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Archives: November 7, 2005

Is America Still Red Vs. Blue, or Purpler?

Conservative Crackup

How much longer before the rubber binder snaps?

Hiaasen: Adventures of Jack Abramoff -- an ugly story

King County tells voters not to worry about notification (WA)

Most 'lost voters' from Latino districts (MA)

Question about ES&S Scanners.

Why they went after Kevin Shelley and what it means for CA elections

Ohio Has Gone Diebold With VVPT (allegedly) - Election Tues - WATCH NEEDED

Arizona ID rule may deny U.S. citizens right to vote

Fox 25 News at 10 doing story tonight on the gay marriage pettition fraud

Just how did Randy Kelly save businesses?

Reform Ohio Now needs people who will make calls / donations

Ok, all you are the reasons you're HELLBOUND!!

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Shrub compared to a man out driving with his wife

Will Iraq or any of the Arab world adopt "Western" ways ?

The FBI's Secret Scrutiny

We Americans are like recovering addicts after a four-year bender

Has Any Polling Service Asked This Question ???

2 US soldiers, 13 civilians die in Iraq - Monday, November 07, 2005

Dick Morris a natural for the GOP: he's a bloody coward (audio)

Charles and Camilla head to northern California, and go all-out organic --

New White House Initiative - OPERATION INFINITE PURITY

If DNA has resulted in the release of perhaps hundreds of

I thought West Wing ratings were way down?

This Dream Theater song sums up what I don't like about Red 'Murica

VIDEO-Tom Coburn -Patriot Act Takes Away Freedoms

NCFR bailing on Bush

Wanna see something REALLY SICK? Beware.

OH OH - does anyone know what church DeLay attends? I think his

WestCoasters/West Wing debate to be live at 8pm...

Vinick vs. Bush -- who gets your vote?

Sorry dumb question. I don't get why, to the Republicans, sex=politics. ?

Diablo, where are you?

Damage Reports From Our Viewers and Users (Indiana tornado) link

This Delphi situation could lead to a national strike. Could be huge!

Judy Miller threatens to return to work!!!

Move along

CBS/Charles Osgood Sunday AM/ If you are over 50 you are Dead

Watching "Desparate Housewives" right now!

Witness testifies he was tortured in El Salvador

LINK: To the West Wing debate poll by Zogby through MSNBC:

VIDEO- Corzine/Forrester Debate- Forrester's Sleezy Commercial

Head Start doesn't work..... ohhhhhhhhhh

Damned Nascar!!! Making West Wing late!

The West Wing debate is a fantasy and nothing more

Remember our real enemies

The Real Rosa Parks

The West Wing's Live Smits-Alda Debate stunt, 8 PM. Who's watching?

Iraqi Politicians Condemn US offensive

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Bush Warns Latin Americans Against a Drift Back to Authoritarian Rule

I listened to Senator Jay Rockefeller this morning, thought about it,...

My new stove arrives tomorrow....A vintage 1955 Chambers...

French riots, American Imperialism, Hogs at the trough. Could it

Is this letter appropriate?

Family Guy just nailed Bush on Vietnam and Coke snorting.

Finally revealed!! Republicans CANT make chicken soup out of chicken SHIT


Environmental evangelicals

Texas death row inmate captured in Louisiana

Help! Is this true?

How much longer before the rubber binder snaps?

Any lawyers here? First Amendment question...

PHOTO: Bush interrupts Panamanian Independence Day....

Do you think Roberts will try to force his 4 day report ?

Vote for Santos or Vinick now!

Anyone watching the live West Wing debate?

Is Allen Alda a Dem? (in real life -I assume he is the Repuke in

VIDEO-Pat Roberts-Questioning the Pres Emboldens the Terrorists

My 4 New Bumper Stickers of the Week...

BOONDOCKS cartoon show starts in 4 minutes (Eastern)

Bravo, Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits!

Copernicus remains found in Poland

Is Repubulicanism genetic?

If Martha went to "Camp Cupcake," then BushCo should go to "Camp ________"

Santos for President! (nt)

Sorry if dupe, but this is BIG. Cheney's office, detainee abuse

WP: Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy

Why is Republican politics so blatantly and historically corrupt?

Mother of 11 pushed to get sainthood. - usa today.

World media television/radio/press/web resources?

Robert F. Kennedy's health?

Comedy relief: "Landover Baptist Church":

Predictions for the West Wing live debate

Daily Show: Has Gay Marriage Ruined Massachusetts?

Vote for who won TheWest Wing debate

Investigation of "Oil" profits will end up like the Enron trials and no

Libby the PNAC Connection to WHIG

"Wow, Brazil is big"

Give 'Em Hell Harry

VIDEO- West Wing- Liberal

Is the growing controversy over 2004 election fraud . . . . .

Does it seem like Bush is slurring his words more than usual?

Operation "Iron Fist" on Syrian Border. Same thing Hitler called it

Bridge to Nowhere. Please explain.

Baghdad Burning ........ What happened to the dream of a democratic Iraq?

Reagan was an informant and turned actors names over to McCarthy.

My take on the French riots.

Question(s) regarding Wilson/Plame

Leopold: Vice President Lied As White House Sought To Defuse Leak Inquiry

Remember the teacher who made a kid take off his halloween costume?

McGovern bill to end the war. "End the War in Iraq Act of 2005"

Breaking! Hastert is added to the Abramoff scandal

Last week someone asked what constituted a Mc Mansion.. Have a look

AIPAC Defense Doesn't Rest (Wake Up People!!!! This is the story to watch)

NO, we do NOT need a better candidate than Kerry

Is America Still Red Vs. Blue, or Purpler?

NYT: If He Has to Lose, Ferrer Wants to Lose With Dignity

Bush Remarks Seen as Jab At Chavez

NFL Cheerleader(s) Arrested; Caught Having Sex in Restroom

Sen. Roberts rational on opposing the Senate Torture Ban

Putin Praises Unity as Nationalists Rally ("like 1930's Germany")

NYT: When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation

U.S. Reports Sharp Rise in Iraq Roadside Bombings

Moroccans protest al Qaeda's threat to kill hostages

Escaped death row inmate captured

Blair "seduced" by US before Iraq war - ex-diplomat

WP: Site May Be 3rd-Century Place of Christian Worship

NYT/IHT: Sen.(Roberts)Hints No Wrongdoing on Prewar Intel(report this wk)

Pneumonia hits earthquake zone...

French rioters open fire on police, 10 hurt

Hey! I know where I've seen * before!!!

This Just in!!! LynneSin needs a life!!!!

Is it worse to be a Packers fan or a Democrat?

Argh- I think I just broke my car stereo...

The polls are closed and once again a new alltime low has been reached....

Anyone watching the Extreme Home Make Over? I've been crying

Almost there, 79,951 user registrations .

Any geocachers out there?

Hmmm. 19 year old 5 oclock shadow on McDonalds discussing a burger


I changed the channel from Faux to CNN at the YMCA


So help me, tonight's SIMPSONS episode is extremely funny!

Somebody please send me a ham & pineapple pizza w/ a coke.

Video from DU data center

Family Guy time!

The greatest day of the year: The Simpson's Tree House of Horror XVI

Find me the funniest smiley ever!

Is anyone watching "West Wing" RIGHT NOW?

Shonen Knife Drummer Killed In New Jersey Auto Accident

Any resemblances?

My diet of today consisted solely of milk and

Stonunkened... Ask me anything.

An anonymous person mailed me a bunch of ties, underwear, and a g-string

Good Night

I declare that all posts must start with "At the beginning of the day"

The latest from Joey Dauben

Do any other DU women like the "Healing Garden" products?

My niece is back from Camp Phoenix in Baton Rouge.

I'M [email protected]!$%^^&* DRUNK!


I disagreed with a Republican friend that was bragging today

Can Asthma keep you out of the Army?

"To Be Continued"s are tired, cheesy copouts. Discuss.

Its coming. Its Coming, ITS COMING !!!!

