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Archives: February 14, 2005

Democrats turn to Dean, but where will he lead them?

Fix Medicare first Problems are more immediate - and more severe - than

Lie and Lie Again Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself :PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

PLEASE urge your reps to support protection of wild horses

The Founder of Salon Is Passing the Mouse

How can you remove a Group from your Favorite Forums list?

A couple of things regarding the fund drive.

Will Grovelbot be around for this fund drive?

take over a unused I D ?

I really hate to make this request of you, Skinner,

Question about the Ignore feature and PMs

No DU bumperstickers available at the store?

it's probably nothing, but

Does it take longer for paypal stars to show up??

Will Pitt on radio right now

Paper Ballots for NY - Albany Lobby Day Tuesday, 2/15

"Hijacking Catastrophe" -- please do all you can to distribute.

I am scared to death right now yall!

D U 'explains how' the votes were stolen.

What's up with our State Party Convention?

Rachel Brahinsky (San Francisco Bay Guardian): Tracking time cards

Senator John Kerry to Discuss Strengthening America's Military

Richardson, TX City Council Candidate to support

Questions about pending Supreme Court case on redistricting

Marlys Matuszak's mother passed away - she was quite a women

Can you spot the horrible conflict of interest in this story?

Jose Canseco on 60 Minutes

The Golf War

What sorts of questions would an anti-Gannon ask?

The Madrid fire, WTC7, and a conversation with my wife this morning.

Fun an the FL State Fair

Bush* wins a Grammy (Spoken Word category - My Pet Goat)

Democracy: Priceless?

What we aren't told about excema.....

Listening to AAR, Laura Flanders. New name for the Red States.

About Rush Limbaugh's Painful Back (another myth for the ages)!!

Go check this out if you have a sec. You won't be sorry, it's hilarious.

Is Will Pitt ever going to run for office anywhere?

Opinion: State Control over Lock, Stock & Barrel (Russia, oil, ambitions)

I learned another reason for being disgusted by the old South tonight

Is this true? (re: Taliban)

Extra! Extra! Top 10 Conservative Idiots, 2/14/05 edition

Ghosts? Your thoughts and my recent experiences and thoughts

Clinton addressing Democratic convention on CSPAN now

When does Daylight Savings Time begin/end this year?

Transcript of Buchanan vs. Sharansky

Has billing from hospital stays gotten any better?

Bill Clinton wins second Grammy

Any "Keep Senator Dayton" Efforts going on???

Bill Clinton won his second Emmy?

The Big Dog won a grammy!

What is it with Drudge and people's wives?

KGO radio tonight

Crazy But Topical Northern California Earthquake Question

Video people: something effective and useful to do re Gannon?

Hey! That's not Peter Werbe

My my..what an interesting episode of L&O tonight..

Million Dollar Baby: WTF is the fundie's problem with it? (SPOILER ALERT)

PHOTO-series needs caption: drunken bush* at church, today,

Do you wanna help these guys

First try w/ the DUers a Net Story as written by us.

Drudge: Chris Rock Controversy: "Only Gays Watch Oscars"

My apologies to everyone

Check this video out! what do you think?

Look who's responding at MyDD. Regularly.

I met David Faber, Holocaust survivor, today at a book signing.

"Should Internet chat rooms be closely monitored?"


I'm sure there's no one who fits this description but

The difference between competence and degrees...why the republicans win

AmericaBlog "Clue"- Just Posted It Is A Picture Of A Watch On Somebodies

Maya Keyes stranded...Alan 'defending the family' Keyes...

The Election in Iraq (Edward S. Herman article -- must read!)

All C-130 E's grounded in Iraq for wing cracks

82-y-o dude wished he could've invested all his SS money in Stocks...

I need some ideas

How the US political machine works for the few at the expense of many

Do you hold bush accountable for 9/11?

BREAKING ......"BIG" Gannon story coming tomorrow

Drudge Report: Comedian Chris Rock says "Only Gays Watch Oscars"

What does everyone think about the orange things in Central Park?

Total vanity post. It's my 2000th

pie crust expert needed, pretty please

Tell me about the upcoming B.C. provincial election on May 17

U.S. Said to Pay Iraq Contractors in Cash

Key Senator Says Medicare Benefit Costs Too Much

Whistleblower to reveal U.S.-funded Iraqi ...

Blockbuster Late-Fee Policy Raises Questions

Prime Minister Pitches to 'Crockery-Throwers'---(Blair manipulation)

AP: U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Fighting (#1461)

Association of Muslim Scholars Says Iraq Election Lacked Legitimacy

Neo-Nazis upstage Dresden memorial (The Guardian)

Burned by the Boom in N.Va. Real Estate

NY Times: Power Check: Verdict Is Split

New U.S. Secretary Showing Flexibility on 'No Child' Act

Head of Christian Party Abducted in Iraq

A Personal Burden -LAT (failure of Chile's private pension system)

Bush and Bin Laden use similar language: Khatami

Australian terror suspect says he was beaten, sexually humiliated

WP: From Some Bush Supporters, Anger Over Budget

Frist Says Bush's Social Security Proposal Has `Long Way to Go'

Part-Time Warriors Find Themselves Fully Committed

Religious broadcasters warned of legislative threats

Bloggers as News Media Trophy Hunters (NYT)

WP: After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon

WP: Iraq Winners Allied With Iran Are the Opposite of U.S. Vision

WP: Democrats Mobilizing on Social Security


Find 4 randomly hilarious pix and post

D'OH! I just donated to DU without GrovelBot hounding me!

Let's play some Bob Dylan trivia - - the winner gets a star

I don't understand

I watched Michael Collins with Liam Neeson last night.

Wow look at that!


The most beautiful girl in the world. A Valentine to Lounge Ladies.

Funniest side-by-side Lounge subject lines ever:

Is my new sig okay or is it too subtle?

Hooray! I made the Dean's List.

A Republican man bought a brand new Mercedes...

How policies of the Democratic party have helped you personally.

To Kill a Pig

I would give my left foot for something sweet.....

Has anyone ever used WinPatrol ?

Newly unearthed photo from Jeff Gannon's early days!

Just out of curiosity. What does it take to be mod/admin of a forum?

self delete

Got into it with a mod on another message board.


Let's play some Clash trivia - - the winner gets a star or

Look at my pretty STAR. And I didn't have to do much either.

You know what I hate? When the doorbell rings.

Why was Adam Sandler dressed like a mechanic on the Grammys????

Whats the least amount of money your household could live on?

Then we tried going to the beach but that was a wash

Grammy's "Record of the Year" winners, 1958 - 2003.

Man, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour is so not funny

I Guess I'm out of Sync...

How many internets are there?

Wanna feel old?

How crabby are you?

This is my eight-thousandth post.

Art or Crap?

So I watched 'Enemy of the State' (1998) earlier today...

It's a good time for a Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Masque

Is it possible for a dog to be TOO affectionate?

Saw Legends in Concert last night - Awesome

Shout out to Bouncy Ball

Have you ever played solitaire and gotten stuck

How often do you clean and wash the inside of your fridge?

Who else like Morning Sedition's "Right and Early" skit

I'm going to the store because

I Recommend The Movie "Hitch"

My dog and I want to thank the following DUers re: advice yesterday

Would you choose water over wine?

strangest livejournal ever

You must be a special lady


LBN: New Marine Recruiting Questions:

anyone watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour rides again?

Is a lyin ass bitch better to get rid of or just ignore da shit outta her

"Homer, please tell Mr Ned to stop trying to convert me!"

Are you getting more, less or the same federal tax refund this year?

Fortune magazine calls Apple the world's hottest company

Green Day just rocked the house!

This is the worst thread ever.

Top ten things we singles can do to make Valentine's Day easier!

How many continents were you taught existed, and what were you taught

What's your favorite color?


Blockbuster Late-Fee Policy Raises Questions


This is the most average thread ever...

