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Archives: November 3, 2005

Who will follow Libby out the door?

Closed Door Session: Red State Dems React

Salon: Bush's bunker strategy

Too clever by half

Libby defiant as Senate investigates Rove's role

Wal-Mart: is this the worst company in the world?

Libby on the Label (Humor / Will Durst)

White House pays price for lies

Since when is lying to a grand jury no big deal?

Japanese chemists study biogas upgrades using industrial waste heat.

Also Established! There Were No Mutliple Steel Core Columns per FEMA desc

How did you spend Nov. 2nd, 2005 --

Where can I find active link to Bev H. and H. Dean exposing GEMS?

Sacramento leads the way. Anti-war resolution to be emulated nationwide.

Los Angeles upcomping events

64% for 2, 59% for 3, 40% for 4 & 42% for 5

We've lost 47 now...

I just received this from Howard Dean.

Watching CSPAN's coverage of ......

Thom Hartmann is filling in on the Majority Report!

Why ruling elites hope we don't remember the real Rosa Parks.

Sandra Day O'Connor should not give up her seat on the bus to a white man.

DU - can some ambitious person here keep a list of all the dems

Bush made up claims of Iraqi nuclear ability.

So is Paula Zahn trying to tell us that exercise is bad?

CBS: Anti-Bush Protests Mark Reelection {WORLD CAN'T WAIT}

I GOT IT! The line to run on!

I hate it when I do this, I was going to go tot he Nov 2nd demo

Anyone see Sen. Rockafeller on Tweety's show? Is this old news for

"The big question is - what will Camilla wear?"

are those protestors outside the white house for prince charles dinner?

AP: Now-famous names pop in Alito papers

Hey! "I want Freedom" people in front of the WH: You know what I want????

CBS-Bush, Now -Approve 35%

Rumsfeld Denies UN Rights Experts Access...

Chairman Dean :: White House and Vice President's Office Should Cooperate!

GIVE ME A BREAK! C-SPAN just cut away from the protestors

Jimmy Carter ROCKS

WTF? Crowd outside WH chanting "We love freedom!"

What (R) Senators may support an Alito filibuster?

hartmann having freeper for dinner

Daschle Calls for U.S. Troops to Withdraw From Iraq

How many state dinners did the Bushies have in the W.H?

Libby in court over CIA agent's identity leak

Thousands rally across US against Bush policies - Soon to be millions

Media Matters shows Blitzer trying to put words in Dean's mouth.

VIDEOS- the Tribal Lobbying Hearing today (Abramoff)

Inside the bunker

Chalabi Lanches Election campaign......

Will The Democrats Put Up a Fuss The Next Time Chimpass Asks for War $$?

Belligerent Drunk Man Lives Up To The Title (Humor break)

Polling Report's Bush overall job rating in recent newsmedia/nonpartisan

Some helpful ideas for George W. Bush - 35% Approval

Maybe they should merge CNN with the WB network

What I'd like to say to b4 they take away privacy of the internets...cont

Bush national security adviser denies ties to fake Iraq-Niger documents

Don't forget: Joe Wilson on Countdown with KO tonight at 8 ET

Which china do you like best?

house voting RIGHT NOW on Bill on Political Blogs...

I think we should make a schedule of protests

CNN : Prince Charles makes toast for president

These U.S. gulags are really freaking me out!!!

hartmann will cover what is going on in DC

Your Highness

Feinstein talks like she has strings attached to her lips

I'm sitting here in the Magnolia club posting live...1/2 way through my

There aren't a lot of "Good Citizens" here

President Carter to be on Larry King, supposedly to blast the relig right

Bush & Gang can campaign - but can they govern?

Can I tell you how proud I am......

scooters book--ya` better get it fast

Oohh, look at the HUGH crowd of Schwarzenegger supporters --->

So, now that we find we do have gulags,

Karl "Fair Game" Rove goes to church with the Wilsons

What happened to the never released Abu Gharib pictures?

my latest idea

Hey Mr. Pitt!

I Feel Like I Have Bird Flu...

VIDEO-Keith and Howard discuss Scooter's book

the thing i'll remember the most about bush is he made Torture Kewl again

Man Could Get Life Sentence In Syrup Theft

Anyone watch E-Ring?

Russia tests warhead that pierces US missile shield

Live and Direct Looks Like the greatest hits of media distractions

Big Loss For Norquist and the GOP Coalition

National Health Museum under Conservative Watch (fear of science?)

Dowd: Chain, Chain, Chain of Cheney Fools story (funny as hell)

OK even the Pope thought Saddam had WMDs. SO WHAT!?!?

One year later

"Serving the Administration" vs the country

"We want freedom" - who are the protesters in Layfaette Park?

Hundreds of thousands to lose their food stamps? No big deal.

You know WHY everyone in the WORLD thought Iraq had WMD?!?!?

Should I send this to O'Reilly?

UN weighs measure extending US-led force in Iraq

So, I was wondering Where does the DoD get authority to hire mercenaries

"Operation Truth" ad just on CNN/Larry King halfway through

Times to question whether McClellan can survive

Scotty Mcliar seems to be feeling some heat....

It is about winning and losing at this point.

Rummie's TAMIFLU Stock Soars! But some Bird Flu RESISTANT!

3,000 People at 'World Can't Wait' protest in San Francisco!

What should be the age of sexual consent for males? (Binary poll)

President Carter on CNN-Larry King right now 9pm est

Hadley answers question about forged Niger documents

Bartlett from WH on Hardball (Jimmy Carter tape to play in a bit).

sabotage and resistance or gone daddy gone the love is gone

The way I see it

86% polled believe the CIA Leak matter to be at-least somewhat important

How about a list of the other loose ends that remain?

Focus on: Election, 2006 is going to be the year for Democrats - The Hill

Love and Loving is sustenance through all challenges.

National debt increasing 3.48 billion a day

We've been angry... Now let's get pissed.

Let's hear some ideas to replace Marc Maron of Morning Sediton

Maxine Waters giving 'em hell on Cspan

What happened this morning?

Salon: Abramoff-Scanlon School of Sleaze

If you havent listened to the Santorum interview you need to

Next On CNN: Kyra Phillips & RW'er Co-host Say There Are Lib Dems That

So, Now That The Bottom Has Essentially Fallen Out

Just out of curiosity....

William F. Buckley: Plame Outing A Serious Matter

35% approval?

a pipe bomb exploded by Peter King's office

VIDEO- Secret Prisons from Olbermann

Any debunking of Michael Moore owning Halliburton stock?

Gallup: INTERESTING numbers on Alito, filibuster and nuke

Well folks, most of the corporate news programs are back to Natalee...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Rendezvous Best Of

Tell Congress to save the Arctic Refuge.

Would it alienate too many ppl here to have a DU Poster of the Month?

Caption this photo...Karl Rove...

World Can't Wait PHOTOS Nov 2nd -an important date!

That would be a lot of HAPPY PEOPLE!

Oh Criminy, Here They Are in Their Tuxes and Ball Gowns ---pix->>>

Request from Harry Reid: Help Change the Course in Iraq

Religion Hijacked! I was listening to Jimmy Carter on NPR...

Hate Mailbag cracked me up!

Pickles using the (gasp) Clinton China this evening!

Aaron Brown, Ted Koppel, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings...

It's official...a guy I thought I could talk to is a freeper

Aaron Brown out---Anderson Cooper in.

Where is Aaron Brown tonight?

It cannot hold up .. The Regime!

I found a picture of young Ann Coulter on a poster!

Anyone want to see a fundy meltdown turn on Trading Spaces

I'm sorry but could somebody please

I need the clip of Frist yesterday with the "crybaby" sound effects


Just Found The One Picture That Completely Sums Up Bush's Iraq Policy!

I wonder if fearless leader will dress up for his south of the border trip

Aaron Brown "fired" from CNN ?????

Same Sex Couple at White House Dinner?

What happened to the story last week about Darth Cheney and Libby...

The affection bestowed upon the British Royal Family - I don't get it

Robt Dreyfus to Fitzgerald: investigate ALL the "-gates"! (all connected)

The Tragedy of the Commons

Really bummed about Aaron Brown...


How does one hack into a Central Tabulator?

Boycott Sony

You all need to know about the most dangerous repuke of the future...

Wonder what our government is doing to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children?

KO reading Scooter's sex prose on Countdown right now

Who else thinks the bird flu craziness is to get Rx companies more money?

Robertson: State must say man has right to know if wife will kill his heir

WOW!!! Are ya'll listening to the protests outside the WH?!?!?!?!

Did ANY Repiglican Speak at Rosa Parks' Service?

VIDEO-White House protest at P Charles dinner

Wichita City Council restricts sites for sex shops

Tweety just said to Jimmy Carter (about the Iran business)

We're torturing them there, because we can't torture them here...

102 DEAD US Troops in 33 Days. 2035 Dead for LIES....

Joined a little protest today

Carter: We worship the prince of peace not the prince of pre-emptive war.

TOONS: Alito bit of everything

Well it seems Gov. Goodhair of Texas

20,000 Troops Home Over the Holidays - Please Sign!

One Year Later: What a Stronger Country We Could Have Been

Our health care system is crashing


How much of a "mandate" is 35%

The US Now Has Homeland Security Officers in Replace of City Police?

C-SPAN 2 : Abramoff Hearings... (repeat)


Fuck (this) America... In listening to KO and hearing the words about the

It's shocking to see the "liberal media" kicking Bush* when he's down!

What is Laura Bush on???????