I took a Pain Pill and am in a Chatty Mood...ask me something.

"A good woman is just like a McGriddles..."

(Very pic-heavy, 56K alert) Funny and cute pictures for a Sunday night

Everybody, say goodnight to my daughter. She's going to bed now....

DC Natives: Ever been "Under The Turtle"?

Boondocks debut on Cartoon Network tonight.

So I just saw Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith

Watching "Desparate Housewives" right now!

The hell with it, I'm watching "West Wing" tonight...

60 Minutes Hottie?

Live Debate on "The West Wing" tonight is going out Live to Both Coasts.

My new stove arrives tomorrow....A vintage 1955 Chambers...

NFL Cheerleader(s) Arrested; Caught Having Sex in Restroom

anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic disorder...please send me a pm...

You either support Matt Santos, or the terrorists have won. (nt)

So when does "Harry Potter and the Curse of Puberty" come out?

Working on my resume: is it a bad idea to put 'Dark Lord of the Sith'

When someone is undeclared gender.....

Who-Dey Bitches!! Bengals are 7-2 going into the bye week!

Shall we start a betting pool on when the French riots will stop?

OK...Since when does Hugh and Huge mean the same thing?

Are we there yet?

Watch Big McLargehuge win a martial arts tournament!

1 Gallon of Milk cost $4.50 in DownEast Maine today. How much in you area?

Home Depot's fault?

Phil Collins says open to Genesis reunion. THis is HUGH!!!!11!!!11!!

what is the difference between an ipod and a tivo

Tonight on Fox News- anti-gay pettition fraud caught on tape

Why do Christians beat up on Gays? How about divorcees?

Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade bigger this year

Does Dick Vermeil Have To Cry After Every Game

Good thread here! Someone else gets it.

Kerry Pictures

It looks like things are cooling down

I'm tired of elections


Boston Visit Thread: (Cuz the other one is too big for dial-up)

I wonder if I can use this as my fall entry

Some of my latest shots from the garden.

Found a source for pink plastic handcuffs...

I know it is now some 11 hours after the fact, but....

Barbour praised Bush too quickly

Political talking point

Talking the issues...

Why is Honesty so hard to find?

Cheney command adds a new roadblock (Dowd)

"The economy is doing great and number of employed is at record highs"..

How do you like my Christmas Cards?

Most Hurricanes and November Tornados Is...???

Joe Biden(D-Deleware): "Alito filibuster seems unlikely."

Bush's future in his own hands....

I was stuck at the airport watching CNN - conversation between

No more available Republican hidey holes

Who was Bush's Second Choice for Vice-President ?

PROOF: Yes, conservatism is a mental disorder

If you believe that the 2004 election was stolen, do you think it was

"Desperate" Doug Forrestor

Mark Warner on CSPAN NOW! 8pm Eastern.

Paul Hackett v. Sherrod Brown

Let's compile a list of talking points for the Dems in the 2006 elections.

JASON MILLER: Sweet Dreams For America's Ruling Elite...

David Boise/Gore 2000 Lawyer said Libby Plea less "injurious for Nation."

"They Thought that They would Be Free! " (Nazi's /German Citizens...)

Bush blunders.. US media covers up on Free Trade, Argentina, Brazil

Bush's Wall of Shame

Come clean on secret prisons

FTAA interred at Mal del Plata

Larisa Alexandrovna: All the ground zeroes...

Right to bear arms provides means to stop future wars

Paul Krugman: Defending Imperial Nudity

FBI Use of Patriot Act Concerns Lawmakers

Democrat avoids filibuster pledge against Supreme Court nominee

We Americans are like recovering addicts after a four-year bender

In Iraq, they're revisiting Vietnam-era counterinsurgency

Bush and the 7 Deadly Sins ...... Juan Cole

Wag the Damascus?

Blair's litany of failures on Iraq - ambassador's damning verdict

A parallel antiwar past

Fun Rove edit. cartoon

anti-war sermon brings irs warning

Police chaplain jailed on charges of domestic violence

Neo-Conservatism: Cult of American Ascendancy or Moral Bankruptcy?

School for Scoundrels

Levin Says Newly Declassified Information (Sen Levin Press Release

Far Away fr Home, No rest for Weary Prez (LAT)

The Quiet Oil-for-Food Scandal

Jim Kunstler - Attention Deficit Nation

Pride, Prejudice, Insurance (Krugman)

After the Libby Indictment,by David Corn,The Nation

Lease: The no-conscience budget

Deconstructing Cheney (Boston Globe)

Blair ‘passed up’ chance to delay Iraq war

Bush squanders Argentina's summit opportunity to mend fences

LTTE "Bush didn't lie about WMD's"

Is the United States a Notorious Human Rights Abuser?

Iraq Vet admits: Bodies melted away before us(LaRepublica)

And Now to 'Streamline' King Coal's Beheading of Appalachia

Why is France Burning? The Rebellion of a Lost Generation.

Harpers: Revision Thing - A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies

Lautenberg Would Rename Bill "Moral Disaster of Monumental Proportions"

NE States try to salvage Fed bungling of energy savings.

Nevada mines may be culprit in high mercury levels in Idaho

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

Importing European oil

Qassam rocket aimed at Israel misfires, wounds PA policeman

IDF soldier who attacked TV film crew jailed for 28 days {edit}

How the PA failed

Jordanian source confirms Hamas attempted to transfer operations from Syria

Palestinian boy shot by IDF dies

Solidarity with Murad and Munir

The Big Match

Who Flew the Planes?

Where do we go from here?

Pennsylvania says KISS YOUR LEVERS GOODBYE on Tuesday!

PA. - Only One Certified Machine, No Paper Trail

Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting

OK, so tomorrow I'm voting on Election Reform in OH on a Diebold.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY, 11/07/05

Is there still time to be a POLLWORKER tomorrow? Call your BOE!

Help: which US voting machine company is now foreign owned?

What Do You Know About Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc?

Was the 2004 election Screwed Up? Absolutely. Was it stolen?

An idea for a Prop for the next special election

I'm being spammed. Someone really wants me to vote no on 79.

So how are things looking for parental notification?

The End of Arnie's Days

The Buzz: Campaign wings it with a Count Cartaxula

Drug Firms Gave Money to Some Who Endorsed Proposition 78

"CunningScam" indictment soon?...

Governor accuses his foes of scare tactics

Michael Hiltzik: A Ballot of Facile Solutions

Anyone else here seeing the anti-fascism/* messages in the dirt..

How to vote on PROP 80? Seems to be confusing, some good, some bad?

Low income housing?

Fort Madison, Iowa

ISO rental cabins during the winter

For DU'ers in Rep. Delahunt's district

Brockton Enterprise endorses Jass Stewart for Mayor! (Vote Nov 8th!)

Special alert for Massachusetts Earth Activists:

One more day 'til St. Paul is liberated!

St. Paul Church Unveils Controversial $1M Organ

My monitor burned out and had to be replaced; now,

Doest anyone use Registry Cleaner?

Somehow I just downloaded a search toolbar to my computer.

Brown beats DeWine in Dispatch poll,Hackett in dead heat w/DeWine

WE just got a phone call from Sherrod Brown asking

Comix Nation-"Ohio Voting",The Nation

Anyone in Lebanon/Warren County

Houston Election Night Parties - who's going?

Howard Dean just called me!

Houston ACLU Gala features Al Franken (12/2)

Local Repug refuses to debate Iraq war.

Did anybody else get a call from the Republican Party?

Joe Barton has to go!!!

Mark Green visits Ashland....gag, gag, choke

Sauerkraut to ward off avian flu? It's possible

Priests say Iraqi Christians now victims of extortion, even death

Oh, the ironing!! (Gotta love that "Christian" ignorance)

Home Depot's fault?

Anybody watch Mark Warner on Q&A tonight? I'm impressed!


