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Archives: January 8, 2005

Idea of the Week: Redistricting Reform

Iraq: The Devastation by Dahr Jamail

They were brave and they thrown down the gauntlet

Bickering heights

Democratic wienies and the Jesus Factor (Part of the "Taking the Fight To

Conason: The yes man (Gonzales)

The Reality of Red-State Fascism

Do SUVs Make You Stupid? by Mark Morford

Is the media not able to retain 4 facts about current Social Security?

Since the RWers love torture so much, let's use it on

where is the gallery??

A suggestion/request

Asking for Irish Affairs Group Approval

CIA Delays 9/11 report release.

PLEASE READ Paranoid shift Believe Me This Article Will Blow Your Mind

Ten Things We Learned About 911 In 2004

A little Shout Out would be nice !!

In 2008 - Jeb runs, uses same voting machines and it's 8 more?

A practical start...

KOEB Witness Protection Program

The donkey that refused to kick

Officials Call For Electronic Voting Paper Trail: Rep. Holt

Quote of the Day

Keef, Keef! You "done us wrong" ....Terra, Terra, Terra, we ain't watchin

Great Washington recount article! needs campaign finance advice! HELP!


Does anyone know why so few turned out on the 6th?

Bush is the ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT says Repuke Rossi .... PLEASE LOOK!!!!!

USA Today on Ohio Protest.

Tonight NOW: The Majority Report Barbara Boxer our hero and JJ our hero

Waiting for the fall

Something we CAN do without the help of federal politicians

The Nation: Keep Objecting (We've only just begun to fight)

Did Networks Fake Exit Polls, While AP “Accessed” 2,995 Mainframes?

What % of Democrats Know About the Fraud???

Action: Air America Radio Ohio Recount Poll

Fly your "Flags At Half-Mast" on Jan 20th!

A message for the Dems

How fascist is the USA as of the Congressional challenge ?

A very simple question - why didn't more vote "yea"?

Ken Blackwell Up to More Tricks

I'm curious-- did any of you get exit polled or even SEE an exit poller

Questions to put meaning to yesterday. Please respond if you know.

Is This The First Big Political Movement That Began On The Internet?

Rep. Nadler: "How do you get over having your vote stolen?"

Text of Email from

Michael Moore on Jay Leno in a few minutes, on NBC nt

Psst, Olbermann vs. Coulter Doll

More Rally Pics Here

Lost Faith

Update from Ohio please?

Registering Republican won't work.

Another effort we need to organize: informing more people about our media

Editorial writing/ talk show call-in campaign: voting issues

Think Hastert will make nice with Pelosi after the challenge ?

All I can say right NOW is thank god Jon Stewart is back from the holidays

I'm a Democrat. And I'm Damn proud.

After voting: This is what they want you to believe...

Shrub's "spirit" after death: where will "it" go ?

Help me take down this poster from another forum.

What is Cliff Arenbeck hiding from us?

I am looking for a place to stay on the 19th and 20th to protest...

We have to fight the discouragement and get the numbers back up

to the Neville Chamberlin Coalition

Newsweek: "In Defeat, a Victory?"

Houston, we've got a problem.

"a stolen election is usually just the start"........What is FASCISM Alex?

Going after Hillary now - Conyers already - Rove will smear them all

Ky. Senator Seated Despite Concerns

The Nashua Advocate: The Orange Report, No. 1

Florida Precinct (Liberty) has 666.7% Voter Turnout WTF!! Part 2

Anyone for starting the NEW Democratic Party? I'm done with the old one.


Please stop saying "Bush Won" or "Kerry Really Won". The

Forget election reform if * declares himself president for life.

Hi guys, I am home now and I need some help finding threads

Don't leave the Dems - TAKE OVER. Join or start a progressive caucus now


READ: Analysis of Undervotes in New Mexico’s 2004 Presidential Ballots

Does anyone know where Arenbeck stands in this?

My recap of the past 3 days in D.C.....Rally, DU meetup, etc

We Need a Special Prosecutor Thread

Lofgren a No Vote on the certification


J20 - Orange County. Oppose the Coronation in the heart of the OC

Inaugurate This! Jan. 17-26 Austin Events

I sent this to the Wis State Journal, the Capitol Times, the Green Bay

Can you be physically attracted to someone when you know

it's amazing how strongly the conservatives believe in recycling.

Watch the Daily Show right now-hilarious!

Arnebeck letter to Congress

Saudi generosity - re Tsunami relief

For The 1st Time, The US Is Not One Of World's 10 freest economies

Right Wing Dictator GW Bush Approval Rating Lower Than Nixon's

You know, I liked the X Files.

$240,000 of My and Your Tax Money went to Armstrong Williams...and

I'm lost...where has the gallery gone to?

Just call him President Torture: Memo reveals Bush OK'd Torture

CEO's using the "I'm not an accountant" defense in court

We NEED to start talking more about "odious debts" and govt. spending

Gallery discovers Mozart portrait

I just bought Fahrenheit 911 on DVD, ask me anything

Boycott Sinclair Pt. II - A list of Advertisers and Investors

Letter to Bush re: Armstrong Williams from Sens Reid, Kennedy, Lautenberg

If you think Shrub is paying Armstrong Williams a ton...

Paula Zahn just announced ..."The Thai Sex-Workers are back in business"

AP: Global survey says political parties seen as most corrupt institutions

Weeks after getting medal of freedom, Tenet's CIA blamed for 9/11

Majority Report has Boxer and Jesse Jackson.

HOLY SHIT! Sinclair intimidating PETITION SIGNERS

Photo: NCLB: Neo-Con Love Bunny

Portrait of a True A$$wipe.......Dino Rossi

Letter From David Brock RE: Armstrong Williams

Homeland Security "Conference" in Oahu!

I've got a question about this "laser in the cockpit" business....

George's Gift.

This week on NOW: BAD MEDICINE at the FDA, interview with a whistleblower

Pale Male

Tourists sunbathe on Patong beach just days after Tsunami

Truthseekers check in.. I think the Armstrong Williams story

AP: Sri Lankan Teenager Raped by Rescuer - - Anyone see this?

Could someone direct me to a website that identifies the Iraqi candidates

What will be the new milestone after Iraqi Elections

WHAT CONSTITUTES HUMAN EVIL (let's explore "moral values")?

Al Franken on Hardball was great!

If Armstrong Williams had been paid by the Clinton Administration,

Armstrong Williams $240,000.......what's Diebold's price?

Dr. Martin Luther King's Words Ring So Loudly Today About Bush's Iraqi War

I knew it!

Please rate this story on Yahoo. (Armstrong Williams)

Hannity about to weigh in on yesterdays electoral vote challenge!!!!

Lets Flood Dinos E-Mail Box

PHOTO: "I gave $10,000 to tsunami aid & $240,000 to Armstrong Williams"

To my friends tha really understand

Here's a bumper sticker that should get the goat of republicans everywhere

Questions to put meaning to yesterday. Please respond if you know.

An interview with Adolf Hitler on Fox News.

Anyone else happy that ATM makers (Diebold) are migrating to Windows XP?

My "I Love Barbara Boxer" Thread

Shrub Is a STALLION for Voting Rights----------(oh, in Iraq-----nevermind)

OK I've tried to help us come up with a symbol. That seems to have been

Why isn't "tort reform" Bush going after guys like this?

