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Archives: November 30, 2005

Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich (The Onion)

San Diego Union Tribune: Bush's guest worker plan still has fatal flaws

Time: The View from the Front Lines ("'We are not pulling out of here")

The Berlin Wall, Panama and Iraq

Why (Cindy) was at Crawford and not the hairdresser

Cheney 'created climate for US war crimes'

George F. Will

How Europe is choking itself - and the world

Climate change 'will dry Africa'

In Gaza, farmers await sweet harvest

Palestinians ask U.S. to prevent Israeli intervention in elections

I'm looking for a "summary" of voting fraud in the 2004 election.

Diebold Threatens to Pull Out of North Carolina

AP: Magic Johnson endorses Angelides for California governor

Centrist Dems can't control Rowley (cross post from GD:P)

Need Dedicated Windows 2003 server

Firefox 1.5 Released

Nice summary of Plamegate timeline

swiftboating Cindy

Tornado Watches: PA, MD, VA, and NC -- until 1:00am (Eastern) 11/30/05

John Wayne Loved America

I Did not Take Your Christmas Away.

"Riding with the Bad Boys"; the rise of Iraqi death squads......

John Kerry, Jack Reed to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Tomorrow

Question For Vets

Price of land in Manhattan? Try paying $430 a square foot

If America bans Abortion, the country will soon collapse

If we'd do two things, employment would surge immediately:

End the War on Boxing Day!

Why (Cindy) was at Crawford and not the hairdresser

"A Very Special Movement"

Hategroup Alliance Defense Fund participating in Combined Federal Campaign

Northern Ireland: Two held over £26m bank robbery

Columbus Day is the only holiday I'd like to see get thrown out

WOAH! When did Air America get this growth spurt????

Indiana Rep.Pence: US leading 25-1 in Iraq dead, Touchdown!

VIDEO-Countdown Apologies

Anti-Consumeristic X-Mas Plan!!

My opinion of Hardball w/ Chris Mathews in two words (his words)..

What's it going to take to make sure we don't wind up with another bush*

The Religious Right is obstructing Science on a global scale

Will We Have A Riderless Government For The Next 3 Years?

Well we knew he didn't read the newspapers....

Hastert: too much time on his hands

Google homepage quote of the day is so very true

Immigration - a racial lottery

Is there a video of today's protest?

Seymour Hersch coming up on "Majority Report"

Republicans condone criminal behavior (Cunningham - rule of law my ass)

Eureka! The Strategy which can oust the Republicans!

Major David Harris coming up on Air America in next hour!

The CBS video is up

"I" didn't 'Break' Iraq, and I don't want to have to pay for it or fix it.

What bothers me the most about Lieberman...

Virginia Man Among Four Kidnapped in Iraq

BBC: Cheney accused by Wilkerson on prisoner abuse

Putting up a Holiday Tree goes against the Bible and the Will of God

Al-Jazeera Letter to PM Tony Blair Regarding "Bush Bombing Mem

Do Cunningham's admissions/resignation make * look even MORE sociopathic?

1000 posts at last ask me anything

Fantastic interview from CBC/The Current --Robert Fisk 11/29

taxpayers pay for restricted airspace over Cheney's PRIVATE home

Firefox 1.5 is released!

I'm glad my candidate for President isn't in a picture with Mitchell Wade

Rice defends unlimited detention of suspected terrorists

Hey. No fair. Blair said the magic words...Conspiracy Theory...

I'm kind of peeved at Christian Science Monitor but at least they warned us

I have a Bible question.


Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks LOL!!

What happened to the Phase 2 investigation report?

Look what I found!!

VIDEO-Mission from God/Slater

Even the christians hate christmas.

Cost of the war stretches into the ionosphere -- literally

Here's the problem with Progressive Dems: I can't wear Xmas Sweater

Spain defies US, seals arms deal with Venezuela

i just put on o'reilly while olberman went to commercial. geraldo

Fritolaysia Cuts Off Chiplomatic Relations with Snakistan

Wizbangblog doesn't like the way DU is treating Lieberman

Just in time for the 25th annivesary-kiddie pop bands shit on john lennon!

Who wants to be regressive?

Caption Rummy!!

My eyes! My eyes!

What has been the biggest "I told you so" moment for Liberals this year?

U.S. Troops Saved Those Precious Cheetas in Ethiopia Today

The kiss of the lame duck (photo)

LA Daily News: Movie jobs may be a wrap

ALREADY?!? Christopher Hitchens Says we Should Start Debating the Iraq War

Bush's strategy for 'victory' in Iraq...

"Duke" Cunningham: "The US needs to stay out of war crimes issues"

Damn... 3.0 Per Day Lately !!!

If you start feeling pity for Duke Cunningham, remember these quotes:

A little help - I found a USBank visa card in a restaurant parking lot

Tony Blair denies knowing of report of Bush wanting to blow up Al Jazeera

Give me your best persuasion as to why banning abortion would kill the GOP

In less than 12 months there will be a time to take a stand.

An Army of One

man, if bush has to give up his war he's really gonna throw a tantrum!

The real reason Bush wants to withdraw from Iraq....

Thumpin a neocon

ok.. no more "Law & Order" for me!

Does Fidel Castro have a higher approval rating than Bush now?

WaPo columnist calls John Kerry "Benedict Arnold" in pro-Walmart column

NYT preview of Bush's "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" is up

Rose Whiteside, I barely knew you...Rest In Peace

Freeper nutbags elevate Chimpy to "divine" status. Seriously.

Sex Ed Becomes a Lesson in Press Freedom (High School Newspaper)

From right-wing nutjobs at NewsMax- John McCain: Torture Worked on Me

"Concerned Women" praise God for Swedish court ruling; warn America

Froomkin: Bush's Shrinking Safety Zone

So what if tomorrow night Bush goes on national TV and ends the war

Prediction >> * will declare tomorrow that we are winning the war on terra

Interesting quote I heard the other day.

Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Self proclaimed war hero.

What do you Think About THIS Freepers???!!!...

Is There Data on the Economic Background of Our Military?

What think thee about this?

Four Peace Activists Kidnapped in Iraq 2 Canadians a Brit and an American

Is this coincidence?

Japan scandal prompts quake fears

Liberal Elitism Is Alive And Well... No More 'Morning Sedition' On AAR !!!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Violent offender kills entire family

NoBushZone map at frapper

Thank GOD! Hillary has weighed in on the war just in time

Four Peace Activists Kidnapped in Iraq - What Can We Do??

---if Bornagains Ruled the Land----

Fundamentalism causes Social Arthritis

Science faces 'dangerous times'

*** Tuesday TOONs: TOONs to get you through the week ***

BRAD BLOG's Lydia Cornell Responds to Coulter's Violation of her Privacy!

Techno-geeks, I need your help! Can we fight spam with spam?

NZ airlines ban men sitting next to unaccompanied children

KO: This Bush's Brain Guy is Freaking me Out!

If you could change the Constitution, what would you change?

Yes, Americans WOULD Take These Jobs: thoughts on immigration

Dungeon Siege II Cheat Codes go Political!!!!! (anti bush and war)

At last a protest review worth a read! Damn!

Why Isn't This Story At The TOP OF THE GREATEST PAGE?

Can you believe Harper actually dodged saying he loves Canada?

VIDEO: Four Peace Activists Taken Hostage In Iraq

Police Raid Connecticut BDSM Website Owner’s Home

Sex Ed Becomes a Lesson in Press Freedom (High School Newspaper)

NYT: Sales of New Homes Stay Strong in October, Setting Record

Science faces 'dangerous times'

Climate change 'will dry Africa'

Va. Gov. Grants Clemency for Condemned Man

US net body challenged over .com

Japan scandal prompts quake fears

Al-Jazeera Letter to PM Tony Blair Regarding "Bush Bombing Mem

taxpayers pay for restricted airspace over Cheney's PRIVATE home

Chanting, Drumming Protesters Greet Bush

New Orleans mayor gets an earful ("we're being neglected")

Former soldiers: Uncle Sam wants you, again

Refusal to Present ID Sparks Test of Rights ('No' to ID Check on Bus)

US probes secret CIA jail claim

NYT: New U.S. Efforts to Ready Iraqis to Take Control (asking $3.9B more)

WP: Author Stan Berenstain ("Bears") Dies at 82

Canada to fight U.S. on trash import ban

GAO: Congress Nixed Costly Terror Training (air marshals)

NYT: Republicans Denounce Ex-Lawmaker (Cunningham)

NBC Names Ex-Producer to Head News Unit (CBS Evening gets "hard-news" guy)

UN workers risk sack over strike

Abortion debate makes Republicans fear for votes

Bush to lay out Iraq victory strategy (AFP)

U.S. Environmental Stance Draws Heat

Hillary Clinton Defends Pro-War Vote

Indian Air Force, in war games, gives US a run

WP,pg 1: TSA Would Allow Sharp Objects on Airliners

Outdated Subject Line


It's been a very, very long day

Is it wrong to consider Valerie Plame a MILF?

