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Archives: February 12, 2005

Duh Roundup (Issue No. 2)

Will Pitt at his best

found this 14 minute documentary on Falluja.. still a mess,

Documents reveal CIA recruited five of Eichmann's associates

After the Iraq election, self-congratulation abounds

My Support For Churchill

great story "The Jeff Gannon Experience" by William Pit

Bush pissing off farmers

This Budget Don't Fly, Even conservatives Won't Give It Wings.

Killers Without Borders

Disorder at the Top

Ridicule is the number one "frame" the GOP use

New media power to help further the cause

Taser stock drops on Chicago incident

Nuclear Now! Wired Magazine goes pro-nuke in a big way

Were Minorities Intentionally Locked Out of the Iraq Election?


Lost my Donor star too.

I've lost my donor star

Order of icons at top of page

Re: donor star time limits

similar threads.. one locked.. one is not

email account change ?

Personal Request

NOMINATE Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread EVERY DAY

"List of 11,000 Voters That NC Supreme Court Wants To Disenfranchise!!"

Will Pitt on Jeff Gannon: " What is happening is very, very dangerous."

Behind The Election: Bush Cheated 04 needs feedback and suggestions.

KOEB Thread (Friday)

Deja Vu? Officials Cite 83% Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror (9-4- 67)

Govinator names new Sec of State ( Fri afternoon, when else?)

So Mcpherson's the new Secretary of State

MASS HISTORY ON-LINE... today it's the origins of Gerrymandering

How about Patty?

Converting old Display-write Files

Sounds like favre is coming back!!!yeah!!!

(PHOTO) The BIG question about Prince Charles...

Metro Atlanta DU'ers: Thoughts on this please...

Gannon's comments on Helen Thomas, here. Wonder what she thinks of him?

Suggestion re: censorship on Free Republic

Churchill met with Gadhafi

HEY everyone!!! Keep the late Robert Matsui seat BLUE

What will be the next Non-Story to draw attention from Gannon/Guckert?


To kill a mocking bird was a terrible book about killing dogs

Rumsfeld says that the it will be up to the Iraqis to defeat the

What is BFEE?

The End of the World

Does GannonGate distract from PundolaGate?

Does anyone have that pic of the woman collapsing

It just dawned on me (Iraqi "elections")

Ann Coulter on Churchill

The Perfect Storm: Gannon/Guckert/Plame; 9/11 exposed/ Social Security

For those that blame Clinton for not getting Bin Laden

If You Talk Someone Into Commiting Suicide...

Senator Feingold Proposes Rollbacks on Patriot Act's Abuses

What can we do when the people we elect to uphold our laws and

I just finished rereading Uncle Toms Cabin..

Internet Radio for the Left--New Additions (4)

Chris Matthews becomes BRAIN DEAD ON TONITES HARDBALL...

No discussing Churchill here, 'taboo" aspects of 9/11 and beyond

Daschle will be missed by S. Dakota..

MAD- Mothers Against the Draft

Did Howard Stern talk about Social Security

So, Monday will be 2 Weeks since the Iraqi Elections...

Ward Churchill Guest on Mike Malloy!!!

Tonight Bill O'Reilly was talking about billionaire George Soros

Candy Crowley wasn't just Rapping, was she?

A * Poem

Reaction to Republicans comments about Dean being DNC Chair

Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

another 'jeff gannon' PHOTO-shop.........

Why I wanted to run two little old ladies off the road and bitch slap them

DNC winter meeting re-broadcast CSPAN 11:26 pm

Please join Mothers Against the Draft!

Found a man looking for men entry for a *JGuckert* - how old is he?

A little walk down memory lane to the DNC winter meeting 2 years ago.

Denver Post article disputing Churchill's Indian ancestry

Want to vomit? Read Joe Klein's 2000 interview with Tim Russert,

Should teens have a different minimum wage than adults?

Bush: Working Three Jobs "Uniquely American "

Tucker Carlson's email address on NPR

Ward Churchill to be on The Mike Malloy Show after 11 EST

O'Reilly thinks Sundance isn't fair and balanced....

"Jeff Gannon" on Radio Canada International

'Gannon' Interview: Met Rove at a party

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Concurrence


I have been thinking alot about morality lately

Would Gannon have made it the WH Press room if Ari were still PSec?

Suggestions for my blog?

New insight on Fixing SSI, "Bush's Plan to Loot Social Security"...

GUEST EXPERT payola - Gannon to Williams- money chainging hands?

Saturday: big day for the Dems on CSPAN

A rule for all "Jeff Gannon" posts, please.

Okay.. you "invest" one half your share of social security withholding

Prediction: Gannon has a "blue dress" of his own.

UK:70% Interest Credit Card Aimed at Poor:How do these scum sleep at nite?

Gannon doesn't deserve all this attention

The RICH are OK. Housing for the Poor however is $15.37/hr for 2/br?

the FLU is killing Americans all across the country....(CDC web site/map)

Has Microsoft begun its slid into obscurity.

Advice, please...

Does anybody know the legitimacy of some of the Iraqi blogs?

When it's time for a Humorous break ----links

Mystery disease spreading in FL, CA, TX

POLL: Best fix for Social Security

Tucker Carlson on PBS (gag me with a spoon)

Crunching the numbers for our minimum wage earner, Sue, Part II

Students Under Surveillance

The Legacy Papers: A flier campaign

The Life and Moonie Times of George HW Bush

New Genetics Study Undermines Gay Gene Theory

Gannon's press pass is for sale on e-bay

CNN chief resigns over Davos remarks

Swedish Pastor Acquitted of Hate Speech

Cleric-Backed Candidates Win Saudi Election

CIA contractor (charged with beating) argues he followed nation's will...

