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Archives: February 13, 2005

Gertrude Himmelfarb (Wm Kristol's mother) on c-span2 right now

Dov Zackheim, Pentagon Comptroller, Misplaced A Trillion Dollar$

Dish Network Brings Pentagon Channel to Millions of Subscribers

Support your local police... they know what's best for you.

spell check ?

Regarding donation date

Regarding 9-11 threads being moved.

How do I get my font letters bigger on DU?

New forum idea

Can you tell me where this thread went?

About The "Outdoor Life" Group...

Where do you stand on the 911 attacks?

Has this image been explained?

I was just in Freeperland (don't know why)

Gannon's archived page

Dean is a loud mouthed wildman, Gannon is an innocent "reporter"

E-Voting to be Gone Sooner Than you Think

Let's set this guy straight! He's against hand counting & favors machines!

Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism. GREAT FLASH MOVIE!!

If Kerry runs in 2008 what are your feelings about backing him

flex our muscle--throw some $ to DNC

Ratings chart on Senators still has Barbara way ahead.

State GOP delegates give Schwarzenegger early endorsement

Harkin on Iowa Press on Sunday at noon on IPTV

Lawmakers look at taxing groceries (Iowa)

why does my AVER TV tuner crop off the edges?

Support the Lone Star Iconoclast by buying a T-shirt!

State Repubs get bitch-slapped onTABOR and I was there to see it

Poverty-stricken TX colonias turn to technology for medical help

Humor - nudity as a terror device.

Who Owns The Media - See Below

Laura Flanders is on a good tear

The wife is reloading the cd changer

Men - Throw away your Fruit of the Looms

Gay Marriage in NY

Fake rethug dirty little secrets

Someone at Yahoo Doesn't Like George Bush - PIX >>>

On History Channel now (8PM ET) - Civil Right

Popular Mechanics mag "debunks" 911 "myths"

OKKK......What are the 'talking heads' going to

Once again, to reflect on my exchange with Howard Dean.

Good Nations, Social Security, and my Mom

Fox News supports Democrats ?????

It's a sad day when a Madame Tussaud's wax figure looks more lifelike

Do you think Christian society has been history's most violent?

Part Time Striking: Save Our Teachers.

Germany Won't Prosecute Rumsfeld

Idealogues and their justifications......

Ah crap. I don't like this news.

Re 9/11: Who Else Does NOT Subscribe to MIHOP or LIHOP Theories?

Please remind me...Ws there a connection b/t Neil Bush

Kristen Breitweisers response to newly released 9/11 Memo

Is anyone listening to Guy James? I can't get the link to work.

Please help me with this,'Tension Between Two or More Target Groups'.link>

PHOTO: Falluja Iraqi gets EYE SCAN from American Soldier (degrading)

I have De-media-ized myself for the past two days...

Johnny Cash was a good liberal


al Qaeda claims Al Jazeera tries to 'flatter the Americans'

People should have to sign this statement before being allowed to vote

NEWS:Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security forces

Doctors crafting state abortion Web site (Alaska)

Ann Coulter should be declared a terrorist under the Patriot Act

Saturday Night Internet Fun

Condi is racist against African-Americans....

Bush holds the line on Kyoto as debate grows in US public

Our economic decline is a foregone conclusion.

Anyone else sick of blood banks???

I'm going in.

Ward Churchill is on C-SPAN now

I thought "misogamist" meant "hates women" but

Connecting the dots.

Has the clash of civilizations predicted by Samuel Huntington begun?

MSNBC: "A challenge for (Dean) to tone down his act"

GOP updates their Party mascot!

Are you willing to kill for your country?

Bush's "abstience" program discussion on Flanders

The MSM's latest Rove-Approved talking point: Dean needs to tone it down

The election of 2004 was:

Born to be a slave in Niger

We just lost 3 great liberals - Johnny Carson, Ossie Davis, Arthur Miller


Conservatists invoke Lenin in promotion of SS privatization

Who would you vote for Santa Claus?

The MSM should just stop saying "...a soldier dying to defend his country'

O'Reilly has been in combat!

Who thinks Ann Coulter is someone to get reliable information from?

Anyone who flew during the summer of 2001 should be OUTRAGED

A Social Security project

Curiosity about technicalities of the USA political system Re: Dean

What About An African American Replacing Rather?

"Burn in Hell you f*cking coward"!!!!"

The Death of a Statesman

Democratic values in relation to religious teachings and moral values.

Dr Dean's Agenda... Suggestions for our trip back from the brink

DU Religious Demographic Survey

Seymour Hersh’s scoop about the Pentagon’s “Salvador Option,” /NATO

I updated the main dishes on Demopedia

Nigella Lawson's "Living Kitchen"


I just made a great honey mustard pork loin

Northern Iraq Smugglers Cross to Iran

Mystery surrounds "dead man" found alive.

GI: Army should drop Abu Ghraib discharge

Mexico "dirty war" files show death squad's deeds

Plot to assassinate Fox investigated

Iraqi Poll (National Election) Results Due on Sunday

Thousands abandon homes, flee fighting in Congo


Refugee says soldiers abused him on visit to Iraq

A Struggling Science Experiment (Stem Cell Research Lagging)

Bush holds the line on Kyoto as debate grows in US public

WP: At DNC Helm, Dean Tasked With Rebuilding

Senate May Open Inquiry Into C.I.A.'s Handling of Suspects -NYT

Europe's Ariane-5 Rocket Soars Into Space

Blood drive for soldiers canceled ("Potential legal liability")

Nun shot dead in Amazon

Germany Calls for End to Iran's Isolation

U.S. Uses Drones to Probe Iran For Arms

Bush cuts hit Democratic states

Mass. Attorney General in favor of same-sex marriage (Marriage Equality)

WP: Conservatives Join Forces for Bush Plans

Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security

Newsom Calls for Support of Gay Marriage (Feinstein: 'Too much, too soon')

NYT: 'New' Rumsfeld Is Seeking Stronger Ties With Europe

CNN Breaking: Madrid Building on Fire

NYT: Army Creates Medal for Troops Who Come Under Fire

American nun shot to death in Brazil

Question for any Gamecube experts who might be around.

