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Archives: February 16, 2005

Quebec: Union weighs public boycott of Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Settles Child Labor Cases: Announcement made on a Saturday

bush urges Congress to reauthorize Pat Act..

Sanders: Unfettered free trade is ruining middle class

Hunting Hillary Clinton---Hating Hillary: A Cottage Industry

Commentary by Greg Anrig: Alan Greenspan and the Meaning of 'Trust'

The Secret of Iraq---(by Eustace Mullins)

Kerry Backs Bush's $81.9 Bln War Spending Plan

Opinion Piece: Rise of American Martyrdom, by Justin Sane, Anti-Flag

Common Dreams: Pharisee Nation

2 million acres of New Mexico grasslands latest battleground over drilling

This Documentary on Carlyle Group may shock You!

Attn New England DU'ers - * visiting NH Wednesday, 2/16.

MSM's cowardly acquiescence of yellow journalism

James Roosevelt calling for Brit Hume's resignation on KO

Major Hydrogen Event In Orlando, FL 2/18/2005

Which rounds penetrate walls? Answer within! need to email me...or check your pm box...IMPORTant

look at these pics, then tell me how WTC7 fell ..?

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. to Present $100,000 Check to Metro Family Svcs.

ISU Democrats criticized for 'cybersquatting'

Report: Fixes saved 1M votes in 2004

New Freeman article:Despite what you may have heard, exit polls were right

A letter about voting from my paelo-conservative Congressman

Here's a Republicans' site

Hack a Vote, a site you have to see to believe

IRV Forum ON in Eureka, Arcata Considers Protecting Conscientious Objector

Excellent testimony against e-voting systems by NY citizen activist

Tuesday KOEB

TNA Is Back Up

New Yorkers for Verified Voting

Opinions Sought on Voter ID Proposals. Is Gov. Richardson a Fascist?


Political posts at work?

Hackers May Have Stolen Californians' Data

* visit to NH Wednesday, 2/16.

Last night at the Westminster Dog Show

Popups on Mozilla

Another reason not to like Martin Frost.

This is just sad.

How the stop worrying and get ahead in life...

Please, be sensitive to the gay community, i.e. Jeff Gannon

"Concerned Women for America" jumping on the "Bash Rock" Banwagon...

The world changed on WHAT black day?

It's time to deliver a subpoena to Gannon

Help needed- "W" judicial nominations held up VS Clintons -

Am I the only one that thinks the Lebanon/Syria story...............

Bush has declared war on Humphrey's "moral test of government"

Tonight, Hannity is going to RAIL against DEAN

Deism vs. Agnosticism

Freepers and Racists - I don't see the seam that separates them

Pelosi Selects Michael Yaki for U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

RW pundits are right. John Kerry does look French.

MSNBC Countdown could be good tonite

A bird flew in my front door yesterday morning as I was leaving for

Democrats may WHINE.....but freepers nauseaum....

Nova - saving the national treasures (Const, BoR, Dec Ind). my naivety...does Top only imply

Keith Olbermann will do a segment on Jeff Gannon

Pelosi: 'Ownership Society' Will Mean That They Will be 'On Their Own'

I'm no "freeper" but...

ALERT! Juan Cole to debate Jonah Goldberg NOW on AAR!

I just gave my dog heartworm prevention, ask me anything! eom.

I spoke to some Thuglies today who hadn't heard about Gannon

Great: The Power of the New Media, Jeff Gannon Dispatched Into Irrelevancy

So if 9/11 had never would the last 4 years have gone?

Potential SNL Sketch of the week, Jeff Gannon in "The Wedding Date"

Olbermann story on "CusterBattles"

Federal Judges - "Fresh Air" - An Interview by Terry Gross W/Ralph Neas!

Gannon/Guckert link to Rove, Novak, Wilson, Plame.....

A proposal.

Olbermann 'one of those live circuses over at Fox' gotta love Keith

Gannon/Guckert Story strangled by Moderate and " RW KUDZU"...

BINGO --- This is why the WH wants Syria sooo bad

Has any MSM really covered the Gannon Story?

I've kept quiet long enough re:SS

Ann Coulter morphing picture

To those who think they are more oppressed than others...OOH SHA SHA!

KC area DUers

Guckert was not subpoenaed by the grand jury.

On crimes and sentencing Paul Shanley got 12-15 years

"New Wave" of AIDS coming

PHOTO: Jeff Gannon is AOK by me!

Geography and Syria

Remember the RW'ers who said Clinton had a conspiracy to enslave America?

Move to Canada?

okay, for the millionth time, white people are NOT oppressed.

This is why the Internet must always be free....

A Little Advice from John Aravosis:

Take a look at Horowitz's list of the Religious Left.

Photoshop assistance required

Terms like "White Trash" are vulgar. They do nothing but divide us.

"The Bizarre Gannon Affair" new article on YAHOO

Strange False "Lark" Legend posted at Snopes today

Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Jimmy Carter

Anyone just see Bill Maher on Scarborough Country?

Oh Scotty!

Men & Womens brains ARE different. New study confirms.

David Frum is an Ass.

Anyone watch The Daily SHow last night?

Drug Awareness and the Zoloft Murder Case.

I need some serious backup...

YAY!!! Springfield legalizes same-sex marriage!

Bush not helping religious groups...

Anybody catch Pat Robertson on NPR/Press Club speech?

The things that pass for "investigative reporting"

Is 24 Right Wing?

Afghan defense minister wants U.S. high-tech weapons. Will we ever learn?

African American men or white women?

Is Will Pitt getting a press pass to the White House?

"Dear God, Thanks for making me prezident, but...

Prayer With Upraised Palms

What's next for Bush?

you know, the big problem isn't racism, it's classism.

Was Gannon another Armstrong Williams? Check out His webpage!

Okay, a comment about "NAMBLA"...I'm sick of hearing about this:

Alaska Progressive Radio Needs Help!!!

Got a link? Wanted: SNL skit on Condi vs. Boxer

Lou Dobbs is on fire tonight and right

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Meet Up

Hack let's them have it!

where do you draw the line when dealing w/ conservatives or * supporters?

My bet is that Syria before Iran

Check this out... American Jobs Creation Act ...Repatriation of monies!

Oh, God, they're starting the counter-attack already. Check it out:

New group proposal: Boxer '08

Did "Gannon" ever write any actual NEWS ARTICLES or COLUMNS?

Dollar dumping in progress!

Chris Rock should open Oscars with "Are you all feeling gay tonight"

BRAD BLOG: CNN 'N. Korean' Nuke Site Found on U.S. GOV FUNDED 'News' Site!

New Contracts Awarded for Continued Fill of Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Do Christian Fundies not drink wine at Communion?

Help the AFL-CIO kick some butt (it'll just take 1 minute, I swear)

check out this question on libruls communists???

Is the Military Budget a form of Welfare (hear me out)

According to Aravosis, the Dems are caving on Gannon...

DONATE to DU...Gravel BOT on the LOOSE...

Who do you think is behind the assassination of Rafik Hariri?

Best one-liner re "Jeff Gannon"

The Jeff Gannon controversy, in pixels

12,000-Year-Old Bones Found in Kansas

Why isn't The Dialy Show even talking about Gannon?

Anyone need a Job out there? Cox Newspapers has a bunch

In theory, what is wrong with Communism?

I feel sorry for Guckert...

"Concentration Camps in U.S." real is this???

I shopped at Trader Joe's for the first time

BC Duers...Budget DAY!

Charles Kennedy on Civil Liberties

Donor Was Promised Ambassadorship

The US Stands Accused of Kidnapping

Iraqi groups link role in politics to US exit

Boeing Launches Long-Haul Passenger Jet

Senators Criticize U.N.'s Ban on Testimony in Iraqi Oil Inquiry

Spain warned of global warming threat to beaches

US envoy says senior Taliban take up amnesty offer

Sharon: Putin Says Syria Deal Is On

Japan Economy Shrinks for Three Quarters

U.S. soldier killed in action in Iraq

Douglas: Friendship With Jeffords Trumps Politics

U.S. contractors in Iraq allege abuses

WP: Consensus Emerging on Iraqi Premier

Pentagon Tests Laser Warning for Planes

Bush Economic Aide Mankiw Stepping Down

N.J. may garnishee deadbeats' jackpots

Venezuela Tax Agency Shuts Down Coca-Cola Operations

Hariri Murder Triggers Fears of Econonic Meltdown in Lebanon--Lebanonwire

Octogenarian receives Army recruiting letters inviting him to re-enlist

WP: Kurds Invoke Senate Rule (Repub Senator praising Filibuster rule)

NYT: For Democrats, Rethinking Abortion Runs Risks

Data Collection Firm Warns Californians That Hackers May Have Stolen Data

Father Seeks Vindication But Finds Death in Fallujah

Rice: ties with Syria getting worse

CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers

Ex-Congressman Frost signs on with Fox News Channel

Students, parents often kept in dark about young sex offenders

Airbus Makes Pitch for Possible U.S. Plant

White Supremacist Charged With Selling Machine Guns

Whistleblowers Say FAA Ignored a Decade of Pre–9-11 Warnings

Best DU feature?