Well hell, I didn't know "March of the Penguins" came out on DVD today

DEAR SANTA!!! Please fill out this list!!!

How come CDs made after 2000 still sound like crap?

Women of DU!!! Who wants to cook sbj405 dinner?

Worthy for a sig line?

LA Clipper fans check in.

Some people would say that ice cream cannot fix your problems.

Good Ride, Cowboy

Headlines: What if elected reps really thought DU was their consituency?

Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks LOL!!

So who wants to volunteer to steal sbj405's dinner and bring it to me?

what's an easy way to publicly display images online?

Well, I'd better get my spanking now.

Firefox 1.5 is released!

I SKATED back to my dorm tonight!

Oh come on Skinner!!!

How many posts do you need to start a thread?

Does anyone else HATE the National Guard ads?

Tropical Storm Epsilon Forms in Atlantic.

World of Porncraft?

Ever think the Lounge will create an violent eruption in South America?

By the way, we have confirmation

This will shock and disgust each and every one of you.

hey wrasllin' fans, smackdown is on RIGHT NOW

Anyone else miss GiC's Office Space signature?

I bet there are a shitload of pukes pissed off right about now

Very interesting episode of Bones

GWB's Music tastes

I have many posts to brazillon

I don't know how many posts I have


i have only

Next boycott by the Talibornagain...teddy bears.

So if I were to eat a grit - how would I do so?

Can a Bloc Quebecois candidate win in rural Saskatchewan?

To what extent do you recycle?

To what extent do you bicycle?

Cheap, effective teen repellant

Thank you to whoever alerted about a reply to one of my posts

Ever think violence will erupt here in the Lounge?


Dick Stuffer

Why does today feel like Friday?

Just in time for the 25th annivesary-kiddie pop bands shit on john lennon!


Don't feel like Satan, but I am to them

Why does it feel so good to stretch??

"Airman, what do three up and three down mean to you?"

Just in time for the 25th annivesary-kiddie pop bands shit on john lennon!

Tender sensibilities thread.

11/29 Birthday Party Room

All of you Podcasting wizards out there!

Tina Turner fans, check in!

C.G. computer poll. How often do you empty out your Temp files?

How far back in your life can you remember? (To what age?)

If you had a chance to dance with the pResident, what song would u pick?

Single men, have you dated an older woman?

LOL! "40% of our lawsuits last year involved House"

Who are the top 5 most universally recognizable movie stars of all time?

*******MILESTONES******* 11/29

1000 posts at last ask me anything

You know what's eerie?

OK - I have yet another new drawing I'd be psyched if you checked out

I made my own Deluxe Italian Calzones tonight....

I caught MrsGrumpy putting 50 Cent under my pillow

My cat had to be put to sleep today

I caught MrsGrumpy putting 50 cents under my pillow

Sabbath, Skynyrd Finally Make Hall Of Fame

If you could suggest ONE song to download right now, what would it be?

So, your bedroom

Please choose some U names for tropical storms and hurricanes

I have 104 posts to 5,000

Here's the problem with Progressive Dems: I can't wear Xmas Sweater

How did Hogan's Heroes get on the air?

I have a Bible question.

Putting up a Holiday Tree goes against the Bible and the Will of God

Anyone know anything about Branhamism?

Toxic exposures/immune reactivity commonly cause autoimmune conditions

Equality Update Newsletter Nov 2005

Lesbian Couple Awarded Damages After Catholic Group Refuses To Rent Hall

Fan: "I dusted mom's ashes on field" (Philadelphia Eagles)

Rolling Stones?

Evil Alert!

In Honor of WEL's 21st Birthday - Classic Kerry Hotness

Have not had time for contests, but here is Fall

KOEB - 11/29 - * has an exit plan? edition

WP blog: Potential Dem candidates positioning on Iraq

first billboard to go up near Schmidt's district office in Portsmouth,Ohio

The Latest On The Bush Administration's Alternate Iraqi Universe ...

Hillary Speaks on Iraq, Defends Her Pro-War Vote

CIA chief on why we haven't found bin Laden: "he's hiding."

Members of Congress took off without approving help for poor Americans...

DLC...what the hell?

How long until they go after Mark Warner?

"To be charitable, she (Rice) didn't know what she was talking about."

I want, I want, I want!

Colin Powell's former chief of staff blasting Cheney on detainees

I think we are witnessing a military coup

"Unity of Effort" recruiting hopes 1,000-2,000 soldiers will re-enlist

Approval Ratings for Governors Out - 7 of top 13 are "red state" Dems!

Wes Clark - " Why accountability matters" (DCCC Petition)

Seymour Hersh's opinion of the blivet scares me.

Dean at The Hill: Dems will win House and Senate in 2006

O'Reilly audio clip: "You CAN'T...accuse Bush & Cheney...of LYING..."

Bush: "I am God's man, at this time, fulfilling His purpose"

John Kerry, Jack Reed to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Tomorrow

I'm not here to support Joe Lieberman, I'm here to talk some sense

Please send this information to all your Canadian friends...

There is a very good article about what the DCCC is doing in Illinois.

Juan Cole on Bush bombing al-Jazeera

JOSHUA FRANK: The Tempest Cometh -- Jack Abramoff’s Bipartisan Sleaze

JASON MILLER: Ongoing Quest for the Many Manifestations of Bigfoot

American Police State: The Frog Has Cooked

Ridgeway: George Bush, Meet Reality

Juan Cole at SALON & TRUTHDIG (Robert Scheers's site):link

CNN: Your e-mails: When should troops leave Iraq?

New Political Comic at The HL

What Is Wrong With Joe Lieberman?

Robert Scheer's new website:

Belgian female suicide bomber in Bagdhad

Science faces 'dangerous times'

Fascism Then. Fascism Now?

Molecule gives passionate lovers just one year

Stars and Stripes: War based on a lie

"Upbeat (economic) Signs Hold Cautions for the Future"-and the DJI is down

MOGAMBO GURU: 'The Tragic Error Of Your Ways'

What Would Another Hurricane Season Do To The Republicans?

US Saws Blair Off At Knees At Montreal Climate Talks - BBC

RFK Jr. To Montreal Delegates - Forget The United States

Grand Cayman Corals In Serious Trouble

Lord May - Science, Society Threatened By "Darkness Of Unreason" - BBC

Fed. Appeals Court Reinstates Easier Mountaintop Removal Mining Permits

Dr. Dean: a program for American jobs and for energy independence

Delta destroys God's Finger

Oh good, the US gets a license to use methyl bromide on strawberries.

Lotsa Lies From Harlan Watson As Climate Conference Grinds On


U.S., Muslims and Democracy

Israel threatens to shut Rafah crossing

Charity cash for Palestinian poor was siphoned to suicide bombers

Dershowitz and Chomsky battle it out

Strange Death of Michael Gorumba, aka ANOTHER NAUDET LIE

James Hanlon, one of the most perply of the Naudet-FDNY snuff film team

Glad tey hit a chord -- Too many public interest groups are ignoring the

WIRED news - Another Blow to E-Voting Company

This might no be the proper place to post this,

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY 11/30/05

Common Dreams: When Dems Ask for Money: take election fraud seriously

Since no one noticed: What kind of electronic machine do you blow into?

Need ideas, logistics, costs for publicly run hcpb election

Mundell Will Not Challenge Sen. Feinstein

Magic Johnson Endorses Angelides' Run for Governor

Scott Ritter speaks in Venice Monday, Dec. 5th

Governor's pick likely a Democrat

Hey California ... want to win in 2006?

Slogan for the Nussle campaign

Somebody cares about Iowa's First in the Nation status

Hey Iowa ... want to win in 2006?

Anyone surprised? GOP wants Death Penalty vote this session

Mass. Priest sentenced to eight months in jail on child porn conviction

Hey Massachusetts ... want to win in 2006?

White House and Mark Kennedy caught misusing taxpayer money...

Best external RAID-5 unit available? (Has to be Linux compatible)

Possible class-action suit against Dell

Want to convert an XP machine to Linux

it's clear Ney plans to seek re-election ,"...It's pure arrogance."

DeWine to face "true conservative",snowball in hell GOP challenger

Democrats to pick leader on Dec. 19

Anybody here listen to David Harris on Air America last night?

Texas AG Finds Tax Officials Can't Marry

Barbara Ann Radnofsky called me today!

I'll revoke corporate charters

No Bush Zone Map

David Van Os, EBJ, and Molly Ivins with Franken on AAR Friday 12/2

Greetings from Deutschland, yo!

So, who's going to the Doyle kick-off?

Gee! Law and Order is becoming really political!

Isn't a "democratic" government supposed to protect its citizens,...

FYI: The Sy Hersh interview w/ Sam Seder is coming up on KPOJ-

Frankly, the RW advocates recklessness with life.

Rummy: "US does NOT have a responsibility" to prevent abuse

U.S./Afghanistan: Cremation Of Taliban Dead Leads To Fallout

Reconstruction: Afghanistan: Who Exactly Is The Enemy?

