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Archives: November 4, 2005

US defends foreign detentions

Wrongful incarceration not unusual in Iraq (breeds "collective terror")

Worst legacy of the Bush years (Molly Ivins)

WP Editorial: Scare Tactics in Virginia

Remember this video?

Senator Barbara Boxer says how she is going to vote.

dems ads are missing the biggest point:

How are YOU going to get your friends & family out to vote this Tuesday???

Anybody else notice how much activity we've had on the Iowa forum?

i had a dream

Kay Granger. Any opponents

Should we have a graphic (updated daily) showing Bush sinking in the polls

How come repukes say Dems can only fight by saying "I feel this way"

Libby case leaves Rove in legal limbo

CNN Quick Vote - do you watch what you write in your work emails?

ABC News Poll: 59% of Americans say Rove should resign

Did anyone do this poll under the ABC poll article

LOL!..I got banned from Freerepublic before my first post.

New York Post Tootsie on Tweety.....?

Any updates on the new Abu Ghraib photos/video

UK soldiers cleared of beating to death an innocent Iraqi teenager

Freeper blog on Libby arraignment today

What if Cheney dies before Libby's trial?

Loose I & II

Anyone listening to this crazy out of touch lady on Tweety's show

U.S.: Hostile fire suspected in Iraq copter crash

So what exactly did Rove say to the grand jury that got them off his back?

Make sure your CA dems friends vote this Tuesday!

Bush's approval rating continues to tank to 37%

My letter to to the local paper in the pulse section.

Bush, Chavez can expect very different welcomes at summit

Rove and the "angel of death"!!!!

ok - does anyone know who EXACTLY sent wilson to Niger?

LOL. Keith: "white house press secy's like waiters in bad restaurants..."

Alan Shore for Congress...WOW!

Police: Evacuees' FEMA money used to buy crack

"Sounds exactly like Eminem if he'd just suffered a terrible head injury"


Sam Seder makes a guarantee.

Karl Rove's Dying Dream - link

Listen UP

Has anyone seen "Declarations of War". on the Encore channel?

double delete...

(FIORE) Right-wing Ralphie in Kiss and Make Up

Mark Maron tagline..what is it?

MoveOn Got a Cool Half-A-Million Signatures to Stop Alito

Senate votes to kiss the Arctic Refuge goodbye

I am sooo done with McCain and his cowardice

what happened to GD:CIA Leak forum?

Caption the happy couple...

Improvised Explosive Devices the new roadside bomb?

U.S.,Venezuela Star at Americas Summit While Protesters Plan

Alan Shore for Congress....Boston Legal...WOW just WOW

Tell Little Lord Pissypants exactly how you feel...

I have two questions for debunking Right-Wing Talkingpoints in Iraq

Freeper on Majority Report...

Do You Avoid Big Name Oil Co's When Buying Gas?

Alito’s Colleagues on Alito: “Radical,” “Unwise,” “Ignores Precedent”

O'liely to Sharpton: Racial profiling is an "inconvenience"

Damn your hypocricy, republicans! Your party has been hijacked! What are U

LA Times had an interesting caption on Libby

4 Major Polls This Week Have Bush Under 40%

Did my ears play a trick on me?

"Evangelical pruning" ahead at U.S. Catholic Colleges?

new forest service off road rules not tough enough

Does Ralph Nader suck?

Another dead Vermonter

College football: Is either of these remarks racist?

Did South America welcome Chimp and Pickles with open arms?

What would be a good Republican party theme song?

Cheney Approval Nearing Rock Bottom at 19%

Intrade - +13 for Rove Indictment last hour???

E-mails from Brown, FEMA: Is there a current ongong

CNN and News (and Truth) no longer have anything in common!

Does anyone else miss the gd: cia leak forum????

On MSNBC's Scumbag Country....

Al Franken on Leno. New. Just announced.

Daryn Kagan says Democrats "imploding", Dean just laughs. Video.

I'm Not Worried About Alito

Paula Zahn is painful to watch

Do we really live in tough times?

Anyone else notice the massive drop in gas prices in the last couple

Know what pisses me off about the Stephanie Miller show lately?

Anyone else just watch CSI? Pro-life/Pro-choice storyline....Spoiler

how to become a republican (humor)

Buckley Column Criticizes Outing of Plame

Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseekers Check in Please

Fitzgerald's "Official A's" in other court filings USUALLY got indicted.

Attention Bloggers – New Technorati Maker from "Life in Bush's America"

I am sooo done with McCain and his cowardice

Anti-Summit Protesters? I Don't Think So! Try Anti- BUSH!!!

Favorite Big Oil Company

BP = Beyond Petroleum?

My brain is broken - stickily lies?

Republicans plan to kill off millions of Americans ...

J. C. Watts -- you're a deluded, self-hating wannabe

If Rove goes job-hunting, what will it say on his resume?

Republicans plan to cut 40,000 kids from school lunch programs

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is fucked.

What the hell is going on in France?

What a crucial time we are in.

ER just ripped the Chimp

Texas cops unique arrest technique (video)

I am going to say something

Hugo is at it again

Minister bars opponents of marriage amendment from placing signs at poll

I bet he won't wear his costume next year . . .

How the F#$% is anyone supposed to support themselves..

Get Casper McCain off my TV!

DeLay gets Democratic judge in Texas (again)

Year in Review: What’s Happened Since Bush’s Reelection ... unbelievable

Could Escaped al-Qaida have been Implanted with computer Chip

TOONS: Beating Around the Big Bush Edition

MSNBC: Fake journalism, real consequences (Daily Show)

Voters Support Parental Notice

Fox News Paid Tom DeLay $14,000

Hollywood Actors - List of Republicans and List of Democrats

Fun w/Freeper Commenting at my Blog

BUSH WILL RESIGN.... I will predict it now.

McCain says Rove should be allowed to keep security clearance

"Bush-Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951"-Federal Documents

A Huffington calls out Carville's treasongate conflict-of-interest

Man! Talk about being caught with your pants down. Holy shit.

Laura Rozen: "The (Niger forgeries) Report that Wasn't"

Envision the headline -- Iraq WMD Lie: Cheney & Plame Clashed at CIA HQ

CNN/AP: Can states afford Bush's flu plan?

KY Legislator aide's e-mail gives gay rights the brushoff

WP: For Americans, Getting Sick Has Price (pay more, get less than others)

Texas County Official Won't Prosecute Rove

Senate Moves Closer to Allowing Oil Drilling in ANWR

Appeals court hears two secrecy cases involving the Patriot Act

DU This Poll on Anderson vs. Shepard...

EU to Investigate Allegations of CIA Jails

WP: Reaction to Alito Nomination Generally Favorable

Tribal 'money train' emerges in hearing on lobbyists

oops delete dupe

I am sooo done with McCain and his cowardice

Second Judge Out for DeLay Trial (Update - new judge appointed)

FEMA E-Mails Shed Light on Brown's Katrina Response

Wal-Mart accused of 'piracy'

NYT: DeLay Asked Lobbyist to Raise Money Through Charity

NYT: Forrester Ad Quotes Corzine's Ex-Wife

AP: Democratic congressmen ask Cheney to talk

Galloway faces US court action over Iraq cash claims

Bush's Ratings Still Sink Over War, Court (AP/Ipsos 37% )

Family of Captured Soldier Flying to D.C. (Captured April 9, 2004)

Iran oil bourse: a threat to the petrodollar?

GM to boost Hummer H3, truck production (good move guys)

Archaeologists identify Copernicus’ skull

Voters Support Parental Notice

Renowned Navajo artist R.C. Gorman dies in New Mexico

Bush's Integrity Is Questioned (by majority), According to WP-ABC Poll

Alberta inks health deal with firm that has legally troubled US parent

WP: Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military (job worries outweigh fear)

Nader urges lawmakers to challenge Alito on corporate power

Fox News Paid for DeLay's Travel

Manila: 5 Marines accused of rape

'toad asks "Should men and women have honeymoons in separate bedrooms?"



Come in here if you need to have a good scream!!

Is he? Or is he not?


Screw it all - I'm forming a posse, who's in with me

We need an

When I see a Bush supporter I wave my hand in their face

Rabrrrrr Legalizes Marijuana For Fratricidal Use

Adopting an English Tradition

Ladies and Gentlemen..We have a new Democratic party member!

If I have a clique, I want them to listen to tonite's Hottest Sounds

I've Got It! .....By George I Got it"

Pirates of the Carribean on ABC now!

Old men are good drivers. People wearing hats are good drivers too

Should Coneheads be subject to "racial profiling"?

Commercial just advised listeners to "Call the Scooter Store right

talk to your kids about drugs

Am I right to be worried?

RIP - Jono....

I have newfound respect for pornstars

Do you hate me?

According to Fundy on CSI: Embryos are PreBorn Children...

Breaking: Bush reveals hiring policy. {He's an asshole, sir.}

Two pop idols:

There is nowhere in my apartment where I can sit and be comfortable

When the contractor brought in to manage things ignores you totally...

Wanna know what I have learned after three years of studying Religion?