I figured out how to make an RSS feed! Woo Hoo!

Anybody heard from saigon68 lately?

in DU HTML code, how do I make an image clickable?

Separated at Birth?

Articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Who Was The Best Host Of Solid Gold?

Quick question regarding medicine....

Is there a site out there

I'm a member of the DU Part-Timers Club.

RW pundits are right. John Kerry does look French.

Okay, we're invaded by a race of alien lizards. WHO WILL THEY EAT FIRST?

oh my oh my oh my!!! - I have added to my sig - oh my oh my oh my!!

Wanna be a WH "reporter"? Here's your big chance.

Does anyone remember "Variety Shows"?

A bird flew in my front door yesterday morning as I was leaving for

How much longer is the fun officially going to be announced as over?

I can't stand____________.

It's Blues night at RA's pad

I just gave my dog heartworm prevention, ask me anything! eom.

In praise of Kewpie Mayonnaise

OK - WTF should I eat for dinner?

Chris Rock, you are too cool.

Does anyone know of a software that converts Excel files to PDF?

Anyone know where I can get a tinfoil hat real cheap?

Fun with Google Video search!

Fictional character who DEFINITELY was a Republican?? GARFIELD.

Don't do the stupid, stupid!

Today's "Remembering Frank Zappa Moment."

My first post...

I wrote a poem about my most humiliating experience What do you think?

Fictional character who DEFINITELY was a Republican? Ronald Reagan.

Furries? Anyone heard about this?

Mozilla Drops IDN Support Due to Flaw

Who was our funniest President?

Who is the most popular DUer at DU?

I am hereby coverting my DU membership to a covenant-membership.

DAmmit!!! I just stepped on a shard of glass in the kitchen.

New DU group proposal. Larouche '08.

For everyone who is digital video savvy: I need urgent help...

Who was the funkiest President?

Too little, too late: Internet Explorer 7 (for Win XP SP2 users ONLY)

i'm annoyed

How do you react when you spot a Freeper on DU?


I just got a lecture from my daughter

Merry Christmas!

Hug me. Please.

Shit, gotta go! HOUSE is on

question about sig line pictures

Get paid for your activism---DENVER!

Mommy! Mommy! Can I post on DU?

I've just finished a whole bottle of port by myself, ask me anything!

Google image a long-gone commercial mascot

Kill! Kill!..........and MORE KILL!!! and when we've finished that let's

Ever logged off DU thinking that your thread was dead,

Hi my name is Rabrrrrrr and I'm your non-gender-specific wait-unit tonight


What song are you listening to at this very moment??

IPA Lovers: Go get this beer!

Who's looking at the Doggies at the dog show?

Rats or Hogs?

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Are you excited??

miss kitty!


This is my 1000th post. Woo Hoo!!!

CONFESS! What scares you the most?

I just put Jell-O Pudding into my CD player.

I want Violin


Excuse me, Senor?

I want Sax

Chapelle show is a classic tonight.

Sing along with my earworm. The more the merrier!

Any fans of the band Keane out there?

bah. I can't concentrate tonight


Bjork, Bjork, Bjork


Just made the most

Listening to Rush: 2112. Ask me anything.


Holy crap! I hit 1000. I totally missed that.

Help me decide if I should adopt a dog.

I watched "Motor Cycle Diaries" this weekend.

Idea for the sequel to Sex and the City

I'm back from seeing the movie "Kinsey" ask me anything

Dr Phil: a Primetime "Romance Special" on CBS

Anyone on here into meteorology?

I want Knotty to win

OK, the fun's just beginning.

So, which celebrity do you resemble the LEAST?

I finally saw Sideways

I want vicodin.

Do the chickens have large talons?

Digital Water Marks Thieves 

Pick up some condoms

Today, I accidentally scared a bunch of people at Stop & Shop.

Best Alfred Hitchcock Movie

I'm thinking about going over to the dark side.

Is it an insult to chimps to call * a chimp?

I've posted an excerpt from my novel DEADWAX to the Writing forum.

There is/is not a working smoke alarm in my home.

Look at the cast of Napoleon Dynamite in real life


I live in Phoenix, am I really living in Phoenix?


I am now officially a card-carrying Democrat.

Don't LOOK! If you don't wanna know - BEST IN SHOW at Westminster


In case anyone missed it... NYC Liberal:

Daily Show time!

Ok DU today is day one of not smoking...

40 years ago today, we lost NAT "KING" COLE.

Advice: When you put on your shoes and socks, don't do it in that order.

Are you a born in a blue state, stuck in red state hell liberal?

Post your old name and your new name.

wrong forum....sorry

My brother has asked me to stay away from the funeral...

America's Stonehenge


How much does it cost for regular unleaded gas right now?

Why is diesel so much more expensive than unleaded?

This Scotch is strong sheet...

Has anyone else seen "Donnie Darko"?

I'm getting kicked out of college, HELP!

What is the best barbecue

Army investigating ordnance found in driveway material

Guess wha-ut I did!


My college roommate killed herself a few days ago

Battle of the Bands: the cranberries vs. 10,000 Maniacs

Did you know that gator milk has twice the nutrients...

Ungrateful, biscuit-eating son of a bitch!

Who else is annoyed by this commercial?

What's your favorite Rush album?


What music did your parents listen to?

How long did it take you to figure out what you want to do in life?

a piccy for catwoman

New DU group proposal: Hannity/Gannon '08.

Too cool,my brothers oldlady is knocked up.

Does Anyone Have a Video Link of the Melissa Etheridge Grammy Performance?

take this test to see how stupid you are, and no cheating

Most tedious household fix-it job?

I googled "wall-to-wall counseling" and look what I found

Another "what celebrity do you resemble most" Thread.

no med insurance.... what do I do?

I've been at my job for a month today and I realize that I hate it

Damnit, I lose my donor star!

New DU group proposal: Boxer '08

My parents asked me not to bring my partner to my brother's wedding


If you could experience being the other gender for a week, would you?

What was the last CD you purchased?

Is it weird that I really want to see the movie Robots?

Are you a northeastern secular elitist liberal?

Wal-Mart Sued In Marin County For Selling Defective Bicycles

Bands who were better singles bands than the Beatles.

Which DU old-timers who don't post at DU anymore do you miss?

My dog just woke himself up sleep-barking and he's looking at me

Don't feed your dog grapes or raisins

Any Pantheists here?

Pat Robertson re-writes the Bible

Churches using grant funds to promote political extremism

My son has resquested that our next "big book" be The Bible

Unitarian-Universalists: past, present, simpatico, or thinking about it...

Do Mystics See God?

Cardiologist Will Drop Bombshell Testimony at Vioxx Hearing

Has anyone heard from Motely36 lately?

MLB Channel is on XM

Canseco's Claims

Homeowner's policies denied for type of dog

Guess what I found under the oven

I was fired today......

Did anyone see Bill Maher on Scarborough?

Anyone have a link to the" What religion are you " poll

Just got back from an Atheist Meet Up

Pentagon Propaganda Channel Is Not In Public Interest

Hey Kerrycrats!

Investors sue filmmaker over `Long War of John Kerry'

I lied.

Democrats losing the black vote.

DU SLACKERS! We know who we are! We are falling down on the job....

Amusing spam message

Any information on how to start a Democratic Headquarters? Thanks

Help me out. I have been keeping my eyes closed (Dean, DNC chair)

Just a thought: What if Gannon was in CIA or PsyOps ? And what

progressive, liberal or anti-American radio is here to stay.

Since 9/11 report suppressed, why can't we revote???

Calif. GOP changes rule to back governor

WA repuke state senator's son charged in drug case

self deleted

Dean to speak and hold rally at Cornell Univ. Feb. 23.

Bill Mahar on Joe Scarborough NoW

Democracy Now is a Must Watch from Today --- you won't regret it

Daily Show just did joke I got hate mail for!

