review of Lexus hybrid SUV

West Antarctic Ice Sheet May Be Destabilizing - British Antarctic Survey

Russia Keeping Busy inAffairs of theMideast(counterwieght toUS-Iran/Syria)

Shiite Alliance Claims Victory in Iraq election

British Home Intruder Self Defence Laws Clarified

Brothers dead in murder-suicide (NY)

Here is a link to guidance on the UK's gun laws.....YOU WILL SHIT!

Please reconsider Cheswick's banning

I would like to second Tinoires post re Cheswick

I want to thank the moderator who moved the pope thread last night.

If Someone Supports A Specific Banishment Decision...

I second arwalden's post.

I posted this in the Lounge, but the Moderator suggested I post it here

Let Cheswick back in!

I'll repeat the plea... let Cheswick have another chance...

I am sorry to hear about Cheswick.

Parenting issues are now verboten?

Posted in the Lounge...

I wish to join my colleagues in defense of Cheswick

A response to this

I can't get into my PM inbox

Wow! Just a quick note of support for you and the Admins.

Can't get into a DU Group.

Kind of a sideways request

Could you check my postand the problem getting a link to work.

Please reinstate Cheswick

Stupid sig line formating questions

I agree with Yardwork and wish I could tell everyone


I asked the moderators in General Discussion the following...

Enough is enough -- or is it?

Trying... hard... no.... personal.... attack.... ARgGGGgghhhhh!!!!

Does the DU prevent image leeching?

Have a drink on me, Skinner.

Add me to the list of DU'ers who miss Cheswick2.0!

How about a webmaster group?

"This thread is not providing productive dialog."? Plz explain

I'm mildly concerned

What is the rule for posting right wing opinion pieces in Gen. Discuss.?

PA arrests suspect in girl's murder

Egypt to Host Israeli-Palestinian Summit

Suicide boming victims' families sue Arab bank alleged to finance them

Rice backs Palestinian statehood

The beheadings and the websites

WHY didn't this plane blow up in a huge fiery crash?????

I was watching the TV news coverage of the corporate jet....

American Library Association Files Amici Curiae Brief Supporting Edmonds

Official story of UA 93 is a big lie

Chris Anderson: Growers grid for arrival of soybean rust

Chicago Tribune: Journey to integration

Southern Illinoisan: Governor to promote local wineries

Peoria Journal Star: Matt Hale sentencing scheduled for April 6

Chicago Sun-Times: Politicians beat up on American Girl doll

Anybody have any thoughts on how the Illinois delegates

State Journal Register: Three Lincoln sites will be open daily

When you vacation in Illinois, where do you go?

I don't understand this country...

Debunking Bu$hit: Iraqi leader says thousands couldn't vote

For the first time, vote-rigging may become a serious issue at a general

Has anyone heard anything from the election fraud Hearing in Jacksonville

Fellowship up front: THE STEALTH PERSUADER: Douglas Coe

Bradblog: Friedman Interviews Curtis!

Election Reform Event in Santa Cruz, CA Friday 2/4

Conyers on Hartmann right now!

Report: Invalid Florida ballots at all time low in 2004 election

Gonzales Senate debate on C-Span 2

Would You Want To Be The Person To Take Over The White House

Hey what I would like to see is the rethugs...

Fill out the online petition to support Dodd / Conyers

The weekly VOTE online chat meeting has been rescheduled!

No, "Urine" Hatch, I'm Hispanic, you ARE NOT

Agenda: Strip Democrats of voters and money

Democrats...concluded they didn't have the political stomach to block him

Countdown (KOEB Thread) Redux - the Tie Thread

Anyone else think the timing of this McAuliffe thing is Dean-related?

DU this poll!

Will electronic vote stealing be fixed by the 2006 midterms

Up Front Evidence Links of Election FraWd need to be posted

Wednesday 2/2 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Widespread manipulation of absentees and provisionals>>big swing in Florid

DEAN Emerging Chief:"Its a fait accompli, it's over: Deans going to be it"

Can Howard Dean make a difference as DNC Chair?

Letter from John Kerry and phone # to call 1-866-876-4490

I was feeling OVERWHELMED and intimidated before I had a major realization

There sure is a lot of bitching in here about the McAuliffe investigation.

Senate debate on Gonzales DAY TWO--on C-Span2 NOW...

Democratic Party will spend $500K to investigate Ohio vote

Election 2000, a nauseating stroll down memory Lane

International media: Statisticians refute explanation of 2004 US exit poll

The Horror! They got Elmo!

OK Here's my VIVA Support Letter, where's yours?

Paper ballots ,hand counted or e-voting paper trail

Ask Oprah to commemorate 40th anniversary march for voting rights

Migden endorses Dean for DNC Chair

Lovely pic of a young Gropenator... er... gropenating.

Lockyer sues over U.S. timber plan

Talk of delay in Shelley testimony

who are some of the Repukes that might run against DiFi

Those near Omaha who would like to join protest of Bush...

Jim McGovern Live on C-Span (2/2/05 - 12:40 pm est)

Reilly slams Romney on PAC activity

Heard on c-span WJ that there is speculation Romney won't run

White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny

Discussion of right wing blog attacks on AAR Minnesota this morning - -

Bush approval rating going UP in Minnesota!!

DFL Central Committee delegates - who're you supporting for DFL chair?

Did anyone see the two anti-state casino ads

Coleman explains his support for the war on Iraq in constituent letter

antivirus/firewall advice, please

Court rules Web site not liable for attacks in anonymous forum.

Li'l Ricky Santorum may have broken the law

Casey mulls run against Santorum [barf]

Ground Hog Day list of DUers in PA

City of Houston Attacks the Homeless (& actions you can take..)

Donor to DeLay Defense Fund Put on Ethics Panel (fox in hen house)

Houston Area DUers.... The Local Show at the Scout Bar in CL

Yo, Peg! Wanna run? Raise the funds

State Republican wants it both ways on Indian gaming

Doyle holds big financial lead over potential GOP rivals

The State of the State of the Union

Court rules Web site not liable for attacks in anonymous forum.

