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Archives: February 10, 2005

Woman Surrenders in Idaho Scalping Case

Q&A: Torture by Proxy (Jane Mayer interview)

OPPOSE HR 418 National ID from Ron Paul Please Sign!

Bush's Budget Transforms the War on Poverty Into a War on the Poor

Blair warns Iran & Syria. Sounds familar!

Blumenthal: Domestic Gibberish

Call them "Regressives" -- I wish this would happen

Informing the Citizenry: Churchill and the Newscaster

Noam Chomsky: US Might Face Ultimate Nightmare/DemocracyNOW!

Republican warns GOP not to underestimate Dean as DNC chair

Bush's Voodoo Budget Magic ---$600b Deficit By 2009 & Over $1,100b By 2015

'Mutant’ Goldilocks has ‘Lead Balloons’

Liberals Have Lost Touch With Reality , NewsMax

The Blogosphere Exposes Another Fraudulent White House Media Operation

Keith Olbermann - Video ... Jeff Gannon

The Right-Wing Express - How they stole the microphone

Rich people see extra benefits throughout life

Write to your representative today about this anti-environment legislation

insight/opinions needed

Read: "Climbing the Redwoods" in this week's New Yorker magazine

I am writing an essay and I want your opinion...

Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents

Loveland Target Range Wins Nod (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Wondering why this topic was moved

Sorry for bothering you guys but...

New DU Group proposal--Men with Long Hair

How do I get my name upgraded to match my photo...

Home page nominations

Hey Hey New Mods

Lebanon Militants Fire Rockets Into Israel

This is how responsive "my" senator is -- sheesh.....

Hillary requests we sign petition supporting her new election reform bill

New Comic Online at Grand Theft Election Ohio: This Week EXIT POLLS

N.C. legislative panel proposes requiring paper ballot

o'liely lies about barbara boxer!!

bush get's nose job?

BradBlog on Dean's big party in DC tonight!

Countdown (KOEB) Wednesday

(Hawaiian) Panel advances paper-ballot measure

Please co-sponsor Count Every Vote Act?

I don't have "estrogen for KO" what the hell happened on his program?


Anyone have info on fraudulent senate wins in 2004 election?

HB 1740 update and an endorsement of paper ballots: Honolulu Advertiser

Warning: Scam asks Dems to support a REP to replace Shelly! petition: Special prosecutor to investigate Gannon-Gate!

(Psst! c'mere, I got an Idea. - don't tell.)


Scam alert re: Shelly! Don't support Ross Johnson-he's a REP!

Democrats form umbrella group to take on Schwarzenegger

Defense firms will feel Bush's budget

Betty McCollum vs. Michelle Bachmann

Statement from the DFL on Dayton's decision

Go see the OWLS!!!


ZoneAlarm acting kooky and preventing me from going online...???

Wow. Atmos (TXU) to give city of Dallas buildings downtown.

Planned Parenthood Lobbying Day (& trip info from Houston)

Good night to start listening to the Majority Report

Dear George, There Is A Social Security Trust Fund,

God sure had a reclamation project in Pat Robertson

unfreep this poll:Should Ward Churchill be fired from CU?

Okay...Please post a warning before you post a picture in your post...

Gannon/Guckert CIA or shadow-government plant?

Our car was totaled last week. Are we SOL? (re: insurance companies)

You Can Never Make Everyone Happy

Can someone tell me one movie Ron Silver has been in?

From MoveOn PAC.....Howard Dean answers questions

How do you feel about this law in Virginia?

Anderson Cooper's bit on the Gannon story was pretty damned good.

KO doing Gannon story NOW

Can anybody provide a link so I can read about the Gannon story.

Bill Mahar and rove to be in insannity

WP Dan Froomkin, on jeff gannon, March 10, 2004.....

is OLIELY covering GannonGate?

Noam Chomsky: US Might Face Ultimate Nightmare/DemocracyNOW!

Gannon cleansing Talon News - Google Cache still up:

Thank God for Olberman and Countdown

Gannon to be covered on Anderson Cooper 360--getting legs?

Sanctorum's Porn Money

My take on the (Baltimore mayor) Martin O'Malley (twin) flaps

Gannon=Fraud on a massive scale?

Ron Reagan to Host MSNBC News/Talk Show

Exactly what does "Jeff Gannon" have to do with Valerie Plame? nt

What were Gannon's aliases?

All "Nature" is Owned today ...I have to pay for a park or admission to It

I need info on Social Security Benefits

Anderson Cooper/Wolfe the Asshole video up

Jeff Gannon' on NPR -- February 9, 2005

Did O'Reilly mention tonight's Law and Order?

Today I was at a traffic light and the person on my left

Homeland Security Sec and Contractors to be above the law

Olbermann To Break Gannon Story **** Live Thread ****

Question: what's all the references to blivet** all of a sudden? Does that

Bill Maher commin up next (hold your nose)

Arrrgggh-the horrible jokes on Cspan2- Washington Press Club Cong Dinner

Wal-Mart to close store over union threat

M. T LIGGETT for president.

Ward Churchill is on CSPAN now

Rep. Slaughter: "I don't want to be fed propaganda from this White House!"

Hannity: "a terrific Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent

I think Rove and his media whores will kill the Gannon & Plame

They have already found Gannon's replacement.

I can't WAIT for Mike Malloy to go off about Gannon

We have the power ! CNN can coverup, but

I suspect Bush's approval ratings are really around 30%

Media Quandry: You're either bought or your independent!

Are the Neo-cons sowing the seeds of destruction for the Republican Party?

Law approved as many as 10,000 agents; the new budget funds 210

Law and Order

I'm getting a bad feeling about things lately, is a scary way

Editorial cartoon on same-sex marriage.

I'm seeing a lot of homophobia around here recently...

Rejecting the Hard Sell - think progress

The Founder of Salon Is Passing the Mouse


fair and balanced

Threshold - American Public - Is Gannon/Guckert the limit?

We Must Call for a full investagation

The threat that Cuba poses

Bill Maher visits Tavis Smiley tonight (Wed)

Maybe Some New Info on Gannon

DU needs a monthly "Armstrong Williams Award" for the

All right, I can't stand it...What happened on Olbermann?

Left Coaster on 57 percent approval Bush rating Gallup Poll- 9 % more Reps

Check out this piece from Jeff Gannon about a Pro-Dem Reporter

Russian and US Military Movements?

These lunatics are lower than poachers!

On my local news -- this woman came forward and said she

Do only dems attend Letterman show tapings?

If they made a GWB stamp, what would its value be and what would it show?

It was done to Rather, Can it be done to Hume?

Chickenhawk student columnist defends himself

Serious question regarding the possibility of going to war in Iran...

Kate Moss Portrait sells for $7.29 million! Question: Is this the PERFECT

Okay--who is Jeff Gannon and what is the deal with him?

Every republican I knows sounds like a brainwashed robot.

Mom allegedly recorded call made after claim was filed (Bill Cosby)

* demotes visiting Polish president

Where are the rich people? Don't they care about their country?

The Foot Behind The Talon

How Do you Handle Republican Friends/Family

Co sponsor Hillary Rodham Clinton's Voting act

Each and every WH Reporter must be aware of the Gannon story

Is anyone listening to Fresh Air with Lynne Cheney?

"Ye shall know them by their 'coverage'."

DU Has New Moderators!

I took my Kerry/Edwards sticker off my car today.

Pastor Exposes Perverted Little Cartoon Character

(PHOTO) The G. W. B**h postage stamp now available!

Mary Mornin (3 jobs, 3 kids, bush says 'fantastic'). The WHOLE story!

Should I boycott my (now repuke) baby brother's wedding? Feedback please

Amendments defeated that would make class action bill fair to consumers

Keith Olbermann: "The Pentagon Channel"?

Bush Talks about "Discipline"

People, stop with the Gay Gannon/Outing Bullshit and Read This!

Re: Gannon -- Where the hell is Larry Flynt?

My piece of shit congressman Clay Shaw...

Wolf Blitzer. The "Ironman of TV Journalism"?


I really fear for Gannon's safety. Here is why:

Pushing Privatization: Report Exposes World's Largest Water Company

AP: Canadian Wal-Mart Seeking Union to Close

Why do so many people on the left dislike Ed Schultz?

DU this KLIF billboard poll


Why is Bush's left eye embedding itself deeper and deeper into his head?

The bread with the big, airy holes....How, Bob, how?

Canadian teen at Guantanamo. Have YOU heard about it?

Ron Reagan to Host MSNBC News/Talk Show (Reuters)

Blair apologises for false IRA convictions (Guildford 4/Maguire 7)

Noam Chomsky: US Might Face Ultimate Nightmare/DemocracyNOW!

Marxist Rebels Ambush, Kill 20 Colombian Troops

Portuguese police leaving Iraq

Mom allegedly recorded call made after claim was filed (Bill Cosby)

Judge accused of misbehaving under robe

Bush seeking $950 million to aid victims of Asian tsunami

"Iraqi official assassinated in Baghdad"-- Al Jazeera

Budget Study: White House Seeks Even More Cuts

Medicare Drug Benefit to Cost $724 Billion

Keene N.H. Marine Critically Wounded In Iraq

Top Female Athlete Turns Out to Be Male

Congresswoman Asks for Probe After 'Gannon' Quits WH Reporting Post

Britain accused over CIA's secret torture flights

Iran says it won't give up nuclear technology

Iran Says Will Never Give Up Nuclear Technology

United Nations Human Rights Experts Express Continued Concern ...

Tillman: Bank of America 'lying' on slavery

No-Shows Annoy Group Probing 2004 Election

EMERGENCY! The U.S. and Iran are doing a live negotiation!