You know NOTHING OF EARWORMS! I have "Sweet Pea" by Tommy Roe

I'm in hell

Your ideas for 30 second bunny movies.

Which activity have you spent more of your life engaging in?

So is it safe to come back to the lounge?

The last recipe you'd ever want to try making

My refrigerator door death ray is a SUCCESS!!

You Clique du Soleil people are pathetic!

Gas price in my area just dropped to $1.97 per gal.

Get your grubby fingers off of my _________?

I am terrified to make my 5000th post.

Funny site about our Great Leader.

Wanna see something CRAZY?

My new landlord's a piece of shit and I'm so up in her grill. You get

I spend too much time a day around 7th and 8th graders...

Commander and Chief/My pet goat moment

One of the most beautiful things I've seen on the internet

Here's a funny Thanksgiving spoof.

When the Devil went down to Georgia coz he was looking for a soul to steal

Do you give cockatiel parties?

How is it OK to just stop talking to someone?

"Current TV" (Al Gore's cable channel)

A November day in San Diego. Dialup warning.

People!!!! It's ONLY November 3!!!!!

Got into my first 'fight' today at school (I love the justice system)

Would you date a guy who had a physical deformity?


Zorro II ...Any Good? Critics didn't seem to think so.

Alexander Payne's "ELECTION"

That On-Star commercial makes me cry and get sick...

Man, I can't even buy a Reply to a post tonight.......


Caption, please.

With all these indictments and stuff going on, I'm starting to think

Is there anyone here who actively dislikes me?

Which is less grainy?

Ok, what's a good first date gift?

$929 for a duvet cover....holy moly...


Food that grosses you out or just couldn't eat.

Denver Legalizes Marijuana For Adult Use

Can't BELIEVE it! The door of our REFRIGERATOR just fell off....

Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science


Missouri Gay Adoption Ban Challenged

Man says he was insulted by family agency, then jailed

Indiana Pacers' New Uniforms Look Cool

Nebraska's Callahan disicplined by Big 12

Vet talked me out of FIP shot

Hastert? Has anyone done a chart on him? Might he finish off the

Art Auction to support Therapeutic Riding

Latest on the Atheists in Foxholes Event - 11/11/05

anyone have the whole IWR on file?

Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Ref

Look What MY Senator is Doing!!

I love Barbara Boxer - She mentioned Kerry's Iraq plan on Chris Matthews

Fall leaves? Did someone say fall

KOEB 11/3/05 (The "Scooter Says He Didn't Do It" Edition)

Angry Kerry Supporters Seek Ohio Reform

GAO Report Confirms 2004 Stolen Election Findings

Reid-Wyden Fundraising Email

FL Sen Mel Martinez under FEC scrutiny for multiple campaign violations

Newsweek: In the Company of Friends (Bush Crony Watch!)

Bush's religious right core is a scary thing.

If you could write responses for DU's Hate Mailbag, would you do it?


If you were to concede that the REPUBS are correct in saying...?

Rove's dying dream

Wal-Mart Heirs Donating Millions And Millions And Millions To Conservativ

66% say Libby lied on own volition or on instruction

Even Harold Ford is jumping on the "if I knew then what I know now,

Only 10 dems vote to strip H-1B increase from budget bill.

O.k....CNN officailly sucks.....8:oopm used to be my time to sit and watch

Cuts in student aid are "good" for students

(When) Does Bush approval polls sink below 25% ?

When someone says Everyone thought WMD -- Here's a good response

Neo Con Educational Session

What's the deal with Senator Corzine?

I Am A Fashion God

"Squeezing Bush on his Prewar WMD Hype "

Suppose a Democrat were in the White House

DU this Honolulu Star Bulletin poll : The Big Q - time to set deadline

Video: "The Color Purple" author objects to Condi comparisons

Bush is the same as Gore.

We need a new meme - CITGO is American Oil ! (South Ameircan).....

I know it's not provided for in the US Constititution,

Is it going to upset you when Bush pulls troops out of Iraq right

Recd a letter from my OK Senator, Tom Coburn, today

Hear the personal war stories, submit your own, help get them on the air.

DU Jerry Doyle's poll on the libby indictment

Forrester getting DESPERATE: Running add with a quote attr to Corzines Ex

Delay Gets Democratic Judge

Lest ye fall to your knees in despair, consider .........

Friend who survived Katrina says 200+ were shot dead during martial law

Tom DeLay blames the deficit on Democrats

Remarkably dems may finally be waking from their long slumber

Good polling day! (News from AR, AZ, VT, national polls and more)

Leader Reid is ......

Will the media ever refer to Bush as "unpopular"?

Deborah Orin, NY Post: "Plame was NOT covert, she WAS NOT outed"

Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in the ANWR

Rush monitors this site. Let's be civil when we discuss him, OK?

Harry Reid Says: Class Warfare, Bring it On Baby

Can someone kindly answer the following questions?

San Diego Union Tribune: Speaking of Leaks

More people believe in UFOs than approve of Cheney

Iraqi Unions Defy Privatization

Don't Forget Poland!

Conspiracy buffs buoyed by Rabin anniversary

Time for Some Blood-Letting?

Sen Harkin on '06 Ag Apprpriations Bill

What's Too Conservative? (justifying a filibuster of a Judge)

Michael Bérubé: Horny Bear Scooter and Strip Search Sammy

NYT Editorial: Keep Organic Organic

Liberal Oasis: don't be fooled on Alito

Poetic Refusal

What to do with Assad

Fateh Kamel: Seeding the evidentiary trail for the next 9/11?

Stop the Next War before it Starts

GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'

Venezuelans Practice Repelling U.S. Invasion

E.J. Dionne: House mollycoddles the rich

BREAKING: Democracy Now: Kerry now believes 2004 election stolen!

Cathleen Falsani, Bush administration's moral compass is lost

Why Libby Fell on His Sword

Bush must confront brazen Brazilians BY JAMES K. GLASSMAN

Bush's dishonest mistakes by Jonathan Chait

Milloy: How Bush visit became the siege of Howard U.

Lying's just the tip of the iceberg : Andrew Greeley

Jimmy Carter on NPR

US Senate "majority" control of rules is unconstitutional! -editorial

John W. Dean: 'A Cheney-Libby conspiracy, or worse?

Friday's Neil Lisst Political Comic - the root of the problem

Bush Tax proposals kill double tax point of Estate Tax- Rich don't pay tax

Does the USA need a middle class?

Concrete Coastlines, Oil Slicks, Higher Temps, Garbage - 2025 On The Med

Beijing Authorities Warn Residents To Stay Indoors As Smog Hits Peak - AFP

Spanish Chemists: A neural network process optimization 4 biodiesel.

Last chance to save the Arctic Wildlife Refuge!

EPA Changes Require Industy Submit Less Information Than Ever On Releases

How did your Senators vote???

Sharp/Sandia plans for PV development.

AR Seeks Writ To Sue OK For Water Standards That Are Just Too Strict

Enthusiastic audience does the wave (power, that is.)

New Warming Sign In Canadian Arctic - Higher Chlorophyll Levels In Algae

Russian natives fight city all: Are allowed to run hybrid cabs in NYC.

Bob Lutz - Idiot (Oh, And The Tokyo Auto Show, Too) - NYT

Rita & Katrina Destroyed About 100 Square Miles Of LA Wetlands - ENN

Malawi's Forests Fall At Hands Of Poor With No Other Choices - NYT

Sands Expand In Sichuan Province As Desertification Continues - AFP

"Despite Our Diversity..." San Jose Mercury News

Israel torturing Gaza residents with sonic booms (miscarriages)

What were you doing the the day Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated?

E-mail from Phil Berg

Interview with the Mayor of Shanksville from German TV Re: Flight 93 crash

If your precinct uses Diebold or any E-Voting device...

Help wanted on this thread please:

FL: Drunk drivers granted access to breathalyser source code

GD Politics post on NM Elections Suit

GD thread: (Brad Friedman) MSM to American Democracy: Drop Dead

Welcome to our Rick Santorum Retirement Party host center!

Still angry, Kerry supporters nationwide try to change Ohio elections

Heated Emotions Still Run High over Last Year’s Election Outcome

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 11/04/05

Rawstory: Senator Kerry rebuffs claim he said election was stolen

BREAKING: Kerry now believes the election was stolen. - Mark C. Miller

What is wrong with Senator DODD?

Absentee Ballot Warning in CA!!!!!!

Absentee Ballot Warning!!!!!!

National republican party OPPOSES arnold's redistricting prop 77!

San Diego - Tomorrow's Al Franken Show - anyone else going?

Question for SD folks: Who supplies XETV and NC Times joint news stories?

Drug Firms Gave Money to Some Who Endorsed Proposition 78

Iowa Senate Fundraiser...Spealer SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in Des Moines

Ironworkers endorse Gluba

Leno on Chuck Grassley.....

5 of 6 Democratic Gubenatorial candidates support stem cell research...

Boston HS students suspended for attending anti-war demonstration

Anybody following the Somerville alderman races?

FYI: an email of interest from U.S. Representative John F. Tierney

11/05/2005 Forum on the Iraq War w/ Jim McGovern & John Bonifaz, Montague

I write for "SpeakSpeak."