Next week's NYPD Blue: Military recruiter killed for recruiting student

dKos: One Senator is preventing unanimous Gonzales rejection

T hree weeks after suggesting he could help improve the Legislature's imag

Interesting "unauthorized" biography of the Bush family

Fox News buys Al-jazeera

What would Iraq be like right now (Feb 05) if the U.S. had not invaded it?

The White House Press Corps - WHO Are They? Please List Names Here >

How many racists?

What a yolk the rightwingnut yokels are.


Freeptards up in arms about gays again

I won't watch the phony SOTU speech, I prefer bush UNscripted

bu$h is in town

What Would Republican Jesus Do?

Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats - NYTimes

Assholes trying to force Creationism into K.C. schools

Lyndon LaRouche's people called me today. "Bush is emotionally frail"

Gross, Disgusting,Puke Worthy......Why did I look?

Former HW Bush justice employee Rifkin defending tourture

Rabbi May Have Given Babies Herpes

Republicans Understimate Howard Dean

On the subject of 'Religious Torture'

Tsunami Song Offends Any Standards of Decency - Sign the Petition

My boss just asked me about...

Please take this 2-minute HOSPITALITY TEST,

They're going to get away with it... all of it... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Prediction: Bush to give the world the finger tonight.

I don't really understand how the Iraqi election changes anything.

Please help spread the truth about Iraq

Help design tonight's SOTU drinking game

Study Ties Bankruptcy to Medical Bills

Kucinich speaking now CSPAN

Thatcher's last-minute change of heart

Your children soldiers are dead for a pointless war based on lies

Breaking: Bush to Wear Old Parka, Workboots for SOTU Speechifying

BREAKING: ANOTHER US Soldier Captured in Iraq! Exclusive Photo!

Highschool Survey - "First Amendment is a second-rate issue"

bush SS plan would put 7 million seniors into poverty

JD Hayworth suggests Iraqi terrorists crossing our borders

The Iraq War: What's in it for ME?

Hilarious photo of bush giving SOTU speech....

Bush's speech tonight

US police invited to train Canuck RCMP in profiling techniques

"The Family"

Hair apparent? Not for N. Korean men

Trouble with gmail?

PROPHETIC: Randy Newman's "Political Science"

The never ending idiocy of Bill O'Reilly...

Halliburton says will exit Iran when work complete

‘Sex offender’ at Concord was merely a streaker

Does seeing Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton together bug anyone else?


guy arrested for breaking into his own house!!

Ran out of ballots in Iraq? hear about this?

---Eric Rudolph update--- 2/2/05

"McClellan laughed off the question and ended the gaggle"

The Maynard Triplets....Are They Fat?????American Idol

Hey! How's that WMD commission coming along?

Republican Congressman calls Feds "psycho"

Acceptable lifestyle choices

Biting Steve Bell cartoon....'and bush created democracy'

If only Sy Hersh knew the half of it.

Comments About Gays, Abortion Upset Many At Council Meeting

What Happens If The Pope Dies

Funny Coulter video

Anderson Cooper on The Daily Show tonight

Justice Clarence Thomas to attend Bohemia Grove Club ... WTF is this?

If that Professor in CO had blamed 9/11 on GLBT people...

The mess that we are currently in indicates

Does anyone know the name of the drug sniffing dog case...

Demand Truth! Campaign wristbands - urges Democrats to unify around Truth

CNN Reporting people found 38 days after Tsuami

Inside scoop: SOTU speech preperation -so far not so good

Once-Conservative Adelphia Adds Hard-Core Porn to Cable

Things that will NOT be mentioned in tonight's bush speech:

LA Times: Depriving Democrats of voters and money is among W.H. policies

Another Professor in the Crosshairs of Fox News-Ward's Not Alone

Introducing blog site: DU competitor

A Must read... 'What I Heard about Iraq" by Eliot Weinberger

LOST tonight-new or rerun?

Question about neocons

India queues up for Iraqi spoils

Yogi Explains Jazz

This is a joke,... right?

will amahd chalabi be sitting behind pickles at the SOTU speech tonight?

Jacksonville's the place to be seen, for politicians, too

Anyone know what happened to

What the rest of the world watched on Inauguration Day

"On Bullshit" . . . by Henry Frankfurt, Princeton Univesity . . .

A$$croft: A short parting note.

A theory on the privatization of Social Security - Am I way off?

DU this MSNBC poll on Social Security, please

Booker T Washington vs W.E.B. Dubois

I was watching the TV news coverage of the corporate jet....

Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills -- U.S. Study

President Rainman

Right blames 911 on leftist professors...

Wes Clark and PNAC

James Watt: Ironically it's come to that for Republicans!

Italians 'slow to leave the nest'

Evolution responsible for 135 million deaths?!?

on the freedom of discourse...

How can it be we are liberating Iraqi people

Ask the WH Press Corps to Report on the Imposter in Their Midst!

End of the Evil Empire in sight?

Ruining a fundie "the Big Bang never happened" talking point

Rumsfeld may skip German visit to avoid war crimes prosecution

ABC Nightline: Koppel, Stephanopoulos swap in the works?

New Theme Park Ride to attract kids to serve in the Navy...

Crazy wingnut email

Website mapping historic links between Saddam and US gov't

Thank you Plaid Adder!

Comparison of Cho to Janklow

My kitties are on Catster now!

Old article about a PARALLEL SHADOW GOV operating in the usa! you know?

What has a more liberal connotation

Bush says he likes to 'shoot the breeze' with Gannon?

"flush limbaugh" says democrats should be open to "sacrifice".... SOTU

"Zero Tolerance" outtakes

Randi Rhodes: IS she going to rant all day on this one topic?

Who is delivering the Dem response tonight? I sure hope it has ball's

Pre - SOTU News Dump?

With all the 'revisioning' going on ...

If You're Under 55 Bush Promises To Cut Your Social Security Benefits!

So why did Talon News delete Jeff Gannon's bio?

Democratic and Independent Senators & Reps - turn your backs on * tonight is a good guy.....