U.S. campaign putting pressure on Canadian MPs over same-sex vote

Rice criticises Britain for not laying down the law to Iran's leaders

VA bill proposes fine for low-riding britches

Asylum children to face returns

O'Malley Accuses Ehrlich's Office of Spreading Rumors - (11 PM Update) chief: From Bible to breasts

U.S. 'Lobbying Allies to Oust UN Nuclear Chief'

WP: Detainees Accuse Female Interrogators

Khadr teen tortured, family says ...(Canadian teen at Gitmo)

Arnie's dinner bill feeds opponents

$400 Million for War Allies ("remembering" Poland)

WP: The Secretary of State Spreads Her Wings (not all that bad)

Reputed Klansman Says He'll Be Exonerated

Minn. Dems Won't Name Building for Reagan

Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents

Judges Dissolve Ohio Vote Machine Deadline (Blackwell authority challenge)

China executes two hundred people in last 2 weeks

Olajuwon mosque linked to terror funding

U.K. to Air Show on Torture Techniques

Jeb Bush talks up Florida military bases in Washington

Man Known As 'Video Vigilante' Arrested

Blair moves towards Bush's hard line on Iran

Democrat assails White House over plans to raise airline ticket fees

(DC/MD/VA) Regional Leaders Want Bush To Cover Inaugural Costs

Block grant program in jeopardy

Giuliani Tests S.C. Political Waters

Catholic Church Closing 22 Schools in Brooklyn and Queens

Marines Revoking 11 Purple Hearts That Officials Say Were Given In Error

Some cops concerned over proposed budget cuts

Bush proposal draws Texas farmers' ire

Bush's High School Plan Faces Opposition

Bush plan to cut micro business loans criticized

Dean Vows to Lead Democrats Back to Power

New 9/11 Reports Shows Warnings About Hijackers - NYT

I made up this conversation

I'm going to a drag show at 7:30.

Help! I transferred my domain name yesterday.

Cop thanks "the Lord" for directing him to traffic stop

Pet dog will be bridesmaid at Wedding

Why does this guy have a day dedicated to himself? And why a Wednesday?

Listening to Stevie Ray Vaugahn's "Texas Flood". Stevie rocks!!!!


Is there an Operation Iraqi Liberation service medal yet?

If there is a Grateful Dead group, and a Bob Dylan group,

Keith just teleported to O'Lielly's lair!

What do you guys think? Need Input!!!!!

Did anybody watch the World Cup qualifier between the US team was in?

crumb cake

Guys, Blame this culprit for your thinning hair!!!

East Coast DU'ers - spoil "Lost" for me please!

What are the copyright restrictions and time limits on posting articles?

Is this an appealing way to market a product?

Judge accused of misbehaving under robe

I'm gonna cry :(

Good thing Misunderestimator and I won't be together on Valentine's day

Should Gannon fear for his physical safety?

Time for a DU 3-word create a story thread...

My son has a pair of bunnies. The names are a riot.

Apple releases Mac OS X v10.3.8

Its Ash Wednesday- are you going to Church?

Happy birthday to Barbara Lewis and Carole King!

Why aren't there any funny Latvians?

Holy Cow! Larry Shea just got shot!!! Checkout Law & Order

World's Funniest Russian, by far!

Appropriate joke for DU? I hope so!

Welcome to the museum of bad album covers

My Big Gay 15th Anniversary (or MANiversary) Coming Up

Hahahaha!!! This guy finally got his!!

Alright then. Vanity time! Who's got the cutest Gallery page.

I have now seen all the Best Picture nominees. Ask me anything.

What the heck is up with the vomit trend in movies lately

Check Out The Lobby To Get A Sneak Peek At The New Mods.

Melanie's Candles in the Rain is a great protest anthem.

Finally found what I was looking for in a fast food restaurant

I think I'm goin' crazy.

Let's hear it for BigMcLargeHuge - Greatest.Threadlocker. Ever!

Middle of the bus, please!

Well, with a gift card, I bought the Led Zeppelin 2-DVD set.

Why aren't there any funny Australians?

Been looking though the DU gallery again...

Yo, Mario can't front on that

What's wrong with Randi Rhodes?

So, some good citizens are protesting "Girls gone wild" in my city tonight

Kickin' It: A musical journey through the Betty Ford Center

American eyes, American eyes. View the world through American eyes.

Have you ever been to "Hash Wednesday"?

Jude Law Might Be Playing....ZOD....In The New Superman Film

15 minutes until I'm Lost!

Hey Anyone know where I can get this tshirt?

No freeper email in my inbox! I get good, sound advice from a REAL friend

bush gets nose job?

What is it with blogs and dirty laundry?

How's this for a bumpersticker?

What is it with dogs and laundry?

I am now in the 800 club -- ask me anything...

Photo: D.J. NightTrain on the air!

sweet! Christopher Lloyd is on the West Wing

Law and Order

What exactly is a "nice Jewish girl?"

Anyone want to be my Valentine?

Some people get very paranoid about the Masons.

Doctor's visit went well

Why blondeatlast never volunteers to be a Moderator...

Hello DU

I rarely make such comments....but

I just got a WEIRD telephone pole

Lawrence Welk: Ungrateful UberGod of North Dakota

Iron Chef America

Are there any magic fans out ther tonight? Magic The Gathering.

Can we come up with a new DU Group that will invariably lure the trolls in

I Wanna Hit 1000 Posts Tonight - Ask Me Anything

Wanna see what I looked like in 1966?

I just got a WEIRD telephone poll!

New DU Group proposal--Men with Long Hair

Help how do I embed a jpg in a du post???

My neighbors dog has dug himself to freedom once again

15 minutes until Lost!

New DU group proposal - Hippie Haters

Just heard a great quote tonight!

I was scanning my AM radio dial when I heard Tony Snow speaking

Ever post something potentially flamey and no one bites?

New DU Group Proposal - Anti-Canada

Caption this lovely bush photo, please.

I saw a shoulder dissection tonight, and it was AWESOME!

So who was watching the Duke/UNC game?

Wow talk about your good news/bad news from the doc.

I DO hate kids

Is Anyone Else as PISSED about tonights wife swap as I was?

Join me now as we all dance like this:

Yumpin' Yimminy...Microsft released TEN "critical security updates" today

How soon will we be attacking Iran?

Will BigMcLargeHuge be overshadowed...

DU Has New Moderators!

It just hit me like a dart... I am a Democrat.

Who was that bad singer who had the commercials in the 70s/80s?

Wow what a day

I can't believe what Gannon said

Favorite occasional 'Simpsons' Character

UPDATE: on the little old lady across the street.

Public Service Announcement: I'm sick of all the Abortion threads in GD


I can hardly read the paper or watch the news because of Bush

Does "FedEx Ground" mean...

Did You See Tuesday's Oprah? "Hooked On Plastic Surgery At Age 28"

The script for the new Keanu Reeves movie...

Long haired cat owners: I NEED SOME ADVICE!!!!

Post the most profound, moving, etc. lyrics you've heard Pt. II

PrOjEcT RuNwAy.

Got to see the doctor tomorrow...

If you ever got reamed out by your boss, did you know they hated it too?

Looking for a Jefferson quote

OK so is the SS trust fund real or not? What if it's not?

Just had a seriously cranky day at work. first bad day on my

Picture Time Again! Post a picture of yourself, then tell a story...

There is/is not a firearm in my household.

Feb 10th - CSI will feature a storyline about Canned Hunts

The Witness

The Creation Of Pets

Awwww....Now THIS Is A Sweet Forum!!

Excellent article in The Nation

are we (USA) really that religious? or do many feel coerced?

I'm convinced some people in GD smoke too much weed

I defended America tonight in front of my Poli Sci tutorial.

Ehrlich is scum

Wow what a day!

It's TIME for Soros, to step up to the plate.....

People in this country are so stupid it's ridiculous

Der Spiegel article in English on Rice's Paris speech and link to

Rolling Stone Mag Blog - Karl's Coup - Feb 9, 2005

It's impeachment time!!!!

Williams, Gallagher, Gannon

Bush's Mandate ? More like Man-gate !

Rep Louise M Slaughter (d) NY just on cnn (Anderson Cooper) RE: Gannon

Now more than ever: "The Republican Noise Machine."

Wealthy do not support the troops or the war.

anyone got a link for a summary on the social security issue???

Does anyone know ANYBODY who wants Hillary to run?

Can we get a REAL journalist to interview Bill Owens RE: Churchill?

Gannon is living PROOF of government-controlled PROPAGANDA!!!

Ron Reagan gets on Show on MSNBC

Gannon story should be about Plame, not gays.

Jesus Condems the Social Conservatives AND the Economic Conservatives

gannon who?

Further PROOF that negative, inciteful tactics are successful

Is it moral to teach our children to kill in the name of "democracy"

I think some House staffers read DU

Bill Maher's appearance with dickhead hannity and colmover

Just was watching (she may still be on CSPAN 1) Corrine Brown (D) FL

Anderson Cooper/Wolfe the Asshole video up

Is this wierd?


Bush is selling your children to china.............

Gannongate - Outer (thin) layer of a very stinky onion

Bush Wants to End Racisim

Bush Approval At 50% Before Budget



Quick ! We need a Demo Soundbite to counter "Party of No"

Paper ballots NOW!!!! Hand counts Now!!!!! n/t

Michael Moore expose - coming up on my local news channel

What's Al Franken's Big announcement

Rove, British elections, and a question.

I'm glad Dean won, but this process needs to be reformed

Black Health Statistics Made Bush Groan

The Conservative Voice website up in arms over Gannon

The State Of The World

Gallup Poll Showing Bush Approval At 57% Had 9% More Republicans

Olberman is kicking Gannon's butt!


