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Archives: November 5, 2005

Reason: A Silver Lining in Iraq

The THW: Germany on the Front Line of Catastrophe

Fear of dissent is same as fear of freedom

Vermont Meeting in State Capital Passes Resolution to Secede from US

William Greider: All the King's Media

Buffalo newspaper says Repubs sueing Satan

Chris Matthews and the Power of Repetition

Another Thunderbolt from Wilkerson (Cheney -Addington and Torture).

Memo to NY Times editors: Cabals are important -- the e-mails don't lie

Democrat Says He Will Block EPA Nominees

Amnesty: Chevron, Shell Involved in Niger Delta Crises

The melting mountains

Vote in this DU poll about 2004 Election March in DC

'Producer Gets Access,' by Dana Rohrabacher...

University Student Presidents want rise in Tabacco tax in Iowa

Brew & Stew III, November 19, 8 - 11 PM, Framingham

"Do you suppose we could get Bush a blowjob..."

Oct Newsletter from Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings.

I Can't Believe Nobody Has Posted About the AG Race...

I was talking to a lady I know today

Lawrence Eagleburger on Hardball

The "Immoral Minority"

To my fellow workers in Argentina... As much as I would like you to keep

Anybody (US folks) been to Venezuela recently? I just got a call from

Republican Senators Right on Medicare Cut

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - bush, Cheney, Rove and

david corn on pbs now!

Democrats appeal to more people

You know I was reading a little Issac Asimov the other day...

Playing with fire

Hugo Stops At the Bar First! Another Reason for bushhate!

It's better if the indictments come one at a time

Good reading..."wackos" text on p. 119

Conference on Islamic feminism: "Islam can liberate women..."

If you think that these fuckers aren't targeting poor children, you are

The best technical glitch I've seen in a while.....

Saw my first flag-draped casket on CNN just now, must be desperate...

2 Anonymous US Officials Say Replacement F-16 Parts Being Sent to Venezuela

Massive Amounts of WMD Dumped Into the Ocean by US Army


Ill State Senator Jacobs compares himself to Rosa Parks

Cafferty on CNN: There are protests everyday in front of the UN

Former State Department Official Says Cheney Provoked Prison Torture

Obama Says He Will Block EPA Nominees

What was the deal with arresting potential bombers in London

The time is right for Powell to step up and clear his conscience...

Today was a bad day for us.

Jimmy Carter on "NOW" now (PBS) n/t

Thought many of you might enjoy this...

There have been Posts trying to say Sheehan is at Summit and =Chavez!

It is a good week

I want to help Chris Matthews..really I do.

Keith Olberman talking of Niger stuff now.

Breaking: Nancy & Ronald Reagan: Cannibals!

LIVE NOW: In-depth discussion of Avian Flu, Air America Radio

$251,000,000,000 WASTED in Iraq - Now our POOR and NEEDY to PAY dearly

Pretty soon * won't be able to travel anywhere.

Scotty on the chopping block ?

A Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq- Toll is Escalating

Teachers! Here is No Child Left Behind: The Football Version

HEY! You wannabe tycoons and real estate investors- look over here!

chavez speech on c-span now.

Where is Bin Laden?

Congress is frozen- The system is broken

Thom Hartman is a radio god. Listen to his interview with Dick Morris.


Prince Charles and Camilla visited New Orleans?

Cheney polling 2 points lower than cheating on your wife

Keith Olberman to talk about Bush poll #'s on war on terrorism

Heads up........C--SPAN ...8:50 pm est.

Are you guys watching this freaky cartoon on Olberman?

Join me now to petition for a Fitz Forum!

Tonight's Worst Person in the World (Caution: SPOILER!)...

I just watched the documentary, This Divided State

Bush silent on status of Rove's job

PLEASE READ 53% of Americans Support Impeachment; ImpeachPAC Announced!

Blame France: (Per Rush) for the forged Niger documents.

Conservatives hope church strategy builds momentum for governor (CA)

I just received a strongly worded message from ebay that

Crime, Corruption and Espionage in the US Government

Majority of Americans doubt Bush’s honesty: poll

New Poll: Majority of Americans Support Impeachment

"Sleepless George". Short laugh.........


They're sure are angry and George wonders why (dial up!)

QUESTION??? Is Bill Maher On Tonight???

Tax Cut for the Wealthy or Food Stamps ... for Republicans an easy choice

Scary President

Summit of the Americas: Then and Now (The Big Dawg vs. Chimp-Monster)

More proof that there is no "liberal media"

Now on AAR: Why they went after Wilson BEFORE his article

Wilkerson: torture directives came straight from Cheney's office.

AMC now: big crowds of fundies from past po'd re: Last Tempt. of Christ...

Are you an activist?

Powell aide leaking emails linked to Cheney re torture?

Beating a dead horse now

WooHoo !!! - MommaT Makes The Papers Again !!!

Is your company bad? search

WTF?! Bill Maher season finale ALREADY?!

Repubs say that Democrats are obsessed with their hatred for Bush...

NYT Saturday: Ex-public broadcasting chair under investigation by State

Most Inane CNN poll- Do you worry about hitting an animal while driving?

Our country should be proud of how Bush shows respect for Chavez

Who is on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight?

Waiting for Nancy! Matthews Suck UP...coming up on MSNBC...

Bush will be kidnapped by the G'oald or the Sith. I PREDICT IT NOW!

caption * >>

"Little Boy" and "Fat Man" killed over 200,000 people....

Bush feels hand of God as poll ratings slump

Why didn't the right wing nuts of the Republican party want Harriet Meirs

thank-you mark shields.

Dependable Renegade Blog: hilarious captions

New Poll: 35% of Americans are morans. Support Bush.

Obama just made a stand

SEASON FINALE of Real Time w/ Bill Maher tonight. Here's the lineup

LAT: Documentaries Ramp Up Debate Over Wal-Mart

Does anyone else miss *SPY* magazine?

Libby plea may cause political 'circus' for Bush

DU was just blocked at my workplace.

If Anyone Doubts that David Brooks is a LYING Neo-Con Shill >>>

Happy Friday Mike Malloy Truthseekers

Bird Flu, RIGHT WING talking points and a golden opportunity

Since when was torture an American value?

Wolf Blitzer is droning on with his Bush propoganda again!

Who is Karl Rove's real father? (like an episode of Star Wars)

Bush feels hand of God as poll ratings slump

Bush announced this year's Medal of Freedom winners

OMG! They're going to "re-launch" Bush as a Compassionate Conservative

Eleanor Clift: Don't Filibuster Alito

The Updated Version of The White House Plumbers.....