Besides Armstrong, who else is * paying taxpayer $ to sell programs?

Dear Mr BushCo...$$$$

"God Bless America Again"

I Felt So Foolish Today.


Not voting is a valid political strategy.

Armstrong Williams and Michael Moore.

you see I cannot be forsakken

Best BANG for you buck: Arm$trong Williams vs. Stretch Armstrong

January, 2001 news: "Bush Urges High Ethical Standards"

Tsunami survivors face pneumonia threat

A Tragic Accident Spotlights a Hole In Auto Regulation

We need a good author to publish a book on election fraud...

More spew from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

The Mighty US GI's: Lied To, Used, and Losing

Anybody else see KO just destroy the Ann Coulter doll? Hilarious! eom

Is Jim Lehrer part of the "mainstream media"?

WTF? O'reily talks about the "Left Wing Media" on every show??

The Guardian: "Mistakes happen to all kinds of people" (abortionist movie)

KO Destroyed the Ann Coulter doll on the Air. What is Ann doing now?

A little story i wrote up, lemme know! (sorry, it's long)

Calling All Malloy Truthseekers....You Know The Drill!

Is it possible to renounce citizenship and still live in America?

Go see "The Assassination of Richard Nixon"

I Don't Want My Taxes Going To Armstrong Williams

Every senator who votes to confirm Alberto Gonzalez must be declared

I switched party affiliation today . . . from Democrat

Bush and Tort Reform

You don't have to be male, to vote.

Un-Freakin-Believable (conversation with my brother re: Williams)

Rosemary Kennedy has died

Is the national divide really between TOTAL ASSHOLES vs non ASSHOLES?

Abu Ghraib defendant Graner says "I'm gonna have a smile on my face".

See How Your Senator or H or Rep Voted Yesterday Jan 6th

What I think I've decided concerning "changing parties"...

On what tv show did Armstrong Williams tout the Bush education bill?

DU this poll: Armstrong Williams has a poll at his website.

Yo, this place needs to change it's name...

Missing Bill Moyers! (whine)

Tribune FIRES Amstrong Williams

Bush Inaugural Fund-Raising Hits $18M; Short Of $40M Goal

how many 'pundits' are on the WH payroll?

KOEB Meeting

Revolution Symbol samples to date! They are all pretty cool (BIG)

Another Armstrong Williams thread

"The Guy James Show" at new time tomorrow- 7 to 10pm

Michael Moore on Leno tonight

Ann Coulter says we should nuke them "for fun".

Armstrong Williams PROVES the VRWC Conspiracy

Does God Hate Fags?

Proud to be practicing UNPAID PUNDITRY

Wachovia-SouthTrust layoffs number at least 1,180 in Birmingham

Report: Nevada judicial candidates may have broken campaign laws

Russian icebreaker to rescue U.S. base

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Separate

Excellent This American Life on soldiers in Iraq on now on PBS.

Great moment on Countdown with Olbermann

Several Iraqi guards killed

US troops facing deadlier bombs in Iraq

Indonesia rejects US spy rumours

General Warns of 'Spectacular' Iraq Plots

AP/MSNBC: Republican challenges Washington vote

Former Denver mayor criticizes Bush's Social Security plan

Thousands of Somalis Protest Against Plans to Deploy African Peacekeepers

Students, teachers to be excused from 'intelligent design' statement

U.S. tsunami victim unhappy with treatment by his government

Michigan group seeking to enact a state ban on affirmative action

Entrepreneur, Angel of Mercy

Armstrong Williams Column Axed by TMS

In Defeat, a Victory?

AP: Sri Lankan Teenager Raped by Rescuer

Chile Judge Says Pinochet Had False Passports

Democrats try to alter Social Security debate

It's a Boy as China Marks 1.3 Billionth Person

U.S. Said to Hold More Foreigners in Iraq Fighting

NYT CIA Heads andTenet To Blame for 9/11

Donate inaugural funds, Bush told

Bush Says Asbestos Suits Hurt U.S. Economy

US 'sets conditions for Iraq election delay'

Florida lawmakers make push to keep Navy's carrier fleet at 12

Bush Paints His Goals As 'Crises' – Reprises A First-Term Tactic

As war toll grows, strains on Army get heavier and outlook looks grimmer

Kentucky Senate seats GOP candidate despite residency concerns

Insurer fined for improper (life insurance) policies sold to soldiers

Democrat Frustrated by 9/11 Report Delays

Victims Outraged As Judge Seeks Job Back

Retarded Kennedy sister dies at 86

Bush's Approval Rating Falls in AP Poll

No Bombshell Likely in Oil - For - Food Audit

Ex-Directors at Enron to Chip in on Settlement

Now we're outnumbered in Iraq - some 200,000 to 150,000:

(Mark) Cuban wants Bush to scrap inaugural ball

White House warns U.S. could be like Europe if taxes rise

Say what you will about the right, but they're damned good at recycling.

Which of the following has a better chance of happening??

'The Apprentice' season 1 - DISGUSTING. Not only

I survived the Ice Queen!

I am Governor Jerry Brown

Better version of "Wooden Ships"

How do you feel about the band Chevelle?

You know, I liked the X Files.

DU automobile mechanic folks--what happened?

Would you like a free CD copy of Brian Wilson's SMILE?

Huge price for Audrey Hepburn stamp

So. California DUers: I will be in Orange Co. Feb. 19-24

OH MY GOD...I just went to godhatesfags for the first time...

An interesting monster should have an interesting hairdo...

This is serious: What is the softest brand of facial tissue?

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Separate

Any flute/piccolo players out there?

In other celeb news, Jude law is engaged! Damn, another 'hottie'

In honour of SarahBelle. I can't stand men with

I hate to say this as a Carpenter fan, but the Precinct 13 remake....

My Last Day Of Work Day - Last Day In Uniform

"Oh I got a helmet"

Do non-Christian religions also have hokey "miracles"?

Bizarre, funny spam I got (how do they come up with this stuff)

OH NO! Brad and Jen separated!!!

So, my repug bosses have killed the net completely

MrScorpio's Retirement Party

Anybody here ever use a ceramic hair straightener?

Just as GD calms down a bit...BOOM!

Remember that awful website that Dallas PD was contacted on?

That settles it - I want Harrison's "Beware of Darkness" at my funeral!

Angel's Food Cake vs Devil's Food Cake

What do y'all think of the Save Disney movement?

I am going to pull some shenanigans on next person who says BITCH SLAP

Jesus,Jeebus, etc.

How do you all pronounce "Iraq" and Iran"

It's official: I love Janeane Garofalo!

They are almost!

Mike's coming up!!!! can't wait to hear him tonight

Wasn't Lisa Kendall an MTV VJ?

Twister on TNT

Boston? New York City ? San Diego ? Denver ? Seattle ? Miami ?????

I'm on 697! Ask me anything.

Wow, what a psychotic bitch, Jennifer Giroux!

Xanax and Vicodin Re-Prescribed

Las Vegas, Nevada - Snow!

Funny thing happened at the Winn Dixie tonight.

30 years ago tonight, these were the most popular singles in America.

Evil marketing bastards

Scarborough just threw a hissy over the Armstrong thing. n/t

Hamsters are incapable of facial expression. >

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,

I Thought "The Devil's Advocate" Was A Regular Lawyer Movie

LOL! Keith Olbermann just destroyed an Ann Coulter doll!