How Britain failed to check Bush in the run up to war

The pragmatics of torture (TPMCafe)

Britain's "Lawrence Wilkerson": Sir Christopher Meyer Critiques (Iraq War)

NYT: Far Away From Home, No Rest for a Weary President

Ok, I admit it, I voted for Alan Alda's character as the debate winner....

Separated at birth? You be the judge...

Did anyone post this picture yet

All the Ground Zeroes

Did anybody record the WW debate?

Aaron McGruder's "Boondocks" is now a show

"Fundies" go too far again as usual - this time at soldiers' funeral.

Karl Rove to resign this week!

West Wing debate results as of 9PM PST

Something that would really get Bush angry

Are they too big for their own good?

Would you defect to cuba if you were able to do so?

?????OK has increase in pro-choice response.....what is happening???

AP: Wall Street concern: Can consumer keep economy afloat?

Jeff Gannon News

Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster

History of abortion,,,MUST READ!

cause of Paris riots: 2 NoAfrican teens electrocuted

What Happened to George Bush? He Lost His Moral Credibility to Katrina >>>

al-Libi Was Tortured Into Saying What Bush Wanted Him To Say About Saddam

Honor the troops. Dishonor the president.

What ever happened to civics????

Singer Shakira defends Arabs

Another Thunderbolt From Wilkerson

Niger-gate, British version; France calls Pollari's assertion "scandalous"

ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America'

Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster

Australia govt accused of security (terra) scare campaign

Wow. . .The Boondocks is starting here in Arizona. What a good intro.

Boston Globe: Deconstructing Cheney

Doesn't Judge Sam Alito look like Judge Roy Moore...?

Military jury clears sergeant of abuse charges

Terrified Iraqi civilians flee fighting in besieged market town

Anyone else getting rerun of Meet the Press on NBC right now???...

Chapman: Sadly, many now think the military is for losers

Iraq War: Finding the exit

Chavez Speech purged from c-span


I love my country...

Harriet Miers is to lead the WH ethics courses and Rove

Maureen Dowd to be on Imus MSNBC this AM around 7:29. n/t

Jesus Fuck!

What percent of GWI children, who lost brothers, cousins,

Air America + Democracy Radio

Paris is burning! Again. History repeats....

Mark Warner on C-SPAN Q & A...I liked him UNTIL "SENSIBLE CENTER"

Because of 9-11, Torture is now Perfectly Acceptable to the Civilized U.S.

Caption this...

Would You Support a Citizen's Revolt in this Country?

Please provide captions...

Anyone have the "reid has a posse" link?

The US is Killing Innocent Iraqis Again!

Names on Bush's Wall of Shame

AP: 'West Wing' Hopefuls Clash in Live Debate


Conyers on CSPAN WJ right now

Data theft prompting a drive for legislation

The "Contract with America". I would love to see the

America Decides: THE WEST WING theme song

Hasn't bush proved once & for all that we don't really NEED a president?

Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting software open to publ. scrutiny (Wired mag.)

I Am Done With All Republicans

Sign up at Zogby to be polled on the West Wing Debate

Isikoff and Hosenball Newsweek on the Niger-Uranium story

Bush in Panama ---pix->>>

Breaking on MSNBC: SCOTUS agrees to hear case against Bush admin

Bring it on

VA, CA residents: Is anyone monitoring churches for electioneering?

CNN: Bush in Panama to make more inane remarks coming up in a few moments.

Jarhead, Um M'aarak, and the neocon folly.

NYT: Beware Your Trail of Digital Fingerprints (example is DNC memo)

Why Does George Look Like He Fell Asleep in the Tanning Booth? ---pix->>>

Faux hits new propaganda low & Bekel needs an ass whooping.

Republicans Only: Right Direction or Wrong Direction ?

So is Judith Miller back at her desk?

"Free speech" in South America vs "free speech" in the USA ?

Is this photo real?

Does anyone else find this odd?

Joseph Farah has nothing to offer, so he dumps on Franken

Military wives tell "W" to buy diamonds for Laura

Help with something I heard on Democracy Now this morning

Have you ever seen someone so holier than thou

Could Cheney get obstruction of justice for lies he told not under oath?

Some help to combat RW talking points re: Immigration and Terrorists:

Bush just had news conference in Panama!

Falwells Friend or foe campaign -

The Christian Lending Network: "Money lending based on

Author John Fowles dead

Bird Flu has made it to Orlando?

The part of Blinky's speech today that CNN, MSNBC, etc. won't show you

world newsnet daily...

(VIDEO) West Wing Debate - Liberal

Sen. Tom Coburn: Body Language Soothsayer

Wackos, report in.

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

Heads up - repeat of NJ Governor debate. 4pm EST CSPAN1

If * would have showed up at Rosa Parks funeral?

I wonder how many fundies had orgasms last night watching CBS

Should landowners have to pay a tax to the Indian tribe that lived there?

Fred Barnes letter seeking TAX-DEDUCTIBLE $$$ to train conservo journos!

Bush is Fried ---pix->>>

Is Richard Mellon Scaife a murderer?

Jimmy Carter: Democrats Too Focused on Abortion

Supreme Court Rules There Will Be No Nativity Scene in Washington, DC

traveling meth lab explodes in Wal Mart parking lot-"Ain't that America,


E-mails to Sun-Times shows agreement with

Anyone save the Scanlon email where he called fundie supporters "wackos"??

Cheney/Rumsfeld crowd enabled a release of demonic forces

Did Chavez confront the punkbush at the summit?

I'm perplexed by why the fundies want and pray for the rapture...

People who don't vote. Should they be fined?

Note for the CSPAN junkies - House coverage starting now - CSPAN1

Well, here's some good news: Dems to hold '08 convention later in August

The UN Convention against Torture (including definition of torture)

Bush: Iran is pursuing magical powers

One more reason not to TOUCH Roe v. Wade (personal story)

George W. it OKAY to call fuckface this NOW?

Are there any Democrats in Congress who oppose neoliberalism?

can Scottie come out to play today?

Separation of Church and State thru a 5yo's eyes.

Jim Clancy (CNN) just fed us a whopper about Hugo Chavez

2 More Horrific Pit Bull Attacks (3 10-year-olds in Hospitals IL CO)

Anybody notice: we're just 16 users away from 80,000 !! n/t

Italian Satellite TV to Broadcast Evidence (chemical weapons)

Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas): War Criminal

We need to start exposing Rudy Giuliani for the ignorant fraud he is...

"Children of Satan" anti Dick Cheney anti Bush book new (Ebay)

Just had an amusing conversation with a Freeper co-worker

DU MSNBC Poll-Should CIA be allowed to torture

So we're in a position to see how the rigged election meme holds up

We just choose not to

CBS misrepresenting Carter's words about Abortion

(Photo) Bush so busy on his Latin America trip......

A fantastic Smoking Gun treasure trove! (brand new)

Looking for Article: "Generational Storm Cometh"

An Enemy of The State

TVNL Radio - Illuminati, Skull & Bones - Our Real Government? NOON ET.

I didn't realize today was opposites day?

Anyone see Jarhead this weekend?

Newsweek: FBI never interviewed Martino, says CIA source

Tax reform: How would you fare?

Vinnick lost the debate, Alan Alda won the acting

New Orleans Roadtrip!

Now we call them fighters? >> "US kills fighters in western Iraq"

Interpreting the Washington Post: Cheney's Ass is Grass

Pro-War Ad Campaign Begins This Week

What is it with Tax Martyrs?

Panthers' Cheerleader

Abortion vs. "end of life" issues

(VIDEO) Bill Maher : Partisan Pharma

MSNBC Survey: Do you think President Bush should clean house?

Bingaman on Senate floor - speaking on torture investigation (CSPAN2)

Top Ten Things to Holler in the Voting Booth by Juanita

When does the Frist fun begin?

Liklihood of Illinois electing a Republican governor in '06 VERY HIGH

ThinkProgress: *'s Lies (About Iraq/Al Qaeda & Nuclear Threats)

Couldn't we have just bought out Saddam Hussein?