PHOTO: GAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Last night I made "my" sweet and sour pork

LAT/AP: Thousands Honor Parks With Songs, Thanks

Pr. Charles to Discuss Global Warming with * - BBC

Engineers Fear Levee Repairs Not Enough

Senate's "Gang of 14" Fractures Over Alito

At Americas Summit, Battle Looms Over Free Trade

Slow Word of al-Qaida Escape Draws Ire

The First Online War Honors Fallen Troops With Web Tributes (WSJ)

Wal-Mart: is this the worst company in the world?

Libby defiant as Senate investigates Rove's role

LAT/AP: Senate's 'Gang of 14' Fractures Over Alito

LIVE: Protesters Can be Heard on Cspan! (State Dinner)

Bush Approval rating down to 35% - CBS News Poll

CBS: Anti-Bush Protests Mark Reelection {WORLD CAN'T WAIT}

Carnival (Cruises) defends Katrina contract to US lawmakers

Al Qaeda's presence stunned Iraq's moderate north (Kurdistan)

Astronauts will land the Moon with spades to dig for helium-3

Blair's day of calamity: exit Blunkett then a retreat on terror


Bosses get new power under Australian law

Al Qaeda, Iraq insurgents mark Eid Al Fitr

Alito's Civil Rights Judgments Scrutinized

PM 'tipped off' terror cell

Howard rejects terror threat conspiracy claims

Marines try to coax desert town into coalition camp

Chavez Says Plots Against His Government Have Arisen From Colombian

Reid to Bush: Follow footsteps of Reagan, not Nixon

Chavez challenges Bush to a FTAA debate

Eritrea- Ethiopia Close to War

11/2 CBS poll: More Bad News For Bush (35% approval!)

LAT: Challenges to Bush's Iraq Policy Gain Dramatic Momentum

US hurricane damage 'preventable' (BBC News)

Bush aide denies ties to fake Iraq-Niger documents (Hadley)

BBC News: Venezuela threatens US over F-16s (spare parts supply problem)

Medicare Gives Hospitals a Raise, Physicians a Pay Cut

Board approves environmental report for high-speed rail project (in CA)

LAT: Anti-Bush Protest Forces Street Closures in West L.A.

AP: Congressman to propose fence for U.S.-Mexico border

Russia tests Topol-M missile to subdue USA's $50-billion air defense

Schwetty Balls

67 degrees in St Paul, MN today. How hot was it in your area?

Should the admins kill Taverner?

I spoke too soon.

"Balls!" cried the queen..

Have you ever wondered if you have been speaking with a

Self-deleted. I don't want to get into any arguments today.

STELLA!!!!! STELLAAAAAAAA! I'm gonna call you in a lil bit

Greetings from sunny SAN DIEGO!

We are almost at 80,000 registered users at DU

You Will Get The LOUNGE When You Pry It From My COLD.DEAD.HANDS.

basket balls

Fucking A - I need some sleep

Stop it. Please.

So you wake up from sleeping and have an awful taste in your mouth . . .

OMG! This is bad... very very bad

Is there a new "Lost" on tonight?

How old are my kitties in people years? They are 11 and a half.

Opinions on the "Revenge of the Sith" DVD

What do you wear to the lounge?

BARACK OBAMA to be on TDS on Monday (11/7)!!!

Holy torrential downpour, Batman

Deeeeeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaaaasketball

So my parent isn't a female after all. Should I rename him?

365 days ago, how drunk were you getting and what were you drinking?

10 reasons I love my new job~!

Watching Fox right now makes me want to get ready for another civil war

Alot of fun stuff tonight...

One word thread

We just learned the Manhattan Crossover.....

Our chicken had an egg!

Quotes that could apply to Bush.

Accused Panty Thief Pleads Guilty

Does anyone else here drink from pickle, mayonnaise, or jelly jars?

Does anyone have Vonage phone service? (internet phone line)

How is it that fleas can jump so high and far?

Lounge mafia check in

you know what the lounge needs?

What's the big deal with 'clicks'?

I just had the most awesome mehndi applied!

Good Wednesday Evening, Everyone!

ever accidentally run into someone you once had a horrible unrequited

Anyone use religious rhetoric to antagonize/defraud rightist X-tians?

I finally have EXPRESSIVE LOVE back in my life.

Stop what you are doing.

"Dead Zone," "Deep Space Nine" Creator Dies

Can U help me DU a local-yocal Anchorage poll... purdy please?

My two cats - picked em up today

(AUDIO) Jon Stewart's appearance on today's Howard Stern show

My two cents on all this clique stuff.

When a family member overdoses. ***Warning: Graphic***

Fucking shit fuck ass pussy nuts fuck....NEvermind I guess I missed

Frozen ground beef panties recalled

If I call my dachshund a "Long-haired leaping gnome."

Thank heaven for little girls...

Anyone here get allergy shots? Did they help you?

How Did You Find Out About DU?

Fox News in 1864.


I'm looking for the Economic Relevance of the Wizard of OZ

get the heLL outta my house in jesus christ's name

Who is your favorite "Munster"?

Edited to advertise cool adventure-y pics inside!

anyone have a link to the big dog's speech today?

Star Wars fans. What was order # 67?

About all this potty mouth...

ball in hand...

How do you let someone down easy?

I could really use a hug or a kind word.

My two cents on all this clique stuff.

If you could assign a new user name to a DUer, who and what would it be?

TakeThe Personality Defect Test!!

Miniature Dachshunds

I just noticed something on Direc TV

50 Cent - God's Messenger

Anybody else baffled?

Inspiring words by or about John Kerry

I think we should do a KOEB meetup...

VIDEO: Keith on Scooter Libby's sex book - arousing bears with sticks!!

It's Joe Wilson Night at the KOEB 11/2/05

Reporters Should Ask Hadley About His Involvement In Leak Scandal

War Vote Was Wrong - Give Me A Break!

Fucking TWEETY just said "President Bush and President Cheney"

SEIU rally in SF....more about Dean and the healthcare workers. Picture.

Thank Harry Reid. He is going to need to know that we support him.

Why isn't the invasion enough for Smirk's base?

The Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle

In 3 of 4 cases, Supreme Court nominee Alito voted on the side of abortion

We must make total war on Blue State Republicans.

LIVE: Protesters Can be Heard on Cspan! (State Dinner)

CNN: Your e-mail advice for the president (No evidence of DU suggestions)

Hypothetical ... what to do when both 'yes' and 'no' are the wrong answer

What the H### is John McCain doing in a tv ad in Calif. for Arnold?

Number of approval points required to ACTUALLY have a MANDATE

Americans Call Libby Charges “Serious Crime”

Rove's Contingency Plans Include Forming Spin Team


How a TRUE christian President acts

Jimmy Carter blasting fundamentalists (and Bush) on Larry King right now

Thom hartmann blows

Brain-dead Kentuckian embarrasses my state on CNN website

Hard-hitting Democratic Treasongate Video!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone notice that FOX

Check out the graphic at for Bush's approval!!

Alito voted for pro-abortion stance in 3 of 4 cases

Dems lurch to the left will hurt them (by Liddy Dole)

"Chris Matthews and the Power of Repetition"

Anybody have the link to the article about * challenging Geena

Call me daft (not really, please) but I don't get how 9/11

Dick Cheney's favoribily rating is 19%.


The country is now antiwar, why should we nominate a hawk?

Alter (Newsweek): Rove's Plame naming = NO criminal court

NYT is the LAST publication that should be printing stuff like this.

McCain orders marshals to find no-show GOP operative

Gallup: Very interesting numbers on Alito, filibuster and nuking

jimmy carter said that jesus would not approve of abortion

Rumsfeld wants you to get the Avian flu

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU: CBS News Posts Bush Approval Rating: 35%

Condi's date to tonight's Prince Charles gala is a Dem

Alito toon worth a thousand words

Will Aaron Brown end up at Faux too?

Husband won't give "permission" for chemo (TRUE story)

Matthews told a Kerry lie

"I would NEVER have voted for war."

Media overlooked Sen. Roberts's conflicting statements about investigation

Michael Brown says in FEMA email: 'I'm a fashion god'

California Special Election Voting Guide: YES on 77...Stop Gerrymandering!

Rush called for our obliteration and nuking today

Speak up now to prevent Arctic drilling: Senate votes tomorrow

To serve evil with honor? The warrior in a wrongful war

It's time for honesty and straightforwardness

Katrina's death toll is anybody's guess

Cheney's Tangled Chain of Command

Senate stunt juiced up intelligence probe (Boston Globe)

NYT Editorial--The Prison Puzzle (against secret prisons & torture)

Government scare-meister says FLU PANDEMIC! RUN for your lives!

Democrats' ploy forcing Roberts to keep promise

E&P: Knight Ridder's Tom Lasseter Offers Voice of Truth in Iraq (exc read)

Summary of Savings Proposals (tax rate on RICH drops to max 4%)

Bush and Co. pulled wool over own eyes

East Europe 'has secret CIA jails for al-Qaida'

The Philosophy of Mendacity

Forging the Case for War ...(Philip Giraldi, a former CIA Officer)

A year later: Losing, not gaining faith

Who is "We"?

NYTimes Editorial--Remember That Mushroom Cloud?

GOP changes tune on perjury

Sales tactics in schools by military need to get boot

Military madness comes to school

One nation, under God['s control], indivisible [and indefensible ....

New York Doll... THE MOVIE! opens Nov 4, 2005

First casualty of war By Eric Alterman,

No WMD, No Answers

The White House's Canned Answers

Hadley Says Policy Forbids *Torture (*too quaint for bush)

How can Bush address poverty and job creation at the Americas Summit?

Plaintiff alleges Alito conflict

What is with the Cincinnati Enquirer?