Farm Workers Union would like you to DU this poll.

Shocking Carlylegroup undermining American democracy!!

Frontline: Rumsfeld's War

Cartoon - A new development in the SpongeBob Case

Petition to stop Offshoring of High-Tech & Professional Jobs

Question on Kerry

2006... senate and congress races

Democrats Seek to Outmaneuver Republicans by Imitating Their Strategy

Southern and Red states....nice words for Dean locally.

The WH and the Media are going nuts about Syria today -- maybe this is why

FDR grandson says Brit HUME should retract or maybe resign--WHOW

Andrew Jackson

Ha! I cant believe it. There is a "Conservative Punk" site buwahahaha

OMFG - Dems DON'T Want To Investigate The Whore BECAUSE He's A Whore?!

Would you take a job offered by a Republican in order to survive?

John Kerry, the good soldier, continues his fight for

Hannity claims Kerry was never in combat in Vietnam

Martin Frost signs on to FOX News.

Have you ever read John Kennedy's definition of liberal?

Sen. Boxer's major speech on Social Security

General election Poll 2008 - Who wins?

Today's Action Alerts: DU these,please!

Nothing To Fear But George Himself (Brian Adler,

Why Are These Guys Laughing?

For Sale: The Brooklyn Bridge (re: Bush, Rice, and nat'l security)

FDA, the new panal--but no authority

NYT's Kristof: Bush's Sex Scandal (Abstinence-Only Funding)

Gene Lyons

Sinclair: Beyond 'Fair and Balanced'

The Bizarre Gannon Affair - David Corn, the Nation

Inland Valley (CA) Daily Bulleting: California giveaway

North (San Diego) County Times: Our not-so-free press

A Blemished Latin American Record (Powell, Venezuela, Haiti)

Kathleen Parker: Speak now and forever wish you hadn't

Bush's Budget is at Odds With His Rhetoric (Gene C. Gerard, Counterbias)

For Democrats, Rethinking Abortion Runs Risks

Islamic culture: A convenient scapegoat

From Baghdad to Beirut

Will Pitt----A Phone Conversation with Ambassador Joseph Wilson

Older soldiers answer the call to arms

So after all of this we are still not any safer!

Conservative Sycophants Lose Credibility by Paul Craig Roberts

Venezuela: Oil-Flush Chávez Begins to Strut His Stuff

Bush's Sex Scandal ("abstinence only")

Arianna - Arnold And Eisner: Pathological Peas In A Pod

High Court to Decide on Fifth Amendment's Scope

GOOD NEWS! Back Door Capitalistic Reform Works!

If this were a chess game, mate is near...

Taming the Medicaid Monster

The Call Up — Pentagon tactics to keep up with needs in Iraq.

Was Talon Created as Gannon's Beard?

Syria in the Crosshairs

(NCLB) Rebellion against federal ed law reignites in Utah

Gore Claims Bush Has 'Crisis' Analysis All Wrong (Gore speech excerpts)

Absorbed By the State

CSMonitor: Bush administration blurs media boundary

Fixing Social Security 'for Dummies'

Conason/"Liberal’ Media Silent About Guckert" (A Great Read)

The Rude Pundit-Mainstreaming Torture, Part 1

Crawford transcript of Interview with Karl F W Schwarz - "War over Oil"

Center for American Progress has open web site for campus outreach program

Emails/letters needed for Voting Integrity Bills S.330 and HR 704 - "VIVA"

Demand a Full Accounting on Journalists' Deaths in Iraq

Back-ordering Right-wing Web Sites and making them our own

Demand that Powerline blogger "Hindrocket" apologize to Jimmy Carter


Knight Ridder buys 5 SF Bay Area free newspapers

GOP FCC Commis. Martin is anti-Fairness Doctrine -protects "niche" media!

New media "blogger" troll smears Jimmy Carter-we should demand apology

C-span lets Republican lie to caller

When will WashPost investigate Howie Kurtz's GOP payola via Shari Annis?

(Rev.) Jim Wallis: Bush budget lacks moral vision

* Big Economic Pick Will Be Next Fed Chairman

Housing Starts Climb to Nearly 21-Yr High

The Great American Job Sellout

Mercury Risk Overstated, (GOP controlled) House Panel Says

Deer Scott Says US "Leading" Efforts On Global Warming - AFP

Kyoto Global Warming Pact Takes Effect

Fascinating Photos From BBC Showing Global Warming Over Time

Border bid may imperil wind farm

Food Industry-Funded Study Says Childhood Obesity "Hype" - BBC

Substantial Evidence of Intentional Destruction of Livelihoods in Darfur

Federal judge won't delay yearbook publication

40,000 guns seized in crackdown

Brady: 50 cals Can Pierce Nuclear Reactors


Mankiw post locked

I can't afford to donate, but...

Who makes your bumper stickers?

Do you guys read the Demopedia bug reports?

I'm really sorry that I'm complaining but...

Quick question

I just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!! You guys do a very thankless job

DU Flag T-Shirts. Shouldn't the flag be upside down?

breaking news

If one has a monthly contribution setup, and they make an additional...

How long does it take to get a star after donating?

media bLast

hey Skinner can I get a DU clock like on the front page? I didn't see it

Heads up about personal avatars and AOL

Should DU have a thread with 64 instances of the word n*****?

I miss the Hate Mailbag

Israeli Army Chief to Leave Post

Israel Unexpectedly Dismisses Army Chief

U.S. behind Hariri Assassination?

Syria diverts blame onto Israel after 'odious' Hariri killing

Sharon stakes claim to key settlements

Palestinian Abbas authorizes death sentences for Israel 'collaborators'

Mortar fire resumes...

Fear of Flying

Documentary: 911 In Plane Site - conspiracy theory or reality ??

Operation Gladio

Chicago Defender: Preachers would leave us at the back of the bus

Hastert's 'partisanship' blast at Emanuel signals rift in delegation

Chicago Tribune: Tollway oasis pact rich with links to governor's allies

Grass Roots Democracy meeting- chicago 2/17

Chris Anderson: Soybean pest forces farmers to know remedy

Unfiltered discuses "Frivolous Lawsuit" sanctions against the Ohio Four

Tune into Air America radio NOW for radio ads by Gannon/Guckert's sex site

OK, What's up with Andy. Anybody know yet?

"Battle For America" movie NEEDS a better host / bandwidth!!

How brilliant to buy the media, name it liberal so it can pull all this **

Steve Freeman and Josh Mitteldorf: A Corrupted Election

Idea re: Being the Media about Guckert/Gannon

Response to one of my letters regarding ELECTION FRAUD from Senator

"Rethinking Recounts"

Hiding in Plain Sight: Jeff Gannon's Connection to the Inner Sanctum of th

Diebold PROMOTES open ATM software over "proprietary technology of past"

Wednesday 2/16 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Was Guckert/Gannon a gym teacher??

Count Every Vote Act -- News Conference 2/17/05

collection of election fraud videos - am I missing anything?

Go Georgia Activists! Great News from them!

Conyers has his own blog!

LawSuit to e-Vict Secret Vote Counting & Hasten Death of DRE's

Calfornia's environmental laws are being fucked over by the Bush admin

State to issue ID cards to medicinal pot users

Dem Convention Delegates - can we talk?

So any other DK supporters here in the California group?

Where was Jerry?

Last piece of Orange County toll roads drawing fire

MA highest court to hear Catholic League's anti-gay marriage arguments

Kennedy rips MA Governor Mitt Romney over stem cell policy . . .

The Firefox Explosion

help with hosts file modifications

Crazy Idea 2006: Sen. John Edwards (D-Ohio)???

Quinnipiac Poll: Casey Leads Santorum in Hypothetical Match-Up

Amy Goodman, Dallas, Tx, Friday the 18th, Don't Miss this Event!

Upcoming Dallas Peace Events:

Kucitizen running for office in Texas

'How Sad It Is!' Odd Docs in the Houston Election Contest

Let's show DU Texas is a force. For the next 24 hours we will match

Dallas, Texas LGBT Family Pride Conference Feb. 26th Cathedral of Hope

Governor's office wasting our $$$$

Burmaster, Underheim advance easily to finals

Don't Think Of An Elephant! everyone READ THIS BOOK

Interesting link

I don't appreciate posts calling celeb libs neocons

Damn. Barry Zito is a Republican and he's dating Alyssa Milano.

U.S. behind Hariri Assassination?

Special Forces captain dies of bacterial infection

Brit Hume should resign?

