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Archives: November 29, 2005

Bush's Brother and the Fugitive Russian Tycoon

Wal-Mart's low-road model

Bush's Can't-Lose Reversal

W deaf to bad news on Iraq, says mag

From WAR AND PIECE (Laura Rozen) An interesting question...

The Formerly Great Writ: Goodbye, habeas corpus Hello, executive detention

Progress Energy seeks licenses for two new nuclear plants.

Study: Sea level rising twice as fast since 1850

Amory Lovins: Nuclear Power Makes Global Warming Worse

Duke power seeks to build two new AP-1000 nuclear plants.


Aide: Peres may join Sharon party

Nothing unusual on September 10, 2001

BREAKING: Florida Improperly Certified Diebold TSX

So "sad" about Cunningham

Does anyone here post over at Daily Kos?

romney's reelection

Report" Tom DeLay's self promoting Rally for the Ethically Challenged

Please Send a Quick Email to the Journal Sentinel

Do You Feel Jerked Around?

So, It The "Doctrine Of Preemption" Dead Or What?

Whats the latest on Mark Riley on AAR, I haven't been following

AOL Poll: Iraq News and the Troops

I don't belong to an organized party, I'm a democrat.

Pelosi Statement on Resignation of Congressman Cunningham

Blast from the past: "I remember Duke the Great warning us about Clinton!"

So Chimpy is Told by cheney and rummy he Really IS the King of the World?

Michael Brown, Ace Disaster Preparedness Consultant..Day One

Stars and Stripes (news) prints "War based on a lie" letter

Welcome to the WBN

Linking Immigration & Health Care is the solution to BOTH problems

If we "Cut and Ran" or as normal people say withdraw our troops

Bush's Brother (Neil) and the Fugitive Russian Tycoon

VIDEO-Schuster on the CIA Leak

DU this poll: "War on Christmas" freeper paranoia

The rise of pre-teen anorexia

The American military has basically become peace keepers.

Marines driven out of UAW lot

Anyone got proof * has fallen off the wagon?

Anyone else have trouble finding things to buy this year?

I found something at FR that even I can agree with!

Keith talking about the contractors "trophy video"

Michael Creighton info, true or false?

I Can't Believe This Idiot's Plan For Mexico

I'm sick and tired of getting screwed by the government.

Guys -- what's in the GOP meltdown in the House for us?

VIDEO- Private Contractor Trophy Video-Countdown

Who is making money off Iraq?

The Canary Islands, concerned about possible 'illegal' arms traffic

Help Impeach Bush and Do Your Holiday Shopping at the Same Time!

VIDEO-Who does Bush trust?

VIDEO-Kanye West- changed mind?

I'm feeling restless, who's up for heading out and randomly

Why is stupidfuck still pushing his failed SS plan? (In MY town no less)

We have entered into a brave new world...

Looks like Neil Bush is up to his old tricks again

How Nuclear Power Makes Global Warming Worse - Amory Lovins

Vandehei: "Big Story" in WaPo tomorrow

Who Gives A $%&t?

The Duke-Stir May Take Some Others Down With Him

where was Wilkerson a year ago.

Bela Lugosi Is Dead

Do you think it is OK to tell a child Santa is not real? Or not?

Rita Fucking Cosby

Why is it so wrong for Bush to cut and run when that's exactly what Reagan

USAF and Cheney

PHOTOS: "Rally for Tom DeLay....OUR LEADER!"

Nora Ephron: Why Woodward Dogged Fitzgerald

Again today Randi Rhodes told her listeners to watch Hardball -

Interesting Teddy Roosevelt Quote on Immigration

VIDEO-If you don't like Bush, you're a far left whack job

"HAs anyone every seen "

Please check this out and give me your opinion! RE: Christmas

Looking for a thread

Requiem for a Hero.

I now understand. They are entirely mad.

FLASHBACK: Randy "Duke" Cunningham had a hand in Kerry/Fonda nonsense

Who is this nutsack, and what pubic hair of a newspaper is this?

Did NBC's Pete Williams call Duke Cunningham a liar on his age?

Thanksgiving and the John Burch Society

Shrub has a new backdrop for his new border campaign --

If a Democrat took bribes like Duke Cunningham did....

Bill aims to protect public prayer

Plame to Retire

Do you think that Fat Piggy Karl Rove WILL be indicted in Plamegate?

Canadian no-confidence vote: the Aye's have it

Mandatory Mike Malloy Monday Truthseeker Shout Out w/ Peter Werbe

It's all about the Schism.

I need a satiric political cartoon.

Please DU this AOL Poll: 44% No troop withdrawal 56% War debate harmful

Remember Tropical Storm Delta? Well it about to hit Morocco!

Once We Retake The Congress In 2006, We Really, Really Must...

Wow! What do Du'ers think of this? Vandalism or social activism?

Whatever happened to the Oil Executives?

JFK / How the Media Assassinated the Real Story

Military Resistance Project of the National Lawyers Guild?

That SAP commercial on MSNBC where the employees clap like trained seals

An interesting dataset for the study of DU Groupthink

GOP scandal scorecard

How do you like McGlaughlin Group ?

I'm a prick. I just called Duke Cunningham's office

Over at The Christian Prophet blog, the Holy Spirit's message

A message from Iowa's Abstinence Mission

Is Islamo-Fascist an Actual Term?

What makes one a journalist? Is MCMiller a journalist? Why or why not?


"Duke" Cunningham: Liberals should be lined up and shot!

Richard Clarke's new novel: Political Warning Disguised as Thriller?

I'm watching Scarborogh muted with Brent Bozell and Tucker Carlson

Duke Cunningham is a hero

Kanye to Barb W."Spoke from my heart @ stand by my statement"

American "Rapture": Tim LaHaye article in Vanity Fair

Do you think everyone has an equal chance to become successful?

Sometimes I have to vent and sometimes I do it at a site like this:

BRAD BLOG: SoS Spokes Evades Diebold/CA Questions in Live On-Air Interview

NO AIR FOR O'REILLY: follow up ACTION thread

MPs topple Liberal government, trigger election

Newspaper is off stands at a school in Tennessee

Housing Market Showing Signs of Slowdown (our rosy economy!)

Jobs curb inflation, hurt wage growth

Bush ready to rebound by pulling out

Deep Holiday Discounts Scare Markets (stocks, including Wal-Mart, down)

New twist in CIA leak case dents White House hopes

European fund tied to Noe falters (Ohio Coingate)

LAT: As (corporate) Profits Surge, Workers Still Wait

Oil price down on warm US weather

LAT: Experts Say Pay Raises to Average 3.5% in 2006

Thousands Have No Power After Ohio Blast

Global warming talks eye U.S.

Gov. Warner Rejects Iraq Withdrawal Date

Canadian government defeated

NYT: Sunnis Accuse Iraqi Military of Executions

NYT: Insurers' Tactics in Marketing (Medicare) Drug Plan Draw Complaints

WP: Time Reporter Called a Key to Rove's Defense

MPs topple Liberal government, trigger election (Canada)

DNC: Bush Crosses the Line on Border Security

Iraqi gunmen threaten to kill German woman

N.C. Judge Declines Protection for Diebold

Turf Wars Hinder U.S. Attack on Terror Cash, Agency Says

Zogby: Bush, Local Issues Decided '05 Contests (Bush Dragged GOP Down)

Miami Police Take New Tack Against Terror (random public shows of force)

Landrieu may block holiday recess until levees dealt with - National security whistleblowers boycott upcoming hearing

N.H. Proposes Alternative Primary Plan

For Christmas, I want a Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring

"Stay the course"

Don't know if this is real or not, but I hope it is.

Hey, hey! I got the bogus FBI e-mail. Finally!

All DUers must bookmark this. Rush, with the face of a horse's ass.

how adorabLe!!

Ladies: Ever have a poodle skirt?

Oh what the Hell! Pics of my new toys. (Rated G, don't worry)

oops -- wrong forum. please delete.

Only 26 shopping days left until Christmas

Anyone know anything about "CoolWWWSearch" spyware? How to get rid of it?

Are these the best Christmas lights ever?

Dinner at the Prophets

Watching Wife Swap

I slept hard last night

I hardly slept last night

Are you gay or straight?

I'm crashingly

Marshmallows, will you ever think of them the same way again?

Goddamn myspace!

Involuntary celibacy? Have you ever done this?

