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Archives: February 1, 2005

If dupe, close it: TX abstinence-only program fails according to study

Editorial: Nothing but lip service......

American Students thinks Freedom of Press Goes too Far

The Inquisition Strikes Back

My article on Social Security: front page, East County Californian

O'Reilly rebuffed two callers' attempts to correct his misquotation of Box

Federal "shift and shaft"

America, What Is It We Are Dying For?

What I Heard about Iraq -Eliot Weinberger

Why the US will not leave Iraq-- Asia Times Editorial

Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow (journalist cant hide despair)

KO coming up next to discuss the campaign against Spongebob - and himself!

Do the Bushies support a free media

Restoring a fair, simple, and pro-opportunity tax system

A Year of Iraq Occupation News

RSS feed not working

I have a trivial question about threads that are "flaming".

Skinner What Is The "Freak" Emoticon Doing?

Holy hell! Was Cheswick really banned?

Concerning the "Sex Threads"

Peres pushes PA welfare system

Canadian Jews condemn 'Israeli Apartheid Week'

IDF says schoolgirl was probably killed by Palestinian gunfire

Holocaust was Zionist plot, say Iranian news agencies


interesting german 9/11 website!

Interesting quote about the neo-cons (9/11 relevance?)


Major bad stuff going down in the Illinois Libertarian Party...

John Kerry made some good points on MTP we should think about.

Will Pitt's latest essay--The 'D' word

Look how the Right Wing Michael Barone uses our arguments...for Venezuela!

Don't say you didn't know about the fraud

Same strategies being used in Iraq that were effectively applied in US

"*" has the lowest approval ratings ever for a "2 terms -Resident"

On Iraq election, a non US media view

New E-mail From Barbara Boxer Ready To Fight On

Rasmussen Report, the company that the "rethugs" love, tells the truth

My 1000th Post at DU! Cheers to you all! Peace, love & democracy forever!

KOEB returns thread!

ACTION! LETTER OF THE WEEK#3: Bush Arrogance, Election Fraud

Comparing my 2-party exit poll/vote percentage data to Freeman's

Two responses to my Dean for DNC letters

Donors give only $250 to Shelley's legal defense fund

Check out this website

Great license plate I saw today

DFL leaders back Dean to lead national party

Coleman to announce candidacy for Gov.

Chris Baker of KTRH in Houston is a fargin icehole

To all WIS. DUERS What issue are you most passionate about?

Why The US Won't Leave Iraq by Pepe Escobar.....

DAYUM...I picture the insurgents saying, we shot down 2 US aircraft

OMG. Guy painting our house is listing to religious radio.

who is said to have said....


Fareed Zakaria On The Daily Show tonight

just so we're clear about on which side the haters reside...

KOEB has returned to Election Results!

Crossing Over: Bush's Other Battle

Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets.

Alec Baldwin: Dinner for Five

Capture of al-Douri was faked by the Iraq government

Castro documentary on

Faith Based Payouts to "moral leaders" akin to payments of media

U.S. troops fire on prison riot as 4 die

Has anyone here ever watched the British House of Commons on C-Span?

"My Speech to the Graduates"

A nice article on one of my favorite people: I.F. Stone

So you think there is not going to be a Draft? Read Will Pitt's latest

"Why I am Obsessed With War" by Harry Browne (f**king brilliant article!)

Bad news out of India, Manmade Tsunami

I hate the times we are living in

Who won the Iraq election? I honestly don't know. I've seen all the talk

So, whose sacrifice counts: Iraqis, Americans or Bush's neoCONs?

I found a new freeper village...check out these comments on mrs. clinton


Freepers teaching kids how to steal from soda machines

The Texas highway patrolman the pulled over Canadian cop in Canada...

Economics in Amerikka

Anybody know what Ukraine's Yushchenko health is?

Did anyone notice that this month was the 3rd highest

Bush or Chimp?

Controversial CU prof resigns as department chair (over 9-11 essay)

Examine these photos..

Abstinence only programs have increased teen sexual activity

Which Logo Was Better? Kerry or Gore?

Charlie Rose 1/31: Rather, Burns, Friedman, Ignatieff, Cooper, and Chalabi

Iraqi Election Coverage

Jon Stewert unfairly slams Ted Kennedy

Fareed Zakaria (on Daily show) for Sec'y of State....?

Thoughts to live by.......

Aussie killed in Iraq: "Mum, its very risky in Baghdad"

Iowans, Ohioans, all those who couldn't get away

Mandatory Malloy: MONDAY Truthseeker RoundUp

why do i get the feeling that hysterically-anti-choice people

Who is Michael Ledeen? What does he say? Who does he influence?

Is it truly possible to be antiwar and promilitary? I just cannot rectify

A conservative with a sense of humor

Please e-mail Joe Scarborough re: Lies about Wesley Clark

George W. Bush turnpike in Dallas is so deadly they had to put up

PHOTOS: THESE people think it's still possible to "argue against Bush"


Wages not keeping up with inflation

Be careful of what you wish for

Iraq Jobs... Would you take one?

Awkward moment at the Inauguration (exclusive photo ->)

When did America jump the shark?

Ahmed Chalabi approached by Bush admin for position in Iraq government

us no longer # 1 column thom hartmann read today?

Eliot Spitzer on c-span 12:26 am et

Classic American Imperialism

To Draft Age DUers: If drafted, will you go, or will you resist?

Anybody listen to Scott Ritter on Randi Rhodes today?

I heard them say........

"It's not a matter of if abortion becomes illegal but when." Teaser from

what is wrong with our public schools?

Vote For Best-Looking Dem

Why not propose a flat-tax for SS reform to counter piratization

DH is no help with meal planning........

When you JUST don't want to cook ....

Television News Anchors (Hume most conservative, Rather most liberal)

Houston Chronicle: Bush to propose huge increase in military death benefit

Dobson Setting the Record Straight on SpongeBob (or not)

LeMoyne expels man over paper

US troops fire on prison rioters (four dead)

Texas Teens Increased Sex After Abstinence Program

We will build a statue for BUSH Says Baghdad Mayor - Im ready to puke

BBC apologises over Iraqi figures

Texas senator proposes :Should your child be graded on weight?

Local Muslims troubled by treatment at border

U.S. officials see gathering threat of terror attacks on Gulf bases

The Russians are coming FBI concerned - Moscow's growing number of spies

Kim Jong Il to keep it in the family

Poland votes Bush as top world politician

Habitat for Humanity Fires Its Founder

C.I.A. Chief (Gates) Under First Bush Says He Has Declined New Job

Habitat for Humanity Fires Its Founder

Brown: Pistons 'my last pro coaching job'

Feds: Enron made more than $1.6 billion on Western energy crisis

Controversial CU prof resigns as department chair (over 9-11 essay)

Keep smoking or keep my job?

UPDATE - First New England execution in 45 years put on hold

Scientists Grapple with Climate as Crisis Grows

Bush May Back Curbs on (Social Security) Accounts

State Democrats Back Dean for DNC Post

Gorbechev: "Iraq election was fake"

Arctic ozone layer is thinning, scientists report

Republicans, conservatives dominated Iraq election coverage on FOX

Two Alaska volcanoes show signs of eruption

Bush promotes 'nuclear hawks'

NAACP Resists IRS Investigation - Group Calls Probe Politically Motivated

Chertoff Denies Advising CIA on Torture

Former Crematory Operator Gets 12 Years

Kerry finished presidential campaign with money left for new bid (AP)

AP: Judge Begins Hearing San Diego Mayor Case

Global warming may kill off polar bears in 20 years, says WWF

Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes -NYT

4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits (NYT)

Gates says he turned down intel-czar job (not Bill)

Rumsfeld Seeks to Revive Burrowing Nuclear Bomb

Scottish MP: Iraqi elections are 'flawed beyond redemption'

OW! Damn it all to hell and back.

Mizz Jazz. Paging Mizz Jazz.

This is what happens when you let the lizards out of the lounge!

I like LBN in the early morning, with a cup of coffee.

Rev is teasing me! Don't make it stop!

Crystal Ball time, year 2020. Jenna Bush enters rehab, Freepers react.

Check out this great screen cleaner!

When graphic artists get bored:

I Would Like To See YOU Nekkid

If The election were held today, who would you vote for?

