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Archives: February 18, 2005

NOW: A Nation of Immigrants? - The Debate over Today's Immigration

GU: "Leave our country now"

MSNBC Sees no confirmation problems for Negroponte

Waxman asking for hearings bout rice and 9/11 commission

Olbermann funny comparison regarding Gannon

Elliott Abrams-From Iran-Contra to Bush's democracy czar.

Council plans law charging for repeat calls to police

Paul Krugman (NYT): Three-Card Maestro

Dean Makes Comeback As Democrats' New Leader

"Bush strikes out in N.H. on Social Security" (half-empty halls!)

Senate Passes Bill Allowing More Time to Declassify Nazi War Crime Papers

Star Tribune: Phony journalist/Pimping for the White House

Martin Sheen to Join Farmworkers in "Taco Bell Truth Tour"

History will show that Al Gore DID invent the internet!

David Attenborough documentary on wolves

Putin now looks at BRICS alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, SA)

Small bug: Inappropriately backslashed apostrophes in links

I will donate. Does another poster

Please put "View All" links at the BOTTOM of posts w/ 20 or more replies.

Could you please tell me why I can't see my thread on Christo

Appropriate to post?

Why am I getting pop-under ads while on DU?

Israel ends demolition of Palestinian houses Chicago wins third straight

Chicago Tribune: Help wanted? I have just the recipe (new cook for WH)

State Journal Register: $53 billion budget for '06

Peoria Journal Star: Macon County whooping cough outbreak a concern


Video - Unveiling Count Every Vote Act of 2005

Orange, wonder when and why Christo chose this color?

I cannot figure this out but . . . . .


Update on Hawaii election reform bills

Why aren't elections held on weekends? Why must the polls close

CSI mentions Ohio!

KOEB thread: Thursday

if you go with Ensign, this is what you get...

Highway 100 project.

PBS Friday NOW about my town, St. Thomas PA vs. Phila Corporation!

Jolanda Jones voted off of Survivor!

To all WI DUers - Which WI congresspersons need replacing?

My dog was called a "baked bean" at the park today....

Pull yourselves UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS!! Busholini is screwing you!

This Gannon story happened right under the press' noses.

Who planted Gannon, that is the question. Investigate.

Jon Stewart. Bad boy.

Place your bets: I'm betting on an Orange Alert tomorrow....

Gannon is blackmailing Ari and Scott!

Tweety talking about Gannon right now

Point: Robert Eberle (Gannons boss) sucks on the taxpayers tit.

I feel sorry for Anderson Cooper

The fatal mistake of the Democrats in 2004

I was just reading the Nation

I need someone who can make polls for me ( I'm not a donating member)

I wonder if the IRS will be interested in Gannon's extra income?

Did Pat Buchanan REALLY just defend a gay male prostitute on National TV?

Tweety and Buchannon doing Gannon now...................................

CNN/Anderson Cooper: re Gannon, "Why won't the WH answer the question?"

LOL -- Now Tweety is talking on Shrub "raising taxes"...... coming up next

Boom - Countdown and Keith lead with Gannon in the WH before Talon..(next)

What is this Gannon stuff all about?

GRAPHIC: Jeff Gannon--the movie

Has Tweety covered the Gannon story yet?

FDR was the MAN!

Oh that's a RIOT

Hard Pass Vs. Daily Pass: Olberman JUST CLEARED IT UP!

This is how GiGi, male escort, got the pass!

Something more must be coming on the "Gannon" fraud.

Christ, Bush used the "face for radio" joke AGAIN.

(PHOTO) Chimpy's next job...

GAO Investigates NASA Under Sean O'Keefe

Napster gets hacked, "Napster To Go" gets breached with a simple patch

All the posts on Gannon and no mentionof Bushs Terror alerts!

It's not who you know,it's who you blow.

Andy, I see your back. How are you? n/t

taking the blue pill

NBC Nightly News just covered the Gannon Scandal

What does the phrase "tombstoned" mean?

What stories that fell into the memory hole would you like revisited?

Someone just sent me an article from the Washington Post....

Just heard on the radio - The City of Vancouver is buying ethically

Anybody read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Posts from Yahoo on farm subsidies cut by bush

Reid is praising Negroponte on PBS' News Hour.

"Two parachutes! Two parachutes! Two parachutes!"

Bill Maher "Real Time" line up

Some of the things on EBay... Is this even legal?

Is it too early to start using the "Q" word?

A 12 year old boy, verses psychiatrists and the drug company's.

6,416 Soldiers Discharged Under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as of Dec. 2004

Fleischer says criminals/hookers should be allowed to cover White House

If you don't think Corporate Media "will hide Gannon" look at this


Code Orange IRAQ: "Women are barometers for how a society is going"

What are we not supposed to notice during the Gannon scandal?

Hah!! Boy Scouts in trouble

Who was in charge of setting up Abu Ghraib? 4 men with atrocious histories

Which is worse, lying or sex.

You Need To Listen To Malloy Now!

It's scary how few Americans realize

So far, what is the most compelling aspect of Guckertgate?

Malloy Exposing Negroponte - BIG TIME!

PHOTO: "Say, I don't know which way you go but I got this Bulldog..."

Jonah Goldberg is criticizing Howard Dean on his dress as governor

What does the White House "Daily Pass" look like?

Are You An Oil Addict? Oil Addicts Anonymous Opens Chapters Across Midwest

Damn!.....Repukes wind up having to defend some wierd shit!

What does "ubi panis, ibi deus" mean?

KO putting the KO punch on Gannon!!!

"Gannon" associated with internet gay porn and prostitution?

Martin Sheen to Join Farmworkers in Historic Protest

Weird pic of the Chimp

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Are Memes at DU Propagated? Has anyone mapped the propagation of memes...

Is the selection of Negroponte a snub to Goss?

What kind of powers will Negroponte have?

Behind the walls of Ward 54 (at Walter Reed Hospital)

Did you hear what the tax collector in NY is doing?

Tom ("We don't do politics") Ridge met with R pollsters during * campaign

Why is there no outrage over this web site? This is the sickest, most

Does it seem like the repugs are getting their comeuppance??

Gannon getting into the WH press room is like Jack Ruby getting into

Second American Civil War Coming?

Dean/Perle debate will be on C-Span Saturday.

In today's presser, Bush almost broke his arm slapping himself on the back

WTF, "Torture Guy" Gonzales and "Death Squad Negroponte"in charge of

I am so down

IF...there is a ...DRAFT

Ann Coulter to be on C-SPAN tomorrow at 8:00AM EST

Hilarious defense of Gannon by Conservative Voice

What percentage of your monthly income goes into your mortgage?

What does it mean when fundies go into a frenzy of re-marrying each

Remember when O'Rielly worked of Inside Edition,Brit Hume at ABC.

My First Post-Where are we going,where have we been-The Indies to Falluja

Howie Kurtz: No difference between gay prostitution and affairs

The Selective Service contacted me about becoming

Waxman/Maloney call for re-opening 9/11 investigation

I Own A Gun..... Does That Mean I'm Not a TRUE Progressive?

Back again. For the 4th night in a row the heavy helicopters are here.

Who the heck invited both Drudge & Gannon

Damn!.....Repukes wind up having to defend some wierd shit!

Open conversation to freepers and other repubs - and to everybody, period.

Did anyone catch the gannon piece on the Daily Show?

Scarface Country: Prager gets his ASS handed to him!!

Why doesn't KKKarl just shave his head and get it over with??

CNN - Anderson Cooper/Kurtz on Gannon - Does this mean all


Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16?

Critical Mass building in MO?

Awesome Rolling Stone Expose' on Sinclair Broadcasting

MAJOR new ACLU document release tonight...

Bomb Kills 5 Near Hotel in Thailand

Iran Urges Alliance Against U.S. 'Plots'

Good night, Fallujah: 'Raider' starts for home

CNN - Anderson Cooper/Kurtz on Gannon - Does this mean all

Families of six British soldiers killed in Iraq allege 'cover-up'

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

NYT Buys for $410 Million

Saudis to Export More Oil to India and China

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

Yale Students Protest Treatment of Women

GOP Lawmaker Raps Homeland Security Budget

Audit Finds No Inappropriate IRS Audits

WP Iraq Must Unify Or Face 'Disaster, Premier Warns (Allawi warns of Iran)

Schwarzenegger lobbies for more federal funds (the 'Collectinator')


Zarqawi Could Be in Iraq's Kirkuk - Police Source

DoD Identifies Army Casualty

(Economic) Conference Board suspends analyst (for leaking data early)

Rumsfeld refuses to estimate size of insurgency in Iraq

Rumsfeld Declines Iraq Insurgency Guess

Bush Urges Diplomatic Solutions . . .