Good Cops & Bad in the Courtship of Hill Democrats (Reid)

I have a star/renewal for 1st DUer with a pic of Gannon at Chez Dubya

Drudge's silence on Gannon is VERY telling.

Subsidizing Grandpa’s 'Recreational Sex'

DU Has New Moderators!

Imagine if Laura Bush ran?

This Gannon thing worries me

Can someone explain something to me about Clark?

The closeted RW: Okay to out them?

Bush: Social Security "trust fund" doesn't exist!

Count Every Vote Act of 2005 (FINALLY!!!)

Right on, Franken!! Calls for Brit Hume to resign...

CNN/Inside Politics has a Gannon/Guckert story up now

For what it’s worth: No “Gannon,” no “Talon News,” no nothin’!

CBS News John Robert interviewed Scott McClellan's brother today

Should we all have four years of exposing Republican personal lives?

HEY! Let's not go into "Orgasim" over won't bring down Chimp

Reid to Bush: I'm an obstructionist? Suck it!

If Churchill's speech is "repugnant", characterize Limbaugh, Boykin,...

Fuck it, I don't care if I get flamed.

Dean in DC tonight: "Republicans are the party of the past."

Do you support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee for

What does Wes Clark do for a living? Does he have a job?

All CLARKIES !! Who's the VERY BEST running mate ????

Nevada Pauite Family getting kicked off land by BLM

Republican donations by Gannons & Guckert (from

Salon: The Buck Stops Where? Iraq and $ Waste/Corruption

good LTTE re Bush's so-called religion v. his budget

Condi's French Twist---"Madame Hawk," as she has been dubbed in France"

Salon: Fake News, Fake Reporter

Droopy Drawers Drive VA House to Distraction

Man of Contrasts (poor Los Angeles)

Sweeney: Trading away our jobs

Too Late for Katie, Town Tackles a Drug's Scourge

Hatch and Brownback Rail Against "Extreme Judicial Activism"

NYT ED: When Math Is Worse Than Fuzzy (Bush zero credibilty on SS)

"Bumper of my SUV" supporters lie about being related to soldiers in Iraq

Ties with Amtrak shouldn't be cut

Talk about a 'nanny state'

Are those Fallujah rumors really true?

US Officers active in Anti-French Covert Propaganda

The Boomers, The Budget, And The So-Called Bust


US school's new challenge to Darwin

Social Security -- personal narratives. Here's my story. What's your's?

Global Eye - Mother Lode

SXSW Interactive Activism Sessions Announced

Pennsylvania Residents Fight Bush Privatization Plan

Join Us to Protect the Arctic Natinoal Wildlife Refuge

Gannongate skirmish won, the war rages on. What to do going forward.

Soldiers ask us to take a stand against Iraq war

Thank Rep. Slaughter for taking * to task on Gannon scandal

New Democracy Rising! "Awake for Peace"

How would one go about running for office?

Details on fake reporter"Jeff Gannon"Operat. that Howie Kurtz defended 2/9

ABCNote joins media cover up of GOP(GannonGate) as Kurtz has no opinon

Moveon agrees to slight change in Soc Sec ad

RANDI !!!! RANDI !!!!!! RANDI !!!!

WaPo's Froomkin on Gannon - excellent summary of media response

Should Keith Olberman Replace Al at 12pm AAR if Al leaves?

Analysts Say Bush's 'Lean' Budget Is Bound to Swell (Bush new initiatives)

Chairman Thomas's tax ideas - VAT for Corporate Tax,, but no FIT change

When Math Is Worse Than Fuzzy

Lou Dobbs interviewed in Mother Jones on Outsourcing

How will the relgious right benefit by getting rid of social security.

Iron nanoparticles may reduce the cost of Superfund site cleanup by 75%

Bush's Fish & Wildlife tells 200+ Scientists:Alter findings to favor Busin


Foxes Destroying the Whole Henworld

My 'Democratic' response to Thomas Friedman

I have a question about shooting that I think you could answer.

Rising gun crime fear - Sydney

I have made a mistake,

structuring the Gannon debate?


Can you help me get White House Press Credentials?

With all due respect, I disagree with this locking.

Please explain, if possible, how this ISN'T full of hatred

Please, the Legislative forum. HR 418 passed.

Me--again. Trying to nominate this for homepage, but getting an error msg.

Your bookkeeping system stinks!

Good Idea out of the "Karma Rating" thread & Minor UI suggestion

Some quick site questions and a suggestion.

I have two accounts and would like to terminate the one I never use

Could we get a link to the Stephanie Miller show at the top of the page

What replaces link: when embedding an e-mail address?

BBC News just reported Israeli settlement fired on Palestinians

Bin Laden's Diplomatic Passports

Chicago Summer Internships

Regional O-negative blood supplies at critical level

Chicago Sun-Times: 11th Ward linked to federal probe

Chicago Tribune: Daley to Trump: You're spired!

Chicago Tribune: Birkett considers run for governor

Thinking about coming out for the meet-up


Gay Abe? C.A. Tripp missed the mark when he "outed" the Great Emancipator

Just realized I will never be able to run for statewide office in Illinois

Snide comment about Dean on NBC 5

what if GAY PORN and The White House become co-related

Nevada secretary of state told to reduce copying fees

Olbermann rerun on now for those that missed it before n/t

MORE FUN WITH (Gallup) POLLS...(or is it psyops?)

Remember when Bob Ney said this?

NEED HELP: Has anyone done a cost comparison: DRE w/VVPAT vs optical scan?

Raleigh Protest Rally

what we really need is international election standards

Al Franken will make an announcement on his show today re: MN Sen

Could we propose a bill to have x amount of countries certify our votes?

Election Reform: Is there a great divide?

Sen Boxer to be on NPR's Fresh Air today nt

For the life of me... (Stats for this forum)

National ID, voter ID and restricting immigrants' rights - the push is on

Eureka, CA ThisClose To Town Hall Forum on IRV

CNN's Wolf Blitzer to Interview "Gannon" at 5 PM ET today

Double trouble in voter inquiry *****Milwaukee

AL FRANKEN is NOT running for Senate in 2006

Thursday 2/10 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Suspicious N.Y. Senate Race a Warning to Dems: Impound Ohio's Machines Now

The Nashua Advocate: Blackwell Order Struck Down By Judges -- But Too Late

Randi just gives big shoutout to KO re: election fraud

What should our response be to Sen. Mark Dayton?

Where is the California Democratic Party regarding Kevin Shelley?

Air America's Cognitive Dissonance

Boxer vindicated: Memo urged Rice to meet on Al-Qaeda before Sept. 11 ...

Giving testimony to the Hawaii Senate Judiciary Comity. What to include?

NY times letter from Peter Peckarsky

Call Arnold on the radio! Thurs. Feb 10th: Tips & Schedule

Project California - Discussion Board & email list

Barbara Boxer on Fresh Air (NPR) today

Do you live in CA, where, and would you gather Arnold recall sigs?

link to CA recall handbook

Governor Schwarzenegger's attack on education

pros and cons of recalling Arnold?

Help defend Medicaid

Message from Iowa for health care

2000 DFL Senate Race candidates

Betty McCollum, Progressive Person-of-the-Week of MOVELEFT.COM

Here's another person to look at


Contact Mark Dayton Send money! $5 $10

Randi Rhodes says Dayton being forced out by Rove machine.


Join the Draft .. McCollum FOR US SENATE

*****Get Together**** Fri*** (Feb.11)***** 7:PM****

Two questions...virus in my email and domain hosting

heads up - phishing exploit that doesn't affect IE

more security info' than you can shake a stick at

Judge dismisses Blackwell's arbitary voting machine purchase date

Pennsylvania Residents Fight Bush Privatization Plan

Mercer County - 4000 Presidential Votes not counted-Other Problems

Chris Bell

Need help from Texas DU:ers (questions and information)

Eyes Wide Open - TX Events

Republican wants to give state agency power over election code prosecution

WI Public TV to air "controversial" Postcards from Buster episode

Online Reporter Quits After Liberals' Expose - Kurtz


What 6th graders ask (warning, lengthy post) about puberty and

WP article re: Gannon -- very interesting stuff

Sharapova Pulls Out of Open Gaz De France

My letter to CNN about their show on Dr. Churchill

WSJ: FDA Warns of Drug Confusion

Severe Skin Disease Gets Fresh Attention Amid Worries Over Painkiller Side

"The whole world could satisfactorily life 120 years"

Okay, I wanna know...

WTF! Immigration bill up for vote in House- HS Sec can eliminate all laws

Taking away vending machines from schools?

jeff twist

More on the Fargo blacklist of DFA...."Red-faced badge of courage"

AFA Releases Video Warning About Pornography

jeff gannon...white house gay pimp???

75% of HIV positive young adults in southern Africa are women

Domestic Gibberish--Sydney Blumenthal ----GREAT PIECE!!!

whats the flame mean

Air America: HUME, RESIGN

New info about Gannon!? He did go to college!!!

Von Ribbentrop

Voice of The White House (pardon, please, if repost)

Young Dems

Alright, who else can we punk out in the bushbot circle?

I'm going to be buying a gold star for myself and

I'm trying to find an image of an army doctor holding an Iraqi child

Bernie Ward is raging on the Gannon thing -- listening link

So, who 'won' the election in Iraq, btw?

Is Karl Rove gay?

Where can I find all the classic Chimp Gaffe video clips?

Need help - Hillary's comments today

Bush's Medicare budget story was on Drudge for about 10 mins today

Read this interview with Jeff Gannon

War with Iran this year?

Redistricting, Texas style

Standing Committee of Correspondents denied Gannon Congress press pass

Iraq results delayed due to "irregularities."