This 'Weekend,' a 'Parade' of Dictators and Dating

Death Watch on NHL Season Has Begun

Pro-Iran Shia group ahead in Iraq polls

GI widows struggle with finances

Seminary Ousts President For Performing Daughter's Gay Wedding

Ringleader in San Mateo Explosives Heist Sentenced to 51 Months

Gay disgusted - test for homosexual penguins

Actor Tom Sizemore fails drug test with fake penis

Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

Democrats See Nowhere to Go but Up

NYT: Bush Vows Veto of Any Cutback in Drug Benefit

Journalism student faces charges for photographing break-in

White House Spells Out List of 150 Budget Cuts

'01 Memo to Rice Warned of Qaeda and Offered Plan - NYT

Judge tosses lawsuit over wind farm in tallgrass prairie

Schwarzenneger quickly appoints new Sec of State -on Fri afternoon

WP: Hastert Cautions Bush On Social Security Changes

(Talon News) Owner says news service will continue White House coverage

WP: Fewer Gays Being Discharged Since 9/11

McDonald's to pay more than $8.5 million to settle trans fat lawsuit

Russia to bar foreign firms from assets

Break-In At SAIC Risks ID Theft - Computers Held Personal Data

North Korean antics catch Bush administration off guard

Mugabe Launches Election Campaign... by attacking Rice and Blair

College official resigns after furor over guest speaker

US lawmaker urges Valentine's Day chocolate boycott over child slavery

Taser test pig hurt by stun gun, study says

PM defies Bush over China arms (The Australian)

CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits

European economy lags rest of world

We are in the finals for the 2004 koufax Awards. Please vote!

Tango and Cash!

Are there still abortions being performed in GD?

Computer Geeks: Question

The 23rd Psalm, Bushco style

Does it upset you when nice people are given pour stuff?

Should your drivers license be suspended if your insurance agent insures

My new DU goal is to...

What's the best way to respond in writing to a new store manager

Is the Super Bowl over yet?

Has anyone seen the Triumph the insult comic dog DVD?

Randi Rhodes will be off the air for a month.


Fox Sports net just listed the top 10 Hockey Players.

What band would you want to reunite? No raising the dead.

Trof get your ass in here

Any blockbuster customers out there? Silly question for ya.

Actor Tom Sizemore Fails Drug Test with Fake Penis

I think I have the most boring job at DU.

Anyone else watch "Third Watch" ?

So, did everyone have a good hair day today?

Why are dogs such aholes about their humans?

You make me feel like dancin'

Well I'm gonna raise a fuss. Yes I'm gonna raise a hollar.

To kill a mocking bird was a terrible book about killing dogs

An embarrassing question from a Male to all Females.

Get yourself cooler. Lay yourself low.

What's your idea of an easy job?

Wow, panicked there for a second ... my STAR was gone !

I'm on call with the ambulance and my pager is broken. Ask me anything.


"Is there anybody going to listen to my story, ...

I expect absolutely no response to this question, but here goes

Computer Experts - Renaming Tool

I just hit tres ciento posts....

Which of your CDs did you previously own as an 8-Track, album

The Official T.A.T.U. thread

Those AOL ads are for suckers

We're going to the Chicago Auto Show Sunday. What do you want

Man, what should I do tonight?

Whats for dinner?

You get to pick half the main stage bands of a new rock festival tour

Having some trouble thinking

DVD releases you are waiting for...

What exactly does a lamb shank?

New Game: Marry, Fuck, Kill (A game for the whole family!)


Condi gets a Beyonce makeover!

The Bar is OPEN

Elvis Costello & the Attractions' Punch The Clock is massively underrated

GUESS the song with only my primal AIR GUITAR grunting as your clue.

Dookus is pontificated. Of what do you wish him to make you patron saint?

What is BEEF?

jeez I am tired as heck . I am going to watch the rest of MONK

Late night Happy Hour. Two fer one...come on in.

Special "Valentine's Day Divorce Software" from CNET

there is a hurt Pidgeon on my front porch



Big Ideas (don't get any)

Have You seen Junior's Grades?

Well, my plan to become Pope has taken a hit....

Not Taking Part In Miller Time Puts Wisc. Man In Unemployment Line

It's my 1,000th post! At last!

Today is my birthday

Introducing Radio Baseball

Soul singer TYRONE DAVIS has died.

Does anyone else get turned on by the Blue Men?

Which would you rather eat?

What's a silly thing that annoys you?

Does my sig line make it look like all my posts should be funny??

Update on Sirius

Friday night is PIZZA NIGHT!!!

I'm Taking the LSAT Tomorrow

I care about Charles Nelson Reilly. Does that make me a freak of nature?

Just how much info does a collection agency have access to?

Channel surfing tonight, there was a strange juxtoposition of 3 movies



The Feb issue of My Cat Hates You dot com is in

OMG.....Kung Fu Hustle is amazing!!!

Questions about Water, Sanitation, and Diseases - Re: Gyms

Oh shit...Bush has the RING! (photo)

Just saw "Postcards from Buster" in Vermont

Why does everyone around here call her "Condi"?

Is Dynamite a real last name?

Why did I think Dookus was from Nunavut??

You've got Red on you.


I wish I was very well-endowed.

I just drank a can of Kiwi Strawberry Snapple in 21 seconds flat.

Hey. good lookin'! Whatcha got cookin'?

Speaking of Commonwealths...

Why did I think SmileyBoy was from Quahog?

Does anyone have a G-mail invite?

How much is too much to pay for a great pair of shoes?

So, who's still at work?

Bobby Flay vs Grenade Boy

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks when you're

Why did I think Longgrain was from Virginia?

LMAO @ Prince Harry spoof

Favorite Cartoon as a Kid?

Why did I think Night Train was from Motown?

How can I convince my wife we need this flat screen t.v.??

oh fuck. my desk broke.

Bizzaro Kleeb is on the loose!!1

What does this symbol mean: §

Anarchy Burger

Hey who did tell Dookus I was from Massachuetts?

Also Valentineless...who wants me...

Can you be a liberal and still drink Old Fashioneds?

Caption this Photo

Help me out here...In the original

I want. I want bad.

Did anyone see 20/20 with Corey Feldman?

Gay penguins stand up to the MAN

179,000 Gmail Invites available!!!!!

And now a message from The Prince of Darkness...

The problem is of course the humans

The movie "Garden State"...

Do You Hate Anyone Who Had a Pony Growing Up?

I *LOVE* reruns of M*A*S*H

Anyone else been listening to Mike Malloy's interview with Ward Churchill?

Okay, so yall wanna post a pic?

What is wrong with my cat?

Middle class woman gets government cheese, and lives to tell the tale..

Gay disgusted - test for homosexual penguins

Allez Cuisine!

Condi's true identity

I finally watched The China Syndrome last night.

I Just Saw Sideways...

With all these Valentine posts...

I don't care about Prince Charles. Does that make me a freak of nature?

What was your favorite School House rock as a kid?

Happy Valentine won't believe this!

SB inspired me. I too am accepting applications for 'My Valentine'

Anybody here like "Trailer Park Boys"?

Who kicks more ass: Iggy Pop or Franz Schubert?

In today's news, February 14, 2084

Why are people such aholes about their dogs?