Memo to clowns: Don't bring your children to work - they will upstage you

Little Simba is sick - think he misses daddy

How do you make links appear as regular text in your posts?

I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Ramsey talking about Netflix

Man, did I miss you guys!

Are X-boxes worth it?

Does anyone have Earthlink DSL?

Back to the Front.

Laugh of the day! :)

SNL fans - have you noticed

Damnit you win

Does anyone have a teleporter I can borrow

If I can't smoke and swear, I'm f*cked!

Mayberry Machiavelli???? Where has he been?

Two Bush-supporters are re-doing my mom's bathroom

Cigarette smoke odors

Eyes Wide Shut is on Showtime - watch it or not?

My dog just broke a window

can we get an Edgar fan club?

The subject is olives. What is your favourite type?

Husker Du on the Joan Rivers show in 1987

I Just Found Baby Jesus!

A&E gets rights to "Sopranos" reruns for $2.5 million per episode

Just got a DVD what?

News discussion site thing

Anyone listening to the Majority Report now?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "a rancid affair"?

I confess. I love Neil Diamond.

Fear Factor Fans...

Catalog of Cool is now online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Argh!! I have a canker sore on my inner lip and on my tongue!

I absolutely love

Hillary Clinton or Teresa Heinz-Kerry?

Obligatory dinner menu thread: tonight's dinner is:

Waiting For Godot: Audition is Wednesday Night!

Post your fave Smiley!

What's your condition?

I beat Red!!!

Adrienne Rich on faithfulness among humans...

DRUDGE WORLD EXCLUSIVE: 'Meet the new Janet Jackson'

Is "24" on tonight?

So have you seen this show Yu-Gi-Oh?

Ping Pong, a Chihuahua

Rasheed Wallace is f*cking awesome!!


If I was president . . .

Listening to Metallica's "Master Of Puppets". Ask me anything.

Best Nickelodoen show (animation)

"Why do you use those 4 million dollar words....

'Spectacular Boobs' song

Congrads to JimmyJazz on 7000 posts and this better be what you wanted

i'm beginning to be sure that no one thinks like me

Crop Circles, man made? Or.........

Is 'The Simpsons' the biggest TV show of all time?

What are you hungry for right now?

My dog just broke wind

For all you Paul Simon fans out there:

Another unbelievable video clip: MD-11 down!

Graphic art help?

Anyone here besides me who likes ballet?

For all you Paul Simonon fans out there:


How long before telemarketers stop calling dead people?

Drudge: Medicare to cover penis drugs. Bwahahahaha.

Veronica!!! Where are you sweetums?

Dammit all to hell!!!!!!!

Arrghhh... ear worm!!! (fill in the blank)

What is up with all these farting dogs?