A theory of evolution from a nun many years ago

Am I the only one that finds it humorous that George Will is bashing Dean

Freepazoid debating tactics

Was violence in Iraq on election day under-reported?

Planned Parenthood Chief Criticizes Kerry

Boston Globe Reports on the Jeff Gannon Scandal!

Its a crying shame when you can't trust the pResident

"God's trying to tell them people something".

Democrats Say Will Hold Bush 'Accountable' - Reuters

Am I the only one who feels like digging a hole

Crazy wingnut email - part II

Right Wing commentator spams the web with opinion piece on Gannon

If I was to take a drink

I Hope Everyone Is Prepared For the Bullshit Bath We Will Get Tonight.

DU this poll: Are bloggers journalists/deserving press protections?

Is everyone else as tired as I am of hearing every politician mention

Would you like to see Bill Clinton tapped as UN Sec'y Genl? DU THIS POLL!

Privatize parts of social security?

Social Security: Investment plan or insurance plan?

If every Democrat in the audience stood up and mooned * during the SOTU,

If bush gave them the O.K., the cultists would turn on us

The Future Of Iraq by Noam Chomsky

******Caption the pensive Chimperor *********

Wow. CNN pulled out the FANCY graphics for W's SOTU!

Hehe. My contribution to boycotting the media.

Berkeley "liberal" authors smear book on Cointelpro victim Judi Bari

bush's SOTUA preview; talking points on Social Security

Berra Sues TBS Over 'Sex and the City' Ad

Byrd on Gonzales CSPAN2 right now!

State Of The Union, 2005 - Preview Copy:

Why is war legal?

i want Democratic senators to reach across the aisle

I just completed the new Zogby survey

TV ad NBC won't run is now online (against Bush's "Tort Reform")

Congress votes against court ruling allowing college's ban on recruiters

PETA: Al Sharpton joins campaign against KFC's animal abuse

PHOTOS - * prepares for SOTU

Iraqi Sunni Clerics: "Election Lacked Legitimacy"

Sugarland in Contempt of Agreement with Baxter Widow

PHOTO: Tell me THIS isn't a little staged/airbrushed?

What happens to "Personalized Soc. Sec. Accounts" if stocks crash?

State of The Onion Address...Whats your Plans

"WMD": The Movie (Opening this weekend )

I am not a religious person, but...

And now for something completely different...a bit of bible study

Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart about to become neighbors

Is anti-reproductive rights advocacy hate speech?

Bush is Hitler and we are the Maginot Line

Bush's SOTU Agenda Is A Dump On Our Values And Traditions

NPR Commentator Betty Baye SLAMS neg. e-mailer re: A. Williams

Color me Suspicious, but why is the Iraq vote count taking so long?

Dems are going to have to stand and clap for the Iraq War

We are all complicit in the crimes of America: It's TAXES that do it.

are usa citizens to blame and complicit in the actions of their president?

Preview of the Danish elections

MoveOn needs to get more gutsy...

David Brock accuses Jeff Gannon of plagiarism.

Eleven SOA Watch peacemakers headed to federal prison

Straight/Bi/Gay Survey

When were the "good old days" in public education?

The Great Wall of The War on Terror

"the U.S. army has truly, and accurately been "decimated" in Iraq. "

GOD as sovereign source of law above all laws in usa,is this acceptable?

Jews For Jesus pamphlet

Today in Black History - Meet Stokley Carmichael (aka Kwame Ture)

*, GOP Quietly Dismantling Employer-Provided Health Insurance System

White people

only in virginia- the gun nuts abound!!!

CU Professor's (Ward Churchill ) press release.

Feminists For Pornography


Thanks Bearfan re: Sofrito

I've got lots of potatos, sour cream, mushrooms and a chardonnay

Recipes from the lounge

Gorgonzola Pasta ...

Canadian citizenship

Would you support Canadian membership of the European Union?

Planned Parenthood chief criticizes Kerry

Church Groups Turn to Sonogram to Turn Women From Abortions

Health Secretary Calls for Medicaid Changes

AP: Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse

Duma may allow use of armed forces in fighting terror

Tsunami Song Offends Any Standards of Decency - Sign the Petition

Eight killed in insurgent attacks

Congressman Vows to Salute to Iraq Voters ( Freedom Fingers?)

Four out of 10 desert new security force when under fire

Study: Feds Facing Employment Shortfall (security guards /investigators)

Pope hospitalisation raises talk of succession

CIA U-turn reported: Iraq ended WMD program in 1991

CIA set to officially revise Iraq weapons intelligence

US hostage 'may be action doll'

Infighting Cited at Homeland Security

Sunni Cleric Group Calls Iraq's Vote Illegitimate

Enron could face $1.67bn profiteering bill

Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills -- U.S. Study

RESNICK’S DUI CASE Justice ignored police orders

FAA To Outsource 2400 Air Traffic Controller Positions

Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills -- U.S. Study

Sunni Clerics: Iraqi Vote Illegitimate (AP)

Asylum decision suggests that US patience with Putin is wearing thin

Most Britons back Iraqi toll inquiry-poll

China creates first security consultations mechanism with Russia

State-Owned Rosneft Oil Company Begins Crude Deliveries to China

Gonzales Will Not Be Blocked

UK's Brown-G7 to Discuss U.S. Deficit Reduction

Hair apparent? Not for N. Korean men

Castro calls Bush 'deranged

DU this poll: Are bloggers journalists/deserving press protections?

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Arrested for DUI

Berra Sues TBS Over 'Sex and the City' Ad

Taking Border Patrol Into Their Own Hands (targets illegals at border)


It's more than politics -- it's personal (Seattle P-I)

Dems mull intel panel rules ploy (to investigate Bush) -The Hill


Iraq oil pipeline suffers new sabotage

Rumsfeld asks for restoration of nuclear 'bunker buster' program

Jane's Review warns of new terror group more radical than Al-Qaeda

China had role in Yukos split-up

White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny (busted!)

Chip Rightwinginstein tosses Bush a softball during White house press conf

Aging Population Poses Global Challenges (cuts in Medicaid)

ACLJ vows to push ID as science

Govt. is keen to deploy e-voting despite evidence of ballot rigging (UK!)