Ok, what the hell do I do here (warning, very long)?

Rumsfeld told Fox News in 2004 al Jazeera was causing Iraqis to be killed.

What the fuck has the BushCO/neoconsters given to my Brother?

Donald Rumsfeld - Sith Lord?

Quick question: If our side were more like the Freepers...

DNC to put up billboards in districts of Republicans who attack veterans

Mean Jean still being hammered in her local LTTE page

We're still in Iraq?

Good for you Mr. * - photos

Should Peggy Noonan be flogged?

The media got the memo, associate the Dems with the Culture of Corruption.

Kos grabbing credit I thought belonged to Dean bugs me. Does it bug you?

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA): Able Danger Hearings

Bush to Bring Back Military Draft (Satire)

Taking Advantage of Knowing that We Are In the End Times.

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams on Tavis Smiley on PBS tonight! soon!

In Many Ways the War in Iraq Resembles the War for American Independence

VIDEO- Pentagon Briefing Questions- heavily edited

Protect Land by Clicking for FREE! Save the Air Too! Click Daily!

Soldier's family cries with Bush

Was there an assassination attempt on *bush in May??

I had a dog...

Self delete...

How Many Cute Friggin' Pandas Does it Take???!!! ...

Public School Runs Contest For Best Anti-Gay Essay

STAY THE COURSE....ummm...errr...but (new toon 11/30)

Cindy Sheehan Claims Photos Falsely Implied Book Signing Was Flop

LOU DOBBS was once again fanning the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment in

Canadians, tell me about your conservatives.

What do you say to people who tell you"I don't vote the Party-

O’Reilly Finally Unveils Enemies List

European investigations of CIA "black site" .proliferate. I heard

oh boy!! ANOTHER 'Major' speech on the war!!

Bush 'got a rare glimpse of the protesters"--said msnbc in a news

Watching MSNBC - Carlson show on lies of poor fighting our wars...

No shit, this is from the White House web page

Uhm whatever happened to the bird flu?


Chris Matthews crying a river last night over how politicos in the

Letters to "Stars and Stripes"; early rebuttal to Bush's "chat" w/USNA

WE have John Murtha, THEY have Duke Cunningham....nuff said

That silly (P)Ricky Santorum

fuck your Victory mr. bush, it's YOUR war, go fight it yourself asshole

Merkel says Germany not open to terrorist blackmail

"sliming up Murtha" and others --Mike Barincle on Imus-msnbc.

2 Lies: 'they did not die in vain', and, 'we do not torture'---

I guess as long as men are willing to die for bush's lies, the war goes on

Watch out, looks like the "Victory Plan" is yet another rehash

Malkin mentions DU in latest facist rant

U.S. military paying Iraqi editors to publish propaganda

Who is holding the Peace activists in Iraq?

CSPAN--* now has an Iraq exit plan to announce today.

Want To See What's Wrong With The Justice System?

Bush backing into a box of his own making?

it would make more sense for bush to announce a strategy for Defeat

CNN (AP): Tennessee high school newspaper seized

it's not so hard republicans, here, say it with me, 'the war is lost'

The Emperor's New Restricted Airspace

Joe Lieberman on Imus.

Will every Christmas be like this?

Why does CNN continue to host Ann Coulter?

News From Freeperland: Arnold to tap Susan Kennedy as Chief of Staff

Hillary will become a perfect....

Pentagon's Urban Recon Takes Wing

VIDEO- Bush Impersonator on Dennis Leary's Merry F**** Christmas

Caption Bush

Bush to fight Iraq critics with speech on stragedy

Iraqis love Cindy Sheehan

Bush planing war with another planet?

A vet without a home - sad photo

Why do Junior's supporters think he's on par with Jesus Christ?

warning extremely offensive language!

BREAKING: IRS complaint filed against Focus on the Family

Bush's Speech: A Small Favor .....

Americans were suckered...

Fighting the Far Right - A Book

OH BOY!!!! These guys OUTLINED the talking points from the past 2 years

"Plan for Victory" stage for * speech looks like a TBN set!

11/30 *** URGENT*** 13 Days to STOP the EXECUTION!!

Highest Paying Jobs Are in the East - AP


What is Tweety's history? How on earth did he ever get his current job...

Chimpy McHitler is giving a speech

Will Chimpy'sPoll #'s Drop After "Speech"?

Pat Buchanan nails it again.

The Autumn of the Patriarchy by Maureen Dowd

CNN planning "candid" talk with Pickles

I'm reviving the Declaration of Independence from the 'christian' Right

Deb Davis wins Wings of Justice Award!

"it is plan he has been following all along"- the new blueprint for Irag

why is not working?

Shorter Bush Iraq War Victory Plan:

Bush lost Murtha. And if he's lost Murtha, he's lost middle America.

Have you seen the website for writing messages of your choosing on

11 UK airports have been used for torture flights.

From No word found for "rejectionist". WTF?

* is on now..look at his face. Looks like he took a fall on

Thanksgiving shopping stats

massacured? wtf

Any links to the Clan in Florida here?

Daily Show on now, 10pmCT. nt

Sgt. re: Iraqi Police:"I don't think they're ready or want to take over"

Georgie's "plan" in its entirely can be read here...

I want someone to defend Hillary...Please....There used to supporters here

So how is it that a pagan holiday has so many Christians willing to kill

Bush projecting again in Denver....

Where in history has there ever been a people so ripe for a dictatorship?

How long george how many lives for a free iraq?

LOL, Imutt just called out m.crowley on the "even Clinton...

Hello, DC?

Wonder if Warner is rethinking those "fireside chats"

Smirky: "No war has ever been won on a timetable,"

I have seen discussions saying that if hillary is nominated in 2008

WH releases newly declassified:Strategy for Victory in Iraq Report

After pukes speech I expect us to be in Iraq for a long time

Wanna help get FOX "news" off Sirius satellite radio?

FYI: Bush's National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

Latest LIE by the Coward:

basically he's saying, 'fuck you, i'll have my war, like it or not'

Again, I draw the comparison between Iraq and welfare policy.

Newsmax: Torture Worked On John McCain

Real, true quote from Freep's Bush Speech live thread, lol:

We finally have a "Strategy" !!


OMG! He is CRYING while reading a Dead marines email

Observation on Smirky's Annapolis speech......

See, it's all about freedom.

Surreal moment, As I watch the Bush Speech

Bush admin doesn't take the problem seriously—and it never has

Bush visits his own "green zone" when he wants to give a speech

I Like Jay Marvin

Official Post Speech Spin Thread?

NPR is talking to Russ Feingold about *'s speach......

How Bush could demonstrate the ULTIMATE act of bravery...

Insurance Companies Scare Patients to Save Money

Impeach this fraWdulent fuck! NOW!!!!

Cunningham wasn't/isn't the only one in bed with the military industry

Bush Defines Victory In Iraq.

"Our National Strategy..." Sounds so cozy and inclusive.

We heard this same horseshit during the

"Not by timetables set by Politicians in Washington!" clap clap clap

is formally splitting Iraq an option?

John McCain: "Torture Worked On Me"

Marilyn Musgrave and gwb, snuggling. Perfect pic for any dem opponent

Bush is right. Everyone wants to be free. Free to subjugate another! n/t

Bush Yale grades vs. now

Bush tells us one Iraqi batallion able to act is great progress!

George W. Bush Minted

Most telling and horrific part of the Nightline story tonight.

Harry Reid (D-NV) released the following statement on Bush's Speech

I'm 'responsible' for my war vote, Hill sez

Grand jury indicts woman who married boy

so how many terrorists are left? do we have any #s?


The most astounding shilling I've seen on CNN came from Ben Nelson

CSPAN call-in segment now on reaction to speech...

Is Bush Playing Offense Or Defense On Iraq?

Bush stayed the course, and the people will see through it

Is Showtime having a "free" weekend this weekend?

ESRB responds to NIMF report

If what Gen Downing said is true, what do we do about brainwashed military

(TOON) Nixon v Cheney: Whos the bigger Dick?

A picture of a section of a failed levee in NO and my take on it.

Bravo!!! The Nation will not support any candidate...

DU this poll on CNN website

Tweety spits with every word!!

US Military pays Iraqi newspapers to publish stories written by US troops

you damn libruls keep fergittin' bout nine one one

CNNs Miles O'Brien is really trying to label the Dem's as "cut and runners"

A message to Hillary, Warner, Kerry, or whichever Democrat....

CNN's Miles O'Brien: Some Democrats Want To "Cut And Run"

tonight's law and Order SVU is not the same as on the east coast

Feingold Statement: dubs Bush plan 'glossy 35-page pamphlet'

Bush Strategery: Keep marching our troops off a cliff

Bush and Co. are the world's biggest terrorists we need to fight!

New PAC only supports candidates who favor impeaching Bush, Cheney

73% agree with Bush war!