Make Poverty History

Pharisee Nation - The Religious Right are acting just like the Pharisees

Bush and "evolution"

Who is the ruling class in the U.S.?

Dammit, I love Bill Clinton

German Shorthair Pointer wins it

Fun With the Washington Times

Something to think about..

MSM reporter tells it like it is: an absolute must read

Please, everyone, stop saying "MSM"...!

This takes balls.

The Conspicuous Silence

And how about that Ken Lay?

Is this the end for Blitzer and Company.

So whats new today?

Judy Miller: Jail, Bob Novak: Nothing. What gives?

Freepers being censored on their own site!!!

It's proving to be a tough morning in radioland..

Big props to EarlG

"He was cut from the herd and dismantled,

The state with the 3rd highest divorce rate host "Celebration of Marriage"

The Chicago Sun-Times Covers Gannon/Guckert

what would a country do if another country fired a missle into it

It's not about being gay. It's not even about being a prostitute.

Iranian state TV reports large blast near city of Dailam. Details soon

tactics used to drive a conservative reporter from his job? excuse me?

Should Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert be watching his ass, so to speak?

Will Leno be making Jacko jokes now that he's been called to witness?

My new Anti-Bush signature, you can have one too

The Media seems to have declared war on bloggers

Radio Free Europe, what is it?

Bill Maher's drunk the SS kool-aid.

could someone please tell me that

It's incredibly nice to know other people who question things.

Didn't bush say at one time that he didn't believe that there will be many

(KS) Legislators say Lawrence's living wage could hurt state

Peace Breaks Out in Latin America

Fingerprint puts Leonardo in the frame

pick the date!

Hartford (CT) Courant has humor article on Gannon/Guckert

Let us all sing the praises of the next Emperor of Iraq.(At least the

SUV: severely unpatriotic vehicle? or "No Mullah Left Behind"

Ignorant MSNBC anchor...

Artist's 'fantasy passports' confiscated at airport

Gannon/Guckert - Tracking the reach of this scandal

What was with Gannon's obsession with Daschle?

Poland's Communist informers caught red-handed on the Net

Is it me, or does the Chimp looking particularly hung over here? PIX >>>

First Amendment Perversion

DU progressive product thread: Post items you have created!

Link for DU researchers I discovered.

Sister Helen Prejean on the Death Penalty

Anyone watch the show on Rummy on PBS last night?

A Challenge to the Theists

Civilian Contractors Report More Abuses In Iraq! Unarmed Civilians Killed!

Since Guckert has lawyered up, could arrest or indictment be imminent?

Gentle Persuasion for those who don't take boycotts too seriously

I am depressed......

Be vigilant, DUers!

I just realized something while listening to cspan

Emotional stuff: NFL stars Toomer & Warner blog tsunami relief visit

MUST READ: "Company Pulls Out of Contract to Track Students"

how much more sickening can EVERYTHING get?

"Robot" army now being deployed? Frightening quotes in the NYT

As long as there is american presence

Watch out for a Congresssional end run around Fitzgerald on Plame

Backward Ass Bull: Rice Calls for Better U.S.-Syrian Relations

Small chuckle about Laura the Lump and gangs


Have you ever written a press release which resulted in a lot of

Stop the Government OK of Slaughtering of Wild Horses

Confusion Reigns Supreme

Republican Front Groups attack Dean. "Here They Go Again"

More Republican family values, WA state Sen's Son's got Oxy

Damn Democrats

If you could sit down with Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson

Pueblo (CO) student collapses, dies on playground

I figured out how they republicans keep there base

Does anyone have a collection of links about the three columnists

Queen Pickles goes center stage with fashion and decor/parties/etc

Kid Rock arrested for assaulting a DJ at a strip club.

Help! I want to write a LTTE about SS and need some facts

Strindberg exhibition betrays his unbearable darkness of being

Could the U.S. be behind Hariri's assassination?

You know you're addicted to the Internet when..

Interesting radio commercial

Iran Will Know How to Build Bomb in 6 Months - Israel

Is the US guilty of some of the journalists kidnapped in Iraq?

Custer Battles Bru-ha-ha a way to discredit the Kurds?


When Gannon said he has 700,000 daily subscribed readers, which site...

I'm not a good researcher but I have an idea for those who are

My letter to to a local news station.

Who's the bigot being talked about on Al Franken?

8 killed as Circuit City plane crashes in Pueblo, CO

Boxer's reply re: Social Security (45% reduction in benefits proposed!)

WEIRD! Heard on news this morning a private Company had offered to

Amusing Freeper thread on female modesty and chastity

Syria And US Rely On Same Excuse For Continued Occupations!

Where should I be sending money?

U.S. contractors in Iraq allege abuses

Kurtz: AIM outraged at invasion of Gannon privacy

Political Philosophy-Marraige, Religion, and The State

Trouble getting to AirAmerica Site

Money For New Nukes Hidden In Energy Bill. Do We Care Enough To Stop Them?

Share The Wealth .... Creating A Real Ownership Society

Here it comes?????

One last time ...... We love Sen. Boxer!

"Why is the Democratic party in trouble?"

Does anyone know if Imus and crew talked of the Guckert case?

THANK YOU letter from Senator BOXER (re: roses)

Bush: "Benefit cuts is an interesting word." IS???

the rules at Falwell's college "Liberty University"

Shelters, soup kitchens turning people away, study finds

Which state is going to give the most to say Thank you to DU?

WH "feels" that Syrian troops and political influence are destablizing

Powerline Wingnut "Hindrocket" Slanders Jimmy Carter -- Demand an Apology!

Anyone know actual numbers on SS contribution vs return at retirement?

Rawstory: Democrats chew over Washington Post story on prostitute-reporter

UN inspectors 'spent their days drinking' problem....

Anyone Notice the Recent Silence in the Case Of Leonard Peltier?

What does this study say about NeoCons and Freepers?

Condi wants you to know that we're in a war situation in Iraq.

I remember a day when there were only 12,000 on DU.... what a long

Why Did Pickles Fire The Chef?

Owning the scream

Freeper homophobia in the work place. Need advice!

DU is the underdog

Oil-Flush President Chavez Begins To Strut His Stuff

Washington Post: Online Nude Photos Are Latest Chapter In Jeff Gannon Saga

I have half a mind to throw the Gannon thing in the faces of Bushies

What do we know about Dave Ramsey?

Picture of the "Bush lied I died" effigy in Sacramento

Great Website For News And Information About Venezuela

Conason calls Gannnon exactly what he is: A Republican dirty trickster.

Bulldog and *'s facial bruises connection? Speculation.

New Springsteen Album Due in April (02-16) 12:57 PST New York (AP) --

With all the great things Senator Kennedy stands for......he's not for

Pro-Life Dems: Does Abortion Destroy Souls?

What is a good gay rights charity to donate to?

Woman refuses to leave hospital after being discharged a year ago

Olmsted rolls in his grave over Christo's Gates

Did Bush have a nickname for Gannon?

Army to begin destroying US nerve gas - then truck the caustic mix

Iraq Grapples with Corruption Problem

Who was that Dem on Crossfire just now who basically told Falwell

Conscientious Objector training in Seattle

Check out this DU link in GDP courtesy of Botany Poss. Gannon Pic w/*

Rawstory: Lautenberg makes no move on Gannon (yet)

Check out Goss trying to make a Scary Terra Face (TM)

Sam is doing a good job filling in for Randi today

White House Press Meeting Yields No Credentialing Changes, Yet

non-activists on no-fly list

WTH was going on on CSPAN today?

Would another terror attack "justify" the draft to Americans?

Franken is on with Sam

Why we're not going to attack Syria.

Leaked White House Memo Proposes Social Security Price Indexing

Pictures from the Percy’s house protest...

"Liberals are the sworn enemies of religious Americans."

So why the hell are they going after Judith Miller and Matt Cooper...

Unresolved : Did Gannon break CBS-Rathergate to Hannity???

Bush campaign tactic: Use Democrats' words and claim they agree with you.

Finally ABC is moving to hard NEWS! Bye Michael Jackson!

An idea to help fix Social Security

Traffic stop near Diboll (TX) yields $1.2 million cocaine

The proof not to believe the words of any RW group ever again

Why did Spector News get pulled ?

A Poll: Would You Vote For Or Against The 81 Billion Iraq War Funding?

Y'know the old CIA tactic in Central America to "martyr" someone from your

My assessment of Afghanistan/Iraq

What happened to the Anthrax investigation?

check out freeper thread on S.D. making abortion felony in Roe is overturn

GOP operative accused of theft

Chalabi vs al-Jaafari going to SECRET BALLOT

WOW WOW WOW Wish I said this. More on GANNON!!!!

which one of you said last week "How long til they raise terror

MAN - DATE= Jeff Gannon

How fake is this smile?