Foreign government may have been involved in Hariri assassination

Priests Begin Vatican-Sanctioned Course in Exorcism

Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon

Rumsfeld defends funding for nuclear penetrator study

WP: Japan to Join U.S. Policy on Taiwan

Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon

Iraq a terrorist spawning ground, CIA admits

2 Top G.O.P. Lawmakers Buck Bush on Social Security

Detainee coerced into dropping charges of abuse before release

Treasury's Role in Illicit Iraq Oil Sales Cited -WP

Third N.C.-Based Soldier Dies After Exhibiting Flu-Like Symptoms

More Social Security Tax May Add Billions

(Anesthetizing a fetus prior to performing an abortion) measure defeated

G.I.'s Under Inquiry in Killings of 2 Afghans

NYT: Doubts About White House Reporter Recalled

N.J. Casino to Fire Weightier Waitstaff

Christian Band Sues Ohio School District

Schieffer Brothers' New Jobs Won't Strain Bonds, They Say -NYT

Veteran of dirty wars wins lead US spy role

Personal pleas ring at stem cell hearing (science and morality views)

Top Army recruiter: Draft wouldn't help

What's the Anderson Cooper 360 theme song?

I want to thank my dearly departed grandmother for something she taught me

The word Legosphere annoys me

A coaster? BRILLIANT!

Newsflash: celebrities are all insane

Survivor starts tonight!!!!

Yes, it IS Israeli reggae....

Best Rage Against the Machine Album?

The Dukes of Stratosphear annoy me

The Asthenosphere annoys me

What sort of thing passes for 'greatest thread' in the lounge?

The word Atmosphere annoys me

every post but one on the front page

I've decided I'm going to become a tree!

Anyone else playing the ebay treasure hunt game???

My niece is getting married this weekend and I

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Do any of you all know if suicide reports are 'public information'?


I've decided I'm going to be!

everything annoys me

Jeff Gannon, Squeezy Doll.

Report: Queen 'Livid' at Wedding Venue Change

Characteristics of Red Sprites

You have the original cast of SNL (or the first couple of years)... script

Ok check this out

I just donated to DU! Ask me anything.

Oh god help me I blew the Whistle!!!!

I was just accused of...

You know its true, eating sweets will spoil your dinner

I've decided I'm going to become a poet!

Two questions (well, three, really)

Carry on my wayward son...

Just watched the RATM Live at the Grand Olympic DVD. Ask me anything.

Its Thurs, 9pm: Time for MXC!

iTunes users: Can I download the UK/Ireland iTunes?


I just found the oddest thing while walking my dog behind my townhome

where's the poll about Jeff & Snotty as part of a gay underground in WH?

Who gave some people the right to make the world so


My 1000th post!

My dog kept me up most of last night

Someone passed out at the courthouse when news Michael Jackson was ill.


Is Anybody Listening To Larry King? He is Torturing Some Poor Lady

Save the Tapirs!

Anyone miss the Drunk Barber as much as I do?


Jokes, funny pic, etc.. need a boost!

SWAT team intervention on my street Tuesday, cops, cars,

Bush joke that needs it's own thread! This is good!!!

Do you CARE that Britney Spears is furious over her honeymoon pics?

Portrait of Michael Jackson In Children's....

Favorite David Lean film?

Post your least favorite smilie here! Just one per customer!

You're all a bunch of wussies, and I'm a-callin' you out.

You guys are so distracting...

Who is this Gannon, and why the fuck should I care???

How do you deal with gray hair?

Man escapes serious injury after lit cigarette ignites vehicle

On the World Today with Phillip TIll earlier tonight - funniest thing,

Is it just me, or does Kid Suck really rock?

Is there an SRV monkey on my back?

Dammit, this NHL crap REALLY pisses me off.


1975 Hatchback!!!

I don't want to go wash the dinner dishes....

Can anyone tell me anything about MPI Home Video?

Dammit, now I feel sad....

the moon belongs to america..


Favorite Beer

Does Grovelbot have a "hard" press pass?

Have you gotten a birthday present for Toni Morrison?

Who else likes "Pet Star" on Animal Planet?

My aunt has breast cancer

It's my Friday! An extra-long weekend!

messed around on here and now I no longer want to bother

a question about the movie Troy

who wins the Trojan war, if held today?

In what year will DU get its one millionth member?

If you guys have been wondering what I've been up to

Post your favorite simile here! Just one per customer!

Happy (late) birthday, Francis Townsend (father of social security)

Condi Rice, "elegantly attired in the skin of an endangered Barcolounger"

Conan, what's your position on gay marriage?

1975 Flashback!!!

OMG! I just saw an ad for Kirstie Alley in "Fat Actress" on Showtime!


Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute (SNL) skit

I have no shame....

I suspect my phone is tapped.

Oh no!!! this is bad.....

Finally, check out my webpage. It's back up! Art, politics, and more..

My brother has a life-sized cardboard statue of ** in his house

My brother-in-law's father's cancer has spread to the bones.

Just had a sneezing fit! 19 times in a row!!!!!

Do you think women musicians get hit on like the men?

Saw Roger Ebert speak tonight (at a book signing)

Will anyone be in Vegas this weekend?

Anyone see "Saw"

Why is a "cat nap" just a short little light nap

I can't find my cash station card and I am going to bed now

Just watched AMISTAD again

Stop making posts about Gannon or the puppy gets it

Songs for these times

I won breat minta from the MIller Lite Guy at Ella's in Stevens Point

Ad on Fox: Stars with out make-up

My Mother-in-Law Had Surgery for Cancer Yesterday

Pathology results in on Sirius. More bad news.

Why are you East Coasters still awake?

At the zoo, which animals are you most eager to see?

Characteristics of Red Stripes

Hey! Lookie over here!


Next week's ER...

If you could make the "living" you wanted, doing whatever you wanted -

Horny, Royal Bitch, and Red Truck...

I agree, Skinner... sex talk doesn't belong here

Pat Boone?

Nothing fancy for my 1000th post

ATTENTION, RW nutjobs...

Rumsfeld tells the truth for the first time in recorded history....

funniest comics?

Post your favorite smilie here! Just one per customer!

Do you ever watch DVDs on your computer??

Music question...

Oh, man, I can't believe this.

Favorite soup?

Who is the most underrated/overrated President?

I really, really hate the word "meme."

Ax-wielding man gets free videos at Blockbuster

Reverse Astrology

Do cats have diseases

Is it safe?

Best "sleeper" film you've seen recently?

Have you been looking for an online generator?

I'm in love with Molly Ringwald ask me anything...

Who is your ideal man portrayed in a movie?

Blues Rules


Who are some DUers who don't post alot or have low post counts

Which Of The Following Is Your Least Favorite President?

Cheap laugh, via

ronnykmarshall's shameless plug for Cindy Alexander !!

Just curious.. your thoughts

3 days...Smoke free.

Is it possible for an 18-yr-old guy to be friends with a 13-yr-old girl?

Best Female Rocker

What's the story behind your DU screen name?

What fads,trends annoy you?

To those of you who accuse people of 1000+ posts to be freepers.

Need someone to take a pic I need for a PhotoShopping of Nathan Sproul

Wacky Package Stickers...anyone remember these?

Your favorite book(s) of all time

Do you think it is the duty of Christians to make others feel guilty

Joan Chittester - Is this kind of Christianity Christian?

Oldest fossil 'rabbit' unearthed in Mongolia

Hmmm...nothing yet from our Va. Tech DUers...

my heart is dragging me toward more trouble

Had a strange experience in a furniture store today...

I'm sick of Gannon-gate!

pics from TayTay

My Seasons series so far

If it weren't for black voter disenfranchisement, could a Republican

The People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty

Ldotters cheer Negroponte pick cause it will "drive us crazy"

Tweety has Gannon NEXT!!!

"We will restore Honor and Dignity to the White House"

Ander Cooper 360 to discuss Gannon. I'm no longer near a tv,

Is Bush rushing us to war with Syria and Iran.

Who has Gannon's little black book?

Anderson Copper on CNN to cover (((((( Gannon )))))) next

maybe they used Gannon to distract from begin threat to Syria/iran.

Search for "Guckert" and "gannon" and guess what comes up?

So did the AP cover Dean's debate with Perle

Ehrlichman thought "Deep Throat" was Kissinger

Impeaching Bush...

Sen. Santorum's wife wins lawsuit(1999) $350,000

Description of what my cousin is doing in Iraq right now

"Gannon in the morning, Gannon in the evening, Gannon at supper-time"

Rove to GOP: Don't Grow 'Tired or Timid'

Jeff Christie(AKA Rush)/Jeff Gannon- CONNEX?????

Why did they have to bring the Hooker to the White House?

How will Joe Scarborough try to sweep Gannon under the rug?

GOP operative accused of theft

Tweety teeing off on Gannon

FDR's grandson on Majority Report refuting Brit Hume's BS

we are writing new paper ballot regs for California: VVPB style

Hardball to talk of Gannon (I missed the earlier show) NOW (after comm

* telegraphs his plan to make an issue where there isn't one

Bush appearance w/FREE tickets only half full.......yippeeee :-)

What if the Gannon story is...