Sidney Blumenthal (Guardian): Inside the bunker

LE MONDE: Cheney's "Cabinet" accused of authorizing torture in Iraq

White House debate: Is it time for Rove to go?

New policy on off-road vehicles decried

Amazon Drought Now Seen As Worst In 40 Years - KRT

95% Of Puerto Rico's Reefs Bleached As Trend Spans Carribean

Heatwaves Likely To Emerge As Australia's Worst Disasters In Next Decades

UN Report - Africa's Lakes In Trouble - Lake Victoria Down 3 Ft. in 10 Yrs

Two Icebreakers Sail For First Time Ever From Alaska To N. Pole & Back

When Will the Joyride End

Lawrence Livermore Projects 14.5F Temperature Rise, 1,400+ CO2 Levels

Toyota PHEV Rumored

Record-Breaking Freeze On Heels Of Drought Crushes Spanish Olive Groves

An energy conservation scheme that has suddenly become affordable.

Poor? Renting? Your energy options are limited. (Brainstorm)

Modeling Of Long-term Fossil Fuel Consumption = 14.5 Degree Hike In Temp

U.S millionaire finances Jewish settlement in east Jerusalem

"If You Will It, It is No Dream"

Sharon's iron wall

Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids

Mofaz violated cabinet decision on illegal outposts

PA unable to prevent Gaza land theft

Were NORAD's Arnold & Scott lying/covering up re: Flight 77?

What path did the second plane take to hit the south tower?

9/11 suspect organises squash tournament

How Our Governments Use Terrorism to Control Us

Let's get this "jet fuel doesn't explode like that" thing settled...

NYS Bd of Elec. give tentative approval re new machines:

Do you know die-hard Dems who plan to skip voting this

Mark Crispin Miller Online DU Today! - Stolen Election 2004

Angry Kerry Supporters Seek Ohio Reform

One year later: what progress have we made on election reform?

On this one year anniversary,

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, 11/3/05

Requesting info on Nevada, Dean Heller, Sequoia.

Voter registration and college web sites

GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims

NEDA's Ohio Exit Poll Analysis Withdrawn

GAO Report Confirms 2004 Stolen Election Findings

Product Manager/Election Services: look at highlighted job description!

Pics from yesterday's World Can't Wait UCLA/Los Angeles Protest

"Swift boaters" for Big Pharm mislead for yes vote on Prop. 78

Field Poll: Governor faces uphill fight in '06

"Soldiers Speak Out" screening in LA (Barbara Trent)

Either arnie is starting to serenading voters or (captions needed)

Michael Hiltzick on Prop 78 & 79

NO on 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78, and YES on 79.

This weeks Civic Skinny (11/03/05)

A response from Leach on Iraq

In case you didn't know it....CHET CULVER IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR

Drake conservatives plan Freedom Week

Blouin's Steering Committee

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham- appearing in Boston Nov 5th

11/3/5 Looking for something to do tonight? Sixth district DFL.

Normie voted against ANWR(?)

MN listed as one of the states with election chicanery in 2004

My e-mail suddenly doesn't work

Repubs eating their own on Prop 2

Tx Atty Gen's voice promoting homophobic amendment

Ha! Tit for tat, Bugman!

Wow! I got this email about robocalls re: prop 2

TABOR suffers defeat in Colorado!

Judge appointments

IMPORTANT email I just received from Governor Dean

Went to the Paul McCartney concert last nite in Denver, had AAA 11th row

Daily show just NAILED "trickle-down" economics!

Scooter to appear in court tomorrow...when does Bugman go?

Stop watching TV news!

Could someone repost that graph of Clinton vs. Bush from a couple days ago

Always be careful not to point fingers.

How Long Before "The Situation Room" Goes To Eight Hours?

I need briefing on Miers

Protest outside of White House tonight, amazing, from CSPAN

Why do I always find out about protests AFTER they happen?

Camilla and Charles play a joke on Laura ---->


Amb. Joe Wilson on tonight's Olbermann again now

Milbank Says Too Much

Jesusfuckingchirst, nutjob "Dr" Phil on Leno

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

Should Iraqis have the right to bear arms? Americans answer. Oy. (VIDEO)


Hillarious Imus clip

What will ultimately become of GWB ---->

Shrink the Republican party down so you can drown it in a bathtub

The guy on The Colbert Report is KRAZEE.

San Francisco World Can't Wait photos

Hey fellow FireFox ver 1.0.x users! I just downloaded ver. 1.5 rc1!!!

A thought I had about Tim Russert

Are Republicans sociopaths?

Amazing 9/11 coincidences

Hey remember Ken Lay?

just read the Hate Mail. Freeps are so obsessed with their balls &

Filibuster / Nuclear Option / Senate Shut Down

Dan Rather's Interview with Saddam Hussein... a nice bedtime story.

Okay, so this Administration is the Marlon Brando part in

Is it a terribly slow day today or what? It seems to be a slow news

It's 11:38 on Nov. 2, 2005 I don't know if I will ever vote again...

Iraqi War update 2,035 troops now dead. 6 this month

Dems, Repubs rip Bush admin over extreme national park plan

This is one of the most brilliant parodies of the MSM that I've ever seen.

I voted NO on everything on the special election Ballot in California

Google is down?

Why male mice feel urge to break out into song

Don't forget-----mugshot day in a few hours.

Ray Taliaferro is Ripping !!!

I met Rosa Parks 25 years ago, on a train to Seattle, she was Angelic,


Has a day gone by where there hasnt been corruption from this admin?

when will the first cuckoo of winter appear?

Please help me find info on voter participation

CBS Poll Finds Public Takes Plamegate Seriously

Top GOP officials debate Axing poor KKKarl Rove

We all need t-shirts with this photo on them:

The "Today Show" will do a feature on the Rockettes honoring the

Berlusconi sees suicide bomb threats against him everywhere

On this day 1964

NPR/ME "right now" Larry Wilkerson busting Cheney on the war

Suspicious package on Brooklyn Bridge

Watched an Alito commercial last night...

Who went to the World Can't Wait rally yesterday?

Peace group kicked out of Milwaukee Veterans Day parade

Polls are such bullshit....

What are we going to get on Nov 14th? One bipartisan report or 2

Soledad disrepecting Carter on CNN

"Some Iraqis wax nostalgic for Saddam's law and order".....

"maybe we can sell some guitars"--Milles O'Brien, cnn--he is giving a

James Wolcott on Morning Sedition NOW

Out of touch? Out of his depth? No kidding.

Who says DU doesn't invite opposing views!!!

Segregating the forums--ie GD everything else and GD CIA Leak

Culture of Corruption: Rummy's making million$ on bird flu scare.

If you thought Michael Moore was doing a Katrina film: Check his website

Is it my imagination, or does the C-SPAN Washington Journal host

Resource for nutrition-related legislation (state & local)?

There were three different reports on Niger uranium sale

Moscow Times: Global Eye (conspirators cowering in shadows rest of days)

The GI who found Saddam Hussein in the bunker hole and said

Patrick Fitzgerald, Karl Rove and the Pregnant "Pause"

DAMN, Bush is too high in the polls!

WaPo: White House Insiders want Rove out!

White House: Policy forbids torture of all terror suspects---BULLSHIT

We can't rely on Republican scandal to get Dem's back in office

What Is Team Bush's Most Outrageous Stunt?

What's up with AAR?

Is it me or this the new "No Vietnamese ever called me a n*gger"?

Do you remember during the 2000 campaign when Junior said

9. Don't lick unfamiliar pigeons

Help - I really want to see Clinton's speech from Rosa Parks

Absurd Alito Polling (Polls & Pre$$titutes)

Wrath of Katrina

Ralph Reed's connection to Abramoff

Libby to Make First Court Appearance Since Indictment

"Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu" - Former Chair of Gilead Sciences

FLU Pandemic HYPE: prelude to 2006 elections? methinks.

Where's Cheney?

San Francisco Parrots Have Flown the Coop After Cypress Felled...

Comedy Relief provided by Rick Santorum

Florida Power & Light eliminated their maintenance budget 10 years ago...


Suit says Halliburton shirked on overtime (Iraq & Kuwait employees)

Libby's Arraignment to Occur in Giant Courtroom

EU to investigate CIA prisons in Eastern Europe

Will Turkey George the chickenhawk visit the troops on Thanksgiving?

CBS: "Massive March in Midtown"

CBS News -- Bush at 35%

Breaking News! Sun rose this morning.


CNN reported this AM that 'Brownie' is STILL on the FEMA payroll.

Is this US military S.O.P.?

A round of applause for Sam Osborne

Why is Poppy Smirk hiding from the press (photo)?

VIDEO-Emanuel on the Republican Budget Cuts- SPEAKING OUT

* is getting closer and closer to tricky Dick's 27% approval

Chertoff gets earfull in Houston--has no response to complaints about FEMA

A Rove indictment will likely list Bush as an "unindicted co-conspirator"

19% Job Approval -Way to go Dick...

Has Tim Russert been very scarce this week?

"Senate's 'Gang of 14' Fractures Over Alito"

Libby Arrives at the Courthouse for His Arraignment ---pix->>>

I often say that B* could kill a puppy on live tv and 33% of this country

Will there be a Libby mugshot?

Happy arraignment day, everybody!

New Term (Bush Davidian) nominee?

Bet they have Osama in one of those secret prisons.

To the Presstitutes:...Here's anotehr thing about those polls .....Grrrrr!

Did you hear Tweety say,"the problem is." when he thought he was off mike

Who are the Senate's 'Gang of 14' ????????????

CNN Anchor: The worst person in the world...