New email from Amy Klobuchar (running for Dayton's seat)

Stillwater Democrat sets sights on Michele Bachmann

Windows XP can't find

I think I remember having a DU icon on my desktop. I had to reconfigure m

If the (not so) Swifties are behind the "Vote NO on 2-3-4-5",

Convicted killer dons street clothes, escapes from jail (Texas

"Strict constructionist" misses Prop 2's fine print

Electronic voting machine this time instead of paper

Protest idea for the Klan rally. See cartoon.

Whats in your wallet? Democrats taking Repugs money

Early Voting Ends Today Here In Texas 11/04/2005!

Texas State Democratic Chair will not run again.

So who is going to be at the anti-Klan rally in Austin 11/5?

Texas Methodist Church - Statement in Opposition to Proposition 2

I can't find a list of all the propositions for Nov 8 ballot

picture I took in Deep Ellum (Dallas) last weekend

President's supporters owe us an apology

Wow! Today is a gift. Just turn off the computer and take a walk

Urgent, support Wisconsin paper ballot legislation

Police seek motive in Stevens Point shooting/ Did Mike dodge a bullet?

AUDIO- Larry Wilkerson on NPR's Morning Edition about Cheney

'E.R.' slips in an asskicking to Bush, warmongers

Who else is watching TDS?

Steven Clemons: Chalabi should be in jail for the combination of espionage

Brad Whitford is going to be on the Colbert Report

I guess this is the hairstyle fashion gods are wearing these days...?

Christian group says 800 lawyers nationwide are ready to take on cases

Catholic weekly stirs storm with nude ad ...eeek

PHOTO: Argentine soccer superstar says STOP BUSH! (Note the "S" in Bush)

Grrr, I stupidly watched a few minutes of Joe Scarborough tonite

Dr. Ben "go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney"

I wrote this the day the war started...shock and awe...

I'm tired of this "gang of fourteen" nonsense

Santana: my guilty pleasure. He's on Dave Letterman

Stripes letter: Deployments are too long (Didn't Rummy say no 3rd tours?)

Some graffiti deserves to live on

RE: Would you consider running for office?

Amoxil Linked to Tooth Enamel Defects

TDS's Ed Helms "Investigates" all the "Problems" Gay Marriage has caused

I found some MORANS on Sen. Reid's blog

Environmentalists put a stop to green energy*

There is no such thing as a "moderate Republican"

Was that booing or cheering at the WH photo-op with Camilla and Charles?

The Colbert Report is really coming along

Ok, time for the History Lesson. Reid knows what Karen knows

Laura wants you to stay for the night. And maybe a bite. ->

To the Bush admin.

This is very telling....

Scooter walks the plank- cartoon

Pat Robertson was comparing the Iranian president to Hitler in the 30's

Milwaukee Journal catches hell for Clarence Thomas comment...

Factoid: An Axis of Evil?

Of course they all knew about the leak.

Does this personality profile describe a person you can think of?

Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science

local freep: "there won't be bird flu because ....

meme(?): tax cuts do not spur economy: deficit spending temporarily does

Add this one to the Pile of Pre-War Lie evidence, 1998 IAEA Iraq Report

Former Senior Pentagon Official: Iraq, Afghan wars imperil United States

Avian birds to attack NY subway with WMD's:Terror level elevated

Argentine resort braces for anti-Bush protests

Can Laura resign as First Lady, even if * stays, and if they stay married?

Instead of impeaching B/C, can't they just be laid off as a cost-cutting

65-million-year-old slime-mold creatures caught in the act

Defense Doesn't Rest In AIPAC Case

The Price of Election Fraud-- The Cost of Complacency

GD Night Owl thread...

Another Republican mother fucker going to prison!

Ike Was Right About War Machine

WaPo: By the end of November, we should know if Rove will be indicted

Go to google type 'failure' and click "I'm feeling lucky"

Vancouver council unanimously calls for legal cannabis

DU ACTIVIST PROJECT: Sort through Abramoff e-mails!

I just had a thought on the 'nuklar option'...

Is anyone else enjoying the effects of global warming?

Seedy business: sustainable-ag champ gets plowed under at Iowa State

Prez Bush should advocate for legal cannabis.

Wow! I didn't really appreciate what a bad day Tom Delay had yesterday.

can you stand one more link to a poll?

I am reposting a media observation for more input...

Bush Faces New Troubles--Bush visit sparks anger

I was wondering when they'd give Rosa's funeral the Wellstone treatment

Have any media reports realistically covered wounded troops?

Krugman does Dowd: Lampoons Bush in 'Imperial nudity'

Whatever happened to the Fox guy who said to "hose down" a black guest

Bush Action Figure. Very funny!

Listening to rerun of Greenspan and "creative destruction"

Four in five Republicans still back the president

"Misery Accomplished"

Say Goodbye to Mr. Libby

America is Slowing Being Turned into A Vast Debtor's Prison

It's Friday: here comes the Friday surprise announcement:

Gen. Kevin Byrnes: Did Bushco make him disappear?

DU this Libby Indictment poll on Jerry Doyle's website

Ever notice Bush's goofy wave when they show him in the morning?

Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq

You know what I love? Waking up to Charlie Gibson describing how * is in

King George and the Sacred Cow Arrive in Argentina ---pix->>>

My parents are THE coolest.

Imus and Dick Gregory are talking about Libby's high priced lawyer

(Perhaps) A disturbing weather report from the "cold" north.

HIV Outlaw gets 21 years

NYT review of "Jarhead": "says nothing"

I agree with Arianna about Carville...

Wow! Rebroadcast of Govt Reform Com. on CSPAN3 with Libby

Andy Rooney on Imus

CNN reporting on a concrete house that survived Katrina's storm surge.

Broward Officials Slam Fema

Anybody notice the "Libby is cozy with Dems" meme?

WP Style: Laura looked lovely in Oscar de la Renta, "loaner" jewels

My wife told me that I had it all figured out 2 days after the election

Okay, so far it's been a slow day...

Dobson: Man on a Mission

Out of Florida we're barely a blip on the news

Aaron McGruder gets it.

Wanna See The Results of GM graphic detail? ...

A Challenger Question For You All

Korea News Story: Prelude story????

* about to hold press conference w/Argentinian prez. Why

Would you subject your child to surgery to correct dwarfism?

The Reconstruction of Iraq. On NPR this a.m.

alum-inated prematurely:

Please join Harry Reid's call to action.

Michael Scanlon secretly refers to 'christian' Right as "Wackos"

msnbc -"the president is facing protestors in SA"---poor choice of

DOUG THOMPSON > GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'

Have you written a letter to the editor lately?

Pet carcasses piling up in Miami

Enraged Cheney Goes On Rampage! Terrorizes Washington DC! News At 11.

msnbc--just said that the schedule said there was time for questions-but

Source of Forged Niger-Iraq Uranium Documents Identified

Bush's poll number's ... 57%, 59%, 60% & 61%

Austinites--Moon the Klan this Saturday!

What kind of qualifications are enough for YOU for a Senator?

VIDEO-Selected bits from the Indian Tribal Lobbying Hearing (Abramoff)

'Katrina Cough' Lingers in the Wake of Hurricane WARNING DRUDGE

US Soldiers Raid Iraqi Homes and Restrain a Young Boy.....

FEED THE CUBE RATS re: The Summit, please.

Our local news anchor said something important regarding gwb's poll #'s

Protestors gather as Bush lobbies for Americas Trade (AP)

Do you think Libby's Bear is a psychological metaphor for Cheney?

Fitzgerald One of Them?

Army secret surfaces: Deadly chemicals at sea

Army secret surfaces: Deadly chemicals at sea

Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science (!!!!!)

Kristof Re-Visits Key 2003 Column on Joe Wilson's Trip to Niger

Support the Senate Anti-Torture Amendment

Sen Ted Stevens' Indecency Bill To Include Cable

Race often is the language class speaks.

Non partisan, born again columnist in Chgo S-T smacks *

Cindy and Chavez to protest Bush in Argentina!

Oh poo. deleted the first lady's profile.

Geraldo called Aaron Brown arrogant!

Ladybird Johnson

msnbc--said just now that the Dems are in a meeting about Phase II.

Those South Americans sure know how to protest

Amputate Their Thumbs.!!! .... so says the mayor of Las Vegas..

Stephanie Miller: It is her world, we just live in it.

It Happened Again: discrepancy in job numbers

Evil GOP Bastard of the Month for November (

Venezuela military, civilians prep for U.S. 'invasion'

Can Bush Salvage His Presidency? Do You Give a Shit???

MSNBC: Should intelligent design be taught in science class in public scho

Air America should dump Springer and put Charles Goyette in that slot.

Is there a WH press conference today?

Message to John Kerry: NOBODY LOVES A QUITTER

If you were Chavez and ended up in a short elevator ride alone with Bush..

Drilling in Alaska+Weapons of mass Destruction in our oceans=????????

With all these leaked e-mails and such, who thinks there is

Will the WMD investigation inquiry be a whitewash?