To the people who watched both the Phantom musical and the movie

Guy James

Humor - nudity as a terror device.

It turns out that I am Mr. Peanut....

Dammit! I was too late for the DU coloring contest! (lives on West coast)

any oprah lovers here?

Imagine this: Bush's poll numbers go WAY down...

Ah heck, I'll just put on some ballet.

DU Pet Peeve #3012

Back this way, Mr. pResident, I'll guide your hand......

Would you like to cruise through the Panama Canal???

I was taught a month ago

Would you like to cruise through the Love Canal???

Who's pickin a banjo here

O Feedled Gruntbuggly,

Musicals that include songs about themselves

Hosting an Mp3 file?

Good night, all!

The wife is reloading the cd changer

Maybe I don't really know art.

I'm in Peoria, Illinois! The friendliest city in the USA!

Zap2it Predicts the Oscars for 2005

What ever happened to the "coWard" name?

I have a headache...

DU Pet Peeve 3015:

Will I get into college?

Put on the damned glasses NOW!

I'm Watching OLD SCHOOL. Ask me anything

How can I find old posts from a specific Duer? n/t

This sucks. My bass is in the shop. Ask me anything.


Is there a DU Travel forum?

Damien Rice/Patti Griffin? Any thoughts?

I am watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

PSO: you are awake.

Beer: in a bottle, or in a glass?

Anyone know about "computer glasses"?

Kiss me as if it were the last time.

Holy shit! Larry King is on live.

Back in the saddle again


Johnny Cash was a good liberal

Larry King Live vs. Larry King Dead

I'm listening to the saddest classical piece I have.

Why do people camp?

Beer: 7, 8, 12,16, 16.9, 22, 24, 32, 33.8, 40 or 64 oz containers?

Just saw the trailer for Star Wars Episode III.

Two weeks after my stomach flu, I have a goddamned headcold.

Forgive me, DU, for I have sinned

Is it just me, or does the name "Al Jazeera"

Bill O'Reilly Bingo

How would you spell the dean scream, on a t-shirt?

Ever seen The Whales of August?

my girlfriend;s going to be in the hospital for valentine's day

What's up with DU discriminating against my Pet Eating topic?

Do you like the new Outer Limits and Twilight Zone as well

Tell me about your favorite bear

I hear that aliens are planning to invade Washington DC

"That's your lot in life, Lalania"....

I'm calling out BigMcLargeHuge!

(Hobart IN) man dies testing bulletproof vest

Paging Mizz Jazz, Mizz Jazz please report to this thread.

Could you guys send me some prayers/good vibes?

Who do you have to screw around here to get a cup of tea...

I'm looking for the video of a guy who fell out of a car and another

Favorite Dali painting

Song(s) that you can't stop playing

What, exactly, is a 2 1/2 car garage?

Whoa, I just looked in General Discussion and

A woman is like a beautiful home.

what was the twilight zone episode...

wtf? who's drinking tonite?

It is not good to become fanatical about a rock band.

I've been loving you too long/I don't want to stop now.

So, what's with all these DUers complimenting me lately?

If your'e bored: Watch me clean my office.

I'm posting high...ask me anything!

Explain two things for me;

when you network 2 computers

Create your own band with this silly time-waster

Is there a local radio station you can count on to play what you like?

Mystery surrounds "dead man" found alive.

What is your favorite movie?

What do you think Condoleeza is doing tonight?

OHHH Would we call her chubby?

I Committed Genocide On Several New Life Forms Taking Refuge In My Fridge

Should I get High tonight....


I saw "Ray" - I was dissapointed

I saw Hotel Rwanda last night - I'm still pissed

Tell me about your favorite beer

what's your favorite adjective for *

just watched bob roberts for the first time in 5 years

London Calling

Have you ever traced your family tree ?

Movies that include songs about themselves

I mopped my kitchen floor tonight...Ask me anything

Obsessed with food?

Have you written to our president since he was appointed?

Favorite classical painters

Meet the McLargeHuges - including the newest McPetiteLittle one.

So does anyone here live on the dodgy(sp?) end of their street?

General Rant . . . When People ask for help with their computer

What is your favorite weather?

Ever make a life altering decision because of a movie or book

I have four baby kittens here. Exactly one week old. And some questions.

Do you know what LIHOP and MIHOP are?

Does all humanity share a single subconscious mind?

Take the Purity Test - how pure are you?

Any opera lovers here?

Can This Black Box See Into the Future? (Random Event Generator)

In praise of drag queens....

Roooooooock Chaaaaaaalk JaaaaaayHaaaawk KU

Can This Black Box See Into the Future? (Random Event Generator)

As an Atheist, do you think there was an actual historical Christ?

I've been out of the loop.

Who would you vote for Santa Claus?

Paul Tsongas asked an amazing rhetorical question

when did we become....

Ive never seen so much excitement for DNC chair

Interesting Reading about Bush's War.

I just watched The Hunting of the President

154 programs targeted in Bush budget

Congratulations to Howard Dean

OK: State's Black Leaders Want Capitol (Black Oklahoman ) Statue

Shi ites win in Iraq .... Mission Accomplished

LOL! New CNN/Gallup poll has Bush approval at 49 percent

just saw a new WH Soc. Sec. ad on TV for the first time. all lovey-dovey

Would you contribute to a Lieberman challenger?