Volcanic eruptions mask effect of global warming

Best Quote of the Day

Should people who smoke at gas stations be caned?

How long until Bush declares "I AM NOT A CROOK!"?

Will Novak have to testify?

Do you think Bush has ever laughed at himself in his life?

Former CIA agent tells about Niger lies

Ike Skelton in the House just called for a "Truman Commission"

Election Corruption: What can you do to STOP IT?

Libby's Attorney is Ted Wells. Information anyone?

Unsolicited advice for Nov. 3, 2005

On cutting Food Stamps....

Did anyone catch the crazy Jeezus-Freeper on "Trading Spouses" last night?

Stevens (Alaska) is the President of the Senate Protemp for

I think the DEMS are exploding...

Hadley: Scooter Libby is a fine person

Suggest a title : "The Democratic Plan" for the Country

Ben Nelson may have to be excused from the fillibuster

I am so sick of DU hating on tall, thin, blonde women.

Bush aide admits meeting Italian secret service chief in 2002

Gov. Vows More Ballot Efforts

What if I'd been Valerie Plame's friend, knew her status and disclosed it?

"Gang of 14" is the "Fraud of 14"

"The Democrats have no ideas"

On Aug. 29, Brownie's emails were about Nordstroms!

They had breaking new re: Michael Brown's Email today....

CBS News: presidential Plunge in Poll Numbers with Photo!

What is it that Matthews knows about Alito?

I am a fashion god???

ANWR vote so far 43 yea, and I'm not keeping count of nay

A Bush Supporter Said to Me,"You Must be Happy with the Alito Choice....

Isn't it ironic....

Once again (third year in a row) the flu vaccine distribution is screwed

Questions about Iraq War discussions....

So if Libby pleads Not Guilty, that's good for us, right?

MSNBC POLL–Do you think the Bush Administration is starting

maybe the abu ghraib photos were released deliberately to adjust us

He's got the whole world in his hands

cong. woman slaughter kicking butt on msnbc

VIDEO- Waxman on Lack of Republican Oversight-YOUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT

Kerry Introduces Legislation to Honor Rosa Parks in the U.S. Capitol

If I've seen Ben Nelson's mug on CNN once today...

Stephanie Miller: It is her world, we just live in it.

VIDEO-Pelosi's Special Resolution on Republican Oversight Shot Down

Read This and LYAO, re our local Offc of Emergency Management:

ALITO: failure to recuse! Alito fails to uphold promise to SJC.

VIDEOS-Selected from the Rosa Parks funeral yesterday

VIDEO-Obey on lack of Republican Oversight- mentions OSP

A DU post-election classic: From Elizabeth Edwards

VIDEO- Rush Holt on lack of Republican Oversight

Berlusconi linked to forged Iraq documents

Remember when Tom Hagan visited Frankie Five Angels in jail?

I would like to see to a little more consideration given to those...

VIDEO- DeFazio on the Republican Budget Cuts- OUR DEMS SPEAKING OUT


Scotty Bashing

Do I need to let someone know if I was previously registered at DU

Let's stop being silly & just Torture folks right here at home already

How much is your vote worth?

Sixth Ohio Reservist to Stand Trial in Prisoner Abuse Case

I take it back. I will speak Against Notification of the Fathers

If you were to die suddenly

Dick Morris coming up on Hartmann. I anticipate tough questions.

MUST READ: Wife meets Kat. survivor riding w/ dog on bike in AZ (legit)

Italian secret services warned the United States months before it invaded

Sam Alito - Unethical Judge Who Broke Vow to Congress (please keep kicked)

Another angle on Karl Rove

All that ANTI-WALMART stuff? ... ... It's working

two things: Gonsales and buffalo meat

DU Connected Coast to coast

SA Welcome for the chimp: "Get Out Bush Assassin"!

Applicants Without Bilingual Skills Will Not Be Considered....

FreeRepublic takes on The Washington Post

Which dems voted for the IWR and which ones voted against it?

VIDEO-McGovern on the Iraq War-DEMS SPEAKING OUT

CNN's Daryn Kagan Laughs Off The Libby Charges

Cheney's 19% Approval, What it REALLY MEANS FOR CHIMPY!

Question about SCOTUS

Having 3 wives no reason to oust Utah judge, his lawyer argues

Someone needs to tell MSNBC to look at the site...

60 Minutes this Sunday: The Road to Baghdad...

KSU college paper-GO ZACHERY!!

Well, this is bullshit.

Prosecutor Wants DeLay Judge Removed

'Can I quit now?' FEMA chief wrote as Katrina raged

CNN BREAKING: Scooter pleads NOT GUILTY to all charges (eom)


Sorry, guys...

MUST see music Video.......Bush You Lied

Is Something Going On With Scottie McClellan? PAR DEUX

Bush is loooking for friends in South America to help take out Chavez...

The President needs our support, but he ain't gettin it

2037 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Scholar suggests creationism has place in schools

The NUMBER ONE issue to find out about Alito is not abortion

Anyone with a Free Republic account want to cause some trouble?

About this "I can't recall" hogwash from Rethugs...this can't stand

The Worst Overt Act of Racism in the 21st Century?

John Conyer speaking on C-SPAN

I'm looking for info about Bush's landing on the USS Lincoln.

US Retaliation for Helicopter downing? Kill the innocent children of Iraq!

Argentina city hunkers down for anti-Bush violence!

group launches anti-Pombo ads

From the WTF? files: "Glued to toilet, man sues Home Depot"

Colson's Christian-based prison project on trial in Iowa (important)

Is Cindy Sheehan protesting in Argentina?.....


An Alice moment--What is this Gohmert (R-TX) railing about?

REMINDERl Please sign aaron brown petition if you haven't already!


A great letter about our 'liberal' media and the Senate closed session..

Does this describe the progressive dilemma?

Lawrence O'Donnell's on Franken now

I am done!

Argentine city hunkers down for anti-Bush violence

Mark Crispin Miller Online DU This Morning! - Stolen Election 2004

Have you seen the Link Tv special about Cleland?

I'm Sick To Death of the Phrase "Faulty Intelligence"

Rep Cynthia McKinney introduces legislation to strip all federal funds

The ONLY video I can't play at C-SPAN's site is Rosa's

What we Expect vs Assume about our Leaders.

I wonder if "Scooter" or Karl heard about the guy who smells like manure

my project manager never gets his work done.

I am so sick of DU hating on doctors (DU bigotry)

Venezuela Says U.S. Breach of F-16 Supply Contract "unacceptable"

Rant about SBC - scream!

Lawmaker: Italy Warned Bush That Iraq Uranium Documents Were Fake

Anti-Bush Protesters Deface Monuments in Brazil's Capital

Check out the rapture-right woman on video ...

Harry "The Stormin' Mormon" Reid, good or bad nickname?

another thought provoking VIDEO.......god i love the matrix!

The Hummer SUV is a metaphor for America

Floodwall probe focuses on weak soil (peat moss)

Bush flees Washington - Hopes to revive FTAA and destroy more lives

Need help on name of bill

Caption Laura....

Lesbian couple attends royal dinner at White House. Yep, Mary Cheney ....

Media Matters: Media Overlooked Sen. Roberts's Conflicting Statements

A WTF Headline: "Students protest war; others back U.S. military"

Only cops are responsible enough to carry guns???

George Spreads His Message of Terror & Martial Law Around the World -pix->

FEMA chief "heck of a job" Brownie & his BIZARRE Katrina emails

Freepers take on washington post, LOL!

I have a prince on my TV telling me he regrets being away so long

Tweety: VP is very much a part of this

Breaking: Second judge out for DeLay trial

Should * have been at Rosa Parks' funeral?

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"

Libby Leaves Federal Court ---pix->>>

PERU: Veteran Soldiers, Police Recruited for Iraq by U.S. Contractors

Libby's Court Appearance ---pix->>>

Should smoking in cars carrying minor children be outlawed?

Surprise, surprise! I sent an email to Chambliss about Brownie

OMG; Randi Rhodes today

Looks like the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court has to recuse

Natural Foods Merchandiser on the Organic Standards

Doesn't Michael Isikoff contribute to the Huffington Post?

Private property debate

Laura Bush just updated her profile on - Check it out!

looking for * video of speech deterioration from

Balanced News

Nora O'Donnell just demonstrated everything wrong with the Media

How would 2005 be for us politically if Daschle were still in charge?

Any websites where you can debate Fundies and Freepers

"A day late and $215G short"

The right wing of the GOP is a walking talking defense mechanism.

Liberal media my *$(&*($&(*%&(&$%!!!

Will Scooter's trophy wife leave him upon conviction?

They voting on Schumer Amendment that

Maher had some great new rules last Friday:

Alaska to get 90% of oil revenue from the ANWR?

Sludge tries to stir the Alito pot : Media puts mom "under house arrest".

"I Miss Nixon" bumper stickers

Argentina set for Anti Bush Violence

CNN boots Aaron Brown

Say it Randi!!!

Whenever someone tries to belittle me because I am a LIBERAL

The Beautiful Irony ....Neocon vs. Reporters ...

Reed amendment (preserves programs for homeless kids and mentally ill)

A Note on Immigration - Illegal or Otherwise.

What is your Out of Pocket Healthcare Expense for Insurance?

Will Scooter live long enough to have a "jury trial?"

House Panel Votes To Split "Liberal" 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (CA)

I feel bad for the wives and girlfriends of these neo-con writers

Stolen Radioactive Camera Recovered Along A Tulsa Highway

Vatican: don't ignore scientific reason

It looks like a chess game...