Reid an cnn--speah on phase II now.

Is it possible that the 9/11 suicide pilots could have been 'forced'?

What happened to the Scotty Show?

Anybody else see the blatant sexism on MSNBC this morning ?

Prosecutor in leak case keeps focus on Rove, trying to determine if he...

Where can I find the GAO report about BBV?

If Team Torture Does Not Torture ...

MSNBC calls Santos 54/38 win over Vinnick on West Wing as "barely".

income taxes and a story on how the govt can squash you and ignore the law

Audio clip for the "We Don't Torture" from today?

UK Ambassador: Karl Rove Was Willing to Wait till 2004 for War

An enemy of the state

Shrubby and the coke jaw

How many countries stated Saddam had Nuclear weapons?

Hell, your Vice President is a bastard!

Reagan's FAA Security Chief Blasts Plan To Allow Small Knives On Planes

LOL Love letters from Harriet Myers

My ears! My ears! They are being assaulted by

Hong Kong: Feed a pigeon, pay a $200 fine

Chicago plans high school for black males

Bush: "We Don't Torture" however...

You're Right. Bush Looks Fantastic. ---pix->>>

Vincent Gallo's Sperm On Sale Over The Internet -discount for blonde women

IQ Studies Show Christians Intellectually Inferior To Atheists

Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture.' ~ So what's THIS called again?

Leave Christians Alone!!

This week on The Daily Show

Former DeLay Aide Calls Christian Activists "Wackos." Will They Notice?

NEW GrandTheftElectionOhio: More GOP Voter Intimidation Tactics

I would reply but cannot I can only post???????????//

Something weird with my login

Why did the reply link just disappear

I'd reply to "Why did the reply link just disappear", but I can't reply

2049 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

I heard Attila the Hun was a dwarf...

What document "proves" that Clinton "had the same intel" about Iraq?

Why are Kerry supporters ignoring the work of the Congress. Black Caucus?

McCain meets with Falwell

What's The Catalyst for the Riots in France, and the bigger picture of

Cali DUers - are you constantly getting pre-recorded calls from

I got a flier on my car today... Traditional Marriage Only...

Anyone See Family Guy Last Night?

Norm Coleman: Conspricay Theorist & Fearmonger

Modern IQ studies show Christians more intelligent than atheists

Surprising bumper sticker today

Rove in hot seat? Did he lie to FBI???

Frist should be stripped of his ability to practice medicine.

gotta love

Palm or Handheld that can display PDFs?..Recommend a low cost one, Please.

Rwing email sent to me (Need help)

How do you feel about the Democratic Party?

Astronauts Want Asteroid Collision Plan

What is your tax burden?

Everyone bashing Bush at the pool in my Republican area.....

Top adviser to Bush may be charged with lying

Election Eve wisdom from former Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson

MTV.COM: "U.S. Knew Source For Iraq-Qaeda Link Was Not Credible"

DU is verrry close to 80k users n/t

More Election Eve wisdom from former New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson

2053 Reasons Why the DSM is Important has all the 2005 election links put together

AARP: Tennessee's Elderly Threatened by Federal Budget Cuts

Confused about the whole Kerry/election fraud thing going on lately

The 7 sub-species of Far Rightists

DU being discussed on the Jimmy Kimmel board at ABC

Freeper on Randi right now!

Democrats demand that w* agree not to pardon Libby.

An Indiana Congressman and fate

If R vs. W is overturned the backlash against Republicans will be minimal

How come * hasn't spoken Spanish on his South American trip?

Republicans fear Bush address before election

The Politics of Playtime -- fundies tripping over American Girl

Anti-war Sermon Brings IRS Warning

There are secret CIA gulags because THEY ARE torturing people....

WorldNutDaily and NewsMax doing a story that the 'msm' won't report on

Chicago Sun-Times religion columnist went postal on Bush & the Republicans

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican

Obama on The Daily Show and Spitzer on The Colbert report tonight

All you venerable DU'ers who were politically aware/active in the 70's,

Harkin on C-SPAN right now.....about ED SCHULTZ being yanked.

Shaking from confrontation with incompetent freeper co-worker....

Protests in Brazil: Bush= Hitler

Wheee! Re: Scanlon memo:

24 US Troops Die in First Week of November

@Source of Italian Niger Forgeries says he has no idea the US used them or

CIA 'Black Sites': Guantanamos in Europe?

Bush's Best Hits in Brazil:"Wow! Brazil is big.";"Do you have blacks, too"

Bush quote of the day: “Wow! Brazil is big!"

Why did Jesus die again? And was His death worth it in the end?

They are using the word Homicide now

You as an individual do not directly choose who you want as president

Anti-war Sermon Brings IRS Warning

How would you describe America's prognosis?

Fellow Californians--voting tomorrow

Ready for MSNBC's Connie POVICH / Maury CHUNG Show? (Lizz WINSTEAD)

First Post-Indictment Congressional Iraq Vote Wednesday, Nov. 9

LOL. Nominated for best use of the term "fair and balanced" by a Dem

Bush defends detainees policy

I just got a call from Naral.



raq. Rainews24: l'esercito degli Stati Uniti ha usato fosforo bianco a Fal

Jeff Sessions up arguing for a government contractor and trying

Please tell me why the debate on "West Wing"--a FICTIONAL

Torture? Secret Prisons? ----pix->>>

Don't uncross your fingers yet, but the Caribbean looks very calm

What an interesting thread, Where do you stand on the issue of property?

Pro-Consumer Coalition starts Effort to Stop Unfair Utility Rates

OK Senator has been "blessed to detect liars" - Meet The Press?

What do these folks have in common? (Besides being good Democrats.)

If McCain were the GOP nominee in '08, who would be best dem?

Wow! What a "Co-inkie-dink" ..Bush talks "terrah" and BAM !

Campbell Brown Engaged to Dan Senor(regressive right hack)

Responses to Bush's Claim: "We Do Not Torture"

The "Republicans we should have given more credit to" thread.

Why do so many people go shopping instead of protesting the fact that they

All Eyes on Greenland: Global Warming Continues

BREAKING: Terror alert in Australia -- plot broken up

Ed Shultz Show on Armed Forces Radio..

Separated at birth?

80,000 registered on DU! Thanks fer lettin' me be here! n/t

Top advisor to Bush may be charged with lying: India Daily

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican, News Com Australia, November 7, 2005

TIME: Fitzgerald continuing to look into possibility of charging Rove

Bush and Cheney were the ones cherry picking out a mass of ambiguous data

Reagan economic guru: "Bush admin. is worst I've seen in my adult life."

Bump the top margin tax rate to 40%

Just saw Panama's Presidents wife on CNN - WOW! A real P.O.A.!!!

This * photo really needs a caption

So I got this e-mail from a TX repug...

Should Fitzgerald use Bush-style non-torture persuasion to get the truth?

Prez Bush has borrowed more money, than the previous 42 prez's

The world's biggest iceberg

Kerry vs. Miller: I must be missing something.

"We do not torture." Wouldn't this be a great time for the new Abu Ghraib

Testimony About Other Torture Claims Not Allowed in Bush Assassination Plot

Lots of Bush/Hitler postings today. But Hitler didn't have nuclear weapons

Tweety's annoying. He always sounds like he needs to spit.

Professor Laurence Tribe questions Alito's basic assumptions re. women

9 Hypocritical Quotes from the Right Concerning Iraq

Laura still hasn't come down. What did Charles slip her?

AP: Feds: Wal-Mart Execs Knew Workers Illegal

Bush: 'We do not torture' and Saddam has 'Winnebago's Of Death'

Corporations are the pimps and Republicans are the streetwalkers

When did Janeane Garofalo first go to LA for "The West Wing?"

Make your predictions on NJ & VA Governor races

The "We do not torture" lie- why was he so

Hello, My Name is GW Asshat!

Court Could Tip to Catholic Majority

Freeper with their conflicting bumper stickers...

"Clinton made Bush go to war!"

