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Archives: January 22, 2005

Inaugural Address Panned Outside U.S.

An Interview with Army Medic, Patrick Resta - Jan. 21

U.S. should stop divided nationality, loyalty

Ground Control to Mr. Bush

RNC Tiptoes on Immigration Issue

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Bush's high sounding speech yesterday....

Here is a list of MUST DO's for this weekend - Activism aplenty, folks!

Sample 568 word letter to the Editor on Social Security

Alan Colmes?

Offensive Political Cartoon

NYTimes: "U.S. Tech Exports Slide, but Trash Sales Are Up"

Druyun scandal may lead to more vacancies at the Pentagon

Scope of Iraq reconstruction scaling down, official says

A friend sent me this article by email just now...

question about my sig

Why was this post locked?

Can you put a link to "Voting Issues" on the top-level of the

DU has grown beyond a moderated trusted forum.

Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note

Barbara Boxer scheduled to be on AAR tonight on

OK, let me get this loud and clear...

Iraqi Election Fraud? Bush is about to Steal another one....

Listen to Mark Levine at the Counter-Inaugural on Black Thursday

Here's a great question for all you creative people

Recap of my experiences on January 20th - more in detail

Freeman disputes critique of his analysis of exit poll discrepancy

My black ribbon protest...

The Nashua Advocate: Mitofksy/Edison Exit-Polling Report Comes Under Fire

I have just been approved to be an election judge for the next

Cheney the "perpetual President"?

Hey, isn't this our friendly Triad tech who "maintained" the Hocking Cty.

The vote was correct, the exit polls were wrong.

Watch this

WP sez: "Good Job Protesters" was just mentioned by a fellow DUer on Malloy!!!!

BE THE BUSH OPPOSITION; 24/7 -- A Network, not another .org or .com

Greg Palast on C-SPAN NOW... About the fraud n/t

Easy Way to FAX Your Senators......

Pics from San Francisco "Coronation Day" JAN.20

Activism for the weekend - a consolidated list all in one spot!

Bush Cheated sticker got its first bird today...

Is it time to put election fraud behind us?

Exit poll report is self-contradictory

Conyers points DU toward Sensenbrenner


The 2004 Election all over again...

Secretary of state approves first paper-trail voting system for California

People not easily fooled by skewed Coleman poll

Pawlenty wants to open a casino in Bloomington

Senate race already heating up

Governor Rendell's Newletter for January 21, 2005

Need an anti-war speaker for Houston club.

How can we get other DU'ers'

$40M inauguration hardly 'our history'

Ashland: Locals protest Bush inauguration

Adversity doesn't stop Bush foes

County board to vote on prayer at meetings

Bush Contributor Menard in Tax Problems

Okay, Time for the Wisconsin Forum DU'er Roll Call! (tm)

The Gowns Don't Really Resemble the Sketches >>>

WTF? Elephants get potty-trained?

The Liberty Bush brings

PHOTO (screen grab): jenna applies lipstick(?)

Jenna wore a green dress

Worst case scenario, foreign policy/conquest - wise?

No War in Iran Petition reaches 700 signatures

>>Another Bull Sh$t Bogus "Terrorist" Alert From the Liar in Chief<<

Friday Night KOEB

'Official' Winter Storm Thread - wants going in your area?

Greg Palast on Cspan

Why I don't support Obama for President in 2008

When's the next British election?

Red State Values ..... A must see!

More nonsense with the Corporate Media...

Vegetarian? Why or why not?

I can't stand it

See the Republican vision for America

RW Nazis...Just a few protesters, hardly any..really! Would we lie?

Proof Positive that Abraham Lincoln would not fit in with Bush's GOP

Bush calls on the United Nations to....

Governor Now 'Less Concerned' Over Boston Threat

Arkansas Judge says gay parents just as good as straight parents

Infections not listed in BU bid for biolab

White House "Scraps" Coalition of the Willing List......................

Dumbshit can't control rhetoric or art of bullying...Too Stupid!

This C-SPAN liberal discussion shows why liberals lose

Denmark Joins the Torture Club.

This faux inauguration pushed me into being 100 percent anti-war

Boos for Kerry cloud a sparkling experience / by 18 yr. old Bush supporter

Is it the alpha and omega?

Swiss-born Catholic theologian Hans Küng

Parental Alienation Syndrome, Fact or Fiction?

So Abe AND Spongebob-both switch hitters?

We will get our freedom and our democracy back

Will Washington Tolerate A Chinese-Venezuelan Petro Pact?

The local paper didn't really say that...did they?

Genuine Pro-Life is Anti-War, period!!! n/t

How was yesterday for you??

Thank you A.N.S.W.E.R.+ ALL War Protestors!!!!! Kansas City will Organize!

Frankly, I was impressed by Rehnquist . . .

Election is over. Fear of "TERRORISM" is way UP!!!

Woohoo ordered 1st DU T-Shirt

Violence causes Violence. n/t

Asshole Scarborough is broadcasting the Michael Moore

more moral values of Oxyrush, cohabitation

On each box of Kraft "Spongebob" Mac n' Cheeze...


New! Bush to Cut Medicaid!

What does "Democracy" mean to you? Is it just voting for someone else...

Please sign this petition- Walden Bello of Focus on the Global South

Interesting Inaugaural Protest Images (A must see)

Why We Are Losers (and It's killing me)

I am cancelling cable TV Monday. And I'm happy about it! n/t

How were Penn. State Police used in the coronation of Bush?

If you don't know why Iran hates our guts...

OK clever captioneers! Please caption this one. (Morally offensive photo)

Does anyone know where I can see the Faux meltdown w/ Judy

You're One Of The Bullies Yourself, Mr. Bush

Dick Army on PBS - I had forgotten what an asshole he is

Is the time coming when we either stop, or get stopped, from exploiting...

Mandatory Malloy: Friday Night Truthseeker Roundup

The Coming Wars by Seymour Hersh

do you think dubya bush sees the beheading videos? etc???

I am a guy partial to the military. My son was in DS1 with the 101

20/20 tonight: Sabrina Harmon (Abu Ghraib abuser) to "Speak Out"

Why doesn't the evidence that Greg Palast has uncovered make a dent?

Wal-Mart kidnapping and murder. Any news reporting killer was a Marine?

'There ought to be limits to freedom.'

Is homeland security supposed to protect all of us, or just the President?

Did Margaret Thatcher support the Iraq war?

Icelanders Take Anti Iraq War Campaign to U.S.

Should I join the Jaycees

What the heck it KOEB?

Isn't sort of odd that many of us quote the Bible and others

What do you see/feel that has gotten better in America/you since 2000?

Did you see Smirk had no money for the collection plate?

How many here actually BELIEVE in a media "Conspiracy"?

OK, I have 2 questions I've been wanting to ask, but haven't

Officials To Allow Religious Lamb Slaughter

W......T.......F......? There was an offering at the inauguration???

What's up with the Homeland Sec. documents leak?

Boys and girls, Cuba's next

Woody Guthrie: All You Fascists

Bush Caught Empty-Handed During Church Offering -- Daddy Bails Him Out.

Pics from San Francisco coronation? Click on the link

Tweety is talking about Iraq in terms I haven't heard

Have you had anything bad happen to your car because of stickers?