The Brown E-mails - A Specific One They Talked About On The Radio

Rove's Contingency Plans Include Forming Spin Team

What do Republicans campaign on in your state?

Chimp in a monkey suit (photo)


Arnold's Neighborhood

Does Sibel Edmonds Figure in Treasongate?

Has there ever been a more unpopular Admin. than this one?

New and obvious corruption: Forced fluctuations in gasoline prices

It hits a little closer to home today.

Humorous dubya remembers Rosa

Republicans are the most cold-hearted, compassionless assholes on earth

Katrina Evacuees Homeless Again - God Bless the USA

US Senate backs oil drilling in Alaskan refuge

Was there a Lewis "Scooter" Libby MUG SHOT released today?

What country did Nixon visit in South America when his limo was attacked?

Ted Kennedy: "The Fraudulent Case for War"

Wellstonizing Rosa Parks' funeral!

Who are the most persecuted?

Enraptured W supporter ---->

"Karl's nuts roasting on an open fire, Libby sucking on a hose.."

What do the democrats in your state campaign on?

Hate Mailbag - No. 26

Work available in Florida for unemployed, decent wage, too!

What the MSM is not saying

Angry Kerry Supporters Seek Ohio Reform - Guardian

One THOUSAND Five HUNDRED FOURTEEN (1,514) days since 9/11-Bin Laden FREE!

I think the dems should show footage of the republicans forcing

Lawrence Livermore Projects 14.5F Temperature Rise, 1,400+ CO2 Levels

What the hell is "wealth redistribution"

ABC News Poll: Bush Sagging to New Lows

US is highest on the list of committing MEDICAL ERRORS

Evacuation: Cancun-style (My friends made it home Tuesday)

Best museum in DC?

Video : These are the Signs of the Times...reminds me of neal young

abc to do news segment on 'Paris is burning"

I have an Idea that the DNC should adopt.

abc--Ribby waved his right for a speedy trial. um...

If you hate Bush, you're "anti-American", according to CNN

help need link too "asshole" movie was here earlier

Repukes today saying how oil is abiotic...

At Libby has an attractive wife!

Shouldn't Dan Abrams Recuse himself from reporting about PlameGate?

Update on Denny Hastert's blog

Rove Flashback 2004 - Rove blocks Air Force One wheels by throwing

Who is that lying, vile witch on Hardball?

Matthews about Rove "As long as Jonah's on the ship and the whale

Deleted by Marc A

Executive Order 12958 Section 5.1

Deleted by Marc A

Boxer on Hardball

When Torture began in our own back yard...

fund raising scam

Heck-of-a job Brownie!!!

Ronnie Earle - Loneliest Job in the World?

Who goes first: Rove or McClellan?

The appropriately named "Dick" Cheney's massive endowment

Alito, worried about being drafted for Vietnam, joined Army Reserve

O'Lielly: Guest cancelled from "pressure"; Guest: "soccer game"

Daschle calls for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq by 2007

He just can't win...

Did anyone else hear Jimmy Carter on Terry Gross?

Take the "Faux Poll"

Who will be the next Minuteman target

39% - New Nov. 3, 2005 ABC poll


Libby's Lawyer: "promises to fight it out in a public trial"

Fair Trade Double-Play

George W. Bush as "My name is Earl".

Leaves of Confusion: Photographs from the Chapare

04/18/03 - Bush's Policy on Iraq - Nothing but a pack of lies

Who is Judge Reggie Walton?

What if Watergate had happened at the Waldorf-Astoria?

CLINTON Blood Scandal Exposed In New Documentary.....

Hey All: Thank you for the help on the Reid letter

Has anyone heard from Mexicoxpat??

Tomlinson Resigns from CPB Board Ahead of Inquiry (called Hagel 'liberal')

Is this the truth behind Laura's photos from yesterday?

The deviant sexuality of todays Conservatives

66% of our economy depends on us buying plastic trinkets...

The Crazy Looking Pickles Pics

The Philosopher's Stone (Chris Floyd - Moscow Times)

Style in the White House...Then...and Now

CNN John King: Fitz is trying to get classified evidence declassified

(Pelosi) Calls for Congressional Investigation into War (take action now).

Yahoo news. Bush approval sinks to 37%

Faux News is now covering bee stings

Vatican Vs Science - Vatican says to listen to science

Denver voters just made marijuana legal

Pickles is Throwing a Brunch for the Royals This AM...

John Dean said another terror attack would bring Bush's poll numbers up.

Something really wrong here!

Take my 4 question test and see how liberal/conservative you are.

Message from Teresa Heinz Kerry

Where's Scooter's mug shot?

Earle challenges Republican judge

Is anyone else addicted to their nicotine replacement therapy of choice?

Bush Pardon of Libby is Imminent (plus Impeachment potential)

Scooter waived his right to a speedy trial--That's good for us

Are the British better trained in writing and speaking English?

Why isn't Brownie in jail? Seriously....

Please Don't Shoot, But I'm Taking The Bird Flu Seriously

How would you define a fundamentalist of any type?

Bush approval rating hits new low in Zogby poll

Fitz should ask for a new judge, just like Delay did.

THE HOTTEST SOUNDS - Tonite's playlist -Check it out - 11PM ET Thurs

OK gang....another shareholder demanding Knight Ridder be broken up.

Politcal bloggers scoop the mainstream media on Plamegate

If a welfare mom gets too much money or she later becomes employed,

A few questions about Jimmy Carter...

House Resolution for House R Leadership to comply with oversight

My simple four-step plan to get the President arrested.

Anyone here watch E-Ring? Great CIA leak plotline going on

We ARE the majority. There is no doubt now.

"Pimp My Scooter" If a third of what is in this (and all the links it

Just wondering: Do you ever....?

Lou asks "Should boys and girls be taught in separate classrooms?"

When is abortion morally acceptable?

I am getting SICK of the media...

When is Torture Morally Acceptable?

FACT: George Walker Bush Has Much Longer Ears Than George Armstrong Custer

The Indiana legislature is now infected -- "Intelligent Design" bug

Physical evidence they planned the war well before 9/11

Why are people bitching about illegal immigration !?!

So Libby picked an African American Trial Lawyer in DC?

A Binka and Ben Update..

NBC poll on Iraq invasion: 64% say not worth it - 31% say it was worth it

show me your best "hero" pics of dems

Cover-Up Congress Refuses to Investigate Iraq War Abuses, Says Pelosi

Key Events in the Relationship Between Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay

Why is prison rape funny?

Sound familiar? " . . . the education of Women 'has been too exclusively

Well I guess at this point we can just about rule out a military draft

Zogby POLL confirms * at historic lows among blacks

Chavez Restyles Venezuela With '21st-Century Socialism'

Pentagon to keep Troop Levels in Iraq

***VIDEOS-The HOUSE Dems take up the fight vs. the COVERUP CONGRESS***

Letter to Fitzgerald from Bill White!

OMG! Has Cindy's latest message been posted?

Does God/Jesus want his followers to gain wealth?

Libby wrote a porno novel like Lynn Cheney?

Chinese worker dies after 24-hour shift

“We Must Always Ask Ourselves Not Only What Is Legal, But What Is Right”

CNN Newsnight - Crisis In Florida

32 years old and considering going to Law School.

Reid: Cheney Obstructing Investigation

FITZ Arrives at the Courthouse ---PIX->>>

DU is an 80,000+ strong INTELLIGENCE agency. USE US!

Where are those latest Abu Ghraib photos?

Deborah Orin is really defending Scooter on Hardball

I think everyone around here needs to chill the fuck out.

I beg of you---PLEASE PLEASE tell me these are fake!!!!!!

**KnightRidder reporter warns of hostile takeover with a political twist**

A Discussion with Mark Crispin Miller

Lautenberg's Rhetorical Missile

To all my friends at DU, thank you from Swamp Rat - RE: Mardi Gras Masks

Toyota Not All It's Cracked Up To Be??


Urgent -- For Real ...Want to Save a Life RIGHT NOW???

Frrrrrrozzzzzzzzen cranberries

Mothers can be sued for injuring unborn children: Alberta bill

I just realized - Harper is such a weak leader that...

WP,pg1: Critics See Ammunition in Alito's Rights Record

Judge Upholds Conviction in Terror Case

Stripes: Study: Deployment takes toll on kids at home, in classroom

Chinese sofa factory workers go on strike

texas justice Delayed?

Lawmaker: E-mails show Brown 'out of touch' during Katrina(I'm FashionGod)

Arctic refuge drilling rides on budget vote ( a slap in the face gimmick)

Iraq al Qaeda says to kill 2 Moroccan hostages-Web

FBI takes a look at SOCom allegations

US Circulates Resolution To Keep Multinational Force in Iraq Another Year

Board warns party helping Ferrer

Texas directs $10M for raises to teachers

Joblessness main topic as trade talks cast aside

Republican wants to fence US-Mexico border

Anti-Bush Protests Mark Reelection

Pa. Lawmakers OK Repeal of Pay Raise

(Indicted) Ex-Cheney (Chief of Staff) aide (Libby) to appear in court

Facing draft, Alito joined Army Reserve

50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West (on Bush)

Another ex-Taft aide faces scrutiny:$5,000 loan from Noe not reported

NYT: Dems Seek Shift to Issues That Will Favor Them (feel-good article!)

E&P: CBS Poll Finds Public Takes Plamegate Seriously

Quake: Second wave of death feared...