Just plain nuts ..... Freepers blame anti bush riots on Cindy Sheehan.

the truth about arnold schwarezenneger and his $$$$ - >

Tonight I was pondering death

New RW Talking Point: We Are McCARTHYITES! --->>>

?How do we answer the WMD Question?

Wash. Post cited no sources in exonerating McClellan of misleading media

Who is the most hated country on Earth? I would put a poll, but

Here's What Bugs Me About "Outing" Discussions

Buried my Dad today....random thoughts

Somewhere in the Pentagon there is a hidden memo....

Who said this?

aaron Brown is out, Coopers's on vacation.. so... RICK SANCHEZ

* and Condi... photos

Randi Rhodes: "You're a whiner."

Who ran against Reagan in his second run?

Kerry "flip-flops" Mark Crispen Miller. Says election NOT stolen?

A Conversation with Bill Moyers

Why Charles is so much more in tune and relaxed with Camilla

Do you have a draft-age son?

VIDEO: A little joy from California (Arnold's neighborhood) hehee

Would you go to DC to Protest the 2004 Election Theft?

does Domino's founder pay 4 phone ads against planned parenthood ->

bush: "I Hate This Shit! When Can I Go Home?"

Adult bookstore owner pleads guilty to obscenity charges

What is an anarchist?

For those seriously considering impeachment..

Go to Hell Victoria Toensing

How many women here think Bush is cute?

The * Cabinet Scandals, et al, need one name. What do you think DU?

Unjust Hanging of Van Tuong Nguyen

Does anyone have a good trifle recipe?

a photo of a man who thinks he will be PM

Poll finds public support for Alito lags behind Roberts(Weak Key Groups)

Vermont Meeting in State Capital Passes Resolution to Secede from US

Bush Sidesteps Questions About CIA Leak

Cheney Pushes Senate for CIA Exemption

FBI: Financial Gain Drove Uranium Forgery

Bush feels hand of God as poll ratings slump

Unjust Hanging of Van Tuong Nguyen

Iraq war has exposed us to terror at home,says Meyer

WaPo: "Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military"

FBI: Financial Gain Drove Uranium Forgery

NYT Saturday: Ex-public broadcasting chair under investigation by State

Radio City musicians file extortion complaint

GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship

Bush esconced in calm corner of tense summit city

GOP senator pressed to oversee `credible' probe of war intelligence

WP: Prosecutors Link Enron Fall to 1987 Scandal: Lay "Whitewash" History

FBI: Financial Gain Drove Uranium Forgery

Richardson urges Democrats not to ignore Hispanics

Prosecutors Link Enron Fall to 1987 Scandal

In Brazil, More Protests May Await Bush

Italy provided U.S. with faulty uranium intelligence, officials insist

Target Washington? (TERROR...3 Arrests in London .. Capital, WH target?)

Defense Doesn't Rest In AIPAC Case

Some in GOP regret pork-stuffed highway bill

Army Bids Farewell to Highest-Ranking Loss

International HR group says Filipinos now live in fear

Schumer: NYC Should Host 2008 Dems Party

GAO: Pension Plan Switch Hurts Employees

NYT: US Should Repay (KBR/Halliburton) Millions to Iraq, a UN Audit Finds

LAT: Sales at Gap Continue Downward Trend

Atlanta J-C: Reed's fees all paid by casino

Abercrombie & Fitch drops T-shirts that sparked 'girlcott'

I got a new attitude....

Paula Zahn interviews Elmo

Am I going crazy?

This is GREAT!!

He asked if they should f*ck the deer -when attempts at eroticism

Man, work just sucks

Oh boy, just caught season's first Christmas commercial

will you ever write a song about sibbie?

So what should I do tonight?? Should I...

Concentrate on his eyes...

Delete this post or we shoot the dog!

What's up with all the deer threads?

I Think Keith Olberman had his teeth done.

Things you don't really have any opinion on one way or the other.

Must be autumn (kitty pic)

Am I the only one with beer delivery by taxi???

How do I put a picture in my signature line?

Who loves Frogger? Free download...

Has booze thread taken the place of "those other" threads?

Barbra Boxer was on the Daily show!!!

NOT every problem has an AMERICAN solution


So I had 80 pounds of cheerleader land on my head and neck today, messing

Need help from classical music buff/somebody who speaks Italian

Are we obsessed with politics?

aQuArius is having waaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with whipped cream tonight

No go diggy die.

Best Online Streaming Stations is HUGH!!!11111 For Real....

Is a shot of single malt scotch worth the extra 10 bucks?

I shouldn't be enjoying this program, but I am.

Cops: Druken firefighter crashes stolen van into movie set

Hooray, I'm staying awake to watch Bill Maher

What should I start a thread about?

I'm much too young to feel this damn old

My last hedgehog died this morning

Because it's been a long time - Gratuitous Friday Kitty Thread

Battle of the Bands: The Violent Femmes vs. Joan Osborne vs. Joan Jett

Last night I dreamed that I was hired to play for Cheney's lawyer's

80's music quiz:

Who is the biggest jerk in sports?


Toilets of the World

The Top Ten Reasons Racing Is Better Than Sex

Baltimore, I don't know what to say about this street sign.

I am the Bug Man wooo! I am the Bug man woooo! I am the Walrus

Attn: Southlandshari - URGENT!

Breaking: Nancy & Ronald Reagan: Cannibals!

So there was a fire in my apartment building and I just spent....


Best @#$%ing magic trick I have ever seen in my life.

Do you drink alone?

Wedding Party Pics...Photobucket FINALLY Working!! **Pic Heavy**

I saw something heartbreaking tonight.

What is the most over-the-top wedding you have attended???

I just scored a great freelance gig!

What was your wedding day like?

Seriously...what is the WORST movie ever made

Crazy Frog Rocks!!!

OohRah, Jarhead is gonna piss the Fundies off, big time

Hollywood Winds Down 2005 with Gay-Themed Pics

A Gay Mafia in the Republican Party?

More commentary in a Yahoo! photo?

Horse post: This is Cotton at age two! She'll be three in May 2006.

Kerry's immigration remark (not John Kerry, Barbie)

Any Boston people for this one? I cannot go.

Cspan 2 is replaying the Rosa Parks funeral right now

This has been a yucky day.

Probably my entry for "fall"

Happy Friday -- KOEB 11/4

What did Lawrence Wilkerson say 11/4 on PBS Jim Lehrer

Howard Dean in NJ tomorrow for 6 rallies to get out the vote for Corzine.