U.S. violating Iranian airspace with surveillance drones

How the media is treating the Dean story

Would someone post a poll for me?

Anybody hear about this?

Good quote in Aljazeera article

Senator Boxer's Prior Profession

Job one: M-O-N-E-Y

We NEED more "Carville" Democrats Pushing the RW over the edge!!!

Michael Creighton's "State of Fear"....what about glaciers and corals?

History Will Absolve Me

Earliest date ChimpCo will no longer be occupying the oval office?

How do you

from tomorrow's LA Times: neonazis aim to upgrade PR (pg A-1)

Bush Spending More Weekends in Washington

So, can we call it civil war yet?

Grand Rapids Michigan Mayor set to lead "Bush rebellion"

Sunday Morning - The Talk Shows

Send Dean a post card to congratulate him. Here's the address.

Have you ever shaken Howard Dean's hand or spoken with him?

Why do meat companies go republican??

We need to target blue state Republican Senators

Let Schwarzennegger know how you feel about being called evil

Nominate someone "out of the box" for 2008 pres. candidate

Now that Dean gets the DNC seat, what to do about the DLC?

Am I the only one disappointed in Obama's start?

I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again

In Case You Missed It: Democratic Senator Says He's Open To Private Accoun

DU this week's action alerts, please!

Hail to the Flip-Flopper -Zakaria, Newsweek

The US is Declining

Math and politics of USDA budget just don't add up

Clear Skies Act written by companies that pollute the air

Medical Bankruptcy Study Author Advocates Comprehensive Health Insurance

Molly Ivins: On Bush's budget

Sunday Tulsa World RE: Dean

The nuclear fat is in the fire (Iran)

Old allies' support for Pinochet wanes

Impure Tactics ("female sexuality as a weapon," then Gitmo coverup )

Black History, Bush Style

Condi knew (yes, we know she knew)

Parade Mag (Sunday Newspaper)

H.R. 418 [national ID card}Passed and on to Senate..Help stop this

NYT Editorial: Death Sentence for the Hubble?

The Shi'ites' Faustian pact

Aussie affection for America doesn't extend to Bush

Catholic Schools Find Status Is Diminished

St Patrick took bribes from his converts

Former Reganite whislteblower against H.R. 418 and KGB agent who helped

Social Security: Pros' doubts cause for pause

Newsweek: King Karl -by Fineman and Isokoff

Rice Got Early al-Qaeda Warning But Failed to Act

A lie Told Often Enough Becomes Truth

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): No Mullah Left Behind

Wal-Mart's "Red Alert"

'Intelligent design' a way to smuggle Christianity into schoolrooms

Activism Questions about *place* and number of people

H.R. 418 - Day of National Civil Disobedience on Internal Passports.

UT Austin Indy Conference Feb 18-20

Google news on Dean - Gay issue is lead story...

Corp. Watch: Spinning Media for Government (excellent read)

RESPOND TO: ABC's Assist to Campus Conservatives

Danny Schechter's "Weapons of Mass Deceptions":MSM Sold us Iraq War

And they thought they could be bury him with his scream...

Panel recommends payments for Mallinckrodt workers

What are the major economics blogs?

BNFL in talks with Washington for new $500m nuclear reactor

Cleanup at Fernald fault

American Samoa lawmaker demands new study of French nuclear test fallout

5 Yrs. After Pledge, 10 M Tons Of Low-Level Waste Sits On Colorado's Banks

Kyoto Protocol Enters Into Force This Wednesday - 2/16

Pittsburgh's crackdown on nonrecyclers nudges some to comply

Brazil Reopens Amazon Forests To Logging - NYT

Swiss house US-Russia nuclear talks

US strategy aims to outsource nuclear strikes: report

The Rudi Dekkers thread. He ran the flight schools where WTC suicide

LTTE "Gun rights also important issue" shows what Dems must overcome.

Should a Police Chief have this sort of authority?

Please continue to keep GD free of 9-11 threads

Does the DU donation drive start today???

How many times can you vote for the "Greatest" Page?

On behalf of those who wanted a new Dean avatar--why not two...

sent link to DU peak oil forum to yahoo energy/resources

A few questions

If a thread is " not currently listed in chronological order."

I see that individual posts can't be nominated for 'Greatest' status

Is it possible to link sound files to a post, like pictures are linked?

Thomas Friedman argues that our energy policy

Why don't other steel -framed buildings ever fall from fires??

One of the flight attendants on board said the hijackers showed a bomb...

The Madrid fire, WTC7, and a conversation with my wife this morning.

Why don't other steel -framed buildings ever fall from fires??

Did anyone see Chgo. Trib article re: Social security cuts "inevitable?"

I nominate "The City of New Orleans" to be the theme song of the new

Chicago DUers .... it's party time!!!!

Tweed & Thompson on the air right now

Breaking News just scrubbed!!!

GOP Ticket in 2008!, Guckert/Gannon!

Keep the USof A from becoming an asphalt jungle run by

Columbus Disgrace

Dean and other Democrats need to get ready for a dirty battle in Alabama

Dr. Martin Luther King profile on Black Starz at 1:35 today/Sunday

Vanity Fair says Ohio Was Stolen! Buy a copy!

ON KPFA NOW! Democracy in Danger by Case Ohio

Looking for past thread on Ohio precinct suppression

No Confidence Resolution Endorsed By Green Party of Humboldt County, CA

Sunday 2/13 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Look. They're ORANGE! "Our" color is everywhere...

A STEAL ON THIS IDEA: A Bounty on Verifiable Democracy

What's the # of the Conyer's bill that would allow Murdoch to be President

Maybe the East was the Beast, but the ZOMBIES voted in the west.