Hey - head on over to the Activism forum for a consolidated list o' stuff

Bob Herbert. Wow.

Why is Bush so freakin' popular?

Does anyone have pics of Rehnquist from the Inaugaration?

Sen. Obama Hears Ill. Veterans' Concerns

Redford Kicks Off Sundance on a Political Note ('festival of dissent')

Text Messaging Lets Iraqis Tip Authorities

Wis. student sues to end summer homework

Iraqi Candidates Quit After Threats

Mom & Pop War Profiteering Team: The Woolseys

Cheney says Iraq's slow recovery is Saddam's fault

Details heard in murder case against soldier

Case against motel advances

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

Illinois Governor Signs Gay Rights Law

White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List

Bush freedom pledge rings hollow in Arab world

FBI could limit public access to records

Cheney acknowledges error

US Airways, Mechanics Agree On Concessions (pay cuts up to 18%)

Anti-Bacterial Additive Widespread In U.S. Waterways

Lining up to run against Dayton

Feds Arrest Two Illinois City Officials

'Cover' bares CIA flaws

Terror Tip Probed As Possible Revenge (the Boston tip)

Student sent home for inappropriate (gay) shirt

US nuclear dump won't fix problem

Court Rules Haiti Prisons Aren't Torture

Sky News/Sky Readers Savage Bush

Progressive Democratic Summit in D.C.: c-span tomorrow

NYT: Plans for a Fast Getaway Take a Detour (Colin Powell)

Decades after Vietnam, ROTC making return effort to Ivy League

US Republican Chair Draws Party Fire on Abortion

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq

WP: Arabs Say U.S. Rhetoric Rings Hollow

Incentives target special ops troops

Cuba helps Venezuela develop healthcare services

NYT: Bush's Smiles Meet Some Frowns in Europe

Iraqi gunmen behead policeman in broad daylight

Bush Shifts Ex-Ballclub Partner to Japan

Icelanders NYT Ad Apologizes For Iraq Involvement

Barbara Boxer takes center stage

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq

NBC: Rather's Story Wouldn't Happen Here

Texas Billboards Feature Osama, Arafat

WP: Bush Speech Not a Sign of Policy Shift, Officials Say

DOD: 1 Soldier Killed, 1 Injured in Accident ( helicopter 'accident')

WP: Tickets in Hand Were No Assurance of Access

Cuba& Iran step up bilateral cooperation after US' Rice's 'tyranny' speech

Uncovered at last: sightings found in Britain's "X-Files"

Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad -NYT

White House Scraps 'Coalition of the Willing' List

Trial Monday for 12 Elian Bystander Claims

Outcry over creation of GM smallpox virus (Independent)

Mix of Quake Aid and Preaching Stirs Concern -NYT

This Eagles fans sings: "Tequila Sunrise."

Finally: Stan wants to entertain you:

Oh YEAH? Well I have an IQ of like a GOOGLEPLEX + 1!!

Do you realize?

NETFLIX rules and it's blue too!

Jim Wallis on Hardball now!!!!

Polyushko, polye,

Burns' Night is on 25 January

Come you masters of war

Call out to Me Time folks!

What the HELL is wrong with you, SA?

I'll admit why I have food poisoning

I've been in GD & GD:Politics the past couple of days - Look at my post

I just re-named my wireless router to BUSH = DECEIT

Ok, when is "Napoleon Dynamite" supposed to start getting funny?

Family Scuffles, Pastor Says Jeans a Demon

my sig dog is back!!!!!

You know. Purple is just a deeper shade of lavender.

Thoughts on bashing

My textbook came yesterday!

Case against motel advances

hillarious video of preacher with gas

Big ass snow on the way to Philly...

"Enterprise" seems to be getting much better since they .....

Sundance Opens; Redford Urges Dissent

Sundance Opens; Redford Urges Dissent

Did you know that a Simpsons character comes out of the closet this season

How much do you pay monthly for your internet connection?

I'm am SOOOO in the mood for a Krabby Patty -- I dunno why, though.

Life by the drop

George Renstar wore brown work boots to the site today!

Thoughts on washing

What do YOU hope President Bush will take away from YOU?

STOP! Stop making fun of Laura's weight!!!!!!

Which sounds more derogatory?

8" to 12" of snow here in Chicago this weekend. Yay! Can't get enough ...

New "Monk" tonight!!!!

CNET: "New Year, old flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer"

Anyone else watching Stargate:Atlantis ?

OMG, MTV is running "The Ashlee Simpson Show" back to back. Puke

Name a movie you used to like and now dislike.

The beginning and the end?

Rollin', rollin', rollin'.....

Gonna try a website... Kind of a fight club for politicos...

Why weren't there gay characters on "Star Trek"?

The Quiet Earth - anyone remember this movie?

Any Tricky Woo fans on here

OK, it is Friday night it is time to

That night with your mother so long ago....

How many posts of yours have been deleted?

How many threads of yours have been locked?

This has been a kind of a gay night here in the Lounge tonight...

Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder?

Hey! What's everyone doing this weekend!

liberal_andy to announce TNM tour details today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least the RW fearing cartoons and comics isn't anything new.

watching "28 days later" comfort me!

Are there any half-cool/original movements these days?

Notice how nothing sticks

What do you do when "my post" fills the entire page,

Watching "Shawn of the Dead" . . . don't comfort me, laugh with me

That's no blizzard...

I just made gluten free baked ziti, ask me anything.

Is The Manchurian Candidate worth renting? Plz recommend a movie to rent..

a glass of cab & "Chutes Too Narrow"

My idea for a pro-military not pro-bush t shirt

Snow sculpture

OMG! Snagglepuss gave me teh gay!

I'm not gay... but I'm gonna promote the gay lifestyle

Disgusting Freeper vehicle sighting today

Anyone else have one of these? Found it in the bottom of a box

To Chicago DU'ers

What the HELL is wrong with the USA?

I've got a date in Constantinople.... will she be waiting in Istanbul?

Who knows the best source for airline deals??

Some Canadian humor (Dial-up alert)

How bad is the weather in NY?

South shore Boston....32-37" of snow tomorrow

Blast from the grave: Hockey fan slams lockout in own obit

"There's one more kid..


Politically incorrect w/ Bill Maher Wack Pack addition on Howard Stern NOW

Title and artist needed!

Have you ever had your thread put on the front page?

My wife has a new phrase tonite

I pulled in to Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead



I have rediscovered Frida.

All right, dammit, where's this much-anticipated snow??

I am George Pataki, ask me anything

I'm fucking George Voinovich, ask me fucking anything

I don't "get" choppers.

What was your first job?

If you were in an Iron Chef competition...

I Sure Do Love Vicodin

What do you hate about Canada?

New experience $87.06....Shopped for groceries online

I have rediscovered Fresca.

What cartoon character ISN'T gay?

What, exactly, is the point of Mensa?

tiny HOUSE - the fake reality series I wish was real

DAYUM - LONGGRAIN made the homepage!!!!!

Bob Sacamano.

Jesus Was Gay

Minor rant: the cost of textbooks.

Somebody's gonna ge ttheir head kicked in TONIGHT!

What was the first flame war you started?

Has anyone seen the movie The Magdalene Sisters? being mentioned on Malloy by someone on DU!!!!!