Kerry Lovers

"The Last Abortion Clinic"

NC Baptists threaten to boot churches that support gays

Quote for the day:

Want a laugh? A Conservative calling us liberals partisan hypocrites.

Stop Propagandizing our troops Sen. Harkin C-Span

The Bush Admin played the media like a pinball machine, but the media were

"Whoever uses the term Nazi first, loses the argument." -- Bullshit!

A sermon about Iraq by a San Francisco Episcopal clergyman

Fox News did NOT just say that!

A Glance at Europe's Immigrant Communities

the structure of the RW agenda? PRIVATIZATION!

Tenskwatawa? Nov.7th 1811

WTF! CNN showing a one sided Arnie loving pre-election night love-a-thon!

11/08 - PBS Independent Lens: "A Family at War" (also Soldier Blogs)

We need to forgive Dems that regain their senses,

lintball: Saddam Hussein's Defense Speech: "Bush Lied and I Want My Countr

I've just been called a "feminazi" on another board

"State's have no rights that cannot be removed or regulated by Congress."

DU should have a Donald Rumsfeld Day...

Is there a reason why people like Tom Daschle?

Massive riots in France?

Will Corzine be upset in NJ?

Just "EVIL" thoughts here: Daschle "Rehab" to trash Harry Reid, & Tweety

Get Your Emergency Contraception Here

Tweety's show is very good today

BUSHitler declares 'We Do Not Torture'

Today's Mike Peters toon is another home run!

Another Dead Nazi

Caption Karen Hughes

Ed Schultz On Armed Forces Radio Finally?

E-Voting Security Ignored

CSPAN3, Kucinich conference on Iraq withdrawal

Whoa! Yahoo has the bush Iraq/Al-qaida Lie in a Photo!

Turn "Activist Churches" into the IRS

Mo. Radio Show Host Held in Wife's Death

Headsup-WaPo: "Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy" (wants "legal" torture)

Condi and Laura - photo

Barbara Streisand: "If There Was Ever a Time to Impeach, It Would Be Now"

Republicans stall bird flu bill in House over cockfighting dispute

About reparations to the nations we have wronged. When we

Tancredo sounds kinda' Italian. Is he here legally??

TOONs to start the week

Why does Dick Morris remind me of Liberace?

Topix now carrying Free Republic posts!

MSNBC poll - Do you think President Bush should clean house?

Is it just most of DU that's wrong, or what? Wtf?

The top 1 percent of the US population controls 40 percent of the wealth.

Children as insurance?

Great article about the psychological state here in NOLA

Steve Clemons: CIA Leak Investigation and How America was ...

Do people that attend McChurch go home to a McMansion...

If Fox News existed in the Star Wars universe...

View Italian documentary on chem. weapons in Fallujah online (WMV)

No matter WHAT intel had when Clinton was reading it or Bush was fixing it

HAHA! Look! Which one of you did this?

George Bush Has Always Enjoyed Torturing Others >>>

I give you a FACT BOMB for your reading pleasure

Toronto Star "If Cheney's for torture why not use it on Scooter"

The nitty-gritty of agressive dogs... solutions, not flames

OK, this business about * relying on the same intelligence that Clinton

So how and why did you come to join DU?

Let's see what DU thinks about possible Dem candidates for 2008

Matthews Show Tonight is a "MUST WATCH! "Hardball!"

What do I get for my taxes? Nothing.

Do you believe intelligent life exists on other planets?

Is there a right to property?

According to DU, Mother Jones is RW B.S., Rawstory is garbage...

TPM re FBI - Niger forgeries: "None of that adds up. Something's wrong."

ABC/WaPo Poll -- Issues Favor Dems in 2006

Budget cuts a "moral travesty" - Bishops send letter to Congress

Patrick Fitzgerald loves to relieve stress by playing the accordion?

Interview with mother of Tulsa 5 year old who was made to strip in school!

Full Transcript of my Iraq Book from 2002

Just realized why Saxby Chambliss annoys me more than the

TBTM offering Free Copy of "Rove's War" to Any Congressman requesting One

Request that PBS' show "NOW" do a segment on GAO e-voting report.

"Let's Go Get Those Bush Bastards" -The Magistrate

The DU Rules have been updated (November 7, 2005)

Hello, BCers. I have a question for you on your housing market.

Escape to Canada trailer

Vote for Santos or Vinick now!

NYT: Another Choice for Elderly: Charity or Medicare?

Breaking! Hastert is added to the Abramoff scandal

WP: Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy

Archaeologists unveil ancient church in Israel

NYT: Far Away From Home, No Rest for a Weary President

Nine Arabs return home from Guantanamo

Insiders say Rove may leave White House

CNN International: Prewar report doubted Iraq-al Qaeda tie

FBI Patriot Act plan concerns lawmakers

Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster

Leopold: Vice President Lied As White House Sought To Defuse Leak Inquiry

TV report: Terror suspect hoped to down El Al airliner

In Iraq, they're revisiting Vietnam-era counterinsurgency

US vastly increases surveillance of foreigners under Patriot Act

Bush: Latin America has "inaccurate picture" of US foreign policy

Fujimori Shows Up in Chile and Is Arrested

Talebani and Al Ja'fari have a Dispute over a Palace in the Green Zone

NYT,pg1: Delays Hurting U.S. Rebuilding in Afghanistan (another RIP-OFF!)

NYT,pg1: In NJ, Smiley Sunday at End of Mean Campaign (race tightens)

CNN/AP: 'West Wing' candidates clash in live debate

PM rejects Meyer Iraq war claims

NYT: Yahoo Plans to Connect Services With TiVo

Bush just had news conference in Panama!

Questions about Chalabi pose dilemma for Bush administration

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning

Baghdad's mortuary reels under the weight of killings

US troops kill Iraqi civilian in Baghdad (on "safe" Baghdad airport road)

Topinka tells GOP: I'll run for governor

BBC: Nazi war criminal dies in British prison

LAT: California Abortion Proposition Finds Its Forum in the Churches

Top Secret: Status Of Chalabi Inquiry

Tax reform: How would you fare?

Blair's litany of failures on Iraq - ambassador's damning verdict

WP: D.C. Considering Grandparent Stipend

Time: Why Virginia Worries the GOP

Ex-GOP chair in political drama

First Fatality Reported in French Riots

Former GOP chief heads to trial on campaign charges

Bush squanders Argentina's summit opportunity to mend fences

U.S. slowing flow of foreign fighters into Iraq

Cheney Isolated On Torture

Baghdad's mortuary reels under the weight of killings

Surprise Threat to Pirro Bid

Bush urges Brazil to reject drift to left

The Nation, Now Profitable, Has a New Commander

Howard approval hits record lows

US troops kill Iraqi civilian in Baghdad

Marine (#2048), 17 insurgents die in west Iraq assault

Prosecutor in leak case keeps focus on Rove, trying to determine if he...

Iraqi president arrives in Italy for visit

Fujimori arrested in Chile: Peru minister

Easy Sailing Along Once-Perilous Road To Baghdad Airport

WP,pg1: Long-Predicted Flu Finally Tops Agenda (HHS Secy tried 4 yrs ago)

'A whole generation of children just died'

College Democrats endorse Kaine

Iraqi politicians condemn US offensive

A Glance at Europe's Immigrant Communities

Five cars set ablaze in Berlin

2 abortion-related votes may elude O'Connor (Alito on court by then?)

Fiery Welcome for Bush in Panama Sunday

Bush wants Panama Canal access safeguards

4 Task Force Baghdad Soldiers Killed by Car Bomb

4 Taskforce baghdad Soldiers Killed by Car bomb

U.S. Iraq vet warns DU a threat to SDF troops

(AP) Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture' (said this in speech in Panama)

(Paris) Mayor Imposes Curfew

Press Advisory for His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Visit to D.C.

Snowe to Chair Nov. 8 Hearing on Strengthening Hurricane...

Former President Clinton to Deliver Address at Hofstra...