HEH HEH!! I just applied "Drops" to my cats, so ask me anything!

Got a junker worth less than $250? Babe Rally to New Orleans.

Preemptive Strike against TBS's "Daisy Does America"

Nim, nooooooooooooooooo!

Oh what the Hell! Pics of my new toy.

so my roommate has like 9 versions of "O Holy Night" on her computer

Holy shit! Tuolumne, CA gets a fucking traffic light!

GEEZE, You can't ignore anybody, half the time?...

Okay here's the follow-up (genetics) quiz

you know what really saddens me...

I am joining the RW in 'the war on CHRISTmas'

"Family Guy" on Hurricane Katrina

OH NOES!!!11

When you were 19, did you ever take mushrooms


MNF halftime. Why why why sing the friggin' highlights???

Don't Diss the mods here.

Interesting NYT article with a surprising gaffe.

Kitty Cat question - Uhm does your cat watch you bathe?

Please help me identify these three '60s / '70s movies!

Every Kiss begins with Kay. (Your reaction may be Different)

I had a thread locked today ask me almost anything

shhh... *BOOO*

I want to cut Troy Polamalu's hair...

Dayum, Is Anybody Watching The Prison Break Finale?

Hate me if you must, but as a vegan

lol, jesus

Voluntary nymphomania. Have you ever done this?

I have a computer / IM question for you...

Diss the Mods here!

Question answered, please delete.

You bring the guitar! I'll bring the wine!

Someone received Bees in the mail today

free association thread

Tipping etiquette. Lets say you call in an order to pick up...

Genetics quiz (c'mon, help me out ) :)

I love that fact there's no sigs here.

So, what does "Yield to Ramp" mean to most people?

My 12 yr old son now has his very own email address, as of this past w/e

What do you put on hamburgers?

Kristin Stinar, Investigative Reporter, KSTP 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS

The Atkins Diet: Raise or lower cholesterol?

Voluntary celibacy? Have you ever done this?

I start my new job tomorrow

What would you say, if I asked this?

Are you bent or straight?

Here's your chance safely to say "fuck you!" to posters in this thread

*******MILESTONES******* 11/28/05

Damnit, I just know my cats are talking about me

Captian Feathersword has ADHD

Where croissants come from....

I killed a guy and buried him uder the floorboards, and now I keep hearing

I'm back, did ya miss me?

Does Stacey's mom have it goin' on?

Mr. Manning...Damn you, Mr. Manning

So I saw a billboard today for abstinence-only education and it said...

Back from CA. Now I want to move there.

THIS IS HUGH!!111!!! We're nowhere near a Brazillion:

Im a bad girl is down, probably due to high traffic

An Ant named "Google"

Topeka, Kansas P-Fox billboard. (pic)

Does anybody really like this Tim McGraw crap?

West Virginia: Little-known ski town a hidden gem

When using...

Atheist Wife Swap Nov 28th - Did Anyone See It?

Zogby compares Kerry and Hagel's plans on Iraq and consider them

Playing with statistics. (Lies, Damn lies and Statistics, Oh my.)

Yet, even more "Fall" photos - this time in color!

Roll call for KOEB meetup

KOEB 11/28/05: Wrong Novak Edition

When you look up the word traitor in the dictionary who's picture is there

John Fund on Hardball: "The economy is doing VERY WELL...

I know the people in this country are not this stupid...

State by State GOP Scandal Scorecard.

E-mail from DCCC re Cunningham's resignation

I know that many here hate CNN, but you will never hear an anchor

As soon as they get indicted, they "find god" (Cunningham)

tweety just said everyone likes the president except the wackos.

If we gave the Repubs enough money ...

DNC: Cunningham Caught in Culture of Corruption

Who served and who sends to war....Military efforts from both partys

Bush's Brother(Neil) and the Fugitive Russian Tycoon

Have the link to the vote on the last Congressional pay raise?

An Explosive Downing Street Memo

Timing Entwined Iraq War Vote, 2002 Election. (The bum's rush)

WP story on Plame/Rove

Why Ramsey Clark is on Saddam's legal team:

What would the US be like today if pols were never crooked?

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: BUSH v. al-Jazeera "Duck Hunt"

CapitolBuzz blog: Mehlman parties in Georgetown -- pics!

How big does our military actually need to be?

Why don't we have the right to vote "no confidence" on the government...

Bush ready to rebound by pulling out

The Guest Worker Plan

New twist in CIA leak case dents White House hopes

Meet Missouri's US Congressman

Duke Cunningham Timeline (Crybaby Cunningham: from war hero to felon)

Just thought of a good comeback to "why do you hate America?"

Sen. Warner says * should hold a FDR-style fireside chat.

Bush is a Utopian

Will the real Howdy Doody nimrod....

Tweety just said: "Everybody sort of likes the president...

Air America adds new show with Mark Riley and Rachel Maddow

Ed Schultz: "Bush deserves credit for thwarting some terrorist acts."

"Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been A Member Of The DLC?"

"Duke-Stir" re: Drugs

DNC: "Representative #1" Names His Price (Ney)

A revealing look at intelligence (oh, sh*t!!)

Where is the Iraq War Headed Next?- Seymour Hersh

The Press: The Enemy Within

Why Woodward Is Still on the Hot Seat

Gland Inquisitor: Pope Benedict's antigay tendencies

Ex-Powell aide criticizes detainee effort

Why Kyoto will vanish into hot air

his lying ass just got nailed in this Diane E. Dees article

Paul Krugman: Age of Anxiety

An American Girl Studying in Cairo - a great blog...

Jose Padilla's America

"Beyond Wilkerson's Remark on Cheney as a War Criminal"--David Corn

Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid for a Foolish War

Realists Tighten Grip as Talks Open with Iran

"The Salvador Option." (War and Piece)

Why Iraq Has No Army

Woo-hoo!!! Lieberman says we're winning in Iraq!

A war supporter disillusioned in Iraq (Must Read - A Heartbreaker)

Middle East Times: "U.S. Czarina" Karen Hughes "In Dangerous Denial"

Papers, Please! Denver Feds come down on 50-year-old mom.

Why did the WH hire MZM, to buy office furniture for the White House?

The new Iraq: a fraught but worthy adventure in nation-building

Impeach the Veep?--Michael Winship--Buzzflash

Why Are These Men Laughing? (On Pigface Rove, future indictee)

Brazen Conspiracy ("Duke" Cunningham) --WaPo

Some background on immigration policy debate: 1987 article on "reform"

More Than a 'Mistake' on Iraq--Richard Cohen--WaPo

Money Scandals May Bring Voter Backlash

New Bush Comic at The H.L.

Neil Lisst published again on Op-Ed page - 4th time in 3 weeks

Jews and the Christian right: Is the honeymoon over?

Guardian: Nowhere to run

Should Alito's philosophy be fair game?

Burying College Grads in Debt


Wetlands restoration efforts gain ground (LA)

Eco-Terrorist Alert!!!!

(Great Barrier) Reef could be dead in 50yrs: expert

"Protecting the Environment," the Democrats outpoll the Republicans by 39%

Tropical Storm Epsilon

Last 5 Sumatran Rhinos Gone From Malaysian National Park - Poaching Likely

CO2: This time it's personal

Do humans pumping iron bring cleaner skies? Prof says ‘maybe’

Peres Would Leave Labor Party Under Deal

Abbas delays Fatah vote over widespread fraud

Eight Palestinians arrested in overnight West Bank raid

Sharon's rebirth as 'centrist' overrated

Israeli-Palestinian soccer 'peace team' to face Barcelona's stars

re: The Naudet Brothers snuff film of 9/11 - evidence of foreknowledge

Four questions about the Pentagon hit

Need opinion. Here are 2 photos of tower 2 impact site and subsequent

A new 9/11 smoking gun: the WTC was fortified for aerial attack before 911

Naudet brothers : can someone explain?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 11/29/05

False Frames

Avante has an "automark"

Fitrakis enters OH Governor race as independent as Coleman bows out

The Cunningham "time machine"

Dark clouds are back...budget cuts affect Californians

Voting-machine deadline at risk

Action Heros in Office: Flash Video with Ahnold

Yepsen article about the KCCI poll - DM Register

Vilsack job approval rating - SurveyUSA

billboard in northwest Iowa implies prostitution is OK

Anyone know how to remove a screen from an old I mac?

Math software?