I'm everyone's Valentine

"Son of the Mask" Light-hearted sequel, or a plague upon mankind?

Gals are hard.

Actor Tom Sizemore fails drug test with fake penis

Why did I think Kleeb was from Massachusetts?

Death Watch on NHL Season Has Begun

Does anyone care that I saw a Bald Eagle today?

Does anyone care that I saw a Galled Beagle today?

You want a piece of me?

Let's have another DU coloring contest!

Ribbon Based Economy

Why, oh why, are puppies so CUTE?????

No applications needed. Who wants to be my Valentine?

Any gearheads, hot rodders or cruisers here tonite?

ELAD.......did you see my post?

Reply to Wallis (God'sPolitics) Why Poverty IS Exclusively a Liberal Issue

Tsunami throws up India relics

Monkeys like porn too

"Surviving and Thriving in the Midst of Anti-Gay Politics"

Gay Penguins Resist 'Aversion Therapy'

Sonics beat Suns in high flying shootout

If Dogs Ruled the World...

My girls are so much like human children sometimes

I just rescued my doggie from a possum.

Can I feed Einstein......

I must say, Kerry has some extremely thick skin

Looks like I am in the DU Minority on this one

Have you guys seen this? Hilarious

To Kerry and the other 13

So, who here's excited about TOMORROW?

Great Interview with Boxer on NPR last night...

Naton Sharansky Israele Cab. Minister--is on Harball in an interview

Terry McAuliffe, email: Thank you for everything

Budget Programs Facing Cuts, Elimination........heres list

CNN Poll: Do you think Howard Dean is the right person to lead the Democr

When and HOW are we going to know about Dean vote?

Edwards, Pelosi offer themes for Democratic campaign

MSNBC writes propaganda article against Dean as "news"

Nightly News-ABC good 9/11 Clarke/Condi piece - CBS nasty Dean smear.

Just a thought about Gannon

Why Dean is Good for Progressive Grassroot Democrats

Estrich: Dean will be a different kind of Democratic chair...nice article.

Has MSM/Cable reported "Updates on Gannon/Gurkert? Wolfie, Judy?

DU this CNN poll: Dean & DNC

For people who wonder what Clark has been doing

DU this MSNBC Poll on the Direction of the Country - Wrong Track 89%!

Today's Action Alerts! DU these, please!

Dems should demand issuance of Iraq War Bonds

Hardball guest undersetimating Dean as DNC Chair

Don't Count Edwards out for 2008: Middle Class Tax Cuts

PDA Western Regional Summit - Live Broadcast NOW!!!

List of 11,000 Voters That NC Supreme Court Wants To Disenfranchise!!

MM: In taped CNN interview, Gannon misrepresented Senate Intel report...

Propagannon-gate ?

How is Howard Dean liberal?

Weekend reading for "Gannon/PoppyGate."

Post your favorite Bumpersticker! Here is mine...

Sorry George, but Iraq has given you the purple finger

The Vatican's Lear

Congress Votes to Waive All Laws for Homeland Security

The New Colossus

LTTE in response to Spellings:

WI- Chancellor Decides to Continue Ward Churchill Lecture

We're history's actors, all of you, will be left to just study what we do

More evidence of US government’s torture by proxy

NYT: Ex-Detainee Says He Was Tortured (Bush Admin=Stalin)

Why Are We Seeing AIDS, v. 2005?

American Defeat in Iraq...(an Iraqi perspective)

Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy'

Last Tango In Paris -Hope This is Not a Re-post

Insight 12 February 2005 - with Rob Greene

Kinsley: The Meathead Proposition (on Social Security)

The Pentagon's 'NATO Option'

Bush & the Rise of 'Managed-Democracy'

Debt & Taxes (on Shrub's budget)

Rove's patronage position

Quest For Truth -- Rutland Herald

Kinsley's Proof That Social Security Privatization Won't Work

"Mother Lode" by Chris Floyd

The Five Morons - Paul Craig Roberts on our rulers.

What is Fascism?

Outraged American Whistleblower to Renounce His U.S. Citizenship

Not so ‘Free Republic’: The Shot Heard Around the Net

The Return of the Draft

Please sign this petition to get AAR in North Texas.

Nancy Skinners back on the radio

Judith Miller watch: Day 12

List of 154 programs: 99 to be terminated, 55 to be slashed back

Bush acknowledges looting the secial security fund...

American Chemists talk about how to monitor Mercury in coal fired plants.

Mengele Mentality: EPA to allow pesticide experiments on children!

Dealing with runaway oil prices

A glimpse of hell

Reprocessing site cleanup is dirty, costly business

SVO as a motor home fuel?

Please explain "actinide recycling"

Gaddafi seeks weapons from Paris

Two killed in Togo clashes

Syria releases political prisoners

Turkey, EU agree to start entry talks

Mugabe calls Rice a 'slave'

Eight bombs go off at once (Athens, Greece)

Lula Seeks to Sell Embraer Combat Planes to Venezuela (Update1)

Did Sarah K. Brady, leader of the Brady Bunch, give twice as much money

I have a question regarding to what degree

A "greatest" post has disappered

Hmmmm. have we lost the ability to nominate for front page?

Ack, what happened to ignore???

Suggestion: a second type of donor star...

Question about "greatest" nominations:

hey Skinner re the cookbook idea, there may be hope

Another suggestion Re: The Greatest Page

Have I ever told you guys: YOU ROCK!

Something I'm wondering about, nothing major

Curious why "Who Do You Think Will Be The Democratic Nominee In 2008?"

I changed my readability option to LARGE type

Now that we're all Deaniacs

Why was this F******g post locked by that a**h*le mod??? I demand answers

Can we have a thread that states that we just donated to the DNC?

Seconded: Suggestion: Last Donation Date field under our profiles

Oh come on....

Can WE please have a "give them HELL" Dean avatar?

skinner, could you pin (or add to our welcome post) the Demopedia

Forget Palestinian security reform, Abbas needs a mandate

Peace Without Justice

Israel to allow deported Palestinians to return to West Bank

Re 9/11: Who Else Does NOT Subscribe to MIHOP or LIHOP Theories?

New 9-11 Book by publisher of Hatfield's Fortunate Son

The case for MIHOP

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's birthday

Belleville News Democrat: Illinois Style: This house is for cats only

State Journal Register: Grant gets east-side project started

Earl and Dora: a 77-year love story

Can you out guess Ebert?

Time for a breather and a laugh . . . .