Rove to Republicans: Don't grow 'tired or timid'

Is something wrong with *'s left eye? Seriously.

scarborough "exposing" Michael Moore

Why James Guckert?

What would it take for fake-reporter-manho-gate to bring Bush down?

The DEAN SCREAM - new Democratic BATTLE CRY!!!!

Chair of Democratic Black Caucus says Dean has nothing to apologize for.

Conservatives Values: Gay Prostitution is Ok but Gay Marriage is Immoral

Hmmm--Ari Was Rumored To Be Gay, Too

Sen. Clinton Pushes for Voting Holiday (Kerry, too)


Marines probe boot camp drowning

Steele Asks For Apology From Howard Dean

i wish Michael Moore would make a movie about the class of 94'


Molloy Is Saying The Democratic Party is Dead Should We Change the Name of

This just in from COMMON CAUSE. I'd like your opinion. I'm surprised .

GANNON / ROVE / RATHER connection

Itˇ¦s the White Working Class, Stupid

Everything I know about bush's weird physical/medical stuff....right here

So now being gay is a private matter

BREAKING: Request for new hearings with Rice

Will McCain run for president in 2008?

Spiegel: Global Warming Threatens Alps Resorts

8 Million Missing Jobs: Paul Craig Roberts

Marianne Means: Time appears right for Hillary to run

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon'

Sex, Lies and Jeff Gannon on

White House reporter or party shill? It's not brain surgery

Greenspan Undermines Bush's Social Security Plan

Playing Together

A Great Letter to the Times about Miller/Cooper

‘In the exercise of my freedom’ --Interview with Menoyo

Chris Floyd - Sword Play

'Pataki's Web,' With Apologies to E. B. Wyatt

Sylvin Rubinstein: An unlikely hero

Wade Horn: The marrying man

WP: Hollow on Darfur

TRYING TO GET SUPPORT (Social Security plan hanging by a thread)

D. Podvin, A Who's Who of Who Sucks--scathing re Dem legislators

Why Blogs Are Like Tulips

Guns! Porn! Graverobbing!

Mud-wrestling soldier to be dismissed from service

Behind the Walls of Ward 54 (treatment of vets at Walter Reed)

CBS editorial on Jeff gannon---KKKarl Rove connection

Editorial: Phony Journalist Pimping for the White House

Iraq's election nightmare

Negroponte: A veteran of US subversion and dirty wars

Senator releases e-mail from parties involved in shipments banned by U.N.

Laura Bush: The First Gangbuster! (Tampa Tribune)

WaPo: The Scandal That Keeps on Giving

Bill O compared lesbian parents on PBS' Buster cartoon to "a bigamy situ

Chomsky and Conscription

Tony Norman (PGH Post-Gazette): "Why Isn't Bob Novak Going to Jail?"

Pharisee Nation

Shooting the Messenger

Social Security plan hanging by a thread

An Interview with Cuban VP Ricardo Alarcon

LA Daily News: White House PR

James Meek (Guardian Utd): How torture became acceptable

The Justice of Roosting Chickens: Ward Churchill Speaks

NYT Paul Krugman calls Greenspan, "just another repub hack"

CBS: Rove- Gannon Connection? (Rove met w/both Gannon & GOPUSA)

Greg Palast on Bush signing 'tort reform' bill today

The New McCarthyism by Jack Lessenberry

Conason: Gannon: The Early Years

Michael Medved is an Idiot by James Wolcott

Stake your Claim to Affordable Broadband

Co-sponsor the Count Every Vote Act.

"Who Got Glitched: An Election Reform Teach-In" Santa Monica, CA 2/27

Clear Channel to air more liberal programs

We should stop calling MSM "whores"

(CA) Press Enterprise Editorial: Media silence

Brian Lamb lies as C-Span turns right wing and dishonest

“American Jobs Creation Act,” , good analysis article

Eastern Europe to challenge Asia in outsourcing

New York Times buys for $410 million

Careless science costs lives

BBC (Feb 18): Syria stung by Hariri death fall-out

U.N. judicial envoy seeks urgent visit to Ecuador

David Enders (Mother Jones): Women and Sharia: How will Iraiq women fare?

(Haiti) The Great Pretender

David Enders (Mother Jones): Drawing lines (And Crossing Them) in Iraq

Firearms manufacturers immunity bill


Thanks for giving us spell check on edit!

Do monthly subscription donations count toward the fund drive? eom

Mike Malloy has had a death in the family

Can we have a Gannon forum?

What's up with GrovelBot not having a star?

I would like to second Misunderestimator's request

Question about this post:

On the subject of features...

EarlG I think you just unwittingly created a new front page graphic

Hi Skinner, since I disabled my thread from myself, can it be reversed?

re: escaping apostrophes inside

same as wrinkle_in_time

A heartfelt thanks to the mods

Do you or EarlG have free time tonight?

Is there a way to discourage this behavior...

I second LynneSin's request.

Why was this thread locked w/o comment?

Hay Skinner & Company!

ATTN Admins: Underage Donor

EarlG - we love your picture and please use it for Conservative Idiots

can a person see their own password?

Why was my picture deleted?

hebron jewish settlers: NO respect for peace.

Watch This

9/11 is still an inside job and this is meant for general consumption...

Final Call for FREE DVDs re: 911

Modeling the WTC collapses

How would YOU explain the problems w/DREs to your GRANDMOTHER?

Why they are pushing on "liberal campuses"

What will it take?

Kerry's Federal Election Day 8/2001


(Reuters) Election a Win for Conservative Ideas - Rove

Jeb Bush rethinks taking election powers after firestorm of criticism

Has Andy had his surgery yet?

Friday 2/18 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

The Problem With Kerry

BUSH's "MANDATE" - a closer look - comments please!

Common Cause Supports Der Grope Redistricting Plan....

this is my 1,000th post

DU this poll....Voter ID, and we're way behind...

Republican bill calls for finger dying to be used in U.S. elections

Gannon-Who got him in? -- Who gave him a pass?

PDA Supports Voting Rights Legislation - Civil Rights Emphasis

Question for statisticians - is 2% sampling enough?

Is this the David Hart of Hart intercivic

BRAD BLOG: 'Bloggerman's' Alleged Curtis 'Threat', Police Report Found!

new report from Verified Voting - HOLT bill is best !

DUers: Help with Oregon Safe Voting Preservation Act

"Who Got Glitched: An Election Reform Teach-In" Santa Monica, CA 2/27

Democratic lawmakers push measure to make Election Day a holiday

H F Ahmanson the money man for Todd And Bob

Ohio Exit Poll Raw Data

'Collectinator' promises magic, but Washington isn't Hollywood

Feinstein cosponsors "Clean Power Act"; opposes "Clear Skies"

Who is running for what in '06

Wal-Mart's tactics don't deter council (Sac Bee)

what is going on with Arnold's sec of state nominee?

LETER TO ROMERO: how will you protect elections with Shelley gone?

Does anyone else think Newsom's homeless count is crap?

Democacy for America: Phone calls for Jass Stewart campaign

South Shore Dems Party Platform Committee hearing March 8th

Hudson high school could use our help (The freepers are coming!)

Talk to Betty about Social Security

Peace Vigil

Funny Strib LTTE

What radio channels in MN have liberal talk radio?

Is there anyway I can turn my PC on.....................

Anyone else getting this popup using Mozilla?

Santorum's Social Security Town Hall Meetings

Radnofsky Meet & Greet in Houston, Tues. 2/22

Chet Edwards-Town Hall Meeting Fri Feb 25th -Somervell Co

So I went Drinking Liberally last night...

TDP Action Alert: Stop the GOP's Backdoor Jim Crow Law!

I think we're being a little selfish with Feingold...

Voter ID Bill A "Red" Herring (article by yours truly for the UWM paper)

Ignorance of immigration law to produce more stupid legislation

Last chance to keep WI blue! Voter ID is going forward!.

Anybody remember the website mentioned on TDS last night?

Isn't it weird that many true conservatives are jumping ship from

American Unionist Party

Fleischer on Gannon

An EIGHTY-FOUR year old was asked to re-enlist.-luckily it was a 'mistake'

Call for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate U.S. Torture

Could somebody please tell me the story about Rick Santorum

What will most likely happen to Jeff Gannon/John Guckert?

Eric Flack a douchebag reporter attacking truth teller Michael Moore

I guess it's down to Bush couldn't handle press conferences, they needed

So who will play Gannon/Guckert in the inevitable TV movie?

Final Call for FREE DVDs re: 911

I took the Political Compass test as a freeper...

Some differences between the EU and the US

Chances are This Detainee Never Was a "Terrorist".....

DU this poll....we're way behind

When Bush offered $15 Million to aid the victims of the Tsunami, I

Bush today : "You have a face made for radio, I might add."

Vladimir Putin: Iran Has NO Nuclear Weapons

Me dumb ..... you help?

The real Domino Theory at play in the Middle East.