PHOTOS: today in Iraq, bush* OIL GRAB failing everywhere.....oil burning.

PHOTO: Kyoto Activist in front of OUR White House....brave American !

(PHOTO) Rumsfeld orders "The Gates" raised to red...

Can anyone tell the difference between these two "news" channels?

What Would You Do?

Can a train really be derailed by a mere SUV?

"The lack of quality in the latest trolls has dropped drastically."


Brit Hume (FAUX) Coming Up: "A Look At State Controlled Media"

Who is the biggest whore in Propagandagate?

Stopping Bush Inc.

Life on Mars!

re: children being called "crackers"

Bush's Sex Scandal


CT National Guard General Wants to Launch "Reality TV" Recruiting Show

Another Republican scandal is sinking into oblivion.

Is AOL blocking political emails from their subscribers?

Court TV doing Gannon story.

First I cryed. Then I screamed....

How do you even answer this? My mother-in-law at lunch yesterday...

Bring back TEX5ARM (800-839-5276) Capitol Switchboard Toll-Free Number.

I finally finished "America" The book by the Daily Show

Ask your Rep to oppose S.256, -- limits our rights to sue corporations

OMFG! A First! Bush may make a proposal I DON'T disagree with!

Imminent war with Syria & Iran...

Man uses media to create illusion of (Skinhead) movement

Congress: Mercury levels in fish? "Crying WOLF!"

What was happening in Iraq when Gannon walked into the WH briefing room?

BRAD BLOG: All-Purpose Nuke Plant Photo SCRUBBED from Gov Run 'News' Site!

Is this (Iran explosion) the Shot Heard Around the World?

I'm NOT one to panic about climate change, but...(PIC)


McCain Wants to Cut License Terms

Commericial endorsement?: Be a MAN!! Grab a BULLDOG!!

Oh the Tangled Web PNAC Weaves

Faux Propaganda Network Hires Martin FROST

Anyone have a link/info about rocket launchers on 9/11 in Florida?

I didn't see this coming

weird, chilling dream with implications....

Is nothing sacred?

Fundie website I saw on a car this morning

the Reid/Pelosi "shakeup" of political consultants is a smokescreen...

Tri-National proposals for an integrated N. America "disturbing"

NEW terror WARNING!!!! Booga booga booga!

Prediction: It won't be long before they figure out a way to close DU down

Name Sean Hannity's dog!

Looks like the Freepers are mad at Old Hannity today

The Gates Are Beautiful - PIX >>>

The mainstream news media guys are TERRIFIED about this Gannon thing

When did the word "Negro" become taboo?

Gannongate's Eberle ties to Sun Myung Moon's News World

Wayback Machine: Talon News report of Gannon on subpoena list

$1 says U.S. Black Ops assinated Lebanon's PM to blame it on Syria

'The Battle For America" video appears to have been hacked or something..

Fact Check: Gannon/Guckert did NOT help out Plame

China/Mexico/Africa EXEMPT from Kyoto emmissions laws...true or false?

A Conspiracy of Silence

You guys ever feel like the maids in a house of unruly children (R)?

The Rich are Wealthy Because They Are Moral and Hardworking

Elliott Abrams: A Fallen Hawk Soars Again

What world do YOU live in?

Screw republicans. Screw "reaching out" to republicans.

Republican Insider: Afghan Pipeline Basis Of 9-11 Hidden Agenda

Just got off the phone w/ Joseph Wilson (YO BurtWorm)

Democratic Senator Kent Conrad Calls For Social Security Sacrifices!

Show this to your friends who dont believe in global warming...irrefutable

How should we determine wages?

It is DU Fund Drive Time! Where would you be without DU?

Anybody else here ever use curry leaves?

Tonight's crock pot meal

Any other Canadians in Europe?

Tony Blair being asked questions by the public on UK Channel 5 now

Bombs meet Thai PM trip to south

Locke joins Seattle law firm as China trade expert | Seattle P-I

Professors at Harvard Confront Its President | NYT

WaPost:Online Nude Photos Are Latest Chapter In Jeff Gannon Saga, H.Kurtz

British troops face new charges as bodies of Iraqi civilians are exhumed

Tribal Casinos Surpass Nevada in Revenues

Doctors Try To Determine Cause Of Death For Raleigh Army Reservist

U.S. contractors in Iraq allege abuses (Witnessed unarmed civilians shot)

Request to Edit Title of Talk On Gays, Suicide Stirs Ire

Kyoto Global Warming Pact Takes Effect

Pressure Mounts Against Lebanon, Syria

Mankiw Stepping Down


Soldier killed in Al Anbar Province

Calif. Patrol Sued for Seizing Medical Pot

Court Rules Against Reporters In CIA Leak

ABC (off of AP): Marsupial Manure Helps Aussies Make Paper

MSNBC BREAKING: Unknown aircraft said to fire missile in Iran

Chile court probes Pinochet judge

Thatcher mulls Swiss escape

Feted and Hated, Kyoto Global Warming Pact Starts

Feted and Hated, Kyoto Enters Into Force

Pope's new book to hit Italian stores

Pueblo (CO) student collapses, dies on playground

US aircraft deals inquiry

House Poised to OK Indecency Fine Increase

Iraqi groups demand US exit

Court rules against reporters in CIA leak

WMD expert reopens row about 'sexed-up' dossier

Democrats Want More Accountability for Iraq Spending

Airbus' U.S. plans draw states

Arkansas state governor and his wife convert to the covenant cause

Request[from HHS] to Edit Title of Talk On Gays, Suicide Stirs Ire

Woman to rule Afghan province

BBC: Landmark Kashmir bus link agreed

Gay priests' lovers to get pensions

British troops face new charges as bodies of Iraqi civilians are exhumed

'Large Blast' reported in southern Iran - BBC

Chavez, Uribe end dispute

Protesters halt oil trading

Intelligence leaders to face Senate questioning

Canada to host major climate conference

Goss to Deliver Plan for Strengthening CIA

Bush Says Retirement Benefit Growth Not Realistic

Report: U.S. Food Sales in Cuba Increase

Reid, Pelosi plan shake-up (Political consultants)

Citi assures Saudi prince scandals over

Iran Will Know How to Build Bomb in 6 Months - Israel

Game over: NHL cancels season

Greenspan: U.S. Must Get Finances in Order

Greenspan Says Entitlement Programs Need Change

Singer Cat Stevens Says Awarded Libel Damages

Snowe, Collins face heat in warming fight

Official predicts quick Iran bomb progress (6 months)

Thank you for the roses - email from Barbara Boxer

(School) District names steroid specialist to stem abuse

Army to Begin Destroying Nerve Agent

Economy of Japan slips into recession

Gunmen kill Iraqi intelligence officer

Homeland Security seizes art 'passports'

Car Bomb Hits U.S. Military Convoy in Iraq (mosul)

Pentagon to broadcast to millions of U.S. homes

Syria and Iran Say Will Build 'Common Front'

Robertson: Dems blocking Federal Judges will pay at the polls

Reuters: Iran blast report shocks world markets

Dirt dossier included citizens (Australia)

Maine´s governor breaks three ribs after slipping on ice

Goss Plan to Strengthen CIA Is Ready

Israel Unexpectedly Dismisses Army Chief

Utah tribe may store spent nuclear rods

Bush May Raise Taxes for Social Security

Iran: Blast came during dam job

Corpses, bombs turn up around Iraq

Police find 8 bound, gagged corpses north of Iraqi capital

Study: Pollution may cause in utero babies to develop cancer later

Bush weighs Social Security tax hike on some

Bush nominates acting FDA commissioner to lead agency

Palestinian Abbas authorizes death sentences for Israel 'collaborators'

WMD expert reopens row about 'sexed-up' dossier

VOA: Italy Extends Military Mission in Iraq

CIA, FBI Warn Panel of Top Threats to U.S.