Changing the Subject

The new Bush war strategy

Rapid Response: Deconstructing “National Strategy for Victory in Iraq”

Two terrorists on the loose

Legal/Tax Questions About Donating A Car

Bombshell paper confirms the Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

Freedom of the press, American style

MSNBC got their ducks in a row in support of this PR speech.

The False Pretenses of Terrorism are Used to Control Us

Completely Insane Bush Cheerleader US Rep from Florida on NPR describes Bush as "steadfast" on it's homepage.

Last Words On Death Row

Bush says Early exit from Iraq is a mistake.

Gary Hart wrote to me! Grassroots efforts are working!

Goose-Stepping: The Bush Exit Strategy

CEO of media giant who sought to gag reporters has deep political pockets

delete dupe

Only Difference Between Bush's Speeches and Hitler's Speeches Is

Sadly there are still people who drink the kool aid -- CNN emails:

Bush's speech too late for these Americans

"Justices Step Into Abortion Rights Case"

The disastrous Chaney

"Alito Favors Exercise of Judicial Restraint"

Big Easy's Musicians Move Their Acts to Austin

"Liberals Can't Solidify Alito Opposition"

FYI: Phishers send email posing as IRS tax refund

Now I get it......Iraq is our prize.

Cheney:"He's my son. It's my war. It's my country." (M. Dowd-NYT)

"Judge Drops DeLay Associate From Lawsuit"

"Plan for Victory?" The problem was NO PLAN for NO VICTORY!

76% polled on CNN call bush's talk Spin, not a good plan - 60,000 voters

"Professional Plaintiff" investigated by DA

"White House: China Not Manipulating Money"

"Adviser: No Federal Promise on La. Levees"

"Report: Cocaine a Growing Risk for U.S."

French MPs back anti-terror bill

Will execution of Saddam help or hurt US in Iraq and Middle East?

On C-Span2 Now - Pelosi's reaction to Bush's speech...

Kerry giving an excellent SMACKDOWN of the Bushies showtime

Now All of A Sudden "Insurgent" Is Too Good A Word For Them.

From Bill O'Reilly "...give the Iraqis a realistic time frame...get out!"

Oral arguments on the parental notification law on C-SPAN right now.

Public lands on the auction block

New Political Comic at The HL

"Pilots Complain About Cheney's Airspace"

*:"to withdraw would send a message across the world that America is weak"

A question about the "religious right"

CNN Poll - 78% think the new "strategy for victory" is more spin

Pelosi is kicking butt on C-Span...

"Excerpts: White House Iraq Strategy"

Bush speech...Back drop: Plan for Victory...Hummm

"isolate terrorists"

Sorry George - More Bullshit - Even Weepy Bullshit - Doesn't Cut It

There's a nativity scene in front of the Shelby County Courthouse.

Four Walgreen Pharmacists Disciplined For Not Filling Contraceptives - AP


Should Saddam be tried in the World Court ?

Dean on Bush's Failed Iraq Policy

"New Campaign Vs. Iraq Insurgents Begins"

Does anyone know the details of Fitz's (new) Grand Jury?

"Musician Who Tangled With Bush to Run"

Kerry's Rebuttal is Great. Kerry and Reed are doing a superb

Does Air America have new affiliates?

Military Mental Health Workers in Iraq - to heal or to patch

Whatever Happened To The President Sitting At His Desk Addressing the

"Progressive" or not, leave me the fuck alone!

"Why Iraq Has No Army"/The Atlantic Monthly

US Air Force unveils hand-held laser gun

Did bin O'Reilly threaten to "take out" DU?

PROOF Bush's PR Stunt Failed!!!

O'Lielly: NYT Krugman "doesn't give a fig about the troops"

I will personally commit to fundraise $100,000 to remove Lieberman from

People with kids who might think about steroids -- they're on the Net

Did you listen to the oral arguments-abortion issue-cspan today?

Taft's approval ratings sink into single digits: 6.5% back Governor

Investigative reporter on Fresh Air (Terry Gross-NPR) day on Abramoff

"Homecoming" to be on Showtime 12/2

Here's the part where bush pretended to cry.....

Let's look at the evidence - who did the 'trophy' shooting - Mercs comment

Red and Blue- Discovery times channel- watch it if you can.

Documents Reveal More About Alito's Views

HELP! NOLA's former AAR station is NOW playing RUSH

What's with this "National" Strategy for Victory in Iraq?

Notice the difference when Bush speaks and Kerry speaks..

O’Reilly Compares Murtha With Hitler Sympathizers: VIDEO

Sorry if I sometimes bring up old news

Moyers Has His Say

SC hearing of the New Hampshire parental notification case...

Transcript of Bush's speech >

Aaron Tells AILES That Faux Is "on target" and "disciplined"

Who made the Bill Oreilley's Hit List!!! Check if your on it!!!

Racial Poverty Gaps in U.S. Amount to Human Rights Violation

Audio: O'Reilly Goes Nuts (Says he Will Name Names)

Here's a NEW Picture of Cheney in his bunker...ah think it needs a caption

Bushists allow jihadists to define the terms of "victory" in Iraq

Anyone have a link to audio of the SCOTUS abortion case oral arguments?

what if YOUR son died for bush's lies & bush quoted him in a war speech?

Hey Bill O'Reilly: The troops don't want figs - they want body armor!!!

El Rushbozo calls Iraq "Vietnam" again.

Murtha on Anderson Cooper today

Jay Marvin is substituting for Springer, boy is he great

Imus Smacks down Joe Lieberman (Video)

iraqi troop readiness -- how many different versions of this story?

"Impact of Climate Change 'Can be Likened to WMD'"

DU this Poll

Duke Cunningham didn't apologize for his vote to impeach Bill Clinton

Is this GOP from Indiana actually this clueless? You decide...

"Carpe Diem, Progressives"

Suggested Storm names for 2006

(VIDEO) Imus smacks down Joe-mentum

PHOTO: "Roe has been SAVED! She's now PRO-LIFE!"

"Armed Forces Sinking into Sectarian Chaos"

Interesting AOL poll

"Cheney 'May Be Guilty of War Crime'"

Bob Woodward gets it from John Belushi's Widow

An A+ MoDo smackdown of Darth Cheney

"My National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" or

"Ricky Martin Joins Human Trafficking Fight"

Bush Speech Pix: Crocodile Tears --->>>

Man Learns Dog Ownership Can Affect Insurance Coverage

Arianna: "Bob Woodward, the Dumb Blonde of American Journalism"

"sure to cause a shitstorm of controversey in right wing circles"

Did Johnson and Nixon have Nazi-esque, militaristic, pro-war rallies?

"The Mother of All Coalitions"

Check out this hysterical video of Ahhnuld in Brazil!

You know that they are desperate, when * invokes 9/11 in the first minute

Reed and Kerry up on CSPAN at 11am ET for response to

MoveOn.Org Petition: Bring home the troops in 2006!

Every War has a price and everybody must pay

Heavy marijuana use damages adolescent brains-study

Yes, George ---pix->>>

Where's Osama?

Report: U.S. Planting Propaganda in Iraqi Press

Nora O'Donnell Carrying Message For Bush & Co Again

Is George Bush Mentally Ill?

Pharmacists Disciplined Over Contraceptives Rule Violation

George W. Bush Minted

I just saw Duke Cunningham!! I snapped his pic for you guys

Longtime Repuke blasts current crop of piggies for "corruption creep"

If anyone's looking for some good TV comedy today.....

Does the VA loan for

"Everybody dies but few...

Kansas votes 4-1 to allow ID, now says we're more than Dust in the Wind

VIDEO-Rumsfeld Lies # 2 -Free Media in Iraq

Damn The Media Is Making Me Sick. Every Channel Same Shrilling.

MUST READ: Court trip next stop for bus rider

Dictionary of Republicanisms

Pentagon, intel pros tell Bush war cannot be won. CHB

What do you guys think of this judge?

"There's a very secret plan ... to diminish Christian philosophy in the"

PHOTO: The strategy for victory rolled out by Bush "broke little ground"

Vote here for Grinch of the Year

Does Anyone Else Think Bush Is Balding And Using A Combover?

AOL Poll: 76% B* speech no change in opinion or lowered; 65% no victory IW

Maybe we can use the DLC to our advantage (More on my proposed Compromise)

Oh, Lord. .

"The ideology that breeds international terrorism"?

Caption this... ->

Hmmmm ---pix->>>

O'Reilly compared advocates of withdrawal from Iraq to Hitler appeasers

Anybody hear/heard from KyndCulture?

Question about money spent lobbying politicians.

How Much Do These Phony Stage Sets Cost Us? --->>>

Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays, happy Holidays..

My haiku to the Duke-Stir

Are you guys watching this car chase?

You ever notice this pattern?

Dem calls for investigation into military paying Iraq papers

Randi Rhodes is so unbelievable freaking funny

I Am Pissed!

The Axis of Axises of Evil

CNN's polls SUCK!!!

Why is this report written in Crayon?

What do you think motivates guys like Cheney and Rumsfeld?