Question about picking up "wireless internet service" at cafes & airports.

Check this out.

EarlG has 5000 posts! Yea for him! Good grief, I am a post ho, tho!

Why do some people pronounce "Washington" as "Worshington"?

It's Getting Boring Here in Boston

My Motto.

Watching "Conspiracy - The Lincoln Assassination" on the History Channel

For my Sweetie

When does Daylight Savings Time begin/end this year?

Before I go to bed, a little joke.

Folks,, meet Teddy Bear Small - the World's Greatest Bear!!

Just saw Hitch.

I'm dishing out verbal cans of WHOOP ASS! Come here jerky, get yours!

I'm just a ghost in this house....

Lady's of Du, Fess Up....

Anyone else been here longer than they've been here?

I missed Fiona Apple at the Grammy Awards

is this what cats used to look like

Who else is watching Blade II?

Sorry but I hate Freerepublic.

Name a certain DUer that you would like to tickle His or Her Fancy

I saw some former co-workers in a TV show about prisons today

This is my 1999th post,

Can you read my essay and see how it is?

before you trash Tom Cruise, read this:

Who has heard Queen Latifah's new album?

Uhhh... This is my 100th post...ASK ME ANYTHING?? n/t

38 years old and I still love chocolate milk!

Tribute to the greatest thread ever

Pimpen Sie mein Flugzeug! (Achtung! Viele Grosse Bilder!)

I demand to know...who the hell is responsible for this PMS bullshit??

Collection of Family Guy clips

If we lived in a world without tears.......

I got that song Sweet Caroline stuck in your head, uh...ask me something

Most interesting red carpet photo from the Grammys. . .sexy lady. . .LOL

Thread of darkness!!!! The LF freeper report!!

I have the song 'Baby Beluga' stuck in my head. Uh... ask me something?

Now that is a wedding dress

Albuquerque off to wettest start of year since 1913

Gramma Thread...Discuss the Gramma's as they happen

This is NOT the greatest thread in the world. It's just a tribute

So what do you have to do to get on that greatest thread thingie?

Ever wondered how old you are on other planets? How much you weigh?

I like American Dad

Now that I have done my snooping, can someonesugest a...

Can you hear me NOW???

I don't like Los Lonely boys

My cat hates everyone.

Has anyone ever stayed at the Lady Luck Casino in Las Vegas?

Ever wondered what Google thinks of you?

I had a MAC but I upgraded it.

Are athletes serious? Talking about supporting their families?

quit with the ear worms

This is my 1,000th post. Ask me anything.

Um, does anybody remember Justin Wilson?

Gwen Stefani: A Woman Straight And Gay Men Can Agree On

Programmers - what's a good free C++ compiler?

I am going to moon the lounge


"Women will get sterile just looking at you." - Charles De Mar articles, including one which just went up tonight...

Fox News appears to be blue

Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla?

If we lived in a world without beers......

Facial hair question for grooming savvy Duers;

I have that song Baba O'Reilly stuck in my head. uh..ask me something.

Larry the Cable Guy...

My two cents on 'The Gates'

Grammy Thread...Discuss the Grammys as they happen.

For some odd reason, I'm getting more interested in this Gamecube game...

What movie should my gf and I watch tomorrow night?

Funny answering machine messages

Who was Leonard Skinnard?

Ghosts? Your thoughts and my recent experiences and thoughts

Bush* wins a Grammy (Spoken Word category - My Pet Goat)

Waaaah My childhood bedroom has been turned into a cheapass kitchen

Post your funny pics thread. I will go first...

Well we bought a new house but something is wrong.

Does anyone actually thinik Christo's art is art?

Anybody got a shoulder? I'm a bit freaked out. (sorta long)

Another ask me anything thread...


I shop at Home Depot. Ask me anything.

Don't try to win a star - just DONATE!!!!

"I hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don't need him around

Ripley's Game - Help!

I'll buy you a Star if you promise to post in the PNAC/Neocon group

This is the Greatest thread ever.

Do you fear death?

Climate fears prompt energy U-turn in China

Digital Life and Evolution

Illinois unanimously continue to be voted NUMBER ONE!

I Just Got Lyric & Me A Bow-Lingual...Ask Me Anything!

George Lakoff's book!

Civilized Society frame against Ownership Society

My computer's being a bitch goddess

"Too Liberal and Secular"

Schedule for Feb 14th

Saw Legends in Concert last night - Awesome

Two Faces of War

New Name for ChimpCo supporters: "War Crimes Collaborators"

ChaldoAssyrian Christians Shut Out of Iraq Elections

my letter to Boxer and Biden re: investigation of Gannon

Bush IS a Fascist! Even the REPUBLICANS agree

Guess who was hanging out at the White House last week

Back in town. Wanna thank Mike Malloy. (JesusLand)

Laura Flanders Talking about Bush/First debate issue

Someone in this administration is seriously misleading South Korea

Book to read for Clark supporters

What type of leader should lead us in these perilous times?

So, how do you feel about the future of the Democratic Party now?


Why Did Dean have to Promise Not to Run in '08???

IS this true?.. Deepthroat was none other than G.H.W. bush!

Gannon, Gannon, Gannon? Hang on. Looks like more is coming.


Is Dean Right?---Did the Dems Forget??

GREAT video from SOTU check it out!

Love It!! They're Screamin'.....What Would Jesus Do???

We are the MjSM (majorstream media)!! It's up to us.

An account: Wes Clark in Dallas (2.12.05)

Love Lit 101

Senate takes up bankruptcy bill again

Peril in Iraq's Constitution

War on Iraq: Getting the Purple Finger

What Mercury Problem?

Insightful Op-Ed piece regarding A. Miller and our Society

Fed Claims Disappear in Light of Math

Wal-Mart Canada appeals unionization of 2nd Quebec Store

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

Secretaries of State AS politcal partisans (Blackwell and others)

Sen. Biden disses Condi

HITCHENS & TARIQ ALI debate the Iraq War

The Revolution That Wasn't (Debt Explosion Under Republicans)

Democrats Seek to Outmaneuver Republicans by Imitating Their ...

Could Bush Possibly Make the Same Mistake Twice? Yeah.

Social Security cure: procrastination

Bush Sr. statue vandalized with red paint....Symbolism?

Democrats Seek to Outmaneuver Republicans by Imitating Their Strategy

Soldier launches Operation Truth to air troops' plight

Scoop: The Bush Clinton Nexus

Howard Zinn: Changing Minds, One at a Time

HIV 'could destroy cancer cells'

Love It: In Small Town, the Fight Continues for Texas Sovereignty

How Dare Some Say, 'Support our Troops'?

A Media self-referencing laugh at how they lie for Bush (from Wash Post)

Why does ABC LIE/misinform/minimize Current Soc Sec Survivor benefits?

Iran and North Korea nuclear facility photos - same photos

US tells EU media only 5000 trained Iraqi troops-yet US Media says 52k tro

ABCNote plays down RNC "gay" attack on Ried-ignores hypocrisy Melman/Gannon

Marvin Kitman slams the FCC

Will the MSM revisit Bush's "We're changing the culture" re gay whores

Bush cuts job growth forecast from 300,000 per month to175,000-media says?

Ed Schultz the Poseur

To start up here, companies hire over there

It's Official - Aleutian Oil Spill Biggest Since Exxon Valdez - Reiters

Climate fears prompt energy U-turn in China

Democracy is a Tough Sell for Iraq's Neighbors

the US is funding and arming the resistance -Iran takes over Basra?

Citizen-based "think tank without walls" unlike traditional think tanks

Police Chief Leaves Loaded Gun In Library

Never mind

Tiny Conservative Idiots error

New group suggestion: Automobile enthusiasts group

I donated last night. Does it count toward the fund drive?