Task Force Baghdad Soldier killed (# 2035)

Red Cross seeks access to CIA prison

Ex-Interior Deputy Testifies Lobbyist Offered Him Job

'Minutemen' Open New Front in Fight Against Illegal

Casualty rates triple for Iraq contractors

Democrats intensify Bush slams (LOL! Classic Moonie Times drivel)

In fiscal squeeze, Colo. voters suspend state spending limits

Initial unemployment claims reported as 323,000 in last week

Senate's Closed-Session Move Borne Out of Daschle's Strategy

ICRC seeks access to all terror suspects held by U.S.

Plaintiff alleges Alito conflict

WP: Weighing Webcasters' Rights to Content

American Soldier Killed in Iraq

Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims It Downed U.S. Helicopter That Killed Two Marines

Iraq army push not a Sunni recruitment drive -US

WP: Clinics Delay Flu Shots as Deliveries Lag ("deja vu")

Earle Challenges Republican Judge

(Polish)Officials rule out that Al-Qa'idah terrorists held in Poland

Virus Scanners Made Moot by New Exploit

riots continue in France

Pelosi Offers a Privileged Resolution on Iraq (it's about illegal $$)

U.S. Senate backs oil drilling in Alaskan refuge

Food Stamp Cuts Are On Table (legal immig. & kids affected)!!

WP: Food Stamp Cuts Are On Table, House Plan Would Affect 300,000

Greenspan Says Growth `Firm,' Inflation `Uncertain'

LAT: Wal-Mart Seeks Unbiased Research -- and Gets It

‘Conduits’ unsure of a problem...5 allegedly passed Noe cash to Bush

Two GOP Senators: No Filibuster on Alito

CNN Breaking: Ex-Cheney aide pleads not guilty

Alito's (exceptionally conservative) Dissents Show Deference to Lower Cts

Son of Miami's police chief (Timoney) arrested (karma strikes again)


'Can I quit now?' FEMA chief wrote as Katrina raged

News Hounds: Investors, Falling Stock Prices Dogging (newspaper) Industry

Hurricanes cause 521,000 layoffs in U.S.

Iraq focus imperils US, ex-Pentagon official says

Dem senators demand Cheney 'housecleaning'

DeLay's Staff Tried to Help Abramoff DeLay’s Problems Mount

Panel Still Waiting for Hurricane Katrina Papers (administration stonewall

Feingold Questions Lawmakers Behavior (regarding Alito)

U.S. accuses Chavez of nuke ambitions

Brown joked in e-mail as Katrina churned

LAT: Schwarzenegger Vows More Ballot Efforts

NYT: Malfeasance Might Have Hurt NO Levees, Engineers Say

(CA) Sudden and Illegal Layoffs of Nursing Assistants Fuel Union Anger

Disgusted but unsurprised that Romania is among the "Black Sites"

More Subpoenas Hit (IL) gov's (Blagojevich) office (4th round in 10 days)

Al-Qaeda claims candidate kidnapping

PERU: Veteran Soldiers, Police Recruited for Iraq by U.S. Contractors

Lake Forest doctor helps wounded soldier recover

Lawmakers complain about photos on drug company-funded mailer

Italians demonstrate in support of Israel

Still angry, Kerry supporters nationwide try to change Ohio elections

House Defeats Bill on Political Blogs

In Texas, judicial donations common

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 3 November

Argentine City Hunkers Down For Anti-Bush Violence

WP: Forests Get New (Bush administration) Rules for Off-Road Vehicles

U.S. Army adapts to 'war of the flea' in Iraq (Counterinsurgency training)

Evidence CIA has secret jails in Europe (romania & poland)

Black lawmakers want more say in Katrina recovery

Italy MPs probe Niger-Iraq claim

Now the prosecutors want DeLay judge change

UAE official: Hussein was open to exile

'Suicide attack' plot against PM: Berlusconi

Charles alludes to climate change at White House dinner

EU to Investigate Allegations of CIA Jails

HIV-Positive Man Sentenced for Unprotected Sex

Family Loses Home to Katrina, Son to War

US Republicans rebuff resolution demanding Iraq inquiry

U.S. Lags Behind Other Nations in Health Care

Mass. Senate approves bill to crackdown on deceptive signature gathering

Italian Officials Questioned on Iraq Claim

House Ethics Committee Hires Top Staffer

In a Sign of Optimism, Iraqis Spending More

CNN: Prince Charles: U.S. must lead on planet

Michael Schiavo backs Kaine for Va. gov.

Rove won't be prosecuted on Texas voting

House blocks Democrats' Iraq resolution

Supreme Court chief has TRMPAC ties, too

Terror cell busted in Toronto

KR: DeLay blames Democrats, war for runaway federal spending

Katrina took his home, Iraq took his life

Italian Lawmaker Says.. Warned U.S. That Iraq Uranium Docs Were Fake

EU to Probe CIA Secret Prison Reports

British troops cleared of murdering Iraqi as trial collapses

Greenspan Warns U.S. on Budget Deficits

Limbaugh Lawyer Wants Prosecutor Cited in Leak to Media

Planned) October layoffs creep higher (up 4.7 % over the through Oct. 04)

Bill would push FDA on 'morning-after pill'

At least 100 killed as violent unrest continues in Addis Ababa

Senate approves around $36 bln spending cuts

BBC News: Seventh night of Paris violence (Street riots)

Las Vegas mayor: Cut off thumbs of graffiti artists

Alito Hearings in January (Jan. 9)

Thousands protest across US on anniversary of Bush re-election

Up against the wall-Army uses chicanery to get student info (Counter recr)

Months later, nothing safe in Baghdad

Chavez Ready To Challenge Bush

Bush's Approval Rating Drops to 39 Percent in Zogby Poll (lowest yet)

E-Mails Portray Ex-FEMA Chief As Image Conscious

Bush drawing ire even before summit begins (Chicago Tribune)

Tomlinson Resigns from CPB Board Ahead of Inquiry (called Hagel 'liberal')

Rioting Spreads to 20 Towns Around Paris

WP: Rove's Future Role Is Debated, White House May Seek Fresh Start...

Bawdy T-shirts set off 'girlcott' by teens (Abercrombie & Fitch)

White House fires back at Democrats over prewar threat

Weakened Bush heads to Latin America

Second Judge Out for DeLay Trial

AP: DeLay's staff tried to help Abramoff

Bolton pushes for new Syria resolution

Breaking tradition, Carter rips Bush's policies

US leads way in medical errors: study

MSNBC Breaking: Drug maker maker Merck wins key Vioxx case.

I watched some TV trash tonight...

Saw an odd sign in the window of a restaurant today:

Your family is a nest of snakes. They have nothing for you.

I get the erie feeling Paul Rose is JVS's hero

best Ben and Jerry's flavors?

We should vote up some random hobby thread as a joke.

Just got back from seeing SAW II - IT WAS AWESOME

Who is your favorite "Punster"?

Bright Eyes fans? connor oberst in Missoula Sat night!

What is the big fucking deal with all of this Clinique shit?

Okay, I have PMS. You should all be very, very scared.

I'm eating popcorn and watching Beavis & Butthead.

Hey, white boy, what you doing up town?

No one makes fun of Boy bands anymore

I'm forming a sect!

how do you like your potatoes?

Queens of the Stone Age?

$45.00 for ASB cards this year!

Anyone here ever shave Zuni's back?

I'll smoke any mother fucker that sweats me...

Come on, what's your song?

I'm giddy, the Canucks now you know why I'm giddy

Invention: Coffee beer

Check out this music video

I have discovered the purpose of my life.

Great way to beat higher heating bills: down comforters.

I'm watchin' Space Mutiny!

anyone here ever shave their backs?

Can we stop with the "n/t"?

I'm starting a band. I'm calling it "The Picnic Tables." Here's our logo.

Wow.. cool looking bridge opens in January @ Grand Canyon!

We just got Turner Classic Movies up here

Who's got the record for romantic dry spells in here?

ever wondered what became of Joey Buttafuoco? me niether, but

I'm going out to get a snack. What does everybody want?



was today the most dramatic day ever in du lounge history?

Heard on the news Basketball started last night & the Celtics Won

I'm not sure what clique I'm in but it better have CaliforniaPeggy in it!!

Is Miss Heidi mad at me for something?

I could use some good thoughts

Woman Has 3000 Toll Violations - Owes $76,000

Biggest 'Oops!' moment while you were in school.

Clique schmick...who's in a coffee klatch?

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

'Fat' Declared An Official Taste

Lightning Kills 106 Cows

Thieves Steal Amputee's Leg

College Student Urinated In Kiddie Fire Truck On Playground (Drunk)

matcom, a special thanks to you for bringing us the news today.

some pics from the city I live in

Write Your Own Alliterative Headline About The Week's Events!

I've been on a farm for a week -- what happened?

Going on hiatus. If ya need anything PM. It notifies me via email.

Help wanted! Willing to travel? State of the art technology!!

NO RUNNING at the pool!!!

Now that 50 Cent has given us his two cent's worth

Anyone else sick of hearing about Michael Brown? Can we just call him

Looks to be another warm fall day here in MN - 57*F!

Cool Fark photoshop thread! (dialup warning)

It's my day off

If you have issues with someone - try not to be a 3rd grader about it

Cliques rock

Colonel Klique

Every Lounge post you make is a little piece of your own death.

If you're a member of a clique, and you're not in my clique, then you're

I turn 40 today! Ask me anything!

Lawmaker Wants To Tax Umpires For Making Bad Calls (Cardinal's WS Game)

Today is a new day!!

Anyone here ever wear a monocle?

Maybe we should have a Rush Week for Lounge cliques

Do people take the Internets way too seriously?

Hey Bio People here is a Qestion for you!!!

Does anyone else find the "MythBusters" guys hot?

We Democrats have many Cunning Stunts left!

Curse you Best of Mike Malloy!! I must now listen to Polka while I work!!!