I have two questions:

Coleman Drops Out

Loss of OSU's "General" Mourned

Democrat Hagan told to drop corruption suit against Republicans, or else

OSU Band Director's Daughter Murdered

Responses needed to this LTTE in the Portsmouth Daily Times

Taft approval 6.5% but voters split 38%-37% on preferred party to run OH

Galveston Co. AFL-CIO Christmas Dinner 12/6 (Lampson, Bell, etc.)

San Antonio Ditches Progressive Radio (KRPT)

David Van Os Whistlestop Tour in Austin Saturday 12/3

Education forum in Milwaukee on Tuesday 11/29

Saddam's uniform' up for auction - starting price of $5,000

House Majority Leader says manure isn't toxic

What do you guys think of this response to me regarding Novak/Rove?

Francine Busby

Will Saddam Hussein stay alive for his ENTIRE trial?

If you are ready to understand

I agree with George Bush - we should withdraw our troops from Iraq...

West Coast, turn on Wife Swap (ABC) 10pm!

A cautionary tale RE unsafe P2P-ing

Cheney: "a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard?" Wilkerson

"Revisionist History" indeed. Shrubco always accuses others of doing what

Why not assassinate Saddam and declare victory and get the hell out....

"The Judy Code," CJR Web Special

How to identify State Dept. misinformation - Spot The Difference

The news media seems so surprised about Saddam Hussein's defense

German trial of Nazi SS officer enters its final phase

Duke Cunningham led efforts to ban flag-burning in the House

Jesus! Winter descends on the north country in a flash!

Defining the ambiguous and enigmatic left in America(LONG)...

Please Please Can the Democrats Please Fillibuster Alito?

Drug prescribed to aid fertility linked to birth defects

Scooter Status (????)

For a cynic like me, these are good times, good times!

It looks like faux news is going to XM exclusively

It's been 1 YR - And I still wonder what happened to DU'sTinfoil_Beret...

Gifts Rep. Cunningham Admitted Receiving

What do you mean no draft? 52 yr old grandfather called back 13 yrs later

Realists Tighten Grip as Talks Open with Iran(US Ambassador)

Ohio Gov Bob Taft is FINALLY into single digit approval ratings

Asscrap--Let the Eagle Soar???

The US needs a 'Liberation Act'

Pope Bennie XVI...leading the church into further irrelevency...

WAR CRIMES WITHIN WAR CRIMES Behind the revelations about white phosphorus

I don't understand Ray Taliaferro's technique of argument

A most telling statement from Runsfeld.... "I'm not sure if we are not

Duke Cunningham called gays "homos" on the House floor in 1993

think bush* is withdrawing from Iraq? think again....

Give me a D, give me an R, give me a U , give me a G ...

Anyone watching James Lee Witt on Wash Journal?

Sunnis Accuse Iraqi Military of Kidnappings and Slayings

If winter is bitter, brace for a natural-gas crunch

Tell me why ...?

Amazing First Person Spree Killing Video

The Weasel and The Lioness

Maybe it's time to form a Resistance

Who "owns" land?

Goss:BinLaden & al-Zarqawi not caught because they're better than CIA

Shake & Bake : White Phosphorous...NYTimes

AOL Poll question: who deserves blame for Iraq situation

Buh-Bye! ---pix->>>

Parks not Seated Alone in History (Claudette Colvin)

11/29 *** URGENT*** 14 Days to STOP the EXECUTION!!

Text of Al-Jazeera Letter to Blair Regarding "Bush Bombing Memo"

It is guaranteed that a substantial number of troops will be withdrawn

So, does anyone else find it curious how economy is doing?

Is mere FEAR the basis of all EVIL?

C-Span - Embryonic Stem Cells Research…

Fake President Met Fake Mongolians During Visit. How'd we miss this ?!!

Tookie Debate:

Action needed!

Cheerleaders & big pharma

Welcome to the United States of Wal-Mart

Al Jazeera has set up a new blog "Don't Bomb Us"

thinking pre-emptively, what's the 1 year plan from the nazi bastards?

We need to create a better Network

We may be competing with Neo-Fascism

Michael Isikoff -- The Fred Astaire of Stenographic Reporting

Bed-hopping TV characters skip right over reality

They're taking Christ out of Christmas!!

Randy 'Duke' Cunningham pleads guilty to 27 charges, bribery and fraud,

Randy 'Duke' Cunningham pleads guilty to 27 charges, bribery and fraud,

King of Softball Strikes Again, Matthews Cements His Legacy as Bush Whore

"a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard.”

Tax-cut momentum waning

I want to thank my DU Family for all thier help yesterday.

This Iowa New Hampshire thing

Gov. Warner Rejects Iraq Withdrawal Date

Imus suggests US allow Saddam to Rule Country again....

About Hidden Threads

It's time to invoke THAT part of the Declaration of Independence

The New Iraq is a place of Horrors

Oh no! An evil CIA plot to make Dear Leader look bad!

Since we're all whack-jobs who want to destroy xmas I say

How is today's world different from how it was presented to you in school?

Chomsky Q&A on the Iraq War:

US reaching out to some Iraq insurgents

"go ye unto the stores & buy many gifts in remembrance of me"

AP: Wilkerson airs doubts about prewar intel

PHOTO: Bush & McCain side by side. Again. Birds of a feather.

(WalMart) The movie was purchased for its advertised sale price,

Middle Eastern Scholars, help me out here

As troops are withdrawn from Iraq, the air war will increase?

is there any one of the BUSH chillen who is not hated by the 'murricahns?

"Capitol Holiday Tree" now "Capitol Christmas Tree", thanks Dennis Hastert

try as i might, i just can't dredge up any sympathy for cunningham

“Are there no Work Houses?” Or, What C. Dickens Didn’t Tell You.

Wilkerson on BBC: "Was this intelligence spun?"

MSNBC: Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get temporary worker visas?

Tribe Says Abramoff Told Them to Donate

PHOTO: Bush BLESSED by Catholic priest on arrival in Arizona

"THE STUPID PLAN has collapsed, as anyone could have foreseen"

Iraq ... Iran ... US Ambassador ... What? ... Juan Cole explanins

"It's 'MERRY CHRISTMAS', not 'Happy Holidays', you Anti-Christian Commie"

Questions from a RW fundy... and my responses

L.Ron nutjobs secret underground New Mexico bunker

WMDs Found in Iraq!

Iraqi forces carrying out executions in predominantly Sunni neighborhoods

HOW LOW CAN THEY GO: John McCain: Torture Worked on Me!

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

"Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks"

My 2 grandsons want to be black

Why does GWB carry a plastic turkey around with him?

Top Military Historian on Iraq: "the most foolish war in over 2,000 years"

So who would you arrest

Cindy's Book Sells

MSNBC: "Economic good cheer - Consumer confidence soars, home sales rise"

No, Chris Matthews. Everyone does NOT sort of like this Preznit

Remember Newsweek's piece, "The Salvador Option"?

Another one. Jesus Baldheaded Christ, another one.


Dem 08ers On Troops Coming Home - Here's a small clip-n-save

Saxby Chambliss (R, Chickenhawk) denies dissing Springsteen

Democratic Campaign FOIA'd Pentagon for info on Republican Senators

"Bush blundered into a trap from which there is no way out"

Arnold in Brazil?

Hearing on CSPAN re: Cable TV--Forum on Decency

Spook Wars: Is the Bush-Cheney White House a Security Threat?

Idiot question just asked on MSNBC....

"Murtha's comments have gotten Americans killed"

For those who speak German: A scathing report on America's death penalty..

Question from one of DMM's kids: Maybe he needed to dump a body?

DOD re: Iraqi Army >> " it will be some time before they are able to"

CSpan Decency in the Media right now (Trinity Brodcasting)

like Rome & the Civil War South, our economy would collapse without slaves

Did Duke Cunningham earn his medals in Vietnam legitimately?

The Tyranny of Double-entry Bookkeeping

Plan D Application Alert


Miami (Nazi) Police Take New Tack Against Terror (you won't believe)

Do we have a depository of ready-made LTTE's? published my letter (DU mention even!) WOOOOT!

Democratics sought records from Pentagon on selves, Republicans

Franken is a whore.

Canadian DU'ers: Is the vote of no confidence a bad or good thing?

TWN: Text of Al-Jazeera Letter to Blair Regarding "Bush Bombing Memo"

The Power of Nightmares Documentary. MUST-READ transcript.