For the Bush State of the Union address...

~~~~SMILEY WAR!~~~~~

calling all Nelson Demille fans....

Finally had a "Teabiscuit" for the first time.

Do you tend to always be #XX or #X in replies to threads?

Best Morgan Freeman movie

What's with this guy?

gift for friend in hospital?

Just three more posts and I'm out of the 700 club. Ask me something.

Why would you rob a Baskins Robbins in Kansas in January?

Thank you all for your help! I have escaped the dreaded 700 club.

Is "24" being repeated on cable this year?

Where in the world is Peggy Lee?

I'm gonna get baked - what flavor do you want?


Where in the world is Tommy Lee?

Anyone here know about pool maintenance?

A video for your enjoyment

40 Things You'd Like To Say Out Loud At Work

For all the religous frauds out there.

Where in the world is Tommy Lee Jones?

I got a gift today, whaddaya think?

Finally saw "Seabiscuit" for the first time

I'm quite positive that no one likes me

Smileys from SmileyBoy:

G'night everybody!

Where in the world is Nancy and Lee?

I found a kick-ass football photo:

Am I the only"24" fan at DU?

Where is my Bush tax cut?

I don't care what the critics said, I laughed my ass off at this one.

I worry about Cyndi Lauper

The silent meow - how I love it!

Poll question: Frank Sinatra or Bob Dole.

What's the most embarrasing show that you like to watch?

You go to your favorite restaurant and find Bush is there for a photo op

Post the smiley you have a deep abiding hatred for

I'm gonna bake a pie - what flavor do you want?

whoisalhedges just said THE. DUMBEST. THING. EVER.

MEN ONLY: Do you ever cut your own hair?

Cable News to use GIANT floor map of Michael Jacksons genitals for trial.

The 'Freak' emoticon

Honest question. Who plucks their

Your favorite kind of CHEESE?

OMG!!!!! Michael Jackson's being chased by the police right now on TV!!!!


I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to think no one likes me.

How about a group forum devoted to AirAmericaRadio.

So I just watched the movie "Open Water"...

Favorite Air America Radio Host(s)

Vote for your favorite stereotype!!

Frank Sinatra Jr. or Jakob Dylan?

Why is expensive belgian chocolate so damn good?

Frank Sinatra or Bob Dylan.

I propose a Commercially Unsuccesful Rock Groups of the 1980's group

Blocks of airline "poop ice" totals car, boy holds it for the cameras

Best Nickelodoen show (non-animation)

17 hours until my root canal....

blatant propaganda for those considering a new washing machine

Anyone else up for another free association thread?

PDA questions

A pretty girl has given me heart shaped brownies tonight..

My Four Food Groups...

I saw Hotel Rwanda earlier tonight

Letterman Pays Special Tribute to Carson

What good thing has happened to you recently?

What do you do/want to do for a living?

Do you have pets? If so...can I see them?

Weather??? Human or extra-terrestrial hand in weather manipulation?

Nile Rogers' We Are Family Foundation pulls Gay Tolerance Message

If this is true, what a stupid, stupid person/"student-athlete" this is

Sports merchandise... why do people spend money on it? Is it worth it?

I'm making myself a Gary Bettman voodoo doll

The Synchronicity Sisters

Have you ever lost respect for someone

Question for people who watch MTP and know how to read Kerry

Confused about PNAC -->Will Marshall --> PPI -->John Kerry

Now you tell me people how does a Bushlite get a 105 from the UAW

My favorite Kerry story

PLEASE READ: Message from webmaster at

I hate the republicans and everything they've done to us

Can we get three numbers in one place on the Iraqi elections?

Bush to Condi: "Ain't spinning wonderful?"

O'Reilly is having a rant about the Left wing liberal media--intresting

Iraq election...Great ! Bring our guys home ? McCain never thought so

Any chance that DK will run for Governor of Ohio in '06?

Hey, I thought Rush told us that we were NOT a democracy but a Republic?

What happened in Iraq cannot be described credibly as an election

Nethercutt taking job at D.C. lobbying firm

Riot at Iraqi Detention Center, 4 dead

Has anyone else seen this True Majority Petition for Dean?

Will this be the latest SOTU address ever?

What's the deal with Bush, the CBC, and the Voting Rights Act?

Polite request for Dean supporters

PNAC tactfully asking Congress to bring back the Draft

check out the faux freeperville on mrs. clinton

Is It True That Dean Doesn't Believe the draft Clark Movement Existed?

Scott McClellan: "Timetables send the wrong message to the terrorists"

Which of these two quotes do you agree with?

James Roosevelt Jr. - Bush Plan to Privatize Social Security “An Outrage”

Wow!! Article 1/11/05 US and Iraq All Set for Strike against Syria

ASDC Endorses Howard Dean for DNC Chair

Who exactly votes for DNC chair? And when does it happen?

Dean "the evil Republican machine which divides us & does anything to win"

Should Democrats get creative with the media? Examples...

Would Hitler have succeeded in the 21st Century?

Texas senator proposes :Should your child be graded on weight?

Condi for President/VP!! You can count on it!...

YES! Prominent statisticians urge investigation of election

EVAN BAYH Had Some Good Comments on Social Security

TIME: An early eye on 2008

Senate to consider Gonzales nomination at 10:45 AM EST tomorrow

Was Iraq voting worth over 1400 US Soldiers killed

Does anyone else REFUSE to watch * on TV?

Now I'm not so sure I want our troops out of Iraq...

Webb to Drop out and endorse Dean

Be afraid be very afraid!! A NeoCon-quote from Michael Ledeen, of

Post-Election Nader Sticker?

Mokhiber exiled for asking if Bush was pushing for the rapture?

The pubs have no one to win in '08

Stop posting for one night and join us

Kucinich Demands Investigation Of Missing $9 Billion In Iraq

If you don't hate the Republicans and everything they stand for

"One great day isn't going to reverse a year and a half of blunders"

4yrs ago this week, Bush is handed the Hart-Rudman Report on Global Terror

Tell me again why a draft is bad?

Bush must embrace the values of open societies, by George Soros

Eliot Cohen: A Time for Humility

Al Jazeera 'for sale' is a sad sign for all

The Iraq Election: First Impressions

Some Just Voted for Food - Iraq Voting

"... and Bush created Democracy" - cartoon by Steve Bell

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted For in Iraq

VRA in 28 days

Rice Arrives Just in Time to Oversee Decline

"Democracy won, but do Americans care?"

The Homeland Security State

A Sneaky Bid for Arctic Oil

RW viewpoint defending Gonzales) Rewriting the Laws of War for a New Enemy

Fox bully (O'Reilly) is crybaby on Canada


Many Unhappy Returns

SpongeBob and Friends: Splendor in the Kelp


Bush, GOP Make Tax Simplification Complicated (SOTU expectations)

Molly Ivins: Election déjà vu

An Anti-Democracy Foreign Policy: Iran

Kick me in the shins....who is this guy?

Small manufacturers drive trade protectionism up the US agenda

Gay weddings boost economy, save government

Bush must demonstrate he has workable plan for Iraq

Train wreck of an election

Addicted to the net

Abandoning Liberty, Gaining Insecurity - Paul Craig Roberts

Kerry rejects call for Iraq troop withdrawal

Will Bush Side with the Property Thieves? (Eminent Domain Abuse)

Support Congressman Kucinich in his call for investigations

O'Reilly lies - says Bush SS optional w/ current Bene's unchanged

O'Reilly lies with Heritage Foundation re rejection of Bush plan AARP poll

The State of the Media Address - I'd roll on the floor laughing if it were

FOX is blue? Must be a mistake.

Fairness Doctrine's Fifth Act

No nonsense bumper sticker I saw today.

New ad from Moveon - "Working Retirement"

"The Democrats lost 2 elections in 3 months"

New title for U.S. corporate media.....

Texas station to carry Air America

Social Security privatization numbers don't add up....

FERC Staff Proposes Enron Fine ($1.7B vs $45B stolen from California)

China's Big, Dirty Secret(the Bush less regulation plan in action in China


Let Them Eat Rocket Fuel

CIA Corrects Itself on Arms (no chem arms in Iraq since 91)

BBC (February 1): UN urges Darfur war crimes trials

Iraqi Kurds See Chance to Press for Statehood

Announcing: A new group dedicated to fostering unity in the gun dungeon

NRA to help defend Social Security?

Thread you need to shut down

I made a little bit of a butt of myself tonite

When did the grammar police arrive at DU?

Hi guys...

We need more cowbell in the lounge!!!

We have AOL Messenger & ICQ listed for our profiles, what do you

Can bans ever be appealed or reconsidered?

Hiya Admins! Just a quick clarificationon this lock?

Re: Who is welcome on DU

Hey, I wanna do a concrete action something REAL. IS there a way

Satire not permitted in GD?

I'm now using Mozilla Firefox browser

Will the Hate Mail Bag return?

is there a limit to email in our inbox?

Cleanup in Aisle #, please.

May I ask why my post was deleted in this thread?

Group proposal: Electronic Music Group


US book exposes secret US military presence in Israel