I feel so dirty

What do you hate about the UK?

U2 to announce tour details on monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the percentage of 5 out of 28?

Which film should I watch tonight?

OMG! Somone lost on "Millionaire" on the first question!!

"Liberty for All"

WTF is "The Jewish Problem"????

How 'bout some GOOD news? Re one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan

D.C. area DUers: how hard will it be for me to get to Dulles tomorrow?

ic gebrengan to tha se tien asetnes

Paris "Skank Ho" Hilton rips off DVD!

Any computer geniuses out there? New firewall is alerting me to

Am I crazy? I think Stephen Colbert is sexy!

Is the term "Gay Republican" an oxymoron?

Ok another gay post, I have no gaydar and I am proud of that

Monk has a new assistant!!


Does wearing a tin foil hat work?

I Have a DQ of....

P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S . . . !!!

7301 posts to 10,000 ask me anything!

"Vegans eat poo"--on another board

Busy earthquake activity

Ok, creative people, please help.

New Kids TV Program on PBS Features LGBT Parents

Here is why the Eagles will win:


Spurs/Suns, Friday 1/21, point guard battle: Tony Parker & Steve Nash

The "Official" Non-Traditional Sports about those sports

Anyone here comfortable aiding in interpreting a dream?

Big hugs to the A&A group.

my god is the best god, because...

Teddy Kennedy

So, I'm thinking of putting up a recap post

How Many People Get Sick Of All These Assholes Saying John Can't Run Again

Maryland Parallels

My ignore list is huge

Freedom 27 Liberty 15

Easy Way to FAX Your Senators

Lakoff is on wisconsin public radio

Read Gingrich's "Language : Mechanism of Control" and see how they do it

bush steals 2 elections, ooops never mind!

Barbara Boxer on "The Majority Report" (False alarm, she cancelled)

Bush Talks about "Freedom" and "Liberty"......

Freedom or democracy? Which is it? They are not the same.

Mark Levine at Counter-Inaugural on Black Thursday!

I just turned 400. Can I get some love from the KOEB?

I'm am SOOOO in the mood for a Krabby Patty -- I dunno why, though.

Greg Palast is ripping junior a new one on c-span

Boeing in coalition that will help push for private accounts

OMB reports job competitions saved $1.4 billion last year


Hannity is signing praises for Dr. Dobson--the spongebob killer!!

Jeb's schools flunking chimp's NCLB

Update of the 23rd psalm for Bush!

Chertoff, nominee for Homeland Security has ties to 9/11 financier

There's no more "Coalition of the Willing!" (Did you notice?)

Here we go! AP: Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

6 charged: Public corruption/fraud scheme-$1000 dinner, superbowl trips...

Another "Here we Go" -- Drilling in Alaska

On the tactical assault against SS

An idea on how to protest the privatization of Social Security

Inauguration Moment - Priceless

Do you think the term "Gay Republican" is an oxymoron?

GOP has become a fascist cult

Democrats Find Promise in Western States (while dissing Southern Dems)

Blue State Secession-still a good idea?

Bring Back "That's My Bush" on Comedy Central

Democrats: Don't cooperate with the f**ing Republicans or we'll vote YOU

Anna Quindlen: Connecting Up the Dots

Why Have The Dem's Stopped Bashing Shrub For Not Finding Osama?


Dean: "and I've heard that song before." At his counter inaugural party.

No Child Left Behind Success Stories to be Featured in TV Show, Webcast

DU'ers: In light of our '04 loss and looking toward '06...

KERRY 08? Are you kidding me?

I have been sending Liberal Christian stuff to my Conservative Christian

Framing the Debate: What is a Dem.

Why is Deepa Fernandes leaving FSRN?

Let's rename the Shrub: announcing the BLIVET** CAMPAIGN!!

Activism for the weekend: a consolidated list of good stuff!

Photos of Bush money scandal in church

Is there a Condi, Laura, and * triangle?

Hollywood's Patriots (Walter Brasch,

Ramrods, by James Wolcott

Op-Ed: Dancing the War Away

The logic of the irrational: Bush’s inaugural address


Iraq Overseas Voter Registration Extended (A Must Read) Curious

Do You Suffer News Fatigue?

Clear Channel Converts 3 Stations to Liberal Talk

GOPS of Goo: What They're Saying: President Bush's Inaugural Address

Naked Aggression: How Americans Were Seduced by War-Paul Craig Roberts

Bush-Cheney Re-Crowned in Fortified Capital

Medieval mural's tales of sorcery

Another long four years (Brattleboro)

Real journalist can't be rented...: L. Pitts commentary on Armstrong Wms

The Ghosts of Torture (Hentoff)

Lifetime Detainment: No Pros, All Cons

Torture Island: A FOX Reality-Based TV Show Starring Congressional Leaders

Bush Administration Trying to Hide Torture Documents

'Torture and Truth'

WSJ: Radio's Bush-Bashing Air America Is Back in Fighting Form

CIA not bound to humane policy: Gonzales

Our Troops Are Dying for Sycophants by Paul Craig Roberts

Gonzales as attorney general frightening (Kaul)

Kennedy: Fascist America

Condeleeza Rice's testimony summed in letter to Minneapolis Star Tribune

Baghdad Burning Bleak Eid.../while bushballs

Should Anti-Bush Journalists Be Tried as "Spies"?

Graphic for Liberal-friendly businesses to ID themselves

Sample letters to the editors on US media filtering war coverage

Clear Channel Converts 3 Stations to Liberal Talk

Is MSNBC becoming the Bush, Inc Biography channel?

No Room for Progressives on Cable News Inauguration Coverage

Great new publication from Canada if you missed it.

Wal Mart kidnapping story: will the Iraq angle kill it?

It's not "privatizing", or about "ownership": it's "commercializing".

Big farms offered way out from liability

So What Are We Progressives Going To Do About Plastic?

Iran, Cuba to boost ties

Americans Want End To Weapons Development

Nobel Peace Laureate Urges Bush to Stop US-led Massacres

Bush Gets Positive Rating In Three Countries

Police: Son Shot Dad for Money


How about moving some of the irrelevant threads from the

DNS Lookup

About Google Indexing DU

About having a thread 'pinned' in a group

People who want to discuss the voting machines states

A new candidate for Listen Live

Is it ok if you


No shortcuts on this peace road

Guardian Utd (Saturday): Abbas offers Hamas deal to end violence

Should DU Fraud Folk Now Focus on 9/11 Fraud to Bring Bush Down ?

9/11 pilots must have been very good

AP: Feds arrest two Illinois city officials

Kansas just got its doors blown off by Villanova

Dispatch: Q-C counselors confirm national reports of anxiety on the rise

Chicago Sun-Times: Obama hears vets' complaints on disability pay

State Journal Register: GOP group: $39M needed to fight meth

Southern Illinoisan: Construction boom continues in downtown Carbondale

I got to hear Danny K. Davis speak for the first time yesterday

Chicago-Tribune: Governor signs gay rights bill into law

Share your snow horror stories here

More great protest photos

Another Poll: More Pessimistic than Optimistic About Next 4 Years

letterman just made top ten. No.1...Bush 2nd term things to do

rally in DC a la Forrest Gump

According to William Pitt : The PDA summit in DC will be on C-SPAN today

The Inaugural Ball: Dancing with Wolves

a good article about Senator Boxer

Who's side are we on? or How would we want it to end?