*YOUR* Bid Please: A Bounty on Verifiable Democracy

Election night, Ohio Lockdown , Phony Terror, Lying Officials

I Believe.

Marriott resort and country clubs line up for city aid

Los Angeles Times (2/13): Governor Aims to Rehabilitate Prison System

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial (2/13): Not a job for partisans

San Francisco Chronicle (2/13): Governor to test muscle in D.C. -- again

When did Ed Schultz

NW IA survival

Did I miss the Chinatown new year celebration?

Romney campaign coffers growing

New Betty McCollum website......

god bless I.S.U.

I think I have too much junk running in background...I need help

Good TV Tuner Card

Getting ready to install Win XP Pro.................

Demopedia help

New and Improved HTML Help Thread.. (other one was too large)

How about a NEOhio meetup?

Protest Places/Legal question

Newsletter on Texas Homebuilders and the lack of consumer protection

Statue of Bush the Elder in downtown Houston bleeds

Houston DU Meetup this Sat., 2/19, 2 p.m.

Help! - Inauguration comparisons

My Letter to Dean

We're gonna lose big in '06 and '08

bush supporters; An American Tragedy

David Kay Is A Lier - Scott Ritter

99 programs to be terminated

Republicans will not tell America what our agenda is. We'll do that. HD

In the wilds of Wyoming the Arapaho are ready if al-Qa'eda pays a visit

Project Prometheus: Low Power FM Community Radio-To reach the people

Gaaaaaaaahhhahaahhhh!!!!!!! I hate republicans!!!!!!!!!

'Over my dead body'

The Great Dictator and Hope of a decent future

Are several indie debunking 911 films airing on local TV channels now?

BBC: 'Cannabis gran' remains defiant

Academic Bill of Rights

Quick.... J. Edgar Hoover's beau's name....

I agree with most of what bush says...

For Blacks in Law School, Can Less Be More? (loaded article)

The fate of the American Dream.

The Republican Party has become the party of mendacity, deception

On CSPAN, scully just read article...

Wow oh just Wow: I had to go totally off on another flight attendant..

This Natan Sharansky guy gets on my nerves

The HP solution: If George Bush is the US's CEO, what severance package

"Terminator Gene Technology"...Will Monsanto etal create a worldwide food

Most Hypocritical Freep post ever

Who is on the talk shows this morning? Usually go to DFA to

Do you really think that the Dems will run Hillary in 2008?

The Madman Theory, back in action.

Is anyone else angry, confused by Iraqi vote announcement?

Did you know in Europe they are using open source code for elections

Profile of a Sociopath

Can't find this song download. Help?

New AIDS scare promoting fear and hatred

T O D A Y ' S T V N E W S S H O W S

Freepers over tizzy that a pro-dean topic got started

Who are the G.O.P.'s Gayest & most Closeted Homophobes?

The removal of Carly Fiorina should be a lesson for all corporations,

Of all the things, Bush's tampering with Social Security promises to sink

"Hijacking Catastrophe" now showing on Link TV!

'Golden time' ahead for Chinese economy

Why we can't win..

The most powerful man in Iraq is an ayatollah with a website

Was the war on Iraq a collaborative enterprise between the Republican

Is it true Al Franken is running for Senate?

Steve Angelica of The PEN, the Congressional email site

Picture of defaced poster of bush

Just came across something curious in "GannonGate"

The George Bush Loyalty Test

The culture of ugliness

Former directors break silence on Fayed’s Harrods reign

SUGGESTION: Put a Warning for Photos in your Subject Line

Quick "Gannon" question.

Regarding getting screamed at for having Dem. bumper stickers:

Do you think the role of the DNC Chair has been kicked up a notch?

SS question - didn't the boomers have any children?

Sunday talk show review

CNN Breaking: US Puppet Alawi Finished in Third

Has anybody done this (Escort at Planned Parenthood)?

"how many Americans have to die to save face..." | Doonesbury

Remember...bush* wouldn't talk to Hussein either. Look out No.Korea

Why don't other steel -framed buildings ever fall from fires??

All Countries that are "Nuclear" capable...

Oh lovely: Regime Change Iran Blog to build support for US occupation

Larry Johnson on MSNBC

I ordered 10

Brandeis humor magazine

New Aids nightmare shocks US

"The Biography of President George W. Bush"

What if we ran a few religous candidates for Senate?

AIDS? ~ Or help the Autoimmune!

Petition: Dean doesn't need to tone it down, Republican media DOES!!

What's the latest on Rush Limbaugh's drug case?

Apocalypse Pretty Soon

as world celebrates Kyoto america won't be there - our shame

Some good Gannon audio-video footage

Neo-Nazis Aim to Upgrade PR (White supremacist)

Complete List of programs Bush wants to eliminate or cut

Is there a media BLACKOUT on American TSUNAMI casualties?

Don't cut the heart out of SS -- V/Day message for Congress

Arnold is going to get reelected in 2006, and there's only one way to make

Do you feel vulnerable?

Watch the TRUE state of the Union (6 min video)

The distance between common Americans and the class that occupies

PHOTOS: Iraq Shi'ite religious Festival.....causing 'emergency measures'

For future reference, beware of the "taped" Dean interview

Servicemen in Iraq are now defending a Muslim Theocracy?

Bret Hume compares Gannon to Helen Thomas

Was the war on Iraq a preventive measure to avoid the kind of

Mafia crumbles as the Last Don is first to sing

Katrina vandenHeuvel on with Bob McChesney for the full hour NOW (2pm ET)

Arghh!! Rep. Rangel on MTP just said 1200 service members Dead!