Nine saved 38 days after tsunami

Introducing blog site: DU competitor

Animal rights activist sells her skin for charity

Officers protest investigation of BSO

Soldier blinded in Iraq charged in alleged police assault

Arizona (Napolitano) will back Texas in Commandments battle

Gregoire seeks $350 million biotech fund (Seattle Times)

Suspect hit by Taser on 9 occasions; 41-year-old died 4 hours after his ar

Machinists Union Endorses Dean for DNC Chairman

FSU center spent public money to tout feds' policies

Lawmaker: Ukraine sold Iran, China nukes (Cruise missiles too)

Nine Tsunami Survivors Found

Child Suspended After Finding Toy Gun At Bus Stop

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 2 February

Family plans for Marine's funeral instead of wedding

Group files complaint to FCC over rejected ads

Tsunami toll now nearly 300,000

The Prosecutor Never Rests (Patrick Fitzgerald)

Iraq hero joins hallowed group (First Medal of Honor award of the war)

Steelworkers Endorse Howard Dean for DNC Chair

New York Democratic leaders back Dean

Corporate jet veers off runway in New Jersey - crashes

Hispanics Criticize American Girl Doll

Congressman Vows to Salute to Iraq Voters (inking finger for SOU tonight)

Israel’s top general in Turkey

Five million Germans out of work

Dominance on GOP Agenda

House Urges Recruiting Decision Reversal (Despite Military Ban on Gays)

Rabbi probed for circumcised infants' herpes (MSNBC)

Southland (So. Calif.) not getting storm aid

Democrats Wrangle Over Campaign Funds

News Corp Profit Up 80 Pct on DVD Sales

* may end Amtrak's operating budget

Refugees, disease, water and food shortages to result from global warming

Senate Passes Camcorder Piracy Bill

CIA Faces Pressure to Divulge Ties to Ex-Nazis

Bush's Iraq memo seeks echo on Hill

Democrats Say Will Hold Bush 'Accountable'

Public-access TV porn under fire (Seattle's 'Mike Hunt TV')

Gay marriage constitutional ban fails in conservative Idaho

Stations to air controversial cartoon (PBS-Buster)

GE to Halt New Business Orders in Iran

Shiites Seek Iraq Prime Minister's Post

US plans to reassign troops in Iraq

Chertoff confirmation hearings today

ALA Files Amici Curiae Brief Supporting Former FBI Translator

Rebels kill 15 in raid on Navy base (Colombia)

Once-Conservative Adelphia Adds Hard-Core Porn to Lineup

Sources: Bush Plan Won't Affect 55 and Up

US Senate to mull deadline for China to revalue yuan (what balls!)

Iraqis Who Died While Daring to Vote Are Mourned as Martyrs

Charges against Cracker Barrel dismissed in election case (Delay case)

(BBC News) Polar ice caps 'melting faster'

UAW endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Russia, China Confirm Plans for Joint Military Exercises in 2005

CIA Ordered to Turn Over Prisoner Records

Fewer Kids Prescribed Drugs for Depression

al-Zawahri denounces Iraq elections

Study: Illness, medical bills account for half of bankruptcies

To close body piercing's loopholes, bill would require parental permission

IRA withdraws weapons commitment

Allawi seen as Iraq front-runner

Company sues Blackwell over voting machines

Pelosi and Reid Release State of the Union Response Excerpts

Judge says ten commandments monument must be moved (Princeton)

Riggs Negotiating With PNC Over Lower Sale Price

Doubting Darwin

House approves same-sex marriage ban ballot issue (KS)

Marine general: It is "fun to shoot some people..." Audience applauds.

White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny (i.e. PropaGannon)

Anyone catch Letterman tonight?

Where's the "official" American Idol thread?

Argh! the questions on my lab are tough...

I want to be like Stewie - he's the best role model!!

Happy Groundhog's Day DU !!!

Movie Trivia Question (The Godfather)

Is DU loading slowly for anyone else?

Wow. "The Dreamers" was a bad movie.

What 'alternative/complimentary' product do you take

Fox News buys Al-jazeera

Scary quote in the sigline of a Free Republic member

So I'm watching this new game show Distraction.

goodnight folks.

Are fraggles fattening


Weekend at Bush's: Video

Colostomy Bags

So...Is Jacksonville a good place to hold a Super Bowl?

Wow So Cal! The winds are blowing tonight!

When there's lightning. You know it always brings me down.

What is the FDA allowable limit on insect legs and rat hairs in baby food?

To bed I must go.

Let's hope tomorrow's dreams become reality.

Are bagels fattening?

Ok, I do have crushes on some DU'ers

Hello My Fellow American Hating Pinko Commies what r u doing up so late?

The Amazing $20 Bill

This may have been posted before

Well, so far this morning, the dog has thrown up and the toilet overflowed

Karamel Sutra

Morris Day and the Time

Oh, those darned Swedish cops!

Horoscope Says: Kim Jong Il Will Fall In Love With Condi, Find Osama

Even as sad as I am, I have to post this for captioning. What did Biden

I'm Going To Get My Crown At 9:00

Yogi Berra Sues TBS Over 'Sex And The City' Ad - $10 Million

Woman Caught - Sold Fake "Duff Beer" On eBay

Breaking on CNN: Groundhog paid by WH to see its own shadow. n/t

I will be studying venereal disease tonight instead of SOTU.

I'm Going To Get My Crown Royal At 9:00

Mardi Gras Weather Forecast

$20 Hugs

12 Year Old Girl Arrested For Drunk Driving

virgin mary now accepting open dates*

Question for DUers who visit Free Republic on occasion

Well, it saw its shadow that means 6 MORE MONTHS

What do you owe your mother?

Please take this 2-minute HOSPITALITY TEST,

I find something really strange about the Lounge


My SPAM Tells Me I Have A Secret Admirer - "Someone Wants To Meet You"

Oh Boy!! Another Cartoon Character is outed by a religious nut bag!!!

Snagglepuss Outed On National Television

Is this a new fad?

The official 2005 SOTU drinking game

Who Remembers When These Cars Were Introduced in the Fall of 1959?