Ode to *

Why God Hates Bush. GOOD READ

Time to gather

Video captures from CSPAN2, ABC, and CBS of Bush Protesters

It's not "privatizing", or about "ownership": it's "commercializing".

Coverage of Inaugural Protests on C-SPAN now!

Thinking on Cheney's "specialty", analysis of congressional voting records

Voting Technology and Residual Votes in the USA

Plan B: Parallel Elections and Signed Ballots (from Lynn Landes)

Did we ever get any feedback about the roses to Boxer et al?

Chinese reaction to "*" crazy speech on the 20th

Nixon think tank questioning *

Is this Dick Cheney ? sure sounds like it

Feds Arrest Two Illinois City Officials

Judge orders release of Nevada presidential election public records

Anyone know a good site for info about domestic abuses of freedom?

IMAGINE IF W really was speaking to US on Jan 20, 2005....!?!

Choose a new election system to put fraud behind us.

Fox ratings up; MSNBC & CNN ratings down from 2001 inaugural coverage

United national coalition for voting reform forming now

Move On Already - CBS news on election fraud and protesters 1/20 in DC

C. Rice a liar & warmonger-not a diplomat! Boxer/Kerry need LETTERS NOW!

Pitts: Memo to John Kerry: The election is over, you lost, now move on ACT

My LTE: Of Bitterness, False Majorities, and Sore Winners

Video captures from CSPAN2, ABC, and CBS of Bush Protesters

A NEW legal challenge in Ohio!!!

Progressive Democrats of San Diego up and running!

Is today's forum being broadcast anywhere?

Sacramento Area High School Seniors - Essay Contest

CA assembly speaker calls Arnold's budget product of right wing think tank

Sacramento Protest!

Jumbo squid wash up in California

My estimate is to divide all projected snow fall numbers by three

MSU board considers ban on alcohol in public

Anyone have experience with Copernic Agent or Copernic Desktop Search?

Trouble with site certificate

Safe E-Mailing for Dummies (Wired mag article)

Who'll run against DaWino in '06?

Just wishing the Steelers good luck tomorrow!

Pennsylvania Issues

MALDEF Ignored in Texas

Grassroots Effort To Get Rush off the Air in Austin, TX

Is everyone having fun in the snow?

Has anyone heard anything new about

Medea Benjamin on Mike Webb soon

The REAL reason * showed up in church today with empty pockets...

LA Protest in Westwood 1/20 (turnout: about 3,000)

Caption this Bush Cheney Prayer Photo

"Snow Terrorist" nearly gets to Cheney....

Tony Blankely and the Washington Slimes paper are filthy scumbags

British Officer: Abuse of Iraqis was meant to stop looters

Interesting Aussie slang .... what HAS to be done to build good relations with...

Fascism is BASED ON the idea that one's opinions are objective truth

Get A Nixon in 72 Button.........Wear It Boldly

"Corruption here is worse now than in the Saddam Hussein era."


Waterbed....Yes or No?

U.S. to allow drilling on Alaska North Slope

I want to change Abe's Gettysburg address to suit our times.

National Iraq War Memorial Project

Iraq vote date--It's not Bu$h's call damn it!!

cryptome publishes HS morning briefs

Protest Warriors Show Colors as Protest Punk (hahahaha)

Pope honours lambs with blessing

The PDA summit in DC will be on C-SPAN today

Stocks tumble, wipe out Dow's '04 gains

Barbara Boxer takes center stage

On C-SPAN: "They Were All Kuwaitis"!



Guggenheim museum decides money isn't everything and sends billionaire pac

BushCo Unveils New Recruitment Campaign poster...

Colin's pact with the Devil and his moral collapse.

Firefox pulling down Internet Explorer

CNN: Judy acknowledging "Neocons" and world domination

The Iran $olution

For Those Who Think The WH** Will Bring The Troops Home. Read This..

America's Day of Shame...

So who are the candidates running for office in Iraq? Allawi, Allawi and

A speech to echo 'values we cherish' ????

Bussh promises World War Of Terror...

Satan Displays Bush 'Hook 'em' Hand Gesture; Is The Devil a UT Fan Too?

Louvre to allow Da Vinci filming

A Party of Lies and Deception

...."The Untamed Fire of Freedom" very Hitlerian....(graphic)

Oil smuggling suspects awarded Pentagon Iraq contract (Fin. Times)

Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi Now on C-Span Pushing For War With Iran.

Pentagon Turns Away Mothers of Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Hey MA DUer's! Tell me about living under Bill Weld?

The * Quote: "God Told Me To Invade Saddam"

So we are racist?

Sibel Edmonds and the editor of Venezuela Analysis will be on ThisIsHell

A spin cycle out of control

Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception

Let's call out the Freeps and post the Beatitudes!

Hey MA DUer's! Tell me about living under Bill Weld?

Quiz time: Governor restricts First Amendment by executive fiat

Caption this photo of Dumbya (having a seizure maybe?)

$300 Million in CASH disappears in Iraq. Poof !!!

More Photos from Protest at Coronation

The endless wars Bush has embarked on may be a sign of desperation

How can my cable tv be out

25 repubs to 4 Dems...WOW that "LIBERAL" media!!!

Hitler's History vs Bush History - Link Plz?

what grows from the head of a ciapuppet?

My reply to the SSA's response

Awwww they didn't have a good time at the coronation

A picture of *'s work in Iraq (graphic)

Iraq elections will be seen as a success by RW just b/c they

Bush Thanks Satan For Victory, Jenna calls Next

Its Way Past Time To Be Concerned

more GREAT PHOTOS from DC protests......enjoy !!!

Gonzales to replace Castro?

Let's hope that Iran doesn't subscribe to Bush* doctrine?

Do you believe adding slot machines in a city would do more harm than good

Programming found in dumpster outside Diebold heaquarters (photo)

? Are they planning to investigate Armstrong Williams payout?

My daughters friends Mom felt compelled to tell me that she's not Muslim.

CNN: This Jack Cafferty guy is such an Asshole.


DU THIS POLL Do you think the inauguration was too extravagant ...

Most Prominent Sitting Governor?


"Then Came a Day of Fire" --GWB

Those Allawi Campaign Posters in Baghdad aren't holding up too well.

CSpan right now: 'Inaugural Protest'

Rummy cancels German trip .........

Neo-con mindset on SS reform...I just HAD to post this

Greg Palast interview you may have missed from last weekend...


Bill OReilly WAR HERO! LOL

Roemer Is a Scaife Mole

How About Barbara In '08?


Joe Donnelly on California secession

Everyone, stop complaining about corporate media and turn it off!

Pro is to con as progress is to Congress...

here is a good one about the liar Hannity.

I'm sick of this 'Free Speach Zone' crap

Sibel Edmunds and Scott Ritter at 3pm (CST) Today...

How much did Congress get paid, and what did they accomplish, in 2004??

If Roe v. Wade is reversed . . .

snow fall amounts

Anyone see this map of where Florida Hurricains Hit?

California governor 'not worthy' to be Austrian

The mechanics of the Election in Iraq?