2 things-Can I donate by mail and do we have to look at *

My Forums

If nothing else, I'm donating just to get Bush's ugly face out of my sight

Idea: Iraqi and US body-count and terror alert level on Discussion Page

Warning I got that puzzled me: Labeling a group of people as 'disruptors'

I'm getting REALLY BORED with the "DU Religion Wars."

Idea: More words in the spell-check dictionary

Just a suggestion RE "Greatest" page.

I had a thread where I was looking for pictures of bush

Re: Will Pitt's request to be able to nominate individual posts

A 9-11 thread that got deleted tipped me off to something.

Where's my star?

Very important thread being buried by gannongate

A rhetorical question asking "is every Reublican gay" gets deleted. Why?

Current LBN topics being moved for no apparent reason.

I'd like to see a little more respect for the LBN forum

Overzealous, ideologically-driven moderators

glorifying right wing politicians

Is there a help page to tell how to post photos?

I signed up for a new password for Demopedia

I have the same Demopedia problem as SW FL Dem

Arrest of Activist Recommended in Israel

Anti-pullout activists change address to Gush Katif

Come to Palestine, come stay with friends

Israel delaying transfer of Jericho to PA

Chirac rejects FM's request to add Hezbollah to EU terror list

THE FAA KNEW! But were they set up?

Debunking the Popular Mechanics Debunkers

If flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania why lie about it?

Madrid Skyscraper burns for two straight days without collapse

9/11: Debunking The Myths

Chicago Sun-Times: Plan could lead to selling lottery tickets on the Web

Padraig18's to be published book of Illinois Interest

Pantagraph: U of I stepping up recruiting

CBS News: Alan Keyes' Daughter Coming Out

Illinois Leader: GOP life in Chicago (44th Ward)

Thank God for smart Greeks from Illinois like John Aravosis! :-)

Could someone tell me why Peter Fitzgerald just

Voting irregularities are much too regular in Texas

USA Today: States fall behind on voting-system improvements

NY Times calls Shelley hero for working to make e-voting trustworthy

High Point Enterprise (NC) story on e-voting fiasco

Blackwell a Reagan friend

Prayers & Positive Thoughts NOW for our Friend ANDY!

Give me your top 5 action items!

Monday 2/14 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

ONE IN 257 TRILLION? The state exit poll MOE's were too conservative.

Any word on Andy yet?

Does someone have a list of the names that signed Conyers letter?


Mike Malloy called Bill Clinton a moderate Republican today

Exit Polls: Can someone debunk or explain this?

RUMOR - More Gannon/Guckert Dirt Expected from AmericaBlog Today

Cokie Roberts on Howard Dean on NPR (GRRR!) -- action, please

Anyone with health insurance want to marry me?

PDA to support H.R. 550 along with H.R. 533

Amazing fraud site: Votescam: 40 years of election theft investigated.

What is the probability that ALL 50 states would exceed the MOE for Bush?

GOP has high hopes for '06 ticket

Arnold - Call It Off!

Partnership paid nicely for Matsui

Truth Out's "Red State Road Trip" does Iowa!

gamers/board games/etc

Boston DU Gathering-Suggestions? Dates? Times?

Kennedy's decision sets off race for his seat in Congress

Can anyone recommend an easy to use program for

I think my notebook's fan is broken

Why does the EVIEL AOL feel they have to port scan my computer?

My blog ( suddenly won't work!

Philly DUers: Anyong going to see "My Corporation" Tuesday night?

Lawmaker proposes removing sexual orientation from hate crimes law

I'll support Bob Casey as a senatorial candidate....

Any "insider" info on the Pittsburgh Mayoral Primary

Ed Schultz on in Harrisburg

Texas GOP Trying to Gut Ethics Inquiry, Critics Say -in case you missed it

Wes Clark at Dallas Dem Forum Friday 2/11

On job growth, numbers speak louder than words

My town SANGER has openings for the School Board and for City Council

Someone asked me to post this down here (about Reggie White)

anyone seen WMD yet?

Good News! My Brother-In-Law is getting out of the Air Force!

Secret Service and TX Rangers help in finding girl's killer

Must-see TV!

Anyone have link to * trying to explain Social Security?

If Gays are "Selfish Hedonists", Is Alan Keyes a Failure as a Parent?

Anyone remember this weird movie?

Loving religious dogma More than your own Child

Hint #2 on

Parade Top 10 Worst Dictators....

Listening to Mike Malloy for first time. OMFG IS HE FUNNY!

The Republican party and the BFEE reminds me of this:

Another Co-Worker Trouble...

Could this be the Gannon news?

Prayers & Positive Thoughts NOW for our Friend ANDY!

Guardsman Changed Story Of Iraqi's Death

I finally attended a UU church today....does anyone else?

I'm worried about the Minnesota Senate seat...

Recently, Ron Suskind,had an article in the NYT sunday magazine.

Is there anything sadder than a prominent EX-liberal you once admired...?

After I read this I realized American journalists are cowards.

Chris Rock is correct

I think we should target American women and youngsters as our

Given the current state of our "News" media,

Anyone remember this weird movie?

A call to arms......and feet and hands and hearts

Calif. GOP Changes Rule to Back Governor

The World's 10 Worst Dictators

Iraq winners more than U.S. bargained for

We are CONQUERERS, not Liberators

So! Condi lets the cat outa the bag! There IS NO Exit Strategy For Iraq!

Democratic Party Killing Itself Off (abortion)

Alan Keys daughter is coming out today??

I'm so sick of the VRWC complaining about the takedown of Gannon/Guckert

I finally got around to donating

So the Gay Nup Ban was just a G.O.P. Ruse to get votes, now dropped

Be My Valentine!

OK, now that the election is over, Let the Civil War begin!

The Public Thinker

John Edwards: Slow and steady for 2008

Secret Political Prisoners in US prisons - Law and Order!

URGENT! Contact C-SPAN asking they show Gore's speech re: global warming!

So now that the Iraqi elections has turned Iraq into Iran.....

A number of people here ripped on Reggie White after he died

Today's Heartwarmer:

Social Security Question

How much money should a person be allowed to have?

How generosity of US public threw Red Cross into turmoil

see cspan now - appropriation meeting trashing bush policies

A highway through heaven

Most underreported story of the day: Army recruiter shot at NY mall

DOO doo DOO doo DOO doo DOO doo DOO doo DOO doo


Step One toward evolution - Admit When You've Been Wrong

Will Pitt is on Bartcop! Yay!

I'll buy you a Star if you promise to post in the PNAC/Neocon group

Anti-War Activists Refuse To Call It Quits

Who are you wanting in '08?


Poll about Bush spending in my local newspaper.

John at America Blog just says he's toast, he got the invoices

Could Sully be a payola pundit?

Must see c-span. U.S. gov't corruption in Iraq.

Tigua Tribe settles suit with Abramoff's ex law firm

A little recap of the Bu$h admin

Democracy Now this morning

How does Iraq get a fair consitution when the Kurds only want Out?

CSPAN right now: Learn how our money was (cash) was stolen in Iraq

Clint Eastwood,"Theres no pleasing the right wing!"

Oh Bullsh*t by Frankfurt....what is happening to America

Social Security: "break even with a privatized '3% return'" is a sham

PHOTOS: new monument to pappy bush* vandalized in Houston

Halliburton in Chapter 11?

So, come March 19

Non-activist dem friend sent me a great link.

Madrid Skyscraper burns for two straight days without collapse

Good joke making the rounds...

Old Testament Christian quoting fundies need to read 2 Corinthians 3:3-18

Alan Alda Nails it RE: Republicans!

John Aravosis: almost done.

65,000 points of light

I am getting REALLY BORED with the "DU Religion Wars."

Born In USA; Adopted In Canada

Discussion with fanatic evangelicals this weekend.

hazmat drivers and Lockheed Martin computers (lifted from BartCop)

Hint #2 from AmericaBlog

The forums on my blog are open now

Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy'

"Red State Road Trip" is nearing the end....