Imus actually slammin' on gannon...

Another day, another florida cop, another Taser torture story

How long can we continue to believe we live in a democracy?

CBS plans prime-time tribute to Rather

Social Security Calculator

"The Gift" . . . the inspiring saga of one Zell Kravinsky . . .

Bush administration blurs media boundary

"Gannon" Scandal leads to link between high-level Repubs, high-level Dems


Real Time with Bill Maher starts tonight @ 11:00!

19 Photo's of "hi-jackers" grace our newspapers --immediately ----- how?

Hastert and Delay: lookin' out for the little guy

President's priceless gift for Queen was national treasure: archives

What was wrong with peace and prosperity ??

The Franklin Coverup Scandal

Boot Camp Death

Jeff Gannon's alma mater: The Leadership Institute

Maybe there wouldn't be anything wrong w/ using religion

Did I miss the Damn Democrats Holiday Declaration?

Now, even YOU! Yes, you, Liberal! Can be a Bush speechwriter!

Do We Have Any Loyalty? Heard on Hannity; "Bush looking for

Ya gotta love Bartcop

Would someone please tell David Geffen to shut his pie hole?

Coulter for an HOUR vs...."and, um...and, um, and um".. Heads up.. Dr Dean

Stephanie Miller is strong on Gannon this morning

Whatever happened to the engagement of Rush and Daryn Kagan?

Antiwar's Justin Raimondo covers Gannon-Plame angle!!!

Did someone give Richard Perle a black-eye?

Protester throws shoe at Richard Perle

Oh joy, Ann Coulter will be on cspan this morning

Russian scientists who invented hangover cure make pill that keeps you dru

The GUCKERT Story Grew an IMUS Leg Today

Well, this is what I've been waiting to see --

Paul O'Neil: "You should just forget about the idea of Medical Malpractice

Is it wrong for politicians to their influence to bail family members out

Anyone have a video of the shoe being thrown at Richard Perle?

Gingrich: "Where there's smoke, there's fire..."

Moved to similar thread by author

A New TV Series - "Desperate Conservatives"

Can martial law be lurking just around the corner?

How The U.S. Murdered a City


What happens if someone who is drafted says that he or she is a homosexual

I expect the new class action bill to be held unconstitutional.

Outsourcing Torture

Has there been any MSM coverage of the Gannon scandal?

Letter to the Long Beach Press Telegram: Little support

Today's CorpMedia theme : VICTORY for Bush...

Are You An Oil Addict? Oil Addicts Anonymous Opens Chapters Across Midwest


FDR Social Security Act Speech -Free Video Download

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me....Woooo Yes I Am....Woooo Yes I Am...

PBS Warns of War Documentary Language

One person goes to jail and the other is still VP

I'm certian that Clinton was set up by the right wing

FREE BRUCE CHARLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel ashamed to live in the United States...

Law Limits Legal Liability - MSNBC tongue twister...

sorry, another Gannon thread but i have to ask

Wikipedia article of Jeff Gannon

Not quite LBN, but such a great headline:

Islam or Christianity re: Janet Jackson

Great idea for a smiley...

Question about male 'escorts' in general and Gannon in particular

Stephenie Miller is a riot!

Fibbing It Up at Fox

Should the Washinton Blade publish the other Gannon porno pic?

So, how many DC laws were broken? And why no prosecution

Drudge and Sullivan where are your words re: Gannon??

"Gannon" in White House Press Briefing in Nov. 2002?

How The U.S. Murdered a City (Falluja)

e-mail I got from Columbus Dispatch editor!

I've read several articles that claim that the current administration

Limbaugh to visit Afghanistan with US aid official

I have hope that when one of the other countrys

Karl Rove's "Delicious" Factoids

want to see the state of america in graphs?

I've noticed hardly any information on the scrubs going to Europe

James Wolcott: Michael Medved Is an Idiot

Real Japanese Robots....So cool!

A total of three bombings reported in Baghdad today.

Negroponte on Baghdad: "I've got to get out of there"

The administration of George W. Bush aka The War President has

Demonstration in Support of JG and the 1st Amendment

Bill Fairbrother - cofounder info

Why is the left unmoved by the forced exit of Eason Jordan?

Here is a poll on MSNBC for lawsuits, cast your vote.

If you are angry about the religious right, join Americans United

Why is so much credence given to people like Jerry Falwell or

I just tried to call Limbaugh's show,

We gotta' get out of this place,

While Gannon Twists, Chalabi Rises

Michael Moore Honored With New Ben & Jerry's Flavor

"everything you need to be a better journalist"

9/11 is still an inside job and this is meant for general consumption...

G E O R G E W B- whew this is hard work! - U S H --> PIX

One of these days these stupid bast*rds in the WH should wake up

A super-cool site, check it out

Lesbian Parents = Bigamists in Utah = an S&M thing in the East Village

We need to meditate on Gingrich, Anita Hill and the Contract on America

Can anybody help me dig up examples of Republicans damaging...

AMERICAblog: Far right blows a gasket over Gannon

Medved on Al Franken... he is such an ASS

Trainers of (race) horses face new drug (cocaine) fine


Help needed in Las Vegas!

We dug into Gannon's PROFESSIONAL life as male prostitute & fake reporter

Did you see that poor kid in Marine training that drowned?

Hostettler asks Bush not to enforce removal of 10 Commandments monument.

Fund set up for wounded soldier

LTTE: A glimpse into the sick mindset of local Republican party leader

At least we have the internet(s) so we can get the actual news.

Helen Thomas about Dean: "Party Can Now Believe In Lincoln's Ideals"

Who is this asshole on with Conason & Franken...

suspicious CNN story: "From Iraq with love"

Corporations can now act just like Government: No Accountability

Believe it or not - Gannon Helping the POOR! (PIC)

Dean - Perle Debate - Shoe VIDEO!!!!

Which group hasn't the smirking chimp* pissed off

Bob Barr on Al Franken -- he's against torture


How Would America Be Different If It Was 90% Gay and 10% Straight?

In case you don't see enough of these idiots on television...

A brief, random pictorial history of race relations in the US. (graphic )

A thread of appreciation for MLK and all black people

Limbaugh bragged that his show inspired Gannon...

An apocalyptic thought...

The reason we can't find anything about Gannon prior to 2002 is...


Where IS "Gannon" the "reporter," anyway?


"Scarecrow Woodruff" doing Rove's bidding to "silence blogs"....

Caption this!

Social Security Is Broke And The Sky Is Falling!

Did we just replace the stained blue dress...

Where is Gannon right now? Does BushCo have him sequestered?

Who has a link to the photo of the Chimp with his fly down?

Email petition to MSNBC---Take a few seconds and help!

Welcome to the Doggy Underground Railroad

Yahoo down?

Do you feel safe in a Home Depot store? (Especially now with "tort reform"

CNN / Woodruff are wearing out the "kneepads" bigtime with RNC chairman

Silencing the Bloggers?!

Gay white supremacists out themselves on the internet.

CNN's "Inside the Blogs" feature a good excuse to use the word "blog"

If you're interested in languages, this is the forum for you.

The Second Coming of Bush: Mainz prepares for *

cnn is talking about rice running in 2008 for prez

Trickle Down Economics vs Class Action Lawsuits

"Condoleezza will lead us to a brave new world," says campaign song on CNN

To Margaret Spellings

Onward Christian Ingrates - Christian rock band sues school

How to create your own blog

In think we're beginning to reach critical mass

The Daily Show last night

Schools not Stadiums

Photoshop needed: Limbaugh in Afghanistan as the Cowardly Lion in poppies.

The bloggers are a threat to the media whores because...

Can we call out the media in some way so that

In honor of Bruce Charles: Throw a shoe at a neo-con criminal!

Gannongate making it's way around the world.

So when did Guckert stop beating his clients?

You have our corporate media, and then you have this!

ON YAHOO! Blitzer is rated as GOP Hypocrite of the Week (re Gannon)

*'s facial tic/twitch/jerk

Need some education on IX Amendment; Bill of Rights

Everything Reported These Days On TV Is Government Propaganda

Any Scientologists out there?

Begala finally mentions Gannon on Crossfire

My Eyes! >>>

Thank you Hollywood Billboard Bush Photo Vandalized

One great thing about the ACLU and other

Cheers to the MFLG who throw a shoe at Richard Perle

Play in which Laura Bush reads to dead Iraqi children

HELP: Research Project!!!

Ronald Reagan!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! Kick AZZ!!!!!!

Just a thought

Things Chris Rock should say on the Oscars...

Scott & Ari didn't clear Gannon - But what about Karen Hughes?!?

Who in the "hell" is "pumping Rice for President ....besides CNN & Rove

"Gannon" had prior knowledge of timing of start of Iraq bombing

I'm having...

Lower-Income Folks with Kids - Make sure to claim the EIC!

GannonGuckert going on CNN tonight with Anderson Cooper

PBS cannot insure stations won't face FCC fines if the show airs unedited.