Iran student to be flogged 74 times, serve 2 years in prison

"As Bush talked about freedom, security personnel were dragging away...

Anyone listening to Marty Kaplan right now?

Where can I find past violent crime statistics

DU and Washington D.C. protests

Lawmakers Demand President Bush to STOP Paying Journalists

Why do all recent polls not favor *?

Hallo? Aren't there some Chinese and Iraqi terrorists with a dirty

Anybody go to DC Thursday?

On AAR now "Ring of Fire"

MSNBC: Do you think the Jan. 30 Iraqi elections will be a success?

Let the spending cuts begin, (except defense).

I love BuzzFlash. They're sassy!

So Spinsanity has called it quits...

Bumper sticker I want: "Live Free or DieBold."

Where can I find out who serves as Bush's science advisors?

Political Satire

NYC 51st state?

Are we missing the point?????

New Groups and Forums (01/22/05)

What is the matter with Texas?!!!!

O'Reilly must be brought down

Help plz: Anybody recall a video with Wall Street wheeler-dealers.....

Wasn't all this originally about 9/11?

AP News- Bush's 'Horns' salute shocked Norway, was seen as Satanic Salute

Was James Buchanan the first Gay President?

Does MAD TV have a rightward slant to it? Not that it matters or will

Official "Guy James Show" thread......please keep kicked!

Local church selling stolen items at yard sale...

Let's look at the practical aspects of the ideal life as pushed

From the trenches of the cultural wars, or more fun with fundies

Will you do something nice for John Conyers?

Condi & George, sittin' in a tree, K- I- S.... ???!!!???

Words that NO LONGER MEAN ANYTHING after bush......

Reading Nazi Propaganda, It Sounds Just Like BushCo Rhetoric!

Chris Matthews Show this weekend - Lincoln may have been gay

How far will they push the working poor? Just how far?

New Riverbend post...

The MOST important invention of mankind

Bill O'Reilly cheats on his wife, not just sexual harassment.

Riverbend:There hasn’t been a drop of water in the faucets for six days.

Who owns Comedy Central?

It's sunny and 70 degrees here in San Diego

Why God Hates Bush. GOOD READ

Do Photos of Dead Iraqi Children make you Uncomfortable?

How do you forgive yourself for the checkpoint killing of those parents?


ABC News goes fishing

Bush: Forget What I Said in My Speech, Here is What I Really Meant!

So what are you going to do when the Reagan stamp comes out?

Is there ANY Atrocity that would turn the Bush Zombies against him?

Protest Warriors Show Colors as Protest Punks

We polled 100 people..What's the most respected newspaper in the US?

GOP = Grumpy Old Pornographers

Any feedback yet from Repubs finding out the new head of GOP is gay?

How do we get Bob Novak and

If your country was occupied by another country would you register to vote?

The problem with America: It's cool to be dumb!

Iraq war vets should march and demand hearings, ala Kerry and VVAW.

Morford: Too much Bush and war and death and homophobia and Bush?

Jazz Funeral Photos and Videos from New Orleans

So will Fahrenheit 9/11 be nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars?

Freep calls for ARREST of all DU Members. Uh oh.

Moonie Front Paper "The Washington Times" Declares Moon God

Is it moral to prosyletize in refugee camps for tsunami victims?

What is "best practice" in constitutional democracy?

I think I know why there hasn't been another terror attack since 9-11

Anyone try Peace Cereal?

My old DAK bread baker

Any minestrone soup recipes.

I think I 've decided on my counters - Comments wanted (pic heavy)

Do you have a snowstorm menu?

Supper Bowl help!

ENGLAND JAN-20-2005-0912 Doctor Deaths toll now 352 murders: inquiry

U.K. General Election 2005

Ill-fated Cruise Liner Back in Dock

Tsunami cost Sumatra many midwives

Bush foes revel in inaugural `bawls'

Bush's Words On Liberty Don't Mesh With Policies

U.S. Regulators Investigate Chilean Bank

Battered Guatemalan wife can stay in U.S.

Iraq mosque, wedding attacked

NYT: E.P.A. Offers an Amnesty if Big Farms Are Monitored

Irish group in US effort to bar Thatcher Former IRA men 'banned for less'

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

FBI Explores Theories for Boston Terror Tip

Al Qaeda Texts to Be Published in U.S. Book

Mystery in Iraq as $300 Million is Taken Abroad

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq (Guardian)

WP: Senators Seek Increase in Death Benefit For Soldiers

cryptome publishes HS morning briefs

U.S. in danger of losing the war (DFP headline, frontpage)

Bush to Seek Cuts in Medicaid, Benefits

Iraq to close international airport as part of election security measures

FBI Explores Theories for Boston Terror Tip

India, China to hold first-ever strategic dialogue next week

Surge in visits by Chinese tourists expected

Militants Kill 15 Iraq National Guard Hostages

Ramadi at Heart of Iraq Election Hopes

Operation Limited Freedom

Protest Warriors Show Colors as Protest Punks

DoD Identifies 4 Casualties - Jan.21

Governor Now 'Less Concerned' Over Boston Threat

U.S. Ends Homeland Security Grant Programs

BBC (Saturday): Iraq exile vote runs into trouble

Muslim pilgrims elated at safety as haj winds down

Politician launches bid to terminate Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship

Iraq exile vote runs into trouble

Report: U.S. can't win Iraq war (and this is from the Washington Times!?)

Iraq attacks spark Allawi warning

Iran opens up presidency to women

Drillers want to train 5,000 new workers

Iran tells US to learn from Iraq mistakes

Special Perks To Retain Special Forces

Hubble Rescue 'will be scrapped'

U.S. Safely Passes Latest Terror Milestone

Car bombings, beheadings add to gruesome toll in Iraq

Iran student to be flogged 74 times, serve 2 years in prison

WP: No Foreign Observers to Monitor Iraq Vote

WP,pg1: Flu Vaccine Shortage Turns to Surplus (with many unprotected)

Trial Date Set for Suit on Elian Gonzalez Raid

USA Today: Senior drug addicts increasing

Bush Speech Not a Sign of Policy Shift, Officials Say


Bush-Cheney Re-Crowned in Fortified Capital

Report says U.S. cannot win Iraq war

Jackson judge censors landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions

Mom Accused Of Giving Crack To 4-Year-Old (to 'calm him down')

JP Morgan admits US slavery links

WP: Gingrich Speech at Catholic University Opposed (Dem tit for tat!)

The Donald's Much Hyped Wedding No. 3

U.S. Ends Homeland Security Grant Programs (affects Chemical Plants)

N.Korea Tells U.S. Lawmaker It Has Atom Bombs -Report

NJ: Abortionist 'flushed babies down toilet'

Saturday marks the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade ruling

Shi'ite leader sees no civil war

WP: Energy Department Slow to Mandate Efficiency

NYT: New Medicare Rules on Drugs Balance Access Against Costs (detailed)

Texas Billboards Feature Osama, Arafat ("Two down, one to go")

Insurgents Free Eight Chinese Hostages in Iraq

Iraq Remains Starkly Divided Over the Value of an Election

NYT: Young Bush Fund-Raisers Are Courted by the Party

Politician seeks to revoke Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship

Bush to Boost AIDS Funds; Critics Say More Needed (a lot more!)