Bush spokesman won't deny that Rove is finished at the White House

"we will impeach Bush" as a 2006 House platform plank?

Methodists oppose gay marriage ban in Texas

Season finale of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight

Paucity Of News Today

Medved to Gay Conservative: "Because you are less important..."

When I Hear Kerry Say Himself On Camera That The Election Was Stolen

Kicking Bush When He is Down: Too Little Too Late?

Sexist T-Shirts Spawn Girlcott

The Conspiracy

Fundy "patriot" LTTE of the day...

Source of Niger Forgeries - Is this old news???

How are "Extra-ordinary Circumstances" defined by the moderate Senators?

More but-but-but Clinton thought Saddam had weapons too....

Does this forum no longer have moderators?

Las Vegas Mayor wants to cut off thumbs of graffiti artists -- seriously.

Powell's ex-aide speaks of torture 'cabal'

Are the black sites in the hands

Did Bush use the word 'embettered'?

Music for the coming "Bird Flu Pandemic"

The Judge in Libby's case has a huge conflict of interest!!! ARGH!!!

John Kerry never quit fighting - and YOU can fight too!

"Welcome to Argentina, Meester Boosh!"

Bush - "making good progress" argentina on MSNBC

Democracy Now, Link TV: Were the 2000/2004 elections stolen?

Clintons back up plan against Saddam.

Blinky is on lying like a rug - Terra, terra, terra, terra, terra, terra!

Rev. Moon and * and other church's coffers...Is it time and how

Reverse the talking points

Jim VandeHei Subtly Pushes The 'Bush Victim' Narrative

they are putting the screws to *

So far, I've only lost four bananas

Townhall wants money- suffers from MoveOn-Envy

A Donald Rumsfeld (War Criminal) Thread

'American values-are universal values"--our values same as Argentina.

Bush is incapable of turning his slump around

Seattle Poll: How would your rate Bush on punishing 9/11 terrorists?

So some of South America hates U.S. now, does that mean that CAFTA

DO NOT spread the Pentagon's nuclear warplans all over the internet.

How's that Hooker, Dick Morris?

Bush Administration Hasn't Followed Through On Anti-Terror Measures

Bush's "Strongly Disapprove" numbers surpass "Approve" numbers in 3 polls

Caption the Bushes

Election stolen stuff. Why would Dodd fight Kerry on this?

Wow, the Chimp is Sweating in His Press Conference ---pix->>>

The Official Conservative Christians are Puppets Thread

Update from my family about relative in Afghanistan...

FEMA Bills LA for $3.7 billion of "its share" of Hurricane Relief

they wanna amend the constitution...again....deny birthright citizenship

We need to educate our Democratic leaders.

Thanks Mods!

Thank you mods

Damn! I missed the Daily Show this morning!

Domino's Pizza founder behind Intelligent design

Fuera Bush!!

writers be careful! That story may be patented....

Israel torturing Gaza residents with sonic booms (miscarriages)

Director's erotic auditions 'were sexual assault'

Torture like Speed Limits

Survey: re: Mayor Wants To Chop Off Thumbs, Whip Troublemakers

Official Blithering Idiot Transcript-Mr.bush meets Mr.Kirchner. Again

Any strict 2nd Amendment Du'ers out there?

On C-Span Now -- Congress addressing Republican corruption... nt

New Kerry email: Update on "20000 home for christmas" petition

A Soldier Standing Against the Full Force of the US-UK War Crime

Cold winter/downed trees

Mark Crispin Miller: My exchange with Kerry

Al franken is on from San Diego

Prince Charles: "That's my tush, Mrs. Bush!"

Question: is 'ignoring' a post

Is kkkarl with the chimpanzee*

Dr. Phil on CNN soon. Missing girl.

Post-Fitzmas Blues: Back to the Waiting Game

American Enterprise Inst. is hosting a Chalabi talk next week.Any protest?

Anyone need to be cheered up today... just go to the

Remember "Chinagate"? Scooter's treadmarks are on that, too

**Video**Mark Crispin Miller: “Kerry Told Me He Now Thinks the Election Wa

I'm suffering from Fitz withdrawal.

Democrats To Hold 2008 Convention From August 25-28

The Banty Rooster Right

The Week in Anagrams

Aren't You Just full of Pride? He Is All Ours!

Wall Street Journal files motion to unseal redacted Fitz info re: Miller

Three Cheers for Bill Moyers - CPB Tomlinson resigns

Happy Birthday to Laura Bush

The next news conference

"TREASONGATE: What's..Missing From Fitzgerald's Website..?

Kerry knew at the time that the election was stolen & I know this because

This CNN Bush photo made me laugh..

Need real quick summary of GAO e-voting fraud report

James Wolcott weighs in on axing of Morning Sedition

VIDEO- Tom Allen's Budget Amendment yesterday- YOUR DEMS SPEAKING

Suggestion-If you're gonna watch, RECORD it and make it an MP3

Even after these e-mails Bush still doesn't fire "Brownie"

Guy Fawkes-would be terrorist, religious fanatic, or patriote ?

Who's been watching 30 somethings on Cspan?

Corporations kicked outta Vancouver classrooms

Patterns of force?

People are missing the point in my other post, so I put it in a clearer

Remember Karl Rove sitting in front of the airplane wheel?

OKay folks, time to write to our 30-something reps

Did somebody feed O'Really? a phony name of some "general"?

Zogby: Americans support consideration of impeachment

PHOTO: "Anti-American protests" ...far as I can see they are anti-BUSH!

Did anyone watch CSI last night?........

Link to Bush approval graph?

ABC's The Note Acts As Rove's Mouthpiece, Reaches New Levels Of Sycophancy

CNN.CON Headline: "Bu$h Backs Human Rights; Protesters Call His Fascist"

in 2 yrs. we will be allowed to know where our meat comes from

Cute recruitment video

*Sigh* It's been a good week, hasn't it?

Chavez 'Inspired' by Anti-Bush Protesters

TAKE ACTION: Quick-click email to support union flight attendants

Dean: President Bush Should Hold a Primetime News Conference on Scandal

It is sad to know that someone died so someone else could have this

Why have we had soldiers in Afghanistan for almost 4 years now?

Charles and Camilla to visit the Lower Ninth Ward This afternoon

Maybe the Republicans motto for the next election cycle

Someone write some lyrics

I think this has to be said: Fitz is not looking at the Niger Docs

Vatican says to "listen to Science"

WH saying Bush wants to talk to the American people about the scandle

Kerry rebuffs claim he said election was stolen... updated

? about election reform

Attempting to send an image???

How I Feel About the New Democratic Spine

Bugman vs Bugman

The Most Important Story of the 21st Century

UK Invasion Force Leader-"No Legal Cover To Avoid War Crimes Prosecution"

Here's something to make you puke

How did the 30 somethings get the floor time and so much of it?

"Abortion advocates" fight Tennessee's "Choose life" license plates

I am really disappointed that some people, many people,

Another Thunderbolt from Wilkerson

Wow, 42 combined presidents-1.02 Trillion deficit

Keep it simple...

People, do you feel like kickin' some

LOL! Wasserman-Schultz coming next week in her jammies with a teddy bear

Why is Paris burning?

Maradona and Chavez; dig the shirt!

Reading the Tea Leaves in the 2005 Elections (Nice Summary)

U.S. Babies Die at Higher Rate


House votes to stop eminent domain land grab for private use.

Is Today Bullshit Day or What

The Selling of Social Dominance - Are you Buying?

Bush Family Cooking

Don: Senator Reid Should Hold a Primetime News Conference on Scandal

ACTION Re- Election Reform???

Shocking! Nat'l repubs oppose Arnold's redistricting measure ->

Rep. Steve Pearce R-NM--they have no ideas of their own!--c-span

On C-Span2 Now -- Abramoff Hearing... nt

anyone notice something strange with CSPAN stream?

Has anybody told Bush how screwed he is?

EU to Investigate Allegations of CIA Jails

Biggest Pat Robertson Lie Ever

Question for DU Scholars---------

If you are going to interview Dennis Miller

Fill in the blank: "My fellow Americans, our long national __ is over"?

A TV alert from Noreen Gosch

Best Bush* photo of the day --->

go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney

Reminder to watch (or record) the West Wing

And then there is the US Post Office

Whistleblower Recognition and Appreciation Thread

Does it seem like the poor and middle class people of South America...

Is Tom Daschle planning a comeback? Tom, please, stay home.

Men of DU Unite!

DeLay talking on c-span.

Worst bumpersticker I've ever seen

What would be the most compelling theme for any Democrat's 2006 campaign?

Brownie's doing at terrific job - at shooting himself with emails

Hey Rummie, "Old Europe" has a message for you, re: gulags

Elizabeth Dole (R-Delusionville) Reports

Water fluoridation now illegal in the UK

I just rec'd my Copy of "Rove's War"-highly recommend

Is it my imagination or are there more commercials for

What would Bush have to do to get impeached?

Perhaps this is the way to register a complaint?

Abramoff-Scanlon School of Sleaze

Left is right and right is wrong.

Can we now pick the start of it all? When did we (the US) wake up?