Gratuitous Friday Evening Kitty Pictures Because I Was In The Mood

Do those drugs to increase your dongs size really work?

876 posts away from 10,000. Ask me lots of stuff!

Cute little rodents are incapable of facial expression. >

I just posted a bunch of my paintings down in the Artists Group.

I used to love watching tv

Cat Stevens is incapable of facial expression

What is the most ancient primitive come-on line you've ever used?

"You know, this used to be a hell of a good country"

I'm ready to GET DEPRESSED! Who's going with me to the rest of DU?

So, Michael Newdow is now the public voice for Atheists world 'round...

What's the dumbest commercial you ever saw ?

L.A. DUers - sick of the rain yet?

I like Clik and Clak as much as the next guy

Armstrong Williams Biggest Problem Is His Skin Color


Armstrong Williams vs. Stretch Armstrong

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Split

My cat is yakking in the hallway.

Describe the first thread that you started that got locked or removed

I just saw the movie "Roger and Me"


What songs from the 60s & 70s that could have been written yesterday?

Dogs are incapable of facial expression. >

Network TV exceutive bring back a show that was cancelled.

Tsunami donors -- all of you who are going without lunch ...

Finally! I can almost afford to buy a new computer.

Though my threads are tanking tonight, here's a message to lurking RWers.

Daily casual wear - is this odd?

Can you be mentally attracted to someone you've only seen naked?

Bra, pit, and ass separate

My employer just cut my hours in half

Joe Dirt Rules!

Under blue moon I saw yoou

Moving On...

get up get down with

The way is shut.

"Don't be such a freaky ass republican" Overheard at Target just now.

I have it!!! Bush plan is from DUNE. Baron, Beast Rabban and Feyd (pics)

Managerial styles that are effective

"You look like the Piss Boy, your majesty!"

Brad Pitt is not with Jennifer anymore......

Do you want to laugh? Do you want to laugh HARD? I mean do you

How many have ever called into a radio talk show? Just wondering

I'm totally drunk for the first time in a long time, ask me anything!

Wish me luck on Tuesday... neurosurgeon #2

I'd sure like to see another thread about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston!

Teeny Little Super Guy, pops right up before your eyes...

Am I the only person who thinks King Of The Hill really fucking SUCKS??

Find Your Aura Colors

Could Amber Frye be more of a ho'?

Wich DVD COMPLETE TV series should i buy

A few--and only a few--of the wonderful women of the left!

Latest update on "Roo"

Most amazing discovery - Jamaican Jerk Ribs!

I just realized I'm 50 shy of 2000 posts! Will all of my DU friends join?

Does your SO love music that you HATE?

Uncle Zomby's Whizbang Bucket O' Fun Feelgood Thread of Happystuff

Life is Good here

Brad Pitt appreciation thread

Do you remember the absolute *FUNNIEST* thread you've ever read on DU?

Kid Rock is dating porn star Jesse Jane!

Baskin Robbins ... what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Whats better? Sobriety and Dealing with life issues? Or getting high...

Great moment on Countdown with Olbermann

Proposal for a Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston group

"I am going to bitch slap the next person who says SHENANIGANS!"

Hamsters are incapable of special erection.

Holy Crap! Is this legal?

How much would you spend on tires?

Need a cleaning tip

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Separate.

Grand canyon mule rides

For you cats who love horses... or vice-versa.

What Is The Most Ancient Primitive Computer You've Ever Worked On?

When I take over the world - ( fill in the blank )

Saw "Million Dollar Baby" today.....

Is Katie Couric a Dem - or at least leaning that way?

L2E: Liberals can't be real Christians...PLEEEAZE help respond!

Not voting is a valid political strategy.

Hi There SarahBelle Thread


Sick People Thread

Anyone else really like the Pixies?

Bands/Singers that you hated at first but would now die for?

How do YOU get rid of really bad headaches.

Can you be physically attracted to someone you've never even seen?

Bands you're ashamed to admit you like

What was the first computer game you ever owned?

Are Atheists welcome in this group?

10 Most Puzzling Artifacts

New T-Shirt making its way to Norman, Oklahoma!!!!

The NFC playoff system is BS

Doggie health question--- can anybody help?

AANEWS for Friday, January 7, 2005 -- Night Owl Edition

We're the second biggest group!

Ok girls (and boys too, I suppose :P)

OMG LMAO!! Bush and Croanies are caught up in scandal!

Is it cold where you are? First pic with my new digital camera

Ken Schram Commentary: I'm Ignoring The Rants (WA Gov: Rossi/Gregoire)

I had no idea (

When will the corporate government outsource the presidency?

Text of Boxer's Objection to Certification of Ohio's Electoral Votes

Boxer Revolution Not Boxer Rebellion

There is a meeting in Atlanta this week-end with DNC and candidates...

State Chair????

Al Franken, coming up on "Hardball" (7:35 pm EST) n/t

What will Term Two mean for W?

The Great Dem Hope

Did I Just Hear Ed Rollins....

Barbara Boxer on Majority Report

Is Dean even *ready* for the DNC?

Hillary Clinton's Former Campaign Finance Director Indicted

My 1989 trip to Moscow and thoughts about fascism

Armstrong Williams website poll. So far,

My Letter to Kerry About Ohio

A message for the Dems

* needs another line...the "hate the freedom" is starting to grow thin and

US stuck in Iraq for FIVE, TEN or TWENTY YEARS...Place your bets here !

Hit 'em where they live. Hidebound, blindered Republicans can't adapt

If you were to create a new Political Party, what would it be? n/t

Lawmakers Call on * to Stop Covert Propaganda

Do you think the Religious Right would agree to this???

Let's support leaders not a bureaucratic, scaredy-cats-cat party

Please take a minute and email this Repug DJ

just received this via email. very interesting christian books website...

David Brooks predicts what will "bring down" the Republican party.

Armstrong Williams to be on Scarbourough now. Joe was blasting

Please, progressive Dems, run for office!

No UN oil-for-food "scandal"; and a fun assignment for rightwingnuts

Bush/Armstrong Williams Campaign

Yeah, Kerry's bad, Dean's bad, Clark's bad, bad nauseaum. Feast on THIS:

I saw Howard Dean this afternoon

I'm the first to say it: Barbara Boxer is a DINO, with strong DLC ties-

Why we should send snail mail to Boxer and Tubbs-Jones

Barbara Boxer Against NAFTA

DLC members supported by DFA

Harrowing 1st Hand Account of Tsunami - Expat gets no help from Embassy

“White Man’s Burden” and the Iraq War

Defining Bias Downward: Holding Political Power to Account Is Not Some Lib

Washington Week in Revue ---- (stories missed by the media)

Rude Awakening To Bush's Missile Defense Dreams - Scott Ritter

Interview w/ George Clooney - Esquire

A day of humiliation and futility for the Democratic Party

Kristof: It's Time to Spray DDT

Keep Objecting

Sticking together (Dems more united than repubs) Eleanor Clift

Tortuous reasoning

Dutch study US bombing blunder

Southern Liberal

YAY Sen. Durbin, YAY Illinois

An American Gulag

The 'tsunami' victims that we don't count

Bush wants good news only

Gonzales - a fight worth having

Researcher Says Children's 'Tolerance' Video Promotes Homosexuality

Press Enterprise (CA): Boxer's rebellion

I'm back! BUSH CHEATED file available at it's new home!