Attorney: Psychiatrist finds woman who severed baby's arms unfit for trial

Latortue seeks Aristide's help to end strife

Henry Cuellar (TX-28) to Deliver Democratic Hispanic Radio Address

Kennedy fears becoming tabloid fodder; gets quick taste

Tsunami Survivor Found After 25 Days

Court rejects (Atheists) suit against Boy Scouts

Newest Washington governor chides Bush in radio speech

NY Journalist (Brodeur) Arrested for Harassing Mayor Bloomberg's Office

NYT: In Terror Fight, Domestic Roles for U.S. Troops (*'s commandos)

'Untouchable' caste find themselves deprived of tsunami aid

Paisley: IRA must be brought to heel

Rice 'apologist for white sins' (Zimbabwe paper)

US, Iraqi Forces Brace for Wave of Election Bombs (' bet!')

American experts train Yemeni coast guards

Iraq gas shortages overshadow election

Analysis: Iraqi insurgency growing larger,more effective

Bush insider likely to fill Federal Communications chair

Utah State Lawmaker Defends Polygamy

Can Anyone Unseat F.D.R.? -NYT

Woman Promotes the Right to Go Topless

Bush Radio Address:To place one's hand on the Bible...humbling experience

Aided by Web, Iraq War Veterans Organize as Critics

Christian right marks start of `a good 4 years'

Abortion foes feel tide is turning (Atlanta Urinal-Constipation)

US alone in seeking ouster of IAEA chief: report

US opposes Hague trial for Darfur war crimes suspects

Pope says abstinence, fidelity best way to stop AIDS

Bush Pulls Neocons Out of the Shadows (Nixon Center pres: extremist in WH)

Army Prepares 'Robo-Soldier' for Iraq

Taliban reject talks with US: report

Judge: anti-gay activists permitted to demonstrate at gay events

WP: Americans Vanish In Mexican Town (border kidnappings)

Dresden parliament in uproar at neo-Nazi outburst

I hope my workers who voted republican get drafted.

I have rediscovered Fritos

Maybe this last semester won't be so dull after all


im jeorj allen, aks me anyfing

Why can't chess sit down on the job?

Is the lounge's obsession with the bush daughters a secret infatuation?

Crispin Glover gonna be on CBS Late Late Show in a while

Eyes Upon Me

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Will GnR's Chinese Democracy be released this year?

Cokie Roberts would fuck up Grover Cleveland Alexander in a fight

Harry Potter Books We'd Like to See

Pilot episode of Dallas is on right now!

Jim Wallis is on Charlie Rose case you have it on PBS

Do you wave at snowplow drivers?

Favourite Ron White lines?

I'm hopped up on green tea and listening to Marshall Crenshaw...

Hee! I knew the Go Fug Yourself ladies wouldn't fail me

Johnny Cash

So I made a little donation..

I'm a straight male and I don't find the Bush girls attractive

For classic Van Halen fans, check this site out.

Yesterday sucked in more ways than one..

Is Jenna Bush "plus sized", sexy, neither or both?

i'm chloe sevigny, ask me anything. . .

Do I expect too much?

Comedians you'd like to see work together?

Poor 'Depose the Boy King'.........

I just got in trouble from my girlfriend for...

Norway confused by sign of Satan, too


Does anybody eat pizza at the ranch?

Would you ever date a ditz?

With all the bullshit going on with the country all I have to say is...

My Weatherbug is flashing and buzzing! It is 7 degrees here in Brklyn and

Cookie monster would fuck up Grover in a fight

Canadians - recommend good Canadian tunes the Yanks don't know

What is the best part about the West/East coast?

Canuck Amok is a 54-40 hating ROche Voisine fan

Am I the only XTC fan here or what??

Laura Bush should sue Oscar de la Renta or smack Dubya for telling her she

Gee...that was fun.


Our caterers played a prank today at breakfast:

Hey, is there any truth to the rumour that Calvin...

Should Canada pre-emptivley strike Denmark?

Staying on the Calvin and Hobbes vibe who would win in a fight?

Just talked to my house-mates

My cat is STARING at me

I love the smell of cat poop in the morning


Pizza & Pineapples & Glass of Milk--Who's With Me???

The creator of diet coke should be shot and pissed on at daybreak

I think I am scarred for life

A thin coat of frost on windshields + artist = clever fun

I'm drinking a Terrible Unibroue!

G'Night All .......

"I'll just say 'Chitty-Bye'..." ..WTF !!!!

Your best musical suggestions for *blush* "amorous endeavors?"

Does anybody eat chocolate cake with butter?

Favorite popular singer of all time?


Time for the Fucked-up west coaster thread

Someone suggest some chill ass trip hop.

Did the Bush family wipe out the Kennedy family?

just waiting for the nyquil to take effect...

Cheesiest PC games ever

Post nice memory from the last year

The Museum of Failed websites

Diebold voting and Florida

Are all the mainstream rock bands repuke?

I need a shag

Food-Service Industry DUers: Can I get an "amen?"

GERMANY: Legal experts say no law prohibits use of feces as flagstand.

Britney Spears reportedly pregnant

I need a dog.

Smirnoff Ice sucks

I'm in pain.

Linux, Inc. (BusinessWeek)

Blizzard Warning For Boston ... Up To 30" Of Snow Expected

Do you have ANYTHING in common with Bush?


ic eom Roy Moore, ascian me hwaet

Other Bush facts buried by ass puppet elect Gonzales

Have you gotten your pet his/her own cell phone yet?..get one here:

It's rude, it's crude, but it's good for a laugh and he's on our side :)

Well, East Coast - have fun!

Nerdiest. Book. EVAH.

Hey, is there any truth to the rumour that Calvin:

How about them Purrs?

When Fred and Barney shilled for Winston

"See Thru" skirts. Just in time for Mardi Gras.

How about them Spurs?

Rant about jobs: I have a 4 year degree and can only make...

"Dead... dead... dead... dead... dead...

Firefox pulling down Internet Explorer

Snow is blowing around now, drifting up.

Tell your tales of winter storms.


ahm jim bunning, aks me anyfing

Anyone here eat hotdogs with cheese?

Why can't checkers sit down on the job?

How David shrank as he faced Goliath

just bought two tiks for elton john

Direct TV Question ?

Bang Bang

Listening to Van Halen's For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Ask me anything.

Amusing ~ The Jesus Factor

Shocked with the electrodes of liberty

Why is there always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?

Is anyone else going back to bed?

My cats are not embracing the "Buy Blue" philosphy!

Bring Back Tricky Dick!

Alright- the damned Jamster commercials.

It looks like I'm going to have to go to Walmart


Church AGHAST as Cheney REMOVES money from collection plate

mischievous thread time...which 1,000+ DU'er

Philip Morris can't hide...Flash movie

Describe your pajamas

kitten attack!

Ahh the meaning of higher education.

I Don't Care What The Critics Say - Van Helsing Was An Awesome, Fun Movie

Dude, the Irish Affairs group is the best thing to happen to DU

I just fixed my gas fireplace. I am so proud!

an apology to the mods

THe killers "smile like you mean it" SCRREEEAMMMSS

The greatest rock group with a dominant female lead

Oh cool! There's this free box in my apartment complex...