What is the best smelling cologne?


It's a brimful of Asha on the 45...

Is "La-La" the best rock song EVER WRITTEN?

Emergency Broadcasting Test Mistakenly Calls For Connecticut Evacuation

Is "Laa-Laa" the best Teletubbie EVER?

Here it comes.....wait for it.....wait for it..............

What is FBR? A corporation maybe?

Anyone else here a GET FUZZY fan?

Axl Rose screws over former G'n'R bandmates to the tune of $19 million

My goal today: zero responses to my posts

Reveal your favorite ridiculous TV program. I dare ya.

Tired of playing with the US of A? try Europe.

This is it!!!! This post is One after 909. You know you're jealous


Why are my co-workers such crybabies?

I feel bad for poor little Punxsutawney Phil...

Birth Order and Names

Check out Jenna at the Ball

Goose-Chasing Dog May Lose Job On Golf Course

Anyone ever notice something funny in the lounge?

Have you ever gone Tic-Tacking?

Punxsutawney Phil to be Sent to Guantanamo

Once-Conservative Adelphia Adds Hard Core Porn to Cable

I refuse to respond to kick-ass-bob's post about Richardo's post.


Where's Global Warming when you need it?

Mortgage Re-Fi, am I running the numbers correctly?

I REFUSE to respond to Richardo!

Conservative Group Doesn't Like The "Sleaze" On MTV

Trouble with gmail?

A funny Hummer defacing story-

OMG! Punxsutawney Phil found dead!

All the years combine, they melt into a dream,

I want more Lockheed threads

Has anyone seen the Broadway musical "WICKED"?

RW spinning liars active in Brazil too. AAAAARGH

who saw their shadow this morning

Place the State - Game

For goodness' sake, WASH YOUR DAMN FEET!

Play it now! Play it now! Play it now, my baby!

Finding a date

onLine friend is giving me a gift

Though I'm dressed in these rags, I'll wear sable some day,

Would you like to live an existence like Bill Murray did in Groundhog Day?

Paula Abdul Elected President of Iraq.

NEED YOUR HELP! Anytime you see sniffa post, lock it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahh, Groundhog's Day. You know what that means...

new quote in my you like it?

Super Bowl preview?? "Franklin" beats "Revere" in arm wrestling match

Since I was asked...

Any fans of Ninja Tune artists?

Are you going to listen to shrub's state of the union?

BREAKING: ANOTHER US Soldier Captured in Iraq! Exclusive Photo!

Level 1 seems to be all the time now.....

"Love is All Around"


Boy Suspended After Taking Toy Gun To Principal

send a message to hoLLywood!

Company Invents Feng Shui Underpants

did your high school have a smoking area for students?

Mystery Masked Man Helped Neighbors Dig Out From Snow Storm

If George W. Bush Sees His Shadow Today....

Top Marine General is "fun to shoot some people."

I don't feel so good

FYI -- The last segment of Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State is on tonite

Bar Serving "Live" Goldfish Shots

Okay, just from Lieberman's opening remarks, he is voting

Who should sit next to Laura at the SOTU?

Who wants to be my boo?

Time for another UGLY GAR THREAD!!!!

Wal-Mart Shopper Bitten By Snake In Garden Section Of Store

Where's the best place to download and purchase club mixes!!!

Super Bowl Weekend and

Every thread I read seems to already be locked...coincidence?

Group proposal: Those who like the triceratops as SECOND favorite dino


Every thread I read seems to get locked...coincidence?

I just found my "Nixon Now" button

Why the fuck do I always attract girls with lowriders?

Why do we hang on to pointless traditions like Groundhog's Day?

I applied to be bleachers7 "boo" and he turned me down....

Who Remembers When These Cars Were Introduced in the Fall of 1978?

i want more Locked threads

"She prays like a Roman..."

Favorite breakfast meat

Carlin's 'Words that are ALWAYS dirty" --WARNING: Profanity--

The Maynard Triplets....Are They Fat?????American Idol

Thinking about the "remote" voice at the drive-thrus gave me an idea

Hornell, NY sign says city is "home of Alfred E. Neuman"

Please help me test my new Thom Hartmann Show web stream?

What's a good fast food liberal BLUE restaurant to eat lunch at...quick?

Welcome Back!

Inventions that will probably never be made

How much time does BigMcLargeHuge spend

Need advice on copyrighting images.

I have jury duty today.... Ask me anything

"Love is All Around"


There's a magic in the early morning we found

Considering buying DVD of "Wonder Woman Season 2" on Amazon!

I hear-by promise to stop leeching bandwidth, BUT...

Is it just me?

OMG! 17% of our net income went to medical expenses in 2004!

DU this poll on Iraq

Wiccans, Pagans - what to you call today's holiday

Well, I just called Senators Durbin and Obama offices in Washington...

i got a broken face

Has any DUer attended a "Bacon Brothers Band" concert?

You are five years old...what is your favorite book?

must you put mushrooms on everything!!?

The "Mutual Respect Among Athletes" CAPTION

Wanna smile?

watching c-span - if i hear

Why do things get worse and worse?

It would be cool if Oscar the Grouch could use curse words.

Democracy Now archives:

The "Language of Amor" CAPTION

If next Wednesday is Ash, & * is on Prime Time today, what is today?

The rise of the machines....

OK, the fun's over. [View All] Replies: 1

Time for the FIRST gorgeous *MOTORCYCLE* thread!!!!

I just got an Orange Scarf in the mail from a friend

Time for another UGLY CAR THREAD!!!!

Great-my hometown might host The Nascar muesuem

How popular were presidents' names during their time in office?

Simple store signs gone wrong.

Was ee cummings just a bullshit artist?

Valentine's gift for my wife?

Interesting image today from NASA:

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along?

baby animal thread!!!!

Jonathan and Victoria from TAR return to the airwaves via Dr. Phil

I want to learn to knit (no, not to knit a uterus or anything) questions--

So who else is having a bad day?

The Mountain is Out today

Anyone familiar with the book "The Hip"?

Serious question about the word "douchebag".