So 25 years ago, Bonzo landed in the White House

When Laura's meds wore off...

Re: boycott of American Girl dolls - my letter and goofy response

"New" word for Republican:Regressive

Someone asked about Daschle comeback - will be on Maher's show tonight

Should Intelligent Design be taught...?

Is there a list of conservative christian phone numbers and e-mails?

Yahoo Headline Confirms: bushco Has Ruined US Image In The World

WSJ righties go to court to force Fitz to unseal docs on Miss Run Amok

getting PBS back?

Quote of the day - Identify the speaker and win IPOD

Anyone else hear O'Reilly's porn audiobook on Randi today?

Campaign to get MSM to pay attention to the GAO Report re: elections

Jay Marvin's filling in for Ed Schutz today;he's alright

Farm Leader Percy Schmeiser's Battle Against Monsanto

Kerry said he didn't want to be at the front of the fraud issue, but then

I just heard pigboy Rush say

Could the Dems filler-buster both Houses?

front page on

It's not about the authorization for Iraq invasion it was TIMING stupid

Cheney's made no public appearances since Libby indicted,snuck into

Senators tell Park Service, Bush admin to back off on extreme park plan

H1B Visas-Taking American jobs

Toensing and Zell Miller full of crap!

Caption this . . . .

Its nice to hear bush say Rove is still under investigation...

The Bush Administration HAS NOT lost their moral compass

I don't think South America has seen this much tear gas

Prosecutor Narrows Focus on Rove Role in C.I.A. Leak

CNN Showing demonstrators starting fires, looting now

The Election Reform "Catch 22"...

The God of Eth.

The Chart the 30's group had..(bush=42 presidents borrowing)

The coverage of the Argentine protests versus US protests pisses me off

Hey El Shrubo...

Think Bush even knows there are protests and riots going on?

Jimmy Carter Now on CNN with Wolf...

dupe n/t

Violent Revolution...

Went to Freeper-ville for a peak:

To the MSM

"Condaleeza Rice running or walking very quickly to her limo"

DU this WalMart POLL (msn/cnbc)

Editorial I Sent to my Newspaper


Gee, I guess the Media will once again ignore the REASONS for the protests

I want to say a BIG THANKS to delay and the gang!

Okay. I gotta ask. Kerry and election reform.

I think maybe I've solved the Rove Under the Wheel conundrum.

Argentena Demo on CNN right now. Turns violent.

Are Argentinians going to die for our voting mistake?

Dean wants * to hold a prime time news conference about the CIA leak.

Question - Bolton was a "recess appointment" - when is his term up?


Listen at these damn reporters ...

2039 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Should * Visit France Next?

Governors Chafe at Greater Military Role

DU this poll

Did this used to happen when Clinton went to this Summit in Argentina?

This pic of Bush just about sums it up:

Cindy Sheehan is in Argentina protesting Bush

Impeach PAC now online...

Thinkprogress >> Bush: Rove Investigation Is Not Over and Remains Serious

Has anybody spotted Chavez in this coverage? I think I'd recognize him

Ken Mehlman or Ed Gillespie rumored to join White House in Shake-up? LOL

Why no Scooter mug shots?

Translation please: FUERA BUSH

2042 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Live web cam from Argentina showing demonstrations..


Aravosis has a good question...

wow rioting in argentina close to where * is !! on cnn now!! n/t

It's so reassuring knowing that the President is welcome the world over.

Did the Guardian smear Noam Chomsky?

Why I tend to believe Mark Crispin Miller:

Silly question: Do you think the drop in gas prices is in any part related

The Faces of the "Common" People


I hope Bush is scared.

The Draft Dodger Rag

MSNBC ---they hate our burgers, our music


Man, when the next Democrat gets elected

LOL - Commerce Secretary spewing lies on CNN

Bush Sidesteps Questions About CIA leak

Nixon's trip to Caracas....SA & republcans go waaay back

When and Where - Next Major Election?

Bush and his phoney budget numbers again...

Is it my monitor, or does Daschle have an orange face?

The Republicans have been using us as pinatas for the past five years.

anyone know daryn kagan's email address at cnn?

The AP Calls This "more than 10,000 demonstrators" >>>

Fascist Bush GO Home.You Are the Terrorist..never thought

What part of "Race to the Bottom" don't they understand?

Could Tweety be any dumber?


Kerry supporters donate to Ohio law-change effort

El Dia (Argentine newspaper online) has a great slideshow

Time For Lou Dobs To Blame The The Rioting In SA On Illegal Immigrants.

Butler County GOP officials investigated in bar fight


Bush seems like he can run but he can't hide (from his problems)

A Hero - Dr. Steven E. Nissen

"I hate us for our Tweeties"

CNN is now blaming the riots on Chavez (eom)

pat robertson wanted chavez assassinated

If Bush came out and condemned Robertson's Chavez remark

Sign of normalcy in N.O.? puts back annoying info page

Maybe Dems are taking the wrong tack re: finding a judge for Delay.

Gregory: "When Clinton had problems, he could always go overseas

Request: a "TWEETY" Forum - Please?????

Breaking CNN: Peaceful demonstrations turning violent( against Bush!)!

13 more US Troops killed since November 1st.

WashPost reporter just LIED BIGTIME on Hardball MSNBC. Tweety asked

Blankets for Republicans

Either MSNBC or CNN some news whore just said, "It is not personal they

Smirky --- Please do us a favor and stay home.

If LBJ hadn't escalated Vietnam--how would he be remembered today?

DU Help Alert!!! Please email link below...PLEASE

Does anyone have the photo of the Bush family

WSJ published classified information on October 17 2003; revisited.

Bill Clinton Starts Breast Cancer Fund

Become a republican

Endangered Wildlife - Please Help

Wilkerson speaking on News Hour tonight.

A hurt beast can be dangerous...

MSM saying Democrats aren't allowed to fight, if they do, then they...

Look at the goobers on CNN now...

Lou Dobbs, Chief Hypocrite.

Loose lips sink ships, Mr. Miller

Where is CHENEY? Is he with Bush? Anyone know? eom

My proposal for military recruiting reforms.

He's not MY congressman, but I feel obliged to apologize to you all for:

Condi can I go home now? I want to go home. N/T

2 US troops died today cbs news

I doubt that W still wants to be president. Why doesn't he just quit.

Lou Dobbs Quickvote on babies born in US getting citizenship

"I don't know Joe Wilson"

saw a great bumper sticker today

Can someone kindly answer the following questions?

Is Capital Hill Blue reliable?

Lou Dobbs is on.....I know many disagree with him, but I like him

Get ready for your LIBERAL dose of truth!

LA Times: "Katrina Cough" Affliciting Returnees in NOLA

Does anyone think Bush will travel...

So what if it's "a choice" (Homosexuality)?

Can the Democratic Party seriously oppose the War in Iraq ??

Alan Dershowita: Scooter Libby Prediction?

Did I just hear Tweety say

Abortion is a Symptom, not the underlying Malady.

Lou Dobbs: "There was not an intelligent agency in the years leading

I wonder if Too Stupid To Be *resident ACTUALLY is aware how

Hypothetical - If Harry Reid ran for president could he win Utah?


I Will Pass Out The Day That Chavez Comes Up And They Actually


DoD "has refused to cooperate" with Senate Intelligence Probe

Bush: hated at home and hated abroad.

George's NEMISIS (cnn)

J. Dean: I will be stunned if no one else is indicted.

Who here believes Cheney is Untouchable?

People understand the Libby indictment (LTTE's from home)

Bush Disappointed with Alito Hearing Date

email Wolfie he's saying the protests are about the summit...


Sony Software

Pictures of Anti-Bush protests in Agentina!

Texas Death Row Inmate Walks Out of Jail

Daily Kos: DeLay Aide's Memo Betrays The Playbook

Chimp Admits he's hated to Argentinian Pres...Screams "Bring it ON!!

I am interveiwing an Iraq Conflict Veteran, what should I ask?

It's getting ugly. Teargas ---pix->>>

Latest on the Atheists in Foxholes Event - Veterans Day!

Another surreptitious obligatory kudos to DU.


Rooting out Repugs in disguise and Psy-ops types.

Libertarian Swagger

Awww, Chimpy!!! Wassamatter?

I don't think I have to defend Cindy rant

(Brad Friedman) MSM to American Democracy: Drop Dead

Who will win the 'West Wing' debate?

"Do you hear the people sing......."

What is "radical" about Hugo Chavez apart from

Somebody please shed some light on this.

Fundamentalists, Orthodox and Evangelicals are not the same thing

I Am Strongly Opposed To The "Outing" Of Allegedly Gay Republicans.

I'm havin' a BALL! BigBearJohn posted earlier tonight

BREAKING: Kerry now believes the election was stolen. - Mark C. Miller

Clip: Andy Rooney's naive, racist remarks on "Imus In The Morning"


Apple Pies today

Is there a cure for dough hook creep?

Help please. Someone gave me a bag of walnuts...