Howie Kurtz wants YOUR questions about Guckert/Gannon NOW!

So... I finally heard it spoken out-loud on the radio... obesity tax

The Dean Scream. Never saw it before. Just watched it. THAT WAS IT????

I bet Ted Turner is real sorry he ever sold CNN. Look what they turned

Finally! The Liars are called LIARS!!!

DU Factoid of the day:

is pandering to the right really what will save the dems?

What are the expiring provisions of the Patriot Act?

CNN's nuke plant photos IDENTICAL for Iran and North Korea . . .

If you want to see how the same mistakes are being repeated in Iraq

Frist has necessary votes to change filibuster rules

It's official, Gonzales new AG. Torture for everyone!!! Raise a toast!

James Guckert's webpage on AOL

Whatever happened to the 9/11 memo story?

My personal Heath care status is BAD!!, how about you?

9/11: Debunking The Myths

Can we learn something from Chile's experience with Private Accounts?

"Discussion of Contracting Policies in Iraq" on C-Span ...NOW

Union parents angered over paddling (of children with disabilities)

The Christian Mafia and Michael Jackson.......

"Inventor of the Dean Scream"

dupe, please delete

Congressional purple fingers= Installing an Islamic fundamentalist regime.

So whats the big breaking story today?

Anyone else find this lead-up ridiculous?

I just hear Barbara Starr reporting on CNN about Iran

Denial of visa stymies Filipino organ donors

Jeff Gannon Memo Exclusive

Heads up: Jeff Gannon on NPR's "Hear and Now" today (Feb. 14)

Query on National Security warnings.

H'wood Halfwit Ron Silver gripes to rep Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) about dems!

MTP Charlie Rengal

has anyone had experience with RW pharmacists& flu medication

our borders are open because the bushgang wants them open

Fuck the bullshit, what about Gannon and Plame!

McDonalds settles Trans Fat lawsuit for $8.5 million

FEC might tighten restrictions on Internet Political Activity:???

Prosecutor: Mall gunman 'fascinated' with Columbine

Why don't we ever talk about who owns the MSM?

9/11 families response on C-SPAN live now - 12:32 PM EST n/t

Bush Taps Crawford to Run FDA

I do believe today is the one year anniversary of gay marriages.

ATTN: Leslie Blitzer. Gannon lied to your face!

Men want women to propose marriage on V-Day, Zogby poll

The Stephanie Miller Show

Global Warming is a myth, God just looooooves bikinis.

John Kerry Rejects Kennedy's Call For Iraq Troop Withdrawl

James D Guckert - Profile

"A Man Called Jeff" ---AMERICAblog Expose Out

Iraq Pipeline Blown Up, Top Cops Shot

WMD The movie - Trailer & clip posted.

Hegelian Dialectic: Controlling both sides of a debate = Success

Barack Obama on AAR now...

FWIW - The Gannon Story is Available (americablog)

"A man called William"

ever wonder what theo-con home schoolers teach their kids about history?

How Would You Rate This George Bush Magic Eye Image?

dupe sorry nt

WSJ: In Climate Debate, The 'Hockey Stick' Leads to a Face-Off

Only YOU have the POWER to save toby!!!

Bush is bringing morals back to the White House

The story of Jeff....

Right-wing values are very GREAT for male prostitution.

Is Gannon the one being blackmailed?

Mike Malloy filling in for Randi today.....

Why am I out of whack?

Bringing HONOR and DIGNITY Back To the WH!!! By Allowing GAY HOOKERS

Now RawStory's Turn: "Questions fly on Guckert’s relationship with WH"

Granholm changes stand on Ten Commandments

Looking for pictures of bush with lopsided face/spittle/something wrong

So what happened to Randi?

S. Korea: North May Not Have Nukes

About "outing" gay republicans.

Freeps react to Gannon's Outing as Prostitute (Denial, Lib'rul Media, etc.

LA Times, Chicago Tribune not covering Gannon story

Dopeheads (Rush) and gay hookers. Are there ANY moral people on the right?

I kind of whish we had Ken Starr on this Gannon thing.

They will turn it around and call us Gay Bashers...Watchem!

Does * have a harem?

18 Robo-soldiers to deploy to Iraq in next month or two.

Mike Malloy sitting in for Randi Rhodes on AAR today (2/14)

Suspicious deaths?

Gay men our great, Gay hypocrites are asswipes.

Digby hit's the nail on the head regarding Jeff/Jim.

This bulls**t passes for front-page news???????

Did Bush have a mandate with Bulldog in Crawford?

Let's put together the unifying Theory of Gannon right now.

Which profession is more respected?

Find the trend: Pregnant woman: 'Maternal instinct' helped kill attacker

I did NOT have media relations with that "Bulldog"...Jeff Gannon/Guckert

Quick, let's make a list of the best left-wing investigative bloggers

OK with all this energy with this "fake reporter" story that we have..

Green Day - "Holiday" lyrics - nice!

Carlyle Group returns 5.3 billion to investors

This Gannon/Guckert story just complements the earpiece story.

While left looks for a handle on Gannon, right puts Jordan's head on pike

CNN just reported american blog

Ann Coulter is funded by Scaife and Horowitz

Tell me this isn't a big deal.

Did Barbara Get Her Roses Yet?

Face it, the White House punishes reporters who DARE report

David Horowitz paid controversial Jesse Helms advisers to advise him

My DNC 2005 personal calendar has arrived!

Anyone watch foreign films?

I'm very concerned the Jimmy Jeff Whore story will backfire.

Wow, when we said "whore press"---we were really correct!

Question about the Gannon hints on American Blog

They're BACK--"Satanists for Dean"

Want to know what the true face of Bush is?

WSJ:CNN exec fired for suggesting the U.S.military murdered journalists

Sabbath-breaking 'caused tsunami' (WND)

Judith Miller, Plame, & Iraq

Ed Schultz - any radio stations broadcast him at a different time?

Gannon escort site still up on May 8, 2003. When was he first granted

Imagine if Gannon wrote for Truthout or SmirkingChimp?

My Bloody Valentine

Can anyone work on a timeline of the Gannon story?

"Go ahead, Jeff": Watching the video compilation again...

OMG...scottie discussed gannon w. bush ! scottie spins WILDLY in interview

FAA flies away

Juan Cole confirms: Shiites take absolute majority in Parliament.

Was Gannon the leaker to Novak? Was he setup by the Bush White House?

OK don't have time to search, what was the biggie Gannon

Government's role in the economy, what's the best policy?

You'd Better Get Familiar With "REX 84"

Three-year-old becomes youngest Mensa member

Freeper confusion

That Feeney guy actually got elected?

What are the Chances ANY of the Jeff (bulldog) Shit will hit the

Has anyone read Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA?

Keep up the work on Gannon

VA Legislature to Thomas Jefferson: "F%7k OFF!

Bush's Chief Protector, sworn in as Chief Law Enforcement Officer today

Great Gannon Point - The WH used Talon News to pump the "terra alerts"


Maya Keyes interview coming on NOW on CNN

Excellent Gannon analysis on Seattle Indymedia

Let's not miss the point of the Gannon scandal

Freepers Frothing Over Alan Keyes' Lesbian Daughter

Lieberman facing primary challenge? Paul Newman not considered likely.

Personal Issue: am I the only one who

Hetero Prostitution/ Gay Prostitution, they're both against the law.

Iraq: Who Voted And Who Didn't And Why

Connect the dots--Ken Mehlman, Head of GOP, closet gay...Jeff Gannon,

Why Gannongate matters.

Contrast Clinton coverage with Gannon...snicker time or serious stuff?

Iraq's Allawi, Mahdi May Gain After Assembly Election

From RawStory: The Big Gannon News

*tin foil* Plame was outed because

The Dictator Of Kuwait: Kuwait's Freedom, Bush-style

Are we seeing one wing of the right battling another

Why isn't bush asking for a "full accounting" of "Gannon-gate"....?