My DU bumper sticker was stolen

Does Bush have any public support on the asbestos lawsuit issue?

Halliburton no-bid update: laws broken, Bush/Cheney knew.

"Blue Oil"?

This "Condi for President" is,...freakin' me out!!!

Raw Story: 'Gannon on CNN with Anderson Cooper in 7pm ET hour...'

My god... caller on cspan left spouse for Limbaugh

What does "Jump the shark" mean?..nt

Why should I believe anything the Bush Administration says?

Ugh. ABC's news report shows a 'blog' re: Simpsons' gay episode...

This Gannon story needs to be blown wide open in MSM before

so, do you like warriors, workers or athletes? another Gannon site

Star Tribune editorial about Gannon . . .

The Moran reappears....courtesy of

Jeff Gannon Press Gaggle 2-25-03 Screen Grabs

BRUCE CHARLES: I love you, man

Beware next "Pearl Harbor"-Neocons Manufactured Event-Excellent article

Video of Bush riding and roping! (And you thought he wasn't a cowboy!)

Blast from the past: CHEVRON rechristens the oil tanker "Condoleezza Rice"

ACTION ALERT---- Negative or critical comments about Dean.

DU Favorite Current US Justice Poll


Do you think that if Gannon becomes a real big giant scandal...

BREAKING NEWS: Gannon reportedly knew about "Shock and Awe" four hours bef

Has no one noticed the scandal around ChoicePoint?

Bill Maher back on TV tonite for those of you who didn't know.

What the hell would it take to finally awaken the Stupid?

Ed Schultz explains why he didn't go on the Joe Scarborogh

Freepers become LIBERALS! Freepers support GAY MALE PROSTITUTES!

Wrong Chemical Makes Shoes 'Flatulent'

Ronald Reagan supported Terrorists

Jeff Gannon wrote about mandates in Nov. 2002 |Same day as Spaceman review

Dean to Debate Perle on Saturday

Threaten to shoot prisoners in the head. Take a souvenir pic. Sick.

"Workers of the World, Unite!!"

DU this Dobson/Focus on the Family Poll re Anti-Gay Amendment

Where's the outrage ??

"Package for Mister Gannon...."

I just got the best badge ever for posting on DU!

Ray McGovern: Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here !!

Need Advice: Has anyone else been harassed for an LTTE? now calling "Gannongate" a "scandal"

Negroponte (intel czar nominee), the Contras, and the CIA dealing crack.

CPAC 2005 convention 2/18

Radical Right Radio Regurgitation

Question for people: Do you think all terrorism is CIA ops?

Just made a contribution to Link TV

ok...I am still a newbie..what does eom mean anyway?

The Blogs Must Be Crazy

I realize now how important it is to reach out to people who are different


CNN talking head: Our intelligence gurus missed 25 to 29 warnings

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Press release from dKos. Propagate at will DU

8 Senate Dems + Chaffee may derail Bush's "Clear Skies" initiative

Have any of you suffered physical ailments just from the sight of Bush?

The backlash cometh: Pregnancy bias on the increase

I'm sick and tired of this crap.

I fucking hate republicans.

Experts see military draft as inevitable

Review Democratic Underground at Amazon here!

RE: Ward Churchill...Why the hell do we trust Repug. propaganda mills.

We need to DEMAND this CIA Report!!!!

You can't smoke a joint but your Dr. can prescribe a heart attack.

If you think * is purposely bankrupting America, please do this:

Rush Limbaugh is not Gay, so quit saying that he is!

Does anyone else see the significance of the picture of * rubbing Guckert?

Oh, this is weird. Man throws shoes at Perle. Is it for real?

Learing from the radical environmental movement

St. Louis media gossip site slams DU, upcoming conference

remarkable speech by Canadian PM Martin re: gay marriage . . .

Sign the petition!!! Britt Hume should resign!

One more time: gay hooker in the White House = blackmail.

CBS editor speculates: "Karl Rove Was Gannon's Contact Inside White House"

Alaska Airlines now giving out prayers with dinner

I'm sick of sex....a rant

Male insecurity and the bush

the FLU is still INCREASING....29 states at epidemic levels (CDC web site)

World's Shortest Books (humor)

Sign of the Apocalypse. FreeReichPublic protests for Gannon

Breaking: Guckert to appear on CNN Tonight with Anderson Cooper

Herbert: Extraordinary rendition is antithetical to everything Americans..

OK, check THIS out re Gannon

Creative Response Concepts: Righties controlling research?! Gannon?!

What are republicans?

For anyone needing to "catch up" on the Iraq bullshit... (very long)

"The Bloggers Are At The Gate!" | aka 'hard pass' TOONs

AZDemDist6 got our Demopedia recipes organized !

Gay Marriage Debate - Harper Screws Up....

Ax-wielding man gets free videos at Blockbuster

Gannongate threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile/male prostitute ring

Quick, Early Gains Embolden Business Lobby -NYT

Russia to sell Iran nuke fuel - Accord despite US opposition to delivery

PBS chief quits amid 'Buster' row

Beijing thanks for hand on arms (Australian)

Sex Assaults on Military Members Reported

Group Cites Sex Crimes Against U.S. Troops

Gov. Bush softening on elections proposals

Reservists' Lost Benefits... Active-Duty Status Was Dropped, GAO Finds

Abducted (Christian) Iraqi politician pleads for life

Fatal U.S. Military Accidents Up in Iraq

Rafsanjani Signals Candidacy for President

Indonesia Says Two Journalists Seized in Iraq

White Hen suit blames bad coffee cups on maker

Web sites operator stirs up politics, journalism debate

Two U.S. soldiers killed in northern Iraq attacks

AP: Nigeria Scolds Installed Leader

Papers reveal Bagram abuse

Fears for children in Afghan cold

Army Destroyed Mock Execution Pictures

US Confirms Reinforcement in N. Iraq; Turkey not the Target

Papers show government authorised arms bribes

Harassment,intimidation and secrecy-UN chief engulfed in sex scandal

Pope tells of God guiding bullet and saving his life

Hutchison leads Texas politicians in poll

Putin backs Iran in Nuclear Row

Spain May Back EU Constitution in First Referendum (Update1)

IRAQ: Focus on situation in Fallujah

Cafe worker finds $100,000 lottery ticket


Greek Church holds crisis talks

US-funded TV ads seek tips to find bin Laden (Pakistan)

Venezuela considers cutting OPEC quota

Thatcher quizzed about coup plot

Portuguese Polls Give Socialist Opposition Majority in Election

Iraqi Shiite leader accuses police of torturing supporters to death

Syria replaces intelligence chief

Hotel to Open at Hitler's Alpine Retreat

Crude Prices Rise on Bargain Hunting

Election expert praises county (Seattle PI)

EU and NATO vie to set trans-Atlantic agenda

HOWARD BAKER: Threat in Korea 'deadly'

Hillary can't win!

Bush: Syria out of step, will seek diplomatic solutions to Iran, N. Korea

Dean trades barbs with Richard Perle!

Jump in core inflation boosts dollar

RE: Ward Churchill...Why the hell do we trust Repug. propaganda mills.

Russia backs Iran in nuclear row

Conservatives Put Off by Bush's Talk of Tax Hike

Suicide Bomber Kills 30 Outside Baghdad Mosque

Shoe tossed at ex-Pentagon adviser during debate (Perle)

Bullet-riddled bodies of police chief’s sons found in Iraq(Najaf)

U.S. seeks out vets in chemical tests

Rehnquist to miss high court's opening

Irish police raids net millions

Al Franken Returns to Sundance

Iran-Russia deal could blunt Bush diplomacy talk

Schroeder's Coalition May Win Regional Election (Update1)

Bush strikes out in N.H. on Social Security


Man after bin Laden bounty held

Jeb Bush wants to tighten state's grip on election laws

Stem cell science hub launched

Five Blasts Kill at Least 35 in Iraq

Petal school for troubled girls temporarily closed (amid abuse claims)

L.A.-based ring steals $18 million in tax refunds

Nebraska Fears Segregation in Schools

Wal-Mart may be required to pay for insurance (Seattle Times)

Wal-Mart child labor decision under review

Senate Passes Ban on Genetic Discrimination (blocked in House)

EU to open office in Baghdad

Former Guantanamo translator gets 20 months

Lawyers seek more time for Nazi 'gold train' deal

Bush's Iraq coalition shrinking

Putin: Iran Not Developing Nukes

'America would back Israel attack on Iran'

(BBC News) Ex-Boeing director gets jail term

WSJ: Rising Optimism About Iraq Fuels Interest in Withdrawal

Bush Walks Diplomatic Tightrope With Russia

America would back Israel attack on Iran (The Telegraph)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 18 February

Nation's Largest Papers Play Down Torture Documents...