Read Joe Lieberman's Wall Street Journal OpEd "Our Troops Must Stay"

Mystery of Woodward's three sources

Michael Moore help....

Hey, two and half years later we're going to get a plan for victory!

Zogby: White House and media ignore thoughtful withdrawal plans

Significant Emotional Event of 2005?

Does anyone have a link to the "promo" video Randi Rhodes

Whatever happened to "Gannon?" Is he connected to Plamgate?


Long Beach Press Telegram: Blue, blue wine

Upside-down Christmas trees become hot-selling trend in holiday decorating

Is it legal for Limpballs to "war-profiteer" on the backs of our troops??

Bush Nov approval 36% unchanged from Oct- americanresearchgroup


U.S. agents wrecked business with mistaken porn raid

Sometimes Good news is Good news

Based on what you see in the US today, what will our children's future...

If the Air Force takes over in Iraq....

Potter film tops $400m worldwide (take that Christian Right)

Prairie dog poisoning expected to begin next Monday

Which of OUR Congressmen need to be retired?

Air guitarists’ rock dreams come true

bush just had to say it again, 'the u.s. does not torture"

Who's Who In Repug Scandals: A Corrupt Republican Scorecard.

Name one Liberal who said they want Saddam back

Lieberman was just on CNN. He's not just Republican. He's far worse!

"The Honorable Randy 'Duke' Cunningham" And His Famous Elk Stew

I figured it out! Neo-Con plan for poor and Volunteer Army.

Is it wrong for atheist to like religious music?

Gas prices are falling and consumer confidence is rising, does this mean..

Martha Stewart, $250000, the Duke Cunningham, $250,000,000

A letter in July from Iraq to Egypt about an "Islamic Caliphate"....True?

"Ain't going to study war no more"

"Wait for the BLING" (Iowa taxpayer-funded pro-abstinence billboard)

c-span 930am "forum on decency in the media"

January 7 National Day of Town Hall Forums on Ending the War

Suggestion for DU Posts

Bush announces Iraq war plan

VIDEO: Four Peace Activists Taken Hostage In Iraq

RSS News Feed - Need recommendations

Organized Retaliation-Death Squads Roaming Iraq

Feingold Statement: Bush should have proposed plan months ago

Urgent MEMO to Bush,Or, if he is unavailable: any ol' staffer

Wall Street's bonuses and greedy traders

Larry Johnson: Brent Bozell, A Big ..... ?

2005 hurricanes blew records away; U.S. defends climate policy

Supreme Court nominee Alito, a tragedy for minorities, women, and America

Sy Hersh on Today Show (video)

OC Register: Residents accused of leveling Newport dunes

Australian Prostitutes Work into their 70s

Michael Jackson, the Bush faith-based adviser, and the pornographer

BBC: Wilkerson says Cheney might be guilty of war crimes

It's hard work being the "Campaigner-In-Chief ", hard work...

2110 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Police Raid Connecticut BDSM Website Owner’s Home

On CNN Now -- cRummy Press Conference...

Specter weighs in on the most important matter of the day

If you are a car afficianado of ANY sort, you should love TOP GEAR.

Firearms and Gun Control. Why?

A VOLPAC Poll we can hit - Frist asks about healthcare

Web Producer job available (if you want to sell your soul!)

Three months ago today

Contractor Trophy Video - A different view....

remember snake Cheney's shadow govt. rotating in secret?

Jack Welch: "Best year for Wall Street since the turn of the century"

Cirrhosis cases soar among Britain's fat children

Coulter posts personal info on front page of her website

A grave to piss on: German far-right leader Schoenhuber dies at 82

Katrina has changed me

Divide and Conquer…

France warns against hasty U.S. pullout from Iraq, Freeper heads explode!

ONCE AGAIN!!! Michael Moore's speech is on C-SPAN 2!!

*** Turn on CNN *** Nagin meeting w/ NO residents.

Seymour Hersh:"I think they're scared to death" Democracy Now

The Moonies just visited!

Monbiot on energy

Newbie's first major post ...I think very GD Politics

Atrios: Feel the Joementum!

Attention DU "Swiftboat" Experts

Randy "Duke" Cunningham's Crash Landing-Grand Theft Pentagon

Swiftboating - Wikipedia, What is your thoughts on this????

How to find out if Bush/Cheney are sneaking into your town:

Tonight on Countdown 11- 29-05(Olbermann/MSNBC/8pm EST)

52-year-old grandfather ordered to Army duty (been out 13 years)

U.S. agents wrecked business with mistaken porn raid


Jack Cafferty doesn't quite have his Fitzgerald cases in Illinois down...

Rummy's Flawless Logic: Death Squads= "Progress"

Should we really subsidize churches and children?

I think Lieberman is neither a Democrat or a Republican.

Cheney is to exec branch secrecy-what darkness is to the night

Question for DU Political science experts

Democratic party raising money for Anti-Shmidt billboard

LOL...check out Lou Dobbs Poll on Bush/immigration

I just have to report this morning on am radio I was listening to this

Rummy: "Baghdad’s once-violent Haifa Street is now more peaceful "

*:"This country must never forget the lessons of September the 11th, 2001"

AP >>> " the number of capable Iraqi troops remains relatively few"

*: "The whole objective is to achieve victory against the terrorists."

Condi Rice - one of BaBa WaWa's "Most Fascinating People"

Governor Warner commutes death sentence of Robin Lovitt

Rep Adam "Howdy Doody" Putnam selling the war and torture

When you owe the bank $100,000,you're in trouble,when you owe the bank

News Hounds Media Digest #59

My lunch with two wingnuts. They're as crazy as we think they are.

Sunburn? ---pix->>>

This land is your land (and it's for sale)

Yesterday's * protest made the local papers-600 people in PHX

Rumsfeld Seeks Word Change:"the switch was the result of 'an epiphany'

Tweety: Everybody sorta likes Bush except the whack jobs on Left

Cafferty Files: The Christmas BUSH & hang all the indictments


Somebody 'splain this to me about Lieberman:

Success Guaranteed in Iraq

Can't tell the GOP felons without a scorecard, here is one

Do minors have a right to view porn or violence?

Executions of the mentally ill....

Rummy: "We can't protect our own borders!"

Top 100 Pod Casts


CNN:Protestors surround PRESS BUS covering W in Denver

This is SO fun!

As Shia Death Squads Roam, Lieberman & Bush Hear No Evil, See No Evil

The neocons and the Iranian castle

When will the holiday bashing end?

In my life time I have never seen a president that I thought...

HARDBALL: Seymour Hersh Up Next!

Gee, ya think?

Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz debate at Harvard at 7PM

With “Last Throes” Debunked, Rice Unveils “The Latte Defense”

Tweety claims Culture of Corruption is non-partisan. The whoring continues

Holy cow -- Sy Hersh GREAT on "Hardball"

What do you think Bush means when he says victory...

Wow! A sane preacher!

plan to put America's awesome airpower at the disposal of Iraqi commanders

The Valerie Plame Issue is no longer a treasonous crime

Don't call it an 'insurgency' in Iraq-Rumsfeld

New Orleans launches free wireless network

Boosh is talking very strangely.

“Touchstone” issues will determine who wins future elections (IMHO).

James Fallows or Sy Hersh

Caption this photo of rummy from today

Tweety to Seymour Hersh: Is Bush Out to Lunch?

O'Lielly: "Companies should be thanking Jesus for being born"

The Mainstream Media....Does it ever see us out there?

300 blew whistles, pounded pots & pans & chanted "Impeach Bush"

The War

White House says troop reductions should be coming

Miami Univeristy of Ohio being sued over same-sex...

A contrary view: I strongly object to surrounding the press bus in Denver

First O'Donnell, now Matthews: "Everyone sort of likes the president,

The 3 remaining options for withdrawal from Iraq.

Sebelius says deployments to Iraq raise concerns at home

New Idea for a TV Show

Getting great joy from Cunningham self destruction.

Oh, look... it's Jim Vandehei, whose wife worked for Tom DeLay...

Belgium investigates Iraq suicide attack

Ghengis Khan asks: Hey Georgie, Whats In Your Wallet??

Who will replace Rep. Cunningham?

Pelosi May Find Herself Third in Line for White House

Did You Know This About Joe Lieberman? TheCommittee on the Present Danger?

can we get a list of CURRENT GOP Scandals Together?