CSMonitor: Bush administration blurs media boundary

Greenspan Urges Social Security Action

Gore fights automakers' emissions suit

Race to treat Aids virus

Mafia men own up to $650m porn fraud on net

Corpses, bombs turn up around Iraq

Venezuela Lawmaker Slams US Criticism Of Russia Arms Deal

Terrorists 'recalibrating,' Rumsfeld says

DEVELOPING: Conflicting stories given for Iran blast

Unknown plane fires missile at Iran’s nuclear reactor

Pataki criticizes Minarik

Sen. Specter, Judiciary Panel Chair, Has Cancer

Specter has cancer (Hodgkin's disease)

Town Uses Police Decoys to Slow Traffic

Arlen Specter Has Hodgkin's Disease

Iran, Syria to Form 'United Front' | Yahoo

Maine´s governor breaks three ribs after slipping on ice

Iraqi oil infrastructure hit by string of insurgent attacks

Officials Won't Put Timetable on Iraq Exit

Iraq PM race going to SECRET BALLOT

ID checks to toughen for Americans re-entering country

Iraq Spending Package Faces Bumps in Congress

Iraq's PM Race Goes to Secret Ballot

Reid, Pelosi plan shake-up (of consultants)

Iran Threatens to Shoot Down U.S. Drones

Psychologist sees signs Habib was tortured

Iran state T.V.: Aircraft fires missile near city of Dailam in Iran

Navy Wants To Bomb More At Avon Park (FL) (2000 bombs, Hellfire missiles).

Teacher Allegedly Gave Bomb-Making Lesson

Exclusive: NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

Rep. (Harold) Ford will run for Frist's seat

Officials: Militants Targeted Eiffel Tower

Three major Iraqi oil pipes attacked north of Baghdad -- Oil Ministry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 16 February

Bush Says Retirement Benefit Growth Not Realistic

Iraq, Afghan War Costs May Exceed $300B

Co. Pulls Out of Deal to Track Students

AP: Defense Secretary Sees Possibility of Another Terror Attack

Four US soldiers die in Iraq, including two in accidents

National Reading Panel member: Federal school mandate based on flawed work

Senators Press Rice for Tougher Action on Syria

Iraq Conflict Feeds International Terror Threat -CIA

Reid, Pelosi plan shake-up

Wife of Enron finance chief seeking early release

AP : Gonzales Seeks to Reinstate Obscenity Case

(SD) House panel approves measure to make abortion a felony

Montana to levy tax on Wal-Mart? (Welfare Tax offset low wages)

Rice Backs International Probe of Hariri Assassination

US Military: Post-Chavez Venezuela 2002 to pour oil on troubled waters

Casey strongest Democrat against Santorum, poll shows

Oldest Remains of Human Beings Are Identified

PBS Chief Under Fire For Cartoon Show...Will Step Down

(CA) Median home price escalates

A New Model Army Soldier Rolls Closer to the Battlefield (Robots) | NYT

Senate Subcommittee Cancels Porn Hearing

At least 7 killed in Colorado plane crash

Bill Aims to Close Gaps in FOI Law

Bush May Raise Taxes for Social Security

Nevada Young Republican convention head accused of embezzlement

Arlen Specter Has Hodgkin's Disease

Dean Seeks Media Blackout, Changes Mind

Dean: NY GOP chairman must apologize or resign

Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act Passes

Russia to Sell Advanced Missiles to Syria

BBC: Iran, Syria 'form common front'

Government May Close Some Airport Towers

San Diego man could have aggressive HIV strain

Don't Think Of An Elephant! everyone READ THIS BOOK

Donald duck just called Speedy Gonzales a stinking wetback cheese thief

Denis Kucinich just called Lyndon LaRouche a nutcase. What a neocon fake

Janeane Garofolo just called Ted Kennedy a dirtbag. What a neocon fake


Today is Matt Groenig's birthday!

Which DU old-timers who don't post at DU anymore do you not remember?

Moe Howard just called Larry Fine a numbskull. How true!

Liam Gallagher just said he wished he was John Lennon. What a neocon fake!

Breaking: Fake, nut case, PNAC, fuckhandles take over Lounge!!!

What about a new cereal? Neocon Flakes, anyone?

jpgray just called this latest Lounge trend dumb as shit

Remember this classic from the James gang???

Why are they advertising KY warming ultra-gel

What do you think of my idea for a band name?

This is a lie

Can you say "Fuck Bush"?

I'm a PNAC loving that so wrong???

Wish me sweet dreams...

aTtenTiOn hArdHEad: i hAVe yOUR ducK. IF You waNt Him bAck Alive

Anybody use PayPal? I'm suspicious.

I haven't slept for 10 days...

I believe in the Housekeeping Fairies!

Surely you can't be serious?

ok, I want a Neopolitan Mastiff


LOL, the stuff you find on the internets!!

Woman Drunk on Listerine Sentenced

"It's the ....

Motivate me to go to bed

So I had this argument in a bar tonight:

Whats the point of going to bed early and waking up early?

I donated to DU and posted this just to see if I got my "Star"

My 6 year old was in tears...

So I have neglected neighborhood cat number seven sitting on...

"Hey! Are you sure you even need a liver?"

I think someone is being fooled.

My brother is back stateside!

Some people would say

So I get this message from Skinner in my Inbox

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye....

High ranking officials, speaking on condition of anonymity,

Why am I drinking on a Tuesday night?

Has Drudge gone dark?

Is gravelbot stalking...?

I've just become an ordained minister. ask me anything.

further evidence that i live in the stupidest country on the planet.

All those folks who don't believe in evolution

I used to be over by the window and I could see the squirrels

How many hobbies do you have?

JOKE: Karl Rove walks into the Oval Office with a HUGE black eye

The Pagani Zonda F: has the designer read too many comics?

Restaurant Featuring $21.95 (2 lb) Cheesburger Set To Close

Sing along with kitty (picture)

Valentine's Day Balloon Causes Power Outage To 2,100 Homes

I haven't seen any talk of The Arcade Fire on here....

The Winner: Ch Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses (German SH Pointer)

scarlellib is home sick today

Woman, 79, Charged For Attacking Police With Her Cane

"We hope the court will help Mr. Combs do what is right"

ABC (off of AP): Marsupial Manure Helps Aussies Make Paper

Were the 60 Minute Memos Forgeries?

Shit! This morning I did a Dick Van Dyke over my new couch.

My new bumper sticker- whatcha think?

I just ran a search on the CNN Web site for "leslie blitzer,

There as been an absense of evidence that Sean Hannity has a brain!!!

Lawmakers Move To Stop Overweight People From Suing Restaurants

does anyone know . . .


Pope's new book to hit Italian stores

Clothing Line Unveils "Abstinence Panties"

Name Sean Hannity's Dog

How Jesus told a good gag

Will Leno be making Jacko jokes now that he's been called to witness?

Goood Morning DU!

College editors to apologize for "Top 10 Holocaust Movies" list

I watched a home video double feature of Farenheit 911 and Farenhype 911

Does anyone here receive Soc.Sec. Disability AND have eligible,

Rabrrrrrr now approved by FDA.

You want freaky? I'll give you freaky

Have You Ever Been To A Concert/Event That Drew Religious Protestors?

Grow Op game pulled from NY Toy Fair

I'm lovin' the Doonesbury story line this week

I needed a laugh this morning...

"When you're Steely-ed you'll take it and like it"

German Shorthair Pointer wins it

Guess the DUer by their Latin name

All your base are belong to Grovelbot.

Just out of curiosity - who are the couples that have met through DU?

Graphic designers - hot colors?

New DVD copy protection scheme

Taxpayers hope for "inept" Olympics bids

Meet Tony Blair

pic making the emaiL rounds

Hah! Our Own PassingFair just got on Springer on the Radio!

The eternal Beach Boys question

Strangers' ass chaps really informal

Steady on!

What was up w/ U2 at the Grammys?

Look at this beautiful pond my hubby built.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine.

Who's the most famous person you ever tried to swap shirts with?

Gannon/Guckert is a true media whore

Ooga-booga! Local terrorism Expert Worried About Al-Qaida Silence

Bartcop is running another of my photo-cartoons

'Lobsters don't feel pain'

Sad week

How much junk mail do you get per year ?

what is the DOS command for 'delete program'?

Moonlight Sonata Wakes Police Chief Burglar Offers Arresting Performance

All I want to do is zuma zoom zoom zoom...

I just met Grovelbot

Who's the most famous person you've et?

This is no grilled cheese virgin: Very evil wooden duck and Zuni doll

who's down with OPP?

Post something funny

HELP - - I've just been to Walmart and...

The Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Should Be The Next Democratic Senator

My head just exploded: Jessica Simpson and Willie Neslon to sing duet

Can I still be a progressive?

So....THAT'S what the call it : GLURGE!

Drinking & Hunting will no longer go hand & hand in Virginia if law passes

Interesting item on salad bar today

Who's the least famous person you ever met?