Bremer's Brew

Red and Blue and the color of Money

The problem with dietary supplements is that most people

Christine Aguilera and Longtime Beau Get Engaged

My Future Brother-in-Law and the Hummer Limosuine

If Some Other Country Flew Surveillance Drones In *Our* Air Space...

52 is such a nice number....

"A House Divided -- the story of Abraham and Mary Lincoln" is on PBS

If you liked, I won't answer blind quotes, you'll love, I won't be edited

The case for MIHOP

If you need a good laugh....

Students for WAR!

This War is different, right?!

Anyone here watch SNL last night?

"Dogs are Democrats" | and other POOP from Triumph....

So you can't beat the SS benefit, just meet it?

Blame Bush for North Korea's Nukes

New Bumper Sticker: Religion Is A Very, Very, Personal Thing

So does anybody else think that after "recounting" the votes in Iraq

Hugo Chavez vs. George W. Bush: Who's More Dangerous? (A Quiz)

Koranic duels ease terror

Consumer Gripe: Nothing is Built to Last

Plan B: A Way to Ram Social Security Reform through

"Feed The children" is now soliciting for donations

Computer question

Comparisons between the Christian Right and the Islamic Terrorists

Neo-con psycho of the day: Danielle Pletka

Youth defends prize-winning Bush/Hitler art

Buchanan vs. Sharansky on MtP

Fiscal crisis, fiscal crisis, fiscal crisis, fiscal crisis.

see Religion Barons con the uneducated in a scam of all scams

Fight back - tag a gas-guzzling urban assault vehicle.

U.S.-funded Iraq media rehired Baathists, had reporters trained by Jazeera

Someone please help me teach this to a 10-year-old

Things that America has seem to have forgotten in the past 4 years

Distribution of seats in new Iraqi parliament...sorry, shrub!

Right wing radio

Jesus' General writes Jonah "Mama's boy" Goldberg

Fake Terror - The Road To War And Dictatorship

Tsunami data needed

The "All Volunteer Military" is a myth

"Youth crisis hotline" lures gay youth, refers them to 'Bible' ministry

Don't Call It "The Dean Scream" Call It "Dean's Rebel Yell"

Vanity Fair says Ohio Was Stolen! Buy a copy!

A cancer in the Body America.

MLK assassination

CNN poll to DU

WHEEEE! US pays Iraqi contractors millions in ca$h!

Which fish are safe to eat? A quick list here. (And: find local pollution)

A Canadian views the "left behind" group in the Florida panhandle..

The wisdom of my 55 years

Who Listens to AAR on Sirius?

Did Karl Rove have any part in Dean getting labeled as an angry madman?

this might be a nothing sight but...

Bush's "...emotional rush...obsessed...frenzy...heart-thumping release"

My Freeper sister-in-law is coming to visit next weekend.

'Over my dead body'

Does anyone else find it incongruous that Germany and Japan are

How Busy Are We "Sexing Up" The WMD Case Against Iran?

Listen to Will Pitt live on the air tonight. 6:20 pm CST

Why can't US go socialism ?

Bigoted Anti-Mexican E-mail making the rounds

Related? Vannevar Bush and George W. Bush

What did you do to piss off the right today?

Is Anyone Else Surprised To Be Agreeing With Pat Buchanan These Days?

The Full Monty ... a complete list of Bush's budget cuts.

One For All (final)

Heterosexual Privilege: What is it? How do straights use it?

Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters

Illinois GOP House leader MOCKS Black History Month!!!

Death to PC's, and spyware, and viruses

Bush wants to return us to the Middle Ages....

latest "Voice of the White House" . . .

Be Honest! Did You Think Saddam Had ANY WMD Before The War?

The Danger of The Fundamentalists... the end of the world.

When Sexuality Undercuts A Family's Ties [Alan Keyes' Lesbian Daughter]

I like Clark for 08, am I wrong to?

A Valentine's Day Picnic

I am having problems with my cast iron skillet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

AZDD6 and Bearfan ROCK

Skinner pinned the Demopedia link in the Welcome to the Group

Chocolate Obesession Weekend on HGTV

The Pardon of John Haase: Howard's Achilles heel?

Ministers believe Briton was tortured by US officers (UK/Begg)

Warning over weapons at Suffolk airbase (More UK Nukes R Us)

Protecting, Armoring U.S. Troops Is WIP

U.S. uses drones to probe Iran for nukes

Howard under fire on climate change (The Australian)

Senate's New Math May Aid Stalled Judicial Nominees

Castro Warns U.S. Against Plot on Chávez

Fire ravages Madrid skyscraper

Neo-Nazis Aim to Upgrade PR, National Alliance seeks a higher profile

Judge Considers Declassifying Sept. 11 Report on the F.B.I.

Three Iraqi army officers gunned down in their car

A $189 million payout, with computer thrown in (Carly Fiorina)

Newsweek: King Karl -by Fineman and Isokoff

Impure Tactics ("female sexuality as a weapon," then Gitmo coverup )

'Cannabis Gran' Remains Defiant

Stop picking on Iran, says Germany

Four Dead After U.S. Convoy Attacked

'Glaring omissions' in Gillette P&G report

Wind Power Is Becoming a Better Bargain

'Golden time' ahead for Chinese economy

Rumsfeld defends U.S. unilateral actions

Gay law students riled by military recruiters

Trio of Sistani-backed Shiites vying for premiership

UK web address link to online suicide plot

Minister 'warned' on Iraqi torture

Bush administration said to be using drones to spy on Iran

US Rejects UN Expert's Afghan Rights Concerns

Old allies' support for Pinochet wanes

IRA supporter invited to bigotry summit

Adams, Ferris, McGuinness ‘approved raid’

Mafia crumbles as the Last Don is first to sing

Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security forces

Team probing ‘Nazi loot’ in museum quits

Opposition against missile defence growing: poll (Canada)

King Karl: Rove's new duties will help fix Bush's place in history.