Egyptian police kill suspect in Taba resort bombings

After such respect, such humiliation

IFF Beacon

Does anyone else think that the 9/11 planes exploded far more dramatically

Pantagraph: Comptroller won't pay for vaccines

Chicago Tribune: Rare rift stirs up DuPage board

Peoria Journal Star: Blagojevich building huge war chest

Illinois County by County Roll Call 2/1/05

Hearing in Jacksonville Tuesday at 6:00 on Election Fraud & Irregularities

Raw Story: Bush told CBC he ‘didn’t know anything about’ Voting Act...

"Fear Factor: Elections in Iraq"

Rendell appoints members to Elections Reform Task Force

Does anyone know of a Mitofsky/BushCo connection apart from exit polls?

ACTION - VIVA 2005 - Ask Your Senators to Stand Up for Election Reform

A statistics problem I need help with - Iraqi "Election"

Was Blackwell in charge of the Sunni vote?

KOEB be very, very jealous!

ACTION Sinclair's Hyman wrong on Ohio voting problems

John Kerry: "Give Voices To Our Values"

USATODAY: What got so many counties to shift from blue to red?

Kevin Shelly just responded with a Thank you e-mail.

USCountVotes Needs DU's help--They did the new report re: exit polls

Senate debate on Gonzales on C-Span2 RIGHT NOW!

Let me be clear on this and let's not fool ourselves

Feinstein votes NO on Gonzales. Democrats may FILIBUSTER!

Tuesday 2/1 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Seeking Data: Actual number of votes cast in each state 2000 and 2004

Bush to CBC: "Voting Rights Act of 1965? Never heard of it..."

ACT Meeting in L.A. Saturday

"Freeman is wrong" - Baker defends his investigation here:

Report on Election Irregularities Refutes Exit Poll "Explanation"

Media blast this evidence of Republican election Fraud

Election Reform AND Election Justice -- what this Orange Stater wants.


Your input requested - Solar Bus "Real News Network" page

II. Crushing the Coup: Purging "Bu$h theocratic NeoCON cabal" from America

Rudi Dekkers “fixing” elections, 9/11 -Daniel Hopsicker

Thousands of Iraqis denied vote - insufficient polling centers and ballots

Why Stealing Elections ( and a lot else) Is Totally Okay With This Cult

MUST READ:analysis & comparison Ensign & Dodd bills by

Out of Box: Your pet theory.

GREAT NEWS..... 2 judges found in GA to hear the Open Records Denial

Donors give only $250 to Shelley's legal defense fund

Schwarzenegger ready to top last year's fund-raising record

Governor's Citizenship Yanked and Deported Back to Old Country

WED: DFA mtg San Diego: I'm speaking on media reform

Remember to Vote FEINSTEIN OUT. Here is why:

San Diego North County

From Mydd - Dean is leading in the DNC Chair's race

Harkin Wins Mr. Rogers Award

Any DUers from Webster City? What's wrong with this woman?

Does Nick Coleman have his own show on Air America MN Radio,

Coleman uses Rethug SS talking points in new letter

Religious leaders don't like Timmy 'no tool's' health care plan.

What is the deal with the air quality alert?

Sen. Dayton will vote against Gonzales confirmation

Minneapolis/St. Paul folks-- need travel advice

Elite figure skaters to skate benefit show for TSUNAMI relief

Anyone know when and where the next Women in Black march is?

That $500 MAC mini is HOT!

FIREWALL IN THE HOLE! (Or vice versa)

Columbus' Coleman to run for governor, so Plusquellic won't

RW radio jock Glenn Beck. Is going to be at Barnes and

Bill Seeks Reins on Profs in Classroom

Question re: Santorum's radio time on KDKA & campaign law.

State of the Union 'Party' in York Pa Wednesday at 9pm:PfP

Last chance to call Conehead and Hutchison for the Gonzales Vote Tomorrow

Consumer group gives up lobbying effort in Texas

Republican Election Fraud in Texas

What time is the tonight's Campaign Ethics Summit

Frost Drops Out of Race for DNC Chairman

Bonilla says he'll seek Hutchison's job, if she leaves

2nd Aniversary of the War: March 19th - Let's protest in Austin Texas

Time to raise holy heck,over healthcare proposal!!!!!!!!!!

FYI - Some of the latest on TABOR

View A Real President of the People PHOTOS

Are you familiar with USAction?

Gonzales Added To War Crimes Complaint In Germany

For Perspective: "U.S. ENCOURAGED BY VIETNAM VOTE; Officials Cite 83%..

Did 60% of Iraqi's Really Vote-Iraq's "Independent Commission Predicted.."

Chabili on Charlie Rose? Last night Judith

Elections Are Not Democracy (Fareed Zakaria)

What is with 'Spirit of America'?

Illegal Immigration

my employer wants mexicans because:

Where to hege your bets...

British cabinet minister proves there is life after HIV

Dupe. Delete.

No surprise that American children is becoming stupider.

So....will chimpy bring up the DRED SCOTT debate at the SOTU ?

83% of voters defied terrorists to install US backed government

cheney vows to attack u.s! humor.

Military morality????Where???!!

Dead G.I. toll reaches 1,500 for those of you into numbers & statistics

Scary - "What's WMD?"

Black History Month

Independent Media Project Seeks Progressive Attorney

Search of Donald Rumsfeld’s Office Turns Up $8.8 Billion

These images from the Stella_Artois thread are a MUST SEE!

The Great Fundamentalist Martyrdom Circle-Jerk

Here's how I KNOW the Iraq election

New Republic Writer Calls for Death & Torture of Arundhati Roy & Stan Goff

Bush told black caucus he ‘didn’t know anything about’ Voting Rights Act

Anybody watching CSPAN (Global Climate Change/ Richard Kerr)

An interesting little tin foil "coincidence" in the Iraqi election...

Woman loses dad, husband in Iraq

Hilary versus Condi in 08'?

Anti-war Ramsey Clark in last half hour of c-span WJ

I just realized that we should not have to fear Iran or North Korea

Deployment and blue states

Saddam Was A Murderous Tyrant, But He Was Our Murderous Tyrant

Social Secuity Refom: Take Dog Food Away From Seniors

No voter left behind in Iraqi election ...

Moving action pictures of marines in Iraq *hi-res pictures 56k no way*

No more site registrations!

Little Billy Kristol--NeoCon Extraordinnaire on C-SPAN WJ now

Haiti more violent and inhumane now.

Gonzales debate coming up on CSPAN 2, 10:45ET. nt

If I Ran My Household Finances The Way the Government Ran Social Security

MSNBC just reported the chimp proposed...

Are you surprised that many in the MSM are paid by the WH?

Anyone see the open letter from California to Bush?

Statue of Bush in Baghdad

C-Span2-Senate Hearings, Gonzales vote may happen TODAY, have you called?

It was a weird morning....Kristol, Imus, and the neighborhood...

American Police State

The dogmatic propagandist

David Brooks: Preeminent purveyor of pollyanish poppycock? Or

Iran, Russia Sign 'Zohreh' Satellite Deal (Alliances are deepening)

My letter to Jerry Falwell - different point of view

The Efficiency of Government Services

a brilliant idea

Krugman makes a very interesting point this morning...

Hitler in color

Help. E-mail this asshole RW shock jock PLEASE

New Republic Writer Calls for Death & Torture of Arundhati Roy & Stan Goff

how much of the true story of the bfee will our grandkids know?

If Social Security "reform" is such a good idea...

Anyone going to Great Falls, MT to protest on Thursday?

"Tempting Faith"....excellent PBS program

Tom Ridge SURPRISED that no new terror attacks have occured

1/31/05---- 9/4/67 Deja vu all over again

Saddam, an eligible voter, didn't cast ballot - Are we surprised?

Real Quick Question

Motorcycyle helmet laws?

The softer side of "Operation Wolfhound Fury II"

Fraud Rife in Baghdad Election; "Israeli" Reporters Allowed to Vote

Sponge Bob wins Election in Iraq! - source - Juan Cole

Sponge Bob wins Election in Iraq! - source - Juan Cole

DU this poll. It's in the process of being freeped.

McDonald's Breaks Promise On Dangerous Trans Fatty Acids

Good Taser Use On Tough Job

Photoshop Propaganda. Disgusting.

Great Letter in Newspaper (From 10 Year Old!) About SpongeBob

Here's Clinton's big chance to do some good

Call a Republican Today, and Spread The Love!

The aWol** ass breaks Another Record for Soldier Deaths in Iraq....

Eligible voters vs. Registered Voters in Iraq

Do members of Congress have authority to demand access to records?

AP: Chimpy's in a "feisty mood"

Will we now, then, be exposed to the Jackson trial for the next six months

Grassley Alludes To Possibility Of Permanent Basing Of US Forces In Iraq

Was the kidnapped British-Iraqi woman - Hassan - ever found?

The American Freshman, Fall, 2004

Anyone else watching the hearing on Cspan?

At first glance this chart looks bad.....

Heartless American Proclaims American Heart Month >>>

I know it's Hannity, but it really pisses me off when...

Last Season by Phil Jackson, anyone read it?

Ann Coulter revealed as idiot on Canadian TV

Frost just left the DNC Chairman race: link to LBN story

U.S. guards who shot dead four inmates should be put on trial...

Gee I Wonder Why Carson Didn't Do This For Leno?

Arg! Why is Randi on tape today!?

Global warming inevitable for decades to come...

Kennedy on NOW - C-Span2 (4:04PM est) - Gonzales hearing

A simple question(Hopefully) about *'s SS plan.