N. Korea admits to Nukes, Prince Charles to marry Rottweiler

If the neocons hate liberal dominated universities why do they try to get

Wingers Can't Stop the Rising Tide of Contempt for Bush

Jeff Gannon explains the Valerie Plame situation for you!

OK, wanna see Gannon's scrubbed website?

Just imagine for a second, that this Gannon stuff happened under Clinton

Gay Pimp Gannon is ALL OVER Free Republic

I'm agnostic, but please read my prayer about Jeff Gannon

Mangate: Will it finally bring down the Chimp?

Good point in this LTTE

Psychedelic drug found in Valentine candy

" Americans won't do" is bushcode for SLAVERY

Some "reporter" ol' "Jeff Gannon" is.

Bomb brought down British plane in Iraq?

FDR, JFK, and Truman would have opposed a war like that against Iraq

Gannon claims he was in the military

BUSH Proposes Yet Another Constitutional Amendment

Dumb question #8: Is this whole Gannon thing a diversion set up by Rove?

CNN Poll: who should get to spend the tsunami donations

You think WE have problems? Look how bad the Canucks have it

So when are we all going to bring Freedom and Democracy to Saudi Arabia?

Exactly what talk shows did Jeff Gannon appear on?

Anyone have any idea of the logistics involved to invade Iran?

Any reports on the O'Malley story? This is as big as Gannon because

I've decided to start randomly researching bushbots in the public eye.

Statement from Talon News on resignation of Jeff Gannon wants you on there team and want your comments

Demopedia should be Gannon central

stupid question???

Olbermann: 1 ~ O'Reilly: 0

Then and Now.... Warning!!!! GRAPHIC, GRAPHIC, GRAPHIC.

"Daschle's people are also clapping." Re the take-down of RW liar Gannon

Picking up other things on computer speakers? How did it happen?

The Front Runner for this year's "Nice Try" award

FCC Fines an Individual $500K ..while limiting medical lawsuits to $250K ?

Making it legal to engage in legal activities (in MI)

Rep. Ike Skelton and Rep. Jerry Lewis

Jeff Gannon was right

Leadership Forum

Texas child abuse fatalities up 11 percent in 2004

What laws were broken by Jeff Gannon?

I'm giving up DU for lent... how about you?

Residents Tear Down War Protest Display

Jeff Gannon's AOL underwear pic makes NY Daily News

Polish Cardianl admits lying, is barred from Vatican conclave

bush adds yet another "I didn't know it wasn't meeeeee I didn't do it"

Evidence of voting problems in Florida

got new driver's license....they took fingerprint of right and left index

Emetic Sean

I wonder what "Jeff Gannon's" stance on gays in the military was???

So. Our PRESIDENT withheld this 9/11 information until after the election?

Just found this website, very interesting I don't know what to make of it,

Bwahahahaha -- Unfiltered ladies gonna call Scotty's office

Jeff Gannon is George Bush's Man Date.

The Gannon/Guckert stories are all LIES. He did it be #1 on DUTTCI!

Morning News - 10 seconds for 911/FAA, 30 minutes for Charles/Camilla

Updated: Drudge "reports" on Gannon: It's a google search.

Olbermann's Blog exposing Bill O'Reilly's "creative" writing

Iran to take control of world's oil trade in 2005

Rep. Alcee Hastings rocks - floor manager HR418

Help Needed: Urgent

Impeach & treason charges for bush VIOLATING his OATH OF OFFICE

The Gannon story just got a shout on Stern!!!

Britney Spears marriage is on the rocks...

Prince Charles to marry Sarah Jessica Parker!

Franken expected to make announcement on candidacy

I was listening to KDKA Talk Radio this morning...

Where does the JeffGannon stuff lead...I've got some info here...

The key to discussing the Gannon websites is

Congressman: Democrat Leadership Threatening 'Retribution' for Dems Who Co

Yikes. Check out these headlines on Drudge...

What Ward Churchill Didn't Say

So, I'm thinking this makes Gannon Conservative Idiot #1 next week.

The Interesting Tendrils of The Right and The WaTimes.

PHOTO: bush* with badly-injured Marine, BEFORE revoking his purple heart

Bloggers ROCK!!!!

Protesting the Coronation of King George: Slideshow

Remember that faux woman reporter from last year?

Please DU this Kansas Education Poll - Wichita Eagle

is the the born again gallop pol a total fraud

Hey!! Everyone!! Another DUer makes good!!!

BREAKING: North Korea admits to having nukes

Oklahoma City Escapades (sick game)

Guckert thinks he's being martyred, new comment he made to local paper

Buzzflash is featuring a DU thread on Gannon

Robert Byrd tears Charleston WV's GOP rag a new one

Let's start referring to Bush's lies as falsies

arms trade statistics and more

another TV commentator is a paid shill - Courtney D. Smith

"This Gannon Story is Liberal Media Crack"

what a week for the conservative idiots list

'Housewives' star Cross: I'm not gay

Urgent Help Legalize Marijuana Today

Please report in on coverage of the Gannon story in your news print.

Iraqi Elites May Award Oil Contracts

Survey Reveals Inappropriate Orders to Alter Scientific Findings,


If Iran is invaded get ready for economic fun and games

Georgia Bill Allows Rapists to Sue Their Victims' Abortion Providers

CNN finally posts an article on Gannon

New Petition: Special Prosecutor for "Jeff Gannon"

WARNING: Hunt smart.

Prince Charles should get a real job

First there was '18181' , now there is '52'

Is Jeff Gannon a bigger scumbag or hack than "journalist" Brit Hume?

Al Franken to announce his Senator run (maybe) in a few minutes

Is the growing "payolaganda" controversy bigger than watergate?

Pakistan Army pays 1/2 mill dollars to Al Qaeda in Bazarre Deal

What Is More Important?

How was the White House able to contain the 9/11 information ?

Which president would have the greatest résumé of accomplishments?

Anyone in the midsouth feel the earthquake?

Are there any restrictions to "free speech" on democraticunderground?

Can you FEEL the POWER?

So the SS doesn't check ID's?! WTF?

PHOTOS: This whole gay escort service thing is starting to make sense

Bush Is Really A Compassionate Prez

Why can't we just get the new AG to torture Rove?

How to win the Gannon debate with a Winger

Perhaps Gannon will be the weak link that blows the lid off BushCo

PHOTOS: bush* on Social Security in North Carolina today...GAG..

Newsmax has hit the absolute bottom

Brainwashing complete: Out-of-work CSPAN caller defends rich

Um, could there be some connection between the Gannon boys and

I Dedicate my 1,000th Post to....

Did Clinton look the other way with N Korea?

I know there's been a lot of Gannon posts...

Jeff Gannon aka Jim Guckert is a Fuckert!

Need help with machines

Jeff Gannon: Nexus of Administrations Dubious Dealings?

Question about Jeff Gannon

Where's Randi?

RNC trying to link Sen. Reid to shoe bomber

US Officers active in Anti-French Covert Propaganda

We need to refer to Gannon as Propagandist.

SEGRETTI: Deep Throat Is NOT Ill, is NOT Poppy, FORD, HAIG

1000th post for Peace

Does It Trouble You To Know That North Korea Has Nuclear Weapons?

Don't Want To Be An American Idiot

Whatever happened to the Limbaugh/Oxycontin story?

Rcvd fm Rahm Emanuel, DCCC Chairman. Your Medicare Invoice: $800 billion.

Hate mailbag from my website.

I remember hearing of a DU'er saying there were rumors of Hannity...

Need a good (preferably funny) slogan for a sign

Another unembedded journalist disappears in Iraq

Will Al run....or not? Come on Al!!!

gipper stamp unveiled

Can an FCC complaint be lodged against Talon News?

Bush: "Amend means weaken"

Bush's Alternative Proposal Would Cut Social Security Benefits 60%!

CNSNEWS (cybercast news service)..part of 'gannon' distribution? (link)

Franken says he will announce if he will run for Senate

Scandal in the Press Core - WaPo story filed at 12:44pm Thursday

DU: Information and DISINFORMATION Battleground

One of the many reasons living here is so difficult.

Updated list of White House correspondents

If Melhman is gay, then he must be outed before the media destroys Dean.

information on the usa's nuclear arsenal...

Gannon is going to be on Wolf Blitzer, get your media blasters loaded

Froomkin: Bush doesn't really *walk the walk"

After the fog has lifted, I'm taking Kurtz&Leslie's interview yesterday

Attention DC Area Bloggers!

How could the FAA get warning about hijackings but not WH?

Beyond the gay escort thing - why was 'Gannon' given WH pass?

military recruitment at fundamentalist church (warning, big images)

Talon News/GOPUSA Vice President Once Defended Propaganda

Question about the "social security crisis"

RNC "intimidating" TV stations with FCC threats- re: Soc Security Ads

Randi going off on 911 report..... she is pissed.

Gannon makes Yahoo--rate it up and email the story

say WHAT?? (pics)

Okay - Sign the Petition for Special Prosecutor on Gannon

Randi Rhodes asks the question: How does a 'journalist' with a FAKE name

Saw outfoxed last night (Finally)

Who has that list of AAR streaming radio sites?

Anybody out there with an interest in situationism?

Now playing...........REPUBLICAN BEAUTY!!!!!

Barbara Boxer's interview on NPR this morning.

Amid The Gannon Feeding Frenzy Can I Ask About The Prostitution Charges?

Have the Democrats Surrendered on Abortion Rights?

The History of Telon News

So who is Jeff Gannon's sugar daddy?

More Gannon/Guckert info...

NOW examines the Backdoor Draft. (Friday evening, PBS)

Need computer help

Wal-Mart and Unions

Guess which congressman owns the website 'The Great'

My services to folks needing Gannon info in DE

Thank God for CNN!!!