Malloy on, man I miss Randi.

PBS New Hour - discussion about journalists & bloggers

WHY would McClellan discuss "Gannon" with the President????

Scottie did know that Gannons name was Guckert

Define this for me

aka Jeff Gannon - how will he be "neutralized?

Admit it, we are a pack of wolves.... And I'm proud of it!

Happy valentines day from the white house

Gen. Wes Clark to be on CNN @4pmCT nt

What MSM Personalities Would YOU Fire? Who Would Get Raises?

Have You All Seen Gannon's Ed & Pub Interview?


Mangate makes me think of a bad 70s song.

Was Sean Hannity Gannon's lover? Check this out

DNA Confirms Parents of 'Baby 81'

Looking back at the Presidential Campaign and Dick Cheney

Will we EVER be able to TRUST the BIG MEDIA again?

I think this should be emphasized. Bush Director of Personnel is

SS Cap

Is Google A Top-Secret Weapon Controlled By the U.S. Military?

So, this might be a dupe, but i'm new and i wanna see what you think.

Mandatory Psychological Testing of All School Age Children???

Bush's company Zapata goes from $1.38/share in December 2000

Demand for porn is highest in red states.

Bwahaha... just made up some Gannon lyrics...

How can we support a Democrat who supports this stupid ass war?

Is Jeff Gannon Married?

The question is how did this guy get within 10 ft of the POTUS?

In regards to Gannon

Uh-oh this Freeper has shown me the light-drawing me over

Gannon Bu$h*t Vs. The Real Deal"He's Toast - I just got invoices"

How does a male prostitute get into White House Press briefings and get

Is the Gannon thing going to blow up or blow over?

Bulldog Performance Reviews - Explicit Content (Jeff Gannon?)

Beautiful VIDEO...inspiring...start your week with: The Battle for America

Sludge CONTINUING campaign against ANTI-BUSH comedian Chris Rock! has a male prostitute member

If the wing-nuts now call fetuses the "unborn"

Will Wolf Blitzer be outraged that Gannon lied to him on CNN?

What is a Christian?

Greenspan Whopper

I'm glad to see that all these pro-Buchanan threads...

Dear DU: Happy V Day

Son Shoots Dad After Mistaking Parents' Sex For Abuse

Another reason to oppose Joe Lieberman in the 2006 Dem. primaries...

Do the gay stories distract from the Republican pedophilia epidemic?

A man called Jeff (America Blog)

The Freepers are wondering why the Gannon story is a big deal

White Nationalist Group Targets Free Republic For Infiltration

If you were starting a REAL news network, what journalists would you want?

Bush Cuts Hit Democratic States & the Poor/ Complete List of the 154

Circ. Evidence that Jeff Gannon was tending his services to WH staff

Help me flesh the story out.

An example of a Gannon softball

Do You Agree With Lakoff That There's Only 6 Types of Progressives?

Why was Jeff Gannon/James Guckert know by his sex industry name at the WH?

Transcript MTP: BUCHANAN Wastes Shrub & Neo-Cons

Limbaugh is Jeff Christie?? and Gay??

THE PINK TRIANGLE..Could our latest scandle be related to this stuff

* explains his social security plan

The Peoples' House: One Representative for Every 30,000 Citizens.

What are the American Political Ramifications Of The Beirut Bombing?

How Many WHOPPERS Can You Find in this McClellan Press Conf?

What about the question just PRIOR to Gannon's softball?

rant: the illegal invasion and occupation has reached KGs family

bushCabal SHOCKED! Iraqis elect govt allied with IRAN!!! ROTFLMAO!!!


The Freepers are in a frenzy over their 'boy' 'Jeff'

Americablog Gannon story is up: "A man called Jeff "

U.S. Paid Iraq Contractors in Cash. "Billions... wasted and pilfered"

It's not that Gannon/Guckert is gay, it's that he is a PROSTITUTE!!

The evilization of women.

Tony Snow has Colon Cancer

Schools may ban Valentines Day

Ethos vs. Blogos (the Jeff Gannon story)

Fuck AM 1090 Seattle's Progressive Talk!!!!!!!

***IMAGINE*** this Bill Clinton scenario, won't you???

Overhaul of Federal Workforce Planned

Okay folks start digging

BRAD BLOG: CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea!

RAWSTORY: McClellan seen in gay bars!

WTF is going on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

why are people dwelling on "the gay hooker" thing

WP - Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft

Subpoena List For Plame Grand Jury


Bush a descendant of the power-hungry warlord who led the Norman invasion

PLACE YOUR BETS: Scottie McClellan resignation watch

Here is an easy dessert idea - good for Valentine's Day

Let's talk pasta.

What are you making your sweetie for Valentine's Day?

Sniff, I can't drink Pilsner anymore.

Subject vs. Citizen, What is the Difference?

Blair, Brown and the Labour Party

Drudge Report: Comedian Chris Rock says "Only Gays Watch Oscars"

BRAD BLOG: CNN's Nuke Plant Photos Identical for Both Iran and N. Korea!

New Bad Boy Truck Dwarfs the Hummer

AL: Republicans to challenge district lines (Rove involved)

Amputee heading back to battlefield (1st Army amputee to return to combat)

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq attack

Letourneau, Ex-Pupil Plan to Wed April 16

Head of Christian party abducted in Iraq-Arabiya TV

Alan Keyes' Daughter Coming Out

Iraq Shi'ites Ponder PM Choice, Allies After Poll

Oil pipeline attacked in northern Iraq (Kirkuk)

More Evolution in Schools

Dean pledges to rebuild Democratic Party in conservative regions

Last Fatima Virgin witness dies

Bush Sending $81 Billion Package to Congress

Bayh seeks more money for military families

Former PM Hariri dies in Beirut blast

Bank glee as BCCI case fails to dent reputation

U.S. [Oil] Companies Post Bigger 4th-Qtr Gains; Wal-Mart to Report

One TF Danger Soldier killed and one wounded (Base in Samarra)

Kirkuk braced for ethnic conflict

Arab press wary of Shiite victory in Iraq

Report: U.S. Surveillance Drones Spying On Iran

Venezuela's Chavez Accuses U.S. of Delaying Parts for Aging F-16 Fleet

A man called Jeff (America Blog)

U.S. to Buy Food Abroad for Aid Program

Hallucinations linked to drug given to troops

Critics cite voting machine errors for election woes

Iraq bomb disposal contract pays well for Charlotte engineers

Philippines hit by three blasts

More Colleges Requiring Health Insurance

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 14 February

Kentucky Senate Seat Held Up in Dispute

McClellan Tells E&P He Didn't Know Guckert Used Fake Name For Nearly...

35 killed in Tehran mosque fire

Bush Wants $82B More for Iraq, Afghan Costs

Mosque Fire Kills 35 In Tehran

Three-year-old becomes youngest Mensa member

Woman accused of cutting baby's arms off not competent for trial

Italian Scholars Probe the Bible's Lighter Side

Newsday: Love bows to D.C. security (Boxer will donate roses to wounded )

Son Shoots Dad After Mistaking Parents' Sex For Abuse

DNA Confirms Parents of 'Baby 81'

Police: Blood Found in Detroit Not Hoffa's

Stanford gets OK to try human cells in mouse brain

Ex-U.S. Official in Iraq Says CPA Was 'Wild West'

Class-action suits reclassified

Large explosion rocks Beirut

Lula and Chavez to boost alliance

Iraq bomb disposal contract pays well for Charlotte engineers ($$$$)

More Continental workers accused of smuggling cocaine

Ministry of finance sets credit card (IRAQ - Dinar gaining on USD)

March Lends Support to Placerville's "Hate-Free" Proclamation

Recount Iraq poll, says Turkey

IRAQ: Media Held Guilty of Deception

U.S. Warns of U.N. Penalties After Lebanon Killing


Gay nups bill is off GOP agenda (Says Frist for this year)

I've become arrogant, admits Blair

Biden urges U.S. to join negotiations with Iran

Verizon Agrees to Acquire MCI for $6.6 Billion, Beating Qwest

U.S. Is Shaping Plan to Pressure North Koreans

Alan Keyes' Daughter Coming Out

Mich. Mayor Blacklists Those Who Sued City

Missile shield test fizzles out

Brokers use names of Sept. 11 victims in wooing foreign investors

Have blog, lose job?