How many $billions are we talking about in the oil for food scandal?

What Part Of NO Does AOL not UNDERSTAND

i nominate orrin hatch


See Bill O'Reilly lie/Video from Crooks&Liars

What to do during the State of the Union Address?

Air America Radio on 1690 in Atlanta

I favor the $250,000 in death benefits for the troops' families, but


REUTERS - Bush will call for a Near-Freeze in Spending!

Do the Fundies think that George Washington is in hell?

Fox news buys Al Jazeera

Do you think these are smoke screens

Melissa Fryrear says Love is a code word (you'll never guess why)

Gore Vidal: Bush Inaugural "Most UnAmerican Speech I've Ever Heard."

Flowers for Boxer Campaign.

looking for a pre-war quote from Wolfowitz (I think)

Lava Dome Surges at Mount St. Helens

OMG!!! PHONY TOY SOLDIER in the news!

What They're Not Telling You About the "Election" (Dar Jamail)

Monthly food ration for Iraqis hinged on their voting.

Twin Cities air 'unhealthy for all' first time in 25 years...

Randi's replaying Scott Ritter Interview Now on AAR n/t

News Hour just did a great piece on damage to coral reefs.

Air America breaks into TEXAS!!!!

RW political cartoonist for Scaife paper caught in bigamy scandal

Dayton Says No!

JD Hayworth on Lou Dobbs. Thinks Shrub is wrong on guest worker

Was Abe Lincoln gay?

did they ever figure out what made Hill pass out yesterday

Anybody got a link to Military Vector Control killing the puppy?

Message from John Kerry: Put Kids first campaign

Email Newsmax and DEMAND they appologize to...

Scary teen letters about God's role in the tsunami. What have we wrought?

Question About Whether To Call Cops

Article: Election under foreign occupation is illegal

Most successful religious / secular individual of all time . . .

Dahr Jamail blog: media deception over election

What do Honda, State Farm, Proctor and Gamble, have in common?

Do any of you have the pleasure of living away from neo-con "Christians?"

I've given in to fear.

Texas Teens Increased Sex After Abstinence Program

Byrd to Speak for 1 Hour Tomorrow on Gonzalez

Does anybody here still doubt that the Bush Cabal are Fascists?

George W. Bush in 1999: "Victory means exit strategy"

Shrub-bot (Tony GARZA) to Wed Mexico's Richest Woman

NPR won't let Firesign Theatre do anti-Bush material

Another DU "Good Riddance" to JOHN ASHCROFT >>>

FYI Kucinich on Crossfire

Will future generations of Americans salute us?

Are we past the point of no return?

How many of you consider Health insurance when contemplating

Randi Rhodes is getting alot of nutbag screaming callers...

Who's this asshole Al Franken's talking to?

Bad dreams lately

Frozen human waste crashes onto car

NOW what? No more lighters/matches on commercial flights

In general, Republicans seem to simply love War

Is the Pope on Death's Doorstep?

What's right with our public schools?

PEACE-OUT.COM website is up and running! (CO counseling)

I Think That I Owe An Apology To Gay/Lesbian DU'ers

An Orangeman (Irish Protestant Descendant) Speaks out.

Does Bush believe in the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" commandment?

What Resources Exist For Extremely Low-Income Women Seeking Abortions?

Is CA Secretary of State Shelley getting Davis'ed by the Republicans?

Why isn't the MSM "talking about" Kucinich demanding info. on the $9B ?

Check out the new MoveOn ads

Whither Feminism?

What will be the next "milestone" justifying continued Iraq occupation,

Oh, the places you go (when you follow the money)

Paul Krugman is REQUIRED reading today.

What did we want in Vietnam?

PHOTO EXPERTS-How fake is this photo (WARNING)

Letter from Media Matters to WH Press Secretary (Re: Talon News)

Oh brother. Medicare to cover boner pills.

It's outrage fatigue, I tell ya.

can anybody answer these 4 questions on tax.

Best way to address the Bush deficit crisis.

Bush wants to give a $100,000 'Gratuity' to family's of the dead?

American Doll taken hostage?

Can a legal case be made to shut down Fox News?

AP gets snookered on story.... falls for toy soldier as "kidnapped"

Republicans are messing with the wrong people.

"What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?"

is there any gov action you are not prepared to tolerate? ANY LIMITS?

Did Anyone watch Fidel Castro on PBS last night?

Anti-War Rally, Sat. March 19th NYC Central Park "Shock & Awe" annv.

Media doesn't care how insulting they are to 59 million who voted Dem.

"Surrender Dorothy" Polled Badly With the Munchkins.... (Toles)

What if everyone registered on DU pulled all their assets from the banks?

Walter Cronkite

What we need to kickstart the Draft: ANOTHER TERROR ATTACK

Beat them to it. A United Stand Against War...No One Joins...Screw the

"Raise Your Hand If You're a Woman in Science..."


Anybody have a great vinaigrette recipe for a Greek salad?

Libel allegations cost Schwarzenegger campaign $500,000 last year

Feds: Enron made more than $1.6 billion on Western energy crisis

House Panel to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling

Study: Tennessee not ready for state workers to retire

More Texans turn to food stamps

25-year quest for justice in fatal protest intensifies

Democrat makes early entry into '06 governor race (Florida!)

Chertoff denies advising CIA on torture

$250,000 military death benefit proposed

Unwed couples gain access, aid rights during illness

Records of Brazil's dark past surface after years of denial

Republicans give impetus to drug import measures

Dorgan says he may push for repeal of No Child Left Behind

Iraq's interim president predicts departure of some troops by year's end

Woman Loses Dad and Husband in Iraq War

Military Facing Budget Gap with Halliburton -- WSJ

'Concern' over club drug results

Record profits put oil firms on tax alert

Doubts cast on Allawi's vow to unite the country

Gay marriage in the Queen's Northern Ireland

Bush told black caucus he ‘didn’t know anything about’ Voting Rights Act

U.S. guards kill 4 detainees in Iraq riot

Chertoff Denies Advising CIA on Torture

Iraqis had to vote to receive food rations

Mother of first Australian combatant killed in Iraq criticises invasion

Texas Teens Increased Sex After Abstinence Program

Whiskey Giants Face Smuggling Hangover in Colombia

Iraqi President: U.S. Troops Should Stay

Thatcher to face court questions on African plot

Vatican cleric fuels condom row

PMs discussing Northern Bank raid

House advances 'Traditional Marriage' license plate

Egypt, Militants Clash in Sinai Peninsula

Islamic terrorism attacks in Kuwait

Troop withdrawal counterproductive: PM Howard

Antiriot plan eyes colleges, liquor sales (Menino: "No due process")

"Labour ads row is storm in teacup" ('anti-Semetic' posters withdrawn)

no food for US troops


Sharansky: from Soviet Dissident to Pres. Bush's Muse

Cotler tables 'landmark' same-sex bill (Canada)

Terror suspect freed from UK jail

More kisses for 'soft lips' Blair

State of emergency as Nepalese king fires ministers

Prosecution Rests in Defrocked Priest Case

Construction has best year since 1996

Iraq Shiite bloc 'claims victory'

Wounded Kentucky Soldier Flees To Canada

MIlitary facing wide budget gap with Halliburton; Overruns of $4Billion

Labor set to endorse DNC chair pick

WSJ: Proposed Defense Cuts Draw Fire

Key electoral reforms proposed (Seattle P-I)

GOP Sees a Future in Black Churches -LAT

Analysis: Bush must demonstrate he has workable plan for Iraq

Clinton to be U.N. tsunami envoy, sources say

France may lengthen 35-hour week

Let Them Eat Rocket Fuel

Man (republican insider) accused of stealing from GOP organization

Russian newspaper mocks big court fine in mostly blank issue

NIH to Ban Deals With Drug Firms

Pennsylvania Paper to Drop McManus, Keep Gallagher (payola pundits)

Hybrids may get use of car-pool lanes (in CA)

BYU Student Makes Documentary on Moore

Web Site Claims GI Captured in Iraq (AP)

Annan selects Bill Clinton to head tsunami effort

Iraq seeks answers after fatal riot at U.S. prison camp

New Darfur report triggers US-Europe division

Vote-by-mail test is proposed

Islamic Web Site Claims U.S. Soldier Captured, Threat To Behead Him

UN report calls for Darfur war crimes trials

Islamic Web site claims U.S. soldier captured

State Democrats endorse Dean to lead national party

Teen sex increased after abstinence program

Same-sex bill introduced in (Canadian) House of Commons

'Quality of life' tax brewing (in San Diego)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 1 February

Spitzer wins apology, $1bn from brokers

Cuba, China agree to develop oil deposits

Terror Wave Spreads Across Middle East ( Saudi Arabia linked)

Letter from Media Matters to WH Press Secretary (Re: Talon News)

Randi's replaying Scott Ritter Interview Now on AAR n/t

Bush heathcare reforms to get employers off the hook.

Byrd to Speak for 1 Hour Tomorrow on Gonzalez

Democrats considering filibustering Gonzales nomination

So-called U.S. hostage appears to be toy

American Doll taken hostage?

Hooters Air has eyes on expansion ( You have to read the article)

(Emergency Management Office) Mistake calls for evacuation of Conn.