Court TV/Catherine Crier doing Gannon Story tonite

Media Alert: Wes Clark on Fox 5PM 2/10/05

Did anyone here watch that Wife Swap show?

CNN: Wolfie: "when you say family, what do you mean...

Crossfire dares to cover the BIG STORY!!!

General Mattis et al gets slammed in Stars and Stripes letters

Shame on the Dems who voted to limit Class Actions

It has to come down to DUers from NYC and Atlanta. Picket CNN.

What is the definition of insanity?

Sinclair Broadcasting does not seem to be doing well. Posts losses.

Trying an all out "blackout" of the Gannon affair. Rush not on today.

BBC News just reported Israeli settlement fired on Palestinians

James D. Guckert (a.k.a. "Jeff Gannon") to be on Leslie Blitzer's "show"

American media to marry bush

okay, techies, how likely is it that Gannon's porn excuse is true?

Freepers "blame DU for Gannon exposure

Dumb Conservative Blogger takes on "Jeff Gannon"?

Most Speak at Their Own Risk: What Academic Freedom?

End of a Hatchet Woman

That was some rally sick shit on CNN. Lost all respect for anything CNN

Email Alert: Hit Wolfie and let him know how you feel...

Uhm,let's see,I'll just pick a random reporter,you there,Jeff,is it?

What's the right wing's next target?

freep this yahoo story on 9/11 warnings

Howard Hughes FBI Files Published

Senator Durbin to Bu$h and the WH -- "This is the Abu Ghraib defense"....

more on Gannon

CBS news, Rather to talk about FAA warnings

New Anti-War/Anti-Bush flash

How many think that Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer is on the take?

Did you take the Clinton years for granted?

You know what I REALLY love about all this?

Lynn Cheney laughs in the face of the idiots she duped (gay marriage)

Well, I see the antichrist is about to get...

''jeff gannon'' spread so much propaganda

Beijing's military buildup races ahead

Ken Salazar (D.I.N.O.- CO) is a disgrace

Has any MSM other than Olberman covered the gay Gannon porn angle?

DU this poll if you agree

Faux doing a Gannon story now! n/t

Rehnquist as 'Deep Throat' ?

Gannon will be on with Wolf Blitzer today

"If you see a train wreck coming....."

Help me write a letter to Wolfie.

This post proves that Gannon's lying about Talon and GOP USA

Maybe we should call Larry Flynt on the Gannon story. | gentleDUers... start your e-gines!

SORRY Leslie!!! Not enough for the bad ole liberal bloggers to quit!

Is it just me, or is being a liberal hard?

Simple question: Who were the Gannons Bush said he hung with in Crawford?

Was Geneva Convention violated by Fallujah invasion? Chomsky shows why.

David Brock was just on CourtTV with Catherine Crier

Jeff Gannon, military fetishism, and the movie 'American Beauty'

The Jeff Gannon Experience

Stephanie Miller what a babe

Latest Lesbian Hysteria

The Seven Deadly Absurdities of No Child Left Behind

YEEhah! I found "that" Jeff Gannon pic!

Wolf Blitzer and Jeff Gannon Unofficial Transcript

Has Rush Limbaugh ever denied that he's a racist?

Post Office Unveils Ronald Reagan Stamp

Scott said that Bush "doesn't know who he is" re: Gannon. Maybe not true!

20 out of 40 threads are on Gannon on this first page!!!!

When did you have your Epiphany about the Mainstream Media?

Request for help on SS issue. I was trying to explain to some

If Gannon's not a reporter, does he have to reveal who leaked Plame memo?

Freepers try to defend Gannon escort services

Ted Kennedy visits Charlie Rose for the full hour tonight (Thurs)

Gannon scandal:Swift Boat Vets analogy

The Plame Affair...

So Gannon says he registered his porn sites for another person

Why de-funding Amtrak is a terrible idea.

Senator Edward Kennedy on The Charlie Rose Show tonight, 11PM

Word of warning on the Gannon story

Who was the greatest wartime leader?

New documents released by House (Dems) Judiciary Cmty (Conyers)

Fox News: Fair and Balanced?

Who just saw Michael Powell on C-SPAN?

There's a WALL between the U.S. and Mexico!!!

I Did NOT Have Media Relations With That Man - Mr. Gannon >>>

"National Child Dental Health Month"- Can't Black People have one month???

NYT: "How Dirty Harry Turned Commie" Rich's 'Million $ Baby' Review

Should Will Pitt try for a daily WH press pass?

The Next Clarence Thomas

Why "Gannon" and not "Guckert"??

New Mangate info?

PNAC and neocon Agenda group! I need your support for it!!

If a Senator/Congressman doesn't vote my way, they're a DINO

State of Delaware vs. James D. Guckert

Should your family be important?

Why did no other presidential press pool reporter out Gannon?

GOP - turning journalists into prostitutes & prostitutes into journalists.

(PHOTO) Great pic of anti-* float from Carnival in Germany


US budget to benefit Colombia and the opposition in Venezuela

Well what the *!!!!!!! I am so pissed!!!!!!!!!!

Talon is the enemy, not Gannon

Dammit DUers stop giving the MSM power they don't deserve!

Did You Know - Entire Middle US at Risk from Earthquake Devastation

Bill to allow Homeland Security to nullify laws passes house

Wonder what questions will be asked at the WH briefing today?

DU Group proposal - Automobiles

gannon link to (one) homepage

Did anyone watch "wife swap" last night? lol a Texas bible beating repug .

HMMMM --- Gannon broke CBS Rathergate ????? With Hannity (Fox)

jeff gannon (PHOTOS) and bush* rubbing other men's 'bald heads' (PHOTOS)

New picture for JD's website (when he re-opens Talon) :)

Billmon: Gannon/ Guckert is a tax cheat!

Why is there even debate on the question of ILLEGAL immigration?

Scott McClellan Tells a Whopper >

More ramblings from whiny white guys! (I've just found my new hobby)

DU's central repository of all M$M Gannon/Guckert stories / GOING FORWARD

"Action Plan" to help Dean & the Democratic Party kick some RW butt

How would you rate your state's governor?

I went up against the NIMBY types last night....

Sen. Lautenberg Requests All Docs from WH relating to "Gannon"

A DU'er Broke the Gannon Story First - 2/18/2004

Howard Kurtz should be fired

Will everyone shut the hell up about Gannon??!

Want to see something BIZARRE? (Jeff Gannon)

Honey pot in the White House press corp?

Now I've gone and done it!

Wal Mart and the union story

American Religious groups funding against Same-Sex Marriage in Canada?

Anyone else feeling a tad bit jealous of our American neighbours???

Unionized Wal-Mart to Close

Aaah! Two lovebirds tie the knot

Health care advisers serve wealthy

Ottawa seeks $4.1B in retaliation for U.S. softwood foot-dragging

Car Bomb Blast Kills 4 in Central Baghdad

Class-action bill gains speed

Online Reporter Quits After Liberals' Expose (WaPo, MSM baby!)

Bush: Social Security "trust fund" doesn't exist!

Unit at Texas nuclear plant shutting down due to leak

Tape Shows Gunmen Killing 4 Iraq Policemen

Bush to Seek $100 Million in Military Aid for His Polish Ally

Judge delays ruling in (baby's) life support case

"Bumper of my SUV" supporters lie about being related to soldiers in Iraq

Vatican: Pope to Be Discharged From Hospital

Britain accused over CIA's secret torture flights

Jacko believes he "won God's smile of approval"

N Korea suspends nuclear talks

North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Weapons

Cardinals break taboo to talk of Pope's resignation

Bush Press Pal Quits Over Gay Prostie Link

Teenage punk girl scalped by 'woman predator'

(200+) U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told (by Bush gov) to Alter Findings

England's racial divide 'growing'

I was listening to KDKA Talk Radio this morning...

Microsoft still dominates with Windows, U.S. admits

Sinn Fein leaders 'backed raids'

US plans $400m reward for allies

'Tsunami on its way, gonna happen any day' (Seattle P-I)

Report: FAA Had 52 Pre-9/11 Warnings

Raw Story: Immigration Bill Sparks Furor Among House Republicans....

Minnesota's Sen. Dayton to Bow Out

At Least 10 Iraqi Police Killed South of Baghdad

9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings

Border-Control Bill Nears Vote

Maybe not news, but could be: Google Maps Finds the Devil

Web-site reporter using pseudonym allowed in briefings COX News

Initial UE claims drop to 303,000 - much better than expected

Ailing Catalans to try cannabis

America Chides Venezuela for Russian Weapons Deal

CNN: Woman admits Iraq heroism story was hoax

US budget to benefit Colombia and the opposition in Venezuela

Project to 'glassify' Hanford waste begins (Seattle P-I)

Pentagon To Retool Personnel System (unions' get creamed)

Suit against retailer certified class action (Seattle Times)

AP: Online Newsman Vacates Job Covering White House (more)

State asks U.S. to OK plan protecting timber industry against legal action

German Prosecutor Won't Pursue Rumsfeld Case

Sims defends King County vote as 99.98% accurate (Seattle P-I)

U.S Soldier efffigy taken from home in Land Park

Child abuse deaths up 11%

UK targets child abuse in Asia

News Alert: Wes Clark on FOX - w/John Gibson (2.9.05)

Probe Sought Of O'Malley Affair Rumors

Bill would limit 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy (in CA)

Humane Society alert: "Canned Hunting" tonight on CSI

School RFID Plan Gets an F

Public-access porn show deemed obscene (Seattle P-I)

Franken expected to make announcement on candidacy

"Iraqi police suffer sustained attacks"-- Al Jazeera

RNC challenges ads criticizing Bush's Social Security plan (uses FCC)

Pilot Allegedly Threatened to Crash Plane (United - Into Wall St)

Self-Censorship Limits Science More Than Laws, Study Says

Va. Lawmakers Drop Low-Riding Pants Bill

Senate Nears Revision of Class Actions (into Fed Court - passage likely)

WA State Supreme Court snuffs Pierce County smoking ban

After squabble, Riggs Bank agrees to US$642 million buyout by PNC

Parents Protest Student Computer ID Tags

Iraq Says to Close Its Borders Feb. 17-22

Senate OKs Limit on Class Action Lawsuits

House OKs Citizenship Check for Licenses

(Repub) Radio personality accused of groping women

Bills would make pledge, Ten Commandments mandatory in schools

Iran Promises 'Burning Hell' for Any Aggressor

Chertoff Vote Delayed Over FBI Memo Spat

Germany Rejects Call for Rumsfeld War Crimes Probe

Kerik records back in spotlight

More than 20 bodies of convoy drivers found near Baghdad

Franken will not run for Senate in 2006.