Lawyers Wrangle Over DeLay Trial Locale

5 U.S. Soldiers Accused of Detainee Abuse

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 7 November

raq. Rainews24: l'esercito degli Stati Uniti ha usato fosforo bianco a Fal

Militias Growing in Power in Iraq

Saudis prepare to lead al-Qaeda in Iraq

Cancer Survivors May Not Get Needed Care

Italian spy defends bogus Iraq uranium claim

Senator's service as military judge scrutinized (Lindesy Graham)

Layton won't back Liberals (Canada)

Pentagon names major elements of 2006-2008 Iraq troop rotation

Iraq: The race for the Premiership

Developers to build Iraq dream city (Irbil, guarded by Peshmerga)

Unsustainable Atmosphere

Australia foils major attack

Democratic Senators Listed As Sponsors For GOP Fundraiser

DoD Identifies Army Casualties (#2055)

Chalabi says Iraq must tackle foreign militants

Justice Dept. to Monitor Elections in States Across the Nation

Five More Guantanamo Detainees Charged

Supreme Court to Hear Tribunals Challenge

Buffett cuts forex loss after $1.2b hit (Dollar went up, not down)

RAWSTORY: Military backs down, will carry Ed Schultz Show overseas

Scientists fear global warming higher than expected

Former Serb Red Berets in Iraq (Milosevic elite troops now mercs)

Neck and Neck In Final Stretch of N.J. Governor's Race

Grokster Downloading Service Shuts Down

Movies heavily shape teen smoking, study shows

Four soldiers killed by suicide bomb in Iraq - U.S. (2053)

Fewer troops slated for Iraq deployment (envisions 92k through 2008)

US spy drones crashed on its territory, Iran says

WaPo 11/7: "Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy" (wants "legal" torture)

Court Passes on Transsexual Discrimination

Canada's NDP Ready to Topple Minority Government

Al-Qaeda threatens Iraq mayhem unless US-led assault halted

Rioting in France Spreads to 300 Towns

Bush thinking of tornado victims (Many are now asking God's blessings)

International Criminal Court president says court can't try Hussein

Blair: Iran Preventing Mideast Progress

(Former Sen. Bob ) Graham says Libby didn't act alone in CIA leak case

EU, industries want to end animal testing

"Huge progress" made in training Iraq troops : US General (Petraeus)

Iraq: Italian TV alleges U.S. used chemical weapons in Fallujah

Goodbye California Sun, Hello Midwest (housing prices causing pop. shifts)

Three Massachusetts congressman now regret war vote

Pasadena church faces federal sanctions for anti-war sermon

Florida property boom unsustainable - Atlanta Fed

Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture'

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican

Best hair in the NFL.

Just saw the 2nd Zorro movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Debate - the vote

The Shield is an awesome show....

Was tonight's Treehouse of Horror representative of The Simpsons lately?

run for your's a UFO


How big of an icon is Wayne Gretzky in Canada?

How big of an icon is Todd Bertuzzi in Canada?

Who here has been guilty of pussyfooting?

My boyfriend and his little cousins hit a deer tonight.

I'm gonna make like a hockey player and get the puck outta here....

Next girl I date, I'm just going to rename her "Thundercat"

I qualified to be on "Jeopardy!"

I have an earworm so bad that I can't sleep.

I have the REAL original Star WarsTrilogy burned on DVD !

I introduced my mother to this website and we have another loyal poster

Thanksgiving: The movie

complaints and recommendations for DU

good news

I didn't just kill a thread...

Geez, I think I am FINALLY winding down enough to go to sleep!

Ahh, nothing beats a good hardcore show on a Sunday night

I'm putting on Keith Richards doing "Sing Me Back Home" on the show

"Bobcaygeon"- The Tragically Hip

Bittorrent recommendations?

Has SeattleGirl finally left for today/tonight


New idea for Daylight Savings Time.


We're gonna reach 80,000 today, I can feel it!!!

You're no freeper

Is this sexist?

Are the entire internets slow today?

Country-music slump

Who wants to wrap their lips around my giant yule log?

Hey everybody - had your Monday morning "HOOK 'EM!" yet?

Post your own quote:

Locker room etiquette

CNN/AP: 'West Wing' candidates clash in live debate

Don't make me send this to your house.

Is Dan "Code" Brown the Thomas Kincaid of literature? Or...

New Santana album looks great - anyone have it?

Thief Steals 70 Hairy Crabs

Man Jailed For Not Licensing His Cat

Good Monday morning

Men Get Lost While Mowing Lawn

Ha ha! The more things change, the more GD remains the same!

Getting to know you (Pad Thai and Charley) - pictures

ZombieCollege MILESTONES: First all-nighter...

Hollywood sign getting facelift

Where would one buy fly sweaters anyway?

My car battery is dead and I'm sitting around waiting for the rip-off tow

Anyone want to go sailing off the coast of Somalia?

Family Guy was so funny I almost threw up watching it.....

Bird Flu has made it to Orlando?

Cleveland DU meetup pics-from tonight!

Think of an Xmas present for another DUer

I ate the biggest mother fucking brownie in the fucking world tonight!

Ok, that Wile E. Coyote part on The Family Guy tonight.......

can anyone remember the last time there wasn't any pending disaster?

Favorite part of Family Guy last night?

MP3 Owners: Mind answering a few questions about your player

"Pictures of Condi" (with apologies to Pete Townshend)

Caption Ronald McDonald

A really bad joke I just had to share.

Supreme Court Rules There Will Be No Nativity Scene in Washington, DC

My head hurts...

find me the Emenem video link please.

IS $135 for a 3/4 chord of wood a good price?

The Lounge seems deserted this morning.

Did anybody else catch Extras last night on HBO?

Hospital where Elvis died demolished (implosion pics)

Just 39 more members until EIGHTY THOUSAND!! (nt)

I think I mis-named my feral cat, Dubya!

Pete Rose Jr. facing drug charges

Q: Resources and Information for Single-Mothers?

For Madison Wisconsin DUer's.....

PS2 owners: Get Shadow of the Colossus NOW

Tip for people over 50

McDonald's French riot pic

Can someone tell me how to post a picture?

Claes Oldenburg is an awesome sculptor...

Damn right I'm a liberal...

I'm jealous of the attention Tallahassee Grannie got today

So Boondocks

Was last night's Simpsons' Halloween special LAME, or what?

What a bunch of garbage! I get ripped off and then have to pay for it.

Uh-oh...the Eagles lost again.

"Family Guy" cartoon opinion

Why the Republicans are going to lose this time (pic)

Confess! Who interviewed with the CIA after college?

Question answered and self deleted -- thanks... looks as if the answer is:

One of my glands in my neck hurt

Panthers' Cheerleader

*Arrggh!!* after 26.2 Miles loses by ONE SECOND

So, how ABOUT those Eagles?

I am not loving that gizmo thing I downloaded for the Guy James Show..

How do you format your date?

I made a coat. How do you like it so far?

Puppet Yoda or CGI Yoda?

OK, I gotta ask a question that will make me look like a newbie...

I miss my lovely cigarettes

Who wants a cold frosty shake?

Good Morning...

I've a good mind to walk across the street and get some chips

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

I own a yacht; can I still be a liberal?

I just bought a new companion bird... should I return him?

Favorite Don Byron album

I am in an ass-kicking mood today. Don't piss me off!

Congratulations Rabrrrrrr! ******19,255,318 posts!!******

Reminder: If you haven't bought your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets

How (comparatively) boring was *YOUR* circumcision?

My favorite on-line radio station....What's Yours?

*ONE FULL HOUR*-Arrested Development ö TONIGHT!!! ö

Script review for "Halo" the movie

Do you have a "best" friend? Just one particular person?

Monday Afternoon Groaner

Carolina Cheerleaders removed from website

Why is it Playboy is dying here, but exploding in Latin America and Spain?

Do you still buy the brands you grew up with?

The DU Rules have been updated

Do you have a "beast" friend? Just one particular person?