U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

GOP sen.: W may raise taxes to save Soc Sec

Iraq rebuilding operations branded scandalous by US Democrats

US fights back against 'rule by clerics'

Bush Urges Renewal of Patriot Act

Bush Wants $86B More for Iraq, Afgan Costs

New York GOP leader attacks Dean

Former spy claims Australian government covered up Iraq prisoner abuse

Rape riot leads to army arrests

Conflicting word on U.S. drones over Iran

GOP wary of adding to rising U.S. debt

”Rendition” Case Takes a New Twist

P.E.I. could become first province to ban GMOs

WSJ: A Big Burst of Hiring Appears Unlikely

Gays can marry - just not other gays: Kenney (Cdn Conservative MP)

White supremacists reach out on billboards

Bush Taps Crawford to Run FDA

After 'Gannon,' Reporters to Meet with White House on Credentialing

FAA proposes rules for future spaceliners

Japan's 2004 current account surplus hits record high

A dog that craps all over the house ain't a cat, folks.

If we lived in a world without leers...

Jerry's going to be a cable boy, a cable boy, a cable boy.

I want to make hot man-on-man love to Darrin Bell

Steve Earle wins Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album,

I got the song "Proud Mary" stuck in your heads don't ask me anything

I'm going to Iron Chef while the gospel thing is on

uh oh

Downloading an Audioslave Bootleg. Ask me anything.

I'm on a Southern comedian kick: Brother Dave Gardner


Oh YEAH?? Well, WHATEVER! (Wanna hear some more?)

Have you ever lived down in the ghetto?

Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum

Please give a warm welcome to the Doors.

i was gonna rant about something, but i forgot what.

Anyone remember this weird movie?

You may be surprised to learn that Iowa is larger than New York.

Happy Valentines Day DUers, I love you!

To all you Lynyrd Skynyrd haters out there

Been using this teeth whitening stuff and yes it really works

RIPOFF at the Grammys!

Do you have anyone's phone number blocked?

where's my star,dangit?

Should I keep my home phone?

He doth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus, and we petty men

Racism in my family

I want 50 bags of pretzels sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I have lurked long enough....

My final thread

You know the feelin the night before you KNOW you're getting sick?

Is anyone still up?

If you could "steal" the singing voice of anyone who would it be?

A large explosion hits hits the lebanes capital, Beirut

In the spirit of fairness, the Grammys have awarded Bush a Grammy!

Goooood Night, DU!

Any one just getting up?

I hate this holiday too ya know

Ok, Sports Fans, Gather 'round and let me tell you a little 'bout Skynard.

Ever have one of those mornings....

I swear to you sometimes these dreams dont make any sense

For the first time in her life, she saw families standing in line with

A big bear hug for you on Valentines Day

Here we go again...I HATE this day!

If we lived in a world without Sears....

I'm not a big fan of PETA, but greatful for this information about IAMS

hellll yea, I can finally donate!

Woo hoo, I don't feel like throwing up this morning

Happy 146th birthday Oregon!

Gooood Morning DU!

Still time to enter team DU's Oscar Pick em' Poll at Yahoo

Awww! Valentine's day pics

Anybody taking coconut oil?

The Grammy Odd Couple

Lilac Rain, Unbroken Chain,

Bleachers7 is a LIAR.

Your Daily Word to Misuse, brought to you as a public service by Mo Paul

A note for single folks on Valentine's Day:

HEY, DU...It's Valentine's Day, and our FAVORITE GIRL is SINGLE...

I finally got around to donating

Mayor Swore At Kids Nominated for Outstanding Mayor Award - "Bastards"

I went to a wedding earlier today. Ask me anything.

Single DUers - I love ya!

Password: DUer Edition

Botany, where is my foot rub?

Well, it was three years ago on Valentine's that my girlfriend and I

Well, there ain't nobody safer than someone who doesn't care

**** I LOVE YOU, MRS. BEAST MAN!!! *****

attention singLe (or cheating or poLy) DUers

**** I LOVE YOU, MRS. BEAST MAN!!! *****

It's the most horrible tiiiiiime... of the yeeeeeaaaarrrrr.....

What should Hitler Bush say?

Ah Valentine's Day-Kissing a Dodge truck

A Happy Valentines Wish to all

This is the Straightest Thread ever.

Does anybody know if Abercombie & co. is Christian?

Zoo defends bid to mate gay penguins

I am curing all of you of your nasty Earworms

Mr Beastman, Happy Valentine's Day

Did anyone watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night?

Jounalist finds Papal conspiracy in tomato sauce bottle

Happy Aniversary to my cat Evita!!!

Let us injure Grovelbot.

Christo 'Gates' strangely disappointing

New Year Special a mere $299,000 for this Expedition/Luxury motor home

Does anyone here work online at home? I need a PT job...

Cheech & Chong writing new movie, "Grumpy Old Stoners"

Did the Teacher Say to Put Your Tongue in My Mouth

Valentine's day=VD=Venereal disease, coincidence?

Romantic? Sure but you might want to check with a urologist there buddy

Let us perjure Grovelbot

I just donated $35 to DU and "donated" $73 to the US National Park service

Got a new doc and I'm not impressed.

INXS and TLC stage reality shows to replace dead singers

Cherish This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Is Over

It's time to play Give DUers HORRIBLE VD earworms!!!

Sideways - have the RWers attacked it, yet

Man buys table for $7.5M U.S.

So where did you get your fake school creditionals from?

Valentine Day

There are times that you can beckon

degenerate gambLers check in

Woman finds penis in tomato sauce bottle

The Official Jeff Gannon Valentine's Day thread

I have to share what a wonderful husband I have with DU.

Sponge Bob is out of the closet - and into the underwear drawer

Valentine's poem for geeks

I wish I di-int have to see...

Recommend this thread for Greatest

Lynrd Skynrd were on the grammys?

I'm starless and I feel nekkid (and that's not a pretty picture).

How do I post a .jpg on here?

Did I do the right thing in donating to the democratic underground?

What is your favorite word?

Do Recommend This For The Greatest Paige.

I love cheap potato chips


Happy Valentines Day DU!!!!!!!!

For V-Day... stories on how you met

How do you know Grovelbot is a "he"?

I drove by a florist's on my way to work.

A gay marriage amendment is discrimination against straights.

Kleeb, aren't you supposed to be in school today?

Letourneau, ex-pupil to wed after prison.

Don't recommend this thread for the Greatest page

Photo of Alan Keyes learning about his lesbian daughter...

The President sends a V-day Card to DU!! (hehe)

What does this saying mean?

I'm nekkid and I feel starless (and that's not a pretty picture)

What a woman's gotta have

Recommend Me For The Greatest Page And I'll Buy You Lunch

Ever wonder what your pets are doing when your not home.

President Poopy Head

So, I bought a dozen roses for my sweetie but there are are only 9

It is almost spring!

To all the DU ladies, Happy Valentine's Day

So. This is what it's like to call in sick and sit home online all day.

Damn! I lost my star Friday and, in a panic, donated to get it back...

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Admit it- I am your secret Valentine.

Ach! Damn! My screen keeps going in and out of focus. What do I do?

Listening to Russian Techno

I dedicate this thread to Mary Blair!

For all you DU ladies... my gift to you on Valentine's Day...

help with a song.. who sings this, or what is the title?