Inauguration Tickets

Scared SH*TLESS about the lack of dialog re: new tax system

EU Carbon Trading Network Takes Off In 2005 - Nature

Chemical In Red Tide Blooms May Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Scientists decipher genome of bacterium that destroys chlorinated

Chinese Chemists report low impact carbon dioxide fixation chemistry.

DU participants from the UK, please comment on the recently released DOJ

DOJ report uses PA & VT arguments we've used on DU.

can you explain the backslashes in this post?

A comment on StandAndFight's post

Could DU host my high res flyer files as I have been kicked off tripod

Please delete the Bickering post in the Editorials forum

The number of replies is still 0 on my thread but

A person mistaking me for Skinner

Do any of you gentlemen ever wish . . .

DU Traffic Reports

rules re: cross posting

Is it still possible to start a new group?

Would a 2006 Planning forum be an appropriate addition to

Why was this thread locked?

A pity that this thread was locked on grounds that it had become

Seeking permission

Are "medical questions" a violation of DU policy ??

The Dem hate-fest and Trolls (and some ideas)

I just noticed I lost my star! Was I demoted?

Why did you lock this thread on Hillary and Rove?

Please unlock this inappropriately locked LBN thread

Palestinian Presidential Candidates

Alan Johnston (BBC, Saturday): Mixed feelings in Gaza at Abbas agenda

Remind you of anything?

Russ Stewart: Democrats' Hispanic Base Has Yet to Materialize

State Journal Register: In-law Trouble for the Governor

Best Newspaper From Outside Chicago

Illinois roll call


A good Newsweek article about Electoral Challenge

Isn't it odd that F9-11 just won the "People's Choice"

Republicans to contest Wash. governor's race

Steve Freeman on Keeping our democracy alive

PLEASE READ Paranoid shift Believe Me This Article Will Blow Your Mind

Nov 14 - Conyers on internet radio, a level set about what we hoped then..

MORE R Corruption. This Time, It's Judges in NV - Campaign '04

California dreaming -- on such a winter's day.....

I am sick to my stomach all over again...

Letter fromBlackwell: Helped deliver OH for B* BEFORE votes were COUNTED

Repuke Message Boards?

Help me write a letter to the NY Post Please!

Identify the 'problem' and solutions will usually follow. Try it yourself.

Time for unity

Demand that OH BOE officials resign for their complete ineptness

Who was the Congressman from San Diego who...

You folks want to know what the real "problem" is with the democrats?

Letter to my Nay-saying representative in Congress

Write to your local papers re: the inaugural ball

The Dem NAY sayers were putting their stamp of approval

"Challenge" Audits vs "Random" Audits..

A letter to the editor...

Contact Wash. St. to Stop Rossi's Attempt for a ReVote

Oops... looks like a dupe

The Nashua Advocate: Orange Report No. 2

certification discussin -upcoming NoW on Fox tv.--who suffered by

DU this poll (Washington revote)

Any link to the final Washington recount results by county?

We need hard evidence.

I'm back! BUSH CHEATED file available at it's new home!

Did anyone send the Conyer's report to Jon Stewart and TDS?

BLACKWELL - Letter Asks for Illegal Money

Enough with the flowers! Here's MY Thank You letter to Barbara Boxer:

NM DRE Machines Undervotes Report by uscountvotes


simple mass email to media

The Elephant in the Livingroom of our Country

transcripts of jan. 6 challenge?

Stop Freeping: New Forum by invitation only?

Did anyone hear Jesse Jackson on Majority report Jan 7?

Ohio Co. BOE approves fewer machines/warns that longer lines likely

Does this make you feel proud?

Are there United Nations standards for auditing elections?

Could someone explain the Idaho Senate Results?

'I want you to vote for me,' dying wife said

Families of some U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq plan a strong protest

For the naysayers here about Arnebeck ...From TruthOut


I seriously heart Jon Stewart, BUT...

Jesse Jackson in 2008

Let's take to the streets!!!!

Voter Suppression Rap Sheet -

In the Clearing Stands a Boxer... a letter from Michael Moore

PDA Photos from Jan 6th Rally

Question on vote to oppose seating of electors: No votes

Face it: Jan 6th was hopeless, stop crying about and get back to work.

The Nashua Advocate: Results of the First Post-Election National Exit Poll

Conyers' efforts for a full Congressional inquiry

Another excellent election fraud website! (Great links!)

Brothers and Sisters of the Land of DU!! Stop! Listen!

Parallels between 2004-5 and 1933. The truth hurts

Has Jimmy Carter weighed in on 2004 election yet?

Contacting House Judiciary Committee Republicans

The Dems have won the last 4 (and 5 of the last 8) presidential elections.

Get This!!!!! Letter from Ohio elections officer seeks illegal ...

Report: Swing voters don't matter

Besides Blackwell, what other state election officials also held...

self delete nt

OK, if we agree on some of this, we could say that we are a "movement"

THE "COOL" PLACE TO BE?? With the Election Reform Group, of course!


Say Kerry had won Ohio-GOP could have blocked his victory...Right


From the Free Press: Together we moved three mountains

DU THIS POLE: Ohio Letter Seeks Illegal Contributions

Michael Moore's letter to friends on Boxer's challenge (view all)

Suppose Boxer Signed The Objection & NO SENATORS SPOKE OUT?

For those with audio streaming, Guy James on next ....

only one - ONE - senator voted against the electoral votes - WTF

A few things we could do immediately

Jim Hightower says "Put The PARTY back in Democratic Party


So with the vote denied the people what is next?

Staples in Panic re- flood of PRO-Sinclair calls & e-mails -- ideas?

How about a big Thank You to C-Span?

Link to oppose the Washington revote

LTE can someone check this?

Here is a partial list of Republicans that spoke on Thursday

Check out Thursday's Congressional proceedings online @

Math proves that Dems could have fought back on Jan 6th!

We need Howard Dean to demonstrate

Letter from Michael Moore

Need a name for our election fraud/awareness group

A list of the Congressional Dems who supported Boxer Thursday.

Well It's Happening, The RPubs Are Talking About 08 Challenge

Names & addresses of congresspeople who stood with Sen Boxer on Jan 6th.

Working on new project! Need tons of links! urge bush and rnc to disavow voter suppression.

Republicans are losing, they are fading out, that is why

Call for WRITERS to highlight NON MAINSTREAM NEWS!

Any comments from the CBC, especially Conyers, re 1/6 vote?

Looking for the list of Republicans that spoke on Thurs. can anyone

How do we feel about Kerry. is there still love for the man?

BBV working on Ohio

Defectors from the DNC are the abusive husbands of the left. your input is needed!!! update & new thread

Saturday 1/8/05 Election/Fraud/Recount Thread

From LBN: Florida Consultant Gathered Absentee Votes -- UK Guardian

Therapeutic, Post January 6th Haiku Thread!!

Fantasy Moment: How awesome would it be......

A letter to Republicans, opinions and proofreading please?

The Secret Outcome of Election 2004 and the Things to Watch for...

Kerry is doing what he promised.

Collected threads of Senate and House "debaters" of challenge

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Election Reform Group

2004 ER & DU we proudly present well...

RH Phillips "Estimated Vote Count in Ohio" online

Pictures from Washington DC 1-6-06


One day later, I am very grateful ... (a long love poem to DU)

Report on machine fraud in Snohomish County WA-get this report out!