Wolf Blitzer is now saying there is a terror plot against Washington, DC

VA Real ID

Wanna go to lunch with Fox Tycoon Rupert Murdoch?

DU Quiz: laying the caskets at their feet

Obama Says He Will Block EPA Nominees

FEMA Not on Alert

Repugnican politician calls for mutilation punishment

How to earn credibility with the American People (according to scrub)

Endorsing Bush can be hazardous to your career

39 rocks!

I was listening to RW radio

Unjust Hanging of Van Tuong Nguyen

Bush's remarks at summit in Argentina

Cindy Sheehan IS NOT in Argentina

bush - war criminal, actually printed in a Swedish newspaper!

George W. Bush - The Most Hated Person In the World


the last smart thing Carville said

LOTS of comparison to Nixon these days

Is the right wing blogosphere following the public's turn on this admin?

Bird Flu the Right Wing talkign points and a golden oportunity

Bush to campaign for Kilgore Monday; latest poll numbers

PLEASE READ 53% of Americans Support Impeachment; ImpeachPAC Announced!

BUSH twenty years from NOW... He's no Jimmy Carter

Forrester Ads May Be Working

Great graphic contrasting *-Nixon-Clinton poll numbers

Bill Maher's guest tonight: Joe Scarborough

To those of you that are still angry with Kerry about the election ------>

Democratic Party faces the same challenge in Iraq that it faced in Vietnam

Duck and Cover, for the Twenty-Oughts

wtf? this guy says M. Moore owns stock in Halliburton???

ADVICE NEEDED about upcoming election for judge.

AP: Experts: Disaster - Free Zones Hard to Find

Good Clift article this AM about Alito and also impeachment

US-Backed Arab TV Network to be Investigated

The Quiet Oil-for-Food Scandal (be careful what you wish for).

Land of Dinosaurs

Going Phrasy With Scandal Buzzwords

Guardsman re-enlists, Pentagon kills bonus

France rioters: 'Each night we make this place Baghdad'

Smoking Gun on Manipulation of Iraq Intelligence? 'NY Times'

N.J., Va. Governor Campaigns Get Nasty

Empire Burlesque: The Philosopher's Stone

Chavez warns of ‘war’, George Bush pledges to be ‘polite’

White House in Chaos' & Other Utter Horseshit

Dick Cheney’s Song of America

LTTE - Blaming Liberals for the Bush Debacle.

Should we shun or debate torture memo lawyers?

The Summit of the Americas’ free-trade farewell

Poor approval ratings add to Bush's hurdles

Why can't the left face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008? (A Must Read)

Breaking: The Bible is not all factual (Catholic Bishops of England)

Yes, this appeaser was once my hero (Chomsky bashing)

Franz J. T. Lee: Venezuela between Jesus Christ and Karl Marx..

Compare the Dow Jones Avg. during the Clinton and Bush years:

ZIPCARS catching on.

Senators Debate Warming Blahblabhblah Inhofe Blahblah Lieberman Blahblahbl

Chinese Gvn Admits Their Water Problems Worst In The World - AFP

Conservation Refugees

Plasma Focus Hydrogen/Boron Fusion

FYI - Humidify your home to reduce heating costs.

Mel Goodman - July 22nd, 2005

Concrete core vs. 47 steel core colums. So what????

Multiple Choice - The cores of the Twin Towers were:

Boston Tea Party - this time we throw voting machines in the harbor

I had no idea Rev. Bill Moss is gone.

GD: the GAO report on e-voting and vote-counting for busy folks

Instead of arguing about Kerry and MCM, why not make sure

GOP challenges rights of hundreds of voters

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 11/05/05

Scrap the "secret" ballot... (Is this a good idea?)

Reform Ohio Now needs people to make phone calls this weekend !


Is Los Angeles Above the Law?

Want to be a winner?? Vote Republican in 2006!

Bernie Ward last night - vote NO on all the propositions in CA

Worst Ballot Measure

I don't know why I'm posting this...but

"WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price" screening events near you

Those "Minutemen" are a hoot...aren't they?

Governor to cozy up to Chico diners (This Monday at 9AM)-not finalized

Just saw commercial about supporting our Vets

Join the Massachusetts Victory '06 Campaign

HELP...need help listening to Guy James Show!

CAN i use icons for my desktop shortcuts that I download from a site that

I have a really stupid question...

Question about spyware infested computer and exporting files

WinXP all of the sudden not seeing my second hard drive - WTF?

Any Java Programmers willing to help?

Butler County GOP Officials Investigated in Bar Fight - Enquirer

Death row inmate walks out of high-security jail

Kinky Friedman running for Governor

There was just a 20 year old guy named Jay from Madison talking to Mike

Iraq war has exposed us to terror at home, says Meyer (UK)

Check Out Who Is Column "C" For New Jersey Govenor - NJWEEDMAN

I am bintsitting for a 16 week old Binturong

Wow, already talk about a pardon for Libby!

My humble suggestion: The Captive Media

Ex-public broadcasting chair under investigation by State Department

I'm glad Idiot Son won the election so he'll leave office in DISGRACE

How are we feeling about "election fraud" lawsuits and their potential

The former President of Ireland just said that America has a very bad

John Dean: There WILL be more indictments - Cheney-Libby Conspiracy??

Bush: The "right ta campaign" is a universal value

Have you ever had a profound spiritual experience (not drug related)

Is anyone here working on any local elections?

A Repub talks sense about heating oil subsidies

Ventura County Dems kick Arnold's butt in town hall

Maradona calls Bush "Human Rubbish"

CNN's Newsnight Special Edition

Barbara Boxer on Bernie Ward's show NOW!!!!

High Desert airport seeks aviation workers

PHOTO: Bush and Rice. My, don't they look Pan-American cheery!

A Poignant Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo

Bush faces Latin fury as popularity sinks at home

More cheery news about H5N1...............

Ku Klux Klan planning rally in Austin (TX) tomorrow (Saturday)

Live chat for the late night DUer's here:

Well folks good night

Would you have ever believed Reid had the moxy to do what he did ?

On Lou Dobbs: Insurgent attacks doubled in last six months

Uproot Sony-BMG's Invasion of Your Privacy and Your Computer

Dolls for men. They're selling dolls for men on HSN. Dolls.

Will Poppy say "If Latin America is mean to W, they'll answer to Barbara!"

New Boondocks Cartoon up for view @ fri. night!!!!

once it is proven, in court, that the Iraq war was based on lies . . .

As TV viewers turn off adverts, Hollywood seizes a golden chance

Prince Charles no longer has a bald spot in the back of his head. ..