Workplace Drama Amuses Me

Is anyone else sick of the Sirius Satellite cross promotion ads?

SOTU on "Groundhog Day" ? Hmmmm? Good or Bad?

Well, Now They've Totally Abandoned the Yellow "Support Our Troops"

From the Spitzer Space Telescope: "A Nebula Seen in Different Light"

Will Air America Radio hit fifty stations in it's first year (Late march)

So what's goin' on people?

10 posts from 5,000 - ask me anything

Am I being too sensitive? - follow up

Fox News Alert!

Paiging Lavendar Brown

Which event destroyed "One Day at a Time"?

Man divorces wife for dog (Warning-no pics just WARNING)

Eye of the tiger

Favorite Recipes!

Where can I get good information on relations between Indian women and

Best smiley ever?

Anyone else here love Luna Bars.

Hey! I finally made it to the 700 club!

By the way...

Is there a DU Doctor in DC?

Dull stare of a dairy cow

Is the Sex Pistols song "Bodies" pro-life?

Has anyone read...

Email I received --Strange smell ( like gas ) coming from the ladies room

Ok my day just got better, thank god

Attention bargain hunting Liberals! The following books are on sale cheap

okay Valentine gift

SOTU drinking game (from Randi's board by way of Kos)

Who needs porn when there's Calvin Klein? [IMAGE]

Job advice - office politics

What should I do today?

Suggest movie plots that haven't been used yet.

stop me if you heard this one

Greetings from la casa del perro magico.

is this really bill?

Best Black Sabbath album of the first six.

Curves Fitness Center? (women only)

Can someone please explain "The Village" to me? (Possible spoilers)

English/Spanish bilingual needed

What's a good year for sherry for an enema?

Michael Crichton - State of Fear

Listening to Trashcan Sinatras now. Any fans here?

Who would rather have a rabid rat eat their face than watch the SOTU?

For Groundhog Day

Has anyone bookmarked articles on Iraqi election food for votes stories?

Wow, I wonder if she did it because of swimming

Define 'discounted paper'

Tell me something funnyy and witty, before I leave to go to town.

For my 5000th post, thank you, DU. I love you.

Pick who will win the Super Bowl based on the bunny suit factor

How do you guys respond when people say, France, Russia, Germany etc.

I posted a controversial figure poll in the lounge, does that make me a

How popular is your name?

Ladies, how would you feel if a man gave you an engagement...

Who should be Sec. of DMC?

SOTU? We're going to the Movies!

A sad fact about sports tickets.....

Albert Goldman criticized John Lennon and was considered "unpatriotic".

I just made

Neighbors, SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!!!!!!

Tell me something runnyy and shitty, before I leave to go jump around.

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

Hey all, need some good vibes. Wish me luck!

I got a new iPod.

Why is using a porn star as their spokesmodel?

I'll be yelling this at the SOTU: "YUNZ ARE JAGOFFS!!!!!"

Spelling tip for the night: speech NOT speach

Woman gave husband a jello enema. Not lethal. Bad or not?

It feels like spring here.

My car passed its Vehicle Emissions Test.

What do I need to get free Wifi Internet?

Nude Juice Bar Survives Legal Challenges

I find Debra Messing incredibly sexy. Is there something wrong with me?

Songs you shouldn't listen to while running on the treadmill

Even Paris Hilton had an awkward phase, apparently. (pics)

Whoever's using the Jedi mind trick to send me bad 70s music, cut it out!

Hey all! (Need some pointers..)

Who's going to watch "Meet the Focker" tonight?

In they eyes of God, they'll be

When someone posts, "Bwaaahaahaha," does that mean laughing or crying?

What is your favorite bar?

Two Arizona doctors arrested for allegedly creating and selling fake Botox

Yogi Explains Jazz

There are NO secrets, you can keep from a ferret

I Don't Like John Kleeb. Does That Make Me a Bad Person?

Martha Stewart to star in new `Apprentice'

My kitties are on Catster now!

Welcome to Beautiful South Carolina! (Where I growed up.)

Breaking News: Ronald Wilson Reagan is Still Dead

You must remember this: A kiss is just a kiss...

Is Ace Hardware a supporter of the Dems?

Oh, oh, oh this is so exciting!

Who's up for bong hits every time * says "Freedom"


I think I am going to start spreading baseless rumors. Post your own.

So what is the State of the Bunion?

Breaking News: I'm not going to watch the SOTU tonight.

What is the best hospital to go to in Southwest DC?

I saw geese flying NORTH today!

How do I get a screenshot of a quicktime video?

How high does this rate on the "prick" scale?

Great morning! I got to spend it surrounded by....

Is there anything cool around Daytona Beach, or is it stripmall hell?


How to clean your computer screen.


What's your most irrational fear?

It was 26 years ago today

 Time for another GORGEOUS CAR THREAD!!!!

Got Guano? (useless knowledge of the day)

I've decided to run for Pope

The sweet spot (kitty picture)

I am at 666 posts. Ask me anything

Looking for a job sucks!

EXCLUSIVE: Daryn Kagan (AKA "Future Ex-Mrs. Limbaugh") In 1992!

Left wing vs right wing radio poll rate the host. needs DU!!!

Do You Have A Local Story That Should Be On City Confidential?

Caption Pickles... and Smirk!

Caption This Picture of Pickles & The Chimp

We need no details, but if humanity in general can kiss your ass...

If * saw his shadow today, what does that mean?

What do you think of bowling as a date?

Is it wrong to have a crush on yourself ?

Five nuns walk into a bar....(it's funny this time)

Your favorite line from a 1940's movie? "Why, I oughtta ...."

A Webmaster forum?

Well, of COURSE I had to come up with a gorgeous RACING car thread!

Some questions for you tech savvy people about setting up a web site!

The Da Vinci Code

Quite possibly the most terrifying photo of Condoleezza Rice to date

Air Force 2025...Planetary Defense System...ooh boy!

MOVELEFT.COM as of Wedneday, Feb. 2, 2005

Woman Gave Husband Lethal Sherry Enema - Arrested

??? for vegetarian/vegan folks in the Lounge

Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth split

I had 4 wisdom teeth taken out about two hours ago, ask me anything

Why the fuck do I always attract girls with low self esteem?!?!