Ohio Ballot Order Bombshell

A Party in Fountain Valley Sat., Feb. 19 -- DUers invited!

We should primary out Feinstein in 2006

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

John Olver voted "YEA"

By His Excellency

What is Norm Coleman's marital background?

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Love my new DVD burner - Sony DRU-710

I want to upload an avatar and all I get is an error page.

What is a good duplicate file locate utility app?

BUSH CHEATED graphic is back at a new URL for download!

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

santorum CYBERGATE Scandal EXCLUSIVE PICTURES of ricky's house

Bumper Sticker: Honk if you have Weapons of Mass Destruction

Slagle and Soechting endorse Frost for DNC Chair

Green Bay...

Attorney: Hurtgen's Career Ruined (GOP and Thompson activist)

need help from my fellow WI du-ers

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,


Under blue moon I saw yoou

Wonder why anyone reads 'conspiracy theories'? Then read this summary.

get up get down with

Say Bye bye to the Kerry 2004 Webpage

Michael Moore on Leno NOW....nt

Sinclair Notes Staples Has No Policy and threatens everybody else

Thank you.

Pledge Lawsuit Could Mean Big Costs to School Districts

Armstrong Williams Column Axed by TMS

Jon Stewart is Back!

Hysterically funny Walmart news story!

So, how about that Kid Rock thing?

If you could move closer to Canada, would you?

Have a miscarriage, go to jail

Like Margaret Cho? Wingnuts sh*t all over her...

To all who seem to take a perverse pleasure in bashing the south/rural...

Republicans to contest Wash. governor's

The DEFINITIVE word on XM Radio and Clear Channel

Rush Limbaugh is an anti-government conspirator.

Minimizing costs as seniors age, an adjunct to a proper social security

Michael Moore wins best picture at the People's Choice Awards

NOW has few sponsors

Need free hosting of PDFS and TIF files for BUSH CHEATED

So, are "they" going after Hillary now???

"Self-Aggrandizement or Puffery"

Everyone take advantage of the AFA's free e-mail service!

Lithuanian minister's KGB past

Something I've learned from DU.

Bloody Sunday contempt man jailed

Pinochet's four false passports found

An open post to Ted Rall fans

His Fate Appears Above Him >

I can't believe it

Indonesia is a major oil producer, yet gasoline prices did not spike

Jen and Brad are Separated!

Do these 2 look evil or what.

How many LOCAL right-wing pundits on the bush* payroll??

Banda Aceh: Northern Shore before after

sorry for the excessive copyright post in Editorials

"Laugh, Do Not Cry, Die Gedanken Sind Frei"

And now, from the Bad Headline Department ...

anyone see the new released Tsunami video ?

Why are the Republicans STILL holding rallies?

What Planet is Bush on anyway?

Looking for specifics on Ohio Vote problems...

How bout chaning this site's name to

Does Laura Bush look like the Joker (the Jack Nicholson version) or is

Questions about God and disaster ? Read Thornton Wilder's

Shrub had a BAD day.

Armstrong Williams will be on Monday

We need a Plan to retake America

Front Organizations for Rev. Moon and the Moonies (smirk's buddy)

LOL-more W money management-I had never heard of Armstrong Williams

Fahrenheit 9/11 Will Win Best Picture (People's Choice Awards) Yay!

Facts of life sexed up by US chastity lobby to keep lid on libidos

The Right Wing Politburo of the Republicans.

Frist directs his own photo-op in tsunami land

Are There Any Recent SAT Photos Of Irag

Iraq is a PR problem for Japan -- really

Is there a link to photos of John Kerry in Iraq?

Give to the wrong tsunami relief fund? NO TAX DEDUCTION FOR YOU!

Funniest thing I've heard in a while!!

What happened to reports of al-Zarqawi's arrest?

Armstrong Williams not the only "pundit" violating ethics

RW Dictator Bush resorts to bribed propaganda to deceive Blacks

Jeb's sexual circle

That overfed overtanned dolt on CNN preaching to me just now.........

German film breaks taboo on satirising Jewish community

Need help in finding a source

There is NO Social Security "crisis". SS is NOT in "imminent bankruptcy".

Coverage of Military Tsunami Response Betrays Media Bias

Did anyone else hear that Randi caller yesterday about torture.

BETTER THAN BUSH: Nixon would have turned 92 tomorrow.

Going to the Inauguration? Take this sign with you...

There are a lot of bullshitters that hang out here.

Bush Sr. comes clean about wrongdoings.

You must hear this great lecture on Corporate Globalization.

Mainstream media wants controversy, because controversy = $$$$, so,...

Does this make any sense to you?

Will Lolita C Baldor or AP apologize for being insensitive assholes?

God does NOT hate gays and lesbians, dammit!

Serious Discussion on Iraq - How much Blood and Treasure?

wonkette and craigslist: what is the connection?

Is there protest value to delaying tax payments?

Boxer could win the presidency if she tried

Has anyone removed their Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers yet

The only thing(s) I like about Shrub

OMG!! Have a look at these GOP pics from 1999 about SS/Budget

Trickle Down Fails AGAIN! Remember 5.5 million jobs by the end of 2004?

A little question for those who've read 1984 by George Orwell

NRO: Blaming God First ....

FW Star Telegram: Pastor charged with sex abuse ...

CNN says they may not have Armstrong Williams on any more. Oh, no kidding?

Rove made new reality for Saddam's sons

Pass this around: 10 lies by this administration about Iraq...

please report weird weather here

Hmmmm...we've seen this before

Death toll in SC Train wreck not final...

The Bush Fraudulency: what will be the biggest scandal?

WHy are some people so disgusting?

Toyota replacing Chinese workers with Japanese Robots

A perfect match: Fox news and Armstrong Williams

RW American Dictator Bush: Blew Up Wrong House 500 lb Bomb...Ooops

STAPLES are LIARS and Hypocrites!!!

Ladies and Dudes, I give you...Arm Williams on Jayson Blair....ENJOY

Is Guy going to be streaming on the internet

Even After the Tsunami, the Giggling Murderer Continues to Kill.

Proposal for a Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston group

Ministers and ministerial students exempted from draft?

just another bush image gallery --- VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES

was anybody else surprised by lautenburgs strong showing

If massive evidence of fraud in Ohio is uncovered after the inaug

Deception Dollars - eye catching anti-*/911 Truth tracts

Who will be president first?

Has this graph ever been updated?

mods! please delete!

Rush Limbaugh Speaks; The Time Bomb Scenario

What do you do when you see someone with a BUSH

They Say Kerry is the Eliteist

you know the dollar is toast when BC Bud growers want loons or silver

I think Bush is going to raid Social Security to finance his war in Iraq

War Bonds should be sold to finance the war in Iraq.

Holy bejeezus.... the registered count just went from 62,552 to 62,600

Oh wow! Saints be praised! 2.2 million jobs added in 2004!

So, why DID the mainstream media sell out to the right in the first place?

Has anyone here seen or heard Armstrong Williams talk about

We should Lower the Retirement age for Social Security

Official "Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked

Rate this story about Armstrong Williams.

The president's real goal in Iraq-A MUST READ

What's your party registration?

We Are Not Fonda Kerry: Bumper Sticker I Saw Today

Some people actually say people on the Left are a Minority

To those DUers who think Michael Moore is doing more harm than good.