Stole 2000, 2004, and orchestrated 9/11?

c-SPAN 1 NOW -- about election reform - donna brazille

Gonna show my newbie ignorance

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio Comic Online: Election Christmas Carol!

Thank you DU!

Say NO to Hitler--esque BFEE propaganda -- Easy Action Item - Pleeze - Now

Saturday 2/12 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

When fraud is uncovered will there be new elections?

Vote machine compilation glitches & irregularties in Missouri

important urgent request

The Battle For America... has begun. SEE THIS.

OK DU here is the project I am working on....I am looking for

SAIC, electronic voting player, had hard drive and computers stolen

California Coup Attempt Compilation Thread


Ahnold calls Democrats spending addicts & repeats his same tired script

Would it be possible to have a referendum re: BBV?

Iowa must repay Guard bureau for misuse of federal funds

Some Iowa jobs go quietly

What Dems will run for Governor?

Mark Dayton was in St Paul Saturday afternoon.

Ask the Star Tribune to restore the NetLets section.

windows 64bit

printer repair ?

I cleaned my laptop keyboard today!

Plan of action--help me out

Louisiana Activists' Network (LAN) seeking friends in Texas

War protest in Houston? March 19?

AAR for DFW--please read--final draft of letter

Republican backs Doyle plan, says his party "drinks the kool-aid"

Does NO ONE find HR 418 disturbing?

Retirement Roulette

Gary Condit's Children Speak Out - plays into Gannongate

Bev Harris Ohio vote recount footage on in Denver RIGHT NOW!

"Who will be the next White House Top Fake Reporter? A new reality show!"

bush is lying; so what was redacted on the 911 Commission report???

Michele Malkin has her comments section open

Our heroes have feet of clay,theirs have glowing halos.

Hahah: The Freeps Spin this...

Doctors discover new HIV strain....


bruce eberle is a fundraiser website here

I hate you all

Talk about the things that really matter to you to others.

The Digging Up Dirt On Karl Rove (Minus Contact Information) Thread

I just sat through an entire "Hannity & Doormat" Show. PUKE!!!!!!

At what point will the U.S. public quit ACCEPTING the U.S. deaths in Iraq?

"This is Hell" -- LIVE Saturday AM streaming line-up

The 48 Laws of Power

Karel sitting in for Bernie Ward tonight

Eason Jordan resigns from CNN

I was warned a few years ago, "Americans" would be seeking refuge,

When do we DUers get our White House press passes???

Why didn't Joe Wilson point a finger at Gannon?

Jeff Gannon aka James Guckert; "Jeff Gannon is easier to pronounce"

An ironic "find" during Black History month..Delaware history & pics

Lookie what made homepage! MAJORITY of Americans DISAPPROVE of BUSH!

Sprawl-Mart cowers in fear of a unified workforce.

Figured Limbaugh's approximate income...

So Where Was (EX??) Pentagon Adviser Richerd Perle Speaking Yesterday????

Letter to O'Reilly re: Ward Churchill

The power of a few phone calls....

And Life Goes On... (Riverbend's First Post Since the Election)

My advice to Charles Kennedy

Poor BoBo cries because he go bad seats at the new D.C ballpark.....

One year ago or so, there was a genetic weapon story...

Absent in US MSM - The situation in Iraq

Discredited reporter owes back taxes (Jeff Gannon)

Here we sit, at our keyboards, raising Hell..........

Who Owns The Media - See Below

Did the U.S. win or lose the Iraq war?

Bush is not the President, he is the Pretender

Vatican Defrocks Four Priests -Boston Archdiocese

Just Give Me Some Truth

No Charges Will Be Filed Against Woman Who Killed Ex-Husband.

Cuba claims 'world's oldest' man

Are you guys watching CSPAN???

Tsunami throws up India relics

Bush's Class War Budget

NATO organized terror attacks and blamed the left

Thatcher house-hunting in Cape Town

Wanna build a TV Station? Lessons Here!

Another name for social security

Faith vs Evolution ???

Polls: Is Dean the right person to lead the democrats

Oh Puleeese! Oprah Interested In Woman Who Made Up Dead Husband Story

FYI That made me warm and fuzzy!

Is the number of deaths critical to understanding this war?

North Korea labels U.S. "wicked, brazen-faced gangsters"

A fundie town pimp-slaps Walmart's plans for supercenter.

After eliminating 150 programs he will still have a record deficit

I want to congratulate Dean and his supporters for his victory

Laura's Anti-Gang Initiative(?????)

In regard to SS- Why are benefit-cuts OK, while tax hikes are anathema?

How many of the 150 programs being cut were Republican sponsored?

Text of * Radio Address to the Nation for Feb. 12

Adderall XR ... FDA Arm of Joseph Mengele from grave??? WTF

What should government do? What should it not?

WH provides list 150 cut programs: where can one find this list?

Is it just me or are we posturing

'Even Start' is one of the programs Bush wants to kill.

"Shooting through a straw" US journo reports on Iraq voting

Sure glad northeast Oklahoma isn't sitting

Most underrated villain in Bush admin.: John Yoo

LOL DNC Visa Donkey Logo must have for going BR economy

BOSTON DU meet up! Who's in?

Proof that some Fundies get nothing out of reading the Bible

Villagers furious with Christian Missionaries (no jesus, no food)

Bush is getting set to "raise taxes" using the Soc Sec Smokescreen"

Dennis Kyne on Depleted Uranium - Must see video

WOW!!!!! This is awesome!

just setting here listening to the blues and thinking

Here's the list of programs that will be cut/eliminated by Budget cuts

IMO It's all for squat if we don't get Vote Verification

Please tell me this site about Wes Clark isn't true....

Gannon's Come Hither AOL Photo Published on Craig's List to See Who Respon

Divide and conquer

Dallas paper interview with Talon News Service owner

We Need To Replace "The" With "Bush's" When Speaking Of War, Deficits etc.

Please use "Jeff Gannon" and "reporter" in quotation marks...

Actor Tom Sizemore Fails Drug Test with Fake Penis

Riverbend is back:

Libruls are terrorists who support radical ISLAM??? Hello rightwingnuts!

A great way for liberals to reclaim the name

Hated Dean as presidential candidate, love Dean as DNC chair

Bravo to John Hopkins U! - re: Vivien Thomas

The Corporation...Faux News again

Side effects of drug harms soldiers

Here's what they want --- NO Corporate taxation and a Value Added Tax

You know what? I think I'm going to start a flame war over a fringe issue.