Ex-Union Chief Sentenced for Racketeering

Merck May Resume Sales of Painkiller, Official Says (Vioxx) -- NYT

FDA Panel: Celebrex Should Stay on Market

Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon'

Fire Risk on Xbox Game Consoles

Exxon chief calls for Kyoto reality check

Protestor throws shoe at Richard Perle...

The Scandal That Keeps on Giving

Hurt Troops Often Denied Pay, Benefits

Pope and Bono Among 166 Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

Lynndie England faces new set of charges

WP: Who Framed Buster Rabbit? The Fallout Continues

Iranian Cleric Blogs for Free Expression

Negroponte Appeals to U.N. for Iraq Help

Passenger detained, suitcase blown up after bomb comment

Agents search home of bin Laden bounty hunter (in Texas)

Congress curbs class-action suits

Protester throws shoe at Perle

Sex for secrets

WP: Groups Preparing New Push Against Iraq War

OFFICIALS WARN: Tracks of large exotic cat found near Reagan library

Jury Finds Boston Herald Libeled Judge

Bearish Sentiment Up In The Latest AAII Poll

Limbaugh to visit Afghanistan with US aid official (as US GOVT outreach)

Chalabi set to become Iraq's PM, says Dan Senor

Medicaid cuts could carry a political cost, too

Putin: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Plan

Soldiers sometimes rough despite risk of antagonizing friendly Iraqis

Radio Producer Could Always Count on 'Gannon' for Tips

Drugs Raise Risk of Suicide (antidepressants)

Poll finds disapproval of Bush (in CA)

Lead in Environment Causing Violent Crime - Study

Grandmother: Mud-Wrestling GI Discharged

Gannon reportedly knew about "Shock and Awe" four hours before it happened

Bush Says U.S. Won't Attack Iran

U.S. ship doing sound-wave tests runs aground on Mexican reef, faces fines

Core Producer Prices Jump Upward (weak dollar/inflation)

Australians hunted over Hariri death (AP)

Army Destroyed Mock Afghan Execution Pics (Army Doc's released)

Lawmakers press White House on "Gannon"

China's Military Moves Worry Lawmakers

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

US soldiers to receive ecstasy to fight combat trauma

Gorilla Foundation rocked by breast display lawsuit

(Harvard President) Summers releases debated transcript (on women/science)

RSA: Microsoft on 'rootkits': Be afraid, be very afraid

Plague outbreak kills 60 in Congo -BBC

PBS feels heat of indecency debate, bleeps Iraq war piece

New proof that man has caused global warming (strongest evidence yet )

I am embarrassed to admit…

Texas executes killer of mom, 3 others

Best of the Dune books?

House of Saud on Frontline right now.

funny video's for those with broadband.

Has anyone else's Sunday comic section suddenly shrunk?

So I was making Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Drunk Russians sing the theme song to Titanic

Do you like my new avatar?

I think I'll go to bed a little early tonight

Truly Weird Encounter

is it just me or has the DU been struck with sadness today?

My son skipped church last night...

Cat owners: What kind of litter do you use?

I'm too sexy for this post!

Name the six men that have played James Bond on the silver screen.

My college roommate that suicided w/ pills didn't.

I must admit - I'll be 26 in a month and I'm not taking it well

I bought a new blender tonight. What do you want me to make for you?

How's this for a 1975 Flashback?

My son fought Lurch Last night!

I'm rather lonely right now. Anyone want to talk to me?

for shits and giggles: USA versus the Roman Empire

Brain fart....I was thinking about the new 'greatest' thing, and wondered

I admit it... I'll be 90 in 47 years and I'm taking it pretty well

I just donated!

I saw the worst flag on a car today.

A verry funny video of the pResidents past state of the union

Let's all go down to the White House

Four old ladies beating man who ran into them - is this for real?

I just bought Young Frankenstein. Ask me anything.

Just when you thought the Freepers can't get any more stupid...

Who are the biggest assholes among non-right-wing entertainers?

I just fought Young Frankenstein. Ask me anything.

In a 100 years or so, we'll all be turning to dust

MAJOR EARWORM "She's So High" going through my head!

How can you tell the republicans at a Chinese resteraunt

Literary/historical question: Brutus (the one who killed Caesar) was

I hate right-wing idiot fuckwads

Social Security Calculator

Best Submarine Movie

Robot "Learns" To Walk Like A Toddler

Goood Friday Morning DU!

Man Known For His Nakedness, Shot By Police


OMG, the mainstream media told us a big Bush story!!!!

I must admit - I'll be 36 in eight months and I'm not taking it well

I can understand why people get addicted to RX cough syrup

"The Passion Recut" - A Less Violent Torture (Just In Time For Easter)

Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich Arrives At Ripley's Museum - With Bodyguards

Freemason's designed Manitoba's provincial legisltive building?

Who's your daddy?

The Ungrateful Children Thread!

Bragging Aunt - My nephew got accepted to CMU

Happy Birthday-Molly, Dr.Dre,Dillon, Vanna,Travolta,Yoko, and Cybill

Hey, my blood pressure checked out fine yesterday!

Earworm me

Looking for Keith Olbermann Videos?

The "Why is this Man Smiling?" CAPTION

i didnt sleep last night.

Wow, This Is A Big Gun

Why does my school system choose to remain blind to sex ed????

Starving Cockroaches Will Forego Peanut Butter For Sex Even

Something heartwarming (for a change) - THON

the menusong

I just bought Young Frankenstein. Ask me anything.

Damn, I have such a headache.....

Good time to be a subscriber to low-brow mens magazines...

Lee Harvey Oswald...

Is there anyone in the DC area free tonight who could take pictures...

Hey! Who farted?

My son is having back surgery in 2 hours

(sing it with me) I DON'T WANT TO WORK......

Oh wow! I just discovered FireFox skins!

If GrovelBot Responds To Your Thread, It Is...

EBay sellers riled at fees

how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death

Crash Test Dummy Inventor Alderson Dies

I think Grovelbot is a thread killer

George introduces Negroponte cartoon

Gawd I'm Bored!

Major Recall Burns Xbox Users


i smoked groveL bot

HA HA! Strip Club Artfully Slips by Anti-Nudity Law

DUers can like NASCAR too!!!.

Crypto world in panic as SHA-1 'broken'

Man Arrives At Court Naked To Face Indecent Exposure Charges

Would you buy any of these CDs?

OMG! Napoleon Dynamite's"Liger" is real!!!

Is THIS the REAL Plan to Balance Federal Budget (Read and Laugh)

So what's the proposed defense budget?

Should I do my work or chat on DU?

Rabbi Rules Chewing Gum Should Be Swallowed Instead Of Spit On The Ground

new DVD documents the Michael Jackson case . . .

Would you buy this CD???


Scientists: Global warming is real

Who you know fresher than Hov'? Riddle me that.....

Who would win in a fight, GG Allin or Iggy Pop?

The ALASKA AIRLINES prayer card - free with dinner - FUCK!

Headline: "Boy Hurt Masturbating; Sues Self!"

Hello Jesus™

Tsunami Uncovered Underwater Ancient City, Temple Wall

I may be taking the day off today... What should I do instead?

do mayonnaise packets ever spoil?

I just got my tax refund

Ugh! A huge group of loud obnoxious frat boy/jocks just came in!

Strip Club Artfully Slips by Anti-Nudity Law

Hey! Hey! I found a Wheat Back Penny in my change!


Ready for primetime-Sunday at 9 PM "The First 5 Years of SNL"

Vaiyo A-Rah Jerhume Brunnen G

Do you know who has the most disgusting, obscene show on TV?

ATTENTION DUers BORN AFTER 1986: What is this called?

candLepin or tenpin or duckpin?

Gad zooks! GrovelBot got someone pregnant!

A tribute to George Clinton

In Praise Of George Carlin...

Any Brazilians on DU?

Foundation Workers Told To Flash Their Breasts At Koko The Ape - Suing

looking for a company that makes campaign-style yard signs...

Oh my dear, sweet gods.... (graphic graphic)

With all the talk about 'Gannon', It's time for a poll!

The Case for Issuing WH Press Credentials to Stephen Colbert of TDS

Wow. The Bills released Drew Barrymore.

Question about menopause and HRT

My store

Teacher Made Boy With B.O. Spray Lysol On Himself - Parents Suing

I just love feta

Somone tell me why I drank a shitload of Miller Lite last night

Vote for your favorite button idea

My donation check to DU is in the mail.

Who needs a star?

So I was kicking it over at my 13-yr-old friend's house and she told me...

so we get the faucet replaced -still no friggin pressure

Grovelbot today, robotocracy tomorrow?

Thoughts For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously

Boca manufacturer of penis enlargement pill slapped with lawsuit

rate this button idea

Re: Guckert/Gannon..something I hadn't thought about

Question re: adoption...

Flasher Says "It is the responsibility of the offended to look away"

delete, error

The "Class Action Fairness Act of 2005" CAPTION

Which Housewife Is The MOST Desperate?


Malt Liquor poll

The Triumph of SCIENCE!