Bush's topic change to "border security" makes him look out-of-touch

Kos: Dean flops as boogeyman

The "Driving-While-Black" Po-Po Buster

999th U.S. Execution Carried Out

Jeff Toobin on CNN saying WP Viveca Novak story hard for him to believe

Mike Coleman drops out of Ohio Governor's Race

How are guest workers to be able to afford tickets home

US Army aims to coax former troops back to service

When the Media Become News

Keith Olberman has really achieved something BIG for MSNBC now!

Newest O'Reilly Threat (audio)

Found a mention at Left Coaster of VandeHei's wife working for DeLay

When lobbyists/corporate bigwigs spend $ on whores, I mean lawmakers

Where to Find The O'Reilly Blacklist

CIndy: are they illegal campers or undocumented? Lou Dobbs asked

Will Randy "Duke" Cunningham be a guest at Alabama’s federal prison?

* pauses during a fundraiser speech - photo

Rumsfeld Seeks Word Change:"the switch was the result of 'an epiphany'

Can Felons Vote?

Randi's got a freeper!!!!

IRAQ: Families of mass grave victims seek compensation

Limbaugh minimizing Duke Cunningham's crimes....

An idea for Christmas (Holiday) cards.

From Blair watch -- Two memos on intention to bomb al-Jazeera

2006 Election Tactic -- If you really want to know the truth... Elect Dems

If you had the chance to meet the Bush bastard what

Just got a call from the Dove Foundation

VanderHei's wife was a DeLay congressional aid.

50 State Governor Poll from Survey USA

More proof freeps are illiterate, deranged, & desperate (major profanity)

PHOTO: "What country is that over there?"

"People nowadays just don't seem to know their place" (Alito's CAP 1983)

*PNAC's Open LETTER TO CLINTON - Run-up to War Officially Began in 1998! *

Now that Cunningham's admitted to being bribed, what's the status of MZM

Finally — something good from the FCC

Mamma T to the defense of Murtha

Warner spares the life of the man who would have been #1,000

Vice President's Office Keeps Travel Expenses Under Wraps

The election writ dropped in Canada. The campaign will be 55 days long

Christmas trees shoved up homeowner's @ss is all the rage.

Ware (Time Magazine) on CNN revealed this damning information…

CBS disagreeing with Rumsfeld?

N.C. judge refuses to shield (Diebold) voting machines.

Ed Schultz just said, "Oh, I'll be on DemocraticUnderground now for sure."

Rumsfeld: Don't Call Them 'Insurgents'...

WAR: In general

Phoenix protest a hugh success! Hugh I tell ya....Hugh!

What is Randi Rhodes' issue with homosexuality?

New proposal from Howard Dean to fight back!

RE Xmas: my stock answer to the RW freaks....

Freeptards having heart attacks over Duke Cunningham:

Cheney's office argued "president of the United States is all-powerful."

Is the "Daily Show" & Stephen's show new tonight?

ready to carve up: our national forests and parks

Can America win in Iraq?

I really like DU, however......

GOP Legislators Caught Plagiarizing Each Other

VIDEO- Schuster on CIA & Other Investigations

VIDEO-Sy Hersh

VIDEO- Two Viveca Novak Ideas of why she was called to tesfity

New "Media Darling" Jim VanderHei is all over MSNBC Tonight Whoring!

Bad, bad news: Greenland's glaciers race towards the ocean.

A personal beef: Countrywide homeloan ads

Become a Republican -- Flash movie

Bob Schaffer on CBS Evening News.. just did something good.

Breaking: Confirmed. There are two al-Jazeera memos

Military Recruiter Verbally Assaults Student

"I really shouldn't say this, but..." What a Republican told me in PT.

George's New Costume: Look at me! I'm a Deputy! ---pix->>>

I met an 81 yr old WWII vet today.

see the names on this wall son? they died so rich men could get elected

Apparently The New Freeper Angle On DA Is That DU Is Sick Of Me.

VIDEO-Denver Anti-War Protesters Surround Bush reporters bus

An Industrial Policy for the Democrats

Arsonist strikes San Diego auto dealers--SUVs targeted

Awwwww! The Little Children Protesting The Monster in the White House!

So whats the Democratic party's views on illegal immigration?

"Heh, heh, we've had some of the finest americans die in Iraq, heh, heh"

Do We Have To Go To These Kind Of Extremes To Wake America Up?

Wikipedia has been freeped - can someone correct this?

Did you answer the DSCC's call for WMD questions??????? If you

Help! I need the name of the ship that is rumored to have tried that weird

Mystery Train

N.C. Judge Declines Protection for Diebold - ABC

A speech from the floor of the Louisiana State Senate:

Ha Ha! O'leilly has no balls- he only has 3 entries on his blacklist

Lieberman: Our Troops Must Stay For As Long as it Takes

BREAKING - a chunk of marble falls from the SCOTUS building

Lieberman complaining about video games again

"New Rules 2006" (finally, an email that's funny!)

Republican Success - how do they do it? (long)

If you believe the government can control women's wombs but not gun sales

Wow! CBS Evening News Totally Debunked Rummy's Stated Achievments Today!

Latest U.S. Debt Statistics.{Socialists Beware}

Smoking Ban - Question for NYC residents/visitors

Honoring Randy 'Duke' Cunningham: New "lifestyle" Magazine for GOP elites

Why do some of you think you have the right to criticize post topics?

I, as a Pagan, have a Christmas Tree.

Would you like Lieberman replaced as senator?

I've never been able to visit the Wall, Emotionally I can't handle it.

if you could Scream Something at bush, what would it be?

In your opinion, is it possible to be rich AND care....? = Warmongers

Impeach Bush Mix of Nine Inch Nails by DU'er

Ever think violence will erupt here in the US?

Do you think Wikipedia needs something like contributor names or email

After the inevitable US withdrawal in defeat from Iraq

Uh-oh. I think the reports of xmas profits are true. How about your area?

Is it Fascism yet? Great article from Toronto Star!

An argument with a friend: Where the hell did the dinosaurs come from?

What’s the Deal With Sibel Edmonds? what they are trying to cover up

Proposed Changes to the General Discussion Forums (Please read & comment)

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

Share your favorite duck recipe!

Should we be on the watch for US interference in the Canadian election?

...Stephen Harper looked remarkably upbeat and HUMAN

As those of you in BC know, it snowed last night...

Stephen Harper "The Liberals are desperately trying to avoid an election."

Proposed porn tax creates dilemma for some anti-tax conservatives

NYT: Lawmaker (Congressman) Quits After He Pleads Guilty to Bribes (R-CA)



Hariri witness says he was bribed

'86 Alito Memo Argues Against Foreigners' Rights

Time Reporter Called a Key to Rove's Defense In Leak Probe(hold your nose)

Bush Vows Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants

Miami Police Take New Tack Against Terror (scary)

Deathbed evidence at Saddam trial

Sunnis Accuse Iraqi Military of Kidnappings and Slayings

KRT: Abuse of prisoners in Iraq widespread, officials say

Ex-Powell Aide Criticizes Detainee Effort

If winter is bitter, brace for a natural-gas crunch

A Growing Wariness About Money in Politics

Rally Held in Texas to Support Tom DeLay

Suicide bombers kill eight in Bangladesh

Death squads don Iraqi uniforms

Senator says ‘fireside chats’ could help Bush on Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 29 November

Anti-gay edict stirs priest to step aside

Greenpeace Protest Disrupts Blair Nuclear Speech

Televangelists on Unusual Side in Indecency Debate

‘Secret CIA jails’ deepens US/EU divide

Canadian Govt. Falls in No-Confidence Vote

'Trophy video' under investigation (mercenary murders in Iraq)

Tax-cut momentum waning

Abortion measure moves ahead (in Colorado)

Proposed cuts could slice child support (GOP budget axe takes aim at kids) Cheney accused on prisoner abuse

Peres will leave Labor, join Sharon government

Aide: Peres may join Sharon party

Should Alito's philosophy be fair game?

Group Seeks End to NYPD Taping Protests

Department of Defense Suddenly& Silently Increases Iraq Death Toll

Gay Republicans want inquiry on UMSL drag show

Abramoff Tied to Dorgan Donation, Tribe Says

NYT - Justices Reject F.B.I. Translator's (Edmonds) Appeal on Termination

As a lawyer, Alito advised giving leeway to FBI, IRS

Potter film tops $400m worldwide (take that Christian Right)

Documents reveal Alito's expansive view of police powers

Arsonist strikes San Diego auto dealers--SUVs targeted

Blair Gives Nod to Nuclear Review

Group Seeks End to NYPD Taping Protests

Christian party officials killed in Iraq

Two appear in court over leaked Bush memo

Euro-Mediterranean summit ends with pledge to fight terrorism

Bush Aids GOP As Campaigner-In-Chief

FL Police to Stage Random ID Checkpoints at Banks, Hotels, etc.