Lower Power FM bill opens the airwaves

Saudi Males Vote in Nationwide Elections

House Likely to OK Migrant Restrictions

Prison for Zimbabwe spies

Bill would add 'Under God' to auto plates

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 10 February

Lautenberg Requests All Documents From White House Relating to Gannon

Magnitude 4.2 quake shakes Arkansas

U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings -LAT

MSNBC Breaking: North Korea acknowledges it has nuclear weapons

Private armies march into a legal vacuum

Reaction Mounts To Fatal Los Angeles Police Shooting Of 13-Year-Old

Memo urged Rice to meet on Al-Qaeda before Sept. 11 attacks (Clarke)

Lynn Stewart convicted of Helping Terrorists

Democrats plan hearings on deliberate overbilling, fraud in Iraq contracts

Do you want to see what I looked like in 1966?

Wanna see what I looked like in 1955?

Cat abortion post!

$1 for anyone who can tell me what kuozzman is on

Do you want to see what I looked like in 1987?

Do you want to see what I looked like in 1982?

You'd better promise me we'll be back in time.

24 days until Martha is released!

Stupid fucking commerical

For my 700th post...

Do you want to see what I looked like in 1974?

Martial Arts movie recommendation

Have fun storming the castle

Another stupid fucking commerical

How many of you have homework or studying you are NOT doing right now?


Woohoo...home by 10:00pm, back @ work by 4:30am...


Cat post!

I need some dog advice.......

Jeff Gannon?

Law and Order!

Okay, Confession Time.

I saw attack ships on fire off the Shoulder of Orion.

What 6th graders ask (warning, lengthy post) about puberty and

Jerk police officer beats on my door, wakes my wife

2 months till spring training...

I'm going to be buying a gold star for myself and

Enterprise CANCELLED?!?

Apparently smoking crack makes you go back in time.

How many hours sleep do you get most nights?

LOL... my dog just fell asleep sitting up

death to puppies! puppies must die!

"Heaven. I'm in heaven....................."

I need requests for my overnight show...

Is the flu going around your neck of the woods, too?

Another car gone. $3K down the toilet.

I'm so tired my whole body feels thick and like it's made of bricks.

What is the whole Bosnia thing?

it's midnight -- I'm awake trying to get a foster dog to settle down

Where's Pagerbear? What happened to him?


Ban on visible knickers in Virginia(?)


who do you think wears pajamas,repugs or dems ?

where's Will Pitt lately?

Who the hell is Jeff Gannon?

Are you feeling down about things?

Does anyone here troll right-wing sites?

Real Men Love Jeff Gannon

I posted a reply that I think should be a thread.

I need to ESCAPE from the Jeff Gannon threads!

I guess I just lost my stupid f..g job

Gannon is everywhere

It's "What tune is currently stuck in your head?" time!

Couple Selling Right To Name Their Unborn Baby On eBay

Female Athlete Claims Her Penis "Re-grew"

Can you find a well designed right-wing website?

Zimbabweans make condom bangles

anyone else dream about DU?

No sex threads in the Lounge but

HELP WANTED!! Try not to have any skeletons in your closet please

Analyze this dream

It's called "splinting" and it still hurts like Hell!

Think the Super Bowl didn't get any gripes at the FCC? Think again.

Hotel Guests Leave Behind The Hotel Towels - They Stole The Whole Shower!

Well, the Royal Jackass is marrying the Tramp From Hell

It's been a long time comin'

Bush Budget Defended on good Christian, MORAL terms ------- MP3

Soap Lake has its giant lava lamp ... now it has to put it together

Last night's episode of Lost... (Spoilers included)

Cartoon from the Cleveland Plain Dealer today re: NASA

I'm gay? You're gay! Those people over there, are definitely GAY!

Would you do this?

Blue Moon....

"Slam their face into ice cold water"

It's good to be a woman...


Why underpants must stay under in the state of Virginia

Proposed DU Group: American Governors Group

I hate pro-life flying chickens with droopy underwear!

Flying chickens hit Sydney homes

The Stars and Stripes of Corruption (DK Thursday)

For those of you who have Yahoo mail accounts.

Whole lotta FRICKING going on in the Lounge

Halfwit to marry rich old tart

On Sundance Channel now: Motherland (9:30CST)

Yesterday, someone told me I looked "radiant"

'Housewives' star Cross: I'm not gay

Oh man.....I actually have to "DO" things today.....sigh

Who wants to see what our 15 week SONOGRAM looks like?

George receives racing helmet (cartoon)

heLp save this poor bunny!

Does anyone use the image editing program "The Gimp"? How does it...

Should a buy a Scion xB?

Doctor Accused Of Performing Wrong Surgery In Over 50 Patients

When does the new season of Survivor start up? Is there a website?

I have a REAL stupid question

Prince Charles to marry Sarah Jessica Parker!

How about Senator Al Franken

anybody wanna go get a drink?

Prince Charles to marry Parker Stevenson

Prince Charles to marry Parker Stevenson!

Magic Mushroom Valentine Hearts Confiscated

Prince Charles balls Parker Bowles...


Another round of "Name the DUer"

Prince Charles To Marry Laurel's Bowler.

Prince Charles to marry the Parker Brothers.

Just ignored about 20 threads.... now I can see the forest again...

To Whoever Gave Me a Godl Star!!! THANK YOU!!!

Prince Charles to marry Parker Posey

Prince to marry Charlie Parker in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Which forum is the "gungeon", I have a question for them.

It's my 1 year DU anniversary!!!

Prince Charles to marry The Artist Formerly Known As Prince...

Dr. Joyce Brothers to listen to Prince while Bowling in the Park.

Prince Harry harries a bowler for parking on Camilla

Freeper Doug From Upland has started new 'Enemies List'

At work we have one of those icemakers where you open a door to...

OK, the fun's over.

Parker Brothers to go Bowling on the Charles River

Whole lotta FRAGGING going on in ATA

Prince Charles to marry "The Parkers"

Maybe not news, but could be: Google Maps Finds the Devil

Prince Charles to Marry Bob Barker

Prince Changes Name to Charles Parker, Goes Bowling

My floppyhats are TOO good...TOO subtle...


Unbiased research proves jackass is a neocon.

Prince Charles to marry Parker Lewis.

up date on mom- enjoying the morphine drip

Brother of 'Perfect Storm' victim rescued at sea


Friends died tonight. Hug your kids

Prince Charles to Marry Parker Bowles

Question about Windom's teeth?

Prince Charles knots Camilla Parker's bowels...

Should Al Franken fun for Senate in Minnesota?

Godiva chocolates contest...Canadians must answer math question to win

Anyone else have no blood pressure?

Did you see Tuesday's Oprah? "Hooked On Phonics At Age 28"


Come see photos of our newest family member

Is it ok to make jokes about the royal family in light of today's news?

I'm in LOVE with WOMEN who are PRO-CHOICE!!!!!!!!

What % downpayment should one pay in buying a house?

Gallager gives up competing with younger comedians

Q: Do you know Camilla Parker Bowles?

Gall Bladder gives up competing with younger organs.

I'm hungry. What should I have for lunch?

Pray for President Bush - Day 1607 - 2.10.05

12 Year Old Stabs Sister In Fight Over Chicken Pot-Pie

I was honored by a representative of the US Government today

Is Camilla Parker Bowles really Jeff Gannon in drag?

Seriously what is wrong with people injecting buttocks into them?

I got a fifty year old penny

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Rory Bremner on Charlie and Camilla

Britney Spears marriage is on the rocks...

Why is it news that Prince Charles is going bowling?

Anyone else have low blood pressure ?

5 Second Rule OK...What About Double Dipping? ...

"We track your almighty ass thru seven heaven worlds"

To honor the Reagan stamp, what are the most craptacular stamps released?

Talking Dog for Sale

Prince Charles to marry Col. Tom Parker...

Seriously what is wrong with people injecting buttered socks into them?

Prince Charles to Park in Camilla's Bowels....

For those who though nothing wrong of that sniffing-dog fishing expedition

Anyone in the midsouth feel the earthquake?

I'm SICK of HENS who are ANTI-ABORTION!!!!!!!!

Peter Pumpkinhead for President!

Suggestions for e-card sites.

I'm in LOVE with WOMEN...period!!!!

Fuck it, I don't care how much weed I smoke.

I'm in love with a PERIOD, man!

Oh where oh where could my Sunshine be? Have you seen her?

Sig line

Urgent soundtrack help needed! Ok - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

who here eats worms? THAT'S the important question

There is/is not a fireman in my house. Here's mine, take a peek.

Get your own Morans wallpaper!

Guess the DUer SYNONYM thread.

Have you, your pets, or anyone you know ever had explosive diarrhea?

Zamfir, Pan Flute!!!