Bush tries to copy 50 Cent

DU this poll

Why can't we require this in EVERY state before Nov 2006

I feel so conflicted about this headline -- Dems will win Senate in 2006

Bush speech recap

Pelosi to be guest on Daily Show

PHOTO: Midshipmen get uber-enthusiastic about Bush's speech

Mom: 4-Year-Old Girl Denied Santa Visit For Not Buying Photo

1,000 Deaths Weighed On VA Gov., Lovitt's Sentence Commuted


Same shit, different day

Pelosi Backs Murtha Call for U.S. Withdrawal- Roll Call

Truth in Anagrams: "Stay The Course"

Heard Morning Sedition's last show is Dec 16th.

To all the "Democrats have moved to the center "people

New Christman Carol "There Is No Way to Shop at Wal Mart This Christmas."

CNBC Poll: Satisfied with President Bush's strategy in war on terror?

Kick-ass e-mail from Governor Dean that is awesome!

FYI - Rawstory is stating that Pelosi will be on "The Daily Show"

Bush Administration Humor.


Astronomers discover possible birth of the smallest known solar system

Wow. Air America now lists "84 Stations" on its web site banner.

Pope says no gay's in the priesthood, except the ones they

dear DU, if you're reading this then i'm dead

Is Ed Schultz on AFRN yet?

DU this MSNBC poll

The Republican Agenda

VIDEO: Two charged for leaking Al Jazeera bombing memo (C4/ITN UK)

Hastert: "The Democratic Leader is playing politics with the war in Iraq"

DU vs. FR Polls

I know this has been mentioned already, but doesn't Bush look stupid...

Note to Bush Supporters in the Bronx

The Republican Party is not the only enemy


Shouldn't the ad for 'Sleeper Cell' be over at FR?

"Hastert Wants 'Christmas,' Tree Together"

Miller 'sorry' for WMD inaccuracies

When is Leiberman up for re-election?

"It's amazing that somebody in Congress that long could be that stupid,"

Murtha on Softball NOW. Pelosi on The Daily Show tonight.

3 thought provoking reads on environmentalism/race& society

After he died, an e-mail was found on his computer...

Scalito "Document isn’t just a smoking gun. It’s a smoking cannon"

Cindy is supposed to be on with Randi at the top of the hour

Crude Designs: The Rip-Off of Iraq’s Oil Wealth

After watching Lieberman on Imus----

Carly Sheehan: "Have you ever heard the sound of.."

An article I wrote on outsourcing:

Howard Dean: He's where we need him, but...

Brian Williams broadcasting live tonight from the lower ninth ward

Talk show hosts.. be afraid very afraid

When the defense contractors have a bad year....

'the liberals don't care about the war, they just HATE bush is all'

my response to Hillary's email

John Kerry on CNN right now - reaction to * speech

Aquafina or Poland Spring? Find out how to shop for equality. Inbox Prog

Wow....letter from Gary Hart on Kerry withdrawal plan

Rumsfeld quote from yesterday... "that;s life" !!!

Self delete

What Bush (and Kerry) fail to explain in their exit strategies. . .

Annapolis midshipmen: "Can't wait to go" (to Iraq)

General Slaps Rumsfeld over Torture (figuratively, of course)

Cheney: “A real liar never stops lying.” (NYT)

Pat Buchanan will be eating some crow tonight, thanks to Pelosi

40 Battalions of Iraqi independent-action troops?


Is Shrub drunk today, or having a nervous breakdown????

Have President Bush & First Lady Joined 'War On Christmas'?

Screw the media!!! My Senator (BOXER) wrote ME a letter!!!

Looking for Robert Scheer? I found him....

"Dead Man Voting"! An Iraq War HORROR Movie You Have to See!!

Heads up! Hottie & Smartie Katrina Vanden Heuvel on Colbert tonight.

Know-it-all Freeper on with Randi

"If the Generals tell Bush they need help, they'll get it"

Catfish Po-Boy dressed and a side order of fried Okra

If I had three wishes:

Christ Never Had a Christmas Tree

Help needed in Arizona Congressional Race! Help Remove Abramoff buddy

"the president’s new victory vocabulary is just another pathetic diversion

Have the Repukes got JFK's Msg mixed up? They seem to have review being freeped?

25% would Definitely vote for Hillary in '08, 40% would definitely not

VIDEO-Bush Boo-Hoo

Yellow revolution in the Guardian?

Who's Jack Abramoff Gonna Take With Him?

Is Bush's voice being run through a voice synthesizer during his speeches?

Sen. Dayton (D-Minn) rips Bush's Iraq speech: no more "pep talks"

Viveca Novak knew that Matt Cooper's source was Karl Rove

A good site for news.. (in case anyone missed it)

They CAN ban Abortion

By the Bushists' own terms for victory, it looks like we've ALREADY LOST

Rush Limbaugh has made $599,400 so far on his Adopt-A-Soldier Program

Got this in email: " Noon in Crawford at El Rancho Bush"

personal political bias

Bush contradicts self on when the US leaves Iraq

One side of me wants to see how bad they could make the US.

US Angers Activists as UN Holds Largest Climate Conference Ever

Tweety is at it yet again....

Let us start a list of positives.

rummy, cheerleaders, and 'Bill the Goat' - photo

PHOTO: Has there been anything more ridiculous than "W's" set today?

If a plan to get out of Iraq does not include THIS it will fail.

In Belushi widow's book,Woodward is no hero

Frist: "Today we saw real leadership"

VIDEO-Jerks and Smirks # 12 the Annapolis speech

About Cunningham... from a wannabe fighter pilot.

OK - Why are they planning AFTER the war has started?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1967

Cafferty: Bush was "Terrific" Good to see pres get his fastball back!

"Hate" is such a powerful word

Where Can I Take My Kid For A Photo Sitting On Jesus' Lap?

so lets say you are a soldier in Iraq

Does anyone else find it odd... Bush: Al-Qaeda "smallest faction" in Iraq?

PLAN FOR VICTORY (My Mini Play Starring Don Knots as Bush)

What about O'Reilly's "Christmas" fight? FOX has "Holiday " ornaments.

My son has a Canadian friend who has invited him to visit.

Duke Cunningham gets to keep his pension

Finalist are in for favorite Wal-Mart slogan -vote here

I am SO SICK of that phrase, "Stay the course"

Presidential Seal.gif

The Rush To Join Al Jazeera: David Frost Joining Al Jazeera

Bush's speech backdrops=more and more cartoony

Study: Tight Skirt Can Make Female Boss Look Dumb


I'm a Roman Catholic Christian, and...

Our side has HOT WOMEN too!

Has everyone voted in the poll at Capital News?

A msg from the Dem Party to Senators Lieberman and Clinton.

Vice President's Office Keeps Travel Expenses Under Wraps

AAR streaming forces you to have a browser window open now???

Where are the jobs ...

Is This Headline Confusing: Woman Carrying Teen Groom's Child Indicted

Damn - there's a f%#&*^g "Rejectionist" at my door

Here's the OFFICIAL WH Christmas Card from Junior and Pickles...oh YEAH

Naval Academy midshipmen sleep in seats as they wait for Bush!!! (Pic)

The Osteoporosis-Milk Link

What irks me about the 2004 election is that Kerry won the debates.

Request for Prayer/Light

Hackett: President’s Public Relations Stunt

"Jean Schmidt's foes having field days"


DU this poll - "Was the President's speech persuasive?"

YO!!! Pelosi Backs Murtha's Call for Withdrawal (!!!)


Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays 2005! (pic)

Caption Rumsferatu

Caption this photo of *

Should the next Democratic President restore The Fairness Doctrine?

Outsourcing outrage:Indian call-center workers suffer abuse


anyone watch penn and teller's B.S,? (self censored)

Republican Women ..... Wow they are hot.

We need to make noise: Bush politicizing the military with these speechs.

Tears of a Clown ---pix->>>

DEMs Demand Probe of Cunningham’s Handling of Classified Material

Wonkette: "Mission Accomplished" to "Strategy," "Plan," "Brainstorm"?

* Don't fire your PR person,Blue Doll House Was Fantastic!

How many words did it take Bush to mention 9/11 today? (A quiz)

CNN homepage photo: Midshipmen knocked-out asleep, waiting for Shrub

Fox betrays Christmas crusade, sells "Holiday" ornaments for your "Holiday

The Bill O'Reilly Blacklist Blog Pool

Oh no, they're getting rid of Limbo

We are doing a lot of good in Iraq. Building lots of Schools & Hospitals!

US military PLANTING STORIES in Iraqi newspapers

Rush on Iraq kidnappings: "There's a part of me that likes this."

Rocket jet plot is foiled

Could you support John Edwards in 2008?

Just Who Really is Rewriting History, Wing-nut Assholes????

Breeze-thru Security for Rich, Long Lines & Shoe Checks for the Rest of Us

"Racial Poverty Gaps in U.S. Amount to Human Rights Violation, Says U.N."

why did Kerry run in the first place????