Joey Buttafuoco Selling Ice Cream On Set Of 'Desperate Housewives'

Compassionate conservatism?

50 cent is a pandering asshat.

Gamers. Civilization IV or Star Wars Battlefront II?

Tyra Banks Goes Undercover As Obese Woman

Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz

Rabid vampire bats kill in Brazil

colleges and voter registration question

anyone else like George Carlin?

This will lighten the Lounge Mood: The only picture of all 3 DU admins

Attention DU artist with female relative at Chicago's rally--

So I was just testing some glue at home depot

Man...I can't even tell people to get a room today


Party like it is Armageddon( My answer to a previous thread)

I said I'd never like a small dog but I have a new fave - Boston Terriers!

I turned 15,048 days old today. Don't ask me anything

For all of you who made fun of me for my post

Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands in Bedroom

I am suing Home Depot for being stuck to a glue covered toilet

I will never EVER get used to cockroach sightings

Cirque du Clique

If THIS doesn't make you smile then something is wrong

Should people who smoke at gas stations be caned?

Another topic from my bioethics class...

What has been going on in the Lounge for the last couple of day?

Dog AGAIN!!! this time she got SKUNKED

Self edit

Do I have the largest prostate in the Lounge?

Man Busted For Driving In Carpool Lane With Kickboxing Dummy

NE Ohio Meet up this Sunday.... Nov Fifth... PM OzarkDem...

Help DU this poll!

Cute or Cruel?

Scientists Find Fossils in Sexual Union

I had my van detailed yesterday and it looks

Am I the most naive person in the lounge?

Do I have Bad Breath?

Yet another picture that screams out "Freeper!"

Web Background check

Post here if you're not going to reply to this thread.

Has my inability to use smilies created a rift?

Heads up: New George Carlin special Saturday!

Am I the johnniest person in the Lounge?

HEY you got something on your lip.

A wall of breasts!


Jesus Christ! who has change for a 5?

CNN's Jack Cafferty Is Nothing But DU On Cable

Lawsuit says former girlfriend really stuck it to him. Superglues penis.

Think I'll just get drunk and depressed.


Please help me. Spider-Man is in agony.

1,785th visit to the lounge and I dare say

Fist visit to the lounge and I dare say

Post here if you have Gazizzle.

Punch Drunk

The Black & White Episodes Of The Andy Griffith Show Were Better...

Sigh. I have to go kick a high school boy's ass. Maybe two boys.

OK, DUers, Fess Parker BAD Movies You Love!


"Have fun in Red China. Hope they keep you."

Is this guy a fashion God or what?

What's your favorite Woody Allen quote

Men in Sororities - Women in Fraternities - check in here

Becoming someone's supervisor does not give you the right to be snarky

Proof the government is controlling weather:

Accounts of Firefox's reduced market share were greatly exaggerated

dissing your dog

All-freaking-day earworm....somebody help me!

Post your current internet radio link you're listening to right now

what is the strangest nick name you ever had?

Thank you all for validating Call Me Wesley.

Hotdogs for Homophobes

Do I have bad breath?

I am hungry, someone please bring me lunch!

If you were to lie suddenly

Some say the Lounge is a matter of life and death.

Does anyone have any information/suggestions for

I double dog dare you to hijack this thread.

Saliva of the Gila Monster? Are you kidding me?

It's ___ ____ SANDWICH DAY!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, fellow babies...

Random fact that gets me slightly pissed off:

Ah, cleaning out the spam from my bulk mail folder...

Do Me a Favor Wouldya? Someone PM PassingFair and tell her that

I am thinking about going Vegemite completely

I am being a bitch today, and no one can stop me.

If you were to die suddenly


Which of these 80s rap-related flicks rocks the best?

Do I have bad breasts?

teacher conference day - ask my daughter's 6th grade teacher anything

iMac G-5 or Windows machine... Convince me


alright, which one of you was it?

Earworm: "Virgil Cane is my name . . ."

Take the click on this thread test!!!

Hey fellow FireFox ver 1.0.x users! I just downloaded ver. 1.5 rc1!!!

Any Spastic Ink fans here?

Laura Nyro...

Your good deed for the day (if you choose to accept the mission):

Only DUers are smart enough to help me with this

concerns about health care

OMG! It's Wil Riker after he's lost his command and done a bender on Risa!

Hi There.

Dictionaries are wonderful.. You find the goofiest stuff by accident

Paging Darth_Kitten, paging Darth_Kitten

We peel back the cover... and what do we see...

Why the corpse of Lon Chaney would be better than Dick Cheney.

My new favorite drink

Cocaine must be a Gateway Drug to becoming President

Rabrrrrrr caught me Lying....

320 people arrested for sorcery (Papua New Guinea )

Motorhead's Lemmy tells Welsh politicians: legalise heroin

Just a vanity post re: weird sig line issue.

My new favorite poem! Thanks Midlodemocrat for it,

so, whats next?

Great MySpace page- "George"

What's going on on this weather map?

Call Me Wesley...

Do you have a porn buddy? Mods-this is not a sex thread

Am I the silliest person in the Lounge?

Totally speculative Sopranos predictions

Is there a John Kleeb in the house?

Next on Fear Factor....

Teen' new expressions.

Norton Internet Security 2006 update. I may have found a bug

So, the much maligned Google Print is up

Talk to me about Charlotte, N.C.

Send good thoughts to my dog Jono.....

I am thinking about going Vegetarian completely

My cat got neutered last week

I hate dressing-room mirrors

scratch, scratch...

Purity Patrol

Just admit it

The Infinite Cat Project.

New photos of my puppy...

Any harmonic analysis wizards here?

Who else stopped watching JAG when Oliver North began making guest

I am 6 Posts away from 9000! ask me/tell me something...Quickly!

Stupid Pet Products.


*WARNING* scariest 'Celebrity' contest

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Goodnight Lounge

Another great day - lost two years of financial data

Little Boxes, On The Hillside, Little Boxes Made Of Ticky Tacky...

Do I have Bad Brains?

Santorum Joke

I have come to realize...

"ROVE's WAY" Lyrics sung to "My Way" MSM and Election 2004

New DU Registration Pool

Frist visit to the lounge and I dare say

November 3: This Day in History

There is nary a Lounge Chair that I do not like.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

There is nary a Lounger that I do not like

Nute Gunray

Do I have bad breasts?

Where's 'Calvin and Hobbes' creator?


Window 98

Do you give cocktail panties?

Wicked UK humor ..Michael J, Fox

Build Your Own Laser Ray Gun!

Why do DU posters take Lounge comments too seriously?

I am officially declaring today "Bad Pun Thursday!"

What is the airspeed of unladen spit?

Redqueen MADE Me Post This - New Game! FUN FOR ALL !!!!

Hey! Who's received your Katrina auction items?

After 5 years as an RN, finally just got REALLY grossed out

Oh God, I just screwed up at work!!!

REMINDER: Cleveland area meetup this weekend

Man, do I hate working on my TPS reports.


SECOND Va. Beach teacher in 10 days arrested drunk *in school*

Just Found Out That One Of My Best Friends Mom Has Cancer...

Neil Diamond fans listen to new album before released here:

Jessica Simpson in therapy over gossip

Magazine Names Jessica Simpson As Celeb With The Best Cleavage

I bought one of these yesterday at a toy store---ask me anything

New Babies at the Fort Worth Zoo! (hope the link works!)

Do you give cocktail parties?

have you contacted someone based on a dream

Is Michael Brown gay?

You Sect & Clique People Are PATHETIC! I Have a HAREM !!!111!!!

Update on my son's oral surgery, for those interested...

Is there a John Tesh in the house?

Man Sues Home Depot After Using Glue-Covered Toilet

Did NBC Cancel "Scrubs"? (Or.... WHY Did NBC Cancel "Scrubs"? )

Don't miss the Freak Show!


please post photos of kittens . . . I am in dire need of a kitten fix

My teenager totally kicked freeper ass yesterday in school.

it is 63f in my house right now--Brrrrrrrrrr

THE HOTTEST SOUNDS - Tonite's playlist -Check it out - 11PM ET

Rabrrrrrr is the most ________ person in the Lounge

I'm getting a new tattoo tomorrow...

First visit to the lounge and I dare say

What jobs would you HATE to have?

Wal-Mart is REALLY trying to draw me into its clutches

Just so you know, CaliforniaPeggy is in MY clique

Up on the housetop clique clique clique...

Cheney just shit his pants

Thief Steals $75,000 Worth Of Bull Semen

Serious Question about Bird Flu....

I think the Lounge is like Camelot in Monthy Python's Holy Grail

The Clintmax appreciation thread.

All Metaphoric Circumvention of No-Sex-Thread-Rule Posts Here

I'm a clique of one.

Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide, it's a killer.

Congratulations NewYawker99!!! 111,000 posts!!

Congratz, DU... your mistyped domain name

God, I truly love being a progressive liberal.

I have newfound respect for farmers.

I am this, you are that

Did you used to collect lightening bugs as a kid?

Neil Young on Conan all week?

WHAT cliques?!?

What kind of microwave popcorn do you eat

I want to be in the 'cliques who want California Peggy' clique

DU Techies: What certifications do you have?

What are you listnening to right now?

I hereby found a clique dedicated to the liberty of Quebec and the...

Tell me something interesting about YOU here.....

This is to all y'all who still don't have power!

Here is a bit of unsolicited advice from moi.

List your site, thread.


Do you think time travel is possible?

OK, DUers, Fess Up! BAD Movies You LOVE!

Gay Bishop Meets With Top Anglican

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Why do believers believe?