Whatever happened to the genius that was Michael Winslow?

Have You Ever Broke Wind In Mixed Company?

Cars Line Up For Free Gas - Some Run OUT Of Gass Waiting


After 20 years togather all I got my wife was a little card.

What ever happened to Ricky Lee Jones?

If Letourneau had been a man...

Would you be MY valentine, Pretty Young Thing?

Happy Valentines Day! To all the single DU'ers in the house!

I exchanged valentines and am good/bad

So, my GF calls in an apologetic panic from the vet's office.

Need a translation from English to Spanish & French

My mouse just ate a cracker

Happy Singles Awareness Day!!

eBay question

Who else is bitter and alone this Valentine's Day?

Take the Power Back

Snood anyone?

My VD post: I love Squeegee!

My Valentine's Day gift for Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin...

3 divers killed by gnomes

Does anyone have a link to that Russian poll showing most supp. communism?

I confess. StoptheMorans and I are having a transcontinental fling and

Ah the Grammys snooze fest a-go-go

damn! high tension was pushed back to june!

hahahaha guess who this is!

‘Million Dollar Baby' Is a Neo-Nazi Movie (newsmax link)

Ok now tell me, what can I buy for lunch with three dollars

Should I Buy a Boat?

Should I Buy Billy Boat?

Anyone have an iPod shuffle?

Who is the greatest threat to straight folks in the United States

I'm taking Valetines Applications too (from females)

Miller Beer Employee Fired For Drinking Bud Light

anyone else having probelms with

RANT: My wife is a LOUSY DRIVER!!!

save this rabbit please.. (this guy made $14k so far)

Mike Malloy plugs DU!

Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Just came back from four hours of burying the cat. Ask me anything!

This isn't a federal holiday is it? Mail is 2 hours late if it ain't...

I'm taking Valetines Applications too (from males)

Valentine's Day Humor.

Well, I'll never forget this Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day Trivia

Thoughts and prayers go out to Randi Rhodes

Hallmark Holidays

"All of us are hoes in one way or another...

I can't stop wheezing

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary! I love my liberal hubby!

Malloy is difficult to listen to 'at a reasonable volume'...

You know the best part about Valentine's Day?

No need to apply to be my valentines!!

Let us conjure Grovelbot.

I can breathe!

I saw my eldest sister for the first time she started "Showing"

3 doors down, is it a good cd for 12 yr old girl?

Who are the best left-wing investigative bloggers? I want to support


Hey Vegans/Vegetarians, does Jell-O count as meat?


Do You Think Howie Kurtz Has An Attractive Do?

I just got roses delivered to me!!!

Happy I am still single day

How do you feel about bands...

iPod battery question

I am so glad I am single on V-Day

WTF?! Gray Hair?

DU ladies - what did you do for your man this V-Day?

Valentine anecdote from the bookstore yesterday...

my dog loves apples!

Henry Mancini wrote the "What's Happening!!!" theme song.

A new level of unfunny: Ron Freakin' White

Gannon, Garcia, Fred or Henry?

My gf said that I talked in my sleep last night.

How long until the beeping drives me crazy?

Let's create a list of Dem leaning bands

Where in the hell is the Malloy thread!

I Just Quit Smoking, Ask Me Anything

I gave my love a cherry, that had no stone....

Wonder who, on the white house staff got a Valentine card from

I hate abstract art...

Well, that totally sucks

Matcom is on with Mike Malloy right now

Is today a holiday or something? What did I miss?

Who the hell is this a-hole caller on AAR?

CONFESS! Who do you want to meet after reading the Purity Test thread?

Whoo! Did you hear that nutcase that was just on Malloy?

Get something free guess when

Wes Clark is on CNN right now...

Want some good chili?

How would one know if a DUer had a crush on him/her?

Valentine's Day is not what it used be

Movie collectors: Any recommendation on software

remembering the war in iraq...

One year smoke free.

What would you do if you found out your SO did NOT vote?

Did you all think Ari Fleischer was gay?

Well this totally sucks

Why did I just get a dozen roses from this Paddy guy?

Okay, I'm sorry, but some of this stuff is too cute. (warning: anti-V-day)

OUTRAGE: Will Pitt Is The ONLY Male Prostitute Who Should Get WH Access!

DU, how do I love thee?

Has anyone else seen "The Eye"?

Concert shirt you've owned that you're most embarrassed about now?

I just had a chocolate-covered strawberry---ask me anything! (n/t)

The Prophetess, or How I Learned to Stop Hating Valentine's Day

It's BTBM awareness week: Post something you think you know about me.

Anyone recommend seeing "A very long engagement" ?

Valentine's Day Sucks (just ignore me...)


My partner gave me a tire for Valentine's Day

Do you all think Liberace was gay?

New Bad Boy Truck Dwarfs the Hummer

I am the seeker. Describes me to a Tee.

All right. Who would like to have a crush on me?

i think i am turning into a robot

Stop the Morans cheated on me. Who wants to be my revenge fling?

"Chupacabra" an ocean skate.

Blahstory: Many men have homosexual tenancies!!!!

Long download, but worth it, Arthur Miller interview.

Truth Be Told, I Have Nothing to Say

Haven't had a date in 31 years!

today's Rudy Park

A strange man asked me to be his valentine last night...

so... whos been single every time V-Day has come around...

Anyone have a good Chilaquiles recipe?

a Valentines Day message to all my DU crushies


Do you think that guy whos name escapes me is gay?

Apparently many guys think today is about $$$. DU ladies, what say you?

Ya know with this Gannon thing, the republican party doesn't have a

Forget Valentine's Day! Tomorrow's the big day for all us single DU'er's!

do you ever search for your username

Did my a.m. walk in shorts and T shirt.

Do you fear breadth?


How crabby are you?

Who stole the Saint...

Do you fear breath?

Some Valentine's Day; I'm 48 years old and never had a date in my life!

Best places to pick up cougars on Valentines day?

Do you fear bread?

Some nice panoramas

My husband just came home...

Do you fear...


Now do you think this guy was gay?

Why does a topic usually die right after I post on it? bad breath?

Anyone here have experience with the Cochlear Implant-

So, how's that sovereignty workin' out for ya, hoss? Feelin sovereign yet?

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you all think Rob Halford is gay?

Thanks for all the laughs.

What's for supper?

Which state borders have you crossed on land?

My Cat Ate Half Of a Blueberry Muffin!

Is it time to take down my DK avatar?

I just got off the phone with my SO...we had the cutest V-day talk *ever*

Valentines day in court.

Guess the DUer by a strongly identifiable like/dislike of theirs

How gay are you?

Why I Donated

How bad was the duet of Mr and Mrs Anthony

Best rendition of YOU KEEP ME HANGIN' ON - vote now!

Care for tulips?

Allow me to introduce myself.

Bought some Birkenstocks today; does that make me a damned dirty hippie?

Damn Spy-Ware

Don't try this at home!

All right. Who would you like to have a crush on you?

What is the craziest thing your ever saw siblings fight over...

When Mrs Catch22Dem gets home


We men are such idiots . . .

Mike Malloy: Jeff "Me love you longtime" Gannon

The Travelocity garden gnome.

CONFESS!!! Bizarre talent that you have...

A facial hair question for shaving deficient Duers...

I want to jump and frolic...or kill my neighbor...

I see that Lounge threads don't go on the Greatest Page anymore...

WTF?! Ear Hair?

Buca Di Beppo= Food of the GODS!!

Yeeha what a trip today

Valentineless, I am yours for only the price of a hug!


What is love, anyway?

The job saga continues

I dedicate my 10,000th post to the Love of My Life articles available now...

Google for an Image: Google your pet's name, then post the first image.

I am headed off to work!

A Valentine's Day Tale...or how I ended up with MrGrumpy...

Police: Blood Found in Detroit Not Hoffa's

Ever Have One Of Those Days??