Police hunt for 'suicide pact' children

N. Korea closes door on six-nation meeting

How £1.6m theft from UN weather agency could force open the entire organis

Worry spreads over GI drug side effects

Our man sold secrets to Iran, admits Pakistan

Child care crux of welfare debate

SEC Enron squad nets Barclays

U.S. told two years ago North Korea had nuclear weapons

Madrid's Biggest Fire Destroys Skyscraper

US accuses British charity of 'financing terrorism'

Shi'ite List Comes Top in Iraqi Election

Toxic banknotes poison police

Senator Clinton Plays It Cool at Munich Security Conference

Bosnian Court Acquits 11 Serbs in War Crimes Case

Suspicion surrounds missing Bay Area man

U.S. debt: Watch out for the domino effect

U.S. Denies Patent for a Too-Human Hybrid

Grand Ayatollah Well-Positioned to Have a Lasting Impact on Iraq

"Red and Blue and the Color of Money"

Military Amputee Seeks Wounded Financing

Annan Says Hard for UN to Mount Iraq Peacekeeping

Russia plans new missile super-bases

Three tortured corpses found in Baghdad

Far-Right Protest on Dresden Bombing Anniversary Prompts Schroeder Warning

Australia shuns U.S. in embargo

Berlin warns fascists over Dresden

Saudi Morality Police See Red Over Valentine Roses

ELECTION 2006: GUBERNATORIAL RACE: 3, maybe 5, want to win back Tallahasse

Report: U.S. Paid Iraq Contractors in Cash

Two political associates of Allawi killed in Iraq

Last Fatima witness dies

Key Senator Says Medicare Benefit Costs Too Much (Gregg, R-NH)

Allawi Likely to Be Key in New Government

AMS rejects writing constitution

Iran starts making torpedoes as atomic threats fly

Americans use Iraqi TV to get their message across

Rebel Dean inspires gays in Florida

Guardian - List of Leading Parties in Iraq Election

Tom Ridge Gets Used to Civilian Life

Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security forces

Senators Expect Iraqi Give-And-Take

'Over my dead body'

Controversial Pentagon Espionage Unit Loses Its Leader -WP

Older brother slain in high school brawl

Security Screener Fails to Spot Passenger's Butcher Knife - Newark Airport

Annan Says 'Concessions' Made to Saddam

Three U-S soldiers killed after vehicle rolls over (1460)

Neo-Nazis March as Dresden Remembers War Dead

VA patients paint picture of neglect

Russia close to upgrading its nuclear arms

Straight Out of Fargo, Red State radio talker tries to center the Dems.

Parents Challenge School's Bible Classes (in public school)

Complacency Could Cost us Election - UK's Blair

Marines Face Tougher Recruiting Questions

The New York Times (Feb 13): Chalabi Sees His Prospects on Rise Again

Tennessee considers covenant marriages

Fight dirty or we lose, Milburn tells Labour

Bush Congratulates Iraqi Election Winners

In Small Town, the Fight Continues for Texas Sovereignty

Democrats Wrestle With Choice and Choices -WP

Shooting in Mall in New York

Have you ever felled your family tree?

Funny flash cartoon

Spiders are filling out tax returns

Definitely Maybe

I'm posting low...ask me anything.

My thought for the evening...

Sorry guys, Christina Aguilera's off the market...

Both Dracula and What's Eating Gilbert Grape are on, I can't decide

What is the point of having a point?

Red Dwarf is on and I have a question

Group Proposal: The People Who Always Agree with jpgray Group

It's been fun but....I'm going to bed real soon!

Hey fellas. Have you heard the news?

Protest songs

Happy 63rd birthday Peter Tork!!!!

I used my electric pressure washer for the first time today and

Anybody have fun tonight?

Will I get hired permanently? (SHORT/LONG SOB STORY)

I'm getting tired. If you want to beat up on me, do it pretty soon.

Watching the 1976 version of King Kong...

Are you drunk???

Might as well Jump. (JUMP)!!!! Go ahead and jump.

Damn nightmares!

I'm going to bed....Am I the only one that turns on CNN as soon as I.....

Evening thoughts

I think I'm losing my mind...

Wow, the Grammy's have a LOT of real old timers nominated this year.

separated at birth?

Did you ever pick your nose while driving

Hugo Chavez and a creepy bodyguard check out a boobie.

Like to sew or re-upholster?? Found a fantastic site for ya..

Ok computer whizzes, where is my information stored?

Can't find this song download. Help?

No More Macs!

So I want to use Linux instead of MS...What's the best way to load it.

Have you purchased anything from the DU store?

PLEASE I"M BEGGING YOU. Put a damn warning b4 you post a disgusting pic!!

Do they or don't they? Only their hairdressers know for sure.

This must be just like living in paradise. And I don't want to go home.

Post a picture of what you THINK an uncertain DUer looks like!

Make your own superheroes...

The YangFang Snow Saw (ephemeral Winter art)

"If I played a murderer I can play a Republican"


Fun geography game!

Did F9/11 receive no Oscar nominations because Moore withdrew it early?

Did you hear about...

Any Queensryche fans out there? I'm seeing them in concert Monday!

Shah Guido G

All purpose message board flame

'Cannabis Gran' Remains Defiant

which NYC/DC airports do you fly into?

Self Delete becasue I got my answer. Thanks

Has anyone ever seen "The Brothers McMullen"?

Is the lounge getting to"PC"?

Our new National Anthem

Finally done with my first short paper for comm theory.