Operation Wacko

bush's jaw grinding tic is getting more noticeable every day

France will participate in the reconstruction of NOLA

Avian 'Flu: Good News! Government will vacinate everyone!

Was the Korean War a mistake too?

Now, this is a photo to see

Schoolgirl blogger poisons mother in homage to killer

I was very upset today to hear Hannity making fun of Kerry

Robert Fisk, A Poet on the Run in Fortress Europe

WMD for the newbies.....

Blackwater snipers doing what they do best.

Here are the BUSH faithful (because God is on HIS side)

Texas Minutemen head quits, cites racism in group

Ku Klux Klansman caught selling pipe bombs to blow up Mexican workers

If you saw an arabic person, standing over a body in NYC,

Impeach Bush PAC!

WH starts counter-offensive - accent the second word

Here's the dictionary definition of Terrorist

what IS 'progressivism'?

Sexual predators.... Are they a good thing for people who don't drink?

It's time to play "What would Faux News be saying now if..."

Have you noticed the price of gasoline falling since.....?

What appears to be happening with MSM -

KR: Italy provided U.S. with faulty uranium intelligence, officials insist

Bush Called 'terrorist' and 'war Criminal' During Protest

Message to the the WH "whore-corps" media

Kissinger warns against withdrawing from Iraq just like he did with Vietnam

US Labor Department and Wal-Mart’s secret agreement on child labor

Bin Laden "quiet", fear -mongers loud

C-Span now.....Redstate.or guy. Talking about internet regulations

Maybe Aaron Brown Should Write A Book About CNN?

Interesting quote from Carter (RE: Chavez)

Interesting NYT article: Is Tamiflu as hard to make as Roche says it is?

Roberts: Real test for Dems will be for them to show up on Tuesday

When the hell are the Abu Ghraib pictures/videos going to be released??

White House admits guilt! Sends staff to ethics classes as punishment.

Hardball panel mischaracterized Democratic efforts to complete intel probe

Cheney's Poll numbers- Adultery enjoys more support, by two points

What IS the current death toll from Hurricane Katrina?

"Defending Imperial Nudity"

I want to give a BIG THANKS to ralph reed and the gang!

Help for you when you find the "But he loved Jesus" People (Topic: Poor)

Would a Liberal "Fox type " Network be a good thing?

TBR is wacked. But his case for LIHOP sounds good.

Norm Coleman on cspan-Oil for food--also see this Thread.--all of a sudden

Copernicus's remains found under floor of Polish cathedral

Q: When Ashcroft resigned... was Lady Justice undraped?

MSNBC's Matthews repeatedly smeared Democrats; media looks the other way

Argentina protests were covered on NBC news,

Someone educate me on Tamiflu vs. other preparations for flu

Newt Gingrich just starting to talk of oil for food program -c-span

Watch NY Post's Deborah Orin Lying Like A Dog To Protect Bush

Word came down! No more anti-Bush rioting in Argentina. Its anti-USA now

Is anyone watching the live bombing

WTF. Bring our people home. NOW!

Truth & Lies in Journalism Panel on CSPAN2 NOW

what ever happened to the 'mediahorse'? I miss it!

Moore and Soros types--Please buy mass quantities of Fooled Again.....

What a glorious time to be a freeper in America!

Bush poll numbers keep dropping; media figures keep predicting "rebound"

Nigerian scam goes Iraqi!

House Democrats Question Rove's Security Clearance


Bush Orders Staff to Review Ethics Rules


Turning information into bird flu...

Mr. Danger!

Pot considered 'murder weed' in 1937

Job Report Falls Short of Forecasts: 56,000 jobs added in October

Family fights an HMO for 4-year-old's life

Marilyn, the Kennedys, Condit-am I crazy?????

UFPJ Lobby: New Legislation: End the War in Iraq Act of 2005

72 degrees in PA- Sure there's no global warming.

Tomlinson the late neo-con head of Corp for Public Broadcasting going down

POLL: Alito--focus on "culture of life" or "culture of corruption"?

Why aren't those right-wing pseudo-Christians all over this:

It's the GAO Report Stupid!

Owning Oil Stock...

An Immigration Letter to Representative Tom Tancredo

The NEW Guy James Show coming up at 3pm please keep kicked!

DUpers are Worse than freepers.

Paris seeks "hidden hands" in riots

A Presidency on Life Support?

Who is really in charge? ** OR Cheney?

Look at Cheney's picture on the front page of this local news site:

Please write letters for Veterans for Peace barred from parade!

America's apartheid schools: "There were nine rats in the classroom."

Kucinich defends organic food standards


TOON: fear of bird flu bioterror

Lou Dobbs - Hatemonger

And the children shall lead them..... graphic photos of Iraqi

I have had it. Someone just sited OPRAH as a source in a discussion.

Who else hates the "let's not ignore the blacks/hispanics" type statements

anyone remember the "ralph waldo emerson" quote used in a DU sig recently

e-mail between Mr. Tomlinson and Karl Rove

Crackpot predictions for the next 3 years of bush

Lets start calling the repug/neo-cons..."The Borg".

Here's Sam Alito's baseball card from fantasy baseball camp --

George to world: "It's not easy to host all these countries...

Is AIR AMERICA going on cable soon?

***E&P: Blogger Says GAO Election Report Not Covered Enough**

We do need tax simplification....

Bush avoids direct battle with Chavez

Cheney Seeks CIA Exemption to Torture Ban

I know that over two thousand U.S. soldiers have been killed

The secret of the secret prisons

Senator Urges Bush to 'Come Clean' on Leak/Dems weekly radio address

John Dean: Fitzgerald has sights on Cheney

Last year, 124 employers of undocumented immigrants were fined, down...

I am listening to Guy James best of, program 3-6 EST

Brad blogs about "the incident" from yesterday

Meet the New Interrogators: Lockheed Martin

Why haven't we seen Osama or a Terra Alert since the 2004 Election?

Caption *... photos

What do you think will be the next bombshell to hit the * administration?

Shrub in an excellent example of "The Ugly American"

There is a progressive/centrist majority in the United States

How likely is it that * and Condi are having an affair?

I wish I could be a republican for one minute.

What "conspiracy theories" do you believe?

PHOTOS from Argentina, 11/05. Body language, anybody?

Has anybody seen these "anti-aborion" trucks?

Guess where Cheney has been.

Caption Laura in Argentina.... --->

Group Creates Wal-Mart Workers Association


Do you think the RW might have done better with Miers than Alito?

So show me a budget....