If a testicular transplant was possible...

Juvenile Jail Chief Quits After Foot Fetish Discovered

Vincent Gallo's Sperm On Sale Over The Internet -discount for blonde women

Why do servers crash?

I own a yak; can I still be a liberal?

Not medical advice -but about offering unsolicited medical advice

Movies that were saved by their music

Post here if you can't see the "reply" text.

My reply button is gone, too! nt

kickassbob you got me

WTF? What happened to the REPLY option?

underpants knows how to follow up on a news story...

I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone who disagrees,

Why can't I reply to the post:

What's the point of prayer to get your 'reply' button back?

May I have fries with that error?? Allo, I cannot reply to me or anyone

At least now there's a reason a post gets no replies!

Time of No Reply

Cool! The entire lounge got locked!

Where's the REPLY link????

What's all this about missing Plyers?

All your replies are belong to us.

Knock this battery off of my shoulder. I dare you!!!

You have been flamed....

Dialogue overrated. Declaratory Statements are the Best! nt

good one flvegan...nt

No more replies for you!!

Hahah, wow level one disabling has gotten serious!

Since you can't respond in any other way, recommend threads for greatest!

Fleabert, I'm flaming you from here!

Holy cow! My "reply" button is gone

The entire site is locked...

I didn't notice a thing

New DU Rule: No replies allowed.

It's AngryAmish's fault...see below

Replies are back

Name some classic Liberals!

we are all on reply restriction!

Get a room! Part Tre

Either post here, or give me $875.

So if I say "I'm ignoring the lounge"

Geez I go away for 1/2 hour and one of you breaks the reply button

If we can't reply soon, Skinner pays us all a Brazillion dollars!

We need Deputy Sheriff Fife to "read us the rules,here, on The Rock"

So I guess I have to stop posting under my other name, "Skinner"

I took my pit bull to the restaurant with my unruly children

Okay....It's not always sunny at the beach: Here's how it looked today:

Thought for the Day

If you ever escape from death row

If your "reply" function doesn't work in the Lounge, does that mean

Did a mod screw up? Or is it a technical problem?

Can I call myself a bitch?

I heard Attila the Hun was a dwarf...

Remember the good ole days when replies weren't working?

At the end of the day we should gather the low hanging fruit

Sheree North---Kramer's mother, Babs died.

Things that make you go

Haven't seen this posted before, so I apologize if it has, but it's great

My cats eat the same food everyday.... So why do their farts...

Tom DeLay could learn a little about having your mugshot taken...

Grad School Options: Any PhDs or MPAs?

I have a new photo... what do you think?

Study: Human Hands Emit Light

Which state's former governor (NJ or VA) should be my avatar?

I love my $5.50 haircut.

I should never have picked a major that involves math.

"I might be wrong"

Good Afternoon Everyone...


I am wondering if there ever will be specific rules about the word "witch"

A right-winger is cheesed off about people smiling.

Fans of "The Soup" check in here.

Could the Vincent Gallo sperm story get any crazier? It does

We are 6 away from 80,000 DU registered users

ARGH. Just turned the air conditioner back on.


So Pimp slap is ok, but

I finally know where Ipnotoad's nick come from!!!

We're not supposed to point out things like trolls, right?

Holy Shit! CBS in NY has Live Doppler 2 Million.

The white stripes sell out

Queens of the Stone Age are on Freeview this month.

Help! I just posted in Rumsfeldian in GD!

Oh my god! They killed my sockpuppet!

Men's garters


NFL Discontinues ‘Take Your Daughter To Work Day’-The Onion


Aberlour Whisky 1986

I have had it up to here with sleazy monocle salesmen

Anyone wanna get a room w/ me?

Time for a non-sequitor "cache from your posts" thread!

80,000 user registrations! YEEHAW!

does the 20,000,000th post win a prize?

So I am thinking of becoming a vampire

Time for a non-sequitor "post me some cash" thread!

I'm making a prediction: winter is coming fast and hard

So my 17" LCD monitor bit the dust today..


Loungers - do you flirt to get what you want?


Why is ...burg vs ...berg difficult for English speakers?

Reporter Poses Nude For Art Class - He Is Worried About Getting Erection

"Call this an unfair generalization if you will, ...

Job Application Questions

The inlaws have made Thanksgiving ressies for all of us, Thank Gawd

Why the HELL is it so hard for people over 50 to figure out technolog?

Caption this photo

Can I call Kyle's mom a bitch?

It's 4:20!

Why are bikes today so damned uncomfortable?

Man goes on naked midnight rampage in Cambodia

Does anyone else use Konfabulator?

Has innybody said ....... 80.000!!!!

Most Underrated Batman Villain

Hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey's

Anyone else have a Microsoft mouse?

Bon Jovi logic pet peeve

Grokster went down because they infringed copyrighted stuff...

Wonder what the comments on DU would be if two of the Charlotte Panthers


Hey, I missed my 3,000th post!

This one is going to be a classic.

What's the big election day issue in your state tomorrow?

I nominate THIS as the greatest root beer EVER!

Did You See? NOTHING In The New Rules About Sex Threads! THEY MUST BE OK!!

It is November 7, and I have not turned the furnace on yet

Paging Enigmatic....taking requests tonight?

It's a long road to 1000 posts

I have this rash that won't go away- need advice.

Where in the world is Patrick Fitzgerald?

Would you pay $650 for this jacket?

Can we talk about the Carolina Cheerleaders under the new rules?


Supper with Sarah Silverman

A night with Bright Eyes (dial-up warning - pics)

where is Sister Rosa Refried?


So, I learned that there's a sex offender who was just released locally

A right winger is cheesed off about people smiling at war protests...

Kiss my shinny metal Ass!!!

you can't flame me...

I post "rich-bashing-bashing" threads in DU; can I still be a liberal?

What is the BEST flavor of Ice Cream?

Carolina Cheerleader MUGSHOTS!!!

DU dog vs Freeper dog

*Giggle* *Giggle*

Soup is good food.

Feelin' Nostalgic - Peace Corps Pics of me in Thailand

I need a hug

SeattleGirl was a very LUCKY girl today on the freeway....

Morrissey Fans? Princess Diana fans?

Egads! Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection - 40 DVD set!

a kinder, gentler OVER 50 & TECHNOLOGY thread (attn nini)

Ya gets what ya pays for! (pic)

WTF? Design a baby.

Sorry Guys, Naked Breasts NOT protected under Free Speech

Peter Jackson vs George Lucas

what's your favorite euphemism

Who's better?



I think ebay should end the "reserved price" bullshit

Name some bands/artists that you think people should know about...

Mrs Matcom Packed Milk Duds In My Lunch Today. MILK DUDS!

Does anyone else watch the HBO series Rome?

BREAKING: Eagles just say NO to T.O.

What's the point of prayer?

River Of Cocaine Flowing Through London


Be honest, what's your fetish?

Time for a non-sequitor "post from your cache" thread!

Of all the things people could steal around here...

IQ Studies Show Christians Intellectually Inferior To Atheists

I'm perplexed by why the fundies want and pray for the rapture...

My bowling team is a religion.

Leave Christians Alone!!

Why the "talking points" hate threads on all Christians & Religious?

Evolution in the bible, says Vatican

What do the letters "emb" stand for in medical jargon?

Mysterious case of death on the Nile, 4,000 years ago

How Einstein's dead wrong, relatively speaking

Nobel Prize Winner Gets Prison in Crash

Planet Venus: Earth's 'evil twin'

Prehistoric skull found in dump may be missing ancestor

Gay bishop attacks Catholic stand

New Push To End Florida Gay Adoption Ban

New Push To End Florida Gay Adoption Ban

Brockton Enterprise endorses Jass Stewart for Mayor! (Vote Nov 8th!)

Utah lawmaker may take different approach to hate-crimes bill

The Newspeak of Gay ‘Rights’

Who Said THAT?!