Mind control is operational, not a conspiracy theory-Agree/Disagree

Demand OUR money back-Armstrong Williams email (his own poll too)

Alternet: Evangelical Elitists ....

Take your money out of the Banks, put it in a Democratic Credit Union

Could Armstrong Williams face criminal or civil penalties?

Catholics have me totally amazed. There are two distinct and opposing...

Monsanto Settles With US Over Indonesia Bribe /Genetically modified crops

What about Mark Warner in 2008?

Illegal Immigration?

Why I WAS a Democrat

If the Republicans get 60 in 2006... HOW SCREWED WOULD WE BE?

The insurgent strategy in Iraq--its freakin obvious

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Election Reform Group

The DU Think Tank

Satire? Conservatives Push for Psychiatric Diagnosis of 'Loony Leftists'

Armstrong Williams was paid to influence the election.

Does God hate FAQs?

Internet Explorer flaw threat hits the roof. *Stop using it right now*

Should rapists be chemically castrated?

It's becoming clear that this form of "Capitalism" is crap. So what next?

Anyone else find Mark Luther on "Al Franken Show" disgusting today?

need help with Iraq water question

Who would have been the best president?

Will you boycott Staples because of their revised Sinclair position?

2003- 54% of US Households had incomes under $50,000. Where are you?

"People would laugh at us!"

Del. Cosgrove, Va. wants all miscarriage to be reported in 12 hrs.

The CIA and Riggs Bank

windows XP - feel like someone is watching me

CATHOLICS: Activists for Peace and Social Justice (links)

Kentucky Senate ignores Constitution....unbelievable.

WELLSTONE! - A New Documentary

More "real" dirt on HAARP

Why most boycotts & pressure campaigns don't work & a possible solution

I picked up some Truffle Butter.. what should I do with it?

crab and salmon cake recipe ideas, anyone?

I just made an excellent smoked salmon sandwich....

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Can you believe some Air Canada emplyee stole Crosby's jersey?

Jazz Funeral for Democracy-New Orleans-January 20, 2005

Iraq: The Devastation by Dahr Jamail

Top court to hear Andersen appeal

Annan stopped from seeing Tamil areas

Nuclear sub runs aground in Pacific/Sorry, I've duped. Unintentional.

Afghan judge nabbed over car bombing ties

Education Dept. Paid Commentator to Promote Law

10 Young Students Strip-Searched in Texas

Police: Hooker Turns in Customer for Porn

Florida Gov. Bush Hires Accused Writer

TV Host Says U.S. Paid Him to Back Policy

Tortuous reasoning

U.S. soldier found innocent of killing Iraqi

Soldier acquitted of Iraqi's death

Suicide car bomb kills four south of Baghdad

Dutch study US bombing blunder

Bush paid TV pundit to push education plan - Orange County judge to hear mayoral suit (Donna Frye)


Enron Accountants' Case Up for Review

Power cuts halt Iraq's oil exports

Large explosion in western Baghdad - witnesses

Walmart Greeter fired for semi nude photo...

State let seven counties bypass checks for federal standards

Militants Kidnap 3 Senior Iraqi Officials

Jurors in Abu Ghraib Trial Served Overseas

Plea deal signals trouble with case against translator

U.S. nuclear submarine runs aground

A Look at the Ansar Al-Islam Organization

Poll: Voters Staunchly Back Bush, Kerry

Fahrenheit 9/11 Will Win Best Picture (People's Choice Awards) Yay!

Iraq insurgents boost power of explosives

Dupe...delete por favor!

Mosul election center blown up

Pakistani tribesmen attack gas pipeline

U.S. Border Agent's Squad Car Yields Marijuana Haul

Germany says battle-hardened Iraqi fighters being smuggled into Europe

For Civil Rights Crusaders, Arrest Brings Relief

Rosemary Kennedy, former president's sister, dies

Republicans to contest Wash. governor's race

US oil firm staff found dead

Mysterious Jet tied to Torture Flights

Details Of Controversial Mayor's Race To Be Released

U.S. Bomb From WWII Found Buried in Berlin

Soldier Apologizes in Iraqi Drowning Case

Gunmen seize Iraqi officials on notorious road

Syndicate Drops Commentator Over Payments

U.S. wants to replace IAEA chief ElBaradei


Supreme Court Will Review Conviction of Arthur Andersen

Kerry Cheered in Baghdad, Decries Bush Team's 'Blunders'

U.S. Says Airstrike on Iraq House Kills 5 ["Accidental"]

Several Killed as U.S. Bombs Wrong Target in Iraq

Toxic Threat Lingers in S.C. Train Wreck

Christians flee genocide as fear sweeps Iraq

Rep. Slaughter to Sinclair: Williams Must Go

Listening device acts as a witness

(Ken) Lay paying search engines to list his Web site first

Lonely Boys drummer busted on pot charge

Fla. consultant gathered absentee votes

John Kerry Meets With Syrian President

'US airstrike' near Mosul kills many

Bush Outlines U.S. Tsunami Relief Efforts (radio address)

Bay Area's anti-terror funding chopped

Germans Want Lead Role in [Tsunami] Alert System

Murdered beauty queen's parents lose defamation suit (Ramsay vs Fox)

Venezuelans on edge as government prepares to intervene - Suit seeks to annul Murphy's victory (Donna Frye)

U.S. Officer Tells of Order to Lie in Abuse Probe

Ohio (Blackwell) Letter Seeks Illegal Contributions

North Korea says it is willing to abandon nuclear ambitions for a price,

Germany Looks Into a U.S. Link in Kidnapping and Torture Claim -NYT

Durbin Is Not Convinced Gonzales Is Suitable For AG

AP: Congress told West Coast could have next tsunami

U.S. Is Haunted by Initial Plan For Iraq Voting

Newt Gingrich Open to Presidential Run

As Iraqis return to Fallujah, many find everything they knew destroyed

Nuclear sub runs aground in Pacific

Texas Audit Cites Improper Use of $600 Million in Homeland Security Funds

Seattle PI: Dead voted in governor's race

Iraqi Communists defy odds, heavily campaign for Jan. 30 elections

Democrat Disputes Social Security 'Crisis' (Rangel does radio address)

Sinn Fein meets over £26m raid

Army soldier cleared of manslaughter in Iraqi drowning case

Pope Criticizes U.S. Embargo Against Cuba (again)

For Unemployed, Wait for New Work Grows Longer

Fraud in Insurance Is Vast, Spitzer Tells a State Panel

Powell Mum on Genocide in Darfur, Sudan

Warning From a Student of Democracy's Collapse

Sacramento Ranks Seventh on List of Fittest Cities

Could this be possible?

I am incapable of facial expression...

Does anyone make GWBush Voodoo Dolls/or Spells?

Pissing on cars with pro-Bush stickers is a valid political strategy.

AH! Ben Mulroney wants to be Bono!



itt is a real sweet treat

I've got a valid political strategy to win back the Presidency.....

"Kiss my grits."

What if you really CAN take it with you?

Wow, Encarta Dictionary had ALL the definitions of the word "pork."

"Rain-a-roodamus" out there buddy boys!

Favourite Disney movie?

"55th Presidential Inaugural Committee Unveils Inaugural Balls"

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

I was watching this "Concert for George" again

Any Bettie Serveert fans in the house?