Two British men in court over leak (Al Jazeera Memo)

Realists Tighten Grip as Talks Open with Iran(US Ambassador)

CIA chief defends agency over bin Laden hunt (know 'a good deal more')

Abramoff Tied to Dorgan Donation, Tribe Says

Randy 'Duke' Cunningham pleads guilty to 27 charges, bribery and fraud,

WP (page A01): A Growing Wariness About Money in Politics

For those who speak German: A scathing report on America's death penalty..

Murphy: Soldiers Say U.S. Should Stay

L.A. judge is removed for 'shocking abuse of power'

El Paso Times: Bush stops at Border Highway (check out W's border tour!)

Row over East Timor massacre report

Abramoff Sought Bush Officials' Aid in Indian-Tribe Fee Dispute (Griles)

Nasdaq to delist Taser International

Bush's quick stop will focus on border security (1hr, 20min., no public)

Bush Trying to Help Republican Candidates


Liquor store owner's ordeal Arson, kidnapping in Oakland -- 6 sought in pr

Army investigating Beaver County soldier's shooting death

Friendly fire may have killed 2 in 101st

Ex-Powell aide: Bush 'too aloof'

Resignation speeds up 50th District politicking - Cunningham Seat

(Orrin) Hatch refers to Iraq as Vietnam

Coleman Quitting Race for Governor (Ohio)

Feingold: Bush should have proposed plan months ago

Lethal landmark for America's death penalty

U.S. defends climate change position

Tenn. School Principal Recants on Beating

Miami Univeristy of Ohio being sued over same-sex...

Vice President's Office Keeps Travel Expenses Under Wraps

Justice Dept. Defends FBI on Patriot Act

Bush: Leaving Iraq Would Be a Mistake

Cindy Sheehan Claims Photos Falsely Implied Her Book Signing was a Flop

Rumsfeld: Early exit puts U.S. at 'greater risk'

Bush Failing to Block Terrorism Financing, GAO Says

WP: Air Force Erred With No-Bid Iraq Contract, GAO Says

Another tropical storm, Epsilon, forms in Atlantic (NZHerald)

Supreme Court Denies Review in FBI Whistleblower Case (

Pastor accused of hate speech acquitted

Tropical Storm Delta lashes Canary islands

Governor to assume high-profile chair

Specialists revamp CPR guidelines: New rules stress pumping the chest

Venezuela denies blocking U.S. congressional group

Spate of scandals causes concern among US conservatives

France warns against hasty U.S. pullout from Iraq

Iran: President Says Light Surrounded Him During UN Speech

Rumsfeld dismisses Iraqi abuse claims

State GOP tries to block subpoena to phone jamming trial

Pataki snares Bush I money man

Bush promises drones for border security

Tropical Storm Epsilon Public Advisory #1 (NHC)

Rice defends unlimited detention of suspected terrorists

Witness in Hariri Case Killed in Car Crash

(White House) Adviser: No federal promise on La. levees

(WA) State, B.C. fear negative impact of passport rule

(Canadian conservative) Harper vows free vote on gay marriage (to ban it)

Nowhere To Run (Renowned Military Historian Calls For Bush's Impeachment)

CIA director defends intelligence, methods

France to tighten immigration controls after riots

Syria wants UN report changed after witness recants (AFP)

US acknowledges Europe concern on 'secret prisons'

(Marine Gen. Peter) Pace defends use of white phosphorus

Bush says congressman taking bribes 'outrageous'

Protesters Demonstrate At Soldier's Funeral (Phelps, NOT anti-war)

(CA) Security of Diebold machines must past a hacker test

Tribe Says Abramoff Told Them to Donate

Bruno: Pirro should quit anti-Clinton race

Army aims to coax back former troops

LAT: Schwarzenegger Cannot Appoint Successor to Cunningham

Rumsfeld suppresses 'insurgent' ("an epiphany")

Government 'reversing human rights' (from an OZ conservative)

Two taken hostage in Iraq worked for Christian Peacemaker Teams Canada

Bush being protested now in Denver

Kidnapped Briton was quiet pacifist who felt drawn to war zone

U.S. FCC boss prods pay TV to do more on decency

Gallup: Americans Against Torture, But Believe We Do It (74%)

Refusal to present ID sparks test of rights

Warner commuted the sentence of the "to be" put to death prisoner.

Musician Who Tangled With Bush to Run

"We Do Have a Plan" (Iraq - Lieberman)

Hillary Clinton targets new rise in video game violence

Hastert Wants 'Christmas,' Tree Together (Instead of Holiday Tree)

Did anybody see the piece on Nightly News about Murtha

On Leno: Queens Of The Stone Age with Billy F. Gibbons.

I've got a Venison sausage and a dvd of "The Godfather II"

Former Nebraska Head Coach, Frank Solich, Arrested For DUI

A couple of questions for you

Dammit. Does anyone have a copy of the Fall's "Deadbeat's Descendent"?

OMG - Colbert Reports Word is hilarious!!

Okay. . .this is the official RANT thread

I bought and am watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

Joey Styles is the best in the business

What do n/t, kicked, and eom mean?

All I ever had is songs of freedom

WTF is up with the weather today

callin all you hot neurotic borderline insane women were have you been?

T-minus 25 days till Festivus!

sex with ann coulter

PIGS - Image

I wonder how many more threads are going to be mocked tonight?

What do you think of these movies.

Mrs. Miller sings Downtown

I'll have a vanilla... one of those vanilla bullshit things.

Dear Sugar Smack - was great meeting you

Official Clone High appreciation thread

Has everyone in GD lost their sense of humor? I loose a limb every time!

I cannot post the sunset pictures I took before I left for my trip

The more I listen to Bruce Springsteen, the more I realize

You know the weather is bad in Minnesota when....

Accidental celibacy.. has this ever happened to you?

I don't understand "thread locking."

If you want to ride

Who knew that BigMcLargehuge was a "whale whisperer"?

My 11 yr old daughter is now an official conspiracy theorist


Someone start a thread that Big McLargehuge can lock

Curiouser and curiouser


I wonder how many more threads are going to be cocked tonight?

Look at these jugs!

Nice rack!

West Coast, turn on Wife Swap (ABC) 10pm!

I am turning in for the night

I'm turning in! I'm off to fight the clowns!

I'm off to bed, goodnight ALL !!

Mods are cool!

I'm a masterbaiter.

I saw a scary movie and now I can't sleep...

Check out the size of this guy's MANHOOD!!


Nice ass!

I took the day off

K... I'm outa here


Bigger Butts Need Longer Needles for Injections-LA Times

Ok, I have to go now

Got $6.9 Million? You Can Live In Manny's (Ramirez) Condo!

Runaway Ostrich In Indiana!

Mother Tries To Poison Daughter - Bleach In Macaroni & Cheese

Ooh, the temperature has gone down a few degrees in the last few minutes

Mary Travers recovering from leukemia, to perform next week

If you live in CA, OR or WA: Have you ever seen the "Green Flash?"

Movies with disappointing endings

Have you ever been offered a job

Dr Phil show : on Spouces 'trapping'

what's the difference between a dialect and an accent

What's wrong with this classified ad?

Has anyone else seen the Devils and Dust solo tour

The world is a horrible place, full of hatred and greed

How many Football fans have their coach in a syndicated comic strips!!!

Driving from Oslo to Tokyo.....

She said "Idaho"

Wouldn't He have a nice Bose system or a I-pod?

Let Me Be The First To Congratulate The Super Bowl Champion Colts!

Potter film tops $400m worldwide (take that Christian Right)

Another Virgin Mary crying blood....

Fall depressions...

Famed Dog, Politician, Killed in Separate Hunting Incidents

"You f*****g answer me next time I ask you to kiss a fish"

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

The worlds best Christmas lawn decoration..

What is your favorite non-traditional Holiday (sue me!) carol?

PA/NJ folks: See me play in Atlantic City this Saturday, Dec. 3 at 8 PM!!!