Does this photo show Rove & Ralston breaking the law? You be the judge.

"Duke" Cunningham case: Was ANY action taken by the Congressional

"After he died, a letter was found on his laptop computer....."

Did Senator Joe Lieberman ever serve in the military?

Companion to my outsourcing article-this one's on ANWR:

"Committee to Save Merry Christmas" announces SEARS BOYCOTT!


Howard Dean Predicts wins in 06/08 & Lays Out Dems message

You Just Might Be an Asshole

We're still in Afghanistan?

Wes Clark was/is against the war in Iraq?

"The pResident seemed to be holding back tears" WTF???

VIDEO-Rumsfeld Lies

John Kerry, it is not about winning.

Kerry's rebuttal SUCKS

LOL! Freepers Spar On Stoooopid "holiday/Christmas Controversy"

Stephanie Miller is live-riffing *

Valerie Plame quits the CIA next month

What will the consequences be when amerika, inevitably, defaults

note to america: about this "attack on christmas" thing

FOCUS: Just Planning War of Aggression IS A War Crime

Woman buys little green Army soilders and writes "bring me home" on them..

Anyone else think we need a Hurricane Victims Forum?

Little, Green Army Men Protest--Pls read & help us organize!!!

Does anyone have an Oatmeal Pie Crust recipe they like?

Does anyone else use Bragg's instead of soy sauce? I'm

Do our MPs get their full salary

I must say it was cool seeing John Stewart slag Harper

Keep mines in Canadian hands: Munk

Oxfam Exposes Illegal Agricultural Subsidies

FCC chair to cable and satellite TV: Clean up your act or else

WP,pg1: U.S. Builds Stockpile of Vaccine for Flu Pandemic

NYT/AP: Official: U.N. Could Face Budget Crisis (Bolton threat)

Govt-ordered therapies for gay accused denied (UAE)

(WA) Prosecutor to take another look at voters (won't go after GOP lies)

Vatican edict on gays divides U.S. Catholics...

Merkel pleads for hostage

Kidnapped Briton is 'man of peace'

Smut on cable, satellite TV targeted

Syria queries UN evidence in Hariri killing (witness retracts statements)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 30 November

House budget sleeper splits the 9th Circuit

Carter site seeks contributions for possible Nevada Senate bid

Bush: Iraqi Forces in State of Readiness

U.S. Military Covertly Pays to Run Stories in Iraqi Press

Molecule gives passionate lovers just one year

Cheney 'created climate for US war crimes'

Gunmen kill nine people in Iraq minibus attack...

Aid group blames U.S., U.K. for Iraq abductions

Judge Drops DeLay Associate From Lawsuit

CNN Poll - 78% think the new "strategy for victory" is more spin

Ric Flair Surrenders On Assault Charges

Sen. Clinton Defends Iraq War Vote

Grand jury indicts woman who married boy

U.S. Debate on Pullout Resonates As Troops Engage Sunnis in Talks

EPA to Scale Back Testing at Ground Zero (Nadler: "breathtaking slap")

France Upholds Law That Smooths History

Appeals Court Holds Up Padilla Transfer

TSA to allow scissors, tools on planes (AP)

US paying Iraqi press to run favourable stories

UK airports 'are stop-offs in torture flights'

DeWine to face GOP challenger

WP: Steroids Detected In Dietary Tablets (sold on Internet)

WP: Contractors Linked to Bribery Case Worked Together

Iraq Misses Deadline For Torture Report

Iraq Fails to Deliver on Torture Probe

Zarqawi 'had threatened her'

U.S. military secretly pays Iraqi newspapers for running stories

Drugmakers Win Exemption in House Budget-Cutting Bill

Alito called in 1985 for Justice Department to mitigate 'Roe'

Schwarzenegger May Put Davis Aide in Key Post(activist Dem chief of staff)

"Duke" keeps his pension...

Analysts Foresee Bleak Road Ahead in Iraq

Iran foresees no Iraq talks with US - foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki

Bush: Iraq Needs 'Time And Patience'

Ridgeway: George Bush, Meet Reality

Inmate, 77, faces death

Liberian Taylor's fate discussed

NYT: Sales Climb at Retailers on Internet (up 26% on "Cyber Monday")

1,000 Deaths Weighed On VA Gov., Lovitt's Sentence Commuted

Miller deeply sorry that the stories were wrong

Retired general said withdrawal of troops must begin by September

Focus on the Family Faces IRS Grievance

Military moms speak out after presidential speech

Rumsfeld Bans The Word Insurgents

Largest Iraq veterans' group says Bush plan falls short

U.S. Military Unclear on 'Planted' Stories

It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted

Ukraine Takes First Step Towards NATO Membership

State Department official attacks Iran's president

Evangelicals Venture Into AIDS Activism

Gerlach's filing is off by $2.2 million (US Rep, R-PA)

Cold kills quake survivors

Economy Grows at Robust Pace Despite Storms

Feldkamp won't keep tainted (Cunningham) cash

Berlin has no evidence of CIA flights: spy chief

(Ah-nuld) taps ex-Davis aide (gay rights activist) as chief of staff

Chafee says Bush must offer facts to Americans on Iraq

Laura Bush predicts Rice won‘t run in 2008

Breaking: Pelosi to Back Murtha Resolution

Contractor spends big on key (Republican) lawmakers (Duke Bribery Scandal)

Straw quizzes US on 'CIA flights'

Miller 'sorry' for WMD inaccuracies

CNN: Katrina victims yet to be identified: DNA testing hasn't begun

Mundell Will Not Challenge Sen. Feinstein

Time Warner CEO has deep GOP roots

Idaho (GOP) Senator Eliminates Funds for Center on Salmon Survival

Top U.S. military officer contradicts his civilian boss (Pace & Rumsfeld)

‘Iraqis want Saddam to run for election’

Gov. Ehrlich (R-MD) backs policies on Iraq. Links Iraq to 9/11.

CNN posts document: National Strategy for Victory in Iraq (pdf file)

Democrats say Bush didn't deliver (Senators Reed & Kerry)

Missouri Pharmacists Balk at Contraception

2 Children Die In Fire On Milwaukee's North Side

U.S. Military Stages Media Offensive in Iraq (US paying Iraqi newspapers)

Venezuelan opposition quit poll

Memo: Alito Urged Government to Challenge Roe v. Wade

It's ruled sleep sex (not sexual assualt...but "sexsomnia" - WTF!?)

Sir Paul McCartney Calls on Canadian PM to End Seal Slaughter

Senator Clinton Calls for Withdrawal From Iraq to Begin in 2006

why does it feel so good to retch?

Why does it feel so good to screech!?

tender offensibilities thread

It is now 200 days to FUNDAY (how you can help)

I do not know about anyone else, but I LOVE Sofakingliberal's screenname

Got a favorite poem? Post it!

its official, Steven Colbert is a lounge lizard

Good citizens check for duplicates???


Did everybody go to bed early tonight?

I hope I never "throw" a tubular cast.

And then, I just blurted it out.

When I grow up, I want to be a seceraty

"March of the Penguins" is a wonderful DVD.

I like the "Teddy Bear Picnic" ad!


Anyone else watching Leno - The God Warrior is on

The Rza wishes you a very Wu Tang Christmas!

Apparently interracial dating is too much for MTV.

Okay, I'm watching 'House'

Mission: Impossible TV series.....

I DID IT!!!!

Alone in the wilderness

Regis Philbin and Donald Trump sang Rudolph on Letterman tonight.

Would YOU respond to this job posting description?

Why does it feel so good to scratch??

Quick--new world's ugliest dog coming up on CNN

New Political Comic at The HL

I need to get this out of my system

Anyone else have restless leg syndrome?

theres a giant fly buzzing around my living room troubles. Money troubles. I hate grad school.

Heterofolks, have you ever dated in your own gender?

single older women: have you ever dated this man?

Single guys/gals have you ever dated someone your exact age?

"God Warrior" Marguerite Perrin on Jay Leno tonight!

I'm going to sleep. Last one up turn out the lights and turn the TV off.

Since it's dating night here I've got a question about age ranges.

What would you do with these dates? Huh?

Tonight the Lounge is proudly sponsored by Acme Computer Dating Service!

I dated and married an alien

Next Apprentice to Be Shot in Calif.

Are non-southerners allowed to use "y'all"?

Nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to do stuff.

Is it inevitable?

Apple Plugs 13 Mac OS X Security Holes

Any kinda women: ever dated a sex god?

Cards All Mailed and Three Holiday Packages Shipped Today

My sleep schedule's all screwed up

Have You Ever Gotten "Revenge" In a Customer Service Situation?

My Christmas tree this year...I have an idea.

If Christmas didn't exist

A Christmas parade without candy.

Harder Faster Better Stronger

Creative People Likely To Have More Sex Partners

Has anyone asked out - either unknowingly or unintentionally a relative?

Man Celebrates Christmas - Every Single Day (Food, Gifts, Lights, etc...)