Muffin is sitting on the dining room table...

did music help make you more of a liberal?

Did Melissa Etheridge totally ROCK at the Grammy's or what?

who's down with Old Teepee?

snuff pix of iraqis

Mozart was a Freemason, so why did he die so poor? Don't masons help...

And now a Queen break....

Kid Rock can't hold his booze?

Where are the hockey fans? I hear the season is lost

Lance back for No. 7!!

Now for an Elvis break

I just watched "Napoleon Dynamite" How about it?

I was a push-poller for the Republicans...ask me anything.

DO you SEE? DO you see what happens when AMericans meddle?

common sayings. WTF do they mean?

Now for an Elf break.

not to miss out- I also met a Tuskegee airman

I'm a push poller for Napoleon Dynamite. I'll ask you anything.

Useless General Facts........

When did western civilization jump the shark?

Oasis rocks!

Who watches the new show "House"?

i am a former clear channel radio employee . . . ask me anything

Communal or Communistic?

'Things you have to believe to be a conservative'.

I hear Eric Idle wants to get into rap music.

HELP - - I've just been to Walmart but...

'Sausage king' receives death sentence

Having problem writing a key portion of my book. Suggestions?

In honor of Jack Kerouac

HHGTTG Trailer!

Useless Human Body Facts.........

Natural Anti-depressants

Who did? Who did? Who did? Who did? Who did SWAAAAAALLLLOOOOW Jo Jo Jonah?

who's down with Opie?

Help me name my new Company.

I went and saw a prostitute today- dont tell the wife

I finally get my MRI tomorrow.

Game over: NHL cancels season

Sad Libs, the BushCo Regime Edition

Strange but True Laws

Lots of coffee for me today...I could easily nod off...zzzzzzzz

Drunk Burglar Found Sitting At Police Chief's Piano - Arrested

What is Savage Nation?????

What a coincidence...

Sam Seder Hittin' GannonGATE Hard!

I've been away for a while... ASK ME ANYTHING!

Man Who Cut Out His Own Tongue Liked Movie "Fight Club"

Arghh a freeper stole my girlfriend


Google for an Image: Google the name of a street you lived on as a kid,

And you think YOU have it bad

Songs With Kleeb in the Title

I havent seen "Ray",but after "Hotel Rwanda", Don Cheadle deserves

Bush pimps 3 African-American children for an SS speech photo op

What is it about a freshly vacumed carpet that makes cats...

Howard dean comes out swinging

Mary Kay Letourneau is going to marry Vili Fualaau?

Should this be my 6,000th post???

A story that needs to be told( What is being taught to kids?)

Useless Human Body Parts..............

Name a great bass line

Ever use your fist?

Anybody seen a Pirate Keyboard?

OH CRAP! Darth Tater is a gonner!

Anybody else ever check out

Anybody seen a Pirate from the Carribean?

I was tired of my lady. We'd been together too long.

Ever used your fingers?

Did Bush have a nickname for Gannon?

Anyone notice this about 24?

I just had a DrGonzoLives sighting in one of the threads.

15 of the most annoying workplace cliches.

Remember, Freepers are nothing more than Port-A-John guards.

ever use your hand?

Useless Animal Facts.......

Old Time Radio memories...

WOW! I just met a Tuskegee Airman

-- .- .-. ... / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. .. -. --. / -... ..- ... ....


I just withdrew blood! Ask me anything.

To the DU'er who recommended Ash Flea....

ARGH! My FReeper neighbor shot out my *@#% tires!!!!

Questions about sexuality

Cancelled cable TV...Well most of it anyway.

Puffers are the cutest

To the DU'er who recommended Brash Ghee

Of the FReeper encounter stories you read on DU,

Women to play in British Open

Heading to Arlington this weekend

Who ever lanced an abcess

Proposal for a DU Freecycle Group.

Presentation Question (Hardware)

Wanna see my Sugar Glider?

Exactly 5 weeks until my Martian vacation. Ask me anything!

The Loretta Lynn album...

Weirdest/most inappropriate place you've encountered GrovelBot?

What is itwith kids these days and the "N" word?

We had it all. Just like Bogie and Bacall.

I hate when I accidentally hit the "Mark All" button.

Here kitty kitty

Stromberg-Carlson (another geezer thread)

Freepers need to face the's over

Taking the plunge and getting an iPod. Recommendations please

Mary had a little lamb

here's a laugh...

Name something universally loved, but used by people rarely...

Zillionaire Pop Star George Michael STILL sick of fame and fortune.

Have some fun with Google!

Mainstream Media: "The bloggers at the gate, s'ire."

OK, what is it with all the double entendre threads?

Is google trying to say something?

Let's say HI to CNN's Blog Lady!!!

Game over: NHL cancels season The real losers are...

Should I add Grovelbot to my "Ignore" list?

(PHOTO) Rumsfeld orders "The Gates" raised to red...

Today's flamebait debate: sexual harrasment

I got new glasses.

Is it MORAL to play poker for a living?

I'm bored.

Has rock been hiding under a rock for the last 10 years?

got an interview tommorow- throw some ?'s to ask

"She's a beautiful bitch."

Question for NYPD Blue fans

It's time for DU Robo-wars!

Best Manager in baseball

Funny comic - I DARE the PC Puritans to find it offensive!

A Freeper is having fun at

Who's the least interesting person you ever met?

Oh no...My husband just called me and....

Tell me DU; what was I thinking???

I just drank 8 bottles of water.

LOL! Spoiled bitch returning her Valentine's jewelry in store today!


I Mowed today for the first time this year

Name something universally hated, but used by people constantly.

Who's the most infamous person youve met?

The Rainbow Bridge (warning: contents highly flameable)

I'd rather solicit Jeff Gannon than hang wallpaper!

Name one perfect thing you bought for yourself and never regretted!

I found the pseudo-celebrity I look like!

Aliens found on Mars

I'm vindicated! "Dogs Playing Poker" painting brings almost $600,000!

To the DU'er who recommended Stash Tea

I love free WiFi so much I could marry it.

10 more posts to 1,000. Ask me any thing!

A half-gallon of good wine for me, ramen noodles for the kids

Songs that describe George Bush

Caption Condi

Should I add Grovelbot to my buddies list?

I just donated blood! Ask me anything.

It's OFFICIAL: Karl Rove no longer has any semblance of a neck.

Oasis star fights the flab

What would you rather see in Central Park?

Ever used an abacus?

What is it with McDonald's' labour policy??? (Interesting story inside)

Swimming Pool is on Starz right now

can a guy be a victim of sexuaL harrassment

Nominations open for worst senator!

How do you see the glass?

Ms. vs Miss

Pair of Paintings of Dogs Playing Poker Fetches $590,000 in Auction

I Have Crabs. (Have You Ever Had Crabs?)

Yes, No, I don't recall.

Nominations open for worst congressperson!

The eternal Beastie Boys question

Most surprising song you've heard in a movie


Ever used a sliderule?

I looked at myself naked in the mirror today...

Unemployed Again

I need a DU IRS expert!!

DU Women: What freebies / benefits have you received

Better Guitarist Than Jack White?

Biggest Asshole in Rock & Roll?

What surprises most people about you?

Ill-advised Michael Jackson remake suggestions

Your house might have a DU addiction problem if...

Exactly 5 weeks til my European vacation! Ask me anything!

GREAT NEWS: They found a perfect bone marrow donor for my Dad!!

Hannity trashes Freerepublic , freepers going wild.

I need a new book.....

Graffiti: Sometimes art, always art or always only vandalism?

OK, Time to make people that live up NORTH feel awful, 74 F @ 8 p.m.

I don't remember the last CD I loved as much as I love

Biggest overrated rock and roll wanker?

Informality by strangers really chaps my ass

Canola oil - good or bad?

Help stop new provision that would allow slaughtering of wild horses

What religion am I?

Is the Creator of the World Jesus's Heavenly Father?

God Owes Us an Apology

Interesting Editorial thread: Pharisee Nation

A Challenge to the Theists

Sweden lays contingency plan in case of flu pandemic

Kennedy rips MA Governor Romney over stem cell policy . . .

Oops -- Legendary spider "Big Meg" turns out to be sea fossil

NASA Researchers Claim Evidence of Present Life on Mars

Intel claims silicon laser breakthrough

need help 13 year old daughter needs science fair project ideas

Tasmanian tiger cloning attempt abandoned

Did humans cause the end of the ice age 8,000 years ago?