It's after midnight....Thanks to you guys I got a great Birthday present

Anybody going to Le Chateau Blanc for dinner tomorrow?

I'm down to Earth now...ask me anything...

Lease Question: If you write into the lease that any furniture damaged

Anyone here use Sunrocket?

The Blond & The Ventriloquist

Don't you just love the idiots? i used to.

I am listening to Cat Stevens

And now for my 3000th post...

Christo's latest bright orange clusterfuck is fucking UGLY.

Hey, you, yes you...she's almost gothic...

I'm about to watch "All the Presiden'ts Men"

Heat Win!

Please post your happy Dean pics here.

Good fortune

Please send SKINNER your favorite Dean photo

Official Cleveland vs LA Lakers game thread: Kobe vs LeBron

NC/SC/GA cat lovers: anyone looking to adopt an

Bush: "HEY! Ya know what? -HIC- Yer alright. Ya know what? Uuuurrrrgg"

I was recognized AGAIN yesterday afternoon, lol

You know what I hate....when the door bell rings and its not relatives...

Ayn Rand School for Tots

And the winner of the DU coloring contest is...

DU Group proposal: JVS is my leader and his will is my command

Tweed (ME) is on the radio right now and will be untill 2:00pm

I watched "Collateral" last night

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what if you live there?

Come to Miami, some of us speak English (photo)

does shrub need a theme song?

My cheating drug addicted wife wants me back

Urrrrrr. No hot water. Grrrrrr. Damn, laundry doing neighbours.

What's the first thing you can remember happening that made you say...

how do I burn .avi and .mpg files to DVD?

I just figured out who should play Jeff Gannon in "I was a WH ringer"....

"With Dean, it's like throwing an M-80 into a bucket of frogs...

Greatest American Survey

I noticed there was an extra happy lilt to my walk today....

Please post unhappy Bush pics here.


I have a couple pounds of beef short ribs. What should I do with them?

Great Dubya quote

1300th Post Fun. Favorite Sit-Coms and Least Favorite!

I just realized today would have been my parents 32nd wedding anniversary

Post your favorite Bush pics

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to Me!

You carnivores out there

Psst... for a Sunday afternoon, the GD forums are surprisingly

DU this Gun Show!!!

G'night Everybody - - Happy Birfday to Progmom's Little

If you need a good laugh....

I'm doing some more bragging today!

Coming Soon: Immortality? -CBS News

FLASH!!!!! OBL captured near Afghanistan /Pakistan border!!!!

sitting with a dying friend

Call me crazy, but I thinkJohn Mellencamp was born in a small town ...

Self delete

Anyone remember the 1990 film HIDDEN AGENDA with Frances McDormand?

Whats the most you've spent on a pet's medical care in a year?

Saw Merchant of Venice last night SPOILERS....that is if there CAN BE

Lovely Jackdoll

Durian anybody?

Oh crap, I'm in the 700 club

I just had a worrisome shopping experience.

How do you feel about the coming marriage of Charles and Camilla? Poll

I bit the bullet.....I gave in....I bought

I am cranky. Grrrr!

Oh crap, I'm in the 6,200 club.

Jeff Gannon's opposition to Bush...

If you don't like the same things I like

someone has FAR too much time on their hands...

"7th Heaven...the Musical"!

Wouldn't it be great if Gannon was the catalyst that brought down Bush?

Anyone use iTunes?

incredible! The smartest bird in the world!!

Anyone watching the Grammy's tonite?

It's funny how little my mom knows about computers

Oh crap, I'm in the 4,542 club.

Shaun of the dead was not for sell in Blockbuster

oh never mind..

I just saw "The Wedding Date"

All right.

What is it that the Repubs miss so much about the '50's?

You know what I hate....when the door bell rings and it's relatives...

I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying

Group Proposal -- Nudists.

I've always loved Christina Aguilera

What's your favorite pig-out food...

I'm watching the 1984 Boston College vs. Miami "Flutie Bowl"!!

Tony Hawk's Underground 2, "Downhill Manual" on Skatopia level



What's the point of having a dog

still trying to post a picture testing

My dog is a more reliable source of news than Ann Coulter.

Glowing/Illuminated Keyboards - hmmmmm

I've got one thing to say.

My doctor ordered a uterine biopsy... looking for reasons!!!

Tonights King of the hill WTF?

can someone help me decipher this freeper sticker

Dump it in! Smash it down! Drive around the Trashy Town!

Is SNL starting to lose its luster again?

What scents turn you on?

I have to do something I don't want to do.

Oh crap, I'm in the 7,000 club.

Have you known anyone who falsely claimed to be a combat veteran?

Hit and run story I wanted to share with you.

Don't Forget Jose Canseco Is On Sixty Minutes

What are the 'pan & scan' DVDs like?

Ouch! I think I sprained my wrist putting on my underwear!

Send CanuckAmok (me) your good vibes...

What do you do to keep a cat away from nice furniture? (scratching it)

On Friday morning, I'm leavin' on a jet plane. Ask me anything!

Do you have a pet door of the sliding-glass-door-insert variety?

combining condi and chucky.. you get something like this

Ideas or Idears?

Help! I'm addicted to "Place the State". Its on my toolbar now!

How many credit cards do you have?

Best KILL BILL fight sequence? (WARNING: Spoiler Alert)

New group idea: Automobile enthusiasts group

Which kind of intentional misspelling pisses you off more?

Anyone like (or even know of) the artist Fanch Le'Dan?

If you were raised in an extreme religious environment...

With the tax money on the way, and my other half plotting to spend it

Keith Olbermann despises "The Gates" outside his window...

Kephra's Pyramid (images with neutral background)

I work at Home Depot. Ask me anything.

I finally attended a UU church today....does anyone else?

Are there any Christian socialists here?