I just did a Google Image Search for "morans" ....

You military guys might appreciate this story...

Good cd discount bin finds?

Bic or Paper-Mate?

need help installing sirius antenna on 97 corolla

Where would you rather live?

"Viva Knievel" was on the Spanish channel and I missed it!

Fuck this! Let's get outta here!


Wonder if all of Sin City will be as good as the trailer

Wierd (do not read if you are anti-canine-flatulence)

53 Posts To Reach 1000. Ask Me Why Should You Give A Damn

Which of these 2 U2 albums is better?

will it ever stop raining?

Sweet-ass Sassafras is on

SNL on E! tonight.

2000th post!

Sweet Sweetback's Badddaaasss Song...

What's new pussycat?

My first day back at work since Dec 12: Standing in a blizzard for 14 hrs!

A note to the men in the Lounge....

Seriously, what happened to Democrat Mouse?

I'm back.

People have always been rude.

hey wrestlecrapping DU'ers, vote gooker of the year award

I just read the ENTIRE Oscar thread from a year ago.

Sit on my gotta love Monty Python

I Just Got Ink All Over While Refilling My Fountain Pen!

What Happened to Liberal N Proud?

I just scratched my right ear lobe


My dad just did something pretty stupid just now...


Do you think the Moran knows that he's famous?

Whooo! I'm 27 away from 5,000!

Does anybody have a new Avatar?

Incidents that are funny now they are long over?

I'm watching Victor/Victoria, and is there anyway

A Slo Gin Fizz and a Pitcher to Go....

Time for my bi-monthly Nana Mouskouri thread

People have always been nude

And now for something completely different.

any1 know where that never trust a long hair liberal - jesus image is?


Authors from our time that will live on for hundreds of years?

I'm thinking of getting a life. Is that a good idea?

Antone Else Like Freakwater?

Moment of "props" for Califoolafornia operative

I can't sleep. What should I do to get to sleep?

Ever go to Page 20 and kick a topic back up to Page 1?

I saw the most revolting thing on TV tonight

Gin Blossoms fans unite!

Opera Unleashes Linux Browser In Beta

Why are ya up?

is there any way to get rid of the welcome screen on startup

Ya know I am just gonna stay up til morning

Onion Blossom fans unite!

Everyone post in GD now. It's not scary!

A note to the women in the lounge ...

Who's awake right now?

NEED ADVICE on University Application - financial info...

Nobody answered my question in GD

Can someone thoroughly explain "EMO" to me?

Poll: Americans Feel Safer With Martha Stewart in Jail

Which Golden Girl would you sleep with

Hey Sannum, have you heard anything about your dad's interview?

Wash Journal caller just called chimp an "Asshole"...

Blossom fans unite!

A wonderful example of what a music artist should do

Gays destroy yet another traditional marriage!!!

I plan to do more fishing this year and less

Aniston-Pitt Breakup, Day 2: WHAT is the Lindsay Lohan connection?

Been Contemplating Suicide? HOLD OFF!!!....

What in the hell does 'propaedeutic' mean?

Genealogy, anyone?

where can I download Kazaa lite?

regular features of my blog

never mind

Anybody Ever Lick the Star?

Jen and Brad are Separated!

Sometimes you can't make it on your own.

Old Beatles vinyl LPs hold secret clues re: "Aniston-Pitt-gate"

Brad Pitt dumps Jennifer Anniston for Amber Frey!


The Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston Breakup Thread #86 -The Tip of the Iceberg

Sharon Stone & "Basic Instinct 2" Jerry Mathers jokes, please

My kids are playing superhero.

god doesnt want us to put on this concert

Who is your favorite Red Dwarf character?

Resolved: The next element found be named Lehrerinium

Left Wing Atheist Bertha Venation NUDE! (For real!)

Whew! Just set up my own Vonage phone connection

Neener neener! Back into the 70s by tomorrow!

Magic Bullet

Great Thin Books of All Time....

Canada's National Commemoration for Tsunami Victims

Ever made photo copies of parts of your body?

Who's the winner in the fight to the death?

Has anybody bought In Living Color season 2?

So how is the gravity doing at your house

For you lizards who never leave the lounge....

Caption: Order of the Gag?

okay, something's not right at work.

"My Dog's Better Than Your Dog" !!!!!!

Know thine wal-enemy.

A question for DUers with medical knowledge

I can wiggle my ears - Ask me anything!

A co-worker doesn't understand why anyone sends tsunami relief.

-44C windchill the other night.

I'm thinking of getting a file. Is that a good idea?


"Laugh, Do Not Cry, Die Gedanken Sind Frei"

Pie or Death

How far has your family come from past generations?

So who we going for in the games today

My mother would be 80 today

Best Feature of the Bush Social Security Plan

Quotes from movies that made you go "WOW"! I'll start...

Seems like it was yesterday. Sigh...

I just used ignore for the first time

Its snowing.

They should have a special CAT episode of Fear Factor...

Every time I turn around...

Forced confessions are a travisty of law.

When was the last time you were terrified?

An interesting site here...............

If you've never heard of Slowpoke you have got to see it.

why dont girls wear those Blossom hats anymore

Choose the incident you regret the most from the last 12 months

Is it possible for BOTH the Vikings and the Packers to lose tomorrow?

Your mission, if choose to accept it, is to scold me fiercely if you see

Who will cover Pitt/Anniston story 1st? CNN/FOX?

Teaching a Child the Art of Confession

Brad Pitt's on the market again.............

Simple Avatar Help needed....

Jennifer Aniston just asked me to tell you to stop talking about it.

where were you, and what were you doing,

Jennifer Aniston Is Coming Over For Dinner. What Should I Serve?

Poop doggie dog

If George W. Bush had starred in Die Hard instead of Bruce Willis


What was the name of that film, where the mother smothered the baby...

I made my own website

Where is that media contact list?

the most AWESOME, BEST*~*Stream of Consciousness*~* Thread!

It's the UGLY STEPCHILD of The *~*Stream of Consciousness*~* Thread!

I don't know why I'm sad about this, but...Brad and Jennifer are splitting

The war against teenagers

Pie Or Cake

Level of confidentiality about current company and interviewing

DU Lounge weekly round up BATTLE ROYALE!!

dum diddy dum diddy dum diddy dum dum

ELVIS PRESLEY was born on January 8, 1935.

Does anyone find it strange that Bush has BLACK pets?

Who would make a better president?

Best reply I've heard to fundies who claim God speaks to them....

Have you ever cooked a turkey in a pressure cooker?

Where you ever hungry? I wasn't. Never cold or scared.

"FAWLTY TOWERS" is on BBC America Now

My brother's father-in-law was in the Luftwaffe.

What should I do first?

How many forums or groups do you post while you're on DU?

We Are One

What Are Your Skills?

Good News, Bad News. From Opi ...Rant #65782.008

Time for another "We Love MrsGrumpy!" thread!

Rams Seahawks Game: Theisman and Maguire are Driving me Batshit

AHHHH There's a bright yellow orb in the sky!

Ba-badda Shooby Dooby Dooby Do-Wah.

Question for beagle owners.

What should I do first?


God hates faqs

And you thought Survivor was nutty?

San-Dee-Ay-Go __________

i rode my bike to and from shul this morning....

Have you ever seen a ghost?

New Creepy Ad: Dr. Pepper's Pedo Mom

This afternoon I had my circuit breaker fixed, and 3 defective outlets

is it wrong to be a free-driker?