Who do rightwing Jesus-Crispy "Christians" hate most - Darwin or Marx?

Baddest song lyrics?

What's the story behind RATM's concert by the 2000 DNC?

"What is Love"?....

Ann Coulter. What a piece of shit BushWhore. Discuss.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week

Who would win in a fight, Jeremy Irons or Roddy McDowell(in his prime)

My Cat Hates is excellent this month

Look what I had for lunch!

The more we learn about monkeys......the more uh......something

CONFESS!!!!!!!! Some deep dark secret about yourself

Gwynn or Boggs? Who would you rather have on your team? And why?

Who kicks whose ass: Flaherty or Stephanopolous?

Great band playing in Wilmington DE tomorrow night

Canesco, Giambi or McGuire - who would you rather shoot steriods with?

Two and a half hours to go

When I saw this I almost puked..the infamous "W Ketchup"...

Everybody here just bestter leave my Millwaukee's beast alone

I miss hockey games.

Worst advice from a popular song

I think Skinner and EarlG went to Happy Hour early....

This is just so very, very, very, very wrong.

Can someone make this an avtar for me please?

Cheap Cologne Drinkers Vs. Expensive Cologne Drinkers

I just cleaned up my 401k account- what a mess it was!

Anyone have an interesting 'theories'

It is FRIDAY and time to head on home!




Does "IROC" (Camaro), stand for "Italian Retard Out Cruising"?

Ruth or Gehrig? Who would you rather have on your team? And Why?

I think everything's going to be ok.

Williams or Musial? Who would you rather have on your team? And Why?

what do you see in these picures?

Calif. County Wants Pot Certified Organic

School ape prank alerts FBI, bomb squad

I need a handyman, what would a good barter be?

I'm as free as a bird

It's the latest in portable pets, I promise . . . .

for those interested, we're praying the Rosary in the Catholic group

Who wins in a cage match: Cheap beer drinkers vs. overpriced beer drinkers

Firefly, can you see me?

Pronunciation question: comparable

OOOOO!!!! drive-by posting from work! i'm so sneaky

Which coffee house character do you despise most?

Is there something physically wrong with Charles Krauthammer?

Aaron or Bonds? Who would you rather have on your team? And why?

Kissel's Sanitary Market: 80 years-young, and going strong

No one can take your call. They're all in a customer service meeting.

Has anyone read this book? I hear it's the greatest book ever written.

Maddest song lyrics?

FReeper: To be a Republican, one must live a moral lifestyle

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded...

Boudreaux's Butt Paste

If we find Rove's

Radio Station Buys World's Longest French Fry For $250

Sexiest man in rock & roll!

consumerism "we buy things we don't need" question.

you will obey me!

who has a 3 day weekend?

Yikes! Kathie Lee re-emerges on Fox&Friends

I am not feeling particularly witty today

I am very happy

Which Gay DU Avatar Is Your Favourite?

Word of advice: When dreaming, don't roll out of the way...

I've gotta stay out of GD until this Gannon/Guckert crap dies down.

I'd like to nominate Grovelbot as the next US Ambassador to Iraq

4 out of 5 Americans don't know the U.S. has 50 states!

Six White Waylon Jennings. Excellent and underplayed

Listening to Bill Hicks' last performance. Ask me anything

Expensive litter: Tossed cigarette ignites SUV

I just put NSMA on Double Secret Probation.

choke your chicken-- DON'T STROKE IT....


I just got in a cage match with "The Girl from Ipanema"

What are the lamest pick up lines you have ever heard?

Super Bowl sneak summary

"City Confidential" has the Robert Johnson death/mystery on now.

MOVELEFT.COM Recent Articles

"If you don't like the 10 Commandments you don't have to look at them."

Listening to Rage Against The Machine's The Battle for Los Angeles.

Last night I mentioned

Is anyone else getting annoyed by these bozos subbing for Randi?

FOIA Request filed with FBI - anybody know normal turnaround time?

Are certain SUV's really so flammable inside?

HEY! I'm getting off work and the sun is still out!!!!!

Anyone have a suggestion for a compilation Dance CD?

Hey Lounge people, it has been over a week since I started a snarky thread

I just passed 7,000 posts.

Am I being overpriced?

Gannon connected to Wu Tang Clan and forged jams

I am listening to the Beaver From Ipana ask me anything.

Gannon connected to Milli Vanilli and lip sync scandal?

Nutball wingnut heaven

Godzilla TALKS? frog hurt his jaw

Most irritating freeper cliche: The Kumbaya fallacy

Man driving Miller Lite promo van charged with drunk driving

EarlG posts the first picture taken at the Freeper rally for "Gannon"

When we hit 1000 donations we should have a big party...

Black or White?

I use to like going over to GD and just read what's going on, but not now

Yikes, 6 out of the top ten topics in Greatest are Gannon threads!

Hours of Fun

CHA-CHING! Done charging up the mom's credit card.

Erin is a year old!

I'm seeing David "Fathead" Newman tonight.

What's up with remote-control dogs?

Time for the "Hey where's my credit?" Thread


I'm having...

My goal? 1,000+ YEAAAARRGH's......YEAAARGH at will...

"I bet ...

I just put NSMA on ignore...

favorite Sean Connery Movie

All right! My copy of SORRY EVERYBODY: THE BOOK just arrived.

DU Loungers, what is the snarkiest thing you have ever done

Woohoo!!!! I got my tax refund today!

Here is something healthy to eat, eh?, read it okay?

I'm a real liberal now. Wanna know why?

Ann Coulter is on CSPAN-2. *puke*

Anyone heard the band "Dressy Bessy"?

His name is Skinner, Skinner, faster than lightning....

Zeitgeist stories wanted

SOS proposes raising fine for parking in handicapped spot to $500.

"Hollywood Vandals Brand Bush a Nazi" (Pic of billboard grafitti)

My First Poll! Help My Lovely Wife Pick Her Screen Name!

I just spent the workday listening to my 100 favorite songs of 1965.

What is the origin of the phrase "tater tots"?

This was wedged in the door to my apartment...

If the Moiseyev Dancers come to your city...

Welcome to the Doggy Underground Railroad

Yeah, baby! Gonna see Dave Alvin tonight!

Favourite "Breakfast Beer"

Haha this is hilarious!!!

OMG! Monty Python's Holy Grail Coming To Broadway!!!

When giving directions...

Someone please tell me what this yellow shit over * 's head is?!?!?!

Saddest song lyrics?

"You're Not Making Christianity Better. You're Making Rock & Roll Worse.

What's up with out-of-control dogs?

Should Barry Bonds..

POLL: You get to interview anybody you want.

Need a recipe ?

What are you doing this weekend?


What's for supper?

Don't post to me -- I'm busy reading the new hate mail bag.

WOOHOO New Bill Maher show tonight 11pm HBO

Uh-oh!! Skinner is gonna sue me!

ABC News just did a segment on the Simpsons

Dear Saturday Night Live: more specials.

I want to know the best Cheap-assed wines

Who else thinks Bouncy Ball should write a book?

It is cold and wet, and has inflamed my tendons

CNET thinks IE 7 will "squash Firefox flat like a buzzing gnat."

harry truman, doris day, red china, johnnie ray

Thank you for my star! That was very nice of you!!!!

Where's the outrage? Pagan days of the week!

Got any ideas, home remedies and the like for...

"I like Beck. I like Oasis."

i'm having an Underpant's party for the Daytona 500!


Wish Sarahbelle A Happy Birthday!

My son was called a quacker at school today

Parochial or public school--- which did you attend?

Lets play stump the Godzilla nut...

Recommendations for new ISP with Usenet access?

White Castle or Taco Bell (A gun is to your head)

Full House or Saved By The Bell? (there's a gun to your head)

Whatever happened to the engagement of Rush and Daryn Kagan?

So there really IS such thing as a liger!

Can someone fucking explain to me

Why is it so hard to say 'no' to my dog?

Now you, too, can own an Amish theme park!

I'm sick! Perfect ending to this week!!!

Only 52 1/2 hours until............The DAYtona 500!!!!!!!!!!!

OK Grovelbot, I donated!!! Monthly, too!

Mantle or Mays? Who would you rather haveon your team? And why?

I'am BROKE!!!!!!

Drinkin' homemade likker!

Grovelbot is a sterno-addicted panhandler. Don't give him anything!

New Hate Mailbag! Yippee!

I am listening to "The Girl from Ipanema" ask me anything.

Straight Guys Shock Me With Their Homo-Friendliness

Your favorite type of left-wing woman?

Greatest Band

I just took an "r" out of Rabrrrrr's name


aww.... my dawg hurt his paw

So my son wants the governor of California to be president

Great Cheap Beer Poll. Read carefully before responding

Plants feeling pain?

Pope tells of God guiding bullet and saving his life

GOP/Chamber of Commerce block Genetic Discrimination ban in House

What happened to the NASA website?