I got yer Ovaltine RIGHT HERE!!

edited fixed

Goodnight, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you

Billy Joel needs another verse

I had a really weird dream and I am obssed with the song afternoon delight

"Hocus Pocus" by "Focus" covered by "Krokus" - covers you'd like to hear.

Fighting soldiers from the sky

Man, life moves fast

Finally saw Anchorman today.

I'm in the mood for a little junk food today. Where should I go for lunch.

Yikes! Carbon monoxide in my apartment

I brushed my teeth left-handed this morning

All right, clue me in - what are these Jamster ads everyone is maligning?

Alright- the REAL worst thing in the world poll.

Say hey what are jamster commericals?

Waterbed....Yes or No?

Jack "Star Hustler" Horkheimer is still alive.

Companies don't like my home address

So I rented "The Pianist"

Which is the oddest couple?

Worst thing in the world?

Man, the Repubs were right all along about them thar gay people!

I saw Alton Brown yesterday!

I just fixed my nuclear fireplace! I'm so proud!

BEHOLD! Instruments of destruction or keys to the future?

ugghh! just spent an hour surronded by bush lovers

My tummy hurts, so I can't sleep. why are you awake?

Is God sending us snow because of homosexuals?

Thursday marked the beginning of four fucking more years yet I felt lucky

How did you get your last job?

VIDEO: It's late-night strip tease time!

DANG! and I tried to hard to be subtle, too...

Which new bumper sticker should I put on my car?

Now THAT is funny... just finished reading about how I must be a guy

I'm watching this movie called "Red Sonja" on WGN right now.

My opinion counts more than the rest of you

Has anybody had vegemite?

Snow Day Movie Thread

Ever gotten a horse's head in the middle of the night?

Psst!.....! DUers!!! ..... Over here! Want some KOOLAID??????

Sunshine in Milwaukee! Ok, gang put away the seed catalogs

Dear Abby my dear ...

best mediocre thing in the world

Just watched Solaris (George Clooney version). Ask me anything.

Damn were getting blizzard warning.....

If we mixed "The Man Trap" (Star Trek) with "The Parent Trap" (Disney)

If Amb. Taylor debated Bush on the idea of invading Iran I wonder who

Ok - it's Saturday - I awoke to find out it wasn't a sickening, dis-

Is It Legal To Hide From Process Servers Delivering A Subpoena?

What I'm listening to right now

Eek! The Wind!

gee life can`t get better than this

Quick help need

Sometimes I wish I drove an SUV. There...I've said it.

Best Thing in the World

Terrific. I finally get a Saturday night free from the radio station....

What if Elton John songs were the biggest "gay bombs" of all and an

I have 6.5 gallons of popcorn. Any ideas(besides eating it)?

has anyone seen "The Assassination of Richard Nixon"?

What a selfish POS Bush is....

I'm frickin bored. Ask me anything

boxer/dean or dean/boxer in '08....any thoughts? nt

Just ran outside barefoot in the snow!

LTTE: "'Helpful' teens during the wee hours."

ok, open water is seriously freaking me out!

So, who else here had a blizzard yesterday???

So, who else here got blitzed yesterday???

Jackson judge censors landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions

Nixon on George and Babs Bush

I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide...I've got 12 sided die...

Shoes or Feet - which do you switch?

Omg, i actually saw a freeper outside of freeperville

You know, Elvis isn't THAT bad....

"Head like a hole."

"I'm So Bored With the U.S.A."

With this post...I hit 600!!!!! Ask me anything!!

Who wants to give me job advice?

For my fellow DUers freezing their asses off:)

FL native/resident: My favorite thing about the inaugural claptrap:

Think Summer! What's your favorite Summer/Beach Song?

Isnt it funny if you read the lyrics then listen to the song again, it

The Weatherman blows his credibility....

LOL I'm supposed to write two double-spaced pages on how

Ever gotten a charlie horse in the middle of the night?

"MoTown Winter Blast" delayed by winter blast

My new boots

THIS is cool.....portable DVD player that looks like a portable

Just shoveled eleven inches of snow. Ask me anything.

Kid cooks pet store animals in school

WHHEEEE!!! Newt Gingrich's new book is on the NYT Top 10 List (+)

Snowbird DUers! Come to California


I'm Ed Koch, how am I doing

Things to do when your power goes out

Song with a 420 ref #45181: Rocky Mountain High

The Spinners "They Just Can't Stop It"

It stopped fucking snowing on the Jersey Shore

The Donald's Much Hyped Wedding No. 3

How domesticated are your cats?

So there's a helicopter circling my house...(pics)

trying to remmeber 2 movie titles

Which of your favorite childhood cartoons made you into a homosexual?

Who should be this years Neocon Pin-Up Girl ?

Socks & Shoes... Which Method Do You Use?

I just got something to say to you people!

Steven Wright says...

Anyone seen Kinsey? Is it worth the price of admission?

Buffalo Wings

Ahh what the hell, ask me anything


Everyone here is funnier than I am...

Alright already - enough of this snow bashing!!!

Bush Administration Light Bulb Joke

MTVs Newlyweds - I fear for our future.

Trapped in CA

I wish I was still in New Orleans.

Trapped in DC

let's build snowmen!

How catty are your domestics?

"It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine"

Pictures of Uday Hussein's Ferrari (or whats left of it)

Does this fit the definition of "spam"?


Look at me! I crave attention! Look over here!

Le Poll - most important treaty?

I feel SOOOOOOOOO Republican!

Favorite type of music media

I crave Fruity Pebbles. Ask me anything.

Listening to Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti. Ask me anything.

I crave Cocoa Pebbles.....Ask me anything

Help! I've developed DU elbow!

What're you listening to RIGHT NOW?

How the hell does anyone with a modest income manage to live in Manhattan?

I wonder what this guy's FR name is... (

Sleet and freezing rain here in Richmond...ugh! I want some

Help! Anyone know how to change a turntable belt?

Unemployment Hearing

In November the snow starts to fly, piling up, ankle high

in honor of my 1945th post: the end of World War II

I am David Horowitz, ask me anything

I am now going off to read the transcript of W's unaugural speech.

It looks like it's just me and the Quaker parrots tonight

Just back from FReeper board, I brought a gift!

Favorite M&M's

Best side dish with a hot dog?

Is it possible for a living person to be embalmed? I think this guy WAS.

Does anyone else absolutely loathe 7th Heaven?

Whew! I survived it!

I'm bored. Lets play a game!

CLUE is on on Comedy Central.

I wondered as to what event caused you the most despair a certain ill

I'm in the Boston area waiting for a blizzard--

Do any of you have snow? I haven't seen any posts about it.

I can't even see out of my windows.

The Science Channel is so cool (Mars travel-alien life)

Tell me this isn't fake


How do I get Jacques Chirac to utter these words in public?

I was just wondering if....

Daylight Savings all year round?

Sex Thread

Favorite snow activity

The Nigerian e-mail scammer and Mc Donalds..

Help me remember the name of this movie

which movie should i watch first tonight?

Donald Trump wedding: Is this is an attractive dress??

Saturday night snow-bound BOOZIN' thread!

Call Mr. Plow, that's my name.