'Light dusting of snow' MY A$$!

Did you see this thread get locked?

Who wants to play??

Any dodgie psychologists out there? I have a few questions...


Help me!

AnyBODY remember Mulligan Stew?

What's you're opinion on the Sex Pistols?

Psychoactive Recipe for a great evening

Whoa! The backround just turned white!

What's your opinion on pistols?

Have you ever been openly propositioned for Chex by a stranger?

What's your opinion on sex? Pistols?

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to ?

What is it with women and sweeping generalizations?

Is it just me, or does Joe Theisman need to take his Ritalin?

What is it with female teachers raping

What time of day are you at your best?

What's the deal with all the questions?

I learned a valuable lesson last night


If you live or work in a downtown metropolis, this poll is for you.

Should cake people and pie people get married?

So whats the point of confirmation names and Hebrew names?

Ok, what's your Hebrew name.....or for you

Any doggie psychologists out there? I have a few questions...

Where is my boyfriend?

Who has a good high resolution version of the red-blue map?

Have you ever been openly propositioned for sex by a strangler?

Best Vodka for a White Russian?

For my 200th post, I give you...

Has anyone lost their bookmarks ---Firefox?

What is it with DUers and Inflammatory Questions?

What is it with men and women?

Wow- I Just Got An E-Mail From A Faux E Bay Site...

I can't go on living!

We need to figure our a way to get PETA mad, I mean REALLY mad


My CAT is better than your cat.

Church in Kansas says all 20,222 missing swedes shoud die.


Do you enforce your opinions with pistols? n/t

People say I'm the life of the party

What newspaper editor in their right mind would do this?

Which got you more depressed?


Quick! I need DUers to recommend DVD's!

Does Your House Have An Electronic Alarm System?

WHich of these time periods would you rather live in?

Is it wrong to be a free-thinker?

For his 70th birthday: FAVORITE #1 HIT BY ELVIS? (Part 2 of 2)

One last poll: FAVORITE #2 OR #3 HIT BY ELVIS?

(Former) Cat Stevens still can't come to the US

For his 70th birthday: FAVORITE #1 HIT BY ELVIS? (Part 1 of 2)

doo doo doo doo doo doo sexy boooyyyyyy

Best music to fall asleep to

Anybody ever click your star?

have you ever been openly propositioned for sects by a stranger?

Sponge Bob movie.... I give it 3 Vicodins and a rum and coke

What was the name of the last place you got take out from?

Fascist salute lands Lazio Roma Striker Di Canio in trouble

New Product Idea

Puritanical? Thoughtful? You are what you drive

RagingInMiami, AZCat, JohnKleeb, & JellyBelly

Hmm... what's your second (and third, and fourth, and...) language?

SAD sufferers check in: How you feeling right now?

What kinds of things will you pay more for?

New look for my website, again.

Guitar players, step in. Advice needed!

Don't be so sad.

Anyone watch the MI-5 show on A&E ?

Men--what are romantic movies you enjoyed? Why?

I found my alter ego here at DU!

I'm gonna regret this come mornin'

Have you ever been openly propositioned for sex by a stranger?

What is it with Men and Rape?

Vegetarians are more likely to die of heart attacks than meat eaters?

SNL on E! Tonight

Another huge Hollywood couple splits: Brad and Jennifer

Grande Mal Seizures

Global warming spurs Arctic Circle land grab and species migrations

Science news...

Cheryl Jacques -- how can we continue to support her?

Anyone have a homosexual crush on a strait DU'r?

Derek Lowe to the Dodgers?

Boggs to wear a Sox cap in the HOF

Warning to Red Sox Fans! DON'T watch special features on NESN DVD,

Oh God! I suffered yesterday. Pad Thai took off for 4 hours

Kitty haiku

Friends from the DOA discussions and other Lightworkers

What I read on the, soon defunct, "Elections 2004" forum

Am I the only one that has a problem with this?

Fleet Reserve Association News-Bytes - 01-07-05

Tracking down my father's records

YAY!! Look what the DUers are doing!

A Kerrycrat call to arms

Looks like it's just you and me, angrydem

Need help "Kerry Was Right..."

Can all Kerry lovers vote "yes" here?

Some of Kerry's voting record/interest group ratings


Should we take action to stem the tide of Kerry Bashing?

Hey POLL in GD needs Kerryiacs! It needs your attention.

OMG We are so totally officially the biggest DU Group!

Did you se this story on

List Kerry's Accomplishments despite adversities in the campaign HERE!

Photo contest theme discussion.


Image: Republican Winter

Don't miss the Progressive Democrats of America Summ

Let's Not Be So Hard on Armstrong Williams

this Reid media release on Williams was the day of election contest ...

*&##@%*#! Outrage requested!

The Bush supporters must take responsibility....

Anyone know about this "Velvet Revolution"

Anti-Terrorism: Effectiveness vs. Loss of Civil Liberties

Words and phrases to use.

9-11 and the Iraq invasion: Conspiracy theories?

The meaning of "liberal," "liberty"

Bush Says Four Iraqi Areas Pose Voting Challenges

Voice of the White House, Jan 5th - LATEST

Questions about Internet privacy--govt intrusion.

Bush Math, or When Is 4 Percent Really 32 Percent ?

"Friends, Romans, countrymen...lend me your ears"

Memo reveals Bush OKd torture

"U.S. Reserve nearly Broken" says Army Reserve Chief

TANG revisited...CBS "memogate" ain't over yet.

Sinclair Notes Staples Has No Policy Against Advertising in Sinclair News

How about this for a derisive label for the conservatives:

Does anyone need any more proof that there are too many Republicans

Newt Gingrich may run in 2008

To: PIG-HEADED FIGHTERS ONLY (whiners stay out)

***FDR's Inaugural Address (1933)***

Who wants to have some fun? YOU can spend KEN LAY'S $$ !

Why are Dem. politicians so afraid to ATTACK Rep. politicians?

OMG...I'm A Conservative!!!!

Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner murderer finally indicted.

The current difficulty of the Democratic Party.

Armstrong loses gig, axed from TMS

Republicans to contest Wash. governor's race

Who are the ones the Bushes' hate most (a short list)?

Email Reps Re: Indonesian Military

Did Senator Harkin of Iowa speak on Thursday?

Check Out This Load of Absolute Drivel LTTE

"The United States of Europe"

Did anyone catch Leno last night? Moore has Porter Goss...

do you know where jimmy carter is right now?

Blackwell Sends Letter Asking for Illegal Contributions

Who has been to Camp Wellstone?

What's up with all of those tons of missing explosives?

my open letter to John Kerry...

a link the GOP propaganda machine exposed

Silly question: do we have many Republicans posting on DU ? nt

"..satirical report on the Democratic Underground web site..."

Why is everyone mad at Armstrong?

Serious question for veteran DU political observers about 1965

Political humor

Nixon. Reagan. Clinton. What about Bush? What happened?

The Undoing of the Republicans will start with the indiscriminate

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Election Reform Group

When repukes break the law: "oversight, indiscretion, irregularity"

What do you think of Harry Reid so far?

Is Armstrong Williams just the tip of the iceberg ?

Kerry Was Smart To Stay Away

Is DU Letting Barbara Boxer down? Answer ????

I Hate Watching Wesley Clark on TV

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