College Cancels Event Amid Protests on Panelist's 9/11 Essay

U.S. troop deaths hit 100 for month

Helms Invokes (bashes) Bill Clinton, U.N. in Letter

Breaking - U.N. to name ex-President Clinton as point man for tsunami

SBC to cut more than 10,000 jobs in AT&T deal

Nepal's king declares emergency

Scientists Uncover New Designer Steroid

Link Saudi agent to Qaeda plotters (Training with U.S. Air Force)

Teen Claims Antidepressant Led to Murder

CNN: Ashcroft delivers parting shot to foes on sentencing, Patriot Act

Huge wave damages college-at-sea ship

Public-access TV porn under fire (Seattle P-I)

Iraqi Leader Urges U.S. Troops to Stay

AP: Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse

Depression May Be Monkey Business, Too

Kurds press for independence from Iraq

Former Enron chiefs may stand trial in September

Gingrich offers God-themed walking tour of Washington D.C.

Mother jailed over son's unpaid fees

CIA Corrects Itself on Arms

Rule on shooting Gray Wolves Overturned

Habib 'warned of big US event'

Foreign threat spurs Chinese monopoly law

Frost Drops Out of Race for DNC Chairman

Turks to Kurds: hands off oil town

Bush to Call for Near-Freeze in Spending: Aide

Officials: Ohio Supreme Justice Fails Sobriety Test

Democrats decide against filibuster

WSJ: White House Faces Calls to Withdraw After Iraq Election

Brain immaturity can be deadly (neurodevelopment and car crashes)

North Korea says U.S. is spying on it

Economic theories reveal the pitfalls of polygamy

DJ Pope John Paul II Taken To Hospital- TV

Utah Amending Gay Marriage Ban Problems

Democrats Shy From Iraq Exit Timetable

Police: Prosecutor Mugged After Calling Escort Service ("R" Family Values)

CIA urged to release Nazi records

One more:

Has anyone tried the "Wisp" air freshener?

its 12:11 pm EST... where are you and WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!

Why is cheapo Scotch whiskey so damn good?

Eta pesnya o samom prekrasnom gorode v mire - MOSKVA

Has anyone tried the "Wasp" air freshener?

Come on in, the mittens are delicious.

For the record - I HATE being impeded

Pets - that's how the shrub sees the Iraqis...

Question about S-Mart

Goodnight you good people. Tomorrow's a new day. nt

Has anyone tried WASP air freshener?

Dean shouldn't even be elected janitor of the DNC building.

I bid you goodnight my DU cohorts.


Tony Almeda is BADASS

I'm so tired and I have to leave for work in 5 hours

I'm a genius! I'm a genius!

One kid with bronchitis (possibly the flu), the other kid working on

Finally saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" for the first time.

Blatant Blog Boosting

The Official Cyber Primal Scream Thread.

Fun things YOU can do to save the sanctity of marriage!!!

Slow ride...

I'll be going to bed soon, ask me anything.

All of a sudden, I'm in the mood for quiche.

a question about wal-mart

Fury at Nazi Gaffe - this month's Private Eye cover made me laugh!

Things I have learned about my husband in the last few weeks


for that person who absolutely, positively has EVERYTHING . . .

Look! This is something to behold!

a question about stall art

I still can't believe she's gone

Which way are you going, which side will you be on?

Am I the only one that finds AVN awards hysterically funny

It hasn't been too long since the inauguration to send Bush a present.

Group suggestion: Worshippers of whoisalhedges as Satan

LA Town Receives Phone Service For First Time - Celebrate With Fish Fry

Man Wins $15 Million From Nestle - His Face Is On Taster's Choice Coffee

"Governor Dummer Academy" Thinks Its Time To Change Name

Full, physical apparition?

Yay, I got a nerdy goodie in the mail!

Child In Ski Mask Causes Terrorist Scare At Airport

Life isn't about the breaths you take..

Guess What......I got the fever...and the only cure....

Happy 49th (!) Birthday, Exene Cervenka!!

I'm starting a rock band - what will you audition for?

Good morning!

What do you think of this as a name for a kid?

Teacher Mooned Colleague's At Staff Meeting, Smoked Pot

A guy walks into a bar and sees Dubya and Rumsfeld in the corner...

Fun with Stirling

Good Morning DU.

video killed the radio star!!

happy b-day Xcene

A deadly case of the "Mondays."

Buffalo Roams Into Center's Dressing Room

Fun with Sting

Fun with String

Miracle shot lifts Guilford -92 foot shot wins game in OT

NPR: New I-pod prefers Steely Dan

Sport of the future?

Marley's fans gather in Ethiopia

Sorry Massachusetts - your governor sucks compared to ours here in PA

Goddamn, I'm unphotogenic

Teacher Bites 10 Year Old Girl In Fight Over CD Player

the ultimate earworm: the theme from the bridge on the River Kwai

Even Skinner agrees: The lounge needs more cowbell

Is "Horror Business by the Misfits" the best rock song EVER WRITTEN?!

I need a new, BLUE Shampoo

No more site registrations!

Bush advisor for Iraqi election steps forward to certify election results.

Goddamn, I'm unapologetic

Dear Abby,

goddamn, i'm unpatriotic

Does anyone here work at the University of Georgia?

Pope has the flu and cancelled apprences

Man Gets 3 Years In Prison For Stockpiling Junk In His Yard

Woman Sued By Recording Industry For Ex-Husband's Music Downloads


I just spent 2 hours in traffic. Ask me anything.

The passive-aggressive 404 page and the stalker 404 page

The "Two Shrunken Shills of Expanding Democracy" CAPTION

GROUP SUGGESTION: Planning For And Loving Your Retirement

Hahaha... just ran into one of my coworkers

just finished Nelson Demille's newest, Night Fall (no spoilers)....

I got a freeper's car towed!!!!

Did anyone see the classy tribute Dave Letterman gave Johnny last night?

They're testing the civil defense sirens right now.

The "State of the Union" CAPTION

I need a new ZOO review


You should hear...

Civil War

Is "Cruel Summer" the best rock song EVER WRITTEN?!

Groundhog Day

How many people were killed by captive elephants between 1990 and 2003?

My Dr. uses curse words during office visits...does this seem odd to you?

what's worse than freeper?

I've never watched a single Super Bowl.

Hahaha... just ran into one of my coworkers

Can anyone help me fit this into an avatar

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Who here is good at curses & breaking them?

Franken is KILLING today

Man Finds Human Leg In Bag Thought To Have Father's Belongings

So Fresh, So Clean

Ever suddenly open your eyes and realize your whole life has changed?

Unwitting coffee model awarded $15.6M

you antiamerican c_ck smokers

Do people even bother with spelling any more?

Stand Back!!!

You mad at your boss?

We got a postcard in the mail telling us

Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams -- Comedy Channel at 3pm.

DU Group Proposal: Fly Fishing and Clown Fear Awareness Group

In the movie "Groundhog Day"...

Wow check out this link for FUN!

The Pope is attacked by pigeons

I'm finally updated!

Who is most likely to give Terrell Owens a career ending injury Sunday?

there must be at least thirty pigeons outside my door

Wow! Major change for this year's "Wardrobe malfunction"

what's that site w/ all the tv vid clips?

Favorite quote from the movie "GOODFELLAS". Besides the...

I've encountered Devo's "Mongoloid" twice today.

Email Newsmax and DEMAND they appologize to...


ATENTION DU Employeers....I Need Your Help.....

Watched "Super-Nanny" last night - not bad!

Do you know the way to San Quentin?

Sponge Bob wins Election in Iraq! - source - Juan Cole

Phone Sex Pervert Targeting Mexican Kids

Maim My Puppy!

Ground Hog in the morning, Monkey at Night.

I am looking for a credit card processor for my business

Eccentric businessman pays to sponsor college library urinals

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

I love Tom Oliphant 's laugh on Al Franken....

Post something unmemorable about another DUer.

Is "Pieces of Me" by Ashley Simpson the best rock song ever?

HEY! Everybody wave!!!!

I just e-filed my taxes for the first time! I feel like such a grownup!

Study: Dust Mites Do NOT Like Unmade Beds

Yours for the amazing low price of $19.89!

Group suggestion: Worshippers of Rick Astley as God.

Do you know the way to Llama School?

What's new, Pussycat?

A hair raising experience!

What's new, kittycat?

So, You Are A Kid In School And Your Father Is Named 'Underpants'

My Shirt Smells Like A Rainbow!

My technophobic parents just bought themselves a Dish

Help! i'm trapped in a house full of sick people!

My Shit Smells Like A Rainbow!

Let's name Underpants new kid

I've been seeing this truck, and it pisses me off

Mail order catalogs - love 'em or hate 'em?

I am sitting here at work, jamming to some dead

What's in your coworkers wallet/purse. They don't mind if you...

Post something incredibly witty here...

I'm In Class Right Now & Bored Out Of My Mind

How fast can you type?

We have a fan.....

"It's better to burn out than to fade away"

I made a good joke today!

Take a brand name and mix it with any last name: Tylenol Kleeb

Bumper Sticker idea"

Do you know the way to San Fierro?