Philadelphia airport closed....

ARRGH!!$499 for a snow-blower and i gotta pay someone to plow my driveway


Tom Selleck - Total Freeper or Middle of the Road Repug?

Oh lord, I am drunk on Pinot Noir.

driving through texas this afternoon, and all you see are these

There is Snow place like the East Coast

My advise to all of you here at DU: DON'T LIVE 5 MINUTES FROM WORK!!!

Hey!! I just came up with yet another name for the Liar:

What place or location did you never expect to find yourself in?

Is Bar Bar Bush, Rush Limbaugh in Drag?

160 lb. Tumor

I am Alan Colmes, ask me anything

Can it snow over the ocean?

"State of Emergency" in Massachusetts

snow fall amounts

Blondeatlast out of health jail and still on this mortal plane...

Yay...Norwegian Disco lessons...

To all the snow-bound DUers

WTF are alligator lizards in the air?

What chat program do you use?

There is not one piece of Opera that I can tolerate.

What do people know they can count on you for?

The snow is Gods way of punishing the Blue States.

Not much snow here in Pittsburgh. I only scraped one inch off my car.

Blizzard day movie connection! Let's see how far we can go


I think Bush may end up being impeached

I just made an "Irish Chocolate"

I really like the song,

I just figured out the name "The Rolling Stones"

An undetermined number of snow squalls is parading my way.

Garrison Kiellor is good tonight!

The charming Paris Hilton rips off DVD!

I added a weekly column on"Lust" to my blog.

Iron rules of hollywood movies

The soul patch - yes or no?

Does anybody eat pizza with ranch?

Garrison Kleeb is good tonight. (not a sex thread!)

How much snow do you have on the ground?

To everyone who helped me through my depression the other night: Thanks!

What's in your cd player?

The Goatee: Yes or No?

"the blow job that changed the world"

If anyone cares, a question about a relationship

Shoe Bow Knot... Which Method Do You Use (Poll)

Mmmmmmm. Soup.

Politician Saved By Heimlich Maneuver From Fellow Politician

I had my identity stolen. It's been a 'fun' week.'

Momma’s boy hair cut?

New Groups and Forums (01/22/05)

DUers are just more attractive than Freepers. Here's proof if you need it.

Snow Day-Ask me anything thread!

Blizzard on the way. Tips for success? Snacks? Provisions?

Caption the chicken !

What piece of classical music embodies best for you

heheh... crazy fundie at Cher concert

Who's the Master in your home? You or your pets?

I just realized how I will remember Jan 20th

Dog pictures anyone?

I am Cthulhu Ask meany thing

Who will score the most points tomorrow?

What would be you estimate on the % of Christians who've read the Bible?

HA HA! Goodboy kills the Thread-Killer thread! You're welcome!

The Greatest Guitarist That Ever Was

Bob Boudelang Takes on SpongeBob

Anyone here a fan of HBO's series "Carnivale"?

Is anyone staying up just to wait for the snow?

Describe your bed.

Things I hate but am forced to live with.

As much as I hate to say it- I seriously think the Patriots are going to

Tell your best funny story on yourself

One of my hard case little boys is in a new home tonight.

Religion, Government Line Blurry For Americans

Spongebob and the "Crackpot" Christians...

Researchers discover Fat Gene AND key Cancer Gene

US policy shift on Aids drugs use

Roman-Era Britons Lived In Suburbia...(have Bath, will travel)

My brain was turned off by a magnet!

Vikings in IRAN? (archaeology)

The Nation Magazine's Homophobic Cartoon

I'm sleeping with my Terrible Towel tonight :)

Tomorrow could be a decisive day in the bunny suit bet.

You know what pisses me off about Univ. of Kentucky basketball?

Hey, is Donnie Iris going to do the anthem again in Pittsburg on Sunday?

What's your favorite moment of "he had it coming" football violence?

Finally! Pics of my beautiful boy Cocoa!

SPIRITUAL HEALTH AND HEALING (first published in 1922)

Indonesians turn to mystics in search of missing tsunami victims

If I post my jesus joke here this easter

Living on base?

About the Kennedies

Can someone please tell me why i bother to go into GD: Politics?

Is there a transcript anywhere of Kerry's comments before Condi vote?

The Bushes are the Anti-Kennedys

Snow bound

The second DU photo contest--for 1/29--sign up here. Theme: winter/cold

Wash Jour. c-span talking of media coverage of protestors

British Newspapers Mock Bush Inauguration

Brian Williams on Tonight Show

More good photos

Nancy Pelosi on the 32nd Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

What would stop the wars?

"Dallas Mourns": Dallas' Anti-inauguration day

Who just heard Malloy go apeshit on that RW nut?

By the tone of Bushies speech, he wants clean up his act and go down in

Post Coronation Humor - Long Live The King!

What Percentage Of Eligble Iraqi Citizens Will Vote In The Upcoming

So where are those of us

US and UK look for early way out of Iraq (Guardian)

Will Bush still do business with these 'oppressive' allies?

Focus on Iran Causes Unease

The world responds to the inaugural address (Sardonic humor alert!)

DU questions to the DNC candidates

EU backs diplomacy to unlock Iran nuclear conundrum

Heartfelt flow of fire and brimstone

9/11 pilots must have been very good

Michael Powell

No War in Iran Petition reaches passes 10% mark

NYC area Clarkistas

Please tell me that stories of nekkid PETA folk are exaggerated

How we win the pres election in 08

Book claims real Reagan hot tempered, headstrong

good article on the dollar vs the euro

Democratic speeches

After his inauguration, Bush takes direction from Billy Graham

It's not pro-war vs anti-war. The question is deterrance vs pacifism.

Remember Nixon's Checker speech about Pat's "Republican" cloth coat?

Former Marine Charged In Connection With Clerk's Abduction, Death

Iraq overseas registration extended

I have to admit, I did not watch the inauguration speech

a lovely letter to Sen. (mole) Biden

Take off the gloves, Ms. Pelosi & Mr. Reed.

Looking for Disgusting Picture from Yesterday's WP

Jesus and Jack Daniel's (two GOP hot spots)

Why can't we just assassinate nasty world leaders?

I've got someone to add to shrub's treason list!

Repug machine keeps chugging, DNC remains silent

Bush Pulls 'Neocons' Out of the Shadows

The fire of Democracy burns in a Imperialist Hell!

What is with the

TR silently cries from the grave

Students Force Army Recruiters To Retreat

Bush's wacko Inaug. speech: Is MSM finally waking up?

News Alert: Fat Cats Descend On Washington!

I have only one point (question/ criticism) to make regarding the MSM.

Yahoo News: Gregoire responds to Bush's weekly radio

U.S. Reacts To Bush Inauguration Speech

Mixed Grades On Bush’s Report Card

Who should run in 2008?

If congressional Democrats vote for a war against Iran they are finished

Jeb's Wife

There is no such thing as a "moderate republican"

The president's real goal in Iraq

3 years 363 days left

Rummy can't go to Germany because they might arrest him

When will Dems finally get it ? It's not just about Dem candidates.

Just made this sticker for my car.....

Next up, Iran. (Whatever happened to Country Joe?)

wake the fuck up, Democrats !!!

California approves Sequoia vote machines with paper trail......

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