Conrad Black is suing the US government! over $9M (US)

Rant: Wow, Harper absolutely thinks he is going to be the next PM

Rick Mercer: New season starts next Tuesday

NYT/AP: Bush's Ratings Still Sink Over War, Court (AP-Ipsos poll, 37%)

Family Loses Home to Katrina, Son to War

**BBC: ALITO Senate confirmation hearings will start JANUARY 9, 2006**

'Katrina Cough' Lingers in the Wake of Hurricane WARNING DRUDGE

Italy MPs probe Iraq-Niger claim (earlier claims withdrawn)

Harrison wins breathalyzer source code battle

Illegal Logging Devours Honduran Forests

Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science

Conspiracy buffs buoyed by Rabin anniversary

White House pressured over allegations of torture, secret prisons

NYT: Nominee Is Said to Question Church-State Rulings

Pakistan postpones F-16 purchases

Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq

Convicted killer dons street clothes, escapes from jail (Texas

House Delays Vote on U.S. Treatment of Terrorism Suspects (save VP)

NYT: NASA Needs $5 Billion More for Shuttles, Director Says

Battle developing over higher royalty payments

NYT/AP: Tsunami Hero (British schoolgirl, 10) Visits U.N., Meets Clinton

US-backed Arab TV network to be investigated

Trio charged with terror offences (UK)

WP: A New Place for Spam's Same Old Pitches (blogs)

Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed (+56,000) in October,

Lugar's New Math: 9 to 9 = 8 to 2 ... ambassadorship to the Netherlands

Fitzgerald One of Them?

LAT: Amazon to Let Readers Buy Just the Good Parts

Daily Kos: DeLay Aide's Memo Betrays The Playbook

'Producer Gets Access,' by Dana Rohrabacher (R)

Soldier dies from non-battle related causes (# 2039)

Al-Qaeda Goes Back to Base--A Times (restructuring)

WP: For Americans, Getting Sick Has Its Price (Pay More Get Less)

Teacher's costume scares up complaint (* mask & "I am evil" shirt)

Powell's ex-aide speaks of torture 'cabal'

Tomlinson quits public broadcasting board

Britain Lifts Ban on Rev. Sun Myung Moon

they are putting the screws to *

Americans overpay for low-quality health care, survey finds

Waves of Arson Attacks Hit Paris Suburbs

Bush Public Support at Lowest Level Yet (37 percent approval in AP-Ipsos)

Carter condemns abortion culture

Carter condemns abortion culture

China eyes 2017 moon landing; U.S. to return to moon by 2018

Romania denies air base used as CIA prison

Five US marines detained in Manila on rape charge

NYT: Former Aide Didn't Disclose Involvement in CIA Case

Pentagon eyeing cuts in weapons programs

Bush: No comment on Rove's status

Senior Democrats question Rove's security clearance

US charges 'Botmaster' in unique computer crime

Vt. Court Backs Dean Sealing Some Papers

Another Thunderbolt from Wilkerson

LAT: Drug Firms Gave Money to Some Who Endorsed California's Prop 78

Honduran Congressional Candidate Shot to Death

Kansas evolution vote nears, scientists fight back

Struggles to train Iraqis stymie American soldiers

Bush stands behind besieged Rove

Mexican President: FTAA Negotiations Possible(w/o Arg, Ven, Braz,Para,Urug

NYT:Italy's Top Spy Names Freelance Agent Source of Forged Niger-Iraq Docs

GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship

House bill counters Supreme Court decision on eminent domain

WP:Senate Passes Plan to Cut $35 Billion From Deficit (Cuts come from poor

Be prepared: Voting might take awhile

Habitats May Shrink by Leaps, Bounds (feds want to cut frog habitats 82%)

Mayor: Cut thumbs off graffiti 'punks'

Al-Qaeda calls on diplomats to quit Iraq

Violent Anti-* Protests Break Out At Summit

Ken Salazar not likely to back filibuster (over Alito)

Latest poll tips toward Kaine (VA Gov)

Student Alito Weighed Nuclear War Plans

Washington Post,/ Reuters article on WCW rallys! and pic LINK

Judge Steps Into Another Brawl: The Libby Case -NYT

Thousands protest India, US wargames

Frist set up blind trust for children (letting them avoid the estate tax)

Bush faces falling integrity rating

Bush Sidesteps Questions About CIA Leak (in Argentina)

Disabled Woman Set Ablaze

Summit Protests Turn Violent in Argentina

New DeLay Case Judge May Face Challenge

Court backs gay-marriage ban (Oregon)

Chinese billionaires on the rise

Bush Tries to Improve U.S. Image at Summit

Vt. Court Backs Dean Sealing Some Papers

FEMA bills La. $3.7 billion for Katrina

Bush says will not comment on Rove's status for now

US should consult allies on Iraq plans - Kissinger

Rabin's Bodyguard calls for new Inquiry

CNN/Reuters: FBI agents bust 'Botmaster'


Guantanamo doctor: 23 detainees on hunger strike given feeding tubes

US Senate again backs prisoner torture ban

Small-car interest falls with gas prices

Anti-Bush Demonstrators Take to Streets (10,000?)

General calls use of 152nd 'inexcusable' (Maintenance Co. for security)

WP: Kenneth Tomlinson Quits Public Broadcasting Board (another scandal?)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 4 November

US Governors Chafe at Greater Military Role

Camera may have found source of radioactive leak at Indian Point

Judge(R) gripes about Ohio Democratic Party's cartoonish ad('racist')

Paris gripped by new riots despite government resolve (AFP)

Two Terrorists Self-Destruct While Building Car Bomb

NYT: Job Growth Slows Sharply, Weighed Down by Energy Costs

BREAKING: Kerry now believes the election was stolen. - Mark C. Miller

Chavez Against U.S. Free Trade Plan

Bush disappointed in lengthy Supreme Court hearing

Kerry says `science under attack' from right-wing `ideologues'

Dean Announces Dates for 2008 Dems Convention

Support for Free Trade with U.S. Falls in Colombia

SUV backover deaths: What can be done?

NYT: Prosecutor Narrows Focus on Rove Role in C.I.A. Leak

Iran blasts Canada's human rights record

Ney subpoenaed in investigation of lobbyist Jack Abramoff

WP: Posh Hotel to Rise in Baghdad Green Zone

Galloway fraud claims 'unfounded' (BBC)

AP: Bin Laden Publicly Quiet for Long Time

Peyote Not Harmful to American Indians

Bomb technology enters Iraq from Iran: general

Cheney Pushes Senate For CIA Exemption (proposed ban on torture)

Senator Kerry rebuffs claim he said election was stolen

AP: E-mails show new dimension in DeLay case

Abramoff Probe May Spur Move by Lawmakers to Rein in Lobbyists

Letter by Ohio R. Rep. Pryce revealed in Abramoff Indian casino scandal

War protesters sue for right to bare breasts

Source of Forged Niger-Iraq Uranium Documents Identified (FBI closes case)

Bush, Chavez tension heats up summit (CNN)

GOP mulls end of birthright citizenship

Zogby: Americans support consideration of impeachment over Iraq, 51-45 per

NYT: New Medicare Plan Presents a Drug Benefit Conundrum


Thanks, everybody...

I'm on NOW!!

Joe Ely, Guy Clark, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovette - on stage together tonite

the 23rd psalm for our times

Gardners... Can I root a big (two feet) branch of Plumeria? And do you

Would you date a guy with an obvious speech impediment?

Movie planned about Lennon murder

Has anyone seen The Kinsey Sicks in concert?

Good night everyone.

News story that made me go "WTF?"

Check in here, DU youth!

It's my 23,419th visit to the Lounge and I'm still waiting for something

Just in time for the holidays... Spank the Frank Game... (penguins)

Okay, riddle me this, DU.

Firefox Scrapbook is way more stable for keeping bookmarks than bookmarks.

So what did you guys think of the show?

Anyone watching TBN Praise-A-Thon tonight?

Who's listening?



Trying to indentify/find a quote

Where's Miss Heidi???

My neighbour just fucking rules

Well, it's been kind of a crappy day, so I'm going to sign off.

My favorite songs ......

I'm tired and I'm out.

Am I the only one that heard Marilyn Monroe's

Moulding fits better if it's installed right: The customer of the day

OMG Channel 9 NBC in

what does it mean?

GD Night Owl thread...

Math odds challenge --based on age & birthdates--

Dixie Chicks are on CMT killing Earl again.

tell me not be be mad at my autistic brother

Attention 'Office Space' Fans - Best Buy now has a collectors edition

Damn! You folks want to see something CRAZY!

My new Rush Limbaugh license plate is here!!!

A cool blog where everyone discusses TV commercials.

2 more hours and it is weekend

Burglar Dies After Setting Fires To Conceal Crime

Man Lobs Bed Parts From 15th Floor Window



"Legalize Drunk Driving"

Anyone got some love for me today?

Yikes, Mayor Las Vegas: Sever Thumbs of Graffiti Artists...

Post the craziest picture you can find.

Post Your Favorite "Big Lebowski" Quotes Except for "The Dude Abides"


mmmm....Earl Warren

Kaine slightly leading Kilgore

Goddamned Republicans are the most heartless sons 'o bitches on Earth

just got my Trans-Siberian Orchestra tiks

Tueday Reid, Thursday Lautenberg. What is going to happen today?!?!?