MA Supreme Judicial Court to Reconsider Same-Sex Marriage

Gay priests' lovers to get pensions

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In Rhode Island

Debate Begins Today On Canadian Gay Marriage Bill

Dallas, Texas LGBT Family Pride Conference Feb. 26th Cathedral of Hope

Warring Gay Sports Groups Agree To Keep Talking

N.M. lawmakers table marriage ban; judge rejects transgender marriage

Anti-Gay License Plates Die-Virginia

Administration Balks At 'Gay' In Gay Suicide Conference

Questions about sexuality

Good Streaming Audio for the NHL season end countdown....

Derek Lowe attends Red Sox training camp

My Suggestions For Hockey

To those of you complaining because there's no NHL Hockey.

New Vikings Owner...something fishy!!!

Yankee fan rear-ends Red Sox Manager Terry Francona

forget hockey, who misses football?

Wow. The Bills released Drew Bledsoe

Seahawks sign OT Walter Jones

HOCKEY! HOCKEY! HOCKEY! -- Winter Hawks win eighth of nine

Its Official: NHL Season is cancelled

Since we all know the Red Sox are a LOCK to repeat, predict who they will

British Open may drop ban on women

Will Lance get 7???

That's one beautiful bitch!

water/minerals/life energy questions

Need a little dream help

Sister Lucia has died

Any odd psychic thing happen to you today?

Kerry unveils bill to help Iraq war veterans with transition home

Oh, help me lord

Interesting tidbit from Will Pitt

Look at the chart on this thread

A Corrupted Election

A little help please....

Anyone hear about the WH snubbing Kerry's request for meeting

Looks like Kerry is getting the treatment for supporting that money

Damnit I am sick again

Is it wrong of me to say to a Kusinich person that Dennis had no chance

Why it's hard for me to defend on the IWR

A Thank You Post

Change of tone - My fav Catnip Article of all time

does anyone know if Minolta plans to make a digital SLR

My Best Friend's Evil Idea: Lobby FOR Farming Subsidy Cuts in Red States!

A Computer Security Professional with an Election Fraud site,

msnbc has global warming as their top story. amazing.

Food for thought: The deep south has a higher African American population

Ratings Chart: U.S. Senators are not doing too well.

The Nation: The Bizarre Gannon Affair

Democratic senators said cool to pushing inquiry into disgraced reporter

blood on their hands... Why to fight the draft..

I think too many people are just "writing" about

Look at this , election fraud is reaching people, and not just Dems

Buyers snap up last pieces of Camelot

Thanks to Bush, we`re all cowboys now.

Washington Journal 2-16-05

Rep Slaughter on Cspan now! Discussing indecency fines increase - Gannon

Isn't it odd how only Liberal Morals and Principles may save Bushee.

The fight is on ..... bush/neo con/bi biz/insurance industry/fundie MEDIA

(joke, n/m) AAR's Unfiltered is about to broadcast Gannon sex ad tapes

Anyone watching C-Span right now?

Looking at Congressional voting records, DK looks like the Pres choice.

If a Democratic administration was involved in the gannon fiasco.

Hoyer whipping the GOP -29 repubs on list against bush SS plan

Miller to give Swift Boat Liars Courage Under Fire Award at Reagan dinner

Does anyone have pictures (un-photoshopped) of Bush's bird?

AAR just discussed murdering wild horses--it is in the budget

CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea!

Morality and Conservatives

Gannon radio ads on AAR now.

DUers, Special Prosecutor in Plame case but that law expired

Why does the GOP want to protect clinic bombers from bankruptcy?

Where's Dobson?

Iran explosion wasn't us

When bu$hco Falls, (They Will), Which Media Outlet Will NOT

Help Support Those That Help Us

"How have you failed us??? Let me count the ways" - Want to play???

Have either Imus or Howard Stern done Gan/Gurk yet?

What are the issues that Skippy & Misty face when they grow up?

Williams & my son have been writing... interesting

Playing Chess with a Chimp (Social Security)

ChoicePoint in today's papers; Huge ID theft ring and only CA noticed

Dems, please don't fall for Rove's Syria/Iran trap!

Bush says no political retribution for "good" Social Security Ideas

Blaming the Bankrupt by Thomas Oliphant

The attack on SS has increased, now it's going local

Jim Dean to speak at new NY statewide DFA this week-end in Albany.

Am I the only one sensing parallels between Bush's SS plan

Need websites with photos of iraqi war dead.

Sr. Helen Prajean slams Bush - calls him "untruthful"

North Texas needs everyone to help, contact everyone you may know!

Holy shit! There's a Chomsky website!!!

Need help on RFK bio please

smirk warns Rep. Taylor that he better give smirk more money

SCARY -Congress Moves To Destroy Netroots

there is no 81 billion for Congress to give smirk - the US will have to

Answer this question for me; is it just me or every time Bush wants

What's the connection between Gannon and Plame?

Did The Democratic Primaries - Help or Hurt Chances For A Nov. Win?

Do you think what he did is illegal?

Kaplan finds truth re # trained Iraqi troops-deep in $81.9B request!

Documentary: 911 In Plane Site - conspiracy theory or reality ??

Cheap-shot politics from a Powerline blogger -- we should demand an apolo

Why does Al Franken keep letting his dittohead pal spout shit on the air?

Get Begala off the air!

What is the status with the bankruptcy bill?

CNN doing a special report on bloggers - said the top three

"Boy Wonder" will not get his "privitization scam"...... Greenspan spoke

Feinstein and the Carlyle Group

Now the Prez is asking for INPUT...Gimme your ideas..."My Mind is Open"

On media silence regarding "Gannon"

Sen Specter says he has been diagnosed with cancer (Marketwatch)

DU this poll on Dean!

A warning from abroad: " Be very afraid"....

I think it's important to discuss 9/11 under gen disc: politics.

Fun with fundies....

Gannon/Guckert falsely claimed he was a Penn State graduate.

If we are in imminent danger, why hasn't Shrub nominated a DNS?

With This GANNON thing breaking all over the place, I guess I don't have

Fear Mongering Build-Up Again?

What GOP stands for...

Thank you for the roses - email from Barbara Boxer

Grrrrr...MSNBC is really making me mad


Why doesn't CNN hire Tavis Smiley?

Falwell on Crossfire this afternoon threaten any repug who

If B*** kills SS in favor of privatization, does that mean that employers

Anyone know if Bill Clinton has a Blog of plans to have a Blog?

Anybody up for a Washington Correspondents Awards Dinner Protest?

Blue Dipper store

Depleted Uranium

Bush puts raising SS Cap on table. We will be asked to pay to kill SS!


In my local paper today re: Inaugeration

Who are the reasonable Republican Senators?

Does anyone want an anti torture flyer in pdf format to hand out?

Disgusting: "Mercury Risk Overstated, House Panel Says"

Let's go back a few years. Ron Brown. How good was he as DNC chair?

I am sick and tired of pro-war Democrats

CSPAN Not Covering Al Gore's Important Speech Tonight!

Is This Gannon Thing Simply A Ploy To Avoid Any FallOut Over The......

Was Gannon in the WH press room BEFORE Talon News existed?

HELP ! Who owned the Ambassador Hotel in LA where RFK was shot

Scandal brewing in the WH? Time for a new TERROR ALERT!

Catherine Crier Gets It!!!!

Eeeww...Coulter to be here for fundraiser w/ TX gov and K Bailey Hutchison

The Deans to DFA bloggers: Thanks for the tulips.

New champion of open government is Sen. John Cornyn R-Texas

Dean DNC statement today on Enron Style accounting....

Blog: Why are US military nurses being moved from Walter Reed to Iraq?

What Is The Most Important Issue We Need To Address?

An issue of semantics. Answer this question about abortion...

Dem leaving Dem Party because Dean elected to Chair

Time to turn the tables on Republicans. It's we Dems who are Pro-American

Take Back the Media: Jon Stewart joins the VLWC

Some good news from the south


What do you think of this Presidential Selection Schedule?

Bob Casey Jr Leads Santorum in Pa senate race Quinnipac Poll

If You're Not Doing This, the Freepers Will Destroy You!

Conason: ‘Liberal’ Media Silent About Guckert Saga

Pay no attention to the naked gay conservative male prostitute in the WH!

A Must Read: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (you will understand)

OK, I just love Chomsky.

Do you approve of Kerry backing Bush's $81.9 Billion War Spending Plan

Help the AFL-CIO kick some butt on SS (it'll only take a minute, I swear)

These idiots are going to get us all killed! Will someone stop them!!!

Bush 9/11 Lie?