Great joke my Father sent me....and know it is not THAT joke

A Poem To Start Your Day

Has anyone unintentionally asked out a member of the same sex?

Miles O Brien, hats off to you, you crazy bastard!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/30/05)

Have you seen the website for writing messages of your choosing on

I am so sick of my kid messing up his priorities

Well it is the last day of November...

did everyone see this excellent commercial?

Serious Finnish Sci-Fi Film

Wakin and Bakin....

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

my Lump, my Lump, my LoveLy Lady Lump

I think I have a broken wisdom tooth.

I need cleanning music. What music should I listen to while cleanning

Murphy strikes again

Divorce Court Orders Man To Pay Alimony - For The Next 10,000 Years

2 cops plead guilty in James Taylor concert picnic basket beat-down

McCartney is God

Have you ever dated outside your species?

30 minutes valeting to wreck £32,000 Lotus

Police nab naked 'bank robbers'

Time for another "last 25 songs you listened to" thread

Message to all real estate agents ***rant***

Business techie question

Sirius hardware question: Which receiver to buy?

tax and spend lounge-o-crats

The Order of the Phoenix and today's political situation.

I'm still eating homemade spicy pumpkin seeds...

How could a band suck so much?

Any news on how the old emoticons are doing?

Why are we so obsessed with each other's love/sex lives in the Lounge?

So I broke into some guys house last night and pissed on his Pumpkin Seeds

Boy Shooting Target Practice Accidentally Shoots Man In Outhouse

Married women: have you ever dated a younger single guy?

POLL: Chopsticks or Fork

Rolling Stones To Perform At Super Bowl :ROLLSEYES:

Gregory Peck's Star Stolen From Hollywood Walk Of Fame

My cats are going nuts . There hissing and spitting at bush on tv.

DOG PEOPLE: this is your chance . . .

Daddy, you were in Viet Nam. Why isn’t it a good idea, for me to join?

putting people on ignore?

I don't like the way I feel today

Couples - for those of you who cut off his sex as punishment,

A few facts you did not know about Chuck Norris.....

Don't MAKE me kick my own thread... you DO want to see some of my


a funny from my vacation

so, I was thinking of sending a giant bag of pretzels to the White House

What's your mood?

PANDA BABY FANATICS....Momma and Baby are playing RIGHT NOW

woo hoo free pizza for lunch!

Took nearly 500 photos on vacation. Which variety would you like to see?

Hack a Thomas Kinkade?

HEads up... Casablanca on TCM.... Just started...

I found the perfect Christmas gift!

I say "bring back UP WITH PEOPLE!"

A Man's a Man for A' That

Gregory Peck's Hollywood star found

Evolution is alive and well

i'm just begging for approval today

Bush's latest appearance, lavish set design, new talking point

ok, where does someone go to get something read around here?

Oh hot piss in a teacup...they should never let Regis Philbin sing

Dreams don't always come true

mother of pearl... it is pouring out there...

How come it's legal for collect calls to be made w/out asking confirmation

Researchers Say Monkeys Speak With Accents

Please hire me. I promise I'll do a good job.

Homosexuals & heterosexuals, have you ever dated someone

Single, married and/or otherwise occupied men and women:

Don't you hate when you practice your piano fingering incorrectly?

What's good at a Thai restaurant? Have to go to lunch there

"Picking Up Girls Made Easy"

Are non Philly people allowed to use the word You's?

Tom Cruise saves American children 500,000 at a time

now that we all introduced ourselves to WilliamPitt...

Who is this Paul J. Newman, and how has he made all these movies?

Where has MrScorpio been?

Konerko resigns with White Sox

Qickie Quiz: Who said this about the Supreme Court Building?

Is it me or is Southern California the Billboard Capital of the world?

KitchenWitch is the Billboard Bomber!

Was I wrong to do this?

Why did Bundy cry during his speech?

what would you rather WilliamPitt call you?

13-Year-Old Calls 9-1-1 After Stealing Police Cruiser

I have forgotten, what was matcom's avatar before the taco?

I am going to start a seceraty school

I caught MrsGrumpy putting 50 scents under my pillow.

What was the most underrated movie you ever saw?

Man Falls Off Balcony To His Death During Spitting Contest

Boy Eats Other Foot

The Bloodhoung Gang or The Offspring

Dingbat-related polls are canceled until further notice.

How come dipshits don't have to worry about their jobs or status?

There is a moron I work with who insists on

Sometimes, you just have to go

Swamp Rat... paging Swamp Rat

Reality shows that didn't make the cut:

One good aspect of The Rolling Stones performing the Superbowl

Strangest announcement ever at work

THAI FOOD - well, I had Thai food for lunch...

Why did they take "Sheriff Lobo" off the air?

Study: Tight Skirt Can Make A Female Boss Look Dumb

Paging Az - Please pick up the Blue Courtesy Phone!

I passed the 2000 post mark and didn't even notice...

I hate it when people call me for no reason and have nothing to say.

I say "bring back THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!"

Why is it that we call Cheney "Crashcart"?

I've got a Venison sausage in the Fridge ask me anything

Is Thomas Kinkade a hack?

QUEEN & Paul Rodgers: *FINALLY* ... a USA tour!!!!!

Google Image search BushCo cliches and rhetoric, then post


How did Petticoat Junction get on the air?

Lookie - Prison Jumpsuit Orange is all the White House fashion rage..

I apologize for calling all you asshats "fuckers"

This cat has perfect form

Incredibly Sad...18 year old Single Dad gunned down.

Patti Smith Fans: I heartily recommend the new Horses Live '05

Bertha, we're waiting for vacation pictures!

Osama sends George Bush a letter

Does anyone REALLY believe WillPitt's apology is sincere?

Apply for your dream job..a CRONY job.. high pay..major bennies

I had a vision in the Fridge ask me anything

I started out on sugar. Went on to nicotine. Then caffeine. Then weed.

Really. Aren't MOST people fuckers?

A strong reminder since it hasn't been said in a while . . .

I'm at home sick with the trots...ASK ME ANYTHING!!



DU this poll on CNN!!!! Right there on the home page - HOT ISSUE

Urban "Rednecks"

Britney Spears & Cletus turn infant's room into life-sized Nativity scene

off to smoke my very last butt..

I only have one butt left till Sniffa comes home!

Just in time for the Holidays, a Baby Jesus......


My son set a pencil on fire in science class

WTF is nurturing democracy?

How Matt Stone and Trey Parker almost killed BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

I dated a girl named Katrina - it was a disaster...

Personal Library of Bush Destroyed in Flood

Do Men Retain Water?

I have my computer back ..........

New Battle Hymn of the Republic making the email rounds

Another Bloody Election.

Does anyone else here have chemical sensitivity?

What do any of YOU know about dark energy?

Is there any "news" on your local TV news?

I wonder if Evita and Abbott are still talking about Lynne behind her back

quote quiz

Okay, I think this was odd....

Yak with me!

Movie remakes you would like to see: Conan The Barbarian w/ Woody Allen.

Stranger's death that affected you most?

A police officer just came to my house

OOO O O OOO The Big Big O ....

My aunt is complaining it's cold in here.

Happy St. Andrew's Day to all my Scottish friends

Ya know, neither the left nor the right is going to ruin my holiday

What do you spike your eggnog with?

Why did Bush cry during his speech?

Woo Hoo!! I have a job interview next wednesday.

What is your favorite version of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"?

For your viewing pleasure: Beach pictures....dial-up warning!

Accountants: Income tax question / have been living abroad

WHOOHOO!! I'm wireless!!

Can you collect unemployment if you quit?

CNN - Woman 'has first face transplant'

Strange old baseball card

Someone send me good thoughts/prayers/wishes.. etc my way please?

The fastest two handed game?

What celebrity doesn't look like they fit any existing ethnicity?

Why education is important.

Does anyone have a link to the God Warrior lady on Jay Leno?

Being in love is a breach of sanity and reason

Homosexuals, have you ever dated the opposite gender?

The OFFICIAL call Will Pitt a name thread

Single guys, have you ever dated a younger woman?

UPDATE: Nov. 10 surgery went well and got the biopsy results!

I bought a Seriously Bad Elf today...


College Football fans: BCS - yes or no?

'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' Secrets Revealed (The Animated Show)

I am looking to hire a seceraty


You've been hired to Ghostwrite Bush's autobiography. What title do you..

It wasn't a sexual assault -- it was sleep sex.

My Father: The Animal Loving Naturalist.....

Set yourself on fire!

Anybody want to fight?

UH What gave it away?

can you handle another "good thoughts/prayer" thread today?

It's about time we start a thread just to share our praises of Matcom

My S.O. just auditioned for "Rocky VI"

Do you buy/sell on Ebay?

What's the deal with cataract surgery?

Heterosexuals....if there was a pill that could make you gay...

Dead Man Mistaken For Deer Left Along Highway For Days

Oregon Coast Photos...dial up warning!

Am I alone in this?