The SURVIVOR (the funny hats edition) thread --SPOILER

Today is a good day...

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Is there an album that you want on cd but have not been able to

Carnivorous Lizard Found In Family Toilet

the postal service

The official Lounge Mike Love Hate-fest thread

Chicago Restaurant Servs Sushi On Semi-Nude Woman (Pic)

Please gimme spoilers of a movie which I slept before the end (The One)

82 Year Old Driver Plaws Through Four Walls, Steel Door

Move over Vanilla Ice - Here comes K-Fed

Carnivorous lizard in toilet

Anyone see saw II yet?

Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend Over Glue Attack

Pastor secretly sells church

Damn! This guy stole my idea

what is your favorite pop act of the last 20 years?

Some will win, some will lose...

help! Trade Panthers/Cowboys tix for Falcons or Bucs tix?

I'm Having A Mental Block. Please Help Me To Remember A Movie Title...

Man Who Said Cat 'Chose' Who to Kill Guilty

I'm a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World

Does anyone REALLY think Chuck Norris can act?

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's... Super Yeti?

Man glued to toilet seat sues staff

file this under the "no way in hell can be true" file

Swallow your coffee before you read this

I'm a pretty girl!

OMFG! LBN just got'd !!!

Video Clip: Ashlee Simpson, toasted, in a Toronto McDonalds @ 1:30 AM

This just has to be a joke....

My cable's back! My cable's back!

cool pics of a lasha

I've got a cold. BF is getting sick too. His kid has a fever.

Two moans and you're out, says employer

I am sad to announce the death of a show biz icon.

Is there anyone here who would passively love me?

Cute recruitment video

Is there anyone here who is actively indifferent to me?

FreeRepublic's Kristinn holding press conference about long forgotten

If you were me, would you...

Anyone rent Kingdom of Heaven?

You Like me, You really LIKE me!!!

I did not know that Marijuana was semi-legal in Alaska

Headlines You'd Like to See! November 4th 2005...

Deputies take fetus from couple's freezer

Crazy freeper Mia T with new anti-Clinton thread collage

Who actively hates me?

Free naked porn inside!!!

I need some soldiers

By God, I love libraries that are on line!

A poem that reminds me why I'm a liberal:

Great Good Gods! Someone's impersonating me!

Why something that is good is "OK"

Just's not about's all about you.

Libby is a pervert

Have I pissed off anyone/everyone?

Corpse opens eyes

I LOST a me find it, please

Hey Lounge---Be more funny

So is the Lounge freaking out or what?

Burly E-7

A sampling of banner ads from a SINGLE page of Newsmax

try this


Happy Birthday Walter Cronkite!!! A time when you could trust the news

I just bombed a test. Sigh.

Good Morning...

Somebody stole my new thread. Fess up.

I get the feeling the Lounge is Frisky today!

Chris Smither - incredible.

I think the limit on thread titles should be 10,000 characters


It is Friday - who is up for...

I'm just gonna go eat worms ...

Hiya, friends! Ralph Spoilsport, Ralph Spoilsport Motors ...

At what point do you start wearing gloves outside?

I superglued my genitals to the Brazillion joke at Home Depot

Why can't liberals and conservatives unite on our hatred of MSM?

Okay, this HOM Furniture Klik Klak commercial is annoying the shit


I've been bitten by the lounge love bug!!

Men of DU Untie!

Men of DU Undie!

Would you force your child to have surgery to correct Republicanism?

Fox News San Diego did an expose on "Craigslist", yesterday. Why?

While Chuck's in DC goosing Pickles, new King flys to Britain.

Ok...who watches "Trading Spouses"?

Self edit due to dupe

On TV tonight

I have a confession to make. I wear fur.



Is the word "WOW" an acronym for something? Just curious.

Smacking your gum is not sexy or cute

I superglued a brazillian sequins to my genitals at Home Depot


Men of DU Unite!

Hi. Can you guys help me find a progressive dental/vision insurance

That settles it, I'm doing a big Brazilian show next week for you guys

I'm bored: Can someone provide me entertainment for the next 60 mins

Now, this is the RIGHT way to raise kids!


Joe Isuzu

Take on me

Another C.G. poll. How much Email Spam do you get a day? Do you

An old joke, but, hey, it is Frisky Friday!

Is Fox Mulder drunk yet?

No Fun, Fun, Fun: Mike Love sues Brian Wilson over "Smile"

Anyone ever read "The Redneck Manifesto" by Jim Goad?

If a certain someone is reading this thread: Check your dang email

I am seeing Dwight Yoakam in concert tonight - ask me anything


Must you take my picture! I'm not even dressed (insulin required)

2005 Major League Baseball Season in Review

Get me Rex Kramer!

Okay, the FBI knows what you look like now where are you?

November 4: This Day in History

Yay!! The radio knew what I wanted to hear!!!!!!!!!

Can I go play golf now?

I rebuke this thread in the name of the laword!


Wowee.. If only I were young and slim again.. I found the perfect dress

More Groaners.

Joe Walsh

Has anyone seen Saw II

I had lunch with GOPisEvil today - ask me anything

Pickles doubles up on the Xanax.

It's Friday, and my husband is out of town

is randi still obessing about republicans wierd sex lives?

What's up tonight?


Infinite vase? Closed vase? What's that thing called?

Anyone take Halloween Pictures?

Would you rather see Bare Breasts, Bear Breasts or Breast Bears?

"Please enter your account number, one digit at a time."

Who would win in a fight? GWB or Hugo Chavez?

I'm drinking champagne and there's nothing you can do about it!

Did I say you can look at me?

"Onstar" has the most irritating, Sexist commericials...

Vincent Gallo's Sperm - $1 Million (a must read)


Is there anyone here who actively lusts after Zuni?

I'm going to cry :( That poor deer


The avatars are acting up again.

Is Laura Bush possesed by the devil

i might call a du'er this evening

I'm going to see Jarhead with my daughter in less than 2 hours

Help computer network problem

A Friday Joke For You! Its Clean, but Doesn't Sound Clean!

Most useless type of Lounge post?

My $87 iBook arrived. God I love EBAY!

Is there anyone here who actively likes me?

My oldest son moved out last night. Finally left the nest and I'm sad.


Welcome Alien spawn!

Can anyone identify where the French phrase "cherchez la femme" came from?


What should I drink?

UPDATE! Woman glues ex-boyfriends penis, loses her shirt!

How can I tell if alcohol goes bad?

Goodnight Lounge

Deer Almost Takes Out Minnesota Governor - Breaks 2 Windows At Capitol

best. cameo. ever.

Some joker sent me an article from O'Reilly's website

The Suzuki guy who parachutes off the cliff on his way to work...

It's..... BACON!!!!

I never realized how caffeine-dependent I was until now.

What a day in Dog Star Hollow!

DU Lounge Earworm jukebox for 11/4/05. What's your current earworm?

where art is the secret and the secret is the art....

Who's more overrated? Ashley Simpson or Paris Hilton?

Best. Dessert. EVER!

Have a nice evening, everyone!

Is 2 litres of gin a day too much? Not enough? Just about right?

These Tim McGraw Lyrics are way beyond sucking.... had to share.

DAMN!! My water heater just sprang a leak. Or at least I

cool pics of alaska

What do you want for Christmas? I know it's early, but...

Santana: my guilty pleasure. He's on Dave Letterman

I have a secret -- can you guess what it is?

I watched "Pride and Prejudice" the other day

HOW BAD is Federline's "rap" single? LISTEN to this clip and decide...

Help me pick a sign for tomorrow's anti-klan rally

Man Says Ex Super-Glued His Genitals

The official Lounge Love-In thread

I'm starting my own cligue

Boston Crew - Help my son get a job

Why kill the does during hunting season?

So deer hunting starts this weekend in Minnesota.

You know who I haven't seen online in quite awhile?

Favorite Candy

CONFESS!!!! Have you ever had a naughty dream with someone unusual in it

Let's get happy and dance! OW! WOOOWWW!


ChickenLittle Today!!

Food question - why is beef tenderloin so much more than pork tenderloin..

I love my job. LOVE. MY. JOB.

I bet if I start a picture thread, lots of people will read it and

!SPECIAL!-Happy 50th Birthday *&* 40,000th post to ------**-CATWOMAN ****

Mystery, by The Indigo Girls

The official Lounge Hate-fest thread

Would you date a woman with 1/8 a soul, 1/3 a heart and 2/100 a brain?

Photo: Cat Vacation Photos

Men: Could you pee here?

Mystical peak oil forecasts

Liberal Christian organization puts theocrats on notice

Evangelism and American social progressive movements

Vatican tells faithful to "listen to science".

I have a suggestion - if the Religious Righties abandon science

For the "not all christians are fundamentalists" file.

A question for Christians

For the "atheism is not a faith" file.