Syria and the UN: Another polarizing double standard

HELP! Someone stole $250, from my bank account i had put a block/frozen

Social Safety Net. The new hammer it home right wing talking point.

Relatives back Stone's 9/11 plot

Candidate (R-TX) Offers to Date for Donations

New movie starring * and Laura --->

Calling all computer Wizards, a DU'er needs help

wishful thinking

Virginity or Death!

Austinites 2nd Annual "Moon the Klan" today !

More Sleaze and Dishonesty In Ohio

Dems are now Exploiters? (gotta love that no spin word choice)

Don't forget, * declares he controls national security information.

What's * thinking about?

At some point, the knees have to buckle at BushCo.

Every time you gain a dime it should be income....

RawStory >> NYT: Questions surround what Bush knew about Plame leak

Former British envoy to the US says Iraq fuelled UK terrorism

Crony King of the Carpetbaggers

I really like the new Mini-Cooper ad . . .

Let's "Who Cares" this poll!

Mein Kampf = "it's hard work"

Same Al-Libi? Fabricator or torture victim?

Al Gore's intro to "Climate Warriors & Heroes" at Salon/Rolling Stone

What is Cammi Doing With the Bag?

Al Franken on Stephanie Miller's show

GAO report- a basis for a class action suit on behalf of all voters?

Bush is forcing all his top aides to take a "Ethics Class" next week

What is an American?

Did anyone record Rosa Parks' funeral in Detroit?

So I am listening to Ring of Fire on AAR. I love Bobby Kennedy!

Bush must love the poor, he's made so many of them.

Post from a Cruise forum poster that was on the ship attacked by pirates.

Don't forget to BUY BLUE - as we enter the holiday season -

,Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott Jr. endorsed a minimum wage hike.

Some like Kerry. Some don't. Why does this warrant so many threads?

Governors Polls: Red State Democrats are most popular

Heads up regarding natural gas billing for this winter.

Dalai Lama endorses just wars but not in case of Tibet

Who will take credit for "bringing down the USA"?

Wall Street : Cheney a "CEO who messed up big-time".

Against the war? You must be "anti-troop."

Does anyone have a "Biden Sighting?" Anyone have News?

Is Alito a good thing???

(Ney) Lawmaker From Ohio Subpoenaed in Abramoff Case

Federalized ID cards for all; there was a post on DU last night

Kennedy Papantonio/ Air America - Great show. Are you listening.

Troubling new Riverbendblog entry:

Local Poll for VA Governor–Please DU

mccain is telling california voters to vote for arnold'sproposition

France's amazing aid to New Orleans, including art from the Louvre

What's Up with our Global Amassador Chimp today?

I propose we rename the U.S.A.: R.R.A. Ronald Reagan of America

I message to all Republicans

Warren Beatty blocked from entering Schwarzenegger campaign rally

"I had a DREAM!" Chris Matthews was screaming and spitting in my Ear

Rightwing concepts I'm thinking of adapting

Know what Tom Friedman? War is bad for business.

Kucinich Demands IG Investigation Of FBI Forged Niger Document Probe

(VIDEO) Bill Maher's Shitstorm Forecast

Bill Maher: Repubs care more about the person than the principle...

Who is this?? (man on the right)

A Republican acquaintance sent me an E-mail yesterday...

Help POISON the roach nest! Contact local Fundy news outlets or churches!

SANTORUM proclaims his own election race "biggest in the USA"

John Dean "will be stunned if no one else is indicted."

Cheney's approval rating now 7 points below public child-beating

Why does Mark Crispin Miller have more credibility here THAN John Kerry?

Hilarious MUST READ from symbolman in LBN re. Shrub and the Prince

When I was a young girl in school, we once played a game

Tom Tomorrow CARTOON SKEWERS NYT role in Treasongate & NYT STILL doing it

Crackpot Website of the Day: "Ladies Against Feminism"

To all the Kerry-bashers: The primary election theft mechanism was

Yale School of Music to Go Tuition-Free (Receives $100 Million donation)

"Do you believe?" = Some new code?

Get Ready To Laugh Your ass off. I AIN'T KIDDING !!!

So, Alito's Catholic, right? How does he avoid looking like he's doing

Check out this video by Reverend X !!

Anthrax victim's widow frustrated with 'pattern of delay'


2046 Reasons why the DSM is Important

John McCain mansion up for sale: $4.25 million

Reasons to force Bush to appoint McCain VP and then resign

US Navy JUDGE; Iraq war ILLEGAL.

Rebel Iraqi cleric on the rise again, this time in political arena

Pinch me HARD: "Kerry Suspects Election 2004 Was Stolen"

Patricia Heaton, Dr. Laura, Ben Stein, Laura Ingraham: "Yes on 73!!"

What happened to Joe Scarborough?

Bernie and Boxer talking about 2006. I am so sick of hearing this

Who Do You Believe--Kerry or Mark Crispin Miller

Sunday Morning Talk Lineup (blah blah Biden again but Kennedy on MTP!)

Project Censored presents the 10 biggest stories the MSM ignored over the

ImpeachPAC is born ! Bob Fertik

BINARY POLL: Can you imagine any case where the ends justify the means?

Hummer Dealer in Panic

Sick of the lie... "Reagan brought down the Soviet Union"...

ATTENTION: Portland Oregon DUers .... TONIGHT !

Reform Ohio Now needs people to make phone calls this weekend !

What do you believe to be true that you can not possibly prove?

Harriet Miers.... picks up the rice in a church and eats it for lunch.

"Current TV" - Four Example of Their Videos Now Online

DU'ers Trashing Kerry With No Actual Evidence Or Direct Quotes- Pathetic

Why I oppose the 2,000-foot rule for child molesters...

the GAO report on e-voting and e-counting at a glance for busy folks

GOP Leaders to Bush

4 Women found Guilty: Murdering my friend John Deselem

Test Your Nausea Resistance-FR's Tribute To *'s Anniversary!

'White House in Chaos' & Other Utter Horseshit "

Something Strange Happened Today.. Very Strange…

House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hasert Caught in Lobbyist Abramoff's Scandal?

Book TV Schedule November 5-7

Did Novak own the rights to CNN's Capital Gang or something?

let's discard kerry's entire career because he didn't say the magic words

Is the Democratic Party about to be radicalized?

It's not about Kerry v Miller - To pit them on "credibility" is wrong

We've got Republicans walking precincts and phone banking for us

Patriot Act Progress, Growing Death Penalty Concerns (CHILLING)

What would happen if Kerry said 'it': Presidential Election 2004 was

Bill Maher's Choice of Guests--Disappointing?