(Texas) Woman Denies Sherry Enema (negligent homicide) Charge

Challenging The Pro-War New Republic Magazine

I for one, hope Chairman Dean overhauls the DNC homepage...

Is Howard Dean Chair immediately, or does it take

An Inteview With Cuba's Vice President: Ricardo Alarcon

Kidnapped Nation...

Republican Party = The party of hatred. The party of discrimination.

Why won't the Democrats make inequality and class into a major issue?

Now that we're all excited to be Democrats I propose that we all

So, who do you want to win this war?

Answer for smug right-wingers who say: "They haven't attacked us again!"

* Malfeasances & Congress' Abdication of its Oversight Responsibility

Arthur Miller

Anyone have any word on future Air America affilliates?

20 Questions

Freepers being censored

Listen to Tom Hayden line right now!

Some good stuff on C-span's BOOK TV tonight

watching both sides do horrible things

Radio station offers free Valentine's divorce

Jeff Gannons press credentials on E-Bay

What % of the world population

here's what's important about Gannonmangate

Privitized SS = All Other Fed Programs Get Screwed?

ActBlue donations to the DNC for Howard Dean top $55,000

By *'s own Definition, the Federal Government is!

The meaning of Privilege

Big duh, something came to mind here.

The Pakistani govt paid off some tribal loans to Al Qaeda this week

How Many People Related To 911 Debacle Were On Their First Day on The Job?

200 billion for the war or Slavery Reparations?

CSpan 2 Now--Abu reading torture

He won me over. I can't believe it, but he won me over.

Sound Investment Advice

Undisputable proof that Condi and Chucky are one & the same evildoer

I want my country back,

Reminder: Whiny neo-cons hate free speech

Shameless optimism thread. Who feels good about the party's direction?


Repuke Dean strategy is pretend they are "delighted" Dean is DNC chair

One thing about georgie he knows how to make his predecessor

Area ALL white males "PRIVILEGED"?

What do you think of California welshing on it's power bill?

Are American Workers Stupid?

When and how did Dick Morris become such an asshole?

No "Guy James Show" tonight Please keep kicked!!

Brit Hume compares Jeff Gannon's name change to Mark Twain.

What are the Neocon Ties to the Military-Industrial Complex?

Is this true? No nation has EVER cut taxes during wartime?

Will FreeRepublic's censorship of their own posters create ex-freepers?

Wanna support the Lone Star Iconoclast?

What are Chemtrails?

Did y'all realise that Propagannon made INTERNATIONAL news?

White Privilege: What is it? How do whites take advantage of it?

US Soldier's Uniform Hangs from Noose in Front of Home

Just now voicing my worries

Would you vote for Condi Rice if she was the only female/black candidate

my fake magazine cover

'Mr. DWI' notches another arrest in S.D (33 arrests)

OSPA. Sounds like the media you always dreamed of.

Who's ready for a revolution?

Question for former republicans or conservatives

NYT responds to FAIR's Bush "bulge" article

My child will hand-deliver my letter to Barbara Boxer... What to say...

WatchingTheWatchers Launches Media News Beta Site

National Lawyers Guild Condemns Verdict in Lynne Stewart Trial

Supplements will be banned in Europe

"Be careful what you say..." re: Dan Simpson Pittsburgh Post Gazette,

CNN Chief News Executive Eason Jordan resigned! Should "we" care?

Upset a Republican this morning, and enjoyed it

Is there Slavery in your Valentine Day's chocolate?

WTF is going on with Iraq "vote count" .... US is "Ukraining" the results?

People who are not poor calling themselves poor

Fundies want a christian world

On his first live bomb exercise A-10 pilot Captain Craig Button broke

Does the FreeRepublic freep itself?

Disgusted With wal-mart.......?

God save us from well-intentioned white people.”

(PHOTO) The REAL game Dubya is playing...

Who listens to AAR on Sirius?

Like it or not we should pay attention to this article

Message from Dean on DNC website (Plus: send your feedback!)

New Trauma Registry Captures Valuable Wartime Data

Baby Boomers ONLY

Hitler, Like a current world leader was a devout Christian and a believer

Fake news, fake WMD's, fake reporters, fake agenda, fake president

How is Hillary?

DUer Ready to Seek Local Office


"Right Wingers Are Scared to Death of Dean"

435 Congress (Reps)

Got a couple of minutes to burn? Want to cost the GOP $$$ ?

Liberal and proud.

Is Bush still using Cocaine?

Bill O'Reilly, Sexual Harasser who touts judgements on "personal behavior"

Clark 08 -- Give it a chance

Dean: "I won't respond to blind quotes"

Would brave, young G.I.'s under orders, fire upon we the people?

DNC Donations: How to support Howard Dean and give a little credit to DU

for or against slavery reparations and why?

I just scored the new "Gourmet" cookbook edited bt Ruth Reichel and it is

recipes in one place? Demopedia! help me come up with categories

I added some of our recipes to Demopedia. Thanks to AZDemDist6

Canada Gives free Heroin to Addicts

What ever became of the Blair impeachment?

Feds: Iranian admitted to illegal shipments

Medicaid to take hit under plan

(Reuters) US Military Discharging Fewer Homosexuals - Report

Citigroup Is Said to Be Planning 1,000 Job Cuts

32 in St Valentine's suicide pact on net

Vehicle Accidents Kill 2 U.S. GIs in Iraq

Iraq violence kills at least 18 - BBC

DOD announces V Corps units will return to Iraq as early as April

Rare and Aggressive H.I.V. Reported in New York

Dem Says He's Open to Private Soc. Sec.