Birmingham beat Southampton!!!

Andy Kaufman - Funny?

What is the hardest thing you've had to do?

7th_Sephiroth is underestimated

Who is your favorite FICTION writer?

Shameless plug ------- New Cindy Alexander CD !!!

A webpage I made for my mom, whom I miss so much.

My dog, Stella is perfect-except for one thing

A freeper just said the wrong thing to me yesterday

I got my congressional internship finally, ask me anything

"Citizens Against Nude Juicebars and Pornography" lose 4 times in SD

Ladies, how important are rings - or any jewelry, really?

I Don't Like Howard Dean. Does That Make Me a Bad Person?

Please sign this petition opposing animal cruelty

Ugh. Another one:

Doin' the happy veggie "jello" dance!

Need help re: raccoon in attic

"The Family"

Public Service: Darwin's Answer to Behe Re: The Complexity of the Eye

Health Secretary Calls for Medicaid Changes

Overlooked aspect of the health care crisis

Actual cost of health care

Tar Pit Fossils Lie Under the Radar

NYT book review for "Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe"

Looking for help...

Antarctic's ice 'melting faster' (BBC News)


Dramatic change in West Antarctic ice could produce 16ft rise in sea level

Story Of Gay Baghdad Blogger Turned Into Film

Bid To Undo Some Parts Of Anti-Gay Amendment Fails-Utah

Zero Tolerance (SpongeBob, Buster, & the Three Payola Pundits)

Virginia Anti-Gay License Plates Gain Momentum

Queer Beer Targets Europe's Gays

Can you spot the hidden message? T-Shirt says "Children Be Gay."

Gay marriage constitutional ban fails in conservative Idaho

Virginia Lawmakers Proposing Ban On Gay Adoptions Now

Most gay people WANT to assimilate into society

Blair Morgan: best X Games mind-f***ker since Sean Palmer

Why I have to root for the Patriots.

As a Giant fan, how wrong is it to root for the hated Iggles?

National LOI Day...NCAA Football..How Is Your Schools Class Looking?

Proof MikeG rooted for the Red Sox

Saturday Night Boxing:

Jerry Rice picks the Pats to win

6 Nations Rugby thread

Intorducing.....(drum roll)....PIZZA PUSS!

Another exotics thread!

Please sign this petition opposing animal cruelty

How does the chart look for the SOTU tonight?

Typoglycemia......very interesting!

Poems.....anyone want to share??

Are any astrologers tracking Jeb also?

I think Jon Stewart outed Fareed Zakaria the other day

Xian Randian - M. Butterfly's WTF moment for Groundhog Day

A question about prayer and the Pope

I watched "The Passion of the Christ" last night.

OpEd in BGlobe today: Sound like some fun to be had in MA

Is anyone here from the like St. Louis or Missouri area?

Well, the LLL has to vote in this one

One good thing out of GD:P tonight. I like the name "Kerry's Kids"

Okay, now I'm Kerry's PR department

That does it. Salazar votes in support of Gonzales.

Gonzales vote - Is anyone keeping track

I wanna know....Why do so many Kerrycrats dig Dean, while so many

Some shmuck out there is advocating calling the Kids First phone number

If you have AIM, please IM me, we're having a chat if youre interested

So what's on tap for tomorrow, Gonzalez-wise

What do we know about the unanimous consent agreements?

What does the DNC chair actually do?

Great cartoon - The Iraq election and its spin by blivet** & press

Wayne Madsen publishing a book with!

Showing my Democratic Stripes, I've proposed bigger government

how would you react?

Anyone doing a SOTU houseparty?

*War stories* or *jokes* or was it merely ill-stated?

Huge war chests ready for Social Security war (GOP)

Can't stomach the SofTU Address, then find a DFA MeetUP near You!

"State of Delusion Address"

Who is this Rifkin creep on WJ this morning?

Everyone wondered what the future held for DU: Here it is

So the new spin about Iraq is that women were oppressed and did not have

Dean as DNC chair and '08 prospects.....

Major point missed for Nov. "election and HJ 9

So, is Iraq with its one-man, one-vote more democratic than the US?

Do you ever imagine what the Constitution would look like if the

Pledge support for DNC ONLY if Dean is chair

Did anyone see Nightline destroy Bush's social security plan?

Did House Democrats ever choose

Giving the State of the Union: EASY ASS JOB

Aides outline Bush State of Union address

Power Struggle Grips the Club for Growth

Clinton to Lead Post-Tsunami Reconstruction

A new blog: to be rapid response, will be hooked up tomorrow night

Did Donnie Fowler jump the gun? Declares Rosenberg out of DNC race

Calif Nurses new ad goes after Gov. Arnold (link)

Black Clergy Wooed (by RW clergy) for Values Fight (anti-gay marriage)

Social Security central to State of the Union

Michael Leavitt called Medicaid

Which Neo-Con Do You Most Love To Hate?

so Missouri Senate wants to cap *pain and suffering* on malpractice at

As Bush prepares address, Iraq sharpens national divide

Dominance on GOP Agenda-Depriving Democrats of voters/money

For better and for worse, Carville and Matalin spar — lightly

Can the righties EVER comment regarding Teddie K. without Mary Jo?

Taking Border Patrol Into Their Own Hands

1984 parallels

Celebrating the vote?

Top Marine General's Blunt Comments Draw Fire

My message to the Democrats at the SOTU...Stand Up And Boo!

15 Things You Don’t Know About the Exit Polls

>PIX of Bush rehearsing his SOTU address. What do you think he should say?

All the Spin That’s Fit to Print

15 Things You Don’t Know About the Exit Polls

Need info on budget surplus when Clinton left office

Last Year's State Of Delusion, A Look Back.

Power Struggle Grips the Club for Growth

Bush Speech to Focus on Budget

Question about the Gonzales hearing and "unlawful enemy combatants"

So aren't you curious about this BYBEE guy

Pataki's Double Standard

Condi Stuck in the Cold War...