Are Illegal Immigrants Criminals? Not hardly

Wayne Madsen on AAR Now! -

Riots And Arson Across France. This is Insane!

"Fat Politics"

How would you compare the strength of the RW media to Left=leaning media?

Boston Tea Party - This time throw voting machines in the harbor

WILKERSON: "They got to the point where the end justified the means." -->


Voters Were Suppressed, Jan 2005, John Kerry

A self-obituary you must read, by WinAce

America Betrayed ---- Introducing Pre$$

Miller, Kerry and the POLITICS of Who Won – Will Win + TRUTHISALL Bonus

To the very flawed John Kerry: Lead, follow or get the fu*k out of the way

What is "The most liberal city" in the world?

Ha. I got a freakin' TON of elk meat in the freezer!

Who's baking French Bread this weekend?

WP: Some in GOP Regretting Pork-Stuffed Highway Bill

Cops: Druken firefighter crashes stolen van into movie set

The Summit of the Americas’ free-trade farewell

NYT- Rebels Dressed as Women Attack Iraqi Police Station

The former President of Ireland just said that America has a very bad

Crowds cheer as police raid funeral home, find drugs

LAT: Documentaries Ramp Up Debate Over Wal-Mart

Haiti's suit called 'baseless'

Sydney protesters air terrorism laws concerns

WP: FEMA Speeds Katrina Relief

NYT: Iraq's Lethal Traffic: Warning! Anarchy Ahead

Nation Gained Few Jobs In Oct.

U.S. Launches Major Offensive in Iraq

Hearing Date for Alito Leaves Bush Disappointed

Spending Inquiry for Top Official on Broadcasting (Rove emails seized)

NYT: Spending Inquiry for Top Official on Broadcasting(Tomlinson & Rove)

Italy provided U.S. with faulty uranium intelligence, officials insist

Court Nominee Has Paper Trail Businesses Like (not good for envir)

Senate Panel Squabbles Over Inquiry (ck out what Roberts wants to do)

Democrats Move to Exploit Iraq Missteps

U.S. Says It Honors Venezuela Contract (F-16s)

NYT: Closing Arguments Made in Trial on Intelligent Design

Popular Snowman T-Shirt Raises Concerns

Officer in US embassy gun scare

Two US soldiers killed in separate incidents in Baghdad (#2044)

NYT: A Pro-Bug Vote on the Court?

Justice Dept. takes interest in Ohio union contract(Bush attack on unions)

Council Members Receive Threats Over Anti-War Resolution (Sacramento)

NYT/AP: U.S. and China Reach Textile Deal

Missing soldier's family gets update (Keith Maupin)

TV Station Apologizes to Schwarzenegger

Selection of Judge in Delay Case Stands

Summit Leaders Deadlocked on Free Trade

Regional officials rip Bush task force for opposing Great Lakes aid

Mikulski says Republicans 'embarrassed' (Dems radio address)

NYT: U.S. Weighs Whether to Open Era of Rapid HIV Detection in the Home

Battle to avert more deaths in quake-hit Pakistan (snow coming)

Pakistan seeks more earthquake relief money...

McCain vows torture ban in Senate bills

Howards (Australia) new legislation the greatest attack on freedom

No hero's welcome for Bush

Bush and Che: different concepts of freedom

NYT: WH Tries to Keep Distance From Leak Case (and focus away from Bush)

No trade deal for Bush

SUMMIT NOTEBOOK: Distance shows in photo (Bush & Chavez)

US launches offensive near Syria

WP: Bush Plans 11th-Hr Rally in Va. For Kilgore (Kaine:will motivate Dems)

LAT: Schwarzenegger's Effort to Engage Voters Stalls


Pentagon withholds promised bonuses to state guard members who re-enlisted

John Major/Blair UK's 'sleaziest' government

CNN: Royals (Charles and Camilla) visit New Orleans (including 9th Ward)

Frist urges germ spies

Offensive kills dozens of Iraqi insurgents, military says

LAT/AP: WH: Alito Is Mainstream Jurist (AP has copy of 600-pg briefing bk)

French violence enters 10th night

Gangs of arsonists strike in France, deepening sense of crisis (AFP)

Suspicion over Thai 'black ops' site

White House Tries to Keep Distance From Leak Case

Bush avoids direct battle with Venezuela's Chavez

Cruise liner fends off pirate attack (off the coast of Somalia)

Kissinger Discourages Exiting Iraq Early

Bill Clinton says his wife would make a better president than he did

US holds four China spy suspects

Air Force reportedly won't buy C-17s, a blow to Boeing

Pol Pot's deputy is brought to justice

French Leaders Meet as Riots Spread

NYT: Report Warned Bush Team About Intel Suspicions (re. Qaeda official)

Chalabi, in Tehran, Meets With Iranian President Before Traveling to U.S.

McCain vows to add torture ban to all major Senate legislation

WaPo: Bush Orders Staff to Attend Ethics Briefings (F-ING HILARIOUS!)

(WA GOP) Wrongly Tries to Prevent >140 King Co. Residents from Voting

LAT: Eligible to Vote in Arizona? Prove It

War Drives Wedge Between Veteran Sons, Parents

Bill Maher Joke

Random photobucket picture thread:

Limericks and Haikus. These are not my creations.

Hey agent Mike - GO FUCK YOURSELF!

New Darth Vader dialog added to Star Wars

I just came back from the Pink Floyd Show at the Planetarium...

After all of my big talk


Boy, what a nice cool fall season we are having,

Bush's plan to fight the Bird Flu....HILARIOUS

Why, WHY do I get compulsions to look at wierd shit on the net at bedtime?

Sorry to put this song in your head, but........

wow, I just got really tired fast, I may have to say good night to you all

A country song recommendation:

Nighthawks XXXI (dial-up warning)


Why was six afraid of seven?

My " blog.

Dolls for men. They're selling dolls for men on HSN. Dolls.

Enuii sucks

Alright, now I'm too wired to go to sleep

What kind of book are you?

Needing a laugh? Check this out...

Hey, DU community. I did it!

Fog around the lake (dial-up heavy)

The Byrds......

Anyone else finding DU slooooooooooooow?

This is my 1700th post.

If Fox "News" were on the air throughout history:

How smart is this person?

Old meets new desktop pic

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight, my friends!

Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

Betty Nguyen on CNN now

When the President Talks to God

Is it just me or the Prude Patrol is out in force lately?

Popular Snowman T-Shirt Raises Concerns

Get to know Ani . . .

Duhbya Rides A Horse.