WP: Previously Untargeted Programs at Risk

Car Bomb Kills 17 Outside Iraqi Hospital

Howard Dean Sets Stage to Lead Democrats

Rumsfeld Calls for Unity in War on Terror

Judge Questions Gov't Response to Detainee (Abu Ali)

Protesters warn against Iran attack


Zarqawi Could Be in Iraq's Kirkuk - Police Source(hot on his trail)

U.S. ad blitz targets bin Laden

Marchers Demand U.S. Signs Kyoto Protocol

Mexico's drug war pits government against former elite commandos

No new kids for Texas Tomorrow

Expert fears some stolen Iraqi art funding terror

Tens of thousands of Russians protest for, against Putin's benefits reform

Big Oil's Burden of Too Much Cash

Shiites and Kurds set to grab Iraqi presidency and premiership

Coalbed backers pan CBS report (boo-hoo) | Billings Gazette

Cardinal Optimistic on Pope's Abilities

Schroeder Urges Shake-Up of Transatlantic Bodies

Symbol of faith gets a boost-Ten Commandments display is backed (Granholm)

CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed

Congressional Republicans struggle with Bush agenda, debt worries

Boy Scout Council Defends False Names | Washington Post

Man 'set Valentine suicide pact'

US troops, insurgents clash in Mosul

Bush warns of harsh choices if Social Security plan not approved

Health insurance program aimed at efficiency brings confusion, outrage

CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed -LAT

NATO Ready to Support Mideast Peace

NYT: Ex-Detainee Says He Was Tortured (Sexual/Physical Abuse at Gitmo)

Student (driver) runs over driver's ed teacher

Air Force grounding some older cargo planes that are flying in Iraq

'Mr. DWI' notches another arrest in S.D (33 arrests)

Thousands protest at defence talks (Rumsfeld in Germany)

Single father provides home for neglected, abused children

U.S. ambassador criticizes Cdn. defence spending

U.S. soldier killed, 4 injured in Iraq

Americans try to paint over Iraqi ethnic tensions

Lawmakers Weigh In On Plan [re: Social Security]

Bush says plan benefits blacks

House passes gay-rights measure

Russians protest against benefit cuts

Bulgarian Medics Trial May Linger 3 More Years

Dean Pledges to Rebuild Democratic Party in Conservative Regions

Wal-Mart Agrees to Pay Fine in Child Labor Cases

Students at Southern California high school stage mock gay weddings

Bush Says Wants Ideas on Fixing Social Security (radio address)

Fiorina Exiting Hewlett-Packard With More Than $42 Million

U.S. Rejects U.N. Expert's Afghan Rights Concerns

Ehrlich denies wholesale firings of Democrats

Jay Has Own Plan For Social Security

This is aid?: winter jackets for tropical Sri Lanka, stiletto heels…Viagra

(Cols. Dispatch) Gahanna (Ohio) Voting Glitch Explained ..4K Bush votes

Puerto Rican governor wants referendum on island's status.

Navy Reservist With 11 Kids Headed to Iraq

Rumsfeld Comes Out Against German Proposal

Discredited reporter owes back taxes

Iraq Election Results Available Tomorrow (Sunday)

Judge Considers Declassifying Sept. 11 Report on the F.B.I.

Jewelry Fund-Raiser Honors Injured Military Officer

Bodies of six uniformed Iraqis found on main highway (Mosul)

Ohio Mulls Academic 'Bill of Rights'

Dean Elected By Unanimous Consent - The New DNC Chair

Allawi, Kurds Set to Form Coalition

N. Korea Calls for Loyalty From Citizens

Gov. (Ahnuld) Calls Democrats 'Addicts'

NYT: 'The Gates' Colors Central Park in Saffron

Bush, Kerry media advisers speak at UA (Kerry lost election in Aug.)

Chávez arming to fight attack by U.S. -Miami Herald

Kissinger Brings Putin Friendship from Bush

Group wants to amend Florida Constitution to ban gay marriage

Worry Spreads Over G.I. Drug Side Effects

Most Americans Don't Know How Many Have Died in Iraq War

Evangelicals feel they're misunderstood (AP)

Fort Carson amputee returning to Iraq for second tour of duty

Drink the wrong beer, get fired.

I've had enough of bein' nice. I've had enough of right and wrong.

Help, I'm an idiot in need

Name that tune!

Self delete

If there were a Native American Issues DU Group...

This is a thread.

Can someone give a name of

"Korn" made an appeareance in this week's "Monk"

Hi ! can I be myself?

Son Frère -- Coming Up Next On Sundance Channel

Lane,Darrel and Kurt we need you.

Just for Shits and Giggles...

What does it mean when

"Some bread and cheese and fine white wine..."

Tom Clancy Plot Generator

Hate Valentines? You won't hate this one...

Anyone watch Office Space tonight?

Its 0150 hrs here in NY. What time is it where you are?

I just smoked tea.

My wife is clipping her toenails

how do i change the time on my computer

What is spooge?

Well just watched the Grudge and now...

Anyone know of naturist location on the east coast?


Advice? Best site to buy domain name

Good night everybody

YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My female parakeet has learned to copy

How long has it been since you've had a big, thick, steamin' bowl of . . .

Klingon disco??!!??

You know what?

I would post one of those "taking valentine applications" threads, but

ACK! - I've been demoted ! (lost my avatar/star - sniff)

Something thats been bothering me for a long time....

Ever just thought the shit was gonna fly - but it didn't?

Some cool videos.

A Hardee's chicken sandwich and curly fries...

Mizz Jazz, I've gone n' dun it now.

Time to be nekked!

Howdy pardners! Anyone have a drink for me? I've had a night of

Ok, every time I click a thread it says "document contains no data"

The best album I have ever heard.

Global Consciousness Project predicted the tsunami

Where do we talk about fanasies?

I've looked for a topic such as this

Guantanamo UK

What do you do with YOUR old monitors/displays ?


I have Post envy!

Should liberals be nice while pugs play mean...from a research chat room

Are Secular Liberals ruining St. Valentine's day...

As Howard Dean assumes leadership of the Dems..the battle

I don't care if Clinton Eastwood is a republican - he's still talented

So apparently someone actually uses the ignore option

Chew Shit Fun

Any other Asheville DUers here that I don't know about?

Hilarious video of Conan O'Brien and Bill Gates

Wireless Internet?Cheap Motel-how i get internet in a cheap motel?

I think that you're headed for a whole lot of trouble.

Kazaa Lite--does anyone have the download? Purty please?

Its goddamn SoCal! Enough of the fucking typhoon allready!

Why aren't these provided by the government?

What DO you do when you love Elvis AND Starwars??

I am glad there are so many foreign DUers

Don't hate me, but I think "Blue Collar TV" is funny as hell

DU Techies I need some help re: Windows Media Player

Portrait of Kate Moss Sold for $7.29 Million (WARNING - **NUDITY**)

Breaking: Dean officially elected new chair!

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday.---What do you think of him?

word of the day: brummagem

I've been playing with this all night. It's better than anything else

It's 10:43 AM,CST, I'm hungover

Is this old news in the Lounge? The Walmart Facts website....

(PHOTO) The REAL game Dubya is playing...

I am declining all applications for Valentines.

DU'ers living in New York City: have you been to see "The Gates", yet?