I just found out my girlfriend voted for Bush

Letourneau, Ex-Pupil Plan to Wed April 16

Air Supply were in some ways lyrically better than The Beatles.

Italian Scholars Probe the Bible's Lighter Side

Confess: your weird crushes.

Smallest Pac Man game ever (flash)

What did you get/give for Valentine's Day?

Boston DU Gathering-Suggestions? Dates? Times?

Is it just me

Does Abortion Destroy Souls?

My little niece is gravely ill

Altered HIV Attacks Mice Tumors

Drug 'wafers' bring hope to brain cancer sufferers

Pluto still a mystery 75 years after its discovery

Sedna still a mystery 1 year after its discovery

HIV 'could destroy cancer cells'

Researchers Uncover Secrets Behind Nanotube Formation

Awesome Satellite photo of the Great Lakes

Anyone else think there is such a thing as a 'gay face?'

PPIA will be introduced in the late spring or early summer

We can have gay marriage right now (and really piss 'em off)

"Outed" Anti-gay crusaders and their gay relatives

OK my GLBT sisters & brothers... if ya didn't get a flower today...

"Not that I have a problem with it"

Arizona Businessman Agrees to Buy Vikings

7th FIFA Confederations Cup this Summer

Minnesota Twins and Johan Santana agree to a deal

Ok Baseball Fans...prediction time !!!

Einstein needs a tooth out!

Do you celebrate your pets' birthdays? I do

Three Card Monte, new article on Starlight News

Nobody likes McAuliffe out there so I'm saying this in here

Watching the Thursday McCaulfe tribute

More Money to the DNC

Interesting overview of the current state of Democratic Party, issues,

I haven't heard anything lately about Kerrycrats Boston trip...

Meet in Boston or DC this summer

More News Stories for 2/14

I would like to meet John Kerry

Kerry Calls for New Military

Pics of John since it's Valentines Day

Which Kerry-Heinz family member do you have a crush on

For Kleeb, More bio Stuff

as one of the Kerry group, I'd just like to suggest many of us join PDA

Dems in Freeperville fight back: my local report

I want Scott McClellan's head!!

Geraldo and Oil for Food program.

DU this poll

How can people be so damn blind?

My 90 second rant.

Terror Alert?

Great Debate On Class Action Suits On C-Span

Houston's Bush Sr statue vandalized w/ "blood"

Bush's dropping approval rating will help us save SS!

AL: Republicans to challenge district lines (Rove involved)

Fox: Biden "responds" to Kennedy remarks: "let me comment on the reality"

Gonzales swearing-in on every news channel...give me a break!

Bush needs strategic partnership with Europe

Google's givers go Democratic

Social Security is not just Bush's idea - it is the Republican Party's

Freepers are a wonderful bunch of people.

Principles Project

Update on DFA from its new chairman, Jim Dean.

Anyone have pictures of Barbara Boxer receiving roses today?

KY: Planned Parenthood Loses Title Ten Funds

Bloggers are changing the news -on c-span Wash Journal

When are we going to get AAR within radio range of Pittsburgh?

Social security

Update on Granny "D"

What's the deal with the Pub Party endorsing Aarnuld a;ready?

Maine Democratic Party Town Meetings

Slideshow of Security Council protest in Munich on Saturday

What's up with this whole Chalabi - Iraq thing?

Who is Al Franken b**ch slapping on his show right now??

Gannon Memo to Karl Rove

Remembering Ossie Davis 1917-2005

Kerry Consulting With Tony Blair

Who "served" more honorably in the military?

"Why Dean dominates the democrats"

FEC May Tighten Restrictions on Internet Political Activity

Do Dems See the Golden Opportunity That's Sitting on Their Doorstep?

Who will freerepublic get to replace gannon in the WH

Kitty Kelley blacklisted by Larry King (emcee for Pappy's 80th birthday)?

When are *'s judicial picks up for vote again?

No more terror alerts - Was it all a lie to keep Bush in power?

Who's the worst liar in newsfotainment?

Senator Joementum would like you to know that Chertoff

Regarding Gannon/Guckert: where is the National Enquirer when you need...

The Republican Dictionary, remaking the English language

Duplicate thread

Are We Ready To Demand The Impeachment For **?

Spooks ID thefts at San Diego company raises many questions

U.S. Social Security Pact with Mexico Faces Trouble

Why are republicans so concerned about the future of the dem party?

"Sex and the Capitol," REDUX 1990 /Washington Post...Repug Gay Escorts....

the real story of Iraq reconstruction money: this could sink the neo-cons

The U.S. is FUNDING Iraqi insugents!!

Malloy on Talon "news":

Bush approval - 94% Republicans; 18% Democrats - the largest gap ever.

Potential lead on Gannon. NEED HELP

Clark up any moment after the comm. break on CNN..

Secret's out! Now we know why Shrub calls Rove "TURD BLOSSOM"!

Woman accused of cutting baby's arms off not competent for trial

Has anyone seen or heard Pat Buchanan today and if yes is he..

US Corps NOT proud of Political Positions -get anonymity for GOP donations

Got this just now by email from a friend in PA.....

Dear "fellow Democrat"....letters from the DNC to me

Indiana state repuke's car involved in fatal hit-run

Should Dems "Get Religion"?--or at least set the record straight???

WTF -- Lieberman could take Rumsfeld's Place ????

Ldotters cheer on Gluckert/Gannon

Who are the best left-wing investigative bloggers? I'd like to support

Dammit, the media's ignoring that great Iraq hearing the Dems held today

Hey, remember when the oil in Iraq was going to pay for all this fun?

NBC German Neo-Nazi story

Do You Honestly Think Things Can Be Reversed--or allowed to????

Why Dean needs to expose GOP control of mainstream media as a PRIORITY

NY Dems are fighting back against attacks on Dean by the GOP chair.

Re-air of Dem Policy Hearing at 8:00 p.m. Tonight

McClellan's mother may run for TX gov...

WOLCOTT--Mischievous and useful fun in being the opposition party!

Faux News Nitwit O'Lielly has a poll up...


Did anyone else hear HOWIE ask JUDY earlier on INSIDE POLITICS today,

My utter lack of "white guilt".

Newsday: Love bows to D.C. security (Boxer will donate roses to wounded )

Would You Support Independence For The Kurds?

Senator Boxer to receive bouquet of 5,000 Roses on Valentine's Day!

Great Dems-only hearing on missing Iraq funds - C-Span live

Ex-U.S. Official in Iraq Says CPA Was 'Wild West'

When IS it colonialism/when is it liberation?or why do we oppose Iraq war?

Wes On Wolf

NPR's Cokie Roberts gives "advice" to democrats

Ladies, on Valentiens day, any interest in this sexist conservative?

Charlie Reese doesn't care about Iran's nukes...

U.S. Soldier "Hanged in Effigy" ??!!??

I demand a Ken Starresque investigation of Gannon's ties to the WH

Are Law enforcement officials looking into the Gannon/Guckert Prostitution

LOOK at these two assholes

Who is the Democratic Party's sleaziest, slimiest,politician, who will hit

Maher says faith belongs to Republicans

What if it had been Helen Thomas or CBS's John Roberts who were exposed?

Connect the Dots (of the SocSecurity Con Job)

Dean reaches out to Evangelicals

A Sex Scandal involving the White House

the Gannon gay prostitute site and what it means

Suspension of the Constitution, anyone ?

Dean's first staff meeting...."ready to rock and roll." Ready to travel.

John Kerry’s Military Plan

Does Bush want to fix Soc Sec? Or does he want to raise Taxes?

" Media Alert:" Wes Clark on Wolf Blitzer on Late Edition......

It's time to wake up! Things are much worse than previously thought.

Explain this Gannon thing, I'm ignorant.

It’s Medicare, Stupid

Believe it or not - Gannon's 'Ari Fleischer Fan Club'?