Money won't buy happiness? Here's what it will buy:

Discovery channel specials are awesome.

(AOL's) This Day in History for 11/5. Very auspicious.

Do you burn calories when you're cold?

This'll break you up — but only if you're male or female

CC is running the original Beavis & Butthead eps

What do the terrorists hate us for?

Bumper sticker - Republican or Democrat?

OOOOppppps!! I posted in the wrong place.

Great, my vacuum cleaner just passed away

Should I go out and get drunk tonight?

Bread Machine Gods and Goddesses, a question:

If you knew your job was going to end while they never told you

Seventh victim of the Ice Man's 'curse'

Where's the "Progmom on the air" thread?

Very important question regarding cats

I woke up crying this morning dreaming wingnuts with BBQ forks

What about a Democratic leaning NRA?

Should I keep my old record albums?

I'm giving a talk in Oaktown today

Techies I ran a line out from my pc to this old 8 track tape player (pic)

How often do you wash your cat or dog?

Gooood early Saturday morning, DU Lounge.

Lay down your weary tune, lay down...

Terrell Owens suspended from Phil. Eagles indefinitely

I'm making chicken tacos!

progmom on the air

GD has lost its mind again

Unisys grudgingly admits reality: Linux is good.

To clean out the garage or NOT to clean out the garage??

Christmas must be getting closer than I thought.


Boucing Panda game..

Gorgikin "Sky" Walker Bush

Ok, I am confused, am I supposed to like John Kerry or hate John Kerry?

I just installed a garbage disposall. Ask me anything!

Performance based management.

If Skinner required us to attend a lounge Ethics Briefing, what topics....

a MUST-SEE site (guaranteed to offend the bushitas!!

WinXP all of the sudden not seeing my second hard drive - WTF?

Question about product contests

Important Tip for Chili Cook-off contestants:

I've got a beautiful ass (pics)

Are you learning a new career? What keeps you going?

Today's music quiz: Top 5 rock songs featuring a vibraslap!

Good Night and Good Luck or Capote this weekend ...

Don't you dare go grabbing for my nuts!

Saturday morning lyrics

Revisiting a photo subject I loved in the spring . . .

Something frivolous for my Lounge friends: New slippers!

enough about haiku


Has uber, as a word, become uber over used?

I totally enjoyed the Dwight Yoakam show last night

The perils of showing children "Enter The Dragon"

Robert Randolph and the Family Band are GODS among men

so whats everyone having for breakfast today?

Traitorgate: what will we tell the children?


Valarie Plame for children

zero 7 is an air rip-off

Finnaly, Ohio State Scores a freakin point.....

Fuck college football! I want JAZZ!

Funniest thing I saw last night at the nightclub

I learned a new term today!

FREE: 2 "DemocraticUnderground.Com" Bumper Stickers

Do NOT fill in your profile while on mind expanding drugs.

Here is my official Go Badgers thread

You're So Vain

Here's the link to the article that I just posted in GDPolitics...have a

Halloween Ghost Story

Fu fu fu fu fu fu fu

Hu fu hu fu hu fu

She's a brick

This may be too bizarre even for the Lounge!

Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu.

I'm two posts from 8,000. Ask me anything.

Got my cable modem today =)



Help! can I do anything about seeing internet fraud in progress?


I think I am going to go eat something, then take a nap


Interesting shit about November 5

%&@&[email protected] pinched nerves

Just got back from the Rolling Stones. Ask me anything.

Comedy Central is giving away the couch from The Daily Show!

I wrote this short poem one year ago today when I turned 28...

Penny for the Guy?

I just had to retire my tie-dyed Marvin the Martian T-shirt

Do it yourself at Home Depot

Remember slot car racing?

She's a click

I start packing meat on Friday

I'm all for team spirit and all,

Mo Paul LIVE tonight in Kansas City, MO

She's .........

Who was cooler

"Hulk smash!"

Duncan Macleod for POTUS :D

Which is cooler?

Does stuff ever pop into your head when you're not online

Which is your favorite Batmobile?

True or False: "There is only one way to load a dishwasher..."

Today I fixed the backed-up sewer and the refrigerator and

I start packing fudge on Friday... ..and I gained 3 pounds.

I just got a summons for jury duty.

Which is worse: Secondhand pot smoke or secondhand cigarette smoke?

The Hokey Pokey (as written by W. Shakespeare).

Anybody know anything about Chinese herbal medicine?

Nature's first green is gold,

Ever 'ave a hankering for ice cream and cherries?

I just hung up clothes out on the line, including ladies thingies......

He's a dick

Friday nite romance question: why are men attractive?

She's a stick.

The Extended Ya-Ya Sisterhood

"Never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle" Discuss

Anybody ever hang out at The Well?

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

I've been a stranger but NOT a slouch.

A shot of some really hot pussy

Is this a sex thread?

Twenty posts away from 12,000. Ask me almost anything.

I just made some stuffed green peppers

Research project: What was the first thing ever to go "beep"?

You won't see anything funnier all day, I promise

Live chat for the late night DUers here:


Anyone else get a terrible headache after being exposed to ciggy smoke?

I'm almost to 4K posts, dare I start an "ask me anything" thread?

I was just watching "Battle in Seattle" Documentary

How do you deal with loneliness?

What should I make for a potluck tonight?

Saturday morning romance thread: Why is it that

Our local radio stations are already playing Christmas music

Eee, was this a prick thing to do?

Oh for crying out loud computer security does not work that way!!!

do you ever give people the "stink eye"

Which Celeb would you like to see run in '08?

Want to watch the Boondocks NOW?? ( From 11 PM to 6 AM )

did you know any du'ers before registering?

I am bintsitting for a 16 week old Binturong

Bob Boudelang Calls for DU Letter-Writing Campaign

Any gardeners around today?

Today is nap day.

Now this squirrel has some stones.

my mantra

Happy 100th birthday, Mantovani!


I thought I was lame because I'm doing work at the office, but I just...

I downloaded the Karaoke versions of about 30 songs..........

What unusual antiques have been seen on PBS?

A new addictive version of the classic game of life

Does anyone else here make scrapbooks?

Let's all get drunk and get naked.

On Jay Leno's Show Tonight

Hip-Hop people (music lovers period) you have to check out this album!!!!

"My Heroes Are Driven By God, But I'm Glad My Society Isn't"

Happy Dawlli!

Intelligent Design Trial Ends

First ever demonstration of quantum chaos during atom ionisation

Foes of Phelps fight ire with ire

Methodist Bishops Protest Ruling in Exclusion of a Gay Congregant

Dispute over dress code leaves student teacher without a job

CNN World using the term "sodomite" WTF?