This is my new favorite poem


Just so you know, I'm making a holiday donation for all of you this season

Barbra Streisand is Jewish, right?

Texas A&M fans check this out.

Let Me Be The First To Congratulate The Super Bowl Champion PACKERS!

I guess Arlen Specter has nothing better to do...taking up for "poor" T.O.

High-pitched whine drives away teens, people over 30 can't hear it

So what happened to the big bird flu scare?

Naked woman drops through ceiling

Barbara Walters' "10 Most Exciting People of 2005" is on tonight.


10 Year Old Girls Charged After Saying Parsley Was Marijuana

Bird Flu Defense System

So who is next (to resign)?

Teen Killed While Surfing On Roof Of Car

So I quit smoking for a whole week ...

Puppy Found Burried Alive In Yard - Owner Arrested

Nighthawks 44 (dial-up warning)

Prof. in our department lost his home to a fire on Thanksgiving Day


Now THIS is a light display!

Sunset photos....courtesy of the Santa Ana Winds.......

Does anyone remember this charity?

Live! on Regis--SCOTT STAPP!! solo album!!!!

MN Twins Fans (Kitchenwitch are you there?) did you hear this...


"The Simpsons" to be sued in European Court of Human Rights!

Nick Lachey's Tips For Successfully Handling A Divorce, Part 1: Vodka

Look at these KNOCKERS!!!

It is SWEET listening to Cunningham's tear-laden resignation speech

Indy Will Lose to...

The 'Give George a Brain Game"

The Saw-Inspired Survival Test

so if you didnt celebrate any holidays...

I have a 2nd job interview coming up next Mon.

Tuesday Morning Quiz: Breatfast....

awkward everyday moments vol. 1

Damn what a set of brass balls on that one!

The name of the travel agency my company uses for arranging business trips

Do you care if it's a white Christmas?

Question for veterinarians

I'm thinking of learning how to drive.

At the market today.............

Woman, 80, Believes God Helped Her Survive Goat Attack

Educate this goy in the ways of Jewmas.

I HATE Wolf Blitzer's voice with a passion.

Woman Ordered to Spend Night in Woods for Abandoning Kittens

Need a hug Guys!

Ponies Go Berzerk During Santa Parade - Run Over Passengers

I bet this guy's neighbors want to cock-punch him

Do you have to put up with perky people who are ready for Xmas?

I don't think I can do this anymore.

Ronald MacDonald Charged With Robbing Wendy's

I finally watched Mississippi Burning

STORY OF THE YEAR: Kazakhstan Goes After BORAT!!!!!

Anyone ever quit a good-paying job to go to school full time?

No kidding: TiVo service to encourage skipping to the ads

Nothing smells better than a big ole pot of ham & beans cooking

biggest flamebait in GD

Ich bin einen Taco

My name is WillBowden and I'm addicted to porn...

Hi, Lounge - have I missed any drama tonight?

Argument Over Beer, Spaghetti Leads To AK-47 Shooting

Mesquite Grilled Tequila Chicken, Barley and Spinach

sometimes the edited notice is like the scarlet letter A

Let Me Be The First To Congratulate The Super Bowl Champion Texans!

'HUGE' Condom Maker Bringing Fun To Safe Sex


Mobile strip club for tailgaters found outside Tampa Stadium

Sensitive Men

Hookahs--anyone like them?

I gained 5 pounds over the holiday week

Live one over in GD, get some while you can, for those who go in for that

It really sucks when Loan officers get your home number.

Motor Home Used As Mobile Strip Club At Tampa Bay Bucs' Games

I had to bathe all three of my dogs last night!! Aaarrgghhh!!

What's a "nice Jewish girl"?

I just started a thread in GD.

The Skeleton On Raccoon Key


Thanks to Call_Me_Wesley we have a new Lounge Theme Song!!!

What's for lunch? I might have a burutto.


Australian Prostitutes Work into their 70s

How many hours a day do doggies sleep?

Sim Beast Man died yesterday.

Official Robots In Disguise appreciation thread

Anyone else watch too much Thanksgiving Bond-a-thon?

I am cold and it is snowy

I just had a root canal. Ask me anything


Here's your chance safely to say "I Love You!" to posters in this thread

I just paid $12,000 for three night stands and a buffet

How do you find out the owner of a website?

sexual orientation people: is your sexual orientation the same as it was

Brazillions post psychic copycat posts!

Trivia time

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Psychic copycat posts!

I know this probably belongs in GD but I am posting it here.

The Holidays are officially here because_________

Additional suggested changes to the General Discussion Forums

Psychic copycat posts!

Psychotic copycat posts!

How many boreds can be found in this picture?

10-year old girl charged after saying evolution is science

Du ladies - please help the Kinsey Institute

Psychotic Brazillion Copycat Posts

Bush Teary-eyed over Psychotic Brazillion Copycat Posts

Yeah, Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel.

What decade are you "stuck in?"

For my 10,000th post ...

Damn. I just lost a filling and I don't have dental

Need advice in dealing with identity theft

I'm Sick Of Life

Look folks-there is NO BABY PANDA it is all a big fake

Will you be seeing the new movie March Of The Pandas?

Is it just me, or is Joe Lieberman's haircut looking more and more like

Daryn Kagan and Flush Rimbutt - still an item ?

I've spent the whole day painting...

Is this like so wrong?

Teen Arrested For Kidnapping Girl To Be Used In Satanic Ritual

Should Tom Cruise play Randy Cunningham in the sequel to Top Gun?

Psychotic cat posts psychic copy.

Should Tom Cruise jump in a vat of tar...

Arlen Spector claims TO treated unfairly.

Should Tom Cruise play Richie Cunningham in Happy Days sequal?

Podcasts....which podcasts do you subscribe to..

What the hell is going on here

Cats age better than humans

When was the last Panda Baby thread?

Look at the view from up the hill!

Anyone here ever tour the "Brew Belt"?

Well, I have an evening of excitement planned.

What kind of laundry detergent do you use?

Attention Chicago area DUers

Should TomKat name their baby "Panda?"

Turn a dollar bill into a shirt

Is it possible to get internet service at home without a land line?

If you are a car afficianado of ANY sort, you should love TOP GEAR.

Ahhhh back feels much better now

Instead of going to hell in a handbasket, how would you like to go?

Post a pic of you and your seed

What would be involved in buying a car in japan and bringing it here?

You are a counter revolutionary running dog lacky!


Crud. Did you ask for a regular fuckload or a metric fuckload of whoopass?

Are guys named Tom bad people?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/29/05)

For my 1,000th post --

Why oh why won't Toyota make a Sienna Hybrid?

So who wants to volunteer to cook me dinner?

To all the Southeastern DU'ers.... there I was, knee-deep in puppies.

Michael Bolton

Dammit! The Tooth Fairy forgot to exchange my son's tooth for $$

Need some feedback on an alleged "PayPal" email I received

I wonder how many more threads are going to be locked tonight?

Gallery of Stockwell Day looking stupid

Name celebrities that write kids books and...

Well, science now proves that love won't last

*THE* DU thread of the day- 4 month old posts on DU

It is time

Let's play, What's in yvr girl's pockets.

Skinner: BigMcLargehuge called me a tub fart!

Firefox 1.5 is out


Well, I almost just bought the farm.....

Bad waitstaff - a rant


I didn't like "HP and the Goblet of Fire." Is there something wrong w/me?

List your top 5 most melancholy holiday songs.

New Nigerian Spam, Why would the Colorado Lottery go through Nigeria?

Is it wrong for atheist to like religious music?

Who said 'Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn.'?

Does your town have a "Little Italy" section? How is it?

I pulled all the muscles in my lower back & I'm in pain. Ask me anything!

If I get a cell phone, will I become part of the collective hive mind?

What operating system is your computer running right now?

Special Notice for GOPISEVIL: I wanted you to be the first to know I just

Rabrrrrr (sp.?) was right!!!!!

where has the Bookmark link gone too?

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Knit Wit

When you are going down a dark tunnel...and see a light

Serious question about the Packers...

If Bush doesn't pull out in time, will Iraq get pregnant??

How southern/northern is your accent?

Tell me your favorite CDs to listen to while driving

Rick Springfield returns to General Hospital Dr. Noah Drake! WHAAA?

Wizards In Winter - Part 2 .... Video

Update classic movie lines.

A Question for the Women of DU:

What do you think Shell Beau would look better driving/riding?