Jeep returning to the Pickup market.

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

The recent passing of a Stage Icon

Well, my baby, she don't want me around. She says she's tired of...

why did randi rhodes quit AAR

What is snail mail?

If you are ever in Kansas.. stay away from THESE guys...eek

Need recommendations for Presidential biographies

Dou you guys know the REAL story behind the death of Elvis?

Anybody Watching the p.o.s. "See Ahhnuld Run"?

Abraham Lincoln born February 12, 1809

Napoleon Dynamite

The accidental Fart... I love it when it happens to a Woman.

Howard Dean

My landlady just asked me to install SBC Yahoo service, please help!

Wait, wait! I want a valentine too!

The case for IHOP.

Help!! What's up when your DVD gives sound but no picture?

There's something wrong with the world today. I don't know what it is.

Check it out! George Soros wants to give me money!

How is it possible that Paul Weller is a Tory?

Helicopter rescues Hummer, driver cited

I just found out, you can't nominate your own topics for the Greatest Page

Heaven or Hell? You choose.

The daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit thread

DU Group Suggestion: STI/STD Support and Discussion

Great quote about cats!

Be careful Ladies! ----> Son Mistakes Parents' Sex For Domestic Abuse

How in the HELL do bosses FIND blogs???

just found this joke post about the republican convention

The people at Residence Life are fucking assholes...


Has anyone's cat had conjunctivitis?

Just to piss off the Chargers fans....

The Doooooooooooonnnnnuuuuuuutttttttttsssssssss!!!!!!! thread.

George W. Bush** is an AssHat!

Any Elliott Smith fans in here?

free speech; is it really that important?

Drug Tasting at Work

judge for yourself.. from another board.. topic, reparations for slavery

Let us all join in and salute the H2 Hummer


why does my TV tuner card crop off the edges?

I, MrsGrumpy, hereby promise not to post in flamey threads...

Wouldn't this be cool?

My DU pet peeve: assholes!


It's going pretty well with the Internet dating thing.

Battlestar Galactica is just getting better!

A Democrat's Prayer

Two weeks ago, it was the stomach flu. Now I have a headcold.

"Honk if you are an idiot!"

Earl and Dora: A 77-year love story

Lets name a city for Kleeb

Speaking of Jeff Gannon...

You CANNOT handle the combination of THESE lyrics and THIS photo.

George, I need some WOOD..

Jessie says......

We make some cakes better than others!

I just donated to the DNC - through the DU link!

Want to see just how stupid the right-wingers can get?

Fake repug/freeper dirty little secrets

My overall pet peeve is double standards

Oh my God--- I'm going to be a rubbished Arthur.

My dog is sick...need quick advice

Anyone else's parents use wearing a seatbelt as a form of punishment??

My pet peeve is people clogging up the forum with their pet peeves

Help Briarius out of the 700 club!

Nudity as a terrorist device

Do you believe in hosts?

People who grow up in bilingual households less likely to get Alzheimers

I hate DISH network!!

My pet peeve is smartasses posting "recursive" pet peeve threads.

The corporate media are WHORES

Two things that do NOT belong at a major art exhibit.....

People who grow up in the Mountains less likely to post odd stuff

The ending of a sentence with a preposition is something...

I'm telling Mom

Thats Awesome!

i just cleaned and organized my garage...wanna see?

Oversized clothing is not a new thing: The Zoot Suit

Ok. Tonight, should I finish taking down my Christmas tree...

Would you donate one of your kidneys to George W. Bush?

Has anyone seen "Silver City"?

Who remembers "War Of The Worlds" narrated by Richard Burton?

Have you had a Grapple?

A game.

I am not an animal rights nut, but animal tests should end

If You Were in the ER Which Doc Would You Choose to Treat You?

Who here has Tivo?

My DU pet peeve: Constitutional ignorance

Oh yay! Now DVD cases have little tabs to keep them closed


Joy to the world - I have found a permanent job ...

Beatles mono albums significantly different than their stereo counterparts

My number one pet peeve is,and will always be, dishonesty.

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln.

eye on Freepers

5 songs = 8 1/2 years of airplay! Or, why I stopped listening to the radio

Errrg, waiting for painkillers after a root canal is not fun


Wit and wisdom from Redneck Socialist's mom.

the Cooking & Baking group have put their recipes on Demopedia

Where would you post if DU "disappeared"

I'm listening to Wagner's "Das Rheingold". Ask me anything.

Student (driver) runs over driver's ed teacher

I want one!!!!!

Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick

Foreign music

What has DU done for you?

Curved Air. Anyone remember???

What is at MOVELEFT.COM?

I am watching Moulin Rouge

Shania Twain's Man I Feel Like A Woman or a poke in the eye with a stick

I am drinking Pickle Juice right now and I think I like it

aaaaarghhh! . . . it's frustratin', I tell ya . . . frustratin'! . . .

The Second DU Coloring contest has begun...

I think my computer has early stage alzheimers

Post a picture of what you THINK a certain DUer looks like!

My Mammaw died this mornin'.......

Drug testing at work

Oh my God--- I'm going to be a published author!

Have you ever noticed it when a poster has gone missing?

Faith vs Evolution ???

Evolution is a Threat to Biblical Literalism, Not a Belief in God

The explosion of the evangelical movement scares me, and it shouldn't.

Polio at Mecca sparks fear for Muslims thousands

Kerry Website Updates Audio Clips Of Callers With Uninsured Children

Anyone know about a Hemangioma on a baby?

Neanderthals Were As Smart As Us

If I am attracted to men, but

Let's play "spot the contradictions."

ok Take #3: What's your take on butch "gay" men?

New HIV strain -- from positive to AIDS in three months, dead in two years

ok, Take # 2: What is your take on femme "straight" men?

I confronted a homophobic co-worker for the first time ever yesterday.


Flip Saunders (Timberwolves coach) fired

Will Randy Moss be traded?

Will Jose Canseco's tell-all book guarantee him the Hall of Fame ?

Is there anyone here who thinks Canseco is lying?

If You Can...

A Dog's Prayer

Would you pay $4500-5500 for one kitten?

Some of my favorite NON-DU Catster cats

They want me?

Ignore is broken!!!!!!!!!

I'm an "agent provocateur" everyone

Anyone else ever feel like a moderate while here on the boards?

DNC Winter Committee On

Kerrycrat help please

Please end this nightmare!

I'm officially a card carrying member of the ACLU!!

Wow, we have a lot of work to do

Can I vent?