Campus Gay Republican Sues Gay Rights Group

Roberts First LGBT Case 'Defacto Victory' At Supreme Court

Vegas Bests San Francisco as Leading Destination, Says Survey

Decision is a victory for transgender officer

N.C. Baptists Might Boot Churches That Support Gays

Campus Gay Republican Sues Gay Rights Group

New BCS ranking

Reid: T.O. will not play for Eagles this season

Anyone have pictures the two Panther cheerleaders arrested for

Carlolina Topcats have a new name!

Petite Pierre has selected programs for this evening's television pleasure

How daring are your cats - do they dare eat off your plate?

Getting to know you (Pad Thai and Charley) - pictures

scientific cat litter

i am not sure where to ask this question...but i think i will start here.

Three interesting BBC articles on religion

Lance Armstrong is an Atheist

Which religions do you like?


A fiery Kerry works the crowd

A year later, Kerry works to make party connections (MA yesterday)

Food for thought: Article from Feb 2002 on primaries

Special alert for Massachusetts Earth Activists: Tell Gov. Romney not to break his pledge to fight global warming

Kerry, Snowe to Hold Hearing on Strengthening Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Whome: MIT Musical Alert, OMG!

Kerry interview on NHPR tonight.


Very odd that a stream of Kerry Bashers are now all using the same

So, now we are accused of being racist because when we were defending

Okay, here it is, re-cropped, some contract and saturation adjustments

Get ready to puke, fans of REAL news.

Niger-gate, British version; France calls Pollari's assertion "scandalous"

My letter to idiot Biden...

Hacket leading Dewine

Bush drops a big load of BS in Brazil.

I Simply Don't Understand...

McCain getting into bed with the religious right.....details here

Newsweek: FBI never interviewed Martino, says anonymous CIA source

Congress and the Culture of CRUELTY--WHO WOULD JESUS STARVE?

Did Libby's Jewishness impact the CIA leak scandal?

Anyone have a compiled list of indicted politicians?

Andrew Young on CSPAN right now discussing voting rights

Latest "Time" Mag. Says Rove is so Weary...his only Child to College, etc

Did you know that Bush and Cheney took drug tests when they took office?

The vexing case of the missing VP

US Army Chemical Dumps

Conclusive proof that Bush lied about "imminent threat"

"Help Retire Rick" (Santorum) Parties 11/13

About those "ethics briefings"........

When it comes to Newspaper Endorsements: Corzine gets the best

"Compassionate Conservatives" Choose Energy Friends Over Poor, Elderly

Gore/Kerry/&Senate's Betrayal of African-American Voters 2000-04

The Team B Strategic Objective Panel of1975-76: Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perle

Rant on press take on Bush's descent!

Seven Deadly Sins of a Right-Wing Moralizer - please check it out!

VIDEO: Wilkerson on the Cheney/Rumdfeld/Fieth & the OSP manufactured intel

liberal church investigated for anti war sermon before elections.

How is santorum doing in the polls for 2006?

Where do we go from here?

20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA

VOLPAC poll again leaves no opening to be DU'd

Bush claims Saddam has dragons. 'Pubs say “But he didn’t pressure intel."

Bush in Panama--"We Do Not Torture"

State Dept. on 'secret prisons' in Europe and elsewhere

It's obvious we can't support all the troops

The Phase II whitewash begins: "No Evidence of Pressure on Iraq Data"

Great news for Kaine!! Bush is coming to Virginia to campaign for Kilgore

Bush's medals

Bush Pics, Oct 2002 and Nov 2005. Selling your soul fucks you UP.

The entire Scanlon Memo OCR'd as plain text. copy, paste, email...

Michael Moore / Spike Lee... Eat Your Hearts Out!

Chimpy: "We do not torture." Then what's the problem?

CAPTION these PATRIOTIC photos of U.S. goodwill envoy Karen Hughes

Did anyone coin this phrase yet? Corruplican Party

2 Year Old Dem Intel Committee Memo---Interesting Read

Where did the Democrats get their information that Saddam had WMDs?

Harry Reid presser on CNN on Phase II of Senate Intelligence Investigation

Time: Why Virginia Worries the GOP

My lunch with Mr. Rumsfeld and the brass

Can Daschle be serious?

A Monstrous Lie

Repugs cant answer this question...

The Assault on America’s Values

The letter from Dept. of Defense to Big Ed--your thoughts

Dems won't get anything out of Phase II,but can make Repugs an Albatross

Olbermann covers War Rationale, Rove's Security Clearance tonight

4 more of our soldiers killed in Iraq

More dissent in the GOP ranks! Huntsman dislikes Bush idea on disasters

Luskin "laboring" to sway Fitz on Rove's "innocent bout of forgetfulness"

What happened with bush today?

Reporter to Bush, today: Has your admin lived up to this campaign promise?

DU this MSNBC Poll-Should CIA be allowed to torture

Use the scandals

tom delay is going to a lot of trouble for an innocent guy

Self Delete.

Does anyone have a link to ANY information about the voting

Xmas gift for Barney? (Wanna go home with the armadillo...)

Top Ten Things You Didn't Know About Jack Abramoff

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

READ THIS! Election 2005.

Why the "talking points" hate threads on all Christians & Religious?

Is there a vote tomorrow??? Just got this from

David Brooks

Torture Headline On Is Straight Out Of The Onion!

2008: Edwards v. Allen - Who Wins?

GEN Clark on Faux right now commenting on the war

Neo-Liberalism............a history lesson we ALL should know

Free Constitution!

Lou Dobbs just said...

I think verifiable voting starts here:

Giuliani's firm is defending/helping Delay??


Bush Administration Borrows more from Foreign Nations than Previous 42 Pre

Good Luck Virginia, my Home Team...Vote Kaine Tommorrow! AND

Recommended: Last half of MSNBC "Hardball" tonight

Harkin on floor talking about right-wing dominance of Armed Forces Radio

Letter from Pat Roberts re: torture

We've been invaded by Repuke trolls

The "Loony Left" should disappear ?

Hey, here's someone we can ALL dislike: Cornyn

General Clark will be a guest on Big Eddie Schultz in a little while..

Tony Blankley, Hardball: Dems' "remorseless repetition" re: WMDs

video....Jerks and Smirks from Argentina

Rant. Do Democrats worry too much about electability? Damn right!

What ar the chances of Maine's ladies, Snowe and Collins,

Forrester took a shit in my mailbox (*campaign material attached)

Why no criminal investigation of Chalabi? Condi Rice promised 17 mo. ago

The US House has had 435 seats since 1910.

How/when can we get the ERA ?

I don't want Bush or Cheney to resign.

Freepers from progressive families

Please DU this Alito poll, thanks!

Thread about ImpeachPAC.

Conservative Senator says Alito was being Activist Judge

TBTM offering Free Copy of "Rove's War" to Any Congressman requesting One

Are You Writng this Script? 11/8

Cover-up Congress Strikes again Senate R's reject investigation

The United States has joined other human rights abusers.

Was last nite's West Wing an attempt to show how debates SHOULD be done?

Breaking! Hastert is added to the Abramoff scandal

A question about Clark. I'm not trying to start a flame war here.

Clueless Kerry

JOSHUA FRANK: The Merger of Senator Max Baucus and Leo Giacometto

We Americans are like recovering addicts after a four-year bender

I'm voting for Corzine tomorrow

The Mind of a Wingnut: (how incredibly ignorant)

Antiwar sermon brings IRS warning (LAT)

Cheney: Give CIA Torture Exemption (LAT)

Has there been any debunking of that hit-piece book on "Liberal Hypocrisy"

Survey USA poll shows Kaine up 52-43% over Kilgore

There's yur problem right there

The Commercial about Liberals I would like to see

ABC/WaPost Poll - Issues Favors Dems in 2006

Bush: “Wow! Brazil is big!”

How we lost California: the planned destruction of an election rights hero

The False Choice that Democrats are arguing over today


After much research & consideration, I've who the best '08 tickets are...

What's with all the Clarkies?