Psychiatrist brings back concept of evil

'Broken Heart' Syndrome: Real, Potentially Deadly But Recovery Quick

I just found this article on nanograss

Inventor sets his sights on immortality

Running shoe 'will think like the human brain'

I just found a new Gay news source

Something I have a hard time understanding are anti-choice gay people

The NDSU Bison women's basketball team is 22-0!!!!

UConn giving UNC a run for their money...

Is the Pro Bowl a waste of time?

who wins the 2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup?

Should baseball records of steroid using players be removed from the books

I was finally able to take some really good close up pics

First Official Post here

have a chuckle...

Feral cat TNR success story

How Could You? .. I cry every time I read this

The Psychodynamics of the Planets

Fleet Reserve Association News-Bytes 2-11-05

99 programs terminated

Yawn am I the only one up?

while i'm a crazy lyric kick, here's mine about defending Kerry on DU

Novak snarks - and misses


Through the window shots

Photos from the Inauguration Protests

Giuliana Sgrena, Italy's unembedded journalist kidnapped 2/4/05

Jim Hightower is my hero...

Will Dems in Congress fight against...

Lost Halliburton Nuclear Material Found

Will Howard Dean's leadership help Democrats win more votes?

Article: Can This Black Box See Into the Future? (Global Consciousness...

Southwest Regional Forum Continues Momentum of National Progressive Moveme

...take to screw in a lightbulb?

Next To George W. Bush Even Attila The Hun Was A Liberal

Alert for CSpan2 - David Brock on at 215 PM (ET)

"Chavez: US is a terrorist state "--Al Jazeera

Who was the last person still in the race with Dean at the end?

Guckert owes back taxes!

Shiite Islamists win big (47.6%) in Iraq; trouble's a'brewin'...

Bush the Latino lover splits his party

Lindsay Graham's "bipartisan" SS privatization bill, worst of all worlds!

Would Randi Consider Speaking at a protest?

Spreading the Democratic Message (RE: farm subsidies)

Keep the USof A from becoming an asphalt jungle run by

If "Mangate" happened on Clinton's watch how much media would it get?

In Small Town, the Fight Continues for Texas Sovereignty

discussion of Jeff Gannon coming up on Fox TV

The concession speech we'll never hear

Gannon or Mangate story is marked for excution by Rove

Breaking the Al-Qaeda code

Pop goes the Bush Mythology Bubble: Part 6 - Karl W. B. Schwarz

An open letter to the Red-State victors:

Dr. Martin Luther King profile on Black Starz at 1:35 today/Sunday

Interesting piece by E.J. Dionne Jr. in WP

Have any of the Sunday shows discussed the "Gannon" Scandal?

So, is Gannon story growing still or is it about to be put six feet under?

Petition: Dean doesn't need to tone it down, Republican media DOES!!

So the Ayatollah backed Shiites won in Iraq, eh?

Two new tax cuts for the rich set to take effect

National Health Insurance is on the table again!

FBI Informant to Be Called in Sheik Trial

Arizona Revisits the Jury Patriotism Act

If you're not a young, white, straight male, you're a "Special Interest"

What the FUCK?? Chalabi as Iraqi prime minister?

MSNBC: GOP will "fix" SS "no matter how often the left yells 'Stop!'"

It's time for a Black (V)PoUS


First "official" appearance for Chairman Dean?

This matters far more than some guy in "tighty whities"

CNN POLL: Iraq= lIslamic State............81% yes

"Hijacking Catastrophe" now showing on Link TV!

It's a "scandal" about the media....

On Social Justice and Political Struggle

Bill Press Beats Up On Whorie Kurtz

Listen well Dr. Dean, the window of opportunity is open, for now

New name for Gannon Scandle MANGAYTE

Truth Seeker Site Claims It Has White House Insider Commenting

*C-Span 2!* 2:15 p.m. est. David Brock "Mis-stating the State of Union!"

Pass the Buck President and the Credit Card Conservatives.

Who else feels like whenever Howard Dean speaks

You think they aren't afraid of Dean???

Jeff Gannon or Ashlee Simpson who is the bigger fraud?

I feel like I should take as shower....I agreed with pat Buchanan today.

Conyers Calls Bush Out on Health Disparities

Anyone see the Playboy map showing US bases in MiddleEast

Have either Drudge or Limbaugh mentioned Gannon/Gurket?

Castro Warns of Threat Against Chavez

Charles Rangel talking like Bush will get ZERO from

Dem's on talking head shows need a friggin plan. Repubs are aggressive

One of the most important statements Dean made yesterday.

Hand Delivering a letter to Barbara Boxer.... reviews requested....

NY Republicans looking to "Swift Vet" Hillary in 2006

Dear Republicans,

I'm a pro-life Dem

I hate Pat Buchanan, but did you see him REAM Sharansky on MTP?

Would someone please tell Karen Tumulty it's $720 BILLION, not MILLION!

Condi Rice's lie has been revealed. Newly released report

John Dean/Interesting thoughts on Patrick Fitzgerald/Plame "Poor Choice"

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Fascist, liberal = bad frames.

Better World? The National Right to Work Committee

What the hell happened to Pat Buchanan???????

Am I the only person who was disappointed by the Dean speech?

What are you willing to do to stop Patriot III HR 418

How do Mississippi and Alabama have Democratic State Legislatures?

C-Span II/Confessions of an Economic Hit Man...Anyone Watching? 9:46a.m.

Mom ferrets out truth on Guard duty: Recruiters may have misled students

I like Clark a lot for 08? Am I wrong to? (link corrected)

Take back the scream! YEEAAARRRRGGGHHH!!

Have you ever shaken Dennis Kucinich's hand or spoken with him?