I want to have a discussion about satellite radio

Catfish Po-Boy dressed and a side order of fried Okra

Have you ever been madly in love?

GIve me a bad 70's slow song to cover LOUD and CRUNCHY!

Video games for 9 year old son. Can they help? Very Long.

Vintage rock and roll discussion thread.

My normally gentle dog has become psychotic.

Anybody heard anything from KyndCulture?

Please send good wishes for healing my way.....

Is anyone else getting random marketing calls on their cellphones?

What's wrong with me?

What celebrity death affected you the most?

Jesus. There are so many of you 1000+ fuckers I don't recognize.

What is your job title?

"I am sick and tired of the 'Katrinas'" - OMFG, read this trash

Okay, what do YOU think is hot?

Who would you rather have as your perky cup of morning coffee?

So, what did I miss?

UCLA will beat USC

dont you just hate one choice polls?

All team sports are banned

Animal Porn

Holocaust Left "Indelible Mark Of Shame," Pope Says

Never mind.

Kurt Warner and Jesus at the Super Bowl - A new Super Bowl ad.

Mormons refuse to join other churches in condemning torture

Vatican edict on gays divides U.S. Catholics...

WP: Steroids Detected In Dietary Tablets (sold on Internet)

new love and nerve growth factor

Science faces dangerous times (Royal Acad. Science President)

Desktop manufacturing. (Printable Electronics)

Smart Brains Toss Out Trivia

Alzheimers could be diabetes like illness

Kansas professor says sorry for intelligent design email

Author Fights Gay Book Ban in Tacoma, WA

South African Court To Announce Gay Marriage Ruling

Gay St. Augustine Students Fight For GSA

Winning the fight for Gay Marriage.

George (Michael) plans to wed

Human Rights Campaign offers Buyers Guide

Vatican's newest document restricts gays from priesthood . . .

Gay Groups Should Actively Support a Ban on Divorce and Re-Marriage

Pope Slams Gays, Condoms In AIDS Day Message

Thoughts on the "gay gene" (anyone here a geneticist?)

Report: Schwarzenegger Appoints Lesbian Activist Top Aide

Ric Flair Surrenders On Assault Charges

Open letter to Dogs and Cats

Request for Light

Simple gift for an ill loved one?

Best. Horoscope. Ever.

Well, I guess that I created enough havoc

I am sooooo evil--bwahahahaha

Here it comes, kiddos.

Found myself searching the archives over at Kos today

What do you think?

BLM Question: Where did you hear this

Anyone listening to the nitwit?

Nice news summary about today's speech

Dan Froomkin on John Dickerson on McCain

this is a funny thread about Kerry's rebuttal

Just in case you need to explain that Kerry's plan is NOT the DLC's plan

Anybody listen to Big Eddie? He said Kerry had the soundbite of the day

Audio of the Press Conference

For Tay Tay

Powell Aide Calls Bush "ALOOF." Oh the irony.

Please help! I am working on this race ! It is in my District and

Wow! Did you get the letter from Gary Hart (via the PAC)

Question about 16-bits vs. 8 bits channel mode in PS

Hi, KOEBabes and Buds... (sorry for the length)

Two Monica Blogs in One Day!

hey, Gidget blogs twice in one day. How cool is that?

Countdown Newsletter -- 11/30/05: Defending the War

The Squire of Crawford (shout-out to the Trekker/Trekkies)

Hey Canadians! You might want to see tonight's Daily Show!

Froomkin raises some interesting issues

Is Corzine bungling his Senate replacement? Will we lose that seat?

Do you feel Hillary '08 Burn out, or Is it just me?

Early exit (from Iraq) would be a mistake according to Bush

New U.S. Efforts to Ready Iraqis to Take Control [military requests $3.9 b

The Repug & MSM spin on the GOP scandals is that they ALL do it.

Lieberman's on Imus right now, listing Bush Iraq Talking Points 1 by 1

Putin Vs. The Neo-Comintern (by, of all people, Pat Buchanan)

Some serious thoughts from a Native American about Earth & our lives.

Bill O'Reilly lies with Bush/Cheney soundbites (MP3)

Check out the stupidity on freeperville!!!

PDF version of "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" available online

These Senators DO NOT have to apologize. They voted NO on Iraq!!!

My Strategy for Victory in Iraq

One suggestion for the DNC

Cheney 'may be guilty of war crime'

It would have been better if Bush had given this speech BEFORE he lied

Where was this Bush speech? At a military base where they dressed

Do these idiots SERIOUSLY believe the military alone will "win" this??

A DLC/DEM overview, please: Thoughts and questions

How many poll points is a tear worth? n/t

Poll: What is the best strategy for Pres. Bush to follow in Iraq?


Chimpy: "An unclassified version of the strategy we've been pursuing"

Bush is coming around to Murtha's plan...

"No wonder Gore won't talk to you..."

Bush to ask for $3.9 billion more for much more for New Orleans

Enough of this militaristic bullshit !

Gibson, Fox: "God is referenced only to demonstrate that Bush is crazy"

CNN: "Naval Academy midshipmen sleep as they wait for President Bush"

Hey DU'ers ... want to win in 2006?

Iraq, Ten Years After...

the word is not REJECTIONISTS, the word is EMANCIPATORS dammed!

(Newport Beach, CA) Daily Pilot: Minuteman brings immigration to fore

Illegal to Legal -- with a wave of a magic pen

Mass quick DU response team.....anyone interested?

Why can Couric have O'Reilly on to discuss the president's Iraq plan?

Can someone point me to Lieberman's recent editorial?

Here we go. "Economy surges."

Did Bush or his admin team say anything about GM mass layoffs?

republicans pissed that cunningham got caught

Bush cried at the end of his speech reading the letter of a fallen Marine

Give Bush his flu shot

Something just occurred to me about Righties approving of torture

A Congressional Election THIS Tuesday!

Welcome to "Ask the White House"---note her job title.

Did anyone see Mark Warner on

Rapid Response Network Update for Wednesday 11/30

the swiftboating of war critics has begun

This is going to make you smile I think.

I'm setting her scratching my head wondering...

"Liberal Media" my ass...

Notes from the Kerry/Reed Press Conference on Bush’s Speech

How many times did Bush use the word "terrorist" in speech today?

OK..Now DU Lou Dobbs

I just want to thank joementum Lieberman...

It's hard work mustering up fake tears

bush depends on his field commanders - another gop lie

Kerry's Response is Good, but he really should change that Tie

Kerry/Reed Press Conference Audio Link

DUers: Help keep Bush-bucks out of the Canadian election

I Thought McCain and Kerry We're All "Buddy Buddy"?

The Woodward Scandal Should Not Blow Over by Norman Solomon

The most dictatoresque photo of an American President I've seen.

Did Chimp replace "Iraq is the central front in the war on TERROR" with

Reminder: Murtha's response to the Screeching Chimp on "Hardball" tonite

Find the Links to Abramoff, Reed, Scanlon and Sheldon here?

CBS Poll

Help needed in Arizona Congressional Race! Help Remove Abramoff buddy

Didn't bush say it is our money...

Planned Parenthood:a young woman needs to get to a hospital, not a court

Flipping off CNN

Cartoon: DLC - its CEO and its Sponsors

"Duke" Cunningham's stellar record.

What ever happened with the oil barrons that lied

Taft's approval ratings sinks to 6.5%

Was Governor Warner's decision regarding Lovitt correct?

recap of Kerry and Reed press conference on Iraq

Congressional oversight of the CIA?? - this is pretty funny !!

Pelosi just endorsed Murtha's bill to remove US troops from Iraq

Can a republican possibly embarrass another republican?

"National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" (VERY LONG)

"President's speech on Iraq strategy conjures a dreamworld"

Did B* say we had 167,000 troops in Iraq during speech?

Vote on junior's plan for Victory

2008 Democratic Primary

MSNBC Poll... let's Go!

The DLC, a different perspective

In this morning's PR speech, Bush now calls Insurgents "REJECTIONISTS"

A Scandal of Irony -- Abramoff Used DeLay to Fund Anti-Intifada Militia

New Mexico Law Suit Delves Inside Voting Machines

I think Joe Momentum had a very different month than most of us.

"On" vs. "Against"

I've decided...I want Dr. Dean for President in 2008

A Very Simple Campaign Strategy for '06

Look who's behind those planted, paid for stories in Iraqi press

2006: Democrats Control Senate 51-49; Lieberman Appointed Sec of Defense

Take the Republicans Down -- NOW!

does anyone believe S.C. Justice Bryer when he says:

It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted

Credit card companies to double minimum payments this month...

Should Joseph Lieberman Switch Parties?

A New Ultra-Secret Government Agency

WE support Cindy MAP at FRAP (no freeps please)

is dccc chair rahm emmanuel torpedoing good candidates?

Gary Hart: John Kerry’s October Speech on Iraq, Was a Turning Point

Why do some people on DU support illegal immigration even when...

Rummy declared insurgents would,henceforth, no longer be called insurgents