Study: Religious peyote use causes no damage

Aussie may unmask Jack the Ripper

What makes glass break

Astronomer Copernicus believed excavated in Polish cathedral

MIT maps wireless users across campus

Scientists Find Fossils in Sexual Union

Hate Crimes Laws, LTTE discussion

Church reviews role in gay adoptions

Oops ... posted to the wrong place. My bad

Anyone here a member of a UU Welcoming Congregation?

OR initiative outlawing equal marriage is valid, court rules

Methodist bishops: gays welcome

Florida Principal Pulls Pro-Gay Article From Student Paper and HRC publish "Corporate Pride Directory"

Defendant in gay sex case released from Kansas jail

Mess with Texas! (From National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce)

‘Dr. Ruth’ to bisexuals: time to make a choice

Favre hints at retirement if Sherman is back

Well, I went 0 and 4 last week. Record is 6 and 6 on wagers

Will trade Panthers/Cowboys Christmas eve tix

Ankle sprain sidelines Shaq six to 13 games

2005 - Major League Baseball Season in Review

There is a new cat on my block.

Knights of Swords, Cups.

A question...

Santa Claus

I grew up a "persecuted" Christian. I won't be a "persecuted" atheist.

Carter adressed the "Democrats are driving Xians away from the party" meme

Ignore the idiot, and see how many positive comments I'm getting

Another busy weekend for Kerry helping Democrats in the 05 election

You folks have to check out the greatest page; key word: Kerry! nt

Any Kerrycrats going to Ohio election reform tomorrow?

Heated Emotions Still Run High over Last Year’s Election Outcome

The exit polls

I won't be going out of this forum tonight

Re: The Rebuff of Stolen Statement - Kerry needs to come out.

Someone gets it.

DU archives are back up and searchable

This article will provoke some 'lively' discussion.

Friday night blow-off-steam picture thread.

OMG, Laura Bush needs maintenance STAT!

Kerry at MIT today - Article was on the LBN thread

Majority of Americans question shrubs integrity

Dems said they would not shy from any means available to have their say

Democrats are waiting too long to attack Alito, remember the 2004 election

Predictions on when the bugman resigns from congress. I am saying

Alito said to have worried over '91 abortion opinion

Has there been an update of Rove's new position?

Call for the pardon of Polish GM activist

Alito Backers Target Ark., Neb--Roll Call----READ THIS!!!

Disgusting RW slant in AP article "Senate narrowly OKs benefit cuts"

NO ON 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78. YES ON 79 & 80.


Pandagon: "I'll pick up my chicken wing at the back door, Massa George"

closer and closer to war with Syria

Golden (state) opportunity to kick Schwarzenegger in the butt, and hard.

Could Capitol Hill Blue be right about Andy Card???

EU to investigate European countries that allow CIA detention centers

It's time for my yearly question about N. Mineta

Can Libby still plea bargain?

Never mind their platform. Gasoline & Taxes is what their MO will be

Did Ridge Conspire To Help London Bombers?

$14,000 roundtrip from Texas to DC?!? Another faux news story

How much more will you take?

Bush at 35% and we still get tax cuts for the rich--Big stunt needed now!

Bush's Joint Press Conf. - "You're Doing A Good Job"

Just one question that needs to be asked.

NEW GrandTheftElection: ROVE's WAY flash video

A gentle persuasion - the carpool conversations

Why Libby Fell On His Sword (The Illusive Motive)

Democracy Now looks like its gonna be good..go Amy

Bush sinks in ABC/WP poll

Anyone ever hear of

My letter to Senator Reid

Wonder if any of this number is that 35% that still approve? justa thought

BREAKING NEWS. Bush can count to three!

God, Bush looks like that preacher from "poltergeist 2" right now

Tomlinson (GOP Hatchet man) booted from PBS Board

Tax panel's plan would hit California hard

Tell me again how there's no difference between the parties?

Barbara Boxers Recommendations on the California Propositions

employment discrimination laws "would be eviscerated" by Alito's logic

placid Stuart good question Bowen was on W.J. this a.m.

He's speaking LIVE again on CNN and MSNBC...

A Texan speaks: Bush has "done wonderful things for the economy"

the US House's Rev. Coughlin(?) said this morning while opening the

Holy Crap, just got my health ins. 2006 renewal rates.

Activist Judges--Some

So the Democrats don't do a damn thing, huh.

Alice Walker v Condi

DNC Announces Dates for 2008 Democratic Convention

FEMA's Brown Resigned In Disgrace. His E-Mails Help Explain Why

Important request by Brad Friedman GAO's voting irregularity report

WP: "George Bush may have a presidency now that is moving from embattled

Repuke (not DeLay) heads to prison for campaign finance violations

Just a reminder. Being tolerant of diverse viewpoints does not equate with

"Iraq...remains a colossal, blood-drenched fraud"


An unsafe world for US companies (is the worm turning?)

Kerry spokesman rebuffs claim

Democrats defeat election-law aid for bloggers

Democrats should propose a radical new program to rebuild Gulf Coast

C-Span 2 - Senate hearings on Indian Affairs - Abramoff

Seattle P-I online poll: Bush on terrorism = worthless 55%

Haha! Check out how this Turdblossom picture turned out!

WSJ: Democrats Scramble to Recruit House candidates amid Bush's troubles

A little credence for CAPITOL HILL BLUE

Why does it take politicians YEARS to figure out what we see in seconds?

Have you seen the new poll on Frist's site?

Since bush claims he wants to help with poverty in his speech today...

South America no like Bush

Odd headline phrasing on CNN.COM

Argentinians protest with "Bush / Hitler signs"...THAT can't be good...

Kennedy-Enzi bill passes Senate re $2.7 billion aid to Gulf Coast schools

Heated Emotions Still Run High over Last Year’s Election Outcome

Repugniks demand reduction of Minorities in America

the final score at PBS - Cookie Monster: 1, right-wing jackass: 0

Democratic Leadership - make Bush's impeachment an issue for 06

Impeach the House 220 NOW!

Submit your Pubbie campaign slogans here. Here are three I came up with:

Latin America prepares to 'say no to Bush'

Arrogant bush inside the summit smirking and leaning back...

Sign Harry's petition. Show him your support

Are people in this country stupid or what?

Unpopular GOP legislation=hot knife. Democrats=butter.

"you would have thought someone took away their pacifiers."

HELP! The talking heads said the RW base was angry re: Miers

Ahmed Chalabi to be feted by AEI on Nov. 9. Where is the outrage???

Cheney's Office Implicated in Torture of Prisoners

Does anyone else NOT buy this 'news' that idiot son is pissed at Rove?

TREASONGATE - DCCC video: the facts behind the Libby indictment

MSM to American Democracy--Drop Dead! Friedman calls it!

Cindy Sheehan

Is Scooter's wife Harriet Grant from Long Island? Is there a pic of her?

It seems so odd that the crowds have turned on bush, he used to be ....

Why was Cindy Sheehan in Argentina?

Really hope the "Kerry said/didn't say" thing doesn't become a distraction

A Cheney-Libby Conspiracy, Or Worse?

Hey Senator Frist, here's a poll for ya....Who is Bill Frist?

Photoshop is great...(edit)Reality is better

Whitman backs GOP abortion-rights group

"Diplomat" Karen Hughes Is A Train Wreck

(His Wife Sent Him On A Trip To Lie-ger:) Why Carville Needs A Vacation


We Don't Need Them

Today's quote from Dem. Gov. Brian Schweitzer- Montana

Freeptards respond to headline and today's protests

Bush 41 slogan: "Thousand Points of Light", let's list the Bush 43


Libby grand jury was predominantly black, with a black forewoman

Muhammad Ali Health Fading

Freepers try to explain Bush's record low numbers

Justice Dept. Subpoenas Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH)

John Dean Suggests Cheney will Resign "for health reasons"

How Our Governments Use Terrorism to Control Us

Tweety just said the people in this country are worried ...

DU this WalMart POLL (msn/cnbc)

Let's Buy the Media

Kerry may be working for voting reform but NOT Election FRAUD

Impeachment. 51% want it. 45% don't. "These results are stunning"...

Letter to Cheney: "make yourself available to appear before Congress"

Kennedy: The Fraudulent Case for War

Playing political nice-nice while the country lays bloody and

'Great protector' doing a swell job'

The whole world says "No" to America...

Poor George. He's having a bad day

did you all see daryn kagan just choke as she had to report chimpy's.....

Think You're Libertarian? CA Ballot Positions

Bush: Chavez should do more to combat poverty....

NYT: FBI closed investigation of forged Iraq/Niger uranium docs 7/20/05!

Welcome to our Rick Santorum Retirement Party host center!

BOMBSHELL: Kerry now believes the election was stolen.

I am a long time supporter of Kerry. He's wrong to backpedal on

Support our president?

a simple request to all those who criticize Kerry for not saying the

Which of the following Democrats would you LEAST want to see run in '08?

The Price of Election Fraud-- The Cost of Complacency

Doing SOMETHING ABOUT 2006 - NM Citizen Suit HOT-"forthcoming elections."

This is why I don't want Kerry again for my nominee:

When "neocon" becomes a dirty word to most Americans

Bill Nelson, Dem., joining with Kyl, Rep. to repeal the estate tax.