Who believes in the 5 second rule?

look what i can do!

I know there's been a lot of Gannon posts...

Jimmy Page, guitar!!!!!!!

MS Word gurus? What is involved in converting a DOC file to RTF?

DUer asks: "What next, dead babies and pitchforks?"

Overworked? Job sucks?-Well here is the pill for YOU!

Luckiest day of my LIFE

Prince Charles should get a real job

There is/is not a Jackie Mason in my house

I'm in LOVE with a MAN...period!!!

What is the best beer to get cheap ass?

Wife Swap

Joseph Goebbel's villa is up for sale

So, my daughter is taking a job in Burbank where she will be in

Forget about who drinks from the carton....

Bring 'em on!

Now for the real dirt. Who drinks from the carton? Franken running in 2006?

great article

Gooood Morning DU! Attn: Gay DUers

All of these pee threads are pissing me off!

MEN, YES OR NO: It is hard to pee standing next to other guys at urinals

OK, guys who pees in a bottle?

Do you absolutely refuse to pee outside?

Doggerel I

Who's got the rabbit with pancake pic, w/text?!

i'm in the market for a

Over by the window, there's a pack of cigarettes.

Do you breathe through your nose or your mouth?

Neighbor who thinks you don't exist?

A Day in the Life of Henry VIII

Gannon Gannon bo bannon banana fanna fo fannon me my mo mannon

Minnesota Twins and Johan Santana close to deal ?

These people claim well designed communities increase crime

Bodily function thread.

Goodbye to you my trusted friend

All this about Ganim today.

When voting in DU polls:

Yum. Sour Skittles and Sierra Mist


Just starting watching Alias and 24. Wow, these shows suck more than

Do you ever say "when I was your age"?

How can I explain, when there are few words I can choose.


Babe, I love you so

Listen children to a story...

I love my Neighborhood! Where do you live? What makes it special?

I'm sailing away....

Heard On WSCR Chicago . . .

Who are the biggest sports disasters in *draft* history?

YES OR NO: When I last went to the bathroom, I washed my hands afterward.

BoW doWn before the one you serve. You're gonna get What you deserve.

Freeper becomes hysterical over possible gay marriage in NY

You can tell my arms to go back onto the phone,

Action movie fans, check out the trailer for Ong Bak: the Thai Warrior


YES OR NO: Modem Butterfly is insane. (reason for vote optional)

If you had not have fallen

Seriously what is wrong with people injecting botox into them

Liechtensteinian farmers can't give hemp to the cows anymore, man

Lay down lay down lay it all down

BUCKHEAD = A BUCK for HEAD = Prostitution = Jeff Gannon

On the first part of the journey...

battle of the Reeves not named Christopher

I spent my last $10 on birth control and beer

So, who wants to welcome me into the Four-Eyes club!

I think I burnt the roast

My copycats are TOO bad...TOO apparent...

I’m taking a ride with my best friend

I think I burnt the toast.

My copycats are TOO good...TOO subtle...

ACCCK!!! I am drawing the house from Hell!!!

I hate my Neighborhood! Where do you live? What makes it suck?

Gallagher gives up competing with younger rockers

I've been noticing lately how women use their voices in talking with one

more snotty bitching about the english language

cell phone--should I go with prepaid, or join the Verizon family plan?

Ghosts of Presidents Past

Stupidest 'wtf' bumper sticker of the week (seen in Houston of course)

So how do you feel

Is Jeff Gannon/J.D. Guckert "your type"?

bangagongbangagongbangagongbangagongbangagong bangagongbangagong

Need computer help

Can you name that font

Describe the tackiest bathroom you've seen in person

What is Pi?

So what do you all think of John Titor?

Jacko believes he "won God's smile of approval"

Science can be beautiful (photos ahead)

How fast will WOlf drop to his knees with the tool f/k/a Jeff Gannon?

Rugby Fan Reportedly Keeps Word, Cuts Off Testicles

A really interesting thread.

You're so sweet, You're so fine,I want you all and everything ...

Can you guess the DUer by the pictogram?

For all those who supported a DU Group for Men with Long Hair.

battle of the Stewarts

STORY STRING -- Starting a story here.

POM Wonderful - pomegranate juice?

Man Impaled By Giant Hook - Recovering (WITH PIC)

Could you please keep it up in here?

Someone Called me off for being a liberal!


What's the cheesiest disco song in your opinion?

It was raining hard in 'Frisco...

"Posting and You" Forum tips for newbies (funny, keep it kicked!)

Damn snow damn wind damn cold

My Doc needs to trim her fingernails. Well, one of them anyway.

What about a DU group for Women with Thinning, Damn Near Extinct Hair?

More on Dannon.

There's a girl at school who looks just like this



Interviewing Ed Schultz Soon-any burning questions you want passed along?

Reason for quickie royal marriage:

I'm gonna have a beer. Cheers, Lounge!

What does your name MEAN? (come on, this will be fun)...I'll start.

Could you please keep in down in here?

Here's a picture of Cannon.

What has 32 teeth and an I.Q. of 200?

DU group proposal.. people whose SSN ends in 1

My Step-Gran died this morning.

What does "gong shi fatt chai" mean? It's Chinese for happy new

Pull up your pants or else, Virginia lawmakers warn

I Feel VERY Sorry For Jeff Gannon

Homemade vegetable soup for supper

Q: What do you say to a Republican in a three-piece suit?

There is/is not a freemason in my household.

It's a long time from today. Tell me how you die.

I have done the worst thing ever

Incredible 'Blast from My Past' made available on

I need help w/getting rid of pop-ups.

Jeff Gannon group!!!

Did anyone watch Project Runway last night?


Who is this Gannon character anyways? Didn't he steal the tri-force?

Which states have you lived in?

I'm giving up DU for lent... how about you?

Describe the tackiest person you've seen in a bathroom

Why do people at smorg restaurants pile enough food on their plate to feed

Question about wisdom teeth.

People who hate Homeless People rant

I've decided to change my Avatar, after reading Pitt's article on Truthout

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the late, great CHICK WEBB!

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Favorite Peter Sellers movie?


Okay, I will play.... Me in 1974.... 2/10/1974 to be precise... who

Favorite 70's Detective/cop show

Use the damn $90 Littermaid, you scurvy little poopers!

Double Dipping not OK...What about sharing food with your pets? ...

The newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM

Listening to Led Zeppelin's Presence. Ask me anything.

I consider myself a manly man, but I really like that Project Runway show

Hot military escorts 4 u!

Quick! French, German, or Japanese?

Homeless man in Neighborhood

DU Group Proposal: Languages and Linguistics

Who are the biggest draft disasters in sports history?

This website is fun to play around with

Have you heard David Ippolito song "Jesus Land"?

Anyone wanna join sniffa and me for a drink?

I'm SICK of MEN who are ANTI-ABORTION!!!!!!!!


De Niro spoof terrorism press interview

What is the best of the cheap-ass beer?

Why IKEA sucks - There's A Riot Going On

yup, I got the flu and it aint good

(PHOTO) Five more hairstyles for Condi to try! ---->

(PHOTO) Five more hairstyles for Condi to try! ---->

Who is this guy? You know his work

What stores have unions and are still reasonably priced?

My cat is pacing (11 years old almost 20 lbs)

OK! Philly Area DU'ers!

You've got to play this game!

He y Tina come get your food.

Valentine's Day Whiner Rant

Getting older...

Lefty? Righty? Both?

How do you get someone put on a stamp?

What NON political websites do you visit?

911 Operator Calls Mother 'Stupid' After Pit Bull Attacks Boy

This Freeper is a model of compassionate conservatism

He's going to be dead soon, and I guess I am a horrible person, because

Prince Charles to marry Camilla

Chicago DUers - Don't forget the gathering on the 20th!!!

What does it take to get you to sleep at nights?

Edamame question

Please help me counter the completely wrong stereotype of the Pit Bull

Why is that White-Bearded Man Interrupting Ted Koppel's Town Meeting?

Who's Who on the Religious Left

The Straussians and Religion

LAT: U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings

Scientists to barcode life on Earth

Titan winds pummelled Huygens

Speaking of Quakes -- New Madrid awakes!

Science can be beautiful (photos ahead)

Spray to boost female sex drive

Michigan Amendment Backers Suing To Remove Health Care Benefits

School Board Member Asked to Resign After 'Ex-Gay' Reference

Gay marriage vote postponed in Massachusetts

GAY SKI FESTIVAL TO CELEBRATE 13TH YEAR (All downhill from here)

Last night's Wife Swap episode with a lesbian couple and bi-racial fundies

'Housewives' star Cross: I'm not gay

Pro-Gay Youth Sexuality Bill Introduced In Congress

Would you buy this shirt?

Reality TV comes to baseball: New series highlights Brewers

Memo to Pets and Visitors-Cute EM for Critter Lovers

2 hours sleep tonight -- foster dog is here

Please help me counter this wrong and unfair stereotype of Pit Bulls

Pretty Puck

Pearly whites!

How can you tell if your pet is overweight?

Is it that strange that I have my previous cat's ashes in a box

Earth Changes - Reports by Michael Mandeville

discussing the Bible in my Art History class

Military retired and Social Security

Hmmm, I'm getting excited about Dean being DNC Chair


Went over to check out Corsi's column on

Kerry's talk on climate change

Just read it and weep

News: 2/10 New PAC announced and a tour! (READ ME)

New Letter today from JK

Calling Kerrycrats! Please vote in my "Would you support Hillary poll.

"I only gave money to Kerry 'cause he promised to defeat Bush"

Am I being overly paranoid re: Hillary and her voter bill?

I am convinced Gore would be president if he had picked Kerry

Just stopped by...

NBC's Brian Williams is GOP's new go-to anchor

Depression stats by the weekend.