Women of DU!!! What's the MOST annoying thing about getting older?

I HATE Aaron Neville's voice with a passion.

Will you be seeing the new Faces of Death VII: Panda Babies movie?

iPods - OK, folks, I need to know...

Words that make people sound stupid

Any suggestion about visiting CA Wine Country?

Science: Passionate Love Doesn't Last

Spare a thought for my mom; her dog passed away tonight.

Did Big McLargehuge go to thread locking school

5. Meaning.

1. Existence (or: The Origin of the Universe)

Book of Revelations in the Bible: Would like to know the background

2. Death.

4. Justice;

3. Morality.

My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and recurring staph

Challenging Fossil of a Little Fish

"Chemtrails" Debunked

Gay campaign memo at issue in governor case

Gay Issues Barred From Ex-Gov.'s Trial

Heterosexual candidates for priesthood and celibacy.

Lesbian Chief Battles Blazes Under The Radar

Anti-gay Swedish pastor accused of hate speech acquitted

British Judge will rule on lesbian 'marriage'

Emirates Tries To Distance Itself From 'Forced Hormone Injections' Threat

Gay Republicans want inquiry on UMSL drag show

Irish politician resigns over gay marriage policy

Gay partygoers to receive hormone injections

Banned By Networks Gay Ad Wins Award

Tucson: Jim Kolbe, openly gay GOP congressman to step down

Illinois Anti-Gay Amendment Fizzles

Question regarding the DirecTv NFL package....


Detroit Lions: The Wrong Guy Got Fired.....

Best defensive players in college football?

Who is the better current sports announcer? John Madden or Jon Miller?

Sen. Specter Defends Terrell Owens

The Family Tree

My furbaby is having his leg taken off tomorrow/ cancer.

So, that upcoming Grand Square I was going to ignore? Yeah, not so much.

Atheist Documentary

Interesting as all hell that Mamma T donated to Murtha last election cycle

delete - dupe.

Cunningham on Kerry during the campaign - (This gives me an terrible sense

This and That. Just some odds and ends for an off week.

New news website

Why does everyone lie about Kerry's Iraq Plan? (Ex. The Economist)

Oliphant on the latest Senate vote on Iraq


Just cancelled my subscription to the Nation because of Kerry comment

Not Kerry related, but good news re: Diebold's (non)future in NC.

Mama T to the defense of Murtha (and indirectly Kerry).

Kos is at it again! Claims he out maneuvered Kerry to get Dean as

Gulf Area people: What's going on post-Katrina

Kerry slandered (yet again) through Wikipedia vandalism

ATTENTION VANITY POST: It's my 21st birthday today!

Something to have printed?

Holy Crap, gang! I've been quoted!

OT: Britney Spears' Baby Book!

popcorn anyone?

Countdown Newsletter 11/29/05: Bush on the War

Can you rank all of our previous presidents from Way right to Way left?

Disclosure goes a long way toward mitigating sins.Woodward didn't disclose

Anybody know anything about Francine Busby?

November 28, 2005. US TROOPS GET OUT OF IRAQ

Heard and Read this at least 20 times today.

The Culture of Corruption - Republican Style

False Frames

Aw, Mamma T donated to Rep Murtha

Seymour Hersch is on Democracy Now this morning

"Guest" worker?

A Growing Wariness About Money in Politics

The future of choice starts Wednesday- Ayotte v Planned Parenthood

10 Reasons Why I Am No Longer Proud to be an American

Hey, GOP! You get nice homes by "working hard" for them!

B*sh wearing HEAVY make-up (foundation) this morning... Why?

The Bureau of Making Shit Up

Ohio Governor Bob Taft - approval rates sinks to SINGLE DIGITS

Is Lieberman Up For Reelection in '06? WE MUST GET RID OF HIM!

Neighboring R-Congressman's Humvee Overturned In Baghdad

If every Senator and Congressman were investigated as Duke Cunningham?

Anyone remember early on in this Administration, officials saying...?

the arrogance of republican and Democratic Iraq plans

Teresa Heinz Kerry Defends Murtha

Does history have a Bush analog?

Santorums park in a handicapped space

McCain to raise money for Santorum

Steve Clemons on Rumsfeld

Wilkerson lets loose on B*sh & the Cheney Cabal AGAIN!

Mike Coleman (D) drops out of the Ohio Governors Race

Question for supporters of expected 2008 candidates

Code Pink on TvNewsLIES Radio - NOW!!!


Five Deferments Dick

Why Does Bush Seem to be on the Campaign Trail?

Senior Fellow at Bookings Institution: Cunningham bribery biggest ever

IMMIGRATION: RNC's "Divide and Conquer" Issue for 2006

Anybody know if this LTTE was written by THE Emanuel Ax?

Guardian UK...Iraq : Most foolish war of the last 2,014 years

IMPORTANT!! 2 big elections coming up

racist criminal David Duke goes to Syria and opens his mouth

Smack a rightie Right between the eyes with this

When do we start talking RICO prosecution

WOW! I can't WAIT to read the "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq!"

Looking for solutions that will work on the Illegal Immigration problem...

Just on AAR: Katherine Harris received $$$ from Cunningham's Contractor

Reminder - Howard Dean on Leno Wednesday

Feingold: Bush should have proposed plan months ago

Corrupt Congressman Cunningham illustrates how US ended up in Iraq

there is a new on-line magazine looking @ reporting

C&L Hersh clip: "This president is not going to back down on this war..."

Feingold: Bush should have proposed plan months ago

Help wanted-CEO

If Bush pulls out of Iraq and blames Dems, then say this:

Nominee Sam Alito -- bad for minorities, bad for women, bad for America

How did 'pukes ever get to be so horribly, horribly WRONG?

More Secrecy from Cheney’s Office

I think Cunningham's prison nickname should be "The Duke-Stir"

Shame on You billboards from the DNC

A Constitutional Amendment to Ban Divorce

My Fellow Citizens

Josh Marshall (TPM) thinks Duke Cunningham had help.

Alex Kerry's book on Campaign 2004 purchased by Rodale

Blogging from the DNC meeting

“Touchstone” issues will determine who wins future elections (IMHO).

Anti-Sheehan protestors in Texas

Anti-Trust Lawyers are saying Specter is way offbase with Terrell Owens

Please DU fast, only 10 minutes left, I already passed!!!

DENVER you made CNN, FOX, and other news media. Your protesting

Long term study has I.D.ed the most important person to changing America.

More Evidence Rummy "doesn't know what the hell he's talking about"

San Diego Cunningham poll, should he get prison time?

In Case You Missed it, Joe Lieberman is a PNAC grade NEOCON!

Arlen Specter says Terrell Owens is a victim

Proof Warner is the latest MSM stooge for Dem primary:

It's time to re-visit the photos from the Bush Inauguration

MSNBC/Shuster -- Rove still in danger of indictment

"The choice was and remains: empire or republic?"

Letter To The Editor After Reading About Cong.Murphy In Iraq

I think it's time to pass this audio around again...

I'm Looking For Quotes from BushCo Before 9/11

What State should be the first Dem primary state?

Republican Immigration fascination - please explain....

I want to join the other side in the war on Christmas

We need the political equivalent of aspirin

If this is going to be the Strategy of the DNC

Let's DU this poll on *'s Guest Worker Proposal.

How can we get rid of Lieberman?

Don't call me a racist (I'm not/you're going to)

"secretive White House Energy Task Force,...In a word: . Iraq"

Exactly how popular is Ted Stevens in Alaska?

What does someone do to improve things if their Senator is a loser?

Thom Hartmann says we need a "Draft Gore" Committee.

Bill O'Reilly posts his Enemies List

Open letter to republicans

Who are the insurgents in Iraq and the middle east

Bush used the same fear to sell both Iraq and Social Security privatizing

Governor Warner Grants Clemency For Man Set To Be 1,000th Execution

PRE-EMPT BUSH /DOG GOP- Sign the Petition - DEMAND a change in IRAQ...NOW!

DLC detractors, this cartoon is for you!

Left or Right? Canadian government falls

Luskin tried to convince Fitz, Rove only guilty faulty memory

50th District Seat in play -- We have a shot!

This fall's "New Product Rollout" - *'s wife in 08

Any other Democrats feel this way?

Rowley does her own thing in offbeat campaign for House

On The Absurdity Of Refusing To Ask How We Got To Where We Are