Hilarious Daily Show clip on gay marriage. . .

I don't think Favre will finish the season

I just heard on ESPN that Terrell Owens has been suspended indefinitely


Sam Alito's baseball card

Mama cat has decided she doesn't like her babies anymore

Venus in Capricorn from tomorrow....

What do you like to use for detox/improving liver health?

New Matthew Message. Nov. 1.

Comments on science and reality

A self-obituary you must read, by WinAce

Carter's interview to AP

Kerry email / petition: Bring 20,000 troops home NOW.


lies, immaturity, bullying

pics of Kerry in New Hampshire again

Here's a poll for you.

Talk about your six degrees of separation

Kerry invokes his faith in discussing federal budget

Kerry would beat Bush

I am thisclose to leaving DU

Winter Soldier film showing at MFA in Boston this month

Katrina Small Business Relief Package Stripped from Legislation

We need to get John a DU account, and other ramblings

Revisiting a spring shot to see how it looks in fall :)

Did anybody else see Mogster's fog shots in the Lounge...

I have a lot of fall photos I like it's getting hard to choose . . .

Probably my fall entry

Napa Valley Autumn

A few I'm tossing around for "Fall" (dialup clunker)

Pick my "Fall" photo for me.

The Virginia GOP's Dirty Money

A nice exchange in the House tonight...

Destroy all vote counting and tabulating machines NOW! Hand Counts Now!.nt

Clued In Freeper Defends Fitz, Hilariously Rebutted By MorAns

Bush at 38%, Two-Thirds Say U.S. on Wrong Track

Joseph Lowery, So. Christian Leadership Conference....

Sr Dems on Intel Com. Urge Completion of Investigation into Pre-War Claims

Why did the populace rally around Big Dog when he was being

What should MoveOn move on next?

Former President Jimmy Carter "Americans Misled On War"

Governor to cozy up to Chico diners (This Monday at 9AM)-not confirmed

Libby indictment pales against bigger Iraq lies

Three things you should know before entering politics.

Italy provided US with faulty uranium intelligence, intel officials insist

ImpeachPAC is Born - Let's Put the PEACH In ImPEACHment!

Zen politics.

(Dem) Candidate Fined for Va. Campaign Fliers

Watchdog urges 'CIA jails' probe

Bid to seal off US-Mexico border

Chalabi Back To Court Washington's Favor (RASPUTIN REVISITS CZARINA BUSH)

The Poll Numbers in Perspective....

Smirky's Presidential Library....Any Predictions?

how impressive, scarborough supports torture!

Add to the List of LIES the gullible rightwing has bought into.

That Flurry of Ballot Questions, NY Times 11/5/05 - NY Laughing at Calif

So Bush didn't go to Rosa Parks' funeral?!?!?

The White House Chimp's ratings

"Bush reaches out for the hand of a well-wisher" in Argentina (WH photos)

Fox thug Napolitano claims Plame was outed by...sit down, kids...WILSON.

Uh oh...MORE trouble for "The Architect"...Rove e-mails in new inquiry

Just saw on the local news in NOVA that Bush will stump for Kilgore

Today's Bush Radio is a friggin' SCALITO INFOMERCIAL...

Governator faces humiliation over plans to revive California

GOP lawmakers vent frustrations at meeting, Theme: It's good to be king

The Virginia GOP's Dirty Money (in more ways then one)

USA Today: Bush "disappointed he won't get a new justice by Christmas"

Another wonderful rant about bush

Dean: President Bush Should Hold a Primetime News Conference on Scandal

Mark Jurkowitz on Bush: 'The loneliest man in Washington'

Global Exchange Alert--Afro-Colombian Leader Orlando Valencia Murdered

I met Jim Dean, DFA chair, this afternoon.

Wilkerson on the Newshour: Addington changed 200 years of torture policy >

the Clinton years seem like so long ago now

U.S. Prepares For Mass Bird Flu Vaccinations, Quarantines

My argentine friend predicted this

What the F*** is up with the Washington Journal callers ?

Fox Whore John Gibson: Saddam Is Out of Power Because of Bush's War

Joe Wilson repeat press club speech just finished on cspan

Maria Shriver "compromising her responsibility as a Kennedy?"

The Chimperor: More than a mere national embarrassment (PHOTOS)

Republicans Routinely Play Gutter Politics

CNN posts "winners & losers" graphic for Bush tax reform

Republic Broadcasting radio....interesting...Nov. 25 in Canada...

*POLL* most important issue in campaign/ election reform

WTF : : A dash of common sense reality from Powerslime nutbag blogger

Scotty's brother and the bird flu

Is LimpBalls GF Kagen related to PNAC founder Kagen????

Gee, I couldn't stand it if they called us names.

Graham Nash: "A man's a man who looks a man right between the eyes"

lily-livered motherfuckers?


My daydream about election fraud

FYI: What to Watch on Tuesday from Political Wire

"We will bring down their houses on the heads of their children."

Sen. Barbara Boxer on CSPAN2 now

Fox: Bush "presiding over unsuccessful, even incompetent, administration"


Game over.

What is an American?

Funny, funny post about Hillary's wardrobe on dailykos (snarky!)

Should Rove be allowed to keep his job if he takes Junior's ethics class?

I was in the bookstore last night..

Avian Flu - Vaccination Fraud Debunked

Freepers: WaPo's story on hidden prisons will kill people

Bill said Hill would be a better Prez than he was - which means he

When all else fails, blame Clinton

Fact remains: More fodder to fuel the flip-flop fire...

* has attack of gallows humor at trade talks

America is learning the greatest lesson of its young life...

This could bring greater liability

NJ governor race tightening: Expect GOP dirty tricks

I was just thinking: (SCOTUS Legal Question)

GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims...for your reading pleasure:

"Bush is human garbage" - Diego Maradona

Repug's Shooting Themselves In The Foot With All Their Cutbacks ....

"George W. Bush's plight leads to thoughts of Louis XV and his royal court

we need primaries. they are the cornerstone of our democracy

When it comes to the Economy, MSNBC is stupid.

Bush travels to Argentina with an entourage of 2000 (no kidding)

Red State most likely to turn blue

Wes Clark on Torture

At what point did it become acceptable for "news people" to

Fellow Americans, we have been robbed by our own countrymen.

Who Would you MOST like to see run in '08 ?

Law Students Against Alito site--page for each of Gang of 14

"liberals have a serious long-term problem that won't go away"

Republicans killed it all