FraWd- George W FraWd: Everything about this failure smells of FraWd

Doctors begin to separate 'Mermaid' baby's legs

Any bets on how many posts kuozzman will have locked by nights end?

How much more time of the pigs feeding at the trough do we have to endure?

USA Today places a "journalistic" spin on SS "Tax the Rich" concept

Social Security -- personal narratives. Here's my story. What's your's?

Don't let GannonGate distract us-focus on what's coming next(Dean attack)

Brian Williams is new 'go-to network anchor' for GOP

Lets talk Oprah Winfrey as VP

Kerry speech on Environment suppressed by media today!

Sen. Clinton is early presidential favorite among Dems

Feingold introduces ammendments to the Patriot Act

The Right-Wing Express

A response to my complaint to the FCC re: Armstrong Williams and Payola

Watch out - imminent RNC attacks on Dean are coming

My read on the threats toward Iran....

Army Will Reduce Reliance On Guard, Reserve

No unarmored Humvees to leave base

IMAGINE if Clinton had used someone like Gannon

Congress, CIA Resolve Dispute Over Nazi Files

Why Thatcher gave in: Treasury papers reveal sorry saga

the patronage angle to paying jounalists with government money

Freepers in a hissy fit of denial over ManGate ! >>>>>>

Social Insecurity: New term for the Bush SS scheme

Sheila Jackson Lee next on WJ C-SPAN for those interested

I want to try to get a local radio show...

Bush's Enron Budget

"...according to a previously undisclosed report from...

Arnie's dinner bill feeds opponents

The secret reality of spying on allies

Gee...N. Korea doesn't trust Bush???

See how they voted

Rice: Mere change of style?

Lots of Hillary bashers on board lately

"Didn't We Get Rid of Those People Years Ago?" Reflections on Empire/Uppit

Stephanie Miller is all over Man Gate!

A Framing Suggestion:

Fwd: Action Alert: Budgets are Moral Documents!

OK, whose head is going to roll over Gannongate at the WH?

I think Franken is going to pass on 2006

Today's comforting Fox headline: "Rice Warns N. Korea On Nukes"

Bush Is A Joke- Iran And North Korea Goes Nuclear On His Watch...

Does Mark Dayton stepping down open it up to Al Franken?

Why doesn't Bush just pay off the North Koreans?

The New Confederacy: wait, this is a joke, right?

THE RAW STORY/MN Station Says Franken IS Running In '06

Talon News owned by Endeavor Media GRP as of Monday/

Love this letter in the Orange County Register

Bush: Mis use/Abuse/Malfeasance/Deriliction of Duty/Power/Position

Gannon and Sean Hannity Link .......

Why do I get the Paranoid feeling we were worried about the wrong election

Bush admits he will default...WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?!?!?!

Calling Will Pitt -- Will Pitt please check in

Tampa Congressman Jim Davis to run for governor

We're Backing Blair in the UK General Election - please come and help us!

Do you also wake up each morning wondering which plotline

He's Got Friends In Low Places...

Ldotters respond to N. Korean Nukes: don't believe it

Great Articles on Washington Culture of Corruption and Secrecy

Hundreds of millions in cash given to U.S. military commanders to

Al Franken will make an announcement on his show today re: MN Sen

Obligatory poll. Should Al Franken run for the senate?

Brady (D-Pa) has to wear Pats football helmet all day today

Marriage Statistics from a Red State

Will KKKarl Rove's promotion give him presidential privilege protection

WTF, CNN? "Nearly 2/3 Americans satisfied with war on terrorism"

Caller on Bernie Ward's show last night: "What if Bush IS the AntiChrist"

The Only Thing MISSING From The Jeff Guckert/Gannon/MellenCougar Story

DU this Gannon mangate story on Yahoo news!

The Sanctity of Marriage will be destroyed

Tell Congress to protect Social Security - Move On petition

I realize what screwed us in the '04 elections...McAuliffe

Senate Democrats Shine a Bright Light on Bush "Privatization Tax"

NC State Bigots Refuse to Teach Religion in Science Class

Dayton "forced" out of running?

Al Franken Considering Running for Senator in 2006 for Dayton's seat!

If the media were doing its job, we'd all know the truth about SS.

Radical Election Idea

SCANDAL in the Press Corps -- WaPo's Froomkin on Gannon

US Progressives May want to look at this

...a connection between James Guckert and the Bush Family...?

Radio Heads Up: Barbara Boxer on NPR's Fresh Air NOW!

Am I The Only One That Still Plans To Vote Against The Appeasement Wing

The Liberal Media does it again...AFP/Yahoo news pulls.....

The irony of Fox: Front page, "N. Korea Has Nukes, Iran Put On Notice"

Boxer on NPR's Fresh Air

Oh boy - George Will coming to University of Central Florida

Someone needs to see if Gannon was living above his means.

AL Franken is not running for Senate in 2006

GOP Just Loves GE/NBC's Brian Williams According to Salon

Gannon/Guckert excuse for the porn domain name registrations..

Are We Going To Let Gannon And McClelland Make US The Homophobes?

Need Info on Election Machines

Is the Iraq "Tet Offensive" Underway?

GALLUP POLLS ARE A SCAM (favoring Bush) - evidence here

Dumbest bill of the day

Barbara Boxer on Fresh Air today

Top News Stories for today from fox; Guess which story didn't make it?

Franken calls for Hume to resign: ACTION ALERT!

Carper on the floor of the Senate now--C-SPAN 2 re: trash talk

Anyone catch Barbara Boxer on NPR today?

Listening to Daschle on Ed Schultz...why oh why

I need immediate help to preserve some web linkage...

Early Returns in 'Deep Throat' Contest: Rehnquist Takes the Lead!

Judy ruffruff/CNN/about to talk about the big bad Gannon,

The Conservative Movement will KILL us all......!

Is Gannon another John Poindexter screwup?

Gannon will be on Wolff Blitzer today @ 4 p.m. FYI


Hunger for Dictatorship (from The American Conservative)

Free Republic named in smear campaign scandal

Gannon a tax cheat too!

News Alert: Wes Clark on FOX - w/John Gibson (2.9.05)

CNN Money Poll --- Tax the wealthy to save SS

For those who were miffed that the DNC gave your email to Hillary

"Last time everyone congratulated me it was three days before Iowa."

Senate hands Bush & supporters major victory today re class-action suits

Please list all fraWd from the get go of his life to now George W FraWD!

Article about Bush CONversation in NC re: social security

Senators as Presidential Candidates - not such a bad deal.

Roll call vote on bill to curb class action suits

John Edwards is a genius

Obama and Salazar again vote against Democratic interests!

Is O'Malley Screwed?

I'm getting nauseas watching Leslie Blitzen

Hillary beats Pataki and Guliani

Why doesn't anyone care that Senate OKs Limit on Class Action Lawsuits?

They are talking about "Gannon" on MSNBC

Help Keep Bush on the Run!

Donate Mark Dayton for Senate

"Jeff Gannon" highlights no longer available on the Talon News website

Bush is turning us into..... Fascists `R Us.

Lautenberg Requests All Documents From White House (Jeff Gannon)

John Kerry: Stand with Howard Dean

" 'Retribution' for Dems Who Cooperate with White House"

Smoking Gun?? The link from Gannon to Bush??

What is all of this stupid talk about North Korea???

Senator Lautenberg writes to Scotty:

Will Reid ever say "it"? ... Will Dean ever say "it"?

I have some questions about the republican party.....

I wonder if the Gannon apologists remember Gary Aldrich?

Why do we think we can have nuclear weapons and others can't?

Senate OKs Limit on Class Action Lawsuits

Another great REPUBLICAN JESUS cartoon from Jesus' General

These 42 House Democrats said yes to legalizing all illegal acts,

Any MSM reporting on this FAA 9/11 report?

Billboard Blitz to Blast Hollywood (Republicans are putting up billboards

Bush's reading list includes soft porn

What happened to Saddam's Air Force?

Big Eddie RAILING about NYT Story on Newly Released Report

So why did Guckert use Gannon as alias...Joe Conason & Swift Boat Liars...

Contact Mark Dayton. Send Money! $5 $10

Kerry: Stand with Howard Dean

Well, this will probably piss a few people off, but...

Randi Rhodes says Mark Dayton being forced out by Rove machine

Help Us: Get Al Gore's First Speech Of The New Year Covered!

My Big GAY Perspective on Gannon. . .

I think Scotty McClellan is lying here >

OK, who's with me here? Are we seeing the end of the beginning?

Laura Bush on PBS with Jim Leher tonight talkin' bout gang violence.

MSNBC and CNN portray Gannon as a "Persecuted Conservative who is

Gracious letter from John Kerry re: Howard Dean

Laura Bush negotiates truce with Crips and Bloods

There's a Fresh Air piece on right now with Lynn Cheney

Who did you SUPPORT and VOTE for in the 1992 Democratic Primary?


Let's do "Empty Piggy Bank" Protests over the greedy Bush budget.

Pelosi Says Hold Your Fire

Is there a DU game plan for showing support for Dean?

Bush Family-Nazi Dealings-WWII to 1951.

Want to know the TRUE reasons behind the SS/Privatization BushPush?

Jeff Gannon coming up in a live intervew with Wolf Blitzer on CNN

The greatest thing about Dean:

The ONLY correct fix for Social Security

North Korea's got nukes -- another BushCo foreign policy failure

Republicans pass legislation that trashes the Constitution!!!!

"Jeff Gannon" to appear on "Wolf" Blitzer's show now

"Gannon" Running List....

"ACTION PLAN" to help Dean, DNC, Democratic Party (summary & re-post)

Call from local media on my email

Talon News - Major source of terrorist 'noise'