Is there any way to make a poll with more than 10 answer options?

Interesting music video (Kanye West)

Exhibitionists Reveal Yourself

The First Drink of the Day

Any lounge lizards also marital artists?

Miami Judge Drops Charge Against King Kong

Who here noticed that the posts needed for a flamey thingy went up?

Image Of JESUSFISH Appears In Dirty Frying Pan!

I just moved to Ohio and boy are my arms tired!

I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun’s calling my name

"'Borf' is watching us" --- WTF is this?

I just finished cleaning out my closet

Is it just me or does it look awfully like a "Hollywood Computer"?

Image Of JESUS Appears In Dirty Frying Pan!

Is there anyone or anything on earth cuter and more adorable than simba?

I long to see you in the morning light,

What are the signs you're in a really good dive bar?

Is there anyone/anything on earth cuter and more adorable than Little Foot

When was the last time you shared your "UuuhOoooh Face"?

Watch it here first: Right-Wing Squares

Who Remembers THIS????

Am I being too sensitive? (somewhat long)

I just ate some of my infamous egg salad...

HELP! Should I smoke my last cigarette tonight or in the morning?

@#$! Buster the Bunny.

Yo, is this poem any good?

Born during the Moon of the Strong Cold? check in here!

Who remembers this?

Dig Phish?

Invisible Persons, Reveal Yourselves!

I am eating white chocolate covered oreos.

Vigos, reveal yourselves!

Just a test. Please ignore.

Sagittarius, don't respond, you are probably too busy out having fun.

Year of the Dog! Reveal yourselves!

Virgos, reveal yourselves!

But I didn't do anything!

Bunny, tigereye and other Pixburgh DUers: affected by the derailment?

If you dont know or care what your sign is, check in here

My youngest son (32) is going through a difficult divorse....

Woman's Car Damaged By Falling Block Of Human Waste

Cher's FINAL farewell show will be at the Hollywood Bowl!

People who don't need to identify with any one group - check in here

American hostage in Iraq is really a doll.

Name a song that got you so pumped everytime you heard it......

I am a Canceo

Any Urban Vinyl Toy collectors in here?

We Leos don't need to reveal ourselves

Has there been a thread for Moonie children yet?

this is not a sex thread

Is your game gender specific?

I am a Cancerman

Is Tweety a repuke?

What would a DU Roleplaying game be like...

Am I a horrible person

So, who's a Horned Goat?

30 Helens agree...

No Irish Need Apply

Everybody Loves Patricia Heaton at ABC

Need advice about selling concert tickets online

Is your gender name specific?

Mail-In rebates are such Bullshit.

I'm going out to lunch - can I bring anything back for you?

Tauruses need not stoop to the same level as these other signs...

Fox news buys Al Jazeera

Is "Lost" good TV or just watchable crap


Has Gemini been done yet? n/t

Feel your job!!!

Is there anyone or anything on earth cuter and more adorable than sniffa?


Has there been a thread for Moon Children yet , commonly

I am Corndogio!

why doesn't my post count increment any more?

We're missing Sagittarius and Capricorn

Favorite Supreme Court justice, past or present?

What was your worst layoff experience?

It'sa time to play Finda the Pope in the Pizza!

Someone please post the link for Smackfest '05. Tis funny!

Georgie meets the Pistons

One month later and I'm still on my New Year's Diet!!!


Caption Smirk!

Favorite Microsoft Office Program?

Find the popes in the pizza?

Teacher accused of biting girl

Who's this Veronica that Will is talking about?

GoodNite to all the wonderful people in DU world! Time to go!

I like Jay better than Dave... does this make me evil?

Some good news for you!

Does anyone remember, that day in the lounge, when LynneSin told a joke

I prefer Arsenio to Jay or Dave, does that make me evil?

Wouldn't it be cool?

I worship at the altar of the Giant F'n "Q"!

DU's best freeper imitation in progress

Name a concept album that holds up relatively well

Hell I'll just pray humbly

Why are all Scorpios eventually murdered?

I want to offer financing to my customers, are there any good companies?

Anyone here heard of "Working Assets Long Distance" phone service?

Ned Flanders represents "ruling" values in the U.S.

Pray For The Pontiff

I prefer Johnny to Jay or Dave, does that make me an old fart?

Strange things you've done with your Swiss Army Knife

I DARE you to tell me THIS wasn't the GREATEST band of ALL TIME!

OMG What a pig!

Man I haven't been to the lounge in weeks/"In Good Company" is good

Snoop Dogg a Low Down Dirty Dogg????

Post about another DUer(s) you've never met and something memorable...

Really Need Career Advice ASAP!!!

Bang! Bang! Bang! On the door, baby!

Were you ever paddled in school?

I had disaster dreams last night

With Today's Gas Prices, I'd Like One of These


Vote for your favorite stereo type

Ignore me.

Have you jumped the shark? Have you?

Terrible dream last night

Guess how much my cell phone bill was this month? (hint: I'm crying)

Am I the only one that still loves Scully?

CONFESS!!!!!! Who did you have a crush on when you were 8 years old

Rudy T Resigning From Lakers...

I just changed the calendars in my kitchen...

What animal are you in the Chinese Lunar Calender?

I'm Cosmo Kramer, the Assman.

Cat breath: Pleasant or obnoxious?

Good dancer or bad dancer?

Should I stay at a Christian Hostel in Amsterdam????

My truck died. The lights just dimmed, turn signals stopped, engine died.

Are you afraid of the registry?

CONFESS!!™ What was the date/occasion of your conception?

Veronica! There's no girl cuter than Veronica!

Shows your whole family sat down to watch religously? Every week.

I'm throwing my sticker away ...

Best Tom Hanks Movie

Wouldn't it be cool if all the sports leagues went on strike -

Wow, DU got 100 new members since yesterday.

Gratuitous Sects Thread

Holy crap! It just hit me-my wife is due 6 months from yesterday

Scorpios check in

Bertha Venation, Goddess of Cat Lovers, needs help with a cat problem.

Worst name for a child (girl)

I need a smoke, Ask Me Anything

Are you happy with your mother's maiden name?

What's your sign?


Hey, I was just watching "Roger and Me" for the first time and noticed

Anyone take the GREs? What were your scores?

Is your name gender specific?


Libras check in here

Who's your favorite Pope? And Why

Is "Layla" the best rock song EVER WRITTEN?!

pisces reveaL yourseLves

I just passed the 11,000 mark!!!

Would you eat pickle relish that has been open for several months

DU Techies: any good online service department suites?

Official "what's for dinner?" thread

For goodness' sake, WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

I am Cornholio.

Post about another DUer(s) you've met and something memable they did!


Healthiest Way to Get Drunk?

Any Aries in da hoooooooooooouse?!?!?

What was your worst playoff experience?

Rock bands often decline when they try to write rock operas.

I love my new coat!

The unbearable grossness of cats

Are Aquarians the coolest people ON EARTH?!

A Joke For Jesse Helms

Home Run Rally time!

Names that have gone out of style, but deserve a comeback!

'Freak' vs 'Flippy'

Question for all of my vegetarian/vegan friends in the Lounge

What Classic T.V. board game should we play.



Arsenio H. & Eddie M.--What's the deal? Anyone else

I'm a Bob Dylan geek. Ask me anything.

Honoring my mother's memory, please keep kicked

Are you happy with your birthdate?

Colloidal Silver: Do any of you take it?

I'd like to hear your Amsterdam stories (so that I may plagiarize them).

You are five years old...what is your favorite toy?

Your vote for WORST name for a child (boy)

Need help on another thread

Atten Vegetarians, there is a question being directed at you.

Russell Simmons (Def Jam, Phat Farm) promotes animal abuse hotline

Brook Lillehaugen, A blue-state Christian

Do you believe in hell?

Do you fear death?

Walter Cronkite/Interfaith Alliance

Medicare toCover Drugs forImpotence(lifestylelike birth control-or desease

NIH to Ban Deals With Drug Firms (ethics)

Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes

Mossy spirals reveal primitive patterns

Canadian Gay Marriage Bill Goes To Parliament Today

DUP hits at Trimble adviser's gay marriage (Northern Ireland)

Gay Buying Power Continues To Grow

The Right-Wing needs to boycott Walmart Now (promotes "tolerence")

Lesbian wins unfair dismissal case over e-mails to her lover

Jury Rejects Murder Verdict In Gay Slaying

Mary Cheney to write autobiography

Court Orders NYU To Pay Gay Composer's Widower $2 Million

Utah's anti-gay amendment proponents just figured out it applies to them

Conservative Christians and Muslims United against gays


Rudy T. TO Quit Lakers

Any one else watching Arsenal-Manchester U ?

Take back Superbowl Sunday - for GOD!!!

Rumors: Favre and E. Smith to retire soon

Terrell Owens Says He'll Play on Sunday

Bill Simmons is doing a Super Bowl blog all this week

Worst singing performance in the history of professional sports

Eagles fans: Do you see TO becoming a team distraction?