Huge skeleton hundreds of feet long found in Quake area.

Japanese space probe about to set down on asteroid, hopes to return sample

We should teach the Intelligent Design controversy.

Astronomers close to seeing the unseeable

Hints of Early Stars May Have Been Found

Defrocked minister turns other cheek

Mass. Lawmakers Mull Gay Caucus

My day with the ex-gays

Court creates new class of parent in progay ruling

Pressure Mounting On Congress To Pass LGBT Civil Rights Bill

HRC spokesperson worked for outspoken marriage foe

Why we aren't winning (any faster)

Release expected soon in Kansas teen same-sex case

Male Athletes Aren't Ready for Gay Teammates

Steelers Fans Get Scared

When are the baseball MVP announcements made?

Yankees' Matt Lawton suspended for steroids


Tom Benson won't go back to Baton Rouge

Some irreverent comic relief...

Flying Spaghetti Monster SAVE US!

Do you ever just despair of finding intelligent life on Earth?

Did anybody watch Wednesday's episode of "Trading Spouses"?

Interesting post at dkos (positive)

Merck just got off the hook for the Vioxx deaths.

Kerry Introduces Legislation to Honor Rosa Parks in the U.S. Capitol

Okay, a puzzler for you

Request for Info: Why did Sen. Kerry vote against the Ag Bill

Anyone listen to Mark Crispin Miller on Morning Sedition???

Did we ever decide on anything with that strategy session awhile back?

I just discovered this...

Love letter from Teresa (aka Mamma T)

Al Franken and Lawrence O'Donnell on the swiftie-smear

Early warning on a doozy of a Comm. Hearing next week

self delete

some pictures I took the other day

could this be a "fall" entry?

Do you ever get so lost in taking a shot that you (nearly) injure yourself

Monkeying around on the news desk.

Ladies of the KOEB, I bring greetings from

Countdown Newsletter 11/3 -- Libby's Plea, Rove's Future... & Kermit

Faked Niger Documents: "One was signed by Johnny Carson"

Independents now 18 percent of California electorate

The tide is starting to turn. I can smell it. Remember way back...


Senate's Closed-Session Move Borne Out of Daschle's Strategy (Wash. Post)

J. Steven Griles (Abramoff Sen. Hearing) seemed to be lying &

The Cheney Cabal's Org. Chart (html, pdf) at

Badmash video of Bush

Judge threatens first time peaceful protestors w/ electronic tagging

Did not shrub once say F*** Sadam we're takin him out?

Approval ratings: Saddam 21.5 Manson 20 Chenney 19

Subliminal messages 2000 campaign

Virginia Delegate Race (a cross post)

One major reason why scrub won't bring home large numbers of troops IMHO

Dems in Congress - You need to organize better!!

Byron Dorgan on WashJ, C-SPAN now.

GOPUSA email bullies Republican Senators

New Frist Pollon doesn't allow for a takeover

Will someone make me a bumpersticker that says "Republicans make me Puke"

An email I sent that pushed a freeper over the edge

Re banning abortion

My letter to Volpac re today's poll

Sacramento City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Iraq War

The American people are only as stupid as we’re letting them be

All right Now I know I'm crazy. I'm agreeing with Wm Buckley.

Screw you Bush! letter...

OpEd hack on Plamegate; DUers needed to email paper to complain!

Mike "Nuclear Option" DeWine (R-OH), just now on MSNBC, on Scalito...

AP: House rejects political-blog bill

Bush Brain Game

Rush leveled the media playing field...WITH MUD

The imminent demise of the republican party

Howard Dean to appear on tv at these times today...

Republicans spinning fiscal responsibility and great economy

Pay as you go vote - the proof Republicans dont care about budget deficit

Bush Packed Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board With Campaign Cronies

Alito’s Civil Rights Judgements Draw Scrutiny

okay CNN for three minutes had

Can Scooter's lawyers drag this out past the 2006 elections?

anyone watching the House?

Are we up to 2,031 deaths already?

WSJ: House Leaders Risk a Backlash By Moderates Against Tax Cuts


Seven more of our kids have been slaughtered in Iraq this month

Whoa! CIA Leak More Important than Watergate - CBS Poll 11/2

Second Case Of Confidential Source Outing:

Carter on the Today Show (transcripts and video)

ARGH! Local morning radio show idiots are still saying...

OC (CA) Register: Anita Hill takes president to task on court picks

Libby lying about lying..

Bush, the War Party, and the War Profiteers

Two key points to keep in mind regarding Dim son -

"Crime once exposed has no refuge but in audacity" Tacitus

Scooter says he's not guilty? Well, I guess that settles THAT, eh?

Does anyone think, that Russert, or Miller

How much is your vote worth?

Anyone know who is in the "Gang of 14" ???


Ohio DUers: Will the Ohio Redistricting Measure pass?

Too much "news" is dangerous...

It's hard to believe that Brownie's even a bigger tool than I thought.

Check out the increase in Senators' salaries in the past 5 years

Did they send Hadley out to say they don't condone torture? Did

Argentina city hunkers down for anti-Bush violence!

If Rove is forced to resign, is that a good thing?

Bush said the word "pandemic" seventy times in his speech...

Why Deseters Should Not Be In Charge Of The Military

Sobran Razones!

Get out your checkbook, DeLay needs mo' money!!!

CBS Poll: CIA Leak Vs the other big presidental scandals of recent

Photos of Argentina's welcome: "Fuera Bush" ("Go Home Bush")

Strategy for 2006 and beyond!

Who forged, or had the Niger/Uranium memo forged?

Calling all Brits: What's with the BBC lately?

How to End the War? Use the Constitution...

Bush Administration Hasn't Followed Through On Anti-Terror Measures

Do you appreciate Ronnie Earle?

smirk jokes about leak with Foreign press

Chimpy May be at 35% Approval

CIA's 'black sites' breed more evil

Former DeLay Aide Refers To Christian Right As "Wackos"...

AP: DeLay staffers attempted to help controversial lobbyist

"Compassionate Conservatives" Target Budget Cuts That Would Hurt The Poor

Bush and major Republicans' schedule

Based on what Delay did, couldn't Fitz ask for a new judge in the

Miers a setup?

Help Ohio and Embarrass Bush

Michelle Malkin straps on her blue dress for O'really

Pics from yesterday's World Can't Wait UCLA/Los Angeles Protest

Great LTTE: President's supporters owe us an apology

FEC to Dole: "repay illegal contributions". Dole: "no!"

U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito Jr., As Dissenter a Conservative's

Bush's rating dropped to 39% .. all time LOW

Senate now voting on Cantwell Amendment to prohibit ANWR drilling!

White House desperate with "Clinton knew Saddam was a threat" excuse.

MUST see music Video.......Bush Lied


Do you think the Bush Administration is starting to get back on track?

Jonathan Alter: Price of Loyalty to Chimp is Incompetence

Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount

Anti-liberal book hits Amazon #4 today. Only 35 reviews posted!

AP-Ipsos Poll: Chimpy Job Approval at 37% (- 2 points from last month)

Kick 'em while they're down.

Group of 14

From Daily Kos - Bush screws up visit to Howard University

Ellen Goodman on why pro-lifers are so excited about Alito...

Imus vs Santorum interview: "so misguided it's almost disturbing."

Fatal Flaw Weakens RFID Passports

News Blog catching flak for calling Michael Steele "Sambo"

Why is Rove so important to the Republicans?


A Year Ago Today...

DU this poll (MSNBC)

Republicans Aim to Cut Programs Beneficial to Hurricane Katrina's Victims

DNC: FDA Should Stop Playing Politics with Women's Health

Wonkette says Rudy and McCain met for dinner. How will

Best Republican Strategy for Libby....

Howard Dean: White House and Vice President's Office Should Cooperate

so, again, we see you cannot compromise with fascists: gang of 14, two

Rush's Gal to Howard Dean on CNN:

DNC: Lame Duck Flies to the Right, Ignores Working Americans' Priorities

College Democrats Stand Up Against Immoral Republican Budget Reconciliatio

Red Staters: anecdotal stories here.

Think I'll go russle me up some bush supporters

Janis Karpinski, an honorable Big. Gen. points her finger

Scooter's Sex Shocker

HAHA! Suck it, Tom Delay!!!!

Am I the only Californian for Yes on 74?

Heh heh. Right-wing implosion: Senators Vote 90-9 to Aid Terrorists

Graffiti from Argentina :)

Stick a fork in Doug Forrester: Big Dog is campaigning in NJ

Landrieu, and Nelson vote for the Budget Reconciliation Bill

Libby Hired a Black DC Lawyer to defend him

From Teresa Heinz Kerry RE: 1 year ago today

VIDEO-Bill Clinton at Rosa Parks funeral

"Would somebody give Bush a blow job"

I believe that Democrats should come up with a name for our agenda

Stop right wingers from Wellstonizing Rosa Parks' funeral!

Partisan Democrats? A Look At How GOP-Dominated Senate Worked 'This Year

Moore and Halliburton stocks?

I had a terrible thought that Libby would never testify

Lou's Poll: Should boys and girls be taught in SEPARATE classrooms?

Frist pulls a new STUNT has a new poll up and it's ANTI-DEMS

I'm confused... is it at all even possible for Libby to win this thing?

Joining the veterans day celebration to protest

AND AWAY WE GO (Merry Fitzmas, Fat Ass!!)

Senator John McCain

Dear DUers - A gift I just had to share with you - IT'LL MAKE YOUR DAY!

My excellent Freeper encounter

Dean says it is "our job to keep Republicans from doing more damage."

Worsening Wage-Productivity Gap