Here's a heartwarmer

I say we gotta regain congress and the presidency gradually

General themes for the next Photo Contest

Is this a Talon News joke?

EPA wants pesticide experiments on children (Mengele Mentality)

Bruce Eberle (bob's bro?) an announcer at Conservative Political Action Co

Question with Malloy's show

C-SPAN Right Now. Democrats Floundering.

Need a good Dean quote

Treasury Secretary John Snow on C-Span right now.

The Washington Times makes a habit of publishing the work of extremists

Fellow Kerry supporters, did Kerry ever speak about the issue of race?

From the Legislative Forum: National Health Care Plan; RX Drug Importation

Sorry...wrong Forum...moved.

GOPUSA Board Members - A few of more clues

The Primary Wars...the cause for cessation and reconciliation

Dean has often said we need to go after their perceived strengths.

The Great Pretender - GannonGate

Please DU this Poll on Dean--it needs help


North Korea's Nukes?-- They're CLINTON'S FAULT!

Dean will go after the Repubs today...

Senators reject visible pants fine

"Why the Left Loves Osama" -- extremely humorous RW rant

Webb giving a nice speech about Dean

Some great calls in on C-SPAN this morning.

DNC Winter Meeting Starting On Cspan

Another branch or the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

I did, I did : I just contributed $20.06 to the DNC

DNC meeting to elect Dean on CNN now

Howard Dean our New DNC chair

A much greater gift than money--donate your time to Dean's DNC

A wind blows and toilets flush (Thank you, Dr. Dean!!!)

Who do you support for Vice Chair of the DNC, and why?

Say No to BFFE Hitler-esque Propaganda - Easy ACTION Now - Pleeze !

Mangate grows. Gannon is now linked to .......

help needed in getting rid of Dictator running the state of Georgia

It is Official - Dean is DNC Chair

Born to be a slave in Niger

Sorry George, but Iraq has given you the purple finger

This would require a fundamental change

Krugman shows just how much mini-me hates the American people

What was Clinton's plan for SS ?? -Freepers are going nuts.

Brokerage Leaves (SS) Coalition - AFL-CIO backed them down!

Lets help get a Freeper a White House Press Pass

Freepers blame DU for Gannon controversy

If you love free speech and Howard Dean:

Arnold to CA GOP: His agenda is a "great battle" against "evil"

prominent democrat says "birth tax" on radio rebuttal to bush.........

Addressing OH voting irregularities - Dean's FIRST order of business!!

I have a question about calling my congressional officials...

What are the chances the National ID card

Video Link Forum

The Novak Zone...

So kill me..

CNN Poll: Most DNC member want more moderate platform?

Clark, Dean and other supporters get their wish

'GannonGate': Psy ops agent provocateur of "liberal press" ?

Concrete evidence that Secretary Rice lied to Congress is released

Is *bush trying to eliminate the Food Stamp Program?

We need OUR OWN Gannon -- Help me with this idea !

MSNBC Poll: Will Dean Help Or Hurt Democrats?

Uniquely American

LA Times B-2: Schwarzenegger calls dems "addicts" and "evil".....

A question about "Gannon" and Karl Rove.

If the Social Security shoe were on the other foot

*s threatened veto of modifications to the Prescription Drug Bill

Did CBS News tell the truth about Dean's refusal to give an interview?

The Billboards in Hollywood

Hey, Skinner, how about a "lexicon" forum or something in the

The Dean article the RW doesn't want anybody to see (they spiked it!)

You know you want another feel-good Dean thread.

Parallels between Chavez's Venezuela and the Spanish Civil War

urgent request for best Ohio info

Juries fit to decide death -- but not to determine monetary damages?

Here are BUSH CUTS / ELIMINATES for 154 programs in 2005 Budget

Howard Dean on DNC Chairmanship, Sunday, 2/13 on CSpan 1

Our unexpected chance

A Plea For A Rational Discussion On Ward Churchill

The nicest thing CNN can find to say about Dean and his DNC

Anyone have the Dean "blind quote" video?

Not So 'Free Republic'’—The Shot Heard Around the Net

Barbara Boxer Tax Tips. Is there ANTHING this woman cannot do?

Congratulations Chairman Dean - here's 50 bucks

Inviting everyone to an Impeachment Party!!!

Got to listen to another Repub moan and groan today...

SSI Opposition Organizing Project (easy)

This is why * pushes SS piratization:

The PHDC has an updated ratings chart.

Senators Carper and Nelson need primary opposition.

O'Reilly references 1/87 article: Ward Churchill taught bomb making?

Bad DU people... Liberal Bloggers of evil ... Freepers read us and weep!

Look's Like Its Time Again To Fight Fascism

There wouldn't be a need for Social Security if we paid workers well.

I have a confession to make.

On C-SPAN 1 NOW Howard Dean news conference!

Here's the link to donate to the DNC: Donate $20.06, or $XXX.06 for Dean!

Presidential Prayer Team calls for "God's Wisdom" re: Bush budget review

FURTHER PROOF: Bush immigration policy will split GOP

Ann Coulter for RNC Chair!!!!!!

Ashcroft wants to be Poet Laureate - pays $35 thou for 7 mos.

Just finished Crossing The Rubicon and an observation or two...

Congress: Help! Having a senior moment here......

Is this funny? I need feedback on a parody site I am working on...

One LAST presidential nominee poll:

Great Resolution on PATRIOT ACT III

The STATE OF THE UNION speech, if bush told the truth.. watch it !!

Dean and Clark Supporters - Natural Allies

Clark and Dean Supporters - I don't like this MSM story

smirk wants 150 mil more for "maternity group homes" & 4 other items


Boxer Delivers Major Speech On Social Security (WH memo leak)

Can the personal be seperated from the political in liberalism?

Does it seem that Republicans are over-reacting to the Gannon tale?

Bush approval plunges in new Gallup poll, confirming the AP poll

I just tuned in to C-Span. They are electing vice-chair. Is Dean the

Anyone else think Dean-as-Chairman gives Gore the inside track at 2008?

Howard Dean: DNC Chairman

Would the Republicans have Dean "rubbed out" if they perceive him as a

I met Bill Richardson in NYC last night!

The List of 154 Programs Eliminated or Cut in the 2006 Bush Budget......

Probably a dupe, but you HAVE to see this....

Great caller on C-SPAN just now RE: 911 responsibilities

Predicting the Future of the Democratic Party

I think I found the Key to the Gannon scandal!