Cat in Duluth suffers frostbite, seeking donations for vet

The Cheetah cam is rockin' this morning


Einstein, the brainy bird

Anyone here attend a Science of Mind church?

What are your thoughts on the show "Medium?"

"Special" abilities...who are the psychic oddballs here at DU?

is there a website that explains all the different xtian sects?

White Smoke Watch

Have you received this Anti-Pepsi e-mail?

The campaign funds

Ok since I am a sleepy head, tell me what happened with Gonzales

I just realized something about the Soros thread


Frost drops out: Howard Dean last man standing for Chair

Does it seem to anyone else that the repukes are afraid of something?

Gonzales vote today

Well, woop-de-doo, I'm a Kerry Apologist

Good to see he's having some fun, too

Tell me what's wrong with this headline....

Hey is this oasis gonna be populated tonight?

The Dean people are using the potential Dean victory as an opportunity to

Any Holga fans in here?

A photographer's delight

Post your favorite photo gallery place here

Article on TN DNC Delegates

WSJ: Housing Sector Seeks No Tax Remodeling

Krugman says high rate of returns flaw in SS privatization plans

WSJ: Bush Rallies Lawmakers on Social Security

Did Kerry Roll Over or...

Wesley Clark in the WSJ: Set Kosovo Free

Rice is to the GOP what Clark is to the Democratic Party

"maybe they wouldn't have looted the whole [expletive] place."

Got a response from Keith Olberman about SpongeBob Dobson.

Hey just out of curiosity...WHAT ever happened to us going to MARS?

Democratic Socialist assessment of the Election in November

Democrats' Clifford quits -Rochester, NY

Condi in 08 - the final straw that breaks the Dems backs

Smoking to be outlawed in Parliament

Is anyone watching Ramsey Clark

Reserving Judgment: Iraqi election success?

Laura will have guests from Iraq and Afghanistan at the SOTU

Iraq's elections were perfect ...... Now let us GET OUT

First they came for social security and I said nothing because...

Is it over yet?

Do you believe the Iraqi election was (will be) legitimate?

4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits

Savage: "don't give a rat's ass about the Iraqi people"

Phone Calls? Anyone got some time for a phone call or two?

The Doomsday Scenario for Social Security...

Senator Feinstein D-CA

Left allies regroup for SS battle- ACT-style coalition is coming together

Patrick Leahy - Vermont

US Media created Bush-then manufactured consent for his banana republic

Colorado Dem Party Chair Chris Gates and former Mayor Webb endorses Dean!

Kevin Drum: Filibuster rule could haunt GOP

Donnie Fowler on AAR this morning - Highly Underwhelming.

Social Security. I heard on the news, CNN I think, just in passing

Just curious -- who will Dean's supporters blame if he becomes DNC chair?

Who will anti-Dean supporters credit when Dean succeeds at reforming the

My Senator Jim Talent responds on Social Security.

Abstinence based "education" and the lies they tell...

AFL-CIO decided not to endorse anyone in DNC race

Senate Watch - 1 February 2005 [Gonzales Nomination] Thread #1

Justice Dept. to Charge $373K for Records (of detainees)

Do you think DNC fundraising will improve under chairman Dean?

What's with all the religious rhetoric in politics?

09/04/1967 - Elections a huge success despite terrorist threat

Anyone know who is delivering the Democratic response to SOTU?

Annan appoints Clinton special envoy for tsunami reconstruction

"...real Iraq and the fantasy Iraq of Washington and London."

Let's have fun debunking this...

Mikulski Votes NO!

Den Kucinich on c-span now--demaiding that Congress invest. 9 Billion

Just heard Democrats are considering filibuster of Gonzales.

Rolling Stone: The Return of the Draft

The women of Iraq: what is going to happen?

When is the Gonzales vote?

"Nobody expected you to win," shrub said "I know how you feel."

Iraqi election: Am I the only party pooper?

QUID PRO QUO: Talon News and the White House

Why is GOP platform not more moderate?

Bill O'Reilly lies about France Boycott/Video

MSNBC: Bush, with lowest 2nd term rating since Nixon, in "a feisty mood"

Re: Dean becoming DNC chair

"Every Hispanic-American in the country is watching," said Hatch

Geogia Secty of State stages coup in State House of Reps

Howard Dean redux: This time, to lead the party

Republicans are very sneaky, and it could mean a dark future for the US

loose labels lose 'lections

"Hit the Road Jack"

Can someone tell me if I have Bush's Health care reform right?

Have Any Photos of Purple Chopped Off Fingers.....

Filibuster Question-Is Hatch doing this in retalition for Kennedy, etc

listening to npr earlier

I'm Amazed At How Effectively They Have Made This About "Freeing" Iraq!

I think Ed Schultz knows how to fight the pubs on Social Security

Gonzalez Senate Debate-Official Thread #2

Bang! Bang! Bang! On the door, baby!

Hispanic groups divided over Gonzales

Welcome To New Ameristan! Land Of The Free, Home Of The Chickenhawk!

So the Thugs think the Geneva Convention only protects American

Bill would change Maine's voting system to 'instant runoff'

Fillibuster 101


MoveOn's ads re: Social Security "New Working Poor"

According to memo, Bush can torture you or your family any time he wants

Has anybody noticed something?

Does it seem to anyone else that the repukes are afraid of something?

Sen. Cornyn invokes "The Hogan's Heroes Defense" for Gonzales

MSNBC RE: Gonzales "Kennedy & Durbin are calling for a filibuster!"

sen george allen just made "a formal apology" live on CNN..for what?

America the colony

Want to see a ridiculous right-wing poll?

WE don't want a "NO" vote on Gonzales. America needs a filibuster

Why is * getting credit for the increase in military fam death benefits?

You had damn well better start saving money now

The next war CIA out, Pentagon in Bush administration has secret war plans

Republican advice for Democrats

Repukes must be twisting arms. Someone has to have defected

Gonzalez AG Appt Senate Debate: Official Thread #3

These Senators are messin' with us.

Let's hope Reid wrong when he predicts only 25 to 30 No votes on Gonzales

Does anyone have Bush's itinerary when he comes to Europe?

USA Today asks "How'd BUSH Win So Many GORE Voters? (Excellent Article)

Reid: Not a single Dem Senator will support Bush's privatization of SS!

Torture "Is the Recipe for the Destruction" of International Human Rights

"Give Voice To Our Values" ...from John Kerry

GOP Sees a Future in Black Churches

Is Doug Feith going to take

Will the Democrats stand and applaud for Bush during SOTU?

Now That We Have Met All Of Our Goals In Iraq...

Bob Kerrey in the WSJ: Pride and Prejudice

Just caught something on ABC News

Do The Republicans really think Americans

MN DNC delegation to unanimously back Dean.

Freedom of Speech? The First What?

Gonzalez AG Appt Senate Debate: Official Thread #4

Center for American Progress..WHAT WE NEED!!

"First they came for Tinky Winky..." Olbermann on SpongeBob

Uggh! The Iraqi's have voted before haven't they?

Need link to "BUSH SUCKS"

Did I just hear them unanimously consent to no filibuster?

Alberto the Torturer

Could someone please explain to me how the Dems plan to win votes

Another fine example of Freeper/Repuke hypocrisy - Cleveland's

Please help Kevin Shelley - Donate to his legal defense fund today!

Reid must go. End of story. He can't be trusted.

Neocon Letter to Congress on Increasing U.S. Ground Forces

AP: Democrats say they won't block Gonzales nomination

Chuck Todd said to Judy Woodruff (about Dean) that the RNC will start

Reporter asked Scotty if ** believed in "thou shalt not kill"....

Donna Brazile describes some at DNC as "bottom dwelling fish-

E-mail MSNBC re: Wes Clark lies & partisan crap (only takes 2 minutes!)

Bush and Hitler

Kerry's Healthcare for Kids Campaign

I wonder what the repukes think of their "savior" taking away health insur

OK Dean is going to get the chair!!!! YEA!!!!!!

Tell me again about PNAC

Why so many counties went from Blue to Red in '04

WH reporter calls for death penalty for families of killed soldiers.

Martin Frost Drops Out of Race for DNC Chairman

Has the RNC ever gotten so agitated over the selection of DNC Chair?

The Hill: Dean a Sure Thing

So, if Obama votes in support of Al "Torture" Gonzales it is ok cause he's

Judy Woodruff and Chuck Todd doing their best to screw Howard Dean!

More DETAILS of *'s Social Security 'reform', from Rick Santorum's

Let's keep it simple: just purge every Democrat in Washington DC

Racism: Silencing the Outrage?

Poll: Iraq's future and Bush's legacy

Name a negative Bush story that dropped off the radar...

As far as I'm concerned, the Gonzales vote is the moral equivalent

Dems won' t filibuster Gonzales. What the hell do they stand for?

Nuff Said...

Bummer news, guys, That TOLL FREE Capitol Hill number is GONE.

The Most DANGEROUS Repuke Out There Right Now (IMHO) - J.D. Hayworth

Alright folks, could we please just settle down?

I just got a phone call from a LaRouche supporter

Compensation for Iraq