AMA Feels Heat Over Leader's Anti-Gay Remarks

Help elect 2 Pro-Equality Candidates (Special Elections March 15th 2005)


Scott Bloch Is Back In The News, Still Firing People Left and Right

Bill Would Allow Florida Gay Adoptions

Transsexual Denied Custody Of His Child

NDSU women b-ball team improves record to 23-0 (Best in DI)

Steve Moore sues Bertuzzi

Anybody want Plaxico Burress? He's yours if you want him.

No Hockey this year means the league will be profitable in future.

Wells wearing a Whiteboy hat.

Teddi Bruski released from hospital - possible stroke.

Is Earnhardt Worth the Hype?

They way Mike G is yapping, you'd think every Pitt team lost last year!

No NHL? how about the AHL?

Players rank NFL turf conditions

The way the Red Sox are yapping, you'd think they lost last year.

Great website to check out

Now my Catster family is complete!

Dover et. al what to make of this tarot spread?

I've been thinking about Soul Mates a lot lately

A Little (Anti-)Religious Humor.

Underlying Religion when you're just trying to have fun

It is going to be an ugly night on C-span tonight.

At the pub with a very nearly Libertarian friend of mine

Question 2: How bad is the Negroponte nomination and will Kerry support it

Question 1: Is supporting funding for the war the same as supporting war?

It's been a long time, a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time (riff)

Kerry Election Holiday 8/2001

Will McCain run in 2008? LittleClarkie, Mrs.Kerry, Kleebsta, etc...Please

What do you all think about allowing foreign born people to run for pres

Gannon Was Involved in the Defeat of Tom Daschle

Bush shoots horses, doesn't he?

Gannon story makes NBC nightyl news - video

the potentially LETHAL aspect of the Bush/Gannon story...

Anyone hear anything about the Dean - Perle debate?

Negroponte to have Bush's ear--but little budget authority (rummy's turf)

Need number of troops killed in Iraq

FYI - Real Time with Bill Maher

Putin Disses the Bush Cabal - Iran Does Not Intend to Build Nuclear Arms

Democrats have extensive ops in place to counter Bush Soc Sec assault

Ann The Man On Washigton Journal Today (7 cst) C-Span 2-18-05

LAT: GOP Moderates From O.C. Recruiting in L.A. County

If there is another terrorist attack on US soil,

Bush choice knows cost of incorrect intelligence

Is It Time for Michael Moore to Do Documentary on Joe Scarborough?

My Thousandth Post. That's a lot of B.S. ! Hey, I just sent this

Victory For Bush On Suits -New Law to Limit Class-Action Cases

Gannon story makes Google News!

Russian diplomatic pre-emptive strike?

The Pope and Bono tipped for Nobel Peace Prize

Recommend a site for Iraq trading oil in euros issue?

Remember when Gays were considered security risks?

GOP Bigs Caught in 'Film' Flam

Frank Rich states that JonStewart ought to take Dan Rather's place...

Americablog is reporting that Gannon knew about "shock and Awe"

Bills Would Alter Election Procedures- GOP version focuses on fraud.

I Have A Question About Iran / Nukes

The common man stories for the Class Action Bill

Iran attack out of the question!

Brian Lamb of c-span lied this morning

saw Bush signing the limiting Frivol. lawsuits on CNN but they also had

Condoleeza Rice vs Democracy in Mexico

Iraq: "Mr. Jamadi's arms had nearly been pulled from their sockets"

Nev. Young Rep. head of convention bopped by cops

The Empire of Vulgarity

Hastert tells us why we have no jobs: LAWSUIT ABUSE. I feel better now.


We are not going to war with Syria - That is where we have people tortured

Ecstasy trials for combat stress --Guardian UK

This is war--The Repukes will be on Dean like a fly know what

Contributing to the DCCC

Ldotter: put Muslims in charge of US to get rid of gays

Did Jeff Gannon use Ann Coulter as a personal reference?

New products at my store!

A passing thought on Gannon/Guckert

I demand an apology from Steele for his "classist" remarks.

Don't let Cspan get away with this!

Wakeup call for Democrats! (CARTOON)

Bush Flirts with Tax Hike

do we know that Eberle (Talon) was/is a Lockheed engineer?

Need Help Responding To/Debunking This Email!

btw, Conyers led the opposition to the 'Class-Action' bill

Alter: Bush must "couch his radical SS reform in the guise of saving it"

Gannon-Rather docs.. someone want to investigate

Pat Robertson (religious conman) gives Frist a test to pass or else

If Gannon Guckert is active duty military, can he sue the WhiteHouse?


Who is paying Bobby Eberle?

Peter Lance, Author, "Cover Up": What the Government is Still Hiding

Does Howard Dean owe anyone an apology?

Didn't "Rim Job" just purge a bunch of Freeps from posting? Gan/Gurk ?

Head of public TV to step down after 'gay' cartoon row

Been seeing the term "islamo-fascist" around?

Blaming Micheal Moore

FBI targets pedophilia advocates

If I were in Congress, I would introduce a bill....

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** Press release from dKos. Propagate at will DU

Jeff Gannon himself on the Plame investigation..

Save Your Marriage with a computer filter

A man called Jeff

PROPAGANDA thats the word.. USE IT!

A Gannon Hypothesis

The McLaughlin Group - Transcript & Full Video - February 11th, 2005

jeff Gannons radio show..

Was Chalabi's "falling out" with the White House BS?

OMG!! Funniest thing EVER! Limbaugh says he never lies on his show!

cnn poll Should the government limit class-action suits against companies?

Why doesn't the media cover the Guckert/Gannon story? An interesting take

NEW ACTION ALERTS: 2/18/2005 DU these!

E Mail from John Edwards

Where is Colin Powell? Did he fall off the earth?

Grover Norquist is a client of Bruce Eberle

Blast from the Past still relevant re: Bush -- Craig Spence

Real Reason for Clear Channel's Move to the Left

Caption this...

Kucinich and Woolsey recognized with American Hero Awards

Gannon has been gagged in the Press Room

Today's comforting MSNBC headline: "Bush won't rule out attack on Iran"

What is the modern definition of a "conservative" ?

2003 - White House blacklisting Canadian ABC reporter? - He was gay?

"Republicans and Big busness are celebrating" says the newscaster

How did we become liberals? Nature vs. Nurture

A Problem for Liberals

Gannon to Rapid City Journalist - "Get off your butt and do your job."

So who will the R's claim was a Dem plant in the Clinton era WHPC?

Is it possible that Gannon "dallied" with any spies?

Is the Right trying to "Mary Cheney" Dean via his black comment?

Did Gannon/Guckert's military record get sanitized as ChoicePoint's hack


Division is a potent weapon.

Bush and bald men - What is Bush looking at in this pic?

Does anybody here remember the GOP staffer who was forced to quit

Scottie corrects himself with Ed and publ.says Gannon got pass

TX blogs: Rumors flying re: Delay replacing Hastert in 2005

New Yor k Times editorial this morning....

Sen. Clinton Pushes for Voting Holiday

The Liberal Media Myth

Rice for prez--this is the second report on the tube I have heard today

Bush Hugging Gannon...

Jeff Gannon... ugh... why?

More on "Gannon-gate" - Tonight on KO's Countdown Schedule

Who else voted for Dennis Kucinich in the primaries?

Should Brit Hume resign?

Dean: As chairman I will not let them continue to frame the debate.

Gannon--Simply a Prostitute or Simply a Spy???


Reforming the Party: a local "Blueprint" (round 1)

Is Drudge "involved" with Gannon in any way?

Poll: 60% of Americans Want Democrats to STAND UP to Bush

If you needed any more reason to be pissed at the Democrats..

Kids Say the Darndest, Most Stalinist Things (Bill Maher)

Is Karl Rove Shrub's "Ernst Roehm"?

Is this the authorization for the death camps and the closing of borders?


See how your Senator or Representative is doing.

If Dems Become Pro-LIFE and Pro-MILITARY and Anti-Gay ... WE WILL WIN!!!

Milbank, Dowd, and Others Weigh In on Gannon/Guckert

Damn fine collection of Dubya satire art

Bermie Sanders vs. Alan Greenspan

Rate it up! Army Destroyed Mock Execution Pictures

WSJ poll: Americans want Dems to Stand Up

Gannon's real purpose

Suggestion: Let's engage Dr. James Dobson in Gannon Gay Porn Buzz

Just saw Howard Dean in Portland! Wow!

Gannon connected to WH forging TANG documents?

Learing from the radical environmental movement

Call your Senator and demand a filibuster of Mr. Death Squad.

Finally, the Left's hypocrisy revealed!!!

When is Al Franken going to learn you can't be nice to repugs?

DNC website hits up 120%, membership up over 60%


Zell Miller presents "Courage Under Fire Award" to the Swift Boat Veterans

What does the ideal Democratic world look like?

What is Republican Lite?

Jeff Gannon - Am I the only one who thinks this will backfire on us?

ID Thefts at ChoicePoint and SAIC are national security threats