Conyers on Thom Hartmann now

someone help me out here

Who is better at lieing, Scotty or Ari?

Hats off to Plaid Adder!

Are you going to watch the State of the Union speech tonight?

I think the downfall of Bush will be brought about by his own people

I don't care if "The Torturer" is the son of immigrant parents......

Depriving Democrats of voters and money: WH Agenda LATimes

Transferring cost of war to Latin America is morally, politically wrong

DU this poll

"You do not own their courage"--Pierce on Altercation

Can we PLEASE consolidate all the Dean endorsement/whatever threads?

The Suckering of Howard Dean

GOP's 103-page playbook for destroying social security

What hero will the Chimp be pointing to tonight? Anyone know?

Official Gonzales debate thread - Day2 - CSPAN2

Who's guest of honor at the State of the Union tonight? Al-Zarqaui?

two bits says we hear "freedom" in tonights speech

The National Debt as expressed in time

More backing Dean to lead Dems

Is the "filibuster" underway ??

GOP Sees a Future in Black Churches

How come no Terra Alert for tonight? Hmm?

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!!

DNC Hispanic Caucus Votes Overwhelmingly to Endorse Dean

"Interfaith Alliance" sounds like my kind of religious people

Was the Democratic Party wrong in believing we had to support war...?

Machinists Union Endorses Dean for DNC Chairman

Reply from Senator Dayton on Condi

Pickles connects the dots between 9/11 and Bush's Social Security Plan

Why can't the Democrats be at least THIS clear?

When was the last time you saw a labor leader or a union

The Democrats Go Dean Crazy; Hil Tacks Right

Bush meets definition of a true fanatic/ great letter to the editor

Looking for link to SotU Bingo Cards

Do the ends justify the means?

Alas, John McCain:

I long for the good old days when conservatives hated

Steelworkers Endorse Howard Dean for DNC Chair

So how the Gonzales show going today?

DHS Chirtoff (complicit in 9-11 plot) is being confirmed w/o challenge?

Do we know who will be giving the Democratic response

Let's not forget the Republicans

My letter to my Senators re:Gonzales and Chertoff

About the 800 number gone.... get VOIP

How much smirking...

What's the word on the street re: Chavez disses Condi?

Boy am I pissed! The SOTU will be on instead of the West Wing!

YubaNet: Cheney Remembers Auschwitz, Forgets Suit

Official Gonzales debate thread2 - Day2

MSNBC Poll: Do you support *'s plan to reform Social Security?

Durbin: In 10 - 20 Years - History will look back at us harshly

When I listen to Senator Robert Byrd

Bush framing the SS debate: "Doing something vs doing nothing"

Some Interesting Information On The Law Firm Alberto Gonzales Worked For

Pa. Democratic chairman backs Dean's rival (Fowler) for DNC post

Jerry Blowhard Falwell co-hosting Crossfire !

Is this the REAL motivation for No Child Left Behind

Question: Does anyone know anything about Jim Jordan? (HDS) Launches New Homeland Security Portal

SOTU Guest of Honor?

Is Bush SS attention to distract us from this Health Care activity?

If someone can stomach the creep's speech tonight, please report

An excellent example of our Non-Free Press

Who are the yeas so far?

Analysis: How Dean may transform Democrats

Rethugs plan to dip fingers into purple ink for SOTU

What do we do to weather the coming financial storm?

CNN's Poll - Do you plan watch the monkey tonight?

Atrios reports that Repubs will have purple digits tonight

Senator Byrd on the Nomination of Gonzales

This is the reward for 25 years of capitulation

TimeLine 1855, Texas Rangers recruiting Poster: WBush answers the call

State of the Union Drinking Game

What I don't get about SS private accounts

Donor to DeLay Defense Fund Put on Ethics Panel

Please sign PFAW's petition to block Frist from ending the filibuster

Bush is the perfect example of why privatizing Social Security won't work.

Didn't Crossfire get cancelled?

Who thinks the Democrats should walk out on the SOTU?

The word game "privatization"

Anyone watching Crossfire today? It is so rife with hate mongering

What Am I Missing - Aren't IRA's Which We Already Have The Same Thing * Is

Needed - a countdown clock showing the days left in Chimpy's

SOTU tonite, just heard on CBS

I Suggest A Three Part Partition Of Iraq To End The Bloodshed!

My history teacher is giving extra credit if we right a paper on the SOTU

Our Dem leaders need to wake up about how to object to S.S.

Why Dean? People know he believes in what he says.

Privatizing Social Security?

State of The Union Drinking Game

Very Best Line of the Day - From a Democrat !!

Anyone know who won the Iraq elections?

Salazar to speak on Gonzales at 3:30pm

Is There Anything You Like About Bush?

Repost: THE SOTU WILL BE LIVE-BLOGGED so you don't have to watch

Are you planning to watch the State of the Union address?

What's the REAL reason for bringing up Social Security now?

State of the Union: Your predictions

Ever wonder how far right Republicans have really moved?

Jerry Falwell: "Fasting can change your life!"

Chairman Dean: Democrats gamble with their future

Reid: No Senate Dems for Privatization

Bush's World

Dean may be too liberal, ranking Louisiana Dems say

Fowler says Rosenberg's out

McCain Comm. Director Hired by DLC.

If they won't draw the line with Gonzales, they won't draw it ANYWHERE

gawd...repuke congresscritters are dipping their finger's in purple ink!

Endangered Species Act makes progressives/Dems look foolish

Why ABD???

Dean and the need to take on Sacred Cows.


Condoleeza Rice, why did the dems question and then vote

CSPAN - It's OK to call politicians "dry drunk"

salazar just rose to endorse Gonzales.Colorado should launch a recall.

Political Math problem for you DUers

Does it take every single DEM to vote against for Alberto to fail?

Falwell confirmed it today on Crossfire

what would make iraqi war 'worth it' ?

Was Rice blacklisted from Yushchenko inaugural?

Iraq election 1950's?

The Gonzales vote so far

Columbus Ohio Mayor (Dem) to make a run for the Gov's seat!

John Kerry Launches the “Give Voice to Our Values” Project